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What Happens Next? More Coverage from Big Brother 17


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It’s Thursday, September 24, & The Talk is Live. Highlights for today’s show are shown.  The hosts names & pictures are shown, & then they come on stage to sit at the brown table.


Julie Chen welcomes everyone to The Talk. She starts with Blake Shelton speaking out for the first time with his divorce from Miranda. She says, Blake said it happened so fast in Oklahoma that it was over in 9 – 10 days. She says, Blake said they are still friends & buddies. Julie asks if you can still be buddies with someone while divorcing them. Sharon Osborne says, she doesn’t think she could, be she knows there are people that are & she admires them.


Sharon applauds that they can make it.  Aisha Tyler says, they don’t have children to worry about.  Sara Gilbert says, 99% of the people go through the trenches & if they weren’t they wouldn’t be breaking up. She says, once everything goes away they can become friends.  Sheryl Underwood says, some couple end up being better as friends. She jokes about different types of buddies, Nutty Buddies & Bosom Buddies. Everyone laughs.


Julie says, she believes that they are buddies because they had everything spelled out & they didn’t have to drag it out in court.  Aisha says, they were only married for 4 years & they still have their whole lives ahead of them.  Sheryl says, you get the truck & I get the dog.


Julie talks about Sarah Jessica Parker having controversy over needing a tread mill to use before shooting a movie several years ago. Julie asks, “Have you ever been insulted by a gift?”  Sara says, when I got cheese & sausage I was offended.  Sheryl says, she wouldn’t have signed for it, but if I knew it was a treadmill with a gift receipt, I would have taken it back where it was purchased.


Julie says, when Peter Dinklage heard his name called for winning the Emmy for Game Of Thrones he spit his gum in his wife’s mouth. They show the video clips & he admits to have been chewing gum. Julie asks if you would chew your partners gum? Sharon says, she’s chewed so many body parts. Aisha says, gum is the least disgusting part you’ve chewed on.


Julie says, some people use gum to clean out their mouths. She says, if you take their gum, you’re taking a ball of bacteria & plaque. Aisha says, when you kiss you’re doing the same thing. Aisha says, his wife took one for the team. Julie says, he did. Sara says, she’s charmed by it. Sheryl says, she hasn’t chewed gum since the eighth grade. Julie says, “We’ll be back.”


Julie comes back from the break & talks about a Period Doll causing controversy because it comes with it’s own feminine napkins. It’s supposed to be a fun way to explain the period cycle for kids. It comes with underwear, a calendar & 18 stickers that look like pads. She says, it’s supposed to be a fun way to teach kids about the menstrual cycle.


Julie asks, “Do you think the period cycle is a good idea?” Sharon says, she wants to throw up from her reading that. Sharon says, she wants to call the period police & she thinks it’s disgusting. Aisha says, she totally disagrees & they have other stuff to teach girls. She says, some girls start to get their periods around 10 years old. She says, they should have boys play with it for 28 days, & then not for 3 days, so they know how real life works.


Sharon says, then they will have to come up with a G.I. Joe doll that masturbates, because that’s what boys’ do. The audience goes crazy. Aisha says, wait a minute, it’s not the same thing. Sheryl says, “Mrs. O, you’d have to make a Sheryl doll, because I do that to.” The audience cheers, claps & laughs some more. All of the hosts are laughing as well.


Aisha says, menstruation is not sex. Sara says, the doll looks like a lesbian, & she almost wore that shirt. Aisha says, you can teach girls a lot from this girl. Antigoni weighs in from home, saying that girls don’t need this, & what’s next a boy with condoms? Sheryl says, there used to be a doll to pour the water in for it to pee, so what do we pour in this one? Aisha says, Baby Alive has had everything.


Julie says, “Call me crazy, but happened to just talking to your daughter?” She tells everyone to follow them on Twitter, & says, “We’ll be right back.”


Julie says, they are laughing at their 7 foot stage manager. She says, think about leaving a bad Yelp review or you may have to pay up. One woman left scathing reviews calling a company owner a liar & a scammer. She put that the owner destroys your property. Julie says, the owner of the company took her to court for Libel, & he won. She now has to pay $1,000 because her words crossed the line.


Julie says, the woman said that people leave reviews all the time & they should be able to say what they want. Sharon says, especially in this county, you have freedom of speech. Aisha says, everyone knows what Yelp is, & you should take everything with a grain of salt. Sara says, she agrees, but what if he didn’t do something wrong & she could be costing him business. Aisha says, they should look at all of the reviews, not just one.


Sharon says, there was someone that charged her 3 times the amount it was supposed to be for electrical work. Sharon says, people need to do their research because he was a scammer. Julie tells everyone to remember to set their DVR’s so they don’t miss their show. She says, “We’ll be right back.”


We see highlights from Steve Moses winning BB17 last night. Julie says, that was the biggest moment of BB17 last night. Julie welcomes Steve, after being in the house for 98 days. Sharon congratulates him on winning $500,000. Sharon asks him what he’s going to do with the money? Steve says, “Winning wasn’t part of the equation, so I have no idea.”


He says, “He’ll be careful & not spend it all.” Sara asks him if being a BB super fan helped him win? Steve says, “Definitely, it helped me get through the game.” He says, “Vanessa can talk her way into anything.” He says, it really did help him.


Julie says, he made the ultimate decision to evict Vanessa & asks if he asked her why she voted for Liz? Julie says, he won 6 – 3. Steve says, he would have voted for her 100%, & they can separate their personal feelings from the game. Sheryl asks him what he missed most from home being their 98 days? Steve says, when you’re at home you have people that support you, & in the house he only communicated with people in the house that wanted him to fail. he missed his family, because they are the most important to him is harder than he thought it would ever be.


Julie congratulates him & tells him to enjoy spending the money, & to pay his taxes. Up next is Pauley Perrette from NCIS. We go to commercial.


Sharon says, this week more than 18 million people tuned into this week’s Season Premier of NCIS. She says, it’s still the number one show. We see highlights from the Season Premier. Sharon welcomes Pauley Parrette & Sean Murray. The audience claps to the NCIS theme song music as they hug all the hosts & sit down at the table.


They both say hello to everyone. Sheryl says, you & Pauley are very good friends off camera as well. She asks what the special gift is that she gave her. Sheryl says, it was alive. Sean says, Pauley is the animal rescue queen. Pauley talks about a cat she found & now there is another one he named Abby, & she with white, tan & black. Pauley says, they are following her around & he’s rescuing them. Sharon talks about Pauley & her wonderful fiancé Thomas.


Sharon asks when he wedding invitation is going to arrive? Pauley says, she’s been marching for years for Civil Rights. She says, when that day happened, she just sat still for hours. She says, she spoke at a rally for marriage equality rights. She says, she got a quote from someone at the rally that, “Just because we can doesn’t mean we have to.”


Sara says, you don’t want to mess things up. Aisha brings up Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell. Julie asks how the show has evolved over 12 seasons? Sean says, there are always ups & downs. Pauley says, they aren’t boyfriend & girlfriend anymore, & they helped each other. Sean says, they give advice to each other on the show for their current relationships.


Pauley says, she has great relationships with her ex’s & she thinks you should. Pauley says, they broke up on the show & are good friends. Julie says, “Like Blake & Miranda.” Pauley compliments Sheryl’s hair & outfit. Pauley says, she has known John Crier for years, & how he always says, NCIS is such a great show. Pauley says, “True,” & he plays Dr. Taft on the show. She says, he’s their biggest fan boy.


Julie highlights Pauley’s new cookbook, “Donna Bell’s Bake Shop.” Julie says, it’s recipes from her mom. She thanks them for being there, & says, “We’ll be back.”


We come back with The Talk Tailgate. Julie says, tonight on NFL Football on CBS we will enjoy football. She introduces Celebrity Chef, Danny Boome. He is making Sausage & Pepper Popovers & Mac & Cheese Bacon Cups. Sheryl & Julia are helping to make tonight’s comfort food dishes. Both dishes are a hit with the hosts, & the audience seems to like what they saw being made. Julie says, they will be back with a new take on S’mores.


We return with a spot to order tickets for the show, telling us to go to TheTalk.com. Julie says, there will be football on tonight on CBS & NFL Network. Julie tells Danny to show them how to make the S’mores while they roll the credits. Julie thanks him for being there & tells viewers to go to TheTalk.com for all of today’s recipes. She says, “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

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