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Friday, September 18 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Vanessa comes out to the KT, and Steve asks her if Jeff was a have-not.  They discuss it and decide Jeff was never a have-not.  Vanessa asks Steve if her neck looks swollen.  Steve says that as far as he can tell it looks normal.  He asks for a hug and she says yes, but not too hard.  She is worried that she might have a herniated disk. Steve says his job is to take care of her tomorrow.  She comments on the candy land he has laid out and that he has more charts going than she had.  Steve says she knows what every one of them is.  She comes over and he quizzes her on what each of them are.  She looks at one and guesses correctly what it represents. 


12:03 AM BBT Vanessa encourages Steve not to stress too much and to get some sleep.  He says he wants to drill veto more, and then he’ll sleep.  Vanessa says it’s impressive how much he wants it.  She is still worrying about her neck as she leaves him to study. 


12:13 AM BBT Liz and Steve are both studying. Liz hums a little as she gets up to use the WC.


12:18 AM BBT Steve is pacing and running through things and finally decides he will go to sleep.  He gathers up his candy and goes to the OBR.  Vanessa asks him if he was moving furniture.  He says no.  She asks where his oranges are.  Steve starts to try to sit on the bed, but her legs are splayed and there is no room.  Steve tries to hug her and she says to be careful of her bruises, so he backs off.  Vanessa says that she is a hot mess.  Steve thanks her for winning yesterday.  Vanessa tells him she had no choice and he asks why she had no choice.  Vanessa says that once she got past a certain point she knew it would be like this and she was not going to get off for anything.  They say goodnight.  Vanessa tells him he’ll kill it.  Steve decides to move into the CBR.  He grabs his stuff and goes into the CBR.  Vanessa says goodnight.


12:22 AM BBT Liz hears a loud popping noise and startles.  She asks what the hell was that and gets up to check it out.  She stands at the entrance to the KT and listens for a moment.  As she goes back to study in the CBR she says it sounded like a light bulb cracking. 


12:25 AM BBT Cameras 1 and 2 are on Liz studying in the CRL and Cameras 3 and 4 are on a darkened and quiet OBR. We get FotH.


12:28 AM BBT Feeds return to Liz standing in front of the memory wall and the darkened OBR.  Steve comes out of the CBR and goes out to the KT.  Liz is at the fridge getting water.  Steve is looking for Cocoa, and Liz says she doubts Cocoa is in the washroom and suggests that Steve check the day bed.  She goes back to studying in the CRL.  Steve goes back to the OBR to look for Cocoa.  Vanessa tells Steve that Cocoa is in the Comic room.  Steve had Cocoa in his hand earlier and even commented that he had him.  Steve turns the lights on in the CBR and searches for Cocoa. He doesn't find him. Steve goes into the OBR again and Vanessa asks if he found Cocoa.  He says no.  Vanessa asks for help with an ice pack. Liz comes into the OBR and Steve finds Cocoa and goes to the CBR.

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12:35 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz talk about the impact of the comp and all their aches and pains.  Vanessa asks how Liz’s session went and Liz says good, and now she just needs to sleep.  They are quiet a few moments and then Vanessa bursts out laughing at the thought of having to wear a neck brace on the show.  Vanessa says it would help but she would be laughing so hard at how it looks.  Liz imagines Vanessa in a neck brace at finale night.  Liz laughs and says like the girl in Mean Girls that gets hit by the bus.  They talk about neck braces and car accidents.  Vanessa says she has never injured her neck.  Liz says that there is a first for everything, especially in BB.  Liz asks when Vanessa thinks comps will be and Vanessa guesses early afternoon.  They are quiet.  In the CBR, Steve is tucked in but not sleeping yet.

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1249AM BBT Steve has now climbed back out of bed and put on his mic. He opens the fridge and starts moving stuff around, taking out a jar, getting a slice of bread, going to the cupboard taking a plate off the shelf, makes himself a PBJ toast sandwich.  Vanessa sits up in bed rearranges the pillows and lays back down.  Meanwhile in the kitchen Steve is wandering, now eating chips with his PBJ and gets a glass of milk.  Steve wanders around as he eats, starring at the memory wall, walking back and forth.  House lights have come back on.  [they were dimmed when he first walked to the kitchen]  Steve finishes his second slice of PBJ toast and makes another one. He is now on his 3rd slice of toast with peanut butter.  He continues to pace the kitchen area, now going into the hallway by the stairs, but back to the kitchen.  the camera guy keeps panning in and out on Steve as he meanders through the kitchen hallway area.  He is counting at the memory wall, pointing at each picture but saying nothing.  Steve now has managed to include the WA in his wanderings, he walks in and then back out returning to the kitchen and starring at the memory wall.  The camera guy keeps playing with the zoom. 


101AM BBT  We still are watching a wandering Steve.  He goes to the fridge and refills his glass of milk.  Putting away the milk and the jar of jelly.  He only used the peanut butter on his toast.  He has now taken his glass of milk and starts his wandering again.  We get a crinkle noise from Vanessa's bed, it seems that she is snacking on something while laying in bed [i thought I heard it earlier also]  Steve is rinsing off his plate in the kitchen putting it in the drain rack.  Steve is now visiting the WC, washing his face first, then his hands as he leaves, rinses his mouth with mouthwash, leaves the WA and returns to the comic bedroom, or so we thought, he opened the door but turned around and left to go back to the WA and get out his ADL kit, he is now brushing his teeth and pacing.  Vanessa is now sitting up in bed dropping something on the floor next to the bed and lays back down.  Steve has now returned to the comic room which he says is "all mine".  He sneezes, takes off glasses and mic, goes to crawl in bed, oh wait he gets back out of bed, takes off his socks, turn on the light and leaves to wander back to the WA where he splashes his face with water, now leaving the WA to wander thru the kitchen, getting a drink of milk, and taking a dirty sock out of his pocket, smelling it.  Steve returns to the comic room, looks for a clean pair of socks, turns the light on to further his search.  He has found the socks, turns the light off and crawls into bed, gets out of bed and walks back out to the kitchen, with socks in hand.  He double checks to make sure he closed the fridge door and returns to the comic room.  He now crawls into bed and covers up. 


112AM BBT  Steve is now getting out of bed again.  He opens the door and wanders back to the kitchen area, he still has his socks in hand, he rechecks the fridge door returning to the comic room once again.  puts on his socks, crawls back into bed covers up.  We hear some moans from the purple room, someone rolled over.  Steve lays in bed with eyes closed but restless.  rearranges his pillow, hugs Cocoa, and now seems to have settled down.

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116AM BBT  Steve laying in bed tossing his head from side to side, eyes open, eyes closed, waving his hands in the air.  Vanessa and Liz seem to be sleeping all tucked in their beds in the purple room. 


122AM BBT Steve is still restless in bed.  He has not gotten out of bed again, but seems to be having lots of trouble going to sleep.


125AM BBT  BB has lowered the lights in the house, showing us a restless Steve still in bed, Liz in the WC coming out and washing her hands, Vanessa is back to getting snacks out of the bag.  [Vanessa is a junk food junkie].  Liz back to bed in the purple room.  Steve is now moving around in bed, he is having a tough time settling down for the night.


130AM BBT  The HGs now seem to have all settled down into slumber

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9:ooam BBT: ALL three HG are still sleeping this morning.


 9:24am BBT: Steve gets up goes to the WC washes his hands then goes back to bed.


9:45am BBT: We now have FOTH as BB could be waking the HG.


 9:56am BBT: Hg are awake, Vanessa goes back to bed telling Steve that she seriously thinks she needs a muscle relaxer or a neck brace or something. Steve is sipping on a juice box. Liz is in the bed covered up. Liz then gets up and heads to the  STR to change her batteries. Steve says Good morning people that w are not allowed to talk about.


9:58am BBT: Steve goes to the OBR and tells Vanessa welcome to day 93. Vanessa says she hurts so bad and Steve says let me know if you need any more cold packs. Liz goes to the WC then washes her hands.

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10:02am BBT: Steve in the KT making himself a bowl of cereal and Liz in the Wa brushing her teeth, Vanessa in bed with sunshades on going back to sleep.


10:13am BBTL Steve and Kiz in the KT talking general talk then Steve goes to the WA Liz says our ice bags are ready then says they are so cold.


10:17am BBt: Vanessa comes out of the DR and gets in bed and starts laughing and says Steve. he says you found my surprise She laughs holding up a frozen clove hand  and says this is so funny.


10:20am BBT: Steve telling Vanessa how the molecules in water helps it to expand when frozen. Liz in the KT eating breakfast.


10:31am BBT: Steve tells Vanessa that it is so fun harassing you, He leaves so Vanessa can go to sleep now. Liz in the KT washing dishes.


10:39am BBT: Liz is now back in bed, Vanessa laying in bed and Steve standing there and they are saying what Bb always says to them. Liz gets an ice pack and Steve says can i pop it can i pop it and Liz says yes you can pop it.


 10:42am BBT: Steve tells Vanessa and Liz how his vegetables were able to move during the comp but he has like a rope burn there, Liz ask how did you manage to keep it moved? he says i wear briefs that's why.


10:44am BBT: Steve says he wants to play bowling on the lastnight in the house he thinks it will be very appropriate for their last night in the house.


 10:53am BBT: Liz and Vanessa in bed going to sleep and Steve in the CBR  studying with his M&M's.

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11:10am BBT: Steve is pacing the house while Vanessa and Liz are sleeping.


11:15am BBT: Vanessa is up getting clothes and heading to the Wa, Steve is in the KT eating. Vanessa ask Steve if after he eats will he empty the trash from the WA into the Kt trash and take it out please? Steve says yeah i will do it now. Vanessa says thank you Steve you are very very helpful and i appreciate it.


11:32am BBT: Steve goes to the WA and says Vanessa was Becky eviction unanimous? She says um i think so. he says Jackie was  and so Becky was 6-0. Vanessa says yeah and Steve leaves for Vanessa to finish her shower.


11:40am BBT: Liz is now up in the KT with Steve and Steve says if i was home i would probably be in class right now no i would probably be in bed. Vanessa in the Wa getting dressed and doing ADL's.


11:44am BBT: Liz gets back in bed and says i hate this feeling lets get this over with. Vanessa in the  Kt and says her vegetables are all bruised and it is all black. She then gets cottage cheese and chips to eat and sits down with Steve at the table.


11:56am BBT: Steve in the Kt snacking on chips as Liz and Vanessa are in bed sleeping.

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 12:08am BBT: Steve is just pacing the house and counting on his fingers as he studies for part 2 of the HOh comp.


12:31pm BBT: All HG in bed sleeping.


12:46pm BBT: Liz is up goes to the WC then goes to the STR and gets veggies and throws them away as they are turning brown. She then gets the clippers and clips her nails over the trash can,then gets in the fridge and gets food then heads to the KT.


12:54pm BBT: Liz sitting in the KT filing her nails, Steve and Vanessa are in bed sleeping.

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1:00pm BBT: Liz is making herself some soup in the KT  as the cameras follow her everywhere.


 1:07pm BBT: Liz is making tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.


1:18pm BBT: Vanessa is now in the Kt asking if tomato soup is healthy Liz says it is so Vanessa gets what remains of Liz's soup off the stove and says maybe soup might  make me feel better and sits down beside Liz.


1:20pm BBT: Liz washing dishes and tells Vanessa  i bet Mel is so worried about you and Vanessa says at least i am in the 3rd round and do not have to do anything else physical. they then talk about what to wear to finale night.


1:28pm BBT: Liz finishes the dishes goes to the STR puts the file back up and notices the iron is leaking water out, She then goes to the OBR gets her drink and heads to the LVR for a workout to stretch her legs.


1:32pm BBT: Vanessa is back in bed sleeping. Steve is in bed sleeping in the CBR. Liz is stretching in the LVR.


1:50pm BBT: BB calls Steve to the DR, Liz in the KT getting a drink then heads to the WC. Vanessa still in bed sleeping.


 1:54pm BBT: Liz is now going back to bed.

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2:00pm BBT: Steve out of the DR and  ask Vanessa if she wants her ice glove back and she says no then laughs and says Steve and his five finger ice as he takes it to the KT and gets her an ice pack from the DR. 


2:19pm BBT: Liz and Vanessa laying in bed talking general talk to Steve about families.


2:35pm BBT: Liz and Steve talking about Austin and Steve says he likes you and Liz says i know.


2:56pm BBT: Steve and Liz talking about the Hg that have been evicted already and Vanessa is in the DR.

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3:00pm BBT: Liz is up and moving around, Steve goes to the STR then to the KT. Vanessa sitting up in bed just staring at the wall.


3:09pm BBT: HG talking about food and grilling and Liz says corn on the cob sounds so good.


 3:12pm BBT: Steve raises his arms and ask do you like my belly button and then says it is sexy and then laughs. Liz is talking about  tv shows. Steve goes to the KT then to the WA and rinses his hands the paces around.


3:22pm BBT: Liz and Vanessa are going to sleep again and Steve is walking around the house.


3:33pm BBT: Steve is in the KT going over studying with the M&M's again while Liz and Vanessa sleeps.


3:47pm BBT: Steve sitting in the LVR alone just staring at the floor. Liz and Vanessa sleeping in the OBR.


3:57pm BBT: Steve is still pacing around the house as the girls sleep.

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7:01 PM BBT Liz is laying in her bed in the OBR. Steve is sitting next to her bed on the floor with his legs propped up on Vanessa's bed. They are discussing previous HG's.


7:03 PM BBT Liz tells Steve that she hasn't been called to the DR today, so they don't love her. Steve wants to quote a line from a movie, but obviously can't. Liz talks to him about the movie Mean Girls. Steve hasn't seen it, but he knows the gist of it. Liz asks Steve who he thought is prettier, Erin or Kaitlin? Steve says, Kaitlin, & Liz agrees. They talk about when Kaitlin saved herself with the Veto.


7:06 PM BBT Liz & Steve talk about the ice packs they are using. Liz says, the manufacturers make them smaller so you have to go through them. She says, you can't freeze them either. Vanessa goes in the OBR. She tells them that the Finale with be in 4 days. Steve says, she will get to see Mel. He also says, "You are a stinky poo poo face." Vanessa laughs. Steve starts singing that, while shaking his ice pack to make noise.


7:09 PM BBT Liz joins in with him to try & make music. Liz says, they are soo boring. Steve says, they're annoying Vanessa. Vanessa says, on a scale of 1 - 10 it's only an 8 of annoyance. Vanessa says, she would play Zoo, but it may be too physical. They start playing Zoo.


7:11 PM BBT Liz & Steve finish playing after Vanessa is out. When they finish, Liz tells him he wasn't even looking. Vanessa says, she couldn't look either, because she can't turn her head. Steve can't wait to watch BB when he leaves. Liz says, she wants to see the intro. She says, she knows she's in it, but she wants to see it. Steve asks if they added Julia to it when she came in? Liz says, probably. Liz asks Steve what he was wearing in the into? Steve describes it to her, & says, he was nerdly dressed. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Liz tells Steve that Transitions are ugly, because that's what Steve has. They talk about Austin having two pairs of glasses, & one is a pair of sunglasses. Liz says, Austin's work, but Steve's don't. Vanessa says, "Awww, I like them." Liz says, she trying to give him girl advice, & he won't take it.


7:15 PM BBT Vanessa says, she doesn't even know what Transitions are. Steve tells her they go dark in the sun & light when he goes back in the house. He says, he used a pair of sunglasses once when they were in the space ship, so his glasses did turn dark. Steve says, "Vanessa, please go to the DR." Vanessa says, "That's going to be for my meds." She says, she's waiting for it & then she will take a nap.


7:17 PM BBT Steve tells them that the back of the ice pack is grammatically incorrect. He tells them that there is a misplaced semi-colon. Vanessa wants to see. Steve asks, "Don't you have an ice pack?" Liz puts her hair up in a ponytail holder. She goes to the KT to get water. She says, "It's 7:19 PM BBT. She goes to the WC, saying, "Get your life," as she enters it.


7:19 PM BBT Liz comes out of the WC, washes her hands & brushes her teeth. She goes to the KT to get her drink.


7:25 PM BBT Liz goes to the OBR. She tells Vanessa she can here them building in the BY. Vanessa asks if she wants to make burgers while she makes the salad? Liz says, yes, & asks if she can even do that? Vanessa says, she needs to get up & move around. She says, she wishes she had her pill already, so it would make it easier. Liz tells Vanessa that when Steve wiped after taking a dump last night it was red. Vanessa asks why? Steve says, "It was in my ass crack, Vanessa." Vanessa tells him he doesn't wash well in that case. Liz is hitting Steve, while he's curled up under her blanket on her bed.


7:27 PM BBT Steve lets out a loud ouch. Vanessa asks Liz, "Did you hit his nuts?" Steve says, it didn't hurt that bad. Liz asks what happened? Steve says, "My hand hit my nuts, Liz, my ball sack, that thing that got abused on them apples." Vanessa says, she can't believe he still has nuts after that.


7:29 PM BBT Vanessa says, "We're going to relocate to the KT, Steve." Liz asks if he wants to go with them, maybe he can help? Steve says, "I have to poop first." Liz acts grossed out. Steve says, he actually doesn't have to poop, he wanted her to freak out if he farted in her bed. She tells him not fart in her bed, he'll give her pink eye. Liz goes to the KT & looks in the refrigerator. She yells to Steve to ask him what the date is today? She says, the meat says to use or freeze by the 21, & asks if it's o.k. We can't hear Steve. Liz says, o.k.


7:30 PM BBT Vanessa goes to the KT. Liz tells her she's had zero energy to cook & she doesn't know why. She tells Vanessa she's worried about the comp, but she can't do anything about it. She says, all she can do is study & she has. Vanessa finds the metal bowl & washes it to start the salad, while Liz is starting to prepare turkey burgers. Vanessa asks why there are spinach leaves in the sink? Liz says, Steve. Vanessa yells to Steve that he clogged the sink with his spinach leaves. She says, "Believe it or not, we don't have a disposal there." Vanessa says, "We're going to be glad we did this." They both say they've been eating really bad.

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7:33 PM BBT Vanessa asks Liz if she heard them in the BY? Liz says, yes, & she could hear voices out there also. Liz says, they could have thought they were too sore to have the comp today, & may want to give them an extra day to recover, or they may still have it tonight. Vanessa says, it could impact their performance. Liz says, for sure. They get other ingredients that they are going to use for their dinner.


7:37 PM BBT Steve is taking a nap in the CBR, while the girls cook dinner. Liz tells Vanessa how to cut ingredients for the salad. Vanessa says, a salad & burgers is really good. Liz says, "It's really good, my favorite."


7:39 PM BBT Vanessa & Liz talk about how big the set was for the last comp. Vanessa thinks they may have taken it down yesterday.


7:41 PM BBT Liz says, "I wonder who Julia is hanging out the most with in the jury house." Vanessa says, "My guess is Becky." Liz thinks it's Shelli. Vanessa says, Jackie maybe, she's actually fun. They discuss why Liz doesn't really like her.


7:43 PM BBT Vanessa gets called to the DR. Steve goes to the KT. Vanessa says, It's probably her meds. Steve asks if it's the pill from the doctor? Vanessa says, she hopes so. We see FOTH.


7:49 PM BBT We go to Jeff Schroeder's Highlight Reels. It's time for Part II of the competition. Stay tuned to see who wins.

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Feeds are back.


11:10 PM BBT Steve won Round 2.  His time was 28 something to Liz's 31:11.  Sounds like a word scramble keyed to a series of events from the summer.  So a clue, then a jumble of letters that form the answer when unscrambled.  The Audrey one screwed Steve and Liz up.  There was also one clue that was simply "Male houseguest".  Steve called this comp a more elaborate version of the spiderweb comp.


11:15 Vanessa and Steve hug. She reminds him not to hurt her still-sore neck, even though she finally got a muscle relaxant and feels a little better.  Steve and Vanessa are celebrating final 2.  Vanessa says "fuckin' exciting, bro."

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11:10 PM BBT Feeds are back and it looks like Steve won Part 2!


11:11 PM BBT Steve isn’t sure how to handle things with Liz.  He doesn’t want her to feel bad.  Vanessa tells him to just be normal.  He’s overthinking.  Vanessa asks who many minutes they were apart... under 3 minutes difference.  Liz says she got cuts.  There was one question that stumped her... a question about something that happened twice this summer.  There was an exact number of letters and only the letters needed, so coming down to the last one it was a word scramble.


11:14 PM BBT Liz is having a shower and Steve is whispering to Vanessa as they sit at the DT.  He’s glad he played that instead of Vanessa. Vanessa says goodbye to outside and Steve says it was a big set-up.  It was a different version of the spider web.  They both like that comp.  Steve says it’s his favourite part 2 comp ever.


11:15 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve great job and hugs him, and then cautions him that she is still injured and be careful of the neck.  Vanessa points out that they are in finals.  It’s over.  Steve is in shock and amazed.  They alternate between celebrating in hushed voices and talking about Vanessa’s neck and meds.


11:19 PM BBT Vanessa and Steve talking by the DT.  Steve tells Vanessa that he took his time in the comp to make sure he was thinking straight.  She asks him if he’s excited.  She suggests that he let it sit and tell her on Monday about their F2 deal.  The later the better unless he wants to deal with campaigning.  Steve says he trusts Vanessa’s judgement.  Steve can’t believe they are having this conversation.  He tells her he trusts her.  Steve is amazed, saying he is guaranteed $50K.  Vanessa says it’s insane.  It’s gonna change his life.  Vanessa tells him he made it all the way.  It doesn’t even matter what happens.  Just get his speech ready.  She talks about the effect of meds on her and hopes it doesn’t affect her in the last part.  She says the meds have really helped.


11:22 Steve is overwhelmed and excited.  She tells him he deserves to be happy.  He tells Vanessa he never believed her....she was a liar...he can’t believe it.


11:29 PM BBT Steve is listening to music in the HOHR.  Vanessa is laying down in the HOHR bed.  Liz is in the WA, getting out of the shower.

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11:30 PM BBT BB tells Liz to report to the HOHR.  Liz is wondering what is going on but she grabs her stuff and heads up to the HOHR.


11:35 PM BBT Vanessa is laying down in the HOHR.  Liz is sitting on the couch there listening to music.  Steve is in the HOHR WA washing his face.  Steve wonders what they are there for and wishes he brought his PJs so he could have showered.


11:39 PM BBT Steve tells Liz that he was a big fan of “Scar” ...the villain in Lion King.  He also liked Captain Hook.  He likes villains.  Steve’s mom collects tinkerbell stuff.  Liz observes that his whole family likes Disney. 


11:41 PM BBT Liz and Steve talk about rides at Disney World and Epcot.  Vanessa gets up and goes to the HOHR WC. 


11:44 PM BBT Steve and Liz talk about motion simulators and Tower of Terror on the HOHR couch, while Vanessa is tucked into the bed resting.


11:46 PM BBT Steve asks what the date of the finale.  Liz says that Vanessa said the 23rd.  Steve wonders if Vanessa was sure of that.  He looks across to Vanessa, but she has her beanie pulled down over her eyes.  They figure out that today is Sept 18th.


11:49 PM BBT Liz is wondering why they are on HOHR lockdown.  Steve says he has no idea.  Liz asks what if the jury came in there.  Steve says he doesn’t know why they would do that.  They talk about Becky saying she would share her $5,000 win.  Steve says you can buy gifts, but you can’t actually share winnings. 


11:50 PM BBT Liz and Steve talk about a prior season where one HG wanted to pay for another HGs college tuition.   


11:52 PM BBT Liz complains that she is starving and wants out of the HOHR.  Steve asks if she wants M&Ms and she says no.  He asks if they have Pringles but she says no.   Steve starts singing and we get FotH briefly.  Steve says he used to know what that translated to.  She says it and says she doesn’t know what she is saying.  Steve starts singing it again, and he is asked to stop it.


11:55 PM BBT Steve and Liz talk about the comp.  Liz says her dad is going to kill her because he’s so good at crossword puzzles.  Steve points out that crossword puzzles don’t have counterweights.  Liz says it was so hard.  Steve agrees that it was.  Liz talks about the one that stumped her.  Steve says it was the first one he did.  Liz says the first one she did was HOH.  They both got different things right away.  They continue comparing notes.  

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