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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:45am BBT Feeds return and Tim is comforting Christine and Cassandra.  Dallas did not use the Veto. Tim says she's just taking out the weak people to no not make any of the groups mad.  Cassandra is very bitter.  Tim says nobody understands where Loveita is coming from. Dallas couldn't use the Veto because he didn't know what she would do. 

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11:50am BBT Nikki asks Loveita what now that she made her deal with Dallas to not use Veto? Loveita wants to still work with Jared. Nikki wants her to align with Tim and herself.  Loveita would like to but doesn't know where Tim's head is at.  She tells Nikki that she and Joel are close and he would be part of any group.



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12:10pm BBT Loveita tells Mitch and Joel that she only trust Mitch and only cares about Joel.  She wants to let the house decide who goes home.  She trusts Jared and thinks they'll respect her keeping that group safe.  She thinks Jared's alliance is exposed but her alliance is secret.  She thinks the wildcards (Nikki and Tim) will work with them because they can't with the power group.

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12:15pm BBT Loveita offers advice to Mitch and Joel - they should touch base at least once a day and as HoH, only share useless information.  She thinks they have the Wildcards and the Floaters and need to stay embedded in those groups, but be the saboteurs of the season. 

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12:30pm BBT Mitch tells Loveita to stay close to Dallas, he'll stay close to Jared and Raul.  After Loveita leaves, Mitch and Joel talk over whether they want to keep Cassandra or Christine. They discuss votes and don't want the vote to swing on them. 

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4:45 PM BT: Tim and Loveita are in the HoH discussing the votes this week. Loveita says she is leaving it up to fate. Tim says he is unsure of who to vote but says he has more fun around Cassandra. Tim thinks Cassandra has the votes if the Jared/Kelsey side of the house votes in her favor.

4:50 PM BBT Nikki reacts to seeing the chocolate on the toilet seat, she calls it animal behavior. Ramsey and Nikki then confess to placing the chocolate on the HoH toilet. Ramsey then cleans it. Phil is now up in the HoH room talking to Loveita about putting a good word out to Nikki for him.

5:00 PM BBT: Loveita, Tim and the brothers are in HoH room discussing about possible pranks they would do. Loveita says Tim should call everyone for a meeting and then say him and Nikki they have the power to instantly evict someone. Tim said he would need to make it believable or people will know it's fake.

5:10 PM BBT: Tim and Nick are listening to music. They are discussing about Taylor Swift with Maddy and Loveita. Tim turns it up louder and the feeds are cut because the audio can be heard.

Kelsey is preparing food in the KT. Jared, Mitch and Nikki are eating. Just general discussion about restaurants. 

5:20 PM BBT: Feeds return to Raul talking to Joel and Christine upstairs. They discuss about people suffering and issues in Africa. Christine says it's hard to believe how people still suffer in this day and age and that they are fortunate to live in North America.

5:25 PM BBT Kelsey has joined the three upstairs. Kelsey is talking about how it upsets her how animals are killed for human use. Her and Christine go on to discuss about how scientists have found that animals have feelings and emotions.

5:30 PM BBT: The brothers, Tim, Maddy and Loveita are up in the HoH talking. They discuss about how the brothers get to play as one and the advantage that is to get information. Phil says to Nick that he doesn't game talk enough though. Nick tells Phil that he's the only reason that he got cast. Feeds are getting cut repeatedly.
5:40 PM BBT: Kelsey and Christine are now talking about how eating meat is wrong. Jared has joined the group upstairs. Kelsey says they have been ranting about how humans are ruining the planet. Christine calls humans the infestation of the planet. 
5:50 PM BBT: Nick's elbow is bleeding and it bled onto a pillow and some of the other upstairs furniture.  He goes to clean it up. 

5:55 PM BBT: The outside has been unlocked. Jared, Raul and Kelsey are outside smoking. Ramsey, Phil, Tim and Joel are in the pool having a competition to see who can hold their breath under water the longest. Phil holds his breath for over a minute and 

6:05 PM BBT: Phil, Joel, and Tim continue to do the challenge over again and Phil lasts for the longest again at a count of about 55 seconds. The third time Joel and Phil both last for a count of 1 minute and 17 seconds.

6:15 PM BBT: Most of the HGs are hanging out in or around the pool. Mitch, Raul, Maddy and Loveita are upstairs in the HoH talking about a toy duck they have in the house.

6:20 PM BBT: Loveita asks Mitch and Raul who they would vote for. Raul says he is going to go with whatever the majority decides. Raul says he loves Cassandra but if she has to go, then she has to go. Loveita then starts talking about how Canada may be involved more with this season. Mitch says if that's the case then won't Tim and Nikki have an advantage due to their large followings. 

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12:45 PM BBT: Dallas is talking to Kelsey and Mitch upstairs. Dallas tells Mitch he is the likely swing vote. He says there's five from each side that will vote each way. Kelsey says initially she wanted to keep Cass but now she doesn't know. She says she doesn't want either to leave. Mitch says that he doesn't like these choices. Dallas says when you look at it, who made the noms no one likes, the same person. Kelsey says yes two women, with one clear target and a pawn (same as Paige and her nominated). Kelsey says it's hard for her because Cass helped her week 1.

12:50 PM BBT: Dallas pushes to Kelsey that Cassandra is better to leave because she is more dangerous and gets in on more conversations. Kelsey says she is worried about Maddy nominating her because Maddy hurts her. Dallas says it's legit to think that. Dallas says he's not beating around the bush that he's close with Maddy, but he says that Maddy doesn't have any strategic bones in her body.

1:03 PM BBT Dallas says if there's vegas odds for this game to win, the favorite has to be Jared.

1:14 PM BBT: Nikki, Ramsey and Tim are making preparations for pranks. Ramsey asks tim if April Fools is a thing in Australia. He says yes. Tim says a good prank would be pretending he drowned when seeing how long everyone could hold their breath under water.

1:45 PM BBT: Kelsey tells Loveita she is worried Maddy will put her and Raul up if she wins HoH She says that she can't believe Maddy has been mean to Joel. 

Kelsey and Loveita discuss about there's must be something more to the wildcards twist then they know.

2:00 PM BBT: Loveita tells Kelsey that she needs to know that she is looking out for her best interests.  Kelsey says that if they are going to start working together then Christine leaving would be better since she would be more likely to work with the other side. Loveita tells Kelsey that she heard that Cass will not work with Kelsey's side if she says. Loveita says that Cass might just be saying that though. She says that she doesn't want to have snakey people around. 

Kelsey says that Christine is not a personal threat to her. Loveita says she is not having discussions with either nominee. Kelsey says that she's fine with either saying. Loveita thinks the house will just do what it wants and she will not tell people who to vote.

2:20 PM BBT: Christine is sweeping the kitchen. Cassandra approaches Christine and tells her that they'll know before the day of who's going. Cass says if she finds out she's leaving she'll make Loveita's life a living hell. Christine also says she would do the same. Cass says it's 50-50 now for who goes. Christine says it's funny how they are conspiring and they both laugh. They then discuss about Loveita and how she doesn't see everyone can hate her. Christine says it's nice to know at least Loveita is somewhat miserable.

Cass says "you know how I was at the veto? Like that, turned up"

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6:33 PM BBT Joel, Tim, Ramsey and the brothers are hanging out in the pool while Nikki, Cassandra, Jared and Maddy look on.  In the HOHR, Loveita, Mitch and Raul are talking about praying.  Raul and Loveita both say that they have prayed with Ramsey and that it was awesome.

6:36 PM BBT The guys in the pool are taking turns leaping into the pool seconds apart.  They are splashing a ton and they notice the water level in the pool is dropping.  In the HOHR, Loveita, Mitch and Raul are talking about relationships.

6:39 PM BBT  Raul leaves the HOHR.  Mitch and Loveita talk more.  Both feel like they are really different from other people in the house.  They ponder who in the house they might be friends with in the house, but decide it’s hard to tell.  Loveita

6:43 PM BBT  Ramsey and Phil have moved into the hot tub.  Maddy is sitting on the sidelines and wishing she could go in the hot tub, but she hates her body right now and won’t go in.  Joel comes in and joins Ramsey and Phil in the Hot Tub.  Maddy leaves as Tim comes in to join the HT group.

6:46 PM BBT Tim asks Ramsey, Joel, and Phil what they are going to have for dinner.   Joel says he only has one option and they talk about how slop simplifies your life...no decision on what to make for dinner.  Ramsey tries to get a sense of how heavy the mirror ball is, and BB says “STOP THAT”. 

6:48 PM BBT Phil is worried that their mermaid session (having fun in the pool) might come across like they are working together.  Tim says they really DON’T want Jared and Dallas to work together...that would be the worst thing.  Ramsey asks Tim why they don’t want Jared and Dallas working together, and Tim replies that because then their girlfriends wouldn’t be targeting each other. 

6:52 PM BBT Loveita and Mitch are talking about discrimination and privilege.  Loveita talks about a study that presented dolls of different colour to kids and asked them which one was the most beautiful and the kids picked the white doll.  Mitch says that’s because of our image of beauty is based on magazines.  Mitch is hopeful that those things are slowly changing so that we see beauty in and respect different body types and skin colours.

6:57 PM BBT The group in the HT are still trying to figure out what to have for dinner.

6:58 PM BBT In the HOHR, Mitch and Loveita discuss whether Jared/Kelsey/Raul are uncertain about Mitch.  Mitch feels like they are keeping tabs on him and trying to check on him and figure out his relationship to Loveita.  They discuss the vote.  Loveita thinks that Cassandra is staying.  Mitch thinks that they will go with the majority and that it could go either way.  Mitch notices that Loveita is tired and leaves the HOHR so she can rest.

7:04 PM BBT Nikki is working out by herself in the BY.  The group in the Hot Tub are talking about lions. 

7:06 PM BBT The group in the Hot Tub are calling out “Coooo Eee” after Tim demonstrates and tells them that it’s an Australian Indigenous method of finding others when you are lost in the bush.  Jared comes into the HT area and is doing a battery change.  He tells them that people are going to work out.  He warns them not to go in the KT because Cassandra is going to cook dinner for the first time.  They have been irritated that Cassandra expects others to cook her dinner.

7:11 PM BBT Loveita has moved down to the red couches in the BY.  Dallas is laying there too.  Loveita asks if he is tired and Dallas says yes.  She suggests they have a nap and Dallas says they won’t let him. 

7:15 PM BBT Maddy, Nick, and Cassandra are in the 19199 Suite making beds.  Maddy is thinking of doing a workout.  7:17 PM BBT Nick tells Maddy and Christine that he hates cats.  He’s allergic to them.  Christine says he doesn’t have to hate cats because he is allergic.  Nick says they are plotting to take over the world, they are michievious and always up to something, so he feels justified in his view.

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7:17 PM BBT Nick tells Maddy and Christine that he hates cats.  He’s allergic to them.  Christine says he doesn’t have to hate cats because he is allergic.  Nick says they are plotting to take over the world, they are mischievious and always up to something, so he feels justified in his view.


7:24 PM BBT Ramsey is in the KT.  Dallas comes in from the Storage room.  Dallas is sniffling as he fixes himself some tea.  He asks Christine how long to leave the teabag in.  Christine says two minutes and asks if he has never made tea.  She asks if he is sick and he says he has a cold.  Christine suggests adding honey, and Dallas says he already did.  The Jackpot light starts flashing and an alarm sounds.  They don’t see anything happening.  It stops and they comment that it was a long one.  Tim comes into the KT from the HT and suggests that maybe there’s a trap door.  Ramsey thinks they have to know how many times it goes off.


7:30 PM BBT In the BY, Jared and Kelsey are setting up to play pool.  Maddy is working out, and Nikki is chatting with Joel and Phil, who are still wearing towels and robes after being in the HT.


7:35 PM BBT Phil is now pacing in the KT, while Dallas sits drinking his tea at the counter.  Phil talks about suddenly realizing in the BB house!  He is taking it in.  Phil asks Dallas if the doctor told him to drink tea, and Dallas says that Jared suggested it because that’s how Jared got over it.  Phil says him too and Sharry too. Everyone’s getting sick one by one.  Dallas says this is his second time.  Christine says she feels it coming back too.  She attributes it to stress and not getting outside for fresh air enough.  Dallas is not keen on tea, but is hoping that it works.  Christine tells him he could just have lemon and honey without the tea if he likes that better.


7:38 PM BBT Dallas shouts out “Ricoolaaaa” and we get black screens for a bit.  Cassandra has joined the group in the KT. 


7:39 PM BBT On the BY couches, Nick and Mitch talk about how impossible it would be to be fake in the BB House for 80 days.  If you could create a character and maintain it that long, it would be great on an acting resume.  Nikki decides that she is done her workout.  Jared and Kelsey are still playing pool. Raul is resting on the red couches near Mitch and Nick.

7:43 PM BBT Nick tells Mitch about him and Phil.  They are both Criminology students.  Phil is also a DJ.  Both brothers have had concussions while playing hockey.  Nick tells Mitch what that is like.


7:45 PM BBT In the storage room, Phil points out to Ramsey that three girls are going to be gone, and none of the guys have left.  Phil keeps stepping on things on the floor.  They talk about their complaints.  Phil says “official complaint:  I’m tired of Nikki not falling in love with me.”  Tim comes in and they ask him if he has any complaints.  Phil opens the complaint cupboard and Dallas voices a complaint based on what Tim said.


7:49 PM BBT Mitch and Nick still talking about concussions.  Nick feels it has changed him.  Jared joins them and then Tim comes over and asks if they will eat salmon if he makes it.  They say sure.  Raul is laying down with his hands over his ears. 


7:52 PM BBT Mitch, Tim and Kelsey are cooking as Christine, Cassandra, and Joel are sitting at the counter.  Cassandra has roped Kelsey into making her slop balls for dinner. 


7:56 PM BBT Nikki goes upstairs.  Loveita is still laying on one red couch.  Raul is on the far couch.  Nick has gone into the KT to join the HGs sitting at the counter. 


7:57 PM BBT Ramsey and Maddy are in the LR.  Ramsey tries to encourage Maddy.  Maddy says that it’s already a month since she left her house.  Twenty days in the game.  Ramsey comments on how people are worried about being seen with each other.  He is irritated that Dallas is not hanging out with them.  Maddy agrees that Dallas is being buddy-buddy with those guys. 

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9:50 PM BBT: Mitch, Raul and Kelsey are outside talking about Dallas' failed plan to backdoor Jared. Mitch is saying how hard Dallas pushed for Jared, saying he was the biggest threat to win the game. Kelsey says that they need to get tim on their side. Mitch mentions he doesn't know where Ramsey's head is at and that he's close with Maddy.

9:55 PM BBT: Feeds cut to Jared and Loveita talking in the HoH room. Loveita is talking about Dallas changing his idea of backdooring the brothers to Jared. Loveita says she told Dallas it wasn't the time to make that big of a move. Jared says he wants to clear the air with the brothers about him being involved with the idea of backdooring the brothers.

10:05 PM BBT Raul, Mitch, Joel, Phil and Kelsey are discussing votes. Phil believes the majority wants Cassandra out. Kelsey says she thinks there's six people who want Christine to stay. Phil disagrees.


10:10 PM BBT Raul, Kelsey, Mitch and the brothers now discuss the votes. Kelsey says she wants to know where Tim is. Mitch says you'll never really know for sure. Kelsey thinks that Tim wants Cass to stay on a personal level, but not sure on the game level. Phil says that both nominees are indifferent to him so it's best for him to do whatever Loveita wants. Mitch says that if they do vote against Loveita, that will cause unnecessary turmoil.

10:13 PM BBT Loveita, Jared and Joel are now in the hot-tub. Love says to Joel she hasn't seen him all day and wants to know where his head is at. Jared mentions about how the bedroom situation causes people to be separated.

10:15 PM BBT Feeds are back on the group outside. Kelsey continues to defend Jared's involvement with the idea to backdoor the brothers. Kelsey says who the f**k won the PoV this week, who's idea do you really think it was, referring to Dallas. Kelsey says she just wanted to tell them what she heard and is now upset with how the brothers reacted. She then mentions that she wants to know if Tim really wants Cassandra to stay.

10:25 PM BBT: Maddy, Christine and Cassandra are talking alone upstairs. They discuss about Loveita saying she is lying when she says she isn't working with anyone. Cassandra mentions how Loveita originally promised her she was safe and now she is her target. Christine doesn't understand why Loveita would lie to her. Cassandra starts talking about her "dumb b**ch comment" after the HoH comp again

10:35 PM BBT The brothers and Mitch are playing pool and discussing about how to not give people reasons to make them think they're untrustworthy. Mitch says that they can't get upset  and they need to be more careful around emotional people.

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