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Vytas Baskauskas - (1st voted out)


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Analysis of Vytas Baskauskas (original Ta Keo Tribe).

Following Episode 1: I had liked Vytas to at least make it to the jury, but it appears that members of his tribe did their homework on his previous stint on Survivor and surmised that his Zen-like demeanor was a façade for attempting to manipulate favor. As soon as they saw that on display, they knew that he could not be trusted to stay within a smaller alliance. As much as I discount the strategy of eliminating people based upon that reason alone this early -- since the goal is to keep the hardest workers, strongest competitors, and most peaceful personalities at camp -- since we are dealing with experienced players, I suppose they felt that this was the best strategy. Perhaps they also felt sympathy for Abi-Maria, who deserves more time to prove herself.

- http://t.co/U8dgCfNiOj

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