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The Voice - Season 10 - Show Recaps


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The tenth season of the American reality talent show The Voice is set to premiere on February 29, 2016 on NBC.  Carson Daly will return as the show's host. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Pharrell Williams will return as coaches. Gwen Stefani will not be returning as a coach for Season 10 but she will be the adviser for "Team Blake" in the battle rounds, making room for the return of Christina Aguilera after a one-season absence.  We'll be covering the season here at Morty's TV and would love your comments!

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Blind Auditions - Night One


It started 9 seasons ago, a singing competition unlike any other, and became an Emmy winning global phenomenon, attracting the greatest undiscovered singers in the country, and the biggest artists in the music industry to coach them.  Tonight, the Blind Auditions kick off an epic 10th season of The Voice.

Returning to our coaches chairs, last season's winner and 3-time Voice Champion, Adam Levine!  4-Time winning coach, superstar Blake Shelton!  Season 8 Voice Champion, Pharrell Williams!  And the original Queen of The Voice, Christina Aguilera!  

It's 10 times the surprises, 10 times the emotion, 10 times the excitement.  And later this season, it's 10 times the power as our coaches bring in Sean "Diddy" Combs, Tori Kelly, Coach Gwen Stefani, Patti Labelle and Miley Cyrus! It's season 10 of The Voice and it all kicks off right now!

Please give it up for your host, Carson Daly!  And your Season 10 coaches, Adam Levine!  Christina Aguilera!  Pharrell Williams!  And Blake Shelton!  The Blind Auditions start now.

The first to audition is Paxton Ingram, 23, from Miami. Obsessed with Michael Jackson as a boy, he wanted to be a dancer but for the last 3 years he's been writing, singing and recording and teaching a hip hop class. He hopes to work with Pharrell and he'll be singing Dancing On My Own by Robyn.

His voice is smooth and commanding and Blake is the first to press his button this season.  He ramps up the vocal but is anyone else going to challenge Blake? Yes, Adam and Pharrell both slam their buttons at the last minute.  We're going to have a fight!

For those of you new to The Voice, and where have you been, the way it works is the artists have been invited to perform to four coaches with their backs turned to the stage, deciding only by their ears whether they want the artist on their team.  If more than one coach turns their chair, the tables turn and the artist gets to select the coach on whose team they want to be.

Adam is mad at Pharrell for doing the same thing as him, pretending that he didn't want Paxton so he could try and fake the other coaches out.  Blake says he's a MJ natural, this is true greatness.  Sure he's just a country singer but being a great coach is being supportive of people I'm a fan of.  Pharrell says we all should have pressed our buttons, your singing was crazy and I'm at a loss of words.

I'm not at a loss of words, Adam says, vocally you were brilliant, a little breathy and things that made me think this dude is literally pulling emotions out from inside me. I was so moved by what you did and could be a great coach for you.  

Now it's time for Paxton to pick his coach.  I'm going to go with Blake!

21yr old Caity Peters lives at home in Long Beach with lawyers and nurses, so she's the black sheep of the family, eschewing college for anything associated with music. After high school, she joined the Young American's Performing Arts College, a non-profit organization that inspires through music, traveling around the world, teaching.  She is now studying to become a teacher but hopes The Voice will give her a stage to be heard.

Singing Jealous by Nick Jonas, her voice is soft and low and passionate and in quick successtion, Christina and Pharrell turn their chairs around.  The rest of her vocal has more of a narrative feel though she still has a lilting voice and just before it's over, Blake and Adam turn their chairs.

Pharrell is quick out of his chair to give Caity a hug. I turned my chair first, Christina says.  She wants to perform soulful R&B and all the coaches claim to be perfect for that genre. I'd like to hold your hand to the finish line, Christina says, as a female supporter who appreciates soul music because it's the truth.  Pharrell says your intensity that made us turn around, that's what I want to stand behind.

Adam says what you did was different and special and heartwrenchingly beautiful. I think your voice is 1% away from being completely and infallibly unique, and I can find that last percent, you're on the cusp of greatness.  Blake counters that she's not on the cusp of something great, she's in the middle of something great or all four of us wouldn't have turned around.  They key to winning the show isn't going with a coach who does the same music as you do but about you being the best whatever you want to be and that's my job as a coach.

Caity has the choice of all four coaches.  It's time for her to pick one.  I pick Pharrell!

Nick Hagelin is 28yrs old and from Atlanta.  At 18, he became a professional ballet performer, but he was always more excited about music, writing and performing. That's how he met his wife who convinced him to hang up the tights and persue music full time, playing gigs.  His son was born with defects affecting his motor skills and Dad's focus became helping him develop.  He got a record deal at a label but told him he can't be married or have kids so they parted ways.  This is his chance to prove them wrong.

Singing Lost Stars by Adam Levine, he wants to show his son what Daddy can do.  From the opening soft and sensitive notes, the audience is on his side. His voice is in the upper register, angelic as his wife described it, and Christina makes his dream come true by pressing her button.  He kicks into the chorus with sincere energy and uplifting melody.  He throws in a verse in falsetto for the fun of it, and as the last note rings out, both Pharrell and Blake press their buttons.

Adam is flattered he performed that song, it was a great job.  Pharrell tells him to bring his family out after they could be heard chearing from backstage. Christina says I believed in your voice from go, it was beautiful, soft, almost like early Michael and I would love to be your coach.  Blake says I heard Prince in your voice, that real high falsetto, your voice would record so incredibly, it has all the compression, herbs and spices you'd put on it when you make a record.

He just compared your voice to Kentucky Fried Chicken, Adam says, he's an idiot.  Nick, who do you pick as your coach?  I have to say you said Michael and you turned around first, he tells Christina, and I love you for that. As an artist with the Quincy Jones of our generation is going to be the strongest thing for me.  I pick Pharrell!

17yr old Maddie Poppe is from the small town of Clarksville, Iowa.  Her Senior Class in High School has 23 people in it and she's Class President.  She started singing in 6th grade now creates music videos and playing talent festivals and county fairs.  She'd like to work with Adam the most.  

Singing Dog Days Are Over by Florence & The Machine, her voice has a kind of quirky folk pop flavor, lots of vocal dynamics and acrobatics, trying to pack a lot into her 90 seconds.  But the coaches don't hear what they're looking for and she gets no chairs to turn around.  

It doesn't feel real, she says to the coaches.  Christina says she has a strong voice but Maddie is struggling with Blake looking at her.  Adam offers he his seat so she doesn't have to be freaked out from Blake. Pharrell says she would benefit from practicing her scales because she has a beautiful voice.  Adam is flirting with Blake and Pharrell reminds her Ohio is watching.  Iowa, Blake reminds him, Clarksville, Iowa.  Iowa, Adam exclaims indignantly.  Blake Shelton just said Clarksville, Iowa, Maddie exclaims!

Pharrell continues that she didn't have a problem with her dynamics, from 0 to 100 and there are places to use that.  Adam starts fidgeting with his jacket zipper and Pharrell again has to get her attention.  We want you to learn to use that with finesse so when you come back when you're 18...  Do you want to come back?  Yes, Adam shouts.  

From Nashville comes 20yr old Mary Sarah (originally from Richmond, TX) who works at Boot Barn but imagines being on stage, having sung since age 9.  She learned country music from the dames of country and was invited by the Oakridge Boys to appear on their show in Galvaston.  She got to sing duets with Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard but it wasn't a golden ticket. She is seeking the wisdom from the coaches to take her to the next level.

Singing Where The Boys Are by Connie Francis, the opening music is dramatic and her piercing vocal matches the feeling.  Adam presses his button after the first verse.  She's so good, Blake says and presses his button, along with Pharrell.  Her performance has a classic sound and feel, huge and solid power vocals and Christina makes it a foursome.

Adam loves that she was so pure and different in feel, a consistent and powerful upper register that brought him back to a different time and place.  Christina says your vocals were undeniable from the first note. Then you belted a note into the stratosphere and I felt stupid if I didn't press my button too.  I'd love to be your coach.  Pharrell says that was a different voice, then I said it's a classic voice.  Sticking to the things that move you put you in a position of having a 4-chair turn.

Blake asks if she's from Houston and Pharrell warns her not to listen to anything Blake says to her.  I'm so glad you mentioned your connection with the Oaks, Blake says familiarly, I think that's why I know about you.  That's how I know you're from Houston.  Really, Pharrell asks?  Absolutely, Blake says.  To Mary, you sound like you came from that era and it's going to be so refreshing to hear that era brought back to the stage here and to the Grand Ol' Oprey.  These others don't know the Oaks.  They think its a tree.

Thank you guys so much, Mary says, I love all music and appreciate your comments but really have to go with my gut on this one.  I pick Blake Shelton!

21yr old Mike Schiavo just moved to LA from New Jersey to make it in music but is an assistant manager in a retail store.  His parents were upset he chose to not go to college, but he writes and practices singing every chance he gets.  He'd love to work with Pharrell or Adam, whose music with Maroon 5 helped shape who he is.

Singing Talking Body by Tove Lo, his voice is strong if not a bit vanilla but both Adam and Pharrell heard something and quickly slammed their buttons.  Growing more confident, he throws in some falsetto and more vocal dynamics and Blake throws his chair into the game.

Pharrell says you have a crispy, clear tone. When he mentions he grew up listening to Maroon 5, Adam performs a fist pump.  Christina says he should sing with Mike to seal the deal.  Adam says OK, but the acoustic version.  A stage hand brings out a mike and backstage Mike's family can't believe as they sing a duet, with Mike providing accompaniment on the guitar, Adam coaching him through chords.  The band kicks in some background support for a memorable moment.

Adam says he was nervous, he didn't want to screw that up.  But you're a natural.  Pharrell says in the event something crazy happens and you get amnesia from the last 2-3 minutes, what do you want to do moving forward? I want someone who will build me and teach me something new.  That's me, Adam says.  Pharrell raises his hand. Woah, no! I'm a huge Pharrell fan too, Mike says, upping the ante.

If for whatever reason you want to do something completely off the grid, Pharrell says, something that just doesn't make sense... Hi, my name is Blake, Blake introduces himself.  I was the other coach who bushed my button for you and you didn't grow up listening to my music, but I too grew up listening to Maroon 5, if you mean you want to grow and do something different, pick a coach that is completely different.

Look, Blake continues, you can die now saying you performed with Adam. You got that over with.  You really want to be singing Honey B with this big tall man, Adam counters.  He said different, Pharrell says, standing up in his chair, and we all know, he says stepping out, pointing to himself, different.  Sit down, Adam barks.  Don't allow yourself to be marooned, Pharrell says, there are so many other colors out there.  

Who do you pick as your coach, asks Christina?  Take a chance, says Blake.  We can, Adam says.  I pick Adam, Mike says.

24yr old Queen Sessie is from the Bronx, NY and you better believe it.  She has a strong latin cultural family, loud and outgoing. Dad was a song writer back in the 80's and in 2011 she met up with two guys and began touring, surving on tips as an Uber driver. The Voice represents positivity, she says, and makes artists better.

She opens her performance of Show Me Love by Sam Feldt with her back turned to the audience and letting loose with a big power note to announce her presence. Her vocal is full of attitude as she moves as easily across the stage as her voice through the song, throwing a bit of guttural  dynamics at the end but it's not enough to get a chair to turn.

Christina says that opening note was crazy, fun and on a 10 but I wanted to hear more texture. You have a great voice. Blake says you sounded like a dancer, an entertainer. You have so much energy, just try to find something with more finess vocally.  Pharrell says it would be great to hear more of your voice next time, you have so much potential.

Looking for a second chance is Bryan Bautista, 23, from Brooklyn, NY, who auditioned in Season 9 after is National Anthem at a sports venue went viral. No chairs turned in Season 9 but Adam told him to work on his nerves and come back.  With Mom's support, he resigned from his job as a venue usher and spent the year to become a better singer.

Singing The Hills by The Weeknd, he promises to feel the music this time.  His vocal is confident and a bit mysterious, soulful and dynamic.  He slows it down for a falsetto and is rewarded with Christina turning her chair around.  At the end, Blake decides to get into the game for a 2-chair audition.  No, Christina cries.  That's country right there, Blake says.

You were feeling the moment, Christina says, your eyes were closed but I did press my button first.  I was a believer in the greatness from day one.  Pharrell recognizes him from last season and congratulates  him on coming back.  I wasn't here to understand the greatness, Christina says. Bryan credits Adam and Pharrell's words last season for fueling his return.

Your voice was unrecognizable from what it was, Adam says, and this time there's nothing for me to tell you to work on, it was just a stylistic thing for me.  Were you on Season 9 too, Christina digs at Blake, but you missed out.  I knew it from go.  She has a really good point, Adam says.  I was having a fit, Blake says, why wasn't anyone pushing their button? Thank Gd Christina did. But then frick frack down their didn't turn around.

It's funny, Bryan says to Blake, you weren't feeling me last time and that lit a fire under me. I said to myself I have to get Blake to turn.  And I did.  Don't start setting me up for a fall, Christina says, don't play with my head because he screwed the pooch the first time. I love what you do, you had me dancing in my chair.  She's like the best singer ever, Adam prods, you might want to hold on to that.  What are you doing, complains Blake, shut up!  

If I were your coach, Christina asks, what would you want to duet?  Fire and Desire (Rick James & Teena Marie), he says.  Yes, she says, let's just pick your coach, just come home.  I didn't get to talk, Blake complains.  Don't break my heart, Christina says.  Who do you pick as your your coach, asks Pharrell?

Blake, says Bryan.  Blake jumps up in surprise as Bryan says wait, wait, wait.  I have to say something, Bryan says.  Adam runs out to give him a hug as they realize he didn't pick Blake yet.  Greatest moment in the show, Adam crows.  Thank you for turning around for me, Bryan says, but I pick Christina!

Sticking with the New York state of mind, Abby Celso, age 20, is from Rochester where she is a server at a restaurant.  Growing up she sang with her dad's band and joined a band on her own earlier in the year performing a variety of genres.  Last year her mother passed away from cancer but before she went, she encouraged Abby to try out on The Voice.  Mom will be with her during the audition, she says.

Singing Should've Been Us by Tori Kelly, her voice starts out low but solid, delivering an understated yet energetic vocal.  She raises it up for the second verse and that was enough for Adam to press his button.  She goes up another octave and Pharrell joins in.  She turns it up even further for the final verse, showing off her range, but she's stuck with a 2-chair audition.  

If I don't get you, Adam says, leaning forward in his chair, that's the song I'll be singing the rest of my life.  You're like the Titanic, Blake says, like you're leaning off the front of the Titanic. Shut up for one minute, Adam tells him, so I can talk to Abby about her future on my team.  Hi, Pharrell, Abby says.  Stay with me over here, Adam says, as great as you were, there's even better, which is scary, you could win this whole thing.

Pharrell says there's nothing like you on this show, having you on my team would be my greatest pleasure.  Adam is an amazing artist, Blake says, and the sexiest man alive. But Pharrell is also good looking and won many Grammys.  But not as many for himself as for producing new artists along the way.  Adam, Pharrell, Blake says weighing them like scales of justice, Pharrell winning out.  I hope that Pharrell does your whole record, Adam says, after you do The Voice with me.

Pharrell says you're an artist and I said the same thing to this kid named Sawyer. I didn't tell him I could get him a record deal, though he has one now.  I didn't tell him he would win the show, though he did.  I just want to stand behind what you have and I've worked with enough to know the difference between those who have it and those who don't and you have it.   That's a wrap, Blake says.

I'm not going just stand behind, I'm going to stand beside until the point where you can take it all the way and then I can stand behind you and watch because it's going to be beautiful.  I said behind, Pharrell says, because if I'm to your left, I'm in the way.  If I'm to your right, I'm in your way.  But if I'm behind you, I won't let you fall.  Hold up, Adam says, it's like Yoda stuff.  You should fall, because then you get up and you're stronger.

Who do you pick as your coach?  Blake calls out Pharrell's name.  Abby says I pick Pharrell!

23yr old John Gilman lives with his 2 brothers in a log cabn in Bayville, NJ.  There's no WiFi or cable TV, which gives him quality to sit down and jam.  His mom encouraged to sing from a young age, an older 50's rock-a-billy vibe, influenced by early Elvis, Carl Perkins and Little Richard.  He wants to be able to light up a room like they did.  He's taken a lot of odd jobs including work on a blimp but it's time he gets serious about making a career out of music.

Performing Don't Be Cruel by Elvis Presley, Blake is energized by the opening strain and then he begins to sing with that soft country twang, familiar and approachable, old school.  Adam doesn't wait and jumps into the fray.  Blake doesn't turn around so John is all Adam's.

Blake says he hopes Adam keeps him in the Rock-a-billy lane because he's a fan and doesn't know why he didn't press his button.  Adam congratulates him for having the courage to sing Elvis, that's serious points.  Welcome to the best team ever!

The final singer tonight is 34yr old Alison Porter who first started performing in commercials at age 3, appeared on Star Search at age 5, then appeared in Parenthood (known for vomiting  over Steve Martin), but her most famous role is Curly Sue at age 9. She's done two Broadway shows and lost herself to drugs and alcohol before reaching out for help and now she's been sober for 8 years.  Now she's a stay-at-home mom but the artist side of her still wants to come out - in her soul, she's a singer.

Singing Blue Bayou by Linda Rondstadt and Emmylou Harris, her voice is sensuous and laid back, jumping from the low to upper octaves so suddenly and perfectly that Blake, Adam and Pharrell all pressed their buttons simultaneously. Christina soon followed and as Alison continued her performance, you could see the eagerness in the coaches eyes to have her on their team.  But the choice isn't theirs.

Adam is quickly out of his seat to run up to the stage and give her a big hug.  My husband's right over there, she chides him.  I'm married too, Adam replies. Christina also runs up to give Alison some personal attention.  Get over here and sit down, Blake commands, foul, out of bounds, you're disqualified.  Christina sits down at the edge of the stage.  When I'm here, Christina says, you don't run the show.

Remember who worshiped you, Christina says, returning to her chair.  Both have been singing since they were 5 and both were on Star Search.  Christina rubs her hands together in glee.  You're going to have so much fun on the show, Blake says, and I'm the most fun.  I beg to differ, Christina says. That's highly debatable, Adam says.  That's dirty, Pharrell says.  

With a voice like that, Pharrell says, how did you ignore the signs this is what you should be doing all your life? She tearfully explains her sobriety and her family, that was her goal, to be a good mom.  The universe has a plan for me because you turned.  Pharrell says I respect the universe for bringing you here today to see you perform so eloquently, I'd love to have you on my team to garnish what you have.

I am really moved by your story, Christina says, nobody works harder than a mom and there's so much inside you to say and between your story and those pipes, I want to be part of your history.  Adam says that was the most beautiful, flawless, pitch perfect thing I've ever heard in my entire life, I'm astonished by you.  You're going to win The Voice and I think you can do it on my team. Let a girl win it for once, Christina begs, though I'm not sure if she's talking about Alison or herself.

Who do you pick as your coach?  Oh lord.  She looks off to the side and her family can be heard pulling for Blake or Adam.  Oh my gosh.  Christina climbs up on her chair to enlist the audience's support.

There's something in each of you that I admire and will take with me on this journey, Alison says, I pick Christina!

After the first night of Blind Auditions, Team Adam has Mike Schiavo and John Gilman.  Team Pharrell includes Caity Peters, Nick Hagelin and Abby Celso.  Team Christina starts out with Bryan Bautista and Alison Porter.  And Team Blake is made up of Paxton Ingram and Mary Sarah. 

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Blind Auditions - Night Two


This is The Voice! Last night, The Voice returned for an epic 10th season with incredible vocals and surprising decisions.  Night 1 set the stage for our greatest season yet. Tonight, the fight to get the artists they want is just heating up and the lengths the coaches go to will blow your mind.  Season 10 continues right now!

27yr old Joe Vivona from Verona, NJ knows about amusement - it's his family business, the worlds largest traveling amusement theme park.  It's 3 generations but his grandfather understands Joe has to peruse his dream of becoming a full time vocalist.  But he has a history of stage nerves and hopes one of the coaches will help him learn to overcome.

Singing Dreaming With A Broken Heart by John Mayer, his voice is soft and sensitive, a but of a coarse roughness and Adam jumps on the opportunity.  Blake soon follows as he continues with his quiet, soulful performance, slowly amping up the power and feeling.  Right at the end, Pharrell makes it a threesome and the fight is on.

Christina says she didn't push because of a few pitch problems.  Adam loves his voice and one of his best qualities, besides his unique tone, he was telling a story to make sure that song got through.  I can help you with the minor technical stuff.  Pharrell says take a deep breath, there's nothing left to be nervous about, you did it. We can talk about the nerve thing and get to the center of it.  

Blake says he's like waiting for the test results to come in. You get to live. What I like about you is your jacket, your freaky fun hair, but most of all, the way you made the room feel when you started singing. You electrified the room, there's such a presence to your voice. Not a technically perfect performance but it moved us and that's what music is supposed to do. One other thing, I don't have a short temper like Adam and will be a better coach for you.

You see, says Adam... He's getting mad right now, Blake interrupts, each time Adam starts to speak.  Who do you pick as your coach, asks Christina?

Well, I got a call last night from my 95yr old grandfather and am going to pick his favorite - Pharrell!

Shalya Fearing is a 15yr old from Hudson, Florida with 7 siblings.  She loves the chaos and admires how her parents just make it work despite their struggles. She plays keyboard and sings in a family band but her dream is to be a solo artist.  Her parents have borrowed money to support her and this is her chance to show her gratitude.

Singing What Is Love by Haddaway, her vocal is smooth and soulful and after one line, Christina is all in.  That was easy, Carson tells the family members.  Her voice has attitude and a bit of gutter flavor but also indisputable power and range.  

Yes, Shaylya says.  You're all mine, Christina says.  Adam says you have the voice of someone who is most definitely not 15 and are adorably cute. Christina will take you to the next level. The Voice gods were shining on my chair today.  To the other coaches, what were you doing, sleeping? Pharrell says you are in the best hands for a voice like that.

Our next artist is Adam Wakefield from Nashville, TN.  The 33yr old grew up on a farm, his parents were hippies, and he started a band with his brother in Baltimore, working construction by day, playing gigs at night. His brother died from an overdose and Adam struggled to survive with the help of his girlfriend.  He's only just started making money from music, playing in a bluegrass bland and southern rock.

Performing Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton, Adam can't wait past the first line delivered by the deep, masculine country voice. The performance is laid back, folksy and when Adam shows off a power note, Blake plays his card and turn his chair around.  Adam lets loose with an even bigger note and that brings Blake and Adam both to their feet.

Yeah, Blake says.  Did you say your name was Adam, Adam says?  Where are you from, Pharrell asks?  Nashville.  Yes, says Blake! Finally a studly Adam on this show.  You were doing some really interesting runs, Pharrell says, I'm glad you're on the show.  Adam says I turned my chair right away, I heard more than country, southern rock, blues, a strong lead singer with a minor in rock'n'roll.  I want you so desperately on my team.

Blake says it took me longer to hit my button because Adam doesn't realize that's originally a George Jones song, and I wanted to hear what you did with it.  Country is not always about what you sound like but what you want to represent with your music. It's guys like you that get me excited about the future of country. Dude, you're country.  

No, No, No, Adam says, why does country get to have its own club? Music reaches millions of people all over the world - it's not supposed to be in a box.  I want you more.  I think that's a great speach, Christina says.  I'm not sick of the fact that it's an exclusive club, Blake counters, it's up to us as country artists to protect who's in that club.  Otherwise it gets too far away from what is the heart and soul of country music.  

If you don't know where it comes from, Blake says as Adam (the artist, not the coach) nods, you don't know where it should go. That's why we protect it.  How do you feel, Adam (the artist, not the coach), Pharrell asks? I didn't know if I should speak, he says.  I appreciate what both of y'all are saying.  I love that Nashville is a small town.  But peoople who come there who just want to rub elbows don't get very far. It's the people who have true talent that seem to go somewhere.

So Adam has a chance, asks Christina? Who do you pick as your coach?  So, Adam (the artist, not the coach), if I have to pick somebody, I pick Blake!

15yr old Caroline Burns is looking for redemption.  In Season 9, she failed to turn a chair but the whole audience wanted her to come back. She's finally reached 5' tall and rejoined her high school band, called 4:30 to 5, because the time they performed their last show. She also works as a princess or fairy for a company that puts on kids parties. This time the coaches will be surprised by her voice.

Singing So Far Away by Carol King, her voice is beautiful, light and floating.  Wow, says Blake.  Adam presses his button and is surprised to see who it is.  She throws in a little power along with her graceful notes as the audience is mesmerized by the innocense of her vocal.  Right at the end, Blake turns his chair to give Adam a run for his money.

I remember you, Adam says, look what you did today!  You are tremendous, you've improved leaps and bounds and I'm proud I heard it and turned right away rather than johnny come lately over there.  Christina says you have a pretty voice, I came close to pushing. You lifted the people, Pharrell says, and as good as you are, you're now going to be in the hands of one of these two guys as your coach.

Blake says it's a little more special when they don't make it, come back and make it. You kept your composure this time around, no pitch problems, you can easily win The Voice. It's hard not to be excited about the future of music when it includes people like you.  Who do you pick as your coach, asks Christina?  I pick Adam!

34yr old Natalie Clark came all the way from Glasgow, Scotland for her chance to be on The Voice. She has a career in teaching but felt the pull of jazz music luring her to America.  She was influenced by a Q&A session with Sir Richard Branson.  Carson plays a good luck message from Richard Branson.

Singing All Right Now (Bad Company) with a husky vocal stuffed full of attitude, Blake is poised to presss his button.  She has a lot of country flavor in her voice, offering up a unique arrangement of the song.  But it looks like she came all the way to California for no reason as none of the coaches turn around.

Blake says I was so ready to hit the button, your verses were so incredible but your choruses restrained. Adam says she really had it going on at the beginning, and if she can strengthen the upper register to be as effortless as the lower, we'll be in business.  Pharrell says keep going and allow people to feel your personality, that's what will get people to turn around to ask the question, who's that?  Christina says I used to cover that song, and I was just looking for the beast in you to come out and have fun with the song.

16yr old Emily Keener is from Wakeman, OH where she rides ATVs in the 37 acres in the middle of nowhere. Her dad played music all the time and she started playing guitar at age 10.  At 12 she started writing songs as a way to express her inner thoughts.  There's not a lot of opportunity to perform, so she's hoping The Voice will being her to a bigger stage.

Singing Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John, she had barely uttered a complete sentence before Pharrell says wow.  Her voice is quiet yet powerful, intense and emotive.  Blake slams his hand down and turns to face the music.  She brings it up an octave and that's all it takes to get Christina into the game.  Adam and Pharrell quickly follow as her family break down in tears backstage.

Her take on the classic song is a light and a bit airy, her voice beveled and tender, her range driving easily from deep down to lighter than air.  All four coaches are on their feet as is the audience.  Blake says she's a baby! Your voice is like nothing I've heard before, a completely new sound. Unbelievable.

Adam says your voice is so pure and that version of the song is one of my favorites and that choice says a lot about what you are doing, how you are doing it, and I was just drawn to it. You'll be great on any team but you'll be the best on mine.  Pharrell says 4 chairs, congratulations. That was just breathtaking, you used the entire tapestry of your vocal chords, multiple tones, super fresh, effervescent. My style of coach is not telling you what to do but listening to who you are and steering what's there.

That doesn't mean the rest of us would try to change you either, Adam interjects.  Christina says I can see your eyes light up when Pharrell talks to you, but is there anything I can say to sway you in my direction? My eyes light up when Pharrell talks to me too, Adam says.  You're so special, Christina continues, and I would live to dive in with you, something so beautifully controlled, true and honest, derived from pure passion. That's not the kind of artist I just want to work with, I have to work with.  Your voice can speak to a new generation.

Can I tell you something, Blake asks, raising his hand.  Yes, Emily says, you may speak.  Thank you, he says, the most success I've had on this show is with young people, cute, a little shy, disciplined, the opposite of me.  But coach and arist wise, this makes perfect sense. I was the first to push my button. I am a super fan of yours.

Who do you pick as your coach? This is the hardest decision I've made in my life, OMGosh, I pick Pharrell!

Laith Al-Saadi started singing as at age 4 and started playing guitar in 8th grade and hasn't had a real job since he turned 16 and could drive his van and gear around singing gigs.  Now 38, he plays old soul and R&B, opening up for Greg Allman and BB King.  He doesn't want to be pigeonholed by his looks and is hoping all the sacrifices he's made will pay off.

Singing The Letter by Joe Cocker, he's got a heavy, worn voice while playing an electric guitar, delivering a solid, soulful rockish blues vocal.  He's very entertaining and Adam and Blake dare each other to turn their chairs.  They both are the first to realize he's playing the wicked guitar runs on top of the incredible vocal performance.  Oh man, Blake says, I'm so screwed!

Christina says your growls were so effortless all the way through, I almost pushed my button a couple times. It will be interesting to see who you end up with.  Your voice is so enormous, Blake says admiringly, you don't even need a microphone. This isn't about country or rock, it's about being a fan of your voice and sound, it's so developed, you must perform a lot.  Over 300 dates a year for the last 20 years, Laith says.  

Adam says your control of that big voice, as much up high as down low, and you shred like a maniac. I can do that too.  Blake can't do that.  That means when we duet together, Blake says, you can do all the solos.  Was that you on the guitar, Pharrell asks, I'm kind of mad now I get a chance to watch that solo.  Do it again, his family shouts from backstage, so he does.  Pharrell runs up to the stage to shake his hand.

There are singers who play guitar, Adam says, and there are guitar players who sing.  I've always considered myself a guitar player who sings.  You are unbelievable and should be on my team.  It's time to decide, Pharrell says, who do you pick as your coach?

All right, Laith says, I pick Adam!

Angie Keilhauer is a 24yr old from Marietta, GA.  Born in El Salvador, her dad brought their family to America when she was 11 years old.  She's wearing country boots - her mom's favorite record was Dolly Parton.  She's always wanted to be a singer, performing her way through college, and she realized she had to be a professional singer. Now she sings on a cruise ship but she wants to be able to reach people on dry land too.  She loves Blake's music but has always looked up to Christina.

Before she even sings, Christina identifies cowboy boots.  Singing I Hold On by Dierks Bentley, she starts out low with a quick and intense vocal, quickly jumping into a rollicking, dynamic performance, a solid but not terribly unique voice. Her presence is very comfortable and Adam takes a risk, turning around.  I didn't even realize Christina and Blake had also turned around.

Your family is louder than the audience, Pharrell, so you have to bring them out here.  They join her on stage, all 7 of them.  All these girls are my sisters, she says, and the two guys are my family.  You have so much control, Pharrell says, you can sing and play guitar. You kept getting better and better, Adam says, and I kept believing you more and more. You have this raw break in your voice that's so impossible to control for most people and you did it so well.

There's something undisciplined about how you perform, you were wild, like a loose cannon, and for a girl to take that approach in country music, it's about damn time.  Adam says there's something to breaking the mold and that's why you should really ponder your decision carefully, it was me hearing something I don't normally hear in country singers.  Thank you, Blake, for helping ME articulate that point.  Big mistake, Blake coughs into his hand.

Pharrell reminds her he was the one who invited her family on stage.  Who do you pick as your coach?

I pick...   I pick Blake!  You are bad ass, he tells her as he welcomes her to his team.  

As the evening continued, Christina found what she was looking for in Lacy Mandigo, who sang Son Of A Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield.  It was the rasp, Christina says.  I dreamed last night that you turned around for me, Lacy says, on the last note. And now it happened, Christina gushes!

Pharrell picked up Jonathan Bach, who sang Born This Way by Lady Gaga.  Jonathan fell to his knees in shock.  Pharrell says you had a lot of control.  

Adam and Blake went head-to-head once again over Katherine Ho, singing Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift.  Adam says your voice is so ethereal, I thought of it as your own song.  I know I'm crazy, country cowboy guy, but I love what I'm hearing right now. Do the right thing and come home.  This is all about you and me right here, Adam says, don't let this guy get in your head.  I pick Adam, Katherine says.  

Theron Early is a 21yr old from Miami, FL where he started singing at age 5. He learned piano by listening to John Legend and now plays at a piano button for peanuts. But it's time to become a man, get a car, get a home, get a career.  He'll be singing Amaze by Lonestar, and though he's not a country artist, he does like telling a story and would love to work with Blake.  He really hopes Blake turns.  But Pharrell would be a great choice too.

His voice is soft and cuddly, clear and honest.  He's a singer, Pharrell says.  You can hear the emotion in his vocal as he slowly works the stage, solid, powerful, evenly measured, throwing in a slight falsetto and a huge held out note.  But no coach turns their chair.

Christina says me and Pharrell almost thought about it.  Not what I was expecting when I turned around, Adam says. Blake says it's a very powerful vocal with lots of dynamics and softer moments, I almost pushed my button on that final moment. If there's a way to ramp up your performance, so that it's not on 10 the whole time, you'll have us all.

I wanted more ease to go along with the strength and the passion, so if you figure out how to really control your instrument, we'd all 4 turn around in a minute.  Pharrell says looking at the dynamics, the details are important. If it's just pounding the whole time, it distracts from your talent.  Christina says the way you ended the performance was super strong, those extended notes with the vibrato was super good.

The final artist of the night is 28yr old Kata Hay from Skiatook, OK who moved to Nashville with her girlfriend.  She works at a karaoke place with a mechanical bull.  She wants to become famous but in Nashville, you're a tiny fish in a huge pond.  She grew in a double-wide trailer, starting to sing at 3, performing once at the Oklahoma Opry, where Blake Shelton once sang.  

At age 24, she found out she was adopted.  When she got the auditin for The Voice, she instinctively wanted to call her mom, who had passed away 3 years ago.  You're supposed to pick Blake, she can her her say.  Singing Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson, she is unabashedly a redneck.  She's just going to pretend 4 of her biggest idols aren't sitting in front of her.

She's heavy footed as she takes the stage and Christina jokes that somebody tripped.  Adam mocks what a tripping artist might look like.  She takes a deep breath and the music starts, a strong country beat and she jumps right in with a strong country vocal, full of sass and attitude and no-nonsense drive.  She's got a mix of gruff and some tenderness burried underneath the tough exterior.

You do it, Christina whispers to Blake.  He listens intently.  Pharrell looks at both of them as Kata delivers a powerful final note.  And then before the music quits, Adam presses his button.  Christina turns her chair around.  Pharrell presses his button.  Only Blake doesn't turn his chair around.

Kata runs straight to Adam and pulls him into a big bear hug as Pharrell and Christina can only watch.  He lifts her up as she kicks her feet out.  It's only then that Kata realizes Pharrell turned his chair around too and gives him a kiss and a hug.  She doesn't spare Christina either.  Blake didn't even turn and he gets a hug and a kiss.  I used to sing with you at the Oklahoma Opry, she whispers.  

Adam drags Kata away from Blake.  He reenacts what they heard of her tripping her way on stage before the audition.  I was like, she's in a hurry.  I as excited, she says.  Don't ever change, Adam says.  And then before the chair is fully turned around, I hear that noise again and your coming at me!  I like your style.

What is your name, asks Blake? She tells him and reminds him he had a mullet when she sang with him when she was 3.  As if I couldn't love you more, Adam says, picturing Blake with a mullet.  Are you from Oklahoma, Blake asks? Yeah, she says, like duh.  I told you to push your button, Christina says.  They're always begging for a country singer, he says, y'all fight for her.  Talk to the girl.

I thought you would be the only one who turns around, Kata says, I'm kind of disappointed.  I mean, I'm not.  So we're just chopped liver, asks Christina? You're just so zeroed in on Adam, I have no chance at all!  You're still my first girl crush, Kata says.  I can work with that, Christina says.  You're so freakin beautiful, Kata says.  You're so freakin' beautiful, Christina responds, should we just make out now?  Woah, Blake says, applauding.

Kata walks up to Christina.  OMG, says Blake.  Woah, Adam fist bumps. Pharrell is stunned.  They kiss on the lips.  Wake up, Pharrell says as if in a dream, slapping his face from both sides.  If you pick me there's more of that to come, Christina says jokingly.  Blake stands up and applauds.  Kata walks away, meeting her equal.  Pharrell climbs upon his chair and says this is a dream.  It's like the twilight zone, Adam says.

I'm not playing around here, Christina says, to business. The first woman to win this thing, let's put fire, let's put spunk, let's put sassiness in it, bring it down for the tender moments, I'm feeling this. Even though I'm not a sole country artist (We put a country song together, Blake reminds her), I know people. I think we know where the greatest duet is going to come from, Pharrell starts. Me and Kata, Adam finishes.

Who do you pick as your coach, Pharrell asks? You haven't said anything, she exclaims, except freaking over me kissing Christina.  This is my dream, not yours, he says, and in my dream, I get to ask you the question, who do you pick as your coach?

We'll have wonderful moments together, Christina says.  I was first, Adam says.  Pharrell just looks at her, like, come to pappa.  Christina tries to pull her in.  She wants Adam, she says.  Kata looks off stage to see what her family thinks.  They say Adam.  

Kata says, I pick Christina!  Christina goes rocker chick wild as Kata's girlfriend looks shocked from backstage.  You'll get over Adam, Christina says, in time.  I kissed a girl and I liked it, she sings.

So here's where we stand after night 2.  Coach Adam added Caroline Burns, Laith Al-Saadi and Katherine Ho to his team.  Coach Pharrell added Joe Vivona, Emily Keener and Jonathan Back to his team.  Coach Christina added Shalya Fearing, Lacy Mandigo and Kata Hay to her team.  And Coach Blake added Adam Wakefield and Angie Kelihauer to his team.

We'll be back next Monday with more Blind Auditions.  Hope you join us!

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Blind Auditions - Night Three


Last week The Voice returned, celebrating an epic 10th season.  After the first week of auditions, here's where our teams stand.  Christina returned strong, landing 5 unique artists. Adam picked up 5 eclectic singers.  Pharrell added 6 unique vocalists.  And Blake scored 4 artists.

Tonight, Season 10 continues.  For the artists, it's the chance of a lifetime, and they will hold nothing back to turn a chair, because the coaches will hold nothing back to get the artists they want.  The Blind Auditions continue right now.  This is The Voice!

Let's meet our first artist, 24yr old Hannah Huston from Lincoln, NE, a goofy and giggly pre-school teacher.  Growing up she loved singing but never really performed by herself until asked to sing at a friends' wedding. She started singing in coffee shops and her friends encouraged her to audition for The Voice  Carson plays a surprise video from her students wishing her luck.

Singing Unaware (Allen Stone), her voice is light and controlled, a country flavor accenting the lyrics that generates a Wow from Blake. Her vocal is clear and strong and Adam admits that was pretty good.  Blake is encouraging the other coaches to press their buttons.  She keeps growing in confidence and power.  At the end, she lets out a huge passion-packed note and one by one, Blake, Pharrell and Christina press their buttons, stunning Hannah.

Christina says she was hooked by the rasp and it was that extra push at the end that pushed her to push her button.  Adam says he missed the ride but who cares, you're on the show.  You're right there, Hannah says, pointing to Blake.  Foreshadowing?  Undeterred, Pharrell says you have a great voice but your personality comes bubbling out over it.  

Christina says you're subtle and sweet and kind but you need someone who understands your sassiness and fire.  Blake, Hannah asks? There's a country music festival there in Lincoln, Blake says. I'm sure there is, she says coyly.  There go your chances out the door, Adam laughs at Christina and Pharrell.  I'm thinking, Blake says, this girl is not in my wheelhouse but this girl is so freakin' good, I'm having a fit.  Christina vouches for him.  Adam likes her impersonation of Blake.

There was a soulfulness in your voice, Blake continues, extremely accurate falsetto like, then on that note when you interjected that raspy, sandpaper sound, I'm such a fan, whatever you do, I hope we can be friends because you seem like a blast to be around.  Hannah, Adam asks, who do you pick as your coach?

Hannah says, I pick...   Pharrell!

Brian Nihira is a 23yr old man from Tulsa, OK, whose parents came to the USA from Zimbabwe, Africa.  They have 10 degrees and he inherited being a big dreamer from them.  He has been to Africa on 10 mission trips and would sing to the children and that's when music became part of his life.  In college, he decided to try and launch a solo pop singing career.  His mother is pinching herself.

Singing Happy (Pharrell Williams), his vocal is soulful, confident, up-tempo, and he has the judges all dancing in their chairs as he's swinging his hips on stage.  His voice is light and soft, easily singing in  his upper register, rolling along with an air of joy and, well, happiness.  On his final note, Blake and Pharrell turn their chairs.

Brian raises his fist in victory.  Come here to my team, Blake says, and Brian walks down to his chair to shake his hand.  I have so much respect for you I did something so humiliating when you're singing his (Pharrell's) freakin' song.  I don't have a shot but that's how much respect I have for you.  

As much as I never have a chance against Blake for a country artists, the chances of Blake on this one are literally 10,000 worse.  Brian reveals he's from Tulsa, Oklahoma and Blake has new life breathed into him.  He gets up out of his chair and starts singing to Pharrell, "Because I'm Happy..."  OK, 5000 times as worse, Adam updates.

Does Blake have a shot, Christina asks at all?  He's got a shot, Brian acknowledges and Blake is back up, singing Happy.  Okies gotta stick together, Blake says.  That may be all we have to talk about, but...  

How you doing, Brian, Pharrell asks smoothly ignoring the others.  I'm doing well, Brian says, saying Pharrell by name.  It's over, Adam says.  Don't make it worse, Blake says.  Pharrell says you had a good time and sang the song better than I could, some of those runs I can't do. Brian's first song was Jesus Loves Me and Blake says that's 2 songs he knows that I know.  Two.

Pharrell asks him to sing Jesus Loves Me and the audience stands for his beautiful A Capella rendition.  Who do you pick as your coach, Christina asks.

Brian looks to the side where his family is split between Blake and Oklahoma and Pharrell.  I pick...   Pharrell!

29yr old Aijia from Los Angeles is out to prove she can make it on her own.  Her grandfather is a jazz musician, her grandmother owned a club in Hollywood.  She was a vocal jazz studies major in college where she met her husband, Andy Grammer.  Initially they would sing backup for each other but then he became her dude and now his career has exploded and he's always on the road.

She's still singing backup but would like to step to the forefront.  Andy says she often gets introduced as my wife and it bugs me because she's so talented, she's so much more than that.  She would love to work with Coach Christina. She's worked so hard and has had doubts because it's never come for her.  This could be her last chance.

Singing Say Something (A Great Big World), her voice is soft and simple, a little breathless, dripping with barely contained emotion.  Her vocal builds in intensity, then draws back to that breathless rock from under which it crawled.  No coaches turned.

Blake says he was looking for Christina to turn but if it had been a little more consistent, I probably would have hit my button.  You have a great voice, Christina says, I wanted hear a little more tenderness, it sounded like you were going more for power than emotion.  The way you delivered the vocals, Adam says, when it's just you and the piano, just focus on the details.

Our next artist is Brittany Kennell, 26, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  She started writing songs around age 6, and is more of a folk singer.  She went to college at Berkley but moved to Nashville to write and play background music at country clubs.  Constantly on the sidelines, she's hoping she'll get picked to play, to be heard.

Singing Strong Enough (Sheryl Crow), Blake picks out the song just on the opening guitar notes by the band.  Her voice has a bit of a blade to it, and a bit of lilt with country flair.  Is that Gwen Stefani, asks Christina?  I Like that, Blake says and mashes his button.  With a big smile on her face, she continues singing tenderly, her vocal just kind of drifting lazily through the air.  She delivers a run at the end and Pharrell ruins Blake's day by pressing his button.

NO, Blake yells, that was late!  That was an illegal motion!  I'm talking to NBC Legal about that late button push.  #ButtonGate, Adam says.  Well hot dog, Blake says when he learns she now lives in Nashville.  Your voice is magical, Blake says, kind of sounds like Gwen, two girls I really like.  I'm in, people who are unique, those are the ones who go on and win, and usually those who go on and win are on my team.  

Pharrell, Blake directs, you say something.  You definitely have a different tone, Pharrell says, and your vibrato is like one of those crispy classic of the past we don't see much.  You came out to California for the world to hear you, he says, and I know you're propensity may be with a guy who knows his way around the town, but I have a GPS.  

Do you write with a bunch of other writers, asks Blake? I write with Buddy Owens, Brittany says.  I love him, he says, but I like you even better.  If he's known Buddy for so long, Pharrell says, why did he wait so long to introduce this beautiful voice? Ask Buddy, Blake says.  

To the audience, Blake asks who Brittany should pick as her coach.  Two rows of fans behind them stand up with "Pick Blake".  He's known Buddy Owens for years, Pharrell says, probably 40yrs, I don't get it.  The Adidas thing looks good on your butt, Blake jokes back.  OMG, Brittany, Adam cries out, who do you pick as your coach?

Brittany says I pick...   Blake!

Blake asks Pharrell if he knows Beyonce.  Of course, Pharrell replies, walking into the trap.  Then why don't you introduce me to her, Blake asks?  Because you never asked.  Ah Hah, Blake pounces, pointing at Pharrell, you're Buddy Owens!

28yr old Natalie Yacovazzi, from Chicago, IL is trying to push aside the memories of Season 9 when she failed to turn a chair.  This is about the next swing, Adam had said at the time, and she's ready to take it now.  A single mom, her daughter thinks 5 chairs will turn.  She wants Mommie to pick Blake because he points to himself with his finger.  But Natalie owes her buckling down and coming back to Coach Adam.

Singing Mr. Know It All (Kelly Clarkson), Natalie jumps right into it with a demanding, intense, emotionally packed vocal and Adam quickly presses his button.  She dials it back a bit to get into the meat of the song and show off the dynamics of her voice. Pharrell was close to pressing his button but pulls back.  Adam is watching her but won't give any clues to the other coaches.  She's rockin' out on stage and Adam wins her as the sole coach to turn.

Christina presses her button but it's too late.  No, No, No, Adam says, she's all mine.  Pharrell remembers her.  Adam says the beginning of your blind was crazy, I pressed my button out of sheer reflex.  The others were watching me to give away something so I had listen to you without giving you away to keep them from pressing their buttons and it worked totally in my favor.  I'm so happy you came back, you had twice the anxiety and I could hear that but you made it.

Pharrell says you came back swinging super hard, you were belting.  Blake says the way Adam acted after he turned and Christina wasn't turning, I was thinking you were really good.  Christina pushed her button a second too late.

19yr old Malik Heard from Dallas, TX discovered music on his own.  His parents were both athletes and thought he would play sports, but his sophomore year, he decided to give up sports for music.  He's putting a partial scholarship on hold for his opportunity to audition on The Voice.  He wants to be a pop, R&B, Rock-n-roll artist.

Singing Chains by Nick Jonas, The pop beat sets the soulful tempo and he delivers a silky smooth vocal that first the audience reacts to, and then Pharrell and Christina turn around for.  And then he turns it up to 11 with powerful pitch-perfect vocal runs showing off a sensitivity and soulfulness  well beyond his years.

Blake says I'm really glad this is between Pharrell and Christina because Pharrell is about to get his butt handed to him.  Don't say that for me, Christina says. I'm staying out of it, Adam says, Pharrell also fantastic.  Because of your style and these two, I'm gonna sit back and watch this go down.

Christina says I knew you were something special when I heard those accurate, amazing runs, I think we would make a great team and would love to share thoughts, get inside your head.  Pharrell asks who is influences are - Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, Justin Timblerlake, he replies.  You can do all of that, Christina says.  With either one of us, Pharrell says.

I'm not a vocalist, Pharrell says, I'm a producer.  There it is, Blake says.  That's the drop, Adam agrees.  You would be lucky to be on Team Christina, Pharrell says diplomatically but I would love to be a part of your life going forward.  I get all the crap about being a slick salesman, Adam says, but you all are just as slick.  

I've been in this business since I was 7, Christina says, I've grown up on stage and I'm about nurturing an artist.  I've been making records since I was 18, Pharrell counters, and I worked with Justin when he was your age.  Oh, shoot, Christina says, uh oh.  And Brittney too, Pharrell adds.  You know, Christina, says slyly, I worked with both of them before he ever met them on the Mickey Mouse Club.

She's an artist whose been singing since she was 19, Pharrell says, trying to come back from the abyss, I've been making records since I was 19 but I was also producing artists who were 19.  But I lived it, Christina says.  The difference is, Pharrell says, she's the growing plant and I'm the greenhouse.  And then you have the tree, Christina counters, that breaks the greenhouse because it's so big when it grows up.  

Who do you pick as your coach, Adam asks? I have loved you guys and grown up watching all of you, you're all so amazing.  Uh oh, Christina says.  I pick...   

Who do you pick as your coach, Adam asks? I pick...   Christina!

Our next artist is 20yr old Peyton Parker from Kennesaw, GA.  She wanted to be a cheerleader growing up and even won national championships but an injury ended her career and she picked up her guitar and found her true calling.  Her family moved to Nashville so she could pursue a music career, singing on the streets for tips while her dad works to support them.

Singing Dreams (Fleetwood Mac), her voice is soft and fluffy and both Pharrell and Christina race each other to be the first to turn around.  Blake follows only seconds later.  Her vocal throws some short chords into the arrangement for dramatic effect but it's her solid, easy going voice that has the audience spellbound.  

Adam says he heard country in her voice even though it wasn't a country song but I don't matter because I'm the only one who didn't turn.  Good luck fellows and ladies.  Lady, corrects Christina.  Man boobs does not qualify me as a lady, Blake points out.  

Pharrell says hi and tells Peyton that her tone relates to the way the song was written.  Peyton says she writes a lot of original songs and likes country music.  Yes, says Blake, excitedly.  A song is a song at the end of the day, Pharrell says, and even though you've been in Blakeville for 3 years...  Nashville's not Blakeville, Christina protests.  

Pharrell says I'm sure Christina and the Mayor of Blakeville have some interesting things to say.  I really loved what I heard, Christina says, I have no one on my team like you so you'll not have the competition you will have on Blake's team.  Now he's going to try to snake charm you - don't waste your time being an experiment.  Come on home where it makes sense. Let's do this right.

Do you want to be part of the same old same old speech, Christina continues?  Or do you want to do something new and different and be on my team? Think about that.  Blake says let's do this right. Seriously, I heard some Ashley Monroe on some of those little quick breaks and your voice was pitch perfect and soft.  Christina is trying to distract Petyon from what Blake is saying.

I'm afraid, Blake continues, undaunted, that this is going to turn into a thing were other coaches are just trying to take you away from me and you not doing what you know you need to do.  I have to call time out there, Adam interrupts.  You will be so special on my team, Christina says, one of a kind.  He's just trying to scare you onto his team, Adam says.  

I'm not trying to take an artist from Blake. Christina's right - there's something special about you.  I can't offer you a spot in the Blakeville County Fair, anytime someone says Nasville artists become like Zombies (Pharrell acts like a zombie), saying Blake, Nashville.  Adam begins walking like a zombie over to Blake.  

You know how much I want you, Christina says, stealing Blake's cowboy hat, yeahup, yeahup.  I want you.  Who do you want as your coach, Adam asks?  Peyton says I pick Blake!  Nobody takes down the Mayor of Blakeville, says Blake.

As the night went on, Blake proved he wanted more than just country singers, turning around for Indy artist Gina Castanzo, singing Cecilia And The Satellite (Andrew McMahon) and pop rocker Trey O'Dell, who sang Geronimo (Sheppard).  

Kristen Marie is 20 years old and from Oklahoma City, OK.  She auditioned for a talent show her senior year of high school and now studies theater in college.  She's into Indy Jazz and knows it's not Blake Shelton.  Her dad wanted her to be pre-law as a backup plan.  She wants to validate her dreams by turning a chair.

Singing Mad World (Tears For Fears), her voice is country but dripping with sad tenderness, a unique voice that the audience slowly warms up to but seems to confuse the judges.  Finally, Christina makes up her mind as she nears the chorus and turns around.  Blake decides to take a chance too at the end.

Blake gets up and walks around his chair when he finds out Kristen is from Oklahoma City.  It's not a mad world, he says, it's a small world.  Do I have any chance, Christina asks? Okies have a thing, that's all.  Being from a place doesn't matter so much, Adam insists, when you're so different.  I'm going to enjoy this battle, watching Christina claw Blake's face off, but Blake has this undeniable advantage.

Pharrell says your beautiful voice had some subtle moments and also some thunder, lightning strikes.  Christina says I've not only had hits in Oklahoma but all over the world. I'm not interested in tearing someone apart to rise above but helping you to rise above as you on my team.  What are you doing, Blake wonders nervously.

Have you ever been out of the country, Adam asks Blake? Just Hawaii, he responds.  To Kristen he says that's more of an English accent than Oklahoman.  Blake calls back stage, imploring Mom to tell Kristen to pick him.  Blake says he'll be home for Thanksgiving this year and they're all invited.

Look, he says, I'm a country guy and your not like anyone else on this show and neither am I.  I think people like us should stick together.  Christina says I heard Adele and Sia in there.  What are you interested in?  Exactly that, Kristen says, breathing new life into Christina's chances.

So who do you pick as your coach, asks Pharrell?  You're going to ruin Thanksgiving, Blake warns.  OMGosh.  I think I have to pick...   Christina!

25yr old Evan Taylor Jones is from Orlando, Florida after his family fled southern LA and still faced racism.  His mom died 3 years after being diagnosed with cancer when he was just 13 and through his grieving, he dug through her record collection and discovered her love of music.  His stepfather bought him a guitar and that was all it took.

Singing Homegrown (Zac Brown Band), he infuses the country theme with a soulful, beachy sound, his dynamic voice running up and down the scale, taking the time to lead the audience through a clapping vocal, then picking back up on the acoustic guitar.  The audience loved it but no chairs turned.

You just sang a country song, Blake says.  I felt like this was a guy singing a country who doesn't sound like he sings country.  That's where I was torn - you're a good singer but you had more of an alternative or rock-sounding voice.  There was a tone that sounded like Adam, Christina says, but you gave us country, and there was a deep throaty part that reminded me of John Legend.  I couldn't figure out specifically what you were about.

I thought it was a good performance, Pharrell tells the disappointed young man, there were moments of confusion and then you hit that high note and I said there's something different about you but it just didn't fit. Always remember if you have people thinking too much, they're not going along for the ride. Definitely come back with a song that's more clear.

Our next artist is Nate Butler, 19, from Shamong, NJ. His dad played Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and Elvis and he would sing along.  He joined the Philadelphia Boys Choir at age 10 and the teasing hurt but in high school, he auditioned as a freshman for the musician and ended up performing in 7 shows.  It was the coolest thing to sing.  He's currently a busboy so getting a chair to turn will change his life.

Singing The Walk (Mayer Hawthorne), his voice starts out in falsetto, then drops down to a romantic mid-range, throwing some vocal acrobatics, putting on a vocal show that has the judges taking note in their chairs but no one turns their chair - until that last note when Blake, Pharrell and Adam all turn.  Nate flexes is arms gorilla style in stress relief.  

What, Christina wonders, I am thoroughly confused, I thought there was more than one of you up there but you have a coach on The Voice! Pharrell says when you first started singing in your false, I was like, that's an interesting chick up there. Then you went to your chest voice and I realized you were a dude, and I went whoa.  There's a soulful aspect to your voice and that's your identity, a wonderful thing to know at 19. I want to dive deeper into who you are and who you're going to be.

Adam says in your brightest spots were phenomenal, a great falsetto and a great regular voice, but the transition was a little strange and that's all me all day.  I say that because I like to be honest and constructively critical. I can help facilitate that for you.  Blake says listening to you is so much fun, there's a vibe to what you do. And your chest voice, and your falsetto, even though you didn't nail it, it was so close and I saw the potential.  You have 3 coaches to pick from but none of them mean it as much as I do.

Who do you pick as your coach, Christina asks?  I pick...   Adam!

25yr old Ryan Quinn is living at home in Westmorland, NY.  He started his first band at age 15, started playing solo gigs at 18 and currently co-teaches music class for children who have suffered trauma in their lives.  At age 23, he was diagnosed with lung disease and it's now or never to pursue music and begin a music career.  He's hoping Pharrell turns his chair.

Singing Can't Find My Way Home (Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton), his voice opens in a falsetto register and Christina is the first to turn her chair.  Wow, Pharrell repeats twice as his milky smooth voice delivers an audience-silencing vocal performance.  Adam holds up 2 fingers and Pharrell says no, it's a guy.  Adam and Pharrell both turn their chairs around.  Now Ryan begins to let loose and belt out the power and that's enough for Blake to make this a 4-chair turn.  

All four coaches join the audience in a standing ovation.  Adam says hearing him sing like that is really special, and I have a high voice so when I say dude, that's really high, I can assure you it's really high.  I'm jealous of your tone - it's really round, and I'm going to keep my claws out and fight as hard as I can to get you on my team.

I've been around some of the greatest singers in the world, Christina says, and your voice is one of those that needs to be heard worldwide. It sounds like you could do anything but what would you like to do? The greats like Sam Cook, Steve Wonder, Jeff Buckley.  I love Jeff Buckley, all that stuff, Adam says.  We all do, Christina says patronizingly, I would be so honored to be your coach and would do everything it takes to pull you through the whole way.

Blake says you were hitting notes so high it would have made my eyeballs hang out of my head.  I can be a great coach for you, it's not about where I come from musically but my ability to help you be the best you you can be.  Please pick me.  The style you sing with, begins Pharrell quietly, resonates with each one of us on a different level and the fact you were so wise to take your gift and channel it to help others, there's nothing that will go wrong for you.  Good will is always rewarded in the end and I hope to work with you.

Who do you pick as your coach, Adam asks, and I hope it's me.  Blake, Blake screams.  Christina tries to be heard over the audience shouting their choices.  Pharrell is quiet while Adam seems in physical agony trying to contort Brian's choice into his team.  Let me fight for you, Christina cries out.

OK, Brian says, I pick...   Adam!

So tonight Coach Adam added Natalie Yacovazzi, Nate Butler and Ryan Quinn to bring his team up to 8 with 4 spots remaining.  Coach Pharrell adds Hannah Huston and Brian Nhira to also bring his team total to 8.  Coach Christina added Malik Heard and Kristen Marie, giving her team a total of 7 artists.  And Coach Blake had a successful night, adding Brittany Kennel, Petyon Parker, Gina Castanzo and Trey O'Dell for a total of 8.

We'll be back tomorrow night for more Blind Auditions on Season 10 of The Voice!

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Blind Auditions - Night Four


This is The Voice! Tonight, the Blind Auditions continue and with the teams filling up, every note will count, and our coaches will stop at nothing to build their strongest teams yet.  And one moment you must absolutely see to believe.  Season 10 continues right now!

Tonight's first artist is 35yr old Tamar Davis from Houston, TX.  At 11 year old, she joined the performing group Girls' Time that  eventually became known as Destiny's Child.  But after her parents had pulled her out to pursue an education.  She sees now that it changed her life for the better, and she got a degree in music business but she's wanted to get back into music.  

Befriended by Prince, she was introduced to Tyler Perry and got a role in The Marriage Counselor.  Perry encouraged her to audition for The Voice and here she is.  She feels like she's got something to prove as she takes the stage with Tyler Perry backstage showing support.

Singing Chain Of Fools (Aretha Franklin), she energizes the audience immediately with her up-beat performance.  Christina doesn't wait to turn around and check out this diva in the making.  Her voice fills the room and her presence fills the stage.  Just when Christina thinks she has Tamar all to herself, Blake presses his button.  

Christina is not happy.  She's too good for you, Christina tells Blake.  Wow, Pharrell says.  Blake gets excited when she starts name dropping Prince and Perry.  Speaking of Chain of Fools, Blake says to Pharrell and Adam, what's wrong with you two? That's disrespectful!

Pharrell said her voice was so mature, so easy to listen to and her range was crazy good.  Adam says her technique and the soulfulness in her voice, all she can do with it, is beautiful.  But the choices you made, you rarely see that in someone with your ability because they just want to sing it all.  It makes a lot of sense for you to be on Christina's team.

It is time to step out of the background, you deserve your moment to shine, Christina says, not only do I love your voice but you hair my ultimate dream hair.  I wake up in the morning with the exact same hair, Blake says.  That's creepy, Adam says.  I had a guy on my team, Blake says, Jermaine Paul, who was a backup singer for Alecia keys.  He went on to win the show.  Just throwing that in there.

After singing background for so long, Blake says, sometimes that's a tougher transition to make but you did it and knowing what I learned working with Jermaine, I'd love to have that opportunity to work with you and see you win it.  That was then, Christina says, now it's time for a female to win, for you to win.  

So, Pharrell says, Ms. Tamar, the whole package, who do you pick as your coach?  The audience is split but Tamar picks...   Christina!

21yr old Jessica Crosbie is from Cornwall, England by way of Atlanta, GA.  She picked up guitar when she was 15 and started writing songs but never considered playing for anyone until a local pub offered a microphone.  It was a culture shock moving to America but it was necessary for her to pursue a career in music.  She grew up with Maroon 5 and hopes to work with Adam.

Singing Viva La Vida (Coldplay), she has slowed down the arrangement to showcase her vocal, her voice soft and smooth, and Christina, Pharrell and Adam all press their buttons at the same time.  Her vocal doesn't register the new attention she's gained as she continues her sensitive but understated performance. I was expecting a crescendo and perhaps so was Blake because he did not turn.

Christina says you're a great singer and there's stuff inside you we haven't heard. I think you're capable of singing higher.  You're a great vocalist who will achieve greatness on my team.  Adam says hi and Jessica starts giggling like a school girl.  There go my chances, Christina says.  

In the beginning, Adam says, it was very razor sharp and accurate and that's why I turned around.  I could hear the breath and the nerves but I don't care. I heard a tremendous individual vocalist and I 100% believe I can help you with that.  Hi, Pharrell, she says, letting Adam know he's not locked in.  I'm not one for getting in peoples way unless it's just to hold up a mirror, he says, to show you where your strengths are, weaknesses and we'll work on it together.

I could learn anything and everything from all of you, Jessica says, and I still love you, Blake.  I pick as my coach...   Pharrell!

Justin Whisnant is a 28yr old from Bearden, OK, a town with only 200-300 people.  Raised by his grandparents, he started singing in grade school, then moved to the oil fields after graduating high school while playing music on the side. After his boss gave him an ultimatum to work or play music, he chose music, playing in a band called Cold Water County.  

Singing Ain't Worth The Whiskey (Cole Swindell), his voice is pure country with a bit of pop seasoning.  Adam says this guy is good and immediately presses his button.  His he has a good storytelling voice, masculine and inviting, rhythmic and with good range.  Blake makes Adam sweat it out but finally he presses his button.

He's got some style, Blake says, getting a look at Justin's suspenders outfit.  Unlike you, Adam says unhappily.  When he says he's from Bearden, OK, Adam turns pale.  Why bother, he cries.  I'm from Oklahoma too, Blake says innocently.  Doesn't matter what I say, Adam shouts dramatically, nothing will work.  Just go.  

I turned around 10 seconds in, Adam says, getting serious, because I thought you were ridiculously good and I wanted to make sure you knew that whomever else turned around, I thought that first and really saw what needed to be seen before that dude.  Christina says that was good, Adam, but the good news is, his shoes have laces, they're not cowboy boots, and he has suspenders.

And he has good tattoos, Adam says, not crappy ones like Blake.  So true, Christina laughs.  You did yours on purpose, Blake says, I was just drunk and got a tattoo like most people.  Adam says he doesn't care about musical genres, he cares musical talent and he cares about Justin.

I do care about musical genre, Blake says, especially about country music, that's my passion, so when I see and hear a great country singer, I take it to heart because I know there will probably be a relationship that goes on long after the show.  

Who do you pick as your coach, Christina asks? I pick Blake, Justin says.

Our next artist is Jackie Lipson, 25 and from South Windsor, CT.  She's a self-described bluesy pop singer who loves to belt ballads.  She grew up heavy and was bullied and rejected who she was because her outside me didn't reflect her inside me.  In college, she grew up and thinned down (losing 103lbs) and started performing but it's hard to get noticed in New York City.  

Singing Ex's & Oh's (Elle King), she's in her upper register with a quirky voice, full of sass and attitude, a bit of mystery, confidence, and Pharrell almost pushes his button at the first chorus.  She lets out a huge power note to end her audition, still with the coaches backs turned.

Blake says Pharrell was so close, we thought about hitting out buttons but by the end of the song, there were some pitch problems. I know it's disappointing but I'm sorry. There's something totally there, Christina says, it wasn't for me this time but I'd like to hear you come back with a different song.  Pharrell says you have such a strong voice, there was a fuzzy moment in the 3rd section; I just wanted more control.

21yr old Daniel Passino is from New Boston, MI.  Growing up, his mom thought he sounded like Christina but he would protest, he's a boy.  He started playing trumpet in middle school and started singing on the buss on the way back from band camp.  He went to the University of Michigan School of Music and studied opera and wishes they had a master's degree in Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson.  He's been building up to this moment for the last 7 years.

The blue lights came on, Christina says as the stage lighting prepares for Daniel.  That means it's going to be jazzy, Blake says.  Singing Marvin Gaye (Charlie Puth), it's slow, smooth jazz, as his voice just kind of casually eases its way through the air.  Christina turns around at the start of the first verse.  He's a natural performer and Pharrell says he can sing.

He raises the vocal power for his bridge, then slides right back into that comfortable pocket, bring it home with a sexy, crowd pleasing falsetto.  At the last minute, to Christina's chagrin, Blake turns around.  I was first, I was first, Christina complains.  His brother shouts from the side, you did it Daniel!

The look on Christina's face, Adam says, when Blake turned around.  Just remember who pushed first, Christina says.  Blake says dude, let's get it on, man, that big falsetto note at the end, that's when I hit it.  I'm a fan, New Boston is my favorite place. Forget old Boston, I like New Boston.

He's a copycat, Christina says, he waited so long.  I was there after the first couple things.  Speaking of Opera, Blake says as Daniel explains his vocal training, I'm a member of the Grand O'l Opra.  In Nashville.  Pharrell says Blake pressed his button as the clock ran out.  I'm like a super hero, Blake says, I've come in to save the day.  He was stuck with Christina and I gave him a way out.

Pharrell says I was going to press at the last minute but the clock ran out.  Adam asks, who do you pick as your coach? Daniel thanks both Christina and Blake for turning around.  Christina, you have been one of my idols since early on.  Yes, says Christina.  Oh no, says Blake.  

I pick Christina, Daniel says.  Blake throws up his arms in defeat.

Owen Danoff is a 25 year old musician who plays in the classic spots in Greenwich Village.  He started singing around age 10 - his dad had a band in the 70's and John Denver recorded a lot of his songs, including Take Me Home, Country Roads.  He had his own band that achieved a #1 song, Afternoon Delight, when Owen was growing up.  But his dad let him make his own career choice.

Singing Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob Dylan), he's playing the acoustic and the band provides the harmonica.  His vocal is soft and tender, comfortable like an old friend.  Adam, Christina and Pharrell all turn their chairs around.  Owen shows off some fancy finger action on the guitar as he continues to delver an impassioned performance.  After a beautiful power note, Blake turns around to make it a 4 chair audition.

Adam says seeing you play after listening to is even better than listening to you with my back turned.  You have a very strong identity, heartbreaking, crushing and sensitive, that's a difficult combination to exist in one person.  Christina says you were so involved in what you were doing, it was so meaningful. I know I don't walk around with a guitar strapped to me and Adam knows more about that stuff than I do, but I do know the place you're coming from, if you feel it with your heart, it speaks to the world.

Blake says I never get a chance to work with an artist like you, folk songwriters, and it never ceases to amaze me because it's the closest thing to what I do as a country artist, it's lyric driven.  Even though you're in New York, I'm in Oklahoma, I know it's a long shot.  Just think about it.

Pharrell asks him to tell his story.  When he mentions the name of his dad's band and the Grammy's he won, Blake immediately volunteers the song, Afternoon Delight.  I know a lot about what you love and want to accomplish, Adam says, I started one place and ended up somewhere very different, but what I loved is what you love.

You look like your mind is pretty much, I take that back, you're feeling it in your heart.  You see what he did there, Adam says, that was so sneaky.  It's obvious we would all love to have you on our team, Pharrell coos, but you have to make a decision.  Who do you pick as your coach?

I don't know what I was expecting coming in but this was not on the table at all, Owen says, I, oh man.  

Oh man, Owen says, I pick Adam!

31 year old Maya Smith from Los Angeles, CA works for the Postal Service sorting magazines for the last 10 years.  Her mom spent 35 years working for the Postal Service and would like something better for her daughter. She started singing at night but it is draining. She's been a fan of Pharrell since a teenager but also finds Christina very soulful.  To get a chair to turn would be life changing.

Singing Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (Aretha Franklin), her voice is butter, her vocal dripping with passion and honesty and Pharrell is ready to tell the truth, turning his chair.  She strolls casually across the stage as she sings, and you can't help but sway with her vocal.  On the last note, Christina presses her button to give Pharrell a challenge.

The plot thickens, Adam says. I couldn't hold off any longer, Christina says, you have a gorgeous voice and the songs I could give you would make me so happy, you have a voice to sing things no one else can.  I hear some Beyonce in there.  I want to help discover the next Beyonce. Nobody appreciates a real soulful singer than myself, Christina says, I just love it.

What, asks a confused Pharrell, what?  I appreciate great singers.  He's a great support system, Christina allows.  She just put me out in the back alley, Pharrell complains, I don't get it, nobody appreciates a great singer like me?  Why'd you put him in the back ally, Blake asks, picking up on the opportunity to get back at Christina.

Why'd you throw him under the bus, Blake pokes, are you mad at him?  Let's make this about Maya right now, Christina says, trying to get back on track.  I'd take you seriously and not mess around with jokes.  I'd appreciate the chance to work with you.

Pharrell says I just realized how much barbed wire she laid with her comments there.  I felt your voice really cut through, when I can get a voice with that much control and range, it just becomes super interesting.  When I turned around, your note wavered just a but but that was just nerves, this is happening right now, but you got it completely back on track.

Adam asks, Maya, who do you pick as your coach? She looks at both coaches with a big smile and says, I pick Pharrell!

Nolan Neal is 35yrs old from Nashville, TN where he plays gigs and produces other artists.  Music has been a part of his life since infancy and when he turned 18, he began writing and hustling and landed a record deal, and then his father got arrested for selling drugs and shot himself.  Nolan cries trying to tell the story.

It sent Nolan down hill into drugs and he was dropped from his label.  Next year will be 6 years that he's been clean after entering rehab.  He would like to rock with Adam.  He knows what it's like to lose everything and get a second chance and that's why he knows he's ready today.

Singing Drive (Incubus), his voice is hushed and mysterious, a bit gravely, soft and rockish.  He's singing the wrong song, Adam whispers and Pharrell agrees.  The vocal is strong but none of the coaches is feeling his performance and the audition comes to an end.

You were so close, Christina says. We get 90 seconds to wrap our heads around who a new singer is, the rasp came in, the range came in, but this wasn't the right song for you.  What's your favorite song?  Steve Tyler, What Was Your Name.  Sing a little bit, Adam commands and he does.  Adam collapses on in his chair.  

I was wondering what in the you were doing down there, Blake says, I don't care if it's the wrong song, he was so good.  I didn't press my button because that kind of music is so far out of my realm, I don't want to be the idiot who doesn't understand Incubus.  Now I find out you were as good as I thought you were.  Son of a b*tch I should have hit my button.

We were all a bunch of wooses, Christina says, we suck, you don't.  Come back, we loved it.  I was asleep at the wheel, Adam admits.

Due to technical difficulties, I missed Brittney Lawrence's audition.  She's a 21yr old from Jackson, FL who sang Warrior (Demi Lovato).  Christina and Blake turned around for her and now Adam is asking who she picked as her coach.

I pick...   Uh, you're my girl but I'm going to  have to go with Blake!  Christina is upset that Blake finally got one from her.

After taking an artist from Christina, Blake tries to take her drink as well.  I saw a clip from Season 2, Adam says, you're hair was so much less grey.  I'm back, Blake says, undeterred.

Blake was up to his same old tricks again when 23yr old Teresa Guidry from Rock Hill, SC sang Girl Crush (Little Big Town), with a last second button push after Adam had already turned around.  Adam, I love you, Teresa said, but I pick Blake!

27yr old Chelsea Gann sang Wild Angels (Martina McBride) was the sole pick of Coach Christina, and 16yr old Lily Green from Brooklyn, NY won over Coach Adam with her performance of Songbird (Fleetwood Mac).  

Matt Tedder is a 20yr old guitarist from Weatherford, TX currently living in Nashville, TN.  When playing hide and seek from his sister, he found his parents' electric guitar and fell in love with it.   He would listen to blues greats and once met BB King.  At 14, he put together a band and started playing around Dallas.  When he graduated high school, he moved to Nashville and spends most of his time teaching music lessons and playing whenever he can.  He has no fallback.

Singing Hoochie Coochie Man (Muddy Waters), he is playing his electric and delivering a youthful blues vocal and Adam is all in.  His voice is a little high for the blues but he's got an edge that makes the hardship believable.  The other coaches leave him to Adam and he's thrilled.

It feels good to see these people are stupid, Adam says, slide guitar is something people do poorly all the time and you're a really great slide guitar player. Plus you're singing beautifully and soulfully a the same time.  Adam asks him to play a little more slide and Matt does, bringing Pharrell to his feet.  I'm blown and overjoyed to have you.

Is it safe to say that's what you want to do going forward, asks Pharrell? The blues is the roots of all music, Matt says, any music with blues in it, I'm all about it.  

Let's meet our final artist of the night, 24yr old Joe Maye from Baltimore, MD who is getting a second shot at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  He was really confident when he had his blind audition in Season 9, dancing too much for the coaches to really hear him.  Supporting him is Season 9 alum Mark Hood and Ellie Lyons.

The whole experience inspired him to go deeper into music, learning guitar, doing vocal exercises, pushing himself to not rely on visuals and to just sing.  He's been performing locally at festivals but this would validate that his work was worthwhile.

Singing I Put A Spell On You (Annie Lennox), he opens with a strong vocal without the band, an emotional, heart-wrenching vocal that the audience appreciates and that pulls Christina's hand down on her button.  And then he launches into the body of the song, with music and powerful vocal, anguished, intense, and Blake stands up in his chair as he turns around.  

Joe is jumping up and down, screaming YES! He is so excited.  I heard him first, says Christina, who did not see his audition last season, you are my man.  You are my girl, he responds, excitedly.  Pharrell recognizes him from last season and says this time was a great song choice.  You picked the right song and crushed, Adam adds, that was crazy.

I am so happy I'm here this season and could listen with fresh ears, Christina says, seizing the opportunity.  You didn't push your button last season, she coyly asks Blake?  Last season my team was already full when he auditioned.  Is that a lie or is that for real?  I don't remember, Blake confesses.  He knows, Christina says, making sure Joe knows too.

Every time I push my button, Christina explains, Mr Blake over here waits to the last second then pushes his button.  What's wrong with hearing an entire performance, Blake asks innocently?  Joe, you sang that like you were pissed.  You were not going to take no for an answer and it worked, you put a spell on me for sure.

I want to work with you, Blake continues, it's all about navigating this gauntlet and you don't want to do that with someone who's not really sure how to make it to the end and win the show.  The audience thinks that's a low blow.  Go ahead, Christina says, keep going, letting him dig his own grave.  Go with someone who knows how to win the show, Blake says.

That was one of my favorite songs in the whole wide world to sing and I'd like to sing that with you.  Why don't you, Pharrell suggests, twisting the knife in Blake's back.  You're a dead man, Shelton, Adam says happily.  Do you want to  hear Christina sing it, Pharrell asks the already excited audience? Their response is predictable.  I need a mic, Christina says.

A stage hand brings out a wireless mic, Christina tests it and then as Joe is again jumping up and down, she takes the stage.  I put a spell on you, he starts singing, and as she responds in kind, Blake just buries his head in his hands.  Back stage, Ellie can't believe it as they perform an impromptu power-soul duet that brings even Blake to his feet.  

They aren't just singing together, but they are performing off each other like they've rehearsed this a thousand times, Joe even ad-libbing, working in Christina's name.  Because you're mine, Christina sings.  I'm yours right now, Joe responds.  OMG, he says, giving her a hug.

Who do you pick, Adam asks gleefully, sure of the answer.  I pick Christina, Joe says without hesitation.

So after tonight's Blind Auditions, Team Adam gains Owen Danoff, Lily Green and Matt Tedder for a total of 11 out of 12 members.  Team Pharrell adds Jessica Crosbie and Maya Smith, for a total of 10 out of 12 members.  Team Christina adds Tamar Davis, Daniel Passino, Chelsea Gann and Joe Mayer, leaving only one spot remaining.  And Team Blake adds Justin Whisnant, Brittney Lawrence and Teresa Guidry, leaving him only one remaining spot to fill.

Wednesday night's special episode is a highlight show, so we'll see you back here next Monday as the Blind Auditions conclude on Season 10 of The Voice!

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The Blind Auditions End, Let The Battles begin


Tonight on The Voice it's the most epic night yet of Season 10 as the Blind Auditions come to a close and the Battle begin.  For the remaining artists invited to the Blind Auditions, the stakes couldn't be higher.  Adam, Blake and Christina each have one open spot, while Pharrell has 2.  It's the artists' last chance to land a coveted spot on Season 10 of The Voice, and the coaches will do whatever it takes to get the best artist to complete their teams.  Becaus3e tonight, immediately following the Blind Auditions, the Battles begin!

To help prepare their teams, our coaches brought in some of the biggest names in the business.  Pharrell enlisted Grammy Award-winning producer, artist and industry mogul, Sean "Diddy" Combs.  Blake brought in 2-time Voice coach, global fashion and music icon Gwen Stefani.  Adam recruited chart-topping Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Tori Kelley.  And Christina called on Grammy winning R&B legend with a career spanning 5 decades, Patti LaBelle.

And when the artists step on stage, they'll have to deliver because only the best of the best will advance.  And one push of the button could change everything with a steal.  We kick off the night with a group performance by our four coaches, performing I Wish (Stevie Wonder).

The biggest, most exciting night of the season starts Right Now.  This is The Voice!

Tonight's first artist is 22yr old Jared Harder from Joplin, MO, who first sang in front of a crowd at age 3 but soon picked up more instruments to play.  When he was 18. Joplin was hit by a huge tornado that caused extreme devastation.  161 lives were lost and every friend and family were affected.  Everything changed.  He put his love of music on hold to focus on rebuilding.  Now a newlywed working at an ice cream parlor, his wife Kylar has encouraged him to return to music.

Singing Merry Go 'Round (Kacey Musgraves), his voice is soft around the edges, strong and clear, a bit country and Blake pretends to press his button.  The vocal is a little laid back, solid enough for Blake to put in a claim for his last spot.  As no other coach presses their button, Jared is on Team Blake and Blake's team is now full.

Christina says they were all surprised when he hit that upper register. This couldn't be a better match.  Adam asks who he would have picked had everyone turned around?  Blake because of the country connection, Jared says.  Blake how Joplin is doing and Jared says it's picking up now.  That was a cool song choice, Blake says, and that big note on the end was just icing on the cake and I just have to say something.

Blake walks up to Jared and takes his hand, raising their hands over their heads in victory. Because of you, Blake says, my team is FULL!

Team Blake consists of Adam Wakefield, Angie Kelihauer, Brittany Kennell, Brittney Lawrence, Gina Castanzo, Jared Harder, Justin Whisnant, Mary Sarah, Paxton Ingram, Peyton Parker, Teresa Guidry and Trey O'Dell.

Our next artist is Moushumi, 22, from Edison, NJ, connected to her Indian roots and having studied cardiology at medical school in India but she decided to take a year off and pursue a career in music.  Open mic nights, performing in the City, it was hard for her parents to accept she wanted to go in a different direction but they supported her.

Singing Wicked Game (Chris Issak), she opens with a soft, tender voice, a bit mystical, and Blake immediately tells the other coaches to hit their buttons.  Christina and Adam do within seconds into the song.  Her vocal kind of floats effortlessly out across the stage.  Pharrell listens to a beautiful sustained note and presses his button to join the fray.

OMGOsh, Blake says, that was amazing. My team is full but I would have feakin' hit my button in a heartbeat.  I expect to see some claws come out on this one because you're worth fighting for. Christina opens, saying that's a beautiful name to match a beautiful voice. I was waiting for something truly special and have nothing like you on my team. We can do something together that hasn't been done on this show before.

Pharrell says it's crazy the way you sort of navigated your way around the song, you made it your own thing, new and different, super fresh. I'm excited by the prospects. Your voice is so unique, Adam says, I've never heard something so glassy. I want to help you succeed on this how and I have one spot and I'm going all in on someone I believe in.  Pharrell says I've never met an Indian girl who sings like you do.

Who, Blake asks, do you pick as your coach?  I pick...   Pharrell!  That means Pharrell has only one spot left on his team, along with Adam and Christina.

Adam has stolen Blake's phone and given it to Christina to hide.  Between auditions, Blake is trying to find it.  He knows Adam did something but Adam plays innocent.  Christina just rolls her eyes at they boys.

With the Blind Auditions coming to a close, our coaches are more picky then ever and the next group of artists weren't quite what they were looking for.  Jake Hendershot sang Unchain My Heart (Joe Cocker).  I was just looking for something else right now, Christina said.  Pharrell was looking for more clarity in diction from another country singer.  Selina Carrera sang Valerie (Amy Winehouse)and Adam said she had trouble getting started.

Adam says he's looking for something brilliant. Will it come from Katie Basden, age 23, from Durham, NC? She grew up listening to her dad's classic rock then rent to college at Belmont University's School of Music in Nashville.  She was called home suddenly when her father needed heart surgery.  He survived and now she wants to get her career back on track.

Singing Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers Band) for her father, her voice is big right out of the gate and before she has 5 notes belted, Adam presses his button.  By the time she has 7 notes  out, Pharrell presses his button.  She is full of energy, confidence, her voice has a unique flavor and plenty of range and power. A big note tempts Christina but she hesitates before pressing her button.  

Blake's team is full, Carson explains to her mother, disappointed Blake didn't turn. This is as good as a four-chair turn, Blake says, you sounded amazing.  Pharrell liked her voice from the instant she sang, super powerful.  With Blake unable to turn his chair for you, you have to put on your chess player hat - who will be the best to bring out the best Katie you can be.

Adam says that was more southern-rock than country, and while you don't have Blake, you have someone who knows about some of the kind of music you like. So I want you to think, I have one spot left and if I have to claw and scream and shout, I'll continue to do so.  Christina says I just got back from Nashville and I'm a soul singer and country has a lot of soul and heart. Your voice was really powerful and I can deliver the right vehicles and song choices to support you.

Blake says to recap, Christina came to me interested in country music.  Pharrell has always been interested in country music.  Adam has never one time ever expressed any interest whatsoever in country music since I've known him, so weigh all of that.  I did write a song with Lady Antebellum, Adam reminds Blake.  Pharrell says I've been to the CMTs a couple times.  I just performed there, counters Christina.  

Blake is going to say you shouldn't be on my team.  He's fixin' to do that to me.  I'm the only one who knew what song that was.  Did you know what song that was, she asks Blake? Of course I did, Blake says.  Take your eyes off him, Adam demands frantically, he didn't turn around.  Please shut your mouth, implores Adam.  I totally knew that, Christina says.  See how he's talking to me right now, Blake says, he sure doesn't know how to connect with country artists.

I have a great rapport with Blake, Pharrell says, and you've got to go with the coach who's going to do the right thing by you. Who do you pick as your coach?  I pick...   Adam!

My team is FULL, Adam pronouces.  On Team Adam is Caroline Burns, JOhn Gilman, Katherine Ho, Katie Basden, Laith Al-Saadi, Lily Green, Matt Tedder, Mike Schiavo, Natalie Yacovazzi, Nate Butler, Owen Danoff and Ryan Quinn.

There are 2 spots remaining and 16yr old Jonathan Hutcherson from Wilmore, KY thinks he can land one of them.  Growing up on a farm with 3 younger brothers, his youngest brother is his biggest fan. He was born hearing impaired and has to use a hearing aid.  He has never sung on a stage this big. Getting a coach to turn their chair would be an affirmation of all he has worked on his whole life.

Singing You & I (One Direction), his voice is soft and tender, a light falsetto, deliberately tentative but strong.  Adam nods his head at Pharrell, saying he would, he would.  Christina listens with her eyes closed as he builds up through the chorus.  Pharrell turns his chair around but Christina is not warmed to the youth and innocence of his voice.

Wow, Pharrell says when he learns the particulars, you held the bar throughout the performance. I had one slot left that you are now occupying.  Adam says you have a great voice, something about the way you sing connects with the vocal.  Christina says this is your coach, your moment, so congratulations.

Pharrell causally says his team is full.  Team Pharrell includes Abby Celso, Brian Nhira, Caity Peters, Emily Keener, Hanna Huston, Jessica Crosbie, Joe Vivona, Jonathan Bach, Jonathan Hutcherson, Maya Smith, Moushumi and Nick Hagelin.

Blake is still looking for his phone.  I know who has your phone, Adam teases.  Nobody wants to call me anyway, Blake laments.

Christina is the only coach with a spot left on her team.  And Collin Taylor, who sang Hold On, We're Going Home (Drake),  was chill, it wasn't spectacular.  Brianna Mazzola sang 1+1 (Beyonce) had the fire but needed more practice.  Chase Walker sang She Talks To Angels (The Black Crowes) wasn't consistent enough.  But with only one audition remaining befor the Battles begin, I have a feeling something good is about to happen.

20 year old Ayanna Jahnee is from Nashville, TN where her mother was a seamstress for musical theater.  Her first role was as a munchkin, and though life has been a struggle, she has always pursued her dream.  Her mother died from cancer and music was her grieving therapy. Getting a chair to turn would be making her mother's dream come true as well as her own.

The music opens dark and ominous as she sings Skyfall (Adele), her voice deep and intense matching the arrangement.  She shows controlled power and big vocals for the chorus and Christina makes up her mind to make her own skyfall and turns her chair.  

Christina says I've been holding out for something crazy, spectacular to happen and you were my dream come true.  I love theatrics and drama in a vocal and you had it all.  Christina gets out of her chair to lead the audience clapping as she begins to sing, My Team Is Full.  Ayanna quickly gets into a responsive duet as they jam with the audience.

Team Christina includes Alisan Porter, Ayanna Jahnee, Bryan Bautista, Chelsea Gann, Daniel Passino, Joe Maye, Kata Hay, Kristen Marie, Lacy Mandigo, Malik Heard, Shalya Fearing and Tamar Davis.

As Christina is returning to her chair, Blake spots his phone, which had been kept warm all this time by Christina's rear.  What, he exclaims, grabbing it before she sat down.  My team is full, she sings, and Blake's a fool!

Now it's time for our coaches to lead their teams in to Battle.  The teams will be tested and the artists must rise to the challenge.  Let the Battles Begin!

Coach Adam brings Tori Kelley in to advise his team, starting with his first battle pairing, Katie Basden vs. Ryan Quinn.  They will be singing Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney).  He loves the combination of Ryan's higher register voice and Katie's lower register rasp.  Tori says Ryan's tone is so great and the song suits him well.  Katie has a cool rasp that will take her a long way, she says.  

Katie is under the weather but isn't letting it get in her way.  If this is sick, Adam says, you should question getting healthy.  Tori tells Ryan to not wait until after he sings a line to open his eyes.  Adam says this is a duet.  Katie says Ryan challenges her to match him note for note.  Ryan admits he tends to zone out when he's in the song.

Entering now from Team Adam, the NC country artist singing for her family, Katie Masden!  Vs. the NY Singer/Songwriter, Ryan Quinn!  This battle starts right now.  Ryan sets the bar with a clear, articulate vocal, matched by Katie's softer, more sensative version.  It's an excellent pairing of male vs female perspectives.  Ryan does a good job of playing to Katie while Katie doesn't give an inch on his rediculous vocals.  Both are incredible performers but I give an edge to Ryan for entertainment.

Blake says when Ryan goes up to those high notes, his voice gets a little thinner whereas Katie keeps the body of her voice together no matter what part of the range she's in, so I'd pick Katie.  Christina says I thought Ryan would murder it but Katie's range went even higher than Ryan's.  Pharrell says you can feel the intention of who they are and what they are trying to do in Ryan's vocal, and then Katie's voice seems to be limitless, saying look at me, listen to me, feel me, I'm here, with every note.  I own this moment.

Adam has the final decision.  He says even when Katie was sick she was amazing, and the things Ryan can do are so unbelievably impressive but with heart and sole.  Who is the winner of this battle, asks Carson?  

The winner of this battle...   The winner of this battle...   The winner of this battle is Ryan!

Coaches, Carson says, let me just remind you that Katie is available to steal.  WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!!!!  

No sooner does Carson finish his words, Christina presses her button to keep Katie in the competition.  Thank Gd, Adam mouths. Don't do it, Christina warns, don't do it.  Blake presses his button.  WE'VE GOT ANOTHER STEAL!!!

Katie, Carson says, you get to pick which coach you'll move on with.  And we get to watch, Adam says, getting a good view from atop his chair, give me some popcorn.  This is the second time I pushed my button for you, Christina says, so you know I heard your talent from go, the way you execute your notes, the way you put your heart into it. Don't go with the copycat.  

You won that Battle, Blake says, I love the fullness of your voice, the range, that you spent time in Nashville.  Don't be a sucker for his southern accent and dimples, Christina begs, he's tired.  I am tired, Blake says, especially in this ear (he points to the side where Christina is).  I will help you make this decision, Adam says, this girl is having probably the best season's she's ever had.

You remember why I didn't turn around, Blake asks?  Your team was full, Katie recalls as if it was an hour ago.  Is that what he told you, Adam wonders out loud.  OK, Katie, let's find you a new coach.  Who's it going to be?  I choose...   Blake Shelton!

Coach Blake's adviser is Gwen Stefani.  She would love to help him because he needs a lot of help.  Team Blake's first Battle pairing is Brittney Lawrence vs. Paxton Ingram.  They will be singing I Know What You Did Last Summer (Shwan Mendes & Camila Cabello).  Blake says Brittney seemed to get lost.  Gwen says Paxton went right to the emotional energy of the song.  

After rehearsal, the two continue rehearsing in the parking lot.  It worked because Blake and Gwen are impressed at the second rehearsal.  Gwen says even when Paxton isn't singing he's still performing. She tells Brittney to use her heals to be her personality.  She encourages them both to show off a bit. Brittney has an amazing style to her voice.

Which Team Blake artist will win this battle?  Will it be the Florida cheer-leading coach with the big voice, Brittney Lawrence?  Or the smooth singing dance teacher and worship leader from Miami, Paxton Ingram?  Let the battle begin.

The open singing together, then Brittney takes the lead but when Paxton jumps in there's an extra energy in his voice, a bounce in his step, an accusatory edge in his vocal.  Brittney's vocal is big and consistently strong but Paxton is able to dial it back for the bridge and then ramp it back up again to counter Brittney.  In her efforts to keep up, she borders on shouting.  I have to give this one to Paxton.

Christina says you had lots of energy, Brittney's tone was clear and when she hit her high notes, it was really nice. I might have enjoyed more falsetto than the high powered belting tone.  Paxton had one line, "I know you didn't mean it though" that really stuck out for me, so my choice would be Paxton.

Pharrell says Brittney wasn't playing around, you returned it note for note but your performance could have had more dynamics. Paxton was so articulate, doing runs in different places in your range, that's very impressive.  Adam says Brittney has a really pretty voice and the only place Paxton has you is in the attack, there's some quality in his voice that's different.  It's not a question of bettor or worse, it's a question of preference and taste.

Coach Blake says Brittney, your voice is so powerful and this big, strong instrument, that break when you hit the big notes is so cool.  And then Paxton, you're like a vocal ninja, just chopping all that stuff.  That was so fast, Adam mocks Blake's ninja motions, I didn't even see it.  That's Paxton's range, explains Blake.  Not to mention your range too, he says to Brittney.

Who is the winner of this battle? It comes down to personal preference, Blake says, and those are my least favorite to make.  The winner of this Battle is...   Paxton!

Coach Christina has brought in R&B legend Patti LaBelle, who is afraid the artists won't know who she is.  Team Christina's first Battle Pairing is Bryan Bautista vs. Malik Heard.  They will be singing James Brown's It's A Man's Man's Man's World.  She's looking for chops and soul in these R&B singers. Bryan thinks Malik's voice was dope.  Patti says James Brown was a good friend before he passed but when he sang, she could hardly understand a word he was saying.  It was a man's world.

You've got to enunciate, Patti says, it's a Man's world, not a man world.  When Patti LaBelle tells you to enunciate, Bryan says, you better enunciate. Christina says to break up the tempo since the melody is repetitive. Patti tells them to give respect to the other singer and it will shine.  In final rehearsal, Christina tells them to add in more attitude and maybe throw in a little James Brown falsetto at the end of a note.

Entering now from Team Christina, the former usher and returning R&B artist, Bryan Bautista!  Vs. the soulful college freshman from Dallas, Malik Heard!  Let the Battle begin.  This was a man vs. man-child performance, with Bryan delivering the suave vocal of maturity and Malik showcasing the freshness and determination of a young man looking to make his mark.  Oh, and their voices just absolutely crushed this performance, their range, their dynamics, their acrobatics, they poured every bit of themselves out on that stage.

Pharrell says the crowd stood up, we stood up, that was amazing. The good news you guys are getting stolen so that's a good thing.  Adam says I have something to say about that because I think I'm going to be one of y'alls coach.  I have a feeling Christina will go with Bryan, and I think Malik, you're so good I put you on a completely even keel. I have no one on my team even close do what you do and if you want to be a big fish in a small pond, I'll also throw out that I won The Voice last season too.

There's one snag with that, Pharrell counters with a grin, they're both big fish regardless, there's nothing like either one of them on the show.  Pharrell just shut you down, Blake gloats.  Just because Blake says things doesn't mean they are true, Adam says, don't you want to win so you should be on my team.  Blake says absolutely incredible, great performances both. Malik, keep in mind Adam picked Bryan.  If I was Christina, I'd probably go with Bryan, just saying.  

He was leading the witness, Pharrell says.  BTW, Christina says, his name is Malik, correcting Blake's pronunciation.  He doesn't even know your name, Adam complains.  I just love that everyone's pitching, Pharrell observes, before, we were just supposed to give comments but we're already all in.

You have different voices and different styles, Coach Christina says, but they match up in such amazing, different ways. Bryan, with your insane falsetto notes, Malik is a skillful singer. This is toe-to-toe greatness.  It's so heard.  There's no losers today.  I am literally the loser in this battle. I'm humbled to work with both of you, you're extremely talented singers and it's been a pleasure.

And I'm going to go with...   Bryan!  Congratulations to Bryan Bautista, moving forward with his coach, Christina.

True to their word, Blake, Adam and Pharrell all rush to steal Malik.  Having already heard their pitches, Malike chooses to advance to the Knockouts with...   Team Pharrell!

We'll see you back here Tuesday night when the Knockouts continue!


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The Battle Rounds - Night Two


Last night on The Voice, the Season 10 Battles began. Tonight, 12 more artists will fight to advance. To help prepare them for the performances of their lives, our superstar coaches have brought in some of the biggest names in music. Pharrell enlisted Grammy Award-winning producer, artist and industry mogul, Sean "Diddy" Combs. Adam recruited chart-topping Grammy-nominated Singer/Songwriter Tori Kelly. Blake brought 2-time Voice coach, global music and fashion icon Gwen Stefani.  And Christina called on Grammy-winning R&B Legend with a career spanning 5 decades, Patti LaBelle.

Expectations will be high and our coaches will face their toughest decisions yet.  And only a few artists will get a second chance at winning it all.  The Season 10 Battles continue Right Now!

We start with Team Christina's first pairing of the night, Shalyah Fearing vs. Tamar Davis.  Singing Lady Marmalade (Patti LaBelle), Christina has rearranged mentor LaBelle's song.  Shalyah has an incredible grit and soul to her vocal, Christina says, while Tamar has incredible range. Patti helps them through the lyrics.  Shaylah has a little Tina Turner thing going, Christina says.  But your foot on the funk, Patti tells Tamar.  She tells both to enunciate.  

In their final rehearsal, Pattie says Shalyah is only 15yrs old and Tamar is seasoned, but they both have "it".  Christina wants to work on the ending so both come off the final note together. All four girls celebrate by singing the song together.  These girls are no joke, Christina says, I only hope one of these guys steals the one I can't keep.

Entering now from Team Christina, it's the 15yr old aspiring pop singer from Florida, Shelyah Fearing!  Vs. the Houston powerhouse stepping out as a solo artist, Tamar Davis!  Let the Battle begin.  Both women bring the attitude and sass, dancing around and preforming vocal acrobatics with the lyrics, blowing out the big note, keeping the energy level on 11.  Listening to them, I can't tell which is the seasoned veteran and which is just starting out on her musical journey.  I'm awake now, I can tell ya.


Pharrell says Shalyah is something else.  And Tamar, that one note, where you went to that beautiful alternate jazz run, that was amazing. These are 2 different, beautiful, talented women. What's really crazy, Adam says, is those were big shoes to fill, that version Christina wrote (and Patti LaBelle, Christina reminds him), Tamar has a sparkle in her eye that pushed it over the top for me but Christina can't go wrong.

Blake says Shalyah is only 15, that's unbelievable. Tamar just brings more experience, the notes you delivered, that pushed it over the edge for me.  Coach Christina says Shalyah wants to jump start your career and I see the fire in you, and Tamar is ready for her opportunity to design, two amazing talents.  

I'm going to go with a choice that is deserved at this point in time.  The winner of this battle is...   Tamar!

Shalyah never gets a chance to thank Coach Christina as Pharrell presses his button to claim her for his team.  Thank you, Gwen says. You did an amazing job and deserve to be on the show, Pharrell says.

Coach Blake next sets Justin Whisnant against Mary Sarah in his first Battle pairing of the night.  They will be singing Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man by Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn. They both have a bit of a vintage sound and it's a vintage song.  Gwen says their voices sound so good together. Blake tells Justin to make sure he gets up to pitch when he runs from down deep to his upper register.  Gwen wants to hear more of his character in the verses.  

Gwen tells Mary she has so much style in her voice. Vintage but current, Blake says.  Gwen says Justin can't throw out his vocal.  In their final rehearsal, Gwen says Justin's voice has come alive. Gwen tells Justin to sing adoringly to Mary and turn it into a performance with little looks and physical presence.

Battling tonight from Team Blake, it's the small town country singer with big city dreams, Justin Whisnant! Going head-to-head with the cowboy boots saleswoman with the classic country sound, Mary Sarah! The Battle starts right now.  The music is foot stomping and the duet sounds like it's coming from a country fair, they vocals that envelope each other.  As a performer, Sarah has has the more natural stage presence and vocal energy, playing hard to get. Justin plays more the straight-man, his vocal solid and serious as he pursues his woman.

Christina says Justin was accurate the whole way through, did some variations at the end, kept your energy up. And this one, spunky Mary Sarah, your high notes were really nice, two different singers but really nice style. Pharrell says the kind of control Justin showed in that vibrato is so colorful, you are good at using it. I like Mary's showmanship and your high notes were impressive.

Adam says Justin has a great voice but I didn't get to hear as much of it. Mary, same thing, you took a minute to warm up but then started hitting those high notes.  Coach Blake says you both stepped into some big shoes while making it your own too. Justin, you showed more depth - Conway's tough - and you did some things he didn't do. Mary now I see you as a performer, a 20yr old blending personality and fun, a little bit of that current sound in country music, it's hard to do it and be believable and you did.

I'm just going to have to go with my gut, Blake says, the context of the show and what it requires people to do, these live situations you get thrown into.  The winner of the Battle is...   Mary Sarah!

Coach Pharrell's first Battle Round pairing matches Jessica Crossbie vs. Nick Hagelin, both from Atlanta, GA. Vocal opposites, they are singing Electric Feel (MGMT) which will allow them to blend their styles. Nick hits high notes with no effort, Jessica says.  Sean tells them to understand the importance of the pocket and melody, snap your fingers and dance to it. Nick says that's where my dance training comes in, the ability to feel the music without thinking about it.

Pharrell says Nick should do an ad-lib during the break, a big note. Jessica too.  Pharrell wants to see if Jessica can find the groove and if Nick can keep an equal footing. During their final rehearsal, Pharrell says she made him want to dance. He tells Nick to work on transitioning between his head and chest voice. Put some showmanship on it, Sean says, about these two people playing heart to get, and don't disconnect from the audience.

Entering from Team Pharrell, it's the British nanny and singer/songwriter, Jessica Crossbie!  Taking on the family man and former ballet dancer from Atlanta, Nick Hagelin! This Battle begins right now.  Jessica opens with a funky vocal, solidly in the groove, Nick taking over with a suave, smooth vocal in his upper register, coming down for his duet portions, returning to the falsetto for the solo sides. He demonstrates more range, but she is more consistent, throwing in guteral accents.  But it's in the stage performance I think Nick out-shown Jessica.

Entering from Team Pharrell, it's the British nanny and singer/songwriter, Jessica Crossbie!  Taking on the family man and former ballet dancer from Atlanta, Nick Hagelin! This Battle begins right now.  Jessica opens with a funky vocal, solidly in the groove, Nick taking over with a suave, smooth vocal in his upper register, coming down for his duet portions, returning to the falsetto for the solo sides. He demonstrates more range, but she is more consistent, throwing in guttural accents.  But it's in the stage performance I think Nick out shown Jessica.

Nick, Blake starts over, I really love your voice. That's all I'm getting at, I'd go with Nick.  Christina says I couldn't get an exact feel for what kind of artist you want to be but what shocked me was Nick's end note. I'd choose Nick.  You both brought it, Coach Pharrell says. That note it the middle with your full voice, that's what I asked for and it worked.  Jessica took Puff's notes about fitting in the pocket but I would have liked to have heard one of those crazy high notes we talked about in rehearsal.

Pharrell says the winner of this Battle is...   Nick!  

Jessica thanks Pharrell for empowering her to let herself be powerful.  Pharrell gives her a hug goodbye then WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!  Coach Adam steals Jessica!  Adam says I remember you so vividly from the Blinds and now I have a second chance with you.

Christina's next match-up pits Chelsea Gann against Kata Hay.  Singing I'm The Only One (Melissa Etheridge), to take advantage of their the rasp and animistic edge of their voices. Kata is on fire vocally, Chelsea very smooth and natural.  Christina tells Kata to use her nerves to get ready for the performance.  Patti tells Chelsea to find the power behind those high notes if she's going to do the runs.

During their band rehearsal, Patti tells Chelsea she's got the power, but it gets pitchy when it gets high.  Kata is like an infectious pit bull, Patti says.  She sings over Chelsea's part.  You can't get distracted, Christina says.  Chelsea has to do the opposite and let go.  If they can learn from each other, Christina says, this will be perfect.

During their band rehearsal, Patti tells Chelsea she's got the power, but it gets pitchy when it gets high.  Kata is like an infectious pit bull, Patti says.  She sings over Chelsea's part.  You can't get distracted, Christina says.  Chelsea has to do the opposite and let go.  If they can learn from each other, Christina says, this will be perfect.

Kata, Pharrell says, you have one of those voices too big to be ignored when it's your turn.  And Chelsea, when it was your turn, you made sure you hit a high note and exercised the different parts of your range. You're not playing. I'd give it to Chelsea but Kata's passion was undeniable.  That felt like a battle, Adam says, Kata is a firecracker and Chelsea the nicest person in the world, so for you to bring your claws out was awesome.

Blake says when I see two country artists who are this good and I didn't hit my button for either of you, I don't know why, I'd probably been drinking.  We're both from Oklahoma, BTW, Chelsea says.  Blake knows that Kata's home town finally caught some water and filled up a lake. You don't know anything about that, do you Adam.  Because I'm not from there, Adam protests.  Because it has nothing to do with frosting your hair, Blake says, commenting on his hair.  

Literally the dumbest of all my friends, is Adam's comeback.  At least I'm in the Friend category, Blake says.  Kata finds her own way through a song, and she's consistent with it, but she stays behind the pocket.  But Chelsea is right in the pocket and is so rangy.  I would pick Chelsea.  Coach Christina says Chelsea's high notes and range are so powerful.  Kate comes out and it's passion and fire and genuine.

In moving forward, Christina says, the winner of this Battle is Kata!

We finally get to a Team Adam match-up with Natalie Yacovazzi vs. Nate Butler. Singing Hollow (Tori Kelly), it's a singers' song that requires serious chops, Adam says. Tori loves to hear other interpretations of her song, hearing it in a fresh new way. Adam tells Nate to not work so hard for what should be easy for him, to not think as much and hit those higher notes. Tori tells him to do a whole run in falsetto mix. She tells Natalie she has an airiness, cool rasp that she would work with.

Adam tells both to practice breath control because there are so many long notes.  During their band rehearsal, Adam says he's not nearly as labored as yesterday. He tells Natalie to just sing and don't worry. Tori tells her to live in the moment, it's not necessarily a duet, just about something bigger than yourself. Don't be afraid to make a mistake, Adam says, just go. Natalie isn't putting her power forth, Adam says, and Nate's made leaps and bounds.

Going Voice to Voice from Team Adam, it's the returning Chicago pop artist and mom, Natalie Yacovazzi!  Vs. the 19yr old busboy and soul singer, Nate Butler! The Battle starts now. Nate opens with a strong vocal with a bit of Frankie Valley edge, countered by Natalie's more smooth and sensitive vocal.  Nate counters with his own sensitive vocal and from that point it's a pretty even point-counterpoint performance.  Natalie gets her big moment midway through the song, but Nate comes out the stronger.

Blake says they both have one thing on each other - Natalie has originality and Nate has pitch perfect voice.  You sound like Adam, Blake says, and there's nothing wrong with that. Damn right, Adam says.  You literally look more like Adam than he does too, Blake continues. What does that mean, Adam asks, walking right into the trap.  It means you look like Lance Bass, Blake says.  Christina says it's neck and neck, both really strong singers, Nate had a natural vibe out of the gate and Natalie has a powerful voice and great range.

It's tough, Pharrell says, Nate's pitch control could make for a really interesting mix, and Natalie has so much energy and determination. Coach Adam says you should be thriving with this song. Nate was in a discomfort zone. Natalie had some pitch things but you have this unique break in your voice. Nate survived.  I'm going to chose the person I think I can move forward with confidently.

The winner of this Battle, Adam says, is Nate!  Natalie thanks Adam and her second chance on The Voice comes to an end.

The final Battle of the night comes from Team Pharrell, where Hannah Huston is put up against Maya Smith.  Singing Elastic Heart (The Weeknd), they are both a soulful, Pharrell says. A bit left to center, Sean adds. He tells them to be free and um-intimidated with the song. The piano player asks Pharrell if he's sad to have paired them together. They're roommates and sad to have been paired together. We have high expectations for ourselves, Hannah says as they rehearse overnight in their room.

At the band rehearsal the next day, Maya is still unsure of the lyrics and Sean removes the music stand and takes her aside, saying she has no reason to be scared, it's all in your head.  She has to get that other thing off her shoulder.  He tells Hannah he needs more attitude, more story, look the audience in the eyes and give it to them.  Pharrell likes the energy Sean brings out of them.  He tells Maya to use her head voice more, learn to control her vocal power and thrust.

Pharrell tells them that he was in a band called the Neptunes and it was Puff who told him that he's more than that, he's a rock star. You need to do more than be behind the keyboards. He has the ability to look into people and see more that's there.  Pharrell says puff read these two women and pulled out whole new singers. If they listen to his notes, it will be an interesting battle.

Going Voice to Voice from Team Pharrell, it's the Nebraska pre-school teacher with the big personality, here's Hannah Houston!  Vs. the Los Angeles soul artist and postal worker, Maya Smith! Hannah whispers words of encouragement to her opponent: Start at the beginning and breath.  This Battle begins right now.

Maya opens solid and confident, Hannah answering equally confident and solid. Maya's second line was a little more hesitant and Hannah equaled the temperature, then both brought it up a few degrees.  Maya threw in a little more attitude, while Hannah was more mature and controlled.  Until she completely went wild with her vocal, leaving Maya as the the more controlled and focused.  The song ends with them coming together in a beautiful harmony.  

After they are through, Hannah gushes over how good Maya was.  And Maya returns the favor, it was all you she said. Adam says Hanna's presence is amazing, she has so much confidence. You have to believe your own hype to a certain degree and she played the part perfectly and sounded real good. Maya are right up there with her, a little more control and you're neck and neck.

Blake wonders if Hannah's always this intense - she looks like she's still in in the zone. You were so focused on what you were doing, and Maya seemed a little more free with it, but when you switched to your falsetto, I just couldn't hear enough to know if it was a control thing or your style or whatever, but it seemed shaky. But man, you made up for it when you went for the big stuff, your voice is so big.

Christina says both of your vibratos are so solid, you both were so confident, an excitement and fire and passion but a couple moments where Hannah lost the pitch but your vibrato picked it right back up.  Maya went higher at some points, you may have more range but I might have to swoop in either way on this one.  Pharrell, Carson says, the final decision is yours.

Coach Pharrell says you both did me totally proud. Hannah hit this amazing note and when you came off, there was a rub, but then you came right back and your voice was so cispy and in control on another level. And Maya, you were belting and there was a funny transition but your voice is so big, you powered through it.  You can deliver a really long run when someone else would be out of breath, you're still going. You have so much potential and have done so well.

It's tough, Pharrell says, but the winner of this battle is...   Hannah!  

Christina looks at Adam and Blake as Maya thanks Pharrell for the things he said to her. Blake is watching Christina as Carson begins to escort Maya off the stage and then suddenly...

WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!  Christina presses her button!  Yes, Pharrell says.  Christina gives Blake an icy glare and Blake holds up his hands innocently where she can see them.  Don't you do it, she wants him.  Adam is looking at the two of them as Christina turns her attention to Maya who has returned to the stage.  I freakin' love you, Maya tells Christina. Christina gives off a victory yell.  I'm so happy, she shouts.

The camera looks at Blake's button and suddenly WE'VE GOT ANOTHER STEAL!!!  Blake has pressed his button at the height of Christina's ecstasy.  She can't believe it.  Pharrell signals to Maya, perfect.  What is it about Maya, Carson asks Blake. She looks and sounds like a star, Blake says. So why didn't you push your button for her in the Blinds, Christina asks, disdainfully? Oh, burn, Adam says.  This is my second time I pushed for her, Christina says.

You knew I was going to push, Blake claims, so you just beat me to it.  You have two, Pharrell tells Maya as Blake and Christina go after each other. I try to talk like you, Christina mocks, I try to dress like you, put silver in my air...  I'm going to write a song about it - trying to be like Blake Shelton.

I love Maya, bottom line, says Blake. I love Maya too, Christina says demonstratively, I didn't get you before, my heart is invested, I've been so into you since the blinds, I can't lose you to that over there, I can't do it!  Don't break my heart, Maya.

Maya turns to Carson and raises her hand.  Before she's called on, she announces, I pick Christina!  

Before Blake can interject, Carson makes it official.  You made the right choice, Blake admits to Maya.

So after 2 nights of Battles, Ryan Quinn and Nate Butler move onto the Knockout Round on Team Adam, along with Jessica Crosbie stolen from Team Pharrell.  Paxton Ingram and Mary Sarah move on from Team Blake, along with Katie Basden, stolen from Team Adam.  Bryan Bautista, Tamar Davis and Kata Hay reach the Knockouts for Team Christina, along with Maya Smith, stolen from Team Pharrell, and Nick Hagelin and Hannah Houston advance with Team Pharrell, along with Malik Heard and Shalyah Fearing, both stolen from Team Christina.

We'll see you next Monday for more Battle Rounds on The Voice!

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The Battle Rounds - Night Three


Last week on The Voice, the Battles began, launching Season 10 into the stratosphere. And with 2 Steals each, our coaches gave a few deserving singers a second chance at winning it all.  Christina, Adam and Blake each used one Steal, while Pharrell used both steals to strengthen his team.

Tonight, Season 10 continues as 12 more artists step into the ring.  To help prepare them for battle, our coaches are joined by some of the biggest names in music: Sean "Diddy" Combs, Gwen Stefani, Tori Kelley and Patti LaBelle.  The teams' resolve will be tested as they are pushed like never before. And with only 3 Steals left, the artists must deliver.

It's the toughest night of Battle yet.  The action starts Right Now.  This is The Voice!

We we start with Team Blake, and his advisory, 2 time Voice coach and pop Superstar, Gwen Stefani.  Coach Blake's first Battle pairing of the night is Adam Wakefield vs. Jared Harder.  They are two big voice dudes singing Can't You See (The Marshall Tucker Band).  Any country artist will know this song, he says.  Blake tells Adam to not get too comfortable with the song - the guy who doesn't know it as well works harder.

Gwen tells Jared to fidn what feels good to him, not to Adam.  Blake says he has to put a big stamp on the song to stand out. During their final rehersal, Gwen says Adam comes across so natural but Jared needs to develop his confidence..  She says the two need more emotional interaction.  Blake says they need to have a jam session. Jared's edge is softer but still strong.  He hopes Adam will steal whomever doesn't win.

Right now, two known artists competing in this ring from Team Blake. First, it's the determined southern rocker from Nashville, Adam Wakefield!  Vs. the the Missouri country singer with home town roots, Jared Harder!  Let the Battle begin.  With Jared playing the guitar and Adam on the electric keyboard, both deliver unique country vocals, Adam a more acrobatic, but Jared more solid and dynamic.  

Both performances are strong but Jared's power made it seem like he was singing lead.  However, Adam's voice carried more soul.  Christina says that was dope. Jared came out strong, Adam hitting those notes sitting down, there was so much gospel and soul and blues and country, you both can do it all. I'd probably pick Adam.  

Pharrell says Jared surprised him with his soul.  And Adam blew him away with his note choices, he sounds like he comes from a world where that soul thing is very important to the music.  Great performance both.  I'd also probably go with Adam.  Adam says Adam moved me up there, his commitment is authentic. The only difference with Jared is he was thinking a little more. Believe  in what you got because you got a lot.

Coach Blake says that felt like a band than a Battle Round.  Jared shocked people with his range. Adam has character in his voice and his look, like he just shot someone in a Western.  I'm not sure where your going with this, Adam says.  I'm not either, Blake admits.  I really think the biggest difference is the experience of being comfortable on the stage.  And so for me, the winner of this Battle is...  

The winner of this Battle is Adam!  Jared tells his coach he's been a hero of his but his time on The Voice comes to an end.

We go next to Team Pharrell, matching up Emily Keener with Jonathan Bach.  They will be singing Explosions (Ellie Goulding).  They're both eclectic, Pharrell says, and they've embraced that difference. Jonathan was surprised with Emily's power and range. Emily isn't used to Jonathan's energy and experience. Sean tells him to not pre-medidate the emotion.  Pharrell tells Emily to become familiar with the emotions of the song.

Pharrell tells Jonathan to belt that run. He worries he might crack. That's what's stopping you from finding out. Allow yourself to try.  Sean says she can't be so introspective. Jonathan says Pharrell told him to be unafraid and it shook his world up.  He came back empowered, Pharrell says. Sean tells Emily to match her power to the emotion.  Make me want to cry.  He has them sing back-to-back to create more vulnerability.

For Team Pharrell, it's the 17yr old Ohio singer/songwriter, ready for the big stage, Emily Keener! Vs. the Michigan pre-med student pursuing his music dreams, Jonathan Bach.  This battle begins right now.  Emily open low and sultry, matched by Jonathan in his upper register.  Emily is more smooth and melodic, but Jonathan more connected to the drama and expressiveness of the song.  When they come together, their duet is dynamic and energetic.

Adam says they were both stronger on their own, together not as harmonious. Jonathan did a terrific job and Emily really pulled it off.  Blake says Jonathan really stepped into character, it was a theatrical-type performance. Emily is such an honest singer, singing from her heart, and I connected with that more. Christina says this wasn't in Emily's wheelhouse but Jonathan enjoyed giving himself to the performance value. My vote would be for Johnathan.

Coach Pharrell says this wasn't necessarily in Emily's wheelhouse but she continued to push and it was beautiful. Jonathan centered himself, did what he needed to do and made the song his own.  I gotta go with the person I can continue to invest the guidance in.  The winner of this battle is...   Emily!

Coach Christina pairs up Daniel Passino against Kristen Marie, singing Turning Tables (Adele).  It's the type of song Christina envisioned for Kristen but could also bring out the tenderness in Daniel's voice. He's well trained and talented Kristen says of Daniel.  She's really unique and indie, Daniel says of Kristen. Christina tells Kristin to bring more variation at the beginning, and for Daniel, to do more stuff in his falsetto towards the end.

Patti loves Daniel's range and confidence. She loves Kristen's tone and range.  During their band rehearsal, Christina says it makes it interesting that Daniel is a male singing Adele, but Kristen sounds so much like Adele.  Go some places, Patti suggests, try some different things. Christina tells Daniel to not lose that sense of texture in the bigger stage.

Going head-to-head tonight from Team Christina, it's the hard-working pop singer from Michigan, Daniel Passino!  Vs. the barista and indie jazz artist from Oklahoma, Kristen Marie.  Let the Battle begin.  Daniel opens with a tender, sensitive vocal and while her vocal is soft and silky, Kristen cannot match the vulnerability he projects. When Daniel sings, you pay attention, the emotional added value he brings makes it work.

Pharrell says Daniel had a lot of vocal control, clever note choices. Kristen has a different vocal tone and has embraced it. Daniel probably presented more of himself. Adam says there were some things in Kristen's vocal that prevented him from hearing here more while Daniel had a better idea where he wanted to go.  I would move forward with Daniel.  Blake says hearing you two sing together, I was gravitating to Daniel because of his enunciation; it was harder to understand Kristen.

Christina says they were both connected to the song and waging battle with it.  I'm going with the person who is a little more sure of themselves, I'm interested in the journey.  The winner of this Battle is...   Daniel!

As the night went on, the coaches continued to pick artists they thought wre ready for the Knockouts.  Pharrell paired pop artist Jonathan Hitcherson against alternative indie artist Moushimi, singing Photograph (Ed Sheeran).  Her twinkly runs led Coach Pharrell to choose Moushimi.

Adam had pop singer Katherine Ho face off against folk artist Lily Green, singing Lovefool (The Cardigans).  Coach Adam picks Katherine.  And Blake paired country singer/songwriter Angie Keilhauer with pop artist Theresa Guidry, singing Backseat Of A Greyhound Bus (Sara Evans).  Coach Blake said vocals met performance for Angie.

For Pharrell's next pairing, it's Abby Celso vs. Brian Nhira, singing Sugar (Maroon 5).  They made an arrangement that accentuates what each does best. Pharrell says what The Voice lets him do for Abby and Brian, Sean did for him - bring out the best in them.  They both have a pop-soul vibe, Pharrell says.  He likes the arrangement. Sean says whomever delivers it best will win.  Pharrell cautions Brian to not enter the conversation at 10 but build up.

Pharrell tells Brian he is connecting emotionally to the lyrics but he'd love 20% more diction.  To Abby, Sean says you have a beautiful lexicon but we have to see the emotion in your eyes.   He says she can't fall on her voice too far. Break the song into beats and understand what's being said.  

At their final rehearsal, Pharrell says Abby turned it all the way up.  Brian's vibrato is perfect but he needs more diction.  Sean says overpronunciating takes away from the feeling - maybe less vibratto.   Just be you, he tells Brian.  He tells them to start apart and come together during the performance, committing to each other.  Feel the theatrics.

Which Team Pharrell vocalist will win this Battle? Will it be the New York waitress singing for her mom, Abby Celso? Or the spirited worship leader from Oklahoma, Brian Nhira? This Battle begins right now.  His voice is like butter , her voice matches in purity and honesty, and together they make sweet duet, as equal as any Battle has been.  Both have great range and dynamics as well as stage presence and attention to each other.

Adam says excellent song choice, cool to hear a subdued version.  Brian, I sing that song, it is high, and the fact you sang in your full voice, I'm impressed.  I'd go with Brian.  Blake says Brian is fun to watch, full of energy, that full voice thing, incredible. And Abby, so may tones you have with your voice, including that rock-sounding grovel.  I liked that element more than the falsetto.  I'd go with Brian too.

Christina says listening to Brian sing was silky and smooth, and then Abby had different textures in your choices and brought your own character to the table. But I'm going to join the boys and say the winner would be smooth operator Brian.  Pharrell has the final decision. He says Abby's high notes were crazy, those small runs tucked in between lines super awesome. Then Brian, no one can deny your ambition when performing and you voice was graceful without overdoing it.

That makes it very difficult, Pharrell says.  Who is the winner of this Battle? I need there to be a save, but we're going to go on faith and the winner of this Battle is...   Abby!

Coaches, let me remind you that Brian is available to steal.  WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!!!  Adam presses his button and keeps Brian in the competition!

WE'VE GOT ANOTHER STEAL!!!  Coach Christina wants a piece of Brian too! Adam says Brian was phenomenal, his charisma infectious, and Christina's team is too strong - you'd be on a pedestal on my team.  Christina says Adam doesn't have anyone like you on his team.  But I know what to do with you on my team, I'm a fighter and determined to break the Girl Curse and win it with someone who deserves it and you are so talented, there's no reason you can't take it all the way.

Two compelling arguments from two great coaches, Carson says, Brian, it's time to pick your new coach.  Brian first thanks Pharrell for being an inspiration, then thanks Adam and Christina for keeping him there. He tells Christina she is so beautiful.  Stay with me, Brian, Adam pleads.  Adam, Brian says, I want to be on your team.  I pick Adam!

It's Adam's first Battle pairing of the night and he sets Caroline Burns against Mike Schiavo, singing Like I'm Gonna Lose You (Meghan Trainer/John Legend).  They meet with Tory Kelley.  Adam says this pairing doesn't make sense but Caroline's voice is so beautiful, and Mike has good instincts.  Tori tells Mike to be careful adding extra runs at the tail end of things due to nerves. Adam likes his rasp but it should be an active thought, not like he's straining.

Adam tells Caroline to be more confident on the higher notes.  But don't lose the softness, Tori says.  She has Mike also get up there in harmony.  During their band rehearsal, Adam says they are already in sync with each other because they are harmonizing so much, so they should look at each other to make it even tighter. Mike is worried about performing without a guitar. Caroline is worried Mike is older and more experienced.

Battling now from Team Adam, it's the 16yr old second chance pop artist from New Hampshire, Caroline Burns!  Vs. the clothing store pop rocker from New Jersey, Mike Schiavo!  The Battle starts now.  Mike opens soft and comfortable, honest and sensitive. Caroline matches with a sweet and innocent vocal.  There is a chemistry between their voices, the harmonies so tight it's as if their vocals are spooning.  They are both spot on and I can't choose between them, so good luck, Adam.

Blake says you are a lot of fun to watch, but Mike was treating Caroline like it was about her and it let her shine a little more. Also, she's adorable.  Yes you are, yes you are.  And you sing great. I'd pick Caroline.  Christina says I'd smack him if he did that to me.  You were great.  So was Mike.  You had a great consistency and never went off the mark. It was respectful of who you were singing against. Caroline was born with a powerful voice, but for the consistency, I would pick Mike.

Pharrell says Caroline is one of those who figured out there's no need to be nervous if you focus on having a good time. It helped you hit a lot of runs and notes that made me go, oh wow.  Mike, I really enjoyed your performance, you wanted to make sure this was a really good duet and your range is awesome. You really did kill it.  

Coach Adam says you've both improved even since rehearsal. Mike isn't going to squash Caroline, so he did the right thing. And Caroline, your determination brought you back to the show.  Mike is a workhorse I can take to the end, but so is Caroline. You both have a lot of potential.  I have to go with the person in whom I see more potential.

The winner of this Battle, Adam says, is Caroline!  

Now in the final Battle of the night, Coach Christina pairs Alisan Porter against Lacy Mandigo.  Singing California Dreaming (Mammas & Pappas via Sia, Christina says Lacy has a natural grit to her voice with a rock texture. Alisan has a wide vocal range.   They can take the song in any direction.  It's taking Lacy out of her comfort zone. Patti warns Alison to not get too lazy with the lyrics.  She has a powerful voice, Patti says, she knows how to riff.

Patti says Lacy can be a hot mamma vocally.  Ms. Thing got funky at the end, she tells Christina.  At their final rehearsal, Lacy says at 18yrs old, she can only learn from here. Patti tells Alison to bring back a note she used yesterday  Christina says Alisan needs to stay on her toes because Lacy came in with her game face on.

Going head to head from Team Christina, it's the former child actress and mom returning to her love of singing, Alisan Porter!  Vs. the 18yr old blues rocker from North Carolina, Lacy Mandigo!  Let the Battle begin.  Lacy opens with a soulful vocal, her voice flowing with the wind longing for the future.  Alisan is the more mature, experienced voice, looking back at what might have been.  Together they are two powerful female vocalists who together blow the roof off.

Pharrell starts with Lacy, but Alisan's daughter gets in the first word, shouting Hi, Mamma.  The first four bars, Pharrell repeats to Lacy, you exercised such control, you're a star for sure. But then Alisan is singing and became this thunderstorm, and I'm thinking, what a storm system.  You were awesome.  Adam says Lacy did a tremendous job, there are a lot of good things in your voice at age 18 and the issues in it will be ironed out, so you you're in the beginning of your career.

At the other end of the spectrum, Adam continues, Alisan is ready, the only imbalance is experience and age. Blake says I disagree with one thing Adam said. Well, I kind of agree in a little way too.  It's two different types of vocalists.  Totally, Pharrell agrees.  Lacy is never going to be where Alisan is.  I didn't mean it stylistically, Adam clarifies.  I know, Blake says, that's why I agreed partly, but I agree Lacy needs just a bit more time.  

So you say you agree with me, Adam needles.  And I disagree, Blake repeats.  It's hard to follow, Adam says.  I need another drink, Blake says.  In this Battle, Blake concludes, this was Alisan's moment.

Coach Christina says you both slayed everyone. Lacy is so ahead of the game and Alisan's talent is undeniably great. I'm really moved by both of you and have to commend you Lacy, you're a strong girl with a strong voice. But the winner of this Battle is...   Alisan!

Fighting back tears, Lacy thanks Christina for turning around and Christina gets up to hug her.  But before she can step onto the stage...

WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!  Christina is shocked, Lacy is in tears, hugging first Christina then Coach Blake, who has claimed her.  Tears of sadness turned into tears of joy, Carson says.  Do you remember when I told you I dreamed you were the only one who turned around, Lacy asks Christina? I dreamed the other night Blake saved me. I swear.  

Adam asks if she can dream about him taking her from Team Blake in the Knockouts.  Pharrell wants her to then go back to sleep and wake up on his team.  

With one night of Battles remaining, and no steals, here's where we stand.  Team Adam has Ryan Quinn, Nate Butler, Katherine Ho and Caroline Burns, plus Nick Hagelin and Brian Nhira, both stolen from Team Pharrell.  Team Blake consists of Paxton Ingram, Mary Sarah, Adam Wakefield, Angie Kelihauer, plus Katie Basden stolen from Team Adam, and Lacy Mandigo stolen from Team Christina.

Team Christina is made up of Bryan Bautista, Tamar Davis, Kata Hay, Daniel Passino and Alison Porter, plus Maya Smith stolen from Team Pharrell.  And Team Pharrell consists of Nick Hagelin, Hannah Huston, Emily Keener, Moushumi, Abby Celso, plus Malik Heard and Shalyah Fearing from Team Christina.

Tuesday night, the Battles come to an end with the best of the best, and with one Steal left in the Battle Rounds, only one artist will get a second chance.  We'll see you then!

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The Battle Rounds - Night Four

This is The Voice! The Season 10 Battles have been bigger and better than ever. Tonight, the Battles come to an end as the coaches must pick their final artist to advance to the Knockouts.  Christina is the only coach with a Steal remaining, so it's go big or go home.  The final night of Battles stars right now.

We start with Team Adam and his adviser, Tori Kelly.  Team Adam's first pairing of the Battles is Laith Al-Saadi vs. Matt Tedder.  Singing Honky Tonk Women (Rolling Stones).  They worked out an arrangement before meeting with Adam and Tori. Adam says he couldn't imagine them paired with anyone else. Tori says they are both well connected with their guitars.  

Adam says Laith is a little further along in his confidence and developing his sound. Matt has a really smooth tone, but he's a little more reserved.  Matt says he needs to work on his harmonies. Laith pulls a guitar lick that Matt can't match.  At their final rehearsal, Tori says there's a presence in Matt's voice.  Adam suggests they interact with each other to start the performance, and fill the space by the end.  Adam tells both to dig a little deeper vocally and surprise him.

Entering the stage from Team Adam, it's the veteran soul rocker from Michigan, Liath Al-Saadi!  Vs. the the guitar teacher and blues buster from Texas, Matt Tedder!  The Battle starts right now.  Both open on the guitar, then Matt goes with a laid back honky tonk vocal, his voice lilting and rolling. Laith joins in with a higher register harmony before countering with his deep velvety voice, more up front and in your space.  Neither were exactly high energy but it wasn't bad.

Blake says that was so different from anything we've seen before, so much respect for the guitar playing. I identified with Matt's voice, that's crazy, like someone from home. Then Laith's voice takes over the room, you sang my face off, it fell on the floor and now I have to pick it up and put it back on my head.  That's so stupid, Adam says, you are my dumbest friend.  Undeterred, Blake says from the basis of purely singing, Laith took that for me.

Christina says if I was to choose, with your soul and growl, Laith, you would be my choice.  Pharrell says Laith has no strain when he growls, like he's floating when he's playing, it's incredible to watch.  Matt is a star, ready for this.  I would go with Laith but if I had a Steal, I'd be stealing.  

Adam says Matt, you are a tremendous slide guitar player. Vocally I wanted you to open up and you did.  Laith just comes in and rattles the room with his voice.  Matt is so eager to learn, Laith more established and eager to challenge.  I applaud both you guys for bringing something distinctive to the show.  Adam, who is the winner of this Battle?

Adam says I think it's important to reward the person who genuinely deserves it in this moment.  The winner of this Battle is...   Laith!  As Matt exits the stage, Pharrell tells him to go make a record.

Next from Team Pharrell, Team Pharrell's final Battle pairing is Caity Peters vs. Joe Vivona. Assigned Honesty by Billy Joel, Pharrell says they are both emotional singers. Caity has a beautiful rasp in her voice, but Joe's voice is being eclipsed by nerves.  Sean says you were blessed to be here for a reason but now you have a job to do.  Let it flow, let it go. You have to enjoy singing.  Sean tells Caity to not just be Billy Joel but to make it her own.

During their final rehearsal with the band, Sean gives Joe an energetic hug. Pharrell says Caity is good but needs to work.  Joe improved, finally showing off his voice. There's a particular note Pharrell says he needs to work on. Sean says Caity is better than her performance, she's afraid of being too into the song.  He tells Joe he's thinking to much.  He snaps his fingers and takes away the nerves, then snaps again and gives him some swag.  Pharrell tells Caity she has a bit of Stevie Nix going on.

Battling for Team Pharrell, it's the California teaching student and indie pop artist, Caity Peters!  Vs. the New Jersey amusement park manager with the soulful voice, Joe Vivona!  This Battle begins right now.  Joe opens with a tender voice, his vocal soft and suave. Caity comes in with a bit more of an emotional edge and a bit of New York slag to her enunciation. Joe's vocal is solid but he lacks the honest passion Caity is able to emote.  I think the whole thing was just too high a register for Joe.

Adam says you really have distinct tones to your voices, original sound, but there was a little lack of control. I loved the rough quality, though.  Blake says Caity has the more unique voice but Joe has things I hadn't heard before too, cracks and squeaks I'm a fan of.  Christina says it's a sweet song, but I was more drawn into the struggle than the emotion of it.  Probably Caity seemed less strained.

Coach Pharrell says it was a little struggle for Caity between her tone and where the song is, but there was a moment where she dug in like a fire breathing dragon.  Joe was battling one of the most severe cases of nerves, but to come out here and belt that out with no fear...   I am proud of you both but have to make a decision and go with someone I can lend my guidance to. I'm going to go with my heart on this one.  The winner of this Battle is...   Caity!

As the night went on, more artists went head to head.  Blake paired 18yr old indie artist Gina Castanzo against country singer Peyton Parker, singing Borderline (Madonna).  The winner of this Battle, Coach Blake said, is...   Peyton!

Coach Christina had music student Ayanna Jahnee face off against passionate second-chance artist, Joe Maye with I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (Aretha Franklin & George Michael).  Christina says Joe had so much charisma and energy, the winner of this Battle is Joe!

And Coach Adam paired rock-a-billy artist John Gilman with folk singer Owen Danoff.  I wanted to see, explains Adam, how you were going to navigate through those really high parts.  You really did the job.  The winner is...  Owen!

We are down to our final Battle Round pairing of the season, with one Steal left, so you know the question isn't if, but who.  Blake's final pairing sets Brittany Kennel against Trey O'Dell, singing The Chain (Fleetwood Mac).  Blake says it blends country and rock, the struggle to stay together. He's looking for an entertaining but heartfelt performance. Blake tells Trey he has a challenge because Brittany sounds like no one else, smiling the whole time.

You need to find the character, Blake says.  With your rhythm, Gwen adds, your tension, you're too happy.  Stop being so happy all the time, Blake jokes, you're too happy all the time.  Gwen tells Trey he really shows his emotion when singing. Blake says he's singing so much better than in the Blind Auditions and it's refreshing.

At their final rehearsal, Blake says Trey sings with such strength but Brittany likes to throw away lyrics with some funky phrases. You have to stay as present as he feels. Gwen says maybe get off the mic stands and hold your mics to get more emotion by singing to each other. The mood really began to come through, Gwen says, the emotion all fell into line.

Who will win this Team Blake Battle? Will it be the Canadian folk rocker, Brittany Kennell?  Or the Arkansas business major and pop singer, Trey O'Dell?  The Battle starts now.  Trey opens with a clear, smooth vocal, dynamic with a bit of attitude. Brittany counters with a bit more sultry with more bounce in her vocal, playing the bad girl just a tad behind the beat.  Trey is straight on, attacking, strong.  Brittany more defensive, not trusting.  

It's in the middle of the song when Brittany goes into her middle register that she pushes through the power vocal with big notes and heaps of attitude and Trey transitions to singing angry.  Their final harmonies are fantastic, though fans of the song might not recognize the ending, or that it was over.

Christina says I loved Trey's falsetto, very accurate. Brittany has a really fast vibrato, a bit of Gwen Stefani in that vibrato.  That's your girlfriend, Adam teases.  But then she had a lot of power and range, Christina continues, if Gwen Stefani and Christina had a baby, it would be like you.  Physically I don't think that's possible, Blake says.  A vocal baby, Christina clarifies.  Look at Trey - I made him be like, where's my Vocal Baby? Maybe if Adam and Blake had a Vocal Baby it would be Trey.

Pharrell wishes he had Brittany's really strong vibrato, but I sound like a goat.  And Trey, you had so much range, you shined just as hard while she was doing something completely different.  I don't know what Blake is going to do and that's a compliment to both of you.  Adam says Brittany's voice is weird and wonderful. My note to Trey is it seemed like you were tight, Brittany a little more fluid. I think that drew me into Brittany more and so I would choose Brittany.

Coach Blake says you were both incredible. In the Blind Auditions, Trey, I watched it again, you came out swinging but kind of derailed when I turned around because you were so excited. It was cool seeing you sing all the way through.  Brittany, I loved your vibrato from the Blinds, how you hold out your notes longer than anyone else.  It was cool.  

Blake, Carson asks, who is the winner of this Battle? This is one of the tougher ones for me so I'll just have to go with my gut.

The winner of this Battle, Blake says, is Brittany!

Now, bear in mind, the coaches know this was the last Battle of the round, but the artists did not.  Coaches, Carson says, going through the motions, let me remind you that Trey is available to Steal.  

Say it with me: WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!  Christina presses her button and Blake acts surprised.  That is the sound of a steal, Carson says as Trey celebrates excitedly on stage.  I totally liked the energy, his new coach says, you really deserve to stand on your own and get a second shot.

Tonight on Team Adam, Laith Al-Saadi and Owen Danof joined Caroline Burns, Katherine Ho, Nate Butler, Ryan Quinn, Jessica Crosbie and Brian Nhira.  On Team Pharrell, Caity Peters joined Abby Celso, Moushimi, Emily Keener, Hannah Huston, Nick Hagelin, Malik Heard, and Shalyah Fearing.  

On Team Christina, Joe Maye joined Alisan Porter, Daniel Passino, Kata Hay, Tamar Davis, Bryan Bautista, Maya Smith and Trey O'Dell.  And on Team Blake, Peyton Parker and Brittany Kennel joined Angie Kellenhauer, Adam Wakefield, Mary Sarah, Paxton Ingram, Katie Basden and Lacy Mandigo.

Next week, the Knockouts begin as international music and television superstar Miley Cyrus joins The Voice to advice the artists and help them compete to earn a spot in the Live Playoffs.  It's the most strategic round of the show, as the artists pick their own songs.  And our coaches will have to choose carefully, as they will have only one Steal to fortify their team.  The epic Season 10 Knockouts start next Monday!

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The Knockouts - Night One


This is The Voice! Tonight, the artists are only one performance from the Season 10 Live Shows.  But to get there, they must first survive The Knockouts. To advise their teams, our coaches brought in one of the most dynamic artists, with over 20 million records sold, award winning musician, actor, philanthropist and pop culture icon, Miley Cyrus.  

The artists will pick their own songs and for our coaches, picking which artist to advance to the Finals will be agonizing. But with each coach having one final Steal, Season 10 will never be the same. The Knockouts start Right Now!

We start on Team Blake with Angie Keilhauer vs. Paxton Igram, Blake's fighters who attack their vocals. Paxton has chosen to sing Hometown Glory by Adele. That's stepping into big shoes, Blake says. Paxton thinks it will show his range. Miley tells him to go bigger, be confident knowing he's chosen big strong tricks that will get remembered rather than a lot of little tricks that will fold into each other. She likes that he ends on a low note - it's different.  Don't lose your conviction when you sing, Blake says, it's unbelievable.

Angie has chosen to sing Take Your Time by Sam Hunt.  It's got a lot of talking, Blake cautions but Angie says she'll make it more melodic. Blake cautions her during rehearsal that she hasn't quite got a grip on it. Miley says she has too many fall-offs trying to speed through the lyrics, and is losing her breath.  Miley offers some arrangement suggestions and pronounces it radical.

Angie begins with a soft, narrative vocal, her voice a little scratchy and faint, breathy, using a short falsetto note to bridge into the chorus.  It's a quiet performance, not exactly low energy but not foot-stomping either. It was good but or me, not terribly memorable.

Paxton takes the stage with a more dramatic opening, his voice luscious and suave, his vocal offering up emotional qualities, clear power vocals, not trying to go as big as Adele but still offering his own strength.  I felt a couple minor pitch problems but overall he kept my attention much better than did Angie. I give this to Paxton.

Christina say Angie has a great confidence on stage but Paxton was so connected to the song, the rich, low tone really juicy.  Pharrell tells Angie the song didn't measure up to her potential, didn't display her talent.  Paxton, those low notes and your control was great, super solid. I'd reward the zone Paxton is in. Adam tells Angie she's very energetic and passionate. Paxton's voice doesn't sound like anyone else and that's worth its weight in gold.

Coach Blake says Angie is up for any challenge and never takes the easy route, you want to dig in and make the song work for you. Paxton chooses songs that mean something to him and everyone listening can tell that.  The winner of this Knockout is...   Paxton!

Blake thinks there will be a 4 chair Steel tonight.  That's not possible, Adam says, calling Blake a dummy.  It's hard to take you seriously with that think on your head, Blake says about the pink coloring of Adam's hair, is that edible? Have you ever changed your physical appearance, Adam asks? This pays really well, Blake says, indicating the raw Shelton.  

From Team Adam, the first Knockout pairing is Owen Danoff and Ryan Quinn, one rough around the edges, the other more polished. Owen has chosen to sing She's Always A Woman (Billy Joel).  It's so melodic and the lyrics are amazing, he says, about loving unconditionally. Adam says if your go inside and close your eyes, go all the way in and do it. Miley says there's something more sexy about bringing it down and making it smaller, more real.  Adam tells him to dig deep and know he's really good.

Ryan is singing Drops of Jupiter by Train because he loves melodic heartfelt.  There's something smooth about him, Miley says. Adam says his thick voice is powerful even at the top of his register. He should sing less and think more, he tells Ryan. Miley says think about the kids you work with and emote more.  Adam says just worry about being honest.  

Own sings first, opening with a straight vocal, soft and sweet, youthfully optimistic.  For the second verse he starts playing his acoustic guitar, his vocal softly powerful, just a bit of vibrato at the end of phrases, he's quiet enough to command your attention, though not flashy or demanding.

Ryan takes the stage with a vocal like a tall drink of ice tea, relaxing and flavorful, his face smiling even as he pounces on the words leading into the chorus.  His performance is more dynamic, showing off more range and acrobatics with big powerful runs.  Two very different styles, both good but I think I'd go with Ryan for the most attention-grabbing.

Blake says Adam put 2 of his 4-chair turns against each other.  Silly.  Ryan has a really big voice and sang great and so did Owen. But Owen was more invested in the song and the lyric. Christina says Ryan had trouble finding his way rhythm-wise, but is so precise and clean even up high.  Owen owned it, hit that beautiful note. Ryan had 2 Star Search notes, Pharrell says, went from the bottom to the top but you weren't as plugged into the song as before. Owen was just crazy, you did this thing were all of us went into folk land. I would go with Owen.

Coach Adam says Ryan is a soulful dude and Owen questions himself onstage sometimes but soars other times. You both have what the other lacks. Do I reward proficiency and reliability in Ryan? And Owen is just mysteriously super special.  This sucks. I don't know what to do.  Adam closes his eyes.  That's a testament to how good they both just did, Pharrell says.  

I'm going to go with my heart on this one, Adam says, the winner of this Knockout is...   Owen!

WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!  Christina Aguilera Steals Ryan Quinn From Team Adam!  I've been waiting since the Blinds, she tells him.

We head to Team Pharrell who has matched up Hannah Huston and Malik Heard, two different ways of approaching soul singing. Malik wants to be an R&B pop singer with a dash of versatility and will be singing Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. Pharrell tells him he can't be muted, people have to get to know him. Miley says he has to work on letting his personality shine through.

Hannah has chosen to sing The House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals because it's bluesy. Miley suggests staying on the note for one of the "suns" and suggests she start with the mic stand then step away and really let go.  Pharrell says he loves that she doesn't even realize what she's done.

Hanna goes first, her vocal a little rushed because of the format, but she's got the sultry intonation down, accented by hand motions and guttural inflections.  She takes the mic off the stand and good Hanna is gone and bad Hannah takes over and begins wailing, huge vocals, lots of energy, dynamic single note runs, in a word, huge.  Woah, says Blake.

Malik takes the stage, with a softer, more jazzy bit, doing a 360 spin to get into the mood. His vocal is sweet and sensitive, the song perfect for the flavor of his voice, but even with the throw-in falsetto, he doesn't have the weight to match chops with Hanna.

That was bonkers, Adam tells Hanna, you brought the house down, unbelievable job. I loved Malik doing his own thing, unfazed by what had just happened and that shows the spirit of a great performer and a great competitor. Blake says standing ovation for Hannah is my critique.  I'm going to say Malik correct this time.  You're an idiot, Adam says.  I'm going to wait until Strawberry Shortcake is done down there then I'll continue.

Blake continues, it was so entertaining to watch Malik and you sang your heart out up there.  Christina loved Hannah's choices and thinks they were cleverly placed.  She felt Malik's joy, that he was singing to her, very nice job.  Pharrell has a touch job.  

Coach Pharrell says Hanna's performance could not have gone better, she made him feel what she was communicating. Malik let his voice take the wheel, the energy he shared was awesome. I'm going to go with my gut.  It's tough but the winner of this Knockout is...   Hanna!

We return for a Knockout between Team Blake's two Steals, Katie Basden and Lacy Mandigo, both really powerful, rangy singers. Lacy has chosen to sing Zombie by The Cranberries, a rock'n'blues song.  Miley likes that her voice as an edge. Blake says she has some good parts and some great parts and she needs to make the good parts great.  Blake hopes she'll bring rock back to the show. Miley offers a slowed down, dramatic take on a verse, more staccato. No girls do this type of music, Blake says.

Katie is singing Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac, also falling on the blues-rock track.  Miley says she has such range. Blake says her voice has Trisha Yearwood in it. Miley suggests keeping the word "remains" shorter to allow her to move into the next line. Blake says she changed it up a bit and it really works well.    This song represents the moment for her, she says.

Katie goes first, opening with a soft, underground vocal, laid back and kind of smokey, in her second verse she brings more of the band in and her voice picks up, growing in power and tone until you are surprised to hear such amazing power vocals.  Very artistic.

It's Lacy's turn and she delivers a nuanced, moody vocal, a bit edgy and throaty as she turns up the pressure and drama of the chorus. At times it felt like the song was more than her voice could handle so I think for overall color and dimension, I would go with Katie.

Christina says Katie picked a good song, had a lot of strong notes, was consistent, a clean performance. Then Lacy was awesome coming out and rocking on the stage.  Pharrell says Katie had so many sweet spots that highlighted her ability, I'd give it to Katie. There's something interesting about Lacy, though, you have all the tools in the shed.  Adam says Katie was phenomenal, amazing leaps and bounds even on Team Blake. Lacy has so much left for us to see that will be amazing due to your power and presence on stage.

It all comes down to Coach Blake, who tells Katie she was flawless, beautiful, a great balance between honoring the original yet making it your own.  Lacy is this phenomenon that has this thing about you, everyone says you're really talented. I have my fingers crossed for both of ya'll.  I make myself a promise as a coach to reward the person who sings the best, so the winner of this Knockout is...   Katie!

Lacy starts to thank her coach and WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!  Pharrell Williams steals Lacy Mandigo from Team Blake!  Katie runs down to hug Pharrell.

WE'VE GOT ANOTHER STEAL!!!  Coach Adam can't let her to go Pharrell without a fight.  Pharrell says if you're willing to work, I have a couple of thing to shine a light on the tools in your shed to go all the way to the end of the show.  Adam says it hurts me to say that Pharrell did say he wanted the other person on his team than you.  I didn't say that, Pharrell protests. He kind of did actually say that, Adam insists.  Adam is gunning hard for you, tells Lacy.

I'm not sure what about "the other girl won" we're not understanding, Adam says correctly.  Best fight I've ever seen, Carson says up on stage with Lacy.  The Superbowl is the Superbowl, Pharrell tries to explain, whoever won won, but that doesn't mean the team that lost can't come back and win the next year.  But we're still in THIS season, Adam retorts.  

Do you know who you want, Carson asks Lacy? Umm, I'm going to have to go with my heart and, I'm going to have to choose...   Pharrell!

We get a look at Team Christina in the Knockouts as Alison Porter goes up against Daniel Passino, both authentic storytellers.  Alison, Christina and Miley were all child actors.  Alison chooses to sing River by Joni Mitchell.  Miley says the effortlessness is how you know someone has got it.  Christina says those high notes are where you're going to kill it.  With just the piano, she tells Alison to make eye contact. Miley says to think of her kids as she sings. It's a risk to do it stripped down and folksy, she says.

Daniel is going to sing Ain't Too Proud To Beg by The Temptations because it shows where his love of music started.  Christina tells him to watch his pitch as he slides into the notes at the beginning. Miley says you don't want to just do the classic version but you don't want to go too far away from it. They give him some examples of how to freestyle that raspy growl thing, but advise him to not get too lost in the moment.

Alison takes the stage first and is sweet and sentimental with her holiday song, her voice full of lament and longing.  Her power notes are huge and strong, punctuating the middle of the song before easing back into the final wistful verses, her vocal so pure, honest and sentimental.

Daniel was all business getting into the Motown groove with a stylish vocal, fancy footwork and dance moves, but compared to Alison, there was not as much depth to the performance and I was looking for that signature falsetto that never came.

Pharrell says Daniel's ambition fought his way out of that corner and slayed that.  Alison's performance was masterful, a seasoned artist, so ready for the game. I'd give this to Alison but dude, you are something special.  Adam says you have the chops, you move around with a confidence you didn't come here with, you have what it takes. And Alison is something special, we'll see a lot more of you.  

Blake says Alison came out here and did magic, and Daniel reacted by swinging for the fences. All things being equal, the pain and heartache song when it connects, like it did with Alison, is so overwhelming and for that reason, Alison won that.  But it all comes down to Christina.

I feel like Alison is just a gift to the show every time you come out here, there's just a different element you bring to the table, something new to discover. You know how to use your Gd-given instrument and it's amazing what you do.  Daniel came out here and put your heart out there on the floor, a dedicated, talented man.  And I hate that someone has to go.  But I totally have so much respect for what both of you displayed on that stage today.

And the winner of this Knockout, Christina says, is Allison!  

Daniel is so emotional after losing, he can't find the words to talk to Christina.  Pharrell tells him he did amazing, and points out that the audience is still standing up for him.  

For our final Knockout pairing this evening, Pharrell brings Emily Keener and Shalyah Fearing together, two old souls who are still teenagers.  Shalyah chooses to sing A Broken Wing by Martina McBride.  She's not a country singer, Pharrell notes, but he could feel so much what she was doing.  She has to pay attention to the definition and detail of her diction. Miley says she can change the melody creatively to go down when the song goes up.  Thinks about the lyrics, she says, it's a spiritual song.

Emily shares a birthday with Miley.  She has chosen to sing Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell so she could sing with her guitar. Nerves get to her during rehearsal and Pharrell has to help her calm down.  Emily says the music industry needs a little Joni right now. She suggests opening with just Emily and her guitar.  

Emily takes the stage first, her vocal gentle and wistfully reminiscent of a time gone by, her voice is sweet reflective. Then the band comes in and the feel of the song changes completely into an up-tempo pop-folk song, bit smiles, wide notes, closing on a high falsetto that drops to a low conclusion.  Personally, she lost me when she changed vibes mid-song.

Shalyah counters with a more bluesy take on her song, her vocal pure and crystal clear, passionate with a big voice carrying her through the chorus, a true gospel flair as her pipes are full of the spirit of the church.  You don't even realize she has completely changed the nature of her performance.  An amazing job of drawing you into the song.

Adam says Emily it was cool the way she did her song but the revelation today was Shalyah, woah, that was crazy, the confidence and the vibe, Damn. I dare Pharrell to make you available to me.  Blake says Emily has something so different, something vintage and new, special. Blake almost gets Shalyah's name right so he gets credit, she says.  But he was wrong, Adam says, you're stupid.  Did you have a My Little Pony when you were a little kid, Blake needles, going back to his pink hair.

Blake says I loved that song you (Shalyah) said and I have to agree with with Adam, you took that one.  Christina says I was blown away, the best Knockout I've seen. Emily, you're gentle yet powerful, you make people take notice. Shalyah, I can't believe I was the only one to push my button for you during the Blinds, I really thought this was the Finale show and you just won The Voice. That was crazy.

Pharrell, Carson says, it all comes down to you.  Pharrell says Emily took all the notes, and Shalyah took the notes and the fence wasn't enough, you were swinging for the parking lot.  You wanted to knock someone's window out. You're 15 and 17yrs old and so much musically mature than a lot of grownups are in their lives, period.  Both of you killed this.  

That being said, Pharrell says, I have to make a decision. I'm gonna go with my gut here, the winner of this Knockout is...   Emily!

Emily is stunned as is her family in the audience.  Adam is already standing with his sleeve rolled up, ready to follow through on his promise should Pharrell not pick Shalyah as the winner.

WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!  Adam Levine steals Shalyah from Team Pharrell!  He says she had the best performance of the night and is shocked he had the opportunity to have her.

So after the first night of The Knockouts, here's where we stand.  From Team Blake, Paxton Ingram and Katie Basden will move on to the Live Shows.  From Team Adam, Owen Danoff and Shalyah Fearing (stolen from Team Pharrell) will move on.  From Team Pharrell, Hannah Huston, Emily Keener and Lacy Mandigo (stolen from Team Blake) will perform live.  And from Team Christina, Alison Porter and Ryan Quinn (stolen from Team Adam) will go live for your votes.

I'll be back Tuesday night for the conclusion of The Knockouts.  Hope you'll join me!

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The Knockouts - Night Two

This is The Voice! Last night on The Voice, the Knockouts began.  Teammates went head to head in solo performances with a spot in the Live Shows at stake. Adam, Christina and Pharrell each used their only Steals to make their teams stronger.  

Tonight, award winning music and television icon Miley Cyrus continues to help our coaches prepare their artists for some of the most competitive Knockouts we've ever had.  The artists will choose the song they hope will get them to the Playoffs.  And with Blake holding the last Steal, the pressure is on.  The Knockouts continue Right Now!

The first pairing of the night comes from Team Blake (so we know the Steal won't be used here) with Adam Wakefield going up against Peyton Parker. They are both storytelling artists.  Peyton chooses to sing Travelin' Soldier (The Dixie Chicks).  It's a heavy song but it's the type of song she wants to sing and she can connect with spending time apart.  Blake says this is an emotional song and Miley says it's a perfect song.  They tell her to pick the places to get her breath and Miley points out some ways to use her range to have a dynamic moment.

Adam chooses to sing Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke).  Blake say he takes many influences and melt them into his version of country music. He is singing without his guitar for the first time.  Miley says to let his personality shine through.  Blake says he'll feed off the audience.  If you want to have fans, Miley says, you have to connect with the audience.  Miley loves his whole notes.  It's not fair, Blake says.

Adam opens this Knockout with his voice in it's deep mid-range, solid and bouncy, powerful and bluesy.  He's wearing his cowboy hat and it covers his eyes a bit too much.  He doesn't work the stage too much, but instead wrings every bit of juice out of his vocals, including huge notes to bring it on home that bring Pharrell to his feet.  Christina whispers to Blake that she has a secret crush on him.

And now here is Payton Parker.  Her vocal is easy flowing, the lyrics rolling  out a bit muted and lethargic, singing  out of her head more than her heart.  Adam says she has a beautiful tone.  Midway she delivers her dynamic high note but overall the performance doesn't convey the level of emotion she was trying to achieve.

Christina says that was a pretty song but maybe the nerves led to some cracking moments, but you have a strong, pretty voice, perfect for country. Adam has a very signature sound, very inviting, warms people up. I have a little country crush, a sexy voice.  Pharrell says Peyton has a beautiful voice and could take that country voice and do pop.  The crack in the middle doesn't matter. Adam, what you do is amazing - I'd go with Adam - whatever is in your soul is awesome.  

Adam says Peyton was really wonderful - it wasn't a technical mistake but a flood of emotion, tonight was your best moment.  Adam, I have a platonic crush.  You are a truly soulful singer.  Coach Blake says it pumps me up to know this is the future of country music. A lot of us have built our careers around that crack in our voice, that's like being mad at you because you sneezed.  You did a great job, your voice is unbelievably beautiful.

Adam, Blake continues, your voice is dirty.  But that works for Christina.  Not only are you a talented musician, you also play piano and guitar. Now I have to decide between the two of you and that's rough.  Who is the winner of this Knockout, Carson asks?

Somethings you just can't deny, Blake says, the winner of this Knockout is Adam!

We head over to Team Pharrell where Nick Hagelin goes up against Moushumi.  One is an indie pop singer, the other R&B but both bring power to their performances.  Moushumi has chosen to sing New Americana (Halsey), bridging the gap between alternative and pop music. Pharrell and Miley encourage her to use her full voice and let go to emphasize  notes, be less airy.  Miley tells her to feel her independence as she's singing, make it an anthem.

Nick has chosen to sing Lost Without You (Robin Thicke), representing the lane he wants to be in, sexy, soulful pop singer.  Miley says it's a good song for his voice.  Pharrell wants him to project more to let the audience know who he is.  Miley says put some air behind it.  

Moushumi leads off with a soft and tender vocal, fragile yet beautifully melodic before the beat begins a pounding transition to a more forceful vocal but still soft and lilty.  The performance is energetic yet laid back, a bit drowsy yet pleasurable to listen to.

Nick takes the ring next, singing in his upper falsetto, dropping into his regular falsetto, a bubbly, energetic, romantic vocal.  His voice is lighter than air, the words flowing quickly but the genre is a little bit old fashioned and kind of synthetic.  He encourages the audience audience to sing with him, telling them they sound great.

Adam says Moushumi is an amazing singer, a beautiful voice, but he would have liked to have heard more of it, another gear. Nick clearly has a unique way to engage the crowd and getting them to go on the journey with you. That's commendable. I'd like to see you move more since you're a dancer, and was missing some smoothness on the falsetto.  It was good but there's more to be seen from you.

Blake says Moushumi would have been helped if she had busted out a huge note, showed more range. Nick, with the dancing background, you're a natural performer. I would probably choose Nick.  Christina says Moushumi has a crystal clear sound that resonates and she loved the song choice with different choruses, nice to see a different dimension in your voice. Nick, you were choppy in the beginning - I would have liked more flow and smoothness, but I love how you interacted with the audience.

I loved Adam's note, Christina continues, that Adam gave you the note to move around more. He never does that - he likes things simple.  Except his hair (which is still pink).  Coach Pharrell says he agrees that he wanted to hear more from Moushumi, you have to be known for more things especially when you have the chops, but overall a very good performance. Nick's 1st 4 lines weren't very strong, but the transition out became stronger and stronger as you mixed your chest voice and head voice. It was a good job.

The time has come - who is the winner of this Knockout? I think I'll go with the person I think I can help more if only because I think there's more work to do.  The winner of this Knockout is...   Moushumi!

Pharrell tells Christina if Nick had done what he was doing in rehearsals, he would have been the winner.  It was just nerves.

There's only one more Knockout left, coming from Team Christina, so we know it's not a question on if Blake will use his Steal but who Christina will serve up to him.

Christina pairs Maya Smith with Tamar Davis, both with a lot of soul/R&B background.  Maya chooses to sing No One (Alecia Keys).  Christina wants her to make it her own and suggests changing up the rhythm and playing with the falsettos. Miley tells her to be free to work the stage a bit. Christina recommends against a certain blues riff and Miley tells her to work on her confidence.

Tamar chooses to sing Lay Me Down (Sam Smith), looking for a breakout song. Miley says being able to tell a story in song is unique. Christina says she made it her own, and loved the feeling of desperation. Lose yourself a little more in the depth of emotion, maybe not putting vibrato on the end of every line.  Learn to step out from the background, she tells her.

Maya Smith takes the ring with a sweet upper register vocal but it feels like her voice is slightly sharp.  She transitions from a gentle to a more jazzy, up-beat style but despite some killer power notes, this performance just didn't work for me.  

Tamar takes her turn, her voice strong and forceful, passionate with her hand motions pushing out the emotion, her forehead furrowed with the intensity of her vocal and when she hits the chorus, it's just beautiful perfection, glittered with incredible runs, empowered huge notes that bring out audience applause as her stage experience shows her confidence.  Then, if that wasn't enough, she blows the roof off her climax.

Christina is fist-pump cheering. Pharrell shakes off the shivers before saying Christina's team is just fireball after fireball.  To Maya, he says she established the zone to say this is what the song is supposed to feel like. That was by far her best performance on the show.  Then Tamar, it was crazy how she let the song go then pulled it back, I couldn't hear Sam Smith anymore - it was just you.  I watched two superheroes really show what your voices could do.

Adam says he didn't know Maya had that range, a whole 'nother side of you came out.  Tamar, wow, damn.  To me, this performance was bonkers, crazy, it put you on the map.  Blake says Tamar has such a timeless sound and is so strong on top of that - you've shown your coach you're ready for the Lives.  Maya was able to showcase some range that surprised us all. I'd give the edge to Tamar.

It's Coach Christina's opinion that matters the most.  There's a certain reputation Team Christina has built this season and you've made me proud.  Maya had a certain essence when performing and owned all the richness and greatness and just elevated it here today.  Tamer, you didn't just sing that song, you murdered it, and as Pharrell said, Sam Smith has a specific style and you made it yours.

Christina, who is the winner of this Knockout? Whoo, I love you both, she says, the winner of this Knockout is...   Tamar!

My bad - it seems we have another week of Knockouts, so Blake has chosen to not use his Steal tonight. So tonight, Adam Wakefield heads to the Live Shows on Team Blake, Moushumi moves on to the Playoffs with Team Pharrell and Tamar Davis earned her shot at the title on Team Christina.  We'll be back next week for (apparently) more Knockouts!

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Knock outs --Night Three


Welcome to The Voice final Knockouts of season 10.Adams team is up first. Brian will be singing Granade by Bruno Mars. Nate sings Lets Stay Together by Al Greene. Blake says he has some vibratos in there. XTina says she did a great job of organizing it. Pharrell say both were on it. Adam says he is finding out how great Nate is, Al would be proud. Adams chooses Brian as the winner of this knockout. Nate says he never thought he would make it this far, Thank you so much.


Team Blake is up next. Mary will be singing You Aint Woman Enough (To Take My Man) by Loretta Lynn. Brittany will be singing You're Still The One by Shania Twain. Xtina says Mary owned it. She was expecting more from Mary. Parrell said Marys song felt like one note. Mary had sass. Adam says Brittany got over powered by Mary. Blake says he noted that Brittany removed a lot of the vibrato. He chooses Mary as the winner of this knockout. Blake says every time Mary takes the stage its special.


Team Xtina is up next. Bryan will be singing Sorry by Justin Bieber. Trey will be singing I Lived by Onerepublic. Pharrell says Bryan entertained it was all good. You hit a high note that was clean. Trey you had some places that were pitchy. Adam says Trey has some parts that were pitchy but he's 20. Blake says Bryan has experience. He thinks Bryan took this one. Xtina chooses Bryan as winner of this knockout.


Team Pharrell is next. Abby will be singing Rich Girl by Hall & Oats. Caity will be singing Leave Your Lover by Sam Smith. Adam says Abby has a powerful tool, it was on blast the whole time. Caity the uniqueness of her lower range is beautiful. Blake agrees with Adam about Caity and says Abby has a great lower range also Xtina says they were both spunky, her fav here was Caity. Pharrell says Abby takes control of the stage, Caity didn't move physically but she did spiritually. Pharrell picks Caity as the winner of this knockout


Team Adam is back up. Jessica will be singing Wake Me Up by Avici. Laith will be singing In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. Blake says he thought Jessica sang it pretty good, he gives it to Lath. Pharrell says Jessica has a beautiful voice he would go with her. Xtina says she is impressed by Laith. Adam chooses Laith as the winner of this knockout


Team Xtina up now. Joe will be singing The Weekend Earned It. Kata will be singing Why Haven't I Heard From You by Reba Mcentire. Pharrell liked when Joe went to turobust in the middle of the song. Kata when you quit playing the guitar you hit it then. Adam says we have seen Joe do well, Kata killed it today. Blake says Kata killed it for sure. This was a knock out round for sure. Xtina says you both know how to work the room. She chooses Kata as the winner of this knockout. Blake steals Joe, he is not letting him get away. Blake says he saw something develop in there that said lets do this.


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The Live Playoffs - Round One - Teams Blake and Christina


This is The Voice! Tonight, Season 10 of The Voice goes live, as the artists compete for America's vote. For the Playoffs, our coaches have each picked one eliminated artist to come back and re-enter the competition.

Kicking off the Live Playoffs will be Team Christina and Team Blake.  It will be the the first time the artists get one-on-one training from their coach.  And with a spot in the Top 12 at stake, the pressure is on.  America, get ready to vote, Season 10 is live!

Please welcome your host, Carson Daly!  And your coaches, Adam Levine!  Pharrell Williams!  The lovely Christina Aguilera!  And Mr. Blake Shelton!  Both Team Christina and Team Blake will perform with stripped down performances so you can concentrate on how each artist commands the stage.  Team Adam and Team Pharrell are watching from the audience; tomorrow night will be their turn.  

Each of our coaches has one comeback artist.  Don't forget you can start voting right now on the official Voice app; all other methods open up at the end of the show.  Seven artists from each team will perform, but only 3 will make it through to the next round.

We start with Team Blake's Paxton Ingram, singing How Deep Is Your Love (Calvin Harris & The Disciples).  Paxton was recognized from the show by a police officer responding to a traffic accident.  He is taking an upbeat approach and is going to show off a little dancing as well.  With a thumping back beat, his vocal is suave and clear, his voice reminiscent of Michael Jackson.  The band kicks into a jam and Paxton takes to the stage, dancing around and playing to the audience.  It's very much a performance and he is in total control.

Christina says this is what I came for, to be entertained, loved what you did, you worked the stage like crazy, there's a lot more to come from you.  Pharrell says you had your moment right now, this is what you've been dying to do the entire time. You showed what you're feeling on the inside. Adam says it's refreshing to see someone come out here and have the time of their life up there, it's hard to do that on live TV in front of a zillion people and you made us feel good, and that's all an entertainer can ask for. You are an entertainer.

Coach Blake says we've never seen anything like that on the show, someone who commands the stage like you do.  I am as confident that you'll move on to next week as I am that Adam will do something stupid with his hair again before the season is over (the pink is gone).  I like that head-whip and "ack"ing.  

From Team Christina comes Ryan Quinn, singing I'm Not The Only One (Sam Smith).  He has such incredible range and tone, Christina says, but he needs to show a little heartbreak and tap into how you felt when you were cheated on.  He has to prove to himself he can connect to people.  Christina tells him to try performing without his glasses.

He ditches the guitar along with his glasses, wearing a sports coat over a v-nick T, turning into the sensitive male friend with a beautiful voice, emoting smooth and sweet lyrics, his voice staying solidly above the band.  He takes the mic off the stand and begins ambling around the stage, showing off an exquisite intensity that has the audience hanging on to each note and starting their applause before he can reach the end.  All four coaches are on their feet.

Pharrell says that was one of those performances where you have to give it up, you're a hater if you don't give it up.  You were very tender, the control was amazing, you used different parts of your voice, it brought it out when you used your false(etto) and your full, everything felt gratifying, tender and awesome.  Adam says I am so overjoyed to see you and your coach crack the code to elevate you to that level. You're in the right place, that was the best performance I've seen you do.

Coach Christina says that was so beautiful, I really enjoy getting into your world vocally, we found your meaning with the song, your truth and you gave the song a whole new life.

We go back to Team Blake with Katie Basden, singing Georgia Rain (Trisha Yearwood).  Coach Blake calls it the perfect song for the fullness of her voice, she's powerful no matter the range.  She says she needs to find her center for the song, it's about going home again.  Blake wants to end the song on a bigger note to remind everyone else of her edge on everyone else.

Her voice is pure country, soft and steady like a gently flowing stream.  Her voice is stronger on the power notes; she falls off a little too quickly from the trailing notes, and there's too much of a delay between sections of the song, but when she's hitting the power notes, she is terrific.  She just needs to bring up some of the weaker parts.

She tells Pharrell she was born to do this, stand on stage and inspire people to be the better versions of themselves, tell a story that delivers a message. Pharrell says you're a great storyteller and you should be doing this now, because you just gained a lot of fans.  Adam says you're so good, I'm so sad you're not on my team anymore.  You have one of the best voices to listen to, this sounded like your 3rd record.

Coach Blake says if your voice is any indication what the future of country looks like, it looks really good.  When you hit the note there at the end, everyone was already freakin' out.  I feel really good going into next week.

Starting tonight, any artist in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles chart at the close of voting (12 noon EDT the next day) will have the their downloads multiplied by 10 as votes.  We continue with Team Christina's Kata Hay, singing (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin.  Christina says this song shows off her raw sass, less vibrato.  Kata shows off her yodeling and while impressed, Christina says she needs to move out of that and work on her control.

Sounding a bit like Reba McIntyre, she infuses her vocal with a healthy helping of soul and attitude, but while her voice is solid, the vocal wasn't outstanding until she started letting loose on the chorus.  I would liked to have heard her come more deeply from inside her chest voice, and a better transition from the softer start to the exclamation point at the end.

Pharrell says OK, that was super spirited, like, very, and you worked so hard, you had a barometer in the room and you kept turning it up some more; the gas pedal was jammed down by the end, it was crazy.  Adam says lots of says, like an exorcism, wild, it was awesome.  Coach Christina says so amazing, spirited, firefly, exciting, all of those things, hard for you to contain yourself, the way you build up a song and move people, I loved it.

This season the talent was so amazing, we decided to let our coaches bring back any artist, but this time we did something a little different.  The artist could be from any team.  So Coach Christina picked someone not from her team.  I almost pushed my button for him in the last go'round, she says, but I hesitated so when I found out I could bring someone back, I went for Nick Hagelin.  He has such great charisma and quality, he's a cool guy.

Nick Hagelin will be singing Stay by Rihanna. During rehearsal, Nick's voice cracks on a high note and Christina teaches him how to pause before and turn it into a falsetto run.  In his performance, he's shaved his head and is wearing a hoodie, his voice light in the upper register, mesmerizing with a throbbing piano accompaniment.  His vocal is passionate, sensitive, strong power notes that could have been longer to showcase his control.  Towards the end he hits that amazing falsetto, then emotionally cracks on the way down and it works perfectly.

Pharrell says you deserve to be on the show. I didn't think I could instruct you further and you ended up on the team of someone who is a vocal wizard who clearly has done a great job with you and your motivation to fight, you're in another place right now.  Adam says we are all fans of you as a human being and an artist. You're still in the process of improving so I don't know where the ceiling is for you, performance by performance.

Coach Christina says from Day one, we were destined to be together, you proved today why I brought you back, your last performance is not how you should have gone out. You deserve to be here and move forward.  

From Team Blake comes Joe Maye, singing Long Train Runnin' by The Doobie Brothers.  He works as a bartender and people have been coming in for a picture.  Blake says he has a Bruno Mars vibe but thinks he should keep at last one part like the original amongst all the other vocal tricks he throws in there. Blake wants to learn Joe's dance move for his own show.

Opening slow and mysteriously, huge sustained notes before the familiar guitar lick kicks in and the performance begins in earnest, a bluesy pop feel-good fun time.  It has a feeling of earnest angst, with a bit of a hook just when you think it's over, kicking into a high energy jam and powerful climax.  He needs to catch his breath when it's over.

Christina says that was so much fun, I miss you, this beat your last few performances, I haven't seen that fire since our duet during the Blinds.  Coach Blake says I was thrilled and happy to get you on my team, but after that incredible performance, you have me thinking, we have a shot to win this thing, it was one of those kinds of performances, it blew me away.

Sticking with Team Blake, it's Adam Wakefield, singing Seven Spanish Angels by Willie Nelson with Ray Charles.  He tells Blake he gets a lot of calls about beat-boxing and gives his coach a demonstration.  Blake wanted him to capitalize on his sound, soulful country.  He tells Adam it's a story song and he cannot throw away so many words.  Adam knows it's a bad habit of his from singing to people in honky tonks who are barely listening.

With some fancy Spanish guitar picking, his voice is clearly country, dripping with passion as he delivers the ballad of his lifetime.  The key switch breaths some life into what was kind of a sleepy performance, allowing him to throw in some more powerful accents but I wish it had been a little more dynamic.  Still, it sounded sweet and beautiful and he picks the strings real good.

Adam says besides having a radical name, you are my favorite in the comp right now, it's impossible to explain what you have, you don't have to entertain with anything but your voice. You tell the story with your voice that transcends everything and I believe that's the essence of what the show's about. I'm a huge fan and other than the fact you're on Blake's team, I absolutely love you.  You're amazing.

Coach Blake says there's only been 3 singers in country music that have whatever thing you have, that soulful thing: Ronny Milsap, Travis Tritt and now Chris Stapleton, whatever that blend you have is so precious that it makes me excited you're giving this a shot in country music. You have a helluva future in front of you.  

From Team Christina, it's Tamar Davis, singing Rise Up by Andra Day.  Christina says it's tapping into the type of artist she wants to become, rising from the shadows. They work with the arrangement to put a tempo in and pop things out more, setting up a bluesy note, make choices and take risks.  

Jumping right into the song with a forceful vocal, light vocal runs in the chorus, delivering the verses like an anthem and inviting the listener to follow along.  Her upper register is so soft and fluffy, offsetting her power vocals that she stretches to their breaking point.  The performance builds up well, her energy and passion contagious, but some of her long notes seemed just a little pitchy on the edges.

Pharrell says that was precise, you had a rainbow of range, left and right, up and down, the windup was amazing, your voice like a vocal elevator. You are definitely anoited.  Blake says there's something about you, a presence that makes me smile just when you come on stage. And that was your best performance so far.

Coach Christina says there's something about you that makes us want to smile, such a joyous performance, vocally super challenging, what you did was incredibly hard and you made it all joyful and gorgeous.  

Team Blake continues country with Mary Sarah, singing (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson.  It's was her grandmother's favorite song and the last thing they sung together before she passed away.  Mary wants to make it more contemporary but still respects the country tradition.  Blake cautions her to control her air supply and not psych herself out.

Easing into the song with a classic country flavor, she quickly spices it up with a sultry, teasing vocal, her voice strong but falling off just a bit on the low notes at the end of a line.  Fortunately she doesn't dip into the lower register often, instead keeping it up-tempo and mid-register with a big stage voice.

Christina says super solid, some nice notes towards the end and you look lovely.  I really enjoyed it. Adam says it seemed like there were moments towards the end in the upper register where you came to life even more. You spent more time in the lower register than I was used to hearing you sing in, but I loved it when you exploded into your upper register.

Coach Blake says that is so good and fun, you're a fan favorite on the show according to Twitter. People love you and I think it's because your heart is 100% country, there's a hill billy down there introducing America to those classic Country songs.

We continue with Team Christina's Brian Bautista, singing Pillowtalk by Zayn.  It's a soul driven song, Christina says, and he gets to be sexy and romantic.  She lowers the key when he has trouble.  His nerves affect his confidence during rehearsal but they work through the issues.

His voice is light and lilty, smooth and romantic, strong and earnest when he takes the mic and hits the stage, freed from standing still.  Now he's able to work the audience, jumping from soulful to powerful to falsetto in a single vocal run.  Clearly his solution to the confidence problem was to leave the mic stand and it totally worked for him.  All the coaches are on their feet as is the audience. No joke, says Christina as the audience cheers.  The ladies are fanning themselves, Carson quips.

Pharrell says smart to wear a suit, totally changed the context.  This was an example of why singers need trainers, what you came out here and did, that was, who knew? It's crazy, lowering the key allowed you to hit the stratosphere. Adam says I was like, it was higher than this? That's crazy!  Pharrell says you have what it takes to win.  Adam says tonight was just a moment where I was completely blown away, you murdered that song.  Who, how, when...

The audience cheers again as Blake says besides the range and perfect voice, the guys' smooth too. Look at the girls out here. Bryan admits he has a girlfriend and all the girls moan in disappointment.  Coach Christina says you don't even make it fair - that was amazing.  The ladies were fanning themselves. The dudes were doing the same thing, Adam says.  Maybe they were surprised but I wasn't. I've known you were something special. You nailed it, a whole different song by the time you got done with it.

We continue with Team Blake's comeback artist.  Coach Blake says in the Battle Rounds, this artist had a tough task and he had to do a coin toss in his head, but there was no question he was bringing him back.  It's Oklahoman oil worker Justin Whisnant!  

Singing Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares) by Travis Tritt.  His voice is a little rough around the edges, red dirt country sound with hunger in his eyes.  Blake tells him to pay attention to diction - city dwellers can't always understand country singers.  Blake tells him he's so Oklahoman.  Three chords and the truth, Justin says.

He has a big country voice, his voice a little more polished than rural, his performance solid but fairly typical.  Midway through, he stops playing the guitar, grabs the mic and his energy level turns up a couple notches as he begins performing rather than just singing.  He has solid dynamics but I'd have liked to have seen a little more energy and attitude.

Pharrell says that was awesome, you sang with so much passion and feeling, congrats.  Coach Blake says it's gotta be weird to be home and now live on the Voice. You sang that so great, took some liberties and did somethings different, Travis watches the show so I know he'll get on Twitter and say something, especially when someone does his song justice like that, great job. Love you being rough around the edges but with great pitch and strength in you.  Oklahoma's proud of you tonight.

The final artist for the night before all voting methods opens comes from Team Christina, Alison Porter.  Singing Cry Baby (Janis Joplin), it's about relationships that never quite go away.  Christina says she didn't know she had the grit, but you can get away with throwing lines away when showing off your rock side.

Alison dramatically counts off the beat, singing with affected attitude, she hits the chorus like a sledgehammer with a powerful vocal, her voice whipping through the lyrics of the verses, ready to attach that chorus again, huge voice, huge runs, huge dynamics, thrashing her hair around in emotional frustration and determined survival.  Everyone is on their feet and she's laughing at what she just delivered.

Adam says I am not surprised at all, because I said before you could be the winner. That was miraculous, amazing.  Coach Christina says I'm fanning myself, overheated from that performance. That was insane!  I am so in love with what you just did, you murdered that song. What she does with her voice is epic, insane your range, delivery, accuracy, every single time, you deserve to go the entire way and then some.

That's it for Team Blake and Team Christina.  Voting is now open on all methods through noon Eastern tomorrow.  Remember, only the top 3 from each team will go through; four from each team will be going home.  Team Adam and Team Pharrell will perform Tuesday night, with the results revealed on Wednesday.

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The Live Playoffs - Round One - Teams Adam and Pharrell

This is The Voice! Last night, the Season 10 Live Playoffs began. Team Christina and Team Blake left it all on the stage for your votes. Their performances were electrifying, and the Coach Comeback Artists proved why they deserved a spot in the Top 12.  Tonight, the Live Playoffs continue as Team Adam and Team Pharrell perform.  But the competition gets even tougher as 2 more eliminated artists return.  Emotions run high and the artists are pushed to their limits as they prepare for their biggest performances yet.  America, it's time for you to vote!

Please welcome your host, Carson Daly and welcome your coaches: He is Adam Levine!  Pharrell Williams!  The one and only Christina Aguilera!  And Blake Shelton!  Just like last night, Team Adam and Team Pharrell will perform with stripped down performances, plus Adam and Pharrell have each picked an artist to come back tonight, from their team or any other team.  Only the top 3 artists from each team will move on to next week's Top 12 performances. You can start voting now on the Voice App; all other methods of voting open at the end of the show.

We start with Coach Pharrell's comeback artist, Daniel Passino, because he was defeated in tears but he never quit.  Pharrell had no more steals but jumped at the chance to bring him back now.  Singing When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars, the song is about loss and that's how he felt when he went home.  Daniel tells the band how he wants the song arranged.  He plans to just live in the moment.

Daniel opens solid, a bit wistful, regretful, emotional.  His voice shows good range and dynamics but his transition from chest to head voice is a little rough.  But when he hits that power falsetto, the audience gets on board.  It's a very sentimental performance, meticulously detailed and the closeups of his face just add to the dramatic value.  He fist bumps the air when he's done.

Adam says I'm so impressed with you, it's incredible the game time performances now that things are on the line, that was amazing, I'm super into what you do. That was fantastic.  Blake says good job, buddy, so good.  The Voice is bad-ass, the talent level is so good that that guy is a comeback artist.  You put yourself right back in the mix again - it'll be tough for someone to come out and compete against that.

Former coach Christina says that was beautiful, a hard song to sing, so naked and vulnerable and I loved your tenderness, especially at the end when you brought it home so right on point.  Coach Pharrell says that was, the energy and passion of being back in the building and on the show, everybody could see it. That was amazing - you just wrote your future.  Everybody say it with me, Damn, Daniel!

We continue with Team Pharrell's 17yr old Emily Keener, singing Still Crazy After All These Year by Paul Simon.  She'll be playing keyboards on this song; the connection between the artist and the audience through this song means everything.  Pharrell calls her old soul and the future of music. Her growth is not technique but showing off what she can do.  You just take people on a ride, he tells her, just be honest as possible while you do it.  

With the keyboard sounding like an organ, her voice slides right in with this classic retrospective.  The performance is a laid back like a comfortable blanket and cup of hot cocoa.  I think I would have liked to have her hold out her chorus notes a little longer; they felt clipped.  She changes up the melody with the second verse, then stands up next to the piano to slip into a falsetto and brings it home with a reminiscence of a senior, not a 17 yr old.

Adam says you got me with that song, you did an incredible job, made me feel all the things I wanted to feel. That was so beautiful, Christina says, I especially loved the verses, you just sang so clearly, so simple yet gorgeous, proof you don't have to over-embellish to be recognized as great. Pharrell did a great job with you, you're perfect for his team, and I loved how you are beyond your earthly years.

Coach Pharrell says what's crazy is the way The Voice finds these 17yr old anomolies, and I'm so lucky to have one on my team right now. Your voice and what you do with it, the way you time travel and take people with you, we were in a 70's coffee shop in downtown NY or SF, that's where you took us. You're unbelievable, an amazing unicorn of a singer.

We continue with Team Adam's Liath Al-Saadi, singing With A Little Help From My Friends (Joe Cocker) because it's about music bringing people together.  Adam tells him it's not about the guitar but that huge climax, you have a solo there so shred.  His voice has so much power, Adam cautions, dial it back from a 12 to a 10.  

Laith opens with his electric guitar, then launch into a faithful reproduction of this classic song, strong vocal, full of grit and emotive delivery.  His voice is strong enough to not get drowned out by the band and when he digs deep, he gets wonderfully throaty.  All due respect to Adam, though, the guitar solo felt a little out of place and interrupted his flow.  The shredding at the end was better placed.

Blake says incredible job, you're always good on stage, incorporating live guitar, it's awesome. I only knew the one verse from The Wonder Years, so it was good to learn there's more.  Christina says that was awesome, exciting, cool to see you play the guitar and embellish on that moment, you let loose a bit more and that raw gritty soul comes through every time.

Pharrell says as always, that was awesome.  To your fans, if you're at home and love classic rock, you just heard what he did, he's not on my team but he's amazing and you have to vote for him.  Coach Adam says that's a good man, of Pharrell.  There's an electricity in the room when someone puts on a really good performance and you lit it up in a different way.  I'm happy you represent something that sometimes goes unappreciated, something no one has done in the show.

Next we're live with Team Pharrell's Moushumi, singing Love Yourself by Justin Bieber.  She's become a role model for Indian Americans and over in India.  This song represents what she might sound like in her original music.  Pharrell says she is too airy and needs more of her full voice to express emotion.  Pharrell wants to ramp the song up, give it topography because it's sounding flat. Never regret following your dreams, she says.

The performance opens a bit dramatic, but the percussion snapping is a bit distracting from her really soft and full vocal, her voice tender and optimistic.  She begins to lose me a little on the verses - they could stand a bit more range at the start, but the lead in and her choruses make sweet harmony with the background vocals.  Her falsetto is creamy but maybe if she didn't try to work the stage as much she might have better breath control.

Adam says it is crazy to see the impact you have on the whole planet, amazing, The Voice has reach.  There was a lot of production there, I love your voice in a stripped down form and I wanted to hear more of that, that glassy quality. That was selfish of me and I like what you do.  Christina says I loved what you did with it, even production-wise - it had a cool, dark twist and I'm all for trying to reinvent the wheel and trying something innovative, inspiring others in a different way.

Coach Pharrell says great job, I too want to commend the band for doing such a great job.  Clearly, Moushumi, this is what you should be doing, you have a following around the world, so just keep doing what you're doing.

Lacy Mandigo is on her third coach, but she made it to the Live Playoffs on Team Pharrell.  Singing Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar, Pharrell says she's a little rock goddess, she always fights back.  She's influenced by strong women who beat the odds.  Pharrell says she has a vocal vibe but her hair gets in the way, too busy checking the boxes while performing and not focusing on the music.  She just needs to lose herself in the performance and have a great time.

Blake says she always does this, it's been a messed up journey to get here but you're on the lives, congratulations. You're such a cute little girl then a monster comes out when you start to sing. There's something special about you.  Christina says that was so much fun, you look beautiful in blue, but you rocked it and hit that long extended note at the end..

Coach Pharrell says you were like team-hopping on the show because you were never meant to go home, that's what you just did demonstrates, the rock faces, holding that note for so long, you're like a 90's baby mean to be an 80's baby.

We switch over to Team Adam and his artist, Owen Danoff, singing Hero by Family Of The Year.  He thinks he's flicked the switch when it comes to confidence and he wants to do something more contemporary to reintroduce himself.  He's not done telling his story and wants people to think of him in a different way.  Adam tells him to end the song on an upbeat.  He tells Owen he's blossoming at the right time.

Playing the acoustic, his voice is light and liquid, flowing freely, softly, tenderly.  The audience is enthralled as he eschews theatrics and power vocals in lieu of honesty and sentimentality.  It's a solid, up beat performance with his voice front and center, ending on a sweet, raw note.  It just sounded so natural.

Blake says if I had heard that song in a concert, you made that seem like your song, I wouldn't have known it was a cover. That's rare to connect with a cover like that.  Pharrell says so much to say, your unique tone singing over something that feels folk like that, it was a magical moment. I feel most people would have to over-sing that song to achieve what you just did so simply just because you have that unique tone. That was amazing.

Coach Adam says everyone has a different opinion on what a great singer is, but when you feel a song being sung is their own, that's what makes a great singer. There's no one on the show as good at doing that as you.  

We continue with Team Adam's Shalyah Fearing, singing Listen by Beyonce.  She likes to swing for the fences, Adam says, and this is a more traditional blues song.  He tells her to slowly build like Jennifer Hudson, don't under-sing but don't lose power.  He tells her when her voice crack, it's the most real.  Christina taught her how to use her growls.  Pharrell taught her to make songs her own. Now Adam is teaching her that nobody's perfect.

You can hear the elegance and grace in her voice before the lights even come up.  I hear a little Whitney Houston in her approach to this song. She captures the energy and emotional drama this song carries, you can feel her life baggage being dropped by the wayside as she takes her mic and heads to the edge of the stage to completely let loose and just rip the hell out of the lyrics.  Incredible power, raw and sometimes pushed to the limit, but that's where she wants to live, out on the edge, all on her own.

The audience is screaming so loud, Carson has to shout to be heard.  All four coaches and the entire studio on their feet.  My goodness, Carson says, as the applause continues.  Thank you, she says, thank you so much, trying to quiet them down.  It doesn't work.  It's like watching an Olympic ice skater stick every single landing, Carson says.  

Blake says that's how it happens on The Voice, we're floating along and all of a sudden, somebody, honestly, none of us were thinking that hardly about, became the freakin' front runner in my opinion.  You wait and see.  I don't think you're alone in that, Carson says, one of the greatest vocalists of all time is here, let's get Christina's thoughts.  I'm so excited, Christina says, Adam really needed you on his team, you're so young to have those pipes, so much presence, authority, dynamic approach, we needed your excitement.

Former coach Pharrell says you're 16yrs old, I'm honored to be a part of your journey as short as my role was, I just want to say from the saints to the secular, vote for this girl.  I'm going to cry, she says as the audience cheers wildly with each coach's comments.  Coach Adam says I barely know you - we just met - but you have the same thing Owen has - we believe you, we understand, we feel the message you are trying to convey.  Every step of that performance, everyone felt you were telling the truth and that's why you're amazing.

It's time to find out who is Coach Adam's comeback artist, someone he lost from his own team, Nate Butler, who had a raw deal in the Knockouts - he killed his song.  Singing Sara Smile by Hall and Oats, he was exploring returning to college when he got the comeback call.  Adam says the song is rooted in what he wants to do, his smooth voice perfect.  But he cautions him to not get ahead of the song, be more laid back.  He doesn't want to just come back but push through to the Top 12.

He's got the moves down as the song begins but his vocal isn't quite as smooth and easy.  He is trying to do so much with his voice, the song loses its fluidity the comfort and emotional message.  He has trouble with the low notes and slipping from his middle register to his falsetto is his strongest point.  I almost think singing something like Stay by Jackson Brown would have been a better song choice.  This just didn't work for me.

Blake says he is smooth and silky, when you think you've heard everything, throws in another run, that big falsetto part at the end, the element of surprise is big money for you.  Coach Adam says this new thing bringing someone back is incredible when you know you lost someone you wanted to keep in a previous round.  Especially with you because dude, those little runs, coming down the mountain like that, the subtleties and nuance of what you do are so awesome, you're going to be here a while.

From Team Pharrell, Caity Peters is singing Adele's I'll Be Waiting.  Normally a ballad singer, this is more uptempo.  He tells her to use her vibrato more.  She's confident singing high after working with him.  She wants to say she did everything she could to be in the Top 12.

She jumps into the vocal in her lower register, but that's not a space in which she's very strong. She's having a good time, working the audience, but it's when she moves up into her middle register for the chorus, that's when she shines, strong and bubbly.  Her second verse remains in the sweet spot and now the power vocals really shine.  The guitars dropping out to encourage the audience to sing along.  All in all, I think she bit off more than she could chew here.

Christina says I was so happy to see your energy, everything was brought to life, loved your 60's dress, you did Adele well as Caity.  Coach Pharrell says listening to you sing reminds me we never know we are in our own jail until we set ourselves free and just have fun. Today you released your spirit and let everyone know who you are and what you want to do. You made that song your own.

Written up in Vogue Teen, from Team Adam, it's Caroline Burns, singing All I Want by Kodaliine.  She's a teeny person, Adam says, with a big voice. He tells her to focus on confidence and don't be tentative.  There's this beast in you, he tells her, and it's going to be an amazing moment if you just let it out.

Caroline starts out sweet and sincere, a bit light and content, her voice sugary and quiet.  Then the song kicks into second gear and her vocal takes on a more dramatic, angst-filled tone. She doesn't try to throw down on the song, so her voice is able to fill the performance  with some great runs that provide dynamic accents.  Not the best performance of the night but not the worst by a long shot.  She's just cute and easy to like.

Blake says there is something about her that reminds me of Danielle Bradbury, a tiny little girl who sings something that blows your face off like it's no big deal.  The talent just pours out of you, he says.  Pharrell says it's amazing to see you transform along your journey, this was a totally different level that I didn't expect, country and folksy, that big note at the top, beautiful.

Coach Adam says you were fantastic. Hopefully everyone gets their moment where people get it and they break through.  It happens at different times for different people, and you've been very steady throughout the competition, but I still think there's something even better coming, something's gonna happen.

We continue with Team Adam's Brian Nhira, singing Alive by Sia.  He is amazed by the reaction his performances have been getting, including a young non-verbal girl who responded to his Blind Audition of Jesus Loves Me.  Adam says this song has his energy.  He's both a great personality and a talented singer. He wants to draw out more pain and make the song believable. He wants to be more vulnerable than he's ever been before.

Brian stands nervously as the piano opens the song, giving way to a pounding guitar beat setting a dramatic vibe, his vocal quiet but resilient, his voice delivering the vocals fast and furious, coming to a halt for the chorus in dramatic fashion.  The transition into the power notes is a little rough, but he does a great job of not getting tripped up on the verses.  His second chorus is much stronger and his energy seems to pick up the further along he goes.  His final power note felt a bit stressed but he pulled it though.

Christina says Sia is so hard to execute, especially as a male, crazy range you have.  That was crazy, loved it.  Pharrell says congratulations on having such a fun life with a voice like that. Those high notes are so high, and you stayed in key the whole time, never wavered off, it was like a bagpipe, so high. I don't know how you do it - it defies logic.

Coach Adam says I always worry about my team but Brian's game time, I don't have to worry. You have this confident air about you, it's refreshing. It was a great job but the good news is you will never, ever in your life have to sing a harder song than that. I don't know how you sang that song.

Our final artist tonight comes from Team Pharrell, it's Hannah Huston, singing Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin.  Her preschoolers wrote a book for so she wouldn't forget them while on the show.  She's a natural, Pharrell says, a soul pop artists.  She loves the song but it stretches her voice, a task and a half.  He pierces into my soul, she says of her coach.

Hannah takes the stage with a soft, cottony vocal, beautiful and bluesy, with a little guttural acrobatics.  Her voice isn't as big as Aretha's but but she throws everything she has behind it as she explodes into the second verse, then just as suddenly dialing it back, her range and dynamics on full throttle.  The audience response as her emotions burst out at the end for a memorable performance.

Blake says watching you perform, there's something you exude, a combination of desperation and frustration inside of you that you just have to get it out, and you do, it's just easy to get caught up in your performances. Coach Pharrell says amazing job, your students are correct, you are super colorful when you sing, when you're hitting those notes and going up and down and all around the room like that, it's amazing the way you steal all our hearts.

That brings to a close the performance part of our first week of the Season 10 Live Playoffs.  Voting is now open for all methods.  Only the top 3 from each team will make it through.  Who do you want to be in the Top 12?  

From Team Blake, will it be Paxton Ingram, Katie Basden, Joe Maye, Adam Wakefield, Mary Sarah or Justin Whisnant?  From Team Christina, will it be Ryan Quinn, Kata Hay, Nick Hagelin, Tamar Davis, Bryan Bautista or Alisan Porter?  From Team Pharrell, will it be Daniel Passino, Emily Keener, Moushumi, Lacy Mandigo, Caity Peters or Hannah Huston?  From Team Adam, will it be Laith Al-Saadi, Owen Danoff, Shalyah Fearing, Nate Butler, Caroline Burns or Brian Nhira?

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The Live Playoffs  - Round One - The Results

This is The Voice! I'm Carson Daly and tonight your Top 12 will be revealed.  Please say hello to your coaches: Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton!

Teams will get cut in half tonight. The top 2 from each team with the most votes will automatically advance to Monday's Top 12 Live show, and then our coaches will have to make a tough decision - they can only save one of their remaining 4 artists.  

Let's kick things things off with Team Pharrell, performing Don't You Worry Child (Swedish House Media), please welcome Daniel Passino, Emily Keener, Moushumi, Lacy Mandigo, Caity Peters and Hannah Huston!

Last night, Daniel sang When I Was Your Man.  Emily sang Still Crazy After All These Years.  Moushumi sang Love Yourself.  Lacy Love Is A Battlefield.  Caity sang I'll Be Waiting.  Hannah sang Ain't No Way.  Two will move on by your votes, one will be saved by their coach and for the other three, it's the end of the line.

Team Pharrell is in the hot seat right now and it's time to find out how America voted.  It's time to reveal which 2 artists received the most votes and were saved by America.  Here we go.  

America saved...  Hannah Huston! You're moving on to the Top 12!  Congratulations!

America also saved...   Daniel Passino!  From Comeback Artist to the Top 12.  Congratulations.  

That leaves Caity, Emily, Lacy and Moushumi.  Here comes the hard part, Pharrell, you can only pick one to move on to the Top 12.  Pharrell tells them that they all did amazing jobs.  The clock is ticking.

Moushumi knows what she wants to do, she's already shown she can do it.  No matter what happens, you have to stay the course and don't let the people around the world down.  Lacy, you're the rock'n'roll chik you always wanted to be - all I did was hold up a mirror.  Emily, you are transported from another time.  And Caity, you have conquered amazing feats to offer the world, it's been fun to watch.

Coach, now the tough part. Which one of these artists will you save? Which one will you save?  Emily Keener, says Pharrell.

Season One winner Javier Colon stops by to plug his new single and album dropping Friday, Gravity.  Another team member from Team Adam who won the whole thing, his new album, Something Beautiful, is currently topping the album charts, now Jordan Smith returns to The Voice, singing his new single, Stand In The Light. Here's Jordan Smith!

Welcome home, Carson says, your album is awesome.  Team Blake is next, with their group performance of Hey Brother (Avicii).

Let's take a look at Team Blake's performances.  Paxton Ingram sang How Deep Is Your Love.  Katie Basden sang Georgia Rain.  Joe Maye sang Long Train Runnin'.  Adam Wakefield sang Seven Spanish Angels.  Mary Sarah sang (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden.  And Justin Whisnant sang Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares).

Which Team Blake members received the most votes and were saved by America?  Let's get to it.  

America Saved...   Adam Wakefield!  Congratulations, you're in the Top 12!

America also saved...   Mary Sarah!  Two country artists from Team Blake saved by the overnight votes of America.

That leaves Paxton, Katie, Joe, Justin and an agonizing decision by Coach Blake.  You can only pick one of these incredible artists to advance to the Top 12. Blake says he hopes they have had as much fun as he has so far.  You've already had an impact out there, so congratulations. There's something special about all four of you, it sounds corny, but each of you is different and special and this decision sucks. I'm glad this is the last time this season we coaches have to make a decision.

I'm sorry to three of you, Blake says, but the artist who is moving on is a guy I've believed in from the beginning...  Paxton!

From Team Christina, here's Ryann Quinn, Kata Hay, Nick Hagelin, Tamar Davis, Bryan Bautista and Alison Porter with Stars (Grace Potter & The Nocturnals).

Let's take a look back at Team Christina's performances.  Ryan sang I'm Not The Only One.  Kata sang (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.  Nick sang Stay.  Tamar sang Rise Up.  Bryan sang Pillowtalk.  And Alisan sang Cry Baby.  Two will move on by your vote, a third chosen by Coach Christina.  For the remaining three, it's the end of the line.  It's time to reveal which two artists were saved by America.  here we go.  

America saved...   Alisan Porter!  Welcome to the Top 12!

America also saved...  Nick Hagelin, Christina's Comeback Artist is in the Top 12!   

That leaves Bryan, Kata, Tamar and Ryan.  Coach Christina, you can only pick one to join Nick and Alisan in the Top 12 next week. Working with all four of you has been so amazing, the buzz behind the scenes, out there, Christina has never had such a consistently stellar team. You are all incredible vocalists and it humbles me to work with you.  It isn't fair when we get to this point in the competition and I have so much talent standing up there.  

Christina continues: Each one of you deserves to move on but only one can stick around.  Know you've made an impact on the competition and America.  We need a steal at this point.  I do have to make a choice and I believe in all of you with all of my heart. I truly do and want you to go beyond the show and keep going after your dream, you're all so capable.  I love you all.

Finally, Christina reveals I have to go with...  You are all so incredibly talented, it's not fair, but I have to go with who America is really responding to right now, Bryan Bautista!  You have been saved by Coach Christina and are in the Top 12!

Only 3 more spots remain in the Top 12 and Team Adam takes the stage together to perform Daniel's Song (Elton John).  Here's Laith Al-Saadi, Owen Danoff, Shalyah Fearing, Nate Butler, Caroline Burns and Brian Nhira!

Last night on Team Adam, Laith sang With A Little Help From My Friends.  Owen sang Hero.  Shalyah sang Listen.  Nate sang Sara Smile.  And Brian sang Alive.  Two of these artists were voted into the Top 12 by your votes, America, one will be saved by their coach, and for the remaining three it's all over.  This is it.

America saved...   Shalyah Fearing!  You're moving on!  The youngest in this competition is now in the Top 12!  

America also saved...   Laith Al-Saadi!  Congratulations, you're in the Top 12!

That leaves Owen, Nate, Caroline and Brian.  Coach Adam, what do you have to say to your remaining artists? Look at what we did, Adam says, no other team is this diverse.  Every single one of you is so different and I am so proud you are my team. It makes it even more impossible because we just got started and I want all of you.  Awe man.  Shh, I need to think.  Here's what I'm going to do.  I was not expecting - I didn't know what to expect.  

Coach, which one of these artists will you save?  I'm going to save Owen, Adam says.  Owen, you're moving on!  Congratulations, you're in the Top 12!

Wow, what a night and what a week!  We'll be back next Monday with your Top 12 live!

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The Live Playoffs - The Top 12 - Performances


This is The Voice! Last week, Season 10 of The Voice went live as 12 diverse and talented artists emerged.  Tonight, the power shifts to America as the 12 sing elusively for your votes.  No more Steals, no more Saves.  To prepare the artists for their biggest challenge yet, their coaches will push them like never before. Only the best of the best will move on and have a shot at being named The Voice!

Please welcome your host, Carson Daly!  And give it up for your coaches, Mr. Adam Levine, looking dapper tonight!  The coolest, Pharrell Williams!  The lovely Christina Aguilera!  And matching tonight, Blake Shelton!  The Top 12 will perform tonight and then tomorrow one artist will go home no matter what team he or she is on.  Voting is open now through 12pm ET.

Special announcement, our Final Four artists will debut brand new original singles this season during our Finale.  We kick off our Top 12 performances with the only remaining country female artist remaining, from Team Blake, Mary Sara.

Team Blake's Mary Sarah is singing So Small by Carrie Underwood, it's the type of song she leans to, about conquering problems, something she's learned from her brother who was born with diabetes.  Blake says she can conquer all areas of country music.  He warns her not to pinch her vocal chords but to pull out all the stops.  He says the song sounds like she should be stationary.

In a elegant dress, her voice is clear and infused with energy and the song upbeat, but her vocal sometimes gets lost behind the music.  It sounded a bit thin at times as if the song was a bit bigger than she was.  Sweet and sincere but not going to be one of my favorites tonight, I don't think.

Christina says she delivered a solid performance.  Pharrell asks if she knew back in the boot store that she would one day be here belting out Carrie Underwood for her coach, Blake Edwards.  I had high hopes and dreams, she says.  Look where your dreams got you, he says.  Adam says the owner of Boot Barn has to be thinking, Yes!  They should be sending us a package, Blake jokes.  Adam says it's so cool you go temporary instead of being an old school singer, you did your own thing with it and your version was very unique.

Coach Blake says I know you did a great job because I got completely wrapped up in the lyrics of that song.  You delivered the lyrics of that song, walking that fine line between traditional feeling and contemporary sound.  

Next up from Team Adam is Laith Al Saadi, singing Born Under A Bad Sign by Albert King, one of Liath's favorite blues songs.  Adam tells him that people don't always appreciate subtly so grow into the growl.  Everyone will be waiting for it and you won't get a second chance at it, so work yourself into a frenzy, he tells him.  People need that.  Adam says he's a straight-shooting musician who leaves it all out there and makes no apologies for who he is.  The more you rip the heads off people, Adam tells him, the better it sounds.

Playing is blues guitar, the music is grooving, his vocal rolling with it, the growl used to accent the power of the words, this sounded like it belonged in a smoke filled back room where the whiskey was cheap and the beer flowed freely.  My one complaint is that when he wasn't growling out the lyrics, his voice was kind of bland.

Blake says I don't know good blues from bad blues - it all sounds good - but that has to be as good as it gets.  Adam was right - subtleties sometimes don't play and that's where you shine with that big o'l voice and big-assed beard, everything about you is larger than life and it works for you.  Pharrell talks to the audience saying, he's the real thing with real soul and blues in there, real guitar playing, and that solo on the end, that was amazing.

Coach Adam says from the beginning I was proud of what you represented, it's refreshing that you represent a broad spectrum of what music is and should be, your blues are so authentic, and you keep getting better, which makes you so special.  Beyond proud, you killed it.

It's the last male standing on Team Pharrell, Daniel Passino, singing Human Nature by Michael Jackson. The origin of everything he loves about pop music comes from Michael Jackson but that also makes him nervous. He wants to do it different, starting with a acoustic and growing out.  Pharrell says he is so zoned in, he's essentially producing the song.  That's what I want to do when I become an artist, he says.  Pharrell stops him in his tracks: You already are an artist.  Don't think he says, that just gets in the way.

With shooting stars on the video wall behind him and underneath as he stands on atop stairs with more video panels, the acoustic kicks off with his soft and tender voice, soothing and comforting, as he casually walks down the steps.  He slips into pop mode, pumping with the music, working the tweenage girls.  The whole thing is sung in his upper register and it is so innocent and pure, full of Michaelisms, and then he sings the whole end of the song in his falsetto.  

Adam says it's it's amazing what confidence does, you've turned into a whole different person. You were comfortable enough to laugh in the middle of the performance, I've never been that comfortable. You straight up did that and it was really smooth and fun.  Christina says that was awesome, loved the nod in my direction, very smooth, your confidence is showing and it's a great look for you.

Coach Pharrell says I can't take any praise out of this, this is all due to you. I can't imagine how your mind was racing when you were sent home, but I imagine you were thinking about what you would do differently if you could just do it again.  But look at what you just did - you just killed it.

Continuing with Team Pharrell is Emily Keener, singing Lilac Wine by Jeff Buckley.  She respects the deep insight into human emotion. Pharrell says she transports people to a different time with her beautiful deep runs.  He says the beautiful delicate things can combat the vocal acrobatics of other singers. She wants to win America over with this performance.

Opening with a bit of a monotone, emotionless vocal, playing a light strokes on a guitar, she has the audience spellbound and silent as the camera slowly pulls back then into an overhead shot. Long, sustained notes, packing pounds of passion into the pitch perfect intonation, the emotion falling out of her eyes as she just delivers a hugely sedate, sensitive and powerful performance, bringing the coaches to their feet.

Adam says he's so happy she did that song, it was perfect, people know that song now because of you, it was stunning.  Christina says that's what I was waiting for from you all this time, tapping into that magic, that was magical, you tapped into so many emotions during that performance, tender, boisterous and intense and aggressive, then soft and super high, so far my favorite performance of the night.

Coach Pharrell says amazing.  Not only are you a singer/songwriter, but you're a beautiful vocalist. That super long beautiful long breathtaking note was unbelievable. So much so it was as if you had to shake it off when you finished, you were drained by the spirit. This is a 17yr old girl!

Now we go to Team Christina with Nick Hagelin, singing Mine Would Be You by Blake Shelton.  He only heard the song a month ago but it made it immediately think of his wife. Christina says his voice is really great when he's slow and fluid and he's made this song to work for him. That's where the passion is, she advises.  The only thing he had going for him at 18 when he met his bride was music, so this song's for her.

Playing the piano atop an elevated platform, his partially hidden in shadow but his vocal is shining, soft and cuddly, romantic and pleasing.  He steps away to sing directly to the audience, though really he's singing only to his wife, big smiles when their eyes connect. His voice is light and energetic, throwing in a sweet falsetto, and plenty of fluid hand and body motions.  Sweet and pretty.

Pharrell says this is like a whole new thing. First, Blake should write more songs for you, you give them life, besides the great life he gives them.  Man, I can see you on the charts with that, brings out a whole new side of you and I Like it.  Nick moved around the stage more than Blake's ever done in his entire life, quipps Adam.  Blake says it freaked me out when I saw you did it, now when I play in Dallas, people will shout that they want the Nick Hagelin version.  Really cool ideas.

Coach Christina says Nick is a pleasure to work with, he's so humble and takes direction well, great charisma, great dedication to y our wife of 10 years, who knew you liked country. There's a lot more to discover about Nick.

We return to Team Blake with Adam Wakefield, singing Soulshine by The Allman Brothers Band.  He and his brother grew up playing the song across America in crappy little brothers before his death from drugs. Blake thinks the dark, bluesy chords confuses the message, so Adam suggests opening with some gospel chords. This is his first step, he says, to set the groundwork for his roots in southern rock.  Blake suggests a dramatic stop for the band to allow him to hit a big note. His voice is magic, Blake says, I'll listen to him all night long. I love Adam.  Not the wimpy Adam but the other one.

Opening with a church organ into played on an actual organ, he sets the mood for a soulful performance and his voice sounds like sausage gravy on a fluffy biscuit. An unnecessary backup choir comes in as he ups the energy and power of his vocal, but his dramatic moment felt a little rushed. This was a great song and he did a good job with it, but I kept looking for something greater.

Pharrell asks, is that what we're doing, taking people to church and setting them free? They said they'd give me an organ, Adam says, so I said well all right, let's do it.  Pharrell says you not only set the groundwork for your career, you came in with a sick gospel intro, sang with such precision and vocal intention, people at home felt the way you intended for them to feel, you totally delivered that message.

Adam says competition aside, you will be able to do solo stuff, cover anyone, you can sing in all the best bands ever, you are just so far beyond the real deal, it's like you already have 12 records out and that was a Hall of Fame performance. Coach Blake says you are going to be around a long, long time, show or now show, you're on the right path, doing what you're meant to be doing and you look cool as hell when you do it. You're a star, dude.

From Team Christina comes Bryan Bautista, singing Kiss From A Rose by Seal.  She says he has legit talent and this is a moment for him to show off his softer side. She helps him express the agony and the pull of the song, a composition of emotion so he can really lay his heart out there, be Bryan finesse but still humble and tender.  His biggest challenge, he says, is to move everyone.

The song opens with light backup vocals sets the mode for soft and moody, the late night city lights on the video wall on a rainy night deliver an air of melancholy. His voice is equally light and fragile, suffused with hints of vocal power as he walks the catwalk into the audience, returning to slide into a more powerful, expressive vocal, but still smooth and soulful, ending in a super sweet falsetto.

Pharrell says your deal is there, there's a deal for you on the other end of the show for sure. Your accuracy was crazy, so much power on the high end, the way you walked through those notes in the middle was sick, especially apexing on the end, the way you walked people through it, you're singing the girls to sleep, it's perfect, bro, a lullaby.

Coach Christina says every girl needs to be lullabied to sleep by Bryan. He's such a gentleman, so sweet in rehearsal and just shines here on the stage, every time you're a star, the definition of what that should be.

From Team Adam, folk rocker Owen Danoff sings 7 Years by Lukas Graham.  Cut from the same cloth musically, Adam calls him the underdog. Owen wants to play bass on the song because that's the type of musician he is.  Being introverted is OK, Adam tells him, but singing out is OK.  The are some repeated lines that he needs to punch up more.  Adam suggests he can be more emotionally expressive without the bass, putting his whole body into it. Owen wants to show that Adam's faith in him wasn't misplaced.

Standing alone center stage, his Art Garfunkle-sounding voice fills the room with a sensitive, delicate vocal, emotionally urgent, the calendar-tripping ballad rolling through the years. After a pregnant pause, the song kicks into second gear as hope turns into angst, wondering where the time has gone.  Then the years drop off and he's back to 7 years old again.  That was an amazing performance but how it will stack up against some of the more powerful voices remains to be seen.

Pharrell says it's awesome to see someone who thinks they are shy to sing like that, you have a tender tone but then you pack such a mean punch, showing people a whole 'nother side of you. You're a great storyteller, so keep going on that path.  Coach Adam says we watched you bust out of that shell you were in these past few months, you walked with determination like you were going to kill somebody and the whole audience got behind you, I love to see you do that. You came alive tonight.

From Team Christina, Alisan Porter is singing Stone Cold by Demi Lovato, a big, bold and very bluesy song, Christina says. It's contemporary, Alisan says, I wanted to do something current. It's inspirational for anyone who is sober or trying to get sober. Christina tells her to milk the dramatic notes longer, then dive down with it.  It's a beautiful ballad, Christina says, that works perfectly for her. I'm growing through this process, Alisan says, in ways I never thought possible.

Dramatic, desperate, her voice shivers with the beat down of life, then rises to face another day with hope and optimism. She delivers a killer up-run into a power note, then drops back before putting her foot on the gas and letting loose her huge voice, proud and determined, the audience rising with her, wearing the emotions she is singing, closing with a sweet tender note.

All the coaches but Adam are on their feet. Adam says I don't know what to say, you're just, every year there's one person who epitomizes what the show is about and I wish you were on my team, I was blown away again, unbelievable.  Blake says what's there left for you to do, being so great. Doesn't it get boring being so awesome all the time? No, she laughs appreciatively, I want to keep going, keep getting better.  Can't you suck sometime? Give us something to talk about!

Coach Christina says I just cannot wait for the Alisan album to come out, to buy it and listen ot your voice all the time, you're like the highlight, waiting for the closer of the show to come out, waiting for that star at the end. You're everything, you're amazing.  The energy in the room changes before you even open your mouth.

From Team Blake comes Paxton Ingram, singing Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez.  Paxton is glad to be on Team Blake because he can be himself.  He's slowing it down but Blake says he doesn't have the grip he needs to have that intense feeling he needs for the ballad.  He needs to bring the energy that makes you feel the lyrics. He finds the right groove, telling Blake it comes from performing in church.

With strange fingerprints flashing up on all the video panels, his vocal at the top of the stairs in back of the stage is a bit disturbed, intense, fixated, yet soft and soulful as he moves easily atop the steps, then making his way down closer to the audience, smiling and dancing up to the girls in the front row, delivering big notes in total control of the stage even as he sings of being unable to resist his own urges.  A very strong performance by an artist who knows how to work it.

Pharrell says Miami should be very proud, a lot of interesting parts to that performance. In the middle you not only hit the high note but held it so we could all be very clear you're an amazing singer. When you perform, you enjoy lifting people when you do it. That definitely came through.  In the future, if I may make a suggestion, you should sing something inspirational because you'll definitely lift people up.

Coach Blake says I was thinking the same thing, you get all that from singing in church, you're awesome, you're going to be around, so next week that's what we're going to do, go to church.

We turn to Team Pharrell's Hanna Huston to sing Something's Got A Hold On Me by Etta James.  This was what she performed on her first audition to get on the show (before the Blinds).  Pharrell tells her she has to call the shots, when she doesn't make a decision, she leaves her future in someone else's hands.  She needs to embrace this and become the one.  She pushes the key higher and Pharrell says it was amazing to watch her take charge. She points her notes and Pharrell calls it her antennae, her magic trick.  

She opens digging deep into her voice and digging up that guttural sound that makes her so unique.  But when she comes off that dramatic peak, her voice loses a little of its edge. It's a weird mix of down-in-the-gutter blues and faith-healing gospel. I'm not sure when she transitioned into the sultry seductress, but with her backup singers standing in the audience, she creates the sensation of leading a revival with powerful, explosive and electrifying notes and runs.  Can you say Amen?

Adam says there's a new genre of music, alien soul, because what you do is so bizarrely not of this earth yet rooted in something we understand. Messed up and perfect.  As if ET could sing, Blake says for Adam.  That's not what I'm saying and everything you say is dumb, Adam retorts.  It's hard to not get wrapped up in your performances, Blake says, your song choices are so interesting, so unexpected. It's a shame you don't work the stage much (laughing), because there are a couple of square inches you missed. You have so much fun.

Coach Pharrell says you are doing Nebraska so proud, it's innate, it's in you, you're a natural, mountain ranges of notes, up/down, left/right, it's insane how you leave nothing out of it. You are killing it and inspiring so many people with your willingness to dream.

The final performance tonight comes from Team Adam's Shalyah Fearing, singing Up To The Mountain by Kelly Clarkson.  After last week's performance, she wants to dial it back and tell her life story through her music.  With an exclamation point, Adam adds. The best way to add embellishments he tells her, is to know exactly what is coming before and after, to embellish but with purpose.  

Standing on a platform in the middle of the audience, her vocal is in full on gospel mode, soft and spiritual, fans slowly waiving their hands as she delivers from deep within.  She returns to the stage and turns on the power, bending weak at the needs with the energy taken to expel her emotional performance.  There is nothing soft or delicate about her as she brings it home and us with her.  While not as big as last week, she once again staked her claim as front runner.

Christina says how gorgeous do you look in yellow. You're a fearless singer, you go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. I feel your heart when you sing and that's the most important quality for a singer, when people can feel your heart and passion.  Pharrell says I love feeling like I knew when you were going to press the gas because I wanted to enjoy the natural improvisational feel.  You have a good barometer on when to lift it and you lifted these people.

Coach Adam says it's hard to wrap my mind around the fact you just turned 16.  Christina was the only one to push her button for you, and without her and Pharrell, I would never have been able to see how incredible you were. I was late but I am so happy and impressed by the woman you are becoming, it blows my mind, I don't know where you get it.

That's it for tonight's DVR Delayed coverage of the Top 12 performances on The Voice.  Voting is open until 12pm ET Tuesday on all platforms.  Tuesday night, one of these artists will go home.  Join us for your results!

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The Live Playoffs - The Top 12 - Results


This is The Voice! It is Results Day and I'm Carson Daly. Please welcome your coaches, Adam Levine! Christina Aguilera! Pharrell Williams!  And there is Blake Shelton!  Every artist last night hit the Top 200 on the iTunes Single Chart, and 2 artists, Adam Wakefield and Alisan Porter, were in the Top 10.  We'll see if that was enough to keep them around.

But first, her new album is out, This Is What The Truth Feels Like, it's topping the charts, she's a 3 time Grammy Award winner, she is family around here, she's a coach, with her new single, Misery, here is the lovely Gwen Stefani!

The time has come to find out some of your results from last night. Let's bring out your top 12: Maray Sarah! Laith Al-Saadi!  Daniel Passino!  Emily Keener!  Nick Hagelin!  Adam Wakefield!  Bryan Bautista!  Owen Danoff!  Alisan Porter!  Paxton Ingram!  Hannah Huston!  And Shalyah Fearing!

In my hands are the names of the first two artists who are safe and advancing to the Top 11.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Blake...   Adam Wakefield!  Congratulations, you're moving on to the Top 11!

America also saved...   From Team Christina...   Alisan Porter, congratulations!

Let's bring out your remaining 10 artists center stage here on The Voice. In my hands now are the names of the next 2 artists who are safe and will advance to the Top 11.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Christina...   Bryan Bautista!  You're moving on!  Congratulations!

America also saved...   From Team Pharrell...   Daniel Passino!  The comeback kid moves on!

Bryan and Daniel joins Adam and Alisan in the Top 11.  The remaining artists are still at risk.

Now we turn to Coach Blake Shelton with his team, Mary, Adam and Paxton, singing I Love A Rainy Night by Eddie Rabbitt.

Back to business as we bring out our remaining 8 artists.  It's time to find out the names of the next 3 who are safe and advancing to the Top 11.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Adam...   Shalyah Fearing, the youngest in the competition moves on!

Every coach now has an artist advancing to next week's Top 11.  America also saved...   From Team Blake...   Paxton Ingram!

America also saved...   From Team Adam...   Laith Al-Saadi moves on to sing next week.

Laith, Paxton and Shalyah are moving on but the remaining 5 are still at risk.

Right now, Coach Adam joins his team, Laith, Owen and Shalyah, performing If You Want Me To Stay by Sly & The Family Stones.

It is time for more results. Let us bring out our 5 remaining artists.  Back down to business.  This is it. 3 of you will be saved tonight, the other two will fight for the Instant Save. Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Pharrell...   Hannah Huston, you're moving on, congratulations!

America also saved...   From Team Christina...  Nick Hagelin, comeback artist continues his streak. All Team Christina continues on.

America also saved...   Mary Sara, Team Blake.  Team Blake also unscathed tonight.  That leaves Emily Keener from Team Pharrell and Owen Dannoff from Team Adam to perform for your Instant Save.

Emily and Owne remain at risk and will now perform to show why they deserve to remain in the competition. Then you will tweet to save one of them.  Let's get to it.

Singing Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Willie Nelson), Emily Keener delivers a slow and melancholy vocal, playing the acoustic, but the performance is missing the emotional depth, especially when she glances down at her guitar neck to make sure she's got the key right.  Still, she's pretty and offers up a sad smile before closing strong.  Her coach gives her a big hug.

Christina is shocked she's in the bottom two, she's from another time, beyond talented, a raw natural gift, so multi-talented.  Coach Pharrell speaks to the heartland, middle America, you know what you heard, this is a 16yr old singer who knows where she wants to go in the real world and you can continue to push her forward because she deserves it, she's special.

Singing Lego House (Ed Sheeran), here's Team Adam's Owen Danoff.  A bit more up-tempo, he's also playing his acoustic with a sensitive but strong vocal, his voice clearly delivering the fast lyrics of the song.  He's more dynamic and energetic, more expressive and sentimental with his performance.  

Coach Adam says I'm at everyone's mercy. Owen won the most difficult Knockout round and I had to save him last week but he keeps growing, and his last performance was my favorite of his.  Give this guy the chance I know he deserves and I promise you he won't go anywhere for a long time.

Emily joins Owen on stage. The power is in your hands, America, you have 5 minutes to get your tweets in.  The Instant Save Window is now open.

The early returns show Owen with a 54% lead over Emily at 46%. 

The race tightens to 53% to 47%. 

You still have time to tweet to save one of these two artists. Emily thanks Pharrell for his guidance and support, and she's excited to embrace herself as an artist going forward. Owen tells Adam he's learned a lot about himself from his pushing.  

Pharrell tells America if you have a daughter, this is a 17yr old girl doing everything her parents taught her, she was a 4 chair turn, that is a special not just singer or entertainer, but a star.  They both are.  Adam says it's crazy they were both 4 chair turns to be sitting there. Owen, I hope you're satisfied, eye on the prize, I love to win, but it's not always about that. Who cares, you've shown so much growth and progression, everything from this point is bonus.

The time has come, the Instant Save window is now closed and one of you will move on to the Top 11 next week. The other will unfortunately leave The Voice tonight.  here we go.

America instantly saved...   Owen Dannoff!  You're moving on for Team Adam!  Put your hands together for Emily Keener.  Good night!

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The Live Playoffs - The Top Eleven - Performances

The entire theater is bathed in purple as Carson Daly introduces tonight's show as being a little different.  As everybody knows, the world lost an amazing music icon a few days ago, the passing of Prince.  Coaches, we thought that we would take a few minutes at the top of the show, a show that cares so much about music, to let you guys talk a little bit about your appreciation for him.

Adam Levine says it's been so shocking that it's been hard to process. We just woke up and he was gone.  One of the most profound musical influences on me, the whole world felt his presence, he did things his way, always, until the end, and I have a lot of respect for someone who can continue to make amazing music and never change who he was. That's inspiring and I'll miss this guy so much.

Pharrell says I will never forget when I was a little boy, my aunt would get her records in the mail and when Purple Rain, it played for the rest of the summers of my childhood.  I will never forget what the songs felt like, this guy continued to do it.  It's a shock.  We're going to miss him.  But every time I see purple, and I know everyone else too, we will be thinking of Prince.

Christina says it's devastating but he will always be an inspiration for every generation to come in music.  It's so fascinating and amazing to listen to his genius on record, so many songs no matter what age or era, would be a hit, a true sign of someone who's timeless and legendary.  I loved his passion for artists and artists' rights, and truly staying genuine and authentic to music; there was nothing manufactured about what he did or what he stood for.

Blake says I wish I would have had a chance to meet him, so I can only speak as a fan like most of us, but his music still to this day can change my mood.  His music was larger than life and now he's gone.  It's a shock and upsetting and he's already missed.

As we celebrate music tonight, our thoughts and prayers are with Prince's family and friends, all around the world.  Your Top 11 will perform next; only the Top 10 will advance to next week.  No time to waste.

We kick things off with the youngest artist in the competition, from Team Adam, 16yr old Shalyah Fearing with The Climb (Miley Cyrus).  Adam says it's not something you might expect for her but it's a perfect inspirational song.  She's showing she can do anything he says.  He cautions her about chewing on the first verse but she murdered the chorus.  The emotion is there, he says, give it all in a heartfelt way.  

She opens subtle and dreamily, soft and beautiful, feeling the words then kicking it into gear with the first chorus, delivering the power notes with ease and without drama.  Her energy picks up with the second verse, throwing some grit behind her voice, adding to the power leading up into the chorus.  For the final chorus, she lets her voice free for an enthralling performance.

Blake says your voice is so exciting, you sounded great, I could tell how true to your story you are. Your journey is just starting.  Christina says beautiful rendition of the song, a great story, ironic to everything you're going through.  Those notes, everything, it was nice hearing something different from the gospel you were doing.  Pharrell says you didn't do what you've done before but I could still hear the gospel in you. A lot of girls watched that performance and can really relate to that song, the lyrics, keeping climbing and having faith.  Plus that high note at the end, congratulations!

Coach Adam says you're amazing, you are like the embodiment of the dream described in the song, and you are so unbelievably advanced in talent for your age. You have it all and I think the room spoke for everybody, this as an amazing moment.

Just a reminder that voting is now open on The Voice app; all other methods will open at the end of the show through 12pm ET tomorrow.  We continue with Team Pharrell's comeback artist, Daniel Passino, singing Cindy Lauper's timeless Time After Time.  Showing off his vulnerable side and multiple layers, he's using Pink's version as a guide.  Pharrell tells him to sing to the front row girls and they'll lose it.  Play things up like Michael and Justin.  Daniel wants to be a student of music and Pharrell compliments his emoting and dynamics.  You're ready for the world, he says.

With an acoustic guitar for accompaniment, his voice is soulful and quietly passionate, sincere and yearning.  He takes the hand of one front row girl as the audience is all slowly waiving their hands.  He kneels down and takes another girl's hand into his own, not missing an emotional beat, smiling, offering strength and hope, slipping into his classic falsetto at the end to set the audience off as he concludes his performance with the same ease and simplicity with which he started.

Blake says you are so smooth, your voice is so strong but there's a smoothness and coolness, but nothing was smoother than at the end when you kind of waived at one of the ladies with your fingers.  That's votes right there, buddy.  Christina says kudos to Pharrell as your coach, he gives you spot on notes and encouragement, your a sponge and your confidence keeps growing. That money note at the end was everything.  

Coach Pharrell says you took your time, you worked the room, your note choices were signature, you really made that performance your own, even though it was inspired by the Pink performance, and that last note was so crazy, they were clapping while you were still singing. I don't know I've ever seen that before.

Next up is an inspirational performance from Team Blake's Paxton Ingram that was actually suggested by Coach Pharrell, Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobbs.  This is going back to the basics he says.  A complete left turn, Blake says, going right back to Miami.  This is self-declaring, Paxton says, that I'm not going to let anything hold me back from going forward.  Blake suggests he start the song a half lower and hit the peak a couple modulations higher to create more of a sense of journey.  You sound great on everything but you sound special on this, Blake tells him.

He opens solid and infused with the spirit, glowing with the power of youthful faith, powerful and unafraid to push his vocal to its limits.  After a key change upwards, the background vocalists join him on stage as he's bouncing around with the power and energy of the Lord.  A third key change and there's no question our blood is pumping and we've been taken to church.  And the audience is fired up.

Pharrell says dude, bro, that was like an unleashing of power, the modulation, to Blake's credit, was genius.  I thought it was two and then the third one came and I was like, wow.  That's when I felt like I've seen or felt you the freest, now America and the 305, Miami, know who Paxton is.  Adam says you're such an amazing performer, this was perfect for you to take all your skill and soulfulness and do something you haven't done before. I was blown away, and as much as it hurts me to the core to say it, and most of the credit has to go to Pharrell, but Blake deserves credit. An amazing situation.

Coach Blake thanks Pharrell.  This is so awkward, Pharrell says, this should be about Paxton.  I've seen this guys smile every time I've seen him, Blake says, but I've never seen this smile before, I think it's because of what you just did.  We've heard Paxton the singer and the artist but this time you opened your heart up to everyone and it was incredible.

Last week Team Adam's Owen Danoff was Instantly Saved and this week he performs Fire and Rain by James Taylor.  He's lost a childhood friend, Nile, who joined the Marines and didn't make it back from deployment, so he connects deeply with the song.  Adam says it's an honor that James Taylor cleared this song specifically for Owen.  Be a student of the song and by the end, emote and give some intensity.  His voice is pure, Adam says.  Your back is up against the wall so you have to give it everything.  I have to know this song like the back of my hand to give the emotional performance it deserves, he says.

With a little tremble in his voice, he's in heavy shadow (what's with the lighting this season) as he delivers a tender, vocal while playing his acoustic guitar, his voice sweet and sensitive, sad and defeated.  As the performance progresses, he gets stronger and more determined, bridging to defiant and optimistic as he showed off his range and carefully crafted power.  The way he ended it was especially emotional and well done and the audience responded appropriately.

Christina says you are a great storyteller, keeping it simple and strong, vulnerable and well-executed. It's nice to see you're versatile.  Coach Adam says I got lucky this season with you, someone I have a lot in common with, that song has a lot of importance to me and I loved that version. You represent something very different from the others on the show and I'm proud to carry the torch for you.

Christina says you are a great storyteller, keeping it simple and strong, vulnerable and well-executed. It's nice to see you're versatile.  Coach Adam says I got lucky this season with you, someone I have a lot in common with, that song has a lot of importance to me and I loved that version. You represent something very different from the others on the show and I'm proud to carry the torch for you.

Her vocal is cuddly and a little flirty, gently swaying with the beet, opening up with a strong, dreamy chorus vocal.  She glad hands the front row for the second verse then pulls back for the powerful refrain, dialing it back to an emotional inflection point, then hitting the chorus again.  I think this would have been a great point to insert a falsetto but instead she goes down octave before coming back for her climax.

Christina says you keep introducing me to new songs and that was awesome.  Beautiful job, consistent, strong.  Pharrell says that was my first time hearing that song so I can't judge it but you spent so much time on your higher register, and I give it to you for being able to remain there at that height for so long. And in a very pleasant way, that dress is very distracting.

Coach Blake tells Pharrell to settle down.  This is her moment, and I think you'll move the dial at iTunes, he tells her, you've taken the song and made it your own.  Do you yodel, he asks?  You should do that, you have that break, that flip in your voice, you could do that so naturally.  I've never yodeled, she says, laughing, but I'll try.

Next, from Team Christina, comes Alisan Porter, singing Stay With Me Baby by Lorraine Ellison.  She wants to show she can have her career and family too and credits her husband for helping make it true.  Everyone who has covered this song has done it differently and that's the challenge for her. Christina says it brings out a different element in her voice, go for the more theatrical background, a long extended note.  She wants to dive in and become someone else.  Being a mom makes her stronger, to bring them along on this journey with her.

With a dramatic opening musical flourish, the vocal is kind of sleepy, emotionally suppressed as she builds to a powerful explosion of feeling. She hits the chorus pleading, then takes a more defiant attitude for the second verse, maintaining the building up for a passionate second verse.  Her chorus is big and confident even as she's begging, delivering a big glittery finish that has everyone on their feet.

Adam says shhh to the audience.  I prefer to be right about whose going to when when they're on my team and I do like to be right (her baby makes some noise an Blake says that's cheating) and I still wish you were on my team but you're going to take this thing and win it. Blake says we just don't see much growth in your performances, because where is there to go anymore? You can't lie and say you weren't that great today. This moment you're having, from where you've been to owning this moment.

Coach Christina says you walked away from show business for your family but now you're out here every single week to make your family proud.  You're phenomenal.

We continue with Team Christina's Bryan Bautista, singing Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars.  He sang this song to his little sister for her sweet sixteen birthday.  It's very Marvin Gaye, Christina says, and it's amazing on him.  She encourages him to throw in some flourishes on the end of the notes.  He wants to add some personalization to his sister. who will be in the audience.  He hopes staying true to who he is will take him all the way to the finals.

The tempo is up beat and his vocal is fast and suave and sophisticated, his voice mostly in his upper register, backup vocals on one side and brass power on the other, he reminds me of a wedding singer, his vocal silky and romantic, and it had the desired effect as his sister can be seen tearing up in the audience.   He's smooth and effortless.

That was effortless, Pharrell concurs, that power you have in your upper register is crazy.  Crazy, echos Christina.  Every time think that's a nice high note, you come back with more colors.  That Marvin break in the middle was awesome, and that false note at the end was sick, then that super colorful ending just now just proves you're headed for pop music. Adam says you have the greatest range of anybody, it's so pristine and stays powerful, very enviable.  

Coach Christina says once again, super silky smooth, amazing choices, it's hard what you do with such accuracy but you have that old school ability to deliver anything.

From Team Blake, Adam Wakefield's mom comes to visit from Scotland.  Singing Lights by Journey, for the first time.  He wants to Otis Redding it.  Blake says he needs to take more liberties with his falsetto and encourages him to make more changes with the melody.  Every time he does it, Blake says, he goes to the next level.

Also with a brass section, he's behind the piano with an up tempo, feel good vocal.  I might have gone up a key but he's got the suave, sophisticated yet laid back and easy going vibe, contradictory yet coming together with great dynamics and vocal acrobatics.  The band comes to a sudden halt and he takes the mic for a reset stroll, throwing in a little falsetto.  It was strong but I was looking for it to be a little bigger.

Pharrell says man, what, dude.  You have a classic voice that comes straight out of 70's southern rock, and I just discovered a whole 'nother thing I didn't know you had in you, some Steve Winwood, the modulation in the bridge, you made it super soulful, the false was so soulful.  Big Machine Records should be watching you right now, you are ready.  Adam says I don't know about music business stuff but I know music, and you are amazing, you look and lean one way in music, but you do everything and traverse a lot of ground in a single performance. It's really singular.

Coach Blake says the amazing thing is you have this opportunity, you always know there's a little more he's going to give it, and you give it when it matters most. I can't even think the notes you sang tonight.

Next from Team Christina is Nick Hagelin, who is dealing with a family crisis on top of the competition - his son fell on the playground and broke his shin.  His whole leg in a cast, he watched as his dad survived last week's results.  This week he is singing Your Body Is A Wonderland by John Mayer, playing guitar again for the first time with Team Christina. She tells him he's coming into his own by the second verse so now he has to find a way to apply it to the first.  Be conscious  of being smooth and fluid, she tells him. He thrives in the live environment, he says, this is his life.  

The band kicks off stripped down, allowing his quiet, tender voice to come forward, growing with each line of lyric delivered, jumping into and out of his falsetto with romantic ease, a smile always on his face.  His vocal is intimate enough to demand you pay attention. He picks it up and adds some bounce in the middle of the song, and he closes by encouraging the audience to clap along with his finale.

Blake says, over the audience's screams, I like seeing you getting back to this thing, staying in center, playing the guitar, this was one of your better performances and I swear it's like Jason Bourne picked up the guitar in the middle of the movie and rocked the house, then ran off and shot someone.  Is that just me, or do y'all see this.  It's like Jason Bourne picked up the gittar, Adam mocks, with his falsetta.  Coach Christina says you have the best energy, you're so charismatic on stage, there's an energy when you come on stage that makes you so lovable and why you have such a following.

Now we head over to Team Pharrell's pre-school teacher, Hannah Huston, singing I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt, something kind of pulled back and stripped down.  She'd love to write songs like this someday.  Pharrell says she needs some topography, some height, with instruments coming in like animals creeping in from the forest, led by her voice.  Pharrell loves that she's producing this song herself.  She wants to sing with heart and deliver a tender moment.

With a grand piano on either side, her vocal is strong and country, sincere and soulful, strong and independent, gracefully confident in her own emotions and limitations.  She throws a little grit into the start of her runs, punches the emotion with her fists, elegant and tender at the end, garnering the appreciation of the audience.

Adam says jeez, as the cheers continue.  What's great about you is you can sing so proficiently but you still have a unique character in your voice, you have that thing that's really cool.  Coach Pharrell says all of Nebraska tuning in are standing up right now, that was so eloquent, you were generous with the range and patient with the song, you make us all ask where that feeling comes from when you sing.

We close out the show with Team Adam's Laith Al-Saadi, singing Make It Rain by Ed Sheeran.  He doesn't think he's what America is looking for - he's not young or pretty, so each week he is voted through is an honor and a boost of confidence.  Adam wanted him to do something contemporary but it has all the components of old school blues.  Adam tells him to not give out all his candy at the front but to really let loose at the end.  It has the drama you need, Adam tells him.

Weeping with his electric guitar, he lays into a classic blues/soul performance, dripping with sorrowful emotion, a huge, powerful chorus that demands attention from above in it's earnest angst.  The performance is dramatic and 2/3 through he delivers his own guitar solo before dominating the chorus one last time and letting his fingers finish making the statement his voice started.

Blake says it's funny that you're so honored America voted you through because we can't wait for you to come out each time, you're a breath of fresh air.  Pharrell asks what are the names of the albums he's made.  Long Time Coming, Laith says, In The Round and Real.  Not only vote for this man, Pharrell says, but go get these albums on the iTunes charts.  Coach Adam has only 15 seconds to say he was amazing.

All voting methods are now open.  Who was your favorite tonight?  Was it Shalyah Fearing?  Daniel Passino?  Paxton Ingram?  Owen Danoff?  Mary Sarah? Alisan Porter?  Bryan Bautista?  Adam Wakefield?  Nick Hagelin?  Hannah Huston?  Or Laith Al-Saadi?  We'll be back tomorrow night for your results!

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Live Playoffs - The Top Eleven - Results

This is The Voice! I'm Carson Daly and we're live with your results. Give it up for your coaches - Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, the lovely Christina Aguilera and the cowboy, Blake Shelton.  We have a busy night tonight, finding out which 10 artists will advance to next week's live show.  Once again, we'll announce the 2 artists with the lowest number of votes and they'll have one last chance to sing for your Twitter Instant Save.

First, he's one of country music's bright new stars with his new single, T-Shirt, give it up for Thomas Rhett!

Let's take a look back at last night's performances.  From Team Adam, Shalyah Fearing sang The Climb, Owen Dannoff sang Fire And Rain and Laith Al-Saadi sang Make It Rain.  From Team Pharrell, Daniel Passino sang Time After Time and Hannah Huston sang I Can't Make You Love Me.  From Team Blake, Paxton Ingram sang Break Every Chain, Mary Sarah sang Johnny and June and Adam Wakefield sang Lights.  From Team Christina, Alisan Porter sang Stay WIth Me Baby, Bryan Bautista sang Just The Way You Are and Nick Hagelin sang Your Body Is A Wonderland.

It's time to reveal some of your results so please welcome your Top 11.  Artists, good luck to all of you tonight.  One of Laith's albums is now at the top of the iTunes blues chart at the urging of Pharrell last night, plus 9 singles on Blues and he is so grateful.  

After last night's performances, America voted and I have the names of the two artists safe and advancing to the Top 10.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Blake...   Mary Sarah, congratulations!

America also saved...   From Team Christina...   Nick Hagelin advances to the Top 10!  Christina's comeback artist continues!

Don't forget that every song downloaded from iTunes counts as 10 votes towards your favorite artist, accumulating season long.

Let's bring out the remaining 9 artists as the eliminations continue.  I have the names of the next two artists who are safe and moving on to next week's live show.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Adam...   Laith Al-Saadi, you are moving onto the Top 10!  Congratulations!

America also saved...   From Team Christina...   Alisan Porter!

Before we get to more results, Coach Pharrell joins his team for the first time this season, singing Let Love Rule (Lenny Kravitz), please welcome Daniel Passino, Hannah Huston and Pharrell Williams!

Let's bring our 7 remaining artists back out center stage as the eliminations continue.  Best of luck to you.  I will now announce two more names saved by America's votes; the remaining 5 will still be at risk of elimination.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Pharrell...   Hannah Huston!  You are in the Top 10!

America also saved...   From Team Blake...   Paxton Ingram, you are moving on to the Top 10!

Next, Coach Christina joins her team for the first time, singing Live And Let Die (Paul McCartney), please welcome Alisan Porter, Bryan Bautista, Nick Hagelin and Christina Aguilera!

We get a package of the artists and coaches having a little bit of stress-free fun.

Let's get to more of our results, the remaining 5 artists are on the stage. I will now announce the last 3 artists saved by America's Votes; that will mean the final 2 will perform songs that they selected for their Instant Save.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Adam...   Shalyah Fearing is moving on to the Top 10 for Team Adam, the youngest in this competition continues.

Two more to go.  America also saved...   Adam Wakefield from Team Blake!  That's a clean sweep for all of Blake's artists into the Top 10.

One more save to go.  America also saved...   Bryan Baustista from Team Christina!  Also a sweep tonight.  That means Owen and Daniel had the lowest number of votes.

Singing Jealous (Nick Jonas) from Team Pharrell, here's Daniel Passino.  He certainly doesn't look like he's signing for his life, comfortable on stage, working the audience, throwing in his vocal acrobatics and showing off some attitude and slipping in and out of his falsetto like it was a second skin.  If this is his last performance in the competition, he's going to go down swinging for the fences.

Christina says you just showed why you are still around.  Coach Pharrell says your performance spoke for itself, the topography vocally you showed, that incredible range you showed America, when you should have been emotional, you blocked it out and said this is who I am, this is what I have, this is why I deserve to stay on.  That's you.

One more performance to go, singing Burning House (Cam), from Team Adam, Owen Dannoff.  Playing his acoustic for a more stripped down, emotional performance, he shows off dynamic range and deep sentimentality, presenting a completely different style for viewers to vote for.  His vocal is a little too tender at times, but for the most part his voice is strong.  He cracks right at the end though.  Will it be enough?  It's time to find out.

Blake says don't beat yourself up about being in this position 2 weeks in a row, and I saw you being frustrated there with that lyric not coming to you, this is a lot of pressure and artist to artist, I believe in you and think you're on the right path.  Coach Adam says it's been a tough couple weeks but there's a lot of lights and glamour in show business that intimidate even me, but this guy tells the truth in an extremely genuine way and that's so refreshing.  You are always truthful with yourself and your audience and you have that in spades.

Daniel joins Owen on the stage as the Twitter Instant Save window opens.  Tweet #VoiceSaveDaniel or #VoiceSaveOwnen (but not both in the same tweet).

Remember, rewtweeting counts and you still have a minute or two.  #VoiceSaveDaniel is leading #VoiceSaveOwen 53%-47% in the early voting.

Pharrell says America, what is the name of the show?  The Voice, the audience shouts.  That boy has one.  Damn, Daniel!  It doesn't matter what happens from here, you've heard the love.  You're both amazing but Daniel is really awesome.  

Damn, Owen, says Adam.  That was stupid.  I always think I couldn't win The Voice.  I'm OK but you've taken down people with big crazy voices because you have something the others don't have, and if you like singing you have to vote for Owen.

The Twitter Instant Save window is now closed and the time has closed.  One of you is instantly saved, the other unfortunately going home tonight.  Here we go.

America has Instantly Saved...   Daniel Passino, you are moving on to the Top 10!  Please put your hands together for Owen Danoff, leaving us tonight.  

We'll see you next week for your Top 10 Performances live on The Voice!

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Live Playoffs - The Top 10 - Performances


This is The Voice! I'm Carson Daly. Keep it going for your coaches, Adam Levine! Pharrell Williams!  Christina Aguilera!  And Blake Shelton!  

We have 2 very special fans of The Voice in the audience tonight.  Please welcome the First Lady, Michele Obama and Dr. Jill Biden!  They come out on stage as tonight's audience is comprised with active duty men and women of the country's militaries and their families.  Morty's TV joins The Voice in thanking them for their service.  

May is Military Appreciation Month and Michele and Jill are here to celebrate the 5th year of Joining Forces, giving Americans the opportunity to show their appreciation for those who have sacrificed to serve our country.  

To learn more about Joining Forces, please visit https://www.whitehouse.gov/joiningforces.  

In honor of our brave men and women in uniform, our veterans and their families, the First Lady says, please welcome your Top 10 singing Home (Dierks Bently).

We start out the competition tonight with Team Pharrell's instantly saved artist, Daniel Passino, singing I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Aerosmith).  Down after being in the bottom two, the negative comments have been getting to him.  Pharrell says people don't care how hard you work, they care about how you make them feel.  This song is the culmination of his journey on The Voice.  That's the guy you need to let take the wheel, Pharrell says after rehearsal.  He fights for it, Pharrell says, and he's gonna be the victor, again.

With strings on stage, his voice is soft an sensitive, dreamily passionate, capturing every moment live has offered.  His vocal is strong, his range rolling, his dynamics adding depth to his emotion.  Walking down along the audience catwalk, he has everybody waiving their arms without missing a beat.  Releasing his power vocal, he drops to his knees to screech out a dramatic falsetto, then it's back up onto his feat for some wicked runs but I think he may have lost is pitch just a bit at the end.

Adam says this was Aerosmith's first #1 hit way late in their career, this does not happen overnight. For some it takes 20 years. You've had a wild ride, a lot of ups and downs, everything should be considered an up until the bitter end.  Former coach Christina says you can't say you don't have passion, you just laid out your heart and soul on the table.  I did hear a few pitch moments, but it was so passionate you sort of overtook that and let your presence and passion overcome your technical difficulties.  I love good heart and passion.

Coach Pharrell says I definitely heard pitch issues, and I wondered if you were really living in the moment and the proof that you took heed is that when the big note in the middle came in under, you fell to your knees and you stuck it through and pushed it until it was right where it needed to be.  You were in your moment and it was a very good save on your part.  

Remember, voting is now open on The Voice official app; all other methods will open at the end of the show and remain open until noon ET Tuesday.

We continue with Team Adam's Shalyah Fearing with a Mother's Day tribute, My Kind Of Love (Emili Sande').  It's an R&B song that she interprets as someone being there for you no matter what.  Adam says she's one performance away from launching herself into the top tier.  She sings with her heart all the time.  This is where you become an artist, he tells her as she breaks down rehearsal.

Opening with a dramatic vocal, intense and pulsing, I'm not sure I get the costume designs for her and her two background singers. Her voice is cracking with sincere emotion.  Then she takes the mike and steps off the platform and the real Shalyah starts to emerge with as she owns the stage with passion and heart and power. You just can't take your eyes off her performance.

Blake says she almost blew the piece of my hair. I love you going back to that type of performance. There's something about you when you're ragged and edgy, there was nothing smooth about that and that's where you thrive. Pharrell says it's so cool to just witness your passion - you're so on fire on the inside and it really comes out in those really big notes.  I'm sure you rehearse but it sounds like you sing in the now, like those notes just came out.

Coach Adam says excellent job, you just have the thing everyone wants. Don't wrangle it in - I want to see you at 11 every time. And America should vote her through because I want her to do No Drama by Mary J Blige next week, I have a vision and she's going to kill it even more than this week.

We continue with Team Christina's young father, Nick Hagelin.  Singing I Can't Help It (Michael Jackson), he wants to push himself out of the box.  He started out playing rock but now he loves performing soul. They work on changing so the runs into and out of the falsetto. Christina says he understands his instrument so much better now than when he started.

Literally in a wall-less box, his voice sounds eerily like Michael, smooth and soulful, sitting on a stool yet filling the room with cool smoothness.  He stands up and steps out of the box, heading down into the mosh pit and the front row girls shriek.  He never misses a beat or a shake of his hips as he slides up to his falsetto then dances his way back down.  His voice is like butter, fading into his background vocals then coming forward again. He steps back into the box and sits backwards on the chair as the audience goes wild.

Former coach Pharrell says MJ, those are big shoes to fill but I have to say, honestly, your entire stint on the show, you represent something so many people need to see. So many were told no today and think it's over and whatever they were looking for is not going to happen. But you didn't expect a call, and I love that you represent the possibility that things can change. I love what you stand for, your performance was good, but what you stand for, what you're a living example of, is so much more. You just have to be patient.

Blake says I wondered how long you would be able to stay inside the box before you got out and danced around. There were times when your vibrato sounded like Michael Jackson, that's really far out of my wheel house (sure is, Adam says) but I thought you did a really good job.  Coach Christina says I'm happy that Blake made a nod to your sounding just like Michael, you have that influence in you and you can execute it really well, you killed it, I want to see you move around more because you have it.  America improves him week after week.

We continue with Team Pharrell's Nebraska Pre-School Teacher, Hannah Huston.  Singing Adele's Rolling In The Deep, Pharrell says she is just sunshine.  They are both unapologetic about how they feel. He says she doesn't have to get down on her knees again but needs to find that primal energy the song needs.  

She starts out quick tempo and dramatic, throwing in a little gutter vocal to accent the dynamics but it's the lead-up into the chorus that I felt was roughest.  When she's intense or rolling with the chorus, she's amazing, giving the song a country flavor, her range and acrobatics on fire.  The audience is clapping along as the band steps back and her voice is able to carry the lead.  It's hard because this is an incredible song in its own right but she does justice to it.  Not perfect, but justice.

Adam says your trajectory, how much better you keep getting, the only thing slightly critical, the sliding of that first note sliding into the chorus made me a little crazy, but I'm stupidly hung up on the original, but the best thing about it is, 99% amazing.  I'm just a stickler and a jerk for that 1%.

Coach Pharrell says from my humble assessment, that was 1000% amazing.  What this show is about is healing and growth and people feel healed, we've watched your growth, you hot those notes, your hands coordinate with your voice and the vibe, that was was so sick, everyone was standing up as they are about to do right now...  

We continue with Team Adam's Michigan artist doing it his own way, Liath Al-Saadi.  Singing The Thrill Is Gone (BB King), Adam has wanted him to do this for a long time.  Laith wants the beat to move faster but Adam says he should take his time, feel the music.  It's the blues, bro.

Playing his own version of Lucile with some wicked guitar runs, he defines the blues with a big, strong, room-filling vocal.  The song kicks it into gear a third of the way into the performance, and he just sings the heck out of it like he was born singing the blues.  He just sings the heck out of it like he was born singing the blues.  He and the band are in such a groove that you can see the keyboardist almost going transcendental.  This wasn't a competitive performance, this was a concert performance.

His wife screams her approval over the audience.  Blake says your guitar playing is absolutely incredible. But as a fan, I caution you to not underestimate how incredible a singer you are, no doubt you would move forward but that was about 50-50 guitar playing and singing.  Let us hear it, is all I'm saying, let us hear it.

Coach Adam says talking to you and to Blake, that was by far the best show of musicianship I've ever seen on this show. The way the voice and the musicianship work in tandem are what makes it more extraordinary, because they can do both of those things so brilliantly. This is the most well-rounded and multi-talented in the competition. You are incredible, incredible.

We continue now with Team Blake's dancer, Paxton Ingram, singing It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Celine Dion).  Blake jokes he picked an easy song after his breakout performance last week. He's more than a guy who can sing and dance - he's a great performer.  Blake cautions him to not go sharp.  Paxton wants to take his audiences on a journey with him, the full package.

He opens strong and clear, his voice full of feeling, his eyes closed with intensity as he sings deep from within his chest, charging up the audience then dropping into his Mr. Sensitive voice.  He grabs the mike and strolls to the front of the stage, the arrangement taking on a more pop flavor with huge, dramatic vocals, giving the performance an epic anthem vibe.  At times it kind of reminded me of Meatloaf (who recorded this song on Bat Out Of Hell III).  Amazing job.

Christina says I really enjoyed that, you brought me back to my audition days, I loved how dramatic it was, the presence you brought to it, you made it your own, it was really good.  Coach Blake says I can't even look at you without smiling. You are in the zone, last week, this week, this is the reason I do this job, you're becoming an artist before our very eyes. That was incredible.

Here is Team Blake's country artist, Mary Sarah, owner of the #1 song in country music on iTunes.  Singing Stand By Your Man (Tammy Wynette), Blake says she's honoring the traditional sound of country music but it's also a difficult song.  In rehearsal, Blake tells her he's never heard her lower register vibrato like that and wants to open for her one day.  She wanted to bring it back to her Texas roots in High School and be the first to perform this song on The Voice.  

With a country intro, he opens with a deep country voice, though there's nothing old school about her dress, which is more elegant along with the glistening rocks around her neck.  Her vocal is smooth and steady rising up an octave to position her for the wonderfully executed chorus, holding out long tones, punched with power.  The audience is silent, mesmerized with this amazing performance until she reaches the end and then the standing ovations come out.

Adam says that was amazing, a major song, difficult song in all ways, you don't have to be a country expert to know that. It felt like the first thing you did, in the zone of who you are, it fit you perfectly.  Coach Blake says you have no idea how you just engaged the entire country audience out there, a young 20yr old girl blowing the roof off a Tammy Wynette song, it's going to be good.  And not to mention, all these soldiers  in where, when you came out, it was Wow, Yeehah.  It's going to be a good night for you.  

From Team Christina, Bryan Bautista shows off his versatility by returning to his Latin roots.  Singing Promise (Romeo Santos featuring Usher), he is going to tell his truth and sing in Spanish.  This performance is for his mother on Mother's day.  Christina says not everyone will understand what he says in Spanish, but they will feel it.  She tells him his pitch has to be spot on.

Sitting on a stool in front a Latin-arranged band, his vocal is entirely in Espanol, but the emotion and feeling is clear from his upper register vocal and the way he sings to all the ladies in the audience. He switches into English then back into Spanish and then English again, and nothing is lost in translation.  He's singing in he zone, walking down to the audience catwalk to recognize his fans, hitting his sweet falsetto and basically just seducing every man, woman and child with his sultry international vocal.

Bro, Pharrell says, bro, that was awesome. First you sang a Latin song, the Dominicans are losing their minds, the Puerto Ricans too, everybody that's Spanish. The idea that you did that on this show where you're competing, and showed off so much of your vocal ability, all of your range, from high to low, that was amazing and a first. Anybody with Latin blood should be voting for this guy.

Adam says I have no Latin blood, but my Jewish blood loves you.  You're awesome. The second half of the song really clicked. You are one of the most gifted singers in the competition, you continue getting better. Not your best but getting better and this road your on can only lead to the finale.  

Coach Christina you consistently do a phenomenal job and showcase something different every time, but this time you brought your own personal background into it. He's the only one representing for the Latinos, singing and dancing the Bachata, you got to vote for him.

We continue with Team Christina's vocal powerhouse, showing a different side, here's Alisan Porter, singing Let Him Fly (Dixie Chicks), which reminds her of when she was at the deepest depths of her addiction and her boyfriend passed away.  Stripped down, this is a song about hitting rock bottom then getting up and carrying on, Christina says.  This song healed me, Alisan says, so sharing it is important to me.

Accompanied on stage by a solo guitarist, her voice opens confident and strong, soft and reflective, setting the stage for leaving the past behind and embracing the future.  The emotion reverberating in her vocal and worn on her face is unmistakably honest and from deep in her heart.  She hits a big note and the audience, silently waiving electric candles, shows their appreciation before quieting back down to let her bring this beautiful performance come to a gentle landing.

Adam says sometimes with the show we focus so much on the voice, what the show's card, but a marketable artist is one who uses everything in her life, both good and bad, to speak through the music and you do that and you did that tonight. I commend you, because it's not an easy thing to confront the negative or scary things in your life that you don't want to remember. That defines artistry and I applaud you. You're amazing.

Blake says I already loved you before but now you're doing country songs, so now I really, really, really love you.  Show them what to do, Curly Sue, he says.  That's what they say.  That was, because we've seen you sing over the top, that was such a smart move.  That got to me and...  He's cold in side, Adam finishes for him.  Exactly.  Good job, sis.

Coach Christina says Blake teared up a little bit. No way, Blake says.  I'm proud of you being courageous enough to share such a personal, heartfelt story.  Some times it's easier to hit the high notes and be courageous and bold but then to pull back the curtain on you and your truth, thank you for sharing that with us.

We close out the show tonight with Team Blake's Adam Wakefield, singing I've Got A Woman (Ray Charles).  Blake tells him he let up on the pedal a little last week and needs to put it to the metal this week.  Adam dedicates this performance, old school country soul, to his girlfriend.  He says Blake has been pulling him out of his shell and making him into an artist.  Blake is pulling out all the tricks to make this big and just hopes Adam rises to the occasion.

Opening with a big voice ringing out into the theater, a light dusting of the keyboards at the piano, he sets the mood before launching into the brassy, R&B classic.  His foot is stomping as he delivers is vocals in a breathy staccato, rocking along with the band as he tickles the ivories, showing Laith is not the only quality musician in this competition.  Pointing to his girlfriend, he's energized and driving the performance, even going so far as to signaling the band to bring it on home and on his own terms.

Pharrell says OK, southern rock, country, soul, so much soul, I can't wait to hear the album you make with Big Machine (Records). They better throw a whole lot of money into the machine, you are the next one. That masterful piano solo in the middle was amazing.  Coach Blake says A Damn! That was unbelievable, you literally blowed my brains out, my favorite performance of the night.  

There you go, voting on all platforms is now open.  Thank you to all our military in the audience tonight.  We'll see you tomorrow night when one artist will go home based on your votes.

So who was your favorite performer tonight? Was it Daniel Passino or Hannah Huston from Team Pharrell?  Was it Shalyah Fearing or Laith Al-Saadi from Team Adam?  Was it Nick Hagelin, Bryan Bautista or Alisan Porter from Team Christina?  Or was it Paxton Ingram, Mary Sarah or Adam Wakefield from Team Blake?

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Live Playoffs - The Top 10 - Results

This is The Voice!  I'm Carson Daly and we are live! Keep it going for your coaches: Adam Levine!  Pharrell Williams!  Hi, Christina Aguilera!  And Blake Shelton!  Tonight we find out which 9 artists are advancing to next week's live performances.  Once again, we'll announce the two artists receiving the least number of votes and they'll have one last chance to perform for your Twitter Instant Save.

We kick things off with a pop group that is taking over the charts, with their hits Cake By The Ocean and Toothbrush, give it up for DNCE!

Both artists and coaches would like to express their appreciation for Mom on Mother's Day because no matter what we may achieve in life, there is no bigger fan than Mom.  Take a look!

To all of you mothers out there in advance, Happy Mother's Day!  Our Top 9 now join me on stage as it's time for your results.

Last night, Daniel Passino sang I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Shalyah Fearing sang My Kind Of Love, Nick Hagelin sang I Can't Help It, Hannah Huston sang Rolling In The Deep, Laith Al-Saadi sang The Thrill Is Gone, Paxton Ingram sang It's All Coming Back To Me Now, Mary Sarah sang Stand By Your Man, Bryan Bautista sang Promise, Alisan Porter sang Let Him Fly (iTunes Top 10 Singles Chart) and Adam Wakefield sang I Got A Woman.

In my jacket is the name of the first artist who is safe and moving on to the Top 9.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Christina...   Alisan Porter, you are in the Top 9.  Congratulations!

One artist will go home tonight.  Let's bring out our remaining 9 artists as eliminations continue. I have the names of the next 2 artists who are safe and moving on to the Top 9. Ladies and gentlemen, here we go.

America saved...   From Team Blake...   Adam Wakefield, congratulations, you are moving on!

America also saved...   From Team Adam...   Shalyah Fearing, congratulations!  The remaining 7 artists still at risk of going home tonight.

Remember every live show song you download from iTunes now through May 24th counts as 10 votes and could help your favorite win it all.  

Now, he was Team Pharrell's young folk rocker who won this whole thing in Season 8, and now he's debuting his new single, called 4 Pockets, here's Sawyer Fredericks!

Let's bring out our remaining 7 artists as results continue tonight.  Good luck, it's time to announce 2 more saved by America's votes. Let's do it.

America saved...   From Team Pharrell...   Hannah Huston, pick your head up, you're moving on!

America also saved...   From Team Blake...   Mary Sarah, you are in the Top 9!

Five artists remain at risk of going home.  Good luck to each of you tonight.  Three will be saved by America's votes; the other two will perform tonight.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Christina...   Bryan Bautista, you're moving on!  Congratulations to you!

Two more names to read.  America also saved...   From Team Laith Al-Saadi, from Team Adam, you're in the Top 9!

One more name to read, saved by America, the other two will perform for your Instant Save tonight.

America also saved...  Paxton Ingram from Team Blake!  That means your bottom two tonight are Daniel Passino and Nick Hagelin.

All three of Coach Blake's artists have made it through, and all remaining artists in Team Adam are moving on.  For Daniel Passino and Nick Hagelin, it all comes down to one final performance and your Instant Save.

Nick and Daniel will now perform songs they've picked to demonstrate why they deserve to remain in the competition.  

Singing Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran), from Team Christina, here's Nick Hagelin!  His voice is light and not bothered by the pressure, a simple pop vocal, glad handing the front row fans, stepping down on the mosh pit walkway, he's laid back and taking it all in with a solid, pleading performance, though not a terribly enthused vocal.  

Over the audience's cheers, Adam says stop it and let me talk!  I think you're a talented dude, and people are more important than music and you showed me how articulate and eloquent you are. You're in this for the right reasons and combined with your talent, you should be moving forward.  Coach Christina says you're that guy everyone loves, you have come so far in the course of this competition, you've grown so far.  We all need fans and love up on the stage, that reciprocation we are doing something right and as a human being, you're living in the moment.

One more performance to go, singing Uptown Funk, from Team Pharrell, please welcome Daniel Passino.  He hits the ground running with an up tempo, energetic vocal.  He's got the audience soaking it up.   And while he's got the dance moves going, his dynamics are lacking, no softness or hardness, just a steady voice level through the performance.  But he's having fun and closes out with his stylistic falsetto.

Coach Pharrell says when I think of all you've done, I want you to move forward but for me, I feel content in what you've achieved. You will be amazing if you continue, but our goal was to show the world what you had to offer and you have succeeded.  I am happy with what you've learned and achieved.

It is time to save one of these artists.  Remember, if you rewteet my post, only include the hashtag of the artist you want to Instantly Save.  You have 5 minutes.

Tweet or Retweet #VoiceSaveDaniel or #VoiceSaveNick (but not both). Voting is now open.

The early voting is 80% for #VoiceSaveNick and 20% for #VoiceSaveDaniel.  Keep voting!

It all comes down to this for Nick and Daniel, one spot remains in the Top 9.  You can still save one of them in this last minute.

Good luck to both of you, The Voice Instant Save window is closed.  One of you has been Instantly Saved by America, the other will be leaving the show tonight.  Here we go.

America has Instantly Saved...  Nick Hagelin from Team Christina!  Put your hands together for Daniel Passino.

There you have your Top 9.  Team Pharrell is down to just Hannah Huston.  From Team Adam, there's Shalyah Fearing and Laith Al-Saadi.  Team Christina still has all her artists: Nick Hagelin, Bryan Bautista and Alisan Porter.  And Team Blake remains intact with Paxton Ingram, Mary Sarah and Adam Wakefield.  We'll see you next Monday for more of The Voice!

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Live Playoffs - The Top 9 - Performances

This is The Voice! Welcome to our Top 9 Live Show, I'm Carson Daly. Keep it going for our coaches: Adam Levine!  Pharrell Williams!  It's Christina Aguilera!  And Blake Shelton!  Tonight our Top 9 are fighting for a spot in next week's Semi-Finals.  

Let's get right into it with a member of Team Blake, showing America he's not afraid to take a big risk, here's Paxton Ingram, singing I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston).  He feels like he's focused, in the zone, growing, and wants to see how far he can push it. There's something about taking on female power vocals with which he identifies, giving it a more acoustic, artistic vibe. Blake says he's not afraid to challenge himself with a whole new arrangement. He encourages Paxton to find at least one note he can hold out for effect.

Standing center stage with members of the band arranged in a semi-circle behind him, he opens with a passionate, soft vocal, slowed down to a light jazzy beat with acoustic percussion instruments offering musical accent, giving the song a whole new feel of longing and instead of frenetic energy.  He's standing on island in a sea of fog and holds out some big, notes though not overpowering in keeping with the vibe of the performance. This was a very strong performance by a artist who knows how to perform and commend an audience's attention.

The fog clears and Christina says another great performance, I love how you put your heart and soul into everything you do, you took me back to my 1st grade talent show (which was that song) but it was nothing like I'd ever heard before with Paxton on it, it was a rejoiceful song.  Pharrell says you are definitely finding what is flattering to your voice, the atmosphere, the choir, the optimistic lyrics, it bodes well with what you're doing and your direction. And shout to the band for the world beat and feeling, the sound, and the perfect key change for you.  

Adam says you're one of the most infectious performers of everybody, you have this thing everyone wants to be part of, you've found this sweet spot in your voice and I love how you're more in your mid-range, it was nice and different.  Coach Blake says there's nobody else in the competition who week from week takes another knotch forward, higher, you keep impressing people, from my Save in the Playoffs to wherever we are way deep in the competition, that's all on you.

We continue on Team Blake with Texas country artist Mary Sarah, singing My Church (Maren Morris).  It's current but also a bit of a throwback, traditional and contemporary that captures the imperfectness that makes everyone beautiful.  Blake points out a section where the bottom is falling out and she's losing her pitch.  He suggests losing her guitar and she's much more energetic when she's moving.

With glowing lanterns overhead and a classic country band behind her, she jumps right into a classic country rhythm, starting in her lower register then rising up into her mid-range.  But she's traded her guitar for a mic stand and isn't really moving much.  Into the second verse she grabs the mic off the stand but is still up on the wood platform instead of really moving freely and while her vocal is strong, it's almost predictable at this point.  She  steps off the stage to interact with the audience and step out from the shadow of the song and it finally gets interesting, her voice coming to life and feeling the song.

Pharrell says good job, I think Blake's note on losing the guitar was perfect - you gained the freedom to emote and it sounded really good, I was caught up in you having fun, your best connection to a song, and so much soul, singing like that was actually your record. Adam says this was your best, the first time we heard, you found a lane, I was watching you do your song on your show, spectacular job, you put everything into it and it was perfect.

Coach Blake says it is the most connected, easily, you've been to a song. I told everyone during the pre-show that tonight would be your moment on the show and anyone who knows anything about country music knows what just happened there.

We continue with Team Christina's Nick Hagelin, whose Instant Save last week has brought him a newfound confidence, singing Hold On, We're Going Home (Drake featuring Majid Jordan).  His career has taken him away from home and it has strained his relationship with his wife and this song is about loving her the way she deserves to be loved.  Christina says this is a hip hop song but he's bringing his own moves to it. He's so appreciative, she says, he's in it for all the right reasons.

Playing the acoustic guitar, his voice is creamy and up beat, the accompaniment light and springy, giving the song a fun bounce.  He throws in his falsetto almost like he's providing his own backup vocals.  He puts his guitar down but is still sitting on on a stool, then gets up to walk casually across the stage, comfortable with over-sized T-shirt, putting on some smooth dance steps, amping up the romantic vibe.  He sings a chorus in falsetto just for all the women in the audience and each one turns to the man in her life and says why can't you be more like that?

Pharrell says when you first started singing, my favorite parts were in your full chest voice and you sing with everything you have. You have a tendency to sing more in your head and it gets thin. But have this instinct on when to step it up and take it to the next level. You put your guitar down and it got stronger, you sped up, and when you dance, it's an even stronger report with the audience, it was really good.

Adam says it was really cool when you were dancing, shows us even more what you can do. Blake can't do that. We get hung up on the singing but it's time to bring out all the stops and no one else is doing that.  Coach Christina says the dancing is part of your artistry and I wanted everyone to see how your energy changes, how you've grown and put out all the stops. I loved the rhythm of it, how you brought your own little hook with the audience, it was awesome.

Next comes Team Pharrell's last remaining artist, Hannah Huston, singing Say You Love Me (Jessie Ware).  Before The Voice, she only performed twice a year. He says she's inspiring people now.  A good performance, he says, comes when you turn down the volume. She says it's a super emotional story, a heart-breaker, so she needs to be physically and mentally prepared communicate that.  Humility and loyalty are the ultimate constants in a person, Pharrell tells her, and you are full of both.

The stage is lit like a floating triangle as she stands at the back of a platform, draped like a Greek goddess, her voice and expression flowing with emotion, the vocal soft and sad, pleading against hope.  Jets of fog erupt around her as she steps forward to the point and a chorus steps out in front of and below her.  She turns on the power and changes the tone to one of defiance, the chorus spreading out to the edge of the stage.  It's a sweet, heartfelt performance that will definitely please her coach and her fans.

Blake says my personal favorite performance by you this season, that was a perfect look for you, you looked like a superstar and embraced the look. It looks good on you. Christina says by far my favorite from you so far, I can see your growth and your confidence in yourself, you weren't afraid of your voice, more comfortable in your zone, soulful with your growls in there, you soared on those high notes, yet were vulnerable and tender in the parts that counted the most.

Coach Pharrell says that was amazing so I'm going to talk to America and say Graceful. Every line was beautiful and sung with intention, the intention came through when you were singing, the chorus was super delicate, tender, and the dynamics made you a great storyteller.

We welcome the reigning CMA and ACA Vocal Duo of the Year, with their new single, Holy, give it up for Florida Georgia Line!

Next tonight from Team Adam is Shalyah Fearing, singing A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke).  It's a song her grandmother loved and brings some serious gravitas. Adam points out the little cues in the song she can't rush past. Embrace the confidence that you're going to sing it and the audience will love it. It's not about singing perfect but conveying a message.  This is a song about African Americans, she says, and she has big shoes to fill considering who else has sung this.  She's bugging out a bit about carrying the torch, Adam says, but she'll be fine.

From the word, she had the audience and me eating out of her lap, beautiful and clear, piercing the air like a church bell.  She looks beautiful and her voice sounds so polished, and her dress just adds to her elegance. She steps out from behind the mic stand and her vocal gets a boost of passionate energy, falling to her knees and just wailing away.  She's feeling the song so deeply, her fingers are trembling as they hold the mic. This is an amazing performance and the audience reacts accordingly.

Shalyah does it again, Carson says, only 16 yrs old.  Blake says unbelievable, that brings you back to that playoff moment you had, you are back, better than that moment, you're singing so good, kiddo, better every week. And thoughts and prayers tonight to everyone back in Oklahoma tonight with those terrible tornadoes.  

Christina says I love the song choice, how you started off with just the strings and you are a vision of loveliness yourself.  The low end is something to develop, but you're your so young, it'll get better with time. At your high end, wow, the passion and strength you convey while holding a rasp and grit in your voice, you were authoritative and I loved every minute of it.

Coach Adam says you don't see all the B-Roll of rehearsal, but this girl is so hard on herself, to a fault. I hate to say she's 16 because it's not an excuse. But how is that not so impressive. Nobody means it more than she does, she's so passionate and driven and feels every single thing she sings.

Don't forget if your favorite artist is on the iTunes Top 10 singles artist chart, their total downloads will be multiplied by 10 and carried forward through the end of the season.

From Team Adam, Laith had the #1 blues album with BB King last week but this week he changes it up with some Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band with We've Got Tonight.  Both artists are from Ann Arbor, MI.  Playing the piano, he shows Adam a more intimate view.  Adam suggests throwing in some bass beats to pump up the drama without detracting from the emotion.  Love is the most important thing in life, Laith says, and this is my way of saying that.

His voice clear and strong, with a tough of angst, the audience is keyed up to waive their arms as his voice warbles powerful emotions.  The background music is soft and complimentary as his voice rings out, mesmerizing, honest and entrancing. The band kicks it into gear and so does his vocal, not losing a beat but increasing in dramatic intensity.  He closes it out as powerfully emotional as he starts, with many in the audience in tears, including his girlfriend.

Pharrell says dude, your genre is classic rock blues, it's all one thing.  America needs to vote you through every week because you're the guy form the neighborhood always into rock and classic movement, this is the guy America, you knew in high school, and he's made it here.  And we've got to get some metronomes for the audience, Pharrell jokes, it was like catching mosquitoes.  

You are the worst clappers ever, Coach Adam echos, but dude, you are, the whole room stopped when you started and your voice filled the room. You could hear a pin drop and that was the ultimate  sign of respect. It was so beautiful, you represent a dying thing that's so important to us and if you agree, you must vote for him.

We continue now with a Voice first, with their debut performance of Go Ahead And Break My Heart, give it up for Coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani!

We continue with Adam Wakefield from Team Blake, singing Love Has No Pride (Bonnie Raitt).  Back in front of the keyboard, Blake says magic happens when he tickles the ivory. He suggests going solo for the first voice, then bringing in the band.  Adam comes up with a place where he can wail and Blake says a true artist has a vision for himself as his artist takes charge of arranging the song with the band.

With a fire burning behind him, a brass section standing at the ready, Adam opens on the electric piano, giving him some light chords to accompany his soulful vocal.  On queue, the trombones and saxophones kick in, along with the drums, but it's still his voice you hear, even and strong.  He slowly turns up the power and the gruffness while keeping the whole performance tender and personal, with a great acrobatic run at the end.  Laid back for sure, but the stage wasn't the only thing on fire tonight.

The audience expresses their appreciation. Christina says that was fiery, the fire behind you and what you delivered, so soulful and strong.  I had a dream about you the other night.  Woah, says Blake.  Blake'll tell you about it later, she says, great job, awesome job.  Coach Blake says there are a bunch of girls having dreams about you right now. That right there, what you just did right there, your best performance so far. So much style, I'll see you in the finale, man.

From Team Christina comes Alisan Porter with her kids in tow, singing their ABCs.  Then Alisan takes on something a bit more adult with Cryin' (Aerosmith).  Christina says she loves seeing her roaring through the song and tells her she loves the spins she's putting in, singing what Steven Tyler screams.  Christina suggests extending the exit from the guitar solo.  It's so cool to be a working mom, as her boy gives his try on the drums.  She was so excited to be in the Top 6 last week on the iTunes Singles Chart, in between all the Beyonce tracks.  

The band is rocking and Alisan is dramatically back lit waiting for her entrance. She opens with a somber vocal, walking forward seductively, then opens up the flood gates, her voice spreading out through the theater with a bit of Stephen Tyler grit, strutting around and jumping between melodic verses and just thrashing out the chorus.  Her performance was honest and and the passion came from deep within.  A gust of wind blows out from somewhere and sends her hair dancing along with her vocals.  Just when you think she's burning down the house, she adds just a bit more at the end, as if to say, did you think I was done? I'll tell you when I'm done.

Christina is fanning herself from the heat the audience is returning to the stage.  Pharrell says congratulations again, when you first started singing you were tapping into Heart.  You killed that misconception that moms can't do stuff like this.  What you just did reminds a lot of mothers out there that there are a lot of very successful women out there who are mothers.

Carson calls on Coach Christina and Adam whines he wanted to talk.  Christina says it's not difficult to be a mother and still peruse your dream and get to where you're doing what you're doing on this stage. You were a superstar just now.

The only artist yet to perform is Team Christina's Bryan Bautista, singing 1+1 (Beyonce).  His Spanish song last week went to #1 on the iTunes Latino charts.  This week he showcases his romantic, sensual vocal, but it's the first time he's taken on a female vocalist.  Christina tells him the end has to be super intense.  The song is super dramatic and he has to go full throttle.  Don't be tender at the end, she tells him.

He opens in his upper register, his voice already passionate and his face intense with emotion.  The camera pulls back to show the stage filled with fog, a piano and bass guitar behind him.  But all eyes are on the suave and sophisticated and seductive vocal, bright white lights overrunning the stage as the background vocals punctuate the chorus.  His vocal range and dynamics are spot on, but the arrangement is evenly paced and I'm kind of missing the fire.  He falls to his knees as the band falls back and it's just him and his chorus going dramatically back and forth.

With less than 2 minutes to go, Adam says Bryan has the most impressive ability to sound super effortless in all his super high register stuff, and it's so powerful, one of the most impressive things when a male singer can really deliver up there. Really beautiful.  Coach Christina says yes, Beyonce, you gotta do a duet with Bryan, because you and Beyonce would be magic, that was just mind blowing, so beautiful.  #BryanBeyonce

So there you have it, your Top 9 performances.  We want to know who you're voting for - was it Paxton, Mary or Adam from Team Blake? Or was it Nick, Alisan or Bryan from Team Christina? Or perhaps it was Shalyah or Laith from Team Adam? Or Team Pharrell's sole remaining artist, Hannah Huston?  

Who will make it through to the Top 8? We'll see you Tuesday night for your Live Results!

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Live Playoffs - The Top Nine - Results

This is The Voice!  Come on in everybody, I'm Carson Daly and we're live with your results.  Keep it going for your coaches: Adam Levine!  Pharrell Williams!  Christina Aguilera!  And Blake Shelton!  Tonight we find out your Semi-Finalists plus your Instant Save.

Let's get to the important stuff.  Please welcome to the stage your Top 9: Paxton, Mary, Nick, Hannah, Shalyah, Laith , Adam, Alisan and Bryan.  Good luck to all of you.

Last night, from Team Blake, Paxton Ingram sang I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Mary Sarah sang My Church and Adam Wakefield sang Love Has No Pride (Top 10 iTunes Singles Chart).  From Team Christina, Nick Hagelin sang Hold On, We're Going Home, Alisan Porter sang Cryin' and Bryan Bautista sang 1+1.  From Team Pharrell, Hanna Huston sang Say You Love Me.  And from Team Adam, Shalyah Fearing sang A Change Is Gonna Come and Laith Al-Saadi sang Love Has No Pride (Top 10 iTunes Singles Chart).

I have the name of the first artist who is safe and moving on to the Semi-Finals.  Here we go.

America saved...  Hannah Huston, Team Pharrell!  Coach Pharrell survives another week.

He's a Grammy nominated artist, with his worldwide hit, Let It Go, please welcome James Bay!

Now it's time for more results. Let's bring back the remaining 8 artists.  I have the names of the next 2 artists who are safe and moving on to next week's Semi-Finals.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Christina...   Bryan Bautista, moving on to the Semi-Finals!

America also saved...   From Team Blake...   Adam Wakefield is moving on to the Semi-Finals!

One of the special things about being on The Voice is the special high profile advisers we bring in from time to time.  Our Top 9 were lucky enough to sit down with one this week.  30 mil albums sold, 8 #1 hits, 4 Grammy Awards, 1 Super Mega Adviser.  Check it out as the artists met with Conner!

For real, we have the incomparable Conner 4 Real here tonight to show the artists exactly how it's done.  Singing I'm So Humble, give it up for pop stars Conner 4 Real, featuring Adam Levine!

And now back to the business at hand as we bring out your six remaining artists.  Elimination night continues.  It's time to announce the next 2 artists moving on to the Semi-Finals; the remaining 4 will still be at risk of elimination.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Adam...   Laith Al-Saadi, you are a Semi-Finalist!

America also saved...   From Team Blake...   Mary Sarah!

We continue now with our four remaining artists center stage. Let's do it.  Nick Hagelin, Paxton Ingram, Shalyah Fearing and Alisan Porter.  Best of luck to you all.  I have the names of the last two artists saved by your vote.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Christina...   Alisan Porter, congratulations!

America also saved...   Shalyah Fearing, Team Adam!  That means Nick and Paxton had the lowest number of votes and will perform for your Instant Save.

Paxton and Nick will now perform a song they have selected to prove to you they deserve your Instant Save into the Semi-Finals.  

Singing How Will I Know (Sam Smith) for his last chance to stay in the competition, please welcome Team Blake's Paxton Ingram.  His voice is thick with passion as he stands center stage and sings passionately and with deep feeling.  It's a simple vocal but it shows his range and his ability to connect emotionally with a song, going from deep chest notes to upper register power, he delivers a solid performance.

Pharrell says that was the way you sing to save yourself. That was great, a great song choice, it showed the youth leader in you, you sang with zero fear, you led by example.  Adam says this is the hardest part of the show, more than even the Blind Auditions, you are in the Bottom 2, feel insecure, and have to sing for your  life. And seeing you triumph in that situation, that shows me so much resilience, you plowed your way back to the top.

Coach Blake says why didn't we do that in the competition? It was so good, so powerful, and I hope people realize these songs that you cover, every single time you do it, you honor the original your artist but also make it your own. That is the mark of an artist with a vision.

Singing Change The World (Eric Clapton) for his last chance to stay in the competition, from Team Christina, here's Nick Hagelin.  His voice light and optimistic, he could be singing for his kids.  The tempo is laid back and his voice is sensitive, sincere and soulful.  His performance grows with intensity but he never stops smiling, never loses hope.

Pharrell says it's so hard to judge your performances, you can sing and dance, but you have this other ability to emote and connect with the audience like no one else. You waive your hands or hit a note and the girls go crazy. You have that thing, we know who you are, it's hard to not vote for someone special like you.  Adam says it's a horrible situation, you and Paxton are such bright, shiny personalities. The words you had about this experience were really beautiful. As a singer and dancer, it's an important thing. You make a lot of people happy.

Coach Christina says your performance just now made me smile so much, on the inside and outside, you've come so far in the competition, it's been such an incredible journey with you, one of my favorite people on my team, your soul shines so bright. You have stood up here promoting your wife and family, that's so beautiful and that's the winner of the competition regardless of the vote.

The #VOICE Instant Save window is now open.  Tweet or Retweet #VoiceSavePaxton or #VoiceSaveNick (but not both) to save your fav!

As we go to commercial #VoiceSaveNick is leading #VoiceSavePaxton 52% to 48%.  So close! But there's still time to vote for one (not both)!

It's a tense night here as both Paxton and Nick are facing elimination.  It's a super close dead heat, guys, as close as we've ever seen.  Paxton thanks Coach Blank for believing him from the getgo, this has been an amazing journey and opened so many opportunities.  Nick thanks Coach Pharrell and Christina for bringing him back.  

Coach Blake says I don't want this to be my last words to Paxton.  It won't be the last thing I say to him.  I see greatness in you, you know where you came from, your journey in entertainment, you're on the right path.  Coach Christina tells Nick you have fans in the audience, this guy lights up a room when he walks on the stage, great smile and charisma and story.

The Voice Instant Save window is closed and one of you has been instantly saved, the other will be going home.  Here we go.

America has instantly saved...   (Let's make an album, bro, Nick says to Paxton.  Absolutely, Paxton replies) Paxton Ingram!

By less than 100 tweets, Team Blake's Paxton Ingram is going on to the Semi-Finals and we say goodbye to Nick Hagelin.

Thank you for choosing Morty's TV for your coverage of The Voice this week.  We'll be back next Monday for your Top 8 Semi-Finals!

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Live Playoffs - The Top 8  - Semi-Final Performances

This is The Voice!  Tonight, joining The Voice for the very first time, one of the most unique and daring artists in music, with over 45 million albums sold, 14 Top 10 singles, and 3 Grammy Awards. Fresh off her new hit, Just Like Fire, from Disney's upcoming movie, Alice Through The Looking Glass, international pop icon, Pink!  

As your Top 8 fight to make the Final Four, your artists will have to give the performance of their lives.  This is the Semi-Finals!  Please welcome your host, Carson Daly!  And keep it going for your coaches, Mr. Adam Levine!  Pharrell Williams!  Christina Aguilera!  And the cowboy, Blake Shelton!

The artists and their have selected the biggest songs in music to win your votes and earn a spot in the finale.  Here's how it's going to work.  Each artist will perform twice, a new song by themselves and a duet paired up with another artist.  Then tomorrow night, it's the biggest elimination of the season.  Only 4 artists will advance to our Finale next week.  Are you ready?  Here we go.

We start with the youngest artist remaining on the show, from Team Adam, here's Shalyah Fearing, singing And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going (Jennifer Hudson, Dream Girls).  This is a declaration, Adam says.  I'm telling America I don't want to go home, Shalyah says.  Your rasp is a weapon, Pink says, but it looses its effect when it's there all the time.  Adam tells her not to blow her voice out.  Shalyah promises to pour out her heart and put all her vocal ability to the test.

Standing in a foggy cloud, she jumps right in with an elegant vocal, her voice strong and proud, great dynamics and range.  Her voice is a little lighter than the depth Hudson brought to the silver screen, but she's got the gravitas and power to deliver a passionate, emotionally dramatic performance.  With dramatic lighting and a pain climax, I don't know that she could have added anything more.

Christina says you better live, you were singing for your life, I can't even tell you how much it means to see singers be so fearless and have the guts to do what you just did.  That's an extremely difficult song to sing, in the footsteps of all those who have won Oscars for that song, and you brought it today.  

Pharrell says that's a lot for a 16yr old to comprehend and communicate and to connect with people the way you did.  Sweet and tender in places, you held that note in the peak of the song, then continued to deliver, it was amazing.  

Coach Adam says I'm always impressed by you but so overjoyed we got to finally have this moment tonight. Forget about her age, she's amazing, for any age, this girl deserves to be in that finale.  I don't like to beg but I'm begging, this girl deserves to be there.

Don't forget you can vote now on The Voice app; all other forms of voting open at the end of the show.  And download your favorite performances on iTunes tonight; each artist charting in the iTunes Top 10 will automatically have their download votes multiplied by 10 and carried forward to next week if they make it into the Final Four.

Our first duet of the evening comes from Team Blake and Team Christina. Here's Adam Wakefield and Alisan Porter, singing Angel From Montgomery (John Prine).  The song is soft and sleepy, Adam on his acoustic, his deep voice harmonizing beautifully with Alisan's mid-range vocal.  This was comfortable like a fleece blanket on a chilly night. Kind of reminds me of Emily Lou Harris and Willie Nelson in Honeysuckle Rose.

We continue with Team Blake's Instant Save last week, Paxton Ingram, singing I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) (Meatloaf).  Blake says they have to find a way to reconnect to that fan base.  Paxton says he needs a challenging song to win them back.  Blake says it has those dynamics that he likes to play around with, slowed down parts, up tempo parts, areas he can really move around on.  Holy Vibrato, says Pink, you have the most beautiful voice in the world.  I couldn't do that song.  I want to see you get angry!

His voice on the edge of cracking, he jumps right into the the song, his voice quivering with desperation.  The transition into the first verse is a little harsh but his vocal is full of drama and passion.  If anything is at fault, it's the arrangement that is a little too pop in places and not enough rock'n'roll.  But as far as his performance, his pacing, his intensity, his range and movement on the stage, he ate the original for lunch and created his own recipe.

Christina says I never would have expected Meatloaf out of you but you pulled it off, your energy, your smile, everything you bring to the stage packs such a performance, you left me so entertained.  Pharrell says you took it to the next level, very theatrical, made me think of you on Broadway.  It would be interesting to see you do more of those big rock tunes.

Coach Blake says I don't know that I've ever been more proud of an artist that I've worked with in 10 seasons than Paxton.  Music means something to everyone on the show, but nobody works harder than Paxton at making this the best performance he can give each week.

We continue with Team Adam's blues rocker, who is taking an Adele song to new heights.  Here's Laith Al-Saadi with One and Only.  After Bob Seeger tweeted about his performance last week, Laith wants to show he can take any song from any era any style and make it his own.  He's got such a distinct voice, Adam says, he can sing anything.  He and Adel tell Laith to go high.  Laith says he can't reach that but Pink tells him to clinch his butt cheeks and he can make it.  

Playing his electric, his voice is in its upper register, which is to say it's mid-range for everyone else, his vocal steady and contemplative, easing into the chorus with desperate hope and passionate pleading.  He throws in some power notes then embarks on a guitar solo. turning from a performance into a feature.  The growl comes out in the second chorus, as do the background vocals, raising the emotional ante.  Not his best in my book, but still very good.

Blake asks if he clinched his butt cheeks and Laith shakes his head no.  Man, that was amazing, beautiful singing and I'll be the first to say that guitar solo worked.  I was wrong.  Pharrell says everybody should pay attention to the success story Laith has become - it's just Laith, his performance and the beautifully supportive audience.  Coach Adam says you represent something near and dear to my heart, the way you play, staying true to who you are, you are so different, it would be amazing to have someone like you in the Finale.

Next is Team Christina's R&B artist and Team Blake's country singer, performing a duet. Here's Mary Sarah and Bryan Bautista singing Break Fee (Ariana Grande).  The pair have a vocal chemistry as well as a physical chemistry as they play off each others voice and stage presence.  Together, they create drama with their passion and power, delivering a classic pop performance that you wouldn't have expected from either.

Team Christina's Alisan Porter is on the verge of a life long dream as Pink geeks out at the start of their rehearsal.  Singing Desperado (The Eagles) for the first time on the show, Christina says she has the passion to deliver. Pink calls her interpretation the bees knees.  Christina says you don't have to do all those embellishments if they don't contribute to the emotion.  Pink looks at Christina who just shakes her head as they listen to her rehearse.

The stage is decorated with roses hanging off vines and candles, almost service as camouflage but Alisan's voice stands out with a beautiful, lilting vocal, her emotions dripping but while she demonstrates terrific range and dynamics, it feels like she's not digging deep into her chest for the angst and grit of the song.  She turns up the intensity and the power towards the end, but it feels more like a performance than something from deep within.

Adam says now I have 2 seconds after the audience is done.  You can do anything, so many tricks in the bag and you can connect with the audience as well.  You can do it all.  Blake says I love that song, it's a tough one to cover, but you made it your own as you always do.  Coach Christina says I'm speechless yet have so much to say, pride and admiration, you have such a gift. It's such a special song to so many and you delivered it beautifully and epically.


We continue with a Team Pharrell and Team Adam duet, singing Knock On Wood (Eddie Floyd), please welcome Hannah Huston and Laith Al-Saadi.  With Laith on his guitar, there's a physical separation between the two and that extends to their voices as well.  Each performs a strong vocal, though Laith is a little more over the top compared to Hannah's more measured performance, but it felt more like two people singing than a single duet.

Next from Team Blake is Adam Wakefield, singing I'm Sorry (Blake Shelton) and playing the guitar.  Written by Chris Stapleton, Blake says this is the type of song Adam should be recording, but Pink says the vocal is too level.  They suggest he go behind the piano instead and his voice opens up.  Blake tells him to hold open those big notes as long as he can and make him look smart out there.

With just him at the piano, the vocal is dark and depressed and you could hear a pin drop with the mesmerized audience.  A female background vocal comes in to offer just the slightest accent, but Adam owns the stage with this subdued but powerful performance, the chorus standing out with understated intensity.  Midway, he amps up the vocal sandpaper for dramatic effect, then dials it back to just him and the piano and an audience that goes wild.

With just him at the piano, the vocal is dark and depressed and you could hear a pin drop with the mesmerized audience.  A female background vocal comes in to offer just the slightest accent, but Adam owns the stage with this subdued but powerful performance, the chorus standing out with understated intensity.  Midway, he amps up the vocal sandpaper for dramatic effect, then dials it back to just him and the piano and an audience that goes wild.

Coach Blake says I'm embarrassed I ever sang that song after listening to Adam sing it. You've had so many big, breakout moments but not one like that.

We continue with a member of Team Christina, Bryan Bautista, singing a song by his coach, Hurt.  His personal connection to the song is that he hasn't heard from his father since coming out to LA.  His dad has always encouraged his music career but hasn't acknowledged him in the competition.  Christina says his lower register sounds like Luther Vandross.  Pink says it shows he has it in his toolbox.  Christina says don't waste time on ad libs at the end of lies; focus on delivering the emotion.

Playing the piano, he opens in his upper register, sad and sentimental.  He takes the mic and steps away from the piano, effusing emotion strain in this lament.  You can hear the tears in his vocal, the distraught energy, the rapturous regret, he's squeezing every ounce of feeling from this performance.

Adam says it takes a lot of courage to not only be a great singer but to be in touch enough with your emotions and feelings, to be able to talk through your emotions while your singing. That's not easy, it was commendable and you deserve a lot of respect.  Coach Christina says you show a different element of yourself with every performance.  It's such a huge, crazy song range wise, you made it your own and I'm buying it on iTunes to listen to it again.

We continue with a duet from members of Team Blake and Team Adam, who week in and week out, leave it all out on the stage.  Singing Masterpiece (Jessie J), here are Paxton Ingram and Shalyah Fearing! Their vocals share a passion for drama and an up tempo, energetic, nervous intensity.  When they turn on the power, the cup bubbleth over with introspective emotion.  Practice makes perfect when working on a masterpiece.

From Team Blake, Mary Sarah is turning to her traditional country sound to bring her into the Top Four, with I Told You So (Randy Travis).  Pink says we need artists like her on the radio.  To Mary, she says you have to sound like you have no choice but to sing the lyric.  Blake has her revisit a moment where she opened up her voice a little more. Pink says she's holding one note but needs to do more with it.  Blake adds a little steel guitar and percussion to offer a backbone to the performance.

Sitting inside a draped gazebo, her voice is pure and dreamy, the steel guitar weeping down in contrast to her uplifting runs.  This was a master's course in country vocals as she steps out from the gazebo and shows off an beautifully elegant gown.  Her expression coveys the honesty in her vocal as she regretfully turns the page.  Not sure about the percussion at the end but that wasn't her fault.  Absolutely beautiful.

That was so beautiful, Christina says, I just wanted to be in the gazebo with you, the curtains and everything, it was so prety.  We've seen you become a woman on this show or something, you've grown a lot, shimmying and shaking it, owning who you are, it was beautiful.  Coach Blake says this is what's good in country music today,that was good, pure, phenomenal country music, you best performance.

The final artist of the night comes from Team Pharrell's sole remaining artist, Hanna Huston, singing When A Man Loves A Woman (Percy Sledge).  It's a powerfully vulnerable song, the power of hope that everyone can connect with.  Pink says the best art comes when you're lying on the floor and your soul is dying.  Hannah says she doesn't like to share a lot in conversation, but when she sings, she lets it go.  Pharrell says the song needs to ramp up emotionally, ascending to the emotional climax.

Her voice rings out loud and clear to open the song, no accompaniment for the first verse, slowly adding elements but leaving Hannah's lead in the forefront.  She builds in strength of voice and character, throwing in a little vocal grit, digging into her inner self.  Even the trumpet players are swaying along with her as she rocks the audience softly at first and then increasingly more violently as she wails away in a most dramatic fashion.

Over the audience screams, Adam says it's crazy, we take you for granted, you've been so consistent since the beginning, it was a slow, steady build, like a weird stealth assassin because a week before the finale and you're killing it.  Somehow, Blake says, I agree with Adam.  But you haven't had anything like that this season and it was the perfect time to pull out that card.

Coach Pharrell says Adam's right, it's been a slow build, going from a pre-school teacher to someone who knows they deserve to be here.

So there you have your Top 8: From Team Adam, Shalyah Fearing and Laith Al-Saadi.  From Team Blake, Paxton Ingram and Mary Sarah.  From Team Christina, Alisan Porter and Bryan Bautista.  And from Team Pharrell, Hannah Huston.  Four of these artists will make it into next week's finale.  Voting is now open on all platforms.  Who will you vote for?

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