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Darnell Hamilton (Brawn tribe) - 1st eliminated (Feb 17)


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Darnell Hamilton



Name (Age): Darnell Hamilton (27)

Tribe Designation: Brawn

Current Residence: Chicago

Occupation: Postal Worker

Personal Claim to Fame: Graduating from college. It has been a long and hard road, but I did it! I was horrible in high school because I didn’t give a damn, not because I wasn’t smart. Now I have finished college and not only that, I did it with a 3.47GPA while working jobs all day and night.

Inspiration in Life: Growing up, I never had a hero, just examples of what not to do. If I had to pick a hero, it would be Jesus, someone who was willing to sacrifice himself for the good of others even when they didn’t deserve it. That’s real.

Hobbies: Gaining knowledge, fishing and working out. P

et Peeves: People who talk too much and habitual liars.

3 Words to Describe You: Confident, anomaly and rebellious.

If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island What Would They Be and Why? Sunglasses so I can hide from the ugly contestants; iPod, so I can tune the haters out; pack of cigarettes.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Survivor is all about evaluating your circumstances. I can say I want to play the game like B Rob, Sean Rector, or Tony and be in control the whole time. One thing I would want to do is be likeable, be the JT then cut their throats one by one while they don’t see me. I just have to keep others fighting and I will be fine.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I want to prove to the world that I can win and be successful in life despite my past. I want to encourage other people who think they’re useless and do something worth value. I also want to become the best survivor ever! I want to be forever remembered as the ultimate Survivor!

Why You Think You’ll “Survive� SURVIVOR: I have been all around the country, love the outdoors and love to fish. I know CPR first aid because I was a lifeguard. My social game will always be up to par and I am an extremely hard worker.

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I have been through adversities. I know how it feels to fail. But I also know how to win. Using negative energy to dig deep and win, that’s the mind you have to have coming into this game. I am a hard worker and a great team player. I have done a little of everything and I can say I have a well-rounded skill set. I have a lot to prove, in my eyes, and I won’t let anyone stop me from winning!

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Following Episode 1: The early episodes in any given season of Survivor seem to follow a formula: If a castaway makes a declaration about how he or she can contribute to the tribe and then does not back it up, that person instantly becomes the target of heightened scrutiny. Darnell made a mistake at the start of the Immunity Challenge after inserting himself in that key role. For a team that considers itself physically dominant, this could not be tolerated. While it would have been nice to get to know Darnell and his personal story better, he could not escape this fate, which is yet another cautionary tale about saying too much too early to complete strangers. In hindsight, it appeared Darnell was more trustworthy than Alecia, but the safe assumption is that the remaining four tribe members probably felt Alecia would be easier to eliminate in subsequent votes.

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