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The Amazing Race - Season 28 (Recap of episodes)


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Leg One - Spelunking For Dummies



Welcome to a very special season of The Amazing Race. These 11 teams connect with millions of people every day.  What happens when you take the world's biggest social influencers offline, to race each other in the real world? Time to Find out.


Our teams are at home and have no idea the Race is about to start NOW!  You're about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, Phil tells the racers through a video message on their phones, In just 21 days, you'll visit 18 cities in 10 countries and travel more than 27,000 miles.

And I have your next clue, here, in Mexico City, at the Monument of the Revolution.  When I say go, grab your bags, run outside, make your way to the nearest airport, and then find me here in Mexico.

Let's get things started. The world is waiting for you.  Good luck, travel safe.  GO!

Teams, which coincidentally are together and in some cases wearing matching outfits despite being "surprised" by this new way of starting the Race, excitedly grab their bags, say goodbye to their loved ones (in some cases, their parents), and head out the door.

From LA, California and Enterprise, Alabama, Austin, Texas, Dallas, Texas, teams begin their race around the world.  Brittany & Jessica are Instagram models.  Brodie & Kurt are Pro Frisbee players.  Dana & Matt are engaged choreographers. Tyler & Korey are best friends. Erin & Joslyn are also best friends.  

Tyler & Korey's driver asks for their autograph, thinking they are actors.  College buddies from Michigan State University, they make videos online and have a podcast.   Data & Matt have been engaged for 3.5yrs and work closely together creating how-to dance videos.  They don't have a date set yet.  

Erin & Joslyn are internet hosts and producers on Clevver Media. Zach & Rachel are newlyweds for 11 months; he makes magic Vine videos.  Scott & Blair are father/daughter, she creates makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube, he's a lawyer and OBGYN.  Sheri & Cole are mother/son; she's a mom of 6 kids, he makes funny videos on Vine. Former national champion Ultimate Frisbee players, Brodie & Kurt make videos of Frisbee trick shots.  

Burnie & Ashley are dating gamers, who date, work and live together. She's a professional gamer and he runs a gaming web site. They now run an online gaming video channel.  Brittany & Jessica run into Cole & Sheri at the Atlanta airport. Cole says he believes in multiple GFs and wives.  Did I mention Brittany & Jessica were Instagram models?

Tyler and Korey meet up with Scott & Blair at LAX, having met before. Tyler is stopped for a selfie in the airport. Darius & Cameron are brothers who meet up with Marty & Hagan, mother/daughter.  Mom creates viral videos, including one of her as a Southwest light attendant.  The brothers make Vine videos that don't let on how smart they are.  

Burnie gets recognized a lot in airports, Ashley says. Brittany & Jessica talk their way into the cockpit. All teams are now flying from LA, Dallas and Atlanta to Mexico City, Mexico.

Flights land and all teams race out of the airport. Kurt forgets to tie his shoe and takes a tumble. Some teams show off their Espanol and are able to tell their taxi drivers where to go. It's dark at night and the taxis are driving super fast.

Teams reach Phil at the Monument of the Revolution but he tells them to go straight to their first clue, a Detour: Mariachi Madness or Great Bulls of Fire. In Mariachi Madness, teams must find one out of 350 musicians who is faking it. In Great Bulls of Fire, teams must build a Torito, a bull frame for fireworks, then set off the fireworks.

Brodie & Kurt (Frisbees) choose Mariachi. Brittany & Jessica (models) choose fireworks. Marty & Hagan (mom/daughter) choose fireworks. Erin & Joslyn (BF Girls) choose Mariachi. Burnie & Ashley (Gamers) choose Fireworks. Dana & Matt (Engaged) go Mariachi.  Darius & Cameron (Brothers) pick Fireworks. Tyler & Korey (BF Guys) choose Fireworks. Scott & Blair (father/daughter) choose Fireworks. Zach & Rachel (Newlyweds) choose Fireworks. Sheri & Cole (mother/son) choose Mariachi.  Got all that?

Teams search on foot for their respective Detours.  Frisbee is first to find the Mariachis, all 350 of them.  They find the trumpeter with no sound and then run with him to the Mariachi leader.  He was actually playing and they have to go back. Aye Yay Yay Yay!

BFG (BF Girls) arrive at Mariachi and begin their search. Engaged arrives at the sea of mariachi players. Mother/Son are in the wrong place - they find a real mariachi. Newlyweds are lost in the plaza.

Gamers arrive at Bulls of Fire and have to recreate a paper mache fireworks bull frame. They are joined by Mother/daughter and BFB (BF Boys).  Father/Daughter arrive.  Brothers and Models are back where they started, unable to find their detours. Teams at Mariachi are asking musicians if they are pretending. That's not how it works.

Frisbee finds their non-musician. They must make their way to the Cuevas De Teotihuacan caves. BFG gets teased by the Mariachi Leader but they also find a musician who wasn't playing.  Engaged also complete the Detour. Mother/Son find the Mariachis and begin their quest for silence.

Newlyweds reach the mob of Mariachis. Over at fireworks, teams continue the intricate construction of their bull frames.  Brothers arrive as some teams are proving faster than others. Models arrive.  Engaged arrive at the Cuervas de Teotihuacan and get the earliest time, 4 teams at 7:30am.

Frisbee is the second team for the first time. BFG get the 3rd spot.  Cole thinks he's found the fake Mariachi and they head to the judge. He's all air and they complete the Detour. Newlyweds find their guy but dance with the crowd before heading off to complete the Detour.

Sheri thinks she's messed up because they haven't seen any other teams. Bull frame teams work through the night. BFB present their frame to the judge and he gives them the green light to ignite a live bull frame, completing the Detour. Mother/Daughter complete their bull frame and light off their fireworks. Gamers don't pass the judges' inspection.

Mother/Son reach the cave entrance and are surprised to snag the 4th of the earliest time. They thought they were last. Newlyweds get the first of 4 7:40am times. Gamers complete their Detour, followed by Father/Daughter, models and Brothers.

BFB gets the second 7:40am spot. Mother/daughter gets the 3rd, father/daughter the last.  Models, Brothers and Gamers get the last time at 7:50am.  

It's morning and the first 4 teams race to the clue box. Roadblock: Who's ready to pick up the pieces? One team member must search in the Teotihuacan cave for 13 pieces of a Teotihuacan mask and then reconstruct the mask with the approval of a tribal elder.

Kurt, Matt, Erin and Sheri take their first Roadblock turns. They descend into the candle lit archaeological site.  Sheri and Erin are claustrophobic and didn't realize it was a cave. They find sandboxes in which the mask pieces are buried. Sheri and Matt have 13 and listen for drones to find their way out.

The second wave of teams enter and Korey, Zach, Scott and Marty take the Roadblock. Drums, not drones.  First wave teams are assembling their masks; Sheri shows Matt how to do it. They think it has to be all the same color.  There's a sample mask for them to follow but they don't seem to see it.

They head back for more pieces. The third wave of teams enters, with Darius, Jessica and Burnie doing the Roadblock. Scott returns to the surface looking for the drums.  Teams realize that not all colors have all the right pieces. Scott dropped some of his pieces on the grass. Jessica returns to the surface as well to look for the drums.

Jessica and another team realize they should be down below but Scott is still looking for 2 pieces he dropped. Sheri has cut a finger and is bleeding over her mask. Matt completes his mask and returns to the surface with the next clue, the first Pit Stop at the Museo Soumaya.

Tyler completes his mask and BFB heads to the Pit Stop. The non-Roadblock team members dance for their partners on the surface. Scott finally finds his 13th piece and returns to the cave to find the drums. Zach completes the Roadblock. Frisbee is missing a piece. Brothers complete the Roadblock.

In their taxi, BFB pass the Dancers (Engaged). Dancers reclaim the lead. It's a foot race to the Pit Stop.  

Dana and Matt are the first team to arrive at the first Pit Stop of the race, and win.  Tyler and Korey are Team #2.  Phil picks on Tyler's hair.  Zach and Rachel are Team #3.  Gamers complete the Roadblock. Frisbee completes the Roadblock. Brothers reach the Pit Stop in 4th place.

Models complete the Roadblock. Mother/Daughter complete the Roadblock. Brodie & Kurt are Team #5. Burnie & Ashley are Team #6. Erin, Scott and Sheri are still down in the cave; Erin and Sheri discuss taking the penalty. 4hrs. They decide to do it.

Jessica & Brittney arrive at the Pit Stop in 7th place. Marty & Hagan are Team #8. Before they take the penalty, Erin decides to try her mask. She has it and completes the Roadblock. She offers to help Sheri but Sheri tells her to go. Scott checks in on Sheri then realizes he needs more pieces from his box.

Sheri is missing a blue piece. Scott is looking for more pieces too. Sheri finds a blue piece. But is it the right one? It is and she completes her mask.  Scott knows he's in trouble. Sheri apologizes to Cole. Cole wishes Blair good luck as they race away.

Scott finishes his mask and gets his clue to the Pit Stop. They race off.  Mother/Son's taxi is speeding down the highway while BFG's taxi has a broken speedometer. Father/Daughter aren't giving up.  10th is just first with a zero, Cole says.  Sheri and Cole reach Phil at the Pit Stop looking petrified.  You're not 10th, Phil tells them, you're 9th.  They are shocked.  Erin & Joslyn arrive in 10th place.

Scott and Blair are the last team to arrive. But they are not eliminated. That's impossible, Scott says.  This is a non-elimination leg, explains Phil. Bring on the speed bump, Blair says, I just want to go more places with my dad.

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Leg Two - Something Fishy's Going On






GO! Dana and Matt (Engaged) are the first team to depart at 1:42pm for the walled city of Cartagena, Columbia.  This is the first time TAR has been to the Republic of Columbia. Teams must head to Totumo, where things are guaranteed to get messy.


Dana admits she pushed Matt into getting engaged before they were ready and they haven't set a date. Matt is focused on his career first. Tyler & Korey (BFB) Depart 1:43pm.  They think their goofiness online will hide how athletic and competitive they are.


Zach & Rachel (Newlyweds) are the 3rd to depart at 1:57pm.  They are going to have to talk to each other more now that they are disconnected from their phones.  Darius & Cameron (Brothers) are the 4th to depart at 2:07pm. They are both pretty intelligent. No mistakes, they promise.


Brodie & Kurt (Frisbee) are the 5th team to depart at 2:16pm. Having played together for the last 10 years they think they have a leg up on the other teams. Burnie & Ashley (Gamers) depart at 2:17pm. Teams arriving at the airport look for flights to Cartagena.  The first flight arrives at 8:59am.


Newlyweds and and BFB are booked on the first flight. Everyone but Brothers get on that flight.  Brothers stop to greet a kid fan.  Brittany & Jessica (Models) depart at 2:29pm.  Marty & Hagan (Mother/Daughter) depart 2:34pm.  Sheri & Cole (Mother/Son) depart at 2:43pm.  Erin & Joslyn (BFG) depart at 2:45pm.  Scott & Blaire (Father/Daughter) depart last at 3:04pm.


The second flight lands at 9:37am and Newlyweds are on that flight. BFG lands at 10am and Bros land at 10:30am.  First flight takes off.  Second flight takes off.  Third flight takes off.  Fourth flight takes off.


First flight lands with Engaged, BFB, Frisbee and Gamers. Frisbee is first to Totumo, where they hit a Roadblock: Who is a hot mess? Totuma is a volcano and one member of each team must submerge themselves in volcanic mud and then find an emrald buried in the pit. After washing it off and delivering it to an attendee, they'll get their next clue.  


Brodie goes for Gamers. After dunking in the mud, he finds a rope which leads to a satchel that contained the emerald. Dana goes for Newlyweds. The pit is deep - neck high.  Brodie spots a clue box in a nearby lake. He delivers the emerald on the shore and must then swim out to the box.


Dana finds a pink stone and doesn't know if that's an emerald. Gamers arrive and Ashley goes. Korey goes for BFB.  The lake is an inch of water and mud, Brodie says. Teams now head to Manzanillo Del Mar for their next clue.  Ashley climbs into the pit, followed by Korey.  It's a little cold despite being a volcano.  Dana learns emeralds aren't pink.


Korey finds an emerald but he drops it on the climb down the volcano.  Ashley finds the wrong color stone. Dana gets the right color and so does Ashley. Korey can't find the emerald so he has to go back.  Second flight lands with BFG, M/S, Newlyweds and F/D.  


Korey finds another satchel and gets a green stone. Ashley returns from the clue box in the lake. Dana follows close behind. Korey swims out to the clue box.  Third flight lands 10m behind schedule with M/D.  Last flight lands with Bros.


Teams are in marked race taxis who are driving slowly. Rachel does the Roadblock for Newlyweds, Blair for F/D and Joslyn for BFG.  Blair has no bathing suit.  One of the other girls offers her a spandex.  


Gamers reach Manzanillo and hit a Detour. In Pop-Up, teams must build a shelter using materials (wood, cloth) found on a beach. A local will then drive in the tunes (car with radio) and help get the party started. In Parrilla, teams must prepare tasty barbacoa and serve it up to the party goers.

Sorry, that was Frisbee first to the Detour. They choose Pop-Up.  Second tier teams dip into the volcano. Gamers arrive at Detour and choose Pop-Up as do Engaged and BFB.  It's a beach party as teams arrive and have to match the first half of a tent already there. They must first dig holes for the posts


Back at the Roadblock, Cole goes for M/S, Brittany for BFG.  Blair finds a satchel with a stone. All three girls have a stone but Rachel's is blue. She gets another one and tells Cole they are tied to the sides. Rachel has green now and climbs down the side of the volcano.  


Gamers, Engaged and BFB pass Phil on the beach as they reach the Detour. The party SUVs have huge stereo and speaker systems in their hatches. This is a serious party going on.  Gamers realize every post has a fork in the top to hold the cross beam and have to be aligned correctly. 

Cole finds a stone - It's an emerald!


Brittany finds a green emerald. Frisbee moves on to building their crossbeams. They have to wire-tie the crossbeams.  M/D reach the Roadblock and Hagan does it. Bros arrive and Cameron takes it.  They are the last teams in the volcano.  


Engaged bicker over their construction. Ashley is too short for Gamers.  Engaged think they have it right but they don't have the crossbeams in the post correctly.  No bueno they are told. Frisbee thinks they have it but they don't either. The poles aren't deep enough.


BFB complete the Detour. Buena.  Teams must make their way to Plaza Bolivar, hidden within the old stone walls of Cartagena. The last team to check in may be eliminated.  Cameron has stone and heads to retrieve the clue. Hagan is still searching. Hagan finds a stone but it's pink.


M/S reach Detour and choose Parrilla.  Newlyweds choose Pop-Up. F/D must find their Speed Bump.  Newlyweds arrive at the beach, followed by M/S.  Frisbees complete the Detour and head to the Pit Stop.  BFG also choose Parrilla and watch how to scale, gut and prepare the fish.  They must then prepare the dish exactly as laid out in the example.


Hagan is searching for another satchel at the bottom of the 2000' deep volcano pit instead of the side. F/D reach the Speed Bump. They must help local fishermen pull in an enormous fishing net along shore and collect the catch of the day. The water pulls the net out so they are pulling against the tide. Models reach the Detour and choose to grill.


M/S actually chose Pop-Up. It was BFG who chose Parrilla before. Newlyweds wonder if they were supposed to pick a spot in front of one of the trucks.  Zach says no, he thinks they're fine.  Dana realizes their posts are turned wrong. They try to turn the posts in place but the wet sand won't budge - they have to dig them out.  


Gamers complete the Detour.  Engaged bicker over fixing their tent.  Parrilla teams have to cook 3 plates. Tyler & Korey are the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop.  They win a trip to St. Thomas.


Hagan finds the emerald stone.  Rachel convinces Zach they are building their tent in the wrong place. He wants to carry the whole thing over but it all falls apart.   F/D get the net in and must now pick up all the fish caught in it.  They complete the Speed Bump and head to the Detour, choosing Parrilla.


Brothers pass by Manzanilla Del Mar.  Frisbees arrive at the Pit Stop in 2nd place.  Gamers rush in, third.  Brothers reach the beach, wondering where the clue was.  BFG tells them they should already have the clue and have to head back to town.  Engaged complete the Detour.  


BFG lose a fish head and have to prepare another fish.  Models have a cut finger as they scale their fish.  Scott drops a fish on the ground and it has to be replaced. Blair wanted to just serve it.  Bros find the Manzanillo Del Mar and get their Detour clue.  They choose Parrilla.  


Engaged dodge attack birds and reach the Pit Stop in 4th place.  Phil asks if they are communicating. They came in 4th and she didn't kill him, they say, so they're doing something.  M/D reach the Detour and choose Parrilla, then run to the beach instead of taking the cab.  


F/D has their 3 plates completed but the fish is no good. Under-cooked.  Models complete their fish plates and the Detour. BFG complete their plates and head to the Pit Stop. M/D still running to the beach.  They hear music and finally reach the party, hoping they can catch up.


Newlyweds complete their tent and head to the Pit Stop.  M/S complete their tent and head out.  F/D deliver their plates and complete the Detour.  Bros are having trouble with their fish falling apart and the smoke from the grill as they burn their fish.  It's only Brothers and M/D remaining on the beach.


BFG reach the Pit Stop, followed by Newlyweds and Models in 5th, 6th and 7th places.  Brothers are still struggling to cook their fish while M/D near completion of their 3 plates. M/S reach the Pit Stop in 8th place. M/D have their plates judged and are complete.  They pass by the Brothers cab and run back into town.


F/D reach the Pit Stop in 9th place. The brothers have burned their plantains because the oil is too hot. Marty is struggling to keep up with Hagan as they run along the dirt road back to town. They are still a mile away. Bros finish preparing their 3 plates and call the judge over. They complete the Detour and head out in their cab.


Brothers pass M/D who are still jogging along the dirt road. They weren't expecting that.  That's it, Hagan says.  Nightmare, Marty gasps.  That's why you never give up, Bros say.  


Brothers reach the Pit Stop in 10th place and are still in the race.  Book smart doesn't help with international flights, they say, and they they underestimated the competitiveness of the other teams.  


Marty & Hagan are in tears as they ride in their cab to the Pit Stop. They are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race. Marty is so proud of the woman Hagan is.


Next week on The Amazing Race, Teams toss the tail (?), Blair gets the job done, and claustrophobia gets the better of Erin.  See you next Friday for another leg of The Amazing Race!

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Leg Three - Designer Defeat




GO! Tyler & Korey are the first to depart at 10:05am.  They head on foot to Plaza San Diego in Cartegena.  They are good friends for 8 years but not romantically. Brodie & Kurt depart at 10:20am - their biggest flaw is going too fast.

BFB reaches the clue box and must now make their way to Castillo San Felipe De Barajas, and search the fortress's catacombs for their next clue. Frisbees are right behind but can't get a taxi.  Burnie & Ashley depart at 10:26am.  Dana & Matt depart at 10:56am.   They say they need to communicate better.

BFB reach the fortress and head down into the catacombs, looking in every nook and crany.  They find the clue box and it's a Detour.  In Tickets, team must board a local bus and play conductor, using their persuasive skills to collect 20,000 pesos and earn their next clue.

In Tejo, teams must play Columbia's explosive national sport and hit 3 exposive targets with a stone and gunpowder to receive their next clue.  BFB chooses Tejo.  Frisee is in the catacombs and finds the Detour.  They choose Tejo.  Erin & Joslyn depart at 11:35am.  Zach & Rachel depart at 11:36am, following BFG.  

Brittany & Jessica depart at 11:37am, speed walking.  Sheri & Cole depart at 11:52am at a steady jog. Scott & Blair depart at 11:55am.  Scott offers to cary Blair's pack.  BFB read their clue again, Tejo is an underhand toss, like cornball.  Frisbee says they had better do well on this or they'll get Twitter hate.  Frisbee is the first to the location as BFB's driver takes a wrong turn.

Frisbee gets their first stone explosion.  All the other teams reach the fortress and head into the catacombs.  Gamers reach the Detour first and choose Tejo.  Engaged do too.  Frisbee gets their second blast.  They get their third and explode through the Detour.  They must now make their way to Calle San Juan De Dios and search for the marked mochito vendor.

BFB arrive at Tejo and start tossing.  They played cornhole in college.  Darius & Cameron depart at 12:29pm.  BFB gets their first exploding rock.  They get their second.  Tyler jumps and screams.  They get their third and complete the Detour.  Gamers tae their turn and nail their first stone.  Newlyweds choose Tickets.  BFG are chlosterphobic.

Erin finds the cluebox but Joslyn just wants to get out.  They choose Tejo.  F/D reach the catacombs and choose Tickets.  M/S are right behind and choose Tejo.  Blair says she'll twerk for cash.  Gamers complete the Detour.  Engaged start the Detour and Dana doesn't what Matt giving her instruction.  

Newlyweds reach the bus and receive insruction - each person pays 1800 pesos.  They need 20,000 to complete the Detour.  They have to remember the bus destinations. They take off on their bus and get to see rual areas of the city, calling out destination names to try and get passengers.

Frisbee reaches the Mochila bag vendor x and hit a Road Block: Who is left holding the bag? One team member must choose a mochila, then search the old city to find 2 more bags by the same designer.  http://www.mochilabags.com/ Kurt does it.

Being able to speak Spanish helps Tyler ask for directions to locate the marked mochila vendors. Back at Tejo, Engaged completes Detour. Brothers hit the Detour and choose Tejo.  BFG reach the buses and get directions from the supervisor. They take off on their journey.  

F/D reach the buses and begin their adventure.  Models reach Tejo and are all over the place (except the target).  Tyler finds his first maching bag.  BFB hit the Roadblock and Tyler does it.  Newlyweds hit rush our traffic. Zach gets off the bus and tries to lure girls to ride with them. One gentleman recognizes him from YouTube and climbs aboard.  Those are awesome videos, he tells him for 1800 pesos.

Blair is offering Besos for Pesos (kisses for cash).  She gets a bunch of (male) passengers.  Not sure if Dad knew what she was promising.  They paid Dad and didn't ask for their beso.  She just blew kisses.  That's as far as that needed to go, Scott says.  

At Tejos, Models complete the Detour as M/S arrive. Gamers hit the Roadblock and Ashley takes it.  She finds a similar looking bag and hopes it's a match.  Dana takes the Roadblock for Engaged. She is also looking for a bag that matches hers rather than looking at the designer tags inside.  She spots the tag in her starter bag and realizes what she has to do.

Tyler finds his first match.  Kurt finds his second match and heads back.  Tyler finds his second match and heads back.  Cole gets all three and M/S complete the Detour.  Frisbee completes Roadblock and heads on foot to the old city wall of Baluarte De Santiago, the next Pit Stop.  BFB completes the Roadblock and heads to the Pit Stop.

Brodie and Kurt are the first to arrive at the Pit Stop.  They are Team #1 and win a trip to Mykanos, Greece!  Tyler & Korey are Team #2.  They playfully bicker.  Brothers reach the Tejo Detour and get their first exploding stone.  Newlyweds get more riders and have 11,000 pesos.  BFG are in the zone and get some passengers.  Blair gets more kisses for pesos passengers and Scott can't count the money fast enough.  

Brothers complete the Detour with Darius's deadly aim.  They are blazing through it but don't know their position in the race.  BFG count and are way over 20,000 pesos.  F/D are also done.  Newlyweds count their money and are way over.  They catch a taxi back to the start.  But the two 10's Rachel thinks she has are actually ones.  She's been counting wrong and has only 14,000 pesos. They have to go back.

BFG complete the Detour and head for the Pit Stop.  F/D complete the Detour.  Newlyweds are 5000 pesos short and board another bus.  Dana is still searching for her second bag.  Ashley completes the Roadblock and Gamers head to the Pit Stop in 3rd place.  Dana finds her third bag  Models reach the Roadblock and signal M/S to join them.  Jessica and Cole take it.  

Newlyweds are losing their voice as they complete the Detour (again).  Dana completes the Roadblock and Engaged reach the Pit Stop in 4th place and give a little dance for Phil.  Jessica and Cole get their first bags and she gets her second but waits to help Cole.  Cole tells her to go ahead.  Models complete the Roadblock.

Newlyweds turn in their money and complete the Detour. Cole finds his 2nnd bag.  Miss Iowa and Miss Florida meet Miss Cartegena as Models reach the Pit Stop.  M/S head for the Pit Stop.  Brothers catch up with BFG at the Roadblock.  Erin and Cameron take it.  

Sheri & Cole reach the Pit Stop in 6th place.  Erin is looking for someone who speaks English.  Cameron finds his first bag.  F/D reach the Roadblock and Scott takes it.  Erin can't find a marked vendor.  Scott asks for help fiding a matching designer but doesn't get it.  The sun is going down and Newlyweds are stuck in traffic. Neither Scott nor Erin can find the streets containing the vendors.

Erin and Scott decide to work together as its' getting dark.  They stop and get a map and know where they are going.  Darius (not Cameron) is still searching for his second bag.  Scott is looking for a matching bag but Erin tells him to check the tags.  There are tags in there, he asks? He starts checking bags for a match as Erin runs away.  You helping me, he asks to no one?  He finds a match.  

Newlyweds reach the Roadblock and Zach takes it.  Scott catches up with Erin who realizes he has the map.  Darius is covering the same ground.  He asks for directions.  Erin apologizes for leaving Scott.  Darius finds his second bag and has to find the vendor. Erin finds her second bag. Scott sends her on.  Zach has his first bag.  

Darius has 2 bags and is searching for the vendor. Erin completes the Roadblock.  Scott finds his second bag.  The other teams swaiting do not help him and Cameron can't say anything.  He is looking for the vendor by his designer's name and no one knows who she is.  Zach is in the wrong place.  Scott completes the Roadblock.

Erin & Joslyn reach the Pit Stop in 7th place.  Zach finds a matching bag and thinks he has his three.  Scott & Blair reach the Pit Stop in 8th place.  Darius is tired and out of breath but heads back to the starting point.  Zach completes the Roadblock and thinks he knows where the Pit Stop is from the drumming and noise he heard.

Cameron is still waiting for Darius to figure out where the vendor is.  He's still looking for his designer. Newlyweds reach the source of the music but don't see Phil.  They didn't read the clue.  Zach asks for help and is pointed in the right direction.  They run to the Pit Stop.

Darius finally finds the vendor and turns in his bags and Brothers complete the Roadblock.  The head off to find the Pit Stop.  Both teams are on foot, racing for the Pit Stop.

Zach and Rachel reach the Pit Stop.  You probably know where you're at, Phil says.  Give us the bad news, Zach says bravely.  The last team to check in is behind you, Phil says, as Darius and Cameron run up to the mat.  Zach and Rachel are in 9th place and still in the race.  

Darius and Cameron, Philiminator says, unfortunately you are the last team to arrive. And I am very sorry to tell you, you have been elimianted from the race. I can see it in your eyes you gave it everything you had. We gave it our all, they say, but made some mistakes.  We couldn't have run it with anyone else but each other.

Next week on The Amazing Race, love is in the air, teams do some benchwork, and the competition switches gears.  Enjoy your weekend and we'll see you back here next Friday for more Amazing Race!

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Leg Four - Ostracized At The United Nations




Apparently Brodie has a crush on Blair, though they haven't seen any other teams in a while.  GO! Brodie & Kurt are first to depart at 10:22am, flying over the jetstream to Geneva, Switzerland, Europe's most international city.

Tyler & Korey depart 10:30am, feeling extremely confident.  Burnie & Ashley depart 10:48am.  Teams will all be on the same flight.  Matt & Dana deaprt 11:19am.  Brittany & Jessica depart 12pm.  Sheri & Cole depart 12:44pm.  Erin & Joslyn depart 1:27pm.  

Frisbee look for the best seats at Rafel Nunez International Airport.  Brodie gets to see Blair, Kurt says.  Tyler wants to be the flower girl at the wedding.  Oh wow, Brodie says as she walks into the waiting area.  All the teams have now arrived at the airport.  Brodie diplomatically says he enjoys every racer's company.

Fans recognizing the social media stars gather to get selfies with the teams.  Finally, they board their flight and all teams are together for the first time since the start of the race.

Teams land in Geneva at night and race to a fountain by a river.  They cross a busy street.  BFB are the first to get the clue, to make their way on foot to the next clue.  Teams follow each other trying to find where it is, splitting into 2 groups.  First group finds the chocolate shop (Chocolats Rohr), but they're on the wrong street.  

Second group finds the right location.  Gamers are the first to pick a ticket but the shop doesn't open until 10am the next day.  They shout out to another group of teams that runs past them and misses the turn.  BFG get the second ticket, and then there's a rush of other teams grabbing numbers.  F/D are the last team to grab a number.

Teams are sent to a basement where there's a set of REI sleeping bags.  Brodie and Blair share a bag it sounds like.  #Blodie.  That moment when two sleeping bags became one.  It was a good conversation, Blair says coyly.  

In the morning, teams return tot eh chocolate shop and receive their clue, a Detour.  In Work Bench, teams must either assemble a world famous Swiss Army Knife, or in Bench Work, figure out how many behinds will fit on a 250' long bench, the longest in the world since 1767.

Gamers choose Bench Work - they are fully prepared with a Clicker.  BFG chooses Bench Work.  M/S choose Bench Work.  Newlyweds choose Work Bench, as do BFB.  Engaged chooses Bench Work.  Models chose Work Bench.  Frisbee chooses Bench Work.  F/D chooses Work Bench.

At Bench Work, using the local newspaper, teams must use the width of the paper to measure the number of butts that can sit on it, but there are also people sitting on the bench that they have to work around.   Over at Work Bench, teams must meticulously assemble their knives precisely according to the printed instructions.  Models switch because they can't find the Work Bench location.

Teams keep pushing two chess players off the bench while they butt slide down the bench.  Models and M/S are lost trying to find their detour locations, not finding anyone who speaks English.  They are searching together but they're on a road below where they need to be.  They spot other teams and have to find a way up to the bench.  

Gamers count 217 butts.  They must write their answer on the newspaper and show it to a local vendor.  They are not correct and have tos tart over again.  Engaged has just started and Gamers join them.  M/S and Models arrive.  BFG are also sliding along the bench.  Over at WOrk Bench, Newlyweds know that they shouldn't have to force anything and their knife isn't working.  BFB is also working knife.  

It's like a puzzle, BFB says, and if you do anything out of order, you fail.  F/D are working the knife too, Blair assisting her surgeon father.  Engaged are bickering as they work the bench.  Teams are sitting on top of each other as they go at different paces, wondering if they or the other team has the wrong count.  Newlyweds thing they have the knife right but it's too wobbly - they missed Blade #12.

Engaged think they have the count at 203.  The correct range is 190-197.  They have to go back.  BFG say 240.  Frisbee say 190 and complete the Detour.  They must make their way to the Broken Chair and search for their next clue.  Games come up with 201.  Frisbee gives Engaged their correct answer.  They share it with F/D as well.  Gamers provide Frisbee's answer and complete the Detour.

Frisbee and Gamers decide to work together to find the Broken Chair.  Engaged has the answer but they have to count from scratch first.  They knock over the chess board.  BFB hammers down the washers on their knife.  Newlyweds realize their missing blade.  BFB think they have it and they get their clue and get to keep the knife.  BFB are advised to run to the Broken Chair - if they take a bus they'll have to wait.

Models count too few (163) and have to return to the start.  M/S guess 194 and complete the Detour.  Engaged make their way down the bench.  The Bench teams wait for the bus to the Broken Chair, comparing guesses.  Engaged completes the bench with a count of 190 and complete the Detour.  MFG guess 197 all on their own and complete the Detour.  Models are the last team on the bench.

Newlyweds complete their knife and the Detour, leaving F/D behind.  BFG are looking for the correct train.  They don't find it.  Newlyweds get on a train.  F/D complete their Detour and head to the Broken Chair.  BFG have 6m to wait for their train.  F/D catch up with them.  Models complete the bench and guess 212.  They are outside the range of 190-197.  On their 3rd attempt, they guess 191 and are within range.

BFB reach the Broken Chair sculpture and hit a Roadblock: Who's having a Banner Day?  They are outside the United Nations building where the flags of all 193 member states are represented.  Teams must identify 10 flags representing 10 countries who were the founding members.  Corey goes for BFB.  There are 10 countries highlighted on a flag map that they must identify and find the corresponding flag from a printed book.

Frisbee, Gamers and M/S arrive.  Kurt, Burnie and Cole take the challenge.  They all decide to work together.  Cole knows a lot of the flags from playing soccer video games.  Korey thinks there's a key piece of information missing and searches for it.  They're looking for a map key but there isn't one.  Engaged hit the Roadblock and Matt does it.  

Corey realizes the nations on the map are in the same order as the flag poles on the lawn.  He starts counting out positions and running down the rows to count the flag poles.  He shares with Matt, each taking a different role of poles.  Newlyweds arrive and Rachel takes it.  Bernie, Kurt and Cole are guessing the flags from memory.  

Korey and Matt have 9 out of 10 flags identified.  Rachel is working on her own.  Burnie realizes the board IS the map and tells Curt and Cole.  Rachel also figures it out.  Korey submits his flag list and is wrong on the Netherlands (they picked Luxembourg).  They have to figure out which one was wrong and have to start over.

Burnie thinks he has it and calls for the judge.  He is right and shares it with Kurt before running back with the clue.  Kurt shows his to the judge.  Teams must now travel by train to leave Switzerland for the French Alps in Chamonix, France, the birthplace of winter sports and home to the first Winter Olympic Games.

MFG arrive at the Roadblock and Joslyn takes it.  She works with Rachel.  Kurt and Cole complete the Roadblock and their teams head for the Pit Stop.  Rachel, Joslyn and Blair are now working together.  Models arrive at the Roadblock.  Korey and Matt tell them they are just guessing.  The other girls are shouting flag position numbers as Jessica feels excluded.  The other teams don't want to help because someone has to be last.

The first train is on its way to Martigny, where teams will connect to the French Alps.  Korey, Matt, Rachel, Blair and Joslyn are now working together, leaving Jessica on her own.  Matt goes to the judge and he is correct.  Korey follows and is also correct.  Blair completes the Roadblock.  MFG completes the Roadblock.  Newlyweds complete the Roadblock.  They all rush to the train station, leaving Models behind.

The second train is on its way to Martigny.  Jessica completes the Roadblock on her own.  The train has an hour layover in Martigny.  Teams will have to make 2 connections on their way to Chamonix.  As they head up into the Aplps, the grown becomes snowy.  Joslyn sees Models on the arriving train before theirs departs and tries to get the teams to hide.  The Model can only watch the train leaving as they reach the connecting platform.

Teams at the second connection look on as another train arrives with the second group of teams.  Now all the teams but Models are together on the same train to Chamonix.  All teams are now racing for the Pit Stop except Models.  It's night as the train arrives.  Teams are running through the snow-covered streets looking for the Pit Stop.  They hear polka music and run for it.

Frisbee are the first team to arrive, followed by BFB, Engaged, Gamers, Newlyweds, BFG, M/S, and F/D.  Phil tells each team to touch the mat as it quickly becomes crowded.  As winners of this leg, Brodie & Kurt win $3000 each.  It has only happened once before to have that many teams on the mat at once - during the All Star season.  

Brittany and Jessica arrive at the Pit Stop.  Philiminator says they are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race.  They couldn't imagine racing with any other partner as the tears flow.  It sucks to go home early.

Next week on The Amazing Race, teams take on the Alps and a majestic paraglide leads to a surprising finish.  We'll see you next Friday for another leg of The Amazing Race!

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Leg Five - High Flying In France




GO! Teams are given cold weather gear (sponsored by The North Face) at the Pit Stop, including snow pants, jackets, knit caps and more.  Brodie & Kurt are the first team to depart at 10:46am.  Get your license to drive, searching the streets of Charmonix for a car with one of 8 license plate numbers and then travel to Les Grands Montets Gondola Station.

Tyler & Korey depart at 10:47am.  Frisbies find their car.  BFB find a car.  Looks like this may have been their own pre-packed cold weather gear as BFB is wearing REI.  Dana & Matt depart at 10:48am.  They find their car.  Burnie & Ashley depart at 10:49am and quickly find a car.  

Frisbees reach the gondola and their next clue.  Monte Blanc is known as the White Mountain because it's covered in snow year-round, 15,771ft tall. Teams must take the gondola to the Les Grands Montets, over 11,000' where they'll have to get their next clue on the side of the icy mountain in harsh weather conditions.  

Frisbees select a mountain guide and begin suiting up with equipment.  BFB is right behind them and select the cutest mountain guy, I mean guide they could find.  Gamers reach the gondola 3rd, followed by Engaged.  The first two teams are on the first gondola, the other two waiting.  They agree to eat Tyler first if they are stuck in the snow.

Sheri & Cole arrive at the gondola (no, you didn't miss their start).  Zach & Rachel arrive in 6th place.  Scott & Blair are 7th.  Erin & Josyln are last.  They slip on the ice walking to the clue box.  MammaSon didn't pick a mountain guide and have to go back.

#BrosBeingDudes BFB and Frisbees reach the top.  The clue is attached to a caribbeaner hanging off a rock formation sticking up in a gap about 50' away from a platform.  Teams must traverse a rope wire across to the rock to get their clue.  Korey goes for BFB.  Kurt goes for Frisbee.  Both are going at the same time.

Kurt gets the clue first and is back before Korey gets to the clue.  Korey gets the clue and returns base.  Both will now have to choose between two survival challenges.  In Dynamite, teams must deliver explosives and a baguette they brought up with them on the gondola to the hard working professionals performing controlled avalanche  explosions along side the mountain.  They can head back once their explosives have been detonated.

In Campsite, teams must build a shelter in the snow.  Both BFB and Frisbee choose Dynamite.  Games and Engaged reach the summit and Matt and Ashley go.  Frisbee and BFB grab their sticks of dynamite.  Matt is first back with his clue, but Ashley makes good time as well.  A wind gusts throws a thick powdery snow at the racers and Matt drops his clue down the side of the mountain.

Sorry, that was Ashley who dropped the clue.  She has to go back and get another one.  Engaged chooses the Dynamite Detour.  Ashley returns with the second clue and they choose to take a risk and set up the camp since no one else was.    

Frisbee reaches the start of the Dynamite Detour. They must trek across the icy, snowy summit and climb the peak to where the Ski Patrol is waiting.  They are following a guide rope, attached to the rope and each other for safety, all while not dropping the dynamite.  Dana is having a major panic attack - it's a reaction to the dry thin air.  They look for their dynamite on an elevated platform but BFB tells them where to find it.

BFB begin traversing the mountain ridge, the snow ledge only a foot wide in places.  Gamers find the example camp site and start working on building their own, starting with a 1m snow berm around the site.  DaddyDaugther arrive at the top where they can see the whole earth.  Zach is afraid of heights and when he sees the clue on the rock, he begins to second guess tiis whole thing.

Frisbee make it across the ridge and ascend the peak to reach the Ski Patrol.  They deliver the dynamite and bread and receive their clue: take your car to Planpraz Gondola Station.  The Ski Patrol tosses the sticks of dynamite off the mountains side and they actually explode - the dynamite was REAL!  Frisbee watches as the side of the mountain comes to life in a dangerous cloud of snow.

Gamers think they know how to pitch the pup tent but then it breaks.  BFB reach the peak and the Ski Patrol.  Engaged begins their traverse across the mountain ridge.  Dana's very afraid but Matt holds her hand and guides her through.  Zach is making is way to the clue on the rock.  Scott catches up along side.  Both choose Dynamite.  MannaSon reaches the top and sees the clues across the gap.  OMG, Sheri says.

BFG arrive.  Josyln is so ready for this but Sheri is terrified.  Joslyn rushes through it but Sheri has a panic attack halfway over and stops, hanging over the chasm.  Cole cheers her and she's determined to be a big girl and pull her own weight - literally.  Sheri wants to do dynamite but Cole isn't sure.  Gamers get their tent assembled.

Engaged reach the Ski Patrol and complete the Detour.  DaddyDaughter pick up their dynamite and Scott says they have to pick up lunch.  No, Blair says, the eat the baguettes for lunch.  BFG arrive as DaddyDaughter leave and Blair gives a muffled yell to make sure they get lunch.  They look for lunch inside the shack.  As they traverse the ridge, Blair slips down the side of the mountain and Scott has to pull her back up.  

Frisbee and BFB have headed back down to the gondola base and are heading to Planpraz Base for another gondola ride.  They hit a Road Block: Who feels the wind beneath their wings?  Launching from 7000' up, teams will tandem-paraglide with an experienced pilot and then answer the mountain watchman's question about the Yeti when they land.  Brodie goes up while Kurt waits on the ground.

MammaSon still can't decide what detour to do.  Cole doesn't want to traverse the mountain ridge and Sheri's afraid setting up the camp site will take too long.  BFG are looking for the lunch and are climbing to the observation deck, their silent mountain guide in tow.  Cole reluctantly agrees to do Dynamite.  

BFG are feeling lightheaded for the exertion.  They realize the baguette they brought up actually was lunch.  Tyler has Korey do the Road Block because his glasses will fog.  BFG are traversing the ridge.  MammaSon see where they have to go.  Brodie is at the top of the second peak as his expert sets up the paraglide.  Korey calls over to him - this is insane!  Brodie reminds him to look for a yeti.  I once dated a yeti, Korey shouts back.  

OK, when I say tandem, Brodie is holding a GoPro on a selfie stick, attached to his expert pilot by a series of straps.  So he is literally hanging off the pilot who's hanging off the paraglide chute.  They have to try and run to the edge of the mountain until the chute picks up air and lifts them out of the snow.  They don't make it up on the first try.

Korey takes his turn and they successfully lift into the air, gliding into 1st place.  Korey spots a heti waiving a French flag.    Brodie takes off on his second attempt and is airborne.  He spots the Yeti and waives back.    Gamers are getting close to completing their campsite.  The judge takes a look and there's not enough snow to provide protection from the wind.  

BFB reach the Ski Patrol guy and Erin volunteers Joslyn to date him but he's married.  MammaSon brave the mountain ridge, Sheri offering support and encouragement.  Look at where we are!  I don't want to look.  Korey starts spiraling down.  Kurt thinks it's Brodie.  Tyler realizes it's Korey!  How did that happen, Kurt wonders.  Tyler tells the mountain watchman the Yeti was waiving a French flag and the Roadblock is completed.

Teams must now make their way back down to the base town and the statue of Dr. Paccard, the first to conquer the mountain when he was 29 yrs old.  Brodie lands and apologizes to Kurt for letting BFG pass them.  Gamers increase the height of their berm and complete the Detour.  MamaSon reach the Ski Patrol and are waiting for the gondola down when Gamers walk up and they realize they weren't last after all.  

Sheri offers to work together and get in front of another team but Burnie thinks they'll just be racing now.  At the statue, Korey and Tyler are the first team to arrive.  They have won a trip to Boracay Island in the Philippines!  They've been chasing those boys (Frisbees) across the world waiting for them to make one mistake and they did.

Brodie and Kurt run up to the Pit Stop in 2nd place.  Matt used to be a competitive snowboarder so paragliding is unbelievable for him.  He makes it into the air for Engaged in a perfect takeoff.  He spots the Yeti.  This is why we came on the Amazing Race he says, for a day like this.  Rachel goes for Newlyweds but they fall flat on takeoff and have to wait their turn as Blair waits for DaddyDaughter.  Erin goes for BFG.

Matt does a somersault in the paraglide. Gamers hit the Roadblock and Ashley's doing it.  Sheri's going for MammaSon.  Engaged checks in at the Pit Stop in3rd place still on an adrenaline high.  Teams on the ground can't tell if it's Rachel or Blair.  They hear "Daddy" and it's Blair!  Where's Rachel, Zach wonders.  Rachel lands next.

Erin is feeling magical as she waits for her turn to race off the mountain.  She spots Sheri and knows there's one more team behind them.  Erin is excited.  Don't fall down, her pilot says.  All three teams are positioned to go off the mountain.  They are just waiting for the best wind.   Ashley goes first but Erin's pilot says no, it's a back wind.  Ashley fails at take-off and Erin laughs.

Ashley is hiking back up the mountain side as her pilot gathers their sail.  Erin and Sheri wait for the right wind.  Give it everything you've got, Erin's pilot says, but it's Sheri to takes off first.  They make it into the air.  I can't believe I'm doing this, she says.  Erin has the wind but they falter on the takeoff.  Ashley tries but can't take off either.  The wind is too fickle.

Scott & Blair arrive at the Pit Stop in 4th place. Phil asks who their favorite team is but Blair won't say.  Zach and Rachel have flown into 5th place.   Sheri is doing all sorts of tricks in the air.  Is it Ashley or Erin, Burnie wonders.  Cole says it could be Sheri.  Sheri lands.  There's another one behind her.  Is it Erin or Ashley? They have no idea on the ground.  

It's Ashley.  It's just Joslyn on the ground now as Erin makes another attempt to get air but instead just eats snow.  Erin goes for another attempt and this time she paints the sky with her sail.  Burnie and Ashley reach the Pit Stop in 6th place, Sheri & Cole in 7th.  Both of them faced their fears this leg.

Erin feels blessed to see the view as she's coming down.  Joslyn is just glad she got down.  They hold out hope they might keep racing.  They reach the Pit Stop and Philiminator says I'm really sorry to tell you that you are the last team to arrive and unfortunately, you have been eliminated from the race.

Erin says paragliding over the French Alps was the most amazing part of the race.  They are both blessed to work together, to do what they do, and to have been on the Race.

Coming up this season when the Amazing Race returns April 1st, the competition heats up as teams do whatever it takes to win it all! 

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Leg Six - The Other Problem With Taxis




As Tyler & Korey and Brodie & Kurt are at the Pit Stop talking with Phil, they see Matt hang gliding down.  Phil wants to talk about Race Romance. It's just conversation, Brodie says, really good conversation.  They both think the others cute, Korey needles, but they're just talking it out.  Brodie thinks I'm cute, Tyler jokes, so that doesn't mean anything.

GO! Tyler and Korey are the first to depart at a snowy 5:28am.  They must now fly from the Alps to Armenia, crossroads of the ancient world. They will find their next clue at the Yerevan Opera Theater. They head to a travel agency that's amazingly open at that time.  Their flight doesn't leave until 11am and they catch a shuttle to the airport.

Brodie & Kurt depart at 5:35am.  Dana & Matt depart at 5:48am.  Scott & Blair depart at 6:08am.  Zach & Rachel depart at 6:18am.  Burnie & Ashley depart at 6:37am.  Sheri & Cole depart at 6:38am, Cole running through the snow drifts in short pants.  All teams are on the same flight from Geneva to Athens to Yervan, Armenia.

Teams race out of the airport to the taxis, headed to the opera house.  The clue informs Frisbies that an Express Pass is waiting for the winner of the leg.  Newlyweds are the second to the Opera House: pick up tickets at the box office. Father/Daughter are 3rd, Gamers 4th, Mother/Son 5th, Engaged 6th and BFBs last.  It's pitch black at night and the box office doesn't open until 8am.

Dawn and the box office is open.  They are going to watch Aram Khachaturian's Saber Dance ballet while teams search for their next clue somewhere in the empty theater.  With a cleaning crew also at work, teams spread out, searching the seats for the clue, Finally, Kurt asks the cleaning man if he has the clue.  He does.

Teams must now search for the Cascade on foot.  It's a massive staircase made of Armenian stone and has 572 steps, 100' high.  Teams must climb to the top for their next clue.  Frisbee takes off.  Gamers and Mother/Son see Frisbees go and approach the cleaning guy.  The other teams didn't see and are still searching.

Matt spots the clue inside the janitor's jacket and Engaged is off to the Cascade, leaving the other teams wondering where they found the clue.  Frisbee makes their way up to the top of the Cascade and gets their clue.  Mom/Son are second, followed by Engaged and Gamers.  Teams head back down and open heir clue.  A Detour.

In Thread, teams will learn to create an Armenian rug, or in Bread, the country's national bread, Lavash.  It can take 9 months to create a complete Armenian rug - teams must complete 200 stitches.  Or teams must bake 15 Lavash.  Frisbee chooses Bread, Mother/Son choose Thread.

The opera performers take a break and teams rush on stage to search them.  No luck.  Engaged choose Thread, Gamers choose Bread.  Teams are now searching the sound booth at the top of the theater. Out of desperation, Newlyweds ask if the janitor has a clue.  He gives it to them.  Father/Daughter and BFB are in the upper level and watch them leave, but missed where they found the clue.

Teams are now looking at loose planks on the stage floor, utility cabinets, and rechecking the seats and the performers again.  They don't notice the janitor has been vacuuming the same place over and over again.  Korey finally asks him if he has the clue.  Yes, he says.  What, Blair asks as the boys race out of the theater.  All teams complete the task.

Newlyweds choose Thread, but can't find a taxi who knows where the carpet factory is.  Frisbee arrives at Bread and are greeted by Martina who gives them an apron and cap fir their hair.  Gamers arrive next.  They watch as they hand prepare the flat bread and then using a tool, slap it against the side of a brick cylinder with a fire burning at the bottom.  She tries to show them how to roll the dough, but says No, No more than Yes, Yes.  

Mother/Son arrive at the carpet factory weaving room.  Oh crap, Cole says, it looks difficult.  They have a pattern to follow and a crochet technique to learn.  BFB choose Thread.  Father/Daughter choose Thread but find a cab first.  Frisbees have 6 pieces.  Both teams struggle with their bread falling into the fire.  Martina keeps laughing at them. Cole is amazed at how fast the local women are going at Thread.

Engaged reach the Carpet factory.  Mother/Son are halfway done.  Frisbee has 15 pieces of bread.  Gamers have 11.  Frisbee turn in their pieces of Lavash to the judge, but 9 are tossed out.  Gamers realize they have to be better.  They have 8, according to the judge.  Father/Daughter arrive at Carpet.  BFB arrive followed by Father/Daughter.  Cole says the other teams don't know what they're in for.

Back at the bakery, Frisbees and Gamers think they have it all done.  Mother/Son are near done.  Frisbees complete the Detour. They must travel by bus to the first stop past Hatsavan and search for your next clue beside the road.  Martina waves bye.  Mother/Son complete their weaving and receive their clue.  Teams must search for the #13 bus in the public square.

Tyler says he made a lot of friendship bracelets in college, so he took to the weaving easily.  He was literally the fruit of the loom.  Korey just shakes his head.  Blake wants to turn this task into a DIY for her viewers.  Zach says Brodie chose the other Detour but he may have to learn to weave since Blair loves it and they're going out now.  

Frisbees reach the square and find the #13 bus.  The bus pulls out and the Frisbees make friends with the local ladies.  Mother/Son find another #13 bus and head out with their own party bus.  Cole says he should have gotten one of these for his prom.  Gamers complete their Bread Detour and head for the Public Square.  Zach and Rachel work from either side to the middle and reach it at the exact same time to complete the Detour.

Gamers get on a #13 bus.  BFB complete the Detour.  Father/Daughter complete the Detour.  Engaged completes the Detour.  Newlyweds get on a #13 bus.  Engaged take a taxi the square.  Other teams search for cabs.  Father/Daughter finds one.  BFB are left behind without a taxi.  

BFB finally find a taxi to the square.  Engaged climb aboard their #13 bus.  Frisbees are dancing with their ladies as they head outside the city. They arrive at a roadside stand with their next clue, a Roadblock: Who's feeling drained? With Mount Ararat in the background, teams must perform an oil change on a taxi according to instructions at a garage by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.  When the mechanic approves the service, they'll get a clue and can take the taxi to the Pit Stop.

Kurt takes it for Frisbee. Only 2 cars may be on the elevated stone ramp at a time.  First he drains the old oil, then change the oil filter and add 4 litres of oil.  Father/Daughter and BFB reach the square and transfer to the #13 buses.  Mother/Son arrive at the Roadblock and Sheri does it - she doesn't mind getting dirty.  Get it right the first time, Brodie shouts encouragingly.

Kurt runs into a problem trying to pump the fresh oil.  Sheri finishes draining her oil and gets a new filter.  Kurt finds a different barrel and gets the oil pumping.  Sheri struggles removing the old filter.  She asks Kurt for help but he doesn't offer it.  Kurt completes the Roadblock and Frisbees head to the Pit Stop: the Temple of Garni, a 1000 yr old temple.  Bummer, Cole says, we really wanted that Express Pass.

Gamers arrive at the Roadblock and Burnie takes it.  He advises Sheri there's a tool to release the oil filter as the driver backs his taxi up the exit side of the platform where Frisbee's taxi was.  Burnie used to work on girls' cars back in college to get dates.  But he's not dating any Armenian taxi drivers.  Newlyweds arrive and Zach feels drained.  He has to wait until either Sheri or Burnie complete their service.  Engaged arrives and must also wait.

Frisbees reach the Temple and the welcome mat.  Phil tells them they are the first team to arrive and have won an all-powerful Express Pass. They can use it to skip any task before the end of the 9th leg of the race.  But they acknowledge this just puts an even bigger target on their backs.  Sheri still cannot get her oil filter off.  Burnie has no problem with it.

Burnie has arrived at the roadside Roadblock. Scott and Tyler choose to do it.  Burnie completes his oil change then offers to help Sheri.  He can't get it either but has to run.  Zach's car is backed up onto the platform.  Scott steps in to help a damsel in distress. Zach is draining his oil as the other teams watch to learn how to do it.  Scott finds a tool Sheri can use to rotate the unmovable filter.

Burnie & Ashley arrive at the Pit Top in 2nd place.  Newlyweds complete the Roadblock and the next car is loaded up onto the concrete rails for Tyler.  Tyler is helping Matt so they can clear his car while Sheri continues to struggle.  Meanwhile, the taxi drivers play backgammon.  Cole picks up a stone to use as a stress ball.  Sheri is inadvertently tightening the the oil filter rather than loosening it.  

Zach & Rachel are the 3rd team at the Pit Stop.  Engaged completes the Roadblock.  Scott begins work on his taxi.  Tyler says his only hope is to help Scott so he can get through it as quick as possible and pass Sheri.  She hates that she's letting Cole down. She's crying in frustration.  Don't give up, the others tell her. Cole looks on as his mother gives up.

Sheri goes over to Cole.  You tried your best, he says, no reason to cry.  She says she can't get it off.  Blair gives her a comforting hug.  Don't give up, she tells Cole's mom.  Dana & Matt arrive at the Pit Stop in 4th place.  Scott completes his oil change and offers to help Sheri one more time while his cab is being brought around.  Tyler is guiding his taxi up onto the ramp.  

Scott points out that she's been pulling the binding clamp the wrong way.  He explains how to do it then heads off to the Pit Stop.  Sheri finally gets it off.  Cole just laughs when he finds out what the problem was.  You gotta run, Scott warns Tyler.  On one hand, Scott says, you don't want to help anyone, but on the other hand, you can't not help Sheri.  

Sheri installs the new oil filter and begins pouring fresh oil into her engine.  Tyler is pouring oil into his taxi.  And then there were two Korey says to Cole.  Scott & Blair check into the Pit Stop as Team #5.  Tyler completes the Roadblock and receives his clue.  Sheri completes the Roadblock and Cole celebrates.  You did good, he tells her as BFB takes off for the Pit Stop.

BFB's cab heads off in the wrong direction and they tell him to turn around.  Mom is crying in the cab as Cole repeatedly tells her how good she was.  Both taxis are racing for the Temple of Garni.  BFB's driver is on the phone as another taxi races past in the other direction.  It was Mother/Son.  Someone may be going the wrong way, both teams realize.  But who?

Tyler & Korey race up to the Pit Stop in 6th place.  It's been a long day, they say.  Being in the back of the pack may help them seem like less of a threat, they hope.  

Sheri and Cole reach the Pit Stop and Phil recognizes that the sobbing Sheri gave it everything they had.  Hold your head high, he says.  Unfortunately, you are the last team to arrive. That's all right, Cole starts to say.

That's the bad news, Phil says, the good news is, you're still racing!  Sheri is sunned.  And you're about to start the next leg right now!  Do you want to keep racing? I do, she says, now crying out of relief.  Then keep racing!  We're excited, Cole says as his mom collects her wits, here we go!  You can catch up, Phil shouts as they race away, you can do this!

Next week on The amazing Race, teams go to work, Georgian style, and a visit to the ballet changes everything.  See you then!

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Leg Seven - This Ain't No Georgian Waltz




GO! All teams are catching the same train across the Armenian border to Tblisi, Georgia.  And yes, it will be a midnight train to Georgia.  Their next clue will be at the statue of St. George, patron saint the country is named after.  The train has beds for the 10 hour trip.  Brodie and Blair decide there is something there to pursue when they get home.

In Tblisi, teams rush for cabs to Freedom Square to search for the Slayer of Dragons.  Frisbee first to the statue, followed by BFB.  Make your way to the Narikala Fortress, ride the gondola to the river and make your way to the Jvari Monastery.  They are followed by Gamers, Engaged, MommaSon and Newlyweds.

At the fortress, one of the oldest churches in the world, it's a steep drive to the top.  Frisbee in the first gondola cab, BFB in the second.  Engaged is taken to the neighborhood of Narikala.  They see a street sign and start climbing steps to the top.  DaddyDaughter have trouble getting up the mountain - it's a single lane street and the are cars going both directions.  Their driver tells them to get out and walk, he'll keep going with an empty car.

Newlyweds admire the new architecture as they ride the gondola.  Gamers and MammaSon know they aren't last. Frisbee is at the bottom and gets another cab - a 30m ride to the river.  Stop, they tell the driver.  BFB jump in a taxi and head off.  Frisbee confirms their destination and then head off.  Engaged reach the top and get into a gondola.  DaddyDaughter are still walking up.  Gamers, Newlyweds and MammaSon head to the monastery.

BRB reach the clue box at the monastery and hit a Detour. In Clean, teams must clean enormous burried clay pots used in the ancient Georgian practice of wine making.  In String, teams must follow a recipe to make 5 Churchkhela's, a sausage-shaped candy made from dipping a string of nuts in a mixture of flower, sugar and Badagi (grape juice concentrate).  

BFB choose the Candy.  Frisbee arrives and realize they are in 2nd place.  They choose String too.  There are only 4 stations available.  Newlyweds and Gamers both choose Candy.  MammaSon choose Clean.  Engaged choose String.  DaddyDaughter choose String.  Blair wants to eat the candy.

BFB and Frisbee watch how the Churchkhela is made, starting with how to thread the needle.  They have to put on 20 nuts, the woman says in native tongue.  Burnie notes this is the first time Ashley has ever passed up wine.  DaddyDaughter plan to spend the time waiting for a station by learning how to do the task.  BFB struggle to pull the needle through the hazelnuts.  Brody keeps stabbing himself.  "My God.  He's doing it with such difficulty." the woman says.

BFB say Brodie's grunts are driving them nuts.  Hazelnuts!  Poor guy, the woman says of Brodie.  Newlyweds and Gamers claim the 3rd and fourth stations.  Engaged and DaddyDaugher have to wait or try the other detour.  Both choose to try Clean.

The other Detour is in a different village.  DaddyDaughter see Engaged take off and decide to stay at String and get the next station.  MammaSon arrive at the winery and change into their cleaning clothes.  Cole climbs down into the wine pot and he begins scooping out dried grape vines.  It's really cold so Mom gives him her gloves.

BFB have 2 strings completed.  Brodie's fingers are bleeding over the nuts.  Zach is doing well with the nuts so he tells Rachel to make the syrup.  Korey is also starting their syrup.  A hazelnut glaze, Tyler corrects.  They have a little time before they can dip their nuts, Tyler says with a smile.  Take it easy, Brodie says.  We've been waiting to dip our nuts for 7 legs, Korey jokes.  Brodie is also making his glaze.  Zach pokes his finger.

BFB has 5 strings of 20 nuts.  Frisbee starts dipping their nuts.  Zach is dipping his nuts.  Teams aren't sure if you dip just once or multiple times like a wax candle.  Engaged have been driving for 10 minutes, with another 10m to go, their driver mimes.  MammaSon continue to clean the pot.  Frisbee think they have their 5 but two are not so good.

BFB only get one past the judge; 4 not good.  The strings have to have a tip, she mimes.  Engaged don't think their driver, who speaks no English, know where he's going and want to be taken back to Candy.  Newlyweds show off their 5 but strings and complete the Detour.  They must now make their way to the Rustaveli National Theater and search for their clue.  Gamers get 5 good strings and complete the Detour.

BFB and Frisbee are restringing their unaccepted strings.  Their fingers are bleeding so they decide to switch and Clean instead.  DaddyDaughter have started their Detour, Scott stringing the nuts, Blair mixing the glaze.  Engaged return to String and run into BFB.  Engaged follow BFB's taxi to Clean.  Cole and Shari switch, with mom in the pot while Cole searches for water, missing the container on the back of a truck.  

Cole asks the winemaker if he's ever locked any kids in the wine pots for punishment.  He laughs.  They think their pot is clean.  It's good, the winemaker says, but not enough.  Shari is polishing the clay interior.  Cole finally spots the water so Shari can wet her sponge.  

Rustaveli is Georgia's national theater, built in 1879 where teams hit a Roadblock.  Teams are bound to be mesmerized by the skill and athletic ability of the premier ballet troupe who have created a dazzling routine.  In Light On Your Feet, teams must master the maneuvers to receive the clue from the choreographer.

Rachel volunteers Zach for Newlyweds because he tap danced as a kid.  He chooses an instructor and gets in costume.  He watches the routine with fast fancy footwork and arm movements and gets scared.  He runs off to learn.  Frisbee complete the Detour and head out.  They offer words of encouragement to DaddyDaughter.  

BFB arrive at the Clean Detour with Engaged in tow.  MammaSon get a clean seal of approval and complete the Detour.  Gamers arrive at the theater and Ashley does the Roadblock.  Zach is learning his movements - steps, hand motions and speed.  Tyler and Matt are in the tanks while Korey and Dana run the refuge to the disposal area.  

DaddyDaughter complete the String Detour.  Engaged complete the Clean Detour.  BFB ask for a check and are told it's good but not good enough.  

BFB complete the Detour and head for the Theater.  Frisbee arrives and Kurt does the Roadblock, hoping his training as a salsa dancer helps.  Ashley thinks she has the choreography.  Kurt is already practicing the footwork as he watched the troupe go through their routine.  Zach is struggling to get the moves right.  Ashley's instructor thinks she's ready and she heads from the practice room to the main stage.  

On her first attempt, Ashley is early coming in and quickly stopped.  Zach is ready to try.  Ashley goes again, and this time has the timing and the moves right.  Zach is dancing along as he watches her.  Gamers complete the Roadblock.  Teams must now make their way to the Pit Stop, the bow-shaped Bridge of Peace across the Kura River.  They grab a taxi.  

DaddyDaughter have to stop for gas on their way to the Theater.  Zach is sweating up a storm as he makes his first attempt but he messed up his hands  MammaSon arrive and Shari is excited to do the Roadblock.  Kurt messes up his first attempt, tripped up by the speed of the dance.  Dana does the Roadblock for Engaged, excited to put 16yrs of dance lessons to the test.  Kurt goes again and messes up a second time.  BFB arrive and it's Tyler's turn to do the Roadblock, hoping they can make up some time.

Zach is out of breath in his training.  Gamers reach the park where the bridge is located.  They ask if they are in Rike Park but they are in Vake Park.  A local writes down the correct location in Georgian for the taxi driver.  The rest pays off as Zach completes the Roadblock on his next attempt.  Kurt goes for #3 after some training and this time the salsa pays off.  DaddyDaughter arrive at the Theater and Blair tells her father to do it.  On their way out, Frisbee tells him to take his time, there are a lot of other teams there.  Brodie wouldn't be upset if Blair sticks around longer.

Blair says her dad hasn't taken dance lessons but he can really groove at weddings.  Dana attempts her dance routine and nails it.  Gamers are heading to the right location.  Newlyweds are sure they are in 2nd place.  Both teams spot the bridge and jump out of their taxis, racing to the other end of the bridge where Miss Planet 2015 awaits along with Phil at the Pit Stop.

Zach and Rachel, what do you think about being Team #1?  They can't believe it.  They win a trip to the Palms Turks and Caicos.  Burnie and Ashley arrive in 2nd place.  Brodie & Kurt arrive in 3d place, followed by Dana and Matt in 4th place.  Phil says he hears Rachel killed the Roadblock.  Rachel says she just needed to dance today.

Korey has been practicing a while, Tyler says, give me that #Koreyography, he calls out.  He goes for his first attempt and is a bit wooden, counting out the steps but he losts his place.  Shari takes her turn , straight back, light of foot.  The choreographer is counting the paces and when she's done, he's happy.  It's down to BFB and DaddyDaugher.

Scott wants to try it before he forgets it.  The important thing is to have fun, Blair says.  He knew the steps but had not performed at the tempo required.  He knows he was horrible.  Shari & Cole arrive at the Pit Stop in 5th place.  Shari says we were looking for the beautiful woman and knew we'd find you.  You weren't looking for the hot man, Phil asks? The beautiful woman, Shari says.  Well, maybe Cole was, Phil says, sending Cole into a blush.

Korey flubs his next attempt.  Scott too.  5th for Korey.  4th for Scott.  7th for Korey.  6th for Scott.  To encourage her father, Blair collects her bag and her father's so they can leave quickly.  She screams as he successfully completes the Roadblock.  Good job, BFB call after him as they leave the theater.

It's Korey's 8th attempt and it's looking good, so Tyler goes to collect their bags but can't find his.  Scott has taken it with him, not realizing Blair had both of theirs.  Tyler starts panicking.  Korey successfully completes the Roadblock.  As they get into the taxi, Blair realizes her dad has someone else's bag.  He has to run it back.  Tyler is bouncing off the walls, upset that his bag is missing.  

Scott runs in, apologizing for taking the wrong bag.  It's OK, Tyler tells him.  It was an accident, Scott says, breathless.  Tyler grabs the bag and the three men race out of the theater.  Scott jumps into the waiting taxi.  BFB scramble to find a cab, right behind.  We can out run them, Korey says.  I can beat those guys in a 100yd dash, Scott promises.  The two taxis are one behind the other as they race for the Pit Stop.

BFB pass DaddyDaugher in the taxi.  Tyler can barely breath.  Are we on the sidewalk, Korey wonders.  DaddyDaughter see the other team geting out of their taxi and pull up right behind.  It's a foot race.  Korey spots Phil.  Come on, Blair, Scott says.  

Korey reaches the mat first, and sobbing, turns to embrace Tyler, who arrives next.  Wow, says Phil, as Korey is dry-heaving.  They got it, Daddy, Blair says.  Scott is carrying both packs as Blair trails him by 10yds.  Don't give up, he tells her.  Tyler is applauding as the two spare no energy completing this leg of the race.  Bring it in guys, Phil tells them.

What a dramatic finish to this leg of the race.  Tyler and Korey, by the skin of your teeth, you have made it through this leg of the race in 6th place.  That was the hardest thing I've ever done, Korey says of the ballet.  I didn't want to let Tyler down.  You did so good, a now sobbing Tyler says, turning to laughter, but no more dancing for you!  

Scott and Blair, I'm so sorry to tell you that you are the last team to arrive and unfortunately, you have been eliminated from the race.  I can't even put into words how lucky I am, Blair says, to have a dad like this.  He's always been my hero, the kindest, most amazing man in the world.  I'm so lucky he's my dad.  Scott says he learned his daughter can do anything, more successful at 15 than he was at 50. You have to be proud of a daughter like that.

Next week on The Amazing Race, teams drop into Dubai, Shari & Cole are lost in the desert, and Brodie & Kurt get their pulses racing.  We'll see you next Friday for another breathtaking leg of The Amazing Race?

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Leg Eight - I Just Want To Quit You



 GO!  Zach and Rachel depart at 10:39pm, flying to Dubai, UAE where they will find their Travelocity Gnome in a bedouin camp outside the city.  Teams are looking forward to the warmth.  Burnie & Ashley depart at 10:42pm.  Brodie & Kurt depart at 10:45pm.  Dana & Matt depart 10:52pm.  Sheri & Cole depart 11:21pm.  Tyler & Korey depart 1:17am.

 All teams flying out of Tiblisi to Dubai on the same flight.  In the UAE, teams head for their marked cars and race out of the airport.  MammaSon misses the off-ramp and have to figure out how to get back.  Teams have to navigate around the camels crossing (or just standing in) the road.  They see the flags on the side of the road and race through the sand dunes to the tent.

 BFB are the first to the tent and touch noses in greeting with the local Bedouin and collect their gnome.  They hit a Detour.  In Races, camel racing is a traditional sport and teams must go head-to-head on a bicycle against racing camels that can reach speeds of 40mph.  Both team members must beat the camels to get their next clue.  If they fail, they'll get a head start on their second try.

 In Oasis, teams must walk across the open desert leading 4 camels about 1mi to a Bedouin camp for their daily exercise and their next clue.  BFB choose Race.  Gamers choose Race.  Newlyweds choose Race.  Gamers choose Races.  MammaSon gets back to where they missed the turn for East 66 and are back on track.  Frisbee chooses Race.  Engaged chooses Oasis.  

 Frisbee appears to be stuck in the sand.  They try putting a bag underneath the spinning tire but that doesn't work.  They try digging out the sand in front of the tire.  On the way to the Detour, BFB are getting ready to gnome their gnome.  Newlyweds miss the turn for the race track and it will take several km to loop back around.  Frisbee frees their SUV.  They are hoping to not have to use their Express Pass.

 Engaged reach the Oasis Detour and trade their SUV for an open-air jeep and are driven out into the desert to where the camels await.  Dana speaks baby talk to the camels.  They have to follow the race flags through the desert but the camels don't seem to know what a race is.  Engaged reaches the racing club.

 BFB and Gamers are the first 2 teams to line up against the camels.  With their gnomes riding the handlebars, teams are overwhelmed by the speed of the camels.  Newlyweds see the other teams smoked by the camels.  The race is 2km long.  Burnie comes closest but no one beats the camels.  Gamers decide to switch - Ashley doesn't think she could do it even with the head start.  BFB's legs are burning but decide to give it one more try.  

 Newlyweds decide to give it one race as Rachel doesn't think she can do it.  On the way to Oasis, Ashley feels like vomiting but doesn't want to pull over.  MammaSon reach the Detour, touch noses (only the men, the women are not invited into the tent), retrieve their gnome.

 Engaged trek through the desert, their gnome riding high on one of the camels, no water in sight.  Dana is frustrated Matt doesn't seem to be hot and struggling.  I'm a little warm, he admits, wearing an unbuttoned flannel shirt.  Frisbee and Newlyweds line up for their race against the camels.  The gate goes up and the camels take off.  Frisbee maintains a lead and Newlyweds try to keep up.  

 Frisbee starts to slow down and the camels start to speed up.  They are giving it everything they have but they are not enough for the camels.  Shouting "Everything, Everything", they push themselves to their limits and in a #PhotoFinish, they beat the camels and complete the Detour, collapsing onto the asphalt, their legs completely shot.  

 Newlyweds are just coating to the finish as they have already lost the race.  Zach says they get a head start the second time but Rachel confesses she's afraid to go fast on bikes.  Why didn't you tell me you were afraid? I said I wasn't comfortable.  That doesn't mean you don't like speed on bikes, he says.  A local waives the clue at Frisbee but they can't stand to go over and retrieve it.

 Newlyweds decide to switch.  Rachel says this was her biggest fear - letting Zach down and costing them the race.  Teams must now drive themselves to Atlantis The Palms and head to the Aquaventure, sight of a Season 15 moment when Canaan tries to force Mika down a water slide.  Out in the desert, Dana has wilted in the heat, sinking down into the sand with every step.  

 BFB gets their second attempt, racing alone with a 500km advantage.  They take off and the camels play catch up.  Gamers reach the Oasis detour and select their camels.  They're optimistic as they are heading out.  Korey is the faster biker as Tyler struggles to keep up.  But they are able to beat the camels and complete the Detour.

 Engaged reach the Bedouin camp where they receive bread and camel milk.  They toast TAR and Dubai with the sweet milk and then receive their clue.  Their jeep is waiting to take them back to the starting point.  MammaSon have chosen to Race and head off against their camels.  Shari has the lead as Cole nearly rides off the road but he quickly makes up time and passes his mother, urging her to speed up.  She puts the metal on the pedal as Cole easily outpaces the competition.  I'm beating a camel, he shouts!


 Then Cole realizes he's only halfway there and the camels overtake them.  Now that they know where the finish line is, they think they can do it on the second attempt.  Frisbee arrives at Atlantis and makes their way to the waterpark, Aquaventure where they hit a Roadblock: Swimming With Sharks.

 Then Cole realizes he's only halfway there and the camels overtake them.  Now that they know where the finish line is, they think they can do it on the second attempt.  Frisbee arrives at Atlantis and makes their way to the waterpark, Aquaventure where they hit a Roadblock: Swimming With Sharks.  

 Brodie submerges (there's a safety team in the water with him) and a shark swims right by his face.  He retrieves his puzzle box and takes it over to a basket, moving slowly to not excite two resting sharks.  He climbs back out of the water, being melodramatic.  It looks like Kurt is also wearing the swim trunks.

 Inside the puzzle box is a clue and some free-floating letters (the cylinder is partially full of water).  He has to match up the 4 letters with the indentions in the clue game board.  Gamers feel like they are in a Star Wars movie as they reach the camp and receive their treats and clue.  Newlyweds race across the desert.  They are passed by Gamers returning to the starting point.  Newlyweds reach the camp and complete the Detour.

 BFB aren't sure if they are going the right way to Atlantis.  They decide to turn around.  Engaged are back on the interstate, also having trouble.  Brodie continues to work the puzzle. He gets one letter but can't figure out any technique.  MammaSon have their second attempt against the camels.  They're right behind you, Cole screams at Sheri.  But they both beat the camels and complete the Detour.  She can't run and may not be able to walk tomorrow.

 BFB find Altantis.  Gamers and Engaged also arrive.  A frustrated Brodie wants to use the Express Pass.  Kurt tells him to chill and focus.  Gamers and Engaged change into their suits, Dana in a golden bikini which I'm kind of surprised to see in the UAE.  She's having some major issues and Matt has to help her stuff everything where it's supposed to go.  

 Kurt asks Brodie if he's sure he can't solve the puzzle.  It's a waste of time, he says, we should use the Express Pass before any other teams arrive so they don't see them use it.  They decide to use the Express Pass.  

 Teams must now make their way to Poseidon's Revenge where they face a whole new level of fear - a waterslide twice as long as Season 15's Leap of Faith and launching from a vertical tube in which the bottom drops out from under your feet.  They take off as the other two teams arrive.  Sheri grabs the directions from a navigationally challenged Cole.  They are lost.  Stay calm, Cole says.

 Burnie says the water was ice cold as he and Dana go underwater.  Korey goes for BFB.  Tyler sees the Leap of Faith slide and the racers not in the Roadblock talk about Season 15.  Newlyweds arrive at the pool.  Mammason still lost and there's nobody to ask for help.  Cole doesn't even know if they're in Dubai anymore.

 Brodie reaches the top of Poseidon's Revenge as we watch the gnome disappear into the dark tube when the platform drops out from under him.  Brodie steps in, leans back and folds his arms.  Holy Sh*t, Kurt says as Brodie disappears.  He's screaming like a little girl when it's his turn.  They get their clue to cross Dubai Creek in a water taxi, called an abra, then search for the Pit Stop at Old Souq Station.

 Burnie is trying to work the puzzle.  Korey can't tell if you do it from the front or back side.  Dana wants to just break it open.  Zach is in the shark pool for Newlyweds.  On the surface, Burnie has 2 letters down.  3 letters.  He has the puzzle solved and calls for the judge.  He's completed the Roadblock and runs out with out offering any help to Dana or Korey.  

 MammaSon find a convenience store and get directions to Atlantis.  We suck at navigation, Cole says.  Zach is focused on his puzzle - he has the R and C.  Korey gets his last letter and completes the Roadblock.  Dana has no idea what she's doing.  Cole beat-boxes as they find the sign to Atlantis.  Ashley goes down Poseidon's Revenge.  Burnie says no way.  He gets in the tube as BFB arrives and in mid-greeting, the slide operator presses the GO button and he's gone.  Your turn, Tyler says to Korey.

 Zach as the R A and C and just need the E.  He gets it and completes the Roadblock.  This is torture, Matt says all alone watching Dana struggle.  I hate losing to boys, Dana says, with none of her letters in the slots.  She gets one but is frustrated, alone and facing meltdown.  Korey can hear Tyler screaming as he slides down Poseidon's Revenge.  Then it's his turn to scream.  

 The clue says teams should park at Brandish Street.  Frisbee passes bye and has to go around.  Dana now has 3 letters in.  MammaSon arrive at the shark tank and it's Cole's Roadblock.  Dana completes the Roadblock.  Rachel and Zach head down Poseidon's Revenge.  Zach is so scared.  Shari watches the staff feeding the sharks while Cole is under water.  

 Gamers reach the abra dock with Frisbee right behind, but Frisbee is the first out onto the water.  They pull out cash to urge their water taxi pilot to go faster.  They see Phil as their abra reaches the other side of the creek.  It's going to be a foot race.  Frisbee gets off at the first docking slip and runs to the Pit Stop.  Gamers try to get a closer docking slip.  Both teams are racing through Old Dubai.  

 Bordie and Kurt are the first team to arrive.  They have won a trip to Helsinki, Finland.  Using the Express Pass was the right move, but the race is getting harder, they say.  Burnie and Ashley arrive in 2nd place.  Engaged drop in on Poseidon's Revenge.  Holy crap, Matt says after it's over.  Holy Crap, Dana says on her way down.  

 Cole is racing through the Roadblock puzzle.  He completes it and heads to Poseidon's Revenge.  Tyler & Korey reach the Pit Stop in 3rd place and Tyler wants to do the traditional Bedouin greeting with Phil but Phil keeps his nose to himself.  

 Engaged think they are dead last and Dana barks directions out to Matt.  Do I take a left, Matt asks? I can't tell you, why don't you understand me? Just what's written on this thing.  He wants to stop and ask.  I really think something is mentally wrong with you, she says.  Calm down, he says, let's work together.  I swear, she says, I'm not running the race with you if this is how your going to act.  Why are you so worked up, he asks? I'm seriously done with you, she cries.

 I'm so disappointed in you, Dana tells her fiance.  I'm disappointed in you too, Matt replies ill-advisedly.  Your psychotic, she says.  Cole is excited as he waits inside the launch tube.  He gets water in his mouth as he opens it to scream.  Sheri just laughs up top.  Afterwards, he explains those tight golden shorts rise up to his chest.  He has to adjust himself at the end.  It's Sheri's turn and she's too frightened to scream.  They head to the Pit Stop.

 Stop the car and go talk to those people, Dana orders.  Thank you, Matt says, apparently needing permission.  He goes to get directions but the locals don't know where he's going.  Matt asks her to help him work with him. I'm trying, she says, with her arms folded in a no freakin' way.  You just do whatever you want, she says.  He wants her to reengage.  She just wants to tap out.  That's ridiculous, he says. I'm quitting because you and I aren't getting along, she says.

 I'm not getting back in the car, Dana declares, ignoring Matt who can only stand helplessly by his SUV.  We're a team, he tells her. Not as far as I'm concerned, she says, I'm not doing this, no.  Can you handle letting me navigate, she asks and understand I am also lost? Yes, he says and they get back into the car.  I know she loves me, Matt says, it was just the stress, a heated moment that passes.

 MammaSon grab their clothes and rush out to their car.  You gotta want it, he says. I want it, she says.  The sun is setting on Dubai as Zach and Rachel reach the Pit Stop in 4th place.  You're smiling, Phil says.  I still have him by my side, Rachel says. And we're still in love, Zach says.

 It's now dark out as Dana and Matt reach the Pit Stop.  Are you talking to each other, Phil asks? Can you see the wall between them, he asks the local greeter.  We just handle stressful situations very differently, Dana says, and we really ripped each others' heads off.  Matt isn't saying anything.  Hold your head up high, Phil says, You're Team #5 and are still in the race.  But you're a team - if you want to win this race, you'll have to do it together.  Absolutely, Matt says.

 I want to win as much as he does, Dana says, and I love him and don't want to ever treat him that way.  There's no excuse for it no matter how stressed out you are.

 Still full of energy, Sheri and Cole race to the pit stop.  They look reasonably happy, Phil says to his greeter.  There comes a point where you accept what it is, Sheri says, you don't give up - you still do your best - but, you know.  We know.  

 Well, Phil says, you don't know everything.  This is a non-elimination leg.  OMG, says Cole as his mom begins sobbing.  And that means that you are still in the Amazing Race and you have survived to race another day.  The other teams are going to hate us, Cole says, because we've been saved twice.  They will encounter a speed bump in the next leg, Phil warns.  Just don't let me drive anywhere, Sheri jokes, I need a taxi!  

 Next week on The Amazing Race, in the exotic country of Indonesia, teams take to the sky, Sheri & Cole fight to stay in the game, and Rachel takes on a guelling Roadblock.  Morty's TV will be there and hopes you will too!

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Leg Nine - A Salty Affair




GO!  Brodie and Kurt are the first to depart at 12:28am, flying 4600 miles from the desert of Dubai to waters of Bali, Indonisia and find the Tanah Lot temple.  With the Express Pass gone, they are on their own wits now.  Burnie and Ashley depart at 12:30am.  They are the only team that knows Frisbee doesn't have an Express Pass anymore.  

Tyler and Korey depart at 1:18am and think the Express Pass has to be used this leg.  Zach and Rachel depart 1:31am.  Dana and Matt depart 1:48am with $132 for this leg of the race.  Frisbee gets a direct flight that leaves at 8:50am arrives at 10pm with plenty of seats.  Sheri & Cole depart 4:11am.  

All teams are on the same flight to Bali.  Teams land in Denpasar and get into taxis.  There are 2 lanes of traffic - a car lane and motorcycle lane.  Gamers are even on the roadblocks and think that gives them an advantage. MammaSon have a Speed-bump ahead.  Frisbee reaches the temple first and grabs one of 2 6:15am keys.  MammaSon grab the other.  In the morning, teams must search the temple for a Traditional Balinese Offering.  Gamers are first to get a 6:30am key, followed by FBF.  Newlyweds and Engaged get the 3rd set of keys for 6:45am.

The sun comes up and the first two teams race to the offering and get their clue.  Teams must deliver 2 types of offerings, the first to the monks at Pura Enjung Galuh Temple, and the second to the snake temple, Tanah Lot.  The offerings are large ceramic pieces adorned with fruits and cakes that must be carried on their heads.  Frisbee reaches Tanah Lot with the first offering and are turned away - they went to the wrong temple.  MammaSon find a set of monks chanting on the rocks by the water but it's not the right place.  Or is it?

The second set of teams gets started with Gamers and BFB.  They run down to where MammaSon are and Sheri tells them to go back up where they started.  But you look fantastic, Ashley tells Sheri.  Frisbee finds the correct first temple location 20 yards from where they had started.  They drop off their fruit offering and receive a live snake around each neck to take to Tanah Lot.  MammaSon, Gamers and BFB drop off their fruit offerings and receive their snakes.  Cole has a beautiful yellow snake and mom says he's so lucky.  Where's it's head, Kurt asks Tyler of his snake.  Mine's in my armpit, Tyler answers.

Sheri is speed walking with her snake, leaving Cole to catch up.  Tyler compares himself to Britney Spears' Slave For You performance.  Frisbee delivers their snake and receive their next clue to search 1/2 kilometer past the Goa Lawah Bat Temple.  The other teams see Frisbie leaving as they arrive with their snakes.  BFB are glad to be relieved of their snakes.  Frisbee asks for directions, allowing all four teams to set off for the Bat Temple about the same time.

Newlyweds and Engaged drop off their fruit offerings and Zach and Rachel have a bad reaction to the snakes, laughing nervously.  They run to the second temple.  Dana has trouble keeping her snake wrapped around her neck as Engaged makes their way.  Newlyweds drop off their snakes and Zach washes the snake feel off his skin.  Teams reach the Bat Temple and set out on foot to find the clue 1/2 km away.  They see the race market for the National Salt Maker.  

Frisbee are first to hit the Roadblock.  In Salt of the Earth, teams must first collect seawater and pour it onto beds of black volcanic sand so the water can evaporate.  They then make their way to the hollow coconut trees where the resulting salt brine has been brought to crystallize where they must scrape enough salt to fill up 4 bags.  Kurt takes it for Frisbee.  Ashley volunteers Burnie for Gamers.  Tyler volunteers for BFB.  

MammaSon hit their Speed-bump and have to return to the Bat Temple where they must find a man on a motorbike who offers meals on wheels.  In One Square Meal, they must prepare and sell 10 breakfasts and then eat one themselves before they can continue racing.  Frisbee chooses a volcanic bed closest to teh water.  Other teams stake their plots.  They watch a demonstration then head into the ocean, not filling the bowls they balance across their necks.  Only Burney goes for the full load.  

At the Bat Temple, MammaSon waives over the bike rider and watches how to prepare the meal.  It looked more like dinner with lettuce, pasta, meatballs, and sauce.  They quickly sell 2 for 10,000 rupee.  Tyler sticks with smaller loads of water so he doesn't loose water in transit.  Kurt reveals he's been a cancer survivor for 6 years and that's where he gets his toughness and tenacity, Brodie says.  Rachel chooses to do the Roadblock.  I should have done htis one, Zach says when he realizes what has to be done.

MammaSon are quickly selling their breakfast bowls, with locals waiving 10,000 rupee bills at them.  Now they have to eat a meal themselves.  They split the very very spicy bowl.  The finish the Speed Bump and head to the salty sea.  Burnie completes part I and heads to the brine troughs.  Kurt completes Part I.  Burnie offers some trash talking in front of Kurt.  Cole chooses to do the Roadblock.  Engaged arrives and Matt does the Roadblock.   Tyler completes Part I.  Rachel is the only girl doing the Roadblock.  

Kurt completes bringing and starts filling his 4 bags of salt along with Burnie.  Cole is carrying full bags of water on his shoulders, lapping Rachel.  Burnie doesn't fill his bags full enough and is sent back. Cole gets a thumbs up on Part I and heads to the brine troughs.  Matt finishes Part I, leaving Rachel the last team struggling to carry water.  Zach cheers her on.  

Burnie completes the Roadblock and must make his wsay to Pantai Mertasari.  Cole used to work at an ice creme store and uses the same technique to scoop the salt from the brine trough.  Frisbee has their 4 bags of salt but are sent back a little shy of full.  Kurt drops one of his bags on the sand and it breaks.  Tyler takes his bags to the judge and completes the Roadblock.  Rachel calls to have her plot checked and is told nice job.  She heads over to the brine trough.

Kurt doesn't get his last bag tied off right and is rejected again.  Gamers were expecting a Detour but instead hit a second Roadblock.  In Go Fly A Kite, teams must join a team of kite enthusiasts to build a large kite, then fly it.  The partner who did not perform the first Roadblock must perform this one, so Ashley is up.  She looks at a completed kite for guidance.  Korey has to do the second Roadblock for BFB.

Rachel is working trough while Matt, Cole and Kurt fill bags.  Why don't you use the Express Pass, Zach asks Brodie.  No answer.  Fourth time's a charm and Kurt completes the Roadblock.  Rachel graduates to filling her salt bags.  Cole says tying salt bags could send him to a mental hospital.  Korey realizes the kite poles are lettered which helps with assembly.  Cole delivers his salt bags and he's good, vaulting MammaSon into 4th place.

Matt completes the Roadblock for Engaged.  Zach continues to encourage Rachel remaining at the first Roadblock.  Because Kurt has exhausted his Roadblocks, Brodie has to do all remaining Roadblocks.  He gets to work on building his kite while Kurt, Tyler and Burnie hide from the sun under a completed kite.  I thought we were building this together, Brodie says as the locals watch and laugh.  Rachel takes her 4 bags to the judge and gets approval.  She's completed the Roadblock and it's up to Zach to catch up now.

Ashley was a bit put off Brodie was copying off Ashley's kite instead of running all the way back to the example kite.  Brodie proves to be a source of amusement for his kite building team.  Sheri has to do the kite building for MammaSon.  This is right up your alley, Cole tells her.  Dana has to do the Roadblock for Engaged.  Ashley puts the head onto her kite.  Korey is right behind her.  Brodie realizes the parts have numbers on them.  Korey says his dragon head looks like one of Tyler's ex boyfriends.

Sheri tackles her kite.  Zach arrives at the kite building Roadblock.  Ashley attaches her kite tail.  Sheri continues to make progress.  Zach attacks his kite, flying through the assembly.  Korey is ready to fly as Ashley works her last knots.  He gives it a run and the kite rises into the air, with a tale a mile long.  The other racers are amazed.  

Having completed the second Roadblock, BFB must now make their way to another beach and take an outrigger to the next Pit Stop aboard the Phinisi, a traditional Indonesian sailing boat.   Ashley runs down the beach and her kite takes flight, completing the Roadblock.  BFB realize Frisbee may have already used their Express Pass.  Brodie is attaching the head.  Dana grabs her head.  BFB reach their outrigger and head out onto the water, paddling strong, together.  Gamers are behind them in the distance.

Sheri's knots aren't tight enough.  Brodie struggles with the knots with his big fingers.  Zach grabs his head.  Sheri and Dana is ready to test her kite.  Sheri goes first and completes the Roadblock.  Engaged completes the Roadblock, leaving Brodie and Zach.  Brodie's knots aren't good enough as he grows frustrated.  Zach just continues plugging along, about 75% done.  

BFB spot Phil waiving to them from aboard the Pit Stop and he calls out to them that they're Team #1!  Get on the boat!  They swim from the outrigger to the sailboat.  Korey jokes they are a couple of pirates here for Phil's booty.  Right now you're like a couple drunken sailors, Phil counters as the boat rocks roughly in water.  They have won $5000 each.  Burnie and Ashley swim over and once again are 2nd place.  

MammaSon and Engaged are both racing to the Pit Stop with Cole doing most of the rowing for his mother.  Brodie finally gets approval to test out his kite and both he and Zach run out the rope, preparing to launch.  Brodie takes off first and achieves air.  Zach is right behind him.  Both teams race to the outrigger beach, fighting to avoid elimination.

There are two outriggers left on the beach as both teams pull up within seconds of each other.  Newlyweds can see Frisbee on the water as they push their craft into the water.  Sheri & Cole reach the Pit Stop in 3rd place, followed by Dana and Matt in 4th.  Frisbee experiences communication difficulties as they struggle to find a steady stroke to propel them to the floating Pit Stop.  Newlyweds are catching up as Phil and the other teams watch the close finish approaching.

Frisbee reaches the boat and dive into the water.  Newlyweds can do nothing more than watch as they continue paddlign.  Brodie and Kurt can barely stand up as Phil declares them Team #5 and still in the race.  

Zach and Rachel race onto the deck of the ship.  You are the last team to arrive, Phil says apologetically, and I'm sorry to tell you that you've been eliminated from the race.  That's OK, Zach says, we ran hard and couldn't have had a better race with my best friend.  

Unfortunately, Phil tells the surviving teams, Zach and Rachel have to leave us at this point.  We'll walk the plank, Zach says proudly as he and Rachel climb up onto the ship's railing and jump overboard in what has to be the most spectacular exit from the race ever.  When they come up for air, they give each other a kiss.

Next week on The Amazing Race, only 5 remain.  Which teams will step up their games and play the Double U-Turn.  We'll see you next Friday for the next leg of The Amazing Race!

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Leg Ten - One Small Leap For A Million Dollars




Last night the teams spent their Pit Stop sleeping on the pirate ship, the best night of sleep on the race with the boat gently rocking back and forth.  Except that Brodie snored.

GO! Tyler & Korey are the first team to depart at 7:45am.  They will be the first to visit Nusa Lembongan, an uninhabited island off Bali where they will find their next clue below the water in an aqua blue bay coral reef.  Caution - U-Turn Ahead.  All teams finished within 15 minutes of each other this past leg, so it's going to be a race to the U-Turn this leg.  They get into a motorized dingy and head for the bay, thinking Brodie & Kurt are U-Turnable.

Burnie & Ashley are the 2nd to depart at 7:52am.  They are the most consistent team, they say, with their fourth 2nd place in a row.  They think the U-Turn will  be used offensively this leg i the race.  Sheri & Cole depart at 7:53am.  Positive thinking helps them go a long way.  Dana & Matt depart at 7:54am determined not to be U-Turned.  Brodie & Kurt depart at at 7:58am.  They know they have a target on their back.

BFB find the marked buoy and the two nervously slip into the water with snorkel and goggles.  The underwater scenery was beautifully colorful.  There were only a couple clues in each underwater clue box, so there was an advantage to showing up earlier - if you find an empty clue box, you might panic and not search for another clue box.  They climb back in their boat as the Gamers arrive.  

Teams must now make their way to the Pura Puseh Stairway and find the dancing monkey to receive their next clue.  Gamers are in the water, having snorkeled before. Ashley took a dive down to enjoy the choral before they retrieved their clue.  MammaSon arrive as Gamers climb in their boat.  It's been 27yrs since Sheri's snorkled.  Cole has never snorkled.  He finds a clue box but it's empty.  He finds a second empty clue box.  His mom is looking at the fish.  

Engaged arrives and drops into the water.  Cole finds a 3rd clue box and gets one of 2 clues.  Frisbee arrives as Mammason take off.  They swim fast to the first clue box but it's empty.  Engaged finds a clue cylinder but doesn't realize there's a clue inside.  Brodie sees Kurt holding a cylinder and realizes that has to be a clue and swims down to get one.  They head to the beach, leaving Engaged in the water.  Frisbee makes a note of who is still behind them in case they get the chance to U-Turn.

Teams reach the Bali High Resort (too bad it's not some enchanted evening), and look for a marked taksi or transport.  Gamers make up some time on BFB.  Engaged get out of the water and try to open their canister.  They realize they had a clue the whole time and just shot themselves in the foot.  BFB arrive at the stairway but have to put on a saraong before approaching.  The saraong was so right, Tyler jokes.  I hate you, Korey says, laughing.  They run up the steps as Gamers pull in.  

BRB reach the the top of the stairs while the dancing monkey plays keep-away with the clue.  They get the clue and hit a Detour. In Harvest, teams must propel themselves along a marked course in a traditional canoe and harvest enough seaweed, used to make cosmetics and vegetable oils, to cover a tarp.  When the farmer feels their seaweed has been properly laid out to dry, they'll receive some face cream and their next clue.  In Haul, teams must dodge oncoming traffic, delivering 50 coconuts and 4 chickens to the far side of a rickety suspension bridge.

BFB choose Haul.  Gamers reach the top of the stairs, get wrest their clue from the mischevious monkey and choose Haul.  Engaged reach the beach and race out in their transports.  Korey agrees to do the chickens if Tyler handles the coconuts.  Ashley agrees to do the chickens while Burnie does the coconuts.  Both teams arrive on the far side of the suspension bridge and must run across to retrieve their cargo.  There were still a lot of chickens in the pen, making it easier to find the ones that didn't scare as easily. I hope they don't cockle-doodle-doo do on me, Korey says as he races with a chicken under each arm.  

Burnie is carrying 6 coconuts, his max he says.  Then he drops 3.  Ashley also has a pair of chickens.  Mammason get wrapped in their sarong and head up to meet the monkey.  Frisbee are right behind them.  The monkey sees Sheri & Cole and proceeds to scamper higher up the steps.  He plays hard-to-get for Brodie & Kurt as well.  Both teams choose Haul.  BFB pass by a single file line of ankle biter school children who waive at them.  They drop of 2 chickens and 4 coconuts.  They head back across the bridge, running past gamers, who drop off 2 chickens and 5 coconuts.

Engaged reach the funny monkey and choose Haul.  BRB pick up 2 more chickens and coconuts as MammaSon arrive.  Gamers pick up their second haul as Frisbee arrives.  Sheri uses her motherly instinct to calm the chickens. Frisbee chooses to each carry 2 chickens to start.  BFB has 18 coconuts and all 4 chickens.  Engaged arrive and Dana says the only chicken she's ever held was cooked.  She gets one chicken but needed 2 hands to grab them so she carries one chicken and a coconut.  Frisbee starts dropping coconuts in the middle of the bridge as the bridge bounces with all the traffic.

MammaSon has 4 chickens and 10 coconuts.  Matt drops his coconuts.  BFB has 37 coconuts.  Engaged has 1 chicken and 9 coconuts.  Gamers have all their chickens and 27 coconuts.  Dana is back in the coop and only mean chickens are left, she says as she gives them the eye.  She finally catches a slow chicken.  Come on, Dana, Matt calls as he loads up on coconuts.  Shut up, she tells him, seriously, shut up.  

BFB drops off their last coconuts and complete the Detour.  Teams must now head to Warung Sunrise where a Double U-Turn awaits.  Frisbee has 30 coconuts, Engaged has 18 coconuts and 2 chickens.  Gamers are at 43 coconuts.  Cole is carrying a whole tree of coconuts.  

BFB reach the U-Turn and decide to use it on Frisbee.  We love them but if we want a chance in the finals, we've got to do it, they say.  Teams must now head to Pandy Curley's Paddleboard Shop on the beach of Mushroom Bay.  Gamers deliver 51 coconuts and complete the Detour.  They know they are 2nd out and who is still behind them.  Korey experiences buyers remorse if someone U-Turns Engaged and Frisbee stays in the race.  Tyler says if this gives them the lead, he won't regret it.  

BFB hope Gamers are smart enough to U-Turn BFB so that the second U-Turn is wasted and they can make sure Frisbee goes home.  That would be smart for every team, they say.  Gamers arrive at the U-Turn and work out the exact strategy BFB had hoped they would and U-Turn Tyler & Korey.  They can get through detours fast, Burnie says, but if they do, they won't be mad at them.  

Frisbee delivers their last coconut and completes the Detour in 3rd place.  They feel Gamers wouldn't U-Turn them, but BFB might.  BFB ask for directions to the paddleboard shop and retrieve their clue, and Tyler will have to perform the Roadblock: Who's feeling blue?  In A Drop In The Ocean, one member of each team must make a 4 story leap from Jump Rock into the Blue Lagoon.  

Frisbee reach the U-Turn and see that they've been U-Turned by BFB and that Gamers U-Turned BFB to ensure they went home.  They have to return to the Harvest Detour and collect the seaweed.  MammaSon have 40 out of their 50 coconuts.  Dana continues to carry one chicken and one Coconut as Matt carries the lion's share of the load for Engaged.  They have 3 chickens and 33 coconuts.  Two more trips and we're done, Dana coaches.

Its do or die, Frisbee says as they race out onto the muddy clay beach towards the canoes.  Steering with push poles, they try to find a rhythm and knock the detour out.  They proceed to the red flags on poles, not seeing the race marker barely above the water.  They find a string of seaweed, untie a knot and slide the pieces off the string into their canoe.  MammaSon complete the Detour and head to the U-Turn.  Engaged is down to needing 7 coconuts and a chicken.  Dana complains she is out of gas.  

MammaSon doesn't understand what the U-Turn chart says so they just grab their clue and move on as long as their name wasn't on it.  The locals are just looking at the strange men ripping up their seaweed plants.  They have the seaweed in the hull of the boat, ignoring the straw baskets they carrying.  They have navigation troubles but reach shore, fill up the baskets with the seaweed and carry them to an empty tarp.  Matt drops some of his coconuts and Dana manages to find a way to carry a chicken and two whole coconuts.  Engaged complete the Detour.  

Frisbee realize they don't have enough seaweed and head out for more.  Engaged reaches the U-Turn and realize Gamers burned the second U-Turn and they are OK. MammaSon reach the Roadblock and Cole takes it.  Cole reads the clue and Sheri realizes they made a mistake because he has a fear of heights and she doesn't.  I'm so sorry, she says as the panic sets in.   Don't think about it, Sheri says, just do it.

I didn't use the U-Turn for Cole to not jump, Tyler says, on his way to the lagoon, hoping he doesn't freak out and let Frisbee pass them and stay in the race.  As they approach Jump Rock, Korey sees a guy preparing to jump.  Is he cute, Tyler asks.  Yeah, Korey says, he's cute.  Tyler transfers to a SeaDoo and Korey is jealous, though not sure if it's for the jump or the jumper.  Tyler climbs up a metal ladder as Gamers approach in another boat, Ashely taking the leap.  Korey confirms with Burnie that Gamers U-Turned BFB. 

Tyler is in heaven as the cute instructor puts him through some hands-on stretches to prepare him for the jump.  The guy has body oddy oddy, Tyler says.  Body for days.  He tries to focus on the jump.

Frisbee lays out seaweed on their whole tarp and raise their arms, asking for the farmer to bless their crop.  Two thumbs up - they complete the U-Turn.  They rub their faces in green face mask and receive their clue.  They are still in it.  Engaged reaches the Roadblock and Matt asks if he should do it.  Yeah, you do it Dana say, disinterestedly.  Frisbee return to the U-Turn for their clue then head for the beach.  No hard feelings, they say towards BFB, but it was a sucky move.

Come to a standing position, the Australian beefcake says, and off you go.  Off I go, Tyler asks? Off you go.  As he steps onto the Jump Rock, he sees Ashely arrive on her SeaDoo.  He gives Korey a thumps up and then takes a giant leap into the water.  You OK, the Australian calls down.  The fall itself was fine, he says, the landing on his but a bit rough.  My butt has never hurt that much, he says.  Ashley begins going through her pre-jump stretches.

Make your way to the next Pit Stop at the Bajra Sandhi monument, where the country declared independence from the Netherlands in 1945.  On the boat ride back to Bali beach, Tyler jokes the Australian really stretched him out.  Frisbee reaches the Roadblock and Brodie agrees to take it.  They are just hoping something crazy happens.  Ashley approaches Jump Rock as Burnie reminds her from below, feet first.  She holds her notes and steps off into the air, plunging 4 stories to the water below.

Gamers also worry that Cole might stand at the top of that cliff for hours because he's deathly afraid of heights.  On the boat ride over to the Blue Lagoon, Cole recalls how he was hyperventilating and crying on the mountainside.  He knows it's only 40' but it's gonna look high.  Just don't think about it, Mom says.  He heads off behind the SeaDoo to face his fear.  Mom is nervous he'll have second thoughts.  Are you kidding me, Cole says as he starts to ascend the ladder, the bottom of which bounces with the waves.

Engaged arrives heads off to the cliff as Cole reaches the top.  Cole is very stiff as he is put through his stretches.  I'm pretty nervous, he says as he steps up to the edge and crosses his arms.  Gamers spot BFB just ahead of them.  BFB wants to hand them their fifth 2nd place in a row.  Gamers think ths could be it.  

Cole stands atop Jump Rock and has a split second of panic but knows Matt is right behind him and he's got to do it.  Shari has a camera ready as he leaps forward and lets gravity pull him down.  He nails the feet first landing in the water.  He did it, an incredulous Dana says.  Cole rises back to the surface with a thumps up and a huge grin on his face.  He did it, Mom screams!  The fall wasn't scary, a now confident Cole says, it was just a free fall.  

Matt steps up to the rock and executes his own drop into the water, landing on his rear hard enough for the SeaDoo pilot to ask if he was OK.  Good enough, he said.  BFB and Gamers arrive at Bali Beach and set off along different paths to the taksis.  Gamers are first into a cab as BFB frantically look for one.  They find a cab and take off.  Brodie has done cliff jumping before as he looks down from Jump Rock, crosses his arms across his chest and leans forward, completing a perfect feet-first plummet into the lagoon below.

Gamers are trailing a truck loaded with bags of dry cement.  Get out of the way, they urge him.  Can we go any faster, Tyler asks his driver. We can take them on foot, Korey says confidently.  BFB arrives at the monument outskirts and jumps out of the cab.  Gamers get dropped off closer in.  It's a foot race up the steps to Phil and a very lovely Indonesian woman.  

Giggling and huffing for breath, Tyler and Corey reach the Pit Stop.  Phil gives them each high 5's as Burnie and Ashley race up behind them.  Tyler and Korey, Phil says, I'm pleased to tell you that you're Team #1 and have won an Alaskan cruise.  Burnie and Ashley are Team #2 for the 5th consecutive time.  Phil asks BFB about their U-Turning Brodie & Kurt. If anyone is to have a chance to win the race, Tyler says, the Frizbee boys can't be in the Final.  

Engaged and Mammason reach the beach and look for taksis.  A fixer finds Engaged and rushes them to a waiting taksi.  MammaSon find a taksi and ask the driver if he knows where the monument is.  Wait, he says as they are anxious and impatient.  Engaged tears out in their taksi while MammaSon still waits for confirmation.  Frisbee arrives at Bali Beach as MammaSon find another taksi, afraid Frisbee could be right behind them.  Frisbee climbs into a taksi, right behind them, wishing they could just teleport to the Pit Stop.

BFB and Gamers applaud as Matt and Dana run up to the Pit Stop in 3rd place.  What a recovery, Phil says as they thank Gamers for the U-Turn of BFB.  All three teams applaud Sheri & Cole as they round out the Top 4 teams.  They all want to get out of there before the Frisbee boys show up.  

Brodie and Kurt reach Phil and an empty mat.  You know the news is not good, Phil says, as they shake their heads in defeat.  You are the last team to arrive and have unfortunately been eliminated from the race.  They give each other a bro hug as Phil tells them to hold their heads high.  They never placed worse than 5th in all 10 legs of the race.  But this time, 5th wasn't good enough.  

They ran as hard as they could, Kurt says.  We knew we were going to get U-Turned, Brodie says but didn't see the Gamers move coming.  We've lost our fair share of games, Brodie says but this is a little harder, because we didn't have control.  But we'll learn from it and hopefully become better people for it.  Brodie plans to hang out in LA for a couple days before returning to Dallas.  Why you gonna do that, Kurt asks, knowing a certain Blair lives there.  Just to say hi to certain people, Brodie says coyly.  He's looking forward to going on a date with Blair.  Me too, Kurt jokes.

Next week on The Amazing Race, the Final Four teams fight to stay in the race.  With the Finish Line in sight, who will survive to race in the Finale?

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Leg Eleven - A Tale Of Two Detours



GO! Tyler & Kurt are the first to depart at 7:34am, flying over 2000 miles to the Silicon Valley of China, Shenzhen.  Teams will find will find their next clue in the departure hall of the futuristic airport.  Burnie & Ashley depart 7:35am.  Dana & Matt depart 7:48am.  Sheri & Cole depart 7:51am.  BFF and Gamers book tickets at the same travel agency.  Engaged comes in behind them.  As does MammaSon.  All teams on the same 1:45am flight.

Teams arrive in Shenzhen Airport and look for the Departure Hall.  BFF are first to the clue box, followed by Engaged: Make your way by bus and train to the Eiffel Tower and search for your next clue.  Tyler knows it's at Shenzhen's World of Wonder.  Dana does too.  Both teams hide their clue so the other teams don't know they found it.  MammaSon stop to exchange currency.  Gamers reach clue box.  BFFs arrive to exchange money behind MammaSon and don't let on they have the clue.

Gamers pull upto exchange currency and BFF plays like they haven't found the clue but Burnie pulls his out.  There's not many left, he tells Sheri, go to the 3rd floor.  BFF are frustrated, caught not telling MammaSon, who get the last clue and realize BFFs were lying to them.  BFF and Engaged are first on the M416 bus.  BFF tells Engaged about Gamers' misplay.  Gamers and MammaSon on second bus.  BFF and Engaged transfer to train.  Gamers get on second train but MammaSon misses it.


BFF is first to the Window of the World, home of 130 world landmark replicas.  Roadblock: It's A Small World.  Teams must test their geographical knowledge by solving a series of riddles, collecting location stickers.  The park immigration officer will stamp each answer if correct.  When they have all their stamps, they'll get their next clue.  Tyler and Dana take it and agree to work together to stay ahead of Games.  Games arrive at the Eiffel Tower.

Burnie says he has to do the Roadblock for Gamers.  Tyler and Dana read their first puzzle: The Sphinx is guardian of these ancient structures of Giza.  They figure out it's the Egyptian Pyramids.  You could watch reenactments of famous battles here.  They work out the answers to 4 of the riddles.  This palace is actually a mausoleum framed by 4 minarets.  They grab a park map and set out to find their landmarks.

Burnie is working on his own - some clues were easy, like The Vatican and where Quasimodo rang the bell of this French Gothic cathedral in Victor Hugo's classic Novel: Notre Dame.  Others were harder: This statue has the head of a lion and the body of a fish.  Tyler and Dana find the MerLion and get their sticker.  The park map is in both Chinese and English.  MammaSon reach the Roadblock and Sheri has to do it.  They are in last place and Sheri says she has to run.  

Burnie gets the Taj Mahal for his first sticker.  Sheri picks up her passport and heads out but she has no answer to any of the riddles.  She looks at the pictures of the map and realizes Tyler and Dana are working together.  Dana and Tyler have 3 of their 6 stickers.  Sheri finds her first.  Burnie takes the backing of the sticker with him so other teams won't know he found it, forgetting that there were 4 copies of the sticker in the box.  

Dana and Matt look for the Pope at the Roman Colosseum but find reenactments of battles instead.  They have 4 of 6.  Burnie has 4 stickers.  Sheri has 2 of 6.  Hey, Burnie shouts running bast Dana and Tyler who don't know what a minaret is.  They worry that Burnie is getting ahead of them.  Sheri finds Notre Dame and has 3 of her stickers.  Dana and Tyler find the Vatican City and get their last sticker.  They return their passport to the park's immigration officer, but they are wrong with the 4 minarets.  

Burnie asks Tyler how many he has and Tyler lies that he doesn't have much.  Burnie tries to get them to feed him info on the battle reenactments clue but they claim they don't know.  Sheri is trying to read her map when over her shoulder she spots the Vatican and races over for a quick look - and finds the sticker box.  She now has 4 stickers.  Burnie finds the Colosseum on the map and races off.  Tyler and Dana think the 4 minarets might be the Taj Mahal.  

Burnie has his sixth sticker and heads to passport control.  He notes how many stickers are left and realizes Tyler lied to him again.  Dana and Tyler reach the Taj and get their last sticker.  We'll show them whose a jack-ass now, Dana says.  Burnie tells Ashley to get ready as all his stickers get stamped and he completes the Roadblock.  Korey and Matt can only watch as Gamers get their next clue.


Teams must now make their way by subway to Lychee Park near the Moon Bridge.  Dana and Tyler present their passports for inspection and get their final stamps to complete the Roadblock, leaving Cole waiting on his mom.  Gamers are waiting on the train as BFF and Engaged rush into the East entrance to the station.  Gamers check the map to make sure they're on the right train.  They are in the next car over from BFF and Engaged, but Gamers don't see them.

Sheri continues to try and work out the riddles and asks a local tourist for help.  A young couple speaks English and directs her to Singapore for the MerLion.  She's down to the 4 minarets.  The other 3 teams reach Lychee Park and search for the Moon Bridge.  They find Phil and some musicians as teams hit a Detour.  

In Commuter Cycle, teams must ride a hands-free on a single wheel motorized scooter, mastering maneuvers to get their clue.  In Master of Arts, teams must choose a painter to provide a set of paintings of to deliver to a gallery where they will have to be hung to the exact specification of the art dealer.  Gamers choose Commuter Cycle.  BFF and Engaged choose Master of Arts.  Gamers take a train while BFF and Engaged each grab a cabs.  

Sheri has found the Taj Mahal and has all six stickers.  She returns to Passport Control and gets her stamps, completing the Roadblock.  She's excited and apologizes to Cole for setting themselves so far behind.  BFF reach the street with dozens of painters and have to find one with a marked paintbrush.   They find one.  

Engaged arrive and don't immediately see BFF as they find a marked brush painter.  BFF have been taken to a gallery where find large painted panels in bubble wrap with an address in Chinese.  They pick them up and head out.  Engaged follow suit in another gallery.  BFF asks for directions and a lady points off in one direction.  Gamers are hoping that the Commuter Cycle will be challenging but faster, but if it can't be done quickly, they'll switch.

MammaSon reach the Moon Bridge and choose the Commuter Cycle Detour.  BFF reach their gallery destination and have to put on aprons before they can hang the oil painting panels.  They unwrap them and lay them out on the floor to see how they should be hung, but they have a hard time finding a pattern.  They think they get it and start hanging.

To hang the painting pieces, canvas on a wood frame, they have to hammer nails into wall-mounted rails and make sure the pieces hang even with a level.  Engaged find their gallery destination and tries to figure out how the panels fit together.  Dana thinks the panels fit together flush while Matt thinks there are gaps in between.  Dana says no more talking, let's just start hanging.

At Commuter Cycle, Gamers have to dress into "commuter wear" - a fancy suit.  They see locals performing tricks on the cycles but must first learn how to ride the cycle without falling off.  They have locals who are holding them up like training wheels.  Ashley isn't sure she can learn this.  BFF have their panels hung, realizing that they match up with a couple inches spacing in between them.  

Matt does the hammering for Engaged as they too are leaving spaces in between the panels (looks Dana lost that argument).  Without saying anything, BFFs' gallery owner uses a level to indicate problems with the spacing.  Engaged get the same treatment from their gallery owner, indicating that the panels are too close to each other.  The separation should be the width of the level.  Both teams have to take their panels down, pull out the nails and start over.

MammaSon promise to get the Commuter Cycles on the first try.  Gamers think it's going to take them at least half an hour to figure it out and decide to switch Detours.  MammaSon reach the Detour and see no one else as they put on their uniforms.  At the painting location, Gamers run into BFF's gallery and reveal they switched Detours and hadn't seen MammaSon.  BFF hasn't seen Engaged.  Whatever, BFF says after Gamers leave.  We won't ask them where to go, Gamers say, they won't tell us the truth.

MammaSon look good in their suits. Cole is confident that he's athletic enough but as soon as he gets on a cycle, he regrets it.  Sheri picks it up with some hand holding.  Cole has guys on either side keeping him up.  Gamers find the painters and the marked paint brush, starting the other Detour.  BFF are measuring space in smidgens.  They present to the gallery owner and complete the Detour. Their next clue is a picture with Chinese writing.

The clue is a picture of the roof line of the Shenzhen city hall, the roof line of which represents the wingspan of a Roc, an ancient mythical bird.  Stretching more than 5 football fields long, the Pit Stop is located underneath at the Shenzhen Library Terrace.  Engaged finish rehanging their paintings and complete the Detour.  Gamers are trying to find the address of the art gallery to deliver their paintings.   

MammaSon think they are getting better on the Commuter Cycles and decide to keep trying. It makes no sense to try the paintings since the other 3 teams are obviously all there.  BFF run past Gamers as they head out of the art district.  There goes first, Gamers say.  They are now fighting to stay in the game.

Gamers get directions and find the location and think hanging the paintings should be a lot easier. Sheri is now able to ride their cycles without hand-holding, but Cole can't quite find his balance.  BFF are in a cab heading to the Pit Stop.  They hope MammaSon are able to get past Gamers.  Engaged in their cab just wants to not be 4th as the rain comes pouring down.  

Burnie is hammering nails into the wall rails and Ashley asks if there's supposed to be a pattern to the paintings.  He stops putting in nails until they figure out what goes where.  Cole continues to struggle and now it's getting wet.  Cole keeps leaning forward and falling off.  Sheri has it nailed but Cole is getting frustrated.  She tries with a suitcase but has trouble.  The locals have umbrellas as the rain is pouring down but they decide they are too far into it to give up now.

BFFs are dropped off at the end of the block and run down the wet sidewalk looking for the library.  Engaged gets dropped off as well.  Both teams are looking for the Pit Stop.  BFF thinks they have found the terrace but it's blocked off - it's the Shenzhen Industrial Museum.  The water in the concrete plaza is pooling as Engaged run around, looking for the library.  Engaged reach the same museum BFF just left.

BFF find some steps and run toward them.  At the Pit Stop, 3 musicians play cymbals and a tom tom drum; Phil looks out at the dreary weather holding an umbrella.  BFFs round the corner and see Phil at the top of the steps.  We're coming, they shout through the heavy rain.    

Tyler and Korey watch as a Chinese dragon jumps off a post to greet them.  You guys should be singing in the rain, Phil says, you are Team #1 (3rd in a row and 5th total) and one of the 3 teams that will be racing back to the United States for $1,000,000.  Phil says this has to be a dream come true.  Tyler says he didn't see any other outcome. Now we can taste it.  He says they have the training to take home that final last first.  

Dana hears the music and Engaged spot the stairs and head up.  Tyler and Korey waive at them as they ascend the steps.  I told you this is where it was, Dana tells Matt.  The 2 person Chinese Dragon is standing on it's rear legs as they reach the Pit Stop in 2nd place.  They will be one of the teams racing to the finish line for $1,000,000.  

Gamers complete hanging their oil painting panels and ask the gallery owner for a ruling.  They have the arrangement and spacing right and complete the Detour.  MammaSon is ready to navigate the Commuter Cycle course with their briefcases, having to avoid hitting the pedestrian impediments.  They don't have to stay up the whole time, but they do have to stay close together.  They leap frog each other before one falls then the other.  Sheri's cycle runs away from her and she has to chase it down.

Gamers have no idea where MammaSon is as they sitting their cab, worried they spent to much time on the Commuter Cycles.  Sheri and Cole encourage each other as they have to slow down and squeeze through some cars.  They reach the end of the course and are given the number combination to the lock on the briefcase to retrieve their clue.  Sheri just hopes the other one was super hard.  There's no way it was harder than this, Cole says.

Gamers are hoping they are in second or third as they they near the city center complex.  MammaSon are in their cab now heading the Pit Stop.  Every time they chose the funnest Detour and though they were out, Cole says, we didn't go out.  He thinks somehow they're still in it.  They are all smiles while Gamers are all frowns as they fight the traffic.  The cab isn't moving so they decide to get out and run.

Cole says he regrets nothing and guarantees they had more fun than the teams who did the paintings.  Except for the one who wins the million dollars, jokes Sheri and they both laugh.  Gamers reach the complex on foot and start searching for the Pit Stop.

MammaSon see a street sign pointing to the library and exit their cab.  Sheri hears sounds.  She spots the musicians above.  Gamers are running along the plaza not seeing the Pit Stop.  It's got to be this way, Cole yells to his mother, or is it this other way?  Which way do we go?  Sheri says this way and up.  Engaged and BFF and Phil are looking down to see which team will be the 3rd and final team to continue in the race.

Gamers are running up a concrete gangway.  I really hope this is the way, Cole shouts.  This is it, Burnie says, approaching another set of stairs.  Don't change your smile, Korey says to the others.  Are we going to the right place, asks Burnie?  Yeah, shouts Cole, his mother keeping pace with her son.  Phil, BFFs and Engaged strain to see who comes around the corner first.  I think it's going to be...

Cole turns the corner and Engaged and BFFs erupt in celebration, encouraging him and Sheri to hurry up the last set of stairs.  Where's Burnie and Ashely, a confused Cole calls out.  Sheri drops her bag.  Are we 3rd, a shocked Cole asks? Bewilderment turns to unconstrained joy as he turns high five his mother who has a look of total disbelief on her face.  

Matt takes both into a rain-soaked embrace.  Cole still can't believe it and I think Sheri has stopped breathing.  No, screams Cole.  Yeah, screams Korey.  We knew we were last, Cole says.  You've done it, Tyler says, giving Cole a hug.  Dana gets in on the action.  Even the Chinese dragon is dancing atop his posts.  We were riding on those unicycles for like 3 years, Cole exclaims.  Where are they, he wonders of Gamers.  The other teams tell Cole and Sheri they don't know where the Gamers are.  

Sheri and Cole, Phil finally says, I am pleased to tell you that you are one of the 3 teams who will be racing with these two teams (BFFs and Engaged) to the finish line for $1,000,000.  Sheri is crying.  Cole and the other teams are jumping up and down in jubilation.

We made it, Burnie tells Ashley as they find the stairs leading up to the Pit Stop and enormous disappointment.  I don't see anybody else, Burnie says hopefully, we might be in first.  I just want you to know, he says, no matter what we get up there at the top of the stairs, I love you very much.  She says I love you too.  

Gamers turn the corner and spot Sheri and Cole's red shirts at the top of the stairs. Damn, Burnie says.  They again repeat they love each other.  Ashley still runs up the steps but the race has left Burnie.  Good job, Cole tells them as they realize they are the last team to arrive.

Burnie & Ashley, Phil says, unfortunately you can see that all the other teams have checked in.  You are the last to arrive, and only 3 teams will be racing to the finish line.  It is enormously disappointing, Burnie says, to not make it to the final, final leg. We just had a classic bad day on the race, and you can't do that this late in the game.  

Going into the finals with 5 wins, Tyler says, we're confident, strong and ready to do whatever it takes.  I think we're absolutely capable of winning, Matt says, we proved on the very first leg we had the potential.  We may not be the most physically strong or the smartest team, Sheri says, but we've got heart.  Sheri & Cole still look at themselves as underdogs, Korey says.  Matt & Dana bicker a bit and that could be to their downside, Cole observes.  We've had some bumpy legs, Matt says, but feel we've been getting stronger as the legs progress.

I never want to count the chickens before they hatch, Tyler says, but I genuinely feel we're going to win this.  No one sees us coming, Cole says, we suck, we're in last place but somehow we stay in it, at the last minute we'll snake bite that million dollars.  You never know.  Anything can happen with this show. It's crazy.  

Next week on the Season Finale of The Amazing Race, the million dollars is up for grabs.  Which team has what it takes to win it all? 

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Leg Twelve - A Barrel Of Wine And A Million Dollars


Previously on The Amazing Race...   11 teams of social media influencers began a race around the world.  In Columbia, teams got dirty, and mistakes were made.  The game took a turn in Switzerland, and reached new heights in the French Alps.  The first ever visits to Armenia and Georgia ended with the closest finish of the season.  From the sands of Dubai, to the tropics of Indonesia, teams gave it their all.  

Along the way, 8 teams were eliminated.  And after 11 legs, only 3 teams remain.  For the first half of the race, Tyler & Korey were in cruise control and having a blast.  But after a dramatic mid-race stumble, the best friends took out their main rival and returned to form, winning 3 consecutive legs on their way to the Final 3.

Out of the gate, dancers Dana and Matt made all the right moves.  But while they continued to excel, their relationship had some bumps in the road. Through it all, the engaged couple kept their eye on the prize and earned a spot in the Final 3.  Sheri and Cole got off to a shaky start, but with their positive attitudes, the ultimate underdogs conquered their fears, teetered on the brink of elimination, and persevered into the Final 3.

Tonight, one of these three teams will win $1,000,000 and The Amazing Race!  



Phil tells the Final 3 they will be racing to Los Angeles, CA.  And for the first time ever on The Amazing Race, you're all getting an upgrade on the flight home: you will be pampered in Premium Class.  There's a million dollars at stake.  It's waiting for one of you.  Who's it going to be?  Sheri raises her hand.  I have a feeling it's going to be a competitive one, Phil says, and I want to wish you all the very best.  

GO! The final 3 teams are leaving the city of Shenzhen, China, flying over 7000 miles to LA where they must make their way to Angelus Plaza for their next clue.  All teams are on the same sleeper flight as each talks about what it will take and why they need to win.

Back in the USA, teams race to find taxis, neck and neck.  Sheri & Cole hope for their first first, the only one that matters.  Tyler & Korey's driver says he'll get them another million.  They get dropped off and race up a flight of stairs, missing the clue box set back from the street.  Dana & Matt find it and hit a Roadblock: Who's read to take a leap of faith?  

Teams will have to take a flying leap off one of LA's towering skyscrapers and grab the clue, dangling 170' off the ground.  Let's hope they get it right the first time, Phil says, otherwise they'll have to rappel to the ground, return to the roof, and try again.  Matt goes for Engaged, but then Dana worries the next Roadblock could be physical.  He leaves the choice up to her and she sticks with his doing it.

BFFs reach the top of the stairs and see nothing.  They wonder if they have to keep going to the top of the building (another skyscraper).  Sheri & Cole spot the clue box and Sheri volunteers to do the Roadblock.  Cole puts up no argument. even though she too has a fear of heights.  Cole realizes they are way ahead of BFFs, who realize they missed the clue box below.  Tyler decides he's doing it and chooses a rigger to take him up to the roof.

Tyler says the other teams should have picked their rigger because he's tall and handsome and everything (his shiny white teeth even flash in the sunlight - with a little help from post-production).  Matt is nervous - the flag is suspended from a rope hanging off a pole jutting out over from above their jump plank.  Matt is holding fast to the structure.  On a second structure, Sheri tries to psych herself up and steps out onto the beam, looking straight ahead.  I said a prayer for you, Cole shouts up from way below.

It's so windy, Matt says, the clue hanging what seems miles in front.  He takes a running leap and grabs the clue, before plummeting down.  The safety rope slows his fall and lowers him to the ground.  They must now take a helicopter ride 90m north to Santa Barbara, where they must find their next clue on board the Theresa Ann in a maze of boats at a marina.   

Tyler has reached the top of the building and is looking down.  Korey says he's nervous about his ability to jump and his depth perception to see the clue in front of him (his glasses are tied behind his ears).  He's feeling good though, because he got a really good jump instructor.  His future husband is going to help him jump off the building.  From a building across the street, Sheri and Tyler can see Engaged climbing into a helicopter.  They wish a very scared Sheri good luck before it's wheels up.

Dana wants to wait to lift off to see if Sheri gets it on her first try.  Cole can't even look.  That's so far, Sheri cries.  She begins hyperventilating.  I don't know if I can do this!  Cole shouts up encouragement.  She takes a half-hearted step off and doesn't come close to the distance she'll need to reach the clue.  Good try, Cole shouts.  On the ground, Cole gives her a comforting hug.  Mom, you just leaped off a building.  OK, she says, not really comprehending what just happened.  Are you OK?  Yeah, I'll do it, she says, nodding imperceptibly.  

Tyler stands at the base of his beam, takes a running leap... And misses the clue by a yard.  Down below, Korey says we're a 2-try kind of team.  As he is being untied, Tyler introduces us to Brandon, his very hot rigger.  Korey jokes Brandon will catch Tyler if he falls.  That's so Brandon of Brandon, Tyler answers back.  Secure in their lead, Engaged takes off for Santa Barbara.

It's Sheri's second turn and with each failed attempt, the clue is moved in a little closer so she won't have to jump as far.  Cole didn't realize how scared she was until she came down the first time.  He hopes that now that she knows she can do it (the jump), she can get the clue.  She takes better jump (and the clue is much closer) and she grabs her clue, screaming in relief as she returns to the ground.  As they race to the helipad, Cole clues her in that Tyler also missed his first attempt.

On the ground, Korey teases Brandon about being Tyler's new boyfriend.  Up high, Tyler is facing a strong wind, causing the clue to move around in front of him.  He waits for it to die down, then takes a running jump - and the clue slips through his fingers.  Maybe we're a 3-try kind of team, Korey says.  Oh wow, Sheri says from the helicopter.  They think if Engaged make a mistake, they still have a chance.

On his third try, Tyler grabs the clue.  He apologizes to Korey, who thinks he just wanted to hang out with Brandon a little longer.  No word whether he got Brandon's number as they climb into their helicopter.  Tyler is embarrassed it took him 3 tries.  It's behind you, Korey says, let's have fun.  That's what you say when you think we're going to lose, a worried Tyler says.  Dude, you know how many times I said that and we got first?  Five.  Then let's have fun, Tyler says.

In Santa Barbara, Engaged arrive at the ocean and transfer to a taxi for the harbor.  They borrow their driver's phone to look up the Theresa Ann so they know what to look for.  They spot MammaSon still in the air.  Cole thinks they still have a good chance for first.  BFFs think Theresa Ann is a housewife name.  Engaged saw a picture of the maritime museum in the photo of the boat they saw online so they think they should start looking there.

There are thousands of boats in the harbor as Engaged find their marked motorized dingy and head out to find their boat.  Except they're still attached to the dock.  Do you want to undo that, Dana prods.  Matt does the steering while Dana tells him where to go.  MammaSon get into their taxi and head to the harbor.  Engaged spot the maritime museum and quickly spot the Theresa Ann.  

Matt can't turn or slow down because Dana's sitting right where he needs to turn the engine.  They back into the boat hard, under the scornful stare of the fisherman aboard.  Teams must now make their way up to Gibraltar Rock.  MammaSon borrows their driver's cell phone to look up the Theresa Ann and spot the same museum in the photo.  

Back on land, Engaged try to find a taxi - they dint have their guy rate.  They pop into a Best Western who tells them they can't call a cab for them.  They are running down the sidewalk along the beach looking for a taxi.  MammaSon climb into their marked dingy as BFFs approach the harbor from above.  BFFs spot MammaSon in the water.  Cole thinks he sees the museum so they hang right, err, starboard.  They pass another boat who doesn't know where the Theresa Ann is and they turn around to try another area - just missing their target.

Engaged ask a local street vendor where they can get a taxi.  You'll have to call one.  He offers to call them at taxi.  10 minutes, he tells them after getting off the phone.  BFFs land and jump into the waiting taxi.  They want to pass one team on the dingy, then the other team on the next thing.  Dana doesn't know if she can stand there for 10 whole minutes.  What if the taxi doesn't come?  They cross the street, watching their lead disappear.


Engaged's taxi arrives and they head to Gibraltar rock.  Cole thinks the Theresa Ann is a boat, not a museum, so MammaSon starts looking for a boat.  BFFs arrive at the marina and ask their taxi to wait for them.  MammaSon look at dozens of boats but don't head down the row where Theresa Ann and her lonely fisherman rest.  BFFs are on the water as Korey tries to figure out how to steer.  

MammaSon find the Theresa Ann and realize they already passed it once.  We need a clue, Sheri says.  Instead of hitting the softball served up to him, the silent fisherman just hands them their clue.  BFF passes MammaSon.  Cole wants mom to make it seem like they have the clue so BFFs will think it's where it isn't but Sheri doesn't pick up on the game play.  BFFs see them turn and thinks they are still searching, so they turn around since it can't be where MammaSon just came from.

MammaSon see a taxi waiting - it's BFF's cab - but the driver says she doesn't know where Gibraltar Rock is.  They run to the street to find another cab.  They find the Theresa Ann quickly, coming in hard an fast on the wrong side of the boat, forcing the bored fisherman to get up and move to the other side.  Korey tells Tyler to put the clue in his jacket (flotation device).  He then rams into the dock, not knowing how to go in reverse.

MammaSon realize there are no taxis on the street so they go back to the first taxi and ask her to call someone who knows where to go.  BFFs return to land and greet Rosa, their taxi driver just as MammaSon run up and see their cab gone.  They head back to the street, knowing they're screwed.  But she doesn't know where to go, Sheri reminds her son.  Rosa is on the phone, asking for directions.

BFF borrow the driver's phone so they can look up directions more quickly.  MammaSon chase down a cab and their driver also searches for it on Google.  BFF's hand their driver turn-by-turn directions.  Engaged spot a clue box on the side of the mountain road.  Are you ready for some synchronized mountaineering?

Gibraltar Rock rises 1000' above Rattlesnake Canyon.  While one team member attempts a 300' Tyrolean Traverse (pulling yourself along a taught wire from underneath) to retrieve half their clue, they will simultaneously lower their partner down Gibraltar's vertical rock face for the other half.  Once both team members return to their starting point, they can reunite and complete their clue.

Matt goes off for the traverse, while Dana goes to rappel.  She doesn't fear heights but rocks freak her out.  They don't see anyone else but are sure the other teams are right behind.  Dana heads down the rock while Matt heads out over the canyon.  His speed out controls how fast she can descend.  He says he took it out slowly to make sure she could get down.  You took it out slowly?, a disbelieving Dana exclaims.  Well, we're in a race, Matt says.

Dana reaches the clue and yells for Matt to stop but he doesn't hear her.  He's got to get his first and then has to go back to lift her up to reach her clue.  Mas rapido, Tyler tells Rosa, their driver.  She's back on the phone asking for directions.  Korey shows her how to follow on the map on the phone.  They have to go back the other way.  

Dana reaches her clue and shouts for Matt to go again.  Going back, he's pulling himself back in and pulling Dana up the rock face.  With no leverage from his legs, Matt has to rely on upper body strength.  Holding onto the rope with her hands, Dana has to rely on her legs to walk up the cliff.  They both have to stop for a rest then they start again.  Dana reaches the top and Matt the edge and they are done.

As they drive up the mountain, Cole knows it will have something to do with heights.  I'm so done with that, he says.  Cole and Sheri are running up to the task site as Matt & Dana are running back to their taxi.  Teams must now make their way to Grassini Family Vineyards for their next clue.  

Cole straps into the traverse while Sheri is set to go on the rock face.  This is crazy, she tells the safety instructor, I just jumped off a building.  If you're afraid of heights, Cole says, don't make it to the finale of The Amazing Race.  Eyes closed, Cole begins hauling himself fast out across the wire, as his mom tries to stay on target.  Come on, she calls to him but he is quiet and focused in response.  

I did not enjoy a single second being out over that gorge, Cole says, the single most terrifying thing I've done in my life.  Sheri yells at him to stop and Cole things something is wrong.  She just needs to grab her clue.  She's ready to go up but he still has to go out further for his half of the clue.  

BFFs are driving up the mountain and are passed by Engaged driving down.  They knew they were in 3rd and had to move fast.  No talking - just go.  Cole has his half of the clue but is struggling to turn around so he can pull his mom up.  I need you to help me, Sheri calls out.  Hanging vertically on the wire, he's pulling himself right to left instead of hand over hand.  

Sheri reaches the top as Tyler gets strapped in for his descent.  You're killing it, he tells her.  She conforms for him that Matt and Dana are well ahead.  Korey heads out along the traverse, taking Tyler by surprised with his speed.  I could use some wine, Sheri says, as they read their next clue.

Korey blows past Tyler's stopping point to get his clue, ignoring or not hearing his partner's cries to stop.  Korey begins to pull him and Tyler back to safety as they complete the task in record time.  They race back to their taxi.  Engaged reach the winery where there are 4 clues waiting in a haystack bundle.  The driver turns right and they miss the haystack, going around the barn.

Matt and Dana get out of their cab and start looking for a clue box.  They head over to an enclosure walled with wine barrels but don't see anything.  Dana thinks it was back somewhere else.  They go back to the barn and spot it where they made the wrong turn.  

California produces 90% of America's wines, almost 12 million barrels every year.  In Roll Out The Barrels, teams must hang round stamped plaques on each of the barrels in the enclosure Matt and Dana had previously found, starting with #WalledCity and then with one letter per disc, spell out the names of 9 cities they visited on the race, and all hashtags in their clues.  

This is Dana's Roadblock and they knew when they saw the hashtags in the clues that it was important so they memorized all the cities.  The first disc contains the hashtag of the name of the city, then they have to spell them out.  Being short, the tall ones are hard for her.  Matt thinks they are close to the Pit Stop (he means the finish line), and it's a close race, anyone can win. He has faith that Dana's good at stuff like this.

MammaSon thinks they've closed the gap a little as they drive to the vineyard.  BFFs think they've made up more time as they study their driver's phone.  Mexico and China down, Dana has completed her second city, Geneva, Switzerland, then France and Armenia.

I just climbed across a gorge, Cole says, I'm ready for whatever is next.  BFFs are stuck behind a slow SUV along the narrow mountain road.  Korey yells out of the window, we're in a hurry, can you get out of the way?  The driver pulls over and waives as they pass by.  Thank you!  

Dana has 3 hashtags left, as Matt worries some of the cities may be difficult to spell.  Dubai is spelled right.  Dana is down to her final city and she asks for a check.  The race official looks over the walls of barrels to check that all the cities are in the right order and spelled correctly.

The are!  Dana completes the Roadblock and receives her last clue.  She and Matt open it together: Make your way to the Finish Line across the lake.  Along the way, Phil says at the finish line where the other teams await, these 8 teams were eliminated.  And now the Final 3 are racing here to the Finish Line.  In the end, only one team will win The Amazing Race and $1,000,000.  

Do you see a lake, Dana asks Matt? He doesn't know where it is.  Sheri and Cole pull into the vineyard.  They quickly spot the clue and Cole races to complete the final Roadblock.  As he gets started, Matt and Dana are running along a dirt road, looking for water.  

Cole says he knows all the cities in the order they arrived in them.  He discovers the hashtag discs as well as he lays out all the letters.  BFF arrive a the vineyard and it's Korey's Roadblock to complete.  Matt and Dana are still frantically searching for the lake.  Cole has two cities down.  Korey starts with his first city.  Tyler tells Sheri they know the hashtags by heart as they can do nothing but wait across the bridge for their partners.

Cole is through 6 cities.  Matt and Dana spot a wooden sign that has the word Lake carved into it and an arrow.  The eliminated teams are cheering and Matt hears and then sees them as they turn off the road towards a dirt path. There's a string quartet playing the Amazing Race theme as Matt and Dana cross a bridge and round the bend to where Phil, the Finish Line and the big prize await.

Phil gestures to the mat as Matt and Dana, hand in hand, skip up onto the winner's platform.  Dana gives Phil an embrace.  Wow, he says.

18 Cities, 10 Countries, and more than 27,000 miles, Dana and Matt, you are the winners of The Amazing Race! And you have won One Million Dollars!!!

Matt and Dana embrace.  Dana is stunned, says it's surreal.  Matt says having all the other teams they competed against applaud for us and hearing Phil say we won is something we'll never forget.  

Phil says there was a point midway though the race I thought you would just implode.  From the outside, this was either a really fiery relationship or they're about to self destruct. It's fiery, Matt says, grinning.  The other teams all agree.  We have ups and downs, Matt explains, but we always say we'd rather be passionate than boring.  Well, you're passionate, Phil confirms, and you're not boring.

At the end of the day, Dana says, we have nothing but love and respect for each other. I think he is the most amazing person, competitor, I just feel blessed to have him in my life at all, and he knows that deep down.  So if we yell a little bit in the process, as long as it gets us to the finish line.  Well, it did get you here, Phil says, congratulations.

Matt puts on an impromptu break dance demonstration, as Dana says we had our ups and downs, but we really hung together, we always came back to each other, and we worked hard to keep our relationship strong.  Now Dana does some of her dance moves on the finish line as Matt says some of our weaknesses were really tested on the race and we fought through a lot.  As she jumps into his arms, his voice-over says it's really brought us closer.  A thousand times closer, Dana adds, as he catches her as she climatically rolls out of his arms.

Back at the vineyard, Cole is on his last city, Shenzhen.  He is correct and receives his clue.  Mom, he yells as he races back and she quickly grabs her pack.  Good job, Tyler calls to them as they race off for the lake.  You got this, Kor, he calls back to his partner, who is on his 4th city.

Sheri and Cole can hear the cheers as they run across the bridge and around the lake to see the other teams cheering.  Sheri runs ahead as Cole has taken on both backpacks. 

Sheri and Cole, Phil says as the become the second team to complete the race, it's huge what you guys have done.  Really incredible effort today.  You've finished - you've run all 12 legs of the race, congratulations.  Thank you, Cole says, with a smile.  Second is not bad, Sheri says, not the best but not bad.  

I tell you what, Sheri, Phil says, I think your family is so proud of you right now.  We've really grown, she says, an amazing journey to see the world, and getting to do this with my son.  For a mom, it's really touching.  I think they'll be proud of us, Sheri tells Phil, because we did the whole race with a good spirit and had a great time doing it.  

It started off rough, Cole says, we were just happy to be a part of it all.  And now here we are. It's been a real blessing to make it this far.  And this is our best finish, Sheri jokes.  Hey, Cole realizes, we finally got a second!  

Tyler and Korey round the bend in the trail and reach the Finish Line in 3rd place, all smiles.  You guys should be so proud, Phil says needlessly comforting.  We are, they say, bright and cheerful.  You guys have not stopped smiling this entire race, Phil observes, you had a good time?  Absolutely, they say, best time of our lives.  And you're still friends, Phil states.  I don't know how, Tyler jokes.

I am so glad Korey and I did the race together, Tyler says, there's no one else I would want to run it with.  Korey knows how to bring out the best of me, and we had so much fun.  I feel like I won, Tyler tells Phil, because I had the time of my life with my best friend.  

Korey tells Phil he met Tyler in college and even though he's 4 years younger than me, I look up to him so much (Tyler starts tearing up), which is a different dynamic for our relationship.  He's one of the most confident people I know (other team members are also tearing at this heartfelt outpouring), spending every day together with him, he makes me more confident in myself, and makes me comfortable in my own skin.  I look up to him so much.

I have been given so many opportunities that I never would have thought to try on my own, Tyler says as the teams all celebrate on the Finish Line with Phil.  And I got to do it with my best friend. It's like my expectations were exceeded a million-fold.  The opportunity of a lifetime.  

The Amazing Race is none-the-less amazing, Cole says, we traveled the world and I'm very proud of my mom.  She did a great job.  We came here and accomplished so much, Matt says, to win, I can't even put it into words.  It was just such an incredible experience.  Love you, Dana tells him.  I love you too, he says, kissing her on the forehead.  

The 28th season of The Amazing Race ends, appropriately enough, with a set of selfie images of the Top 3 teams snapped at the race's end.  

Thank you for joining Morty's TV on our race around the world with #TAR28.  We hope you've experienced all the thrill and drama of the race through our real time recaps.  Remember, you can relive every leg of the race on the Morty's TV Fan Forums at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/forum/6-amazing-race/

And now, I have a challenge for you.  Wherever you go this summer, or even if you don't go anywhere, I want you to post your own Amazing Race Selfies to Facebook and/or Twitter, using the hashtag #mortystv.  We want to see all the amazing places you will go.

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