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Friday, March 11, 2016 BBCAN4 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Good morning updaters,

We ran out of coverage around 1:30AM. It would be appreciated if you could help fill in any details regarding alliances and nomination deals that were made after 1:30AM.  



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 9:58am BBT Raul and Joel in WA discussing who might be put up and then Christine walked in saying that they are going to make a shrine for everyone that gets evicted, but Sharry did not want to leave anything behind. Christine said that BB needs to be changed where there are sides and then she said but it doesn’t work good if you are alone. Christine walks out and Raul said they will have their time with Loveita. Raul and Joel agree that they really like Jared.

 10:02am BBT Phill walked in the WA and said that Loveita is worried because she doesn’t know who to put up. Raul said today is going to suck and Phill said that there are so many people that are worried. Phill said that they were the only ones that were nice to Loveita last week and it is week three there has to be floaters.

Mitch is now in the WA and he is curious to know if Kelsey and Jared are being true about their actions with Loveita since she has power now. Raul left the room and the others are saying that a trio will be hard to break up (Kelsey, Jared and Raul).

 10:08am BBT Down in the KT Ramsey and Nikki are talking about kids movies and we hear BB in the background telling Jared to please wake up. Ramsey asked Nikki if she remembers much of last night and tells her that she was laughing in a healthy way. Feeds switch to HOH room with Loveita and Tim talking. Loveita is not sure about making a big move. Loveita needs to have some conversations to see how everybody else associates. Tim advises that she lets them know.

 10:12am BBT Loveita is trying to think of a move that would keep the house happy. They discuss the PoV and Loveita wants to stay loyal to her word, but if someone wins PoV she is forced to choose. Tim said that if she is giving her word to someone he thinks if she wants to be back up on the block next week. Loveita thinks there are some people being dragged and her first week of HOH she seen the showmance starting. Tim tells her to think about the next stage of the game when one of the three goes (Kelsey, Jared and Raul). Loveita thinks there have been people from day one that she trusts. Tim likes Ramsey but the rest of the house does not trust him.

 10:17am BBT Loveita said that most people in the house are playing a sneaky game and there are some people in the house that have a good spirit. Tim told Lovieta that she is doing pretty good and once she escaped one eviction, she should be able to escape another such as being used as a pawn and people have much bigger targets then Loveita. Tim said that she should target two on one side. Loveita said that is what she was thinking too.

 10:20am BBT Loveita thinks that Kelsey turned the BB house into a high school and she is the mean girl. Tim said that those high school things don’t work in the BB house. Loveita said that Maddy already hates Kelsey. Loveita feels bad that Jared got caught up with Kelsey. Tim thinks Jared is looking for a way out and he was backed into a corner.

 10:22am BBT Loveita said that Jared’s move last week was not his own move because she kept him safe. Tim told Loveita that she needs to make Jared feel secure in the next step and let him know that there are people that want to work with him, but they want the stinky gone (Raul & Kelsey). Tim asked if she would put Kelsey and Raul up. Loveita don’t think that she would touch Raul, but she has to tread cautiously. Tim asked what about Christine and Loveita said that she has been floating by and Christine does not like Loveita.

 10:27am BBT Tim thinks that if she puts Christine up she would not be rocking the boat. They discuss week one again. Tim told Loveita not to think for a second that if she put Cassandra up he would be against her because he does not work that way. He does not make emotional decisions or hold grudges.

 10:33am BBT Tim and Loveita continue discussing other house guests. Loveita thinks that no matter who is HOH or on the block, everyone needs to be treated with respect and she wants to make a comment that no matter who is put on the block, she wants everyone to be treated equally and not to avoid the two on the block.

 10:37am BBT Loveita started discussing a friend that had a wedding in Mexico. The bride and her friend went swimming and then they were both going under, the groom saved the bride and they could not find her friend. Rescue boats came and then we get locked out so we do not know the end of the story.

 10:39am BBT Feeds come back to Tim telling Loveita that there are good people in the house and if she thinks she did not win HOH, she might have been targeted again this week. Tim thinks the others are so afraid of Jared, Kelsey and Raul. Loveita wants to pick the others brains and see where they are at. Loveita thinks that Jared and Kelsey like each other a lot but they toned it down intentionally so others don’t think that. Tim said that Raul would never be happy if Kelsey goes. Loveita want to touch base with everybody.

 10:44am BBT Tim thinks that the most trustworthy people are the ones that have not picked a side. Tim asked what about Dallas and Loveita said that everyone in the house does not like him so she will save him for someone else to take out. Loveita is for sure going to put up two from the same side, but she is not sure which two.  

 10:50am BBT Tim and Loveita agree that an open alliance like Jared, Kelsey and Raul are dangerous. Tim said that they think they are strong, but it is intimidation. Loveita said that she can hear her fiancée telling her that she has to get Kelsey out. Tim told Loveita that she has security because she has a lot of people on her side and if she was put on the block next week, he does not think she would be going home. Nikki walked in the HOH room and they are talking about her legs.

 10:54am BBT Tim starts talking about the DR and we get locked out.

 10:56am BBT Feeds are back and Tim is talking about peoples uniqueness and things start working. Loveita is going to trust her gut this week. Tim thinks the PoV will be used this week because it’s two weeks that it has not been used. Loveita still needs to talk to some other people and Tim said that she better go because she does not have much time. Tim leaves the HOH room so others can come and talk.

 11:02am BBT Feeds change to the WA where Tim walks in to look for his toothbrush and he cannot find it. In the KT Dallas and Cassandra are talking about drinking last night. Feeds switch to Loveita joining Phil, Joel, Mitch, Jared, Kelsey and Ramsey on the green couch in the hall. They are talking about winning the lottery and what they would do with the money.

 11:07am BBT BB just announced all house guests please go to the HOH room, we hear Loveita say oh no and then we get locked out.

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11:34am BBT Feeds are still down so we don’t know what we are missing.

 11:52am BBT We are still locked out-Maybe the nomination ceremony is taking place. Who would you like to see go up on the block?

 12:08am BBT Feeds are back up with Kelsey in WA putting on makeup and we heard Joel say that he has gone without food for awhile and it does do something to your system. Joel walks out of the WA and Cassandra meets him and asked if she could talk to him. He said sure and she is going to grab a glass of water.

 12:08pm BBT Joel walked through the KT and asked Phil what he is making. Phil told him and said that he is making enough for two. Joel said that he is not hungry right now.

 12:12pm BBT So it was not nomination ceremony because we see Loveita and Mitch are in the HOH room talking about who to put up. They keep talking about Kelsey being emotional and Loveita wants to talk cut the power trio. Mitch said that is the big move and a lot of people are too scared to do that. Mitch said that Maddy and Dallas would be a easy move because no one would be upset.   

 12:16pm BBT Mitch thinks that the trio (Kelsey, Jared and Raul) panicked last week because they figured out the votes were not going their way. Loveita is considering having a discussion with Jared about him not being her target, but they took out her one and only ally. Joel walked in the HOH room and wants to ask Loveita a favor. Joel has a date for tonight and he was wondering if it is possible to use the HOH room to have an eloquent date with Cassandra. Mitch and Loveita are happy for him and she said yes it is awesome.

 12:21pm BBT Loveita asked Joel what he is thinking for her options. Joel said a safer route that the bigger side would go for is the people on the bottom like Maddy. Joel also said that she could go for Kelsey and Jared. The three of them agree that Kelsey has more pull. Loveita said that the trio was making it sound like when they cut a deal with her that they were going to be on her side, but Loveita knew already that everyone else was already voting to keep her in. Loveita had a conversation with Jared last night, but she is wondering how many other deals that he cut with others.

 12:26pm BBT Mitch said when you have power is when you want to make deals. Loveita is explaining who she liked from the beginning and she is committed to them. Mitch is happy to commit to Loveita and has no intentions of putting her or Joel up. Joel said that he feels the same way. Maddy walked in the HOH room and wants to use HOH WA.

 12:28pm BBT Discussion in the HOH room turns to what the cameras can see.

 12:29pm BBT Maddy is done using the WA and told Loveita that there is nominations today because it came up on the screen downstairs and then Maddy left the HOH room. Mitch said that Jared is seen as a big physical threat so losing one of his allies minimizes his personal threat and Mitch is open to talking to Jared for Loveita. Mitch agrees that Loveita should do one side or the other.

 12:34pm BBT we hear fire alarms, someone saying fire drill, then we get locked out.

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3:54pm BBT Loveita and Tim in Hoh, Loveita don’t want to live in a house with a bully. Loveita don’t want to put the trio up she would be showing forgiveness for sending her ally home. Tim thinks Loveita should give them the free will to see how they act. Tim said if Kelsey goes then Cassandra will be the new Kelsey. Loveita said that is exactly what I was thinking. Tim thinks that Loveita should put Kelsey and Raul up so Jared wouldn’t try so hard to win if he plays. Nikki walked in the HOH room and Tim is telling her that if two of the three are put up (Kelsey, Raul and Jared) and then one goes home, Cassandra will take that third spot. Tim does not want to get into a relationship because that will distract him from the game and he will start making emotional decisions.

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1:00 – 2:00 PM BBT  Loveita spoke with Kelsey and Raul and shook hands on a jury deal, which she had already discussed with Jared.  The deal means that they will have each others’ back until jury.  She tells them that she doesn’t know yet who she will put up, but she is leaning toward putting up people who are not playing the game.   Phil tells Loveita that she is safe in his books, so Loveita tells him he is good and that he’s safe this week.  Loveita fills Mitch in on her conversation with Kelsey and Raul and they discuss whether they can trust them.  They talk about who would nominate who.  Loveita is trying to talk to everyone.  Dallas asks if she is thinking of putting him up, and she says no.  Dallas assures her that she is a strong player he wants to align with.  Loveita asks about Maddy and Dallas tells Loveita that Maddy is sketched out.  After she speaks with Dallas, Loveita wants to spend some time alone.  Later, she talks with Joel while Tim and Nikki are back and forth in the HOH WA.  Loveita suggests putting up Kelsey and Christine.  Joel thinks that Christine is a good choice for pawn.  Loveita wonders if that will add Christine to the list of people gunning for her.  She could also put up Kelsey against Raul. Christine comes into the HOHR.  Christine points out that she has no alliances.  Loveita is not a target for her. 

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2:00 – 2:08 PM BBT In the HOHR, Loveita asks Phil if he will vote with her, and he says yes but he needs to know her target.  She asks who he thinks others see as a target.  Phil tells her she has support in whatever her decision is.  Mitch joins them in the HOHR and says the big targets are the smarter move, but not the safer move.  Loveita is worried about repercussions.  Meanwhile Tim and Nikki are talking to Jared in the Hundo room.  Tim thinks Loveita should put up floaters in order to force them to choose a side.  They talk about how alliances form.

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6:04 PM BBT Feeds are back.  HGs are changing clothes in the pink room.  Loveita is talking to Tim and Nikki in the storage room about nominations so the nominations haven’t happened yet. 

6:08 PM BBT Tim, Nikki, Maddy, Christine and Loveita are in the kitchen preparing food.  Dallas, Mitch, Dallas, and Raul are in the pink room goofing around.  Joel comes in and thanks them for playing. 

6:15 PM BBT A group of HGs are hanging out in the WA.  Ramsey is in the shower, Maddy is putting on makeup, Phil is brushing his teeth.  Mitch and Tim and Jared are just hanging out.  Dallas is doing laundry. 

6:16 PM BBT Feeds are off.

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9:34 pm BBT All house guests are in the LR and we hear BB say that last week two houseguests were caught breaking the rules being a have not (BB showing them videos that we cannot see. Joel and Cassandra as a results of their actions, they will be the only have not’s again this week. All the house guests are laughing and Cassandra is happy that the whole house is not getting punished for it.

9:37 pm BBT Joel told someone they do not have to be sorry, the footage is there and he did what he did. Everyone is still sitting in the LR laughing. They head to the HN room and find it is still the same. Tim said you did the crime, you do the time and then we get locked out.

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