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Sunday, September 20 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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1214AM BBT  We find Steve and Liz still playing cards at the kitchen table.  Vanessa is seen laying in bed in a darkened Purple (ocean) room.  Liz is complimenting Steve on the points he just got for his last play.  Steve "it is day 94" Liz "we only have 4 days, my mom is probably here, she owns her own business she can just shut it down"  Steve talks about his aunt and uncle being here and Liz says is this the weird Aunt?  Steve says she is obsessed with the show.  He counts out the cards and they start another hand of Gin Rummy.  The table is cluttered with their snacks. Seems the girls love Steve's pringles. 


1226AM BBT  Steve is talking about being over simulated, since BB just announced not to be over stimulated.  With Liz screaming and clapping, you can't hear what BB is saying.  Liz tells them that "i love you" and "thank you".  We see Vanessa sit up in bed, roll over on her side and lay back down.  Liz and Steve are now asking if BB loves them, "we can't overextend talking to them".  Liz razzes Steve cause BB will not answer him.  Back to playing cards.


140AM BBT  Steve is talking to himself in the kitchen, Liz is now tucking herself into bed.  Steve is still trying to figure out Euchre. 


145AM BBT  Steve has now entered the Comic room looking for night clothes.  He heads back out of the room, leaving the lights on, and is entering the WA.  He is humming and muttering to himself softly while he walks back up the hallway and exits to the laundry area.  he keeps saying "on the block next to each other, what was I suppose to do?"  He walks outside, checks the dryer and walks back to the WA, which he exits again heading to the comic room, puts something down and leaves the room to return to the mirror by the memory wall, he trots away from the mirror to the WA, he takes his dark sweats and We hear Liz sneeze.  Steve is in the WC changing his clothes. 


We are listening to the Liz and Steve chit chat about being bored, they are still playing cards.  Steve keeps says "that is what she says" 


1248AM BBT another hand starts.  Steve "to cash one's ticket"  Liz mimics him and he says it a second time adding a Wooooo at the end of it.  Vanessa seems to be restless, she has pushed her beanie cap up on her forehead and is leaning over the side of the bed.  the card game continues in the kitchen. 


1AM BBT Liz won that round, they start another.  Vanessa still is in bed.  Liz talks about how her and Julia used to beat the F out of each other. Steve says he has never been in a malicious fight.  Liz says neither has Austin, he was a bouncer, not a fighter. 


108AM BBT  We now are discussing getting girlfriends.  Steve says "getting is a problem"  He has never been in a serious relationship, longest being 2.5 Months.  Liz has dealt another hand.  Steve hums,


116AM BBT  Liz "get your warm patches at CVS, Steve loves them, brought to you today by CVS and Steve's warm patches"  they continue to play cards


128AM BBT  Liz is counting up her score, she has 350 pts total, they were keeping count by using candies.  Steve says he wants to see if he can play Euchre.  So he is sorting the cards cause you only need one 9 in the game deck.  Liz has left the kitchen area.  Steve is talking to himself about no nines needed.  He gets up and starts pacing the kitchen area.  with cards in hand, he is munching on what is a smore's  finishing his glass of milk.  walks back to the cookie sheet and picks up something walks to the table drinks more milk, still has cards in hand.  Steve "i remember all the rules of play, I just don't remember the point system"  he walks towards the bedrooms.  We briefly see Liz in the WA, Vanessa still in bed.  Steve turns and walks back to the kitchen, sits at the table, gets up from the table, throws away something, returns to the table, then walks to the WA, he tells Liz I don't remember the point system, Liz is taking off makeup, Steve is walking up and down the hallway while he talks to her, then returns to the table, we know are focused on Liz doing her ADLs.  Vanessa seems to be moving a bit in bed, but not getting up. 

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149AM BBT  Steve exits the WC with his black shorts on.  he has taken off his mic, is moving his mouth but no idea what he is saying.  He fixes the towel on the shower door and reenters the WC.  come out of the WC, re adjusts the towel on the shower door, still muttering to himself, enters the shower, turns on the water, he is still talking to himself, gets back into the shower, shuts the door still muttering to himself. 


2AM BBT  Steve is now drying off in the shower still muttering to himself.  (his lips are moving but I can't hear the words).  he comes out of the shower with his white sweats on puts on his yellow shirt, glasses, and finally puts his mic back on.  he puts his shower stuff back away, takes a capful of mouth wash and gargles.  now picking up all his clothes and heading to the Comic room to put his stuff down.  he finds slippers, leaves the room, puts on his socks and slippers in the LR, takes his hoodie and puts it on, humming to himself, goes back to the kitchen and gets something to drink, we hear a moan from the purple bedroom,


204AM BBT "About 5 or 6 weeks ago, JMac told me a very simple line, which seemed very absurd to me, but when I stopped and thought about it, I agreed, Vanessa is Derrick.  Vanessa, you have played the most brilliant game that as a student of this game, you are almost the most brilliant female player that this game has every seen.  You are Derrick which makes me Cody.  Cody made a 450,000 mistake and I can't afford to make that mistake.  Cody took Derrick and lost the game, I can't do that.  [he keeps saying the same thing over and over, just different wording]  I do not know how you got Austin into putting me and JMac up, how you talked Liz how to drop out of this first part of HoH comp.  When James when HoH, I have no idea how you convinced him to go after Shelli and Clay instead of you, you have repeatedly amazed me with your game play.  I have been trying to get you out of the game, but you flabbergast me with how you manage to stay.  Unfortunately. so you are Derrick and we are in F2, that makes me Cody, so if you are Derrick and we have had a final 2 all season that makes me Cody [he repeats this 4 or 5 times]  okay I like this speech, I am not going to have to do this again"  "if you are derrick, I am Cody, I can't make the same mistake as Cody, I can't take you to F2.  Five years in a row the winner of part 3, won the game, until Derrick and Cody.  Winner of the game wins part 3, except for last year.  I am genuinely convinced that you are potentially the most brilliant female player that BB has seen over the past 17 seasons, but if I am Cody to your Derrick, I can't take you to F2"  he starts to sing and stops.


215AM BBT  Steve is still pacing the yard, repeating the speech over and over.  "there is no arguing that you drove our alliance more than I did, that makes me Cody, and me much like Cody made my contributions, but no arguing that you are the driver, that is why Derrick beat Cody, Vanessa I love you but I cannot make the same 450,000 mistake that Cody made."  and he starts to repeat the same speech again. this conversation with Steve continues, he is messing up and repeating himself a lot.  but while pacing the back yard, he gets the speech pretty well memorized and says he will finish strong. 


222AM BBT  Steve is clicking his fingers and pacing "it is good" he is half waling dancing in the back yard,  walks into the kitchen area leaving his hoodie and glass in the back yard.  he heads for the DR door, they let him in and we get FOTH. 


225AM BBT  Steve has come out of the DR, he goes back to the back yard and starts rehearsing his speech again.  He is not stuttering now and not messing up, he has his speech down pat now.  "so if we have had a final 2 all season, that makes me Cody, I have made strong contributions to the alliance, there is no arguing that you are the one who drove the alliance.  So if you are Derrick and we have had a F2 all season, that makes me Cody, I am like afraid, don't touch that, do not touch that 'as he touches the trellis in the back yard'"  he is now pacing and repeating the speech over and over again. 


[side note:  with all the effort and stress that Steve is putting on himself doing this speech, I kind of hope he gets a chance to use it]


230AM BBT  Steve starts his speech all over again, still pacing in the yard,  Liz is up and heading to the WC.  "That is my speech if I win that is what I am saying" he heads back into the house enters the WA, gets something out of the cupboard, says Hi to Liz who has exited the WC, washing here hands, Steve is brushing his teeth, Liz gets some lotion and walks out of the room.  We see Liz climb back into bed.  Steve enters the WC, exits the WC, we hear Liz sneeze, Steve washes his hands, walks out of the WA and goes to the backyard again.  He spots his hoodie, picks it up and walks back inside.  puts on his hoodie and hops into bed.  


we hear sniffling, but other than that everyone seems to be down for the night.


242 AM BBT  House lights are dimmed and the HGs are in for the night.  Steve is tossing and turning but not getting up. 


256AM BBT  Steve is still restless, he is tossing and turning, but staying in bed.  coughing. 

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258AM BBT  Steve is up in the kitchen, lights are still dimmed.  He is fixing himself a bowl of cereal.  he sits down at the glass top counter with the milk next to him.  Starts to eat his cereal.  BB is bringing the lights back on full.  Steve sits and looks around while eating his cereal.  We see Vanessa tossing around in her bed.  Steve finishes his cereal washes out his bowl, puts the Milk away, takes off his socks, walks to WC, putting his socks in his pockets.  [cereal box is sitting open on the counter]  Comes out of WC, gets out his toothbrush and scrubs his teeth again, he paces the WA while brushing his teeth, spits, rinses his tooth brush, washes his hands, splashes his face with water, dries off, puts away his toothbrush and shaving kit, walks out of WA and goes to kitchen sees the cereal box and closes it, puts it away, walks back to the WA, enters the WC, exits, heads back up the hallway, now walking toward the purple room, takes his socks out of his pockets, puts them back on and gets back into bed.  he is sitting on the day couch with Cocoa in hand, head bowed, lays down, covers up, finds Cocoa again, starring into the dark eyes wide open.  BB turns the lights down.  Steve lays with his eyes shut then opens them again. 


315AM BBT  Steve has finally settled down into a slumber and everyone seems to be finally tucked in for the night.

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7:30 BBT in the Big Brother house and all are engaged in peaceful slumber. Vanessa seems to be a bit restless as she stretches her arms and scratches them. Steve's covers are in such a state that he looks as if he is sleeping in a clothes basket full of sheets waiting to be folded. 


7:35 BBT Vanessa, wearing her black pajamas rises and heads to the WC. She glances outside and in the other rooms along the way. Finally at the WC, she knocks, then enters. She emerges, turns on the water with her right hand, rinses her right hand, turns off the water and wipes off her right hand. She heads back, checking the rooms along the way and jiggles the door to the back yard only to find it still locked. As she walks I can see her mic in her left hand which partially explains why only her right hand was rinsed off. 

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857AM BBT  House lights in the LR, kitchen come back on full


1003AM BBT  FoTH, Wake up call??


1020AM BBT  We come back to cams showing Liz and Steve doing awnings in the backyard, Vanessa still in bed. House lights are all on.


1025AM BBT  FOTH, come back to Liz crawling back in bed.  Steve and Vanessa are in the kitchen.  Vanessa sits alone at the table eating crackers/chips and dip.  [Vanessa sure is a junk food junkie]  Steve rejoins her in the kitchen, he is talking to her about who visits and who will get to see how they have lived for the past 90 days.  Vanessa is now whining about the meds they gave her for her neck affecting her back, still eating chips and dip.  Steve says he is done, he has been done with this since Day 3,  Steve claims he is feel sick, so much stress and vomiting, not realizing that when he gets stressed he gets sick to his stomach, Steve says we do not have much else to do, so we played cards.  Vanessa says we need to teach Liz how to play different card games.  Vanessa is still munching away on chips and dip.  Steve has the playing cards in his hands, doing a mock shuffle.  Vanessa does not understand what a counter weight is, Steve tries to explain the comp to her for Part 2.  He says he had about a 100# weight.  Now Vanessa is asking Steve questions about comps and what types of questions they asked and about which house guests.  Steve said we had a messenger bag to carry the letters up and down,  and the letters were marked with tabs so they were easy to find.  Vanessa gets up closes the chip bag, takes the container of dip, walks away from the table dropping her mic pack on the floor as she goes.  She asks if it is hot outside, Steve says the awning rods were hot cause the sun was shining on them.  We then hear a tap noise, [assuming Vanessa is now in the WC]  Steve still sitting at the table drinking from his glass.


1040AM BBT  Steve sitting alone at table playing with cards.  Liz in bed, Vanessa wandering around, Vanessa goes outside not talking to Steve, we watch her thru the patio door, go to the round lounger, lay down.  Steve gets up from the table walks to the purple room, stretches, walks back out of the purple room, looks into the mirror by the memory wall, walks to the table, drinks from his glass, takes the glass to the sink rinses it, puts it up on the fridge walks to the WA, uses the WC, we see Vanessa still laying on the round couch in the yard.  Steve leaves the WC, takes off his glasses, washes his hands, puts his glasses back on, wanders thru the kitchen thru the LR and buzzes the DR door, he opens the door and we get FOTH. 

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1048AM BBT  We rejoin the house with Steve tucked in on the sofa bed in the purple room, Liz is hiding her head under the covers and Vanessa is now walking back into the house from the yard.  Vanessa goes to the purple room, takes a couple Advil then gets an ice pack, puts on her sunglasses, snaps the pack, applies it the back of her neck and lays down.  She seems to have a candy or something in her mouth. 

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1120AM BBT Vanessa sits up in bed, put her hand on her cheek, then decides to get out of bed, she goes to the mirrored dresser, starts looking for something.  She puts her mic pack in her pocket, still looking for something.  walks away from the dresser into the kitchen area.  she gets a garbage bag out of the cupboard in the kitchen, [walking like she has a pipe up her backbone]   she opens the bag up and seems to be putting clothes in the bag.  She is acting very stiff, [she was moving freely when she was up earlier] Now sitting on the floor, she is sorting thru clothing putting dark items in the bag.  she is tying up the bag setting it aside, she puts her colors in her BB duffle bag, picks up both items and heads to the back yard to do laundry.  She seems to have lost her stiffness when picking up both the duffel bag and garbage bag.  She is now doing laundry.  Steve and Liz still in bed.  Vanessa has loaded the washer, she is headed to the WA.  She gets out a pad and proceeds to wipe her face off.  She removes the beanie cap, brushes her hair and puts the cap back on.  She puts her sunglasses on and walks thru the house returning to the purple room, picking up a shirt she dropped on the floor.  She picks up all her "junk food" off of the bed and from around the bed, taking the garbage to the storage room, throwing away empty containers.  She returns to the purple room, takes off her flip flops and gets back in bed.  takes off her glasses, pulls her hat down over her eyes, has a bag under the covers that she is crinkling, All is quiet once again.

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1217PM BBT  Vanessa is up and in the WC.  Liz and Steve are still playing sleeping beauties.  She changes clothes, out with the PJs and on with the orange jailor pants.  she has on her grey hoodie and beanie cap.  oh least I forget to mention she is wearing sunglasses.  She takes her black pajamas out to the washer area.  returns to the house.  Steve sits up in bed, looks around and lays back down.  Vanessa now in the kitchen, gets a bowl, fills it up with the left over salad.  heads outside to eat.  Sitting on the lounger between the pool and hot tub, she takes off her glasses, puts them back on after running her fingers thru her hair and removing the beanie cap.  she pulls up the pant legs and sits indian style on the lounger eating. 


1227PM BBT  She is done eating, washing the bowl and going to the WA, putting on her beanie cap as she walks.  She brushes her teeth, she spits, rinses, spits, rinses, puts her tooth brush away, wipes her face on a towel, fiddles with her hair, brushing it.  She takes a black and white stripped towel and folds it laying it on top of her ADL bag, looks at herself in the mirror making a "duck" face, enters the WC.  She comes out of the WC and heads back to bed.

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111PM BBT  Vanessa is up again wandering to the backyard.  She checks her laundry.  taking items out of the dryer.  now taking items out of the washer and putting them into the dryer.  Liz pops up and looks around, rolls over and lays back down.  Vanessa now has the dryer loaded and running.  She loads the washer, now returning to inside the house ..  She walks to the fridge opens the doors and stands looking.  takes out the dish with the blue lid, warms something in the microwave and puts the dish back in the fridge



Sorry all, family calls and I have got to leave.

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147PM BBT  We find Vanessa and Steve sitting at the table playing cards.  Liz is at the counter eating.


203pM BBT  We have Vanessa and Liz now playing cards and Steve is looking on.



225 PM BBT  We have Liz sitting by the side of the pool.  Steve pacing around the kitchen finishing up the orange juice.  Steve takes the empty gallon jug to the storage rooms and throws it in the recycle bin.  We hear Vanessa say the washer is available.  Liz says "thank you"  We see Vanessa walk thru the kitchen with a garbage bag [full of clean clothes]  Liz gets up and walks to the hot tub and gets in and stands on the step for a bit, then walks to the house and enters.  She sneezes as she opens the door.  All three enter the storage area, Vanessa throwing away stuff she cleaned up in the purple bedroom [some more empty junk food containers]  All three seem to be wandering around the house complaining about the heat outside.  Liz goes outside and starts her laundry. 


249PM BBT  We find Vanessa back in bed.  Liz and Steve playing cards


312PM BBT  Vanessa is at the table with Steve and Liz explaining they are going to practice reading cards. Liz is pouring water on something in front of the washing machine.  She rejoins Steve and Vanessa at the table.  They are playing poker using different candies as chips.  Wearing her sunglasses Vanessa is explaining to them how to check, pass or bet with the cards in their hands.  Steve wants to know why if it is his deal, Vanessa is doing it, she says cause I am faster, he does not look happy but says okay

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(update) 10:00am-3:15pm BBT: Steve and Liz lower the awnings in the BY and Steve wears oven mitts to lower then as Liz has on gloves also they said the poles are really hot in the mornings.

 Vanessa tells Steve that she feels better today but if her neck isn't hurting then her hips are. She then takes Advil to help with the pain.

Liz and Steve go back to bed and Vanessa gets dressed and does her ADL's Vanessa goes out to do laundry and then goes inside to eat. Steve and Liz then get up and Vanessa wants to play Gin with Steve. Steve and Vanessa play cards while Liz eats and talk is about Movies. Vanessa then starts teaching them to play poker.
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#BB17 1:25pm BBT Vanessa is so cool she eats her hamburger indoors with sunglasses on.  After she's finished eating, she washes her dishes and puts the garbage into the SR.
#BB17 1:45pm BBT Steve and Liz wake up.  She gets some food and wants to play cards.  Vanessa wants to play Steve in Gin.  They haven't faced off yet.  Steve is called to the DR and Vanessa wants him to discard but he makes her wait until he gets back.
#BB17 2:00pm BBT Steve is out of the DR and the game of Gin resumes. Liz talks about Production and we lose feeds.
#BB17 2:40pm BBT Vanessa is back in bed, Liz is cleaning up behind herself in the kitchen and Steve is pacing. Steve says Frozen as actually pretty good. Liz agrees but wonders why everyone is so obsessed with the movie.
#BB17 2:45pm BBT Liz tells Steve not to touch future girlfriends on the nose. She says when she was in New Orleans, she went without someone for months and understands why he wants a GF.  She recommends he go see Maleficent. Steve doesn't remember ever seeing Snow White & the Seven Drawfs.  He has a hard time sitting still through movies.
#BB17 3:00pm BBT Liz and Steve are back to playing cards. Steve wonders if the term sneaky will make its away in to the BB fan vocabulary (like Fruitloop Dingus?).  Steve says he's going to do a mile on the elliptical later today and Liz says she will to.
#BB17 3:15pm BBT Vanessa is back up and teaching Liz and Steve a new game - 5 Card Draw. She teaches them what a Straight and Flush are and says they're not ready for Texas Hold-em yet.

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 3:22pm BBT: The poker game continues and Steve says this losing right now is bothering me cause i am not a gambler i do not like this and Vanessa says cause you do not like to lose and Steve says yeah.


3:45pm BBT: Poker game is still going on and Steve says he still does not like this gambling. Liz says i think Steve and I like our Gin game more and Steve agrees.


3:52pm BBT: Liz and Steve get up to get food then return to the table to play more poker.


3:57pm BBT: Vanessa says i can tell both of you will be real good poker players.

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 4:04pm BBT: Vanessa still explaining about poker to Liz and Steve as she wears her sun shades. Vanessa ask if they was having fun and Liz says it is fun if i am not playing with my own money.


 4:09pm BBT: Liz goes all in on her poker hand and wins the hand and says yeah I am back in business baby. Vanessa says all you need is a chip and and a chair. Liz says that's so cute. Liz then ask what does Mel think about playing and Vanessa says as bout as much as you do.


4:16pm BBT: Steve says i want to play GIn rummy and Vanessa ask why? Steve says i hate betting. Liz says we could play 21 and Steve says 52 pick up and Liz says no, Steve ask do you know what it is? Liz says yeah Vanessa told me. Liz and Steve play another game of poker and Vanessa goes to the OBR and gets in bed.


 4:25pm BBT: Steve and Liz still playing poker , Steve wants to play Gin and Liz wants to play Poker so Liz makes him play more poker. Vanessa is in bed sleeping.


4:32pm BBT: Liz is up getting a drink and goes to the BY to check her laundry. Steve is up and walking around the house. Liz in the By takes her white pants out of the washer and says no as they are stained, she sighs and lays her pants on the grass then gets bleach and pours on her pants. BB calls Vanessa to the DR.


 4:40pm BBT: Steve argues with Liz and Vanessa about if he can buy a product for cheaper then he will do it and Liz says if she can get something she does not care about the price but My dad does that he shops for the cheapest  product. They leave the Wa and Steve hold Liz's hand and Liz says Austin is going to find out and Steve says what is Austin going to do i do not live with him  anymore. Liz tells him ladies like their fingers laced Steve and Steve says my fingers are laced.


 4:41pm BBt: Steve tells Vanessa he has decided he does not want to be a professional gambler. She ask you do not like it? Steve says no. Liz is in the BY on the elliptical.


4:48pm BBT: Steve is walking around the house, Liz on the elliptical in the BY.Vanessa is on the lounger near the pool. 


4:55pm BBT: Vanessa and Steve on loungers in the BY playing an alphabet game where one says a word then they add another word with each letter and have to repeat then in order.

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5:05pm BBT: all Hg in the BY, Liz on the elliptical and Steve and Vanessa  on the loungers sitting , BB tells then to please raise the awnings, Steve says Liz?then ask if she was going to finish first, Liz says yeah he says ok i will wait then.


 5:13pm BBT: Liz finishes on the elliptical and gets a drink then says ok Steve lets do it and they start raising up the Awnings. Steve tells her that he and Vanessa are playing the Bb alphabet game and every letter has to be something about BB.


5:25pm BBT: Vanessa has now gone back to bed for a nap, Liz is working out in the BY.


 5:35pm BBT: Liz started another load of laundry then goes to the KT and washes dishes then ask if Bb will play snoop Dog tomorrow just nothing country.


5:36pm BBT: Steve goes to Liz and she tells him to stop after he touched her back then we see a sticker on her back that says Austin.


5:50pm BBT: Liz and Steve in the KT talking about all the different alliances in the house and how everyone  that got evicted did it to themselves.and how Da,Vonne should have kept her mouth shut.


5:55pm BBT: Liz is now in the shower and Steve is pacing the house as Vanessa is asleep in the OBR.


 5:59pm BBT: Vanessa is now up and tells Steve to come talk to her while she folds clothes he says i am just eating fruit and she tells him he is so weird, he says no i am not everyone eats apples and things and i eat bananas and pineapple it is good together.

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6:00pm BBT: Steve and Vanessa in the OBR talking very  low. They are talking about telling Liz that they had an alliance on Tuesday and they she had Austin and they were the odd men out and they got together. Steve says and she has 2 votes in Jury already and Vanessa says yeah. Steve says ok we will tell her on Tuesday then it is very accurate.


6:04pm BBT: Vanessa ask Steve if Liz has said anything to him about  final 2 and Steve says literally nothing. She says good. Steve ask what is her game style nothing? and we get FOTH.


6:10pm BBT: Vanessa ask what they are going to do Wednesday as she is worried her neck will not be better so she will probably do nothing that day. Steve says i am a little nervous about the scales though and Vanessa ask why, he says cause i am not good with balance.


 6:14pm BBT: Vanessa has now gone to the LVR to  fold clothes as Steve is pacing the house  again and humming. Steve comes in and puts a candy bar in  Vanessa hood and she makes him take it out cause her neck hurts.


6:17pm BBT: Steve says this is Sunday and finale is Wednesday, he says i am so nervous to see the outside world.


 6:20pm BBT: Liz comes in and says it is Mask time and Steve says i promised Liz i would do a face mask tonight and they sit down and decide which mask to use.


6:24pm BBT: Steve gets a strip on his nose to get the blackheads out and Vanessa is putting a white face mask on and Liz a green mask on. Steve walks to the KT and says I am wearing a mask with the girls then he laughs.


6:30pm BBT: Liz comes to the KT and says this burns, Steve ask then why do you put it on and she says for beauty. Vanessa says they need to spray tan also tonight. 


6:36pm BBT: Liz goes to pull the strip off Steve's nose and Steve says you are making me nervous Liz and Liz laughs, Steve ask can i do it myself? Liz says yeah just pull it slowly, He gets it off and Liz yells ewww there is alot of it there and now your nose looks good.


 6:46pm BBT: Liz is making dinner of Steak and baked potatoes while Steve and Vanessa play Gin .


6:55pm BBT: The Gin games continues with Vanessa and Steve as Liz makes dinner.

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6:59 PM BBT Liz bangs on her bag of marinating meat. She goes to the WC, while Vanessa & Steve are playing Gin at the DT.


7:01 PM BBT Liz comes out of the WC. She washes & dries her hands. She leaves the WA. She goes in the KT & feels her face mask. She looks in a mirror by the DT to check on the face mask. She tells Steve & Vanessa they are playing a long game. Steve gets a Gin Rummy with 11 cards. Liz says, "Wow, he's catching up." Liz sits at the DT & feels the right side of her face mask. Steve asks Liz, "Can you be a good & go get my hoodie for me please?" She bats her eyes at him & says, "I know you didn't just say that." Steve repeats it.


7:03 PM BBT Liz asks why he wants his hoodie? Steve says, "Because I'm cold." Liz says, "I'm cooking dinner M'r F'r." Liz says, he's just mad because she beat his ass last night. Steve says, she beat him at a card game, the only ass she's beaten is Austin's. Liz says, "Not yet." Steve says, "I stand corrected." Liz stays in her chair at the DT messing with her face. Vanessa & Steve start their next hand of Gin.


7:05 PM BBT Liz says, "Oh no, this is mask from hell, it's going to hurt." Vanessa says, she wonders how it's going to peel off. Liz peels her mask off in the dining area. She says, the last one hurt, but this one didn't hurt at all. She tells Steve & Vanessa it all came off in one peel. Steve tells her, she still has some of it on her face. Liz says, "I know." Liz goes to the BY to take care of the laundry.


7:09 PM BBT Liz goes in the WA & blow dries her hair. Steve tells Vanessa he thinks he's been annoying people these last couple days. Vanessa says, the only thing that bothers her is him not cleaning up after himself. She says, she will tell him if something is bothering her. She tells him he seems to be going backwards in his progress. Steve says, he's trying to fix that, & he wants to stop.


7:12 PM BBT Steve & Vanessa continue their card game at the DT. Liz finishes blow drying her hair in the WA. Liz twists her hair, sprays something from a small spray bottle on it, brushes it out, & then puts it in a ponytail. She washes her hands in the sink. She puts moisturizer on her face. Steve tells Vanessa their game is coming down to the wire.


7:17 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve if they have the nail clippers? He doesn't answer. Liz comes out of the WA, & asks what the score is now? Vanessa says, 43 - 47. Liz says, "Oh my God." She goes to the BY to check on the clothes in the dryer. She takes some of the clothes out of the dryer, leaving some stuff still in it. She hangs some of her clothes on the bar stools near the back sliding doors.


7:19 PM BBT Steve says, "My face is smooth." Liz tells him not to mess with it or he will get back heads on it again. She checks the potatoes she is baking in the oven. Steve asks if she's making baked potatoes? Liz says, "Yeah, they take soo long, they aren't even almost ready." She sits down at the DT & watches Vanessa & Steve playing their card game.


7:21 PM BBT Steve & Vanessa finish their game. Vanessa wins. Steve & Liz tell Vanessa to peel her mask off. Liz tells Steve, "Now you can go get your own hoodie, bucko." Steve wants her to go with him, but he doesn't. Vanessa goes to the WA to take her mask off. Steve wants to take a nap, & Liz gives him a hard time about it. Vanessa asks if they have any champagne left? No one answers her.


7:24 PM BBT Steve tells Liz that he never worked out in his life prior to March. Liz asks if Steve doesn't want to look good & look very sexy? Steve says, "I already am sexy." Liz asks him if A will like him? We see FOTH. Liz asks if she's his bestie? We see FOTH again briefly. Liz is drying her hands off with a paper towel in the KT. She pulls her hair back & twists it. She scratches her left eyebrow with her nail & then she starts pounding the bag with marinating meat in it.


7:26 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz that it's taking her forever to get her mask off. Liz says, her face feels soo much better, & her's should as well. Liz says, she should have told Vanessa to put on a thicker coat. She says, that's the key to it. Liz messes with her hair again & then starts to cook the meat without washing her hands. She asks Steve if he likes baked potatoes? Steve says, "No." Liz says, he should like it, it's starch. Liz tells Steve if she was his mom should have told him to eat the food she made or be grounded. Steve says, "Force feeding, how awful."


7:29 PM BBT Steve says, the less potato the more he likes it. He says, he'll eat some french fries & maybe home fries. He says, never mashed or baked potatoes. He says, he's been told his whole life he's weird, because apparently every kid likes mashed potatoes, but not him. He says, he likes meat, but not fish a whole lot. He says, he likes shellfish & sushi.


7:31 PM BBT Steve says, he doesn't dislike fish, but he would never order it at a restaurant, unless it is a fish restaurant. Steve & Vanessa talk about restaurants at Disney.


7:32 PM BBT Vanessa asks Liz if they are doing the spray tan tonight? Liz thinks Vanessa said Sling Band. Vanessa says, Liz needs to do the spray tan so they both look good. Liz says, they will be on fleek. Steve & Vanessa continue to talk about the food he likes & doesn't like. Vanessa goes to the BY to check on laundry. Steve tells Liz about when he took an Alaskan cruise when he was in middle school.


7:35 PM BBT Liz tells Steve she's pan frying the steaks. Steve says, he will eat his piece of steak & then take a nap. Liz tells him they have games to play tonight. Steve says, "Sleepy Steve." Liz tells him to stop being sleepy Steve & a baby. Steve goes to the BY & says, how hot it is outside. He does have grey sweat pants & his blue hoodie on. He paces around the BY, stopping by the pool for a moment. He keeps going, snapping his fingers while he walks around.


 7:38 PM BBT As Steve continues to pace around the BY, he talks about him winning $50,000. He says, after taxes, $40,000. He talks low into his microphone while pacing the BY, & carrying his blue hoodie over his right arm. Steve says, "I haven't watched it. I don't know what other people have seen or said about me. I haven't seen the show."

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7:40 PM BBT Steve keeps talking to himself. He says, being on BB & Disney Imagineering are his thing. He says, Vanessa played a way better game then he did. He says, he played the best he could. He thinks everyone there may have actually liked him in the house. He seems to be answering questions, but we aren't hearing anyone asking anything.


7:43 PM BBT Steve says, he was expecting to go out way early, & he didn't. We hear sirens in the background, on the streets. Steve talks about Derek & Cody from last season. Steve says, if Vanessa would take Liz instead of him, he still will 100% vote for Vanessa. He says, he would never forgive himself if he didn't. He hums a little, walks over & picks him his blue hoodie. He opens the sliding door & goes in the house. He puts on his hoodie.


7:45 PM BBT Steve tells Liz, "You're making vegetables too." Liz says, she's making vegetables, baked potatoes & steak. Liz says, she needs about 10 more minutes. Steve walks back over to Liz swinging the HOH Key in his right hand, & asks her if he can help with anything? Liz says, "No." He obviously didn't hear what she said a moment ago, because he asks her how much longer it will be? She says, about 10 more minutes. He swings the HOH key more & goes to the OBR.


7:47 PM BBT Steve paces back through the LR & back to the OBR. He opens a drawer in the dresser that Vanessa is using & looks in it. He shuts the drawer & looks behind the dresser. He walks through the LR & goes by the Memory Wall. He heads back to the OBR & says, "Frankie, Caleb & Jessie." He keeps pacing around the house.


7:49 PM BBT Steve & Liz say chicken sayings to each other. Steve asks, "What are the chances James has gotten Julia in jury?" Liz says, no he hasn't. Steve asks, "What are the chances that James is still trying to get Julia in jury?" Liz says, "One million percent." Steve walks back to the OBR again. Steve goes back by the Memory Wall. Liz asks him if he likes avocado? He says, not plain. She asks if he likes guac? He says, a little, but not with too much stuff in it. Steve says, "LIZ," loudly, trying to scare her. Steve tells BB to say her name again tonight. Liz says, whoever was in the control room trying to scare me...We see FOTH briefly.


7:54 PM BBT Liz asks Steve how he likes his steak? Steve says, "Usually medium rare." Liz says, that's the one good thing about him. Steve says, he doesn't like a whole lot of flavor. Liz asks if he likes the other f word, friends? Steve says, yes. Liz says, she pulled a Steve on Steve. Steve says, she did. Liz goes to the SR to get sour cream for the potatoes. She says, Sling Band, Sling Band on her way. She goes back to the KT. Steve says, "Oh, breast petals." Liz says, "Steveeee." She says, "Leave my breast petals alone." Steve asks if he can talk about them as he pulls his sweat pants in the back.


7:57 PM BBT Steve goes by the front door, touches it & tells Liz they will all be walking out that door in 3 days. BB tells him, "Stop that." Liz says, "Dinner." She says, she's going to put her potato in the microwave now. Steve is still pacing. Liz says, "Steve, dinner is ready," sternly. Steve says, he'll get his then. He wonders what's on the steak, but says, he's not going to ask. Liz says, she always makes it the same.


7:59 PM BBT Liz gets her potato out of the microwave that still has the foil on it. (You aren't supposed to put foil in the microwave.) Vanessa goes in the KT. We see FOTH briefly. Liz says, how good the meal is. Vanessa puts her food in the microwave. Liz asks what he did when his mom cooked something he didn't like? Steve says, his dad cooked, not his mom. He says, his dad was as picky as he is. Liz says, that's where he gets it from. Steve agrees. Steve says, he changed his diet when he moved out.


8:03 PM BBT Steve says, he makes sure he gets something from each food group each day, & then he will allow himself to get treats. They talk about what Steve does eat. Liz says, "Fair enough." Steve tells Vanessa about how he had to make the harness loser for the last comp he was in. Vanessa asks Liz if the harness was in the same spot as the disks? Liz says, she had the padded bicycle shorts, so she didn't really feel anything. She says, it was in the same area though. Steve says, it was like they were on the moon. They discuss how they moved in the comp.


8:07 PM BBT Liz says, she beasted the comp & held all the letters in her hand & crawled with one hand. Steve says, there was no way he could crawl with one hand. He says, he didn't have his letter for HOH. She says, she can't believe that they didn't know the one comp was Bustin' Moves. Steve says, he figured it out mid comp. Vanessa asks what the question was? The answer was Audrey.


8:09 PM BBT Liz asks who they think Audrey would have targeted if she had won Bustin' Moves? They throw out some names. Liz is talking while eating & is chomping. Liz asks him if he wants to play a Gin tournament? Steve says, he wants to sleep. Vanessa asks if he didn't get enough sleep? Steve says, he stayed up for face mask & to eat, & now he needs to sleep. Vanessa says, she will make fried bananas tomorrow night for a treat. Steve says, they have 3 nights left there. He says, he's soo scared. Liz asks Steve, "What are you soo scared of?" Steve says, "The world."


8:11 PM BBT Liz tells him that he has wanted to go home the most. Steve says, it's nine lives in the house. Steve says, he's going to stop complaining again. Vanessa tells him he can stay there & they will leave. Liz says, they are going to leave & he can find them in Vegas. Steve wants to know if he's going to Vegas? Vanessa says, it's up to him. Steve thinks his family has things planned out. Liz says, she thinks her family may have things planned. Vanessa says, "I live there, you guys can come out there anytime." Vanessa tells Steve he can tell his parents that he knows they have an itinerary planned, but he'll see them on the flip side. Liz says, he'll never do that.


8:14 PM BBT Liz says, they will probably have interviews after the show. Steve thinks they will all go on The Talk. (They haven't done that this season.) They talk about Victoria & her Zing. Liz tells Steve to tell Vanessa about Britney (BB19). Steve says, she was found in a bar 2 weeks before the show. Vanessa asks which Brittany? Liz says, last year. We see FOTH. Liz says, she wonders what bar & what she was doing. Vanessa wants more alcohol. Steve says, it's his nap time. Vanessa tells him it's a terrible time for a nap, it's already after 8 PM BBT.


8:17 PM BBT Liz sings that Steve is very sneaky, very very sneaky. We see FOTH. Steve says, "You can only make up songs if you are Audrey making a musical up for a Team America Challenge." Liz says, that's true. She says, they will have steak & eggs tomorrow. Liz is going through the refrigerator to get rid of things that have been there for too long. She opens a container & gets grossed out because it's tuna.

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8:18 PM BBT Liz finds something that has been there since Austin was there. Vanessa is washing the dishes. Steve is pacing. He starts singing the song that Shelli & Audrey made into a musical this season. Liz says, it was a task from TA last season.


8:21 PM BBT Liz asks what's gotten into Steve? Steve says, he's trying to make himself useful, since everyone else is cleaning. He's cleaning off the glass table. Liz says, "Thank you." Vanessa tells Steve it's good when he just does things without being asked. She tells him that it's the least they could do to clean up since Liz cooked for them. Steve says, "I agree." Liz goes to the BY & brings a bag of clothes inside the house. She goes to the OBR.


8:24 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve if he had to clean at college? Steve says, they had jobs in his Frat house that they each had to do. Vanessa asks if the house was dirty? Steve says, he doesn't think it was. Steve says, one of his Frat brothers was a fan when Ian was on the show. Steve says, he told him that he couldn't picture Steve on the show in a million years, & if he did he wouldn't last. Steve says, "Ha, I did last." He asks Vanessa if he should do anything else? Vanessa says, "No, go take your nap." Steve wants to brush his teeth first. He says, "Then, I"m going to go & snuggle with Coco." Vanessa says, "Sounds good." She goes to the BY, & he goes to the WA & brushes his teeth.


8:28 PM BBT Vanessa gives Liz the alcohol she made for them. Liz says, it tastes like Sangria. Liz wants to know what they are going to play? She tells Vanessa they can do tie die tomorrow, because they still have two shirts. Vanessa says, she would. Vanessa is in the WA. She puts on some deodorant & says, "I'm out of everything." BB says, "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day." Steve was trying to take a nap. Liz goes to the BY & comes back in. Vanessa tells Liz, "I guess they're not letting sleep Steve take his nap." Liz says, "I know, it's not even day anymore, what the hell?"


8:31 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa the Sangria is soo good & asks her what she put in it? Vanessa says, the rest of the champagne, the rest of the Port, apple juice & ice. Liz says, so it's the apple juice that makes it taste like that. Steve has his face covered with his blue hoodie in the OBR, cuddling Coco, & he's trying to take a nap.


8:33 PM BBT Vanessa is curling her hair in the WA. Liz tells Vanessa that they can have the Gin tournament tomorrow. She says, the prize can be the POP TV bag. Vanessa asks Liz if she wants to play a Gin tournament to the first 200 points. Liz says, "O.K." They talk about the Sangria when Vanessa goes to the DT. Vanessa tells Liz she needs to take the nail polish off her other hand. She goes to get the nail polish remover. Liz says, "I'm obsessed with these cards. If we didn't have them we'd be going crazy." Vanessa says, "There would be a lot of Jenga going on." Liz deals out the first hand for the Gin tournament to start. Vanessa tells her she's almost done with her nails.


8:36 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa she's going to go pee really quick. She goes to the WC. Vanessa is standing by the glass table finishing taking off her nail polish.


8:37 PM BBT Vanessa & Liz start their Gin tournament.


8:41 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa, "I'm going to take my chances," & she lays down her cards. She gets 14 points. Vanessa asks why Liz isn't going to Gin? Liz says, Steve did that to her last night & then she started catching up to him. Vanessa deal the next hand.


8:43 PM BBT Vanessa & Liz talk about the drink Vanessa made tasting like Sangria. Liz wonders if that's what Sangria is made with.


8:44 PM BBT Vanessa lays her cards down. Liz tells her she has a good hand, & she has nothing. Vanessa gets 34 points. Liz deals the next hand.


8:45 PM BBT Liz asks if Vanessa's dad likes playing Gin? Vanessa says, "Yes." Liz says, her mom likes to play Gin. Liz says, her mom's mom (grandmother) was obsessed with Mahjongg. Vanessa tells Liz, "It's a Chinese game."

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8:49 PM BBT Vanessa lays her cards down. She gets zero points. Liz says, "Even if I called it would it be zero points to?" Vanessa says, yes. Liz doesn't want her homemade Sangria to be gone. Vanessa says they should ask for alcohol since they have nothing else to do. Liz says, they can ask tomorrow. They begin the next hand.


8:51 PM BBT Liz lays her cards down with a Gin Rummy. Vanessa asks, "Really?" Liz says, she got a really good hand. Vanessa tells her she got 41. She says, that really wasn't fair. (Same thing Liz said to Steve last night when he went out quickly.) Vanessa tells her to take the points. Vanessa shuffles the cards & does the bridge. Liz says, she can't do that yet. The dryer is beeping. Vanessa tells Liz, it's her laundry. Liz says, it's the dryer for her. Vanessa says, she should grab it. They being the next hand.


8:53 PM BBT Steve goes in the KT. Liz tells him that he only took about a 15 minute nap. Steve says, "Oh, WOW! That was quick. I had a dream & everything." He goes to the SR. Then he goes to the KT to get a bowl & spoon. He goes back to the SR to get ice cream. Steve asks if someone moved the ice cream from the SR? Vanessa says, it's out here, & she didn't know there was a particular place they were keeping it. Steve takes it back to the SR. Vanessa tells him she could give two shits where they keep the ice cream. Vanessa says, she's terrible & only has 3 more days. Liz says, I know & laughs.


8:56 PM BBT Liz lays her cards down. Steve goes to sit at the DT. Liz says, "I want ice cream now." Liz got 7 points. Vanessa goes to the KT, puts something in the microwave, & slams the door shut. Vanessa says, "How that was a nap is beyond me." Steve says, "I woke up thinking about ice cream, & I might go back to sleep after." Liz tells Steve they are playing a 200 point tournament. Vanessa has Liz try to kill a mosquito that was on her glass. Liz tells Steve whoever wins the Gin Tournament tomorrow gets the POP TV bag. Vanessa asks Steve if he wants to go & request more alcohol for them? Steve says, they would know he's not requesting it for himself. Vanessa & Liz begin their next hand.


8:59 PM BBT Vanessa says some garbled mess. She tells them, "Don't ask." The microwave beeps & she gets the popcorn out of the microwave. Vanessa asks them if they've ever tried hot sauce on popcorn? Liz says, "No." Vanessa tells them it's really good. Liz says, hot sauce of Frito's is good. Steve asks what Frito's are? Liz explains them to him. Liz says, her dad is obsessed with Bugles. Liz starts to eat Vanessa's popcorn & can't get enough. She says, "Nom," & she's dropping it on herself. Vanessa says, "Someone in her undergrad taught her. Steve asks, "One of your Dukie friends?" Vanessa says, "It was a Duke friend, yeah." The girls continue their card game.


9:03 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa, the popcorn tastes like buffalo wings. Vanessa puts more hot sauce on the popcorn.


9:04 PM BBT Liz & Vanessa finish this hand. Liz is winning 66 - 42 at the moment. Steve asks if they are playing to 200? Vanessa says, "Yeah, because we thought you were going to sleep for a while." Steve says, "I'm going to go back to sleep." Liz tells Steve, she washed their tie died shirts. Steve thanks her. Liz deals the next hand, dealing Vanessa a card that was under another card. Vanessa didn't say anything about it, & they begin the hand.


9:06 PM BBT Steve says, "I'm going to get a glass of milk & then go back to bed." Vanessa says, "Sorry we're not more thrilling." Steve says, it's o.k., he thought he was going to be out longer than a half hour. He gets his milk. Liz is shoveling popcorn in her mouth like she hasn't eaten in a year. She says, "Hot sauce on popcorn is everything." Vanessa says, she's glad she introduced her to something.


9:08 PM BBT Steve asks, "How about tuna fish & peanut butter?" Vanessa & Liz both says, "Rots." Steve says, "A Music Theory friend of his used to use the analogy that things went together like tuna fish & peanut butter, & they don't go together."


9:10 PM BBT Vanessa gets 20 points & has taken the lead with 64 points. Steve says, she's in the lead by 2 points. Liz still struggles to shuffle the cards. She deals the next hand. Vanessa gets up to get some water & get her clothes out of the dryer. Liz says, Eww several times with a sexual connotation. Steve says, "I'm looking forward to Clay & Shelli's reunion." Liz says, "I'm not, yack." She says, "I'm looking forward to Liztin's reunion." She says, well, they haven't seen each other in a long time & I'm being a brat.


9:13 PM BBT Vanessa goes back to the DT to play this hand. Steve tells them the Meg was found in New York City after a casting call. He says, "She worked for C. C." He tells them that they went to a dinner after that casting call, & Meg was their waitress, & that's how she was found.


9:16 PM BBT Liz tells Steve, "For not being a sexually active person you make a lot of sexual jokes." Steve asks if it's annoying? Liz says, no. Vanessa tells him he's over analyzing things way to much. She tells him to stop. She tells him he's in a good spot. Liz says, he could be her. Steve says, "At least I wouldn't be single." Liz squeals. They finish this hand with Vanessa getting 2 more points.


9:17 PM BBT Steve tells them he wants to go on the elliptical. Liz says, that doesn't make sense. First he's taking a nap, now he wants to go on technotronics. Liz asks where the ice cream is? Steve tells her, it's in the SR. He says, he washed his bowl right away. Steve says, he wants to get a girlfriend when he goes back to school. Liz asks if he's been in love before? Steve says, "Yes." It's a girl from Fredonia, & she knows exactly who she is.


9:19 PM BBT Steve tells them that he didn't talk to her for about 2 months after she broke up with her ex. He says, he was a really nice guy. Vanessa asks if he secretly hated him? Steve says, no, he didn't. Steve says, the problems were outside of his control. He says, he feels she made the right decision in breaking up with him at that point. He says, he is talking about petty college relationships here, & he's keeping everything in that context.

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9:22 PM BBT Liz keeps saying, "I'll cash that ticket." Liz lays her cards down. Vanessa says, she wins & gets only 1 point. Liz says, "That would have been really bad." Liz asks, "Why didn't you call it, where you waiting on something?" Vanessa says, "Gin." Steve asks if the games is named after alcohol. Liz shuffles the cards. Steve says, he may go to sleep again soon. Vanessa tells him to stop over analyzing everything. She says, "Just do it. We don't need a play by play." Steve says, "He's indecisive." Vanessa says, "They just want to chill & play Gin." Steve tells her that he's going to chill with them while they play Gin. He takes his hoodie off. Liz tells Steve, "No, you can't chill." Steve says, "I'm chill." Steve keeps pestering Vanessa.


9:27 PM BBT Steve says, he likes Becky's story that was put on the show about her getting hit by a train. He says, he didn't know that until they did that for Reflections. He says, that really wasn't a big thing in the house. He says, she has a lot more to her story than that. Steve comments on their card game, & says, he made a funny on himself. Liz says, "You're not being chill anymore." Vanessa says, "You're talking too much." Vanessa says, "My tolerance is lower in general right now." Liz says, "Her pain meds are wearing off." Vanessa lays her cards down. She gets 7 points.


9:29 PM BBT Vanessa says, she takes a 10 point lead. The score is 73-63. Liz talks about how obsessed she is with Gin now. She says, she would have kept playing last night, if Steve was tired. Liz & Vanessa start their next hand.


9:30 PM BBT Steve talks about a trip he made to Mexico & he had a virgin Pina Colada. Liz says, "I'll cash that ticket," yet again.


9:34 PM BBT Another hand is finished. Steve gets up from the table. Vanessa tries to show Liz how to shuffle again, as she deals the next hand for her. Steve goes to the OBR & reads his HOH Letter. He decides to take his glasses off, gets under the big maroon comforter & goes back to take a nap.


9:39 PM BBT Vanessa & Liz finish another hand. Liz counts to ten in French. Vanessa says, "That's good, you didn't know that before yesterday." Vanessa deals the next hand, on her actual time to deal.


9:43 PM BBT Vanessa lays her cards down & now has 101 points. Liz tells her that she has won her first Hershey's. Vanessa has to go to the WC, while Liz shuffles the cards. She shuffles the cards some more. She looks through them to make sure there aren't any groups together. She shuffles a little more & deals the cards out. Vanessa goes to the KT & gets her candy out of her basket. Liz tells her it's her turn to go first. Vanessa says, "Yeah." She says, "I have to be more patient with him." She says, "I'm really irritable today, & I can't." Liz tells Vanessa she looks way tanner. She tells Liz if she wants to do it, she recommends doing it & not to wait too much longer.


9:47 PM BBT Vanessa says, "Take a nap or don't take a nap." She laughs & says, she can't. Liz whispers to Vanessa that Steve was outside earlier talking & probably practicing a speech. Vanessa mouths, "Really?" Liz says, "Yes." They continue playing.


9:50 PM BBT Vanessa lays her cards out. She earns 3 points that hand. Liz says, "O.K. I want a bowl of ice cream. I'm fat." She goes through the bowls in the cupboard & says, she can't stand the bowls that have food particles in them. Liz runs to the SR to get ice cream. Vanessa is patting her hair down while shuffling the cards at the DT.


9:52 PM BBT Liz goes back to the DT. She asks what Poker has she won the most money at, Texas Hold'Em?" Vanessa says, probably. Liz asks Vanessa if she likes Craps, because Austin likes Craps? Vanessa says, "Yes, it's a super fun game, especially if the crowd is there." They start the next hand.

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9:55 PM BBT Liz lays her cards down. Vanessa says, "I may win in about 50 games at this rate." They talk about when to go down with your cards & start the next hand. Vanessa tells her there aren't any exact rules as to when to lay your cards down. Liz is still smacking her lips as she eats her ice cream.


9:58 PM BBT Liz lays her cards down & says, "This is probably risky." She taps he finger nails on the table. Liz gets 2 points that hand. She says, "I'll take it." Vanessa shuffles the cards to deal the next round. Vanessa asks, "What time is it?" Liz says, "It's 10 PM BBT." Vanessa says, "It's 10 PM BBT, that's it?" Liz says, "Yes." She says, she woke up at 1:30 PM BBT today. She says, these days have been soo boring & rotten. Liz gets more water in her cup & sits down at the DT to play the next hand.


10:01 PM BBT Liz gets called to the DR. She says, "What, I haven't been called to the DR in a minute, this is a good game." She says, she has to put her make-up on. They keep playing the card game. Liz lays her cards down, & keeps laughing. Liz gets called to the DR again. Vanessa says, "They got attitude with you." Liz gets told to go to the DR a third time. She goes to the DR without putting her make-up on. Vanessa goes to the WA.


10:04 PM BBT Vanessa leaves the WA. Camera 3 focuses on the DR door. Vanessa sits down at the DT, & shuffles the cards.


10:05 PM BBT BB says, "Steve, please put on your microphone." Vanessa seems puzzled as to what's going on. She keeps shuffling & mixing the cards.


10:07 PM BBT Steve is up in the OBR pacing back & forth. He puts a breath strip in his mouth & goes in the CBR. He goes back to the OBR. Vanessa goes to Steve & asks him what he's doing? He says, he was laying in bed, & is wondering why he didn't have his microphone on. He says, he had to find it. He says, he was talking to himself, & didn't realize he was doing that. Vanessa tells Steve that Liz is in the DR. She says, she needs to get out so they can finish their game. She lays down in her bed. She tells Steve she has a neck injury & has to be careful. She says, she has whiplash or something.


10:10 PM BBT Steve asks Vanessa if he seems tense or something? Vanessa tells him he seems neurotic. Steve says, he doesn't know what that means. Vanessa tells him he has nothing to worry about. Steve says, he's worried about the Finale, what's going on in the outside world, what people are saying & thinking about him. Vanessa tells him not to fret about it. Vanessa tells him she's not freaking out. She says, there's going to be people out there that hate her & she'll be o.k. She says, she has her family & that's what matter. Steve is worried about Joker's & Hamsterwatch. He says, he doesn't know what's been said & shown about him & he's worried. Vanessa says, it's totally not a big deal. She says, he needs to put it in perspective.


10:12 PM BBT Steve keeps saying that he's a character on a TV show. He says, he's been him all summer & hasn't slipped up at all. Steve says, they've come a long way, a really long way. Vanessa says, 95 days. She asks if tomorrow is day 96? Steve says, he thinks so. Vanessa says, she can wake up tomorrow & say one more day without Mel.


10:14 PM BBT Liz comes out of the DR & says, "Hey HG's we have another present." She says, she told them they are going to have to give them another POP TV bag because they're going to fight over it. Liz reads the card, "Hey HG's smile, you're on BBAD. POP fans are at it again. Enjoy dipping your favorite snacks in gooey fondue from Orwell's Night Owls.


10:15 PM BBT Liz tells them that they did a better job tonight. Liz says, they get coffee mugs that say POPTV.COM. They all thank POP TV.


10:17 PM BBT They mix the cheese & put it in the microwave. Steve says, it smells good. They have vegetables to use for the dipping. Vanessa is eating the vegetables already. She asks Steve to bring them the tongs. Vanessa & Liz are playing cards & eating the vegetables while Steve is warming up the cheeses.


10:23 PM BBT Liz is complaining that the cheese isn't done yet. Steve says, it's going in for the third minute. He says, he thinks they are doing this so BBAD isn't soo boring.


10:24 PM BBT Liz gets 2 points. Vanessa says, she's only down by 3. Liz says, break. She asks Steve if it's done? Steve says, "It is." Liz says, "Yum, it's perf." Liz says, "O.K., dig in." She says, "It's literally perfect." They all make noises why they are eating the fondue. Liz likes the bread the best.


10:27 PM BBT Liz asks Steve if he took his nap? Steve says, he was told to put his microphone on because apparently he was having a conversation with himself. He says, "I needed someone intelligent to talk to." Vanessa says, "That was a dig at us." Steve gets up to get some water. Liz is making sounds while she is chomping on the vegetables. She says, she really likes the cauliflower.

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10:34 PM BBT Liz takes the lead in the Gin Tournament with Vanessa. Vanessa says, that was really good. Liz says, that was really really good, it was a nice treat. She says, she wishes they had more cheese. She says, the cheese is fattening. Vanessa says, they all just had 20 grams of fat. Vanessa says, Austin still loves her & Mel still loves her. Liz says, she needs to stop because Austin has the best body ever.


10:36 PM BBT As Liz & Vanessa play their next hand they goof around about Liz cashing the ticket with Austin. Steve says, he's not even eating the cheese anymore, he's just eating the stuff. Liz says, "The cheese is the best part." She says, "The cheese is very rich." She chomps on carrots. Liz asks them if they've ever been to The Melting Pot? Vanessa says, "Yes, it's my favorite." Vanessa says, "I've got a shoe store." She asks Liz, "Do you know what a shoe store is?" Liz says, "No, what is it?" Vanessa says, "All kinds of pairs." Liz laughs. We get FOTH.


10:40 PM BBT Live feeds come back & Liz lays her cards down & says, 4 points. Vanessa says, "You get 9." Vanessa says, "She's kicking my ass," in an Irish accent. Vanessa is trying to do flip cup. Steve asks if someone at his Sour Patch? Liz laughs. Vanessa says, she ate some & she didn't know it had his name on it. Steve tries to do the flip cup also.


10:42 PM BBT Vanessa starts singing the song to go with the cup. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Liz asks BB to be mean to Steve like they were last night. Steve says, he's trying not to get overstimulated. Liz says, "We're trying to bait them." Vanessa says, "That's what she said." Vanessa says, "Mel told her she wasn't allowed to do that there, because she would drive everyone nuts." She says, "I do it at home for hours." Vanessa asks why the cards are all wet? Vanessa & Liz start another hand of Gin.


10:45 PM BBT Steve is making a lot of noise. We see FOTH briefly again. Steve wants to know what would happen if he dips chocolate in the fondue? Vanessa counts the points & says, Liz gets 15 points this hands. Steve tells Liz she's becoming very sneaky & he's proud of her.


10:48 PM BBT Liz calls Vanessa a Ladd. Vanessa says, "I'm a Lass not a Ladd." Steve talks about Liz grabbing Austin's beard. Liz tells him not to talk about him. She says, he's probably with Jackie in jury, because they have alcohol there. Vanessa says, "Your sister is there, & he would have to be a scum bucket to do that." Liz says, Thank God for Juj." They keep playing their card game.


10:40 PM BBT Vanessa talks about Speedy Gonzalez. Steve says, "One of my pledge brothers had that nickname." Vanessa tells Liz to stop having grabby little fingers on the cards she lays down. They are laughing soo much. Vanessa says, "We are losing our shit."


10:51 PM BBT Vanessa says, when she thinks of grabby little fingers they are fat little dirty fingers with dirt under the nails that get into everything. Vanessa & Liz keep talking in an Irish accent & joking around with each other. Liz lays her cards down again. Vanessa says, "You got a grand total of 14 f'n points. I'm tired of losing." Vanessa says, "I'm resorting to Evel Dick tactics now." Steve tells Vanessa, "You are no where near Evel Dick's status."


10:53 PM BBT Liz & Vanessa keep up the grabby fingers joke. Liz says, that's her nickname now. They are trying to come up with something for Vanessa. They start the next hand of Gin. Steve says, "I'm thinking of old four eyes." He says, "Grabby fingers & old four eyes are at the club playing Gin again." Vanessa shows her cards to the viewers.


10:55 PM BBT Liz says, "I feel bad. I'm beating the piss out of ear." Vanessa tells her not to feel bad about it. Steve goes to the WA to wash his face off. He goes to the WC. Liz is biting her nails & winking at Vanessa. Liz gets 37 more points. Vanessa says, "I just got my assed whipped by a newbee." Liz did win. They are talking in an Irish accent. Vanessa talks to POP TV about a newbee winning & Grandma Four Eyes sucking. BBAD is already over, so they didn't hear her.


10:58 PM BBT Liz says, "I've officially ate all the God Damn cheese out of my cup. Vanessa says, she licking her cup. Liz tells POP TV to look at what they've done to them. They both start to use Steve's cheese in his cup. Vanessa asks why his cheese is still there. Vanessa says, "Mel's watching me eat this, & she's freaking out." Liz asks if Mel does Cross Fit? Vanessa says, "No, she could. She just works out at a gym." Steve goes to the KT.

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