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Sept 29, 2015


Episode 2


Previously on Survivor.....20 former cast were voted a second chance. The battles were old school vs new school. Kelley found an HII hidden in a challenge. And Vytas was voted out. 19 are left, who would be voted out tonight? Kelley finally finds time to look at her HII, she hugs it and buries it. Spencer and Jeff talk about who to vote out next. Jeff says TC was a wake up call. Jeff and Terry talk about who to get out.


At Bayon, Joe makes a hammock, telling us he wants to have fun out here. He wants to do stuff. No one likes sleeping on the bamboo, so yeah, he made a hammock. Everyone likes it and they string several hammocks. Joe tells us he came into it last time being the biggest threat. This season, it’s nice being in a role where he feels he is providing a service. He wants to be someone that people need and want around.


Kass likes her tribe this season, they are real ppl. Jeremy tells us his wife is pregnant, he just wants to see her belly. He isnt telling the others tho. Back at camp, Stephen thinks Jeremy is of looking for an HII. At Ta Keo the girls talk about Abi and she hears it all and Peih-Gee and Abi get into it. Peih-Gee says that felt good,the tribe laughs. Abi is crying that she feels alone. Terry says no one stood up for Abi, thats just wrong. Terry goes and talks to Abi, he tells her he has her back.


Ta Keo day 6. Jeff tells Abi that her little moments turn him on. Abi now feels good that ppl want to work with her. Challenge time: They will race across beams while puling a rope that will pull a crate across. They then have to use sticks in the crate to make a picture. They are playing for camp equipment. Bayon sits Ciera out. The first obstacle is Triangle walls. Both teams at the third wall, there are some hard falls off the last wall. They tie the ropes together and pull it across the beams. Bayon is first to get the crate across. Kass and Kimmi work the puzzle for Bayon. Kelly and Peih-Gee work puzzle for Ta Koe. Panic starting to set in. Spencer tagged in and making some head way. Joe tagged in and making head way. Its a race to the finish....Ta Koe thinks they have it...not right. Bayon thinks they have it...and they do.


At Ta Koe Jeff says Spencer and Shirin had their fate in their hands and they lost it, one of them will be going home tonight, how poetic. Spencer says his trust is gone. Jeff says Spencer is a huge threat and Shirin is like a sales person. Peih-Gee says she will vote with the majority. Kelley says things have shifted over 24 hrs, and she is in a different alliance now, Shirin and Spencer are in deep crap.


Shirin talks to Abi, tells her she is sorry she didnt speak up for her last night. Abi says Terry was the only one to check on her. Abi tells us she tried to have Shirins back. Abi tells Shirin they want to vote Shirin and Spencer out. Shirin tells Spencer they are screwed. Spencer is shocked. Shirin goes to Woo and tells him if he is lucky enough to make it to merge he will be last. Woo says this is the first convo she has had with him. Woo is flabbergasted that she would come to him now. Spencer says Shirin has been his only solid person and now he feels like he will screw her over.


Time for TC: Jeff asks what the vibe is. Jeff says they are all exhausted. Spencer says they get amnesia and they get back out here and it kicks their ass. Shirin says she had a hard time the first time and its still rough. Abi tells Jeff about the argument and how Terry came to her rescue. Shirin says the games changes very quickly. Terry nods his head in agreement. He says now he feels like he is not on the bottom anymore. Spencer says he is concerned about Shirin and himself. He tells them if he is here tomorrow he will change, he will make relationships. Jeff reminds him that was almost the same thing he said before and Shirin has found herself in conflict again. Shirin says she made mistakes, if she goes home, its on her.


Time to vote. Anyone want to use the HII? nope. Votes: Spencer, Shirin, Shirin, Shirin, Spencer, Spencer, Spencer, Shirin...tied....2nd person voted out of Survivor: Second chance is Shirin. Spencer tells the tribe that he meant every word, thank you guys. Jeff tells them this season offers a second chance to change what didnt work the first time but if you dont change its history repeating itself.


Next time on Survivor: In a season where adapting is everything, everyone better be ready to change. We are switching tribes, from 2 tribes to 3 tribes.












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October 7, 2015


Episode 3


Previously on Survivor: we get recap of the last 2 wks and Shirin being sent home. 18 are left, who will be voted out tonight. After TC, Spencer says he is not going to be running around like crazy, he is glad to still be there. Terry tells us he has gone from bottom to top w/o any fear of being voted out. He is proud of himself for his social game. Life is good.


It's challenge time: Jeff says its good to see that both tribes are happy with how things are going....everybody drop your buffs. We are switching from 2 tribes to 3 tribes. 6 will go to Bayon, 6 will go to Ka Tao and 6 will start from scratch at a brand new camp. Bayon is now: Monica, Jeremy, Fishback, Kimmi, Wigglesworth and Spencer. Ka Tao is now: Keith, Kass, Joe, Ciera, Deitz and Wentworth. The new Yellow tribe is Angkor and they are: Woo, Varner, Peih-Gee, Abi, Tasha and Savage.


They grab their stuff and head back to camp. Angkor finds their new camp, they have nothing. Woo says they should stick to the original 4. Tashsa tells us she is strong at heart and will play the cards she is dealt. At Ka Teo they introduce themselves with hugs. They have chicken and rice for dinner. Ciera and Kass love the new tribe, their 4 will stick together. Kelley tells the others that Terry was looking for HII for hours, she is kicking him under the bus....get under there Terry.


Bayon Day 7: the Bayon 4 are solid. Stephen says he couldn't be happier with the tribe.Spencer says he is trying to have feelings. He is not easily emotional. (sorry GF he hasnt said "I love you" yet) Jeremy tells him he thinks Spencer is over thinking it. Jeremy says they can use Spencer for a bit. Angkor Day 8: its raining. Tasha says she knows what its like to be w/o on Survivor, this is like round 2 for her. Tasha going to use every minute of the day to strategize. She talks to Abi. Terry and Tasha tell Jeff they will get him to jury. Jeff needs to make sure they arent taking away Abi and Peih-Gee.


Bayon Day 9: they find a scorpion. The Bayon 4 look for the HII, its not obvious...Jeremy finds a clue...on the back of the 3rd box (during the next challenge) will be the HII. Time for the Immunity Challenge. Each tribe will push a cart thru an obstacle course collecting chests. when they have 3 chests they have to take apart the cart and push it thru a wall. They will then use puzzle pieces inside the chests to win immunity. It was the first challenge on Brain vs. Brawn.


All 3 tribes getting the key to unlock the first chest, Ta Keo has second key, Angkor has 2nd key. Jeremy grabs the HII off the 3rd chest as he unlocks it. All have their chests and are going throw the wall. Ka Teo getting cart back together, Bayon next and Angkor last. Ka Teo clears the debri from the course and runs the cart thru it to the end of the course, Angkor next followed by Bayon. Ka Teo has a big lead. Angkor catching up. Ka Teo, Bayon and Angkor.....Ka Teo wins immunity. Both tribes left are on the final section. Its close. Bayon wins immunity. Angkor will be going to TC.


Jeff mouths something to someone off view. Tasha jumps in front of him and tells the tribe they have a rat. Woo says he is always the last to know things. Jeff V tells us he is a big ol rat and he has to try to figure out how to get out of it.


Angkor: Andrew talks to Peih-Gee and Woo that Jeff has been going nuts, that they can trust him. Abi tells Tasha she is voting for Jeff to go. Abi says she just doesnt know how much she can trust Peih-Gee. Peih-Gee tells Abi they are going to vote Jeff. Abi says she is voting Jeff. Peih-Gee asks where all the animosity came from? Peih-Gee says she is now voting Abi. Andrew talks to Abi, the vote is now for Peih-Gee to go. Tasha says Peih-Gee will vote Abi, Abi will vote Peih-Gee...it feels good to have the decision on who will go home tonight.


Time for TC. Jeff talks to Andrew. Andrew says it was tough to process getting the new camp. Jeff V says he was sending a signal to someone he cared about and he gets called a rat. He says it was an emotional melt down and he doesnt remember it. Tasha says there was cross communication when the family was right here. Jeff V says Andrew and Tasha are now at the top of the tribe.


Time to vote. We see Peih-Gee vote for Abi and Abi vote for Peih-Gee. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use the HII? nope. Votes: Abi, Peih-Gee, Abi, Peih-Gee, Peih-Gee...3rd person voted out is Peih-Gee. She says well played guys. Woo good luck. Abi says to Woo "Second time you write my name." Woo looks away. Jeff says one of the keys to this game is adapting on a dime. If you don't you're gone.


Next time on Survivor: Angkor is in misery, but they are not the only ones suffering.

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October 13, 2015


Episode 4


Previously on Survivor: Jeremy found a HII, Angkor went to TC and voted Peih-Gee out. Angkor Night 9, Jeff says he thought he was gone but didnt get one vote. He is loyal to Abi now. Tasha tells Woo he isnt going anyway, Abi calls Tasha out for taking someone aside that just voted for her. Andrew tells us Abi has deep rooted paranoia. Woo tells Abi he is sorry he wrote her name down.


Bayon Day 10, Jeremy sneaks off to look at his HII. Its a thing of beauty. Jeremy gets Stephen to help him look for the HII, he is pulling him close. Jeremy says he will give him second place.


Angkor Andrew feels he has been gutted, there is nothing at camp, they are in hell. Time for Reward challenge: they have to race out into the water and get a bag, race back then launch that bag into a net. First team with three bags wins food. Only one person per tribe will play. Angkor is Andrew. Bayon is Jeremy. Ta Keo is Terry. Everybody had a bag and is heading back to shore.


Terry and Jeremy make it back to shore first. Terry makes the first net, Jeremy gets his first bag, Andrew gets his. Terry has his second bag and is heading back to shore, Jeremy is heading back. Terry over shots the net. Andrew gets his second bag, Jeremy gets his second.


Terry gaining on Andrew running back to shore. Terry over shoots. Andrew wins it for Angkor. Jeremy over shoots, Terry wins it for Ta Keo. Tasha tears up when she says they haven't really eaten in 4 days and Andrew did that out of love for the tribe. They grab their full BBQ stuff and head to camp. Ta Keo gets a few things but not as much as Angkor.


Angkor camp is excited for the food. Andrew says now they know they can win against the others. Ta Keo day 11. They are just hanging around camp. Kass tells us she took tings to hear from before. Kelley wakes up and sees Kass cutting beads off her bag, she says it would be like her to make a fake HII. Kelley tries to approach Kass and she sends her away. Kass walks up later and gives Kelley a box with a bracelet in it.


Spencer says that he and Kelly are in trouble, he needs to make it clear that Kelly has friends she will run back to. Monica doesnt believe him all the way, her first reaction is for girls to stay strong and keep the girl count up. Monica says that Spencer needs to go first.


Immunity challenge time: 1 tribe member will be a caller, the rest will be blindfolded, they have to collect puzzle pieces then put them together. Monica sits out for Bayone, Ciera sits out for Ta Keo. Jeff will call for Angkor, Kimmi calling for Bayon and Kass for Ta Keo. All tribes get first piece, then second piece. Terry raises is hand waiting for directions. Angkor in the lead with 11 pieces. Bayon has 10 and Ta Keo is way behind. Joe picks up a piece on his own. Ta Keo is back in thanks to Joe. Everyone is stumbling into things. Ta Keo now has 15 pieces, 1 piece left. Angkor and Bayon now have one left. People are getting hurt left and right. Angkor gets last piece.  All tribes now on the puzzle, its a cube and is the insignia on their flag. Angkor falling behind. Bayon wins immunity. Its a fight for second now. Angkor very tired seems like they are waiting for Ta Keo to win....Ta Keo wins. Angkor will go back to TC. Jeff asks if Angkor just gave up. Andrew says he is so tired he cant think.


Angkor day 11: they say the good feeling from full bellies is gone. Andrew tells us they got thunked by that comp. Jeff hurt his toe and says he is not a threat to anyone right now. Andrew and Tasha dont want Jeff to talk to Abi. Jeff thinks it will be either him or Woo. Jeff thinks Abi is making all the calls as he hasnt PO'd her or voted for her. Woo talks to Abi, she says it feels good to feel needed. Woo suggests getting out Jeff. Abi is not sure, he has voted for her twice. Abi asks Woo how would he feel if he were her. Woo is worried. Abi tells Tasha Woo is not loyal, he wants to get her out. Tasha suggest Jeff, Abi doesnt want to. Jeff has prove his loyalty to her. Tasha is scared because Jeff is manipulative. Tasha says they may have to do as Abi wants or she will be pissed.


Time for TC: Jeff tells Jeff that his toe is purple and painful. But he keeps thinking of the ppl that voted for him and he keeps going. Abi says she has been reflecting on her vote yet and she hasnt made up her mind. Andrew says Woo will be a threat after merge. Woo says merge wont happen for awhile yet. Jeff makes a pitch.... he trusts Tasha, he is loyal to Andrew, he adores Abi. Tasha says in order to win they need strong ppl and thats Woo. Woo says he has been loyal, Abi says he voted her twice.  Woo says he promises. Jeff says wow, Andrew says wow, Abi says wow.


Time to vote. Woo tells Abi he wont vote for her. Abi says make sure it doesnt say Abi..we see his vote--its for Jeff. Time to tally the votes. Any one wants to use the HII? nope. Votes: Jeff, Woo, Jeff, 4th person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance is Jeff. He kisses Abi on the cheek, calling her a little bitch while Woo breaths a sigh. 


Next time on Survivor. In a season of second chances, the most unlikely might be the most dangerous.

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October 21, 2015


Episode 5


Previously on Survivor: Angkor lost immunity and voted Jeff out. Tasha says she is fighting hard to stay in the game. Over at Bayon they are clamming, Kimmi wants to grab all the big ones, she gets told to not take them all at once. Kimmi says she needs more patience for Monica. Kimmi says if her biggest problem is dealing with Monica she has it good.


Time for reward challenge. 3 members will be tied together while the 4th will be inside a barrel, they have to push the barrel to gather bags, then toss balls from the bags in wholes. they will win comfort, chairs, pillows etc and refreshments at camp. 2nd tribe to finish gets a tarp. Woo, Monica and Kelley are in the barrels. Kelley and Woo get their first bag. Woo and Kelley have their second bag, Monica very slow getting bags. Woo and Kelley have their 3rd bags and 4th bags. Keith gets the first ball for Ta Keo, Woo gets first, Keith gets second, Woo gets second. Keith gets 4th tiing it up with Woo. Spencer comes in for Jeremy and gets 3 in a row. It's tied up 4 across the board. Ta Keo with 5, Keith gets 6th for Ta Keo for the win. Angkor has 5 and Woo gets their sixth for the tarp. Bayon gets nothing. 


Ta Keo day 12. they are excited for refreshments. Joe, Keith, and the girls talk F5, they want to keep Terry happy tho. Bayon day 12, Jeremy and Spencer take the boat out fishing. Spencer says Jeremy is a straight up guy and hopes they can bond. Spencer says he feels he is living Survivor finally, he is proud to get fish for his tribe. Angkor day 12, Woo says all the those days at Chuck E Cheese playing sky ball paid off.


Woo tells camp about his mom needing a heart transplant and getting it. His mom got a second chance and now he does too. Abi is not happy with him trying to get sympathy from the others, should she start telling her stories too? Tasha says it takes work working with Abi, she is a time bomb.


Time for immunity challenge: They have to race up a tower thru obstacles to the top and launch sand bags at targets, first to hit all their targets wins immunity. Joe, Spencer and Andrew are first up. Joe hits first (after they score they have to switch players) They all hit. Bayon leads 2. Stephen hits one for Angkor, it will count. Ta Keo 3, Bayon 2, Angkor with 4. Woo launches and goes wide. Kimmi down and Spencer up for Bayon. Woo scores for Angkor winning immunity. Spencer hits for Bayon. Joe hits for Ta Keo, they only need 1 more. Keith is wide. Spnecer comes back up and misses. Keith hits for Ta Keo winning immunity.  Woo goes up and receives the Immunity Idol for Angkor. Jeff takes it to Ta Keo. Most of Bayon havent even been to TC 13 days into the game but they will be going tonight.


Bayon day 13, Spencer says he is very sorry. Jeremy wonders who he trusts more, Spencer or Kelley? Jeremy, Stephen and Spencer agree on Kelley, Monica and Kimmi say Kelley. Monica then says keeping Kelley may help her. Kimmi not happy with idea, she goes to Jeremy and Stephen. Stephen says if they take out Monica they betray their whole Bayon tribe. Its hard to weight who is more dangerous Monica or Kelley.


Time for TC: Kelley says she hopes her actions will play thru and she will be here tomorrow. Jeremy says that is Old school. Spencer says this is first time he has had a solidified tribe. Jeremy says tonight's vote will be on loyalty, challenge strength and trust. Stephen says strategy is based on emotions, you have to build bonds.


Time to vote: any one want to use an HII? nope. votes: Kelley, Spencer, Kelley, Monica, Monica, 5th person voted out of Survivor is Monica. She is in shock. Jeff says tonights blind side put to rest on whether the tribe is playing old school or new school.


Next time on Survivor: Big moves are all about timing, but one survivors time in the game is about to run out. (we see Kass saying its worse then anything you can imagine and Jeff showing up at camp)

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October 28, 2015


Episode 6


Previously on Survivor...Ta Keo was thriving while Angkor was struggling. Bayon went to TC and voted Monica out. Ta Keo Night 13: A boat comes ashore with Jeff in it, he talks to Terry on the beach. He just got a phone call from his wife and his son Danny is in the hospital, his wife and the doc think its serious enough for him to go home and be involved. Terry goes back to camp, gets his bag and tells the others whats going on. There are hugs all around. Kass says you have to be a parent to know how it feels to have a sick child. This is worse then a medivac. Keith says lets bring it home for Terry.


Reward  Challenge time, Jeff tells the others about Terry. Andrew says if her heard that news he would run to the airport. Ciera says she had the convo with her husband about that subject. Drop your buffs...again. Angkor will be no more. Tribes are Ta Keo and Bayon. They have to slide down a slippery slope grabbing a ring on the way, they will then toss the ring trying to get it on a post, first tribe to to 3 rings wins fried chicken, mac n cheese and brownies. First up for Ta Keo is Andrew, first for Bayon is Jeremy. Jeremy first on the slope. Jeremy gets is ring on half a sec before Andrew. 1 pt for Bayon. Kass for Ta Keo and Stephen for Bayon. Kass ties it up. Next up is Abi for Ta Keo and Kimmi for Bayon. Kimmi's rings bounces off, Abi thinks it over and starts to walk away. Kimmi scores. Woo up for Ta Keo and Joe for Bayon. Joe scores, its tied and on to sudden death. Kelley for Bayon and Kelly for Ta Keo. Both have rings that bounce off. Kelly wins it for Ta Keo. Bayon heads back to camp empty handed.


Ta Keo day 14. They are excited to see the food. Spencer, Kass, Andrew, Woo, Abi, Ciera, and Kelley. Over at Bayon, Keith and Kimmi argue over the cooking. Joe wants to keep Kelley around. Stephen and Tasha talk to Joe about Kimmi. Stephen wants Joe out but Jeremy doesnt want to be the biggest guy around. Stephen says this game is strategic. Stephen tears up as he tells us that he would miss his second chance, he is putting so much into it this time. Getting Joe out would set the mood for the whole season.


Immunity Challenge time...Food eating competition. First to get to it down wins a point. First tribe to 4 points wins. They have done this comp 14 times. Kimmi and Tasha taking on Woo and Spencer. They have tarantellas, first pt goes to Ta Keo. Jeremy and Keith vs Ciera and Andrew, they get giant water beetle. Andrew and Jeremy both are good. Keith ties it up.  Stephen and Kelley vs Kass and Abi. They get pig snout Stephen is first to finish followed by Abi. Kelley scores for Bayon. Joe vs Kelly, they get deep fried frog. Kelly ties it up for Ta Keo. Woo vs Kimmi, they get pigs brain. Kimmi concedes to Woo. Woo eats its down. Ta Keo leads 3 to 2. Ciera vs Kelley get scorpion. Kelley scores for Bayon, its tied 3 to 3. Kass vs Tasha they get baloot (duck embryo)Tasha wins it for Bayon. 


On the way out Jeremy takes a taste of whats left of Kimmis egg. Kimmi tells us that Spencer has zero chance of winning this game.


Ta Keo day 16 Woo says if all goes according to plan they will vote out Spencer. But they will talk like its Ciera. Andrew says its hard but its best for his game. Ciera isnt happy with her name being thrown out there. Ciera says it would be dumb to get rid of Woo first. Kass talks to Spencer, she tells him there is some stuff going on. She tells him what Andrew said about taking out Spencer but saying its Ciera. Kass suggests Woo and Spencer is ok with that. Kass says she could write down Spencer and be ok with that...Spencer? Woo? she doesnt even know.


Time for TC. Some have to grab their torch and get fire as this is their first TC. Woo says he has to be more cut throat and he is ok with that. Kass says there are layers, she doesnt know which Kass is here tonight. Andrew says he doesn't get nervous when his name is mentioned at TC, he is confident in tonight. Some bodies plan is not going to work out. Time to vote: Andrew writes down Spencer's name, Spencer writes down Woo's name. Time to tally the votes. Any one want to use the HII? nope. Spencer, Woo, Spencer, Spencer, Woo, Woo its tied. 6th person voted out of Survivor Second Chance is Woo. He whispers "blindside" Jeff says this season is being played at a very high level, they will have to adjust their game if they want to survive.


Next time on Survivor... The merge is coming and Chaos Kass is back.


Update on Terry: it turned out Danny needed a heart transplant. He got it and now HE has a second chance.

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November 4, 2015


Episode 7


Previously on Survivor: we get a recap of the past 16 days, all the switches and deals. Woo was voted out last week. 13 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Andrew says he thought he could read ppl pretty well, he wasnt included in the vote change. He feels most betrayed by Kass. Andrew talks to the tribe, telling them he has their back. Andrew swears to Spencer that he will never write his name down again.


Spencer says this time around he has to rely on Kass. Bayon tribe gets tree mail, it says to go down to the end of the beach and await visitors. Ta Keo tribe gets tree mail. Gather all you want to keep and follow the map to their new home. Andrew prays its a merge.


Ta Keo takes off down the beach and meets up with Bayon at a feast basket. Keith reads the letter, they are merged. All new game, day one again. Its dangerous but fun. 13 at merge is huge. New tribe finds out Kass worked with Spencer. Stephen says everyone was waiting for the meal to be done to pounce on the game talk. Andrew says he is the happiest man alive to be back at his home camp. Andrew tells Jeremy "they" could have 6 votes against them and they wouldn't even know.


Kelley says she is working with Kass, Ciera, Keith and hopefully Joe. Kass thinks they also have Abi and Spencer. She thinks Spencer and Joe will be power players.


Orkun is the new tribes name. Andrew talks to Joe about joining them...Jeremy, Tasha, Kimmi, Kelly and Stephen. Joe says Andrew is playing with his heart and wears it on his sleeve. Joe says he had a plan back with Ta Keo, he is not limiting his plans. Spencer and Kelley talk. Spencer says the only ones he hasnt talk to are Joe and Keith. Kelley says they have Keith. Spencer says looks he and Joe are smack dab down the middle. Joe and Spencer talk, Spencer puts in football lingo for Joe.


Orkun day 19: Kass says Bayon will run the show unless someone steps in. Chaos Kass should run the show. Tasha and Kass have a discussion. Kass says Tasha played into her hands, she told her all she needs to know. The line is drawn....game on. Kass brings up Tasha saying Bayon is over to the tribe and Kass asks Kass if she really expects her to believe her. Ciera wakes up a raging bull by saying Andrews name in there too.


Immunity time...they will stand on a narrow slanted beam while balancing a ball on a pole. At regular intervals they will move down the beam and down the pole. They will do ten minutes in each section.....Stephen is out after only a few seconds. 9 minutes in and Keith is out, Ciera is out, Kimmi is out. First round over, they move down the beam, its narrower, they also move their hand down the pole. Abi is out 1 second into second round, Kass is out Kelley and Kelly drop. Its down to 4 men and Tasha, Tasha won this challenge the last time it was played. Andrew is out, Jeremy and Tasha recover...Tasha is out, Jeremy is out. Its down to Spencer and Joe. Spencer wobbles and cant recover. Joe wins individual Immunity. Joe says he and Spencer are big swing votes, he is glad to have immunity its going to be one hell of a TC.


Back at camp they congrat Joe on his win. Andrew says Kass is the ring leader. Kass says she has never lied. Andrew cant trust Ciera, she makes up lies. Others with Andrew want Kass out. Joe says Kass is hap hazard and that scares him. Spencer, Keith are talking Kass too. Spencer says even tho he wants to save her he doesnt think he can. Jeremy wonders if Kass has an HII, they should split the vote. 5 votes Kass, 4 votes Ciera. Keith says he is up for Kass going.


Kass says "they" have the majority, she wants to get Spencer and vote out Tasha. Kass talks to Spencer, Kass tells him they are all voting Tasha. Spencer tells Kass he has here back. Spencer has never been in the position to influence the game.


Time for TC. Biggest TC they have every had. Ciera says its been chaos. Kass says she isnt playing the Chaos Kass game. Tasha's eyes about pop out. Joe says it could be anybody but its the first vote after the vote so its either Kass, Tasha or Ciera. Ciera says only one person is going to win, so they should play it to win. Spencer says playing the game is different each day. Stephen says he thinks they are seeing a revolution on how the game is played. Ciera says you want to be 1, 2, 3, 4 not 6, 7, 8, 9 and some of them are 6, 7, 8, 9.


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use the HII? nope. Votes: Kass, Ciera, Tasha, Kass, Ciera, Tasha-tied up. Kass, Ciera, Andrew, Kass, Ciera, Kass, 7th person voted out Survivor and first person to Jury is Kass. Ciera says sorry Kass, Tasha whispers OMG to Andrew. Jeff says it tonight's TC is any indication its going to be a wild ride.


Next time on Survivor: Everyone is worried about big moves. The only question is, who will strike first.

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November 11, 2015


Episode 8


Previously on Survivor: The tribes merged and everybody battled for the numbers. Joe wins immunity and Kass was voted out. 12 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Orkun day 20. Andrew talks to Jeremy about them and Joe, they need to offset a big move. Ciera and Stephen talk, she says her hands are somewhat tied, she needs to convince Stephen that NOW is the right time to make a move against Joe, they only need 6 votes.


Reward challenge time: They will divide up into 2 teams of 6, they will get in a boat and paddle out to a series of crates, get all the crates then stack them so no two colors are the on the same side. Reward is Survivor Cafe' with bagel, cookies, caffeine. Teams are...Kelley, Kimmi, Kelly, Joe, Ciera and Keith vs Tasha, Andrew, Spencer, Jeremy, Andrew and Abi. Boats collide. Joe pushes the other team off course. Kieth gets the first crate untied while Abi has trouble with hers. Keith gets the second box undone. Spencer has the second crate for his team. Keith on his 3rd crate. Spencer after their 3rd crate as the boat drifts away. Joe has the last crate for his team, they make it to shore and carry the crates to the building stage. Spencer finally has the last crate for his team.


Jeremy carries a crate on his shoulders. Keiths team looks at the colors on their crates. Andrew thought they had it but had 2 reds. Keith, Kimmi, Kelly, Kelley, Ciera and Joe win Reward. They head out to feast on coffee and sandwiches. Kimmi is so super excited to be on a reward. Ciera says when ppl have a chance to relax a bit its time to hit them with a plan. Ciera says she is fishing and hoping someone will take the bait. It might be time to make a move. Joe says Ciera might be right. Jeremy is smart and Stephen wants to make a move. Keith wants to drive the tuk tuk, he starts it up and does some laps around the beach. The others climb in and have a blast on the beach. Keith wants to get his Cambodia drivers license.


Meanwhile at camp, its quiet. Stephen apologizes, this loss today really set him off. Stephen tells us that the people he needs to make a big move are off bonding with Joe. Stephen tells Jeremy that he doesnt want to bond with Ciera and them. Jeremy says he uses Joe as a shield, every time he win something the target gets bigger and bigger. Stephen says if Joe lost Immunity he could get the others to vote him out. Spencer agrees, they would be crazy to not get him out while they can.


Andrew tells us there will obviously be a blindside, he has a great alliance with Joe. Joe isnt going anywhere even if he has to go toe toe with Stephen. Bring it on.


Orkun day 21: Andrew tells Joe that Stephen keeps throwing his name out. Joe says its no surprise, he expected it but not this soon. Joe says if he doesnt win immunity he is gone. Time for Immunity Challenge. They have to balance a ball on a disc on a rope. They move up the rope at intervals, drop the ball and your out. Its on and Kelley and Ciera are out in seconds. Kelly drops also followed quickly by Jeremy. Kimmi saves her ball. Abi is out, Stephen is out, Andrew is out and salutes it with a finger. 10 minutes in and they are farther back on the rope. Kimmi saves her ball twice but losses it. Tasha is out. Keith, Joe and Spencer are left. Keith won it the last time it was played. 20 minutes in and they are even farther back on the rope. This is the farthest they can go. Keith shakes a bit but recovers. Joe's ball is rolling around. Spencer is out. Its Keith vs Joe. If they survive this section a second ball will be added. They both have 2 balls on the disc now. Joe's balls move. A breeze picks up. Keith is solid. Keith drops a ball and is out. Joe wins Immunity.


Joe says TG he won immunity, he knows his name is being thrown out there.


Back at camp they congrat Joe. Stephen is upset. Andrew suggests voting out Stephen. Joe says sounds good to him, he will use the 3 girls on the bottom to help. Kelley is on board, she was worried she would have to use her HII this early. Andrew talks to Tasha about voting Stephen, Jeremy comes up and Andrew tells him. Jeremy tells us he thinks it a bad move, he has been getting in good with Stephen for a while. Jeremy says the know where Stephen stands and he cant do anything w/o their help. Andrew says he makes valid points.


Joe asks Tasha what is going on. She says they dont trust Stephen. Kelley is upset, Ciera is scared for her life.


Time for TC. Kass sits in jury section. Ciera says that no body is fighting for their life. Kelley says there are 4 people running the show and no one wants to make a move. Joe says the only safety you have is immunity. Ciera says if there is an alliance there is somebody on the top and somebody on the bottom. She is upset with ppl that are not at top and acting. Spencer says maybe there will be aflip, there are still HII out there. Andrew says Ciera plee to vote a top player out is because she is at the bottom. Stephen says there is not so much a higher archy. Kelley says the girls at the bottom but some one came to her about the vote.


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use the HII? Kelley says she may be on the bottom but she isn't ready to go home yet, she hands Jeff her HII. Everyone says OMG. Any vote cast for Kelley doesn't count. Vote: Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Andrew. 8th person voted out and second jury member is Andrew Savage. Joe mouths Damn, Kelley says she is loyal to the people she is with. Kass smiles. Abi tells Andrew he made it to the jury, he gives her a hand salute.


Next time on Survivor: Everyone is looking for an advantage in the game but they don't know that it is right in front of them.

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November 18, 2015


Episode 9


Previously on Survivor: After the merge no one was taking their second chance for granted. at TC it was clear the game had evolved, Kelley played her HII and Andrew was voted out. 11 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Back at camp Kelley tells them sorry for almost losing it. They ask where she found the HII, she doesnt tell them. Kimmi tells Stephen they need to get rid of the witches coven. Stephen wonders how he can get the witches to make a potion that is right for him. Jeremy says Andrew going home screwed him. He has one HII but needs the other one too. Tasha and others look for the HII. Abi has to use ....you know. Joe leaves the area (he was looking the HII)


Reward challenge time: they will be divided into 2 teams of 5, they will use poles to make steps, the thru a maze and down a slide, get a key and open a chest to reveal numbers to a lock that opens the flag. Reward is Survivor Spa with shower, massage and spa food. It's raining and muddy. Teams are: Tasha Stephen, Spencer, Joe and Ciera. Kelly, Keith, Kelley Kimmi and Jeremy. They are off and running. Purple (with Joe) is done with steps. Green still working with their steps. Joe works the key thru the ropes. Green still having trouble. Spencer and Ciera are to the puzzle with the lock numbers. Green finally get their steps and on to the key. Spencer tries the numbers.....it works. Purple wins Reward. Tasha, Spencer, Joe, Stephen and Ciera head off to the Spa. 


At the spa they eat plenty of food, get showers and massages. They also talk game. Ceira says if anyone goes to the end with Jeremy they wont win. They also agree that Kelly would win it. Meanwhile at camp they cook up clams for dinner. Jeremy walks off to look for the HII, he looks near tree mail and finds the clue. He has to follow the lanterns after everyone else is asleep. That night everyone hung out by the fire. Keith tells them to not stay up all night. Jeremy says the food upset his stomach and he takes off. He finds the HII hanging next to a lantern. That's 2 for him. He says its Vals HII. He just wants Val to win, she deserves it more then he does.


Day 24, Joe and Kelley are talking, Stephen says they are very close. Kelley says she trusts Kimmi, him and Kieth but not the 3 girls. Stephen says they are huge threats in the game and everyone is scared of them. He wants to build something with the 3 witches. Abi says Kelly has a little something with everybody.


Time for Immunity challenge. They will have to balance on triangular rafts in the water. Last one standing has a one in 10 shot at winning the game. It is pouring rain. They get set on the first ledge on the triangle. They will stay there for 10 minutes then move to the next ledge. Jeff offers them ...he cuts a rope and buoys come up. First person to touch their buoy gets an advantage in the game. Stephen gets there first.  Move up to the top of the triangle. Kelley is out, Jeremy is out, Ciera out, Kimmi out, Tasha out. 5 ppl couldnt make the transition to the top. They will stay up there for 20 minutes. Abi looks like a statue. 10 minutes in and its raining harder making the water move. Keith out. Its Joe, Abi and Kelly left. They go to one foot. Kelly takes to long to make the transition and is out.  Its between Joe and Abi. Joe struggles, Abi stretches her leg and falls in. Joe wins his 3rd Individual Immunity. Jeff hands Stephen his advantage to open by himself. 


Its still raining as the tribe goes back to camp. Kimmi says its time for the witches to be voted out. They talk about splitting the vote, with Kelley going home. Stephen opens his advantage. He gets to steal a vote at TC. Wait until its his time to vote and announce he wants to use his advantage. He picks a person to NOT vote and he gets to vote twice.


Stephen and Kelley talk about getting Kelly out. Spencer asks Stephen where that leaves them now. Stephen tells us he needs to build a voting block. Spencer says he would love to take control of the game but cant figure out how to do it with out ruining his game. Jeremy is ok with Kelly going, but doesnt trust the girls. Jeremy says he doesnt want to worry about the ones that are totally blindsided by Kelly going.


Time for TC. Kass and Andrew come in all cleaned up. Its still raining. They are so cold they are shaking. Kelley says that by playing her HII she hopes to open some eyes. Ciera says its play or get played. Jeremy says ppl are in voting blocks. Spencer says the votes tell the truth. Stephen says alliances arent what they used to be. Tasha says the voting block with the strongest alliance will win out. 


Time to cast the votes. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to play HII? nope. Votes: Ciera, Kelley Went, Kelly Wigg, Ciera, Kelley, Kelly, tied up. Ciera, Kelly, Kelly 9th person voted out and 3rd member of the jury is Kelly Wigglesworth. Jeff says tonights TC confirms there is an evolution happening in the game play of Survivor. He cant wait to see where it goes.


Next time on Survivor... the rain is relentless and forces a decision that could change the game. (We see the tribe at a challenge holding their arms out and Jeff says for everyone to reveal.)

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November 25, 2015


Episode 10


Previously on Survivor: Jeremy finds his second HII. At the Immunity challenge, Stephen gains an advantage. At TC the guys flipped and voted out Kelly. Orkun Night 24. Jeremy thinks they can get out Ciera next. Jeremy tells Tasha he didnt have any time to tell her. Tasha says they left her out of the loop, they dont get another chance. Joe is pretty P*ssed.


The rain continues...Day 25...the rain continues. Ciera thinks she is in a better spot then before, this rain could be messing up her game as they cant go off and talk. Keith says he isnt starving to death, he is 2 wks off, he will sit there for 50 days. Keith's feet are pruned.


Reward challenge time: Tasha tells Jeff they are exhausted. They will be playing for a place with a roof over their heads, blankets, food and a Cambodia Circus. 2 teams of 5 will have to try to get a ball in the basket while the other team keeps them from scoring. Oh yeah...did I mention all this takes place in the ocean? The Green team is Kelley, Kimmi, Stephen, Jeremy and Keith. The Purple team is Tasha, Abi, Ciera, Joe and Spencer. Three member of each team head out into the water. Joe misses, Jeremy scores. Joe is throwing girls into the water, Joe has the ball and ties it up. Next round, Jeremy shoots and misses, Spencer gets the ball and scores.  Purple leads 2 to 1. Jeremy tackles and holds Joe. the girls are fighting for it, Tasha has the ball and Kimmi attached to her leg. Tasha shoots and scores. Purple wins reward. Joe, Tasha, Ciera, Abi and Spencer get into a boat and off to a dry reward.  


Day 25 the winners enjoy food and an amazing show. The children make Ciera really miss home. Ciera talks to the other, why do they need Jeremy, Stephen and Kimmi. Joe says Stephen is dangerous, they agree to get rid of Stephen. And the rain continues. At camp, Kimmi says if her son can go through kidney disease she can manage the wet. They talk about getting rid of Joe. Stephen is glad they are all on the same page now.


Stephen says he thinks he is in a great postion but never say that cuz thats when you go home. Stephen has terrible stomach issues that take him out of the shelter again and again.


Day 26 and the rain continues. Stephen tells us he just wants the sun to come out for 15 min or something. He isnt quitting tho. Jeremy says Stephen doesnt look good. Jeremy says they can never get warm so they are huddled up.


Time for immunity challenge: Before the challenge Jeff has them take one black rock and one white rock. Jeff takes the necklace from Joe. They will have to balance on one foot while holding a ball against a post over their head. (the rain has stopped) They can greatly improve their shelter...water proofed, fire in the center....he only wants 5 ppl to give up their shot at immunity in this challenge. White means they will give up for the better of the group. Black rock means they will play for immunity.  Everyone but Joe and Keith give up their shot at security. They will have a better shelter when they go back to camp. Keith says he is a competitor, Joe says he can take the rain. The boys get on their block, they get their balls between a hand held bouy and a post. Joe is a bit shaky. Keith loses it and Joe wins his 4th Immunity Challenge.


Stephen says being dry they can now think about the game. He wants Ciera gone now. Back at camp they shelter is extended over the fire, the roof is thicker. They have food too. Stephen tells Kimmi and Jeremy that Ciera can go. Joe suggests the guy with the advantage in his pocket, Abi says poopy pants. Ciera says her and Kelley will write down Kimmi and the rest of that group will right down Stephen.


Tasha talks to Spencer about taking out Ciera and freeing up the other 2 girls. Spencer, Joe, Tasha and Jeremy talk about getting Stephen out. Jeremy wants Ciera, Spencer wants Stephen.


Time for TC: The weather is a big topic. Kelley tells Jeff that sitting in the water was warming then standing up, it was her lowest point. Ciera tells Jeff that she was willing to give up her immunity for the team. Joe asks to speak, he says if he hadnt played he would be going home tonight. Spencer says if Keith doesnt go home tonight one of the 8 will second guess what they did before the challenge for a long time.  Tasha says there has been a lot of talk about Stephen's advantage. Stephen says you base your vote on who will benefit you for the next 2 days. Jeff says it sounds like it will be another blindside. That rock could be a million dollar mistake, a million dollar shelter.  Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Any one want to use the HII? Jeremy says yeah Jeff ...Jeremy stands up, takes one of the HII to Jeff and says its for Stephen. Stephen says TY to Jeremy. Everyone looks at each other.


Votes: Stephen, Stephen, Stephen, (Stephen looks at Jeremy and says he is with him all the way) Stephen, Stephen, Ciera, Ciera, Kimmi, Kimmi, 10th person voted out and 4th member of jury is Ciera. She says well played.


Night 26 at camp. Stephen says he had no idea Jeremy had an HII, he owes Jeremy. Jeremy says when you make big moves like that he knows he has a target on his back. Spencer says every time they come back from TC its a new game. Spencer says maybe its time to jump ship.


Day 27. Stephen says he is annoyed to be out of the loop. He calls himself a know it all and last night he knew nothing. Stephen's feet are swollen, he hasnt slept in days, he is over whelmed. Time for Reward Challenge. Jeff will tell them a story from Cambodia folklore, they will run out into the dark jungle looking for answers to a question, get it right and they get a gold medalion, get it wrong and they a wooden one they have to toss into the fire.  Jeff tells them the story about temples. They grab a torch and head out into the jungle. One of the answer urns has a HII clue in it. Keith is wrong. Spencer is right, Abi is right, Jeremy is right. Keith gets it wrong again, Joe is wrong. Abi has her second, Kelley gets the HII clue. Spencer has his third disc. Abi has 3, Stephen has 3, Spencer has 4.....Stephen wins reward by seconds over Spencer.


Spencer will be picked up in a chopper, to a resort where he will a great day, he chooses Tasha to take. He also chooses Jeremy. Spencer says Stephen made it clear he is tighter with Tasha and Jeremy then Spencer is.


Keith tells Stephen to stop milking that foot, he ran like a deer. Kelley reads her HII clue, the HII is dead center under the shelter. the chopper picks up Stephen, Jeremy and Tasha and takes them to a beautiful resort. They have drinks and steak, bread and crab legs. Stephen tells them what his advantage is. Tasha says as soon as Joe loses immunity he has to go.


Back at camp they say that Stephen threw himself out there by taking Tasha and Jeremy. Now is the time to talk, they say they should get rid of Stephen because he has an advantage. Abi tells us that Joe and Spencer are sketchy, she doesnt know if she trusts them. The plan is to get rid of Stephen or Tasha if he Stephen wins Immunity. Everyone leaves camp but Abi and Kelley cant get to her HII.


Kelley pretends to be sleep and Abi goes lays in the hammock. Kelley quickly tries to get it, everyone starts to come back to camp. She gets and gets out from under the shelter fast. She is ready to shake up the game a bit.


Day 29 Immunity Challenge time: Joe gives up the necklace again. They will use only their feet to release a rope that has blocks attached, they will set up the blocks and plant a flag to win immunity. Kelley is first to get her blocks down, followed quickly by the others. Joe and Kimmi are quick. Kelley is on her third level. Its Keith, Spencer, Kelley and Joe all on their third row. Joe knocks over some blocks opening it up for others. Spencer is now in the lead, Joe catches back up. Spencer places the last block on the top row and has the flag to go.....Joe on his last piece. Spencer goes from the last to get his blocks to winning immunity. Joe says he has been safe for 29 days and now for the first time he is really nervous.


Day 29 at camp. They congrat Spencer. Stephen says he has been trying take out Joe since day 1, now he has his shot. Joe lays in the hammock and they agree to vote Joe but if Joe asks they will tell him they are voting Abi. Kelley tells Keith its really Stephen. Time will tell. Abi is freaking out, Kelley says they have to stick with the plan. Kelley says if the plan is not stuck to, the HII is coming out.


Spencer is worried that Abi will not vote for Stephen, if they dont stick to the plan everything will fall apart. Spencer is scared to death.


Time for TC. Joe says he hopes the trust he has in ppl will get him though. Jeff says the whole jury was blindsided, there is no trust. Tasha says she needs to pick 3 or 4 to go with. Spencer says HII, mystery advantages, its limbo of what ifs all over the place. Stephen says there is about a 33% of a blindside. Time to vote....Stephen plays his advantage and steals Joe's vote. Stephen will vote twice. Time to vote. (Joe says powerful) Stephen votes for Abi and with Joe's vote he votes for Joe. Time to tally the vote. Anyone want to use the HII. Nope.


Votes. Joe, Abi, Stephen, Joe, Abi, Abi, Stephen, Stephen, 11th person voted out is Stephen and 5th person in jury. Stephen says great blindside, that was awesome.


Jeff says the only predicable thing about this game is its unpredictability.


Next time on Survivor...family brings every ones spirit up until it all comes crashing down. We see statues on top of poles and one falls down. Medic! Medic! and we see a shaking hand.

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December 2, 2015


Episode 11


Previously on Survivor: Spencer tries to have feelings, Joe lost Immunity for the first time, Stephen tries to take out Joe but at TC Stephen goes home. 8 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Day 30 Spencer feels like the game is open again but he cant become the game bot. Jeremy may not be someone he takes to the end but he needs to keep him comfortably. Jeremy doesnt like how the voting blocks keep moving. Kimmi felt blindsided at TC. Kimmi talks to Kelley about an all girls alliance.


Time for Reward challenge: Tasha says to make it to 30 days she feels fantastic. Jeremy breaks down talking about his family. Jeff says most of the time they bring loved ones to them....not always, some times they do something different....not today. Today they brought loved ones to them. Jeremy greets his wife and finds out it a boy, he is going to keep it to himself for now. Tasha's cousin Christina is there. Spencer sees his GF Marcella. Abi sees her mom Vera. Keith sees his wife Dana. Kelley sees her dad. Joe hugs his dad Pat. Kimmi sees her dad. they have to dig a bag out of the dirt, spin around a pole for a second bag and go across a beam for a third bag. In the bag is a puzzle. Winner gets BBQ and loved one visit to camp. Joe, Kimmi, Keith have one, Keith has second. Kimmi in the lead, Keith right behind. Loved ones are rooting them on. Kieth has his 4th bag and heads for the 5th on the beam but falls off. Keith has his last bag and starts on the puzzle. Kelley starts on her puzzle. Abi on the puzzle. Joe, Keith, Abi, Spencer and Tasha on puzzle. Kimmi falls off the beam again. Abi thinks she has it. Kelley spelling a word. Kelley wins with the word Nourishment. Kelley picks Keith, Abi and Kimmi. Kelley gets one more pick.....Joe. Tasha, Spencer and Jeremy head back to camp without family.


Day 30: Kelley says it was so cool to see everyone excited. Keith says he wouldnt have cared if it was his 5th cousin, just to see family was amazing. Joes dad calls him his hero and friend. Joe says dad didnt say he loved him growing up so to hear it now, he will never forget. At shelter Spencer says Kelleys picks were like shards to the heart. He needs to get his head in the game now. Spencer asks how Tasha and Jeremy feel about F3, they agree. Tasha has 2 options now (the all girl alliance too)They talk about getting Joe out. Spencer says Joe is the kind of guy you give an inch and he takes a mile. He needs to get him out now.


Immunity Challenge time; Spencer hands over the necklace. They have to balance a wooden statue on a pole, at intervals they will add another piece of pole. Immunity is last man AND last woman standing wins. Statues are in place and 2 pieces of pole are also in place. They will add a section of pole every 5 minutes. They are at 10ft with a wooden statue on top. Kimmi is out, Abi is out. 25 minutes in and they add another section of pole. Tasha is out. Kelley wins Immunity. Spencer is out, Jeremy is out. Its up to Keith and Joe. They add another pole, they are up to 14 ft of pole. 30 minutes in and they have one more section to add. 16 feet of pole with a small wooden statue on top. Joe has a lot of movement, he recovers. Keith has trouble and recovers.


1 hr 20 minutes into the challenge. Joe collapses. Jeff announces Keith wins Immunity then calls Medical for Joe.Medical runs up. Joe doesnt respond to his name, his hand is shaking. He finally raises his head. Dr. Joe says he has uses up his energy reserves in the last hour. Jeff gets an umbrella. Joe says his legs gave out, he wanted it so bad, he loves this game. Dr Joe says he will be better soon. Joe sits up then stands up. The cast claps for him. Kelley and Keith get their immunity necklaces.


Back at camp Joe tells them he saw stars then collapsed. Abi says Joe lost to a 52 year old man, now its time for him to go. The girls talk about getting rid of Joe. Kelley says Joe pushed himself to collapse, she cant compete with that. Joe says he went to last TC w/o immunity and is still there he can do it again. Joe talks to Jeremy about getting rid of Abi cuz anyone sitting next to her wins. Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha talk, Tasha tells them about the girls alliance. Tasha says they shouldnt be worried about it.


Tasha says she may have messed up, now the guys are suspicious. Spencer says they have to squash the girls. Tasha tells Jeremy so they vote out Abi and Joe is still there, can he beat Joe? Tasha says they will be making a million dollar agreement and she is nervous about that.


Time for TC: Jury comes in. Jeff asks Joe how he feels. Joe says he is better but not right yet. Kelley says it crosses your mind that he passed out trying to win a challenge. Jeremy says you cant have blinders on the next few votes are crucial. Jeremy says now you have to pick an alliance. Who feels threatened? Joe says he is. Abi says she is. Joe says Abi is a threat because everyone wants to take her to the end. Joe hopes that the people stick to what they said they would.


Time to vote. Time to tally the vote. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Joe, Abi, Tasha, Joe, Joe, 12 person voted out and 6th member of jury is Joe. Joe says good luck, boys best of luck.


Next time on Survivor: After a huge blindside, Spencer and Jeremy feel they are in trouble. But back stabbing is not the only danger in Survivor. (During a challenge in the water, Tasha falls in and says she needs help.)

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December 9, 2015


Episode 12


Previously on Survivor: Joe gave it his all and lost, first he collapses then he gets voted out. Uncertainty is at an all time high. 7 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Abi tells us that everybody is glad Joe is gone. Keith says he was left out of the loop. Tasha says she has to keep an eye of Keith now cuz he voted for her. Day 33. Kelley says she has to keep her options open, she doesn't know right now. Jeremy tells Spencer he has buyers remorse, he thinks they are in trouble.


Reward challenge time. They will be attached to a rope, they have to unspool that rope. then they have to assemble a bridge and then knock over some blocks. Reward is to go back to the temples where they started their journey, blessing by the monks, food, overnight stay. Spencer is first to take off to they bridge followed by the rest. Will they have enough rope to get to the end? Jeremy and Keith are in the lead. Keith starts tossing his blocks off the table. Jeremy has go to back. Spencer doesnt have enough rope. Jeremy gets his rope untangled. Keith still tossing bags. Tasha comes up short on her rope. Jeremy tossing bags but doesn't have enough rope to retrieve his bags. Keith wins Individual reward. this is second time winning this challenge. Keith chooses Kelley to go with him. He also picks Spencer. Keith says he picked Spencer cuz he didn't get to be with his GF before. Tasha says some times being back at camp is advantageous.


At camp they talk about Keith being the next to go, he is winning challenges. Abi says she loves watching ppl struggle. Jeremy wants the money. Tasha says ppl better get on board or they are about to miss this. At the temples...Spencer says he has never seen a better reward, cant believe he is seeing what he is seeing. They get blessed by the monks. Keith says he doesnt know how they can trump this. Kelley says of all the rewards this is the one to win. They get dinner and talk about what might be going on at camp. They think Abi might be mad. Spencer, Keith and Kelley agree this would be a great F3. Spencer tells us he could do a F3 with Keith and Abi too. They agree that Tasha can go. Spencer says they will wake up on Day 38 with them and Abi.


Back at camp Tasha asks Abi if she minds if Tasha and Jeremy talk. Tasha tells us you have be careful with everything you say to Abi. Tasha and Jeremy talk about how Keith is a threat but Abi is volitel, she will flip in a heart beat. They dont know where Spencer stands, the plan could blow up in their face.


Day 35 Immunity Challenge: Kelley and Keith give back the necklaces. Only one needed today. They will race out into the water and over obstacles to get a key, then open a box and get out puzzle pieces and put them together. Jeremy and Spencer out to an early lead followed by Keith and Kelley. Spencer falls off and has to go back. Keith falls in the boat. Jeremy gets his key, Keith back in the water. Spencer and Jeremy neck and neck. Tasha having trouble with her key. Spencer takes one to the chin as he jumps. Jeremy is first back to shore. Tasha still struggling. All the others are heading back to shore. Jeremy has his box open, followed by Spencer. Spencer wins immunity as he solves the puzzle in less then 15 seconds. Tasha is still in the water and now yelling for help. Safety gets to her and Jeff yells for medical, she took in alot of water and no energy. She is on one of the platforms. Jeff goes out to her. Doc says she will be fine and in no danger. She is ready to go ashore and they help her to the dingy. Tasha says its frustrating, she didn't have anything left to give. 


Spencer gets his necklace. Jeff tells him they have tested that puzzle a lot and no one has done it that fast before. The only certain thing is that Spencer will not be going home tonight.


At camp they make sure Tasha is alright. Tasha says she isnt a great swimmer, she is fine in a pool but the ocean is a different animal. Tasha is worried about tonight. Abi must go. Keith, Spencer, Abi and Kelley talk. Abi says as long as she is still at the end is all that matters to her. Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer talk. Tasha says the others Can't make it to the end. She wants to vote off Abi. Spencer says he wants to do what he said before, what makes sense to him. Spencer says he has 2 options, its the breaking point, the point of no return.


Time for TC. Jeff asks Keith about reward. Keith says they got to eat inside a 1,000 year old temple. Spencer that makes you feel connected to the country you are in. Spencer said he did wonder what was going on at camp. Tasha says its been rough all day, she is exhausted now. She thought she was drowning. Kimmi wonders if "we" have enough boats. Keith also says "we". Spencer says he is officially in club "we".  Keith says he feels confident that his "we" will be good. Jeremy wonders which "we". Abi also wonders which "we" will rein supreme. Time to vote.


Time to tally the votes. Any one want to use the HII? nope. Votes: Abi, Tasha, Abi, Tasha..tied...Abi, Keith, 14th person voted out and 7th member of jury is Abi. She says Well Played and walks off. Jeff says this is the perfect set up for what could be one of the most unpredictable endings ever.


Next time on the season finale of Survivor 31: This close to the end, no one is giving up their second chance with out a fight.

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December 16, 2015




We are live for the 2 hr season finale. This season for the first time ever we turned the show over to the fans and we chose well. Reach out to Jeff at at ‪#‎seasonfinale‬ 3 hours of Survivor tonight!!! Here we gooooo!


With blindside after blindside this season has been unpredictable. 6 are left...Jeremy, Tasha, Keith, Kelley, Kimmi and Spencer. for 25 days nothing has been predictable and tonight its any ones game. At camp Keith says she would want to be in F3 with Abi, no body would vote for her. Keith would rather be F3 with Abi then Spencer. Kimmi talks to Kelley about voting out Jeremy or Spencer. Kelley thinks its a brilliant idea. Kimmi says the guys are letting their guard down and now is her time to shine.


Day 36 and its Immunity challenge time. They will race to collect puzzle steps then put them together to make steps, at the top of the steps they will have to do a slider puzzle. From now on all the challenges will be new this season. They have to build the steps and can only carry one step at a time. Spencer, Tasha and Jeremy finish first section followed quickly by the rest. Spencer is done with his second section and on to his last step section. Jeremy wrong again and has to go back. Its Spencer and Kelley neck and neck. Jeremy needs 3 steps. Spencer is on to the slider puzzle, so is Kelley and now Jeremy and Keith. Keith is having trouble breathing. The others are now to the slider puzzle. Spencer and Kelley are close. Spencer thinks he has it...he does. Spencer wins Immunity for the third time.


At camp they congrat Spencer. Tasha says as long as Spencer wins Imm that means the others arent. Kimmi tells Keith that they are going to split the votes but really they are going to vote for Jeremy. Spencer tells Tasha that Kimmi is going to jump over. Keith tells us that Kimmi plan could be the biggy and he is on board. Kelley joins Keith and Kimmi to discuss the plan. Kelley likes it, she can keep her HII for F5. Kimmi talks to Tasha, Spencer and Jeremy about splitting the vote. Jeremy thinks Kimmi is not really doing anything. Kimmi and Jeremy talk, he thinks she is going to jump, she says she has been with them all this time. Kimmi tells us she is on the bottom with Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha and she doesnt want to be there. Jeremy says he doesnt want to use his HII. Spencer says they cant split the vote, they have to vote Kelley. Spencer says Kelley doesnt have an HII. Spencer says tonight is important, when there are 5 then 3 control the vote.


Time for TC. Jeff ask Jeremy if he can feel it tightening up around him. He says yes. They do see alliances now. Spencer says Tasha, Jeremy and him are voting 3 strong on one person, he excludes Kimmi. Kimmi says she feels threatened and confused. Keith says Spencer called them out. There is about to be show down. Spencer mouths to Kelley that she is fine. They will go to rocks if the need to. Keith says lets vote. Jeff asks them all if the know what they are doing, they all say yes.


Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Any body want to play the HII? Kelley says she doesnt trust anybody so...she gives Jeff her HII. Any votes cast for Kelley dont coulnt. Jeremy also plays his HII. Votes: Kelley, Jeremy, Kelley, Jeremy, Kelley, one vote left....Jeremy. First time in 31 season there were no votes cast at TC. Here is what is going to happen. Spencer is safe and Kelley and Jeremy played HII so they are safe. Jeremy asked who voted for him. Kelley says all of a sudden you play an HII and see what happens. Time to revote. (Jeremy skips to the voting table)Time to read the votes: Tasha, Kimmi, Tasha, Kimmi..tied...Tasha, Kimmi. Tied again...they will have a revote unless Spencer, Kelley and Jeremy are good with their vote...they are. 


Dead locked...Spencer, Kelley, Jeremy and Keith will have a discussion, if they cant come up with a unanimous decision between Kimmi and Tasha, then Kimmi and Tasha are immune and by default Keith will go home. They say Tasha is staying. Kimmi says she wants to stay...Keith says send him to the house, Kimmi is a mother of 2 kids. They keep taling...Jeff asks them who will go, they say Kimmi. Kimmi is leaving.


Back at camp. Kelley says TC didnt go the way she wanted it to go, she only has one person she trusts. So close to the end and yet in so much trouble. (In Hollywood, Jeff gives us a recap of what happened. Thanks Jeff cuz I am still confused)


Day 37 time for Immunity challenge. They have to race through a giant obstacle course picking up pieces along the way. Then put the pieces together to win it. Kelley doing one of the toughest parts first. They all have their first bag of pieces, and now their second. Jeremy has 3, Kieth and Tasha have 3. Jeremy with 4, Keith has 4. Kelley with 4, Jeremy with 5. Everybody fighting hard. Spencer stuck at 3. Kelley on her final bag and starts on the puzzle. Everybody is working on their puzzle now. Kelley has her first piece, Jeremy and Keith have one. Kelley and Jeremy have 2. Kelley in the lead with 3 and 4. Keith with 4. Spencer has nothing. Kelley with 6, Keith has 5. Kelley has 7 and 8th....Kelley wins Immunity guaranteeing a spot in the F4. Keith says the one person he didnt need to win won it, he feels like he has 3 nails in his coffin.


At camp they congrat Kelley. Spencer, Tasha and Jeremy go off and Kelley tells Keith that she has a plan but not an HII. She gives Keith her home made HII and he heads out of camp so it looks like he finds it. Jeremy says he feels funny about Keith and Kelley. Keith walks back into camp tucking something into his pocket. Jeremy is worried they are going after him. Jeremy tries to get Keiths attention and mouths Spencer to him. Keith tells Kelley, she says if Spencer goes its ok. Keith says if it looks bad he will just pull it out ans say he isnt going any where.


Time for TC. Jeff asks Tasha if it was still Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha vs Kelley and Keith going into the challenge. She says yes. Jeff asks Jeremy if there is talk about an HII, he says yes. Spencer says if one of them has an HII its over. Keith says there are some tricks around to be played. Tasha says to expect the unexpected. Time to vote. Lets tally the votes. Anybody want to use a HII? its the last time....nope. Votes: Spencer, Keith, Spencer, Keith..tied...15th person voted out and 9th member of jury is Keith. Final 4. Tomorrow they will compete in their final immunity Challenge, win that and they have a spot in the final TC.


Time for the final Immunity Challenge. One had will be tied behind their back, one handed they will drop a ball down a metal shoot and catch it at the bottom. They will add balls, drop the ball and you're out. Here we go, first ball, drop the ball. It take a while to get to the bottom, this will get them warmed up. There is a gate that will send one ball to the left and one to the right. Time to add a second ball, its all about timing. Time for a 3rd ball. Watch all the balls. They all look good. Add a 4th ball. Spencer has a close call. Kelley loses one and is out. Tasha drops one and is out. Add a 5th ball. Spencer had a fast save. Spencer is out. Jeremy wins his first Individual Immunity. Jeremy squats down and is emotional. Its all about Val, Jordan and Cameron. Kelley is also emotional, she is mad at herself. Jeff says its going to be an interesting afternoon.


 In Hollywood Jeff says this is when players have blown it in the past, remember when Woo chose Tony?


At camp day 38. Jeremy says it felt good, he wants to explode, to have security tonight is great. Kelley says its been real. Tasha says only one safe is Jeremy. Tasha hope the relationship they have built for 38 days is strong enough to get them through. Kelley walks away and Tasha, Jeremy, and Spencer hug and say F3. Spencer asks Kelley who she is voting for. Kelley laughs, they are all so close. Spencer tells Kelley he is voting for her cuz she can kick his ass. Kelley goes to work on Jeremy about getting rid of Spencer. Jeremy tells us he doesnt know what to do, who give him the best chance to win. Spencer is trying to not let the necklace go to his head but what if they voted both Kelley and Spencer and let them make fire. This is this huge.


Time for TC. Jeremy says he couldnt keep control when he won immunity. Spencer says he hopes he set himself up to stay. Kelley says now its about who do you think you can win against. Jeremy says he and Tasha and Spencer have been close but he has to think of his family. Kelley says she is voting for Spencer. Spencer says Kelley has had HII and if she is here tomorrow she wins it. Spencer says he has shot to win but Kelley is 100% to win it. Jeremy says he is ready to vote. Spencer again tells Jeremy if he goes, Kelley wins. Time to vote. Spencer votes for Kelley and Kelley votes for Spencer. Time to tally the votes. Votes: Spencer, Kelley, Kelley, 16th person voted out and final member of jury is Kelley. Kelley says good luck guys see you tomorrow. Jeff says their second chance will be over tomorrow.


Day 39. One more surprise awaits the F3. There is a mirror and a scale. Tasha says she didnt recognize herself. They also get food. Spencer says he took the change in himself and used it to get here. Jeremy says he misses his family so much, he didnt leave this long for nothing. they greab their things and head to final TC.


Jury comes in. Jury will have a chance to address the survivors. Andrew starts it. Getting to the F3 is epic. His vote is open. They need to answer truthfully and hearfeltly. Andrew addresses Spencer: His arrogance drove him crazy. You said in front of jury that you are going to bury Jeremy if he doesnt take you to finale. Spencer replys that he was arrogant and he has worked on that. Last night he might have slipped back, he doesnt regret the move but he regrets how he presented it.


Andrew addressed Jeremy: Lets go back to the final TC, every act and view by the jury. Explain to me your level of arrogance. Jeremy says all day they had been on him that Kimmi needed to go. That was his reaction. Stephen is up now: Congrats first of all. Jeremy you have brought honor, trust and integraty. Tasha there is an impression that you have done Jeremys dirty work. Tasha says she is a strong dependent woman, she has played her game, she has dug in her heals and got what she wanted. Stephen addresses Spencer: He was willing to betray ppl. Spencer says he has had to jump thru blocks at the experience of Stephens relationship. Ciera is next. she says voting blocks required flipping and left a jury betrayed. Why should flipping be rewarded. Jeremy says the callibar of the players was high and her saying make a big move. Tasha says for her it was all the swapping around, she was making sure she survived. Spencer says the voting blocks were fluid, it was the only way he could put himself in the top.  Keith is up. Jeremy convince him why Spence should win, if you can do that you are the winner. Jeremy says Spencer is an inelegant player. Spnecer says Jeremy had a lot of control and was in a powerful position. Abi is up. she has notes..what was your subtle move that got you where you are. Tasha says interconnecting with Spencer. Spencer says his was getting mistrust on Joe instead of him. Jeremy says his was finding HII and using it on Stephen. 


Kimmi tells Spencer that she will use him as an example to her children on how NOT to be. Jeremy and Tasha let Spencer replace her in their alliance. Jeremy says he was dooped my Kimmi. Joe is up: his vote is open tonight. Tasha, you werent aware of things around you, what was one moment you were able to turn things around. Tasha says his vote out. Kelley is up. 15 years ago she was sitting right there and she lost by one vote. Her fate was determend by one question...pick a number between 1 and 10...Jeremy: 2, Tahsa 3, Spencer 4. Kass is up..she tells Spencer he played like chaos Kass, why should she vote for him. Spencer says he is not the same Spencer. Kass says good luck. Kelley's turn. she says she is fresh out of the game and still raw for her. What was your second chance story was about and do you feel you accomplished that? Tasha says building alliances and keeping them. Spencer says showing the change in his ppl skills, he made relationships he couldnt have before. Jeremy says he is here for Val, Jordan and Cameron. Everything is for them. He is here and buggin out cuz he is missing Val being preg, and that its a boy. He has wanted to tell them all but didnt cuz he didnt want to mess up his game. Its all about family.


Time to vote. Jeff grabs the jar and TY and he will see us all in LA. He walks off with it and shows up in LA with it. Votes: Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy...winner of Survivor 31 is Jeremy.

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Jeremy wins Survivor! Spencer looks disappointed as he and Tasha give Jeremy hugs. Jeremy goes to his wife Val for an emotional embrace.  Jeff walks over to say that's it, Jeremy just won a million dollars, here you go.  He hands him an envelope, which presumably holds a check. Jeff gives Val a hug and the camera shows she's full term and can give birth at any moment and it has been a season of firsts.  Jeffrey Collins, not a bad name.  

Stay tuned for the Survivor Reunion Show next!

It was a clean sweep, Jeff says, all 10 votes were for you.  Jeremy can't believe it.  You were very clear, this was for the family. Why did you think you couldn't say anything about Val? Last season, he says, everyone wanted him out because of the sympathy vote of being a firefighter with 2 kids. Now you add a baby on the way, no way.

Was it locked she would be the loved one, Jeff asks, or was there debate who would come? I wanted her the whole time but wasn't sure about her flying. I was prepared to make an excuse if she didn't come. What about if there was a complication? Did you talk about it? Anything with the pregnancy or the kids, I'm coming home. That's what I'm playing for, so if something's wrong, I'm coming home.

Jeff asks at the last challenge you and Kelley had opposite emotions How much wear and tear did that 39 days take on you? I wanted to explode when I won that final challenge but still couldn't so I could tell everyone why I was playing the game at the Final TC.

One of the big twists and one of the reasons I think you guys played so hard is you felt the pressure of being voted in. Who felt a different kind of pressure this season than before? Everyone but Kass raises their hand.  Tasha says at her lowest low, she thought about the fans who believed in her and didn't want to let them down without a fight.

Ciera says on a normal season it's just pressure from your friends and family but now it's more than a bunch of producers at CBS, it's all the viewer, the fans. Felt pressure to make big moves, to play to win.  Jeff said a lot of those big moves came from HII and we did something fun with them, hiding them in plain sight.

Jeremy and Wentworth, what's the feeling when you have to do that and know you could get caught? You want that moment when you find an idol, Jeremy says, to get pumped up and explode and it's just a clue to an idol. Then you have to worry about everybody, who is watching me, who else has an idol who might be looking, knows about the clue.

Wentworth, Jeff says, you had 2, one at the challenge and the other under the shelter at camp with people coming back. That was stressful she says, what you saw on the screen was how stressful it was.  On a scale of 10, how stressful? That was out of the building stressful, Kelley says. If you get an idol it puts the target on your back, so you really need this, I was on the bottom the entire game, but I don't want people to see me, what do you do? It was crazy stress.

One of the most impressive big players was Kelley Wentworth. Clips from her season of big moves.  Everybody saw Kelley wither away this season, she lost 31 lbs, 23% of her body weight. The idol that changed the game was when you nullified 9 votes against you and blindsided Savage. Love you, she tells Andrew. Brilliant play, he says.

Walk me through that moment, when did you make that decision? At camp there was talk of myself or Ciera and I felt I had a good relationship with Joe and Keith and they were in the middle. So I voted with them on voting out Kass. Then when I was on the chopping block, they said it could be you. If I had not voted for Kass, love you Kass, they would have never told me it could be me, so that's when I knew I had to play it.

This leads to one of the toughest decisions to make in the game, to split or not split the vote. It's not always the right move. Savage, why did you decide to not split the vote? We thought we could blindside Wentworth, he says, she thought it was Ciera going home. Splitting the vote can be complex and it can go very wrong. We went around the room and no one thought she had an idol, so based on the strength of the information we had at the time, no one thought it was needed.

Now in Fishbach's case, you do split the vote with enormous confidence when you tried to vote out Joe and it didn't work.  To Savage's point, there's so little information and that's something that gets lost through the TV screen. I thought Joe absolutely had an idol. Maybe 2. He could have had 15 idols.  You think you know who's with you.

Let's get to the Joe thing. Were you too fixed? You were quoting Moby Dick. The whale ate you.  It worked out just like the book. He was my Moby Dick, Steven admits, just look at him (they are sitting next to each other), how can you not, America's fixated on him, how could I not be?  Joe blushes.  Thanks, he says, thanks, buddy.

This guy is the golden boy, Fishbach continues and Joe turns a deeper shade of red. He's the star, how can you not get him out? If you let him get to the end, he deserves to win $1,000,000.  Was that your mistake in the game, Jeff asks, that you didn't step back and resee the eyes on the prize? I think absolutely, Fishbach says, when you're in the moment and this golden boy gets in the way of your second chance story, I lost my first time to the golden boy, and here he is right here and finally vulnerable. How do you not take that shot?

So you thought once you get rid of Joe you're good to go, Jeff says. The problem with that, Jeremy says, is once your JT is gone, I become your JT.  Then he or she becomes your JT. It's a cycle of JTs.  Everyone laughs.

Jeff Varner, explain to me how voting blocks evolved? Varner says this is a tough group, everyone is good and knows everyone's game. Nobody trusts anybody, everyone's on to everybody, the alliances don't work. It's about getting with whomever you need to get to in that moment, to get one more day.

Kelley, you had another idol that you made. One of our proudest moments from the production team was when we decided to have all the idols look different. And you play right into it, making your own. Keith, why not play the idol? I thought it was a cheesy way to go out, he says. It's for a million dollars, Kelley cries out.  I didn't want to go out like that, he says, I've seen it not work before.  Kelley throws up her hands in exasperation.  

One of the questions I got on the street a lot, besides do you have Joe's number, was how does Keith do all those challenges? You have this crazy ability to balance and juggle, and twist and fall.  I don't know, he says, shaking his head, I think it's just challenges I'm good at. Balancing. Ball savvyness. (Laughter) I can't run Jeremy or jump as high.  

You have an interesting take on Survivor. It's not fun.  It's not fun, Keith says, it's a heck of an adventure, but fun? No. How close were you at that historic Tribal at saying Kimmi, you can go? I don't know, he says, I thought it was the thing to do.  He gets emotional just thinking about it.  Kimmi, you had to be thinking, please, Keith, walk to your torch, please walk to your torch! I wanted to be there but made a decision to own my game and try something because nobody wanted to take me to the end.  I had to deal with the consequences of my chance.

This is all about chances and timing, Kimmi says.  You were right, Jeff says, you tried to take out Jeremy. Your instincts were right. Unfortunately it didn't have the outcome I wanted, Kimmi says.

Up next, a player so popular, kids want to be him, women want to date him (Joe is blushing again), and Guys just want to hang out with him.  Joe, he's so delicious, he even has his own cake top. Man bun and no man bun.  

Jeremy, looking you in that suit and you have a million dollars in your pocket. Or does Val have it? I told you before, Jeremy says as Val waives the envelope in the air, Val gets it.  

So Spencer, the first time you played, and we have a history because I didn't have a lot of faith in you the first time, I thought you were brash and arrogant, saw people like chess pieces, and you really swayed me and we wanted you to come back and were so happy you got voted in. You had a really clear direction, you wanted to grow as a human and were very vulnerable, letting us watch.

What was it like for you to come home and watch it. It's a mixed bag, Spencer says, the vulnerability was the good part about it, I was happy to see myself emotional, playing the game in a way I didn't play before, something new in myself. The bad was the second guessing, the regretted decisions, I left that [final] TC and said I have 0% chance of winning this game. I'm kicking myself for a lot of decisions.

You said something to me a few days ago that you stopped watching the show. Yeah, Spencer says, I did. I have a job I love, my girlfriend who I love (quick shot of the GF smiling at his use of the L word), and I just wanted to focus on that. I didn't want to watch Steven getting voted out and say I should have voted out Jeremy, then watch Joe get voted out, and I should have voted out Jeremy.  

Basically, Spencer says, I didn't need to go to the end with this guy, so it was a lot of second guessing, I just wanted to re-center. It was the first time that as a superfan, I was like the right thing to do is reverse the direction of obsessing over Survivor, take a step back and chill.

So how do you feel looking at that, because a lot of people came up to me and said they liked Spencer because he's letting me watch him try to become a better person. Do you think you succeeded? Yeah, I grew. I did things, built relationships I couldn't have done in Cagayan and that allowed me to make moves and play a game that I couldn't have played in Cagayan. I expressed myself in ways I never could have before.

You told your girlfriend you loved her, Jeff points out, smiling. Yeah, Spencer says, and I do still today! (mix of laughter, applause and awes)).  It's yet another reason the season connected with people, Jeff says, we really invested in you guys and wanted to watch your stories come to life.

Jeff takes a deep breath.  Every so often, a player comes around that connects with everybody (Jeff is rolling his neck around in exasperation) and I mean everybody.  Roll the Joe tape!

Joe cringes at the point where he collapses during his last Immunity Challenge. Let me read a few stats from Joe's time in the game: Safe in the game for 28 days - that is a record, won six tribe Immunity Challenges in a row to tie with Keith, won 4 individual immunities which is one shy of the record, ranks 3rd in the most individual immunity wins - behind Boston Rob and Ozzie but they've played more seasons...

And because of a great twist, you were the first player ineligible to vote at a Tribal due to your vote being stolen - by Fishbach. So Woo kind of went through this too when kids just adore you, but this really exploded. What is that like, really, to be just a guy, just a dude, you end up on Survivor, and suddenly everywhere you go it's Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe?

Joe says it's overwhelming and crazy, it's still surreal. I'm a normal guy, grew up watching the show, being that kid watching Boston Rob and Ozzie and going OMGosh, that's going to be me someday.  I dreamt that. And now, Jeff says, there are kids, a lot of the tonight right here in our studio audience, saying I want to be Joe!  Shot of kids smiling excitedly.

I love them, Joe says, and what's cool is all of you guys can play this game, you can do this, in your life and in Survivor. You can go out and conquer anything you put your mind to. That's what's cool about, it's goal setting, it's seeing and manifesting whatever you want.  

An interesting story about you is the first time you played, your goal was to get your dad to the Loved Ones and you fell short. This time you just made it and he told you he loved you.  What was it like seeing that intimate moment, 'cause he said I don't that I've ever told you I love you. And he does it in front of millions of people.

My dad was tough on me, Joe recalls, it was tough love. We always respected each other, I respect the hell out of my dad, but over time, we had to develop our relationship. Did this bring you closer, Jeff asks? This is, I say it's the plateau and now we're continuing to grow up. This has brought my family so close together, it's done tremendous things for our relationships. It was an amazing thing to bring his dream, my dream, to fruition.  It was a special moment we'll both treasure forever.

Just to put into context how popular Joe is, Jeff says, when Joe got voted out, how many of you in the game at that time got hate mail for voting Joe out? Jeremy, Tasha, Wentworth and Abi all raise their hands. Abi, Jeff says, Joe gets all the love and you get all the hate. I get a lot of love too, Abi says, some hate but a lot of love.

A lot of people loved that I voted Joe out, Abi claims. It was a good move, Joe admits. Do you feel you were successful in your second chance story, Jeff asks, of trying to become easier to get along with? I think I am my worst enemy, Abi confesses, that's the pure truth. You were my best friend too, Kass says.  

Next up, a real second chance story that will touch everybody.  It was a very difficult season of Survivor in addition to Mother Nature, we had some truly dramatic medical moments. Tasha, that was the real deal, right? Yes, at that point in the game we were all dehydrated and starving, as you saw with Joe, your body just gives out. Your mind is willing...

Looking at the footage, Jeff says, you were drowning. I was literally drowning. To be clear to the audience, we always have safety swimmers around the perimeter, but I'm sure to you they looked a mile away. I didn't think they were coming for me, Jeff. We're always watching, Jeff assures her.

Joe, take us back to the moment you fell, because I think everybody, including myself, I didn't realize you had passed out. I thought you just fell and we're done.  Yeah, Joe says slowly, Tash hit it. Everything you're putting into the game mentally, emotionally, physically, is now getting to that point where your body is just going to start to break down and there's nothing can do about it.

I was seeing stars, Joe says, I was seeing black, hands and legs starting to go numb, and...  Do you remember me talking to you? I remember me and you talking right before I passed out, and then you talking to Dr. Joe but I was like under water. It was like, you can hear voices but you can't make anything out. I remember waking up and you were holding my hand and Dr. Joe was taking my vitals and giving me glucose.

I just, it's a fog. And, Jeff says as we go to never-before-seen footage, what we didn't have time to show, I'm sorry to say, Keith, because there was so much to show in that episode, you weren't far behind, you were very wiped out. I was, Keith says, very close, very close. I didn't pass out but I went to my knees from exhaustion.

Both of those moments came, Jeff says, we talked to the Dr a lot about this out there, from pushing the body further than it wants to go until your brain finally kicks in and says I gotta drop you because you're gonna be in trouble. That is commitment to the game. We saw a whole 'nother level of commitment when I had to wake Terry Deitz to tell him there was a family emergency.

So Terry, when you left, your son was not sick. No, not sick, no symptoms. So I come and wake you up, and you immediately said I got it, let me get my pack and tell the people I'm outta here. You didn't hesitate. You get home, we get you home as fast as we can, what happens? You talk to the doctors and they tell you what?

We realize Danny's on his deathbed, Terry recalls, he's got levels way below where our hearts normally operate and a heart transplant is a possibility. So when do the doctors tell you it's real, he needs a transplant? About a month into it, we find out it's a genetic issue and his heart was not going to get better.

It was the worst day of our lives, especially Danny's, knowing that day he went on the Heart Transplant list on July 11th.  And so what, you just start waiting? We go home on a bridge to transplant, that didn't quite work, a month, August 11th later, he has an electrical pump put into his heart to pump the blood around his body, that's called a Ventricular Assist device, he had a month on that as a bridge to transplant.

Dr. Daily, who's sitting down here tonight, calls us up and says I don't have A heart, I have THE heart for Danny, a perfect match.  And how long was that, Jeff asks, as the audience and castaways applaud, what day was that? Three months from when he had originally been admitted and 2 months on the list. And he beat the bell curve, we're so blessed and so lucky.  More applause.

Wow, says Jeff, I want to pop out here and introduce you to the real hero in this story, Danny and his mom, Trish, who I'm sure did a lot of the heavy lifting, Go ahead and stand up guys, while Deitz was out there. We're so happy to have you here, buddy, so walk me through it from your point of view. What does this do to a clearly tight family and to Trish for you as well from a mom's point of view.

Does this bring you guys closer? We were very close for, like, 3 months a young and healthy looking Danny says, he was sleeping in my hospital room. They were not far way at a hotel. So is this family, when you come out of it, are you tighter? Oh yea, Danny says. Absolutely, Trish says.

Trish, one of the things Terry was telling me, because we were obviously communicating throughout the weeks trying to find out what was, how things were going, is how much you took on before he got there. That was tough, Trish says, because we really didn't know what was wrong with him. He was playing lacrosse, he was just being a 16yr old kid, but he kept getting sick and so I said stop lacrosse, stop everything.

Because you know, Trish continues, an athlete may fall dead on the field and that could have been Danny. So your instincts were really good, Jeff says as Danny has a bemused look on his face from his mother's story. I remind him of that a lot, she says, explaining the bemusement.

And I've got to point out, Jeff says, the doctor and the nurses who did this are right here, amazing jobs, saving lives and Doctor, I'm sure you'll agree with this, if you aren't already an [organ] donor, after the live show's over, have the conversation with your family, because you truly can outlive yourself.  Because the tragedy is somebody lost their life, they're outliving themselves (Jeff pat's Danny's chest) right here in this guy.

What are we doing next season? It's very familiar and it's very different.  It is very hard, so hard, to say goodbye to Survivor: Second Chances. But, I'm happy to say that as one season ends, another does begin. Take a look.

For our 32nd season, a new group of castaways take on the greatest adventure on television. Debbie, the Renaissance Woman.  Liz, the Quantitative Strategist, Scott, the Former NBA Player.  Cydney, the Bodybuilder.  Tai, the Gardner. Caleb, the Army Veteran (Big Brother 16).  

But what none of them know is they are about to face the most punishing season in Survivor history. Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty. Survivor Kaoh Rong.  

I love how many kids love this show, Jeff says, during the break a little girl, Ava, came down and gave us this (really good) painting.  Kids, keep watching, you can be on Survivor one day.  This year the proceeds from the auction of props from this season at SurvivorAuctions.com will go to the Danny Strong fund at Boston Children's Hospital to help kids just like Terry's son, Danny.  

Thank you for your loyalty, we love doing this show and we love that you keep watching, and we'll keep making it for ya. Good night!

From all of us at Morty's TV, thank you for trusting us to bring you our real time coverage of Survivor season after season.  To echo Jeff, you are why we do what we do.

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