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Peih-Gee (P.G.) Law - (3rd voted out)

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Analysis of Peih-Gee Law (original Ta Keo Tribe).

Following Episode 1: Like Abi-Maria, Peih-Gee will need to reinvent her persona from her previous season. I suspect that she will show self-awareness, and then the only key for her is whether it will come across as phoniness to her teammates. I feel that she will be at the bottom of a numbers game whenever there is a shakeup in the game.

Following Episode 2: Although they are opposed in terms of personality, Peih-Gee shares a similar plight as Abi-Maria. Yet Peih-Gee appears to have done less in terms of showing her human side to her tribemates. While Peih-Gee acts much more maturely than Abi-Maria, she still seems to be standoffish and unsympathetic. As I shared about Abi-Maria, Peih-Gee's best strategy is to employ the same one utilized by Sandra Diaz-Twine, the only two-time winner of Survivor, which is to be a loyal alliance member who is always willing to offer an additional vote and will only stir the pot when people hesitate to talk strategy, usually a clear indication that those people have you in their crosshairs.

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Smart move taking her out.. she and Wu needed to be broken up. While it would have been nice to keep her and Abi together for conflict reasons alone.. Abi is a ticking time bomb and doesn't need PG to set her off... she's pretty much ready to blow up at anyone, very easy to set off and use. The bigger threat was definitely keeping PG and Wu together. Well played for sure.

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I agree that it was smart.

But not because it breaks up the duo of Peih-Gee and Woo.

In this case, I see it as being all about Abi.

What I mean is, Savage and Tasha were the underdogs, being down to them 2 against the 4 former Ta Keo members.

If they were to vote out Abi, with the help of the other 3 former Ta Keo members, then if their tribe loses another tribal immunity challenge as things stand, they would still be the underdogs, just down 2 against 3.

But with Abi determined to vote with Savage and Tasha, they are now up 3 against 2 by keeping Abi.

And unfortunately for Woo, he is now on the bottom of the totem pole, although he could make a case for being good at challenges to move up one spot and stay another round.

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Analysis of Peih-Gee Law (Angkor Tribe, original Ta Keo)

Following Episode 3: As I suspected, Peih-Gee revealed herself to be far too shifty to her new tribemates. By contrast, Abi-Maria continued to be up-front and rather blunt about it. For experienced players like Tasha and Savage, they would rather play with someone who will tell them like it is than someone who might be polite but is still willing to throw a former ally under the bus. The trend of eliminating contestants who have not learned their lessons from previous season continues.

- http://t.co/U8dgCfNiOj

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