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HG Cassandra Discussion Thread


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Cassandra Shahinfar

This sassy attention seeker is ready to make the other houseguests do her dirty work - both in the game and in the house.
Age: 22
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Occupation: Social Media Strategist

Describe yourself in three words:
Fun, Confident, Hilarious

Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada?
Well Cassandra means seducer of all men so that can work for a strategy – making everyone fall in love with me! I can talk to any person at any age and get to know them. I plan to use my social skills in the house to get to know everyone, and make them feel I’m just there to have fun and be their friend, and not necessarily strategize or get into a clique. Even if someone who I’m not in an alliance with or who isn’t a key player seems to be down or having a hard day, if I see them down I will try and make them feel better. The fact that I’m helping them, they’ll remember that down the line, that I’m not just there for the game, I’m there for the people. When really, I’m just there for the game! I’m also planning to make a secret alliance with one male. Not necessarily a showmance but sort of like a Jon (BBCAN Season 2) and Neda (BBCAN Season 2) thing. I’d have him win the competitions that I can’t do myself, and I’d have him do my dirty work too. That would be ideal.

If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why?
A bottomless bottle of wine! Like a nice Cabernet Sauvignon would be great!

Brain vs. Brawn. Which challenges, physical or mental, do you fear most?
I think I’ll be ok with the mental because I’ve prepped myself so much for that. I’m definitely more intimidated by the physical. Endurance scares me – I’m just not sure I could hold myself up in those situations. I always think back to Jillian and Topaz on that iceberg – that one I’d die on.

If you won, how would you spend the $100k?
I would donate it all to charity… Ha! Not really. I would take my mom on vacation to Hawaii – I’ve never been and it’s always been her dream to go. I would buy some new shoes, pay off my student loan and try and save some of it. I’m planning on winning. In my mind there’s no other option. I’m not there for the experience –I’m there to win. If I come second I’ll be pissed!

Who is your Big Brother Canada idol and why?
I love the Jon & Neda duo. I love Jon’s humour and how he was so underrated. No one saw him as a threat till the end! I love Neda’s strategies. Jon was her meat shield. Between the two of them though, she’s my number one!

True North strong and free. What is your favourite thing about Canada?
We have the hottest leader in the world – Justin Trudeau! We’re the shit!

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