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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 BBCAN4 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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 11:05am BBT: Tim is in the pool talking to Cassandra about the hot tub and when he won BBAU. Cassandra is whispering really low about Loveita and Sharry thinking they are strategic and they are not she says.Nick comes in and talking stops.Then we get Black out.

11:13am BBT: Sharry is in the WA doing her make up while Kelsey, Casandra and Christine go to the HOH rm and are talking about the boys saying that they want to get Sharry out and then they want to get Dallas out of the house.Jared comes in and ask Christine why  she always has to clean the room and she says i do not know the girls wanted to talk so i asked if i could clean at the same time. 

11:20am BBT: Joel and Loveita in the KT talking about the have not rm and how Joel.s sheets came up missing after they washed the covers.Raul comes into the KT making himself something to eat.

 11:27am BBT: Mitch,Nick,Raul,Philippe, Loveita and Joel in the KT making breakfast just talking general talk. In the WA is Tim in the shower, Sharry still doing makeup Christine is talking to Tim about diets and Kelsey is getting dressed.

11:32am BBT: Cassandra and Christine talking about keeping Loveita over Sharry. Cassandra ask why would you keep Sharry over Loveita and i want Loveita here i like her. Christine says i think we need to wait till the last 5 minutes then get people to change and vote Sharry out.Cassandra says i think that is a good idea. Christine says we are the smartest people in here you know. Cassandra agrees. Cassandra says we have to be careful about this. Dallas comes in and they stop talking.

11:45am BBT: Most Hg in the KT making and eating breakfast taling about how to make the slop taste better.

11:50am BBT: Ramsey talking to Jared in the HOh rm about who Ramsey thinks the biggest threat is in the game. Jared says most are thinking that Sharry is, Ramsey says he would have to put Raul up if he won HOH cause he does not trust him. Jared says yeah Raul Sharry and Maddy. Jared says the first people that will come after me and Kelsey are Loveita and i feel i can trust Sharry alot more than Loveita. Jared tells Ramsey that his closest friends will not come after him and Ramsey ask really? Jared says really they will not come after you.

11:57am BBT: Jared telling Ramsey that the brothers want Loveita to stay cause that is numbers for them cause when we get to jury they get to play as two people instead of one person so they want numbers to stay so they can make it that far. Ramsey says oh i did not know that one.

11:59am BBT: Kelsey walks into the HOh rm and Jared tells her that Ramsey wants Loveita gone too and Kelsey says really? Ramsey says yeah. Kelsey says i am going out  for a cigarette. Jared says i am coming with you and they leave the room.

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12:05pm BBT: Tim, Cassandra and Nick in the bedroom talking general talk. Out by the hot tub Jared and Kelsey are talking to Maddy and Dallas about voting Loveita out this week cause it would be good for his game. Maddy and Dallas agree with him.

12:15pm BBT: Dallas and Jared are now playing a game of pool. In the bedroom,Kelsey is telling Tim, Cassandra and Nick that Maddy and Dallas was telling Jared that they want Loveita out but i think they are lying. so we all tell them that we are all leaning towards Loveita but we will all actually vote out Sharry. Tim says Dallas is very sneaky. Kelsey says he is very sneaky. Maddy comes in and talk turns to food.

12:22pm BBT: Kelsey talking to Christine about Jared wanting to get the brothers out of the house and Keep Dallas in the house but Kelsey says that the brothers kept her and Dallas didn't so i have to talk to Jared more.

12:29pm BBT: Dallas and Philippe playing pool While in the HOh rm Kelsey is talking to Jared about keeping Loveita cause Sharry  is good with Dallas and Ramsey and she will use them against us. Jared says you make sense but i want to work with Dallas and Kelsey says i understand outside of this house you will hang out with Dallas but in this house he is shady as hell.  Jared says we have differently views on these people in the house so i am going to let people vote how they want and Kelsey says no if Sharry stays in this house  we go on the block but if Loveita stays she will work with us and not go after us. Jared says whatever if this comes around and bites me in the ass then  you are alone in this game.

12:34pm BBT: Jared says ok do what you want i just do what you want i just know that it is going to come back and bite me in the ass. Kelsey says this ism a good idea to keep Loveita so what we need to do is let everyone know that we are voting out Loveita and then we all vote out Sharry. Kelsey says i feel like a genuine right now i feel good about this. Jared says ok thats fine do what you want.

 12:37pm BBT: Jared says ok i will deal with the repercussions cause i have no say anyways. Kelsey says i know but you put Loveita up to protect me this week and she will not come after you if we keep her but Sharry will come after you. Kelsey says do not trust Dallas in this game be his friend but do not trust him.

12:50 pm BBT: Kelsey in the KT making herself some coffee. Raul in the HOh talking to Jared and ask Jared if he still trust Dallas and Jared says yeah i do i have a couple of weeks safety with him. Raul says i feel safer with Sharry and i am going to vote Loveita out cause Sharry says if i keep her she and Dallas will keep me safe next week. Jared says ok but Dallas thinks no one trust him but i am going to show him a little trust right now. Jared says i just know she is close with the brothers and they want to take me out. 

12:57pm BBT: Tim is making food in the KT as other Hg are just walking around the house,

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1:05pm BBT: Most HG still in the KT talking general talk while cooking and eating.

1:14pm BBT: Philippe sitting alone in the Wa stretching. Most Hg still in the KT cooking steaks and talking general talk.

1:18pm BBT: Cassandra and Philippe in the HOh rm talking and Cassandra  says i do not care who goes but i think it is stupid to vote Loveita out this week we can get her next week , No we have to get Dallas out next week.Philippe says yeah Dallas has to go next week.

1:32pm BBT: Loveita talking to Ramsey about her staying this week and making sure that Dallas is the target next week.She says alot of people want me to stay.Ramsey says he hears that alot of people want you to stay cause you will be a target next week and i do not want you to be a target. Loveita says i will not be a target.

1:40pm BBT: Kelsey and Jared have gone out to have a cigarette. Jared says we need to keep our cigarettes to ourselves and Kelsey agrees she says she has like eight packs left.Kelsey ask what are you thinking and Jared says i do not know i am just going to let you guys deal with it. Kelsey says no i like when you talk to me and agree with me.

1:42pm BBT: Kelsey tells Jared she needs him to talk to the other people and make them all think that they are voting out Loveita so  when they vote her friends vote her out and she comes to our side cause we kept her. Jared says ok.

 1:51pm BBT: Maddy, Philippe,Nick,Ramsey,Mitch and Christine all setting around talking general talk while they are eating their steaks and french fries.

1:55pm BBT: Christine is now in the KT washing dishes and cleaning up as Dallas is still cooking steaks and Kelsey is cooking some slop balls for the have nots. Joel says oh those are going to be nice as he watches her cook them.

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2:05pm BBT: Jared and Mitch playing pool, Joel and Loveita walking around talking but can not hear them.

2:07pm BBT: Loveita and Jared walking and talking and she says that she wants you guys to know that my target if i stay are the brothers and i just want you to know that if i do stay i will not make you my target. Jared says thank you for that i needed to hear that. Loveita says i really should have thought more before i put Kelsey up last week but you know you come in this house with your head other places. Jared says yeah i understand.

2:15pm BBT: Loveita now in the BY watching Joel and Nick play pool. In the  HOH rm Ramsey, Jared and Kelsey talk about going to go make cheese fries. Kelsey and Ramsey leave to go cook and Jared says oh this game and then heads out.

2:23pm BBT: Kelsey and Loveita are talking by the pool and Kelsey tells her that Jared and I will always be a target in this house.Kelsey says it is hard to trust anybody. Loveita says you can trust me. Kelsey says i don't know cause like next week i have to worry about who will be the target. Loveita says you can trust me we can like hang out and stuff you know? Kelsey says yeah.

2:28pm BBT: Loveita and Kelsey continue to talk about their trust issues with each other and how they need to talk to each other more. Christine comes out with Cassandra to sit and they talk about spicy foods.

2:33pm BBT: Dallas and Philippe in the bedroom talking about someone has to go home every week. Dallas says i am gunning for HOh  this week cause if others get it i am out so i need to win it. Dallas says i told Loveita i will vote for her this week cause she kept me safe last week but after this that girl is on her own.

2:35pm BBT: Philippe says i am going to go out to get some air. Dallas says i am just going to lay here and relax cause i ate to much. 

2:39pm BBT: Loveita, Sharry, Tim and Nikki in the WA talking about how people will stay together and from week to week  the reset button is set cause it is like who is in power this week. Nikki says i just want to see everyone's faces when they say Nikki you are the new HOH, Loveita and Sharry laugh.

2:44pm BBT: HG all laying and lounging around the house in different places talking about how many votes it will take to vote someone out this week and who can be trusted and who can't.

 2:47pm BBT: Kelsey says i am going to HOh to listen to music for a little bit cause i need to calm my jitters. She leaves then everything by the hot tub gets quiet.

2:56pm BBT: Loveita and Sharry talking in the WA about  if one stays in the house what they can do in the house. Loveita says to Sharry that she will be happy if you stay in the house and she leaves and Sharry says i will  be the same. Tim walks in and they start  looking form dry shampoo for Tim.

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3:08pm BBT: Tim telling Nick, Philippe and Joel that he told BB  it was not fair that he and Nikki did not get to play in the comps just because they was safe this week. Nikki says yeah!.Nikki leaves and they guys are laughing talking about beating the system this week with votes.Tim says  that's the thing i just want Bb to love me and Philippe and Nick laugh.

3:16pm BBT: Tim, Sharry,Nikki,Christine and Philippe in the KT Sharry ask if Tim can make Slop look and taste like a pizza? Tim laughs and walks off with Nikki.

3:20pm BBT: Tim telling Nikki that they need to tell the house that they are splitting their votes then at the last minute we make the same vote. Nikki says they will hate us and Tim tells her who cares how can they since the house has not come to us asking for our vote? He ask has the house come to you and asked for your vote? Nikki says no. Tin tells her then they can not be mad at us for not splitting the vote.They get up and head back into the house.

3:22pm BBT: Tim and Nikki are going to the Dr to explain their plan to BB together.

 3:30pm BBT: Hg are all going outside for some fresh air as BB has announced that the BY will be locked down in 15 minutes. just general talk going on about it starting to rain.

3:40pm BBT: Tim has caught a bug for his spider he has in a jar on the nightstand in his room, He ask Nikki to open the jar and tells her to be careful as it is a jumping spider. Nikki looks at him and says no i will not open that. he ask her to loosen to lid and he will open it, She loosens the lid and Tim take the lid off puts the bug in and closes the lid quick he finds the bug and says it may be stunned as bugs do that.

 3:43pm BBT: Tim can not find the spider in the jar now and he ask Dallas if Cassandra would have let the spider go and Dallas said she was in here earlier alone. Tim says if she did that is grounds for eviction. Cassandra walks in and Tim ask her if she let it go and she says no i would not do that. Tim says then where is he and Cassandra says i do not know i did not let him go. Cassandra says i swear he was there when i was napping. Tim ask can he be sleeping? Cassandra says maybe.Tim says ok we are going to have to search through here as he dumps the jar on the bed looking for his spider he finds him and has to grab him quick to put him back in the jar.

3:50pm BBT: Tim, Nikki and Cassandra are watching the spider to see if it will eat the fly that Tim caught for it. Christine comes in and has a look.

3:52pm BBT: Nikki runs to the other side of the BR yelling the spider is jumping. Tim laughs and says ok the lid is on now he is contained. Tim talks about how tiny the spider is and his name is Marinara.

3:57pm BBT: Nikki and Tim with Cassandra still =watching the spider and talking about him making a web in the jar. Nikki and Tim talk about getting a pet bunny for Easter from BB. Tim says wouldn't that be cool. Nikki gets excited and says she wants a bunny.

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4:00pm BBT: Dallas comes into the room and tells Tim he got some tape and hung it in the KT and put some maple syrup and honey on the tape to catch flies for the spider. Cassandra says that's good Dallas you can be the hunter.

4:09pm BBT: Nikki says she is going to go make some tuna pasta and ask if anyone wants any? Tim gets excited and says yeas i do Nikki you are amazing. Nikki says we should do something destructive .

4:15pm BBT: In the HOh rm Jared, Kelsey and Raul are on the bed talking general talk, Kelsey says feel my boobs to Raul and he does as she ask and she says they are so tiny today but later in the week they will be bigger maybe. Raul leaves the room and Kelsey and Jared says they will be right down. In the Kt Nikki is making her tuna pasta and Dallas is walking around.

4:25pm BBT: Kelsey is now in the KT making tuna salad asking if there is any cherry tomatoes. Raul is making food and Jared is sitting on the counter just watching. Kelsey says that Nikki should not put the noodles in the water before it starts boiling then says oh well that's ok. Jared says why does it matter and Kelsey says i am a chef that's why then laughs.

4:35pm BBT: Most Hg in the KT cooking again, some Hg on the balcony while Maddy plucks the guys eye browns.

4:45pm BBT: Just general talk going on in the house about food and facial hairs.

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6:00pm BBT: Hg are sitting around talking about what order they might go in for eviction tomorrow night to evict someone. BB tells them to please stop talking about production.
6:02pm BBT: Loveita in the bedroom singing and Bb tells her to stop singing. Cassandra laying on the bed while Mitch is in the other bed watching Sharry dance around humming.
 6:12pm BBT: Raul in the HOh rm talking to Kelsey and Jared. Just general talk going on. In the living area Christine, Sharry, Loveita, Joel, Nikki and Tim  sitting talking  about driving cars for a company.

6:21pm BBT: In the bedroom Cassandra, nick and Philippe are talking about boxers and how Philippe wears his for 2 days straight cause he does not pee in them they just cover my junk he says. Cassandra says that she is done with this conversation. Mitch on the bed laughing at them while Maddy is gathering her dirty laundry.

6:35pm BBT: Tim says if he was to die tomorrow he has done alot in his life and he would be ok. He then talks about life being an adventure and being outside growing food you eat and swimming in the ocean and dolphins come up to you then that is living. 

6:45pm BBT: Christine goes to the HOh rm and says it is so cold in there but the BR is getting hot. Raul is plucking Jared eyebrows. Kelsey comes in and ask what they are doing? Raul tells her he is straightening up his eyebrows cause they are all over the place.

6:48pm BBT: Jared yells this is brutal and Raul says we have to do the other side now and Jared yells there is another  side as Raul is laughing saying yes there are two sides. Jared ask if girls keep their eyes open unlike him to do this and Raul laughs.Tim comes in asking to listen to music and Jared tells him yeah use the big headphones they are better.

6:51pm BBT: Kelsey and Cassandra in their bikinis getting in the HOH bathtub and Christine watching and talking to them.Christine gives Cassandra her cup of coffee in the tub and Cassandra and Kelsey yell for the guys to come rub their feet for them.Raul is going to fix Jared hair and Jared says you can not comb my hair i never comb my hair. Raul says yes i can. Jared says this is going to hurt and i will look like an idiot.

6:54pm BBT: Kelsey telling Raul how to comb Jared's hair and Raul tells her to shut up and leave him alone as he laughs. she says separate his hair and comb it in sections and Raul says shut  up and do your hot tub and leave me alone. they all start laughing.

 6:58pm BBT: Christine grabs a comb and starts helping Raul comb Jared's hair and says oh god this is like a mangy dog and  feeds get cut.

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10:02PM BBT: Sharry and Loveita in the pink bedroom with Dallas while Tim is on the exercise bike talking to Cassandra.  Jared Raul and Phil on the sectional by the hot tub.  Joel Nick and christine by the red couches in the BY. Tim now running around the backyard. Nikki and Mitch by the red couches too.  Just general chatter going on I don't hear any game talk.  Hot tub crew states that next week is week 3.  

Folks stirring a bit in the pink room where Dallas Sharry and Maddy are on separate beds. 

The guys leave the hot tub and head back inside. 

Jared running behind Tim now as Nikki is holding court on the ground between the red couches. she is about to perform some type of levitation and is demanding that they take it seriously and not laugh.

Maddy leaves the pink bedroom and Christine comes in tgo gather up laundry. Dallas tells Sharri that her pants have a hole in the butt and confirms it by telling her what color her panties are.  

No progress made on the levitation and folks keep coming and going from the group.  

Maddy now back in bed in the pink room as the other feeds fade to black.

Sharry asks Maddy if she is going to tell anyone where Trevor is and she confirms she is not going to. They joke about why they are not going down to the levitation and Maddy says she is not about to let the most dramatc woman in the house try to levitate her. They comment about how crazy Nikki is. Now they discuss who is the champ and who owes who a game or rock paper scissors. 

Outside more folks are sitting around the one to be levitated and Nikki is starting to guide them through the experience.  Sharry as joined the group but is sitting on the couch. Nikki prods her to join in but she declines.  

Dallas and Maddy now talking about what he did and whether they are going to be working together or not.  He is upset about Ramsey ratting him out with Jared and she is saying that they all had tired to throw Cassandra under the bus (for being the fourth vote to evict Kelsey). She does not think that Ramsey is dumb and if he did it before he will not do it again.  She goes on to say she does not trust Sharry.  

Group getting smaller outside as there are now only three folks with Nikki attempting to use their energy to perform a levitation. Seems even Nikki has given up on the prospect and is describing when her mother accomplished it in the past when she was in a convent.  They agree to try again later when the house is more mellow and Tim thinks that they should tell ghost stories first and maybe build a fort in which attempt it.  

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10:30PM BBT: Now they have moved into the kitchen and are going to lift Raul who is sitting in a chair.  They lift him up and put him down and now place their hands on his head to use their energy to make him lighter, but it did not work.  

Dallas and Ramsey still talking in the pink bedroom when Phil comes in and jumps on the bed with her telling her how beautiful she is.  

Feeds 1 and 2 black out again.  

Upstairs Maddy fills Phil in on them discussing whether or not they trust Ramsey.  she asks how was the levitation and he informs her he was kicked out because he was laughing too much and that the witchcraft failed.  She whines that she wants this HOH so much and he tells her to go get it to which she replies she does not know what type of challenge it will be.  He informs us that he tooted but it was quiet and he is disappointed because he wanted Canada to know. 

Feeds back on in kitchen where Nikki is talking about how they believe that her nephew is reincarnated from her father. (So apparently she comes by her craziness honestly folks. - DRG)

Phil now on top of Maddy's back,

Kitchen crew now discussing a Ouija board experience and how people with really strong personalities have been reincarnated. Joel says he would want to come back as a butterfly because no one ever suspects them.

Feeds 3 and 4 switch to the HOH where Jared is atop Kelsey giving her a back rub with Raul the ever present third wheel along with Mitch laying across the foot of the bed. They start discussing the sleeping arrangements for tonight. 

General supernatural chatter continuing downstairs.

Feed jumps to the bathroom where Nick and Phil are talking with Nick admonishing Phil he is here to play Big Brother and not crush on a girl.  He wants his brother to build relationships with more people other than Maddy.  Nick telling Phil that Dallas is weird and Phil should be more mindful when Dallas is around.  He thinks that Dallas is a guys' guy and is stupid and that if he does not win HOH he will be getting put on the block.  They are brushing their teeth as they chat. 

Back in the HOH Kelsey is not rubbing Jared's shirtless back while sitting on his butt.  

Feed switchs to the BY where Tim Joel and Cass are talking about the brothers with Tim saying the sisters in his house never ever separated.  Tim allows that there could be a fourth major alliance. Cass asks if he will be the head but he says no no.  He says he could see himself working with ??? but he is not out to get Jared.  He thinks it will be boys on the block this week. Tim states that he does not talk to Christine and he might talk to her about the fact she will have to start playing the game and does she want to wait til she is on the block.  He thinks it would be interesting to see Ramsey and Dallas on the block. Tim thinks that Maddy is a sitting duck,

Meanwhile the other feed blacked out again as the brothers were finishing up in the bathroom.

Cass says that Ramsey just can't help spilling his guts about everything.  Tim thinks that if Dallas goes up they will know if the brothers are working with him if they campaign to keep him. Tim says he does not even know what type of challenges there are but thinks he might be good at an endurance comp.  He asks if either of them want HOH and they reply that it is too early.  Tim allows that it does force one to take a side unless you try and play it off to chance.  He asks if HOH can be a have not and is told no.  They both say that they would put up Dallas and Maddy if they get were to be the next HOH.  Everyone wants them out so just like with Jared and the girls they would be no fall out from anyone beyond the nominees. And the last two feeds also black out.



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11:02PM BBT:  HOH reappears on Feeds 1 and 2 with the power trio on the bed chatting about how people like Jared and think he plays an honest game.

Outside feed now back with Tim Joel and Cass still talking about the groups in the house and who they might put up on the block.  Nick joins them and Tim asks him about when he works out and starts examining a lump on his leg.  Tim says it might be nice to just have a couple of drinks sitting around the pool relaxing tonight.  Cass says she would like to have one glass of wine and drink it slowly.  Tim remarks that he is so glad that he came and outside of the game he is glad and he will make friends which is all he really wanted.

BB tells Christine to please arrange a housewide battery check. (My headphone batteries are fully charged, thank you, BB. - DRG) 

Tim talks about making an asian variety chicken breast tonight.  Cass asks if he will make it for her when she is off slop and he worries they might not have the ingredients then.  She says she could not be on slop again as she could not sleep on the floor again. 

Upstairs Jared complaining about Phil claiming to have thrown comps when they all know he did not and Kelsey tells him to not be so upset about the brothers. Christine enters with the box of batteries and tells them to hurry up as they only have 24 hours to do nothing. 

Downstairs they are discussing dropping out of the HOH if they felt comfortable with the HGs still in the comp at the time.  

Upstairs talk has turned to feet. then Kelsey complaining about how the boys did not support her revelation this morning that came to her after four cups of coffee so she went to find Cass for support. 

Downstairs they continue speculation about what the coming HOH might be with Tim saying it could be a long one since last week had to be a short one with the wildcards coming into the house that night.  Sharry brings out a frosted sloppy for the group to sample and she thanks Tim for his help with the ingredients.  

Upstairs feed switches to the other bedroom where Mitch and Ramsey are talking.about the pros and cons of which nominee to keep. Loveita joins them and talk turns to how bad it will be to go on slop in the future.  They compliment her on how well the have nots acted this week while dealing with the hardships.  

The feed in the backyard faded out for a few minutes and has now returned with Nikki and Jared having joined Tim Joel and Cass and as quickly as I switch audio to hear what they are saying it shuts off once again.  Then on and off just as quickly.  (Skippy on the board must have had more coffee than Kelsey did this morning. - DRG) Back on again with Nikki doing impersonations of some TV personalities. 

Sharry has made her way to the bedroom now and offers her new concoction to the three in there to try.  She departs and Mitch says he would love for Arisa to say that neither of the two is leaving this week, but they don't think there will be a twist this early and there are too many in the house still to even have a double eviction.  

Nikki continues to entertain with impersonations and once again the feeds cut out as soon as I focus attention on it.

Sharry back in the bedroom with the boys and BB tells them to stop talking about production then also cut to black. 



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11:16pm BBT:, Jared, Kelsey and Raul in the HOh rm laying on the bed talking and laughing about other Hg. Cassandra, Philippe, Joel in the BY watching Tim work out. Sharry comes out saying  she made frosted slop and ask them to try it and they like it and Sharry laughs.

11:22pm BBT: Ramsey telling Mitch that Raul wants to keep Sharry in the house that he is closer to her and he even cried over her before. Loveita comes in they stop talking about Sharry and go to talking about slop and how they will get sick if they have to eat slop.

 11:28pm BBT: Nikki in the BY talking to Tim, Cassandra and Joel. Just general talk going on and Nikki being dramatic.  In the BR Loveita, Mitch and  Ramsey are talking about counting things in the house.

11:41pm BBT: Just general talk going on through the house.

11:44pm BBt: Tim says he might go for a run for a little bit. Joel is walking around talking to Christine and says he will sleep fine tonight.

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11:36PM BBT: Bedroom feed returns followed shortly by the back yard feed. Upstairs they are talking about what number day this is and what day the Veto comp were held on. 

Nikki continuing her impersonations outside where she is doing a poor Indian accent and a commercial regarding bank fraud. The group on hand seems to be enjoying her.

Bedroom crew commenting about how much down time there is in the game and how boring it can be. Sharry doing a synopsis of what the first episode much have been like.

Feed switches to the hot tub where the power trio and Nick have moved. They are sitting on the sectional out there smoking away.

Downstairs Nikki says goodnight and tells the group she is turning in for the evening. Tim tells Joel he cannot be bothered to do any more exercise but he did do the bike and ran for a bit.  Christine comes out and asks Joel if he would like her robe for the night and he declines telling her he will be alright but she was sweet to offer. Tim heads inside and starts singing which brings us another black screen.

Outside they are beginning to notice it is about bed time.

Other feeds now back in the bedroom with Sharry Ramsey Mitch and Nikki just chatting. Quick switch to the bathroom where Joel and Cass are talking about the brothers being sketchy and they want to talk with folks some more.  They think that the majority is going to keep Loveita in the house, but earlier Cass says it was very much the other way.  She is definitely voting Sharry to go and hopes the others will listen to what she has to say. They hear a door close and it spooks them and they get up to go. Feed switches back to the bedroom where Tim has sat down on Nikki's bed and is telling a story which brings us another black screen. \

Hot tub crew talking about possible types of comps and how to get through them.

Other feeds now on Sharry and Cass at the pool where Cass is telling Sharry that she has such a good social game. 

The hot tub gang has come back into the house and Kelsey makes her way out to the pool. Sharry was asked how she feels and is lamenting her status and how she was told she went up for isolating herself in the HOH with Loveita the previous week. Kelsey tells her it was just everyone knew how close Loveita and Sharry were and that was the reason not that she was isolating from the rest of the house.  



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