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Sunday, September 20 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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11:02 PM BBT The HGs talk about eating too much.  Vanessa says she is disgusted with herself.  She has a little tummy right now and that’s not okay.  Steve says that Mel will still love her.  Vanessa addresses the camera and says to Mel, if she is listening, she should come out on Tuesday, bring the dogs, and get a hotel room nearby so that they can feed the dogs before they go out.  Liz is excited to meet the dogs.  Liz starts to get the trash out, and looks over at Steve with a sweet smile and asks him to help.  Steve says, “if by help, you mean do it..”  He lifts the bag and takes it to the Storage Room as Liz tells him he used to be a deadbeat, but now he’s hubby material.


11:08 PM BBT Liz is putting clothes away in the OBR cupboard.  Steve is sprawled out on the day bed.  Vanessa asks if it’s bedtime yet.  Liz says she’s obese and Steve says she is not even close to that.  Liz says she feels like it.  Vanessa and Liz make a plan to work out tomorrow.  Liz heads to the BY to put some clothes in the washer as Steve comments that he is still deciding whether to keep the beard. 


11:10 PM BBT Vanessa pops a cold pack and Steve asks if she just did that without him. says that she is going to lay down and ice her neck.  She checks with Steve first and turns out the lights in the OBR and BB says “Bedroom lights must remain on.”  Vanessa says, what about if we are sleeping?  Steve keeps chatting and BB repeats the warning, so Steve stops talking.  Vanessa says he can tell her the story later.  Her neck is hurting and she needs to ice it for a little bit. Steve sits quietly on the daybed in the darkened room for a few moments, then gets up and goes to the KT.  He grabs a snack and his blue hoodie and pauses in front of the memory wall, then puts on the hoodie and heads out to the BY.


11:15 PM BBT Liz is in the WA brushing her teeth.  Vanessa is laying down in the darkened OBR.  Steve is in the CBR grabbing his trunks.  He goes to the KT and cleans out a glass before heading back to the CBR to get a few more items.  He comes out into the KT and sees Liz, who asks if he is going to have a shower.  He says he is going out to the pool.


11:18 PM BBT In the LR, Liz picks up the Jenga pieces that she knocked over earlier.


11:21 PM BBT Liz asks Steve to clean his cheese mug before he goes to bed.  He says he already did, but he will clean the mug that is there.  Liz apologizes for thinking it was his mug.  Steve cleans the mug.  Liz comments that they have 2 POP TV bags and just need one more.  Steve says he wouldn’t use it, so Liz and Vanessa can have them.  Steve goes out to the pool and Liz tidies up the snacks in the KT then goes to the OBR with the POP TV bags.  She tells Vanessa that Steve doesn’t want one, so they get them.  Liz lays down and pulls the covers over. 


11:25 PM BBT Steve is in the pool rehearsing his speech. 


11:29 PM BBT Steve continues to repeat his speech for evicting Vanessa if he wins the third part of the HOH comp.  He practises telling her that she is the best female player and that she has driven their alliance and that he can’t beat her.  She is Derrick and that makes him Cody, and that’s why he has to evict her.  He keeps drilling it.

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11:36 PM BBT Steve gets out of the pool and moves to the HT.  He runs back to the pool to get the rubber ducky and the beach ball.  He brings them to the HT and gets in.  He pulls the rubber ducky out and sets it on the side.  Steve is murmuring to himself about his complete lack of social skills.


11:42 PM BBT Steve is out of the HT with his towel around his shoulders.  He is pacing and muttering.  BB tells Steve to put on his microphone.  He complies and BB says thank you.  Steve says “you’re welcome.”  He tells BB that he shouldn’t have to thank him for doing something he should already be doing, but BB is welcome.  Steve is talking to himself about what Johnny Mac would do.  He is counting Scamper Squad votes that would be against him.  He begins practising what he would say to Vanessa as a jury member ...that she knows in her heart that he made the right move [evicting her].  Steve says he would rather have lost to Vanessa than Liz, but he made the best decision he could at the time.  Steve says his Liz argument is more the way he thinks.  He likes his Liz speech.  No one can know he’s making a Liz speech, including Liz.  Steve asks himself if he should take Liz and then answers, you know it’s the best move.  He can’t believe it, but he’s going to get rid of Vanessa. 


11:53 PM BBT Steve is talking through past moves.  He doesn’t think Johnny Mac would have taken him over Liz.  He counts votes he would have had if he had gone to Final 2 with Johnny Mac. 


11:56 PM BBT All is quiet in the OBR as Vanessa and Liz rest.  Meanwhile, Steve continues to pace the back yard and debate what would have happened if he had been in final 3 with Johnny Mac and Liz.  He coaches himself not to lie when he doesn’t have to.  He recalls and talks through different past events in the house.

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