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Thursday, September 17 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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12:00 AM BBT When we come back from Reels, Liz is saying “oh no.”  They are all sitting directly on the apples now.  The seats they were on are gone.  Vanessa says that this is what the apples were for ...the next level.  Liz says they had to go to this because they are too good.   


12:04 AM BBT All three are silent again as they concentrate on sitting on the apples, which are slick and slippery. 


12:07 AM BBT The HGs are reset and slammed into the wall.  As they reset again, Steve says “good job you guys” and is echoed by Vanessa and Liz.  Liz starts to sing “I came in like a wrecking ball” as they are slammed into the wall again.


12:09 AM BBT  All three HGs are hanging on tightly, no longer stretching their arms or resting them.  They are closely wrapped around and hanging on.  Vanessa changes her hand hold.  They are slammed into the wall and then they reset again for another hit.


12:11 AM BBT Vanessa swears. She has pulled one leg up around the top of the apple.  They are all quiet as they pull back to hover over the red water and swing back to hit the wall.


12:12 AM BBT It’s 3.5 hours since feeds returned.  Vanessa complains that Steve’s wooden disk is positioned better for him and that hers is getting in the way and making it hard for her to hang on.  Liz suggests moving it.  Vanessa has one leg bent now and the other leg hooked over it and sticking out.  Steve has his ankles crossed. 


12:16 AM BBT Liz says they are going to have to get in Dr. Horowitz tomorrow.  The HGs continue to hang on tight as they swing over the red pond and are then are slammed into the wall over and over. 


12:17 AM BBT STEVE IS DOWN!  Vanessa tells him good work Steve.  Steve tells them good job.  Liz chimes in saying good work!


12:18 AM BBT  We are on Jeff’s Reels.  Steve fell just as they were hovering over the water.  We come back to feeds and Vanessa and Liz are talking quietly as they hang in front of the wall.  Steve is standing on the sidelines with a towel around his shoulders.  Liz and Vanessa reset and are slammed into the wall.


12:20 AM BBT Vanessa are Liz continue to hang on tight as they are reset and slammed into the wall.  Steve is shivering as he looks on.


12:22 AM BBT Liz tells Vanessa she doesn’t want to go through this pain again.  Vanessa tells her that Liz doesn’t understand and that she can go another 10 hours.  She’s too old and it will take her too long to heal.  She can’t let go.  Liz whines “I knowww”


12:24 AM BBT Liz and Vanessa continue to hang on tightly.  Liz complains that she has to pee and Vanessa tells her there’s a toilet inside...a nice one.  Liz laughs.  Steve is encouraging them from the sidelines.  Vanessa asks Liz if her muscles are tired and Liz says yes.  Vanessa says hers literally aren’t tired.  She’s in pain but she’s going to endure it.  As they slam into the wall, Vanessa swears about the piece of wood hurting her.  As they reset, Vanessa begins listing all the enticements inside to tempt Liz to fall.


12:26 AM BBT Liz is telling Vanessa that Vanessa knows everything and Liz knows nothing.  Vanessa tries to tell her it isn’t like that.  It’s speed that Liz will need.  Vanessa says she doesn’t have speed.  The endurance is the best she can do.  She tells Liz that Liz has a better shot in the next round.  Both are hanging tight as they slam into the wall yet again.


12:28 AM BBT They hit the wall again, and Liz cries “ahhh!”  As they reset, Vanessa adjusts her hand hold.   Vanessa looks over at Liz after they hit, and then curses the piece of wood.  She talks to Liz about her “vegetables” and how it hurts.  Liz tells her she doesn’t feel it anymore.  Vanessa promises Liz that the next competition requires speed, not knowledge.  She tells Liz it will require skills that Vanessa doesn’t have.  Liz doesn’t respond and Vanessa promises that she is NOT falling off.  If Liz wants to ruin herself by going ten hours, fine.  Vanessa tells her she can’t give up because this is her only shot.  Vanessa asks her if she is gonna drop and Liz says no.  As they reset, though, Liz drops into the water.  Vanessa thanks her and drops too.


12:31 AM BBT Vanessa is the winner of Part I of the Final HOH.  She congratulates Liz and they say that was f’n insane.  Vanessa is breathing hard.  We get reels.


At 12:30 AM BBT Liz whispered to Vanessa to look at her.  Vanessa looks and mouths “Promise”  As they moved across to reset, Vanessa says not to fall there.  When they were over the red pond, Liz finally dropped.


12:46 AM BBT We are back from reels.  Liz is soaking wet and heading to the WA.  Vanessa and Steve are in the KT  talking about how long it was.  Liz gets into the shower.


12:48 AM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that she will be one big bruise.  She is utterly wrecked and she’ll be lucky if she can walk on finale night.  Steve asks if Liz is in the shower.  Vanessa says yes and Steve says good that someone is in the shower.  Vanessa tells him he can go next.  He asks if she wants to go last.  She says she got a pass to the third round so the least she can do is let them shower first.  She thanks him for being a gentleman.  Vanessa says they will all need massages.  She apologizes to Mel ...they said no massages, but they will really need them.  Vanessa asks Steve to promise her that there won’t be anything physical after this.  She’s done now for physical comps.


12:50 AM BBT Vanessa and Steve are whispering now... she tells him that she told him she would win it.  She says he will get the next round.  Steve says it came down to arm strength on the apple.  Vanessa says it became muscular endurance.  Vanessa tells him he doesn’t understand that the position of the apple under her.  She had a bad position that forced her to use her strength all the time.  She finally had to put her weight on it and she is going to have a huge bruise.  Vanessa tells Steve that she is very impressed with him.  Steve says that all the years he has wanted to be on this show, that competition was the moment he thought of the most.


12:53 AM BBT Steve and Vanessa talk about final 3 endurance comps. Steve says they were not the longest, but longer than some.  Vanessa is walking around with a towel around her and walking funny, saying “Lordy Lord.”  She goes to WA and hands Liz a loofah.   They talk about continuing to move so they don’t get too stiff.  Vanessa says she won’t be able to get out of bed.  Liz says they’ll all be bedridden.  That was so cool.  Liz says she knew she couldn’t last as long as Vanessa.  Vanessa says her muscles were fine, but she was in intense bruise pain.

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12:57 AM BBT Vanessa and Steve are standing in the WA area while Liz continues to shower.  Steve offers to let Vanessa go next.  We get Reels briefly and then Fish.  When we come back, they are talking about the comp.  Vanessa says that Steve impressed her.  She underestimated him.  Steve says this was the moment he was waiting for in BB.  Vanessa is shivering.  Steve goes to get his drink and walks back as Liz and Vanessa talk about needing the doctor and meds.  We get Fish briefly and then Liz pulls the curtain across after moving to the cold side of the shower to put lotion on.  Vanessa gets into the shower.  Steve suggests making a frozen pizza and heads to the KT.

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1:12 AM BBT The HGs discuss the competition as Vanessa is in the shower.  Vanessa gets out and Steve goes into the WC.  He starts laughing and Liz wonders what he is laughing about.  BB asks Liz to put on her microphone and she goes to get it.  Vanessa comes back to change in the WC as Steve gets into the shower. 


1:17 AM BBT We return from Fish and Steve is still in the shower, wondering if he is bleeding.  Liz and Vanessa both say no, it’s the red.  Vanessa has a towel on her head and is putting moisturizer on her arms.  She puts on her red hoodie.  Vanessa is still talking about bruises and being wrecked. 


1:20 AM BBT Vanessa highly recommends to Liz that she eat yogurt.  She is worried about the risk of a yeast infection because of the intrusiveness of the rope and being in water for so long.  Steve is still in the shower, Liz is drying her hair, Vanessa is grabbing her toothbrush.  Steve gets out of the shower and Vanessa chuckles and tells him he still has pink on his face.


1:24 AM BBT Steve says he is going to pop into the DR after he puts on a warm hoodie.  Vanessa has just gone to the KT.  Liz is brushing her hair in the WA.


1:25 AM BBT Vanessa uses the hair dryer briefly and then puts on her beanie.  She moisturizes her face while Liz brushes her teeth.  Liz asks whether Vanessa wants to drink champagne.  Vanessa calls Steve’s name to make sure he isn’t around, and then lowers her voice to speak to Liz saying “of course we have a deal but you have to give me your word that you will NOT tell Steve we have a deal.”  Liz whispers her agreement, saying that she doesn’t have a deal with Steve.  Vanessa asks twice if she has Liz’s word and Liz says yes both times.  Steve comes into the WA and Vanessa changes her tone to complaining about being done.  Steve leaves. 


1:29 AM BBT  Steve comes back to the WA and Vanessa talks about how her family will laugh at her doing that comp.  Steve goes to the KT and calls to them to ask if they will look after the pizza while he is in DR.  Vanessa says it’s cruel for them to ask them to do DR now.  Liz says even lifting her arms to brush her hair hurts.  Vanessa and Liz resume their whispered conversation.  Vanessa reiterates that Steve cannot know they have a final 2 deal.  She gives Liz her word that she will take Liz to final 2.  Liz asks Vanessa if she has a deal with Steve and Vanessa says no but she may have to make a deal with him if he makes finals and Liz doesn’t.  But no matter what she tells Steve, it’s not true.  Vanessa promises that she will take Liz.  That’s all she can offer Liz and that’s f’n fair.  All she needs is for Liz to keep her mouth shut.   Liz tells Vanessa that she has no intention of making a deal with Steve.  She only has Vanessa.  She’s not going to pretend with Steve.  It’s just not happening.  Vanessa says Steve knows and that’s why he was so depressed earlier.  Liz is worried about tomorrow because Steve knows his stuff.  Vanessa promises Liz it's more about the physical; it won’t be mental.  She will just need to know the first 10 HOHs.  They talk about their expectation for the comp.  Vanessa says that she will do very well in jury statements.  She tells Liz that doing the second comp is way better for Liz. 

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139AM BBT  Liz is in the kitchen fixing herself homemade pizza bagels..  Vanessa is in the WA doing her makeup.  [raccoon eyes]  Liz announces that the D'jorno (sp) pizza is done.  Vanessa wants to know if they can drink the champagne with the pizza.  Liz says "we deserve it, F* it I want some".  Liz told Vanessa that it was not hard till the apple, Liz says she was waiting for Steve to drop, but he just would not give up.  Vanessa heads to the kitchen to cut herself some pizza.  Liz is in the WA straightening her hair.  "how did you do your makeup so fast", "That is the hardest thing I have ever done"  Vanessa and Liz are both whining about how sore they will be tomorrow and Liz stated they will need a wheelchair.  Vanessa tells Liz that even though he knows everything, she will be ready.  Now both of them are whining about pressing buttons and messing up in comps.  Vanessa is in the WA with Liz eating her pizza.  As Liz washes the other champagne glasses, Vanessa is watching telling her that "I will get us to finals" "he has to win both things"  It will be a 25% chance he will win [there are only two competing for next comp]  Now Vanessa is whining that she can't lift the champagne bottle.  The patting on the back by Vanessa continues.  As she pours the champagne into 2 glasses and makes a toast between her and Liz.  Liz is now eating and talking, discussing how nervous Steve is and how he won't make it.  Vanessa says she will 'guarantee' Liz that she will be in F2.  Vanessa claims that she called it on Day 2 that she wanted a fun girl to win, Liz joins in saying the same thing.  Vanessa says she has learned a lot about herself, Liz is drinking, eating and agreeing with Vanessa.  Vanessa talking about 32 years old [making herself sound like she is 132 winning stuff].  Now they start to discuss how Vanessa pep talk to Julia and Julia won the Veto.  Vanessa now talking about the fact that while everyone was gossiping, she was making alliances with everyone.  Liz patting Vanessa Ego about the Shelli/Vanessa on the block.  "I have 'balls'" claims Vanessa.  Vanessa while talking to Liz keeps saying how "she" did it, how "she" got them where they are, how "SHE" did this and did that.  Not once has Vanessa said a word to Llz did to get them both to F3.  Now Liz discusses Austin and his alliance with the other side of the house.  Liz says "cause they had fun".  Vanessa says she wanted to 'smack him in the head' several times cause Austin was not being smart.  Vanessa explains that Austin gave his blessing for Steve to put the girls on the block and that he gave it to Johnny Mac and James, so the twins won't be mad, but they needed to break it up".  Vanessa claims that Austin says that he told the girls he was playing on his own, Liz says he never said a word.  [long chat-who can pat who on the back more]


2AM BBT  The chat continues with Liz and Vanessa boasting about what they did and drinking their champagne.  [steve no where in sight- DR?]  Vanessa telling Liz she can do it, Steve cannot know they are working together.  Vanessa says she will tell Steve that she will sit Steve down and tell him, you did not win, you are out the door.  Now they are showing bruises.  Vanessa says I am so old, I won't recover as fast as you do Liz.  Liz says there was so much neck and body trama, it hurt.  They are talking about the apple and BB did not spray them.  Vanessa keeps telling Liz that she is not a quitter and having learned stuff about herself, she is not afraid to try stuff now.  Vanessa says she wrote herself off for a lot of the stuff here.  Vanessa says I am the most out of shape, least physical, the oldest, age matters, when you hit 30 it really takes a toll on you.  Liz says your body is not the same.   The whining continues. 

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206AM BBT  Vanessa is now explaining to Liz what the next comp might be comprised of.  Liz says she hopes they don't do anything that would involve times when she was not in the house.  HoH, Veto, Eviction days.  Liz "it sucked what happened with Austin, it does not bother me that much, it sucked, but at the end of the game, you have to do stuff"  Vanessa says it was not against you, but I took the choice of trusting you more.  Liz says that she knows Austin had a deal with Johnny Mac.  Vanessa says she would not bring Austin cause she knew that Liz was more trustworthy.  "I only believed Austin 85% but I believed you 100%"  Vanessa keeps telling Liz that Austin did so much behind her back that Vanessa could talk all day about it.  "I led him to believe that he was going to stay, he never asked for my word, he gave me his word, I believe that you would take me to F4, but then he got close to Johnny Mac, it was too good to be true, it changed everything when Johnny Mac won Veto, I hope Austin can see that I gave it a chance for you both to go to F4"  This conversation continues with Vanessa telling Liz how much it hurt her to vote out Austin, but it had to be done.  Vanessa claims that Austin threw a lot of comps that he should have won, he was just too lazy in a lot of comps.  Liz is chiming in about Austin and the fact that he did not try and he did have a deal with Johnny Mac.  They keep repeating the same stuff in different sentences, Liz says that she woke up in the last comp that she does not need another person to bring her a win.  Vanessa starts to talk to her about how good Liz is and how much she won.  "you did it". 

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217AM BBT  They now discuss Julia and how much she did not understand about the game.  Liz says Austin kept asking her "why do you care so much".  Liz keeps talking about how much Austin did not have his head in the game and all he was in the house was for the exposure he would get on TV.  Vanessa and Liz start talking about the fact that Liz would not have won next to Austin in F2 cause Liz was the one with 'blood' and Austin did nothing.  And the champagne glasses get refilled again.  Vanessa says I was loyal to you and your sister throughout the whole game.  Steve comes out of DR, he gets Pizza and Vanessa heads to WA to do her hair.  Vanessa tells Steve they are drinking and getting sloshed, Liz tells Vanessa she is more ready than her for the DR.   Liz goes to WA to apply her makeup and stuff.  Steve says "oh you are drinking the champagne"  Vanessa finishes up in the WA and heads to DR, when she passes Steve in kitchen she whines about how much she hurts.  Liz says to Steve that he was in there for a while and now the pizza is cold.  Steve tells Liz that it will be a long session.  Liz starts to explain the types of champagne to Steve and which ones are the good ones and which are cheap.  "OMG!!" Steve says, "it is 230"  Liz says "What?" again Steve says "it is 230".  Liz says Steve's face looks red, he says it is cause he washed it too much.  He is wandering around eating pizza talking to Liz and wiping his hands on the front of his hoodie.  Liz asks what time is it, he says now 226.  Sleepy Steve, Liz says she is so sleepy but cannot sleep cause she still has to do DR.  Steve asks about if there is a chance in some far away distant galaxy that there is a slim chance you do not need makeup for DR?  Liz replies "H E L L LLLLLLLL  Noooooooooo!"  She continues her makeup and Steve scampers to the Storage room, humming as he goes.  We have a nervous cameraman who is jumping from one bedroom to the next.  Steve returns to the kitchen area, he is coughing to the point of choking,  Liz continues to do makeup.

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231AM BBT  Steve likes the purple room for sleeping.  Steve tells Liz he needs his blankets from the comic room, he scampers off to set up the "daybed" for his sleeping quarters.  Liz says Vanessa is going to sleep in Meg's bed and that they are not going to use the Comic room anymore.  Steve is making the day bed, he removes the comforter and wants to know what happened to the sheets, he is headed to the WA, asking Liz where are the sheets, she tells him they are in the pile of blankets by Meg's bed, they never remade the bed last time.  We see Steve gong thru a bunch of blankets and such looking for sheets.  Liz is sitting on the couch in the WA just waiting her turn for DR.  Steve has found the sheets.  He is making the bed HE keeps putting the sheet partially on the corner and when he pulls on the other side it pops off.  he has now thrown the top sheet on the bed, and heads to the comic room for his heavy red blanket.  He returns to the purple room only to go back to comic room to get pillows.  As he bends over you can see a red mark in the hollow of his back.  He finishes making the day bed.  Liz still in WA drinking her champagne.  Having the bed made, Steve wanders to the kitchen and rinses off the pizza pan, he wanders to the WA, Liz says she is trying to stay awake, Steve says he will help her with that.  Liz and Steve head arm in arm to the purple room so that Liz can see how well Steve made the daybed.  Steve climbs into bed, he says Julia would be better but he will settle for Cocoa.  Steve says he needs to brush his teeth, Liz climbs into her bed, but they both start to chatter with each other.  Liz has turned the lights off. 


243AM BBT Steve says their comp was the longest in the past 6 years.  BB warns them about talking about their DR sessions.  they talk about Season 14 and that the comp then was about the same as this one.  Liz says it was easy with the wood peg, not that easy, before the apple.  the apple made it endurance and harder.  BB tells them that bedroom lights must remain on.  steve gets up and turns them on and enters the comic room, walks around and walks back out of the room headed to the WA to brush his teeth.  Liz is still in bed.  before he heads to WA Steve stops in the kitchen and is now munching chips.  Liz seems to be napping in the purple room. 


257AM BBT  Lights are back off in the purple room.  Steve has brushed his teeth and tucked himself into the day bed.  Vanessa has not returned from the DR.  Liz is napping. 


307AM BBT  Vanessa is out of the DR, looking for the plug for the champagne bottle so they can put it in Fridge and it will stay fresh.  Liz is up and getting ready to enter the DR.  Vanessa finishes her glass of champagne.  She says they can't afford to waste alcohol now.  They are both whining about hurting from the comp and how much they will hurt tomorrow.  Steve is still tucked in bed hugging Cocoa.  Liz leaves WA and checking mirrors on her way enters the DR.  Vanessa is in the WA removing her face paint.  She wipes her cheeks, walks to the purple room, climbs into bed, she moans as she gets into bed, she says she can't move, she tells Steve she will talk to him tomorrow and she is hurting, he is so lucky to be young, he also took advil before the comp.  Vanessa says she gave Steve props for his job in the comp, they get a BB warning for Lights and talking about DR sessions.  Vanessa and Steve say goodnight and tell BB they are going to bed now [the warning was said twice]. 

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1:33 AM BBT Vanessa tells Liz they have to win the third round. Liz says, she was going to be up there for 10 hours & then she would be wrecked for the next comp. Vanessa tells Liz to tell Steve that she dropped because of how much longer Vanessa could stay up there. She tells her to tell Steve that they did not make a deal. Vanessa talks about Steve f'n her on deals before. She says, she's not going to give Liz her word & not keep it. She's holding on to the fact that Steve had Johnny Mac for a final 2 alliance.


1:35 AM BBT Liz tells Vanessa that she told Austin she didn't want Vanessa to go. She says, "Come on, Steve's a little nerd. He's going to make soo much money when he grows up." (Wait until she finds out how much money Vanessa makes.) Vanessa tells Liz that she's the only one in the game she owes anything to. Vanessa says, she needs Dr. Horawitz for some narcotics. Liz says, they need sleeping pills. She goes to check on the pizza & says, "It's perf."


***The previous two posts were supposed to be AM not PM.*** (Already fixed here on the Forum.)


1:37 AM BBT Vanessa is still in the WA putting her make-up on. Liz takes the pizza out of the oven for Steve, & puts it on the glass table. She takes out a cookie sheet & puts foil on it. She gets a bael out of the bag & some pizza sauce. She pounds the glass bottle on the counter, so she is able to open it. She spreads the sauce on the bagel, & likes her finger off.


1:39 AM BBT Vanessa is still in the WA putting her make-up on, while Liz finishes up putting the pizza sauce on a bagel. She adds some shredded cheese to the top of each side of the bagel & then puts basil seasoning on top of that. She puts the bagel in the oven & cleans up her counter area.


1:42 AM BBT Liz leaves the pizza sauce on the counter, instead of putting it in the refrigerator. She yells to Vanessa that the Digiorno pizza is done if she wants some. Liz goes to the WA & tells Vanessa that she's going to feel this in the morning. She tells Vanessa she was just waiting for Steve to fall off, but he lasted soo long. Vanessa says, it was soo good for him though. She says, it wasn't hard until they came off the disks onto the balls. Vanessa gets some pizza from the KT & goes back to the WA with Liz.


1:45 AM BBT Liz says, the comps are much harder than they look. Vanessa says, "It's the hardest physical thing she's ever done." Vanessa says, her neck hurts. Liz says, different parts of her body hurt, but not the neck. She is putting some gel in her hair. She washes her hands in the sink, & says, the comp shouldn't be for a day or two. She says, she needs to Jedi mind drill because Steve is soo smart. She says, he beat him in the mental comps before. She says, it may have everything to do about how she hit the button. she says, she may not have been pressing the button fast enough. She says, she didn't want to go over the number, so that may have cost her time.


1:47 AM BBT Vanessa says, "It was unbelievable physical exertion. BB tells them to please remove all obstructions for the windows in the WA. Vanessa does that while Liz checks her bagel pizzas. Liz asks Vanessa if she wants the champagne? She does. They realize that the champagne glasses have been taken away. Liz washes glasses. Vanessa tells her, "Trust me, I'm getting us to finals." She gives her the odds of them having the better odds.


1:50 AM BBT Vanessa tells Liz that she almost dropped the champagne bottle. She says, "My right hand is jacked, but my left one is o.k." Vanessa tells Liz, she's really happy that she made final 3. She tells her that she's earned being there. They toast to one comp being down & one more to go. Liz says, she loves this champagne. Vanessa says, the same thing.


1:51 AM BBT Liz tells Vanessa that Steve is nervous. Vanessa says, "I can guarantee we will get there, it's meant to be, two girls in finals." Liz tells Vanessa that she's killed the competition & she's been wanting two girls in the finals. Vanessa says, she set her mind to it, & wasn't limiting herself. Liz talks about what Frankie said to them. Vanessa says, he said the sky is the limit. Vanessa says, she blogged about it on her second HOH. She says, she's not writing herself off. She says, she's 32 years old & going out there with heart.


1:53 AM BBT Liz says, she saw she was winning, so she kept going. Vanessa tells her that Julia even won after she talked to her. Liz says, she was getting frustrated with Julia. Vanessa talks about previous alliances in the house. She says, she was making deals with everyone in the house to keep herself safe. She says, everyone else that went up as a replacement nom this season, as the backdoor target, has gone home.


1:56 AM BBT Liz tells Vanessa it was all about who they were aligned with this season. She says, "Thank God Austin didn't win Ready, Set, Woe, or who knows who he would have put up." Liz says, she was going to literally kill someone if they took them out of the house. Vanessa says, there was some time she wanted to smack Austin. Vanessa says, others were gunning with the three of them, but really wanted to get Austin out. Vanessa says, Steve gave Austin his word that he was going to put the twins up. Vanessa says, Austin made the deal with three people that if they put up the twins he won't be mad. Vanessa says, he told her that he told the twins he was going to make his own individual deals.


1:58 AM BBT Liz says, Austin never told her that. Liz says, she knows that everyone wanted the twins out, & she's just lucky that she made it as far as they did. She says, they realized they had to sacrifice one of them. She says, any farther, they would have been huge targets. She says, none of them won Starting Line-Up, so they were o.k. Vanessa says, that comp was bad for her, & so was the balance beams.


2:00 AM BBT Liz says, she was doing soo good in Life in Pieces & everyone was cheating off her puzzle. Vanessa says, Julia beat Steve in face morph. She tells Liz that she can beat him. She says, she will sit down with Steve & tell him, f it, she's taking Liz with her. Liz is getting loud because of the bruises that are already coming up on Vanessa. She says, it's like getting in a car accident. Liz says, that was not safe. Vanessa says, her neck is really hurting. Liz says, they will need wheel chairs in the morning.


2:03 AM BBT Vanessa says, she's learned that she's not a quitter, & she never gave up. She says, you just have to have the balls to go for it & not give it up. She says, people who achieved great things came before them. She says, she's had a big learning experience from this. She says, she wrote herself off at first. Vanessa asks her how many comps she's won already? Liz guesses. Vanessa says, "Eight, how?" She says, "I'm the oldest bitch in the place besides Shelli." She says, "I"m the least physical person in the place." She says, "My job isn't physical." She says, you really start to feel it when you hit your 30's. She says, she can hang with people in their 20's, but it's different.

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2:05 AM BBT Liz says, she wants to win. They talk about what the comp could be. Vanessa tells her she needs to make up songs about evictions & nominations. Liz says, her & Julia haven't been there the whole time. She says, "In What The Bleep the questions they asked are from when she was there." Vanessa tells her she needs to know evictions & HOH's. Liz says, she needs to know Veto's. Vanessa thinks she has something in her eye. Liz is coughing. Vanessa says, she can't even celebrate. Liz says, "It sucks what happened with Austin, but I don't hold anything against you." She says, she knows he was doing stuff behind her back, but she wasn't doing anything. Vanessa says, he was playing the game & doing what he knew to do for himself. Liz says, it wasn't against her really, it was for himself.


2:08 AM BBT Vanessa tells Liz that her keeping her word & being loyal is the reason she kept her over Austin. Liz says, Austin was too good of a talker, & he definitely had something with Johnny Mac. Liz says, she kind of believed when Johnny Mac wasn't going to vote for him. Vanessa says, she wasn't going to keep the showmance in & knowing that Austin was working with Johnny Mac. She says, that's setting up Austin to win. She says, she could have worked with him, but chose her, because she was more trustworthy.


2:10 AM BBT Vanessa tells Liz that she came into the game with the ability to win comps & integrity. She says, Austin had that too, but he used his tools to do other stuff in the game. Vanessa says, he would have gotten her if she didn't get him out first. Liz says, she hopes he doesn't hold it against her. Vanessa says, she loves Austin, & he has an open room at her house anytime. She wants to be friends with him for a long time. She says, she made a game room, didn't do him dirty, & didn't give her word. She says, she avoided spending too much time with him. She says, he never asked for her word, & he gave his word, & there's a difference.


2:12 AM BBT Liz tells Vanessa, if the nom's would have stayed the same they would have both stayed there. Vanessa talks about Johnny Mac not winning any HOH's & getting second place all the time. Liz says, Johnny Mac would say whatever whenever. Vanessa says, she hopes Austin will see that she tried to give them a chance to make it to final 4. Liz says, Vanessa would have looked like a dumb ass keeping Austin over Steve & keeping the showmance. Vanessa says, she thinks Austin threw the Veto. She thinks Austin had a deal with Johnny Mac & thought she was going to evict Steve. She says, she told him the Johnny Mac was her target & they could take Steve out the next week. They talk about the comp.


2:14 AM BBT Vanessa says, Austin was not busting his ass, & she knows Liz was, because she saw her. Liz says, Austin knew that one of them had to go on the block, so she doesn't understand why he didn't give it his all. Liz says, he's not good at puzzles, but he wasn't trying hard. Vanessa says, he was trying like 85%. Liz says, she realized during Bowlarena that she had to do this by herself & didn't need a man. Vanessa talks her up about how she did everything by herself. Liz says, Julia didn't understand a lot of what was going on. She says, she's really glad that she gave her this chance. Vanessa says, Liz threw herself into this more & seemed to want it more.

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2:16 AM BBT Liz talks about how much she cared when she was nominating people, & Austin didn't seem to care. She says, his head wasn't in the game most of it, all he wanted to do was make out with her. Vanessa says, if her & Austin would have made it to the final 2, the jury would have handed the win to Austin, because they would have credited him for everything she did. Vanessa says, Steve didn't do a whole lot. He broke up the twins & got out Jackie, which was automatic. They talk about how many HOH's people have had this season.


2:21 AM BBT Vanessa says, people were throwing a lot. She says, some people have the strategy to fly under the radar. Vanessa says, she didn't throw anything except the one to Julia. Steve comes out of the DR. Liz tells Steve that Vanessa is ready & she's not. Vanessa says, they are drinking so she's warning him they are getting messed up. Vanessa says, her hair isn't ready. The girls go to the WA. Vanessa gets called to the DR. Steve gets some pizza to eat, & walks around the KT as he eats it.


2:23 AM BBT Vanessa comes out of the WA. Steve says, "Your back?" Vanessa says, "My back is messed up & I can't." She goes to the DR. Steve goes to the WA, & says, "Elizabeth." Liz says, "You were in there for a long time." Steve says, "I was, it's going to be a long one." Liz says, "I'm tired." Steve says, "You should have been ready & then you could have done the next session after him. Liz talks about how good the champagne is & it's not cheap. She says, if there's cheap champagne she turns it down & gets Vodka. She is putting her make-up on & puts it on her neck also. Steve goes back to the KT, & says, "Oh my God." Liz asks, "What?" Steve says, "It's 2:30 AM BBT." Liz says, "What? I can believe it with the comp lasting long." Liz tells him his face is still red. Steve says, he washed it a lot. He goes in the CRL & walks back to the KT, pacing all around.


2:27 AM BBT Liz asks Steve what time it is again? Steve says, "2:26 AM BBT." Liz tells him she's soo tired, & wants to sleep soo bad. She says, "Being a girl is the worst." She says, she has to put her make-up on. Steve asks, "Can the DR be done without make-up?" Liz says, "Hell no. Austin will say that too." She says, she did that once & regretted it. Steve goes back to the KT & puts his water in the refrigerator. He walks through the LR & goes into the OBR. He says, "I requested the nail clippers earlier today, did we ever get them?" He checks the SR, & says, "I don't think we ever got them." He goes to the CBR, which is a total mess, & goes back to the KT. He coughs some as he walks around the house.


2:30 AM BBT Liz is putting on her make-up using a mirror above the couch. Steve is standing by the refrigerator for a moment. He goes to the DT & starts playing with the Lincoln Logs, while he's standing there. Steve tells Liz that he wants to brush his teeth & go to sleep. Liz asks him where he's going to sleep? He says, in the CBR. Liz says, she thinks they are all sleeping in the CBR. Steve says, maybe he'll sleep on the pull-out bed instead, because he likes that bed. He walks past the Memory Wall & says, "That's a lot of black & white." Steve talks to himself about the finals, but we can't really hear him. He asks, "Where are the sheets?" He goes to ask Liz the same thing. She tells him they are under those f'n blankets. She says, they weren't put back on after Hide N' Go Veto. She tells him they are under the Have Not blankets in the corner. Steve goes back to the OBR, while Liz is lounging on the couch in the WA.

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2:33 AM BBT Steve find the sheets & puts them on the pull out bed in the OBR. Steve whispers to himself about something never being a winner. He goes in & out of the CBR a couple times. He is whispering about the final 3. He hums to himself & keeps whispering. Now it's about the final nominees.


2:37 AM BBT Steve's humming gets a little louder. He starts to talk to himself quietly again. He leaves the OBR, humming as he's walking. He walks to the KT, & looks for a container to put his pizza up.


2:40 AM BBT Steve puts the pizza in the refrigerator, & cleans up the cookie sheet that it was cooked on. He is talking to himself softly about Vanessa. He walks to the WA. Liz tells him, "I'm trying to stay awake." Steve says, "I can help with that." Steve tells her he made his pull-out bed. She says, she's soo happy to see him back in the pull-out bed. They interlock arms & walk to the OBR, so Liz can see the bed made. Liz says, "Awwww, just how I remember it." Steve says, "I even have Coco. Julia would be better, but I have my Coco." Liz turns the lights off & wants to lay down for a little bit. Steve says, he hasn't brushed his teeth yet. Liz tells him he has to brush his teeth. Steve says, "Yes, before I go to sleep." They both tell each other they took Advil before the comp.


2:43 AM BBT Steve says, "I didn't know this until my DR session, but this is the longest the endurance competition has gone on in the last 6 years." Liz says, she knew it was long. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's." Liz says, it was longer that BB14. Steve says, yes. Liz asks what that comp was? Steve says, it was similar. Steve says, the comp was how bad do you want it. He says, it became muscular endurance when they sat on the apple. BB says, "The bedroom lights must remain on." Liz asks Steve to turn them back on & says, she has to do her DR anyways. Steve turns the lights on, goes in the CBR, & then walks to the KT.

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2:46 AM BBT Steve starts chomping on potato chips. Liz is laying in her bed in the OBR. Vanessa is still in the DR. Steve pours himself something to drink & eats more potato chips. He's crunching & chomping on purpose with each one he eats.


2:48 AM BBT Steve taps a little bit on the glass table, eats more potato chips as he walks to the Memory Wall to look at the pictures of the HG's. He closes up the potato chip bag, washes his hands in the WA, dries his hands & face, puts his glasses back on, & walks back to the KT.


2:49 AM BBT Steve talks to himself & goes into the SR. He is practicing what he's going to say to Vanessa about her being the single most best Veto player in this game. He is whispering to himself what he is going to tell her. He gets a yogurt & goes back to the KT to eat it. He walks from the KT to the DT to the CRL, while eating the yogurt. He stops by the staircase for a moment to take a bite. He puts some more Lincoln Logs together at the DT, & keeps pacing.


2:52 AM BBT He put his spoon in the sink & throws away the yogurt container in the trash can. He goes to the WA to brush his teeth. He walks to the KT & back to the WA, still brushing his teeth. He spits into the sink, & brushes some more.


2:53 AM BBT After spitting a second time in the sink, he quickly rinses off his toothbrush & puts it in his black shower bag. He doesn't rinse his mouth out. He goes in the WC & says, "Oh, really."


2:55 AM BBT You can hear Steve saying something that is muffled in the WC, because his mic is not turned on. He flushes the toilet, takes his glasses off, sets them on the sink, puts some water on his face, dries his face off, grabs his glasses, & puts them on as he leaves the WA. He didn't wash his hands with soap. He burps, without excusing himself. He goes to the OBR, takes his microphone off & turns the lights off. Liz says, "Thank you." Steve goes to the CBR & turns the lights off, & then gets in his pull-out bed in the OBR. Liz & Steve are both in bed. Liz is waiting for her turn in the DR.

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2:58 AM BBT Steve is really restless, moving around & making some noises. Steve sneezes three times. Liz says, "Bless you," to him each time. Steve says, "Thank you," after the third sneeze. Steve sneezes again two more times. Liz says, "Bless you." Steve says, "Damn it, Meg." Liz says, "Call me soon, or I'm going to fall asleep soon." Steve says, they called him at 3 AM yesterday. Liz says, they called her at 2 AM BBT. Steve says, he kind of forgot about this, because he's been sleeping by himself in a room for two years, but there's something nice about having someone else in the room when you are sleeping. They talk about how nice it is to have someone to sleep with. Liz tells him, "At least you have Coco." Steve says, "I do." Liz asks if Coco is a girl or boy?" Steve says, "A boy." Liz says, "Coco is a girl name." Steve talks about liking to overnight cuddle with someone. He says, he only did it once in the fall of 2012 at Cornell. Liz tells him, "When you go back to school get back on it." Steve wonders if this will change anything. Liz says, "It will, so get back on it." Steve says, "There were two showmances this year, one expected & one not." Liz says, "I didn't expect it." BB says, "The bedroom lights must remain on." Liz says, "NO!" Steve says, "Goodnight." Liz says, "Goodnight."


3:04 AM BBT Liz lets out a big yawn. Steve has a small yawn. You can hear his lips opening & closing, as he still seems restless.


3:06 AM BBT Vanessa comes out of the DR. Liz gets called to the DR. Vanessa says, "Oh my God, are you guys in the pain I am?" She says, "It's the worst when you have to sit to long." Steve says, "I know." Liz says, "I'm soo tired." She walks to the WA. Vanessa is looking for the the cork for the champagne. Liz gives her a cotton ball to put in the top. Vanessa puts it in the refrigerator. She says, "We can't waste that valuable stuff." Vanessa says, "All I can say is death for my body." She goes in the WC. Liz fixes her make-up, brushes her hair out, puts some aerosol hair spray on & brushes her hair some more. She sprays her hair another time, leaves the WA, looks at herself in the mirror in the LR, burps, & then goes to the DR.


3:10 AM BBT Vanessa wipes some of her make-up off under her eyes & leaves the WA. She goes to her dresser in the hallway by the OBR, & then gets in the bed she's going to sleep in. (The one Meg used to sleep in.) Vanessa says, "Oh God." Steve asks, "Do you want to exchange neck rubs or something?" Vanessa says, "I can't move." Steve says, "O.K." Vanessa says, "Are you in as much pain as I am? On a scale of 1 to 10 I'm a 45." Steve says, "On a scale of 1 to 10 I'm a 3." Vanessa says, she's going to crash hard. Vanessa tells Steve how much bruising she already has. She tells Steve she talked about him in her blog. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's." Vanessa tells him more of what she said. BB says, "The bedroom lights must remain on." They keep talking. BB says, "The bedroom lights must remain on." Vanessa says, "We're going to sleep." Steve says, "It's probably better I do part two of the comp anyway." Vanessa says, "Not now, I'm really tired." She asks, "Since when are we not allowed to talk when we are going to sleep?" Steve says, "We're actually not allowed." There is silence in the OBR.


3:26 AM BBT Vanessa & Steve are both stirring in their beds.


3:56 AM BBT Liz comes out of the DR. She takes her earrings off & sets them on a glass table near the front door. She says something about feeling better or else she's going to cry, but her microphone doesn't seem to be turned up. she goes in the WC, & we can hear her using the bathroom.


3:58 AM BBT Liz comes out of the WC, puts her hair up & washes her hands. She wets her face, uses face wash to remove her make-up, & rinses it off. She turns the water off & dries her face off, using the towel hanging near the WC. She goes into her bin under the sink to get moisturizer. She puts some on her face, & puts it back in her bin. She takes her hair down & brushes it out. She puts her brush in her bin & leaves the WA. She picks up a bottle of water from the counter in the KT, & goes to the OBR.


4:01 AM BBT Liz snuggles into her bed for the night. All of the HG's are now in bed in the OBR.


4:02 AM BBT BB turns the lights down in the house, having only the ambiance lights left on.

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8:17 AM BBT Live feeds come on. Steve says, they didn't get much sleep. Liz says, she didn't go to sleep until 4 AM BBT, & wants to know why they are doing this. Steve says, "They are giving us a nice breakfast." Liz & Vanessa complain about how sore they are.


8:18 AM BBT Steve walks to the WC talking to himself. We see FOTH again for a moment. Liz & Vanessa are still in bed.


8:22 AM Liz gets out of bed, & is bent over a little walking to the WA. You can tell she is in pain. FOTH come & go a few times, while Vanessa is still in bed with her turquoise hat pulled down over her eyes. Liz goes back to the OBR & lays back down in her bed. She makes some noises.


8:23 AM BBT Steve is pacing back and forth all over the house. He goes into the CBR & puts his belt on. He leaves the CBR, walks through the LR, walks through the KT, & goes to the WA. He asks if Liz is in the WA. He takes his shirt & hoodie off & realizes he has a lot of red still on his back from the comp to get off. He says, "Let me put on some deodorant & come my hair," as he puts his maroon shirt back on.


8:26 AM BBT Steve takes his glasses off, washes his face & uses the towel near the WC to dry his face. He puts his glasses back on, gathers all of his clothes in the WA, dropping a roll of toilet paper on the floor. He says, "This is all mine." He takes his clothes to the CBR.


8:28 AM BBT Steve leaves the CBR. He goes to the pull-out bed & takes 2 pillows & a blanket upstairs to the HOHR. We see FOTH for a moment on Cams 1 & 2. They show Steve for a moment & go to FOTH in the HOHR again.

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8:35am BBT Steve has made a bed for himself on the floor in the corner of the HOHR, with just a blanket and pillow.  Everyone is asleep again.


8:47am BBT Another WBRB wakeup call, and BB has the HG up... almost. Vanessa is sitting in bed, head in hands. Liz was seen walking, but now is off camera.  Steve is still laying down on the floor in HOHR.


8:55am BBT Van was called to DR.  Van/Liz are in WA getting ready for their day to start/head up to HOHR.

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11:43am BBT: Hg are heading down stairs and they say we love you Jerry and Liz says she is so pretty. Liz gets to the Kt and says 3 chairs wow. Liz then says thank you BB we love campaign keep it coming as she holds the bottle up. She then says we are going to be boring now as we sleep sorry live feeders. Steve says i liked talking about memories today though and Liz says it was fun.Liz then says she is changing into her PJ's right now and Steve asked right now and Liz says yeah now.


11:45am BBT: Vanessa says she is dead to the world now and Liz says yeah bye bye everyone then Vanessa says it was so fun though as she gets into bed. Liz in the WA walking around.


11:48am BBT: Liz says goodnight to Steve as Steve heads to the OBR takes his mic off and goes to bed.


11:50am BBT: Liz out of the WC and has her PJ's on, folds her clothes neatly then washes her hands then heads to  the KT to finish her champagne then gets a drink from the fridge and heads to  the OBR.


11:54am BBT: Liz puts her clothes away then takes her mic off and gets in bed. All 3 HG in bed covered up and quiet  for a nap.

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 12:20pm BBT: Liz is in the DR and Steve and Vanessa are sleeping in the OBR. 12:23pm BBT:, Liz is out of the DR and goes to the WC. BB calls Vanessa to the DR.


12:25pm BBT: Liz goes to the OBR takes Advil and takes her earrings off then gets back in bed and covers up, Steve is sleeping and Vanessa is now in the DR.


 12:41pm BBT: Vanessa is now out of the DR and goes to the OBR takes Advil and then goes back to bed as BB calls Steve to the DR.


 12:48pm BBT: Steve out of the DR goes to the WA then goes back to the OBR then back to bed

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2:49PM BBT We have a hair dryer, a roll of TP and Van on the feeds. Van is sleeping.


2:59PM BBT Van is up and eating something in the KT. Liz and Steve stil sleeping.


3:18PM BBT Steve and Liz are up and eating in the KT now. Vanessa has gone back to bed.

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3:23PM BBT Liz and Steve talk about how much they hurt from the comp last night.


3:34PM BBT Vanessa asking Steve for ice bags. He brings it to her. It's for her private area. She says she is the patient and they have to take care of her. She is asking Steve for help on how to open the hot strip that he brought her as well. She is referring to herself as Grandma Ness


3:37PM BBT Vanessa says that Liz doesn't understand. There was a piece she was sitting on that the other were not. Says that the wood jammed against her bone and cutting her.


3:48PM BBT Vanessa telling Liz how her and her friends went camping and thought they could hike for water and the water was dry. She says that her friends thought they were going to die but not Van. She knew hell or high water they were going to get out.

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