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Wednesday, September 16 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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#BB17 12:00 am BBT Steve was in the Hammock room talking to the feeders saying that he made a mistake and he should have won the veto today and it should have been him, John and Liz in the final three because he can’t beat Vanessa in the final two. He wishes he just had someone to hug and talk to he is feeling so alone. He said that Johnny would not have won with the four scamper squad votes. He decided to head to his HoH room and cry it out with Coco. He got to the HoH room he put on his sweatshirt and sat on the bed hugging Coco and started crying while apologizing to his mom that he made a mistake and cost her a lot.  

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12:13 am BBT Steve is still in his HoH room still talking to the feeders and crying. He keeps going over how he can’t beat Vanessa in the final two, Johnny would have taken him to the final two and he would have taken Johnny to the final two and he messed up today. He got up to blow his nose and he is saying that he does not have a case against Vanessa and that his big move could have been sending Vanessa home. He crawled on his bed and is crying hard again apologizing to his mom about how he could have won the game. He said that he wanted to send Vanessa home and he said that this morning but then he chickened out. He continues to go over the votes and how he would have won the game and again apologized to his mom. He is calling himself a pathetic little shit here in his HoH room and again apologizing to his mom and saying that he loves her so much and he wanted to take this home for her. 

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12:17 am BBT Steve says that he does not want to be alone right now and again tells his mom that he loves her and he lost because he was not good enough. He is so sorry and he wanted to help his mom. Steve feels like no one cares and just to see the camera follow him makes him feel like someone cares. He thinks that the feeders are probably laughing at him right now. He repeats that Johnny Mac would have been his easiest win and he lost it. Liz could win the endurance and she could win the game and that is his worst case scenario. The one advantage of Johnny Mac going to Jury is that he can campaign for Steve. Maybe he can beat Vanessa with Johnny Mac in jury. If Liz goes then he has second place probably. Johnny Mac needs to go tomorrow and he is sure that is what Vanessa is going to do because she is nervous about Steve taking him to the final two. Vanessa wants to win the endurance comp, she is going to evict Johnny Mac tomorrow. Steve is again going over the votes in jury. Steve wants to win the next competition. Steve again said he made the wrong decision today and he just needs someone to talk to. He went out of the HoH room onto the balcony and then headed down stairs to one of the bedrooms and is talking to Liz. He told her that he was just balling his eyes out and he does not know why. Steve asked Liz for a hug and said that he is being so ridiculous right now. Liz is laughing. Steve told Liz that the DR kicked him out. Liz asked Steve if the game has gotten to him and she thinks that he just has a lot of pressure on him. Steve told Liz that they are not going to win the endurance part tomorrow. Liz told him to stay strong that he has gone this far. Steve apologized for bothering her and she said that she can’t sleep right now either. Steve said that he has no right feeling like he is right now. Liz told Steve that she has never felt these kinds of emotions. Liz said that she is scared for tomorrow too because of her track record with endurance shit. Liz thinks that he is terrified and the fact that he has made it this far there is pressure to win. Steve has always known in the back of his head that he wanted to do this but the nerves and paranoia. He did not think that he would have ever got cast for this show. 

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12:33 am BBT Liz told Steve to remember what Austin said that he has made friends and he has grown up. Steve said that he has never been so accepted with a group of people and he needed this socially and no matter what happens he had an amazing experience. Vanessa walked in the room and Liz told her that Steve is having a panic attack. Vanessa said that he needs to go to bed because he is driving himself nuts. Steve said that Vanessa is right and he needs to shut up and go to bed. Vanessa told him if he wants to sleep down her then sleep down here. He does want to sleep down there and he is going up to get Coco, his blankets and pillows and headed back down stairs. Liz got up and gave him a hug when he got back down there as he apologized to her again. Liz is giving him more blankets and tucking him in. He told her thank you and good night. Liz said that he does not replace Austin but it is nice to have some company too. Steve is now under the covers and looks like he is going to sleep. 

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1202AM BBT  We seem to have a quiet house, except Steve poked his head into the Ocean room and looked inside door to Comic room and left very quietly.  We hear a door open and close, but BB has all 4 Cams on the 2 bedrooms with lights off.


1203AM BBT  We now are watching Steve wander in the kitchen, he stops at the kitchen table, then sighs and walks to the counter where he leans while looking at the memory wall.  Steve walks to Memory Wall fidgets with his key, walks back to WA picking up clothing as he goes.  Seems he dropped his hoodie.  He sits in the Cabana room with his feet up on one of the tables.  BB says "Steve please make sure your battery tray is plugged in"  Steve says "no it is not" [that is why his lips were moving and we heard nothing].  Steve starts talking to his Mom "I am sorry Mom, I could have won, I put the wrong people up"  He goes on about needing someone to talk to because he made this mistake and he needs to move on from it.  It was a stupid, stupid mistake.  Austin telling Vanessa she cant' win.  I should have saved Johnny today, Vanessa won't take Johnny, she will take Liz.  I need a friend to hug.  I want Cocoa, I need to cry this out and get it out of my system. 


Steve leaves the Cabana room and heads for the hoh. "the worse part is that I need someone to talk to , someone to vent to, someone to help me calm down, someone to talk to , the camera is better than nothing, I let my mom down, I let my family down.  I needed to win the VETO today and sent Vanessa home, I can't win against Vanessa in F2.  HE is crying and keeps saying I can't beat her in F2.  "I could have won the game today, I can't beat her, she is good, I F*g messed it all up, I can't beat her."  "I am sorry mom, I am so sorry, this just cost me so much, I am sorry Mom"  "I can't" [he told the camera it was better than nothing, and the camera man adjusted it so Steve could talk to the camera}.  "I messed it up, why, I appreciate someone caring [looking at camera]"  "I don't have a case against Vanessa, my big move could have been sending Vanessa home, I could have won by sending Vanessa home today, I am so sorry Mom, I am so sorry"  All this time he is crying into his teddy bear.  "I am sorry, I could have done better, I didn't"  "I don't want this, I want to do this, I chickened out, I could have done this, I would have had 4 votes, I would have won against Johnny Mac, I would have won, but I messed it all up, SHIT!!" he throws the teddy bear on the bed with force.  "I am so sorry, I could have won and now I can't".  He describes himself as a pathetic little shit on a game in the middle of a parking lot.  He continues to cry and tell his Mom he is sorry, he wanted to win for her.

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8:10am BBT: BB has the Hg awake early, Steve is in the Kt eating cereal, Liz in the WC, Vanessa and Johnny Mack still laying in bed.


8:14am BBT: Steve finishes his cereal rinses his bowl and heads back to the HOh rm then turns around and goes to the DR but BB is not letting him in. He then goes back upstairs. to the HOH rm.


8:21am BBT: Steve brushed his teeth and is now back in bed.


8:36am BBT: Steve in the HOH bed with his head covered up and moving around alot, Vanessa and John asleep in the CBR.


 8:49am BBT: BB calls john to the DR, he gets up and goes to the KT sink and washes his eyes then we get FOTH.


8:52am BBT: Vanessa is now in the Wa doing her make up, Steve is still in the HOh bed sleeping.

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805:43 AM BBT  We come back to find Liz in WA.  Steve "it is not even 8, why did they wake us up so early, it is not even 8"  He walks from WA back to the bedroom.  Vanessa and John are seen still sleeping in Comic room.  Steve is pacing.  He gets a bowl, places it on the counter, walks around the kitchen, heads to the storage room, walks out of storage, says something to Liz as he passes her on his way to the kitchen.  He takes the bowl he left on the counter and now fills it with cereal.  puts cereal back on top of fridge, takes milk out, pours over cereal, leaves milk sit on counter, sits down and starts to eat cereal. 


813AM BBT  Cereal is done, bowl is rinsed, Steve is headed up to the HoH room.  Enters HoH room, then backs out of door and heads back down the stairs he is headed to DR, they are not letting him in, he moves back from the door, picks his seat, walks back to the kitchen area and back upstairs to HoH room  and enters the room.  He goes to WA and rinses his hands and face.  goes into WC.  Vanessa and Johnny Mac are on Cams 3/4 sleeping in Comic room.  No sign of Liz.  Steve out of WC and brushing his teeth.  Vanessa has stretched, adjusted the brown beanie cap and tucked herself back under the covers.  Steve has finished brushing his teeth and is walking back out the HoH door. 


819AM BBT  Steve walks back to the DR door, presses the buzzer and then walks away.  He goes back upstairs to the HoH room.  Enters the HoH room and takes off his mic, checks something on his table of goodies, puts it down, goes back and climbs into bed with Cocoa in hand.  he puts his hoodie up over the top of his head, sits for a minute looking around, lays down,  takes hoodie off head, then puts hoodie back on his head, lays down and covers up to the chin with the blanket [sometime he brought his blanket back up to the HoH, it was in the purple room].  We have a restless Vanessa.  


826AM BBT  We have all HGs in bed [no sign of Liz on feeds]  Johnny Mac seems to be sleeping.  Vanessa is very restless and Steve seems uncomfortable. 


850AM BBT   Just before FOTH, we see Johnny Mac getting up and going to the kitchen, splashing water on his face and taking a paper towel to pat it dry as he turned to go to WA  we got FOTH


858AM BBT  Vanessa is still doing make-up, and Steve is still tucked in the HoH bed. [someone mentioned in chat that BB called Johnny Mac to DR, but I did not hear it]


905AM BBT  Vanessa is curling her hair in WA, and cams switch to Liz sleeping and Steve in HoH bed.


911AM BBT  We have Steve making his bed in the corner on the floor in the HoH room. 


9154AM BBT  Johnny Mac is in the WA doing his ADLs.  he walks to the kitchen and seems to take a peach and throw it away in trash.  He is just standing in the middle of the floor in front of the fridge staring around.  He opens the fridge, closes the fridge doors, looks at the cereal on top of fridge, makes his choice and takes a box  of cereal off the top of the fridge, he looks inside [checks for ants]  he decides to take out the trash, puts in clean trash bag, takes full trash bag to the storage area.  Cam 1/2 is still focused on Steve in HoH Bed.  Johnny Mac back out in the kitchen area, [ I think Johnny threw away box of cereal that is what made him take out trash]  Johnny Mac not talking but heads to storage room looking for fresh box of cereal, gets one and returns to kitchen.    Johnny Mac now pouring himself a bowl of cereal, Liz is up and headed for kitchen.  Johnny Mac asks her "what's up"  She gets a bowl out of the cupboard, takes a box of cereal off fridge, checks it, pours it into a bowl, gets a spoon, Steve enters kitchen area, walks past Johnny and goes back to HoH room, not talking.   JohnnyMac is eating his cereal at the glass counter,  Liz returns and starts eating her cereal "they are so sketchy, do we know why"  Johnny chuckles.  Vanessa is called to the DR.

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941AM BBT  Vanessa is sitting on the HoH bed, Steve is still on the floor in the corner, Liz enters the HoH room, Johnny Mac is in the comic room with eyes closed sitting up in bed.  Steve gets told by BB to put on his mic, he says it is on and now we can hear him talking.  Steve says he needs to stop acting like a little Bitch and be thankful for what he has. 



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 9:04am BBT: Vanessa finishes her make up and her hair then goes to the WC, Liz and Steve are still in bed sleeping and John is still in the DR.


9:11am BBT: Steve is now up after a short FOTH moving things around in the HOh rm and mumbling to himself he then gets his blanket and bear and goes to the corner of the rm and lays down on the floor and covers up.


11:13am BBT: John comes out of the Dr and Vanessa gets up off the couch and heads to the Dr telling john they have a lock down in 15 minutes, John says yeah as he goes to the Wa to do ADL's.


9:17am BBT: John is changing trash bags out in the Kt then takes the trash to the STR and puts it in the trash can in there. he leaves the STR and goes back to the KT. BB calls Steve to the DR.


9:23am BBT: Liz goes to the KT and John ask whats up? Liz gets cereal down  and pours herself a bowl, John is standing at the counter eating a bowl of cereal. Steve comes out of the DR and goes to the KT then back to the HOh rm. Vanessa is back in bed.


 9:27am BBT: Liz tells Vanessa  what Steve was doing lastnight and how he came to her telling her that he had been crying for an hour. Vanessa says ok when he does that you have yo tell him work through it and send him back to bed or it makes it worse that why i told him to go to bed cause you have to treat him like that. Vanessa then says seven more days till i see Mel. Liz says i think Steve just wants a cuddle buddy.


 9:31am BBt: Liz says she thought about Austin lastnight and wonders if he thought about her and Vanessa says are you kidding me he worships the ground you walk on. Vanessa says Johnny Mack tell her and johnny Mack says yeah. Liz then says i hear them out there working on things and every time i went to the bathroom lastnight i could hear them.


9:33am BBT: Vanessa says i think i am going to take a shower and get ready up there this morning instead of sleeping, Liz says yeah but there is so much time up there. Vanessa then goes to the HOh rm and sits on the bed eating cereal.


 9:37am BBT: Vanessa says hey Steve we play the first  part of the final HOh today isn't that exciting and Steve says i am not excited but can i tell you why? Vanessa ask why? Steve says cause i am not good at endurance comp but i need to push myself as hard as i can but i need to push myself harder in this one and i do not care if i win or not but i need to push myself. Vanessa says do not hurt yourself though. Steve says i won't.


9:41am BBT: Vanessa is singing tonight is the night of the final HOh over and over. She then says i feel like a kid at Christmas i am excited. Liz comes into the HOh rm gets a pillow and  gets in the HOh bed with Vanessa saying Steve stop being so sad and Steve says i am not sad.


 9:44am BBT: Steve says this the hardest thing he has ever done and the reason that it is so hard cause  in his life he has been fortunate and so literally this is the hardest thing he has ever done and we get FOTH.


9:50am BBT: Steve, Vanessa and Liz talking about seeing their families in one week and Vanessa says i do not know if i can contain myself when i see Mel, Steve then says his mom told him to not stress so this week i am not going to stress cause that is what my mom told me, Liz says do not stress for Mommy and Steve says i will not stress for mommy.


 9:57am BBT: Vanessa, Steve and Liz going over how many HOH's and PoV's they have all won.

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10:00am BBT: Vanessa telling about going to a school in Vegas and how she learned about herself there and How Mel took the class too and now they are one and they can communicate. Vanessa tells Steve he needs to go to these. Steve ask do i have to be there and Vanessa says yeah you have to be there for the classes but you are going to Vegas anyways so why not.

10:09am BBT: Steve and Vanessa sitting on HOh bed talking about who the winners were in every season of BB.
10:17am BBT: Steve and Vanessa talk about how they miss Julia and Vanessa tells Liz that her and Julia were never Debbie downers as they was always positive in the house.
10:18am BBT: Steve says his mom and dad will be there Monday so they can go to a Dr Phil show on Tuesday then Bb on Wednesday, Vanessa says I am so excited for this week.
10:26am BBT: Vanessa and Steve repeating themselves in the HOh rm as Liz tries to go to sleep. Steve then says he is talking to his adviser on finale night and Liz yells Finale night? Steve says ok maybe the day after but i am talking to him soon.
10:28am BBT: All feeds on Johnny Mack sleeping in the CBR.
10:36am BBT: john is now up heading to the HOh rm. Liz offers him a blanket and he says he does not need one, Steve is laying back in his corner covered up and Vanessa going to sleep on the bed.
 10:43am BBT: All HG appear to be sleeping in the HOh rm.
10:52am BBT: We are now on Jeff's reels as the Hg are on HOH lockdown.
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12:44pm BBT: Hg are all downstairs, John washing hands, Steve moving his things to the OBR, Vanessa goes to the WC and Liz walking back downstairs as Steve asked her you did not close the door did you? She says no i didn't.


 12:47pm BBT: John in the CBR packing his bags. Steve walking around the house, Liz brushing her teeth and Vanessa in the KT.


12:53pm BBT: john still packing in the CBR In the WA Liz says my face is a mess and Steve tells her her face is beautiful and is not a mess. Vanessa  goes to the CBR and gets in bed. Bb yells Steve shut it down and he stops in the HOh rm and says i am moving my stuff down what am i doing wrong then he shuts the HOh rm door that was propped open.

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1:04PM BBT Van lying in bed in thought. John wandering around the house.


1:06PM BBT Steve and Van talking. Van tells him that he can drop and give P1 HOH to her. He says that's a nice offer but he is going to give it a try. She jokes that she has only done one endurance. He says he has done three. She tells him to relax and ride the wave.


1:11PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he did a lot of moves this summer and came up with a lot too such as the scamper squad.


1:13PM BBT Steve says he has made a lot of mistakes in the game. Vanessa says that she has made a couple. Now she is giving him advice on not stressing over every decision.


1:16PM BBT Steve asks Vanessa what she is doing with the vote. She says she doesn't know. Steve says that he doesn't believe her. She says she may flip a coin or listen to their speeches.


1:23PM BBT Van tells Steve that him not knowing who is staying is a plus for him. He will have to revel in  who stays and then compete to win HOH. Van says she doesn't know yet who she is choosing.

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1:31PM BBT Vanessa talking about the votes in jury. Vanessa says that Steve will get the votes John would have gotten.


1:34PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that Austin never asked for her word so she never gave it to him. Steve asks really? Vanessa says she was keeping Austin. Vanessa tells Steve that she has always had his best interests at heart and to trust her.


2:01PM BBT Steve in  the KT now. John has crawled into bed and Van is still in bed. Liz and Steve cooking.

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2:05PM BBT Liz wonders if they are going to have a rehearsal. Steve says there is no reason to. No one is going in and out of the DR.  Liz says never mind then.


2:17PM BBT Liz continues to cook her eggs. She adds vegetables to the eggs. Steve sitting at the table.


2:30PM BBT Vanessa sleeping and Liz eating her food. Steve in DR.


2:35PM We currently have FOTH.

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6:04PM BBT The F3 view the memory wall. Vanessa talks about how this is such a wonderful accomplishment and they should all enjoy it. She tells Liz and Steve that AP  is a high chance for either of them but not for her. She says she isn't popular. Liz says Arianna Grande loved both of them.


6:08PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve and Liz that John offered her to throw everything in the final HOH. She said he really tried. She says that John was working with Austin. Liz says she thinks so too.


6:11PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve and Liz that Liz deserved to be there more because John lied to her. They go over the past weeks where the HG did them wrong.


6:16 PM BBT Vanessa and Liz talk about the cheers John got. Vanessa tells Liz that everyone loves her too. Liz says John got more cheers then Austin or Julia. Not they think John was a twist.

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6:21PM BBT Vanessa talks about how she knows America and she isn't a favorite. She says she is the same in real life as she is in the house and so she knows she won't get AFP. Steve tells her she is selling herself short. Van says no she knows that she isn't popular enough. Steve is playing with his hair and she tells him to stop playing with his hair.


6:27PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that she expect more from John on his speech. Talk turns to where they will sleep tonight.


6:32PM BBT Steve leaves the room as Liz unpacks. Van tells Liz that she did it Liz says we did it. Girl power - girls rule the World.


6:36PM BBT Steve is restless. Liz unpacking everything. Vanessa goes into the BR and tells Steve to take a nap as she crawls in bed. She tells him to enjoy the experience and stop being paranoid.

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6:47PM BBT Liz still unpacking. Van deep in thought in her bed.


7:02PM BBT Vanessa talking to Steve about winning second. Steve says that after taxes it's about 35K. Vanessa says that it's more then most of the country. She tells Steve that he is going to get it as a lump sum and then  she says whoever is going to get it can do write offs.


7:03PM BBT Steve says he wants to give his parents some of the money. Vanessa says to give them watches and engrave them because that's a nice gift. Steve says no he wants to give them a trip. He says to Ireland maybe. His Mom has always wanted to go to Ireland.


7:08PM BBT Liz is making herself something to eat. Vanessa and Steve talk about Steve and then need to come out of his shell.

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7:20PM BBT Steve talking about BB Canada. Says he would never do it because they can't go outside. Vanessa says you can't do it - you aren't Canadian. Steve says he knows but is just saying he wouldn't. Van wonders if she is allowed to do it.


7:24PM BBT Liz in the KT. Van goes through on the way to the WA. Liz says that BB is still building outside. They aren't sure the HOH comp is happening tonight.


7:31PM BBT Van and Steve talk about the endurance comp tonight. There is hinting of that he could throw it if he wants. After chatting a bit more in general. She abruptly lays down and says she is going to sleep and hopes the comp is coming tonight.

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7:59 PM BBT Vanessa & Liz are in the WA. Vanessa tells Liz that she has won when she needed to, & she pumps her up. We see FOTH briefly. Vanessa is still pumping up Liz. We get Jeff Schroeder's Highlight Reels. Time for Part I of the final 3 Competition.


8:42 PM Live feeds come up with Part 1 of the Final 3 Comp. We can hear Steve & Vanessa with FOTH. We see the 3 HG"S get dipped in red water & it looks like they are hanging on cherries. They get swung across the yard, & they swing into the wall on targets. Steve says, they will get warned before they get hit with anything. They get dipped in the red water again.


8:44 PM BBT The HG's get moved across the yard into the big mouth targets again. It looks like a Carnival Theme. Steve says, "It's going to be a long one ladies & gentlemen." They are hanging about the red water again. Liz says, it reminds her of pigs blood from a bad horror movie.


8:45 PM BBT They come out of the red water, & are swung into the big mouth targets again. They seem to be sitting on a disc with the big balls that look like cherries hanging. Steve says, hi to his mom, & clarifies they are sitting on apples at a carnival show. They all say hello to their mom's. There are big containers of popcorn by the red water. Steve says, they are going to get hit into the wall again, while they come out of the red water & are still hanging. He says, it's going to be a long night ladies & gentlemen again.


8:50 PM BBT We come back to the competition & some powdery stuff is shot out of the popcorn holders at the HG's. They get taken across the yard & hit the wall. They dangle above the red water & get swung across the yard again. Liz lets out an Ugh as she hits the wall this time. They are back dangling, & get slammed into the wall yet again. No one makes a sound this time. They are pulled back up & taken back above the red water.


8:52 PM BBT Steve says, "We haven't gotten dipped in a while, we're going for a dip." Oh, no we're not." They get swung across the BY & slammed into the wall again. Liz lets out another, "Ugh." This step is repeated, & Liz lets out a small groan this time.


8:54 PM BBT Steve asks the girls if they are spinning at all? Vanessa says, "A little bit." The steps of swinging back & forth & slamming into the wall continue.

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