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The Voice - Fall 2015


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Battle Rounds - Night One


This is The Voice! Tonight, let the Battle Rounds begin! Please welcome your host, Carson Daly! And your coaches: Adam Levine! Gwen Stefani! Pharrell Williams! And Blake Shelton!

Tonight our coaches have invited some of the biggest names in the music industry to help guide their teams. For Team Adam, please welcome John Fogerty! For Team Pharrell, it's Missy Elliott! Team Gwen greets Selena Gomez! And Blake Shelton brings in Brad Paisley!

Each coach will face two artists from their team to sing a duet and must then choose one to move on to the Knockout Rounds. But each coach also has 2 saves which can give losing artists a second chance, moving on to the Knockouts as part of another coaches team. Who will win and who will be stolen? It's the biggest and best round of battles yet!

We start with Team Adam, pairing Jordan Smith against Regina Love, singing I Can (Sam Smith). They are excited to meet John Fogerty, who says they are pure and effortlessly emotive. Jordan's range isn't of this earth, Adam says, advising them to make sure their harmonies are in the same range. During their rehearsal with the band, and Adam cautions Regina to not lose her breath.

They enter the knock-out ring, the unique church singer with the surprising voice, Jordan Smith, vs. the powerful Atlanta radio host, Regina Love! Let the battle begin! Regina opens dramatic and low, Jordan more animated and upper octave but still in his lower register. She comes up to his level as he raises her up another octave, her performance more forceful and energetic, his more sensitive and nuanced, theatrical

Then both artists let it all lose and begin wailing causing Coach Adam to gnash his teeth with the decision ahead. My personal taste runs to Jordan. Blake says we're at the Grammys, that was crazy. Regina has such control and passion but Jordan, what just came out of you, it makes no sense, your voice is from another planet. Pharrell says amazing to see Regina float, it was like a jousting from Game of Thrones, 2 beautiful trumpets going back and forth.

Gwen says the ability you both have is so effortless and so beautiful, and I just don't understand Jordan, so unexpected, it turns me on. Take that in, Adam says, that just happened, as Jordan blushes. Coach Adam says you're both powerful, attention commanding singers on stage but you were both able to not step on each others toes. No one but Jordan could have handled singing with Regina.

Adam says I can't talk my way out of this. I feel dumb putting you together because you both deserve to be in the competition. You're both special for different reasons but I have to go with what I feel.  The winner of this Battle is... Jordan!

Regina thanks Adam and he every minute he spent working with her was beautiful and GWEN SLAMS HER HAND DOWN! We got a Steal!  Gwen steals Regina Love and keeps her in the competition.

We move on to Team Blake who kill time playing dueling banjos on their guitars. The first pairing is Tyler Dickerson against Zach Seabaugh. They meet Brad and are given I'm Going To Be Somebody (Travis Tritt), a southern rock type song for Tyler but also in Zach's wheelhouse. Blake tells Tyler to not get too comfortable with the song and he tells Zach he's got to feel the meaning of the song. Brad likes the earnestness and heart Zach brings.

At the final rehearsal, Zach has his charisma and deep bass vocal working and Blake takes notice. Tyler was a bit off key and Brad says you have to just make sure that doesn't happen. In their last meeting with Coach Blake, he tells them to just make it hard for him.

Battling now from Team Blake, it's the Louisiana Southern Rocker, Tyler Dickerson! Vs. the 16yr old high school athlete and aspiring country singer, Zach Seabaugh! Let the battle begin. Tyler opens with a rocker's wail while Zach lets off with a more sensitive, introspective arch. Then the battle begins in earnest, soft at first, each artist painting their picture with their own colors.

Zach's tone is deep and pure and earnest, Tyler more dirty and gruff. Tyler looks at ease and his performance is effortless. Zach puts every ounce of energy in his body behind his singing with a charismatic smile.

Pharrell says Zach had one little transition where his voice cracked and it was refreshing to hear him sing in a higher register. Tyler looked like he's been singing 15-20 years. Gwen says Tyler has a lot of comfort, you seem so experienced. And Zach is a phenomenon, how deep and rich his voice is, he really is a superman of singing. Adam says Tyler's comfort level hindered him a little bit, he threw some notes away, but that's a fantastic asset to have as a singer, but may have worked against because Zach was so spot on.

Coach Blake says Zach's voice starts to shred a bit when he goes for the higher notes and it's bad-ass. I can't say I'm proud of you but I'm really happy for you. Why aren't you proud of him, Adam asks? I didn't raise the kid, Blake explains. You can still be proud of him, Adam allows. I'm so proud of you, Blake tells Zach.

Now Tyler, Blake says, needed to put some passion back into it but he's a powerful singer. Carson calls for a vote. Blake says basing his decision, as he's supposed to, on what he's seen here, the winner of this battle is... Zach!

The first pairing from Team Gwen to meet Selena Gomez is Ellie Lawrence vs Tim Atlas. Gwen gives them Sweater Weather (The Neighbourhood) because they both have an indie singer/songwriter thing. Tim says Ellie's strong voice is intimidating. Gwen says Tim is a little more clear; Ellie needs to cry out a bit more. Selena compliments her control and Tim his rhythm.

In their final rehearsal, Tim feels awkward without the guitar but Gwen says it feels like he's backing her up when he has it. Selena says putting the guitar down brought him to life. He messes up a lyric and smirks and Selena says that works for him. Gwen says they have to feel each other and the audience together. Allie has good instincts but closes her eyes a lot. Whomever has the emotion and stage presence will win the Battle, Gwen says.

Going Voice to Voice from Team Gwen, it's the small town idie pop artist with big city dreams, Ellie Lawrence! Vs. the California recording engineer and folk singer, Tim Atlas! The battle starts now. Tim opens with a sensitive, emotionally intense vocal, Ellie a little more staccato, dreamy, nuanced. Tim holds his own though and when the two go head-to head, I think he has a bit of an advantage over Ellie who performs like there's a threshold she can't cross that Tim doesn't see...

Adam says you both really committed to the moment, swirling around each other, feeling each others vibes, neither of lacked passion, Tim from that first line. Blake says you both have awesome hair, but unique voices as well, Ellie more fun, outgoing on stage, Tim very intense and it works for both of you.  I might go with Tim because I've never heard a voice quite like him.

Pharrell says Ellie knows how to hypnotize people when doing her thing and Tim was in the moment instantly, like a shark. Gwen has the final decision. She says Tim was unbelievable tonight, so much personality in his voice, and Ellie, these two guys want me to pick Tim so they can steal you. Adam says for the record, that was my most honest and genuine, heartfelt advice.

Gwen says this is so painful. The winner of the battle is...   Ellie!

Before Tim can begin to thank Gwen, WE GOT A STEAL!!!!  Pharrell slams down his button and steals Tim Atlas!

The first pairing from Team Pharrell is Celeste Betton vs. Mark Hood.  Singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Ashford & Simpson), a natural soulful song for both of them. They meet Missy Elliott, who says I'm done after listening to them, it was like being back in the 70's. Both sing with lots of passion and Missy tears up - you just don't hear that or feel that kind of music today.

Which Team Pharrell artist will win this battle? Will it be the teachers' assistant with the powerful voice, Celeste Betton? Or the energetic R&B artist, Mark Hood?  The battle begins right now.  They give each other a pre-performance hug before Mark begins a performance that is just dripping with soul. Celeste counters with suave and sophistication, then they come together in, smoothly playing of each other like they've been a duet for years.

His vocal is uniquely masculine, hers a complimentary feminine, a battle of equals with choreography that doesn't sacrifice their vocals. It's a tight, energetic, performance with a dual vocal run that is woven so tight like a braid of hair. This wasn't a Battle Round - this was a professional performance and both are winners.

Gwen says that was the favorite battle she's ever seen. Mark is incredible, she says, that spirit you have in you, the light is like coming out. And Celeste, your attitude up there is so infectious. Adam says Mark was electric, like a spark plug. What was that a kick (a dance move he performed)? Celeste, your tone is the most unique of the two but you both lit this place up and we all felt every second of it.

Blake says either one of them could be a star, so what are you going to do, little buddy? Coach Pharrell says you made Missy cry in the first rehearsal and I've never seen anything like that on this show before. Then today you raised be bar again and I had to stand up. Celeste, your choice of notes as like listening to vocal Cirque du Soleil. Where does that come from?  And then Mark, who can move that much and sing and do the things you do? Not Blake, pipes in Adam.  I made a mistake putting you together, Pharrell says, because I can't lose either one of you. I don't think it was a mistake, says Adam, because that was one of the best battle rounds we've ever had.

Who is the Battle Round winner, asks Carson? Pharrell says you are both amazing, but going with my gut, the winner of this battle is...

The winner of this Battle is...   Mark!

Gwen whispers to Pharrell she would have done the same thing. Pharrell comes out to meet Celeste as she thanks him and says it's not over. She sings, shaking her head with the spirit of faith, whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, it is well with my soul, it's well (It's Well With My Soul - Horatio G Spafford). Gwen is crying as Celeste and Pharrell hug.

Coach Adam pairs Dustin Monk against James Dupre, singing Fortunate Son (Credence Clearwater Revival). They realize they are singing Fogerty's song right in front of him. No pressure. Adam says they both have strong, powerful voices and there's a lot of things in the song that fit your pallets. John says Dustin has a rock-n-roll voice, singing on the edge and it's cool. James brought more Americana, blew my mind hearing that.

Adam tells them it's a drag out rock song and he needs to see more. John says there was a lot of anger behind the song - he had been drafted and no one told him why they were fighting. It took about 20m to write the song. Use all that, Adam tells them, don't try to duplicate John's vocal - find your own. John picks up a guitar and helps them rearrange the song to make more sense for them.

At their final rehearsal with the band, Adam tells them to get the timing down. John says they need to be ahead of the beat and not behind it. That's where the passion and unbridled craziness comes in. Adam says James comes from country and doesn't feel comfortable, but Justin almost feels too comfortable, so they need to meet in the middle. It's not one is better than the other, John says, just different approaches to the same song.

Going Voice to Voice from Team Adam, it's the Florida barber and soul rocker, Dustin Monk! Vs. the former paramedic and family man, James Dupre! Let the battle begin. James opens with a high road vocal, Dustin taking the low road. Both deliver solid, angst-driven vocals, but Dustin looks the part with his tattoos and shirt and vest. James, in his sports-coat and shirt has a harder time being believable.

Blake says James overall was the most consistent singer, really good pitch. Dustin may have hit some strange notes but took more risk.  Pharrell says Dustin's performance showed a lot of heart while James' showed a lot of precision. I'd probably lean toward James but you should allow your body to be as free as your voice.

Gwen says Dustin's stage performance was a little more all over the place with your body, but I was more captivated by James because his voice was so effortless, he turns into a real star. Coach Adam says everything they worked on with John Fogerty were executed flawlessly. I'm so taken with Dustin's willingness to go for it, and James is very composed and his voice fills the room effortlessly.

This is a tough decision, Adam says, I thought both of you rose to the occasion but the winner of this battle is...   James!

James is mobbed by his three boys who were in the audience. Dustin says goodbye to Coach Adam, heading back to the barber shop.

Don't forget you can listen to all of tonight's performances on Apple Music or buy them on iTunes.

The final battle pair of the night comes from Team Blake, pitting Barrett Baber against Dustin Christensen, singing Walking In Memphis (Marc Cohn). It's a challenging song and he wants to see who has the confidence and accuracy to destroy the song. Barrett says he has a connection with the song Blake tells Dustin he has to match Barrett's energy. Brad Paisley give them tips on how to flip up the harmony at the end.

At their final rehearsal, Brad says Dustin's vibrato and gravel is a little more unique. Blake says he brought the energy. He tells Barrett that whole diction thing is out the window, he was singing English. Brad points out a particular line that should be his shining moment. Nail it and you're not going home.

Entering for this Team Blake battle, it's the high school drama teacher and country soul singer, Barrett Baber! Vs. the Utah business grad turned folk rocker, Dustin Christensen! The battle starts right now. They fist bump and then the music starts, with an open by Barrett and a counter open by Dustin. Dustin looks the part more, Barrett's such a big guy, it's hard to see him suffering the blues.

The song hits the 2nd verse and they slow it down for some soulful, emotion-packed vocals, throwing in some falsetto. I think Dustin was performing a story while Barrett had more power and passion dripping off his brow. They come together for a slow, harmonious conclusion.

Carson says Blake, you are so screwed, let's see if your fellow coaches can't help you out. Pharrell says Dustin that was a phenomenal performance, you've mastered the difference in your tone, the way Barrett sings is really a big deal, you're both so rad. But if I had to pick, I think I'd pick Barrett.  Gwen says Barrett's incredible and Dustin's voice is crazy, great to listen to.

The fact that one of you is about to be available right now blows my mind, Adam says with foreshadowing, you're two of the best singers in the competition.  Barrett's baby boy in his mother's lap in the audience keep announcing his preference.  Yes, Adam says, Daddy crushed it. Blake is an all-in-all idiot for putting you two against each other. I didn't wonder who was better, I just thought these were two equals.

Coach Blake says thank you Dr. Evil (referencing Adam's shiny shaved head). I do agree that was idiotic, putting you two together. Barrett comes out like a linebacker, ready to lay someone out but has just incredible vocals, you just have that thing. Dustin, you also destroyed these performances, your voice is something special.

We have to find out right now who is the winner of this battle, Carson says. It's a tie, a draw, Blake says, but I have to make a decision.  The winner of this battle is...   Barrett!

Carson reminds the coaches Dustin is available to steal and Adam immediately slams his button down. WE HAVE A STEAL!!!!  But before Adam can gloat, Gwen presses her button and we have another steal! Not one but two coaches come in to swoop you up, Carson gushes.

Adam says I remember when I didn't get you and hoped I could get you back. Please don't break my heart twice. I love you and want to make beautiful music with you.  Gwen says I worship your voice, such a fan of that Neil Diamond thing, I'm thinking about the duet we're going to do together. If you want to hang out with me...  Obviously you want to hang out with her, Adam says.  This is an epic battle, Pharrell says.

Are you going to go with Superwoman, Blake asks, or Lex Luthor (again, a bald reference)? It's up to you, says Carson, who's your new coach?

Blake shouts he should go with Gwen. The audience is mixed.  Oh my gosh, Dustin says, I pick Adam!

Here's how the first night of Battle Rounds shook out. Team Adam's Jordan Smith beat Regina Love who was stolen by Coach Gwen. Team Blake's Zach Seabaugh beat Tyler Dickerson, who was eliminated from the competition.  Team Gwen's Ellie Lawrence beat Tim Atlas who was stolen by Coach Pharrell.  Team Pharrell's Mark Hood beat Celeste Belton, who was eliminated from the competition.

Team Adam's James Dupre beat out Dustin Monk, who was was eliminated from the competition. And Barrett Barber beat out the other Dustin, Dustin Christensen, who was stolen by both Coach Gwen and Coach Adam and ultimately chose to join Team Adam.

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Battle Rounds - Night Two


This is The Voice! Last night, the battles began, blowing our coaches away. Winners were picked, and with 2 steals each, our coaches gave a deserving few new life on their teams. Adam, Gwen and Pharrell each used one steal, but Blake still has both of his.

Tonight, the battles continue and to prepare their teams, the coaches have enlisted some of the biggest names in music. For Team Adam, John Fogerty. For Team Pharrell, Missy Elliot.  For Team Gwen, Selena Gomez.  And for Team Blake, Brad Paisley.  They'll challenge their teams and put them to the test. With steals in play, our coaches will fight to get the artists they want. It all starts right NOW!

Coach Adam pairs up Keith Semple and Manny Cabo.  They meet John Fogerty and learn they have been given the song Baba O'Riley (The Who) because of it's theatrical quality and soaring arrangement. Keith has so much personalty and Manny has so much passion, Adam says. He tells Manny to get raspy. John tells Keith to hang his notes out there.

In their final rehearsal, Keith says he has to match Manny's energy and intensity. John says Rock'n'Roll is about breaking the rules then making new rules, so Keith and Manny have to rock it on 11. Adam gets behind the drums to pump his artists up. Give it hell, Adam tells them, but be yourselves. Show your personality, John advises.

Battling tonight from Team Adam, it's the Irish rocker from Chicago, Keith Semple! Vs. the professional photographer from New Jersey, Manny Cabo! Let the battle begin. Manny opens by inviting the audience to sing along. Then Keith sets the tone with his gritty rock vocal.  Many is more polished but Keith's voice pierces through the air with a viral magnetism that Manny can't match even with his passion and power.

After a guitar solo by the band, the two jump down in front of the judges for the final chorus, with Manny in front of Adam and Keith in front of Blake, shouting Wasted back and forth before coming together with a weirdly arranged final note yelling wasted at each other.

Blake says how did you know I'm wasted right now? You're so stupid, Adam says.  And Adam loves Manny so much, Blake continues, he's trying to steal his look.  But he looks more like Sinead O'Connor. That was one of the best battles we've had on the show. Pharrell says Keith, those reaching notes, you make it work every time.  Let's go to the microphone, Keith's infant daughter says from the audience.

Pharrell says Keith went above and beyond expectations and could make an album right now with just that Irish thing. Manny, your voice is stratospheric, could make an album now that's timeless. Gwen says Manny knows what he's doing, it feels so natural and Keith took my breath away like you were let out of a cage, a natural star.  I'd have to say Keith.

Coach Adam says this was so polished it felt like a Knockout or semi-finals performance. Manny has an infectious way of taking full ownership and that can be intimidating, but Keith wasn't intimidated, it was like a tennis match, going back and forth. Your presence was felt that much on both ends.  I love you guys, uh, the winner of this battle is...   Keith!

Manny tells Adam his journey will continue but not on The Voice as none of the coaches choose to steal him.

From Team Blake comes the pairing of Chris Crump and Krista Hughes, singing When I Get Where I'm Going (Brad Paisley. Dolly Parton). It's got a powerful message and these two artists are both storytellers. Brad says the song was written after his aunt died from cancer. He wants to hear Donny and Marie here, a little bit country and a little bit pop.

Blake says Chris's tone sounds naturally emotional, he makes you feel he's hurting. Chris says he just lost his grandfather and the song gets into his head. Brad says when you get too emotional, think of a shark attack, that'll take you right out of it. Brad accompanies them on the guitar. He tells Krista they need more female singers and she needs to stay adventurous but learn it really well.

During their final rehearsal, Blake thinks there's something wrong with one of Krista's moments and Brad decides to rewrite it on the spot. He says we should have done it this way the first time. Blake says they are both going to have to get lost in the moment to win this Battle.

Two talented artists enter now from Team Blake. First, the newlywed pop vocalist Texas, Chris Crump! Vs. the classic country singer from West Virginia, Krista Hughes! Let the battle begin. The guitar is weeping and Chris opens with a soft, delicate vocal full of sensitivity and feeling. Krista meets him with nuanced, classical country accented vocal. Both artists balance each other evenly.
Both artists balance each other evenly.  When singing solo, Krista falls back to her country roots while Chris returns to that lofty, cushy vocal effect.  And yet he also has a powerful and dynamic voice that adds dimension to his performance that Krista isn't quite able to match. For me this round goes to Chris.

Pharrell says he thought he had Chris pegged after the first verse as a soft voice, but then he goes to a chest voice and it's strong. Great performance. Krista had a couple flat notes in the bridge but it was just as strong coming out as it was going in. But I think I would go with Chris.

Gwen says to Chris, I can't believe your voice sounded like, so soothing and rich and controlled. Then Krista came in and gave me goose bumps twice. Together your voices blended so well. I would probably send Chris through.  Adam says Krista lost control of the range a little and Chris knew it and you could see he felt bad. But you were both exceptional, two of our best.

Blake has the final decision. Chris did a great job of taking a country song and telling the story the way you do, you're a great storyteller. Krista, that bridge is still haunting us, but you did an incredible job of taking a male song and making your voice work in it. So now what do I do? This isn't easy at all, but the winner of this battle is Chris.  Krista is not stolen and leaves the show.

This wasn't the only difficult decision the coaches had to make. Pharrell paired indy pop artist Sydney Rhame with pop singer Madi Davis and Madi rose to the occasion to win the Battle. Gwen paired alternative singer Alex Kandel against rocker Kota Wade, and loved Kota's personality enough to make her the winner.  Then Gwen had pop artist Jeffrey Austin face off against pop R&B singer Noah Jackson, and decided to keep Jeffrey.

Don't forget you can listen to tonight's Battle performances on Apple Music or buy them on iTunes!

Pharrell's next match-up pits Ivonne Acero against Siahna Im, the two youngest on Team Pharrell, singing You Keep Me Hanging On (The Supremes). It requires character for them to sing. Pharrell tells Siahna she has great tone but has to strengthen her vibrato. Missy says have fun, make eye contact to make it seem like it's coming from a real place. Ham it up, Pharrell says.

Pharrell tells Ivonne she's singing beautifully but is too tight in her presence. Don't be afraid to let go, Missie says, don't hold back.  The eyes are the windows to the soul, Pharrell says, but if the eyes are closed, you can't tell if anyone's home.  That was all of us, many years ago, Missie says after the girls leave.

In their final rehearsal, Missie calls Siahna a firecracker but Pharrell still wants her to strengthen her vibrato more. You have to be vocally explosive. He still wants Ivonna to be more engaged. Give it your all, Missie says. She loses her place and Pharrell says she has to take charge when that happens. Jump out the window with me, he says, you're not going to fall.  (do not take literally).

Which young singer from Team Pharrell will advance to the Knockouts? Will it be the 17yr old second chance artist from Arizona, Ivonne Acero? Or will it be the 15yr old Washington high schooler with an old soul, Siahna Im? This battle begins now.  The Battle opens with Siahna delivering a full volume vocal, while Ivonne matches her with more dynamics and color. They come together in 2 part harmony, each dancing while the other sings.

In the second verse, they answer each other's lines, Siahna adding more dimension to her performance while Ivonne has more action in her voice than in her dance moves. Ivonne has the better vocal but Siahna delivers the better performance and looks more comfortable and natural on stage despite her youth.  

Gwen says who are you, to Siahna, 15 yrs old and you have so much attitude in that tiny body. Ivonne has such a strong voice, I don't know who I would pick. Adam says Siahna looks like she was invented by Pixar, the attitude and sass waiving your finger back and forth.  Both sides had things to be worked on vocally, Ivonne I could see it in your face. Otherwise, there's potential for both of you. Touch choice.

Blake says Siahna is the worst she's ever going to be at 15 - she's only going to get better and is already awesome. And I'm ready to pick Ivonne the second she smiles. It's cute overload, Adam says. But not so much to take away from their singing, Blake clarifies.

Pharrell has the final decision.  Both did a performance full of feeling, Pharrell says, Siahna still has work to do on her vibrato and Ivonne has to work out those nerves but both had really fine performances. There's so much potential on the stage right now. Carson reminds him he has to make a choice. Who's the winner of this battle?

OK, the winner of this battle is...   Siahna!  She moves on to the Knockout Rounds!

Carson reminds the coaches Ivonne is available to steal. She can't find the words and doesn't have to because WE'VE GOT A STEAL!  Christina presses her button.  The realization that she's still in the competition has barely sunk in before Blake announces he's going in. WE HAVE ANOTHER STEAL!!  

You're so dumb, Gwen says to Blake, she belongs on my team. What are you going to say, asks Blake, you haven't thought about anything good to say, just staring at her like a freak. What is wrong with you? Let's just get real, Gwen says, you cannot be on Blake's team. Right, says Adam. You were always meant to be on my team, Gwen says, I could tell from the very beginning how talented you are. I know what you want to do, I was you, I lived your dream.  

This is a good battle, Pharrell says with a smile. Adam goes up to Ivonne on the stage and says look, pointing to Gwen, Angel. Devil, he says, pointing to Blake. He returns to his chair.

Now, you get the opportunity to work with a woman, Gwen continues, for me to plug into you and download everything I did and share it with you and Blake can't do that. Blake says woah. Blake doesn't even have the internet, Adam says, he's from Oklahoma.

Let's get serious, Blake says, stop that crying. Let's talk about what we have in common.  We were both on the show last year, and we're both on it this year.  And every year, I plant 5 acres of cantaloupes (her family are cantaloupe farmers) at my place in Oklahoma. What are you talking about, Adam asks? There are these things called farms outside of the city, Blake explains, and people grow stuff.

This whole thing with downloading, he's right, we don't have internet in Oklahoma. But we do have radio and so I know a lot about music. Adam points out that Blake didn't turn around for her Blind Audition. Gwen did turn around.  Why is Howie Mandel from AGT on this show, Blake asks, mocking Adam's clear cut head, why are you even here right now? It's up to you, Carson tells Ivonne, who is your new coach?

Thank you so much, Ivonne says, I'm so blessed to be here a second time. Uhhh, I pick...  Blake!  What's happening, Gwen asks? Coach Blake has stolen Ivonne Acero from Coach Adam and Gwen!

So tonight, Coach Adam chose Keith Semple over Manny Cabo. Coach Blake chose Chris Crump over Krista Hughes. Coach Pharrell chose Madi Davis over Sydney Rhame and Siahna Im over Ivonne Acero, who was subsequently stolen by Coach Blake. And Coach Gwen chose Kota Wade over Alex Kandel and Jeffrey Austin over Noah Jackson.  We'll see you next week for the the remaining Battle Rounds!

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Battle Rounds - Night 3


This is The Voice! Tonight, The Battles continue and performances reach new heights.  To help prepare their artists, our coaches enlisted the help of some of the biggest names in music. Gwen Stefani brought in Selena Gomez. Blake Shelton brought in Brad Paisley. Adam Levine brought in John Fogerty. And Pharrell brought in Missy Elliot.

Our artists will be pushed like never before to stay in the competition. And our coaches each have one steal left. It's the most incredible night of Battles yet. The Battles start Right Now!

Coach Blake's first battle pairing pits Blaine Mitchell against Blind Joe, performing Old Time Rock'n'Roll (Bob Seger). They both have big, loud voices that leave blood and guts up on the stage. It's kind of a universal, country and rock song. Brad says Blind Joe has that unique raspy thing, while Blaine has a different way of delivering the style. He tells Blaine he put them back in their seats but had trouble with the pitch.

Blake tells Blind Joe that there are places where the melody can go up and add to the music.  Brad tells him to lay off a little before going for the high note to leave some gas in the tank. In their final rehearsal, Blake tells Blaine to rock out like he normally does. Think sweat and stale bear and girls everywhere, that's what this moment is.

Blake reminds Blind Joe he has to remember when Blaine's lines are so he doesn't step on them. It's more difficult for him since he can't cue off of what Blaine is doing. They work out some signals to make it fair. Brad says Blind Joe comes in at the beginning like a baseball bat, and it's like a clinic watching him play guitar. Blind Joe says he could die a happy man now.

Going Voice to Voice, from Team Blake, it's the Texas pop rocker, Blaine Mitchell! Vs. the inspiring country singer from North Dakota, Blind Joe! Let the Battle begin. The piano leads in and Blind Joe takes over from there, with Blaine right beside them, a little bit country and a little bit rock'n'roll. Blind Joe has to sit still but his vocal has plenty of movement. Blaine is dancing all over the ring but remains generous to his new friend.

They play off each other the whole performance and end up in harmony. Pharrell says that was exhilarating. He heard Blaine take this high note up a full octave, wow, and Blind Joe... Blind Joe says Pharrell is looking good tonight. Pharrell says he didn't expect him to be as soulful, I may have to go with Blind Joe but you were both honestly great.

Gwen says Blaine had to be the one to work the stage and did a great job. Blind Joe just bought a shirt like yours (classic country design), he's obsessed with cowboy shirts right now. Gwen asks if that's his family over there, pointing to the audience. I'm not sure with who you're pointing at, Blind Joe says, but let's go with Yes, if they're good looking.

Gwen addresses the family: I can't imagine how proud you are right now.  To Blind Joe she says, it's so incredible how we are all given our own gifts in life, and yours was to sing and play guitar the way you do, so uniquely, I just feel lucky to be here to witness that. Adam says I wanted to be drunk, at a bar, in a bar fight, there was something brawly and unruly up there, it was awesome.

Blind Joe, you're fantastic. But Blaine, dude, you're a rock'n'roll star, Michael Hutchins, INXS, kind of a George Michael thing, you showed me something I didn't pick up on before. Coach Blake says mission accomplished, you just heard Stone Cold Steve Austin (bald Adam) say he wanted to get in a bar fight and drunk and all that. Isn't that what you do in the country, Adam asks, get in bar fights?

Blake asks Joe to borrow his cane so he can clobber Adam with it. Blaine is bouncing around and Blind Joe wouldn't be quiet in between Blaine's lines, egging him on, it was rowdy and thank you for doing that. A dead tie as far as singing goes. So now I have to decide what is the right thing to do. We have to find out right now, Carson says, who is the winner of this Battle?

The winner of this Battle is...  Blind Joe! Carson reminds the coaches Blaine is available to steal and Adam does just that. WE HAVE A STEAL!!!  He doesn't know what it is, he tells Blaine, but he wants to figure it out.

The next Battle comes from Team Adam, Cassondra Robertson vs. Viktor Kiraly, singing Nobody Knows (Kevin Sharp).  Adam tells them they have more in common than they realize, they're both super soulful singers. John says this is a melody you can sing your teeth into. Cassondra says Viktor is experienced with a lot of success overseas but she is confident she can show her heart and really showcase the song.

John asks them if the song has to modulate, raising the key in little steps ruined it. Adam agrees, they don't need it so they try without it. Adam says Cassondra has some Fogerty grit at the top of her voice. He tells Viktor to not swallow the end of his lines. In their final rehearsal, Adam says they are both pros killing it. John says it was amazing, they were ready, scary good, but Viktor sounds like he's telling a story.

Adam adds in a sudden stop, which John recognizes as the moment the former modulation used to be. Adam tells them not to fall back on improvisation to fill spaces - less is more. Not less passion or emotion but note-wise. Really play up the conversational argument element. Start out singing to the audience but then turn to singing to each other.

Entering now from Team Adam, it's the Texas caterer and mother of 2, Cassandra Robertson! Vs. the Hungarian pop sensation from New York, Viktor Kiraly! Let the Battle begin. Cassandra opens with a soft aural vocal, then Viktor counters with a soft, sensitive first verse.  He's as smooth as butter but she commands the stage as they sing face to face. Also lays her hands on his shoulder for emphasis but her vocal seems to be in response to his. Who is lead?

Blake says there have been battles with bigger moments, but this was so consistent. I'm impressed with Cassandra, you had an unbelievable run. But Viktor was even more impressive, staying equal with someone of your caliber. Because I was so shocked, I would go with Viktor. Pharrell says one wouldn't assume someone from Hungary would sound like that, but Ms. Robertson, your range from the top to the bottom, I felt like it was something magical and undeniable so I would give it to you.

Gwen says I'm blown away that you (Viktor) kept up with that (Cassandra), you (Viktor) have such a beautiful voice.  And Cassandra was so meant to be on the stage. It's crazy. Coach Adam says Cassandra looks and sounds beautiful and Viktor is beautiful in a totally different way. You're both technically skilled, but your ability to connect not just with the vocal but with each other is an amazing lethal combination, executed with such passion and feeling.

Next from Team Gwen comes the pairing of Chase Kerby against Korin Bukowski, performing Samson (Regina Spektor). Both are artistic and emotional singers and this song is about making people believe you wrote this song together. It's a heavy song, Chase says, about frustration. Korin's voice was softer and less dynamic than Gwen remembers. Selena says Chase's falsetto wasn't sweet and she liked it.

Selena says she liked how Chase ended some of phrases with downturns on the words. Gwen tells Korin she has such a tender voice but needs to show a little more power to stand up against Chase. At their final rehearsal, Gwen gets whole body double rainbow shivers. Korin stepped it up and Selena says she completely blossomed  and related to that song.

Korin says she just recalled what hurt was like in high school. Gwen tells Chase he was a little quiet. He admits he needs to open his eyes a little. Unless the song makes you, Gwen says, people want to see into you and that's what Korin's doing, I look into her heart through her eyes. Don't close me off from you.  

Which Team Gwen artist will win this battle? Will it be the Oklahoma Candy Shop owner Chase Kirby? Or the pre-med student from Miami, Korin Bukowski? The Battle starts right now. Korin opens soft and flighty, and Chase comes in open and lovestruck. The bloom quickly falls off the rose as Chase delivers the story while Korin lends emotion and disappointment.  Overall it's a understated performance, leaving you wondering if there's more then realizing what you got was very satisfying.

Adam says he applauds the risk of a bitter sweet performance. Chase has a great voice, both in the falsetto and regular but the transition was a little rough. Korin has an amazing ability to sail through the vocal emotional yet on pitch, very captivating. You both have something special but I think I'd go with Korin. Blake says it was mesmerizing, Chase's transitions made it feel very emotional, like he was going to cry while singing.

Pharrell says Chase clearly has a great voice, but the song wasn't in your wheelhouse, the cards fell in Korin's direction, it was something she naturally does. That doesn't mean I didn't hear how great a singer Chase is. Coach Gwen says she's still Mama Bear about both of them, and I get pissed off at any critique. Pharrell and Adam hide behind their chairs.  There was nothing more emotional than what I just heard, the way you captivated us with your voices,

Gwen says Adam was wrong about all of it, it was intense and awesome. Both of you touched me. I'm just going to do it right here. Ready for this? The winner of this Battle is... Korin!

From Team Pharrell comes the pairing of Evan McKeel and Riley Biederer, singing Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder). Pharrell says they both have super soulful voices.  Riley thinks the song is better suited for Evan but she can go crazy with the ad libs and making her own. Evan is blown away by her control over her runs and stuff. Pharrell calls Evan a natural and Riley beautiful.

Riley had the stank, Missy says, it's a confidence thing, fearless, sassy.  He tells Evan his voice is crazy. Something else, Riley agrees. Missey says she loved it when he got to the bridge and got raspy. Pharrell tells Riley to be comfortable and tells Evan to turn it up. In their final rehearsal, Evan says this requires a lot of him vocally. Riley says this is the one pairing she didn't want.

Pharrell tells Riley her instincts are wonderful... Personality too, adds Missy...   But you have to be more comfortable with the song, Pharrell says. Evan's tone is original and different, Pharrell says.  Evan is worried that they'll sing over each other so they rehears that again.

Going head to head from Team Pharrell, it's the Virgina rocker with church roots, Evan McKeel! Vs. the ex-gymnist turn Georgia peach pop singer, Riley Biederer!  This Battle begins right now. Even sets the tone with his boogie beat and hip swinging. Riley throws in her own sass and soul groove. But Evan's got the moves and the feel of the song, more of let-it-all-loose showman. Riley throws out some terrific vocals but is simply upstaged by the energetic, frenetic motion of Evan.

Gwen says if Evan's voice was in someone else's body, it would have been whatever. In your body, it makes it so...   Just your presence, it's so magic to watch you perform. Riley haws a really rich voice and seemed to be having so much fun. Stevie Wonder had a high voice, Adam says, and Evan pulled it off so unbelievably well it upset me because I can't do it that well. You both had huge triumphs but I would pick Evan.

Blake says Evan destroyed that performance, so good, and that Risky Business slide, but Riley has the type of voice I would recognize and the one with the most unique sound is Riley. But I think Evan won that Battle.  Coach Pharrell says Riley did an amazing job, her choice of notes, using the whole stage.  When Evan sings, there's a matrix in your head and it allows you to hit the exact pocket, and then your range is just stratospheric.

The winner of this Battle is...   Evan!

As Riley walks off the stage, Gwen sits on her button.  WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!!  No one is more excited than Evan backstage. Gwen says she likes how loose she was on stage and wants to work with her.

Don't forget you can listen to tonight's performance on Apple Music or buy the tracks on iTunes.

Gwen's next pairing puts up Braiden Sunshine against Lyndsey Elm, performing No One Is To Blame (Howard Jones).  Gwen says they are both creative artists who make things their own. She tells Braiden his voice makes no sense for his age.  Braiden says he doesn't have the words in his vocabulary to describe the quality of Lyndey's voice. Selena tells her to be more confident, she has a deeper quality of her voice to get into.

Gwen agrees the deeper tone brings more character to her voice. Selena says she has an eager spunk to her. Lindsey says Braiden is already a powerhouse at 15, she has to step up. Gwen says he's very instinctual with his his emotions. Selena says he has the ability to transfix people. Braiden says he feels so quiet. Gwen says that's OK, they just want to hear him sing. Selena calls him adorable, and that makes him special as an artist.

Gwen tells Lindsay to try to sing a section as one long note and show off the power of her voice, no trickery, show she can go there.  They agree Baiden should save his power for effect later in the song, make the audience want it. In their final rehearsal, Lindsey brings out a video from when her brother was at a 2009 taping of Wizards of Waverly Place thanking her for being a fan.

Gwen tells Lindsey she's coming to life, reeled in her ad libs and taking the notes and doing something with it. Braiden is holding back a bit and they talk about how to hold the stage when they're not singing. She gives them a demonstration on how to not show nerves. There's so much more than singing the song, she says, there's commanding the stage. Selena says she focus one one guy or girl and makes great eye contact.

Who will represent Team Gwen in the Knockouts? Will it be the youngest in this competition, 15yr old indie artist Braiden Sunshine? Or the pop-vocalist breaking free from the family business, Lindsey Elm? The Battle stars now. There's no nervousness on Braiden's part and Lindsey's stature makes her a physical equal in addition to being a vocal equal to the young man.

Her vocal is naturally sweet and honest  but he has a purity and innocence, at times feeling like he's projecting feeling and at other times like he's channeling teenage angst. Her vocal is stronger but his presence and power is undeniable.  

Adam says it was back and forth like a tennis match. Both had one moment each that made me think there was so much more. You can't go wrong with either one of these people. Thank you Powder, Blake says, with yet another bald reference. They're both wonderful for totally different reasons, Adam says, giving Blake a disgusted glare. Blake says Lindsey had us won until Braiden hit us with that note at the end, and it was like...  

It was like a rainbow came shooting out, Adam says.  We've only seen the tip of the iceberg with this kid, Blake says of Braiden. And probably with Lindsey but you took liberties throughout the entire song, which also cannot be ignored by your coach. Flip a coin, Gwen.  Pharrell asks how they feel and Braiden quickly puts forth he was sharp on a C. Adam never even thought about it.

#Pharrell says Braiden opened the door and showed there is so much more to his voice and you didn't really even use your unique tone that you had during your Blind. Then there's Lindsey who colored the song beautifully. He has all the makings to be a killer. That's not the face of a killer, Adam says, he's a sweet, sweet boy.  Braiden blushes. Then your voice is so seductive, Pharrell continues.  In an interesting way, when the audience gasps at the image of a graduate student seducing a 15yr old boy. Not that way, Pharrell says, wow.

Mesmerizing, Pharrell attempts to clarify. Coach Gwen says Lindsey's star really came out tonight, your voice, tone, control, presence on stage. Braiden, to work with someone your age as cool as you are was incredible. Your high notes when you push out that far is mind blowing. Great job moving about the stage, you had to work at that, it wasn't comfortable but you did a really good job.

Gwen, who is the winner of this battle? There has not been a moment on this show where I've been more confused, Gwen says. This is impossible, if I worked with Lindsey we'd connect and she'd stay in the competition for a while. Braiden is a little more risky, it's just going to get harder and harder. That's the fun of it, Braiden says with a smile, come on! The audience erupts at his cuteness.

Thank you for making it harder, Gwen says, pretending to be stabbed in the heart. What I'm going to do is just go with what my heart's telling me, right at this second. And the winner of this Battle is...

Braiden!  He takes a step back, stunned. He soaks up the applause as he exits the stage. Lindsey thanks Gwen for showing her what it means to be a confident woman on and off stage.

The final Battle pairing tonight comes from Team Adam, Chance Pena against the duo of Andi & Alex, singing Wherever You Will Go (The Calling).  Adam says Chance has a richness to his voice and the twins sing in a high register. Chance is worried about competing with their natural harmony but the twins were impressed by his own pure vocal. John tells him not to go too low and calls the twins angels sent to Earth to sing.

Adam says they should listen to Lady Antebellum to study 3 part harmony. In their final rehearsal, Adam says match Chance's notes on one particular harmony. It's a vocal masterpiece on 3 mic stands, Adam says.  He says Chance is holding strong.  John says to the twins to make sure they hit the resolve when they go high.

Battling now from Team Adam, it's the Twin indie pop duo from Wisconsin, here are Andi & Alex! Vs. the 15yr old aspiring pop singer from Texas, Chance Pena! Let the Battle begin! The girls open with 2 part harmony in the corner of the ring, standing before their mic stands, soft and sweet and feminine. Then Chance comes in, standing right next to them, adding a masculinity and youthful earnestness to his milky vocal.

With Chance singing most of the verse, it felt like the twins were backing him up, then they came together for the chorus. Chance was just apart enough to stand out from the twins during the 3 part harmonies without breaking them. The twins at times were singing to each other rather than to Chance, creating the unfortunate impression of a teenage 3-way but there's no doubt there was chemistry there.

Blake says that was magical. There's something about sibling harmony that's like nothing else so I'm a fan. It's bull crap you didn't pick me when I pressed my button but I'm very happy for you. Chance, you snuck up on me, I knew the girls were good, and you're not even wearing socks. They've already blown his socks off, I thought. Dude, I freakin' love the sound of your voice. I would have said Andi & Alex going into this, but I would pick Chance now.

Pharrell says the twins when they sing is nothing short of magic, like two unicorns, fairy-tale land. Chance, the way you sounded was unbelievable, your voice led in that performance just because it was the odd man out. Having that kind of control is really unheard of. OMG, Gwen says, that was unbelievable, the twins were magic, the harmonies like candy in my ears it sounded so good. And Chance, every time you sang "I wish I could turn back time," I was thinking if I was 15 I'd have your poster in my locker, I'd be drawing hearts all over your picture, I'd be losing my mind over you.

Obviously you need to stay on the show, Gwen concludes, getting control of her teenage self. Adam has the final decision. He says it was so tough for Chance, going against these two so in sync with each other you would think anyone trying to compete with that would be totally locked out. But the sound created when the 3 of you sang together was something real. I actually believed a group should be formed between the 3 of you.

This is brutal, Adam says. Who is the winner of this Battle? The winner of this Battle is...  Rub you head, Blake says helpfully, it's got to be lucky like Buddha.  Adam doesn't even acknowledge Blake.

The winner of this battle, Adam says, is...   The winner is Andi & Alex!  OMG, says Gwen, looking at Pharrell and Blake.

Carson reminds the coaches Chance is available to steal.  Blake looks at Pharrell who looks at Blake, both smiling. Chance thanks Adam for the opportunity and believing in him. I still do, Adam says. And even the short amount of time, Chance continues, as the stage lights up.

WE HAVE A STEAL!!!  Blake Shelton steals Chance Pena! Chance mouths Thank You to Blake as the twins celebrate off stage. Gwen is pressing her button but she's all out of Steals. There's something completely magical about your voice, Blake says, I missed it in the Blind Auditions but you proved it here. Plus, I need to get you some socks. I really need socks, Chance agrees.  

So after our third night of Battles, Team Blake kept Blind Joe over Blaine Mitchel who was stolen by Coach Adam, who also chose Viktor Kiraly over Cassandra Robertson.  Coach Gwen gave the nod to Korin Bukowski over Chase Kerby, while Coach Pharrell chose Evan McKeel over Riley Biederer.  But Riley was stolen by Coach Gwen who then went on to keep Braiden Sunshine over Lindsey Elm.  And when Coach Adam chose twins Andi & Alex, Coach Blake was quick to bring Chance Pena over this team.

The Battle Rounds conclude Tuesday night and the only coach left with a Steal is Pharrell. Join us here on Morty's TV for all the exciting performance action!

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Battle Rounds - Night Four


This is The Voice! This season, the Battles have been better than ever and the Steals have sent shock waves through the teams. Pharrell is is the only coach left with a Steal. With so much at stake, the artists will leave everything on the stage. Who will go on and who will go home? And who will earn the final Steal? The final night of The Battles starts Right Now!

The first pairing of the night comes from Team Adam, Amanda Ayala vs. Shelby Brown, singing Edge Of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks).  It takes a powerful female vocalist to sing that song and both Shelby and Amanda have strong voices, plus they're both 17. Shelby says she has more of a challenge since Amanda is more of a rocker. Adam tells them to start out in unison and then harmonize.

Shelby says she has a problem with timing. John Fogerty tells the story of when he had to sing a song he didn't know with Bruce Springsteen. Even if the timing's wrong, belt it out. Adam tells her practice takes care of the nerves. Amanda worries about keeping pace with Shelby's power without straining, natural and organic.  During their final rehearsal, Shelby is overwhelmed in front of a full band, overthinking and missing lyrics.

Which young artist from Team Adam will win this battle? Will it be the rocker from New York, Amanda Ayala? Or the 17yr old Alabama country hopeful, Shelby Brown? Let the Battle begin. The open as one, then split apart, Shelby delivering a country twang while Amanda tries to deliver a sophisticated flavor. Their harmonies don't quite work and individually, neither truly nails it, though I think Shelby had the stronger vocal.  Amanda felt a little flat.

Blake says he'll do his best to help Adam out before his audition for the Blue Man Group.  Blake must have a team of bald joke writers on staff.  Adam laughs mockingly.  Blake says Amanda has a slower vibrato, a little sandpapery rasp that he loves. Blake finally gets the reason they did that song - both girls are 17.  Figured that out all by myself. You're a genious, Adam mocks.  Blake takes a bow.

Blake tells Shelby she has a bigger, louder voice and when she hits her note, she stays on it with no vibrato in her voice and that's impressive. This is a matter of taste. Pharrell says that was impressive for you to be singing at 17yrs old.  That's why they sang that song, explains Blake. Amanda's control was crazy, then Shelby came through with these big unapologetic notes.

Gwen says Shelby filled the room up with incredible powe and Amanda's voice has beautiful texture to it. But it's what Coach Adam thinks that means everything to these two young ladies. He says Shelby sassed it up and believed in herself, turning her nerves around. Amanda is such a pro at such a young age.  

The winner of this Battle is...   Shelby!  Amanda thanks Adam for the opportunity and she is gone from the competition.

The next pairing comes from Team Pharrell as Amy Vachal takes on the newly engaged duet of Jubal & Amanda, singing To Love Somebody (The Bee Gees).  They join Pharrell and Missy Elliot for rehearsal. Pharrell says Jubal and Amanda are southern and Amy is folk.  Missy says Jubal and Amanda were in their own world, winking at each other.  When they're threw here, they're going to back to the hotel to show each other how to love somebody.

Pharrell wants Jubal and Amanda to take on an arrangement where they weave their own harmonies and sing together. Missy tells Amy to project more.  Pharrell tells her to project the emotion. During the final rehearsal, Missy wants Amy and Jubal to lose the guitars and the music stands. Missy says Amy projected without the guitar to hind behind. Amanda and Jubal struggle with creating 3 part harmony with Amy.

Battling now, from Team Pharrell, it's the Brooklyn singer-songwriter, Amy Vaschal!  Vs. the newly engaged country duo from Tulsa, Jubal and Amanda! Let the Battle Begin. Amy sets the tone with a soft, raspy vocal.  Jubal comes in next, and Amanda sings third before they create 2 part harmony. The two groups take turns with Jubal providing the strong masculine vocal.  Amy is not as strong in vocal strength or confidence.

Gwen says So beautiful, the ending with 3 part harmonies. Jubal and Amanda are so strong, while Amy is delicate and airy. It's a real contrast, but Amy on her own is a star. Adam says Amy was like the third wheel on a date. There was no way for this not to be awkward bit Amy shined on her own, as brightly as those two together.

Blake says Jubal and Amanda are so much better than they were in their Blind audition. And Amy, the most hurtful rejection I've had on this show as when she didn't pick him during the blind audition.  It still hurts and you're still laughing at me. But as great as Jubal and Amanda are, I don't know how you move forward with Amy.  

The final decision goes to Pharrell.  Jubal and Amanda are an amazing unit together, he says, and Amy has this delicate way in her approach to songs. I can see your music reassuring people who have a really bad day that it's going to be all right.

Everyone did great today, I'm going to go with my heart and say Amy won this battle.

As the night went on, the coaches continued to pick artists they believed were ready for the Knockouts. Pharrell paired Daria Jazmin against Darius Scott, singing Lean On Me (Bill Withers), choosing Darius Scott.  Blake had Close Criske face off against Nadjah Nicole, singing Baby One More Time (Britney Spears) and picked Nadjah as the winner.   And Gwen picked Hannah Ashbrook with Summer Schappell, singing Leave The Pieces (The Wreckers), keeping Summer.

Don't forget you can listen to tonight's performances on Apple Music and buy them from iTunes.  The final pairing tonight comes from Team Blake, Emily Ann Roberts and Morgan Frazier, and there's one Steal left for Coach Pharrell (so you do the math).  Singing I'm That Kind Of Girl (Patty Loveless), Blake says it's in their wheelhouse and they come from the same country place.

Blake says Morgan's voice is desperate sounding but she derails when she gets into the upper octaves. He wants Emily Ann to adjust her vocal and deliver some sass. Morgan has to overcome being intimidated by big notes. During the final rehearsal. both girls bring it, delivering everything Blake and Brad asked of them. This is all about performance, Brad says to Blake.

Right now two young country hopefuls go head to head from Team Blake. First it's the 16yr old high school junior from Knoxville, it's Emily Ann Roberts! Vs. the determined Nashville honky-tonk singer, Morgan Frazier! Let the Battle begin. Both girls have energy, teenage attitude and deliver strong country vocals .  Emily Ann has a bit more stage presence but Morgan has the stronger vocal, painting a little bit bigger picture.

Gawd, Blake says. Pharrell asks how they felt about their performances. They say good. That's all I can do for you, Jokes Pharrell to Blake. Emily did a really good job and Morgan was great. Gwen says Emily Ann commanded the stage with her personality and has huge potential, her voice so sturdy and rich.  And then Morgan has so much personality.

What do you have, Mr. Clean, Blake asks Adam, getting in one last bald joke during the Battles. It was hard to decide what I enjoyed more, Adam says, the performance so stellar or what a ding dong Blake is for putting you together. I'm really going to enjoy giving Blake no help to make his decision.

Coach Blake says Emily Ann looks like this little girl in rehearsal, afraid to come out of your shell but you were all over the place on stage tonight. And for Morgan, that note you hit at the end was Carrie Underwood. There's vomit inside me right now.

Who is the winner of this Battle, Carson asks. I just gotta go with the person I think I can make the biggest difference with.

The person who won this round is...   Emily Ann!

Morgan begins to thank Coach Blake and say it with me, WE GOT A STEAL!!!  Coach Pharrell uses his final Steal on Morgan Frazier!

That brings the Battle Rounds to an end this season.  Tonight Coach Adam closed out his team with Shelby Brown over Amanda Ayala.  Coach Pharrell chose Amy Vachal and Darius Scott over Jubal & Amanda and Daria Dazmin.  Coach Gwen completed her team with Summer Schappell over Hanna Ashbrook.  And Coach Blake will go to the Knockouts with Nadjah Nicole and Emily Ann Roberts over Cole Criske and Morgan Frazer, who was stolen from Team Blake.

Next week the Knockouts begin.  But first, join Mega Superfan of Kevin Zelman (@KevinZelman) live this Wednesday at 2pm ET on StreamTV to discuss this week's Voice performances and eliminations! You can also find all Kevin's episodes on-demand at http://tinyurl.com/VoiceRecap

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The Knockouts - Night One


This is The Voice! The artists shocked our coaches during the Blind Auditions, then blew them away in the Battles.  And now the best of the best must survive the Knockouts. Helping to prepare them all, 8 time Grammy winning superstar, with 13 #1 singles, and over 54m albums sold, global icon, Rihanna.

The artists will pick their own songs, then sing individually against a surprise  opponent from their own team.  And with each coach only having one Steal, every note will count.  The incredible Knockouts start Right Now!

We start with a Team Adam Knockout, Andi & Alex against Blaine Mitchell, artists who speak to off the beaten path. Andi & Alex choose to perform Stupid Boy by Keith Urban, a country song to showcase their diversity. Rihanna says she adores their own vibe but they have to be bold and not afraid of their voice when singing along. Adam says their harmonies are crazy but wants them to try without the guitar. He wants them to start apart, make it personal. Rihanna says like you're in separate bedrooms venting about each other.

Blaine chooses to perform Hold Back The River (James Bay) which will showcase who he is as an artist. Rihanna says he's so different the way he performs. Adam says the second half needs the clarify of the first half. How balsy, Rihanna tells him after a rehearsal. He's a real rock-n-roll dude, Adam says.

Blaine goes first, opening with a soft, nuanced and measured vocal, tender yet intense. His hands alternate between cupping the microphone and pushing back the imaginary tide. He slowly grows in power and drama for a crowd-pleasing performance. Andi & Alex are light and breathy with their solo vocals, unique in their individuality, magical in their harmony.  The arrangement is not rushed, demonstrating unison control.

Blake says I probably screwed up by letting you go, dude, unbelievable. Alex usually takes the lead so Andi's beautiful voice was a surprise, standing out on your own there. The only disadvantage you have is a less dynamic song than Blaine's.  Pharrell says hearing Andi's voice really for the first time makes you wonder why didn't they pick a song that really showcases what you do together and separately better. And Blaine had a moment like every artist aspires to experience.

Gwen says how cool it would be to have someone who looks just like you and you really like. You guys are incredible. Blaine, you have something so rare, being in the moment and experiencing the emotion of the song, it was incredible to watch. Coach Adam says Andi & Alex needed to separate themselves and did a fantastic job. Blaine was stolen on a whim and thank Gd I did, the power was amazing!

Adam, who is the winner of this Knockout? The winner of this Knockout is...   Blaine!

From Team Gwen comes the Knockout pairing of Braiden Sunshine and Ellie Lawrence, both great personalities and both with opportunities to grow. 15yr old Braiden chooses to sing Feeling Good (Michael Buble), a cool song unexpected from a teenage boy. Rihanna says he looks like a nerd but his voice is scary. He's worried if his voice cracks. Just commit to the note, Rihanna says, those imperfections make up the character of your voice.

Gwen says if he's going to do this kind of song, he should go theatrical. Rihanna wants him to slick his hair back but doesn't want to - his friends won't speak to him. He will if you're making money, honey, Rihanna says. Ellie chooses Cool For The Summer (Demi Lovato) because it's a slow tempo mood song.  Rihanna says she needs to stay on pocket on the beat.  If the note is wide, she has to narrow it. Gwen says she needs more sassyness in her vocal and stage presence.

A completely new Braiden goes first, the curls replaced by a masculine coif.  The violins provide a dramatic background to the opening notes, beautiful, tender and boyish but in total control. Then he shifts it into gear and the boy is gone and a young man performs the hell out of the this classic, backed full of passion and emotion and ecstatic joy that brings the coaches and the audience to their feet.

Having been thrown down the gauntlet, Ellie answers with her Knockout performance, a pop tempo, suave and sophisticated vocal, but I don't feel like it showcases the uniqueness of her voice and may be just a little bit flat in places. Towards the end she begins to splay some of the grit and edge in her vocal.  It was fun but not really her.

#Adam says Braiden is amazing at 15, it was like a Bar Mitzvah, your hair is different, it was like see you later, puberty.  Harry Potter auditioned, Blake says, and now it's Michael Buble standing up there. I'm a man in my suit and tie, Adam continues, and I'm gonna sing the crap out of that song, I'm so impressed by the massive bounds you've taken.

And Ellie, when someone blasts out of a cannon, it's hard to recover, Adam says, and I commend you for keeping it together up there, but I have to give this one to Braiden. Blake says Ellie is right up Gwen's alley. As a coach, when you can tell you are effecting change in a positive way, in a short amount of time, with you and Gwen, congratulations.

Pharrell says who'd have thought a 15yr old guy could have handled that song the way you did. Ellie, you chose a song that suited your personality and it looked like you were having a good time, you were fighting and going for it. Coach Gwen says it didn't look like Ellie had as much control but you have so much personality and sparkle, you're so unique, you did a great job.

Braiden, choosing the right song is a big deal - it means you know who you are, what you want to say, it showed off exactly how talented you are. Rhianna was so all over you to change your hair...  Adam says when I was 15 I couldn't even get a girl to talk to me, let alone have Rhianna and Gwen give you fashion advice. Doesn't it blow your mind to be kicking it with Rhianna and Gwen? You're like no big deal, don't worry about it.

Gwen, who's the winner of this Knockout? Ellie, I love you. Braiden, I love you. I am so inspired by this show. The winner of this Knockout is Braiden Sunshine!

Backstage, Braiden's grandmother tells him she didn't know he could do that. He says he didn't know he could do that either. Gwen comes out and says we just need him to keep on doing that.

Next up is the first Knockout from Team Blake, going Voice to Voice, Blind Joe and Barrett Baber. Blake says they are his two country veterans. Barrett chooses to sing Colder Weather (Zac Brown Band) because he connects with the song lyrically, leaving his wife and kids to change a dream. Rihanna says to hold onto the notes, don't be so polite in the performance, be engaged. He has to steal our hearts, she tells us, be fearless.

Blind Joe has chosen to sing Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (Walyon Jennings, Willie Nelson), a honky tonk song for a honky tonk man.  Rihanna says he just wrecked her heart, he is so sexy the way he sings. Blake says to block out the nerves, trust in your ad libs and lay down the best performance you can.

Barrett leads off with a tender, sensitive vocal, wearing his intensity and passion on his face, eyes scrunched with emotion.  The performance kicks into overdrive and he becomes more physical and dramatic, the feeling dripping through his entire body.

Blind Joe is next, playing his guitar, hitting this country classic hard from the start, his vocal dynamic and foot-stompin' gruff.  He closes with a big vocal alternative arrangement and all I can say is I don't particularly care for country but that performance was too short.

Pharrell says Blind Joe took that song to different heights, holding those notes for as long as you did, no one in the room didn't feel every intention you had just now. Barrett took us on an emotional excursion, there's something supernatural about that.  Gwen says Blind Joe's voice is so powerful, but Barrett is clear who he his, he so naturally lets people into his heart.

Barrett sounded like an established country artist, the way he connected with the vocal was so authentic.  Then Blind Joe, you could feel how nervous he was but did an amazing job too.  Coach Blake says I've heard you say you were nervous but never saw that from you until today. Blind Joe sighs. But you were singing against Barrett and a bear would be nervous in a ring with him.

Barrett should feel equally as intimidated by your talent, Blind Joe (I do, Barrett says). You have both overcome so much in your lives to be standing up there on The Voice. You're awesome and it makes me want to be a better man myself. I have to make this decision based on one thing and it's who I think sang the best.

Blake says the winner of this Knockout is...   Barrett!  

From Team Pharrell comes the Knockout pair of Amy Vachal against Mani Davis, both with really powerful yet delicate voices. Mani chooses to sing A Case Of You (Joni Mitchell), an example of who embodies who she wants to be as an artist. Pharrell was blown away by her gospel run. Rihanna says it was 2 different artists in one song.  She should round out her full tone, don't be afraid of it, be louder.  Artists know when to feel it, Pharrell says. We need to tunnel vision on your voice, Rihanna says.

Amy chose to sing A Sunday Kind Of Love (Etta James), in her wheelhouse, jazzy. Pharrell says she needs to switch from her head voice to her chest voice if she's going to add depth to her below voice. Rihanna says this is a woman with attitude, the guitar has to go, it's a fantasy, get lost in the music thinking about the perfect man. Be raw, feel sexy, make me believe you're feeling it.

Amy's vocal is dreamy, sensual, beautiful and joyful, but she's kind of hunched over the microphone. Finally she takes her hands off the mic stand and the volume of her voice opens up but then she comes back again and tightens up ever so slightly.

Madi takes the stage next, her vocal dripping slightly like a weeping willow, her voice pure and honest, her breath communicating as much to the emotion of the song as her words. Her dynamics are incredible, delivering a run that makes your heart beat a little bit faster. She has a quiet power and a mesmerizing presence.

Gwen says they are both delicious, Joni would be proud of Madi's intent, it was mesmerizing. And Amy's voice and styling is so beautiful without the guitar, that was like Disneyland for me, so good. Adam says this was an amazing, defining moment for Mani, your growth is staggering. Then Amy, I regretted not being able to turn around for you (his team was full), then blow everyone away. There's something about what you do that is impossible to replicate.

Blake says Amy's notes she thinks up to sing, that's what blows me away the most.  Then Madi, you snuck up on me, so good. Either performance makes me want to take a bubble bath.  Thank you for that visual, Adam chides. Coach Pharrell says the notes Madi chooses, it's like, woah, that just happened, there's something magical about where your spirit takes a song.

Then Amy, Pharrell continues, you bring a classic vibe, such a distinct artist that people think they've heard before but really haven't. But they're comfortable. Pharrell, who is the winner of this Knockout?

I feel both of you won, Pharrell says, but the winner of this Knockout is...  Madi!

Adam steps off his chair and loosens up his hand.  Coaches, just a reminder that Amy is available to steal. Adam starts mashing his button before it's even activated.  WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!!!

Carson asks Adam why he stole Amy. Adam says he (Blake) is going to wait until he starts talking.  WE HAVE ANOTHER STEAL!!!  Blake Shelton makes things complicated for Amy - 2 steals in one Knockout!

Blake says where should I begin, oh yeah, the Blind Auditions where I hit my button for you. I remember begging because I think you're a star, one of my most favorite whose ever auditioned for this show. Ever. And I've won this show a bunch of times, BTW. Twice as many times as Adam. I may not seem like the perfect match for you but I'll be damned if I'm not.

I cannot believe this opportunity is available right now, Blake says, and I cannot believe there's a possibility you go with Sinead O'Connor over there. When he's done with his Blue Man Group audition, maybe he'll have time to work with you.  It's the Jew man group actually, Adam jokes.  Blake tells him to hold his pinky to the corner of his mouth when he talks, like Dr. Evil.

Adam says I thought you could win this whole thing from the Blind Auditions but I didn't even have a chance (his team was already full).  Now I feel like I know what to do to help you to thrive. I believed you could win this whole thing from the first moment you sang, and now I get a chance to be a part of it and that's really exciting.

Amy, Carson asks, who is your new coach going to be? Amy thanks both for all they said. I think I'm going to have to go with my gut on this one and say Adam!  Adam Levine steals Amy Vachal Pharrell and Blake!

It's time for Team Blake's pairing of Chance Pena against Ivonne Acero, his two Steals.  Chance chooses to sing Demons (Imagine Dragons) to show he's not boxed into being a folk artist. Rihanna compares his voice to Elvis but cautions him to not let his voice gets flat when he goes low. Go full force, Blake tells him, and open up when you switch from falsetto back to regular voice, you're choking up a bit. Rihanna says it will just fall back on its own if you let it.

Ivonne chooses to sing Part Of Me (Katy Perry), a song about going through a tough time like when she was so shy she could barely talk. Rihanna says she has a swagger when she performs. Wait, what? Blake says she's 200% better than in the Battle round.  Your voice is so rich, Rihanna says, your vibrato is sick. She advises Ivonne to hold the vibrato until the end of the note and to stay on key in the second line.

Blake says she's been bitten by nerves in the past and needs to find a way to avoid that this time, but she was born to do this. Sometimes using the Steal gives an artist that needed confidence and I can see that with Ivonne.  

It's youth before beauty as Chance takes the stage, bravely sporting a paisley button down while delivering a strong, emotionally intense open to the song, the audience rising to their feet as he builds up the repressed power then letting his controlled emotions flow. The spirit moves him and he leaves the comfort of the microphone stand for a dramatic, passionate conclusion.

Ivonne takes her turn, offering up a softer, more sensitive alternative, painting the air with her free hand and her strong, solid vocal, wearing her feeling on her face, belting out the power vocals, laying it all out on stage.  That was really good, Chance tells her.

Pharrell says to watch you continue to climb, your vocals get better and better, your confidence sky high, congratulations. Chance, it's crazy to know you're 15 and you fight so hard during a performance like that, a great performance as well.  Gwen says she loves his little yodel, his personality is coming out and he's so young, but vocally it was hard for me to hear all you can do.

Ivonne, Gwen continues, that song really touched me, you were singing right to my heart. Adam says strategically, that was too low, I would have liked it to be more of an emotional breakthrough for this moment, but this is how good a guy you are - as soon as Ivonne was done, you told her that was really, really good. Chance's expression suggests he can see the writing on the wall.

Adam continues, regardless of the outcome, keep being a really great guy. Ivonne, I've seen so much growth from you considering your history on the show. A year ago you struggled and now you're blossoming and doing so incredibly well. Amazing job today.

Coach Blake says I have the two best steals on the show with you two. Knowing what kind of artist Chance classifies himself as, then to do that song was interesting. And Ivonne's song choice took us back until heard what your plan was. The winner of this Knockout is...   Ivonne!

Don't forget you can buy full versions of tonight's performances on iTunes or listen to them on Apple Music.

The final Knockout tonight comes from Team Adam as Jordan Smith faces off against Viktor Kiraly, two strong personas with cannon voices. Jordan chooses to sing Set Fire To The Rain (Adele).  Rihanna says she'd be scared to take that on unless she was drunk at Karaoke. Jordan says when he was younger, he struggled with image issues and the message of the song spoke to him.

Rihanna says his voice is so beautiful, she wants more, doesn't want him to fade away. Adam says Adelle is very rhythmic, he needs to swing a little more.  Jonathan knows the song is deep and every note needs to convey the story. Rihanna is missing his body language - don't dance but she needs to feel him feel the song, leave us hanging off the cliff with your bare fingernails. Adam says if you want to be the best, what better way to test yourself than singing Adele.

Viktor chooses to sing If I Ain't Got You (Alicia Keys), unaware Maroon 5 has covered the song already. Adam says his voice is very rich but he gets behind the beat sometimes, stay in the pocket and don't change it too much. Rihanna says every word is cut off, keep it straight.  Adam says if he wants to convince everyone, then every note has to be said with such conviction people will have no choice but to like it.

Viktor says he's thinking too much about technique and not enough about story. It's time for him to get out of his head. Rihanna tries to shake the nerves out of him.

Jordan Smith takes the stage with a perfectly paced and intoned vocal, a nervous intensity, dramatic, emotional, pointing to himself then blasting out his performance with the power like a rocket igniting its second stage.  It's amazing how much it feels like he packed into such a short performance.

Viktor Kiraly answers with his own impassioned performance, opening soft and sensitive, jazzy and personal, his vocal intonation welcoming and comfortable. For the second verse he opens up and breaks out and lets everything loose, dynamics, range, a killer falsetto, his vocal and the music tightly entwined.

Man, Blake says, everything was so good. Viktor, I don't know what I was expecting you to do but I wasn't expecting you to do that, knock it out of the building, that was as good as it could be. You sounded awesome, you hung upside down to fix your hair like that, the only thing wrong is that you're up against Jordan. I swear I was listening to the record, that was one of the greatest vocals I've heard live in my life.

Pharrell says to see Viktor claw away like a tiger, shifting gears to the next level, I knew you could sing but that was great. And Jordan, it's always a pleasure to see someone sing to eloquently and effortlessly. Both these guys can make it to the end. Gwen says Viktor is so amazingly talented, to hit those totally unexpected high notes, amazing, you have it all. Jordan is a freak of nature, how is it possible to navigate through that song and take us on a journey, emotional and technical and just mind blowing.

It all comes down to Coach Adam. Viktor was struggling with the song and the way he came through shows just how amazing he is, he absolutely tackled every single thing we went over, you did not get rattled, you did your thing. Jordan, we refer to you as the Unicorn because it's a profound experience to hear you sing, the hairs and goosebumps on your arm stand up at the same time. I don't know if anyone has affected me like that. It's unbelievable.

This is a tough one for you, Carson says, who is the winner of this Knockout? Viktor really made the decision suck. There are 100 reasons to go with both you guys. The winner of this Knockout is...   Jordan!

Carson reminds the coaches Viktor is available to steal and Gwen wastes no time. WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!  Jordan is as excited backstage as Viktor is to be joining Team Gwen and heading to the live playoffs.

So here's where we stand after the first night of the Knockouts. Coach Pharrell chose chose Madi Davis over Amy Vachal.  Coach Adam chose Blaine Mitchell over twins Andi & Alex and Jordan Smith over Viktor Kiraly, then stole Amy Vachal from Team Adam.  Gwen chose Braiden Sunshine over Ellie Lawrence and stole Viktor Kiraly from Team Adam.  Coach Blake chose Barrett Baber over Blind Joe and Ivonne Acero over Chance Pena.  

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The Knockouts - Night Two


Last night, the Knockouts began and the artists went head to head for a spot in the Playoffs. Tonight, the artists put it all on the line with the songs they picked. And helping them all, international superstar and multi-Grammy Award winner, Rihanna. Our coaches and adviser will push the artists to give knockout performances.

And the pressure is on as Blake and Pharrell hold the last 2 Steals. Some will advance to the Live Shows, some will go home, and a lucky few will get a second chance. The Knockouts continue on The Voice, right NOW!

We open with a pairing from Team Gwen, Korin Bukowski and Summer Schappell, two unique story tellers.  Korin is singing All I Want (Kodaline) to show off her range and versatility. Gwen says her voice has huge depth with warm notes. Rihanna says she's trying too hard not to be weird, those are the things that make her her. When you connect to the lyrics, people believe you. Gwen suggests trying it without the glasses.

Summer chooses to sing Little White Church (Little Big Town) because she wanted a sassy song. Gwen says she's not a typical country artist, but needs to tell the story more clearly. Rihanna tells her how to show more attitude.  Summer says her challenge is to figure out what emotion she wants to put into the song and where she wants to put it.

Korin takes the stage first with a soft and sensitive vocal, the background guitar offering an offset intensity to her passionate and powerful voice. She's hunched over the microphone, conveying determination and feeling, beautiful aural bridges, this was a performance as smooth as butter.

Summer is next with an up-tempo seductive performance, dipping her shoulders and voice, jumping on the foot stomping, hand-slapping beat with big verses and high energy choruses. This was a fun romp.  Adam says Summer has some serious spunk going on there, I'll take you down to the Little White Church. Clearly if I don't, I'll get my ass whooped.

That was so good and animated, then Korin, if Summer was outside, Korin was inside and it was just as great. I'd go with Korin because I think I could do more with her. Pharrell says even though Korin is parked at the mic stand doing her thing, vocally, it's just as expressive as what Summer is doing. Summer is like a firecracker, Adam says.

Pharrell says I was saving Firecracker for myself, thank you very much. You both sing really good, Blake says, but Summer's an entertainer, so this comes down to whomever Gwen thinks she can make the biggest difference with. Pharrell says Korin didn't require her body to do much, just for her voice to deliver her intention, that was a cool thing toward the end, the falsetto thing, like Joni Mitchel.

Now with Summer, Pharrell continues, you really were like a firecracker on stage. There's something really spooky about how Korin connects with people to convey the message. Coach Gwen says there are completely different things I connect with both of you.  Summer shocked me with that performance, almost like a hip hop artist the way she was prowling the stage and her attitude came through.

Gwen says it was a weird girl power twist on yourself as a country artist.  Korin, there's something about you, this new confidence, embracing your weirdness.  I feel sick - I don't know how I'm supposed to make a decision. Gwen, asks Carson, who is the winner of this Knockout?

I guess I have to go with my instinct right this second, where I can do the most good right now, is. the winner of this Knockout is...   Korin!

From Team Adam, the next Knockout Pairing pits Dustin Christensen against Keith Semple because they occupy similar space. Dustin is singing Free (Zac Brown Band) to walk the line between Country and Springsteen. Rihanna tells him to not start his vibrato too early, let it happen naturally. Adam says what she said, keep it strong, don't fall off it.

Keith's wife is pregnant again and he chooses to sing I Want To Know What Love Is (Foreigner), which has different sections to show off different styles. Rihanna says he cannot tighten on the hook. Adam says to let it fly out.  He needs to sell it and not hold back, he says, but he has to make sure he doesn't let his accent get through. Rihanna says she rewrites the sentence into a word that is more of the sound of what she wants to say.

Dustin opens with a comfortable, quiet vocal, kind of like settling down after a long day's work. He kicks into the first chorus with an expansive voice, earnest and optimistic, turning on the power for the second chorus, powerful and confident in the future.

Keith Semple goes next, setting the mood with a breathy vocal, a bit anxious and uncertain by intent, a quiet power in his chorus, intense passion, then opening up into the dire of the second phase, but his voice a bit strangled with emotion.  

Blake says you both are such great singers, Dustin has this warm sound with so many elements and he nailed it, but on the flip side, Keith went for some big notes, great job both. Pharrell says there's no denying Dustin's natural talent, poised and charming like a great communicator. When Keith was fighting and ended it beautifully. Do you go with the Stylist of the Fighter? Both did a really great job.

Gwen says Dustin's voice is so beautiful and soothing, he doesn't over sing, just tells the story. It's rare to see a guy smile at the audience while singing a verse. Incredible. Keith's personality and style, energy, vibe comes through clearly, a really good performance. Coach Adam says he was more open like they talked about, and Keith extended his notes the way they talked.

Just the decision to do the song, Adam tells Keith, was like Babe Ruth calling his shot (for a home run), a ballsy move. But you both showed different growth. Adam, who is the winner of this Knockout, Carson asks?

I thought I had an idea but I know don't, Adam says, the winner of this Knockout is...   Keith!

Our last pairing tonight is from Team Pharrell, Darius Scott against Morgan Frazier, two powerhouse vocalists. Darius is singing On Broadway (George Benson) to show off every part of his voice. Pharrell says it's a classic song but his performance is unique. Rihanna says he has an incredible voice, runs so beautiful and smooth.  Don't ever be flat, she says, think of the note before you get there. Pharrell wants the performance to match the vocal, use the stage and express what you're talking about.

Morgan chooses to sing Even If It Breaks Your Heart (Eli Young Band), a song she's always connected to. Pharrell says she's showing Blake what he's missing out on. He tells her he should be able to turn down the volume and the deaf should still know what she's singing about, how bad she wants it. Don't worry about being perfect, tell the story. Rihanna tells her she knows how to work the stage, bossy, bring more of that. Pharrell says now we are seeing your personalty, your talent.

Darius draws first blood with his soulful R&B performance, smooth and groovy, casually natural and engaging.  He throws in a run in the middle of the performance that has Blake and Adam looking at each other in amazement. He turns up the level from 10 to 11 and shows he knows how to perform for the audience as well as how to sing the hell out of a song.

So Production doesn't even hide the fact that neither of these two artists are going home, one is about to be stolen.  But who and by whom?

Countering is Morgan, who stands and delivers a solid vocal, soft and tender, yet affirmative and growing with intensity and confidence. She leaves it all out in the ring to give Darius a run for his money and the coaches are all on their feet.

Gwen says I'm in a daze, Darius, how do you do that? It was so odd and amazing, everything about you is magic. Morgan, your tone is so beautiful, I really believed you when you sang up to sky at the end like that, takes a lot of intuition to do that. Adam says Darius is like the song that plays on the keyboard in demo mode at the store, those runs, you are the most ridiculous vocal mechanic I've ever heard. But then here comes Morgan who blew my mind and as good as Darius is, I'd choose Morgan.

Because Cowboy has one steal left, Adam tells Pharrell, you might want to be very careful about the decision you make right now. Blake says everyone's stepping it up a little more in these Knockout rounds. Darius, most of us use our vibrato to hold a note in pitch; you use it to change notes, crazy. And then Morgan encompassed the sentiment of that song, how it began and ended, to say no, I'm not going to stop. And now Adam is saying he would pick you.

Pharrell, it all comes down to you. Coach Pharrell says Darius's voice was like a baritone sax going up and down the keys. Like a sax with extra notes in it, Adam adds. Two saxes, Pharrell amends. You're so saxxy, Blake pipes in.  Pharrell says your performance was like watching a guy share his ambitions with the world in the best melodic way possible, your performance was a 10.


Pharrell addresses Morgan. You did exactly what you were asked to do, worked so hard to let everyone here know this is you're opportunity and you're not letting it go. So I have to make a decision. Both of you are phenomenal.  Carson, the winner of this Knockout is...

Morgan returns to Team Blake, who says this has worked out before, where you have to lose an artist and then hope to get them back. The last time I did that was with a guy named Craig Wayne Boyd and he went on to win this thang. So welcome home, Morgan!

 So tonight, Coach Gwen chose Korin Bukowski over Summer Schappell, Coach Adam chose Keith Semple over Dustin Christensen and Pharrell Williams chose Darius Scott over Morgan Frazer, but Blake took the opportunity to bring Morgan back to Team Blake, using his one Knockout Steal.

 Next week it's the final 2 nights of the Knockouts, Team Adam the only coach left with a Knockout Steal. Thank you for joining Morty's TV for The Voice and we'll see you next week!

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The Knockouts - Night Three


This is The Voice! Last week on The Voice, the artists' fight to make it to the Live Shows began. Winners were picked, and a deserving few got a second chance. Blake, Gwen and Adam each used their only Steals to fortify their teams. Only Pharrell has a Steal left.
Tonight the remaining artists perform for the final spots in next week's live playoffs. To help prepare them, our coaches brought in Grammy award-winning superstar, Rihanna. To secure their spot, the artists will have to deliver the performances of their lives. And with one Steal remaining, there is no room for error. It's go live or go home.  The final Knockouts start Right Now!
We open with Team Adam's final Knockout pair, James Dupre vs. Shelby Brown, 2 country singers.  Shelby chooses to sing Jesus Take The Wheel (Carrie Underwood), a personal song sung for her 3rd grade talent show (and lost), so this is a redemption story. Adam asks her to slow down a last note before the end of the song but Shelby seems unclear how to do it. Adam says your success on the show has everything to do with controlling nerves.

Rihanna demonstrates and Shelby nails it. Shelby is reassured and has the confidence to give Rihanna goosebumps. James chooses to sing Sure Be Cool If You Did (Blake Shelton) to showcase his country side. Rihanna says he hits these deep notes that vibrate that are pure country. Adam tells him to loosen up. Rihanna says he's not an old man, he needs some sexy swagger, some spark. Give the audience some love. Find someone in the audience, Adam says, and sing to them.

Shelby goes first with a soft, velvety vocal, country sweat and sincere, terrific pitch, dynamics, and a mature purity vocal in the chorus, with a tinge of rasp thrown in.  She is not giving an inch in this Knockout.

James is next with more casual, conversational performance, like your best bud is telling you a story. His vocal is spot on, fun and engaging, charismatic, but I his voice was overshadowed by the band.  Good song choice, Blake applauds.

Blake says that was so weird to see country artists singing those songs and it's not my group. It's not right. It feels so right, Adam needles. James, you have such awesome taste in song selection.  That was the one thing I didn't love about it, Adam says.  That's a pretty laid back song for a Knockout Round, Blake says, and you made it seem a lot easier than it is to sing it, your pitch was perfect. I'd have liked Shelby better if she had done one of my songs too, but you picked a tough one, you swung for the fences and your big notes were so good, but you were a bit sharp on the verses.

I'm not helping you, buddy, Blake says to Adam, you wanted country artists, you figure it out.  Gwen says I didn't hear the tuning thing, I thought Shelby had so much control, and then you took that chorus up there, it was mind blowing to me. Gwen tells James she doesn't understand how he can have that many kids (4) sitting there so well behaved, mine don't do that. You are a perfect kind of country artist, so in control on stage, a gift, especially in front of Blake.

Pharrell says James sang that song flawlessly, your vibrato is crazy how he holds it effortlessly. Shelby at the chorus was swinging her sword and chopping heads off (this was a song about Jesus, right, Pharrell?), you cannot ignore the fight in you. Some nice thoughts, Carson says, but Adam, it all comes down to you.

Adam says I heard a nervous 17yr old girl at the beginning of the song, but you did a tremendous job and all of us were floored and I had goosebumps, so you couldn't have crushed it anymore. James, because you're so damn good, it's hard sometimes for you to convey the emotion I know you have.  Shelby had a dramatic flair to her song that might have helped her. This is a tough decision but I have to make a choice.

The winner of this Knockout is...   Shelby!

Let's bring out 2 artists now going head to head from Team Pharrell, Mark Hood and Siahna Im, two old soul classic artists. Mark is singing Stand By Me (Ben E King), a classic R&B song. He's used to theatrics but this song scares him. Pharrell says his approach contemporizes the song effortlessly. Rihanna says dial it back physically and save the dramatics for later. Pharrell tells him to build it up.

Pharrell tells him to get rid of the doubt, he's the only one holding himself back. 15yr old Siahna chooses to sing Back To Black (Amy Winehouse), a true life song with meaning. Pharrell says it's a tall order but she's fearless. Rihanna gives her a couple pointers, making the beginning less airy, and in the end, just go for it and come back with the end of the hook. She demonstrates.  Pharrell says her notes have to match her energy.

Performing first is Mark Hood.  The tempo is a bit fast to get the song in, but it gives him a chance to jazz it up a bit, throw in some dynamic vocals, runs, and to really showcase his talented voice.  A dramatic key change followed by a drop to one knee shows off what a performer he is.

Siahna follows Mark with a quirky performance, sultry and seductive, an incredibly unique and powerful vocal, her voice cracking a bit hear and their with angst and sadness.  Thank you, she says meekly after it's over.  Mark rushes to her and tells her how proud he is of her.

Gwen says she can't keep her eyes off Mark, there was a moment where he jumped up and froze, then came down, then this amazing waterfall run, that's a really hard thing to do. I feel like I know you already and that's really incredible. Gwen tells Sihana she is off the chart adorable, at 15 to embody the lyric like that and the power in your voice, it's not something a little doll should have. Both performances were incredible.

Adam says Mark entertains on all levels and this was the time to use your whole bag of tricks. And Siahna, there is this monster/beast that comes out, like these claws and teeth and then after, she quietly says thank you. You don't expect it, Siahna's like a one-off, there's only one. I don't think Mark is capable of sitting still, Blake says animatedly, it just happens when he performs. It's a deadly combination to sing and dance like you do.

Siahna is so mature in the way she performs, Blake continues, it blows my mind. Coach Pharrell says when you sing a classic song, you have to have personality and showmanship and both did very well on that front. Mark came out and fought for his life as an entertainer. And Siahna, you completely charmed the room.

So Pharrell, Carson prods, who is the winner of this Knockout? I'm going to go with my gut on this one.  The winner of this Knockout is...   Mark!

Next from Team Gwen comes the Knockout pairing of Jeffrey Austin against Kota Wade, two rock/soul singers. Jeffrey picks Turning Tables (Adele) to sing, because he identifies with the the pain and thinks he can show the emotion to the audience. Rihanna tells him to keep his voice round, don't wear it out, he can make people melt if he rounds his vowels. Gwen tells him to be more confident and be more physical on the stage, to show his change of attitude in body language.

Kota chooses to sing Barracuda (Heart), the ultimate embodiment of female rock and strength. Gwen doesn't think the growls are effective to project femininity. Rihanna says some of those big notes felt loud and out of control. The sass is there performance wise as long as she stays on top of her vocals.

Jeffrey goes first with a soft, emotional open, slow and letting the feeling flow through his vocals. His chorus delivers a bit of wistfulness, then his second verse shows off his controlled power. From that point it was off to the races as he raises the stakes in passion and forcefulness of personality. His closing notes are sweet and melodic.  But did he really make anyone cry?

Kota snakes her way into the ring and from the opening guitar lick, it's time rock but her alternative take on some of the melodies left me (and perhaps some of the notes) flat. She had all the attitude and stage presence to show women know how to rock, but none of that passion and energy could make me enjoy the performance.

Adam says Jeffrey had originality in the tone of his voice, identifiable and different. I love seeing Kota swinging for the fences, choosing possibly the hardest vocal in the history of hard vocals and I respect that. By the end you were really full throttle and it was great. But I would go with Jeffrey because of how different he was.

Blake says Jefferey was impressive how he stripped it down and really showed what he was made of, it was brilliant. Kota took a big risk, and the only thing I think it lacked was showing some dynamics, you were on 10 the whole time and I know Gwen's going to want a rocker chick like you going into the Lives.

Pharrell says Jeffrey came out and showed everyone who he is, how he wants to be perceived. There were a couple places you could have pushed it harder, but your performance was about identity and it was great. Kota, I applaud you for taking a huge risk. There were a couple flat moments, but where you didn't have the control, you made up in personality.

Coach Gwen says she was shocked Kota chose this song, but her personal style and personality came through. Jeffrey, what these guys just said about you is everything you've been working on. You showed us who you are and let us into your heart. That is such a huge, gigantic, big deal. The tone you have in your voice is very magic.

Gwen, you have a tough one here. I hate this, Gwen says, the winner of this Knockout is...   Jeffrey!

Blake pairs up Emily Ann Roberts and Nadjah Nicole for his first Knockout pairing of the night, sweet, soft-spoken girls with delicate voices. She chooses to sing Cowboy Take Me Away (Dixie Chicks), something she's been listening since a little girl. She wants to show off her bluegrass side. Blake warns her bigger notes are running flat. He tells her to hit them really quick. Rihanna says she can't be afraid to hit the note.

Emily Ann says she normally can hit those notes but she's struggling today. Rihanna says she's falling behind a bit. Blake says she's really put a challenge before herself. Nadjah chooses to sing A Woman's Worth by Alecia Keys, because she's big on woman empowerment. Rihanna was a bit concerned where she could take it but she turned it out, the tone in her voice, she can sing so beautifully, the full package. Blake tells her she starts out so nervous, she needs to start the song feeling how she does by the end of the song.

Rihanna suggests she doesn't throw in the ad libs in the first verse, then throw in a run at the end of the line in the 2nd verse.  Nadjah demonstrates a run and Blake says this pairing makes sense to me but it's going to hurt when I have to make a decision.

Emily Ann Roberts goes first, a pure female country offering, her voice clear and ringing out, maybe a bit flat, not terribly energetic but earnest and honest in her delivery. She throws in some vocal acrobatics in the middle of the song and it adds some spice to the end of her performance.

Nadjah Nicole takes the ring next, and with her voice and her hands parting the air around her, it's a soulful, sensual vocal that just kind of flows through time and space. I don't think she worked too well with the background vocals but when they drop out, she's magic, and her tender run towards the end was pure cane sugar.

Pharrell says Emily was in her comfort zone but it still felt she was fighting in a good, positive way. Nadjah, that beautiful jazzy note at the end, that's not even in the song, I loved. Both really good artists. Gwen says Nadjha is mesmerizing to watch, so into the song, in the moment, you're feeling it so much, it was really good. Emily Ann, there's no way to understand have that much intuition and confidence and a voice to go with it, you're really good.

Adam says Emily Ann has made so much progress, the perfection she sings with is crazy. Nadjah, you have other things about you I haven't heard yet, and I want to hear more. Coach Blake says Rihanna was worried your song wouldn't work before she even met you and then you started singing and she was OMG, that was amazing, beautiful, those big falsetto notes, you blew people away.

Emily Ann, Blake continues, within the realm of country music, there are miniature genres, and she has a kind of bluegrass, mountain sound, but also mainstream and I can tell she's going to be around for a while with the right music. Blake, Carson asks, who's the winner of this Knockout?

The winner of this Knockout is...   Emily Ann!

As the night went on, Blake completed his team, picking Zach Seabaugh, who sang Somebody's Heartbreak (Hunter Hayes) over Chris Crump, who sang The A Team (Ed Sheeran).  

Pharrell's final Knockout pairing pits Tim Atlas against Evan McKeel to have the two alternative indie artists compete. Evan chooses to sing Dare You To Move (Switchfoot) because he wants to encourage people to reach for their dreams. He'll be playing his guitar for the first time this season. It's a flattering song for his voice, Pharrell says. Rihanna loves the grit and texture of his voice but thinks the guitar masks it.  She wants people to stop and take notice as soon as he starts singing.

Evan loses the guitar, acknowledging it's easier to convey emotion when not hiding behind it. 1000 times better, Rihanna says, if you stay cool, the passion will come out without you having to think about it. Just feel it. Don't overthink, Pharrell says, over feel. Rihanna says his voice is the most important thing in the competition, but his movement is also important, he needs to believe it before we'll believe it.

Tim chooses to sing Torn (Ednaswap), a challenging song outside his comfort zone. Rihanna says he's so cool on stage, when he feels he's being awkward, it's his personality. Someone thought Mick Jagger was awkward, Rihanna says, but he's dynamite on stage because he's not afraid to do anything.  Pharrell says when he restricts the pathway of his vocal, he squeezes the life out of his performance. Own the stage and open up your voice.

Evan takes the spotlight and opens with a soft narrative, he seems so normal, a bit intense, a bit sensitive.  But then he becomes more animated and passionate, cranking the power vocals to 11 and blowing the roof off.  Tim is next with a slightly more quirky vocal, intense and frenetic, up tempo and as he leaves the mic stand, increasing intensity and communicating desperation in his performance. Gwen seems like she's trying to lick him up.  His voice is so interesting, she says.

Gwen says Tim, the first half was magic, candy to my ears, but as it went on, the ad libbing needed to be worked out a bit more. Your voice has such an interesting tone, it's so unique, it's you.  Evan I love your passion, how you let everyone in, you're so vulnerable, not holding anything back, and your vocal was really strong, a really great performance.

Blake says Evan just sings perfectly, such a great vocalist with energy and fight. Tim is so unique, no one sounds like him, but because he throws in so many herbs and spices it gets kind of weird for a minute. But the King of Weird is Pharrell so that might work in your favor. That makes you the King of Stupid, Adam says.  Oh, Burn, he says about his own line.

That was pretty funny Blake says. Coach Pharrell says Evan came out and gave it his all, and your intuition for the song was great, you came out swinging and did what you need to do. Tim, you do have a different voice and that can be special and at times can hurt you when you don't use it right. When the chorus came up and you brought out this angry energy, I applaud you for trying to highlight that in your performance.

Pharrell, who is the winner of this Knockout performance? I think in this particular instance, the winner of this Knockout is...   Evan!

So if you're paying attention, you'll notice we're down to our last Knockout pairing from Team Gwen, Regina Love against Riley Biederer.  You'll also recall that Coach Pharrell started the night with the last Steal of the round and hasn't used it yet. So we know both artists will make it through to the Live Playoffs, but who will win and who will be stolen?

Regina Love chooses to sing Midnight Train To Georgia (Gladys Knight & the Pips) because of the soulfulness and Gladys Knight opened up the pathway for artists like herself. Rihanna says she kind of stopped her breath in between a couple runs and needs to smooth it out.

Gwen suggests she try it freestyle, take some liberties and make it creative. Rihanna is floored. Regina wants Gwen to pull the pop out of her. Gwen suggests she mash up the 2 versions, to not drift too far from the melody.  Rihanna says your gift doesn't run out at a certain age.

Riley Biederer chooses to sing XO (Beyonce), a risky move to put her own spin on it. Rihanna says she did all kinds of stuff to this song but if you took it all way, her voice would still stand on its own. Why am I here, she tells Riley.  What a steal, Gwen says. One of Riley's first YouTube videos covering a Rihanna song, Diamonds, was the first to get over 1m views.  You have the voice to do R&B, Rihanna says, just don't overdo it.

Riley performs first, the music creating a sense of urgency, her vocal reverberating a sense of mystery, her voice confident and she struts across the stage equally so. She wears her comfort and joy in performing and the vocal is entertaining, building upon itself, introducing new features and dimensions with every lyric delivered.

The final performance of the Knockouts comes from Regina and frankly, she just blows the Knockouts up.  She opens up-tempo, swaying easily in body and voice, that gritty power vocal jumping in, telling the story with her hands her monster voice.  Adam is on his feet as she explodes with passion and excitement, shaking from the inside out with energy and deep heart-felt emotion.  Please, don't let this end!

I need someone to wipe my tears, Gwen shouts to the other coaches over the roar of the audience. Adam says I miss you, Regina, even more. Once you're on my team, you're always on my team.  She's on MY team, Gwen corrects. I know, Adam says, but man, you just crushed this. And then Riley comes out and kills it too. This was your best, because you were not afraid, and there's a lot to be afraid of over there (pointing to Regina).

Blake says Regina, that was unbelievable, blew the roof off this place. Then Riley, a little more diversity as a vocalist, but how do you argue with what Regina did? She parted my hair. It's a matter of who you can take the farthest, he tells Gwen. Pharrell says Regina had people up on their feet, the goosebumps and chills, one of the craziest performances I've seen, filling that church.

You know how you know you're killing it, Adam says, when Pharrell looks confused. That's how you know something's real good. Pharrell says it was so much but never too much. Riley, you were on my team, you know how I feel about you and you did really great. It's a tough decision Gwen has - there's no reason either of you guys should go home (Of course, they don't know there's no chance either).

Coach Gwen says I didn't appreciate how incredible Riley was until rehearsals, your voice is so unique and doesn't fit inside your body, you have so much potential. Regina, you're unbelievable, your spirit, I was so taken in by your determination I was brought to tears. I'm so confused because you should be on the show. But so should Riley.  Gwen, Carson interrupts, a tough decision but the time has come.

Who is the winner of this Knockout? What a position to be put in, Gwen says, this is ridiculous. I'm, the winner of this Knockout is going to be...


Riley tries to hide her disappointment behind a mask as Regina celebrates and Pharrell bows before her.  Coaches, let me remind you that Riley is available to be steal.

Carson can't even invite Riley to say a few words to her coach before Pharrell pushes his button and lights up the stage. WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!!

Riley can barely contain herself as her former coach brings her back home again.  Pharrell thanks Gwen for allowing Riley to return to Team Pharrell.

So here is where we stand at the end of the Knockouts. Team Adam's five artists heading into the Live Show Playoffs are Blaine Mitchell, Jordan Smith, Keith Semple and Amy Vachal.  Team Gwen's artists are Braiden Sunshine, Jeffrey Austin, Korin Bukowski, Regina Love and Viktor Kiraly.  Team Pharrell is taking Darius Scott, Evan McKeel, Madi Davis, Mark Hood and Riley Biederer.  And Coach Blake thinks he can win with Barret Baber, Emily Ann Roberts, Ivonne Acero, Morgan Frazier and Zach Seabaugh.

A quick programming note - Tuesday's episode is a recap of the Knockouts, so we will be back next Monday as The Voice goes LIVE!

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Live Playoffs - First Round - Team Gwen/Team Adam


This is The Voice! Tonight, the power shifts to America as The Voice goes live and anything can happen. This season, each coach gets to bring back one artist who was eliminated from their team. See who our coaches bring back as Team Gwen and Team Adam take the stage tonight.

Before the artists sing for your votes, they'll get one-on-one training from their coaches. It'll be the most important performance of their lives, because only 3 artists from each team will move on. America get ready to vote. The live playoffs start NOW!

I'm Carson Daly and we are live. Please welcome your coaches, Adam Levine! Gwen Stefani! Pharrell Williams! And that guy, Blake Shelton! Performing tonight are Team Adam and Team Gwen, taking the stage with stripped down performances so you can see how each artist commands this stage.

Each coach has one comeback artist, an artist they eliminated who they brought back to compete in the Live Playoffs. Adam says we always want to bring someone back that he had to let go so to be able to do so this season is incredible. Gwen says I'm blessed to have the opportunity to bring back someone talented.

We kick off the show with the powerful Texas rocker and newlywed, from Team Adam, Blaine Mitchell, singing Never Tear Us Apart (INXS).  Married last Friday, the song means a lot in his life right now.  Adam says he thought about this song for Blaine as soon as he got on his team. He tells Blaine to be forceful, big, you can't be too dramatic to show what it means vocally and emotionally.

Leaning against a stool, he's list dramatically, staccato violins accenting the mood, his vocal setting the stage.  He's got the tone, the stage presence, raw emotion and sincerity complement this rock ballad. Singing to his wife in the front row, she throws a kiss back as he owns the stage and the audience.

Blake says you, it's hard to believe  you used to do country music. It's fun to see an artist with the right coach - you've been hill-billied and it's the perfect combination. I hate to give Adam credit. Pharrell says right song choice, gave you room for everyone to see you're a great performer, like you wrote the song. Gwen says I have the matching outfit to that shirt. I love how free you are with your body, your body language was crazy. That song was perfect for you.

Coach Adam says It's cool to see a vision through, you were so into the song and what it mean to you in your life, you're exactly where you need to be and I couldn't be prouder.

Next up from Team Gwen is former Atlanta radio host Regina Love with Hello (Adele), something new (and just cleared to be covered).  She's done the 70' and 80's but this is what she would do right now. Gwen tells her to pace her vocal, embrace her spirit and never be ashamed. Gwen says we've learned from each other.

She opens tender and tentative, the music dramatically pounding the beat slowly, dramatically, her voice filling in the gaps, growing in strength and self-pride. She hits the second wave and begins to break loose, unleashing her emotional power, then brings it to a tender close.

Adam says when someone comes this far and you got to be a part of it, regardless of where they end up, you are with an amazing coach and I continue to be proud, amazing job. Pharrell says that was moving, you have this voice that fills the room, you act out the parts while singing. Coach Gwen says against all odds you're here, Adam recognized your talent and I'm learning so much watching you, you channel, so real and beautiful.+

Starting tonight, any artist in the Top 10 iTunes chart at the close of voting (noon EST tomorrow) will have their downloads multiplied by 10 as votes.

Next up is Team Adam Irish Rocker and family man, Keith Semple with To Be With You (Mr. Big).  He has a unique and gutsy voice, Adam say.  To Keith he says to stab at it more through the nose, hit the one line better. Keith is worried about being labeled am 80's rocker but Adam says this is a song for the ages.

He jumps right into the song, strong and confident, strumming his guitar and the audience is right their clapping with him as he sings a joyful lead vocal, backed up by a chorus as he lays out his modernized anthem. He has the stage presence to glad-hand the front row, then amps up the performance with a dramatic solo run, then closes with some terrific vocal dramatics on top of the background singers.

Blake says I've heard of that song. It's a miracle, Adam cries out. Blake says I worry that has those gaps where the background singers are singing the chorus, but your such a good singer, such a good ad libber, you filled in the gaps. Good job. Gwen says I love where your voice sits, the tone is so beautiful, it doesn't crack or mess up so high up there. You did a great job manning the stage and still singing so well.

Coach Adam says this (the Lives) is the first opportunity you've had to identify yourself, step out and do your thing and you really showed people tonight who you are and what you want to accomplish. Awesome job.

Next is Team Adam's only country spitfire, Shelby Brown, singing You're No Good (Linda Ronstadt) says her fans hoped Blake Shelton would steal her but she's happy with Coach Adam. This song bridges the gap between folk, rock and pop, Adam says, and that's where Shelby wants to exist. He tells her to build the energy and go off at the end.  She says she felt he was more interested in her talent than her genre.

She handles the opening low notes with ease, a gutter growl leading into strong, powerful first chorus, a dynamic and textured vocal, tinged with sass and independence.  She amps up the intensity and passion, belting out huge notes for effect before nailing it all down at the end.

Where did that come from, Carson asks as the audience is loudly on their feet, it was different from rehearsal. Blake says that was really good and it pisses me off. You're voice has a break in it, like Trisha Yearwood and Carrie Underwood's voices have a voice together. It's still not right your not on my team but I'll let it go for now.

Pharrell says that was good, I love your voice, super strong, and at the end when you totally let loose and let that really long note just go, showing all that texture in your voice at the end, one of your best performances yet. Coach Adam says you crushed it so hard to night, your ability at age 17 and how you keep getting better makes my job easy.

We continue with the college student and indie artist from Miami, from Team Gwen, it's Korin Bukowski, singing Adia (Sarah McLachlan).  It's a super emotional song, the kid of music she does has substance. She tells Korin to see more of the intention of the lyric, more dynamics, that low town in the verses to bring out the emotional side. They also talk about style and Gwen brings in her team to perform a makeover, starting with her hair.

A new Korin takes the stage with a soft, smooth, apologetic vocal, sprinkled with magical falsettos, and a powerful, sensuous middle tone.  It has a definite cafe vibe, ripe with quiet emotion, sweet and embraceable.  Adam says that was so cool to discover new about someone's voice, to see the growth and change, a lot of new strength in your voice.

Blake says the last time Gwen cut someone's hair on the show, they won. They ended up on my team, but they won. Adam guffaws. I hate him so much, Blake says dismissively. Great job connecting with that song.  Coach Gwen says you look so beautiful, this song challenged you but tonight you embraced it and gave it your own twist, your personality, it was so beautiful and emotional, blossoming into a beautiful person before our eyes.

Now it's time to reveal Coach Gwen's comeback artist, Ellie Lawrence, singing Ex's & Ohs (ElleKing) because of her quirkiness. Gwen says she was the most downloaded and needs to be as unique as her hair. Gwen says she should save the rasp to the end and focus on telling the story theatrically, some country attitude meets punk rock, less sexy and more tomboyish.
The music is up tempo and Elle starts out standing by the band then sashays her way to the center stage, bouncing her vocals around, marching around in her boots, and pointing her finger to emphasize who is in charge. She has plenty of sass, command and control, feminine power to a rock beat. Her deliver and presence is crowd-pleasing translates well into the small screen.
She's dancing around on stage as Adan says how awesome it must have been to get that phone call, and you just had your best performance, like you found something that you do, that's your thing. Blake says that's my favorite performance of the night so far, how free you are on stage, not overproduced the way your voice shreds up high. Pharrell says you had yourself a really good time, it was your stage.
Coach Gwen says what you did was owned the stage, you were working it like you owned the show.
We move right into Team Gwen's moody Jeffrey Austin, singing Say You Love Me (Jessie Ware).  Gwen tells him he's an artist who wants to be vulnerable, but his lack of performing experience that detracts from his credibility. He says the first time he fell in love, the guy said he loved him but only via text. Gwen suggests a black suit to signify getting formal in the relationship.  He's ready to pull back some of the bricks in the wall.
Standing at the front side of the stage, his voice is kind of dreamy, hopeful, gazing off into the future imagined. He grabs his mike and returns to the present with a powerful, emotional verse dramatically creating building and trailing harmonies with his background vocals, then piercing the stage with intensity and emotion, causing Gwen to try and hide her huge smile behind her hands.
After bringing the performance and audience to the edge, he dials it back to a wistful, pleading conclusion.  Adam says as much as it hurts him to admit it, that was a great performance, but more importantly, you could really win this whole thing, you have it all, just keep listening to this wonderful woman and you'll continue to soar.
Pharrell says easily the best performance of the night, the emotional path, you dug it so much, pulled so much out of it. Coach Gwen says I'm having a good night, you were just ooh, wow, seriously right now, what was that? You were not a contestant, you were an artist, purely emoting a purely, talented and gifted voice.
Next to perform for you vote, from Team Gwen's young high school sophomore, Braiden Sunshine, singing Everything I Own (Bread). She loves the contrast of a young kid doing such a powerful song. Braiden puts it into a passionate transformation story. He wants to take something personal and tell the story about it to convey the song's feeling.
Still trying out new hair styles, he opens with a youthful, upper octave vocal, tender and innocent, telling a coming-of-age story.  There was something wrong with the audio or his ear piece, because his big chorus didn't seem strong enough but he threw in a falsetto to go along with his moist emotion-filled eyes, then he begins moving around the stage, playing the role of the hearthrob. He closes with all the power he can muster despite being a bit out of breath.  Pretty amazing for someone too young to drive.
Adam says hey and Braiden says he can't see Adam because he doesn't have his classes. Adam says his wife is uncomfortably obsessed with him and to be honest, he's spectacular, a beautiful song. Being slightly critical, what he wanted, the song didn't do as much as he wanted.  Braiden gets his glasses. That's the only thing I wanted to hear more of. Don't hate me.
Blake says Gwen is going to kick your (Adam's) ass during the commercial break for that. You've been one of my favorites since the Battles, ever time you step up to the plate you step it up more. This wasn't your usual over-the-top performance, but you are so consistent and always look different. That's because her coach is Gwen Stefani, Carson says, mistaking Braiden's gender.
Coach Gwen says I feel so protective over him, he did such a beautiful job, his voice so tender, she loved the end, wild and emotional, looked so, so cute tonight.
We are back with Team Adam's Brooklyn singer-songwriter, Amy Vachal, singing The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra).  She has great chops, Adam says, but tells her to dig deep and discover she can sing the range as well as draw out so much color from a single note.
Sitting on a high stool center stage, dressed in an elegant back gown, the lights lit up like stars around her, she opens with a soft, sensuous vocal that cuts through the night air, the audience clapping lightly along. She steps off the stool and begins dancing long the stage, gorgeously smooth in movement and dynamic runs, throwing in multi-dimensional big vocal notes but her feet never quite touching ground, floating along with her perfectly pretty notes.  You felt as if she didn't know the audience was there.
Blake says please do a Christmas album someday, please! You have the perfect voice for that crooner type of thing. We've heard you do a lot of different types of things, that felt like home for you. Pharrell says that was just effortless, the way you sang your way around the stage, those effortless, super-colorful runs, just crazy. I'm sad I lost you but so glad you're still here because you could win.  Awesome.
Coach Adam says we're not going to talk about all that boring technical mumbo jumbo, we're going to talk about one thing. That was not The Voice, that was watching a guest artist perform on the show. We talked about what this performance needs to be for you and that's exactly what it was, the absolutely best job you could possibly do.
We continue with the smooth singing Hungarian pop singer from New York, from Team Gwen, Viktor Kiraly, singing All Around The World (Lisa Stansfield).  It's a soul song about love lost. They decide to make the song more modern, do showcase his soul.
The performance opens with a big musical intro that declares this is going to be big and his performance doesn't disappoint, a soft, jazzy performance, casually fancy footwork, a light and bouncy vocal, a couple falsettos for fun,  this was a song full of the joy of life despite the fact that the lyrics are more of a lament. I can only hope desperation puts me in such a light and happy mood.

Adam says you did this move, I can't even pretend to do that move, Blake can only do it poorly. It was like, all of a sudden Viktor has arrived, I'm supper proud and happy even if you're no longer on my team. Blake says I'm going to go out on limb here and say overall, Team Gwen is whipping the crap out of Team Adam.  That was a great job, dude, fun to watch and fun to see Gwen whip the crap out of Adam tonight, it makes me so happy!

Gwen, what did you think of Viktor's performance, asks Carson. I mean, just seeing Team Gwen beat the crap out of Team Adam makes me so happy, Blake interjects again. Adam fake claps amusement. Gwen says Viktor, woah, that was crazy, not just singing, the stage, the moves, your outfit, everything, it was just so good! You helped me a lot, Viktor says graciously.

Big round of applause for Paul Mirkovich and the incredible Voice band! Now has come to reveal the eliminated singer that Coach Adam has chosen to bring back for the Play-offs.

Adam says his comeback artist, he loves this kid so much, but this guy is a wonderful young kid and someone he didn't want to see go, so he's bringing back Chance Pena!

Chance is singing Barton Hollow (The Civil Wars).  It's in my wheelhouse, Chance says. Adam says there are things I wanted to get into with you, your tone is unique and you have a cool break in your voice but sometimes you have too many sprinkles in your cake. Try to build up with those cool things rather than lean on them. Be the rock that holds the blues together.

The chorus set the tone, then Chance breaks through the fog of war with his thick, heavy, dramatic vocal, piercing through the air.  His big long notes were rough and powerful, but when his voice wasn't pounding the stage, he was a little meek. Fortunately those moments were few and far between as he just ripped the floor off the stage.

Blake says the one thing no one can take away form you is you dump 150% of yourself into your performance, you leave nothing left on the table. Coach Adam says I believed and I still do, even though I let you go. You got some amazing advice from Blake, then came back to my team for the Save, you've been through so much already and moving forward, who cares, you've received such an education and you are a wonderful human being and a really talented kid.

Closing out tonight from Team Adam is Kentucky's Jordan Smith, singing Halo (Beyonce). The song tells what kind of artist he wants to be, emotional and passionate. Adam says there's nothing about you that's generic. Less ad-libbing and more elongated notes.  They come up with a new arrangement that builds up slowly. Adam says you cannot explain Jordan has, you just have to experience it.

His voice is soft and comfortable as he stands in the middle of the stage, bathed in shadow.  As the music comes up and his vocal peels off layers like an onion, the lights also come up to reveal Jordan in black suit, his voice solid and clear, emotional and passionate. Then he throws in a sickly sweet falsetto and a closing run that just dripped with feeling as he throws out a huge power note that brings tears to the eyes.

All four coaches give a standing ovation. Pharrell says over the cheering what can I say? Literally, there's nothing to say but Gd has signed your voice. Gwen says that was my though too, Gwen says, that was so great to hear. Coach Adam says I can't talk about your voice, everyone was cheering before you started and were still in the dark. You're not a singer - you're a figure, a person that everyone draws amazing energy from, unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Voting is now open on all platforms through 12 noon EST on Tuesday.  We'll be back at 9pm EST Tuesday night for live performances from Team Pharrell and Team Blake.  Happy voting everyone!

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Live Playoffs - First Round - Team Pharrell/Team Blake


This is The Voice! Last night, the Live Playoffs began and Team Adam and Team Gwen took the stage, delivering performances both epic and moving. And the comeback artists made their bid for a spot in the Top 12. Tonight, the Live Playoffs continue with Team Pharrell and Team Blake.  For the artists, it's the biggest performance of the season and the stakes get even higher as 2 more of your favorites return.

America, get ready to vote! Please welcome your host, Carson Daly!  And your coaches, Adam Levine!  Gwen Stefani!  Pharrell Williams!  And the cowboy Blake Shelton! Team Blake and Team Pharrell will perform tonight with stripped down performances, plus each coach will bring back an eliminated artist from their team as their Comeback Artist. And don't forget you can start voting right now on The Voice app!

Blake reveals he actually paired 2 artists in his Knockout Rounds specifically so he could bring one of them back tonight. Pharrell says there was something that happened in the Battle Rounds that has been weighing on him and he's been waiting to bring this person back ever since. All other voting methods will open at the end of the show.

We start tonight with Team Pharrell's Atlanta soul singer, Darius Scott, singing Love Lockdown (Kanye West). He chose his own song and has brought Pharrell his own arrangement.  Pharrell advises him to be simple on the choruses and then get the audience when he performs a big run.  Pharrell says he's a serious artist with something different to offer.

The song opens with an orchestral rise and then a moody, coffee house vibe, dark and mysterious, showcasing his vocal and putting a spell on the audience with the simplicity of the performance masking the complexity of the vocal. His tempo lets him squeeze a lot of smooth soulful singing into his time allotment.  This was a master class to lead off the night.

Gwen says music just lives inside you, that second verse and then you kept going all the way to the last note, planned or natural, it was incredible, beautiful, crazy. Adam says I loved your choices, the way you maneuver through a vocal, you have this crazy ability where are flawless and soulful, I'm still taking it in.

This won't surprise anyone on the line here but I didn't know that song...  What a huge surprise, Adam says loudly.  But I don't care, Blake continues, because whatever version that is, that's the one I'm going to buy tonight. I told Pharrell before the show you're the one on his team we have to be worried about.

Coach Pharrell says great arrangement, vocally, the creative liberties you took were so tasteful, you had these people standing up, and I think you (the audience) should stand up some more.

Can Team Blake's Ivonne Acero counter that kickoff performance with her version of One Of Us (Joan Osborne)?  Crowned Homecoming Queen, this is the style of the music she wants to perform.  Blake says she has a huge, powerful voice, singing with such confidence that she sometimes gets a bit sharp. She's good at power ballads and this plays to her strengths.

Her voice is soft and velvety but the vocal a bit flat (energy-wise, not pitch) as we wait for for the big chorus, but unfortunately it doesn't quite hit the mark though she is singing with passion and emotion.  The audience is cheering but this didn't work for me.

Pharrell says it always blows my mind watching you have such big notes then being so humble after it's done. Your power is your super power, you made your family proud tonight. Gwen says I was so impressed with your confidence, so in contrast with your personality, your confidence in your voice showed.

Adam says your voice is amazing but you have this other gear, a slow build to your emotions flowing over, it's so, and as much as I can't stand Blake, he's done amazing work with you and you were phenomenal and only getting better. Coach Blake says you are the perfect example of what makes this show cool, making a transformation from a shy performer to a confident performer, it blows my mind.

Our performances continue with the determined natural powerhouse, Morgan Frazier from Team Blake, singing Lips Of An Angel (Jack Ingram).  She gives Blake the CD she made when she was 9. Signed at 15 and working Nashville at 16, Blake says she's a natural country artist and is flipping a rock song into country and from a male lead to a female lead.

With a weeping guitar, her vocal is country grand, solid and confident, silky and full of feeling.  She keeps the performance even, using her power for emphasis rather than to wow the audience but it has the same effect. By the end she has the audience eating out of her hands and deservedly so.

Pharrell says that was so awesome to see how far you've come, you totally know why Blake stole you back, this is your time, keep going, Ares. Gwen says I love your voice, your verses were so beautiful, the tone in your voice. Then the way you built into such powerful belting was crazy.

Coach Blake says watching you in that moment, you're like a country standard to me, watching you work the stage, the way you command everybody's attention, the way you build everyone up to the big moments and holding out that big note at the end of the song. Anyone who doesn't vote for you must be full of hate. That was so good.

Next up from Team Pharrell is pop rocker Evan McKeel with his take on Overjoyed (Stevie Wonder). Pharrell says he sang this A Capella during the Blind Auditions, and now he can do the full song. Evan says Pharrell supports who he wants to be as an artist. He's worried about losing his composure. It's not bad to let people see you feel, Pharrell says.  

This time with accompaniment, his vocal is solid and clear, sincere and heartfelt, He has good command of the stage, treating the song as if it were A Capella despite the up tempo jazzy backing from the band.  His arrangement has taken some of what I loved about his voice out of the picture, singing from the front of his mouth rather than from down deep, but it was still a masterful performance.

Gwen says that song is so hard to do and you sang it perfect. Being really honest, once in a while your body language and stage presence feels a bit too theatrical and I get lost in the movements that look too thought out, but the vocal was crazy crazy. Blake says some of the notes you sang, the way you were able to navigate through that melody so perfectly was unbelievable. You proved what a great singer you are.

Coach Pharrell says great performance, there were a lot of great notes you hit, and in terms of your body language, I read it as you being genuine. When you tell someone you love them, it doesn't always look cool.  I loved that honesty, super genuine and pure.

Next up is the confident 16yr old Texas girl, Madi Davis, singing Songbird (Fleetwood Mac).  Pharrell says she's very clear on what she wants to do, her song choices are her signature. She is singing this song for her mother. Pharrell says learn it so that playing it is second nature. You've mastered how to be delicate but some bongos could be cool. You are so comfortable. You're the first one to really see me, Madi says.

Playing the acoustic with no other accompaniment but the audience's clapping, this is a beautifully sweet performance, soft and lilty, great range and dynamics, trilling and mesmerizing, it's hard to take your eyes and ears off her, you don't even realize the band has added a percussion backdrop.  

Adam says I'm happy those are happy tears. You just popped up on my radar - you can sing and have a great vibe and an unbelievable coach.  Blake says it's so cool, you get lost in the moment of your singing, not just your falsetto but the transition into your falsetto, this was a breakout moment for you. Coach Pharrell says to be 16yrs old and so talented, you are super talented.

The time has come for Coach Pharrell to reveal the artist he has brought back to perform live tonight. Pharrell says there was no after the Battle of Mark (Hood) and Celeste (Betton) that I could bring back anyone else. It was so hard to make that decision and she inspired me to bring her back.

Singing Something In The Water (Carrie Underwood), the inspirational story matches your inspirational story, Pharrell says.  She believes she's a different person coming back. She's being intentionally short of breath but Pharrell doesn't want shortness of breath to get in the way of the emotional delivery of the song.

She jumps right into this driving country pop song, delivering the narrative with urgency and then breaking into a light and floaty chorus before diving right back into that heart-pounding beat and intense vocal. And when the drums stop and her voice takes over, strong and pounding it its own right, it's just magical.  Ending with Amazing Grace, this was hugely entertaining.

Sometimes people sing last chance or comeback songs like they don't ever want to leave the stage again and you certainly did tonight, Carson says. Gwen says I'm literally crying, you picked the perfect song, it's so you, I believe you so much, I don't know, that last note, amazing.  Coach Pharrell says that was all we could ever ask for, you sang like people don't want you to go home, you tapped into the strongest part of the universe and I have faith.

We continue right away with the 17yr old former athlete turned heart-breaker, from Team Blake, Zach Seabaugh.  Singing Brand New Girlfriend (Steve Holy), he thinks this will show a different side of his country voice. Blake wishes he had Zach's deep baritone country thing, but this song is totally in his face, it's up high. Blake warns him not to be too laid back and let the song drag him around. Get up there and flirt with the girls.

The girls are screaming before the lights even come up and they don't stop until after he's done with this song about getting back on the horse after being dumped. With a bit of a twinkle in his eye, he kicks off a honky tonk performance with a bit of Elvis and the kind of self-confidence that makes you think of the Fonze. Working the front row girls, he's hips are moving as much as his feet and voice are. Oh, and he can sing like shit too.

Way to gyrate your pelvis with your mother in the room, Carson jokes. Adam says that was, girls calm down, one of my favorites so far, all the stuff you were doing, that was dangerous to do all that but you did it really well, one of the few who could pull all the performance and gyrations, you have that thing.

Coach Blake says I would officially like to stop the Superman talk and star the Elvis talk.  Thank you, Zach says, thank you very much.  What in the, in rehearsal I wondered what you would do, you sounded OK but I didn't know you were going to get out here and do THAT. Dude, you bought your ticket through the lives from here on out. That was a great job.

Next up from Team Pharrell is 19yr old YouTube pop star Riley Biederer, singing Should've Been Us (Tori Kelly).  Pharrell says it shows the topography of her voice. He tells her to stop thinking about getting it right, to just naturally believe in herself and let it flow. He tells her she's a feeling singer, when her body moves it comes out the right way.

With a quick drum lick to kick things off, her vocal blasts out determined and intense, throwing her hips to the beat, delivering a sensual, mystical performance.  She brings it up an octave and displays total confidence and control, glad handing the front row. dropping a shoulder, sliding in and out of sweetness, it wasn't the best vocal but it was fun to watch.

Gwen says you are so cute, my favorite part was when you belted those notes, so beautiful and warm. When you're singing the verses you have this small thing going on, very feminine and then you just burst with confidence. Coach Pharrell says you are a singing, fighting sensation, you always had a great voice but confidence wise you came out and fought, hitting those high notes confidently, this is what you're supposed to do.

The time has come to reveal the eliminated singer Coach Blake has brought back to the competition: Nadjah Nicole. Singing Upside Down (Diana Ross), Blake knew when he paired her up in the Knockouts that he could potentially bring her back tonight. The song shows her fun, playful side.  Blake tells her to play the personality of it. She plans to try to dance. Work the the audience, he tells her, you are a totally different person now.

Up tempo, she jumps right in with a vocal as sleek as her dress, full of suave attitude, assuredness, solid and sexy, graceful and powerful. She has a brilliant single note key transition, the whole thing kept me off balance and engaged.  I thought the song ended one bar too late for maximum effect, but otherwise she was solid entertaining.

Adam says you look beautiful, you sound beautiful, I really thoroughly enjoyed myself. Coach Blake says that was so much fun to watch you in this moment, you got to be Diana Ross like you wanted to be as a kid, sounded so good, I can' believe how fast that hair has grown out since rehearsal (extensions, anyone?).

Team Blake's young country hopeful is next, Emily Ann Roberts, is next with her take on In The Garden (C Austin Miles).  She walks into rehearsal with Blake singing her Happy Birthday for her 17th. Blake tells her she blends her runs but runs out of breath. She's creating her own genre, Blake says.

Sitting center stage, she delivers a delicate, delightful vocal, carried out over a slight breeze like a leaf in the wind. Her ballad is pure country gospel, sweet and innocent, it's like she's singing one long note despite the pauses to breath, full of nuance and faith, youthful and full of optimism.  That was just wonderful.

Gwen says wow, your boots are so sparkly, you're so pure, honest and real, your instincts true and to have all that going for you and so young, it's mind blowing. Plus you're so beautiful, you have so much happening. Adam says it's always nice to enjoy a moment in its purity and not think about the show, I'm staggered by how much talent is in the show this season including you.

Coach Blake says you have the voice of an angel. You're not trying to do crazy stuff, you just walked out here to lay out your heart on the stage for America to see and that's what makes for a great artist.

Closing out Team Pharrell tonight is Chicago actor Mark Hood, singing What Do You Mean (Justin Bieber).  He's going to play the piano while he sings. Pharrell says he never put Mark's voice on a Bieber song but he has a remarkable ability. It's not supposed to be that easy, Pharrell tells him, but maybe scale it back a little and build it up quarter by quarter.

Those high notes are new, Pharrell says.  I wanted to do something different, Mark says, high notes aren't my thing. What are you talking about, Pharrell says, taken back. If it is my thing, I've never tapped into it. You're going to claim those notes, Pharrell tells him, and never say that again.

He gets great movement out of his vocal despite being stationary at the piano, but his dancing shoes can't stay still for too long as he gets up to take his voice out for a stroll, dancing to the music with a pop Caribbean vibe, mixing up sweet and gritty falsetto, that just roll up and down the scale.  

Gwen says I'm crying again, he's so good, you have so much personality and are so so talented. Adam says man, I was blinded by the lights, literally, but that was awesome. I don't know why you think you can't do some things because you can do anything. Blake says I know you did something awesome because the crowd was freaking out, but I thought this was a blind audition because I had to close my eyes for all the lights! You still sound as amazing as every time I've heard you.

Coach Pharrell eggs on the applause. Listen, listen to that. Just listen. That's you. That was unbelievable, what you just did was amazing, you proved your name - you are marked for this.

The final performance tonight comes from Team Blake, the country singing drama teacher Barrett Baber, singing I Drive Your Truck (Lee Brice), a song Blake can see him singing in his career, with powerful messages. Blake lost his brother when he was 14 and gets the emotional message of the song. Barrett says it's difficult to think about the feelings of a father losing his son. It's a big story to tell. Blake says you make us feel it but we don't always understand the words.

Standing alone center stage, he's got his country twang on overdrive as he checks his systems then puts the song into drive, fueled by emotion and powered by an honest anguish. He throws the brakes on to bring the song to a dramatic stop then pours on the gas accelerating to the climactic payoff.

Gwen says you give so much every time, every note, every stance, so much emotion, it's a lot, you give give give of yourself and it's very powerful. Adam says I've missed you ever since I pitched a fit and embarrassed myself and still didn't get you, you are so powerful and at the end of the day, if you don't have a belief and passion in what you're doing, you can't fake it and you have it.

Coach Blake says dude, you amaze me, the only other artist I've seen give as much of themselves to a performance is Garth Brooks.  Barrett can't believe that praise.  

That brings to an end the first round of the live playoffs and the vote is now in your hands. All voting methods are open until noon Wednesday ET.  Your votes will be tallied and the Top 12 revealed live Wednesday night at 8pm (yes, across from Survivor).  Two from each team will be saved by your vote, a third by their coach.  In the end, the journey will end for half the artists.

Who will make it through? From Team Adam, will it be Blaine Mitchell, Keith Semple, Shelby Brown, Amy Vachal, Chance Pena or Jordan Smith? From Team Gwen, will it be Regina Love, Korin Bukowski, Ellie Lawrence, Jeffrey Austin, Braiden Sunshine or Viktor Kiraly? From Team Blake, will it be Barrett Barber, Emily Ann Roberts, Ivonne Acero, Morgan Frazier, Nadjah Nicole or Zach Seabaugh? And from Team Blake, will it be Celeste Betton, Darius Scott, Evan McKeel, Madi Davis, Mark Hood or Riley Biederer?

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Live Playoffs - First Round - Voting Results


This is The Voice! Happy Veterans Day, everyone! Tonight the Top 12 will be revealed! Please welcome your host, Carson Daly! And your coaches, Adam Levine! Gwen Stefani! Pharrell Williams! And Blake Shelton!  We had a week of incredible performance, and in fact, 2 artists hit the Top 10 of the iTunes Singles Chart at close of voting. Will it be enough to save them?

Here's how tonight's going to work. 24 will become 12, teams cut in half. The top 2 from each team will automatically advance to Monday's Top 12 Live Show. Then our coaches will have to make some tough decisions - they can choose one from the remaining artists to go forward.  For the other three, there is no Steal, there is no second chance.

We start things off with a performance from Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine, Jeffrey Austin, Korin Bukowski, Regina Love, Viktor Kiraly and Ellie Lawrence, singing Ooh Child (The Five Stairsteps).

Team Gwen is in the hot seat and it's time to see how America voted. But first, let's look at their performances from Monday night: Regina Love sang Hello; Korin Bukowski sang Adia; Ellie Lawrence sang Ex's & Ohs; Jeffrey Austin sang Say You Love Me; Braiden Sunshine sang Everything I Own; and Viktor Kiraly sang All Around The World.

It's time to reveal which to artists received the most votes and were saved by America. Here we go.

America saved...   from Team Gwen...   Jeffrey Austin!

America also saved...   From Gwen...   Braiden Sunshine!

That leaves Korin, Regina, Viktor and Ellie. Coach Gwen can only pick one of these remaining artists to advance. Gwen says she's so blown away by her team, they have blossomed right before her eyes, they are such a gift. What am I doing, and I talking? I only get to save one and that's totally upsetting but you're so far ahead of where you were with new opportunities.

Which artist are you going to save, Carson asks? All I can do in this crazy moment is think of who I can help the most and right now I'm going to say...   Korin Bukowski!  

We say goodbye to Regina Love, Viktor Kiraly and Ellie Lawrence.

In recognition of Veterans Day, we have a special message from the First Lady, Michelle Obama. But you don't have to recognize our veterans on a TV show or cut your hair like Coach Adam to show our veterans how much they mean to us. Go to joiningforces.gov to learn how you can serve our military as well as they have served us.

Last season's winner from Team Pharrell, the young folk singer from New York, Sawyer Fredericks with brand new music. His EP is out now and here is his new single, Take It All. Please welcome back to The Voice stage, Sawyer Fredericks!

Coming together for the first (and last) time, it's Team Blake with Stand (Rascal Flatts), here's Barrett Baber, Emily Ann Roberts, Ivonne Acero, Zach Seabaugh, Morgan Frazier and Nadjah Nicole!

All eyes are on Team Blake now, so let's take a look at how they performed Tuesday night: Ivonne Acero sang One Of Us; Morgan Frazier sang Lips Of An Angel; Zach Seabaugh sang Brand New Girlfriend; Nadjah Nicole sang Upside Down; Emily Ann Roberts sang In The Garden; and Barrett Baber sang I Drive Your Truck.

It is time to find out which 2 artists have received the most votes from America. Let's get right to it.

America saved...   From Team Blake...   Barrett Baber! Moving on to the Live Show Top 12!

America also saved...   From Team Blake...   Zach Seabaugh!  Congratulations!

That leaves Emily Ann, Ivonne, Morgan and Nadjah. Blake says this is the 9th time Adam and I have had to do this and it doesn't get any easier. There's no rhyme or reason it comes out like this, it just sucks. You made it this fare because you're THAT talented. Blake, which of these artists are you going to save tonight?

There are a million ways to become successful in this industry, Blake says, I have to make my decision based on who I think can thrive in this situation here on The Voice. And based on what I've seen, I'm going to choose Emily Ann Roberts!

That means we say goodbye to Ivonne, Morgan and Nadjah.

Darius Scott, Evan McKeel, Madi Davis, Mark Hood, Riley Biederer and Celeste Betton take the stage for Team Pharrell for their performance of Everybody Hurts (REM).

Now it's time to see who from Team Pharrell will move on to the Top 12 Live Show.  But first, we take a look back at their performances from Tuesday night: Darius Scott sang Love Lockdown; EvanMcKeel sang Overjoyed; Madi Davis sang Songbird; Celeste Betton sang Something In The Water; Riley Biederer sang Should've Been Us; and Mark Hood sang What Do You Mean?

It's time to see who from Team Pharrell received the most votes from America to save them. Let's do it.

America saved...   From Team Pharrell...   Madi Davis! Congratulations, you're moving on!

America also saved...   From Team Blake...   Evan McKeel is in the Top 12!

That leaves Darius, Mark, Riley and Celeste and an agonizing decision for Coach Pharrell. Pharrell says It's not about me and how hard this is. Riley, you have grown leaps and bounds in your confidence. Mark, the wrestle you have, it's paying off. Darius, your arrangements are unbelievable. Celeste, your voice brought your back. Pharrell, Carson presses, which one of these artists are you going to save?

It's tough, man. We need an answer, please. OK, OK, the lights are blinking. I'm going to go out on a limb, Mark, I'm going to stick with you. Mark Hood is saved by Coach Pharrell!

That means we say goodbye to Darius, Riley and Celeste tonight.

We come to Team Adam, Blaine Mitchell, Jordan Smith, Keith Semple, Shelby Brown, Amy Vachal and Chance Pena, with their performance of Diamonds (Rihanna).

Before we get to Team Adam's results, let's take a look at Monday night's performances: Blaine sang Never Tear Us Apart; Keith Semple sang To Be With You; Shelby Brown sang You're No Good; Amy Vachal sang The Way You Look Tonight; Chance Pena sang Barton Hollow; and Jordan Smith sang Halo.

It's time to see who from Team Adam received the most votes to save them and will automatically join the Top 12 Live Show.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Adam...   Jordan Smith, moving on to the Top 12!

America also saved...   From Team Adam...   Shelby Brown! Congratulations!

Adam, Carson says, 4 amazing artists left up here, Chance, Blaine, Keith and Amy. You can only pick one to join these two on Monday night's live show.  The audience begins shouting and Adam says stop talking, please! You cannot prepare yourself, it doesn't get any less sucky after 9 seasons. I don't know what to tell you, you're all unique. I hate it and want to go home.  Can I send myself home?

That's not an option, Carson says in his most serious voice, which of these artists are you going to save? Oh shoot, I don't know. The credits are rolling at the bottom of the screen. Stop, he tells the audience, who begins shouting suggestions.

I'm going to go with my gut, Adam says, and my gut right now in this moment tells me Amy! Amy Vachal, saved by Adam!

We say good night to Blaine, Keith and Chance.  Next week, the Top 12 return to The Voice stage for Round Two of the Live Playoffs. From Team Adam, Jordan Smith, Shelby Brow and Amy Vachal. From Team Gwen, Braiden Sunshine, Jeffrey Austin and Korin Bukowski. From Team Pharrell, Evan McKeel, Madi Davis and Mark Hood. And from Team Blake, Barrett Baber, Emily Ann Roberts and Zach Seabaugh.

What did you think of tonight's results? Does each team have the right 3 artists moving forward? Who is your favorite to win it all?  Let me know!

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Live Playoffs - Second Round - Performances


This is The Voice! The stage is set in blue, white an red lights, the coaches and Top 12 artists stand arrayed on the stage as Carson speaks.  Before we begin our show tonight, on behalf of everybody here at NBC, the entire Voice family, coaches, artists and crew included, we want to offer our love and support to the people of Paris. You're in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers.  A moment of silence.

This is The Voice! The stage is set in blue, white an red lights, the coaches and Top 12 artists stand arrayed on the stage as Carson speaks.  Before we begin our show tonight, on behalf of everybody here at NBC, the entire Voice family, coaches, artists and crew included, we want to offer our love and support to the people of Paris. You're in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers.  A moment of silence.

Please welcome your host, Carson Daly!  Keep it going for your coaches: Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams and Blake Shelton!  Tonight the Top 12 will take the stage and tomorrow one will go home no matter what team he or she is on, and like last week, voting is open now on the official Voice app with the other voting methods opening at the end of the show.

We kick off tonight with the youngest artist in the competition, channeling his inner rock star, from Team Gwen, it's Braiden Sunshine.  Singing Renegade (Styx), Gwen tells him that he has to man the stage, 100% body confidence. He's not looking for approval, she tells him, he needs to command it. You're still learning yourself at 15yrs old but his style is his gift. He's always wanted to do a rock song on a big stage and this is the biggest he can imagine.

He opens with a powerful voice, a determined attitude and yet a new hair style but while his vocal was hard and angry and fun, he still looks like he's trying to be a teen heartthrob.  But he does bring a gravitas through his body language, solid vocal performance with huge notes, pushing it to the limit by the end.

Adam says you said you were in a band for 6 years - that means you were 9. That's so badass.  I was the kid jumping up on the bar singing AC/DC, Braiden says. You're a really talented dude, Adam says. Blake says you were that kid in a bar? Maybe that came out wrong, Braiden says. I'm thinking THAT's badass, Blake says, my kind of boy. This kid can do anything, we've seen him do all kinds of, almost every style you can do. You need to do country style next.

Pharrell says your own interpretation was so cool, infusing these runs in the middle of the song, hitting the notes and not missing them, super impressed.  I don't know if it's that your 15yrs old, you've been in a band that long, you can do any song, I don't know. Blake is right - you can do anything you want.

Coach Gwen says Braiden came to me and really wanted to do a rock song, really confident about it but vocally you nailed it, that last note incredible. You came out here to find your way, who you are, and it was an incredible job tonight.

Next up from Team Adam, saved last week, is Brooklyn singer/songwriter Amy Vachal, with her take of Hotline Bling (Drake).  She never would have thought of this song, Adam says, she's sweet and innocent but has a jazzy edge.  He tells her to paint with it, sing it her way, it's a kiss-off song. Pharrell sneaks in to the rehearsal and whispers to Adam that a upright bass would be really cool.   Let yourself go too far, Adam says, bubble over with emotion and have an emotional breakthrough on stage.

Playing her electric guitar lightly, in front of a red moon, her vocal is soft and airy, the theater quiet and focused on her voice. Midway the bass kicks in adds a laid back vibe to this sleepy yet entrapping performance.

Will the coaches like her smooth styling? Blake says there has never been a more elegant and classic performance of a song about a booty call in the history of music. Unbelievable. Adam asks if he's heard the song before. Yes, Blake says, without missing a beat, Gwen sang it to him.  OK, Carson says slowly, let's go to Pharrell if we can.

Pharrell can't stop laughing. OK, this is your moment, he says to Amy, wow, yes, yes, you always make songs yours, an amazing, uncanny ability you have. The idea you could take such creative license and bring so much you, Brooklyn NY jazz element, it's a beautiful thing.  Gwen says that was so cool, you're an amazing artist, love how tender you sing.

Coach Adam says you took a risk and did something bold and I want that version, I want that version of that song in my life and it didn't exist until now. You've created a new spin, a new version of a really great song, so proud of the artistry in you.  

Next to perform is Chicago's soul singer Mark Hood, from Team Pharrell, performing Against All Odds (Phil Collins). He decides he's done running around the stage and wants to do something different. Pharrell suggests doing a stripped down version, more an English hymn than an America gospel song. His strength is when he feels, Pharrell says, he can move people.  Your greatest asset is your heart, Pharrell tells Mark, sing with your heart.

He's buried by the opening chords, but quickly reclaims control but his arrangement of the song is kind of strange and confusing. He strolls down along the platform running through the audience, digging deep into his emotional reservoir while standing among the people. I like Mark but the only thing that connected me to this song were the lyrics and the melody from the band.

The audience was feeling it, though. Gwen says it was fun to see you do something different, calmer and sensitive, so full of heart and spirit, in a sensitive moment. Adam says people can learn from you that passion and determination, you really want this badly, 200% every single time.  Coach Pharrell says let's do it again.  The audience breaks out into screams. That's what it feels like, Pharrell says.

Next up, from Team Blake, is Emily Ann Roberts from Tennessee, singing Blame It On Your Heart (Patty Loveless).  We get to see some attitude, Blake says, with bluegrass roots.  Emily says the song is about how dumb boys can be. He tells her to not smile or be mad, she doesn't love or hate - she's over it.   She's channeling the fact that all her friends love Zach Seabaugh and want her to talk about him.

Still strutting the boots, this is pure country from the accent to the way she tilts her head to deliver bad news. Her vocal performance was good but it didn't look like it was challenging.  Instead it just looked well rehearsed.

Gwen says OMGosh, you are good, you're cute and adorable, I don't know that song but I like it. Adam agrees, you've grown up before our eyes and are ready to go beyond the competition.  Coach Blake says you've always been a great singer, but you truly are finding that out about yourself, your confidence, you've graduated. You treat this like it's your stage.

From Team Gwen we come to Miami Indie artist Korin Bukowski, performing Titanium (Sia).  The song means strength to Korin, who is still trying to see in herself what her coach has seen since the beginning. Gwen wants her to stay true to who she is while exploring who that is. They change her hair style and take the bridge down to show off how big her voice can get. She's not an onion, she's a flower.

She opens with a breathy vocal, a bit quiet and nerdy, yet filled with an inner confidence that slowly ratchets up until fully cocked and she pulls the trigger in an explosion of power.  But she never quite gets to the level of the original, which left me still wanting that wow moment.

Blake says I don't how to say this, but keep thinking you're not cool, because that's what's so cool about you, you get up there and do that, one of the hardest song to sing, the range on it and you nailed it. Pharrell says it's supposed to feel translational, really cool to see you get out there and do that.  Coach Gwen says I'm blessed to be part of your journey, watching you transform into a confident woman, that's exactly how I envisioned it and you nailed that range and you trusted me to go blond!

Now that the coaches saves are out of the way, we return to Team Blake and Arkansas family man Barrett Baber, singing Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx).  Blake warns him he has to enunciate, he can't hid behind the lyrics with this song. Blake says he is country music defined. Barrett says this is a song about his wife and family and he's about to bring the thunder.

With a guitarist and piano playing behind him, his vocal is sensitive and sincere, slow and soulful, solid and soulful.  He kicks out his power note then jumps into the next verse infused with more energy and emotion. Not flashy but honest and moving.

Adam says no matter what kind of vocal, you attack it, whether it's a sensitive ballad or an energetic song, you can't help it, it shows your determination and passion. Coach Blake says you stayed in front of the mic for as long as you could stand it - what comes out of you is real and passionate and it's what makes you a real artist. You proved you are a great singer first and foremost.

Next from Team Pharrell comes folk singer Madi Davis, performing Who Will Save Your Soul (Jewel).  Madi says this song is different so she'll lose the guitar. Pharrell tells her to sing like she styles herself, unique and saying this is who I am. The keyboardist suggests a more aggressive reggae hump and Madi likes it. She's scared to show her happy, upbeat self. Pharrell has her promise to get out of her head.

The band lays down a funky groove and Madi slips right in with her coffee house style casual conversational vocal.  For some reason her expression looks unsure when the camera does a close-up, but a bit sly and knowing for the wide shots. It's a song that's fun to listen to but not something I'll remember by the end of the show.

Gwen says it was so fun to see you in a way I've never seen you, free, it was awesome to see you sing outside and out, you have a beautiful voice Blake says she's snuck up on him and it's cool to see her in a different way, it makes people focus on you and realize your such a good singer. Coach Pharrell says 16yrs old.  And you know exactly what you want to do and then come out here and perform like that.  I have to remind myself, that's only 16yrs old.

Next up from Team Gwen is the soulful Jeffrey Austin, performing Let It Go (James Bay).  He connects the song to losing his dad when he was 9. He just want to let it go and be himself. She tell him to sing out the note and lessen the dynamics so he doesn't bury it. Use the stage to tell a story. He wants to show he's continuing to evolve as a performer.

Singing in his upper octave, the vocal drips with sensitive sincerity, a bit of angst and self-recrimination in the way he looks around, the emotional tug pulling at his audience who scream when he just approaches the edge of the stage. He explodes into a dynamically powerful performance, channeling anger and despair, draped with a pleading hope. A beautiful performance.

Wow, Gwen mouths underneath the audience cheers. Adam says to have a voice as unique and powerful as yours, and your stage presence as you're developing, you're our greatest dream, you started off good and now you're one of the best. Blake says your voice is so strong, your pitch so perfect, it's unbelievable, from an average singer, I'm envious of you, you have to start thinking in terms of winning this thing.

Coach Gwen leans forward in her chair to say O. M. Gosh, that was crazy! How hot does he look right now with his hair died (red)? Obviously you'll get voted through, you were incredible, taking the song to a whole new place even from where you were in rehearsal, I'm so excited and proud of you.

From Team Adam comes 17yr old country singer Shelby Brown, performing In Color (Jamey Johnson).  Adam wants her to have a moment, to strip it all away and let her vocal be the centerpiece. She struggles to get out of her head during rehearsal and tears up from stress. Adam reminds her that America saved her, not him. Adam says you can be so scared of making mistakes that you make mistakes.  She has unlimited range and power, he says, and if she can access that through her own confidence, she'll be in great shape.  

Sitting on a stool center stage, her backup guitar in the shadow, her vocal shows all the confidence and strength of a seasoned professional, throwing out power notes and dialing it back for the sensitive lyrics, walking down among the people, glad handing and even holding hands with one gentleman before returning to the stage and belting out huge notes rich with their own color.  Let her be nervous during rehearsal because she's a Queen on the stage.

Blake says you are such a powerful singer, you got ahead of the band at one point but followed up with such a big note that it overcomes those things, you can get by with something like that, so congratulations. Coach Adam was debating whether to bring that up, but this is why I love you, not only did you recover but with one of the most powerful notes you've ever sung in your life which shows me you're here to play.  It's not about whether you make a mistake - it's about how you recover from those mistakes. You turned a tiny mistake into your biggest moment in the competition.

Now from Team Pharrell, here's Evan McKeel taking on This Is It (Kenny Loggins).  Replaying last week's performance, Pharrell thinks returning to his old life is not in the cards. He doesn't want to use the mic stand, to move about the stage and shake it. If you have to shake then shake, Pharrell says, if you have to dance, dance. But don't think about it. Pharrell says when he starts to sing you realize how much he feels on the inside. Evan says he has to enjoy the moment and sing his heart out.

Standing atop a staired platform, the song opens with a 70's style electric keyboard run but then Evan takes over, standing in front of a mic, his hips flowing as he grooves to the beat but his vocal feels a little constrained. Then he grabs the mic and runs down steps and dancing and gyrating all over the stage, even bringing his backup singers onto the stage behind him.  He's entertaining to watch as well as good to listen to, full of youthful energy and clearly having the time of his life.

Gwen says there was something so free about you tonight, you went for it in such a big way. It was so good, your voice in that song.  Coach Pharrell says you looked like you were having fun. When you stick with who you are and share that with the world, it lefts people when they really believe it, they can see what you're saying, singing from your heart. They can feel that.

We continue with Team Adam and a spiritual Jordan Smith, performing Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Thomas Chisholm & William Runyan).  He never imagined his life would change this much. Adam says he loves that Jordan wants to create entirely new moments each performance. Playing the piano, Jordan says this song is about his relationship with Gd. Adam says the way he plays and sings is so intimate, the band isn't needed. With him, being vulnerable really isn't a risk.

The stage is dark as Jordan sings A Capella from his piano, his voice ringing out loud and clear, honest and raw, echoing in the silent theater. He begins playing the piano and the audience cheers but then is quickly silenced with the passion and feeling of the performance.  They rise again as he throws some power behind the 3rd voice, raising the intensity and emotion level, concluding with a wicked falsetto from the heavens.

I had shivers after that. Coach Adam rushes onto the stage to give him a hug. His family is in tears.  Blake says you know, coming off the weekend and the horrible things that happened over in Paris, a heavy heart over the last few days, thank you for that, that was beautiful. Pharrell says dude, you had me standing up in the middle of the song. Everyone needs to go to iTunes right now, I don't care about the vote, buy this song from this guy right now.

Coach Adam says Blake took the words out of my mouth. Sometimes the world can be confusing and sad and then you come along and make us all feel there's hope in just 2 1/2 minutes, a feeling of rejuvenation. Just thank you.  

Don't forget that every iTunes download counts as a vote and if an artist charts in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles Chart, each download will count as 10 points and continue to count for as long as the artist remains in the competition.  

Trying to top that will be Team Blake's Zach Seabaugh from GA, taking on a country love song, My Love (Little Texas).  During rehearsal they goof off performing Footloose before getting down to business, bringing a little known song to his generation's attention. We've seen the wild side of Zach, Blake says, now we'll see his romantic side. Blake tells him to sing to a couple girls in the audience, take their hands, and sing to his love.  

Descending from atop a flight of stairs, his shirt open a button, his sleeves rolled up, he is smooth and suave and sophisticated, he couches to emphasize his vocal. He steps down to the the walkway and takes a young lady's hand, letting it slowly pull away, then repeating the action on the other side of the stage. The third time he kneels down, all the while delivering a solid vocal if slightly lacking in energetic intensity.

Pharrell says that range you have is so crazy, you sing so low at some points then swing up high and to it totally with ease. All while you're reaching down to take the hands of a girl. My thought is you're a professional but your just 17. That's crazy, what? This is the beginning of your future beyond this show. Gwen says the entire performance I kept thinking you're too natural, your stage presence so seasoned, your confidence so effortless and natural, you can't be 17. You're going to be a huge star.

Adam says last week was such a breakout thing with you dancing, and I selfishly wanted to see more of that but this was much more subdued and felt like the 15th song in a set in a concert, it was still awesome. Coach Blake says I've never had anyone on this show like you that you could walk off the stage and onto your headline tour bus. It's there for you. And no one takes my notes and puts them into motion like you. Great job.

That's all our performances tonight. If you asked me, Jordan Smith as as much of a lead in this competition as Team Green has on TAR. Can anyone stop him? If it were up to you, who would be going home this week? Tune in to Morty's TV Tuesday for your live results!

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Live Playoffs - Second Round - Results


This is The Voice!  It's results day and we are live! Please welcome your host, Carson Daly! And your coaches: Adam Levine! Gwen Stefani! Pharrell Williams! And Blake Shelton! Last night we had some incredible performances from our artists, all twelve charting in the Top 100 on the iTunes Singles Chart, and Amy Vachal, Jeffrey Austin and Jordan Smith all made the Top 10.

Let's get right down to business with your results. Please welcome your Top 12! Braiden Sunshine! Amy Vachal! Mark Hood! Emily Ann Roberts! Korin Bukowski! Barrett Baber! Madi Davis! Jeffrey Austin! Shelby Brown! Evan McKeel! Jordan Smith! And Zach Seabaugh!

Let's take a look back at last night's performances. Braiden sang Renegade. Amy Vachal sang Hotline Bling. Mark Hood sang Against All Odds. Emily Ann Roberts sang Blame It On Your Heart.  Korin Bukowski sang Titanium.  Barrett Baber sang Right Here Waiting.  Madi Davis sang Who Will Save Your Soul.  Jeffrey Austin sang Let It Go.  Shelby Brown sang In Color. Evan McKeel sang This Is It.  Jordan Smith sang Great Is Thy Faithfulness.  And Zach Seabaugh sang My Love.

I have the names of the first two artists saved by America and advancing to the Top 11 performances next week. Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Adam, Jordan Smith!

America also saved...  From Team Gwen...  Jeffrey Austin!

Jordan and Jeffrey are moving on, but the rest of the artists are still at risk.   Adam says his most important advice moving forward is to not let this part of the competition feel like this part of the competition - you can fall off the raise if you treat it as intense and scary.  

Pharrell says he advised his team that the only competition is themselves.  Coach Gwen is amazed at her team's progress.  Coach Blake says he wants his team to see that there's potential for them not only on this stage but in their careers after the show.  It's time to see if their hard work paid off as we bring out our remaining 10 artists and save two more from elimination.

Here we go.  America has saved...   From Team Blake...   Emily Ann Robert! Congratulations! America has voted you into the Top 11!

America also saved...   From Team Pharrell...   Madi Davis, you are moving on!

All of our coaches will be represented in the Top 11, but the remaining 8 artists remain at risk.

Now a 4-time winning coach joins his team of country singers, with Lean On Me (BIll Withers), give it up for Emily Ann Roberts, Zach Seabaugh and Barrett Baber with their coach, Mr. Blake Shelton!

Back to the business at hand, let's bring out our remaining 8 artists, 4 artists so far saved by you, America.  It is time to find out the names of the next 3 who are safe and advancing to the Top 11.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Gwen...   Braiden Sunshine moves on, the youngest in the competition!

America also saved...   From Team Blake...   Barrett Baber!  Saved by America's Votes!

America also saved...   From Team Adam...   Amy Vachal!  You are in!

Next a Voice Champion sings his own song, Just A Cloud Away, here's Evan McKeel, Madi Davis and Mark Hood with their coach, the great Pharrell Williams!

We bring out our remaining 5 artists as the results continue tonight with the next 3 artists being sent through to the next round.  This is it, here we go.

America saved...   From Team Pharrell...   Evan McKeel, you are moving on!

America also saved...   From Team Adam...  Shelby Brown! Congratulations!  All of Team Adam advances tonight.

America also saved...   From Team Blake...  Zach Seabaugh, you are part of the Top 11! Team Blake is unscathed tonight!

That means Korin Bukowski from Team Gwen and Mark Hood from Team Pharrell had the lowest number of votes and will sing for your Instant Twitter Save.

Two artists remain at risk if elimination.  Team Gwen's Korin Bukowski and Team Pharrell's Mark Hood will perform songs they picked to show you why they should be instantly saved.

Singing Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours (Stevie Wonder), hoping to remain on Team Pharrell, here's Mark Hood!  He's up beat and up tempo, energetic and exhibiting all his vocal range, dynamics, and fancy footwork as he bobs and weaves a crowd pleasing rendition with a bit of skat thrown in, leaving no corner of the stage or his voice untouched.  My future is in your hands, he sings.  If he had any nerves being on the rope, he left them backstage.

Gwen says your spirit is so big and beautiful and honest, that was magic. Adam says I was lucky to perform that song with Stevie Wonder and I was so scared they had to push me on.  It was a really good vocal for the moment. Blake says you're so much fun to watch, every coach was laughing and having a blast. You were singing your face off. Don't think too hard about what's happening - you're so good.

Coach Pharrell says I'm so proud of you, you've come so far and the crazy thing is people are still standing up. You gave it everything, bared your spirit for everyone to see.  

We'll keep it going with Korin Bukowski, singing I Don't Know Why (Norah Jones) for her chance to remain in this competition on Team Gwen.  A completely opposite performance, she's light and airy, laid back, quirky and teasing, her vocal beautiful and smooth.  Her voice is unique, sweet and innocent yet mischievous.

Adam says that was so great, my favorite performance of the show for you, what a time for it, such an improved, more confident singer. I'm not choosing sides but that was a touching performance, I want to hear more from you. Blake says there's something so unassuming about you, you're bashful, you can't imagine your the same person to give such a beautiful performance.

Pharrell says it feels so good when you go out and bare what you have, what's left is what you have on the inside, you sang so eloquently and it came off great. Coach Gwen says that was an amazing performance, my favorite one you've ever done. The look on your face before was tragic but you came out there and said no, look at this gift I have, listen to my voice, you are magical and have blossomed before my eyes.

The Twitter Instant Save is now open. Tweet #VoiceSaveMark or #VoiceSaveKorin.  Retweeting also counts. You have 5 minutes so tweet away!

During the commercial break, Korin is up to a quick 55% - 45% lead over Mark.

Mark thanks Pharrell for everything, helped him find his love for music even more, he's happy and content if this is the end of the road for him here. Korin thanks Gwen for building her confidence so much and she thanks her fans.  Pharrell says to Mark it's just the beginning of your future road, there is no denying your talent. Gwen says to Korin we were put together for a reason, busting out of cocoon, this is only part of your journey.

Twitter Voting is now closed and it's time to find out who was instantly saved. The time has come. One of you was instantly saved by America and will compete in the Top 11. Unfortunately, the other leaves us tonight.

Here we go. America has instantly saved...   Korin Bukowski from Team Gwen!

We say goodbye to Mark Hood as Coach Pharrell is the first to lose an artist.

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Live Playoffs - The Top 11 Perform


This is The Voice! It's the Top 11 show and here's your host, Carson Daly! And give it up for your coaches, Adam Levine! Gwen Stefani! The coolest (wearing shades indoors at night), Pharrell Williams! And Blake Shelton!  11 artists will perform but only 10 will move on. But it's Thanksgiving week and it's all about family. Our artists got to spend time with their familes, even during rehearsal.

We start with Team Adam's country artist, Shelby Brown, showing a bold side of herself tonight with her performance of You and I (Lady Gaga).  It's a pop song, Adam says, with deep country roots. He tells her the first You and I has to be bigger and she needs to bring the sassy and attitude. Adam raises his hands in triumph as she nails it in rehearsal. He promises her a giraffe if she nails the performance.

The song kicks off with a bit of electric keyboard but she quickly takes over with a laid back, rock-a-pop performance, her vocal full of 'tude, her face communicating as much as her country voice.  Personally I'd like to see this a bit more up tempo but there's no denying she's singing the H E double-toothpick out of this song.  There were no pyrotechnics in this performance but I could swear there were fireworks.

Do I get a giraffe now, she asks Coach Adam? Blake says one thing I know for sure about Shelby is she loves Alabama, that was my favorite performance by you so far, you showed your range and took out your aggressiveness on that performance. Pharrell says you came out here like a cannon, one of your most comfortable performances, aside from your voice raging like a lion. Gwen says remind me, you're 17. right? That's crazy, that sounded like one of your songs. The one bit of advice is I'd save your growl, you're doing it a lot and it's so special.   Coach Adam says seriously, she made me promise and I'm not sure how I'll pull it off but you deserve a giraffe because you killed it.  

Next from Team Pharrell is Evan McKeel with a song that showcases how much he's grown as an artist, Smile (Charlie Chaplin/Nat King Cole).  Pharrell says he has this classic 70's, early 80's voice and the song shows off him playing as a musician as well (an acoustic guitar). Pharrell has been coaching me about getting out of my shell, he says. Pharrell says he can't peak in the song, he has to continue to rise.  Evan says it's a powerful lyric about hope and the world needs to hear that right now.

Sitting in the center of the stage, his voice pierces the dark theater without accompaniment with soft, mournful vocal. The violins kick in adding an emotional dimension. He kicks into the second verse with a light percussion background, a ballet shadow dancer in a orange background circle. It's a sweet performance but the song itself tends to be a bit repetitive in melody and dynamics so no matter how beautifully he sings it, and he does sing beautifully, it's hard to keep your attention.

Gwen says that was so beautiful, my favorite performance of yours on the show, your tone, how calm you were, how your voice shined, it was very good. Blake says you're always such a pro, it really comes through in your performances your interest in the production side. That was really good, the girl back in the aquarium, that was huge, dude. Coach Pharrell says you sounded great as usual, but the difference tonight was you let people in, a super intimate moment where you people could connect with you and get to know you and that's the smartest way to use the show, you introduced yourself with a great performance.

From Team Blake comes Barrett Baber who, singing Delta Dawn (Tanya Tucker) wants to show he can think outside the box by totally rocking out. He has a soulful slant, Blake says.  They work on the transition from country to country rock and the two bounce ideas off each other until their minds meet.  He opens solid and soft, a squeeze box supporting his country croaking.  Then the drummer kicks it off and he lets loose with his rock-a-billy performance, full of southern swagger, sounding a bit like Lynrd Skynrd, he struts around the stage. When he gets the chorus, the gospel-sounding choir joins him from the sides and the chorus reprise sounds more like revival.  He knows what it takes to please a crowd.

The audience is fired up as Gwen tries to say over Blakes yelps, you are manning the stage, you command the whole room, you know how to control everyone beyond the singing, I feel like I already know you even when I don't know you and that's what's so good about what you do. Adam says it must have been great because Blake is yelping. He's such an idiot. You're awesome and I loved seeing that showman side of you tonight.

Coach Blake says such a Yelp night for you (Adam is now yelping over Blake), the biggest night for you so far. See what you did to Adam? It feels so good. #StorageWars, Pharrell says. You took a song that has nothing to do with church, Blake continues, and took us all to church with it.

Next from Team Gwen comes last week's Instantly Saved Korin Bukowski with her performance of Only Hope (Mandy Moore).  She admits she's not been at the top of her game lately and Gwen says people clearly want to see more of you so if you're holding back, it's time to give it your all. Gwen says her gift is making us believe it when she sings; now she just needs to believe it herself.

The song opens soft and dreamy, her unique voice out front and center, the camera pulling back to show a stage full of orange glowing incandescent bulbs. The chorus is soft and tender but I felt it could have used a little more electricity. She seems to hang onto the mic stand like a safety line before walking down to the center stage. It's like she's trying to sing intimately but gets lost in the largeness of the performance.  I would have liked to have seen the song to build up to a powerful emotional moment but it never came, and she seemed unsure after it was over.

Adam says one of the hardest things to do as a young artist is finding your identity and what you've accomplished is making your own music in your own way and that's 99% of this. Pharrell says watching you, you weren't nervous this week, you're coming into your own, being yourself and enjoying yourself, your moment, you're on the right path. Coach Gwen says I'm so happy you get this moment in your life to shine, you're sparkly, beautiful and confident, you have such a unique sounding voice, to be here tonight and sing that and send out that message through you, that's powerful.

Amy Vaschal from Team Adam rehearses Blank Space (Taylor Swift) and Adam tells her it should be jangly, folky, tease it with a tambo. He says the song compliments her voice. She says Adam is a bad-ass coach. She asks if she should play the guitar but Adam says no, just make the song sassier as it goes along.  She thinks the arrangement of the song is perfect and Adam thinks it was a terrific collaboration.

The audience begins clapping early as Amy stands daintily, clad in a two-piece dress with a guitarist on one side and a bassist on the other, pinching the air with her finger tips to accent her light and flighty voice.  She's graceful and a bit of a tease the way she looks and smiles along with the lyrics, like she has a secret and if you'll buy her a drink, she'll share it with you.  She plays the air ukulele, throws her hips with the box percussion, and pretty much creates a scene on stage. Guys can't take their eyes off her and girls want to be her.  By the time she finishes, you're thinking she filled up that blank space to overflowing.

The crowd is on its feet. Blake says I love these little flips you guys are doing with these songs. I'd love to see her do the flip on my song, Boys Round Here.  Ahh, Adam says, excellent idea. That may be my favorite vocal from you, Blake says, to hear the lower bottom register of your voice, so clear and loud and with such presence. Pharrell says that was, man, it frames your voice so well.  Coach Adam says you take your own approach to songs, we have to do cover songs but you've created this album of your own versions of these songs, that's the artistry I love.

He's a 10 time Grammy award winner, one of the biggest music stars on the planet, and a champion Voice coach, with his powerful hit, Freedom, give it up for our own, Mr. Pharrell Williams!

We continue right away with Team Blake's teen heartthrob, with a #1 country love song, here's Zach Seabaugh with Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not (Thompson Square).  Blake shows him how to dig down with his voice to deliver more attitude. He says even though it's a sweet song, it's out of frustration, she wants you to come over and kiss her. He's a threat to everyone in the competition, Blake says. You're her retirement, he tells Zach about his mom.

Sanding at the end of a blue light tunnel, he's light on his feet, taking a step then making a cool motion then walking casually before taking a couple of quick cool steps. I think he's trying to look and act older than his youth, showing off his athleticism and playing to the girls by the stage. His voice is strong and pure country but I feel he's trying to hard to be a character. I would have liked to have seen him instead portray a shy teen, who wants to so bad but is just terrified of making the first move.  Judging by the screams, he'll go through though.

That was cheating, Gwen says, all the cute girls already want to vote for you, that's just cheating. I'm OK with that, says Blake. You looked perfect, Gwen continues, you looked so cute, a perfect song, that's what your record should be. Adam says it's a shame the girls don't like you.  Man, wow, jeez, he makes the couger sign. All the cute stuff aside, you have the chops and can sing, it kind of pisses me off, you have it all.  Coach Blake says this is a big night for you, getting back to Brand New Girlfriend. Do y'all not think he has some Elvis in him? Who's Elvis, the kids are asking. Adam starts yelping. Your singing is spot on, dude, Blake says.

Team Pharrell's Madi Davis is next with her passionate performance of Live Is Blindness (U2).  This fits her journey, Pharrell says, she's a sharer and she wants to share her journey. He loves her singing in the lower part of her voice, something Adel is also good at like, I'm going to do this one time, did you catch it because I'm not going to do it again. Volunteer your spirit, he tells her, only pick your heart up after they stop clapping.

Playing the piano, the orange-red lighting makes her seem part of the instrument as she lays out a drama-filled emotional story. She grabs a red microphone and begins gliding along the side of the Grand, her voice rising and falling with the instrumentation, dropping into a talking voice for an internal confession before stoking up the engines of her voice for a power infused crescendo, her voice near tears by the end.  Absolutely sublime.

Pharrell rushes the stage to give her a hug. Amazing, he tells her. Adam says I'm not going to lie, I'm shocked, I didn't know you had that in you. So well done. Too much to say in 10 seconds, amazing. Blake says dad back there has broken down in tears. I'll go out on the limb but that's the best performance of the night so far, perfect match of artist and song and connecting. Coach Pharrell says Madi, Madi, yea, give it up, that was like, he's shaking his head as the audience gives her a second ovation. Your parents, your family and friends are so proud, seriously, my eyes are watering too, unbelievable.

With another hairdo, Team Gwen's boy doll Braiden Sunshine is next, introducing an 80's classic to a new generation with True (Spandau Ballet).  Gwen wants people to forget he's 15 and just think of him as a singer. He asks her for help with the melody and she tells him to go as close to the original as possible then find little parts to bring his personality in. If he gets it right, he'll get the vote from all those girls who scream OMG! Look really cool and just sing, she tells him. His biggest challenge will be just learning the song, he says.

With a classic 80's intro, his hair coiffed and slicked back, wearing a sports coat and polka dot shirt, it's like he's performing a slow song at a jr high dance, complete with tennis shoes. His voice is big and comfortable, the imaginary teen couples dancing close and comfortably. He delivers some huge notes, holding them out to show off his lung strength, taking a girl's hand at the edge of the stage, the second half of the song is mostly just him crooning out beautifully arching notes. That was fun and he's got a big smile on his face.

Blake says it's just magic, just odd enough of a song choice with this guy, the pairing of you two (Braiden and Gwen) has been one of my favorites on the show, the way you meet in the middle, you've probably never heard that song before, but you took it and made it your own, and it worked so well, so different. Pharrell says for me, when I hear a guy sound like you, when you're 15yrs old singing this kind of song, embracing it, the big note in the middle that you held, like, forever, I was looking at my watch, that was crazy. Then I really like the subtle small runs you do, so much control, it's crazy.

Coach Gwen says I keep doing this mom thing (her hands up side her face), I'm blown away by you. Your tone, those notes, you were going to show everyone how good you were and it was so good, and you were so cute, and it was so perfect, I'm shocked, not because I don't know how good you are, but you did so much of your own stuff in that song, and it was so tasteful.

Our performances continue now with Team Adam's inspiring pop singer, Jordan Smith, singing Who You Are (Jessie J). Adam says this is a pop song but it has a storytelling thread. He says he's had issues with self image and this song says rejoice in who you are. Adam gives him some suggestions on how to make the the critical point in the song emotionally dramatic.

Standing alone center stage, he opens with a questioning vocal, confidently expressing uncertainty, then he vocally climbs the steps and turns on his unique sugary power, intense and packed with feeling. He delivers the emotional turning point of the song, lifting up the audience and soaring through the sky with his amazing voice.  The audience isn't clapping with him, they're applauding and he's not even done singing. He brings us down to a soft landing and we just feel good.

Jordan is emotional, telling Carson that it feels good to just be able to say it, be who you are. Pharrell points to the audience still cheering. I, uh, your attention to detail when you sing is remarkable to watch, it's so effortless and that's what the yelping is for. The people can feel it, they feel your intention. Yes you're a great singer but that intention you share with the people is huge and generous. Gwen says it's hard to speak after that, how good does that feel to be as good as you are and use your gift like that and just shine. It's so fun to watch, so incredible, how great is this life to have that kind of moment, you must feel incredible.

Coach Adam says I don't have enough time, I'll tell you the rest later, but in this 15 seconds let me convey to you, this guy does have an insecurity and it's about his performance ability. You are one of the best performers I know because, hold on, he says to the audience, stop! You do the impossible, sing like you do but with such conviction that keeps everyone in it and mesmerized and with you ever second of the way, that's all that matters when you're performing and you're one of the best I know.

Now it's Team Blake's Tennessee country singer showing her bluegrass side tonight, Emily Ann Roberts, performing Why Not Me (The Judds).  Blake tells the band to throw out the piano and bring in some slow roll percussion stuff. Emily Ann says he made this song into the kind of music I want to make. You don't get one like her very often, Blake says of his artist.

The band kicks off a mountain tune and the audience is bounding along with this country girl take on country song. Playing the acoustic herself, she delivers a laid back, comfortable vocal, kind of like winding down a lazy river. Her voice shows off her range and dynamics, fitting in seamlessly with her background vocals, stepping forward to lead the vocal, you don't even realize it but by the end of the song your foot's been wearing out a hole in the carpet, tapping.   She closes with some clear power notes before humming the last note and giving out a laugh.

Pharrell says when you sing those songs, I don't know country music well, but you make it abundantly clear these are classic songs. Your runs are clean, who are you, where do you come from, how do you sound like that having just turned 17? You sing like your 27. Coach Blake says you're going to be around a long time, and I'm not just talking about this show. America, you just saw Emily do a bluegrass version of a Judds song on freakin' national prime time television. You're welcome!

Team Gwen's powerful pop singer Jeffrey Austin closes out tonight's performances with his own twist on the dance anthem, Dancing On My Own (Robyn).  Singing this artist is a dream come true, he says. I believe you when you're singing the song, Gwen tells him, but when you stop singing, you don't know what to do with your body. Why can't your body be as natural as your voice? You're so rad, she tells him after rehearsal, I just won.

There's a tree of glitter balls behind him as he sits on a stool, tan jacket and his hair lit ginger red, delivering a slow, dramatic vocal, setting the story before kicking off the chorus with a powerfully anguished performance.  His second verse raises the stakes and his register, the band going silent as he dramatically sings solo the first half of the chorus, then kicking in as the song stops feeling sorry for itself and stands up proud and strong and yet his voice is tender and sorrowful at the end.

Adam says I look forward to hearing you sing, it excites us, there's something about your voice, you can't teach that unique quality and it can be heard by millions of people around the world. You can't coach that, even though Gwen's done a great job. Blake says I thought OMG, Jeffrey could win this season. Gwen could be the first female coach to win.  Coach Gwen says I was blown away, I don't understand how talented you are, you are so gifted. That's all I can say, you move me to tears. Thank you.

That closes out our Top 11 tonight, and voting on all platforms is now open. Tomorrow night, your votes will choose your Top 10 and one artist will go home.  See you then!

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Live Playoffs - The Top 11 Results


This is The Voice! Please welcome your host, Carson Daly! And your coaches, Adam Levine! Gwen Stefani! Pharrell Williams! And Blake Shelton! Tonight we're going to find out which artists make your Top 10. And once again, the two bottom artists will have one last chance to perform for your Instant Save.


But right now, he's one of the biggest country stars on the planet, with 23 #1 singles and his new song, Country Nation, give it up for our friend, Brad Paisley!


It is time to reveal your first set of results. Let's bring out your Top 11.  Last night, from Team Adam, Shelby Brown sang You and I, Amy Vachal sang Blank Space and Jordan Smith sang Who You Are.  Amy and Jordan both charted on the iTunes Top 10 Singles.  From Team Pharrell, Evan McKeel sang Smile and Madi Davis sang Love Is Blindness.  From Team Blake, Barrett Baber sang Delta Dawn, Zach Seabaugh sang Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not, and Emily Ann Roberts sang Why Not Me?  Emily charted in the iTunes Singles Top 10.  And finally, from Team Gwen, Korin Bukowski sang Only Hope, Braiden Sunshine sang True and Jeffrey Austin sang Dancing On My Own.


After last night's performances America voted and here are the names of the first two artists saved and moving on to next week's Top 10 live show.


America saved...   From Team Adam...   Amy Vachal, you are moving on, congratulations!


America also saved...   From Team Gwen...   Braiden Sunshine, the youngest moves on to the Top 10! 


The results continue with our remaining 9 artists, two saved so far by your overnight votes.  I have the name of the next 2 artists who are saved and moving onto next week's live show. Here we go.


America saved...   From Team Blake...   Zach Seabaugh is in the Top 10, saved by America! Congratulations.  They didn't make you sweat it out this time, Blake tells him.


America also saved...   From Team Adam...   Jordan Smith is moving on!


There are 7 artists remaining to find out their fate but first, she is a global music icon, a 3 time Grammy winner, and tonight she joins her team for the first time this season, singing You Get What You Give (New Radicals), please welcome Braiden, Jeffrey, Korin and their coach, Gwen Stefani!


It's been an intense week of competition, but the artists were able to take some time of with their families for some food, friends and to give thanks.  Have a look as all the artists and their families gather around the Thanksgiving table.  The competition isn't what brings us together, Jordan says, they are there for the music.


But we're here for the results, and they continue with the remaining 7 on the stage.   It's time to announce two more saved by America's votes, the remaining 5 will still be at risk of elimination. Here we go.


America saved...   From Team Pharrell...   Madi Davis! You are moving on, congratulations! All four coaches now represented in our Top 10 next week.


America also saved...   From Team Blake Shelton...   Emily Ann Roberts, congratulations! You've been voted to the Top 10!


A two time Voice champion joins his team for the first time this season, singing Wouldn't It Be Nice (The Beach Boys), here's Amy, Jordan, Shelby and their coach, Adam Levine!


Let's bring out our five remaining artists.  Six artists have been saved so far tonight, I'll announce another three leaving your bottom two.   Here are the last 3 artists saved by America's votes.


America saved...   From Team Adam...   Sorry, from Team Gwen...   Jeffrey Austin is moving on!


America also saved...  Barrett Baber from Team Blake is also moving on tonight!  All of Team Blake is safe tonight, moving on to next week.


One more name to go.  America also saved...  Shelby Brown, congratulations, there's Team Adam, also safe and unscathed, moving on to the Top 10!


That means Korin and Evan had the lowest number of votes and will have to sing for your Instant Save.


Evan McKeel and Korin Bukowski will now sing songs that they picked for their last chance to remain in the competition.


We start with Evan McKeel from Team Pharrell, singing Let's Stay Together (Al Green).  He starts out strong, in a fit sweater, sashaying sensually at the front of the stage, it's a simple crooning song showing off his range and dynamics, performing as much as singing.  Frankly I think many of these last chance performances sing too much to the studio audience. They need to focus entirely on the television audience because that's where the votes are. It was a solid performance but not exceptional.


Almost a plea, Carson says.  Blake says I hope the fact your in this situation doesn't wear you out or upset you. That was as good a singing as anyone in the competition. You never know, it comes down to week to week who is in the bottom two. Coach Pharrell says at the end of the day, the coolest part about what we get to do is working with people like you and reminding you that what saved you in this life was your music and your connection to Gd. Just understand even though you're at the bottom and in a Twitter save moment, the most important thing is where you are and your growth and I'm super proud where you're leading yourself right now.


Next from Team Gwen, singing She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5), here's Korin Bukowski.  Opening with a funky, bluesy vibe, she glancing left and right as if to see if anyone's secretly watching, listening. Her voice is soft but mysteriously welcoming as she delivers a light romp with lots of dynamics adding volume and dimension to the vocal.  She adds some power and loses pitch a bit but chalk that up to the emotion of the song.


Adam says hard not to go with you here, for obvious reasons, thank you. That's the first female vocal I've heard on that song, thank you. That was really beautiful. You got me.  It's all my adolescence in one song, Korin says. Coach Gwen says that would be so awesome to save her again, the reason why is she's had so much growth, she's so talented and an amazing singer and her personal growth has been amazing to watch.


Evan has returned to the stage and it's time for the Instant Save to begin. Tweet #VoiceSaveEvan to save Evan McKeel, or tweet #VoiceSaveKorin to save Korin Bukowski.  Retweets count.  You have five minutes.


After the commercial break, Korin is leading Evan by a 55%-45% margin. 


The numbers are tightening up as they take the graphic off. Evan tells P he's learned what direction he wants to take his music from him. Korin tells Gwen she was destined to be on her team, it's been such a pleasure to work with her and she's thankful for her fans and thankful to sing for Gd, Evan too. Yes, Evan says.


Coach Pharrell tells Evan I don't know, this was a success for you, you came on and learned a lot and more than anything else, you're having fun. If this is the last day on the show, it's the first day of the rest of your life. If you have a career you want to pursue, it's something you should do, because no one can stop that, no man can stand in the way of what is yours.

Voting is now closed.

Coach Gwen says we were destined to be together, it's so cool to watch your journey and be a part of it, I feel so connected to you and watch it grow, it's so crazy how it's come full circle for us, it's so magic.


The time has come to learn who was Instantly Saved and who will unfortunately go home tonight.


America Instantly Saved...   Korin Bukowski from Team Gwen!  Yet Again!


We say goodbye to Evan McKeel.


Happy Thanksgiving and we'll see you next week for your Top 10!

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Live Playoffs - Top 10 Performances

This is The Voice! Welcome to the Top 10! Please welcome your host, Carson Daly! And your coaches, Adam Levine! The lovely Gwen Stefani! He is Pharrell Williams! And Blake Shelton is here! Let's get right to tonight's performances.

We open with a deeply emotional song choice by Team Gwen's passionate pop singer, Jeffrey Austin, performing Jealous (Labrinth). It's an emotional song, Gwen says, perfect to show off your incredible singing. He says it lets him be more vulnerable, open. Gwen wants him in a formal suit and tells him she wonders what would happen if he completely lost control.

Standing atop a raised platform, a light rain falling darkly on the video wall behind him, a shadowy fog blowing past him, his vocal is low and deep, laying down a dramatic foundation as he then brings it up mid-range and lets his clear, strong voice convey his emotions.  For his third act, he amps up the intensity and feeling, but despite the falsetto at the end, the performance remains controlled and measured.

Adam says once again a moment where we were transported from the competition to where you were, you are so unique, a really bright future doing your thing. Blake says an amazing song, I got lost in it, wrapped up in that performance more than any other this season. Pharrell says I felt your honesty and comfort, that was your song. Coach Gwen says I forgot for a minute this was a competition, I was transported to another place, that's the kind of record you could make.

Don't forget you can vote for your favorite performance on The Voice app even before they perform.  All other forms of voting open after the end of the show. You can also vote by buying tracks from tonight's performances from iTunes; any artist who charts in the iTunes Top 10 Singles chart, will have their download votes multiplied by 10 and count for the rest of the season.

Next from Team Blake's classic country singer, Emily Ann Roberts, taking on She's Got You (Hank Cochran, Patsy Kline).  Blake tells her she's pure, what country needs. Last week Emily Ann talked with Wynonna Judd after performing her and Ashley's song. They decide to break the song down and ditch the electric. Blake says she already has a grip on her artistry and already has an iTunes #1 hit on the Country chart.

Accompanied by a guitar, violin, bass and a fourth guy playing a box, her voice is pure country but when she isn't pushing the notes, her vocal is a bit flat.  But when she turns on the crystal clear piercing power, you sit up and take notice.  Fortunately this is the majority of the performance.  The only thing missing is Willie Nelson singing Whiskey River by her side.

Pharrell says honestly, that was fantastic. It's unbelievable you're 17yrs old and singing with such an old soul, with talent beyond your years, that could have been someone 20-30 years ago.  Adam says that was amazing, you were a good singer at the start of the show and now you're phenomenal. I don't like to give Blake compliments at all but he did a wonderful job with you.

Coach Blake says I can't stop smiling right now, my heart is pounding, that was so good. I've never had a better collaborator in 9 seasons. At 17, she's so smart and knows who she is as an artist, you've had some incredible performances, that was your best performance so far this season.

Next from Team Gwen comes the young Braiden Sunshine, singing Radioactive (Imagine Dragons). He's worried about hitting the high notes. Gwen says those who voted him through expect big. He says the song needs strings. Gwen says this is going to be more alternative, his evolution is going to scare people. He wants to show people he can be a bit more modern.

The strings are lined up along the back of the stage, backlit in a deep purplish blue, static energy interrupting the video wall.  The curles are back but the hair's been cut as a dressed-in-black Braiden delivers his vocal with all the gravitas and dramatic anger of someone a decade older while still channeling teenage angst from deep within.  He walks down to the mosh platform and ingratiates himself with the fans. He seems so small in his video clips but on stage he becomes bigger than life with a voice to go along with it, whaling the final chorus over and over.

That was fun, he says. Adam says like the scope and the scale, I've got to say, I respect your courage and balls because you go out there like, who whatever (Gwen's giggling), it's a word, it's legal.  Like more rock'n'roll, you really go for it, you have to fill that stage and every time you get more seasoned and experienced, I love what you do.

Blake says I guess if you got 'em, you can talk about 'em.  Even though there's something about you, great job tonight, you do a lot of current music and make it incredible, but you're also a throwback to the 80's, it's amazing and I can't explain it.  Coach Gwen says you are so punk rock tonight cutting your hair like that, you're 15, your haircut, you look 16 now. It's crazy. Every week you improve and you were so relaxed and punk. I was a mess an hour ago, he confesses. You're so good, Gwen says.

Next up from Team Adam is country artist Shelby Miller, performing Go Rest High On That Mountain (Vince Gill).  Adam says she's more confident and less in her head. She wants to do a song she's emotionally connected to and this is a song played at her grandfather's memorial service, a song about loss. Adam says take your time and stay pure with the notes. This could be your defining moment, he tells her.

The stage is bathed in purple like in a church, the vocal slow and full, quietly powerful, full of spirit and deep felt emotion. The arrangement is kind of slow and listening to her sing, you are in no hurry to get anywhere. I'm pretty sure I just got churched and if that's not a word, it soon will be, defined as Shelby Brown's performance.

She's very emotional at the end. Pharrell says I don't know if it was the package setup but something tells me it was just the way you performed it, honestly, your best performance. You connected to the intention of the person who wrote the song, beyond your grandfather, everybody felt this was your best moment on the show.

Coach Adam says since the day we met, you've always been a singer who's potential astonished me and I've just tried to get you out of your own way and that was unbelievable and rare talent tonight.

Next up from Team Gwen is Miami indie artist Korin Kukowski, singing Same Old Love (Selina Gomez). This is not an emotional song as much as it's a sassy song, Gwen tells her. It's more her style, Korin says, but I haven't shown it on the show yet. Your personality has to come out, Gwen tells her, I want to see some drama. How can you grow if you can't be uncomfortable once in a while, Korin asks.

Her voice has a natural sass and swagger in it and she channels it in her red pant suit under a blood red light.  The song has bouncy, light on its feet beat, her vocal cushioned and easy flowing, sultry and frustrated, like a good girl ready to try something nasty. As strong as her performance, however, the music was a bit repetitive.

Pharrell says give a shout to the band, that production was amazing and framed your moment and voice. Today was your moment. It was amazing. Coach Gwen says I can't believe you just did that, you just lifted to to another floor, that was crazy, I didn't expect that.  

Up next is Brooklyn singer-songwriter Amy Vachal, from Team Adam, performing Bye Bye Bye (NSYNC).  Adam says this will be bluesy and cool, a total different take. She grew up loving NSYNC. Adam likes how it's getting creepy but it's getting too big. He wants to try it with more swing. Amy says it's catchy and light hearted, but the lyrics are emotional, a mix of confidence and vulnerability.

Standing beneath a tunnel of branches, her voice is light and airy, her vocal bouncing with swagger and attitude, sultry and mysterious, the performance grabs you and draws you in, flowing like sweet candy you just can't get enough of. She blends perfectly with her background vocals, a quick teasing nod of the head, she never gets ahead or behind the song, delivering a rock solid passionate performance.

Gwen says I was fantasizing about your tour after this, a theater tour of covers , who wouldn't go to that? Coach Adam says we've figured out a way for you to maximize your creative capacity with songs not your own. That's a really valuable tool, your arrangements are infectious and popular and a really good display of your artistry.

Team Adam's pop singer Jordan Smith takes on Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen). Adam tells him he's one of the best singers in the world right now. Jordan says he will have to hold on to the great moments in his life, to feel his connection with everyone. He wants a solo cello. Adam says start small and get big. Adam says it's the perfect choice for the moment.

The stage is set with a long, wide staircase with white light racing down to the stage and jumping up from behind. At the top stands Jordan with a subdued, passion-packed vocal, his voice rolling up and down the scale as he uplifts the audience with his performance, cheering with each step he takes toward then. His background vocals walk down onto the stage but it's his voice that rings out clear and in celebration.  

It seems like he's got twice as much time as the other artists as he fills his performance with so much wonderful, throwing in a little shake of a falsetto, his eyes closed tight in prayerful concentration, a fog slowly enveloping the stage at the steps below his feet. He ends with a tone so light and sweet and perfect, Adam could be right - he could be one of the best singers in the world right now.

Carson says it almost feels like the finals tonight. The audience won't let Blake tell him it's kind of boring talking to Jordan, it's incredible, over the top, the same stuff every week. I didn't think anyone could top Matthew Schuler when he sang that song a couple seasons ago but you just did. Pharrell says it's not much you can do to compliment what you just did and have it match what you've done. It's very effortless the way you skate through the scales, incredibly touching.

Coach Adam says I get chills, what you do is so important, you lift people up, every single time is an experience, truly above and beyond what I could ask for on this show. You astonish me every day.

Now one of our own coaches takes the stage, with her highly emotional new single, Used To Love You, please welcome our own lovely and wonderful Gwen Stefani!

Next, Team Blake's Zach Seabach shows Queen some country with Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Blake says it's time for Zach to have another breakout moment. Zach sang baritone for this song with his quartet and Blake says he has to get past that. Zach wants to make it more modern Blake suggests a Brad Paisley type lick with a kick drum beat.

With a country guitar lead-in, Zach has the Elvis moves grooving but the stage set and the vocal is all modern country.  I question his toned down performance, through, his energy level seems to lag behind the band's, as if it's all a joke and he's taking the audience adulation for granted. The pyrotechnics at the end were just too much. This was over the top and unfortunately the vocal didn't keep up.

It's a shame you have no confidence, Adam jokes over the audience screams, shut up! The screams resume. Wow, Pharrell says.  Awesome job, Adam says.  Coach Blake says we've heard applause but the screaming from the girls tonight, I'll go out on a limb here and say that's your best performance, that's not going out on the limb, what's going out on the limb is, I'll see you in the finals.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper) and so does Team Pharrell's last remaining artist, Madi Davis. This was one of her first covers, recorded at age 13. It's a slow, sad song, she says. Pharrell loves that she customizes her arrangement and tells her the power notes will be what the audience wants. He suggests keeping it stripped down until the third verse. This is not about him staying in the competition, he tells us, it's about Madi.

The stage is bathed in a purple for and Madi delivers a slow, soulful vocal accompanied by a saxophone and piano. The performance has a kind of melancholy night club feel despite the string orchestration. It's hard to take your eyes off her and Pharrell is on his feet throughout the competition. In the 3rd verse, she comes off her raised platform and lets all her remaining emotion flow, not that she was holding much back before, but you just kind of want to sway along with her voice, eyes closed, absorbing the music.

All the coaches are on their feet. Adam says that was a weird, entertaining and really cool version of that song. Gwen says I would be so curious to see what kind of songs you would right, you have such great instincts, it's crazy how amazing and talented you are. Coach Pharrell says she's 16. That was sick. Blake says, like, what? I'm buying it as soon as the show is over. Pharrell says that was amazing, seriously, you picked the song, arranged it, had a sax player, where's your brain to be 16 and coming up with these things?

We're not done yet - Barrett Baber from Team Blake performs I'd Love To Lay You Down (Conway Twitty).  This is a special tribute to his home state of Arkansas. Blake wants to hear him do something big with the end of a note. This will be in the Top 10 of iTunes, Blake predicts.

Sitting center stage with his acoustic guitar, he vocal is solid country but not initially anything extraordinary. There's a fire burning in a fireplace behind giving the sense of a living room, and the performance has a vibe of a dad in his living room singing to his wife and kid (who are in the audience tonight). He's a great country singer but compared to the other artists tonight, this was not a stand-out-and-be-noticed moment. But you can't deny the passion and power and comfortable familiarity of his voice.

Adam says that was my favorite performance from you in a while, back to your roots and this is where you belong, so genuine, so real, so you. Coach Blake says I'm pointing to the Top 10 in iTunes again right now, so freaking good, I've never heard you sing better than that, the best you've performed on the show so far.

That does it for tonight's performances - voting is now open on all platforms through 12pm tomorrow.  Join me back here at Morty's TV on Facebook and Twitter tomorrow night!

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Life Playoffs - Top 10 Results

This is The Voice! Your results are in! Please say hi to your host, Carson Daly! And your coaches, Adam Levine! Gwen Stefani! Pharrell Williams! And Blake Shelton!  Tonight 8 artists will be saved by your votes but you will have a chance to decide who the 9th is with your Twitter Instant Save.

Let's get things started with a hip hop duo, joined by one of our coaches, with their new hit collaboration, Locked Away, give it up for R. City and Adam Levine!

The time has come to find out some of your results from last night. Let's bring out your Top 10. Jeffrey Austin sang Jealous. Emily Ann Roberts sang She's Got You. Braiden Sunshine sang Radioactive. Shelby Brown sang Go Rest High On That Mountain. Korin Bukowski sang Same Old Love. Amy Vachal sang Bye Bye Bye. Jordan Smith sang Hallelujah. Zach Seabaugh sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Madi Davis sang Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. And Barrett Baber sang I'd Love To Lay You Down.

All but Braiden, Korin and Zach placed in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles chart last night.  That's 7 songs in the Top 10.  Let's see if it was enough to save your favorites. I have the name of the first two artists safe and moving on to the Semi-Finals.  Here we go.

America Saved...   From Team Blake...   Emily Ann Roberts is the first to the Semi Finals!

America also saved...   From Team Adam...   Jordan Smith!

Let's bring out your remaining 8 artists as your results continue.  I've got the name of the next 2 artists who are safe, moving on to the Semi-Finals. Let's go.

America saved...   From Team Gwen...   Jeffrey Austin, congratulations, you've moving on!

America also saved...   From Team Blake...   Barrett Baber!  Congratulations!

Let's get to more results with your 6 remaining artists. It is time to announce 2 more saved by America's votes; the remaining 4 still at risk of elimination. Here are the names and here we go.

America saved...   Madi Davis from Team Pharrell! The only artist left from Coach Pharrell moving on!

All four coaches now represented in next week's Semi-Finals.

America also saved...   From Team Adam...   Amy Vachal!

She's a 5 time Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, a great friend of ours with an incredible voice, performing her new single, Alive, ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for Sia!

To be honest, that could be anyone under that outfit, lip syncing. Is she camera shy?

The remaining 4 artists take the stage as eliminations continue. Two more will be saved by your votes; the other two will perform live for your Instant Save. Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Blake, Zach Seabaugh is moving on to the Semi-Finals, a clean sweep for Team Blake!

America also saved...   From Adam, Shelby Brown is moving on, Coach Adam's whole team represented next week.

That means either Braiden Sunshine or Korin Bukowski from Team Gwen will be leaving tonight based on your Instant Save vote.

It's going down, Korin and Braiden at risk of elimination. Each will perform one final song to earn your vote.  Let's get to it.

Singing Try (Colbie Cailat) for her last chance to stay on the show, from Team Gwen, please welcome Korin Bukowski. Her voice has an intent urgency on, but nerves get to her this time and she drops some lyrics. She soldiers through and picks it back up, channeling confidence from within but she loses it again and now looks and sounds like she's just trying to get through the performance. She finishes strong but the middle was as forgettable as her memory.

She's fighting to keep control and the audience lends their support. America still has an opportunity to vote for you, Carson says, some people would have run right off the stage if they forgot some lyrics. Blake says there's not one of the four of us that hasn't had that happen to us. None of us are free. And the pressure you continue to feel week after week, always in this Twitter save, but you've proven you deserve to be in this competition. I will not be surprised to see you saved once again this week because of the groundwork you've laid in this competition.

Pharrell says I agree with both Blake and Carson - this has happened to all of us and this is your time for America to see who you are, someone who got knocked down and got right back up, so hold your head up high because America's with you.  Coach Gwen says that girl right there is deep, she feels and is real and is honest. If you're a human being and that tapped into yourself, that's going to happen. She's come out of her shell, she's unbelievable, she deserves to be here.  You are so awesome.

Also from Team Gwen, Braiden Sunshine takes the stage next with his last chance performance of Harder To Breathe (Maroon 5).  Braiden jumps right into a fast rockish performance, quick-lyriced, intense vocal, working the stage with confidence and deep felt emotion as Adam watches closely. He lets loose with some big notes but doesn't wait before jumping into the next verse, intent on cramming as much into his possibly last 90 seconds/  He glad hands a few girls in the front row, then literally gasps out the last line of the song, out of breath.

Adam says (over the audience's screams) fantastic! Best taste ever! That's a back-against-the-wall song and that was exactly the moment it should be used. Awesome job. Coach Gwen says I'm amazed by your confidence and openness, you've grown so much physically on stage, your body language, you're getting looser and looser, and more tapped in, I'm just honored to know you!

We bring back Korin who hugs Braiden as it is time to save one of these artists instantly on Twitter.  To save Korin, tweet #VoiceSaveKorin.  To save Braiden, tweet #VoiceSaveBraiden.

Unfortunately only one spot remains in the Semi-Finals. Korin Bukowski and Braiden Sunshine both want to fill that spot. During the break, the vote is close, 51% to 49% in favor of Braiden.

This is Korin's 3rd time in this position. She tells Coach Gwen thank you, she has no words, she's learned to jump out of her cocoon. She thanks her fans and followers, she feels comforted.

Braiden tells Coach Gwen she turned around for a 15yr old and he never expected that. That alone gave him so much confidence an there's nothing he can ever do to repay her. Just thank you.

Gwen, unfortunately you will be losing someone tonight, Carson says, two people who are important to you. Final words. It's impossible to pull it together, she says, two of my babies against each other. Korin, you are, just knowing you has been equally inspiring, outside of this we're on the same journey together. Braiden, you have your whole life ahead of you, you'll keep growing, you're very special, your personality alone is very special. So here we go.

That's right, Carson says, here we go. The Voice Instant Save window has closed and the time has come. One of you is instantly saved, the other eliminated from the competition.

America Instantly Saved...  Braiden Sunshine, you are moving on, the youngest in the Semi-Finals!

Thank you for joining Morty's TV this week for The Top 10 on The Voice! We'll see you next week for the Semi-Finals!

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Live Playoffs - Semi-Finals Performances


This is The Voice! We are live and this is your Semi-Finals. Please say hi to your host, Carson Daly! And your coaches, Adam Levine! Gwen Stefani! Pharrell Williams! And the cowboy, Blake Shelton! Congratulations to our coaches for a whopping 6 Grammy nominations among them!  

Tonight the stakes are at an all time high, the Top 9 fighting to win your votes with everything they've got. Tomorrow night, only 4 will advance; 5 will go home.  

We kick things off with the Arkansas drama teacher putting his country spin on a pop hit, here's Team Blake's Barrett Baber with Ghost (Ella Henderson).  Blake tells Barrett let's swing for the fences.  Barrett suggests strumming an acoustic to swamp it up. Barrett says the song speaks to him and his story of survival.  Blake suggests a heavy handed piano with a southern gospel feel.

Standing at the far edge of a walkway with distorted trapezoidal arches, a spooky lighting and fog, his vocal is low and mysterious, then an electric guitar kicks off and his vocal takes on a more expected country twang. By the time he reaches the front of the stage, the lights have come up and his vocal has turned more intense and up tempo, a bouncing beat and a backup choir, he's full of energy and frenetic motion.  He closes with some falsetto and a tent revival. Solid but in my book, overproduced and under-performed.

Pharrell says wow, wow, man, what a way to show your emotions in the purest way possible. There was a moment in here where the mike went out and you were just bulldozing through, that's the way you're supposed to do it when you're tapped into your emotions like that. Gwen (who is apparently channeling her idea of a Princess Leia look) says it's such a huge dream for you to be here and have this moment and I can see you enjoying sharing your talent, a really powerful performance.

Adam says I knew you would be here at this point but I could never have predicted you would be doing this at this moment, a cool and interesting choice, very unpredictable. Coach Blake says I just watched you kick in the door to the finale, that was crazy, no one gives more to their performances, we need to start working on next week right now.

Following that is Team Adam's country singer, Shelby Brown, with her performance of Even Gd Must Get The Blues (Jo Dee Messina). Shelby is kind of scared that no one knows the song but Adam tells her to make them know it. Everything about the song is emotional, she says, and this is what I want to do when I'm on my own.  She comes in late for a line and Adam tells her to stop thinking so much. He has her turn her back to the empty theater and only open her eyes to see the lyrics.

The piano seems to be inside a circular wall of fine strands as Shelby stands outside with a slow, soulful, scrumptious vocal, her inner power shining without clamoring for attention.  The audience is slowly waiving their hands, the emotion and passion of the performance mesmerizing.  The closing notes just amazing, eliciting an emotional shiver and applause.

Blake says you did sound amazing tonight, there were no timing issues tonight, you sang beautifully, perfectly in time, perfectly in tune, gosh, that was so good. Pharrell says I was just asking myself what's there to be nervous about, I just saw confidence, you connected to the moment so well and that's what it takes to get through a performance like that.

Gwen says I kept waiting for the anticipation of being nervous but you literally had no nerves, you were so calm. My favorite performance from you because you sang so understated tonight and I love that part of your voice when you're not belting, so calm and warm, you're a really good singer.  Wow.  

Coach Adam says you have driven me so crazy (the feeling is mutual, she says and Blake is the first to applaud).  But, says Adam, this girl especially after tonight deserves to be voted to the finale, I'm telling America but I'm also telling you because you conquered all those demons and stood up here, you're 17yrs old and every week you get better and better.

Next up from Team Gwen is Jeffrey Austin with his pop take on Believe (Cher).  It's a very well known song but the arrangement tears it down and focuses on the lyrics. He believes he can be successful at something he always wanted to do. Gwen says it's sounding more like an Elton John song.  She tells him to sing closer to his fans, to let the lyrics show in his facial expressions.  If you're really believable, it'll come out naturally she tells him.

Standing in a door from a while light to the stage, he steps out of silhouette with a velvety vocal, dressed in a simple coat and tie, his voice earnest and floating through the air. He's slowed the song down to a soft ballad, growing power as more people show up inside more doors, then fade away until it's just him and his belief in self, strong and independent.  By the end his voice sounds magically exhausted, scratched by emotion and resolution.

Blake says I hope all three of my artists make it into the finale but you just proved you absolutely deserve to be there too. I will not be surprised if that's not the #1 most downloaded song this week on iTunes, that was so cool. Coach Gwen says that obviously he's going to the final, ridiculously talented, please vote right now, that singing was crazy, you are so incredible, so incredible.

Now we take a quick break for a quick promotion of the new NBC show Telenovela with Eva Longoria and Jencarlos Canela. And then it's international recording artist and former Team Adam advisor, with her new hit On My Mind, here is Ellie Goulding!

Next from Team Gwen is the young teen Braiden Sunshine, reflecting over last week's Instant Save with the classic hymn, Amazing Grace. This is actually a huge thing you've taken on, Gwen tells him, but you can do it if you map it out and build it up. She tells him to not oversell the reverberation in his vocal.  He wishes his voice hadn't changed just over the course of the show. Has it, Gwen asks? She says people don't realize how much work and pressure this show is on a 15yr old to get to the Semi-Final. He's a star.  Over video conference, he tells her he's starting to emotionally fall apart. Don't let your brain go there, she tells him, it's a waste of time. You've risen up to be the star you're meant to be.

Standing at the front of the stage back-lit in the shadows, his voice is pure and innocent, just a soft piano accompanying him, sweet and sincere, violins quietly join the piano but it's his voice that rings out loud and clear, powerful and passionate, emotional and energizing. A quick musical bridge to a key change and the stage lights lift to reveal a light fog and Braiden on a raised platform.  I've heard this song a million times but never once performed as artistically as this. I was deaf but now I hear.

Adam says it's so, you're journey has been the most unique, you came on a kid and you're still a kid but you're that much more seasoned and Gwen has done so much to propel you forward and just just your hair changing all the time. The song choices have been crazy and amazing. You never found just one thing but have proven you can do anything. Voting aside, you have to be so happy with every single thing, this being the exclamation point tonight. Great job.

Pharrell says as you were singing, I was thinking how much hope you were giving to kids 10, 11, 12 years old. You're voice has changed but I can still see the kid there, to do what you do live on TV, you're inspiring a lot of kids. Coach Gwen says wow, to watch you sing a song you felt you had a calling to sing, the way you did it, the tone in your voice, how you held back at the beginning and then went all the way there, so spiritual and beautiful, vote for this guy!

We go back to Blake Shelton with Zach Seabaugh showing off his sensative side with The Climb (Miley Cyrus).  This is your theme song, Blake tells him. The song has a very important and relatable message, he says. Blake tells him to swing for the fences when his emotions get the best of him, just don't get caught behind the pocket. His first performance was for a 9/11 memorial organized by his father and now he hopes to pull the same emotions and get the message across.  Vocally, Blake says, he's being pushed further than he's been pushed all season.

Holding his acoustic guitar, his voice is croaking, conveying the emotional impact to come. The stage set, his vocal lifts up leading into the first chorus and he delivers a stripped down vocal filled with believable feeling.  He's smiling with the joy of music, closing his eyes to express the passion of message, holding his arms out to envelope the world. There was no dancing, no gyrations, just a really strong singer, pounding his chest as if to lend his heart to the audience.  My favorite of his so far.

Gwen says why am I not in high school with all his pictures in my locker? That was so good, to see you do that at this point in the competition, I'm scared and have a feeling you're going through for sure. Adam says it seems like, I'm so proud of everyone tonight, where you are now, everyone is so professional and poised and special tonight, you're no different.

Coach Blake says there was a part of that song that talks about the importance of these moments and it was so true watching you, I think I know what's going to happen from here. That was your best performance of Season 9 of The Voice so far. Perfect timing.

Next up is Team Pharrell's sole remaining artist, Madi Davis, singing Big Girls Don't Cry (The Four Seasons).  This is her favorite song, a light hearted romp that makes her happy. Pharrell says he loves the topography of her melody, it takes him back. She's singing for herself.  She just wants to be more open and a better version of herself. Pharrell suggests the background vocals try a 3 part harmony sounding like birds.

Introduced by an accordion, the song begins as a light romp set alone in an outdoor cafe but there's nothing small about her vocal as she strums her acoustic guitar. Her voice showcases beautiful dynamics and range, a subtle performance with great instrumentation, casual and striving for self-confidence, it makes me kind of think of a Disney song in its complex simplicity and understated exquisiteness.

Adam says I really wanted to be hanging out at that place, so serene and beautiful, romantic, a really cool set. Then your vocal was so different, and I love where it was in the season, very unexpected, that was the coolest thing about it. Blake says I thought I was watching a Disney movie, but not live, it was too perfect to be live. So it's going to be my 3 in the Finale and you.  <<For the record, I posted my comments before Blake>>

Coach Pharrell says I tried to sit down but I couldn't.  It's because that production was amazing, and you sang it like you were prepared for Broadway or Film and I had to remind myself you were 16yrs old, you were like an actress, that was insane. And the crazy thing is you got your dad crying.  America needs to vote Madi Davis through.

We take a step back now as 4-time winning Voice Coach and one of the biggest Country voices on the planet, Blake Shelton performs his new single, Donna.

Next Team Blake's 17yr old country artist Emily Ann Robinson punches the clock with 9 To 5 (Dolly Parton).  This is the type of artist she wants to be, who can rip your heart with a sad love song or get you excited with an up beat song. She wants a moment where she can command the stage and be sassy. She asks Zach to teach her some of his moves.  She wants to channel her first working experience. Blake says you need to work on where to breath as you're working the stage and the band and the audience. You need to keep the focus on the vocal.

The arrangement is faithful to the original and the stage is full of musicians and background singles. She's even channeling her Dolly Parton with her tight fitting pants and white blouse. But this is a big song and while her voice is country pure, it's not as voluminous as Dolly's.  But it's a fun performance and her voice is strong from start to finish in a performance that should please anyone.  I take one thing back - by the end of the song, her vocal did fill the stage.  She owned it and won me over, never letting up with the dancing and facial acting, she nailed it.

Gwen says that vocal was crazy, I don't know how you could sing that perfect, it's such a hard song to sing, my favorite thing is your kind of crazy, cooky side, your spunky thing. I want to see more of that.  Coach Blake says if I was someone who owned or ran a record company, I would be calling around because you're going to make someone so much money. You're going to the finale. You have to be going to the finale. It's ridiculous.

Team Adam's Brooklyn Singer/Songwriter Amy Vachal goes back to her roots with To Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan).  She wanted to play something straight from the heart to the audience. Adam says you have to show the sincere side of yourself, an emotional, raw moment. Adam tweaks the structure of the song so that it opens up more towards the end. Put everything out there at the end, he tells her. She just wants to be as real as possible, just to be herself.

Umbrellas float upside down over the fog-filled stage as Amy accompanies herself with her acoustic with a soft, pure and soulful vocal, sweet and dripping with honest feeling.  The word for this performance is commanding in its simplicity, it's hard to take your eyes and ears off her, there were so many close-ups and her voice just ebbed and flowed emotion. A beautiful bridge sets up the powerfully sedate climax.  Romance.

Pharrell says spread love, that's the Brooklyn way, that was nice. You're voice seems made of what beautiful clouds are made or, the stars come out to assist. With all the crazy things going on in the world, we need those crazy people to hear your voice because it ignites somebody to do the right thing.

Coach Adam says that's exactly what we wanted to do tonight. This room completely froze <<again, I typed my thoughts before Adam expressed his>> and stopped and all the energy was focused on you. We set out to create a different kind of moment and what's special about you is you are completely different and refreshingly raw and honest. You do that better than anyone on the show.

Jordan Smith from Team Adam closes out the show tonight with Somebody To Love (Queen).  He charted last week #2 on iTunes - behind Adele. He loved Freddie Mercury's voice since childhood and Adam says it's insane. He wants to add a choir and making it a moment, a real gospel choir. He's unstoppable, Adam says, the Kobe Bryant and LeBron James of The Voice. He tells him to go Christina Aguilera on the penultimate note, to go bonkers on it.

Based on the rehearsal scenes, I already loved it. The song opens with the choir, Jordan stepping out to own the first verse and every word after.  The lights come up to show what had to be a 50 person gospel choir and while Jordan may not look like Freddie Mercury, he sure sounded like him.  Huge power vocals from start to finish, passionate, crazy with emotion, I'm exhausted just listening to him.

Thankfully we get a short guitar interlude and then it's right back into the action with the huge long held out note.  He takes a breath and then begins building to an amazing climax, encircled by his choir, belting out a sweet vocal run from deep inside that covered miles and miles of smiles.  And then he falls to his knees and begins wailing as the strobes flash.  Yeah, Coach Adam screams, pumping his fist into the air.

That completes the performances of the Top 9 and oh what a night that was. I'll go out on a limb and say that Jordan Smith won Season 9 tonight with that performance - everyone else is playing for 2nd place. Who might take the other 3 spots?  With 9 being cut to 4, Tuesday night's results show is going to be brutal.  My choices would be Madi Davis, Emily Ann Roberts and Jeffrey Austin.  What do you think?

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Live Playoffs - Semi-Finals Results


This is The Voice! Please welcome your host, Carson Daly! And your coaches, Adam Levine! Gwen Stefani! Pharrell Williams! And the cowboy, Blake Shelton!  Last night your Top 9 Semi-Finalists gave the performances of their lives but tonight is the biggest elimination of the season as only 4 will advance to next week's finale.

Your 4th finalist will be your 4th finalist will be decided by this season's very last Instant Save on Twitter. The results will be tight as every artist except Shelby Miller from Team Adam placed in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles Chart, having their download votes multiplied by 10. decided by this season's very last Instant Save on Twitter. The results will be tight as every artist except Shelby Miller from Team Adam placed in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles Chart, having their download votes multiplied by 10.

We open tonight with Season 3 winner turned chart topping country star, she's making her return to The Voice stage singing her current single, I Am Invincible, give it up for Cassidy Pope!

Last night, from Team Blake, Barrett Baber sang Ghost, Zach Seabaugh sang The Climb, and Emily Ann Roberts sang 9 To 5. For Team Adam, Shelby Brown sang Even God Must Get The Blues, Amal Vachal sang To Make You Feel My Love and Jordan Smith sang Somebody To Love.  For Team Gwen, Jeffrey Austin sang Believe and Braiden Sunshine sang Amazing Grace.  And Team Pharrell's sole remaining artist Madi Davis sang Big Girls Don't Cry.

Last night your Top 9 got to meet the one and only Dolly Parton for a special mentoring session.  Take a look!

An unforgettable moment with Dolly Parton for our artists but now it's a tense moment here on stage as our 9 artists become just 4. Another history making moment here on The Voice, we had the most votes last night than any other Voice show in history, and on iTunes, 8 of the Top 10 songs on the Singles Chart were from your Semi-Finalists, also a Voice first.

I will now reveal the name of the first artist advancing to the Finale. Remember, these names are being revealed in no particular order. Here we go.

Your first finalist is...   From Team Adam...   Jordan Smith! Congratulations!

Team Adam is represented in the Finale, the remaining 8 artists still at risk.  Will all coaches be represented, or will Blake, Gwen or Pharrell be left out?

The stakes are high tonight as only 4 will advance to next week's Finale, Jordan Smith the first to make it through. Adam says I've been telling my guys it's tough, this is the second to last week of the season and everyone is amazing and will continue to do amazing things.  

Gwen says she and her artists have been on an amazing and intense journey together. Let's find out another artist saved by your votes and bring out our remaining 8. There are only 3 spots remaining. I will now announce the name of the next artist advancing to our finale, here we go.

Your second finalist is...   From Team Blake...   Emily Ann Roberts, you've made the Finale!

Your two original coaches have at least one artist in the Finale, the remaining 7 artists still at risk tonight.  

She is an icon, a trailblazer, an 8 time Grammy winner and one of the most successful music stars of all time, singing her favorite song that she's ever written, Coat Of Many Colors, please give it up for the one and only Dolly Parton!

Dolly promotes her NBC Movie of the Week, Coat of Many Colors.  Coach Gwen had to have broken her piggy bank to make that dress.  But back to the business of hand, Carson calls out the remaining 6 to reveal the name of the 3rd finalist.  Here we go.

Your third finalist is...   From Team Blake...   Barrett Baber!  Two artists from Team Blake!

There is only one spot left in the Finale.  Will Team Blake sweep? Will Team Adam even the score? At most either Team Gwen or Team Pharrell will get one artist into the Finale, or will both be left out in the cold?  Who will be the 3 artists to sing for your Instant Save?

The fourth finalist will be determined by your last Instant Save.  Here are the 3 artists who will be performing for the Instant Save, in no particular order. The remaining 3 had the lowest number of votes and will unfortunately leave The Voice tonight.  Here we go.

The first artist performing for a spot in the Finale is...   From Team Gwen, Jeffrey Austin!

The second artist performing for a spot in the Finale is...   Madi Davis from Team Pharrell!

The third and last artist performing for a spot in the Finale is...   Zach Seabaugh, Team Blake!

So Team Pharrell and Team Gwen still have a chance, but Team Blake could also dominate next weeks Finale with 3 artists.  The Instant Save performances are next!

This is the moment that could still change everything for Zach Seabaugh, Madi Davis and Jeffrey Austin, their last shot to make it to the Finale. Let's begin.

Singing Live Like You Were Dying for your Instant Save, from Team Blake, Zach Seabaugh.  He's back to classic country mode, no big production, just the band, his vocal is serious and emotional, gone are the grins and the hip thrusts, this is just his voice, big and deep, solid and masculine, powerful and proud.

Coach Blake says it was enough to make me believe that dude, you're a star, no question about your stage presence and the things we've seen you work so hard at but I can't overstate what a great country singer you are, a guy like you, at your age, a traditional country singer, on the radio again.

Singing Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House) for her only chance to become a finalist, from Team Pharrell, please welcome Madi Davis. Her voice is light yet strong, the accompanying guitar crisp behind her. The song was written for background singers and to be honest the chorus seemed kind of empty but her first verse was terrific. In the second verse it sounded a little sharp at points and I think she just fell off the pitch track. She didn't quite have the same emotional energy as well.

Coach Pharrell says it's been such a pleasure to watch you fight through this season to this moment right here, amazing, from what I can see and hear, America loves you and I'm not surprised, there are a lot of people standing up here right now, I will say this is a Madi Davis night tonight, they love you. Don't cry, that was amazing and people want to see what you do next. This is your time.

The final Instant Save performance comes from Team Gwen's Jeffrey Austin, with Make It Rain (Ed Sheeran). A slow tempo blues piece, he digs deep into his soul with an emotion-packed big time performance, his vocal dramatic, his voice piercing the dark clouds. This was a tour'de'force performance that was masterful in its simplicity.

Out of the running, Coach Adam is pointing at Jeffrey. Coach Gwen is crying, shouting over the audience, this is so obvious, Jeffrey has opened his heart up to America right on this show, the gift you have to sing is unbelievable, you're so unique, talented, a pleasure to listen to and wash, it will be a crime if you don't get voted through.

We bring back Zach and Madi to join Jeffrey on the stage. It is time to save one of these artists and send them to the Finale.

The last Instant Save of the season begins right now you have (Less than) 5 minutes so go!

During the commercial break, Jeffrey jumps out to a big 46% to 32% lead over Zach, with Madi trailing at 23%.

Only one spot remains for our Finale next week, and Zach Seabaugh, Madi Davis and Jeffrey Austin each hope you'll give it to them.  Zach says his experience has been so amazing and he still has so much more room to grow. Madi says this has been the most amazing experience of her life. Jeffrey says Gwen has believed in him the whole way and opened up his eyes on how to perform and share his emotions.

Coach Blake says Zach is just 17 and has a long way to grow, and no matter what happens, I'm going to be a part of that. This may be the end of the show but not our friendship. Coach Pharrell says you are the youngest left on the stage, 16, singing like that, writing and arranging your own songs, amazing. Coach Gwen tells Jeffrey watching him grow and open up before our eyes, no matter what happens, you're making a record after this.

The Instant Save window has closed and the time has come. One of you was Instantly Saved and will advance to the Finale, the other two will be going home tonight.  

Your fourth finalist...   Instantly saved by America...   is Jeffrey Austin!  

Congratulations to Team Gwen for being represented in the Finale.  Last year's winning coach will not have any artists in the Final as we put our hands together and say goodbye to Madi Davis and Zach Seabaugh.

So what do you think of our Final Four? Any surprises? I know we all think we know who the winner is going to be (Jordan Smith) but can Team Blake pull another country surprise with Barret Baber or Emily Ann Roberts? Does Team Gwen's Jeffrey Austin have an upset in him?  We'll find out next week on the Season Finale of The Voice!  See you Monday!

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Season Finale - Live Performances


This is The Voice! Give it up for Jordan Smith, Emily Ann Roberts, Barrett Baber and Jeffrey Austin! It all started with a blind audition 12 weeks ago, the journey of a lifetime. Then came the Battle Rounds, the Knockouts and the Live Playoffs. Tonight, the Final 4 go head to head for the very last time. With the entire season at stake, it all comes down to America's votes.

Only one will win it all - a recording contract with Republic Records and be named The Voice.  The Season 9 Finale starts RIGHT NOW!  Please welcome your host, Carson Daly!  Keep it going for your coaches, Mr. Adam Levine, the lovely Gwen Stefani, Mr. Pharrell Williams, and he is Blake Shelton! And keep it going for the rest of the Top 24 artists in the audience.

We've arrived at the most important night of the season, your 4 finalists will sing 3 times tonight: 1 new song they picked, a holiday song and a duet with their coach.  Every single vote is crucial and you can begin voting now through the Voice app. All other voting methods open after the show.

We kick things off with the Kentucky pop singer who continues to impress with every performance, from Team Adam, Jordan Smith! Singing Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Rogers & Hammerstein), Adam says this song and its message is the kind of person Jordan is. Adam tells him to make a specific note big. Tearing up, Jordan says he was born for this and it's his time to show everyone.  

The stage is bathed in a golden yellow fog, Jordan standing tall in front of lines of string musicians, his voice is soft and easy, resting comfortably in his lower octave. As he reaches into the second verse his power vocal kicks in and pierces through the air, delivering a hugely emotional climax, followed by upper register falsettos and trills. The backup choral comes out as he dynamically pounds out each note, dramatically flying up and down the scale before finishing on a truly high note.

The audience won't stop screaming as Carson waits for Blake say there's nothing left to say, you are so consistent, consistently great, not good, not OK, not got through the song, every time you get on the stage, it's boring to hear me talk about it Pharrell says everyone in the room owes it to this incredible form of humility right there to stand up, everybody at home, because that is exactly, anyone with eyes, ears, a heart or a mind in America is standing up right now. That what you did just now is incredibly moving and, dude, there's only one word - fantastic.

Gwen says to hear you sing that, I had to hold back everything, if it wasn't for the makeup, I'd be done. Thank you so much, you have something, a message for everyone out there and it's a beautiful message. Coach Adam says hey buddy, I'm just going to say what's amazing about this guy is Jordan's belief in himself and the humble nature which he projects to the world. He is so unbelievably grateful for what he has and is just doing what he loves, what he's passionate about.

Tonight your artists picked their favorite holiday songs to perform and from Team Blake, here is Emily Ann Roberts with her favorite, Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley). The stage is again decorated in a thick fog, blue and white lighting creating a frigged look along with snow decorations and platform where she stands. Her voice is typical country twang, a little sad and off, like you can hear the tears, though her voice is under total control. Midway through as the violinist takes a solo, she delivers a beautiful single tone melody. While beautiful, it's a bit laid back and predictable, but if you're curled up next to a hot hickory fire, this will go down like a cup of hot chocolate or a hot apple cider.

Pharrell says it's crazy how you have such a classic voice, you consistently do something classic every week and look forward to seeing what you do with your career because you definitely have one. Adam says we defer to Blake because he's the country guy (scream from the audience), but when someone is truly incredible as far as country is concerned, we all can tell who the real deal is and if I am not mistaken, you are the real deal.  

Coach Blake says what the entire country music fan base has picked up on is you possess a vocal power, a range, you have all these chops that you are a master of, but the best thing about your performances is you ramp it up. You start off simple, but as the song goes along, as it builds, you throw in all the power and it makes for incredible performances you can't look away from. Unbelievably ahead of your time, so great.

Coach Blake says no one puts their heart and soul into a performance quite like Barrett Baber. Tonight they chose the perfect song to sing together, Rhinestone Cowboy (Glen Campbell).  During the iTunes recording session, Blake says people love a throwback song.  It's a shout-out to trying to make it into the music industry. I've taken the scenic route, Barrett jokes.

They start from opposite sides of the stage, along the walkway through the fans, coming together on stage for the first chorus. I've never hid the fact I'm not a country music fan (ducking head), but in this case I think Barrett has a better country vocal than his coach. I find myself looking up from the screen when he sings and typing this as Blake is singing. Fortunately, Blake lets Barrett take the lead and showcase his bonafides.  As this is a duet with his coach, there are no comments from the other coaches.

Remember, if your favorite artist tonight is in the Top 10 on the iTunes singles chart at the close of voting, their iTunes downloads votes will be multiplied by 10.  

Now Team Gwen's passionate pop singer comes in with is holiday pick, one of the most cherished carols of all time, here's Jeffrey Austin with O Holy Night (Adolphe Adam).  Standing under a ceiling of candelabra lights, jingle bells jingling in the background, his voice is soft and comfortable, like a warm cardigan. A wisp of fog blows cold at his feet.  The music and his vocal builds dramatically with increasing intensity. He doesn't try to do anything distinguishing with the arrangement but his solid performance could be part of any holiday variety show or church pageant, passionate, powerful, strong and spiritual.

Adam says your voice is like, there's a sweet spot that shakes the rafters, the whole room, and because your so unique, that was a really unique take on that song. I really enjoyed it, congratulations. Pharrell says you've had quite the journey this season, watching you grow with Gwen, you've done a really good job together.

Coach Gwen says you look so cute, that was so beautiful and I'm so happy you get tonight and tomorrow, this whole thing, you are so talented and deserve it. Just, thank you.  Thank you.

We continue with a very unique partnership. With Coach Adam by his side, Jordan Smith has soared to new heights (vocally and professionally). The two tenors are singing God Only Knows (Brian Wilson) for their duet.

One of the most beautifully orchestrated songs the modern era, the two stand side by side in humility and perfect harmony, their vocals easy going, playing with their fingers as the percussion comes in during the bridge, their voices sounding like sweet, creamy butter.  Then they go into the round at the end and it's just a magical tinging.  Was this The Voice or a Beach Boys concert?

Barrett Baber is back with his solo song, Die A Happy Man (Thomas Rhett).   Blake says the song has that soulful edge Barrett brings to country music.  Barrett says he was the teacher but he's been the student, learning from Coach Blake.  His wife has made so many sacrifices for him, this song brings their dreams together, what is most important to him. Blake tells him that if he can find a big note at the end, this is the time for it.

The stage has been transformed (some really neat production values tonight) into a rickety old dock on a foggy lake, Barrett's voice piercing through the dusk as the sun sets behind him. He is in story teller mode, standing in the fog at the edge of the dock (not on it but in the water, it would seem), delivering a solid, emotional vocal, it's power is in its simplicity, not fancy foot pounding but sincere and and earnest, rugged and romantic.  

Gwen says I felt like I was on another planet doing that, thinking about your journey. When you come out here, your energy is so strong, it all came together tonight, you were so calm in that performance, letting the story come out, it was really, really good. And your kids are so cute. Adam says I feel lucky because my 4 favorite people are in the finals tonight. I'm a fan from the beginning.

Coach Blake says besides your technical abilities, what Gwen's talking about and what I just noticed, I don't think I've ever worked with anybody who puts more heart into their performances than you, every single time on the stage, you lay your heart bare for everyone to see and I admire that so much.

Emily Ann Roberts found a fan and a collaborator in her coach, Blake.  Their duet is Islands In The Stream (The Brothers Gibb).  Emily Ann likes that it is light and simple, not overpowering. Blake says she has to be Emily Ann, not try to be Dolly because lord know he's no Kenny Rogers.  

Proving that he should stick to duets with women not men, their vocals complimented each perfectly, even if Emily Ann spent the whole song looking up to her coach. The harmonies weren't as tight as Coach Adam and Jordan, but this was a classic country duet where both artists were as strong apart as they were together, ensuring the performance was even throughout. Emily Ann's voice is beautiful in her upper register, which she hasn't used much before in the competition.

Next, Team Gwen's Jeffrey Austin keeps it country with his solo song, Stay (Sugarland).  Away from music for 6 years (a career in PR), Gwen was shocked she was the only one who turned around (during the Blind Auditions). Jeffrey says she calls him on it ever time he's not believable. Gwen says the song is emotional and Jeffrey says he connects to it with his gut and

Standing before a red theater curtain, his voice is dripping with emotion, exaggerated by his facial expressions and hand gestures, his vocal a mix of anger, sadness and determination to rise above. The curtain turns blue then rises up to show a small orchestra behind him, his performance powerfully turns to desperate pleading.  His believability factor is through the roof.  An incredibly emotional performance.

Blake says I like you doing country, that was awesome. You are all so incredible. You are the guy who snuck up on all of us, every time you get on the stage, you make more of a believer of us. Pharrell says this must be an incredible feeling to have this journey after 6 years not singing, you have to be inspiring someone who put the microphone down to pick it back up and do what they were supposed to do with their lives.

Coach Gwen says you are just so incredible, you're going to make real records after this, your voice will be recognized on the radio, you've grown so much on the show.  First girl to win, yes!

We continue with Barrett Baber's sentimental Christmas favorite, Silent Night (Franz Xaver Gruber & Joseph Mohr).  Opening with a soft and beautiful bridge, snow falling on the video boards behind him, backed up by an elevated chorus, his controlled power and passionate performance are supported by the audience all holding up electric candles creating a scene that transcends time and space, fitting for a song that has done the same or nearly 2 centuries.  Beautiful.

Pharrell says it's getting tough to describe what you guys are doing, you're all so incredibly talented. Your life story comes out every time you sing and that's an amazing ability to touch people every time you sing, you sing your story. That's next level. Adam says it's super hard to keep coming up with things to say. You're still amazing, again.  His daughter has fallen asleep, rocked in his mother's arms.

Coach Blake says as we search for more compliments, and I'm right there with them, everything you perform you put your own spin on it and there's no one else like you out there. That's going be the reason you make it in country music after this - there's nobody out there anywhere who sounds like you do.  

coach Gwen recognized the passion in Jeffrey Austin's voice and encouraged him to become the artist he always knew he could be. Tonight a duet that's a right fit for both of these incredible vocalists, Leather & Lace (Stevie Nix and Don Henley).  It's both their first times with this song. Gwen tells him he can get so much back just by being honest. You got me here, Jeffrey says. No, Gwen corrects, you got you here.

Gwen in white, Jeffrey in black, a flower blossoms on the video board behind her as she sings the first verse with a cross between pleading and sassy vocal. After they come together for the chorus, it's Jeffrey's turn to lea and he has a grey smoke lava lamp style effect behind him.  This is a case where I don't think Coach Gwen's vocal helped out her artist, but I think when he was flying solo, he held his own pretty well.

Next, Jordan Smith gets us into the holiday voting spirit with Mary Did You Know (Michael English).  Sitting on a stool in the center of a black circle, with gold and white rays of light extending out like the North Star, his voice rises above the din of silence with this soft, passionate story telling song.  His vocal is so light on top of the beautiful acoustic guitar of the band, yet strong enough to stand out on its own, packed full of emotionally charged big notes, dialed back emotionally charged small notes, oh lets face it, every note was emotionally charged and perfect.  He is a balladeer and I would be surprised if he is not your winner.

The studio audience seems to agree as they delay Pharrell being able to say you are, I think the people are just ready for your record, man, my greatest hope for you is that your dream is realized in a proper way, that you go to a label that understands everything these people have come to fall in love with out of you, not becoming something else or chart chasing, just Jordan Smith.

Coach Adam says things keep coming up at the last second, how could I have anything left to sing.  This song was a last minute change, it was his idea. I had another idea, and that shows you he is an artist and a vision. I let him make the change because it's his career and he was right, his was the right choice. Mine was not right. I'm so overjoyed you made that choice and applaud you for it.

Emily Ann Roberts closes out the night and the competitive portion of Season 9 with her performance of Burning House (Cam).  At age 17, she wanted something more than performing in downtown Knoxville. Blake says she could have been around for 20 years in country music. Classic country just means family to her. Blake says she's developing fans from classic country artists. She wants to go out on a limb and do something different and Blake says she's swinging for the fences and is good enough to reach Taylor Swift or Kelly Clarkson heights.

Standing in front of a burning door flame on the dark stage, the video board comes up to show the house behind the door as she delivers a quiet, sleepy vocal with quiet, patient energy. While her voice demonstrates her range, the performance isn't very dynamic from verse to verse, not building like you might expect from a fire, but she does deliver some powerful vocal moments.  My only real complaint is her hair styling is too big for her frame and comes off beauty-contesty.  

Gwen says that was my favorite of you so far, the crazy thing about you is you're an incredible beautiful singer, you look incredible, but you know how to deliver the intention of the lyric. At 17, I don't understand how you do that so well, and you're just starting. If you start writing songs, forgetaboutit, it's over.  

Carson calls on Coach Blake but Pharrell asks and is given permission to say something. That was flawless, flawless, flawless.  Coach Blake says thank you, Pharrell, people should take note and vote for what they just heard. If anyone could have just pulled an upset, it was that right there, it was unbelievable.

The artists have done their job and now it's your turn. Voting on all platforms is now open until 12 noon ET.  Do you think the winner will be Jordan Smith?   How about Jeffrey Austin?  Or will it be Emily Ann Austin?  Did Barrett Baber do what he needed to win it all?  

I started the night thinking Jordan had it locked up, but looking back, I think anyone could take it and I've always said, never underestimate the Power of Country.  Join me on Facebook and Twitter Tuesday night at 9pm for the 2 hour Finale Results Show (we won't be covering the recap show at 8pm - you can just read my full season recap here on the Morty's TV Fan Forums -  then join us in Morty's TV Chat to talk about who America has selected to win The Voice!

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Season Finale - Results & The Winner


This is The Voice! We are live with our Big Finale of Season 9 of The Voice! Please welcome your host, Carson Daly! This is the night we've been waiting for, we'll find out the winner of The Voice! Please say hello to your coaches one last time, Mr. Adam Levine!  The lovely Gwen Stefani! Pharrell Williams! And Blake Shelton!

We had an epic night of performances last night to cap off an incredible season.  We will have a winner tonight - it is the finale, but let's kick things off with some music. Your favorites from this season are returning tonight, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back your Top 24!

For one of Barrett's last times on stage, he's singing with his buddy from Team Blake, Zach Seabaugh.  He sees Zach like one of his students and has loved seeing him grow up on the show. He has a classic country voice that will go well with his own. There is no one better to share the stage with me, he says.  They are singing Forever And Ever, Amen (Randy Travis).

Last night, Barret sang Die A Happy Man, Rhinestone Cowboy and Silent Night.  Die A Happy Man placed in the Top 10 of the iTunes Singles Chart last night.

Now they are music stars, 7 times Grammy Award winners, great friends of ours, with their new single, Adventure Of A Lifetime, this is Coldplay!

The monkeying around is over and the balloons have fallen but that doesn't mean your winner has been crowned. Blake Shelton may be one of the biggest stars on the planet, but not many realize how powerful he really is. In fact, in Nashville, they call him The Boss, the Don, the Country Godfather. Roll tape.

Now it is time for the season's most soulful vocalists as they make their return with a super group performance of the classic Love Train (The O'Jays), give it up for Celeste Betton, Darius Scott, Mark Hood, Nadjah Nicole and Regina Love!

This season Coach Gwen Stefani showed that she is an unstoppable force, a fierce competitor, an unfaltering rock that cannot be moved. Unless you make her cry. Take a look.

For her entire life, Emily Ann Roberts looked up to this country and bluegrass legend. And tonight, she finally gets the chance to perform with him. With his #1 hit Country Boy, please welcome Emily Ann Roberts and 14 time Grammy Award Winner Ricky Skaggs!

Last night, Emily Ann Roberts sang Burning House, Islands In The Stream and Blue Christmas.  Both Burning House and Islands In The Stream charted in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles chart.

For one of his last times on stage, Jeffrey Austin is bringing back a powerful young indie artist for one last performance his girl, Madi Davis. She does these insane things with her voice and knows more as a musician and vocalist at 16 than he does at 24. Singing Tears Dry On Their Own (Amy Winehouse), here are Jeffrey and Madi.

Last night, Jeffrey sang Stay, Leather And Lace and O Holy Night.  His performance of Stay charted in the iTunes Singles Chart Top 10.

She's a 5 time Grammy Award winning rapper, writer and producer, and she was Team Pharrell's advisor during the Battles. Right now she joins Pharrell for their new collaboration, with WTF (Where They From), give it up for the one and only Missy Elliott!

As the season comes to a close, your artists and their coaches took a moment to stop in the Voice confessional to reflect on what bringing home a win would mean to them.  Have a look.

The music just keeps on coming tonight. Right now a champion Voice coach and an 8-time Grammy Award winner joins Team Adam's powerhouse.  Singing Without You (Mariah Carey), please welcome Jordan Smith and Usher!

Last night, Jordan sang Climb Ev'ry Mountain, God Only Knows and Mary, Did You Know? All three songs charted in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles Chart.  If you're keeping track, your Voice finalists accounted for 7 of the top 10 most downloaded songs on the iTunes Singles chart last night.

He's fresh off his big win for Best New Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards, this country music star and Grammy nominee takes our stage with his new hit single, singing Break Up In A Small Town, this is Sam Hunt!

Finale Week is always the busiest time here on the show so we thought we'd treat the finalists to a well earned break, a scavenger hunt at the Universal Studios Back Lot Tour.  Following tips from the season, the finalists are led to various attractions ultimately new Nissan automobiles!  Have a look.  

She's a breakout singer/songwriter and a Grammy nominee for Best New Artist, tonight she's taking the stage with Team Gwen's passionate pop singer, with Hollow, give it up for Jeffrey Austin and Tori Kelly!

She's a country superstar and a 5 time Grammy Award winner, she also happens to be one of Barrett's all time favorite singers, with No One Else Earth, Barrett Baber and the one and only Wynonna!

Pharrell Williams is obviously a huge producer and music star, but he also happens to be quite the thrill seeker. Between rehearsals, Skateboard P invited his fellow coaches to take the competition to a whole new level. Have a look.

Now taking the stage is a chart-topping R&B singer and a 7 time Grammy nominee, with a special performance of his #1 hit, The Hills, give it up for The Weekend!  The Weekend also performs Earned It, Can't Feel My Face.

For one of his last times on The Voice stage, Jordan Smith is bringing back some of his closest Voice friends.  Singing Any Way You Want It (Journey), Jordan is bringing back Korin Bukowski, Amy Vachal, Evan McKeel, Regina Love and Mark Davis.  For those keeping track, Regina and Mark have been granted 2 Bring-Back honors.

If you are keeping track at home, Gwen Stefani is on outfit #4 tonight. What, she says.  Blake is on outfit #1, Carson says, what a slacker.

Now Emily Ann Roberts takes the stage one last time, and she's teaming up with some powerful young female vocalists she felt connected to from the very beginning.  Singing Summer Nights (Rascal Flatts) and is bringing back Ivonne Acero, Shelby Brown, Morgan Frazier, Nadhjah Nicole and Riley Biederer.  

He's always been known as one of our most competitive and dedicated coaches, but Adam Levine has gone above and beyond this season, earning him the coveted title of Best Coach Ever.  Take a look.

He is one the biggest music stars on the planet and a 3 time Grammy nominee, singing his massive hit Sorry, give it up for Justin Beiber!

All season, you have witnessed these four grow as artists and out-sing their competition: Jordan Smith (Team Adam), Jeffrey Austin (Team Gwen), Barrett Baber and Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake).  Ladies and gentlemen, now it is time to find out who will win it all.

Barrett, Emily Ann, Jeffrey and Jordan, one of your lives is about to change forever. I will first read the name of the artist in 4th place. Here we go.

The finalist in 4th place is...   Jeffrey Austin, Team Gwen.

That leaves Emily Ann, Jordan Smith and Barrett Baber. Now  I will read the name of the artist in 3rd place.  Here we go.

The finalist in 3rd place is...   Barret Baber, Team Blake. He congratulates Emily Ann for at least 2nd.

Jordan and Emily Ann give each other a hug for luck.  Here we go.

Emily Ann Roberts and Jordan Smith. One of you is The Voice and it is time to find out who it is. Blake has his head bowed.

The winner of The Voice Season 9 is...   Jordan Smith, Team Adam!  Congratulations!  

Give a big hand to all 4 of tonight's finalists and Emily Ann Roberts, runner up.  

Coach Adam gives Jordan a big embrace as Carson hands him the Voice trophy then takes it away so he can perform.  His parents make it to the stage and he gives both deep hugs as the opening notes to Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Rogers & Hammerstein) begin to play.  With his parents standing behind him, he puts his ear piece in just in time to pick it up on the chorus.  

Somehow he finds the focus to deliver another tremendous performance as the confetti rains down.  Pharrell puts one one arm on his shoulder and just shakes his head.  He finishes and gives his parents one more hug.

That's it for Season 9 of The Voice.  I think it became increasingly clear, as Jordan snagged Top 10 iTunes performance after performance that he was the one to beat, though the talent this year was very strong. There was no Country upset, though.  What did you think of the results?  Are you happy?  What would you change about the show next season?

Thank you for tuning in to Morty's TV on Facebook and Twitter.  Without you, these updates would be like a tree falling in a forest.  We have 3 more events for 2015, starting with Wednesday night's 3 hour Survivor finale, so as they say on television, stay tuned!

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