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Survivor 32 show recaps


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Are you ready for Survivor: Kaoh Rong? Lets meet the tribes. Brain--(blue buffs)Chanloh: Peter, Aubry, Joseph, Neal, Elisabeth and Debbie. Beauty--(yellow buffs) Gondol: Michele, Anna, Nick, Caleb, Julia and Tai. Brawn--(red buffs) Totang: Cydney, Darnell, Kyle, Jennifer, Scot and Alecia.

Welcome to Survivor!! These 18 strangers have volunteered to be marooned and stranded for the next 39 days. They are in SE Asia. This will be the most grueling 39 days in Survivor history. Brains, Brawn and Beauty. They are all aboard a boat, they have 2 minutes to salvage anything they can from the boat. Caleb overboard after a chicken. They have to work together, its choas. Everyone in the water and on their way to shore. 39 days, 18 people, 1 survivor.

Brawn day 1. Kyle tells us he doesnt have to prove himself, he is strong but he has an autistic daughter and can be the girly girl dad. Introductions take place and they start on shelter. Brains day 1. Introductions are made. Peter gets called Obama. Debbie tells everyone she can make fire, build shelter etc. They get started on shelter and Debbie tells then how to make fire--but fails to make it.

Beauty day 1. Tai climbs a tree for frawns and finds coconuts too. Girls wonder what the guys do for a living. They drool of Nick, talk about how much ego is over with the guys. Caleb wonders why Tai is on the tribe, maybe there is more then what you see. Tai is a gardener, he survived Vietnam he feels he can survive this.

Brawn builds shelter using rocks. Jason is sunburned already. Blondie (Alecia) is already talked about as a target to go home. Darnell and Cydney make an alliance. Beauty (Gondol) day 1. They chickens are loose, they expand a lot of calories trying to catch it. Tai suggests tying the chickens together so they can run around but not get away. Julia and Anna make an alliance. Julia connects Caleb to BB, they like his loyalty. Caleb is more then BB and he wants to show people that. Caleb and Tai make fire.

Brains day 1. Debbie doesnt want to use the saw. She and Joe plan on sticking around for a very long time. Liz says Debbie talks talks talks, she may annoy ever body to death. The four youngsters will stick together and go to the merge.

Beauty camp. Tai hangs back while others drag bamboo to camp, he is looking for an hii. The others figure out what he is doing. Tai is ripping trees out of the ground and looking where their roots are. He replants it. The others say looking this early puts a target on your back.

Tai gets caught and asks for more time. Michele doesnt trust him, he brings alot of bad energy. Brains day 2. Aubry says its very hot, it scrambles your brain, slows you down, she gets wobbly, she needs fruit and water. Aubry isnt doing so well, Debbie gives her a pep talk. Liz says Aubry wasnt dehydrated, it was in her mind. Liz thinks Aubry will crack again. Brawn night 2. Jennifer thinks she has a but in her ear, she cant sleep or get comfy, she can hear the legs digging deeper into her ear canal. It's so painful.

Brawn day 3. Jennifers ear is bleeding. They get tree mail, the tribe is worried about losing her before the challenge. The bug crawls out and she is back to normal.

Challenge time: they will swim out to a boat, one person will dive down and get a paddle, when they have 4 paddles they will go to shore and use the the boat to make a cart. They will push it to the top, they will either do a puzzle or stack balls, their choice. first to finish wins immunity and massive fire making kit. Second tribe gets a flint.

They take a few minutes to strategize. Brawn almost dumps the boat. Darnell drops the goggles. Beauty and brain have 2 paddles, brawn stuggling. beauty has 3 and so does brain. brawn has 2 paddles. beauty is paddling to shore. Brain is on their way to shore. Beauty stuggles to get boat in the cradle, brain struggles too. brawn on their way to shore. Beauty has their boat in the cradle, Brains in too and Brawn catches up.

Brain in the lead, Brawn not far behind, Beauty falling behind. Brain chooses puzzle. Brawn in second place and picks puzzle. Beauty finally gets cart up and picks puzzle too. Brains in the lead. Brain has it and wins immunity and reward. Its back and forth between Beauty and Brawn. Both down to last piece...Beauty has it, gets immunity and flint. Brawn tribe will go to TC.

Brawn day 3. The girls say sorry for not getting the puzzle. Darnell is sorry for dropping the goggles, he knows he is a good candidate for going home, he offers everyone loyalty. Scot days its either Darnell or Alecia but dead weight in the challenge seals it. He tells Alecia she is not going home. She offers up Darnell. Kyle asks Alecia if she has an hii and she says she didnt say she did but didnt say she didnt. Cyndey prefers Alecia over Darnell.

Time for TC. Jeff tells them to get fire. Jeff asks Jason about first impressions. Jason says he is impressed, some people stand up to his expectations. Alecia and Darnell dont stand up. Darnell admits what he did. Scot says anyone that dives knows you hold on to the mask. Alecia says she will step up and wants to be here. Cydney doesnt believe her. Alecia says she will go down and fight for them. Darnell says she didnt do anything he helped out, he feels bad for what happened. Darnell says he has always fought for everything, he let ppl down and it hurts.

Jennifer says she knows how Darnell feels. (Jeff is calling Kyle Jason so thats what I will call him.) Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Any one want to play a HII? nope. Votes: Alecia, Darnell, Alecia, Darnell, Alecia, Darnell, we have a tie.

Revote, Darnell and Alecia wont vote every body else can only vote for Darnell or Alecia. Time to tally the votes. Votes: Darnell, Darnell, first person voted out is Darnell. Alecia says Thank you guys. Tribe tells him bye. Jeff says if you can talk the talk you better walk the walk. He gives them flint and they walk off.

Next time on Survivor: Debbie may have the brains but she isn't fitting in. While Tai makes a big move.


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Feb 24, 2016

Episode 2

Previously on Survivor, 18 new castaways were divided into 3 tribes. The Brain Tribe had a ton of knowledge, and no one's resume was longer than Debbie's. But it didn't impress her tribe. At the Beauty tribe, the women thought they could use Tai, but Tai got caught looking for a HII, making himself the odd man out. The Brawn Tribe was flexing their muscles but Alecia couldn't keep up with the heavy lifting.

Early in the game, the harsh conditions were taking a toll. But Aubry wasn't the only one losing her mind. At the first Immunity Challenge, Darnell and Alecia were a mess, exposing Brawn's weakness. At TC, Alecia fought to stay in the game and her tribe gave her another chance, sending Darnell home. 17 are left - who will be voted out tonight?

Night 3 in Brawn tribe. Alecia trusts her tribe now and her tribe trusts her. But why were they talking trash about her during TC? Maybe they were going to vote her out. Jason says she came close to going home. Jennifer and Alecia try to start fire with the flint while the guys talk trash behind Alecia's back.

Day 4 in Beauty. Tai is on shore while the rest of his tribe is in the water. He's afraid to go look for the HII, though. He decides to go fast for water but starts pulling trees again and finds a clue in a knot hole in a tree. He finds a HII box but needs a key to open the box. He doesn't have time to look for the key. But he finds it and climbs the tree using his arms and feet. The palm tree is like sandpaper, his chest is red and his feet are bleeding. He can't reach the idol.

Brains, Day 4. They won kerosene and use it to light a fire. They feel tight since winning the first challenge. Elizabeth thinks they need to boil the water but Debbie says she can judge water just by looking at it. She has an immune system like a horse, she says. Peter thinks she has 40 cats back home.

Elizabeth thinks Debbie needs to prove herself to everyone but she has to back the talk up if she wants any respect. In Beauty tribe, breakfast is sugar cane. Tai says Caleb has a childlike face. I know where you sleep, Caleb responds. Tai says he'll lay low and try to connect with his tribe rather than try to get the idol.\

Caleb says there are no Tai's where he comes from. Tai wanted to cuddle night one and there's no homophobe in this guy, he'll cuddle. Julia thinks the two are so different, one a hunter and the other a gardener. Michele says they somehow get each other. Tai shows Caleb how to eat the eye out of a fish. Tai tries to take fish out of Caleb's mouth and Caleb thinks he tried to kiss him. Tai jokes. I think he likes it, Tai shares with us. Next time just ask, Caleb tells him.

Brains, Day 5. It's not raining so they want to dry out their wood. They are almost our of kerosene already - the rubber seal has been leaking. Neal says Joe used a third to light the fire then tipped the bottle on its side and they've lost most of it. Debbie complains to Joe about the young guys' lack of focus. Joe tries to strike a match and they are wet and are useless too.

Joe complains Liz has book knowledge but lacks the experience in the field. Liz is emotional that she's weak and Joe doesn't seem to care. She wants water but is afraid to drink unboiled water. Over on Brawn, they can't make fire with the flint and have no food. Jennifer says they are weaklings. Jason is fried - red and blistering. But he's used to it from being in Iraq.

Alecia gives the flint a try. Her tribe makes think she's doing it because she's afraid she's at the bottom. She's at it for 2 hours. After 5 hours, the rest of her tribe is asleep when she gets it going. They wake and rush to her side and they get a flame and build a fire. She's not a quitter, her tribe mates say, now they're going to get stronger and win challenges.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. Tribes must race down the river to retrieve a very heavy log, carry it through a series of obstacles in the water, lay it in a cradle and untie a ball and use it to knock down 2 targets via sling shot. First 2 tribes to finish win immunity. Losers go to TC.

In addition, first tribe to finish wins reward - the ultimate Survivor fishing kit. There will also be a boat waiting for you back at camp. The second tribe to finish gets a smaller fishing kit. Losers get nothing but a date at TC. Brain sits out Debbie and Beauty sits out Julia.

Survivors ready? GO! The riverbed is thick with mud as beauty is off to a fast start. They must untie the 300lb log and then carry it up the river. They can go over, under and float it through the obstacles. Brawn and Beauty have the lead, Brain falling behind. They have to lift it up and continue on the beach to the cradle.

back into the water, they continue through the obstacles. Caleb and Tai take falls. Brawn is hung up as Beauty takes the lead. Beauty has their log in the cradle and starts untying the ball. They have their ball and head to the sling shot. Brawn has their rope free. Brain is still untying their log.

Beauty is all knotted up and gives up their lead. Brawn is launching their ball. Beauty starts launching their ball and Caleb knocks down the first target. Brain tribe catches up and knocks down their first target. Scott connects for the Brawn tribe and it's one target each tribe. Next target knocked down wins Immunity.

Brain falls short. Caleb goes for the win and Caleb gets it! Brain and Brawn go for second place. Scott falls short for Brawn. Peter scores for Brain, sending Brawn back to TC for the second time in a row.

Beauty and Brain collect their fishing rewards and head back to camp. Brawn has a date with Jeff at TC where someone will be voted off.

Day 6: Brawn's fire is out and Scot bemoans missing the target. He says Jason, Cydney, Jenny and himself are strong and he'd be shocked if any of them turned. They turn their target on Alecia - she's a ditz and a half, Jason says. She's useless, like a bird that can't fly.

Alecia goes for a walk and the guys immediately suspect she's looking for an idol. She'll never find it, they're sure. Alecia says no one has asked her to be in an alliance, so yeah, she's worried. She's so stupid, the guys say. Jennifer says she has an alliance but Jason is starting to piss her off with his attitude and laziness.

Jennifer helps Alecia carry a long down the beach and asks her what's the best you can do in this game? Be honest? No. Win challenges? No. Get out the strongest players now while you can. Alecia says it would be easy to vote me out, but what's better than making a big move? She says if we take out the guys, then when we make the merge, no one will target us and our alliance will survive.

They bring Cydney into an all-girls alliance. They want to target Jason tonight. Alecia says she might do a happy dance if this works. Jason and Scot see Jennifer and Alecia together and say there's no chance. Jason is worried but Scot says 100%. Jennifer assures him they are good.

Jennifer says she has low impulse control and chases shiny new ideas. Now she realizes that blindsiding Jason, who she despises, also means blindsiding Scott who she likes and who trusts her. She and Cydney talk it over. They have time to make moves. When did this tide turn, Cydney wonders. It's all up in the air as they head to TC and that's very dangerous.

Time for TC Jeff asks Alecia if she's feeling the heat? She says she's been pulling her weight around camp so hopefully it's not her tonight. Jeff says you could go with the guys or firm an alliance of 3 women. It's up in the air, Jenny says, you have to start thinking what might make sense. There was some back-and-forth. Scot and Jason are not happy hearing this. To hear Jenny say it's up in the air at camp raises my eyebrows, Scot says. It's what happens after you lose a challenge, Jason says, the question is what gets out, how much is said and then in TC, things get confirmed. Things they THINK get confirmed, Jennifer says, sure ideas were thrown around, but you assume that just because an idea is discussed, the plan was changed.

I didn't think anything had changed until I heard you right here, Scot says, you told me at camp that the plan was set. At that point it was, Jennifer says, I didn't realize it was going to turn that quickly just because I admitted ideas were discussed. The point of an alliance, Jason says, is you never waiver. That's what we've done, Jennifer defends, to this point. Wow, says Jeff, Alecia, what do you take from that? That they had something locked in and now it's up in the air, she says. Let's be honest, Jennifer says, Alecia wanted to do an all-girl alliance. That was her that threw that out there, Alecia corrects, not me. That is the biggest lie, Jennifer says, totally your idea. She was the one who wanted the all girl alliance, Alecia says, twisting the knife.

Alecia has a mischievous grin while Jennifer buries her face in her hands in frustration. But who did you say to throw on that chopping block, Jason asks her. Jason, Alecia says and Jennifer admits it. That's everything busted right there, Jason says. Again, it was Alecia's idea, Jennifer says. Whatever you say, Jenny, Alecia deflects. Vote me out and let's keep losing challenges, Jennifer says, that sounds like a great idea. Cydney, Jeff asks, what do you make of this? It's about being in the wrong place at the wrong time and saying the wrong things to the wrong people. That's where loyalty comes in. You have to know whose loyal and whose not.

My bad if I broke your trust, Jennifer says and Jason closes his eyes in disbelief. What I'm asking for is a tribe that wants to win, Jennifer continues and not have to come here again. If you stick with her... I didn't do anything wrong in the challenge, Alecia says, I didn't make us lose. Jennifer covers her face again in frustration.

Jason says never in this game has someone walked up to their alliance and said, I just want you to know I'm considering flip. I'll get back to you and let you know how things work out. If it doesn't work out, we're still good, right? This is an absolute nightmare, Jennifer says, the pain is their not trusting me because I've given them no reason not to trust me. All of a sudden, one person, who's at the bottom, is doing all this scrambling and telling them lies... Alecia says I'm telling the truth. OMGosh, Jennifer says. I haven't listened to a word Alecia has said tonight, Scott says, I've just been listening to you. The first words out of your mouth were, everything's up in the air. Make me get over that.

My intentions were nothing but good, Jennifer says, I actually like Alecia and just wanted to give her a good last day to not think she's going home, what was the harm? Lying to me is not giving me a good last day, Alecia says. That's who I am as a person, Jennifer says, I care about people's feelings. If I could take that back, I would.

Scot, what's your reaction to that, Jeff asks, do you have empathy? I do, and I think in the long run, Jenny would be better for us physically, mentally. So give me another chance. You know what, hold on. Jennifer surprises Jeff by getting up and standing on her stool, proclaiming, please trust our original alliance, nothing has changed. The four of us can go ridiculously far.

I don't know if I've ever seen a TC like this, Jeff says. This is how Brawn does it, Jason says. Scot makes an explosion sound. It is time to vote. Scot and Jason exchange glances as Alecia votes. Jennifer votes. Cydney votes. Scot votes. Jason votes. Time to tally the votes.

HII is not played. First vote is Jen. Alecia. Alecia. Jenny. Tied 2-2. One vote left. Second person voted out of Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty... Jennifer. Alecia claps in celebration. Hope you win lots more challenges, Jennifer says sarcastically.  Tonight's TC is a dramatic example of how quickly the game can change. One wrong word and the game can go from good to bad. That means it can also go from bad to good.

Next time on Survivor, Debbie enlists a solder and plans an attack, while at the Brawn tribe, it's all out war for the HII.









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March 2, 2016


Episode 3


Previously on Survivor: Brawn loses immunity and voted out Jennifer. 16 are left, who will be voted out tonight. At Brawn camp Scot tells Alecia that he only wrote her name down cuz he knew Jennifer was going. Scot tells Cyndey that they might have voted off the wrong person. Cyndey tells him Alecia trusts her more now. What a difference a day makes.


Beauty day 7. Breakfast is ready. Tai going after the HII, he knows where it is he just needs to get the key out. He lost the tool he needs to push the key out. He says his life has been full of challenges, he will just make a new tool. He does and gets the then key. He kisses the tree and heads off to find the HII. And he has it. Says it will save his life, they belong together. There is a twist...if you pair one immunity idol with another immunity idol, they fit together to form one Super idol. A super idol can be played AFTER the votes have been read. He says are you kidding me.


Brains day 7. Joe works on his abs while Peter and Liz talk game. Debbie says her job is to sit back, shut up and gather intel. Peter is an asset in challenges so Liz needs to go. She tells Joe they need to get out Liz. Debbie likes Neal. Debbie says she is flying under the radar, that's how you win this game baby. Beauty camp wants to kill a chicken but Tai has a hard time with it.


Tai holds the chicken while Caleb does the dirty work. Tai cries afterwards and Caleb consoles him. The tribe feels bad. Anna doesn't trust Nick. Caleb thinks the girls a strong 3.


Scot looks for the HII saying the last person he wants to get it is Alecia....Alecia and Cydney look for the clue, Cydney tells Alecia to go look over there while she uncovers the locked box. Alecia comes back and Cydney covers it back up. At camp Cydney tells Jason and Scot and they all go running off to look. Jason finds a clue with a map....Alecia comes up on them and sees the clue. Jason takes off running and Alecia cant keep up. Alecia shows up while the guys are trying to get it out, it falls and Jason grabs it. They get the HII, Jason has it in his hand. Scot reads the twist and says Yin and Yang, wonder twins power activate. Let them vote them off.


Immunity challenge time: they will jump off a platform and swim out to a boat, they have to get 3 rice bags thru a fence, get it to shore. Then rip it open to find 3 balls, the work those balls into holes. Reward is choice of comfort items or family love. The second tribe gets whats left. All 3 tribes have their rice and are trying to get it thru a hole in the fence. Beauty and Brains have their first bag, brawn gets their bag. Beauty is way out in front, they are on the shore ripping the bags open looking for the balls Beauty getting their first ball up the wall. Brawn messes up and has to start over. Beauty gets their second ball. Brain gets first ball. Brawn is dead least again. Beauty wins immunity and reward. Brawn gets their first ball. Brain has second ball. Brawn gets second ball. its neck and neck. Brawn wins by seconds. Brain tribe will go to TC. Beauty gets idol and chooses comfort items. Brawn gets family love, Jason gets the Teddy Bear.


Brains day 8. Debbie says she was 3 second behind with the ball. They talk about sending Neal. They will split the vote incase Neal has a HII. Debbie plays along but tells us it aint happening. Peter says he and Liz are out for blood. Aubry says she cant trust someone who reveals themselves right in front of her, she is talking about Peter. Girls talk about getting rid of Peter.


Debbie says its going to be a total blindside and will get ugly when they get home. Time for TC, they get fire. Jeff asks if its far to assume everything is pragmatic? Debbie says yes, emotions are waste of energy. Aubry says its murky waters, you have to know what the silences are too. Paranoid is a strong word but if people don't think someone is out to get them they are thinking it thru.


Jeff says one tribe member says the plan is in place. Neal says its not his plan. Liz says the person going home tonight wont be completely shocked. Jeff says self awareness is the key. Peter wants to vote.


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to play the HII? nope. Votes: Aubry, Aubry, Peter, Peter, Liz, Liz, its a 3 way tie. Revote..Aubry, Liz and Peter wont vote the rest can only vote for one of them. Time to tally the votes. Votes: Liz, 3rd person voted out is Liz. Peter shakes his head and says "you guys" Liz walks off after saying good luck everyone. Jeff says its all about picking up on social cues.


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to play the HII? nope. Votes: Aubry, Aubry, Peter, Peter, Liz, Liz, its a 3 way tie. Revote..Aubry, Liz and Peter wont vote the rest can only vote for one of them. Time to tally the votes. Votes: Liz, 3rd person voted out is Liz. Peter shakes his head and says "you guys" Liz walks off after saying good luck everyone. Jeff says its all about picking up on social cues.

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March 9, 2016

Episode 4


Previously on Survivor: the temperatures have led some to wonder how much more they can take. Brains go to TC and Liz is voted out. 15 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Brains Night 8: Well, that was something. Debbie said it went down as she expected, guess you would have to call her the mastermind. Peter is shocked, he thought he was going. Peter says he will take them out one by one.


Time for reward challenge: they have to go thru obstacles, dig for balls in a pit and then roll the balls into holes on a frame. Reward is a lot of cooking items or second place gets a few cooking items. Go....
Beauty and Brawn out quickly. Brain falling behind. They have to dig under a log, Cyndey out quickly. Brawn to an early lead, Beauty is last place. All teams in the sand pit. Brawn and Beauty have one bag. Brawn has 2. Its hot just watching them. Sun beating down. Its 45 min into the challenge and exhaustion is taking over. Brain now has 2 and then 3. Brain goes on to roll the balls, Aurby gets 2 balls in quickly, Peter gets 3rd and 4th. Other teams struggling in the heat. Debbie gets 5th ball and Peter gets the 6th they win reward. Who will be the second place team. Beauty gets their bags and start to roll, Caleb gets first ball. Debbie has to lay down. She says she thinks she has heat stroke, Jeff calls Medical. They pour some water on her. She says it feels better. Beauty has gotten 5 balls while medical was with Debbie. Brawn is still looking for last bag. They find the last bag and start to roll their balls. Caleb misses for Beauty, Brawn gets 3 balls quickly. Beauty pulls it out and wins second place cooking items. Cydney collapses on the platform, Caleb falls down too, tribe calls for medical for Caleb, they pour water on him too. Cydney is helped over to medical. Jeff calls for everybody on the crew to come help. Caleb is breathing heavily and not responding to his name. OMG
Tai tears up. Caleb finally nods his head, medical starts an IV on Caleb while Cydney has water poured on her. Jason is taking good care of Cydney. Jeff calls for an evacuation...call the choppers. Dr. Joe says Cydney is doing better. Jeff tells her she is not going to be pulled from the game, they are right next door. Jeff tells Caleb the doctor is pulling him from the game. Jeff tells beauty that Caleb is out of the game, they are in shock. Tribe tells Caleb bye, they love him.
Jeff gives everyone an update. 3 people going down in one challenge is unprecedented. Jeff asks Jason if after caring for Cydney can he vote her out, he says they are family this is why they are here. Jeff tells them to go back to camp, sit in the shade and drink water. Tai wants to see Caleb again and get that kiss. (Caleb is fully recovered and 100% healthy)
Brains day 9. Holy crap what day. Debbie says it was embarrassing, but thank goodness medical was called. Debbie tears up when she tells us her daughters are always telling her they are proud of her. She says beyond this game they are friends for life, they really took care of her. Brawn day 9. Alecia tells Scot that telling her to keep being a cheering was not a team thing. Scot says he was trying to keep her cheering, it was encouraging. Cydney says they were messing with her recuperation. Scot says next TC she is gone. Jason says she needs to take some responsibility for herself some times. Jason says Alecia is so far on the bottom she doesn't even know. Jason says he has raised his girls to be independent and to see a girl like Alecia bothers him.
Immunity challenge time; Jeff asks if they are taking care of themselves. they all say yes. Immunity is up for grabs, 2 members will race into the jungle for puzzle pieces, 2 more members will dive into the ocean for more pieces. The pieces will make a snake when its done. Brawn, beauty then brains are at the wall for their pieces, brain tribe drops a piece and has to go back. brain is last to head into the ocean. Brawn and Beauty are on their way back to shore with their pieces. Beauty is first to work on puzzle. Brawn is next. Brain finally gets to the puzzle. There is only one way the rope pieces go together. Brain thinks they have it and they do. Brain wins immunity Brawn struggling. Beauty wins immunity.
Brawn going to TC tonight. Jeff asks Alecia a question and she says she did her best. Scot says its always about her. Jeff says its going to be some TC tonight. Scot says yes it will. Jeff asks Alecia if she gets picked on, she says she does. Jason says they could vote right now but Alecia doesn't agree to it.
We go straight to TC w/o seeing any game talk at camp. Jeff asks if anything has changed. Jason says no, Scot says no, Cydney agrees. Jeff tells Alecia she is on Brawn tribe cuz she doesn't take anything from anyone. Jeff says he thinks Alecia is being voted out tonight yet he still roots for her. She says she can take what she learns and go with it.
Time to vote: Time to tally the votes. Any one want to play the HII? nope. Votes: Alecia, Scot, Alecia, 4th person voted out is Alecia. Alecia says good luck Cydney. Cydney says thank you baby.
Next time on Survivor: This season the lines of power have been drawn but they are about to be erased. Drop your buffs we are switching things up.
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March 16, 2016


Episode 5


Previously on Survivor: The heat got the better of Caleb who was medevacked out of the game. Brawn loses TC and Alecia was voted out. 13 are left who will be voted out tonight. Brains day 12. Joe has an infected finger, Dr Peter checks it out. He also checks Neals hand. Neal goes HII hunting and finds a clue to the box that leads to the clue to the key. He gets the key, opens the box and there is the HII. He reads the twist about the super Idol (two idols together that can be played after the votes are read)


Time for Challenge....drop your buffs, we are switching things up. Originally they were going to split the tribes evenly into two tribes but with Calebs leaving there are now 13. There are 13 buffs there are 6 blue, 6 yellow and 1 red. who ever draws the red buff will go to Brawn beach alone, They will not to go challenge, they will not go to TC and will be safe. They will go to the tribe that loses a player at TC.


They choose buffs....Julia gets the red buff. the new tribes make introductions. Blues new name is Chanloh...Neal,, Joe, Michele Debbie, Jason, and Nick. Yellow name is Gondol....Joe, Scot, Tai, Peter, Anna and Aubry.


The tribes go to their new camps and get acquainted. Debbie and Cyndey like each other. Debbie wants 2 brawn to hook up with 2 brain. She pulls in Cyndey and Jason. Gondol...Tai shows them how to open a coconut. Scot likes him. Scot has a man crush on Tai.  Anna says she is not going out w/o a fight. Jason is feeling good in his new tribe.


Over at red camp, Julia is shaking. She is dehydrating. She says there is no reconnecting with her tribe, its going to be hard for her. People don't know she is 18, she doesn't have the experience. She is getting paranoid about whats going on at camp.


Immunity Challenge time: two members have to swim out to get some wooden fish in a net, 2 other members will untie the fish, 2 others have to put the fish on a puzzle board. Nick and Jason in the water for blue. Scot and Aubry for Yellow. Yellow has 2 sets of fish, Blue has their second set. Both tribes head back to shore. Yellow at the mat, followed by blue. Blue hooking their fish and are taking them up to the puzzle board, Yellow passes them and gets there first. Both tribes are on the puzzle stage. The fish fit together in a box in 2 layers. Blue wins immunity. Congrats Chanloh. Gondol will go to TC.


Gondol day 13...Tai says its he or Anna tonight. He has the HII, doesn't want to play it but doesn't want to go home. Peter suggest Anna as Tai is a provided. Joe will go for Anna. Tai doesn't like Peter, he talks to Scot and Anna. He shows them the HII and suggests getting Peter out, they think its a good idea. Augry tells Scot and says its Anna. Scot tells Tai they want to vote out Anna. Tai says he doesn't want to go home with the HII in his pocket. He is bringing it with him.


Time for TC, the ones that haven't had fire get it. Jeff asks Aubry if she Peter and Joe are sticking together, she says its the devils they know. Anna doesn't have the numbers, its going to be Tai or her. Anna says she is competitive. Tai says he is playing straight with them, he finds food for them. Aubry says its hard to hear cuz they are putting it all on the table. Joe thinks there is no HII, there has been no clue. Tai says he is terrible at looking and there has been no clue. Jeff says the thing about TC is you cant believe a thing from people.


Time to Vote. Time to tally the votes. Any one want to use the HII? nope. Votes: Peter, Anna, Anna, Anna, 5th person voted out is Anna. Scot pats Tai on the back. Anna says good luck everyone. Jeff says tonight you decided to keep Tai over Anna and you will wonder if you made the right choice.


Next time on Survivor: Debbie is courting a new ally, while Joe investigates one of his own.


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March 23, 2016


Episode 6


Previously on Survivor: Gondol lost immunity and voted Anna out. Back at Gondol camp they hug Tai, he thanks them for keeping him. Peter says he might disband the brains. He talks about getting Joe out next. Chanloh day 14. Nick is just thinking, from here on out he will bond. Debbie says she will step up to the plate and lead when she needs to. She thinks Nick looks like a Greek god. Debbie's priority is to make it to merge. Tree mails them they will have to throw bouyies into baskets, Nick played basketball, he is not going down w/o a fight.


Time for Reward challenge. Julia comes in to replace Anna. One member of each tribe will dive down to release buoy's, they then have to get the shore and toss them into a basket, first to 10 wins Survivor Picnic. Blue first to buoy's. Yellow has them loose first, they float to the surface one at a time. Blue is falling behind, got them loose and they start throwing them towards shore. Yellow is hearding their bouy's. Yellow shooting the bouy's, Scot gets the first one... and second. Nick gets first for blue. Scot gets second, third. Nick gets 2 and 3...its tied. Nick gets fourth. Scot misses 2 in a row. Nick has 5, 6. Scot gets 4th. Blue gets 7, Yellow 5 and 6. Blue gets 8, Yellow 7 its neck and neck. Scot ties it up. Nick misses. Scot scores 9. Scot errrr Gondol wins reward. Scot tells Nick it was good shooting he put the pressure on him.


Gondol camp, they have a feast as they introduce themselves to Julia. Peter talks game with Julia, he wants to get out Aubry, Julia is down with it. Joe and Aubry talk about getting Julia out. They are suspicious of Peter talking to Julia. . Chanloh they talk about being behind in the challenge. Nick is angry at himself. Michelle botched the knots. Michelle is going to use her social skills to get back in it. She talks to Debbie, Debbie doesn't like Jason. Michelle tells Nick what Debbie said. Nick says Michelle is the target. Michelle doesn't like the way Nick talks to her. Nick says he needs to make sure Michelle says what he wants and does the right thing. Michelle is playing innocent when she is really strong independent girl, she doesn't need to be carried.


Gondol camp. Scot talks to Peter about getting Joe out. Joe doesn't like Peter talking to the guys. Joe says Peter plays both sides. Joe asks Peter if he is going to take him out. Peter doesn't answer straight up. Joe keeps asking him, telling him not to lie to him. Peter dances around the answer. Joe says if they lose the next challenge they need to take Peter out.


Immunity challenge time. Both tribes have to work as a team to get through obstacles, use sticks to knock blocks out of a net then put the block in order from biggest to smallest making a tower. Its even out of the gate, over the barrel blue is over first. Yellow catches up going over the net. Yellow falling behind. Blue working on getting the blocks out. Yellow gets a couple blocks out. Yellow got all their outs and is now building the tower. Blue gets all their blocks. Yellow stacked some small blocks and are lifting them up to slide the bigger ones in under, they lose it and have to start over. Blue tips theirs over. Debbie is standing on Nicks shoulders. Tai is on Scots shoulders now. Blue wins Immunity by seconds.


Talk is to get out Peter or Julia. It goes back and forth. Joe tries to make amends with Peter. Aubry doesn't know whats going to happen. Joe says he isn't switching he is staying with the plan, he is voting Julia.


Time for TC. Julia takes her torch and gets fire. Jeff asks Julia what the vibe of this group is. She says they are very split. Aubry says the other tribe legacy carries over and you make new friends. Peter takes the blame for losing the challenge. Julia cant trust what anyone says, its hard for her to grasp what is happening. Scot says ppl going off talking game is distrustful. People quietly talk, saying go with the original plan. Peter is the target. Aubry is confused. Scot tells Julia its the original plan. Jeff asks if they should keep talking or vote.


Julia says Vote. It is time to vote. Aubry writes down Julias name. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use the HII? nope. Votes: Peter, Julia, Peter, Julia....tied. Peter, 6th person voted out is Peter. (Its a vote for Julia that was crossed off and Peter written under it.) Jeff says there was clearly a lot of uncertainty in the vote.


Next time on Survivor. The Merge has everyone scrambling for power.

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March 30, 2016


Episode 7


Previously on Survivor: This season has been a test of will. Neal, Tai and Jayson found HII's. At the last immunity challenge Gondol lost and voted Peter out. 11 are left, who will be voted out tonight.

Gondol Night 16...Joe and Scot discuss the vote. Scot says he will be picking off the Brain tribe. Scot says if they go to another TC he will write down Aubry/Joe. Tai chases a chicken away from People food. At Chanloh Cydney assess the bulge in Neal's pocket. She says its an HII. Jason agrees. A boat shows up...they have 5 minutes to grab their stuff and board the boat, they are going to their new home at the Gondol camp. Its merge time.


Debbie loves change, she will pull people in and lock them down. Day 17....Boat makes it to Gondol and they go nuts. Scot was glad to see Jason and Cydney, they are back together. Aubry says her and Joe are saved now. They get merge dinner. Tai says 4 Beauty, 4 Brain 3 Brawn...how are they going to divide up. Neal says his true alliance is with Michelle. Debbie confirms with Audry they are tight with her, Neal and Joe. Neal and Nick talk about who to get out on Brawn. Jason says they need Nick for the numbers but Neal is the focus.


Scot, Jason and Neal discuss who has HII. Neal doesn't like Scot and Jason arrogance but that's ok with him. Dara camp Day 18. Neal has a nasty infection on his leg. Debbie tells Tai she really likes him. She pulls him in quick (or so she thinks, he tells us he doesn't buy her story). Jason says if Brawn and Beauty band together they will be 7 of them. Jason tells them Neal has an HII. Nick and Aubry talk, Nick says Debbie is going off her rocker. Neal and Aubry talk, Aubry tells him Nick doesn't like Deb. Neal confirms to Aubry he has an HII. Aubry says the game is on, lets go.


Day 19,time for Immunity challenge. Jeff asks them about cuts. Neal says he has Mt. St. Neal. Others show Jeff their infections. They have embraced the suck and kept going. They will stand on a log while balancing a ball on a board, they will add more balls at intervals. They step up on their log and grab their first ball. Its on. Joe is first out. Debbie follows him. 2 minutes in. Jason drops with 10 seconds left of the single ball. At 5 min they add a second ball. Michelle is out, Neal is out. Scot is out. Cydney is out, Aubry is out, its less then a min into the two balls. Tai and Nick are wobbly but Julia is strong. 5 minutes later they are still in it and have to add a 3rd ball. They will now go until the end. Nick has a good recovery, Julia is out. Tai is out. Nick wins first individual immunity. Neal says it will be the 4 Brains going up against the bullies, the Brawn. He has an HII, he may play it or give it to Aubry.


Dara day 19. They all congrat Nick on winning immunity. Neal says he is in the middle, he feels like the pretty girl. Scot says the vote is for Aubry. Neal has the HII, if he plays it they still get Aubry out. Nick says he is leaning towards Brawn and voting out a Brain but Scot is over confident. Neal talks to Nick, they are trying to get Michelle too, that will make 6. Debbie, Aubry and Michelle talk about getting Scot out.


Michele tells us she doesn't know if working with Debbie and Aubry is best for her. Nick talks to Michele, she tells him Aubry. NIck says he likes Aubry, he would hang out with her but she has to go. Jeff and the doc show up at camp. Jeff says he wanted to assess whats going on, check the infections. He starts with Tai. Dr. Rupert says its healing well. Scot comes over, he has a couple cuts. Dr says keep an eye on it. Aubry comes over, Dr says its big under the skin. Dr can lance it or give antibiotics. They go with antibiotics first.


Neal comes over, he says Mt St Neal erupted and is not a huge hole, he also has a huge one on his back too. They take him to the side in a cleaner area. Neal says he feels good. Dr. says the one on his back is a big nasty spot but not life threatening. Dr taks another look at his knee, if the infection goes into the joint it can destroy a joint in hours. Dr thinks it has the potential to get worse. Dr Rupert pulls Neal from the game. Neal breaks down.


Neal says he has had it hard the last 15 years, its been a great 19 days. They will take him out, get him fixed up he will be the first on Jury. He says goodbye to the tribe. Aubry breaks down. Neals bad news is their good news...no TC tonight. Aubry hoped Neal would give her the HII but it went home with him. Neal left her hanging. Aubry says you have to pave your own way.


Next time on Survivor. The Brains are on the outs and hoping for a miracle. But just when things seem set in stone, it all starts to crumble.



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March 13, 2016


Episode 9


Previously on Survivor, Brawn and Beauty were in the majority alliance and targeting the Brains. But Cydney got tired of men controlling the game so she rallied the women in order to take out one of the men. At tribal council, Tai made a big mistake but for Cydney, everything fell into place when the women sent Nick to the jury leaving Scot, Jason and Tai wondering what to do on the bottom. 9 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

There is thunder and lightning as everyone returns to camp. Tai congratulates the girls on a well played move. Scot tells us they were blindsided. Clearly the status of the Brawn alliance is done. It's Jason, Scot and Tai. The men whisper about the girls and Joe working together. Tai tells us after making the mistake by mentioning the super idol, he panicked and voted for Jason but he was so afraid of how to explain that to Jason. He can't lie too well so he says he voted for Debbie.

They discuss using the super idol at the next eviction because they have Jason's and Tai's and can stop whatever move the 9 make. Scot suggests taking away their food and not providing for them, taking away the machete and axe. Jason tells us they'll take away their ability to do things, weaken their soul a little. It's psychological warfare. He did it in the military and he'll do it bounty hunting. Cut off all their ties, mess with their mind. Keep them weak, look for their cracks and try and strike. He loves it.

The 3 agree to the plan but Tai tells us even though he knows it is a game but he is uncomfortable being as extreme as Jason and Scot. It's not how he approaches life, but he cannot control what they do. The next morning, Joe is tending the fire while Scot and Jason make off with the machete and axe. Scot tells us he wants to weaken them so they crack and will shake things up. Time to make life as miserable as possible for everyone else. Joe, who is starting the fire, doesn't notice. Scot tells us if fighting means making people miserable in the process, that's what he's doing.

Debbie tells us tribal council was beautiful. The people that thought they were in charge found out it was an illusion, so they are mad and it's an uncomfortable vibe. It's a testament to their character to see what poor sportsman they are. They are not gentlemen. Michele starts looking for the machete and axe, and Tai plays dumb. Joe comments sabotage, and everyone immediately agrees.

Michele and Aubry call them immature, they'll find ways to eat. Michele tells us they'll use their smarts and figure out another way. They won't be broken down. They don't need the "burly" men to figure it out. Within 20 minutes they'd had a plan B for the coconuts.

Scot looks unimpressed as he watches them. Scot tells us he was mad already but that was the tipping point, listening to them "brag" about their ability to find another solution. Now he decides to do something stupid, and pours all the water on the fire. Joe asks why he would do that. Scot asks why he would sabotage them. Joe reminds Scot that it is a game. Joe says pouring water on the fire is a cheap shot.

Michele tells us she doesn't tolerate that in her regular life, she doesn't want to tolerate it out here either. They can keep the power struggle going but they're not backing down. They will always find a way. Tai, Scot and Jason watch from the shelter. Tai admits this is hard to watch, but the other 2 discuss finding other fun stuff to do.

Time for a rewards challenge. Jeff asks about the atmosphere at camp and Debbie and Aubry fill him in on Scot and Jason's mishaps. Scot tells Jeff he is sending a message and Cydney smirks - she can do what they can do. Jeff says there is a lot going on - this should be interesting. For today's challenge, they'll be divided into 2 teams of 4. Each team will be attached to a long rope. They'll work together to unbraid the rope.

Once unspooled, they'll unclip to sandbags and knock a series of blocks off a ledge. First team to knock them all down wins. Reward is a Chinese takeout to camp. Jeff asks them if they want to do a school yard pick or if they want to make their own teams. One person will sit out and decide who they think will win. Pick right, they'll celebrate with the winning tribe. Pick wrong, they'll get no reward.

The girls discuss while Jason smirks and asks if any girls want to come with them. Julia volunteers to go with the guys. Cydney is not a fan of this and is suspicious. Julia tells us pulling the other side in might be beneficial to her. She has to consider her moves and consider her game. Joe aligns with the girls for the win and they start the challenge.

The challenge stays neck in neck, although slightly behind the guys/Julia. It was very close, but in the end the guys/Julia win. Jeff comments on the huge effort by both teams. Aubry tells us she knew Julia was playing both sides by going over to them. She can't trust her as far as she can throw her.

The tribe walks silently back to their camp after the challenge. Debbie congratulates Tai on a job well done. Jason gloats while telling us they are back on the upswing. With Julia, they have a prayer. Scot tells us that everything was really good (the food) but the best was talking to Julia, picking her brain. Julia says getting rid of the guys is a dumb move on their part because then she's on the bottom of the Cydney, Joe, Debbie, Aubry chain. Julia tells us taking people like Scot and Jason to the end, people who caused chaos and havoc in camp might be good. No one would vote for them.

Tai feeds Chinese food to Mark the chicken too. The other 5 comment about Julia being lost to the dark side. Debbie tells us she doesn't have one iota of concern about Julia flipping. Debbie asks if they tried to suck her in. Julia says a little but but there is no way! Debbie thinks Scot is the brain, not Jason. They plan to see who wins Immunity and then discuss the plan. Cydney tells us she doesn't trust Julia. She goes right from the boys to the girls to find out what the plan is for next tribal? She thinks she slick. Abury and Cydney discuss voting out Julia and agree she is very dangerous.

Aubry tells us Julia wants to ride the middle to the end. Sometimes the person in the middle gets run over. She hopes this time it's Julia. That night, Joe is working on the fire. Tai wakes up and tells us he's committed to the boys. He was upset when Scot poured the water on the fire but he needs to take a step back from what he's feeling and get on board. He needs to do what's best for his game. When Joe goes to sleep, Tai pours more water on the fire. The evil side barely comes out but it did that night.

Joe assess the damage the next morning with Aubry, figuring more water was poured on it. Tai comes out and innocently asks if there are any embers. In the water later, Debbie is very angry about the fire being gone again. Now Scot is interfering with their ability to survive by not being able to eat. She is angry and wants him gone. Aubry suggests Julia, thinking they'll flush all the idols in the game. Debbie insists the guys need to go. Aubry tells us it kills her Debbie wants to play emotionally and not logically.

Debbie flat out refuses to vote for Julia. Aubry tells us she's gone with Debbie on a lot of things but she believes Julia needs to go home. Time for the immunity challenge. Today's challenge, you will stack a series of blocks on a beam while attempting to avoid trip obstacles. If you hit the obstacles, your blocks will fall and you will have to restack. Your goal is to place the blocks so when they fall, it will be like dominos, ultimately hitting a gong. First person to hit their gong, wins immunity, 1 in 8 shot at winning the game. One person will be voted out and become the 3rd person in the jury.

This is speed vs precision. The faster you go, the more risks you take. Tai drops and has to start over. Jason and Scot both losing everything, Michele taking an early lead. Tai races to catch up but drops again. Michele almost wins but she just misses. Debbie and Julia are right behind her. Debbie tries and misses. Scot drops everything again while Jason tries to close the gap, while Julia continues to get further ahead. Jason tries and misses while Julia places her last block and Michele is right behind her. Debbie tries again and fails while Julia tries and successfully hits the gong. Julia wins individual immunity!

Aubry tells us her whole plan went out the window. What does she do now? Back at camp, Debbie suggests they split the vote between Scot and Tai. There's no way Jason would expect that, he thinks he's the target. If they tie, they revote and take out Scot. Debbie does not think they have an idol. Aubry tells us Julia knowing the plan scares her. Julia makes an excuse to go see Tai and tells the guys the plan. Scot tells Julia to vote Cydney and that will be the end of it.

Scot tells us if Julia is on their side, Cydney will go home. If not, they'll use their idols. Aubry and Cydney go for a walk - they are concerned. Both about Debbie's trust in Julia and Julia herself. Aubry tells us this far into the game, they need to figure out who to trust who is not so blinded. They are thinking of cutting Debbie loose. They feel Michele, Aubry, Joe and Cydney should vote Debbie. Debbie will take them down before the guys so they might as well strike Debbie first. Cydney gets Michele on board while Aubry and Cydney work together on Joe. Joe says absolutely not. They have a viable force going.

Cydney considers bringing Julia in on the plan - Aubry trusts that. Cydney approaches her while Aubry is terrified. Cydney threatens to go after Julia if she screws them. Michele, Cydney and Julia shake. Julia tells us having her hands in different alliances gives her a lot of power. It's who she chooses to vote for tonight.

Neal and Nick are brought into tribal council. Jeff asks more about the tension at the reward challenge. Debbie says this has been tough, they're not eating without a Hachette or a machete. Their literal lives are on the line. Aubry describes the water on the fire as an epic moment. Julia feels her alliance was okay with her going with the guys, Debbie nods in agreement. Someone had to do it. Michele feels this is a great time for Julia to choose sides.

Tai thinks idols, if they exist, will come into play. Scot and Jason tell the group about the 2 idols, Debbie looks shocked. The jury whispers about combining them. Jason says they're going to basically let fate decide who stays and who goes. Tai will keep his idol, Jason and Scot will play a random game. Julia is so thrilled to have the necklace while everyone whispers around them.

Jeff gets the votes once complete to tally them and then asks about the idols. Everyone waits, but Tai doesn't make a move while Jason and Scot do paper, rock, scissors. Then they give it to Tai to use as a super idol.  The girls are shocked and stunned and Jeff waits while they scramble to rethink their votes.

Votes are:

Scot, Cydney, Scot, Cydney, Cydney, Debbie, Debbie, Debbie.

The 8th person voted out and 3rd member of the jury is Debbie.

With all the boys safe, Tai makes no move to use his Super Idol.

Debbie brings her torch, Jeff says "The tribe has spoken" and Debbie heads out.

Jeff addresses everyone: Rarely, is there a theme as strong as the one this season and it is clear. No matter how bad it seems, it doesn't mean you're out and no matter how safe you feel, it doesn't mean you are.


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April 20, 2016


Previously on Survivor: Jason and Scot reek havoc on the camp. Everyone noticed Julia was playing both sides. At TC Jason, Scot and Tai show off their HII. Jason gives his HII to Tai. Debbie was voted off. 8 are left, who will be voted off tonight. At camp, Tai gives Jason back his HII. Scot tells us he didn't come into this game to be Russel H. He did what he did for a reason and now its over. Scot tells Aubry they want a happy camp. Scot tells Aubry he doesn't need a promise. She tells us she will say what he wants, its a big scary move.


Time for Reward Challenge...They will place one foot at the end of a balance beam, at the other end is some pots. last one to still have their pots wins. They either get food or letters from loved ones....or an advantage. Though they are all competing they are competing against those that choose the same reward. Advantage is Tai, Cydney, Aubry. Food is Scot, Jason, Michele and Love is Julia and Joe. Put your foot on the beam and its on. Joe is first out, Julia gets her love letters. Jason struggles but gets its back. Scot is out. Wind picks up and Jason is out, Michele wins food. Michele eats the cookie first. Tai and Cydney looking good, Aubry wobbling a little. Cydney is out. Aubry wants to prove to herself that she can play this hard game. Its been 10 minutes. Aubry moving some, Tai moves some. Wind picks up again and Aubry is out. Tai wins the Advantage. Jeff tells him to read it in private.


Day 25 Michele says it felt good to win the food. Tai goes off to read his advantage...it says go to tree mail. He gets there and finds out he gets an extra vote, he can play it until there are 5 people left. Julia reads her letters and laughs, she says it gives her the boost to keep going. The girls talk about it being a dumb move to show off the HII. Julia wants to vote Tai, if he doesn't play the HII he will be gone, if he plays it Cydney will be gone. They just have to make sure Tai doesn't win Immunity.


Day 27. Aubry tells Tai that she doesn't know if she is built for this game. Its the heart and the brain constantly fighting. Tai says he likes Aubry a lot, she has energy he likes, She tells him the girls want the HII out, she says he can trust her. she is an alternative to the way Jason, Scot and Julia are playing the game. Tai tells Scot and Jason what Aubry says. Scot says how about the next TC they take Aubry out. Tai tells us he seems to not have a say in the alliance.


Scot says since they want Cydney out so bad, it will be a blindside to get rid of Aubry, they just have to make sure Aubry doesn't win Immunity. Time for Immunity Challenge. They have to stretch their aims out and use their finger tips to hold two discs, attached to the discs are pots, if the pots fall you're out. Last one standing has a 1 in 7 chance at winning.


Joe is shaking already and he is out. Jason is sweating. 25 minutes into the challenge. People are wiggling trying to keep their body alive and blood moving. Julia slips but recovers. Scot drops and is out. Julia sets her pots down saying its her thumbs. Tai slips but recovers, slips on the other hand and he is out. Michele loses it and is out. 1 brain, 2 brawn, 1 necklace. Jason fights. Cydney is out. Jason spits and Aubry follows suit. Jason isn't backing down.


1 hr 15 minutes into it. Aubry slips a little but recovers. Jason slips, Aubry slips. Aubry drops. Jason wins Individual Immunity. Some body will be voted out tonight and become the 4th member of jury. Jason says no matter what he, Scot and Tai are save and have it from here on out.


Back at camp they contrat Jason. Jason says Aubry was one hell of an opponent on that game. Jason says they can play the super idol after the votes are read and no body but them knows it. Aubry is going home. Scot says Aubry is smart and tough and has to go. Scot, Jason and Julia say that when Tai doesn't have the HII or win immunity he is gone. They say F3. Cydney and Aubry talk about taking out Scot, he is so confident its ridiculous. Aubry wants to bring Tai over to them.


Aubry tells Tai about the votes. He worries about where it will put him in the end. Tai tells her he isn't thinking clear yet. His heart wants to go with her but his brain goes with the guys. She tells him he has 3 people behind him. Aubry talks to Joe and he is voting for Scot. Jason gives Scot his HII. Tai doesn't know what to do once he makes a decision there is no turning back.


Time for TC. Scot tells Jeff they are not going anywhere. Jason says its either they decide who to cut or the guys decide. Julia says having the HII brought up makes them all want to play. Cydney says who is your best bet to go with. Jeff asks Tai if he is uncomfortable with all the boasting, he says he is not like that in life. Aubry says we were put in Brains, Brawn, Beauty but that only scratches the surface of who these ppl are.


Jason says you might as well jump on board the train or the world will dictate for you. Time to vote. Jason votes for Aubry saying its only because she is such a great competitor. Aubry votes for Scot saying please, please, please. Time to tally the votes. Any want to play the HII? Scot tells Tai to not play it. Julia tells him to play it. Votes: Tai, Aubry, Scot, Tai Aubry, Scot, Scot, 9th person voted out is Scot. Jason nods at Tai, he shakes his head at Scot. Scot says wow. Scot shakes Jasons hand and gets his fire snuffed. Jeff says once again think you're safe and there's a blindside.


Next time on Survivor: After betraying Jason, Tai is on top of the world but Jason and Julia are out for revenge.


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April 27, 2016


Episode 11


Previously on Survivor: Tai had a big decision to make, sending Scot to jury with Jason's HII. 7 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Dara Night 27. Tai tells us it was a big move, it was him getting control of his game. Jason says they will never get rid of Tai now. He never saw Tai turning. Jason lost his partner and his HII all at the same time. Julia is frustrated she wasn't part of the plan, but its fine....what ever. Aubry says it feels so good to have voted off Scot. Tai says now they have to get out Jason.


Dara day 28. Tai wants to have a talk with Jason, he feels bad. He tells Jason it was the hardest thing he has ever done, he saw Jason/Scot getting tighter and tighter. Jason says it a game. Jason tells us he cant let them see how much it made him angry. For a guy with a big ol heart Tai screwed him over.


Reward Challenge time: They will split into pairs and race thru an obstacle course gathering rings. Reward is Helicopter ride and picnic with wine. Joe and Tai, Michele with Cydney, Julia and Aubry. Jason will not participate. Pairs are tied together, they are over the first beam, all three get their first ring. Over and Under the next obstacle, Michele and Cydney are headed for their 3rd ring. Tai and Joe behind. All caught up now Aubry and Julia get their last ring. The rest catch up. Now they have to toss the rings and get them on hooks.  Michele and Cydney have one, Joe hooks one, Michele gets second one. Joe and Tai get second. Cydney and Michele win reward. Chopper will pick them up and take them to ship in the ocean. They get to pick ONE person to take with them...they choose Aubry to go because she hasn't eaten. Michele says this is her time to make sure Julia and Aubry will take her in. Jason tells us its pretty bleak but he has to do it for his family, he cant give up.


The girls love the chopper ride. Chopper lets them off on a beach (sorry not a ship) and the girls start eating and drinking wine. They talk about trusting each other. Michele tells us she feel reintegrated into the group. Aubry and Cydney feel Michele is a good option. They could go with Joe. With Tai having an HII they should get him out ASAP and with Michele that's possible. Back at camp Jason says he is at the bottom, there is always room. Jason and Julia talk about Tai being a huge threat. Jason says he has to sell sell sell to Cydney, he asks if she is ready to vote Tai. Cydney says its all about her game.


Julia tells us that if you are a true fan of the game you know its viscous. She tells Jason that as soon as Tai is gone they are eating Mark (Tai's pet chicken)


Time for Immunity challenge: They will race out to a platform where they will memorize symbols, race back to use the correct order of symbols to unlock a key. they run out into the water, Jason is in the lead, up and over a platform and out to the raft with the symbol and connecting number. They wont know what combination they will need. Cydney is the first back into the water, Jason follows and is back over the platform first. All of them are back out of the water. Michele writing her numbers in sand in her area. Jason unties the first key. only one key will unlock the box. Julia gets her key and tries. Jason is wrong and has to head back out. Julia gets her box open and has her blocks for they puzzle they have to put together. Michele also gets here box open.


The puzzle is a word, they have to put the letters In order. Michele thinks she has it..she does. Michele wins Immunity. Michele says she memorize all the numbers at once. Jason says he got nothing, he has to make sure the others are on board to get rid of Tai or he is screwed.


Day 29 at camp. Aubry says that since the reward its been 4 plus Michele, Jason is a ticking time bomb but she doesn't know if that's the right move right now. Aubry says Jason is a physical threat but he is also a polarized personality. Julia can dodge enough to stay in the game. Michele tells us that now its about getting Julia out it sucks, she doesn't want to write down her Julia's name. Tai doesn't like it when is name is mentioned, he is bringing his HII to TC and will play it. Michele says if Jason and Julia really have the Tai vote she will vote for him too. Hopefully Cydney is with them. Jason and Cydney say it makes sense to get rid of Tai. Cydney says her and Michele have options, either Tai or Julia. Julia and Jason say Tai will go home with the HII in his pocket.


Time for TC. Jury member come in. Jeff asks Julia where they are in the game. She says every decision you make could make or break your game. Jason agrees, someone in that 5 is number 5. Julia says that Aubry and Cydney are on the bottom. Tai says its nerve racking but he has the HII and his advantage. Aubry says you have to rely on the relationships you have built. Jason says Tai has flipped 2 times, why couldn't there be a third. Tai says Jason/Scot were too close. Jason says but Aubry and Joe are even closer. Is the 5 tight? is this the right move? Michele says you sit at the end and you have to have something to say. Jeff says its hard to vote people out then say give me the money. Jason says he is one that will do crazy stuff. Michele says your intuition means a lot and she is listening to hers. Tai is not comfortable at all going into the vote.


Time to vote. we see Aubry vote for Julia. Tai asks Aubry if he should play the HII. she says go with his gut. Time to count the votes. Any one want to play the HII? Tai hesitates and then doesn't play it. Votes: Tai, Julia, Tai, Julia, Julia, 10th person vote out is Julia. She hugs Michele and says Good Luck. Jeff says for maybe the first time nobody came to TC feeling comfortable. Fear can  make anything happen.



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May 4, 2016


Episode 12


Previously on Survivor: After much debate, Julia was voted out, leaving Jason to fend for himself. 6 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Dara Night 29. Jason puts his bid in for F3 with Michele and Cydney. Tai tells Joe and Aubry he has an extra vote and he will use it next time. Aubry tells us Tai has so many advantages and she has to stay on his side. Tai tells us he has an extra vote for Michele or Jason.


Day 30. Tai finds a huge grub, he says they may have to eat one in a challenge. He feeds it to Mark (the chicken) Jason says he gave up trying to eat Mark days ago, that chicken is guaranteed to make it to the end. Jason is now playing the lazy card, why help the hand that's trying to kill him.


Reward challenge time: they will be divided into 2 teams of 3, they will race out to a floating maze where they will have to work together to move 3 balls thru the maze. Reward is a trip to a wildlife refuge and a picnic. Teams are...Yellow is Joe, Aubry and Cydney. Blue is Tai, Michele and Jason. Jason and Joe are out first, they have to get tot he floating platform before the next person can go. Joe struggles while Michele makes it 2 people for blue. Blue has a big lead. Tai tosses the first ball for blue and are figuring out the maze. Aubry gets the first ball for yellow. Blue gets the hang of working the ball around the maze.


Yellow not making much progress. Joe is trying but the girls aren't listening to him. Blue gets their first ball in and Jason gets their second ball quickly and they get the second ball in the hole. Yellow has their first ball in a hole. Blue working on their 3rd ball. Blue wins reward. Tai, Michele and Jason will be enjoying the animals and a picnic.


Tai loves animals but he worries that the team will fall apart while he is gone.


At camp Joe gets the fire restarted. He tells us he was embarrassed by how he did in the comp. Cyndey complains that Joe told her to go get wood. Aubry thinks Joe wants to burn the place down. On the challenge they get food when an elephant comes up to them. Her name is Lucky, she is 16. Jason says his daughter loves animals, she wont believe this. They go into a monkey cage next. Tai says he is warming up to Jason, Michele hasn't made enemies. Tai thinks Michele should go next. Michele wants Jason out next.


Immunity challenge time: They will have to hold onto a rope that balances a table, they will collect letters that when stacked will spell out immunity. Drop the letters and they have to start over. Joe has 2 blocks for an early lead. Cydney is the last to place her second block. They get their 3rd block, Joe reaches for his 4th block, he is a full rope length head. Joe has 5. Tai almost drops his blocks. Joe dumps all his blocks and has to start over. Michele takes the lead and drops her blocks. Tai is now in the lead. Tai drops his blocks. Jason is now in the lead. Joe has the wrong letter and has to start over. Jason has ....nope and drops his blocks. Cydney is in the lead with 5 blocks.


Aubry gets her fifth block, Tai gets 5. Joe still cant spell. Aubry gets 6 blocks, Michele and Tai drop their blocks, so does Aubry. Cydney and Jason have 6 blocks. Cydney with 7. Cydney cant find her last block, Jason gets his last block, its neck and neck Jason has last block and starts get back to start, he dumps it. Cydney is only a few feet away...Cydney wins Immunity and a spot in the F5.


Dara day 32. They agree it was a great comp, it was you against the block. Tai is going to try to get the group to vote Michele. Joe wants Jason out. Michele joins them and they talk about Jason. Tai will use his extra vote for Michele. Aubry is with Tai. Tai talks to Jason, pushing Michele. Jason says he cant trust Tai, he wants to vote Joe. Cydney and Joe want Jason before Michele. Cydney isn't happy with Tai. Cydney tells Michele about Tai wanting her out, she will do her best to get them off Micheles back.


Cydney talks to Aubry about Tai dictating who to vote for. Aubry agrees with her but it wasn't the most democratic thing to do. Aubry feels she is a tough place. Aubry says TC will alive tonight.


Time for TC. Jeff says he doesn't remember that many lead changes in a challenge. Jason says it was unpredictable. Cydney says some one tried to dictate who to vote for. Tai says in their alliance ever body has a voice. Aubry feels Tai had time with Cydney, she thought they were all worked out as a group. Michele says there is a pecking order and she is on the bottom with Tai sitting pretty. Michele thought they were on the same page. Michele says she knows where Tai thinks she sits in the group. She has proven her loyalty and Tai has screwed ppl over.


Jason sits back listening. Aubry says she cant control what Tai says. Jasons all the fractures in the concrete start, he may go home tonight but he knows who will be following him.


Time to vote. We see Tai vote for Michele. Time to tally the votes....Tai stops him, he wants to use his advantage, he says has a second vote. Tai casts his second vote...for Michele. Now Jeff can tally the votes. Any one want to use the HII? nope. Votes: Jason, Michele, Michele, Jason, Joe, Jason, 11th person voted out and 6th member of Jury is Jason. Jeff says it appears that by getting rid of Jason they got rid of the last person swimming alone. There are 5 of them in the raft now. Good luck.


Next time on Survivor: Tai's plan to take out Michele backfired but a an unlikely alliance could change everything.

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May 11, 2016


Episode 13


Previously on Survivor: Everyone wanted control. Tai pushes too hard, played his advantage but his tribe turned on him as they voted out Jason. Back at camp Tai is shocked. Joe tells him that no one wanted Jason around. Tai realized his extra vote was wasted. Michele tells Tai that you don't turn on an alliance and he has done it 3 times. Michele doesn't know where she stands. Tai is confused he doesn't know what happened. Tai only trusts Aubry and she pulled a fast one on him. Aubry tells Tai that ppl don't like feeling like they didn't have a voice. Tai feels like Aubry betrayed him. Aubry is confused too.


Time for Reward Challenge. They will race into the jungle to a ladder, climb up and retrieve sand bags, run back and toss the bags into squares. First person to get their sand bags into the holes win spa day/night with bath, food, message and a bed for the night. Cyndey is back first followed by the others. Cydney gets her first bag, Aubry gets her first. Joe makes it with his first bags and starts tossing, he misses them all. Cydney and Aubry back with their second bag of sandbags. Aubry gets her second bag in. Cyndey gets her second while Aubry gets her third. Michele gets her first bag into the hole.


Aubty is back with her last bag of sandbags. Aubry gets her 4th bag in, she misses her last toss and has to wait for the rest to toss all theirs. Joe back with his second bag and makes 2 tosses count, Joe gets his 3rd. the others are out of bags. Joe can take his time getting his last bag of sandbags. Joe is back and starts tossing....Joe misses 2, 3rd bounces out. Joe has 2 bags left, Joe has his 4th bag in the hole with one bag left...Joe gets it done. At 71 Joe wins reward. Joe chooses his brain partner Aubry. He also chooses, he lets Auby pick and she chooses Cydney.


Michele and Tai head back to camp while the others head off to the spa.


Day 33. At the spa they dig into the food. Joe says it was the best thing he has done. Cyndey knows Joe will be in a bad place later after eating all that beef. Joe wonders if they should vote off Tai, Aubry says he has an HII. Joe says oh yeah, next time. Cydney hopes they make up the F3. Aubry figures out Cydney is a threat, Tai might be a better choice for F3. At camp, Tai is hurt by Aubry. Michele and Tai go into the water to sit and talk. They talk it out, she didn't mean to hurt him. He says they didn't have the chemistry.


Michele tells him her door has never been closed to him. Michele tells us they see things differently. They agree to have their own spa day. Tai will give her a message. She says he is good at the message. It totally beats the others spa. They agree they are on the outs with the others. They agree to work together, they have nothing to lose.

Day 34. Tai tells us that Survivor has to be the hardest thing he has done, not the physical part but the trusting part. They 3 come back to camp. Tai hugs them. Aubry tells us that her F3 is her, Joe and Cydney. Joe says welcome home. Aubry needs to make things right with Tai, Joe will go with what Aubry says. Aubry and Tai talk, she doesn't know where he stands, she tells us they only way to go is with her and Tai together. Aubry tells Tai that if they stay together there is a higher chance of them making it. Aubry has her fingers crossed that they make it. Tai breaks down and cries, he is relieved. Aubry tells him to rest a bit don't do so much around camp.
Cydney and Joe tell Michele about the spa. Cydney sees Tai and Aubry coming back to camp to friendly. Michele and Cydney have a chat, who ever wins immunity they have to convince the other person to come with them. Every little they do has to have a purpose. Michele feels they can pick and choose who to get out...either Joe or Aubry. Joe has some problems with his stomach, he hope it was from all the meat he ate. Joe tells camp that he is having bladder problems, he isn't urinating. Camp is worried. Michele says she feels bad but it could be beneficial to her game.
Medical is checking on Joe. Medical gives him a laxative to help this along. Joe feels a bit better but its not going away. Michele thinks Joe is masking the pain. Tai breaks down. Joe sees medical again and Dr. Joe says its something that shouldn't go untreated. Dr. Joe pulls Joe from the game. Joe is not surprised. Jeff asks if it was wining the reward and Joe says he ate to much meat.  Joe is disappointed but its a physical thing and he doesn't want to continue with out treatment. Jeff says Joe will be a huge influence on a lot of people. Joe thanks Jeff for the opportunity to play the game. Joe hugs them all, they cry. Jeff tells camp that this is them most evacts they have had in a season....3. Now more then ever they have to out wit, out play to out last.
Next time on Survivor: After 35 of the toughest days in Survivor history we are down to 4. And with alliance's up in the air it is anyone's game to win. Aubry has lost her closest ally this season. And the scramble to find another. Michele has played the game centered around loyalty but now struggles to find someone she can trust, she is now on thin ice. Cydney is playing with fire with competing alliances. Will it blow up in her face. Tai is without and advantage or an HII.
Don't miss the 2 hour finale on Wed May 18 followed by the reunion show. Remember the winner is announced at the beginning of the reunion show.
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  • 2 weeks later...

We are live from Los Angeles on CBS for the 2 hour season finale for Survivor Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty. We have the entire group of players here - take a look! They've waited a long time; they're very excited. It's the conclusion to a very crazy season full of underdogs, that saw a record number of medical evacuations. There were 3 hidden immunity idols that were unplayed and Mark the chicken - the first chicken ever in the history of Survivor to come this far without getting cooked! Take a look, I have friends. It's a packed out here at CBS! It's a hard ticket to get but we're going to have a fun night! And there's one twist left tonight, it's a big twist and for one player it might mean the difference between winning or losing this game. Join in on the fun - on Twitter ‪#‎Survivorfinale‬, let us know what you think. This is what you've waited for - 3 hours of Survivor! It's your last fix before fall - here we go!


35 days ago, 18 Americans representing Brains, Brawn and Beauty started the adventure of a lifetime but they had no idea how difficult it would prove to be. The sweltering heat led to dehydration and heat stroke. It brought down even the strongest of competitors and led to a record number of evacuations. The search for idols was also physically challenging and at times an all out battle. Tribal Council was equally relentless. Idols and advantages led to a series of shocking votes and devastating blindsides. It's been the toughest season in the history of Survivor and it's not over yet. Only 4 remain!


 Michele - Loyalty has been her strongest asset, yet Cydney is the only one who hasn't betrayed her. With trust in short supply, she will have to get to the end on her own. 
Aubry - She lost her 2 biggest allies - Neal and Joe - to medical evacuations. Yet she refuses to give up. Does she have enough in her tank to get to the end?
Cydney - She's orchestrated numerous blindsides. But she'll have to navigate multiple alliances to avoid being blindsided herself. 
Tai - He's spent most of the game in the power position. With his idol and advantage gone, he's now vulnerable for the first time.


Who will have what it takes to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast all the rest to win the million dollars and the title of sole Survivor?


Mark wakes the survivors early in the morning with his crowing to grumbling survivors. Everyone is tired. Tai tells us he can't have anyone upset at the chicken because people associate him to the chicken and anything, however small, can upset people and jeopardize his chance in the game. With Joe being gone, the game switched again. He knows he has Aubry but 2 against 2 - what's his face? He can't use his idol anymore so he feels vulnerable and has to be careful otherwise he won't be in the final. He cannot afford that.


 Later in the morning, Tai comes back from a walk with Mark. Aubry is awake, and they greet each other. They are sad Joe left. Aubry tells us everytime Joe visits the beach, one of her allies leaves. Tai suggests that Aubry work on solidifying her relationship with Cydney so they can be final 3. Aubry agrees and tells us she and Cydney have been tight so far. They've worked together on every vote so she will keep hope for them for F3. Michele is the only person who has not made anyone on jury angry. She's built close personal relationships and that scares Aubry.


Michele tells Cydney she feels if Tai wins and she doesn't, she is screwed (must be talking about immunity). Michele thinks Aubry wants to go to the end with Cydney. Cydney says she's tight with Michele too - it's almost like a triangle. Michele wants to move forward with Cydney. Cydney tells us her first thought with Joe gone is that she's in a better place now because everyone wants to take her to the end. She needs to get to F3 and will figure it out from there. Cydney tells Michele she has to figure out what's best for her game. Michele tells us alliances are being re-shifted with Joe gone. Everyone is scrambling for power. The beauty of the game is everything changes in a second. It's anyone's game if you play your cards right.


 It's reward challenge time! Today's challenge offers an opportunity to get closer to the goal of the end of the game. Here's how it works - on Jeff's go, they'll race under a net crawl and make their way to a table where they'll slide tiles through a target. Once all tiles are through, they'll use a machete to transport them over a series of obstacles to a finish table. They need to sort the tiles into pairs - 3 will not match up. Those 3 tiles hold the combination to unlock the box. First person to unlock their box and raise their flag wins reward. Winner will be treated to a meal designed to refuel your spirit and body. Steak, vegetables, refreshing drinks and a protein bar, which you need. They draw for spots and get started.


Tai takes an early lead, while Michele moves slow and steady. Aubry is close behind Tai while Cydney moves slower too. Once they get to moving the tiles, Cydney takes over and moves steadily while the others fall behind. Aubry catches up and takes the lead - Cydney is struggling with the balance beam. Michele and Tai join Cydney at the balance beam while Aubry surges ahead. Cydney takes a huge fall on the balance beam while Aubry thinks she's solved the combination. She has not and has to try again.


Aubry tries again, and is wrong again. Jeff says there are 6 possible combinations - if you have the right numbers, all you have to do is keep trying them. Aubry re-asses her tiles and realizes she had the wrong tiles which means she now has new numbers to try in her combination lock. Cydney, Aubry and Tai all trying to unlock all at once. Cydney and Tai are both wrong, but Aubry is right - and wins reward! Big advantage in the next immunity challenge. She has her first individual win, and feels so good. Jeff offers to allow her to bring one person. She then risks alienating 2 others, and risks the other person being fueled enough to risk their winning immunity. Aubry picks to bring Cydney with her.


 Jeff says the food will be delivered to camp. Aubry tells us winning the rewards challenge was important with Joe gone. Giving Cydney a meal was important to solidify trust and eliminate Michele at the next Tribal Council.


 There is a table set up at one side of camp for Aubry and Cydney. Aubry tells us it was her time to win a challenge. She wants Cydney fed and nourished to win the immunity challenge the next day so Michele doesn't win. Cydney tells us Aubry choosing her solidifies their bond. They've been on all rewards together and their trust is stronger. There is a trick to being in the middle but that's where she'd rather be - she can choose which is best. Back at camp, Michele levels with Tai - one of the 2 of them are going. Michele suggests getting together with Tai and try to vote one of them. Michele tells us Aubry taking Cydney was a poor choice. She took Cydney the last time, leaving Michele with Tai the last time. It took Aubry winning this time and doing the same thing for Michele to realize she needs to think outside the box. She asks Tai what he thinks of voting out Aubry, who is the bigger threat.


Tai says he likes the idea and they shake on it. Tai tells us he's not giving up on Aubry but Michele's plan is also a good option. His goal is to get to the end and if he has to betray his true alliance, he will. He wants the million dollars, at any cost. On day 37, we are taken to the immunity challenge. Cydney unwillingly surrenders the necklace and immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, they'll race into the ocean and obtain a set of keys that will unlock a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs they'll find a 2nd key which will unlock a ball attached to a rope in the water. The ball will unlock a ladder. On top of the ladder is a third key that will unlock a pole where there are puzzle pieces. They need to solve a 3 level puzzle to win. First person to win guarantees themselves a spot in F3. One of the losers will be the 8th member of the jury.


Jeff gets the challenge started. Aubry quickly takes the lead - or as Jeff calls it, a full title boogie. Tai struggles most in this challenge while Aubry continues to dominate, making Jeff wonder if the food from the reward was fueling her. As Aubry continues to dominate the challenge, Jeff wonders if anyone can catch up to her. Cydney is right on Aubry's tail as they get to solving the puzzle. Jeff comments that Cydney is gasping for air but determined to catch Aubry. Tai can barely move and Michele is firmly moving her feet through the sand trying to get to her puzzle. Puzzles so often are the equalizer, Jeff comments as they all arrive to do their puzzles.


Aubry looks over at Tai as he and Michele pull ahead. Aubry wants to figure out how he's solving it. Michele is right behind Tai, with Aubry and Cydney now falling out of the challenge. It is going to be close, Jeff says. Can Michele catch Tai? Michele moves quickly in the last part, and wins immunity, guaranteeing herself a spot in the final 3! No one saw that coming, Jeff comments. Nicely done, he says as he puts the necklace on her. Cydney tells us Michele would've been the easy vote had she not won. But since she did, Cydney needs to cozy up to her and throw someone else under the bus.


 Back at camp, Michele tells us it feels surreal to have the necklace on and know she's in F3. 2 days ago, no one cared where she stood. She could've went home that night, and now she's kind of in a power position. She has relationships with all 3 of them and she is sad to see someone go but this vote could determine who she goes to the end with. It's a million dollar decision. Tai and Aubry go get water, holding hands. Aubry tells Tai they're not gone yet. The best move for Tai's game would be to stick with Aubry, they're on the same page. Aubry tells us with Michele winning immunity, they have no choice but to try and take out Cydney. She's going to TC very vulnerable. They discuss that there will be 2 votes Cydney and 2 votes for one of them and then they make a fire. The best they can do is force a tie, Aubry says. Going to fire making is scary. Also, Tai and she have been like a zipper that doesn't quite zip closed the entire game. Tai changes on a dime.


 Aubry admits she does not know how to make a fire very well. Tai coaches her through it. Aubry tells us she's getting a funky vibe from Tai. She could be wrong but she feels Tai might turn on her and if he does, she's screwed. Michele and Cydney discuss, Michele will not vote for Cydney. Michele would like to keep Aubry but she's worried that Aubry will get jury votes. Cydney is worried too. Tai can't speak in front of people, which feels mean, but it's best for their game. Cydney tells us it's tough at this point, Aubry has been a ride or die and it will be hard to write her name down. But at the end of the day, her loyalty is to her mom. She's trying to change her mom's life (by winning) and her own life and if this is what she needs to do to get to the end, that's what she needs to do. Michele admits she's formed a relationship with Tai and she thinks he'll go with them as long it's not his name. It won't be Cydney, she assures Cyd. Cydney wonders if she should work on her fire making skills just in case and Michele tells her no.


Later, Tai, Cydney and Michele are talking and Michele says she's not voting for Tai. Tai is surprised and tells us he felt hopeless until Michele said Aubry was going. Tai tells the girls he's good as long as it's not them. Michele says then it becomes a more level playing field and then they can battle it out on equal ground. Tai says Aubry is the easy vote which he doesn't want to do but if he has to do that to move forward, he will. Tai brings everyone special flowers he finds, and Aubry tells us Tai is acting shady and she's worried that at the end of the day, if he sees Aubry as a threat he'll vote her out. So far she's been lucky at tribal and if she's going to be on the wrong end of a vote, it will be tonight. But she's not going down without a fight.


 At Tribal Council that night, Jeff brings in the members of the jury. Joe is brought in, the 2nd member of the jury to be pulled for medical reasons. We move to talking about the challenge. Michele says you're never out until you give up. There was a point when everything clicked and she just kept moving until she won. Jeff asks what the vibe was at camp. Tai says it's an individual game now, no more alliances. How big is the decision? Jeff asks Aubry. Keeping in mind you are sending someone to jury who you ultimately want to vote for you to win. It's huge, Aubry says. Whoever goes tonight has a lot of information about the game. There's a key to Pandora's box for whomever goes. Jeff says Aubry looked right at Michele and Aubry quickly says she was looking at everyone. Cydney is asked about the other side of the coin - you're deciding who not to put on jury. Cydney agrees - you need to decided who you want sitting beside to at the end. Who is the threat and who isn't. Aubry thinks that what one sees as a threat, others may find as a weakness. Cydney says it comes down to what is best for herself at this point. It's a me game, not a we game. Tai agrees, a million dollars is a big number. Michele admits she feels a bit of nervousness because you want to make sure you use your power wisely. And with that, it's time to vote.


Votes are - Aubry, Cydney, Aubry, Cydney. There is a tie. In a re-vote, the only people who would vote are Tai and Michele. Do they see a reason to re-vote or are they locked in? Both say they are locked in. The tie breaker will be the fire making challenge.


Cydney and Aubry are set up at a fire making station and given a kit. They have to built the fire from the base of their station. First person to build a fire with a flame high enough to burn through the rope lives to see another day. The loser becomes the 8th member of the jury. They begin. Both work hard to get their fire started. Aubry gets a small flame, it goes out. Cydney gets a small flame, it goes out. Aubry then gets another flame and tries to get it to catch. Aubry's flame grows while Cydney struggles to get another flame. Jeff comments that Cydney isn't giving up - she hasn't in 37 days and won't start now. Cydney gets a 2nd flame, it goes out again while Aubry's fire gains intensity. It just has to burn rope now. Cydney gets another flame but it goes out again. Aubry's flame begins to drop as Cydney persists in trying to get a flame.


Aubry knocks over her whole structure trying to adjust something and has to work to fix her error. Aubry's flame goes out and she has to rebuild while Cydney gets another flame. It goes out again while Aubry's fire starts to burn again. The jury smiles; goodbye Cydney. The rope burns and breaks - Aubry survives tribal council and will live to see another day. Cydney becomes the 8th member of the jury. Aubry starts to cry and Cydney hugs her and cries too. Cydney says she was out here to better her mom's life - pay her mortgage off, pay for her health insurance and then go to school herself. Jeff hopes this adventure fulfills some needs she was seeking. Cydney says it was awesome. Both Aubry and Tai lower their heads as Cydney leaves. Jeff says this game has been a roller coaster for 37 days and the only thing to do is hang on. It's not over yet - 2 more days.
Cydney tells us she came to play a game, played one of the best ones out there. She wasn't as slick as she thought she was. Aubry was a part of the big moves Cydney made. She is looking forward to jury and hopes everyone chooses their words wisely.


Back in the live studio, we are introduced to Cydney's mom. Jeff was watching her (her mom is crying) during that and she's clearly moved - Cydney hadn't told her anything; her mom was seeing that for the first time. Tangelea says Cydney hadn't told her the reason she'd gone on the game until the episode where Cydney almost passed out from heat stroke. She is so proud of her baby. Jeff says clearly bodybuilding comes from Mom and Dad as we see the muscles on both parents. Jeff jokes if the challenge had been a bench press, maybe Cydney would still be there! Jeff says he hopes this isn't her last time on the show.
If you want to see what happens seconds Cydney leaves after Tribal Council, Ponderosa is sponsoring a series at cbs.com. It's very cool, Jeff says.


Back at camp after TC, Aubry says that was the crappiest feeling ever. Michele tells them she knew Cyd wasn't going to be able to make the fire - she's never made fire with flint ever. Aubry agrees, she knew that would happen too. Aubry tells us the last thing she'd ever thought she'd be doing on Survivor was a fire challenge. She's proud of herself for pulling it off when she needed it most. Tai comments Cydney didn't see that vote coming, Michele says she didn't either. Michele tells us Aubry sitting beside her instead of Cydney changes her chances in a negative way. She's offended no one, made bonds with everyone. She's wanted to take out Aubry but no one has jumped on that band wagon. Michele tells Tai he just handed Aubry a million dollars. Michelle tells us she's trying hard to think of a case against Aubry - she's been in control most of the game. Michele tells them she's grateful to sit with them at F3 and eat breakfast that morning. Tai wonders if they're sure there is no final challenge? Jeff never said tomorrow is the time with the jury. Usually he says you're final 3 and tomorrow the game turns to the jury. He always says that. Tai tells us Jeff warned them there is 2 days left and the roller coaster isn't over. Aubry is sure there is no other challenge, Michele seems to agree. When Tai asks if they're sure, Aubry hugs him and says there is not another challenge.


The next morning, Michele goes and gets tree mail that says: 
"Your final challenge is upon you; the winner earns the right to crow; and even more important; decides who stays... and who will go." 
Tai says he knew it. Michele says once again here she is, having to fight for her life. They thought yesterday was the last challenge but now they're told they have to get down to F2. Aubry tells us this is an individual game now, no more alliances. She's on her own, no more options. Today is do or die for her. She needs to win.


The survivors head to the last challenge. The immunity necklace comes off Michele and immunity is NOT up for grabs. They are not playing for immunity. They are the F3. They will get a chance to plead their case to the jury, try to convince them they deserve to win a million bucks. Congratulations. Michele asks for the but. Jeff says they will be voting someone out of the game tonight - but it won't be one of the F3. The person who wins the challenge wins the right to vote a jury member out. If there is someone they're worried about giving a vote not their way, then they can remove that person and better their chances. Quite literally could be a million dollar decision. HUGE stakes, they all agree.


 Here is how the competition works. They'll balance on a wobbly beam while using a long pole to stack balls on stands. If the stack falls, they have to start over. First person to finish earns the right to vote out a jury member. They might recognize this challenge - it was from their first challenge where no one chose it. Today it's not an option. They draw for spots and get started.


 Jeff says there will definitely be a learning curve to this, so don't panic if you don't get the hang of it right away. This challenge starts off easy and gets more difficult. Everyone is neck and neck. Michele topples her stack, and that leaves Tai in the lead, with Aubry right behind. Jeff cautions them that when they jump off the beam, they're vibrating the thing their stack is standing on. Aubry drops next and then Tai, which gives Michele the lead. Michele has figured out the curve and remains steady until she wins the challenge! Michele will get to vote out one of the jury members!


Jeff hands Michele a piece of parchment where she can write down the name of her vote that night. There is also parchment where she can read the twist to the jury tonight. Jeff says he'll see them tonight, where they won't be voting anyone out. Their fate is in the hands of the jury. 
Aubry tells us Michele could ruin her whole game with this vote. She wishes she'd won that challenge.


Back at camp, the survivors celebrate making it to day 39. Aubry jokes they can all stay friends now, Michele says they would've anyway. Michele tells us her voting out a jury member is huge. It's new territory, has never happened in the game. She wants to think out every outcome because it could be a million dollar decision she's making that night. Michele tells them that she doesn't know what she's going to do. 
Later, Michele asks Tai if she should take out Joe. There's no way he'll vote Michele. Tai thinks it's most obvious but it might be better to take Neal out - he can persuade people. Tai tells us he needs to tip the balance in his favour. Michele can remove someone, but Tai wants someone to go who won't vote for him. Jason might, but Neal won't so hopefully Michele will take him out. Michele picks Aubry's brain next. She mentions Joe, and Aubry agrees. Except Neal, Michele adds, knowing that she wouldn't want Neal gone either. Aubry tells us she knows Joe and Neal are her two votes guaranteed. She suggests Jason and Scot to Michele, who thinks they could go either way. She can't imagine either voting her way though. Joe won't get up there and maul anyone, Aubry points out. But Scot likely would. Aubry tells us she has to convince Michele that Tai's a bigger threat. Michele thinks that if Tai can speak well for himself, he'll be a huge threat. Michele has a loaded gun, Aubry says.


Later, Michele tells Aubry and Tai she's thinking of removing Scot. Tai tells us Aubry is very clever; Scot could be a vote for him. Scot was betrayed by Tai but might be persuaded by the big move and could persuade others to vote for Tai. Tai is leaning on Neal being a better option. Michele tells us there are several options and if she takes out the wrong person, she'll look stupid. This decision will be the last thing the jury remembers before the final vote.


: The Survivors head to Tribal Council where Jeff instructs Michele to read the note that she has to the jury and catch everyone up. "Tonight you will vote out one member of the jury." The jury is stunned. "This person will not be present at the final Tribal Council and will not have a vote in who wins this game. Choose wisely, this may be a million dollar decision." Jeff says the stakes are clear; Michele's advantage is to remove someone that she's sure is voting for Aubry or Tai and that gets her one vote closer to the end. Jeff asks her to run him through her thoughts from the afternoon. Michele has been running numbers all day and bouncing ideas off Tai and Aubry. Jeff asks how she can trust them. Michele says it's interesting watching them steer her away from people they trust and she's trying to think of who she can sway in the end. Jeff says Aubry must not care who she takes off as long as it's not one of Aubry's votes. Aubry agrees; this is unchartered territory. The map hasn't been drawn for Survivor for this yet. Michele can use it to make a move or go with what she thinks is a sure thing. Jeff is confused, it seems simple - write down the name of the person who was never going to vote for me removing the vote from Tai or Aubry. What is he missing? Tai explains removing someone who might ask a tough question or say something negative in front of the jury might be as bad as someone who won't vote for you because the rest of the jury might be persuaded against you.


Jeff understands and repeats this back to Michele, who says exactly. Jason whispers to Scot that it sounds like him. Michele doesn't want her name diminished by someone who is going slander her out loud. Does Michele feel confident in her decision right now since final tribal council has started? Michele says this person's vote was not going to be for her and they could cause the most issues for her. This will make her feel strong going into the final decision. Michele goes to vote.


The jury mutters about what a twist this is while Jeff goes to get the vote. Jeff says the jury member who after 38 days will have no say in the final tribal council and in who wins the game is Neal. He has been voted out and will be sequestered until after the final tribal council. On the way out, Neal tells Michele she came to the game thinking she was a bad ass but she's more like a cute little puppy suckling at a teat and he doesn't think she stands a chance. Jeff says he didn't hear all of that but it sounds like she might have made the right choice. Jeff says now the power shifts to the 7 members left in the jury. They have one night left, get some sleep - clearly they will need it.


 Neal tells us tonight was a great swan song - being the first ever jury member to be voted out. Michele's voting him out was her only move - he would've been happy to award the vote to Aubry. He doesn't think it's going to matter though, there are 2 other competitors that played better games than she did.
Back in the studio, Jeff says he really wishes everyone at home could be in the studio watching there. The sense of community... these twists... Jeff says he's not sure if this is a good idea to admit or not but they've been talking about the twist of voting out a jury member for 7 years and waited until they thought the time was right. Clearly they were right because that was a dramatic move. Jeff says that was a rough season for Neal. He won't be at tribal council but there will be an unexpected guest at TC. Is it a twist? He doesn't know but the next time we see him live, he will have the votes!


Back at camp, Mark is sitting on the hammock waiting. Aubry mentions how unkind Neal was on the way out. She got slaughtered, Michele admitted. It's going to be a long tribal. Michele tells us Neal went out kicking and screaming, a good choice on her end. If that was a hint of what's coming, they're all in for a world of hurt. Aubry tells us her worst nightmare happened tonight when Michele voted Neal out. She is not out so she will try to get as many votes as she can.


 The next morning, Michele reads tree mail to advise the F3 to go to a trail behind camp and see the toll the last 39 days have taken. There is a mirror and a scale for them to look at themselves. Michele says that is crazy. Michele tells us tonight she is going to convince the jury she didn't get there by chance, she fought her way and made adjustments as needed. She won when she needed to. Tai is shocked next, Aubry wonders where her butt went. She hopes everyone can see she is not some timid girl who glided along but someone who made strategic decisions throughout the game.
The final breakfast is given and everyone dives in. Tai says if he doesn't answer properly to the jury tonight, he won't win and the last 39 days has been in vain. His biggest move is Scot, and to win, he needs to win Scot over. He's a big fan, Scot is, so hopefully he will see the move for what it was.


Aubry says she's changed a lot from day one from someone who had to be shaken out of her shell to make a decision to someone who has fought to the end. This game has made her an anxious ball of craziness and made her realize it's okay to be a threat. While she may not have been the flashiest person, she was the woman behind the curtain making things happen. She is going into this with her head on the chopping block - how does she get it off? Like any other tribal council. As they head to TC, Tai grabs Mark to bring with them.


Jeff brings in the 7 members of the jury. The jury notices Mark there and Debbie loves it. Jeff says on day 1 when you're fresh faced, well fed and clean, this point is what you dream of. They've gone as far as they can and now they have to convince the jury that they deserve to be awarded the title of sole Survivor. The jury is going to make them earn it; they are going to get what they need to make a million dollar decision.


Time to bring this 39 day adventure to a close. Jury questions. Nick is up first, he congratulations them and gives advice as to where they are at in the jury. There will be some animosity tonight, some may not get a question, they'll get a statement. So take advantage of every question that is asked. Michele, display intelligence in your answers, in your gameplay and show the jury you do have intelligence when it comes to her strategy; Tai, display awareness and Aubry, display confidence. If you don't do that, you don't have a shot at winning the game. Most important of all, be honest. We don't care if you screwed up. Most of our votes, mine included, are up in the air. I'll be listening. 
Debbie is up next, congratulates them. They should be proud, she is. Tai displayed some inexplicable vote switching, from guys to girls, etc. Is there some sort of multiple personality in his skull? Was he torn with indecisiveness in his strategy? Tai says he came to the game thinking that social strategy was going to be the toughest part more than the physical for him. He doesn't think he switched back and forth as Debbie suggests. He was with Scot and Aubry at the same time and was loyal to them until the merge. Then Scot and Jason ran the show in their little alliance. When Scot and Jason tried to take out Aubry, he broke that alliance. He feels for him he was consistent. He stayed true to Aubry and only backstabbed Scot, and that was a big move he made.


Debbie moves on to Aubry. It was a thrill to watch her metamorphosis from a neurotic nerd to a geek warrior. She was there day 1 and 2 where everyone was cold, wet and miserable and her perception was that Debbie helped keep Aubry in the game. Did Aubry do the same for her? Aubry says absolutely. She is the one regret in the game. When she was about to have heatstroke, it was the scariest moment in the game. Being so close to Debbie made the hard decision in her game that much more painful and more of a betrayal. As a human being, she'd always be there for her but at the end of the day game wise, they were headed in 2 different directions and Debbie was too much of a threat. Debbie is proud of her, let their geek flags fly. 
Julia is up next. Michele, it's safe to say that you were probably the weakest link on the beauty tribe intitially. You got lucky the first half of the game, not going to TC for 22 days, you got to slide through without strategizing. You became a number after the merge - you were a number for the Nick blindside, the Debbie blindside and in the Scot blindside, you were blindsided by your own alliance. So when you voted me out, your tightest alliance, I was proud of you. That was your biggest move and your turning point in the game. But is that enough to justify a million dollar vote?


Michele responds that it took her that long to find her footing in the game. Coming in on Brain or Brawn you had intelligence or strength. When you come in on Beauty, you have to prove you have those things. You have to prove the sterotype wrong. So maybe it looked like she slid but when she figured it out, she was able to excel and her decisions were well thought out and even for Julia until she had to vote her out. Julia tells Tai he had the opposite. He was strong, Julia wanted him out from the get go. It was consistent until the merge when things went crazy. Should her vote be justified from a first half the game and a deteriorating finish?
Tai argues that he started strong, got all the tools he needed, blindsided Scot. He wasn't weak after that, but got into a comfortable alliance. Does that deserve her vote? Depends on what she values more. Tai thinks he trumped what Michele has accomplished and she should vote for him.


Joe is up next. He knows what Michele's game is about so he is directing his questions to the others. Tai is a selfless, hardworking man. He has a Bhudda quality about him. What makes him think he should be considered and not Aubry? Tai says he accomplished more. He found an idol, won an extra vote, won immunity and blindsided Scot. Aubry and he have the same "computer" brain - always running. Joe says Tai's runs more crazily but good answer. Aubry? Aubry thinks Tai was incredibly helpful with strategy; he came to her with info. Aubry had to implement most of the ideas that Tai had. After the merge, Aubry was on the right side of the vote every time. Tai was on the wrong side 3 times. Tai had super idols and advantages but not his finger on the pulse of the game like she had. People came to her, she made decisions. She rallied people together that got things done that could've been a whisper in the wind.


Jason is up - it's truth time. He doesn't know who he is voting for. Michele, you and Julia voted Tai out the night Scot was blindsided. They had no idea about the blindside but were in the alliance of 4. That was the move that turned the game for her. Was that luck? That alliance didn't tell her about the blindside for Scot because they didn't trust Julia. She was willing to vote out her biggest alliance (Julia) for that alliance of 4. Tai wanted Michele out the night Jason was voted out, but her alliance trusted her more than Tai (who shakes his head in disagreement) who flip flopped the whole game. She made moves, it was not luck, she worked hard to get there and keep herself there.
Tai, you always say you had a strong relationship with Scot till Jason came in. What's the real reason that you left us for them? Tai was scared of their bond that was so strong, that he was going to vote him out. He was jealous about 2 men who talk about men stuff. That's not what he talks about and he got scared. That's not what he's about. The most genuine he can say, he got scared of his relationship with Scot.


Cydney is up next. Aubry, going into the last tribal council, was it always the plan to take me out? Aubry says the plan was Michele, but Michele won immunity. Cydney was with her for everything, so she had to vote her out because she knew that's what Cydney would've done. Michele, I really appreciate the fact that you gave me the opportunity to build fire with Aubry. You could've put the blindside on my roster. Aubry interjects to ask Michele if she knew they (Tai and Aubry) were both voting Cydney that TC. Michele says no but she could've flipped and sent Cydney out. The fact is, if she'd known they were going to send Cydney out, she would've tried to save her because she wanted to be there with Cydney.


 Cydney is done, tears in her eyes. Scot is up next. You heard what the monkey said when the lawnmower ran over his tail. It won't be long now, Aubry replies. That's right, I am going to make this quick. Tai, I've heard enough tonight. I was going to ask you a question. Now I'm just going to give you the answer. You had an idol, didn't use. Had an advantage, and you used it in a really dumb way. Your alliance didn't trust you when you were going to vote Michele out so you used both votes on a woman who wasn't going anywhere. Your advantages that you won didn't get you anywhere because you didn't use them. Aubry, you started out the game pretty well. I had respect for you. Survivor has this twist, though, and that twist is now you have to make us vote for you. Why would I vote for you? 
Aubry thinks Scot would vote for her because he is a competitor and can appreciate that someone has a different competitive style than him. It might not be how he played the game but she played hers with her strengths, which was personal and she knows he can respect that. 
Michele, if this was 4 tribals ago and someone would've said you would be sitting here, I'd have said you'd be in last place. You did it. You out toughed those 2. Tai and Aubry got weaker, you got stronger as this game went along. He applauds - well done Michele.


Normally Jeff would say their done but he feels compelled to give the F3 a final chance to say something if they feel there was something left unsaid. 
Aubry - She came into the game and she had a rough start. Her game evolved as she played. She made decisions that weren't easy for her. She managed personalities to get her to where she is now. Even if she didn't win immunities, she tried hard. She won a reward challenge on her own. At the end of the day, she came down to the ultimate Survivor moment and made fire. She didn't think she could do that. She loves this game, loves seeing what this game brings out in you. She played her heart out. She thinks she outwitted, she knows she outlasted and she belives she outplayed.


Tai - This game is so hard with people backstabbing each other. We don't need to do that. He believes in kindness and humanity. It's who he is. The Vietnamese have a proverb that says life is like a hyacinth plant. Each one of us is a hyacinth plant floating on water. This season of Survivor brought us together and some people we cling on tightly and wind and waves will blow us apart like Scot and I. No matter how much I wanted to hang onto Scot , we blew apart. It's like life. People float along the same path for awhile and for whatever reason you may never see each other again but you have great memories. That's all I can ask for.


Michele - Nick said that I haven to be intelligent and that goes to show that people thought that I wasn't playing the game. I had faith in myself and in my game. I had to fight my way here and I was up against a lot of roadblocks in the game. I was the only one who had faith in myself when everyone was telling me I was at the bottom. I believed in myself and trusted myself and remained happy and positive and am proud of how I played and am proud of myself. 
Jeff addresses the jury - they should have all the information they need to make their vote. Tonight the jury is voting for a winner - the person they think is most deserving for the title of sole Survivor and the million dollar check that goes along with it. For the last time, it is time to vote. 
We see Julia's vote for Michele. She promised she would, and she stayed true to that.
Joe votes for Aubry, telling her nice job. 
Jason hesitates long and hard over his vote. 
Jeff goes to get the votes and then comes back to tell Tai that unless he has an idea of how to get Mark the chicken back to America... Tai has no plans to bring Mark back. Jeff asks him to bid Mark goodbye and let him go then. Tai says for 39 days he's done everything he can for Mark. It's up ti fate now. Hopefully he won't be anyone's dinner anytime soon. Tai kisses him while everyone says goodbye Mark and Tai sets him free. Jeff says he'll see everyone back in America for the reading of the votes. Jeff says goodbye to Mark on the way out.


We pick up on Jeff walking into the studio with the votes. Jeff addresses the F3. From start to finish, you had to earn it this season. From the heat to the evacuations to the drama, you had to work hard. But on this past season of Survivor, a jury of people you voted out decides who wins. It's social politics in the jungle and it's delicious. Jeff will now read the votes:
We are 3 for Michele and 2 for Aubry.


The winner of Survivor Beauty vs Brain vs Brawn - Michele. Cheering erupts and hugs start as Michele rushes to hug her family and friends, crying. ‪#‎SoleSurvivor‬ appears on our screen. Jeff tells us it was the season of the underdogs and Michele came out on top. He gives Michele her check for a million dollars and says we will bring everyone up to discuss the season. Aubry, from overwhelmed to F3 and a favourite, plus Tai one of the most popular to ever play. He went to the dark side, which haunts him. It was one of the scariest situations ever when Caleb was evacuated. It's the Survivor Live Reunion show next!


Jeff sits on stage facing the castaways. Jeff says the reunion shows always go fast so let's dive in. What was the key for you, Michele? What was your game play about? Michele thinks it's evident she played a good social game. But she didn't play based on emotion, she got to know everyone on a friendship level. Jeff thinks she played in the middle a lot. Michele agrees - it's a dangerous place but she was never blamed for anything or on the chopping block very often. The key is knowing when to hop to the next opportunity. Knowing how to remain calm enough, trust your instincts and your loyalty. Jeff thinks she was an underdog from the beginning because she was in the Beauty tribe and she was able to use that to grow in front of people's eyes. Michele agrees, it was alluded to by Julia and Nick. Brain and Brawn come in as people known to be smart or tough, you have to prove that on beauty. When she had to come out screaming and kicking she did and it worked.


Watching someone blossom and grow is one of the best parts of Survivor to watch. No one grew more from day 1 crying in the shelter to day 39 as one of the F3 than Aubry. Jeff asks Aubry to explain as succinctly as she can how someone can get so overwhelmed so easily. Aubry is a big fan of the show so when you get on there, there is so many things to process, then you're freaking out about freaking out. And eventually you're crying in the shelter. Jeff has a picture shown that Aubry posted on Twitter comparing herself to Cochrane, wearing a similar outfit and the comment "Got my outfit picked for Take Your Daughter to Work Day". Cochrane is in the audience and waves. Aubry feels like she blossomed from nerd to warrior. Cochrane is her Survivor spirit animal - he is a little neurotic, rocks cool frames and is good at knowing who people are and what group they fit into. No one would see her as an underdog today. She had a lot of fans who appreciated her showing her truth because a lot of people can relate to feeling that overwhelmed. A lot of people told her if they were on Survivor they would act the same way. It was the best experience of her life, super humbling and she's grateful for the opportunity.


Every so often we have a player that is so unique and captures the hearts of the Survivor art types that they transcend it and create a new one. We have had nearly 500 people play this game. We've never had anyone like Tai. Jeff says it's been a long time since so many people have gotten behind someone whether they've won the game or not. It must be quite an experience to have so many people vocalize their admiration for him. Tai says he works outside and so many people come to him and love him for some reason. Survivor scared him from the social game but he wanted to be who he was. Survivor stripped out everything about him, you can't pretend to be something you're not. He'd truly say all living things matter to him. Everything has meaning. Jeff cuts him off and someone from the audience yells out. She is brought up. This is Sia - they met because she's a fan of Survivor. She has a long trench coat, a black had and has black and blond hair, completely covering her face. She could not let Tai go home without saying that his authenticity and care for animals inspired her. She wants to donate $50,000 to Tai and she wants to donate $50,000 to his choice of animal charity. She thanks him for showing America how to be kind to animals. Tai hugs her tightly and thanks her. A standing ovation happens. Jeff asks if this is a fan favourite thing? Sia says Sprint used to do it and they didn't last year and she had wanted to do it for Keith but she was too chicken (pardon the pun) and this year she was watching Tai and she knows that it was a weird journey but through it all he showed his humanity. His honesty in admitting he was scared and that's why he voted Scot off, he is a teacher.


 Tai says without the whole eco system they will be doomed sooner rather than later. Thanks for bringing awareness to it. He will find a way to thank her. He is speechless. Jeff heads down to see Drew Carey in the audience. Drew was nice enough to invite some Survivors to place in a prime time edition of the Price is Right. Drew says all reality shows will get the chance. Let's put them on another game show and see how their brains work on another game. It's on this Monday, May 23 at 8pm. Tune in!!!


Back up on stage, Jeff says this is why Live TV is the greatest thing in the world cause you truly do not know what the right move is. Time for commercial - up next we will talk to Caleb for an update.


We check in with Caleb, who is 100% and gets some loud cheers. Caleb remembers the whole challenge up until he made the game winning shot, gave an expressive relief that they got salt and pepper. As he fell to the sand, he got dizzy, realized he needed shade. He collapsed in the shade and doesn't remember anything after that. Jeff says it was complete chaos. Caleb vaguely remembers Jeff assuring him he's in good hands. He wakes up on a helicopter. Caleb is married now, congratulations. Caleb couldn't prep his family when watching the show because he didn't remember what they'd see. Caleb had to call his mom from the hospital, that was emotional for his mom. His family has never seen him gasping for air or in that condition. For him being a tough kid, and he looked at his mom watching the show. She's crying, he started crying. He looked like a hot mess that night. Jeff introduces us to medical team. He wants to be clear that there is a medical team at every challenge, tribal council. They are always watching, there are safety swimmers in the water...


 The guys who heads everything up is Dr. Joe. Dr. Joe tells us Caleb was the sickest person they've ever treated on the show. Jeff says he knew because normally Dr. Joe is talkative but that day he was not - he was asking for IV's and ice... Dr. Joe agrees, the show went out the window that day and the focus was Caleb. Jeff says Dr. Joe can't help with scabs or anything but for life and limb you have to make a medical call. How hard it is to pull someone being and adventure guy himself? Dr. Joe says he loves watching people put all this effort in but then have to ruin it by taking them out. He doesn't want to do it but sometimes you have to. Caleb, had he been conscious, would have not taken himself out. Jeff chuckles and agrees.


Time to discuss the David vs Goliath moment, where Tai didn't use his super idol to save Jason or Scot. He had decided the day before. He had talked to Aubry about how he was losing his voice and was terrified of both Scot and Jason. Jeff cuts Tai off again - they're live. Jason is asked why they gave Scot the idol beforehand. It was to make Scot feel as secure as Jason felt. Scot, did Tai lost his vote when he was blindsided? Scot says yeah, you can say that. Debbie is one of the most original entertaining players ever. Up there with Rupert, Coach and Philip. (She gets loud cheers) Did she feel the arc? When the show started, people thought she was a nut but when she left people thought she'd had a chance to win. Debbie says sanity is overrated first of all. She and her multiple personalities like the world they inhabit. Was she in on the joke, Jeff asks. Yes. She's eccentric, not odd. Jeff says Debbie we love you. Joe, getting it done at 71. (We're running out of time so Jeff is rushing) He did Survivor because it was an adventure and a challenge, thanks for giving him the chance to do it. Julia, the other end of the spectrum. She lied and said she was in her 20's. When she was alone by herself on the beach, she used that as an experience to learn that life throws unexpected experiences and do we learn from it or let it crumble us. She used it to get her through the show. Use the negative moments to empower you.


Jeff wants to talk about Mark the chicken, after Mark Burnett. They had a Jeff chicken that got eaten. Jeff loves that Tai managed to convince people not to each a chicken on Survivor! It's crazy! 
Survivor is an adventure of a lifetime. Its why we spend so much of the year making the game kick ass and find compelling people who are coming out to seek this adventure and at the risk of sounding redundant, I'm telling you we have another great season coming up in the fall!


Our next season of Survivor will be our 33rd season and we are still so enthused about the show that we found this location, my all time favorite location in Fiji. It's beautiful, those underwater shots of the Survivor's jumping in the water. You'll love this season and the theme is really cool. For our 33rd season, Survivor will be 20 new castaways to the ultimate test, to see which generation has what it takes to outwit, outplay and outlast. It's Survivor: Millennials vs Gen-X. This Fall on CBS.


It is very hard to transition from one season to another. You guys were amazing this season of Survivor and I think you'll love next season. If you are interested in a Survivor adventure, go to cbs.com/casting and if you want to own props from this season go to survivorauctions.com. Proceeds go to Survivors Stand up to Cancer. Thank you for your loyalty. Good night!



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