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Saturday, March 13, 2016 BBCAN4 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:23AM BBT: Joel and Cassandra chatting in the chapel about thinking they can rally enough votes for her to stay.  She feels she is safe if it stays her and Christine and he agrees saying that too many others see Christine as an unknown.  He tells her she should fight for the Veto (Ya think??? - DRG) He goes on to say that Christine does not know when to stop and when to shut her own mouth even though she refuses to talke any game with anyone.  Joel does not know if there is a bigger plan or not and he had no idea that this was going to be the noms.  She assures him she trusts him and he is the only one she trusts in the house.  She wonders if she should go talk to Love and he says to wait for Veto. She goes on to mock Love saying how humble she is. Joel runs down the vote count in Cass's favor.  She says that Ramsey hates her and laments she will have to be nice to him.  Cass thinks that Loveita wants her out and that she is threatened by her.  Cass says that Love thinks she is closer with Joel and Cass is but basically she has no personal relationships in the house.  Joel says he has a good relationship with Nikki and she will likely do what Tim does anyway and they don't think Tim would turn on her.  They both wonder who is throwing around the crazy ideas that they are masterminds?  Cass laments that "We should of kept Sharry, fuck" (Plenty of Coulda woulda shoulda's going thru the house since Love won HOH. - DRG) I knew last week that it was a make or break. He tells her she has good relationships and she replies that she knows how to play a social game but wishes she would be good at comps. they think the POV will be tomorrow and he will play hard if choosed and he says that Kelsey really likes her to which she responds that she does not think Kelsey would use the Veto on her cause then Jared or Raul would go up. She does not think any of the trio would use it. They decide he should go and talke to Love now and part ways with her telling him she does not trust those brothers, don't trust them they will put stuff in your ear. She goes on to instruct him if Love asks if Cass is pissed he should tell her no she is just sitting by herself she just does not want to talk to anyone. He heads to the kitchen and Cass climbs the stairs muttering "dumb bitch" to herself as she nears the top landing. she passes Nikki and say hello on her way into the bathroom where she finds Phil. She wonders who it was that said stuff to Love and he says "about what?" Just stuff she heard is what she replies over her shoulder as she walks out the door. She walks intot he bedroom where Jared Kelsey Mitch and Raul are hanging out and once again says. "What a dumb little bitch." which draws laughter from the crowd. She goes on to say she has to know right now for when players are picked that none of you guys would use the Veto on me if you got it, right? They act surprised and ask why to which she says they are scared that if they used it then one of the remaining group would be the replacement. There is mubling cross talk about needing to confirm with Love and that they would want her to come off and will have her back this week. Cass is worried that Nikki is up Loveita's ass (Really Cass? not even Nikki ever really knows what she is going to do from one moment to the next. - DRG) They count votes for her and Cass speculates that Love thinks that Cass is already out the door. Kelsey thinks that Love is really scared and Cass says that she did call Love a dumb bitch because she is. Kelsey again confirms that they have Cassandra's back. She asks for reassurance that she handled the nomination well.  More talk about Love being a dumb bitch and what a pussy move it was goes around the group after Cass leaves the room. 

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12:35AM BBT: Down in the kitchen Joel Love Ramsey are sitting at the counter with Nick standing on the other side.  He is telling Love it will be fine she should take the night off and rest to be ready to compete in the POV tomorrow. She says the first week was actually the easiest in terms of how people are going to get over it. Ramsey says that everyone is quick to squirm away.  Nick does not get it.  Dallas joins them and the boys focus on the chicken nuggets. Love goes upstairs and tells Nikki that she can stay with her if she wants. Nikki tells her to take some space tonight. Joel comes up the stairs and he and Love sit in the grey chairs on the landing. She tells him she did the best thing this week as it was too early to go after the trio (more a question than a statement from her tone of voice.) He asks in a deadly whisper who her target is and she whispers back that it is Cassandra. She says that Cass and Christine are on the same side and she knows that Christine betrayed her trust. Jared comes by and takes Cass into the HOH for a pow wow. He asks how stressed she is right now and then says that actions speak louder than words and gives her a big hug saying how eternally grateful he is.  Love says she is really stressed right now and they start talking about Cassandra and the comment that was made after her HOH.  He goes on saying how the house did not know what was going to happen but they are really happy with her choice.  He allows that he thought it was going to be Christine and Raul and she says No she gave her word.  She goes on to say she has a preference between the two and he says he will go on the assumption that it is Cassandra and she does not have to tell him anything.  She asks if he feels the roller coaster of going from the top to the bottom and he responds that she has it worse than him as she has only been at the very top or the very bottom.  Dallas enters and Jared scoots. Dallas sits on the couch and says he did not see that one coming. Cass says she just gave someone her word  and while Christine did not really do anything they do not really have anything between them either. He says she has to do what is best for her game, but Sharry was her best friend and was just sent home so fuck them (the trio). (How about you do your own dirty work Bluto??? - DRG) He goes on to ask ever so subtly if she cut a deal and is that what is going on? She denies making a deal and states that she just did not want to get blood on her hands and have things keep going back and forth. If she got rid of one of them then there would still be two remaining in the house. BB tells Dallas to stop playing with his mic. Cass tells him to think about it. He says he did and that she could have put two of them up and one would for sure go home but now they stay and they are just gathering and gathering. She gets defensive and says that is not her fault. She goes on to say she tried to do it the first week and no one else did so why should she try again when no one else listened the last time? She does not want them to come at her guns ablazing next week. Tim pops his head in looking for Nikki and leaves. Dallas asks her if she does not think they will still come after her.  She says "who knows, maybe." In her opinion this was just the safest move for her. He says "I understand I guess." in a tone clearly implying he does not. She starts getting emotional and several times says she just does not want to talk right now. she is tired of people complaining about what she did.  He replies that he is not complaining only trying to find out where her head is at.  She tells him she is just trying to stay alive in the game, there are three of them and if I take one out there are still two here gunning for me. She goes on to say she just went through a nomination and you are not on the block so she does not thinks folks should be dissing what she just did. He tries to tell her he is not dissing her and if she feels that way then she is taking it the wrong way. (Right Dallas who should she believe your or her own eyes and ears???? - DRG) He remarks that Christine and Cassandra are just floaters to which she says there are a lot of floaters. BB tells Loveita to stop playing with her mic. She slaps her hands and tells him she feels like he is being really insincere right now so he gets up and leaves saying he will talk with her tomorrow. 

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12:46AM BBT: Loveita sitting in silent deep reflection on the HOH bed. Chatter from the kitchen heard in the background then the feed jumps down there.  The brothers, the trio and Dallas are there and the clock in the room says 2:02 according to Kelsey. Talk turns to the new bagels and the chicken fingers they are eating.  Cassandra comes in and says that none of them can eat the have not soft cookies as she needs comfort food.  Jared asks for the Mayo to be brough out. The girls climb up the stairs and Cass says that this game is so hard. they continue to be heard even though they are off camera at the moment.  The boys remain in the kitchen but their mics are muted on the feeds.  Kelsey is heard to say what a dumb move and finally the cam switches to them on the landing outside the bedroom.  

Back in the kitchen the boys continue eating as Maddy them. Raul attempts to tell her that bukake means chicken fingers in Spanish and they keep asking her if she wants some.  

Back upstairs Kelsey is telling Cass that the only deal they have with Love right now is that she currently has their protection. Christine joins the two ladies and says she does not want to compete or campaing against Cass but she does not know what to do about it.  Kelsey says she does not want either of them to leave. Cass says they should maybe just wait for Veto and then figure out what is going from there. They wonder if Veto will be used and then realize it will depend on who wins it and there is no point to wasting time worrying about it. Dallas joins them  and offers that he would not waste time campaigning til after the veto.  Cass says that Love could win it and then there is no point in doing anything. Dallas allows as how is blown away a little bit and Cass says she is blown away. Kelsey says she thought she and Raul were going to go up on the block. Dallas gossips that Love just gave him the nastiest look and complained to him about everyone being mad at her. He says he could not believe it and Cass says that if Love thought she was having a shitty time in the house before... Dallas goes on complaining about her snapping at him for no reason.  Cass relates how Love came to her before the ceremony saying she would have to come and stay with them in the have not room this week and when Cass said back to her that she was good for noms then Love replied that they were good and then she went and put her ass on the block.  Kelsey remarks that this game is so fucked and Dallas avows that it was the biggest mind fuck he has seen so far and Cass echos his remark. She goes on to say that it mind boggled her more than Joel breaking up with her today. It mind boggled her more than her being a have not because she accidentally licked the tip of a spoon of disgusting yogurt. Dallas gets up announcing that he is going to bed and Cass proclaims that she is going to go eat a soft cookie and she is going to feel sorry for herself. She also feels sorry for Christine that they are up on the block together. Kelsey starts talking about not even wanting to play in the Veto and how Jared thinks if it is used then either he or Raul will go up and if she could back door one of them she would in a heart beat. Cass starts to ask if any of them would use it on her and Kelsey tells her to calm down that this just happened and they all need a little time to process it. She goes on saying that Love made a dumb gutless decision. Christine says she was scared to do anything because she got so slashed last week that she is trying something different this week. Christine admits that she and Love have hated each other for days and Cass jumps in asking "What about me???" Kelsey says that Jared keeps telling her to be cool but she is not.  Jared comes by and Cass tells him she thinks what Love did is funny and that she knew it a week ago.  Kelsey again says she does not want either of them to go and says to christine that it is not just because she cleans but she likes talking to her and getting her opinion about things.  Christine says she is always observing and has been playing the game since she game in the house.  Kelsey thinks they have similar opinions and views and the both wanted Love out from the beginning.  Keysey says the worst part is that now she is supposed to work with Love since they made a deal. Love really has no one in the house.  


Feeds jump to kitchen where Cass is confronting Loveita about the noms and why she was not given any prior notice about what she was going to do. Cass does not know what she heard after Love won the HOH and whether it was true or not. Cass keeps saying she had Love's back and she was campaigning for her all last week. Cass says she is not fake and you always know where she stands, she had her back 120%. Cass continues saying that no one understands why she is on the block and Love refers to having heard a bunch of things but will not elaborate. She asks directly if she is Love's target and she refuses to give a direct answer saying only that she will not say anything.  Cass again says she is really hurt because she really did have Love's back 120%. Love says they never made an alliance and Cass confirms this but adds it was because Love did not want to. They continue to talk in circles as Ramsey enters the kitchen and quickly withdraws.  Cass says it is always her humor that gets her and Love apologizes for not telling her in advance but when she went into the room to pick the noms that comment just stuck with her and if Cass listens back to it she will see it was not a joke.  Cass again asserts that she did have her back and she is sorry she made the comment. Joel now collecting a few slop cookies off the baking sheet. They keep talking about whether or not the comment Cass made was a joke with Cass asserting that it was and that she thought that Love got her sense of humor. Cass thinks it will be a real shame that she may end up going home because of a stupid remark.  Cass tells Love that now everyone is after her and think that these noms were a really stupid move.  They finally decide to stop chasing each other's tail and head out. 

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4:56PM BBT: Feeds return and Mitch, Joel and Loveita are talking about the video. They showed an image of the PoV. Feeds cut out again momentarily. Loveita quotes "We love you. I love you. Not everything is as it seems." Loveita asks what seems to be concrete to them in this house. Mitch points out some parts of the set that are falling off. Loveita wonders if they are supposed to be looking for another door.

They wander around the HoH suite looking while also talking about other rooms in the house. Loveita says the people were all in their houses. Joel said his mom was on the deck. Mitch suggests checking the physical stuff because they wouldn't be able to figure it out if it was about the people. They keep looking in the HoH room since it's a private space. Loveita checks the backs of her pictures.

Meanwhile, by the blue couches, Nikki tells Phil that she can't believe it's 6 o'clock already. Nikki offers Phil a slop cookie but he declines and she laughs.

In the Hundo suite, Kelsey is giving Jared's hand a massage. She tells him she made up with Cass and he thinks that is nice. They note that Cass is stressed and Jared points out that Kelsey knows the feeling. She agrees.

In the 19199 Suite, they are complaining about competitions. Maddy is jealous that Christine is playing, but Christine is not happy ... Christine says obstacle courses are not her thing. Nick thinks they will just be controlling the players.


6:00PM BBT: Nikki and Tim are eating at the kitchen table. Joel and Cassandra sitting with them. They talk about food preferences. Cassandra is excited about the competition. Tim suggests war paint. Phil brings a plate of food to the table and sits down to eat. Maddy and Christine are hanging out in white chairs. Maddy starts asking Christine questions about what she would rather do... eat nothing but pickles in the house, or take eight shits a day.

6:11PM BBT: At the kitchen table, Joel is talking about his thoughts prior to be called out for eating while being a Have-Not. Christine is now giving Maddy "would you rather" questions.

6:15PM BBT: Someone off-camera asks Maddy and Christine if they know when the show ends. Maddy says no, but it's like 80 days and they came in February 26, so count 80 days from there.

6:17PM BBT: The group at the kitchen table are talking about Pandora's box. Joel is filling Tim in on what it is.

6:18PM BBT: Feeds are down

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6:34 PM BBT There is a break in the lockout.  In the HOH room, Loveita is asking Nikki why “he” is lying to people.  Nikki says he just changes his mind about things. Loveita asks if Nikki knew him before.  Nikki says no, she just met him here.  Nikki loves him to bits but she isn’t sure he tells her everything [sounds like they are talking about Tim].  Loveita feels he was just put in her to stir things up.  Loveita asks Nikki what he said at the table, and Nikki explains he was just spurring Cassandra on to win the veto.  Loveita is angry, saying that he was the one that said to put her up.  Jared, Kelsey and Joel are lounging on one green couch, while Mitch and Raul chat on the other green couch.  

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5:31 PM BBT Phil asks Jared if he can wear his Kesler Jared hat during the PoV.  Jared says “yeah I don’t think I’ll be able to wear it.”

5:34 PM BBT Loveita is called to the DR.  Jared says that maybe it’s time!  Raul questions why they called Loveita then.  Phil suggests that it would be Tim that’s called because he’s the host.

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10:20 AM BBT: Feeds return. The brothers are talking with Christine about the Veto competition. 

Dallas and Maddy discuss about talking Loveita into backdooring someone. They discuss if they should go against her and use the PoV. Maddy says that she told Ramsey to talk to Loveita about it, and that she wasn't talking to Loveita about it. Dallas calls Loveita a powertriping ho and says he doesn't care anymore.

Feeds cut to Jared and Cassandra. Cassandra is upset about people talking to Loveita. She says that Kelsey talking to Loveita right now is ruining her chances in the game. Jared tells her to calm down and not go up there and disrupt them. Jared contemplates using the veto and says he thinks he can get the numbers to save her over Christine. 
10:25 AM BBT: Kelsey and Loveita are discussing who would use the PoV. Loveita says she doesn't want to have the veto used. Kelsey says that Cassandra feels betrayed because last week she campaigned to keep Loveita. Kelsey says she is worried that Dallas might use it.  Loveita says she has a open mind about if the veto could/should be used. Kelsey says that in this specific week they have numbers on this side (to save Cassandra over Christine i think).

10:40 AM BBT: Kelsey and Cassandra are now talking. Cassandra tells Kelsey not to campaign to Loveita for her. Kelsey said it would be fishy if she didnt campaign for her. Kelsey said she told Loveita it was a mistake nominating Cassandra. 


Ramsey, Jared, and Dallas were chosen for the PoV.

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