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Season 27 Episode Recaps and Philiminations


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The "Friends and TMZ Co-Workers" became the first team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's first Pit Stop at Arpoador Lookout in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in last place. 



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Leg #1: On Your Mark! Get Set! Go!


This is Venice Pier on California's coastline, and today, Venice Beach will serve as the starting line for a whole new season of The Amazing Race! Meet your teams: Justin & Diana, engaged (Green Team); flirters Tanner & Josh (Team Texas);  Alex amd Adam (Team Cousins); Newlyweds Cindy & Rick Chac (ChacAttack); Mother & Son Denise & James Earl (Team Bama); ; BFFs Jazmine & Danielle (Team Trackers); Dating couple Logan & Chris (Team Paparazzi); Former NFL cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista (Team Cheers).


Welcome to a very early morning start. There are a number of Amazing Race fans here, including some ex-Amazing Racers, Rob & Brennan, the first winners of The Amazing Race (Season 1 2001). How about I tell you all the name of your first destination? Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!  When I say go, catch a cab to Mother's Beach and then go head to head in a bike race. The team that wins that bike race will win the one and only ticket on the first flight to Rio. The second flight leaves 30m later.  Don't forget to pick up your backpacks and your FitBit kit so we can monitor your activity throughout the race.  Now if you're not motivated enough, the team that wins this first leg of the race will win the Express Pass.  


You've waited long enough. The world is waiting for you.  Good luck, travel safe, GO!


Teams race for their yellow Prius cabs and head to Mother Beach. Including: Dating news anchors Kelsey & Joey (Team Reporters); Gossip co-workers Kelly & Shevonne (Team TMZ); And street performers Ernest & Jin (Team Dancers).


At the beach, it's water bikes, a bike attached to a pair of pontoons.  Teams struggle to figure out the bikes and then fight the wind, water and tired legs to make their way across the bay. Team Texas is off to an early lead but breaks their bike and get passed. Team Green is the first to reach Phil and are the team to win the one and only ticket on the first flight. They race off. Team Bama is in 2nd place. Other teams fail to exit their bikes gracefully, taking a swim in the Pacific ocean.


All teams head to the airport, Team Texas in last place. Team TMZ rates all the teams with typical stereotypes. Both flights are in the air 6000mi to Rio, the first flight via Atlanta and the second flight via Miami.


Flight #1 was 20m late and Flight #2 was 5 minutes early, giving Team #1 only a 5 minute lead. Teams must make their way to the Lagoa Helipad and sign up for a ride over Rio.  Teams race for taxis to the helipad. Teams enjoy the view as they race through Rio. At the Helipad, Team Green gets a Fast Forward at Clubo Sao Conrado de Voo Livre where they can soar above Rio via hanglider and get their Fast Forward. But warning, this task is weather permitting. Green Team decides to go. 


Team ChacAttack is in 2nd place and chooses not to try the Fast Forward. Green thinks the weather looks fine. Teams must take a helicopter trip around Rio, featuring a fly by the Christ The Redeemer statue. When they land, they must answer the Heliport Manager's question about what they saw to receive their next clue.  Team Bama and Team Texas arrive at the helipad as Team Chac takes off. Team Track, Team TMZ and Team Paparazzi arrive and choose to not try for the Fast Forward. Team Reporters arrive and get in line for the helicopter.


Teams line up for their helicopter tour. Team Green heads up to the top of a small mountain where they find the Fast Forward is grounded due to high winds near 30KM/H.  How long a delay? God knows. They cannot fly today. They just killed themselves, Justin says. Team Green races back down to the helipad. Justin takes full responsibility and tears up as he considers the race which he has dreamed about for so long could be over before it begins. It rips your heart right out of your chest, he says.


Team Chac flies past Christ The Redeemer. Team Bama is behind them, followed by Team Texas, who are awed. Team Green has spent all their money as they head back to the helipad in last place.  ChacAttack arrives back and answers the question: What's the name of the monument you passed during the flight? Christ The Redeemer (Cristo Redentor in Portuguese). They receive their next clue, a Detour. In Sand, teams must play FootVolley, a form of volleyball using feet and a soccer ball, against local pros who allow them to use their hands.  Teams must score 6 points before the pros reach 18 to receive their next clue. In Sidewalk, teams must solve a geometric sliding tile puzzle in the pattern of the 2mi long Copacabana Beach sidewalk.  Chac chooses Sidewalk, as does Bama. Trackers take off on their helicopter. Dancers study a map of Brazil to anticipate where they may fly by.


Teams must change into Brazilian short shorts and bikinis for both Detours. They check out the sidewalk to see the pattern. Bama arrives and selects a puzzle table far away. Rick takes control of the task. Cousins take off in their helicopter but Adam doesn't like it very much.  Texas chooses Sand and thinks this should be easy. They are quickly down 0-2.  Trackers choose Sand and engage the pros in FootVolley. Texas begins to score. James Earl did puzzles when he was little. ChacAttack struggles. Cindy says Rick is used to barking out orders in his OR. Texas has played beach volleyball before and score their 6th point, completing the Detour.


Teams must make their way to Arpoador Lookout for the Pit Stop. The first team to arrive also wins the Express Pass. Texas asks a local if they can walk and they set out running down the sidewalk. Team Trackers complete the Detour and set out by Taxi. ChacAttack continues to struggle with the puzzle. Team Bama makes progress and completes the puzzle, receiving their clue for the Pit Stop. James Earl wants to run - his mother thinks he's kidding.  Team Green arrives back at the helipad. Justin prays to Christ The Redeemer to redeem him for his mistake and not eliminate him from the race. Trackers get stuck in traffic as Texas is running on foot. Both teams are looking for the Pit Stop.


Tanner & Josh are are the first team to arrive. Beautiful, Josh says, looking at the vista as well as the local beauty standing next to Phil. You are Team #1 and have won the Express Pass. You can use it to skip any task before the end of the 5th leg. But after they use it, they must hand the Express Pass over to another team who MUST use it before the end of the next leg. They learned their lesson how quickly things

change in the race. Team Trackers is Team #2.


Team TMZ is at the Sand detour, struggling to compete against the local pros. They give up and head over to Sidewalk. ChacAttack completes their puzzle and head to the Pit Stop. Cousins choose the Volleyball detour. Dancers get off their helicopter and get the answer right for the name of the monument. ChacAttack arrive at the Pit Stop and Phil compliments Rick on has adaptation to local customs (he didn't change out of his shorts).


Team Bama arrives in 4th place, Denise having put on lipstick first. Pink.  Team Reporters arrive at the detour and choose sidewalk. TMZ struggles at the puzzle. Team Cousins hit the beach and Dancers change into their shorts and hit the volleyball court. Both teams struggle early against the pros. Paparrazi are also playing FootVolley and score their 6th point. Team Green is out of money and begs the taxi driver for a favor for the trip to Copacabana Beach. The driver agrees.


Cheerleaders are dropped off at the wrong end of the beach and have to search for the route marker. They have to get to Costa 4, which is too far, a vendor tells them.  They take off running down the sidewalk.


Paparazzi are Team #5. Green is hoping to see just one team and they see more than one when they arrive at the Sidewalk detour. Let's do this, they say, re-energized. Reporters astutely note that Green was ahead of them by half an hour on the plane. Cousins start to find a rhythm and score 4 points. Dancers are at 3 points. Cheerleaders arrive a the sidewalk and Green realize there are other teams behind them. Reporters give up on the puzzle and choose the Sand detour. Justine tells Diana to put her beautiful brain to work.


Team Cousins get their sixth point on a pro fault and complete the Detour, leaving Dancers in the sand. Don't underestimate the little people Dancers say. Cheerleaders are athletic but can't play against the local pros. They're down 1-11 and decide to switch Detours. Team Cousins arrive 6th at the Pit Stop. Reporters ace the Sand detour and head to the Pit Stop in 7th place. Team Green sees them go and decide to switch as well. Team Dancers score their 5th and 6th points, and head to the Detour.  


Cheerleaders and TMZ are still struggling at the Sidewalk puzzle. Team Dancer arrive at the Pit Stop in 7th place, right ahead of Reporters in 8th. Phil tells them to check out the beach, it's beautiful.  Beautiful everything, Ernest says, looking at the local girl. Smart man, Phil laughs.  Team Green gets through the Detour and heads to the Pit Stop.   Cheerleaders are frustrated while TMZ argues. They're going to catch a lot of flack from the guys if they go back to the office cut first.  Cheerleaders have come too far to quit.


Team Green promises to never make a stupid mistake again as they race to the Pit Stop. In front of Phil in 9th place, Justin says I want to make all her (Diana's) dreams come true and this is a nightmare. It was very humbling. Still confident, but not cocky.  Cheerleaders are down to one piece and are able to make it fit, surprised they have finished it. TMZ says it's sad, we really thought we were smarter than the cheerleaders, as Team Cheers race off to the Pit Stop. Cheers jump into their taxi, crying in relief. I went to Rio De Janiero and all I got was skin cancer, Kelly says. They know they will be annihilated in the newsroom and they deserve it she says. Cheers arrive at the pit stop as Team #10.


TMZ haven't given up and finally complete the puzzle before sundown.  Phil walks up and says all the other teams have checked into the Pit Stop. Congratulations, you finished it, he says, before the sun went down too.  Shevonne is crying as Philiminator says they have been eliminated from the race. I'm the biggest loser to ever play this game, Kelly says for her coworkers' benefit, do you think this is a karma thing?


Maybe we should be nicer, Shevonne says. Pulease, dismisses Kelly.  They decide to hit the bar.


Coming up this season on The Amazing Race, as teams are put to the ultimate test, fighting tooth and nail to win $1,000,000 and win The Amazing Race!  We'll see you back again this Friday, hopefully on time.

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Leg #2: On Your Mark! Get Set! Go!


All teams are going to Buenos Aries, Argentina for this episode. Team Texas are the first ones that get to go because of their express pass that they won on the last episode.


The teams have to figure out where to go when they get to Buenos Aries. The hint is “Where was Pope Francis Baptized”. Church of San Carlos and Maria Auxiliadora is the answer. While the teams were at the airport. Justin hit some wrong buttons with team texas. Justin and Diana were very upset that team Paparazzi was exchanging information with team texas. Team Texas shares how much they dislike Justin.  


When the teams get to the Church they have to decide what challenge they are going to do on the detour. They get to choose between recycling 100kg of cardboard and moving a statue across town.


The only team that does not do the cardboard challenge were the Reporters. Justin and Diana were the first to complete the recycling challenge and team Texas was second. The last team to complete the detour challenge were the track stars.


The reporters thought that the statue challenge would be quicker, but traffic and the directions to the park, where they had to display the statue, turned out to be much more difficult than the recycling challenge that everyone else did.


Next, the teams run into the road block. This week’s road block is a dancing challenge. The teams have to choose one person to complete the challenge. They have to do the Argentina Tango and have to dance on a wall sideways. Justin and Diana were the first to complete this challenge. Team Texas was second and team Alabama came in 3rd place in the challenge. There was a battle between The Dancers, The cousins, and the track stars to see who would come in last.


After the road block it was a race to the finish line at a Polo Stadium in Buenos Aries. Here are the teams that finished in order:


1st: Justin & Diana

2nd: Team Texas

3rd: Team Alabama

4th: : Paparazzi

5th: : Chac Attack

6th   : Cheerleaders

7th   : The Reporters

8th: Track Stars

9th: The Dancers

Eliminated: The Cousins

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Leg Three - Horsing Around Argentina


Green Team is the first to depart at 5:45am, traveling to the rual town San Antonio De Areco, Argentina. There they must choose a pickup truck and ride to their next clue. Justin says he has studdied the past races, knows where teams make mistakes and hopefully that will give them an advantage to not make those mistakes.
Team Texas is the second to depart 6:12am, Tanner with his sprained ankle. Team Alabama departs at 6:13am, butting heads from the get go. Team Paparazzi depart 6:14am.  Team ChakAttack departs 6:21am. Team Cheer departs 6:28am.   Teams arrive at the bus station to get tickets to San Antonio De Areco. The first bus leaves from Platform 21 in 20 minutes. Team Texas are the first ones to get tickets. Bus is about to pull out when Team News gets on.
Teams Alabama, ChakAttack, Paparazzi, Cheers and Trackers (departed 6:53am) are on the 2nd bus.  Team Dancers last to depart.  Team Green arrives at bus terminal (they took local bus instead of taxi). Team Texas offers a deal with Team News to use the U-Turn on Team Green because Justin gets on Josh & Tanner's nerves, promising them the Express Pass after they use it.   Team Green gets on first bus at another stop, joining Texas and News.
Bus #1 arrives in San Antonio De Areco and teams climb into the beds of their pickups and tear off, Texas upset Green Team's in the lead. They arrive at La Portena and race to the clue and meet the Gauchos and a roadblock.  In Gaucho Grill, teams must hang meat properly on racks to be cooked: bones, facing out, right side up, skwered properly.  Once approved, the Gaucho will give them a rack of cooked meat and their next clue.  Who's smoking hot?
Justin goes for Grean, Josh for Texas and Joey for news.  They pick up 2 racks of lamb and a rack of beef ribs, drop them on the ground, then study the example. A local pooch licks at the meat while teams focus is turned.  Dancers getonto 3rd bus, not seeing anyone anywhere. They aren't giving up on each other.  Teams are sweating because it's hot and they're working next to a fire pit (to cook the meat). Joey asks the Gaucho to check his meat and it's incorrect - the bones aren't facing out.
He realizes his mistake and reracks his lamb. 2nd bus arrives and teams jump into the back of their pickup trucks. Justin makes the same mistake and his meat is rejected. Josh also has his meat rejected.  The caravan of the 2nd group of trucks arrive at the Detour. Logan goes for Paparazzi, Cindy for ChacAttack, Danielle for Trackers, James Earl for Alabama, Krista for Cheers.  The second group grabs their meat and heads out to the fire, dragging and droppng their ribs and lamb and making that poor dog drool.
It's all about attention to detail, Rick says. Josh says he didn't even notice the other teams except Justin who was annoying. Tanner rolls his eyes. Texas is the first team to complete the roadblock.  Teams must now head to the Plaza Principal with their roasted lamb.  Justin tries again but his ribs are upside down.  Texas is carrying their roased lamb on a board down the road then climb into the back of the truck with it.
Justin calls Mi Amigo, Gaucho over again and still doesn't have it right, the bones are not facing out.  He doesn't know why. He calls himself an estupido Americano. The Gaucho shakes his head no again.   Joey has it right and completes the Detour. Justin starts over from the beginning. Chac Attack completes the Detour and receives their roast lamb. Justin tries again and finally gets it right.
Texas arrives at the plaza and delivers their meat to get their next clue, a Detour. In Horse, teams must select polo mallets, get into uniform and then properly equip a polo horse.  In Carriage, teams must select a buggy whip and detail a carriage, then drag it down the coble stone street to a tree and have it harnessed to a team of horses. Both Detours require teams to deliver their horses to a local festival where Gauchos will hand them their next clue.   Texas chooses Horse, grabs one of the six polo mallets then search for the location of the Detour. As Tanner limps along, he's joined by a dog who is limping on 3 paws. In their pickup, Justin berates himself for dropping the ball on the Roadblock.

Texas arrives at the location to be outfitted with polo gear. Team Reporters are the 2nd team to hit the Detour and choose Horse. ChakAttack arrives as News departs and choose Carriage, but don't read the clue fully and leave their whip.   Team Green arrives and chooses Horse and a polo mallet. Texas jogs in uniform to find the horses. They pass ChackAttack heading to the uniform location and give them directions. Cindy says that was dumb  Tanner is doing his best to keep up with Josh - he's in pain, not tired. They reach the fake horses they are supposed to dress.   Following a real horse as an example, they lay the blanket down on the back, put on the saddle, tie it on, put the socks on the legs, the other straps. Green jogs to the equine maniquines in their uniform and with their tack gear. Team News leaves the uniform and equipment location.
Back at the Roadblock, Team Alabama still can't get the ribs facing out. Team Cheer has the same problem. Denise shouts to James Earl to check the big slab, that's where everyone's having trouble, then realizes she just blabbed to the other teams. Team Paparazzi also can't get the ribs in the right direction.   Team Alabama completes the Roadblock. Team Trackers completes the Roadblock. Logan is very confused.  Dancers arrive in San Antonio and get into their pickup truck.  ChacAttack arrive at the plastic horses as Texas tries to wrap up dressing their horse.
Texas asks for a Gaucho ruling but they have their saddle on backwards. And they're from Texas!  News arrives. Texas goes before the Gaucho again and still get a no.  Alabama reach the Detour and choose Horse. Trackers hit the Detour and choose Horse. Both teams racing together to the Detour location.   Team Cheer completes the Roadblock. Team ChacAttach arrive at the location for Carriage then read the clue again and realize they didn't take one of the buggy whips.They have to run back to the festival. Texas is still missing something and don't see the problem with the bit.
Dancers arrive at the Roadblock and Ernest decides he's sexier and does the Roadblock. He grabs his meat and heads over to the fire pit where there are no other teams.  Texas realises their mistake and heads with their horse on wheels. Paparazzi hit the Detour and choose Horse.  Alabama and Trackers arrive at the Horse Detour. Green are unable to get the Gaucho to green light their horse.  Texas pushes their horse up the sidewalk and completes the detour. They head to the Museo Gauchesco for their next Pit Stop.
Team Green completes the Detour and lead their horse to water (the plaza). ChacAttack get their whip and head back to Carriage again. Jin tries to be calm as Earnest checks out his meat.  They complete it on the first try and head to the Detour.  Team News get a thumbs up on their horse's dress and head to the plaza. Green delievers their horse and head to the Pit Stop. Cheer is arriving with their roasted lamb and head to the Carriage detour. Reporters reach the plaza with their horse as Paparazi head to the Horse dressing area.
Trackers complete their dressing, as do Alabama. Both Texas and Green are searching for the Pit Stop on foot.  Texas arrives seconds before Green. Tanner and Josh are Team #1 and win a trip to Cambodia.  Justin and Diana are Team #2.  Phil informs Team Texas and Team Green that in the next leg of the race, there will be a double U-Turn. Texas says they have to U-Turn Green because they push theme very leg. Green says if you U-Turn someone, make sure they go home.  Justin tells us he'll just u-turn another team behind them and then seek revenge.
ChacAttack get in costume and pick a carriage to clean. Team News is the 3rd team to arrive at the pit stop.  ChacAttack gets the nod of cleanliness from the Gaucho as Cheers arrive. ChacAttach head to the plazza with the carriage. Teeam Alabama lifts their horse onto the sidewalk at the plaza. Trackers are right behind.  Paparazzi complete their dressing. Cheers are dusting their carriage. It's clean enough and they begin pushing/pulling their carriage. Paparazzi complete the Detour and head to the Pit Stop.
Team Trackers arrive at the Pit Stop in 4th place. Team Alabama is Team #5. However, because Denise called out help to James Earl during the roadblock, they are assessed a 30m penalty and have to wait.  ChacAttack complete the Detour and go on the carriage ride to the plaza. Team Dancers hit the Detour and choose Carriage - all the Polo mallets were taken. Team Cheer arrive at the tree with their carriage, which is hooked up to the horses.  But they forgot their whip and have to go back.
ChacAttack arrives at the plaza and gets their clue to the Pit Stop. Dancers arrive at the Carriage detour. Paparazzi arrive at the Pit Stop in 6th place. However, due to Alabama's penalty, they are Team #5. Team Cheer locates their whip where they were detailing the carriage and race back to the tree to catch up with their carriage and horses. Dancers change into their Carriage costumes. James Earl tells his mom he's not mad. She's tearing up as the penalty clock counts down the last few seconds. She knows she has to follow the rules. They are Team #6.  ChacAttack sees the Pot Stop but not how to get there.
Dancers complete detailing their carriage and begin hauling it to the tree. Team Cheer returns to the tree with their whip and head out to the plaza. ChacAttack find the Pit Stop and are Team #7. Dancers reach the tree and get hitched to their horses, making their way to the plaza.  Team Cheer complete the detour and head for the Pit Stop, asking for directions. The trick is to find the bridge. Dancers complete the Detour and head to the Pit Stop. Cheer think they made a wrong turn when they find a bridge under construction.  Dancers get directions to cross the river at the bridge on the right.
Team Cheer arrive at the Pit Stop in 8th place. Earnest and Jin are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the race.  They aren't going to cry. They kept hope up as long as they could. They're survivors, fighters, who wanted to better their lives. Phil says we appreciate your spirit on the race. Life is about moments, he says as local dancers come around to celebrate with the eperience with them.   Next week on The Amazing Race, teams head to Africa and with the double U-Turn in play, it's Team Texas vs. Team Green!

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Leg Four - They Even Make Mistakes Big In Texas




At the Pit Stop, Team Texas continue to spread their plan that whomever U-Turns Team Grean will get their Express Pass. They second team to reach the U-Turn will turn Team Texas so Team Green won't be able to turn anyone behind them.


Texas are the first team to depart at 3:47pm across the Atlantic to Livingstone, Zambia, home to Victoria Falls, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. They must travel by bus to Buenos Ares.   Team Green departs at 3:48pm. Team News departs 3:56pm.  There are 2 flights to Zambia, each with 4 teams on each flight. Texas is on first flight. Reporters are on 1st flight. Green is looking for the travel agency. Team Trackers depart 4:14pm. Team Paparizzi depart 4:25pm.

Trackers arrive at travel agency and get on first flight, as do Team Green. Team Paparazzi is first team on 2nd flight. But the difference between them is just 15 minutes, they are told. Texas is disappointed to learn Green is on the first flight. Team Bama, ChakAttack and Cheerleaders also on 2nd flight.  All teams appear to be on board with Texas's plan to knock out the Green team. All teams on same bus to the airport and flying to Livingston, Zambia. Teams must make their way to the 1000yr old Mukuni Village, Zambia where they will receive a traditional Mukuni welcome.

Texas is still hobbled by a hamstring injury as teams race off the plane and into cabs.  Reporters are in the lead, followed by Texas and Green. Texas is going to use the Express Pass to jump ahead so they can U-Turn Green.  Teams are excited to be in Africa. Reporters first to reach the village and get blessed (with spit of holy water).  Texas is next to arrive and get spit in the face. Green arrives at the village and get their blessing.

Teams must now make their way to the Batoka Aerodrome. Trackers arrivea at the village for their blessing. All four teams heading to the Aerodrome. 2nd flight lands and ChacAttack is first out of the airport, followed by Bama, Cheers and Paparazzi. Reporters first to hit the Roadblock: Who wants to rise above the smoke that thunders? Kelsey does it. Victoria Falls is twice as long and as deep as Niagra Falls. The best way to view it is from an open air microlite, a motorbike engine with wings.

Teams must spot their next clue below in the mist from the Falls.  Since Tanner is afraid of heights and they want to use their Express Pass, Team Texas skips the Road Block. Team Green arrives and Diana takes the Roadblock.  Texas now crosses the boarder from Zambia to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe where they must find Shoestrings Backpackers lodge.  Joey plays dumb about why Texas used their Express Pass. Green calls it a dumb move to use it so early in the leg.

Kelsey is up in the air, a thrill junkie, Joey says. Diana is up in the air to overcome her fear of heights. Justin is jealous. Justin says U-Turning a team up close at the front of the pack has never worked out. Justin offers Joey an alliance but Joey says they're a stronger team. Reporters are playing both sides, but doesn't mind breaking the Green alliance. Truckes arrive at the Roadblack and Jazmine takes it.

Kelsey and Diana take in the sights of the animals from overhead. ChacAttach arrive at the vilalg for their blessing, followed by Bama, Paparazzi and Cheers. They all head off for the Roadblock.  Jazmine takes off on the Roadblock. Kelsey is looking for the flag and spots it on a bridge. Diana spots it as well. Texas arrives at passport control in Zambia. Jazmine spots the flag and has a good time too.  All three teams return to the aerodrome and take off for the bridge.

ChacAttack arrives at Roadblock and Rick does it.  Back at base, Cindy and Danielle dicuss the merits of roadblocking Green Team. Texas crosses the boarder into Zimbabwe. The boarder is blocked with traffic and they are worried they are losing their lead.  Paparazzi arrivea at the Roadblock and Logan claims it. Denise does it for Team Bama. Cheers arrive and Krista goes up in the air. Reporters reach the suspension bridge and walk out across the Falls in the heavy spray to reach the cluebox, then had back across.

Teams must now follow Texas to Shoestrings in Zimbabwe. The cab can only take them as far as the border, then they must catch another cab into Zimbabwe. Trackers taxi takes them to  the wrong bridge - they need to go to Knife Edge Bridge. They try to cross Victoria Falls bridge into Zimbabwe but have to get their passports stamped. Rick spots the flag. Logan spots a double rainbow and the flag on the bridge. Denise spots the flag. Trackers don't know which country they are in right now. They see the bridge with the race flag and the cab driver tells them they have to return to Zambia to get there. How did you miss that one, he asks?

Rick lands and ChacAttack takes off for the bridge. Krista is up in the air for Team Cheers and spots the flag.  Logan lands and Paparazzi take off. Denise lands and Bama takes off.  Krista lands and Cheers take off.  Rick can't believe Texas messed up the plan to get rid of Green by using the Express Pass on the Roadblock and not the Detour. Texas think their plans are flawless as they arrive at Shoestrings.

There are keyrings a pair each labeled 10 minutes a part starting at 8am. Texas realizes they wasted their Express Pass. Green Team arrive at Shoestrings and get the 2nd 8am slot. WastedExpress.com, Justin quietly laughs. Reporters arrive and gets 8:10am. Justin says you make mistakes when you don't know the game and this was a crucial one.  ChacAttack run out onto the suspension bridge and grab a kiss and their clue. Paparazzi and Bama are right behind then. Trackers run to the correct bridge and get their clue. Cheers are right behind them.

ChacAttack arrive at Shoestrings and get last 8:10am time. Paparazi get one of the 4 8:20am slots. The other teams discuss how the Express Pass has been burned. Texas freak out that if Green beats them through the Detour, they could be gone. Teams get rooms to spend the night in. Justin is confident but not cocky. Sunrise and Texas and Green are meet up at the clue location. Justin says he doesn't plan to use the U-Turn on Texas. Texas agrees to not do it on Green either.  Justin says you never know though.  Might be a good idea to give them the Express Pass.  Texas says they are U-Turning Green next chance the get.

8:00am. Detour. In Wood, teams must finish off hand-crafted wooden animals.  In Croquet, teams must go to the Victoria Falls Hotel and score 5 points against a local player.  Both teams choose Croquet and search for the hotel.  Reports and ChacAttack receive their clues at 8:10am. ChacAttack doesn't know what Croquet is so they choose Wood. Reporters choose Croquet - Joey has played before. 8:20am and the remaining 4 teams hit the Detour. Paparazzi, CheersTrackers choose Wood, Bama choses Croquet. Danger, U-Turn ahead.

Teams change into their Victoria Falls costumes and receive instruction how to play the game. Green scores their first point. ChacAttack arrive at the Big 5 Coop and watch how to stain their giraffe: Take your time and produce a nice even color.  Then they polish with a toothbrush. They pick a giraffe and begin using a toothbrush to stain their giraffe. They are used to using toothbrushes. Paparazzi joins them, followed by Trackers. Paparazzi choose the smallest they can find. Cheers join the other teams. Like painting your nails, they say.

They have to wait for the stain to dry before they can polish. Texas has 2 points in croquet. You score by getting your ball through the wicket before the pro does. Reporters get their first point. Green has 4 points. Bama reaches the Victoria Falls Hotel - Denise laste played croquet as a kid. Texas has 4 points. Reporters strategy was for Kelsey to knock the pro's ball out of the way so Joey could make the point with his ball. They get their 2nd point.

Green gets their 5th point and completes the Detour. They must now make their way to the next Pit Stop at the Rose of Charity Orphanage, home to 70 children ages 6mo to 16 years. THey must make a donation when they visit the orphanage.  Texas completes the Detour. Reporters get their 3rd point. Green and Texas search for a taxi. ChacAttack complets staining their giraffe. Cheers are told they are at 90% but get no help where the unfinished 10% is. Trackers are also at 90%. Paparazzi are perfect on the stain.

ChacAttack is fanning their giraffe and Paparazi join them.  Cheers and Trackers are at 95%. 100%. Now they must let it dry. ChacAttack can begin polishing. Paparazzi can begin polishing.
Green finds a taxi, with Texas right behind them. Texas is sure if they don't get to the Pit Stop first, they'll be U-Turned. Back at the Hotel, Bama and Reporters each score their 4th point. Bama scores their 5th and completes the Detour. They race to the Pit Stop. Reporters complete the Detour. At the Pit Stop, Green are the first team to arrive and choose not to U-Turn anybody. They'll let them fail on their own and then U-Turn them at the next one. They donate all their remaining cash.

Phil says they are Team #1 are still racing. Texas arrives at the U-Turn and are surprised they were not U-Turned. They U-Turn no one, but have more respect for Green now. But a U-Turn is still in store for Green.  Green reads their next clue: Make your way to the Lookout Cafe to search for your next clue, you have $65 for this leg of the race. Texas arrive in 2nd place, donate everything they have.  

Since they used their Express Pass, they have to decide who to give it to.  Right here, they ask? Yes, Phyil says, because the next leg of the race starts right now. They hadn't considered having to name someone and don't want to hurt any of their alliances.  To Be Continued.

Next week on The Amazing Race, Justin and Diana walk with Royalty, Kelsey and Joey brave the cage, and Tiffany takes the plunge.  It all happens this Friday on The Amazing Race!

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Leg Five - I Just Can't Wait To Be King





Team Green was the first to arrive at the mat last leg and immediately given their clue to keep racing.  Team Texas was 2nd and had to immediately give their Express Pass to another team. They chose Team Alabama because they had helped them and were not a threat. They think one of the girl teams will be eliminated this leg.

Texas now makes their way to Lookout Cafe for their next clue, just a minute or so behind Team Green. Texas and Green have newfound respect for each other but neither will give the other a break if the opportunity arises.

Back at the Detour, ChacAttack completes polishing their giraffe.  Remember the giraffe? They are followed by Teams Paparazzi, Trackers and Cheerleaders who all race to the Pit Stop.

Alabama arrives at the Pit Stop, doesn't U-Turn anyone.  They donate all their money to the orphanage and learn they are 3rd, have been given the Express Pass by Texas.  They are overjoyed but then learn they are still racing. They have to use the Express Pass this leg.

Team Reporters arrive at the Pit Stop, don't U-Turn anyone, and continue racing in 4th place. Green arrives at the Lookout Cafe and hit a Roadblock: Who wants to gorge themselves? Justin takes it.

This is the Zambezi River, where it all began - in Season 1, Episode 1, the very first Amazing Race challenge: Take A Big Screen.  Teams swings out over the gorge, dropping 75m then out 90m', free-falling over 200'.

Texas hits the Roadblock and Josh takes it. Justin straps into his safety harness, then is literally pushed off the platform by a fast-counting guide. Josh can't believe it, as he waits for Justin to be hauled back up.  Josh thanks Justin for not U-Turning them. Justin says they'll keep their word the whole race.

Green hits a detour: Crocs or Canoes. In crocs, teams are submerged in a protected cage where they will meet 3 local crocodiles. Once teams have fed them their favorite dish - raw meet - and they can get out alive, they get their next clue.

The Zambeze River is so long, it crosses 6 countries over 2200 miles. Known as the River of Life, it is home to some imposing wildlife. In Canoe, teams must survive a river crossing, then hoist a team member to the top of a tree to retrieve their next clue from a vulture's nest.

Green chooses Canoe.  Alabama arrives at the Roadblock and James Earl takes it. Kelsey takes it for Reporters. Justin tells her she'll love every second as he makes his way back from the cliff.

Josh takes the leap for Texas as the other teams realize what they're in for. Denise gives Tanner a quick thank you hug for the Express pass and is worriedthe Green Team saw them give away the Express Pass. Texas chooses Canoe because they are strong and can paddle faster.

ChacAttack arrive at the Pit Stop and do not U-Turn anyone. They are in 5th place.  Paparazzi arrive at the U-Turn and don't use it. Chris says he's making a big donation. Phil asks how much does he have and how much did he donate? He donated $20 and has $155 left. Phil lets him know the other teams have donated all their money. I guess we don't need it, Chris says.  They are Team #6.

Both ChacAttack and Paparazzi continue racing for the Lookout Cafe. Trackers arrive at the Pit Stop and don't U-Turn anyone.  They are in 7th place. Team Cheers are right behind them and Trackers regret not using the U-Turn to put more distance between them.

Cheers U-Turn the Green team just in case because they promised they would.  Phil tells them they are the last team to arrive. However, they are still racing. At the Roadblock, Kelsey takes the plunge for Reporters. They choose the Crocs Detour.

James Earl dives over the river.  Now get your ass back up here, mom shouts down to him 200' below and hanging by a thread. At the Detour, Green grabs their canoe and, after being stunned by a real elephant just a hundred feet away, slides into the river along with a nearby croc.

Texas arrives at the riverside and plans to make up time on Green Team. However, it turns out that Green knows how to paddle but Texas doesn't, despite their upper body strength. Paparazzi and ChacAttack hit the Lookout Cafe and select Chris and Cindy to do the Roadblock.

ChackAttack and Paparazzi race back to their taxis and tell them the driers to go to the Zambeze River Swing.  Chris tells his driver to just follow the other car. The driver tells them it's at the same place, the Lookout Cafe. They don't understand and tell him to just follow.

Trackers pass the exiting teams as they head into the Lookout Cafe. Danielle goes for the girls. They realize the other 2 teams drove off before doing the Roadblock. ChacAttack's driver says he's lost - he thinks he's going to the bottom of the george. They say no, the top of the gorge. That's the same place we left.

Paparazzi continues following ChacAttack.  Team Cheer is feeling the stress as they reach the Lookout Cafe.  Paparazzi realizes they're returning to where they left - they messed up.  Cheers think they're the last team but Trackers tell them Paparazzi and ChacAttack drove off.

ChacAttack and Paparazzi hear Danielle scream her way to the bottom of the gorge as they make their way to the Roadblock's edge. That's what we get for following, Logan says. We didn't know it was here, Chris says. We didn't look, Logan says.

While Paparazzi wait their turn, they bicker why they made the mistake. We're stupid, Chris says, it was the Roadblock all along. Rick laughs at Paparazzi's panic. We're done, Chris says.  That's not a good attitude, Logan says.

Trackers pick the Crocs detour. Reporters arrive at the Croc detour, see some large crocs and get into their dive gear.  Over on the river, Green Team locates the route flag on the other shore as Texas struggles to stay close behind.

Team Green reaches the tree and Justin hoists Diana up in the tree. Texas arrives and Josh has to pull Tanner up.  They have no gloves and just a normal size rope and pulley system for leverage. Green gets their clue.

Teams must now make their way to the Lion Encounter.  They get back on the river in their canoe. Texas reaches the vulture's nest and gets their clue. They face a hungry, hungry hippo (or maybe he was just yawning) as they climb back into their canoe.

Back on water, Green builds a bigger lead over Texas. Back at the George, Tiffany completes the Roadblock for Cheers. I'm in Africa, she screams! Reporters are told they will be in the cage and the crocodiles will be outside. That's good, they say.

Alabama arrives at the Croc detour and uses their Express Pass. They head to the Lion Encounter. Reporters eye witness this and are just glad the Express Pass is gone.  Keep your toes up and your hands inside the cage, they're told before being submerged with air masks.

Reporters each push a stick of raw meat outside the cage and the crocs snatch it up.  Cindy takes the fall for ChacAttack while Paparazzi continue to berate themselves. Just enjoy this, Logan says, we're our own worst enemy.

Chris doesn't know where to put his hands as the guide rapidly counts down from 5 and pushes him off the platform, screaming like a baby. Once he doesn't die, he begins to enjoy the experience.

At Lion Encounter, teams must walk with the lions to find their next clue hidden in a skull along the way. The lion is the undisputed King of the jungle, and walking with African royalty is a unique experience at the Lion Encounter, which works to introduce wildlife back into the environment.  Thankfully, it's not dinner time, Phil says.

The guide gives them some guidelines for the walk: Stay alert; Do not run or panic; Do not crouch down; Stand your ground; Stay in group; Approach lion from rear; Do not touch the lion's head; No loud noises.

Alabama reaches the Lion Counter and has to change out of their pink outfits - no bright colors allowed. Justin and Diana set out escorted by a lion and lioness.  When should you be scared, he asks?

Denise is petrified.  Look them in the eye, they are told, as their lions join them for a trek through the refuge.  Reporters arrive at the Lion Encounter and begin hunting for their next clue. Texas is right behind them.  They both have to wait for the first two teams to complete their walk.

Trackers go into the water to feed their crocs, saying goodbye just in case. The crocs crowd the cage, knowing it's feeding time. ChacAttack arrive at the Detour. Paparazzi arrive at the Detour and ask who else is here.  They realize all the other teams chose this Detour.

We can't do this, Chris says, we have to go. Why, asks Logan, you're being irrational. They change into their wet suits but Chris isn't sure.  Cheers prepare to do their underwater routine.  We're too behind to do this, Chris says, well, we're already here, it's too late.

Do you want to switch or not, asks Logan? No, he says. Then stop talking about it. Cheers stick out their meat and one croc tries to take the whole stick in his extremely huge jaws.  Logan gives in and Paparazzi begin taking off their wet suites for the other Detour.

Paparazzi continue to fight hysterically over what they should do. We're being stupid and panicking, Chris decides, as Cheers ascend to the water's surface. They begin getting back into their wet suites ChacAttack prepare to get into the cage.

Back at the lion country safari, the guide tells Green that male lions can be poached easily because of their beautiful manes. They are using these lions to repopulate the numbers of lions back into the wild. They spot a skull and retrieve their clue, after asking their guide for permission to leave the trail.

They have their clue, Justin says, they're walking with their new pets , I feel like a Lion King. I think he missed the Guide's point.  Alabama walks behind their two liones.  Now they are friendly, the guide says. Tomorrow not so much. They know you and love you, Denise says hopefully. They eat us, the guide says.  

Please slow, Denise says to James Earl, don't leave me, I don't want that thing to eat me.  They spot their skull and retrieve their clue.  Green Team's lions decide to block the path and play with each other. When a male lion starts looking at you and walking towards you, Justin says, it's pretty scary.

Teams must now make their way on foot to the Masuwe Private Game Reserve, a 1000 acre home to the Big 5 animals: Elephants, Buffalo, Leopard, Rhinoceros, and Lions. Just to make things interesting, teams must carry a bowl of fruit on their heads in a straw basket to the Pit Stop.

Reporters walk with the King of the Jungle.  What do they eat, Kelsey asks? Walkers, Joey says. The guides laugh. Texas admires the lion's power and beauty as they take their walk. ChacAttack completes the Croc Detour.  Paparazzi are still going over their mistakes.

Green arrives at the lodge to assemble their fruit basket, to be worn in a towel nest wrapped around their heads. Alabama arrives right behind them as Justin drops his bowl before they even get started.

Alabama is first out of the lodge as Justin is gathering his fruit. Paparazzi go under water with the crocs. This might be the last thing we get to do, Justin says fatally. Reporters walk behind a beautiful lion and spot their skull. Texas spots their skull.

Green has spotted Alabama a pretty good lead as they take it very slow, James Earl encouraging his mother every step of the way. Denise loses her baseket anyway. Alabama can't see how far back Green is and Justin can't see how far back Diana is.

They spot Phil.  Justin loses his basket. You're so close, Phil says as they take their final steps. You're on the mat, Phil assures Denise as she loses a piece of fruit from the basket. You're Team #1, Phil tells them, and they've won a trip to Slovakia!

Alabama is overjoyed to join Green and Texas at the top. Justin and Diane are the 2nd team to arrive. Second place is the first loser, Green says. Trackers tell their driver to go to the Masuwe Lodge. Sorry, asks the driver, not getting their pronunciation.

Trackers arrive at the Lion Encounter entrance but go into the lodge and don a hat of fruit and set out along the path.  Texas and Reporters arrive at the lodge.  Trackers reach Phil at the Pit Stop, who shakes his head at them.

This isn't right, they realize, we need to read the clue again. They realize this isn't the Lion Encounter and race back to the lodge where the other teams point them in the right direction.

Cheers arrive at the Lion Encounter, saying Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Trackers reach the Lion Encounter right behind them. ChacAttack is right behind them.  Tanner's towel mount is coming off as Texas makes their way to the Pit Stop, Reporters right behind them.

Joey wants to get in front of those guys (Texas) but Kelsey loses her fruit. Phil check Texas in as Team #3.  It could have been much worse, they say. Reporters are Team #4. Phil says they're a strong team but not yet the strongest.

Cheers walk with the lions, looking for a skull. Trackers are walking with their lions, reminding themselves to be focused and not make stupid mistakes. We better pay attention.  Cheers find their skull and clue; Trackers walk right past theirs.

Paparazzi reaches the Lion Encounter but Logan doesn't read the whole clue. ChacAttack is waiting for their turn to go walking. You never now, Rick says.  Cheers return with their clue, but Trackers return without and head to the Pit Stop.

The game reserve guide asks Trackers if they found their clue and they realize they didn't.  They have to wait for the next group to complete their walk before they can go again. On their walk, Rick makes a meow sound and Cindy says don't make cat sounds.

Trackers re-read their clue and Danielle realizes she did see a skull but they didn't read the whole clue. Chris repeatedly tells Logan to look for skulls as she gets annoyed. These cats are so cool, Rick says. We're last, Chris says. We're not at the Pit Stop yet, Logan says. Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes, Jazmine says.

Cindy spots a skull for ChacAttack and Chris finds it for Paparazzi. Rick says he's not scared of these big cats, as a guide runs a lion up behind him and scares Cindy half to death. Cats like me, she says, I don't like cats.

Cheers (who you would expect to have perfect poise when carrying baskets of fruit on their heads) arrive at the Pit Stop, having moved up from last place to 4th place. ChacAttack return to see Trackers waiting glumly. They race to the Pit Stop.  

Paparazzi run past Trackers and realize they are still in it. Trackers go out on their second walk and look for the skull.  ChacAttack and Paparazzi both try to balance their baskets on their heads but the girls are having problems.

We can do this, Chris says. Don't talk to me, Logan says, I can concentrate if you don't talk to me.  Trackers find their skull and hope the others can't hold the fruit on their head. Chris drops his fruit. Rick drops his.  

We can do this, Logan says, but you have to be calm!  I need you not to talk to me, Logan says, and just let me do what I need to do. Trackers arrive back at the lodge and see ChacAttack and Paparazzi right in front of them.

Rick keeps stopping and taking his basket off his head before the fruit falls out.  Paparazzi starts getting the hang of it. Trackers are making steady progress. Logan spots Phil straight ahead. Go, Chris says. Don't tell me to go, Logan says.

I'm coming, honey, Rick tells Cindy, who spots Phil, start walking. Paparazzi reach the mat in 6th place. You didn't make it look easy, Phil says.  Rick looses his basket, giving Trackers hope that their slow and steady pace will win the race.

Cindy gives Rick shouts of encouragement as he tries to catch up. Danielle loses her basket and ChacAttack reaches the Pit Stop in 7th place. They are greeted by Paparazzi, who had just checked in.

Jazmine and Danielle reach the Pit Stop.  Philiminator tells them they are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race. They say the race was amazing and they wouldn't have done it with anyone else.

Next week on The Amazing Race, Tanner's worst nightmare comes true, the Cheerleaders get down, Justin flips out, and Logan loses it!

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Leg Six - Getting Down & Crabby




During the Pit Stop, Team Alabama gets to thank Team Texas for the Express Pass.  Texas lay it on thick, saying it was because Alabama helped them and Denise eats it up.  In reality, Texas said last leg it was because they were the least threat in the race. GO!  Denise & James depart at 5:40AM and hit a road block. Who wants to get their heart pumping? Denise says she'll do it. She must bungie jump 640ft off the Victoria Falls bridge and check her fitbit heartrate afterwards. The bridge opens at 7am.  

Team Green departs 5:50am and it's Diana's turn. Texas departs 6:00am and it's Tanner's turn. I'm gonna cry, he says, the sun comes up in 40m and I'll be able to see where I'll hit the ground. The roof over the bungie site at the center of the bridge reads "111 meters of big African air".  Teams check their heartrates before jumping.  ChacAttack and the other teams have departed and reached the bridge. Denise gets strapped in, her heartrate at 93. Don't push me, she says. Her face shows her terror as she dives off and bounces above the water below. Justin kisses Diana (goodbye?)

Diana faces her fear and jumps off the bridge. Tanner's heartrate increases as his turn approaches. Denise is up to 135 after returning to the bridge. They head off for their next clue - in Paris, France.  They must make their way to Aerodrome Musee Volant Salis.  Tanner screams like a little girl as he goes off. Joey is next for Reporters, Krista for Team Cheer, Rick for ChacAttack and Chris for Paparazzi. All 7 teams are on the same flight to Paris, France.  That's where Rick met Cindy 2 years ago. Josh is looking forward to French fries.

Green is first through customs and are pursued by the other 6 teams for the train station. Green catches the first train before the other teams catch up. Teams hit another Roadblock at the Aerodrome - Who's feeling revolutionary?  Flying in a Boeing Stearman, a vintage bi-wing propeller plane, whomever did not perform the previous Roadblock must spot the 3 words that best represent the French Revolution of 1789: Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite.  And because it's The Amazing Race, they'll be thrown for a loop.

Justin feels like the Red Baron and Snoopy as he takes off.  The second train arrives with the rest of the teams. Justin spots his words and performs a flip in the plane before landing. The other teams arrive at the air field, Alabama and Paparazzi struggling to keep up with the more fit teams.  He delivers his 3 words and completes the Roadblock.  Diana reminds him to check his heartrate. They must now make their way to Square Louise Michel and search for Le Fantome Blanc (the White Phantom). There are only 3 planes in the air at a time as the remaining teams wait their turn.

Texas flies second, followed by Team Cheer, and Team Paparazzi. Green asks for directions to the square and decide to take a taxi instead of the train, hoping for some separation from the rest of the pack.  Texas, Cheer and Paparazzi land with their words.  Logan doesn't spot her 3rd word. Green discovers the square is in Paris and the taxi won't take them. Justin wants the driver to call another cab but Diana wants to go right to the train station. The cab takes them to the train station for free.

Josh completes the Detour and heads to the Square. Tiffany's pronunciation draws an exasperated look from the French judge but Cheer completes the Roadblock. Logan only has 2 words and has to get back in line for another flight. Logan and Chris go separately into woe-is-me mode.  Alabama takes off, along with Reporters and ChacAttack. Texas and Cheer decide to run to the train station, where Green are back to bickering. There are 4 people standing around with phones but Diana won't look up the destination until they're on the train.

Not smart, Justin mumbles. Do you want to get it, she snaps back? You just told me to get it. Why are we standing here if you're not going to get the information, he asks? They board the train and Justin receives the silent treatment.  James Earl spots his 3 words, as does Cindy and Kelsey. Texas and Cheer stop for directions and discover they've been going on foot in the wrong direction. They begin running back.  Alabama completes the Roadblock, followed by ChacAttack and Reporters. Logan can now go back up to look for Fraternite.

Texas and Cheer reach the station and have to wait 18m for the next train. Alabama ran to the station and joins them, followed by ChacAttack and Reporters. In Paris, Justin finds a taxi who knows where to go to look for the White Phantom.  Logan spots her word and Paparazzi complete the Roadblock and head to the train station. The train leaves in 6 minutes; the next train leaves an hour later. Paparazzi is making their way on foot as the train pulls into the station. Texas, Cheer, Alabama, ChacAttack and Reporters board.

Paparazzi cross the street and reach the station only to stare at the empty tracks - the train has left the station.  Green arrives at the Square and pass Phil introducing the Detour as they find the Phantom and receive their clue.

Next to the United States, Franche has the largest hip hop community in the world. In Drops Mic, teams must perform a platinum hit written by legendary artist Passi.  If they can rap their head around his lyrics, they must master pronunciation, rhythm and vibe to receive their next clue.  In Bust A Crab, teams must go to the La Coupole restaurant then shuck, crack and split seafood to create the Royal Platter, a signature dish. If they meet the high standards of the chef, they can serve it up for their next clue.

Diana says she wants to do the oysters. Justin says let's do the rap, though.  Fine, she says, exasperated. You sure, Justin asks? Totally his strength and comfort zone, she says, and completely out of mine. She'll get over it, he says dismissively.  Texas and Cheer arrive at the square but walk past the White Phantom. Alabama and ChacAttack follow behind and are equally clueless. Back at train station, Logan is in tears over her mistake but Chris says anything can happen.

Green reaches the Drop Mic Detour by the river front. Justin picks a French rapper and is confident his charisma will outweigh any problems Diana has. They must alternate French lyrics in perfect accent. Justin says his tongue doesn't even twist that way.  Diana wants to switch. Justin thinks they're kind of getting it. Diana bites her tongue. I'm trying to listen to you, he says. If you had listened to me we would have never done this in the first place. That doesn't help the situation, Justin says as their rapper watches.  Then I don't want to leave, she says. You want to stay? Let's try it. Now Justin looks exasperated.

All teams are looking for the White Phantom at the top of the square and realize they have to go back down to the street. Texas finds him finally and chooses Seafood. Team Cheer picks french hip hop. Alabama wants to bust a crab while Reporters want to drop the mic. ChacAttack chooses to go to the restaurant.

Paparazzi get on the train. I can't get this, Diana tells Justin. I wish you were confident, Justin says, you don't seem confident. I'm struggling, she says. Let's try to perform it, Justin says.  Justin is grooving to the beat and Diana gets through a bunch of lines before tripping over the pronunciation.  You almost had it, babe, Justin says. I know, I don't need a cheerleader, Diana snaps back. It's about 100 degrees in Paris and Texas has run at least 5mi and is sweating. Cheer is ready to get gangster. Alabama gets directions to La Coupole.

Paparazzi is in Paris and heads for the square. Green goes for another attempt and are told it's just Diana's vibe. I'm a white girl, she protests. She gets into it on their third attempt and they receive a postcard with a picture of the location for their next clue.  Texas arrives at the restaurant and looks at the model display.  A chef shows them how to open the crabs, clams and other crustaceans.  Neither has any cooking experience in the kitchen.  Reporters arrive at the Dop Mic Detour and head off with their rapper to learn the rap phonetically.

Cheers arrive loudly and select a rapper and begin their learning process. Alabama is searching for the restaurant. Paparazzi reach the square and hit the Detour. They choose Bust A Crab. ChacAttack reach the restaurant and get into their chef outfits. Rick says holding a knife isn't much different between oysters and people but he has to be more careful with people.

Green locates the clue box on the bridge shown on the postcard: Search for Phil across from the iconic monument where the first team will triumph.  That's the Arc De Triumphe, Phil explains, the pit stop for this leg of the race. Green jumps in a taxi and heads off.  Cheer struggles with the pronunciation. Reporters have their lyrics perfect and are ready to try a performance. Show time the rappers say. Good vibes, they are told, but Kelsey's pronunciation needs some rhythm. You want us white guys to have some rhythm, Rick asks?

Cheers go next, warming up the crowd before showing some attitude during their performance. They put on a show and nail the Detour.  They record their FitBit heartrates and head off to the bridge. Alabama is lost and needs to find out where they are. James Earl says we should regroup and do the hip hop. ChackAttack finishes their seafood display and carry it to the Chefs. They are good and Rick recognizes the bridge on the postcard they are given.  Texas wonders if they made a wrong choice. They take their creation to the Chefs.  Paparazzi is making their way to the restaurant.

Texas's presentation is not acceptable and they must try again. Diana is being positive as they head to the Detour. Alabama is still lost. Kelsey still has no rhythm.  James Earl bangs his head on the concrete railing of a bridge.  Alabama finds a cyclist who points them in the right direction. Reporters complete their Detour.  Alabama reaches the riverside and chooses a female rapper for instruction.  James Earl says he's a secret rapper. Denise says she doesn't think of them as words but as sounds.

Texas figures out their mistake and takes their Royal Platter back for judging. This time they are acceptable and receive their postcard. Paparazzi arrive as Texas sneaks out the side door. But Paparazzi spot them and that gives them hope.  Green reaches the Arc De Triumphe Diana makes a sound that Justin hates and he tells her. They get out and Diana says we go across. Let's do a loop then go up top, Justin says.  It said across, Diana says of the clue.

Cheers reach the bridge and get their clue. ChacAttack 's taxi drives past the bridge. Reporters reach the clue box and head off. Alabama makes their first attempt and Denise's pronunciation makes the rappers laugh. And big smile, he tells them. Paparazzi cooks a lot of fresh fish and seafood at home and he does most of the cooking.  We just have to make it look pretty, she says.

Justin says Phil may be downstairs or upstairs. Read the clue, Diana says. What does it say? Search for Phil ACROSS from the iconic monument. Cheer is in a cab and wondering why the clue didn't say Pit Stop. ChacAttack shows their driver the photo again - we need THIS bridge! Go back! 

Texas reaches the bridge and get their clue.  Denise struggles again and James Earl tells her to not give up. ChacAttack finally reach the bridge and see there are still 2 more clues after theirs. Chris is shelling the seafood while Logan prepares the platter.  Paparazzi think they are done and carry their platter to the Chefs.  Not okay they are told. On their 6th attempt, Alabama mess up again, Denise getting frustrated. James Earl is worried this is too much for them.

Team Alabama keeps trying for the 7th time, Denise promising James Earl she'll never give up. She fails and is told she's losing her rhythm.  Paparazzi figure out their mistake and Logan berates herself for another oversight mistake. They complete the Detour.  Green spots Phil and the mat on an island between lanes of traffic and run across, Justin shouting his name. They are Team #1 and have to start the next leg of the race: Travel by train to Rotterdam, Netherlands.  Justin is disappointed they didn't win anything.  Phil reminds them to keep their FitBit cards, they'll need them in the next leg of the race. And be nice to her, he calls after them.  Justin promises to and apologizes.

Team Cheer spots Phil and nearly gets run over crossing the street. That was a dangerous move, Phil says, but you're Team #2. The other thing is, you're still racing.  Paparazzi reach the bridge and realize there's still a clue after theirs.

Reporters reach the mat in 3rd place, followed by Texas in 4th and ChacAttack in 5th.  Paparazzi hopes someone else messed up or Phil might be saying goodbye. Alabama is on their 11th attempt at the Detour.    Phil asks Chris if he has the strength to carry on as they reach the mat in 6th place. Do you have the strength to carry on, he asks, you look a little tired. I do, Chris assures him. So you're ready for anything? Yes. How about another leg? He hands them their next clue. 

On their 15th attempt, Denise still hasn't nailed it. Even her trainer looks frustrated. They've been there for hours and James Earl needs his mom to do this.  

Next week on The Amazing Race, as Denise and James Earl struggle to catch up, the race heads to Germany (no, Amsterdam, no Rotterdam) where teams get a crash course and the tension escalates between Justin and Diana.

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Leg Seven - Where Are We Again?




GO! Alabama is still stuck at the detour and Denise agrees to try only 2 more times before they switch to the seafood platter. Green Team is off to Rotterdam.  All teams are booked on the same train out of Gare Du Nord Station in Paris, France. Green finds a train leaving a few minutes earlier with standing-room only.

It's their 18th attempt and the local rappers applaud Team Alabama as they successfully complete their performance. Reporters reach the train station and find a train that goes through Brussels to Rotterdam. They are the only ones on it. Texas will be on the 3rd train leaving later in the evening. They kill some time checking out the scenery - the Eiffel Tower.

ChacAttack is on a 5:16pm train departing 3rd. Team Cheer joins them on the train. The French call it Rotterdam, we're lectured, but the locals call it Amsterdam.  Paparazzi show a postcard of a red tour boat that teams must find in Rotterdam. Logan says Amsterdam. Chris corrects him, Rotterdam. Texas has a couple crepes, some french beers.  

Alabama is exhausted as they reach Phil and the mat. You know the news is not good, Phil says, first on the last leg, last on this leg.  Unfortunately, James Earl says. The good new is you're still racing, Phil says, whipping out the last clue from his back pocket. James Earl doubles over in shock and relief rolls over her face. Right now, James Earl asks? Rip it and read it, Phil says.

That put a little pep in my step, James Earl says as Alabama heads for the train station.  Green arrives in Rotterdam and catches the tram to find the big red lighthouse boat. They reach the dock and the boat has a 5am opening tag. The last team is at 6:30am, so they know they have a 90m lead on the last team. They decide to find something fun to do in Rotterdam while they wait for the other teams to catch up.

Texas is waiting for their train but haven't seen any other teams. Alabama arrives at the station. Texas realizes they may have passed up an opportunity to get out early. Paparazzi is already on the train as Texas and Alabama board. Reporters are in Brussels and have to make a connection to another train to Rotterdam.

ChacAttack researches the Red Light Ship as their train pulls into Rotterdam Central Station. Cheers depart the train and it begins leaving the station. They are talking to someone from San Francisco, looking for the Amsterdam station. That's not Amsterdam, a local says, looking at a phone of the boat. That's in Rotterdam.  Where's Rotterdam? The previous stop, they are told.

Wait, Rick says, Rotterdam and Amsterdam are not the same? No, the local says. The train is nearing Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. They get off and have to run to the opposite track to catch a train going back to Rotterdam. They explain their situation to the porter. Cheers reach the boat and get the 5:15am time slot.  They can't believe they got there 2nd.

Rotterdam is not Amsterdam, Rick says, Rotterdam is not Amsterdam.  If there was a chalk board, he would be writing it 100 times. He points a finger to his head and pulls the trigger. Cindy doesn't say anything. They reach the boat and grab the 5:30am slot. The race has set up air mattresses on the boat for teams to crash until morning. Reporters arrive and grab the 5:45am slot.

Texas arrives in Rotterdam and runs to the trams.  Paparazzi and Alabama are behind them. Teams get a chance to catch up with each other. Reporters didn't know what to expect Rotterdam would be like. Cheer says they thought they were in Germany. You're being funny, right, asks Kelsey? No. Where do you think you are, asks Joey? We don't know they say.

Texas arrives and grabs 6am. Paparazzi arrives and gets 6:15am.  Alabama is the last to the boat and gets the final 6:30am slot. The sun rises and teams wake up. Rick's lip is really swollen - he thinks he was bit by a mosquito.

Team Green receives their clue and must make their way by water taxi at Kop Van Suid and head to the Kinderdijk Windmill Village.  Every step counts, Diana reads, the more you take, the higher the stakes. They say that despite their issues during the leg, they break it down after the leg and take fresh look for the next leg.

They go to a water taxi sign and the first water taxi leaves at 10am. This is not where they need to be. Cheer receives their clue. Justin wants to take a taxi but Diana wants to run. Green is on one side of a bridge, Cheer on the other as they race to the water taxi terminal. Are you looking at me because we didn't take a taxi, Diana asks? I'm just looking at you, Justin says. This is our chance to take the lead, Cheer says.

ChacAttack grabs a taxi to the water taxi terminal. Green is trying to find out where to go. Stop arguing with me and admit you made a wrong decision, Justin says. Which was what, Diana asks. Not taking a taxi, Justin says, was the wrong decision. Reporters grab a taxi.  Cheers reach the terminal on foot. ChacAttack arrives by taxi.  Green pulls up on foot.

Cheer get their water taxi to pull away from the dock before ChacAttack can get in. They grab the second one and Green is in the 3rd. We started the day arguing and making stupid decisions, Justin says. Can we drop it and move on, Diana asks? Texas departs 5th by taxi.

Cheer arrives at the Windmill village and hits a Roadblock: Who wants to pick the sunflowers? Krista does it. 26% of The Netherlands is below sea level and the centuries old windmills of Kinderdijk have played an important role in pumping the water out. In State Of The Art, teams must search the windmills for an exact replica of Van Gogh's famous Sunflower painting to receive their next clue.

Rick goes for ChacAttack and Justin for Green Team. Paparazzi departs the red boat.  Cheer studies the copy of the Sunflower painting inside one windmill.  The windmills are not close together, separated by long paths and lanes of water. It's about accuracy, Rick tells himself as he runs down the path, not about speed. Diana thinks she has the right painting and runs back to base.

Krista thinks she has the right one. Rick says none of them match. Diana is not correct and has to resume searching. Rick returns empty handed to study the painting again. Krista is also not correct and has to return the wrong painting to the windmill she got it from.

Paparazzi is in a taxi to the water taxi terminal. Reporters reach the Windmill Village and Joey does the Roadblock. Rick think he has the right painting and races back. Krista studies the match painting again. Rick is not correct. Alabama departs the red boat and takes a taxi to the water taxi terminal.

Krista makes her second attempt but it's still not correct. Diana thinks she has it this time. It's not correct. Joey says some are obviously not right. He's noted some key features to look for and thinks he has one that's right. Rick thinks he has a winner too.

Joey brings his first painting to the judge and it is correct.  Using their Fitbit, teams must calculate the difference between their highest heart rate recorded from their last leg and from this Roadblock.  They must then pick up that number of tulips and deliver them to the flower girl. Reporters make their calculation and come up with 19.

Texas reaches the Roadblock and Tanner does it. Rick picks the correct painting on his 2nd attempt. Krista thinks this has to be it as she carries a painting over her head. ChacAttack is looking for 21 tulips based on their hear rates. Team Cheer completes the Roadblock and Krista screams so loud a goat looks up.  7 years of college paid off, mom, she yells.

Team Green is not used to being this far back in the pack. They started with a 15m lead and have slipped into 5th place, passed by a team they had a 45m lead on. They put pressure on themselves because they expect to be the best - some of the other teams are just happy to be there.  Cheers do the math. Tanner brings his first painting to the judge. It's not correct.

Paparazzi reach the Windmill Village and Logan wants to do it. Chris says you saw the sweaty people. Maybe you should do it, he says. Hey you guys, the flower girl says to Team Reporters, sounding like she's from the southern Netherlands.  They count out their tulips. Congratulations, you guys, the girl says, handing them their next clue.

Teams must now take a water taxi to the Nolet Distillery, home of Ketel One Vodka to search for their next clue. Diana realizes she's never looked at the vase the flowers are in and is sure this is the right one. ChacAttack count out their tulips and receive their next clue. Cheer counted the right number of their tulips and head to the distillery.

Diana gets it right on her 3rd attempt.  Team Alabama arrives at the Roadblock and Denise says she wants to do it. Logan has the incorrect painting on her first attempt. Tanner hopes painting #3 is lucky and it is. Denise thinks she has the lucky painting. Please, please, please she begs as she hands it to the judge.

It's not correct, the judge tells Denise, handing her the forgery back. Thank you very much, the outgoing flower girl tells Team Green after receiving their tulips, and look what I have for you! Texas calculates 152-128 = 32 (24 actually). They do the math again and get 26. The third attempt gets them to 22. Finally they arrive at the correct number, 24.

Reporters arrive at the distillery and pass Phil as they collect their clue from the distiller. Joey and Kelsey are taking their shot at the lead, Phil says, and will be the first team to captain a ship in Rotterdam's busy harbor or skip their way through a double-dutch routine. It's a Detour.

In Ship, teams must maneuver their way through Rotterdam's busy harbor using a training simulator that throws a storm to locate 2 specific ships in under 5 minutes. Skip requires teams to jump while performing a clapping routine. If they stay in step for the whole rhyme, the jump judge will hand them their next clue.

Reporters choose Ship. ChacAttack also chooses Ship.  Tanner hands the 24th tulip to the flower girl who blushes and wishes the boys luck. Team Cheer arrives at the Detour and chooses to Skip. Denise finds the correct painting on her 3rd attempt and completes the Roadblock. Logan finds it on her 4th attempt.  Both Alabama and Paparazzi calculate how many tulips they need.

Team Green hits the Detour and chooses Ship. While Reporters and Cheers caught a tram, ChacAttack looked for a bus, but there's a 30m wait. They ask a local to call them a taxi. Alabama delivers their tulips, followed by Paparazzi. Texas reaches the Distillery and chooses the Ship Detour.

Reporters arrive at the office building with the training simulator and are introduced to the exercise - Joey is the Captain and Kelsey the Navigator because Kelsey is a horrible driver, Joey says. They learn how to use the controls and the touch-screen radar and think they have the right idea.

Cheer is on foot as Green passes by them on a tram. Texas joins them as they wait for the next tram. ChacAttack is waiting for the bus. Rick says he grew up in a traditional house and it's difficult for him to give up control but he's learning to let some of that chauvinism go. The training room powers up for Reporters where they receive their mission objective. They have 180 degrees of screens around a wide console.

Kelsey finds the target ship on the radar and Joey makes his way to the ship. They must now dock in huge virtual waves.  They run out of time and the simulator goes dark. They must go back to training and try again. Green arrives at the simulator as Reporters fill in the knowledge gaps. They go for a second try as Green goes through the training program.

Reporters safely deliver their pilot to the target ship, but receive a mayday call and must rescue a ship. They spot the flares but run out of time. Back to training. Green goes in for their first simulation, Justin playing the Captain and Diana the Navigator. Reporters are convinced Green is going to jump back into the lead. Green delivers their pilot and receive their distress call. Diana can't find the ship and they fail the mission.

ChacAttack is still waiting on the bus as Cindy just hopes they aren't last. Rick says a negative attitude doesn't help the race. Neither does sitting here waiting, Cindy retorts. They are learning relationships take a lot of compromise. They board the bus.  Paparazzi reach the Distillery and choose Ship, as does Alabama.

Team Cheer reaches the Double-Dutch Detour by the waterside and begin learning the hand-clapping choreography. They are performers and know how to learn things quick.  They tangled up in the rope on their first attempt but don't want to practice - they go again. On their 3rd attempt, Reporters deliver their pilot and come within seconds of completing their rescue but fail.

Cheer practices - the routine runs 45 seconds and they lose concentration after 20.  Green Team completes their pilot deliver and heads out to their rescue mission. ChacAttack arrive at the Millennium Tower for the ship simulator. Team Cheer completes the Detour on their 2nd attempt. They must travel by train from Rotterdam to The Haag and find the Peace Palace, the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.

Cheers look for a tram then must take a train. Green spots their ship in distress and complete the Detour with 3 seconds remaining on the clock. They worked as a team, Justin says, and did what they do. Reporters go in for their 4th attempt. ChacAttack begins their training. Paparazzi and Alabama are on the same tram as they race to the tower housing the training simulator.

Reporters deliver their pilot and rescue their ship and complete the Detour with 7 seconds to spare. Texas, Alabama, ChacAttack and Paparazzi are all preparing for their simulation. Texas goes in for the delivery and rescue and are confused and overwhelmed. ChacAttack also fail on their first attempt. Green boards the train to the Haag.  Cheer arrives at the station for their tickets.

Reporters realize Hagoo is the Haag. Paparazzi are standing around in the simulator not realizing their mission already started. Logan is the Navigator and Chris the Captain. They fail and Alabama heads in for their first try. Texas and ChacAttack are sitting outside the simulator room waiting their turn.  James Earl is navigating for Captain Denise.

Green gets on their next tram. ChacAttack go for their second mission attempt but run out of time. Texas does better on their 2nd attempt but still let their rescue boat sink. Paparazzi goes for their 2nd attempt. Justin and Diana have drawn a crowd of locals as they reach the Pit Stop.  Phil is pleased to tell them this is their 4th win, the are Team #1.

Phil asks if they know why they were keeping track of their steps. Justin has 14234 steps and Diana has 17,639 steps. Fitbit is going to turn your 31,873 into dollars, Phil announces.  We're getting married, Justin cries as he and Diana hug, that means we're paying for the wedding! Phil checks their heart rates - Justin is 89 and Diana is 74. Phil says Fitbit is giving them an 89 min couples massage during the pit stop.

Reporters and Cheers are racing to The Haag. Kelsey and Joey reach the mat first but Phil tells Krista and Tiffany they are the most improved. Texas completes their mission and heads for the Pit Stop. Paparazzi completes their mission and heads for the Pit Stop. It's Alabama's third attempt and they deliver their pilot. ChacAttack waits outside the simulator hoping they get a chance to beat them.

Denise and James Earl operate as a smooth experienced team as ChacAttack just hopes for the best. The clock ticks down and with 4 seconds to go, they get it. ChacAttack attack the simulation on their 3rd attempt. Texas reaches the train station. Paparazzi gets on the train. ChacAttack completes the Detour.  Alabama has their tickets for the 11:40am train.

ChacAttack catches up to Alabama at the station. Texas reaches the Pit Stop in 4th place. What country are you in, Phil asks. Tanner looks at Josh - we're still in the Netherlands, right? Last time I said Spain, he laughs. The heat is the same, the local greeter says.

ChacAttack have a train leaving in 2 minutes but which one's faster? Alabama's is a direct trip but doesn't leave for another 7m; the other train has 2 stops.  ChacAttack gets on the train leaving first.  Alabama gambles on the express train. Right after the first train pulls out, the second train gets a +10 flag on the track display. We're done, James Earl says.

ChacAttack gets off their train and races to the tram to the Peace Palace. Paparazzi check in with Phil as Team #5.  Alabama arrive and races off their train only to have to wait for tram. ChacAttack don't see their stop on the tram's monitor. They talk to some local girls who tell Rick the tram is going to the beach.  You are not on Tram 1, they say, you're on Tram 9.  

The only saving grace we might have, James Earl tells his mom, is if someone messed up more than we did. Alabama boards Tram 1.  ChacAttack gets off their tram and boards Tram 1.  Team Alabama reaches the Pit Stop mat. Hey Phil, James Earl says dejectedly.  You know exactly what I'm going to say, Phil says.  You are the last team to arrive and we've been eliminated from the race, James Earl says.

I want to stop you right there, Phil says, and James Earl has a look of surprise. You're not the last team to arrive, Phil says, you are still in the race. Mom and son hug each other in emotional release.

Team Alabama is still standing at the mat as ChacAttack arrive.  Cindy and Rick, I'm sorry to tell you, you are the last team to arrive. Unfortunately, you have been eliminated from the race. It's been great, Cindy says.  We did the best we could, Rick says. Rick is my soulmate, Cindy says, no one's perfect but I love him with all his idiosyncrasies. Now that we're done with The Amazing Race, we're going to start the next chapter - starting a family.

Next week on The Amazing Race, it's a hard day's work for Justin and Diana, and as others struggle on the streets of Cracow, Logan and Chris are at it again. The next leg of The Amazing Race is only 7 days away!

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Leg Eight - Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's To The Detour We Go





Justin says the only way Diana could let him down is if he quits. Team Grean departs first at 10:10pm to Krackow, Poland. They will be the only team on their flight, booked through the Travelocity mobile app. In Kracow, they must search for a pool on a barge.  Justin is excited to use a phone.

Team Green takes a cab to the the Amsterdam airport, confident in their preparation. Reporters depart 10:23pm and Team Cheers depart 10:24pm.  Texas departs 11:34pm.  Paparazzi departs 12:11am and Alabama departs 12:36am.  Team Green will have about a 70m lead on the other teams, who will be racing for 2nd place.

Green lands in Poland, grabs a taxi to Krackow Beach. They find the barge and realize the clue is tied to a brick at the bottom of the cargo hold - which is a pool.  Detour: Mine or Music? In Mine, teams must travel 1000' under ground, deliver timber used to strengthen the mine's passages, fill up a mining car with salt and push it through the tunnel. In Music, teams must learn to accompany a violinist, then muscle their piano to a performance area and earn 100 Zloty.  

Green chooses the salt mines. The second flight lands and teams race for the water. Alabama is the first team out but their driver isn't in any hurry, letting the other cabs pass. Texas says they know their weakness is the Cheers and they're done following them - it always ends up badly for them.  

Green arrives at the salt mine and changes into appropriate work clothes. They descend into the ground of the 700yr old salt mine.  Justin grabs the wood beam and carries it down the shaft, which is further than they thought. They begin shoveling salt blocks into a wheelbarrow then dump it into a train bin.

The other teams reach the pool.  Chris says he'll go but when he stops to take off his shoes, Logan just jumps right in.  Josh jumps in for Texas, fully clothed.  Joey goes for Reporters and James Earl Alabama. Paparazzi chooses Mine as does Texas. Alabama chooses music. Reporters choose Music. Cheers choose Music.

Paparazzi tries to waive down a taxi with no luck. Texas is also trying to waive down a taxi. Alabama and Cheer are told Music is about a 15m walk so they hoof it. Neither Paparazzi nor Texas can get a taxi. Chris and Logan race across the busy highway to get a taxi.  Reporters and Texas still trying to find one.

Reporters get a taxi, leaving Texas still trying to waive a cab down.  They are wandering the neighborhood looking for a taxi. Green finishes loading their salt bin and then struggle to push the heavy car down the tracks in the mine shaft.

Reporters reach Music, choose a violinist and begin learning their piano routine. Each has to play the piece. Green completes the Detour and must make their way to the Oskar Schindler Factor, where Oskar Schindler was able to protect and save the lives of over 1000 Jewish workers and their families during the Holocaust.  You may have seen the movie...

Cheers arrive at Music and begin learning their piano diddy. Alabama also arrives at Music, Denise reminiscing how she made James Earl take piano growing up - he hasn't played in 13 years though.  Texas reaches a hotel and they call cab.  Paparazzi descend into the mine, pick up their timber pole and begin walking.

Texas gets their cab and hopes they can get through it fast. Reporters are ready to perform and try to excite the crowd to follow them as they push their piano down the cobblestone paved street.  Alabama completes their rehearsal and begins pushing their piano.

Green reaches the factory museum and are taken by a guide who explains the history of Oskar Schindler, after which they take a moment of reflection in his office where the names of over 12,000 Jews he saved are listed in memorium.  Both Justin and Diana tear up, recalling they both have Jewish ancestors who were not saved.  

Teams must now make their way to the Jewish Quarter.  Cheers are ready to move their piano to the performance square. Alabama has difficulty navigating the cobblestones. Cheer loses pieces of their piano and has to stop and put it back together. They are accompanied by their violinist who cannot help.

Paparazzi delivers their pole and begins shoveling salt.  Chris't lift the barrel into the train bin (by himself) so he dumps it out (Logan had just filled it) and begins shoveling into the bin.  That seems like extra work, Logan says.  Texas gets directions to the mine and run but it's the wrong mine.

Green hits a Road Block: Who can handle a big order? Teams must identify and deliver a restaurant tray made up of 13 food items from 6 different Jewish dishes.  Justin does the Roadblock, then realizes he has no idea what these dishes are.  His grandfather loved Gefilta fish and he knows Latkes.

Reporters reach their performance location. Alabama reaches their performance location. Cheers reach their location. Kelsey is quick to beg for Zlotey and raise 40 out of 100, get up to 63 while Joey plays. James Earl is playing while Denise gives out hugs for Zlotey. Cheer has zero money raised.

In the mine, Paparazzi finish filling their train bin and then push it down the track in the shaft. Texas wanders around the empty wrong mine. Justin looks for the restaurant first, the Klezmer-Hois, the has a local describe to him what each of the food items are.  

Kelsey is now playing the piano and Joey gets more tips from older women.  He says it's his temperament.  He really means his square-jawed boyish face. Cheers have raised 18 Zloty.  Reporters are up to 85.  Kelsey gets a 20 and they complete the Roadblock. Denise is now on the piano and James Earl is begging for any bit of money.

A pretty girl asks him how much he needs.  They have 85ish.  Do you want me to give you the rest, she asks, and then you can go Yes, James Earl says, taking the money and completing the Roadblock.  Texas finds the correct mine entrance and heads down into the mine, as Paparazzi exits the elevator.

Cheer still has only 20 Zloty, wearing their frustration on their face. They switch roles but still no luck.  They turn on the tears and grow their take to 35, hope for a group of guys they can kiss for Zloty. Texas quickly carries their log and begins shoveling the salt.  They load their bin.

Justin puts his tray together and thinks he has it all together and carries the tray to the judges at the restaurant. Reporters tour the Oskar Schindler Factory museum, refecting on the meaning and impact of the moment.  Alabama receives their tour, overwhelmed by how many names were saved.

Cheers find their men and have raised 83 Zloty, Tiffany doling out kisses for money.  They reach 100 (including some dollar bills) and complete the Detour.  Crazy girls, laughs their musician.  Texas is running on adrenaline, breezing through the Roadblock.

Justin passes Diana as he delivers his tray of food and he has it all right.  Search for Phil in the Kleizmer house.  This is it, they recognize and head inside to the Pit Stop where locals are dancing to a Kleizmer band. Mazel Tov, Phil says, they are Team #1, their 3rd win in a row, and they win a trip to Shanghai, China.  Phil reveals there's a U-Turn in the next leg of the race.

Reporters reach the Roadblock and Kelsey takes it.  James thinks it's eating and takes it.  Kelsey has a nearby waiter describe the dishes while James Earl borrow a phone to look up the dishes by name.  Cheers tour the Oskar Schindler Museum, as do Paparazzi. Half Chris's family is Jewish and is moved by the experience.

Texas completes the Detour and ascends to the surface. They grab a taxi to the factory. James Earl and Kelsey decide to work together. Cheers reach the Roadblock. Reporters complete the Roadblock followed by Alabama and they both rush inside, teams #2 and #3.  How are you going to slow down Justin and Diana, Phil asks?

Tiffany is doing the Roadblock for Cheer and the tray is really heavy as she searches for the restaurant. Paparazzi arrive and Chris wants to do it because Logan has done 2 in a row. Logan says she should do it because she used to this for a living. I can do this, he says.  No you can't, she says.  He heads off and she reminds him he needs the list of food items.

Tiffany doesn't have the right food items on her tray and has to carry it back.  Texas experiences the Oskar Schindler Factory museum and it puts their race worries into perspective. Whoever saves one life saves the world.

Tiffany gets help from a local with a phone. Chris tries to channel his Jewish grandmother. He delivers his tray but it's no good and he goes back for more research.  Tiffany tries again as Texas arrives at the Roadblock. Josh used to wait tables but this is a whole different ballgame.  

Tiffany tries again but is told her tray is not OK, it's bad.  She has to carry the heavy tray back and try again.  Chris gets descriptions of the food from local restaurateurs and returns to the kitchen. Tiffany offers to work with Josh. They snag a local cell phone and look up the food items by picture.

Chris thinks he has it gives it a second shot.  He does and Paparazzi have completed the Roadblock.  Tanner and Krista watch them go inside to the Pit Stop as they realize one of them will be going home.  

Josh tells Tiffany to go first because she was here first as they take their tray to the judge.  They realize Chris already go it and indedd they check in with Phil as Team #4.  Josh is going faster than Tiffany but slows down so she can go first. Staying true to who they are is important in the race, he says, but it tests you.

Tiffany completes the Roadblock and Cheer heads inside to the Pit Stop.  Texas completes the Roadblock and goes in after but there is no time to overtake the Cheers.  Tiffany and Krista are in tears as they get 5th place. Josh and Tanner are stoic in their disappointment.  The girls deserved it, Josh says and he gets no argument from Tanner.

We're so close with the boys, Cheer says, and we wanted to stay to the end with them.  Well, Phil says, I'm pleased to tell you that you can because this is a non-elimination leg, and you're still in the race! A wave of relief washes over Texas's faces and Cheers jump into their arms.

However, Phil says, I have to tell you there will be a speed bump during the next leg of the race.  Bring it, says a newly energized Josh. Plus there's a U-Turn, Phil adds. They are in unfamiliar territory coming in last but will make the most of the opportunities they have.

Next week on The Amazing Race, the chaos of India makes for a tight squeeze for Kelsey and Joey.  And with the U-Turn in play, the Paparazzi become targets.

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Leg Nine - Who Turn U-Turn?



GET SET!  Team Texas talks to the Cheerleaders about the upcoming U-Turn. If Justin and Diana use it, whomever they turn will probably end up leaving. We're already at a disadvantage with the speed bump, they say. Cheers are mad because they've been so close.  They think they're due for some amazing karma tomorrow.

GO! Justin and Diana are the first team to depart at 10:04pm, flying to New Delhi, India.  They must take a taxi to the New Delhi railway station and catch a 6am train to Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. Their next clue is by the banks of the river.  Caution, U-Turn ahead.  They expect to be U-Turned if they don't get there first.

Reporters depart at 12:58am.  They hope to get in front of Team Green so they can U-Turn them. Team Alabama departs at 12:59am. Team Paparazzi departs at 1:50am. Team Cheer departs at 2:02am.  They already used up their one U-Turn per race in Zimbabwe on Leg 5.  Reporters and Alabama catch up with Green in the airport.

James Earl mentions to Justin that the Texas boys were last this past leg and Justin plants the seed, anyone who U-Turns them will probably send them home.  He laughs maniacally. Teams land in India.  Texas is the first to exit the airport, stepping through the sleeping people at the train station.  Alabama picks their way through to the platform.

Paparazzi asks Green of tjeu are in agreement to U-Turn Texas. Definitely, Justin asks why. They're already in the back, Diana says. I think you should get rid of people trying to get rid of you guys, Justin says. We're not that big a risk, Chris says. That's not the only reason to U-Turn someone, Justin says. Is it true the Cheers can't U-Turn now, Logan asks?  Green act stunned at this info as Logan explains the Cheers U-Turned Green back in Leg 5. Don't tell them we told you, she says. Cheers walk up and Green offers to walk them out through the mass of sleeping Indians. You might have messed up there, Chris tells Logan.  Justin tells Cheers Chris was talking smack about them, threw them under the bus. What, Cheers say, denying it.

Cheers lead Green back to Paparazzi to confront them. Why are you saying you U-Turned them.  I didn't say it, Chris says defensively while Green quietly stands back in amusement.  It was not said like that, Chris says. It's gonna put a target on someone, Christa say, maybe you for doing that. Chris says you stirred it up, trying to make it seem like we were doing something sneaky. I just went to the source, Justin says.  That settles that, nobody used the U-Turn, Diana says.  That was really stupid, Chris tells Logan.

After traveling almost 3500 miles from Europe, teams now face sensory overload in Agra, India as teams get into their Tut Tuts and brace themselves for the fast and seemingly wreckless rides to the riverside. There's a cow in the middle of the street. Teams reach the Yamanu river and hit a Detour, Cheers first to the clue.  Roadblock: Who's ready for laundry day?

India has the largest outdoor laundries in the world and this one on the banks of the Yamuna River is about the size of 6 football fields. In Coming Out In The Wash, teams must choose a bicycle of dirty laundry and wheel it to a wash tub, then wash their load Indian style. Once their saris are laid out to dry, they'll get their next clue.

Krista goes for Cheers. Chris goes for Paparazzi. Denise goes for Alabama. Krista has trouble moving he laundry trike and rolls down the hill crashing into the riverside dirt.  Denise has local help to get started. Texas sends Tanner and Reporters send Joey. Texas hits the Speed Bump - both Tanner and Josh have to perform the Roadblock. Diana goes for Green, the last team to get started.

Teams are dragging their trikes through the thick sand, Chris first to his wash tub.  The locals silently show the teams how to fold the laundry and place it into the wash tub. Josh can't see what Tanner is doing so he has no clue and can only wait. It's very hot and Josh frets as Tanner tries to go as fast as he can, hoping they can catch up at the Detour.

Joey says his mother likes doing his laundry but assures us he can do his own. Denise begins singing If You're Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands.  If you're not going to u-turn us, let us know, Tanner echos to crickets. Diana says they don't plan on it. No one admits to planning on it. Krista is chased away from her tub by a bug.

Sari's knotted, teams stroke the pot to wash the clothes then take the wet Saris to lay them out to dry by the sandy riverside with the help of their local wash man.  Denise's back is killing her and James Earl feels bad for her having to do these physical tasks at her age. Cows come by to check out the teams' work.

Reporters complete the Roadblock, followed by Paparazzi and both teams make their way to the Hanuman Temple in a bazaar and get a blessing for their next clue. Green completes the Roadblock.  Tanner completes the Roadblock and it's Josh's turn.  Tanner tells Cheers someone has to turn Green. They hope Reporters can make it.

At the temple, Reporters get their blessing, a dot on their forehead, and clue: Detour. In Cans, teams must load a cargo bike with 120 oil cans then deliver them through the chaotic streets to an oil company. In Candy, teams must cut and wash one man of pumpkin, about 90lbs, then deliver 2 completed batches to a candy store.    Reporters choose cans.

Paparazzi choose Candy. Green chooses Cans. Alabama completes the Roadblock. Texas is tying up Josh's sari's in the Speed Bump. Denise is exhausted and James Earl is so proud of her. At least we beat the boys, she says, keeping it in perspective. Reporters go to wrong place and their tuk tuk driver gets directions. Green arrives at the can location and begins stacking.

Justin figures the cans have to be stacked 5 high.  Paparazzi arrives at the Candy detour and Chris quickly gives Logan instructions.  Cheers receive their blessing and choose Candy. Alabama chooses Candy. Josh completes the wash and begins the dry cycle. A parade passes by Green as they continue stacking their cart.  Reporters arrive and begin stacking their cart as Green finishes theirs.  Paparazzi bicker over who is doing what. Cheers and Alabama arrive. Cheers take turns cutting so neither gets tired. Just keep my name out of your mouth, Logan tells Chris. Josh completes the Speed Bump and race off to the bazaar to local applause.

How much are we supposed to do, James Earl asks, cutting up melon. One man, his mother tells him. I don't know what a man is, James Earl says ironically. Paparazzi goes to weigh their pot. I know what I'm doing, Chris says, as they wash their cuttings then drain and weigh them. Not enough, the judge says.   This is not my idea of making candy, Logan says.

Texas chooses Candy. Green has tied off their stack of cans and heads out into the busy street.   They are cut off and blocked by local traffic but reach their destination and begin unloading. Reporters complete their stacking and head off, trying not to run over anyone or anything in the process.  

Paprazzi weigh again and have enough cuttings and head off with their delivery. Texas reaches the detour and decide to cut their melons thick so it'll go faster. Green completes the Detour and must now head to Bijlighar Chowraha Roundabout where the U-Turn awaits. Green races out, telling Reporters the destination is right across from the gas station.

Reporters begin unloading, having to re-stack as the cans fall off the cart. Green gets into their tut tut and heads off. Reporters complete the Detour and head off to the Roundabout. Paparazzi deliver their candy and head to the Roundabout.  Green's tut tut doesn't know where they are going and the driver stops for directions.

We have to U-Turn, Reporters say. We want to U-Turn the Green Team, Paparazzi says. Green is lost.  There's no Google here. Their driver gets the address and they head out.  Green, Reporters and Paparazzi reach the round-about and have to search to find the U-Turn. Green arrives first and chooses not to U-Turn anyone.

Teams must now search the grounds of the Moonlight Garden in Agra for the Pit Stop, hidden in a corner of a garden on the other side of the Yamuna River from the Taj Mahal. They say they would only use the U-Turn to save themselves. Reporters choose to U-Turn Texas to make sure they are safe. Paparazzi reaches the U-Turn and realizes they're still stuck with the Green Team. Alabama completes their weigh-in and heads out with their delivery.  That leaves Cheers and Texas at the Candy Detour.

Green arrives at the Pit Stop. The local is shaving someone near the mat, then comes over to welcome them before returning to his shaving. Phil says Justin and Diana, you are Team #1 again. They have won a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. Honeymoon, Justin says, kissing the bride.  You have completely dominated, Phil says. We work well together, Diana says. It's a dream come true, Justin says, with 6 legs won, but the record's 8.

Reporters reach the Pit Stop. Phil says they are so close, Team #2. Paparazzi arrive in 3rd place. Chris isn't very happy and says Green rubbed them wrong. Reporter add that if they had the opportunity they would have taken Green out. Cheers complete their weigh-in and head out with their candy delivery. Texas was moving really fast and completed their weigh-in.

Alabama reaches the U-Turn and heads to the Pit Stop. The boys are gone, Alabama says, there's no way. Cheers realize Texas has been U-Turned. They can't believe Reporters did that. Texas reaches the U-Turn and sees Reporters U-Turned them.  Worst leg ever they say as they head to the Cans Detour.  

Are you sure this is Moonlight Garden, James Earl asks as their Tut Tut driver drops them off. Then you don't have to wait for us, he says as they leave to search for Phil.  Cheers arrive at the Pit Stop, surprised to find they are in 4th place. James Earl is carrying his mom's backpack as they search long and hard before asking for help. A local points them further down the road.

Texas is stacking their cans as Alabama continues to search fruitlessly for the Pit Stop. Someone could have gotten loss, Texas says, crazier things have happened. Alabama is sure they are close. Texas rides their cans to the gas station where they unload. Alabama doesn't think they are in the right spot and they look for a tut tut who knows where to go.

Texas completes the U-Turn to the applause of the locals and head back to the Roundabout. Alabama finally finds someone who tells them the Moonlight garden is 5-6km from there. Have a nice day, the local says. They get in a tut tut. Do you think the boys have done the other detour yet, James Earl asks? They're strong, Denise says.  Texas heads to the Pit Stop.

Both Alabama and Texas are racing to the Pit Stop.  Texas isn't quitting. They're not even mad. The local is still shaving as Phil tells Denise and James Earl they've looked better but they are Team #5.  They made it. James Earl says he knows her mom is twice the age of the others but she's keeping up with them. They check the Fitbit: her heart rate is 132 and she's run 11 miles today.  She's ready for another leg.

Josh and Tanner reach the Pit Stop and Phil says this was not your day. I'm sorry to tell you that you're the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race. Their ownly chance was if another team beat Green to the U-Turn and none did.  Two boys from Texas couldn't get it done. They apologize to Texas.

Next week on The Amazing Race, it's India, Round 2. Logan and Chris crash a party and Tiffany has a blowout.

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Leg 10 - Balloons Over Agra





Justin and Diana depart at 5:10am and must travel by tut tut to Kachora Bazaar. Get ready for a U-Turn. Green isn't worried and has their sights set on a record 8 first place finishes. They head out and think about U-Turning Chris and Logan, convinced they lied about Cheers U-Turning them earlier in the race (it was true).

Reporters depart at 5:15pm, their third 2nd place finish in a row. They draw a crowd trying to find where the Bazaar is located.  Chris started vomiting a few hours before Paparazzi departed at 5:23pm.  They are going to just try and push through it. Reporters head out when they see Paparazzi coming, worried Green will U-Turn them since they've already used their one U-Turn in the race.

Paparazzi gets in their tuk tuk hoping they aren't U-Turned. Green arrives at the Bazaar and hits a Roadblock. In Full of Hot Air, teams must blow up balloons (with helium) and fill a giant net, then carrying them on the back of a bike to a wedding party planner. Who's full of hot air? Justin says that's him. A large crowd watches him filling up balloon after balloon. Nothing better than helping people get married, Justin says.

Cheers depart at 6pm, confident they could win the race. All that counts is winning the last leg. Justin begins struggling with tying off the balloons but says only in India could you draw a crowd filling up balloons. Every time he looses one, the crowd groans. Reporters arrive, followed by Paparazzi. Joey says he's full of hot air now and at home.  Logan takes the clue and says it's her and won't even show it to Chris. It's all you, he acquiesces.

Justin suggests to Joey that they U-Turn Alabama or Paparazzi, unaware Reporters cannot use the U-Turn this leg. They settle on Paparazzi to help Reporters out. Alabama departs 6:28am. Even the Green Team is beatable, Denise says. Chris tells Logan to speed it up and she tells him to get as far away from her as possible. This isn't what I had in mind being part of a wedding, she says. This is probably not the best time to get down on one knee (and propose), Chris says. We could both enjoy getting married in the future at the right time, he says. She smiles silently.

Justin completes inflating his balloons and starts biking them across a busy bridge.  While she waits for him to return, Diana starts giving kids (and a few adults) wash-off tattoos for fun. Logan is having problems keeping her balloons in the net as the kids laugh. She says Chris has an angry face when he gets stressed out and his cold and sickness isn't making him any better. Joey says he's thrown a few water balloons in his day but he was having trouble tying the knot on the balloons. Hopefully no judgement on the future, but some day he says as Kelsey laughs and holds up her empty ring finger.

Justin reaches the wedding party planner and delivers his balloons. He heads back on the bike at high speed. Green completes the Roadblock, dancing obnoxiously. Teams must now make their way to the Goyal Book Store where the U-Turn awaits. Joey completes his inflation and heads out for his delivery. Chris urges Logan to do it smarter as she continues to struggle and another balloon pops.

The road rage is insane, Joey says as he delivers his balloons. Cheers arrive at the Roadblock and Tiffany does it. Joey returns and Reporters head to the book store. A million dollars, Logan keeps telling herself. Her balloons keep popping as the net gets tangle don the bike. Tiffany sees this and holds the pole on her shoulder to protect her balloons.  Chris is ready to pass out as Logan finally fills her net and heads out to deliver her balloons.

Alabama arrives at the Roadblock and Denise tells James Earl he's doing it. Logan has no breaks as she delivers her balloons and returns.  Krista points out that a monkey is watching them. James Earl struggles getting the balloons in the net. Don't U-Turn us, Krista asks Denise, we would never do that to you.  Paparazzi heads to the book store.  

Green reaches the bazaar and starts chanting hey to rev up the crowd. Or because Justin saw Phil introducing the first 3rd U-Turn in Amazing Race history. They choose to U-Turn Chris and Logan and then hit a Detour.  In Bring The Groom, one team member must carry a heavy electric candelabra for a wedding parade, the other must push a generator on wheels and follow the groom to his waiting bride and their next clue.  

Kids love to play everywhere in the world and one way to entertain them at a wedding is with a portable playground. In Bring The Fun, teams must deliver a popular carnival ride through a busy street and give 8 children a ride to receive their next clue. Green chooses to Bring the Fun.  They say they U-Turned Paparazzi to save Reporters and Cheers.

Reporters reach the bookstore and see they are U-Turned. They choose Bring the Groom. They say they'll work with Green from here on out since they kept their word. James Earl is majorly struggling with the nets, which gets hooked on the bike, his fanny pack. He finally straightens it out as Krista tries to teach the locals to cheer Tiffany. It's dark out as Tiffany heads out on the bike, leaving James Earl alone inflating the balloons.

The sun is setting in the background and Tiffany is rattled by others seemingly trying to run her off the bridge. Someone bumps into her and tears the net and her balloons start popping and floating away.  She thinks it was malicious but the wedding party planner gives her the clue anyway when she arrives. She hugs him in tears.

Green arrives at the detour location, checks the wheels, and begins pushing the carnival ride half a mile down a busy street, forming a parade with kids following. Reporters arrive at the other detour location and picks the groom on a horse.  Joey starts the generator which pumps out a thick exhaust. When the lights are lit, Kelsey picks up the candelabra and the processional begins.

Tiffany returns with the clue and wishes James Earl luck.  Paparazzi reaches the book store and finds they have been U-Turned. They know they have to move fast now. They won't be inviting Green to Miami any time soon. They fight over whether Chris is being an ass as they race to the first detour. James Earl leaves with his balloons but it's dark and Denise is worried about him. He delivers his balloons and heads back safely.  She doesn't like being out there with so many people at night.

Cheers reaches the bazaar and searches for the bookstore through the bedlam that's the bazaar at night. They see Green U-Turned Paparazzi and were happy it wasn't them. They choose Bring The Groom and hope he's cute. They run with the local kids but have to get into a tut tut to escape the crowd.  

Reporters are dripping in sweat but it was better to be following the groom than leading him.  Kelsey says her wedding won't be this elaborate and hopefully Joey won't be so sweaty. Green has to navigate around a cow.  Paparazzi choose a smaller carnival ride. Chris stops for directions but Logan says they don't have time for that. It's Logan's turn to order Chris around as he was dehydrated and suffering from his illness.

Green delivers their carnival ride to the wedding where kids are waiting. 8 climb in and they push the kids back and forth on the swing. I can't wait to be a dad, Justin says, but until then we have to use other peoples' kids to get the joy. They complete the Detour and are instructed to check the party for Phil and check in for their next Pit Stop.

The party is massive as they duck through the tents, followed by a mass of children. We brought some friends, Phil, Justin says as they reach the mat.  Looks to me you're enjoying yourself and surrounded by children. That's the best part, Diana says. Justin and Diana, Phil says, you are Team #1 for the 5th time in a row and need 2 more to break the record. They also each win $5000.

Reporters bring the groom to the wedding party and deliver him to the bride to complete the Detour. The groom looks like he's never seen the bride before and was apparently chewing gum.  They search for Phil and the Pit Stop.  They find him also surrounded by kids.  What a race, Phil says, you're Team #2, congratulations. We can't get in front of these guys, Joey says. We're talking minutes here, Phil says encouragingly. They are confident if they keep doing what they're doing they'll turn 2nd place into 1st place.

Alabama reaches the U-Turn and are relieved to not see their faces. They think Green was trying to help them with the U-Turn.  They pick the Bring The Groom Detour. The kids climb all over their tut tut as they pull away. Paparazzi deliver their carnival ride to the wedding.  Just park it, Logan says. We have to give them rides, Chris says. You park it and they ride it, she says. Right here, she screams as he tries to figure out where it should go.  He insists they line it up next to another ride. She tells him they have to be nice to each other in front of the kids.

Paparazzi load the ride with 8 kids and they push them longer than they have to because it's so much fun. They head back out of the wedding party to return to the U-Turn.  Cheers arrive at the detour and choose their wedding part. They put the handle on the generator and try to wind it up admit the local laughter.  The handle spins off. They put it on again but struggle to kick start their generator.

The groom patiently waits atop his horse and the generator finally kicks off, illuminating the candelabra. Let the wedding parade begin! Paparazzi arrive in time to see the Cheers departing and realize they're still in this. They pick a groom and Chris spins up the generator. Logan grabs the lights and they head down the road.  

Alabama reaches the wedding party and chooses a groom.  James Earl starts the generator and Denise grabs the candelabra. They trade because the lights were so heavy. They saw Paparazzi and know they just have to dig deep and push hard. Cheers struggle with the weight and the procession was so long. Chris is sweating, Tiffany shaking, Logan almost drops the lights, Chris almost loses a shoe. This is a messed up wedding party, Denise says.  Krista has to fend off a young man who maybe is offering help.  

Cheers arrive at the wedding party and deliver the groom to the same bride. They search the party for Phil. Paparazzi reach the wedding party and Chris wants to bring in the cart with the generator but Logan emphatically tells him to leave it there. They escort yet another groom to the bride. They complete the Detour and begin searching for the Pit Stop.

Cheers are chased by the kids as they race to the Pit Stop and give the local greeter a demonstration of their moves. Paparazzi are scrambling, looking around the party. This is no time to slack off, Logan says. Stop yelling, I'm looking, Chris says. Maybe the party's outside, Logan says. That's the cue for the kids to latch on as they duck under a tent flap and find Phil.

Oh no, Cheers say as they see Paparazzi coming at them.  We did two, Logan gasps. We did the U-Turn, Chris explains. You serious, Cheers say? That's like a record. I am please to tell you, Phil tells them, you are both still in the Amazing Race. They embrace each other in relief.  

The final wedding party arrives with Alabama. They complete the Detour and reach the Pit Stop. We're last, James Earl realizes as he sees Paparazzi and Cheers with Phil on the mat.  We tried, Denise says.

Denise and James Earl, Phil says, you can see the other teams have arrived. I'm very sorry to tell you that you are the last team to arrive and unfortunately have been eliminated from the race.  Yes, Denise says, resigned. Can you tell me what this meant to you, Phil asks? We reconnected, James Earl says, and I learned she's a lot tougher than she looks. I would have to agree with that, Phil says, and she keeps smiling through it all, this isn't easy.  It's not easy, Denise agrees, but we're here together and that's something to smile about.

When we came to the race, James Earl says, we had started mending the issues of the disconnect between me being gay and her religion and her acceptance of it. I think the race has brought us so close, he says, tearing up, what more can you ask for? I realized he's the same person as when he was born, Denise says, the same exact person. I love him unconditionally.  Cheers give them a big hug and James Earl tell them and Paparazzi to kill it as they walk off, confirming they love each other.

Next week on The Amazing Race, the Final Four head to Hong Kong where costly mistakes lead to a shocking finish.

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Leg 11 - Aquatic Implosion



We're still here, Paparazzi say, their plan (the Green Team ) didn't work. There is no conversation between the teams. I always said if you're going to U-Turn somebody you have to make sure they go home, Justin laughs, blowing it off.

GO! Justin and Diana depart 7:40am to Hong Kong, home of the most skyscrapers in one city. They'll ride in a green Rolls Royce to a hotel for their next clue. Justin can already taste winning Leg #7 but it doesn't mean anything if they don't make the Final 3.

Joey and Kelsey depart 7:47am. They'll get 1st place, Joey says, it's going to happen.  Tiffany and Krista depart 8:50am.  Chris and Logan depart at 8:54am.  It's not easy beating green, Krista says.

All teams on same flight from New Delhi to Hong Kong. Green first off the plan looking for the green Rolls Royce cars. They stop to ask for help. Cheers and Reporters find the cars outside right away and jump in.  We're in 1st place, Cheers say.  From Tuk Tuk to Rolls Royce, Reporters say, big difference. Paparazzi and Green still looking for the luxury green cars (and drivers).

Green finds their car and Paparazzi gets the last one.  We're last Chris says. Stop with that, Logan says. Chris says they're usually following the Rolls Royce, so this is a nice change. Their destination is the Peninsula Hotel.

Cheers arrive at the hotel and get their clue: Detour. If you're looking for a suit in a hurry, then Sam's your man. In Sam's, you can have one made to fit in less than 24 hours. World famous, Sam has made suits for Presidents and British royalty. Teams must cut out six pieces of fabric for a suit jacket.  After a tailor ensures they are cut exactly, they must deliver a finished suit to Sam's where Sam's son will give them their next clue.

There are an estimated 6.8b cell phones in use around the world this market is the best place to get a deal on a used one. Teams must search through hundreds of used cell phones to find one that works. When they do, they'll call a number for the location of their next clue.

Cheers choose Sam's.  Reporters pull up to the hotel as Cheers drive off. They choose Sam's.  Green arrives and chooses Cells.  Paparazzi chooses Sam's.  Logan chooses and Chris agrees without argument.  

Cheers arrive at Sam's and his son gives them an order ticket and sends them to the workshop.  Reporters arrive and get their ticket. Make something amazing, Sam's son says. The workshop is right around back from the store and Cheers find it.  They make costumes so they are confident going in.  Reporters also find the workshop.  It's very hot in there.

Cheers are confused by the cutouts and how they assemble into the jacket. Kelsey asks Joey, we just have to cut out the parts, right? Joey says all they have to do is trace it and cut it. Green arrives at the busy market and looks for the marked bin with cell phones. They start turning on phones.  

Cheers realize something's not right and re-read the clue. They don't actually have to sew.  Tiffany's disappointed. Paparazzi arrives in the workshop with their order ticket. Logan reads the clue - find the workstation with the fabric matching your sample. Paparazzi and cheers realize two cuts are the same size so they can fold the fabric. Logan says no, it won't be precise enough.  Joey thinks Green have already checked into the Pit Stop.

Green is still searching through their phones. Justin gets one to power on, dials the number stored in the phone and repeats the address to Diana, who writes it down.  They call a taxi and head to a street which is exactly where they were. Reporters take their cuts to the tailor who tells them they cut the wrong side on one piece. They didn't pay attention to the inside and outside of the suit. They realize they should have folded up the fabric and cut 3 times and not six.

Paparazzi overhear them and Chris says Damn, I told you.  Don't get flustered, Logan says. Cheers check out with the tailor and they have it right and grab their finished suit to take back to Sam's.  Green is 100% sure they finished their Detour faster than the other teams as they search for a telephone company. Cheers deliver the suit and receive their next clue

Teams must now travel by taxi to the Turbo Jet ferry terminal for a ride to the city of Macau and find the House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams and search for Jago.  Reporters check out with the tailor again and they're OK.  We're in trouble, Chris says, big trouble. Green asks their driver how much longer a ride.  45 minutes, the young man says.

Reporters complete the Detour, upset they made a mistake because they can't beat Justin & Diana if they make mistakes. They hope Green is lost. In fact, Green is in a cab going to the wrong place with a driver who doesn't speak English. Paparazzi check out and they are good to go.

Green's cab pulls up to a hotel. They show the driver the address again and he gets angry and leaves the cab and gets someone who can read the address (which is in English).  They realize where they wanted to go was only 2 blocks from where they started out. Paparazzi complete the the Detour and head for the ferry terminal.

Green has wasted a half hour as Justin mocks their driver.  Just because he doesn't understand English doesn't mean he doesn't understand rude, Diana says. Justin turns his rudeness onto her as the driver listens from up front.  

Green returns to where they started and finds the Kong Wah Telecom Limited is right next door. They turn in their phone and complete their detour. Great, another taxi. A local gives them the address to the ferry terminal on the Kowloon side (not the Hong Kong side) because it's closer. Are you sure this is right, Diana asks? It's fine, Justin says.

Paparazzi's driver says there are 2 ferry terminals and they tell him they have to go to the Hong Kong terminal specifically. Paparazzi, Cheers and Reporters are all the Hong Kong Turbo Jet to Macao. They don't see Green and hope they've gone ahead, but figure they're already there.

Green arrive at the Kowloon ferry terminal and learn they can only buy Premier class (the clue's instructions) only at the Hong Kong terminal.  They ask if this is the first ferry and are told yes. They board the ferry in a private suite, thinking they've caught up the with the other teams.

The Hong Kong Ferry teams race out of the terminal in Macao and jump into taxis to the City of Dreams. Green arrives on their Kowloon ferry and get into a cab. Joey says Green is usually so far ahead no one ever sees them.  They arrive and look for the House of Dancing Water. Reporters find Jago and hit a Roadblock: Who wants to rise to the occasion?

This is the largest water show in the world, seen by over 3.2m people. Teams must Swim with the Fishes by joining the show and performing a daring jump 30' jump into the water, then find a golden fish below the surface and swim to the Fisherman's raft for their next clue. If the music ends before they reach the raft, they must wait for the next performance to try again.

Kelsey goes for Reporters. Krista goes for Cheers. Logan goes for Paparazzi. The racers not doing the roadblock wait in the theater seats, rejoicing in Green not being there. Their teammates have to get made up and put into their aquatic costumes. Kristy is not used to someone else doing her makeup. Logan just wants to relax and not have to listen to Chris.

We have a common goal today, Logan says. Winning a vacation and some money, Krista agrees. Getting Justin and Diana out, Logan clarifies. Green are in their cab heading to the City of Dreams. There are a lot of casinos here, Justin says, so bet on Green.  It's 2 minutes until show time as the ladies get into their costumes.

It's Show Time! The Fisherman paddles out on his raft on the water-filled stage, and the other racers spot their teammates swimming out to the center of the water. The lights go down, the orchestration begins and a dense fog and lighting effects floats out over the water. A large structure rises from underneath the water through the fog a the spectators cheer.

The platform lifts the girls 30' over the water, as lightning and thunder clash indoor and the rain falls down. They are on the mast of a ship. Below, performers jump into the water - it's a pirate ship and they men attack the mast, climbing half way up the netting and then diving back into the water. Actors perform acrobatic dives from the top of the mast.

A remaining pirate on the mast next to Krista, Kelsey and Logan each push/guide their mark into the water, feet first.  They all hit about the same time then have to swim down to look for a golden fish floating below. Green arrives at the City of Dreams and have to search for the theater. I can't run that fast, Diana says as they race through the hotel.  OK, just skip along, Justin says patronizingly.

The performance continue while the girls search underwater for their golden fish Logan is the first to surface with her fish and swims over to the Fisherman's raft to complete the Roadblock. Kelsey is next to complete the Roadblock.  Krista still can't find her fish.   The rest of the cast groans as the music shuts off and she has to wait until the next performance to try again.

The stage resets as Tiffany hopes Green doesn't come through the door. Green reaches Jago and Diana does the roadblock.  Macao was originally a 1 sq mile island but with continued land reclamation efforts, it's now an 11 square mile peninsula. One of it's man made marvels is Nam Van Lake, home of Macao's famous dragon boat race. site of the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.   The last team to check in here at the mat WILL be eliminated.

Diana gets out of the elevator back stage as Logan waits to get in. How was it, she asks. You'll find out, Logan says, barely masking her glee. Joey fills in Kelsey that Paparazzi just left and Green just arrived. Joey says it will take 20m to set it back up again for Krista's second turn.  Justin joins Tiffany in the audience.

Justin learns from Tiffany that Diana has to dive under water. That's my strength, he says. Diana is getting her makeup. Krista is led back to first position. Krista says she's got it this time, she's fine. Diana is still getting ready. The lights go down and the music swells up. Diana did not make this performance - it's all Krista's.

Diana has her costume and comes out but it's too late - she's told she has to wait about 20m. Krista stands tall as the mast ascends 30' into the air. That's the race right there, she says. Krista does her jump then begins looking for the fish. She's not diving down deep enough to see them as Diana and Justin have separate tear-filled moments of disappointment.

Diana tries to hold it together. Justin says we can't go home, we can't go home. Krista gets a breath and swims back down into the water. She's treading water right over the fish but can't see down deep enough from the churning of the water and the theatrical lighting. I'd give back all our wins just for this one, Justin says, just to finish third in this one. Tiffany frets, listening to Justin moan, hoping Krista finds her golden fish.

The performance is nearing its end as Krista turns up empty.  Thunder and lightning and rain strike the indoor theater and she makes one last look. It's impossible to see, she says. The music ends and Krista dejectedly takes off her costume swim cap.  She'll have to go a third time as they reset the stage. She'll have to go again, Justin says, not really believing, all we ask for is a chance.

In the cab to the pit stop, Chris tells Logan to drop her backpack and run as soon as she sees Phil.  I always do, she says. Chris is sure the other teams are right on their tails. Kelsey says to get second 5 times in a row, we want to be in the finals more than anything, but we really wanted one first place. Tiffany says this is eating Krista up inside because she's such a perfectionist. Justin says he's nervous, emotional.

Diana is breathing deeply waiting for the stage doors to open. Justin says she panics easily.  If she has a panic attack in the water...   Diana and Krista swims out into the water. I'd hate to come this far and go home, he says, I'll never be able to get over it.  The lights go down and Justin yells he believes in her.  The smoke begins to cover the water and Justin can't even look.

The stage ascends above the fog, Diana on one mast, Krista on the other. The performer whispers in her ear. I have to jump from here, she exclaims! The pirates are attacking the ship and Krista waits for her turn, having done this twice before. OMG, Diana says, before jumping into the thick water, no hesitation.  Diana doesn't find it on her first pass. Krista still can't see anything.

Krista is right over the fish if she would just swim down deeper. Diana swims over to the wall to catch her breath. We're in trouble, Justin says. She dives back into the depths of the pool. And comes up with a Golden Fish!  Justin just about jumps out of his seat in excitement.

Krista is in tears as Diana climbs onto the Fisherman's raft to complete the Roadblock. Don't give up, Krista, Justin calls down to her as he grabs his and Diana's backpacks and heads for the exit. Oh encourage me now after your leaving, Krista says, angry with frustration.  Tiffany knows it's getting to her - she was the first one here.

Paparazzi arrive at the lake and look for a place to cross the street. Reporters ask their cab to turn around so they can get out on the right side. Chris spots the boats. This is our race, Kelsey says. Reporters run across a wide plaza covered by tent sails. Paparazzi race across a walkway.  Phil is waiting.  Logan is trailing behind Chris who implores her to hurry.

Chris and Logan are the first team to reach the mat. You are Team #1, Phil declares. Logan jumps into Chris's arms. And you will be one of the teams to race to the finish line for $1m. And as the winners of this leg of the race, you have won a trip to Peru. We never expected to win 6, 7, 8 legs, Chris says, but we did think we'd always have a shot at the million dollars.

Joey and Kelsey reach the Pit Stop in 2nd place - again. OMG, Joey says, seeing Chris and Logan at the mat, really? The elusive first place finish, Phil says, rubbing it in.  However, you are one of the teams racing to the finish line for $1m.  At least Justin and Diana weren't going on a 7th honeymoon, Joey jokes.

Who would you like to see as the last team coming in, Phil asks. If Justin and Diana were to get knocked out, Joey says, none of us would cry over it. Paparazzi nod their heads in agreement. In the cab, Justin tells Diana he's so proud of her, she nailed it. The rest of the day is behind us. she says. Justin apologizes for taking his frustrations out on her.

Krista comes out for her 4th performance and attempt to find a golden fish. I can't do this anymore she says in tears to Tiffany. Don't say that, Tiffany says, just listen to me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  Just think about getting it done, Tiffany says encouragingly, don't give up.  Krista drops into the water to start the performance.

as the stage set arises out of the water, Tiffany continues yelling out words of encouragement. Krista jumps off again and begins her quest.  The other divers go deep into the water but Krista surfaces quickly, not going down far enough for the water to clear.   She's frustrated and tired and show ends.  She says the jump hurts, she can't go in again. I don't know why she can't get the gold fish, Tiffany says. I can't do this anymore, Krista says.

In the cab, Justin says Krista was searching the area where Diana found the fish. It's not down deep, she says. It's hard to see, Justin asks? Yeah, Diana says, there are bubbles. You can't fail at anything you do, Tiffany cries to Krista, because that's not you, that's why I always look up to you, because you're the one who's always fighting. You always tell me do this for your family, that's all you have to do.

I know you, Tiffany says, you can push yourself to the limit. Green gets out at the plaza and runs across to the Pit Stop. I don't think other teams will be happy to see us, Justin says. Oh, Gawd, Joey says as they spot Green running along the walkway. Oh no, Logan says, not them! I was crying, Diana says, I thought we were going home. I was crying too, Justin says.

Justin and Diana reach the mat and Phil says you're the third team to arrive. Justin gives Diana a kiss. However, Phil says, and both Paparazzi and Reporters perk up and smile, you were instructed to take the Hong Kong ferry to Macao and you took a different ferry, the Kowloon ferry. Justin is stunned at this news.  For that, Phil says, you've incurred a 30m penalty.

Justin and Diana try to digest this news but Phil is not done. And because that ferry is 25 minutes closer than the Hong Kong ferry, you've incurred an additional 25 minute penalty. A total penalty of 55 minutes. Justin collapses to the ground in agony as Phil tells them they have to wait it out before they can be checked in.  We are so screwed, Justin says.  Bet you didn't see that coming, did you, Phil says to Reporters and Paparazzi.

They're done, Reporters say.  It's over, Paparazzi says. Justin is on his knees crying to the side of the dock.  The longest 55m of our life, Justin says as the clock counts from 52 minutes remaining. Green would hate to go home before they go home. Paparazzi say Cheers need to be working their butts off right now, not giving up. They can do this! This is their chance to be in the Final 3.  

Back at the theater, Tiffany tells Krista it's just you and me, that's all that matters.  Krista gives her a smile and a short laugh, then rises out of the fiery fog in her fifth performance. She jumps and surfaces. She has to fail 2 more times, Justin says back at the Pit Stop, we have to count on her failing 5 times for us to stay in this game.

It's Krista's fifth attempt, if you're keeping track, and after catching her breath, she dives into the water, swimming blindly right by a golden fish. She takes a big breath then goes back down. Come on, Krista, Tiffany calls.  Krista surfaces out of the water, fist first, holding a golden fish in it! The cast and crew of the performance all cheer!

Krista swims triumphantly over to the Fisherman's raft. She didn't give up, Tiffany says, she kept going and pushing.  The penalty clock is at 40 minutes as Justin cries, I've waited my whole life for this, to get this far and possibly get eliminated. Diana had tried to be stoic but now she's tearing up.  

Krista and Tiffany jump into a cab and say it isn't over until it's over and it ain't over.  The clock is at 35 minutes as Justin says it's only a 10m taxi ride. Race, Race, Go, Go, the Cheers cheer in their taxi, almost there, almost there. Justin's head is buried in his hands.  The penalty click ticks down to 32 minutes.  This is the worst thing that could have happened, Diana moans.

You did a great job, Justin tells Diana, you gave us a chance, we still have a chance. Where you going, Cheers ask their driver, no, here, here!  This is not a pier.  They get out of their cab and have no idea where they were dropped off.  Maybe they get stuck in traffic or are driven around in circles, Justin says hopefully.  Cheers can't find a new taxi anywhere.

The penalty clock is down to 15 minutes.  Cheers get a new taxi who seems to know where he's going. Green is checking their watches - 12 minutes.  Phil looks on impassively at the walkway leading up the dock. The last thing you want to see is Tiffany and Krista running to the pier, Diana says.

Cheers reach the lakeside and start searching for the Pit Stop. They spot Phil.  Holy crap, Diana says, looking at Justin. RUN, TIFF, GO, Krista shouts.  There's nothing we can do now, Justin cries to Diana, just sit and wait. Phil remains expressionless as he waits for the girls to arrive or the clock to run out on Justin and Diana.

Justin and Diana, Phil calls, come to the mat. They run quickly back to the mat where Phil, Paparazzi and Reporters have been waiting.  Justin and Diana have grins back on their faces, red from sobbing. Justin and Diana, Phil says, I'm pleased to tell you that you are Team #3 and one of the teams that will be racing to the finish line for one million dollars.  

Justin gives Diana a kiss, now with tears of relief and joy as Paparazzi and Reporters look on in disappointment. I can't believe it, Logan says.

Tiffany and Krista race to the mat at the end of the pier. The Final 3 teams cheer as they arrive. Tiffany and Krista, Justin and Diana had a penalty that they were waiting out and we were counting down the minutes. But that time just expired and they were able to beat you to the mat. I'm very sorry to tell you that you've been eliminated from the race.

Tiffany breaks into tears as Krista stands numb. It was so close, Phil says. It's OK, Krista says, people said they thought we were going out on the first leg. So to be standing here, we proved a lot of people wrong and nothing stopped us. Tiffany is proud 2 females beat out men, 2 track stars.  We didn't make the final 3, Krista says, but we were darn close and if we inspired one person, that's all that matters. You can always marry rich.

The best confidence booster we could have, Paparazzi say, is winning this leg today. We fight but we seem to get it done. We've overcome U-Turns, we just don't give up, so we're not giving up. Our second places are done, Reporters say, we know how 2nd feels. Second sucks. We know we can beat these teams. Green says Reporters have been our biggest competition but they've always been 5m behind so next leg will be no different for them.

Green Team thinks Paparazzi will self-destruct when the pressures on.  Reporters are confident they'll be leaving with $1m.  We can win the million dollars, say Paparazzi. Justin and Diana, Justin says, have won Season 27. I can't wait to  hear it. Oh, and then that'll be 8 (leg wins), he says, laughing.

Next week on the Season Finale of The Amazing Race, it all comes down to this (helicopters flying over the Statue of Liberty in NYC, buildings engulfed in fire, Chris yelling at Logan), one team (dune buggies in the sand) will win it all (horse track, jet ski) 5 continents (jumping off a fishing boat into the water), 10 countries (racing along a rural road), more than 34,000 miles (8 teams lined up at the finish line), what a race it's been!

Thank you for joining me for this DVR-Delayed coverage of the 11th leg of The Amazing Race. I think this may have been the most exciting, tense leg in 27 seasons.  I hope you enjoyed reading this real-time play-by-play as much as I had writing it up.

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Leg 12 - Fire, Lobsters and Beaches, Oh My




GO! Chris and Logan depart at 3:54am to Long Island, NY.  They are confident after dethroning Justin & Diana. They said from the beginning they could be their worst enemies. Reporters are following them to the airport, all 3 final teams will be on the same flight. Team Green departs 5:37am. Don't get cocky, Diana says. It's confidence, Justin says.

Justin says he's lived in NYC for 20 years.  Logan is spunky.  Teams board their flight back to the United States. The Reporters are done with second place. Justin predicts Paparazzi won't even finish. Going to New York means just more pressure for the other teams.

Welcome to America! Teams land in NY, NY and grab taxis to search for their clue on Randall's Island. Justin says this was one of his destinations during his fake Amazing Race proposal.  Chris says they're photographers and focus is the key word, warriors not worriers.  Reporters hope Paparazzi freak out like they usually do.

Green pulls into the FDNY Fire Academy on Randall's Island.  Justin offers the driver $100 for the fair if he waits but the cabbie wants $100 on top of the fair and Justin balks, only giving him $50 and he can leave. No top, the driver asks, after Justin takes back $5 he paid already for the bridge toll.  

Paparazzi arrive and offer their driver an undisclosed amount or the fare and to wait. The driver agrees.  As Green runs up past Phil, announcing the next task, a blast of fire from inside a training building scares them.  The will be the first to take on what instructors call the Mother of All Drills, Phil says. Paparazzi are right behind Green.

Who wants to play with fire? The NY Fire Dept. is celebrating their 150th anniversary, hailed around the world and well known for their rigorous fire training methods. Teams must now take on an actual training exercise, climbing a ladder into a burning building, searching the suffocating smoke filled rooms for a trapped victim. If they can complete the rescue, they'll be faced with their first memory challenge.

Justin is gung-ho to do the Roadblock. Chris goes for Paparazzi. They get dressed by a trainer. Reporters arrive and Joey takes it. Justin and Chris are outfitted in heavy uniforms, an oxygen tank and have to carry a heavy folded up hose line. They drop the hose then have to climb onto a ladder truck and climb the ladder into the building, trainers barking orders along the way.

Justin and Chris are side-by-side. Joey races with his hose to the burning building. Chris is winded by the time he and Justin get to the upper floor and are helped into their breathing masks. Deep breaths he's told.  Justin heads down the stairs to start the search. Joey begins climbing the ladder. Justin is on his hands and knees as the next floor down is filled with live smoke.

Chris reaches the next level and begins his crawling search for the victim. Joey reaches the top of the ladder.  Justin turns the corner and finds a room engulfed in real flame. These guys don't joke around, he says, this is crazy! Chris is right behind him. Justin finds a victim dummy and Chris is right behind him as they head for the exit.

When they get to the stair well, they are able to stand up vertical again and take their masks off. They exit the ground floor of the building and place their victim on an ambulance gurney. They must then take their gloves and mask off.  Chris has a problem with his victim, who falls head-first to the asphalt as the gurney rolls out from under.

He gets the same help Justin had and begins undressing. Joey is on the floor with the fire, searching for the last victim. He spots him and heads for the exit. Justin is not through - he must now read a clue on a fire extinguisher, and line up the fire helmets with the names of the capitals in the order visited.  There are 2 extra capitals they didn't visit to trip them up.

Chris reaches the memory challenge, soaked in sweat. Joey exits the building, unloads his victim, unloads his equipment and heads to the memory challenge.  Justin completes the challenge and the Road Block.  Make your way to the location for the final race of the Triple Crown.  That would be the Belmont Stakes, Justin whispers to us.

Green has to look for a cab now. Joey begins the memory challenge.  Chris thinks he's worked out the locations but Lusaka is wrong. Two cabs are waiting (for Reporters and Paparazzi) and Green asks them to go to the Belmont Race Track. They don't know where it is. They have a phone with GPS but cannot take them. You don't want any money today, Diana asks?

One driver says he's going home and drives away. Green has to run to try to find another cab. Joey thinks he has it right but doesn't.  He swaps Lusaka and Harare and gets it right, moving into 2nd place. Chris figures out his mistake (the same one) and completes the Roadblock.  Green is running out of the Fire Academy to find a cab.

Paparazzi realize their taxi has driven away. They run around looking for where it may have parked. Green can't find a cab.  Paparazzi can't find theirs.  Logan says they need to go. He finds Reporters' cab and Kelsey comes running up, no no no, that's our cab! We can take it, Logan shouts! No, we still owe him, Kelsey screams, running as fast as she can as Logan and Chris climb into the back seat.

Kelsey reaches the driver window and says you're with us. Joey catches up and pulls open the door.  Chris gets out and apologizes.  It's ours, Joey says. Diana gets out and races after Logan who has raced away to find another cab. What the hell, she yells, why did we get out? Because the guy wasn't taking us, Chris yells back. Reporters climb into the cab and take off for the Belmont.

Paparazzi think Green Team took their cab and Logan is still upset - we're allowed to take their cab, she says, why did you let them intimidate you? Green and Paparazzi are both running around looking for a cab but the area is industrial with nothing around. Logan continues to berate Chris for being weak and not thinking. Damn we should have kept our cab, exclaims Justin.

A furious Joey says he would have ripped their ass right out of the cab had Chris and Logan not gotten out on their own.  Chris is focused on finding another taxi. Logan is focused on yelling at Chris. We need a taxi, Chris says. We had one, Logan says. It doesn't matter now, Chris says. It does matter, Logan says. We can still stay in it, Chris says.

Justin thinks they can grab a bus off the island then grab a cab. The bus is going to Manhattan. Chris asks a bus driver where the nearest place to get a taxi is. Not until they get back into the city, he's told. They get on the bus. As soon as you see a taxi, he tells the driver, we want to get off. We were in a taxi, Logan says. I thought our cab was there, Chris says. You're not nice to me but you sure are to Joey and Kelsey about it.  The fight continues ad nausea.

Justin berates himself for not keepign their cab. Logan tells Chris he should have been more persistent. He apologizes for not being more persistent.  Logan finally shuts up. Their bus heads through the toll gate off the island.  Reporters say today's the day to get in and out of places fast. Green realizes their bus is making a loop around the island.

Paparazzi get into the city and transfer to a taxi to the Belmont. Reporters arrive at Belmont Park and receive route info to fly to The Hamptons in style (in a helicopter) for their next clue. There are three helicopters on the infield of the horse track - they realize they might be first.  They get in their helicopter and head up in the air.

Paparazzi reach the park and receive their clue.  We're last, Chris says.  Shut up with that, Logan says.  They reach the infield where 2 helicopters await. Chris wants to take his firefighter pants off. Logan doesn't want him to.  He does anyway and leaves them on the ground. Get the boots, Logan demands. You leave me alone, Chris says loudly. GET THE BOOTS.  You can't run around NYC and the Hamptons without them. I can, watch me.

As they take off, Chris says bye fireman pants and boots.  Logan says I see another helicopter, but don't know what that means.  I feel kind of like Donald Trump right now, Chris says.  Your hair, Logan jokes? Thanks, he says. Green reaches the Belmont and sees the lone chopper and Chris's firefighter gear. Probably Chris, Justin says.  We need you to break the sound barrier, Justin tells his pilot.

Some horses start slow and finish strong, Justin says as they take off. We're going to pull ahead.  Reporters fly over Southampton.  Lots of money down their, they say. They land and and find a clue box: Proceed to Shinnecock East County Park and ride a Sea Doo to a marked lobster boat in the bay. They run to the beach where a crowd is applauding as Joey tells Kelsey to drive because he hasn't before and she has.

Kelsey takes Joey for a ride as they search the bay for the lobster boat. Paparazzi lands and Logan realize there are 2 clues left - they are in 2nd place. They have a compass and a map as they run down the road to the beach where Chris saw the Sea Doos from the air. Logan has stylish running shoes.  Chris has ankle socks.

They reach the beach and Logan announces Chris is driving. In the air you can see Green Team's helicopter coming in for the landing. Logan can't push it out with Chris sitting in the Sea Doo fumbling with the compass. He gets off and they push it into the water then head off.  Green lands and gets the last clue and the last Sea Doo. Justin is in the driver's seat.

Do you know what a lobster boat looks like, Diana asks Justin? Nope.  All three teams are on the bay looking for the lobster boat near a bridge on a map. Reporters are first to find the boat and must help local fisherman pull up 7 lobster pods and replace them with new ones. They'll then face their second memory challenge, arranging country flags in the order visited.

Paparazzi arrive at their lobster boat and transfer, getting into their fisherman outfits. Chris now thinks Reporters stole their cab.  Green reaches their lobster boat.  The task seems pretty easy, Justin says. The lobster pods are very heavy, forcing Joey to sit down and brace with his legs and pull with every fiber of muscle. Justin says he's not giving up but he's sad. There's so much more to do, Diana says, comfortingly.

Logan watches as Chris struggles to pull in their lobster pods. Kelsey has her hands on the rope to help Joey.  That's the physically hardest thing they've done all race, Joey says.   Reporters get their first pod, unload their lobsters into a bin and throw the empty pad back into the water. Paparazzi get their first pod. Green gets their first pod.  

Reporters have 5 of 7 pods retrieved. Paparazzi have 5 of 7 pods retrieved. Never let go of the main line, Logan reminds Chris.  Green has 3 of their 7 pods retrieved.  He and Diana are working together. Chris lets go of the main line but gets it back. Green is up to 4 pods. Reporters get their last empty pod back into the water and get a high 5 from their fisherman.

The fisherman hands them a box with their next clue: Raise The Flag!  Arrange the flags of the 9 countries you have visited in order, from the top down, to receive your next clue. You may not use any manner of notes. You may not use any items to assist you in this challenge. Kelsey says they had been studying everything they could think of along the race and flags was one of the things on our list.

Reporters climb to the roof of the boat to the flag pole. America is at the bottom, Joey says. We started in America, Kelsey says. They put America on top, then Brazil, then Argentina, Zambia, Zimbabwe, France, Netherlands, Poland, India, China.  One by one, Kelsey names the country and hands the flag to Joey to attach to the rope. There's one flag left - is that Macau, he asks? It must be, she says.

Paparazzi complete the lobster part of the task and start the memory challenge. They also start with the American flag but have many they don't recognize. They hadn't studied the flags. Green pulls up their last lobster pod and throws the empty back into the water. They receive their box and start the flag task. Paparazzi are positive they know the Polish flag.

Logan tries to name the countries they visited in sequence. Macau, Chris asks? Macau is a country, yes, Logan says. Justin is confident they know all the flags and will get it first try. Paparazzi thinks they have all 9 flags. Not good, the boat captain says. Totally guessing, Chris says.

Reporters can see Paparazzi's boat and flags in the distance. Joey says Chris and Logan aren't the brightest crayons in the box. This looks like Oregon, Logan says, looking at a flag. Kelsey reads off the flags as Joey has ordered them.  Joey raises the flags and the boat captain says they are incorrect. Justin wishes there were extra flags so someone could make a mistake. There is, Diana says, this isn't a flag of a country we went to.

Joey thinks the last flag may not be a country they visited and Kelsey tells him to take it off, realizing there was an extra flag. They take it off and are correct, receiving their next clue: Teams must now return to shore and find a dune buggy, then drive themselves along the beach to their next clue.

Green shows off their flags to their captain and are correct, receiving their clue.  Chris says we were stupid, we should have studied the flags. Diana sees Paparazzi and say that's Chris and Logan - they're nowhere and we're heading back to shore. Paparazzi swapped out some flags and still aren't right. The fighting is gone between them, they're just going to keep trying until they get it right.

Reporters look worn as they pep each other up. They are told to jump out of the boat and swim to shore.  Diana says you never give up, you never know. As Reporters reach shore and jog to the dune buggies, Green's boat nears shore. Get in, Joey tells Kelsey as they reach the dune buggies, I'm driving. Green jumps into the water to swim to shore.

Joey sees the clue box down the beach. Phil is there to tell us they will be the first team to assemble a New York invention, the Adirondack Chair. Once they've built six chairs, they'll face their final memory challenge of arranging the images from the race painted on the chairs in chronological order. The six chairs are all of different colors and are mixed up. They must use a hammer and nails.

You build the chairs, Kelsey tells Joey, I'll search through the backs.  Green reaches the beach and runs to their dune buggy. Joey tells Kelsey he needs her to hold the pieces in place so he can hammer. She says he's pretty handy. He built a BBQ before the race and looked into buying an Adirondack Chair for his porch.  They have to go in order, he says, to make sure everything fits.

Green takes off in their dune buggy.  Back on their boat, Logan realizes they visited 2 African countries but only raised the flag for one. Exhausted, Chris asks the Captain who is as relieved as they are the correct flags are in the correct order. This is a bad day, Chris says.

As Joey hammers the chairs, Kelsey lays out the chair images to determine the order in which they'll need to be placed.  They are finishing their first chair as Green pulls up.  We got a chance, Justin yells. This is my forte, Diana says, I build things, these are easy to put together. Justin taunts the Reporters: One and two, he shouts at them, let's do it.  

Justin is confident Diana can beat Kelsey at hammering. Justin continues to call over to Reporters and it seems to be getting on Joey's nerves. Just keep going, he tells Kelsey, they're trying to rattle us. We know how 2nd feels, Kelsey says, and it's not good. Justin sees Joey undoing a piece of wood and has one eye on them as they bicker about what happened.

Joey has to hammer back out a nail. We got this, Justin says encouraged. Reporters get the nails out and move it 1/4" to center.  Green sets up their chair back nails in a line and hammers them in one by one.  Joey finishes nailing the last one as Kelsey has put them in order and places towels in the seat of each.
Is it good, Kelsey asks? They're beautiful, Joey says encouragingly, they look comfy. But it's not correct, the judge says. There are some alignment problems on 2 chairs. They got it wrong, Justin notes from a distance. Reporters each work on one of the chairs to tap out the back slats and slide them over. Green continue to hammer at their task.  Reporters finish their repairs.

It looks good, Kelsey prompts the judge. Diana watches from afar. There's a problem with the yellow chair.  They think it's because they put the arms on first. Two boards on the seat need to switch. They flip it over and bank out the offending slats. We can't let them catch us, Kelsey says of Justin and Diana.

Kelsey notes it looks better as they nail the right pieces into the right places. No talking from Green Team now, just concentrated hammering by both Justin and Diana. Reporters pound their last nail and Kelsey says it looks good. Green team calls their judge over to see if they are done. Reporters seek approval from their judge.

Both teams wait as their judges walk a circle around the six chairs. The light blue chair is crooked, the judge tells the Green team.  Congratulations, the judge tells Reporters.  They are so excited they drop the clue he's trying to hand them.

At last the finish line, the clue reads, run to the nearby Southampton estate and find Phil. Go Go Go, follow the marked path.  On the lush green lawn of a beautiful beach-side mansion awaits Phil, the finish line and 8 eliminated teams.

Reporters make a left turn at the route flag and run through the sand up to a wooden walkway into the estate. Joey races forward and Kelsey can barely breath with excitement as she is crying right behind him.  The other teams are cheering. There's Texas and ChacAttack and Alabama. Cheerleaders, Track Stars and Dancers.  Cousins and TMZ.  They are on one side of a hedge of bushes, Reporters on the other.

They round the corner as the other teams rejoice - possibly because it's not the Green Team - and run up to the finish line mat, Shaking Phil's hand then hugging each other.  Both are in tears. What a race it's been, Phil exclaims. That was a killer last leg, Joey says.

5 continents, Phil recites, 10 countries, more than 34,000 miles, boy have I got some news for you. Kelsey and Joey, you are the official winners of the $1,000,000 and The Amazing Race! Kelsey jumps into Joey's arms.  

Tell them what you want to do, Phil prompts. The very first thing for us, Joey says, we want to get a place together, move in together, then for me I want to pay off my parents' house. The mortgage will be gone, Dad.  

The whole time, Joey jokes, I've been looking at Enoch chain, bring that thing over here.  Earnest takes the bling off from around his neck and Joey say I made a bet with you I could wear it if we won.  Joey puts it around his neck and has a big grin on her face as Kelsey raises her hands in victory. Ernest bows to Joey and Kelsey.  That's some bling, Phil says.

For the two of us to experience what we've experienced, Joey says, this is the best thing ever. To leave here still wanting to be close to each other, Kelsey says, it shows how strong our relationship is and how in love we are.  Winners, Phil says, as if there was a hash tag in there.  They hug each other again, still amazed to be Amazing Race winners.

Team Green finishes their chairs and receives their final clue.  Hand in hand, they run down the beach and turn in towards the estate and the finish line. It was truly heartbreaking, Justin says, to come so far and be so close.  I'm proud of us, baby, Diana says as they head down the walkway, the finish line in site.  If we'd just tipped the cab, Justin says.

When you can pinpoint the one thing you did wrong, Diana says, that's the one thing that will haunt you.  The other teams applaud, some politely, as Green reaches the finish line. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get over it, Justin says, tears streaming down his face, we waited years to get a chance and one stupid mistake. Justin and Diana give Joey and Kelsey hugs.

Justin and Diana, Phil says, after 7 wins, 34,000 racing the world...   Five continents, 10 countries, Justin interrupts...  You got it, Phil says. Texas boys laugh at Justin's interruption. I'm pleased to tell you, Phil continues, that you're Team #2.  It's not what you wanted but you did dominate this race. Unfortunately, today...  They won the one that mattered, Diana says of Joey and Kelsey.

We did well enough to pay for our wedding, Justin says, got a honeymoon, a babymoon and a vacation. But it's not a million dollars.  Standing on the finish line mat, Justin's disappointment and dejection can't be hidden.  Money can't buy what we have, Diana says, looking at her fiance. He was barely holding it together and now collapses sobbing into her shoulder.

At the Adirondack Chairs, Chris and Logan are hammering away as the judge relaxes in a beach chair.  I prefer to see Joey and Kelsey win, Chris says, resigned to 3rd. I don't, Logan says, because that means the taxi they took got them in first place and we were in that one. That was their taxi, Chris says. No it wasn't, Logan insists.  Yes it was -- Morty.

Thank you, Chris says as the judge hands them their final clue having completed the memory task.  Thanks for waiting, Logan says as the daylight begins to escape from the sky. They run together along the beach and up the ramp, along the walkway to the estate, now lit with evening lights.  Cheering can be heard from the distance as they round the corner to the finish line.

Come on over here, Phil calls to them.  Logan and Chris, I know you're smiling right now, but it has not been the best day for you, has it. No, Chris says. I want to know about you two, Phil says smiling, because from the outside it doesn't appear you're compatible at times. And yet, you are standing here, still together, do you still want to be together, are you going to leave this race together?

Absolutely, Chris says. You know, Logan says, whenever we fight, it's a little ridiculous. We need maybe to go to therapy or something. This is kind of like therapy right now, Phil says as the other teams laugh. But, Logan says, we're never thinking of leaving this person, I need a new apartment, this is over, this is done. We're never really at that point. Maybe we should be, Chris says playfully, and other teams react in shock and unsure laughter.

He's just trying to be funny, Logan says, we're not breaking up just because we didn't win the million. Is this healthy, Phil asks? It's not healthy, Logan says, don't try this at home. We have a lot to work on, she says, less arguing and more enjoyment time. Yep, Chris says, giving her a kiss.

I created a fake race so we could fulfill a dream and be on the real one, Justin says as all the teams rush the mat to congratulate Joey and Kelsey. It is a dream come true, he continues, and I'm sure we'll look back on it after the heartbreak is over and be proud. It'll be fun watching it, Diana says, and reliving those moments.  

Breaking news, Kelsey reports, Joey and I have won The Amazing Race!

This February on The Amazing Race (Tyler & Korey, Ashley & Burnie, Brodie & Kurt, Matt & Dana), 11 teams (Blair Fowler) who connect with (Brittany & Jessica) millions (Cole LaBrant) every day (Darius & Cam Benson) through social media (Marty Cobb, Joslyn & Erin, Zach King) disconnect for a very special season of The Amazing Race.  Teams are reached over the phone at their homes. Are we starting right now? GO, Phil tells them through the screen! Can they survive a 27k race in the real world?

Thank you to all of you who have kept up with my DVR-Delayed coverage of The Amazing Race. I'm sure some weeks you wondered when I might finally get the play-by-play or recap posted - scheduling on Friday nights has just been hard this season. I thought it was exciting and a great race and hope you did too.

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