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Wednesday, September 9 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


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Thank you!

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1201AM BBT  We join Austin and Vanessa playing chess.  Julia and Steve are talking about Jace and how he tried to listen at doors.  Julia says if the door is closed, I don't listen in, cause you know it is game talk.  They are telling BB that the set up is good in the house and they suggest they keep it the same "BB announces, you are not allowed to talk about production"   They start talking about the changes for the outside.  Steve says he will tell them everything about the "peer" sometime, but not with production around.  Vanessa is laughing at Austin over some chess move.  Steve asks if anyone knows who Rosemary is.. the twins say Yes, Steve says I have loved her since...   Julia says she is dreading jury.  Steve says he won't be too far behind you.  [seems Steve is still in the dark about Liz staying]  Austin and Vanessa done with chess game, headed outside.  Stalemate is called.  FOTH for a sec.  Vanessa has gone outside to gloat about the stalemate, down to kings.  Austin is in WC and forgot to turn off his mic.  Comes out and washes hands.   JMac is PTFO according to Julia [passed the F* out].  Julia asks if she is going to DR yet tonight and we have FOTH for a few.  Julia says no treats she has already brushed her teeth.  We see JMac on Cam 3 sleeping.  Liz and Austin in Kitchen.  Vanessa, Steve, Julia talk about Steve hiding chocolates on Vanessa.  Liz is in kitchen talking to Austin and all we hear from him is yeah, mmmm, umhum.  Vanessa in backyard telling Steve that he can beat Austin in Chess, Austin can beat Vanessa, but Steve why can't you beat me.  Steve says I will explain it to you.


1218AM BBT  Liz is talking about her speech in the kitchen with Austin and Vanessa.  Austin has fixed eggs.  Julia and Steve talking about past season and alliances.  Austin now has brought up Clay and how good of shape he was in ... was he a twin.  Vanessa thinks Team America was Audrey, Shelli and Clay.  They continue the discussion about the plays TA would have made.  No game chat except for talking about things that have happened this season and rationale of what might have been. [we know they feel like trapped rats, but logic in this chat is further out there than usual]

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1233AM BBT  Vanessa in WA, Liz doing ADLs, Vanessa is headed out to do laundry.  Austin is shoveling in food at glass counter.  Julia and Steve are now talking about College stuffs.  Austin and Liz hug in kitchen and make kissy noises.  Vanessa back in kitchen, now outside and yelling at Steve for putting chocolate in with her clothes.  She now whines about she will not open and hunt thru wet laundry.  Steve says if she don't, it is now her fault.  Vanessa says she will kill him if there is chocolate in with her laundry.  Austin says melt a chocolate and put it in his laundry.  We have Liz and Austin in kitchen, Vanessa doing a walk thru, Steve and Julia in backyard still talking about things Steve has done. 


1247AM BBT  Steve, Liz, Julia at hot tub discussing Mom's checking grades.  Austin in WA straightening his hair.  FOTH.  Julia talking about perfect child.  we return to all 4 Cams on Austin and his hair.  Steve is talking about his siblings are now doing with their educations.  JMac still out cold on his bed.  Steve says he is more comfortable on stage than when he is talking one on one to people.  Now they are talking about Jerry and Alan.  [steve's family members or friends?]  Liz and Austin take over the pool table.  Steve and Julia continue their chatting about school. 


1AM BBT Julia and Steve still chatting.  Julia says that she is now really addicted to BB now.  Austin and Liz are still playing pool.  They are now discussing Danielle and her speech about writing Jordan a check to win. 

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106 AM BBT  Julia is now in the WA with Vanessa.  Austin and Liz finishing up a pool game.  Julia getting a drink out of fridge.  Liz and Austin striking, screaming from the twins.  Liz says someone broke the 'steve' stick.  Liz tells Austin no tickles, just hugs.  Now they are going inside and heading up to the chess table, FOTH [Julia starts to say a cheer]  Vanessa in WA doing ADLs.  Vanessa is outside checking on laundry.  Twins and Austin are at Chess Table.  Vanessa loads the dryer, adds stuff to the washer, walks to hammock and lays down.  The chess game starts.  Steve has wandered outside and Vanessa asks if someone told him to scamper,  She talks to Steve about Liz staying.  She wants to know why he always says 'I understand your point" now she is berating him about the fact that it makes her feel like 'shit' and he is not loyal to her.  Vanessa is now saying they are all Big players in the game, which rules out JohnnyMac and that is why he is the one who is going to be hurt with Liz saying.  Now Vanessa is saying that Liz tried to not win her HoHs, and what Julia did.  steve says he likes her logic, he is not avoiding her, he has not had time to think about it ...  Vanessa has made a deal with Austin and Liz for keeping Liz which Steve has no clue about.  Vanessa says that Steve and her think a lot alike.  Vanessa says "I f*g hate your goodbar ass".  Steve says they told him tonight while sitting at the hot tub.  Vanessa wants to know what they told him and if they said who their target was and who is safe.  She says they told her she is not their target and she does not know if she can trust them.  Steve says if I am up there with you, I am gone.  Vanessa says we are in their way for F4, we would have options with us being 3 and them 2.  Vanessa says for them to take JohnnyMac to F3 is not good for their game.  Vanessa says she can control Austin and Liz to keep Steve in game over JohnnyMac.  Vanessa is telling Steve there is no reason to talk to Austin and twins, she has been planting seeds in their head about getting rid of JohnnyMac. 

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122AM BBT  Vanessa is telling Steve not to talk to Austin and the twins, that she has taken care of it.  Steve just keeps agreeing with Vanessa.  Vanessa keeps trying to convince Steve to not talk to Austin and twins.  Vanessa says this is basically what is going on, you don't need to talk to Austin, we are favorites, and you don't need to say anything to Austin and tell him something he does not need to hear.  I am able to control Liz and convince Austin what we need to do.  Vanessa says she is more hated if they end up on block together, Austin will vote her out Liz will vote you out [maybe not-Granny].  Now she is trying to convince Steve that he is good and there is no reason to talk to Liztin.  Vanessa wants to know what Joker's is saying about them and if they are the laughing stock of all BB by keeping Liz over Julia.  Vanessa now asking if Steve if it is not better in their favor to keep Julia and get rid of Liz cause of the odds of her winning.  The twins are at the chess table with Austin making all sorts of noises while trying to make moves.  Steve says to Vanessa he wants to sleep on all of this tonight, she says good luck sleeping, cause I can't.  Steve says he wishes he could remember who said this about end game strategy "F* it"  Vanessa says it is not luck on the end of game strategy.  Steve says he never thought about end game cause he never thought he would get this far.  Vanessa says SHE will work on THEM, so you [steve] stay out of it and don't talk to them.  Vanessa is almost yelling at Steve now when he says  "Why?"  and again he says "Which is why you are correct", Vanessa is still talking in riddles, unfinished sentences, trying to explain to Steve the logic of Liz staying.  Vanessa says it is me being the gamer and others not seeing my points, "Yes" is the answer from Steve when she says "am I crazy"  Between you and I Steve, this stays between us, "there is a lot of, Austin is trying to campaign in his own way that I will target you and JMac, cause no one can beat you in F2.  Potentially I am second favorite to you, but it is reality"  Steve says he sees it, just don't accept it"  Vanessa is full bore into arguing this point.  She is sitting up now on the hammock, Steve says "I am not telling you are wrong, I am stating what I feel and what my perception is"  Vanessa comes back "you are not thinking long term enough, cause we don't know who is voting next week."  Vanessa still telling Steve to wait, don't talk to Austin, Vanessa tells Steve to figure out who your other person is that you want to go to F4 with besides me and Johnny ac.  We are going to campaign to get Johnny out."   Steve says JohnnyMac and/or you need to be HoH next week.  Now she is telling him that he needs to get up early and work on his cardio.  "No matter who is hoH, you need to concentrate on winning Veto"    [i know I missed some of Vanessa's rant-Granny]

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145AM BBT  Chess game over.  Vanessa and Steve still talking in backyard.  They are discussing the Goblins, and deals with Jason.  It was not luck, it was their mistake.  Vanessa says you can't blame me for their alliances.  Vanessa now yells at Austin saying that she can't be blamed for James going after Clelli, Austin says they F*d up.  James thought Clelli was going after him.  Vanessa says she thought he would keep his word, there were a lot of options but James made his move, he was sneaky.  Austin says that Jason told James to go after Clay and Shelli.  That is why he went after them.  Liz and Julia are in WA talking about speeches.  and doing ADLs.  Julia says they are scared of you two and that makes me happy.  Julia says Steve is scared of you and Austin together.  Vanessa is up and out of Hammock, heading towards dryer.  Steve says Clay questioned him lots this summer.  Wanting to know who he talked to and what they said.  Steve tells about how Clay would follow him, into the WA, asking him questions about who he talked to and what they said, Steve says it creeped him out especially the night he followed him into the shower.  Vanessa says that is so annoying, I would never put up with that [pot calling the kettle black?-Granny]  Vanessa "I always protect the rights of others to talk to whomever they want"  they continue to talk about Clay and how he would ask questions of everyone, but Vanessa.  Austin has returned to WA inside.  Steve and Vanessa talking in back yard.  Vanessa tells Steve to "shut up, hush up your booty". Steve had asked her if she "caught that".  Steve humming and we get FOTH.   We return to Vanessa folding her laundry.  The twins and Austin are in WA.  Vanessa wants to give Steve a math problem and he needs to answer it.  Steve says I can't do arithmetic cause I depend on my calculator.  Liz is crying.  Julia wants Liz to stop crying, cause it makes Julia cry too.  Vanessa and Steve talking math while she folds clothes.  Steve goes inside, giving hugs to the twins.  Steve starts to tickle Julia cause she won't give him a hug.  Steve pulls Austin's nose.  Vanessa carries her duffle bag back inside.  steve is picking on Julia.  Tickle fest, but the girls scream and run.  Julia whining about Steve has my ear, but she sits up and acts like she is fighting Steve.  Austin headed to bedroom area, Vanessa is walking around.  Liz joins Austin in bed.  Julia finishing up ADLs in WA, Vanessa joins her and they talk about being called to DR.  Julia tells Steve he needs to go to bed.  Vanessa says Steve needs to stop.  Steve says he is "fomo" about school, what he is missing out on.  Liz and Austin start their cuddle session, she is under the covers he is on top of them.  Steve says he lost his positions he held last year in different groups he belonged to.  He is sure he lost them. 

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203AM BBT,  Steve is told to "stop" by BB.  Liz and Austin sill cuddling in bed.  Julia gets her water and heads for bed.  Steve says "Vanessa is the DR call you got just for your meds?" She says "when" and we get FOTH


204AM BBT  We come back to see Steve scamper up the stairs.  Liz and Austin still cuddling in bed.  Steve walks to the rail and stares down at the LR, then returns to his hoH room.  [think he was checking for lights off]  the bottom of Austin's foot is showing and it is dirty.  and we get a zoom in on the dirty foot.  [camera men bored?]  Steve starts talking to himself in the Hoh room Steve starts to hum, walking around room, clicks the remote, "it would be cool if you won hoh and having to break tie on block"  "if you are hoh and you are a tie breaking vote with me on the block, I am not going to ask you to be a tie breaker" [he is eating candy and speaking random thoughts]  "in exchange for that it would be cool, understand if you can't, but if you could it would be cool"  [brushing teeth] pacing, mumbles, using hand gestures.  Washing face.  "vanessa is already working the case, [for her]"  Steve has TV on LR.  He picks up a glass and a bottle, leaves HoH and heads to the kitchen.  We saw briefly on TV that Austin was up headed to WA.  Steve is filling his water bottle at the fridge, making kool aid.  Empties bottle and throws it in trash, finishes filling up the bottle.  Walks to WA where Austin is.  Vanessa is outside checking laundry [she must have gone outside earlier cause she was laying in the hammock]


211AM BBT Steve has gone into the WA and starts talking to Austin.  Austin is telling Steve that they will hopefully in a position to give it to each other.  JohnnyMac wanted to talk to each other.  Austin says what we talk about we keep to us, Steve says we need this confidence in each other.  Austin says as long as we support the girls with their decision, they will keep him safe next week, whichever one stays.  Austin tells Steve to just support their decision.  Vanessa walks in as Steve walks out of WA, Austin says "there you are"  Austin combing his hair, Vanessa in WC, Steve puts a Mr. Goodbar on the door handle.  Vanessa comes out, the chocolate bar drops off handle and she does not see it, Steve asks her if she missed something.  Austin and Vanessa discuss the "Mac" attack and what he might be good at.  Austin says "shovel or days"  Vanessa says Steve is acting nuts, he is freaking out.  Austin tells Vanessa that Steve asked about the twins decision and wants to know what he can do.  [run tell Vanessa, Austin you fool-Granny]  Austin says that Steve is probably short circuiting cause he has to know he is in trouble.  Vanessa just standing with her arms folded laughing.  Liz has entered and walks into WC.  they are talking keys on keyboard, for delete and undo.  Vanessa leaves WA and says she is going to bed.  Liz comes out of WC, thinking Austin as going to scare her.  Liz puts lotion on her hands and arms walks away from Austin back to purple room.  Austin says if we don't lock down early it will be questions.


Meanwhile in the Hoh room, Steve has put his kool aid back in the fridge and is now pacing again.  "WoW" as he stares at the screen, "Austin or Liz win HoH and JMac wins Veto I am gone Austin is talking to everyone"  "I am gone" "if you win hoh, I am on the block, I would appreciate your vote"  "if you have to come after me, here is what I would like to ask you"  "they are still talking, they are still talking, he throws a piece of candy on the floor, lays on bed, hugs his legs to chest, "who do I want out next week"  "Austin probably had the same talk with both of us, SOB, I think they might get rid of me over Johnny next week, if I am on block with Vanessa, Johnny and I are nom'd, Johnny wins veto, if I am on block with Vanessa, I am F*d, Vanessa is safe next week no matter what happens,"  He picks up a package and reads it places it on table and walks out the door.  Vanessa is in purple bedroom talking to Liztin, lights go out, Steve is humming and in the kitchen area now.  He returns upstairs to HoH room.  Liztin are now cuddling in bed.  Steve is humming "I would like t o ask for one favor, if you can give it to me, hmmm, [talking with candy in mouth] mumbles.  If I am on block and you are tie breaker, you keep me, [runs water in sink] will not pressure you but I have something you might want"  He is eating and talking.  he is pacing the hoh room, picking up clothes "if you are hoh and I am on the block going into eviction and it is a tie break decision, you vote for me, it is the favor I would like to ask of you, if you can't I understand"  Steve takes off his mic, closes WA door, steps out into hall, comes back in, gets Mic and heads back out door to downstairs.  He heads to bed area.  walks into Comic room, gets into a bottom drawer, [looking for clothes] says goodnight as he walks out of the room.  [he found clean underwear}  once back in HoH room, he heads for the shower, takes off his mic, goes and lays it by bed, starts to undress.  Heads back to WA, takes his swim trunks into WC.  Make out session in the Liztin Bed continues.  Steve starts the water in the shower, "Austin is talking to Vanessa just like he talks to me, I want to know, I am being lied to and cheated"  [with the water running and Steve not wearing a mic, he is very hard to hear]  Steve keeps muttering and talking while going under the water in the shower.  He seems quite upset. "DAMN" came out loud and clear,

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235AM BBT  Shower continues and so does the makeout session with Liztin.  Steve is still talking in the shower, you can hear some of what he says, repeating "if I am on the block, if you can't, I understand".  He is now lathering up and rinsing off, drops the bar of soap.  We get a view of his feet, and the doorway leading into hoH room.  Shower is over, he drops his trunks and puts on his robe, we get a frontal shot of him via the mirror over the tub.  [i do not think he knows we are seeing him]   He dries off his head and returns to muttering. "JohnyMac is the only, lucky," Steve now puts his mic back on.  Steve continues to talk to himself in broken sentences.  "James, Shelly, Vanessa, Becky, Liz, Austin, seven people? 4 Scamper squanders," he is running thru names, "4 scampers plus Shelly, James, Becky.. WoW only 3 people in this game, cool, only 4 have won HoH.  out of 7 4 still here.  Every scamper squader who held hoH is still in game" he picks up his dirty clothes.  he is going thru the dresser, slamming drawers, muttering/mumbling to himself.  Liz and Austin still doing their thang.  Steve went into WC comes out dressed for bed in sweats and a shirt, hangs up robe.  he has his mic still on.  Walks out door and heads downstairs.  he walks to storage room, enters, looks in garbage can, gets black garbage bag, goes to WA, picks up a shirt, puts it in the bag and returns upstairs.  enters hoH room, starts filling the bag with clothing, [dirty clothes for laundry?]  sets the half filled bag on the bed, picks up his hoodie and puts it in the bag, leaves the hoh room and scampers back downstairs, exits to laundry area in backyard, fills the washer and starts his clothes.  Liz and Austin are still moving around in bed.  [sorry all I don't listen to them-Granny]  BB has not turned down the lights yet, Backyard is fully lit up.  Steve reenters the house.  He is going up the stairs.  he goes back inside the HoH room.  picks up his grey hoodie, puts it on, picks up headphones and starts to bop to music.  Steve sits on his bed, [he showered, walked thru the house and outside bare foot]  Steve gets out of bed, walks to WC, Austin is seen in the kitchen making a shake.  Steve comes out of WA, "what the hell would I talk to ..."  now plays with his toes, watching Austin in the kitchen via the TV.  Austin walks toward the WA, uses mouth wash, goes into WC, Steve is quiet listening to music.  Austin out of WC, spits in sink, leaves WA without washing hands, comes back to WA and washes hands, fixes hair, walks out of WA again.  Takes his drink from kitchen counter and returns to bed.  Steve is still sitting on his bed listening to music, picking at his foot.  Steve is back up outta bed, gets his letter and sits looking at it.  He is watching the kitchen area on TV. glancing at his letter and TV. [he looks deep in thought-Granny]  Liz gets out of bed sits in chair, camera is focused on the hallway, Steve still watching the TV, Julia walks back from WA and catches Liz in the chair.  [sorry girls you cannot scare each other like James did-Granny]  Austin is now opening door to comic room and crawling into room, Julia is jumping around, as Austin grabs at her feet.  All 3 are in purple room laughing. 


3AM BBT  Steve still in bed, listening to music watching the TV screen and holding his letter.  Liz and Austin back in bed, Julia has returned to her room  "no matter what happens Steve you got picked, no matter what happens"  "nothing can take it away from you, nothing can take it away"  Liztin have started another make out session.  Steve is still looking over his letter and watching the TV screen.  Steve is out of bed, walking to WA, looking in mirror and adjusting the headphones, back to bed with letter still in hand, looking at his pictures, his letter and the TV screen, he yawns, goes back to rereading his letter.  He is out of bed again, walking around listening to his music.  Adjusts himself, and continues pacing.  he is dancing to music as he walks.  yawning. 


311AM BBT Steve leaves hoH, puts headphones down on chess table, goes downstairs, walks outside to laundry area, checks the washer which is still running, walks back inside to kitchen area, looks around, walks back upstairs to hoh area, walks into hoh room, cleans his glasses and then blows his nose, puts a bottle of juice in fridge, pours himself a drink, throws away an empty orange juice container, goes to basket and gets something to munch on, goes back out to chess table, picks up headphones and puts them on, reenters hoH room, picks up his letter and climbs back into bed.  He gets back out of bed, adjusts himself, rinses his mouth out in WA, heads back to bed. 


323AM BBT  Steve is still looking at pictures of Harrison, he gets out of bed, puts on slippers, readjusts himself, shuts a drawer on the dresser and is now walk/dancing around the Hoh area. 


327AM BBT Steve still listening to music.  We still see movement in the Liztin bed.  Steve adjusts himself again.  walks over to bed, puts pictures back on the night table, takes off headphones, says goodnight to Harrison, Steve walks out the door of hoh and returns [check on lights]  turns off lights in hoh and gets into bed, gets out of bed and walks to WA, washes off his face and returns to bed, "did not do anything to reckon, but you are" is spoken, he lays down, covers up to under his chin. 


330AM BBT  The houseguests seem to be all tucked in for the night

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338AM BBT  Austin is up out of bed, Asks Liz what happened to the "stay up till 6a.m."  She replies "we kicked them out".  Austin heads to WA, Everyone else is neatly tucked into bed.  Austin exits WC, washes his hands and leaves.  he returns to bed with Liz, house lights are off except for the night lights in kitchen and WA.  Liz is giggling, she says they need to go to sleep, Austin says "we can't" should not have slept today. 


358AM BBT Liz and Austin both seem to doze off and then start moving switching positions, restless tonight.


409AM BBT The restless behavior seems to have stopped and the HGs are all asleep

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 9:00am BBT: All HG still in bed sleeping.9:33am BBT: We now have FOTh as BB could be waking the HG,

9:33am BBT: We now have FOTh as BB could be waking the HG,
 9:46am BBT: Steve and John in the BY, Steve starting laundry and then he and John says they are going back in and John heads back to bed.
9:49am BBT: Steve in the HOH rm working the spy screen , all other Hg in bed sleeping.
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10:01am BBT: BB calls Vanessa to the DR she goes to the WA and brushes her teeth.


 10:11am BBT: Julia now up in the WA with Vanessa doing ADL's.


10:31am BBT: Julia still in the WA doing her makeup, Vanessa has gone to the DR. All other HG in bed sleeping.


10:48am BBT: Julia and Vanessa in the KT ,Vanessa heads to the CBR and goes back to bed.

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11:01am BBT: Julia in the KT eating a banana and looking at the memory wall, All other Hg in bed sleeping.


11:03am BBT: Julia goes out to the BY to get water out of the fridge then goes and gets on the elliptical.


 11:24am BBT: Julia is off the elliptical and gets more water then heads back into the house.She goes to the Wa and lays down breathing hard.


11:30am BBT: Julia in the KT Making herself something to eat. All other HG still sleeping.


11:45am BBT: Julia has made herself scrambled eggs, Turkey , Spinach leaves and garlic for breakfast and made  a cup of coffee. Vanessa comes in and ask what she is eating and talks about going outside, Julia says it is hot out there.


 11:47am BBT: Vanessa makes herself a drink and joins Julia at the KT table.


11:49am BBT: Julia said she thought she would get up and enjoy her last day in the house and then maybe go over a speech for tomorrow. Julia says it is sad to think Liz and i wont be together now we have to split the make up now and stuff.


11:57am BBT: Julia is washing her dishes after eating her breakfast.

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12:04pm BBT: Vanessa washes her glass while Julia cleans the KT counters. John is now up in the CBR getting dressed.


 12:06pm BBT: BB tells Julia to please stop singing, John walks into the KT saying dammit Julia, She says i love it when they call me out personally as she gets the trash and takes it to the STR. Steve comes down stairs and looks outside.


 12:08pm BBT: John makes a bowl of cereal and goes to the BY to eat it, Steve has his head laying on the KT table, Vanessa is putting on shoes in the WA then goes out to the By and gets on the elliptical. Liz and Austin are still in bed sleeping.


12:10pm BBT: John comes back inside to eat and Julia says her time is done here she says I am going to leave you guys here to battle it out. John says white flag? She says yeah white flag is up and walks around eating then goes out to the BY saying it is hot out there.


12:25pm BBT: Vanessa still on the elliptical. Steve still laying his head ion the table in the KT and john walking around the KT.


12:29pm BBT:, John now in the By playing pool alone. Vanessa on the elliptical and Julia lounging on the couch.


12:32pm BBT: Austin and Liz are now awake, Austin sitting up on the end of the bed fixing his hair, Liz rolls over and grabs his arm and hugs it.


12:34pm BBT: Julia tells Vanessa and John she is going to be pissed if they have to wear athletic clothes tomorrow and she has to go out in athletic clothes. John says Julia aren't you an athlete and she says no i want to look pretty.


12:36pm BBT: Liz goes to the BY and ask Julia what she is doing and she says just chilling cause we only have a couple more minutes left out here till they lock us in. Vanessa says Julia has been on a roll this morning she cleaned and cooked. Julia tells Liz it was sad seeing both their suitcases in the STR this morning.


12:42pm BBT: Liz is making herself a cup of coffee and talking to Austin about what might happen tomorrow night and  she says maybe they will  do the same as they did final 5 last year.


12:49pmm BBT: Julia and Liz talking in the BY and Liz ask what is wrong Julia and she says nothing i am thinking about my speech.


12:50pm BBT: Liz says when Julie calls me i am going to say that i am directing this to my sister. We have made it to final 6 in this house and we never thought we would make it that far but our goal coming in-to the house was to make it in the house together and we did that and we have gotten so much closer now we know we are so much alike now as we both get scared but I am the better cook. Julia says stop i am going to cry. Julia says she does not know what her speech will be. Liz says get Austin to help you.


 12:54pm BBT: Vanessa comes out and tells them that the thing she loves about them is they are so honest and they are so close. Vanessa says just name things you like about your sister and  how blessed you are for going this far together in this game. Julia says yes thank you i am definitely going to use that.


12:57pm BBT: Vanessa tells Julia and Liz that it is ok to cry just carry a compact. Julia says yeah my makeup will be ruined. The girls head in the house and Bb says HG this is a lock down please go inside and close the sliding glass door. Julia says bye BY i will never see you again.

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1:34p Liz and Julia in kit eating at the table.  Dude we've only worn non-athletics for double evictions.  Last week we wore what we wanted.  We have to get seriousl.  I can't wait to see...I'm hoping we can to see the HoH and Vetos in Jury cuz I'm going to be like...some mumbling about Van..her HoH...Omg...that would be so stupid of you because that would be...(can't hear).  How does that taste: egg, turkey bacon, hot sauce, cheese, spinach, tomato...yum that was good.  Mine was better though.  My last request...probably not happen... one last dance party.  I wanted to dance to Man Eater.  What should I request for my last day?  Julia asks Liz.  When I get out of here I'm going to order Spotify.  If there's books in jury, I'd like to read to.  Julia seems OK with going.  Stuff in jury..."like Painting".  Now they agree that Liz's egg dish is too spicy.  Last game of pop ball tonight, to which Julia says, Na its not my thing.  She (?) is going to look hot in black and white.  Julia says do you think I'm going to get cheers or boos.  Liz says, Stoooop.

2:43 P  John in WC. Austin telling Liz "How can you leave so much roast beef in the pan?" meaning she's not clean.  Julia telling Liz that she's taking her clothes to jury.  Liz upset.  They agree on what they are going to split with Julia taking what to Jury.  Julia puts dishes away. Meanwhile JMax clipping finger nails into trash can in storage room.  Camera zooms in...

2:45P  Aus enters kit with Liz washing dishes.  Buckooo seems to be the theme.  This is the end of an era guys...at least I am.  No response.  Austin kisses Liz.  Julia enters kit.  They wonder what they are going to do.  They woke up too early.  They talk about a small spoon that Julia likes and uses.  Austin just can't keep his hands off Liz.  Hugs and hugs and hugs.  Burp.  JMac in colorful bedroom asleep.  The twins start to pack.

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1:02pm BBT: Austin is making breakfast while Julia and Liz  are walking around just talking general talk and laughing. John in the WA brushing his teeth.


 1:13pm BBT: Austin is still cooking, Julia talking general talk and Liz walking around the KT. John in WA shaving.Steve in HOh rm sleeping.


1:20pm BBT: Liz, Julia and Austin talking about Dani Danoto and her seasons and what place she was in on her seasons. Vanessa getting dressed in the WA and John in the shower.


1:27pm BBT: Liz, Julia and Austin talking about tattoos and Liz says that the color on the hand tattoos do not last as long as the ones on the body.


 1:31pm BBT: Austin is now in the Wa flat ironing his hair. Julia and Liz at the Kt table talking about doing their nails today. John is finishing his shower.


1:33pm BBT: Julia and Liz are talking about they have to split up the make up and  the hair stuff. they talk about hoping they do not have to wear athletic wear tomorrow. Julia says that would suck. In the Wa Austin and john talk about working out in the LVR.


1:39pm BBT: John telling Vanessa that Austin is going to shave his back later today. Vanessa laughs and says you got to look good for them shirtless days next week cause you are the second beefiest  guy in this house and john laughs.


1:43pm BBT: John clips his nails in the STr over the trash can then goes to the CBR and goes back to bed. Liz is washing dishes in the KT and Austin is making a drink.


1:49pm BBT: Vanessa and John going back to sleep now, Steve in the HOh rm sleeping, Austin laying on the bed in the OBR watching Liz and Julia packing things and separating clothes.


1:51pm BBT: Liz tells Julia what she wants to keep then says that was easy and  crawls in bed with Austin. Julia says i am going to get your robot back too.


1:55pm BBT: Liz and Austin are studying for the upcoming comps on their days and evictions and  games they have played.

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2:52  JMac up in bed, with eyes closed but you can tell he's thinking.  Van seems asleep, but she starts laughing.  She's lafing at the twin who can be heard off camera.  Something about Grandma.  Looks like Van is going to fall off bed.. she's under covers in colorful bedrm.  JMac just laying there...looks like he's thinking not sleeping.  Liz and Austin in bed talking about days.  We won the veto on 66.  Julia didn't use it.  Double evit was on 78. 47, 57, 616878  What day was Outback dinner get won?  When did Clelly go on the block?  What day did Jackie start her punishment?  When did we play OTA?  When did Steve win the baseball thing?  Liz has the think, 78?  When did a 4-0 vote happen?  James, on 78.  Meg was 4-1.  4-0 James.  When did Zing bot come into the house?  66.  When did JMac and Steve get nom tog 65.  When did JMac come back?  71.  When did Meg and James go on the block? 72  When was Hi and Go veto? 73.  Starting line up 78.  80 was bowler-ina.  Phone booth 20.  Meg win vaca 27.  When did Meg go up with Da? 19  When was gronk an roll? 22.  Midway? 50  Midway comics? 2nd week of HoHs.  Ota.  59.  Hi & Go veto 73. Austin and Liz try to find a way to remember 73 - Hi and Go veto.  Steve walks in to the room.  And Liz says he's the odd man out.  Liz says he's all alone.  Liz tells Steve the backyard is officially closed.  They say they are bored.  Steve tells Austin he may do a workout...the whole thing.  Aus says abs probably...he did legs yesterday.  Says his legs are fatigued from yesterday.  Liz says she wants to do stretches.

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3:05P Steve with Liztin who are in bed and were quizzing each other on days in BB house.  Steve walked in a few minutes ago and interrupted everything.  They are quiet and seem to want Steve to leave them alone.  Liztin cuddle with their backs to Steve.  Day 85 they keep saying.  They talk about the Gremlins in the colorful room.  They talk about Da and Jason.  Shelly and Clay should have just stuck with us.  They should have picked a side.  Too many egos Aus say.  Didn't they know the catalyst behind Jason got out.  Shelly threw it to James.  But that was public.  She was a caser(?).  He made a public deal with Jen...and then she back stabs her...then she when out right after that.  It was the endurance to get into Jury.  Why not just not break the deal.  But Maggy told her what to do.  Did Maggy know she was that strategic?  James told them that there were no camera... HoH cameras don't see certain camera...so Maggie said lots of stuff they wouldn't have if they knew the H0H saw them.  Cappy...carry cappy's pic around.  Cappy most hated person ever.  Lights out bitches.  He was H0H he did what he wanted.  But he went in week 3.  He was the subject of prayer/worship.  Subj of prayer Nick, Dr. Will, Cappy -- Dr. Will, we both have something in common, we both are attracted to me.  All Stars 9 years ago!

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3:14P Bullying is OK unless the person being bullied is unfriendly.  Howie.  Everyone hated him so much.  He was so funny.  Friendly was the stupidest name ever.  No Christ was.  The Girl Scout Troop same as the Friendship group.  The deal was if anyone backs out then that person will not get votes at finals.  So Maggie won.  Craziness.  The nerdherd.  They will probably go down as Nerdherd instead of the Friendship.  Gremlins or was it the Goblins.  Steve says he made the mistake the Gremlins.  Aus says can't say Gremlins because it was a movie....they left Becky out to dry.  Liz ask Aus to get up and get lotion.  Aus's like...you mean over there (the lotion)?  Steve says Friendship.  I didn't like season 9 they called alliance Christ.  I want to know when    left..Adam Ryan..Mattie on front end, James, Chelsia & Joshua.  7th or 6th.  Joshua don't remember.  Aus tells him to go ask BB.  Give it a shot, go ask he says.  Steve goes off camera to enter into a door...  Aus goes back to bed.  No Liz there.  Camera focuses on empty suitcased both together on couch in colorful bedroom.  Liz and Julia in WC doing ADLs.   

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3:20 Aus get up puts towel over his head and head out of bedroom and go to looks for Julia in colorful bedroom.  Turns out light.  Aus rustles bedcovers and tries to pull covers off Julia.  Julia screams and says I'm going to kick you.  JMac in room and says I wonder where that blanket went to.  Steve called to DR.  Aus in kit with Liz and says he says he scared Julia real bad.  Liz asks why he would do that when the others were sleeping in there.  Aus says the others were lafing.  Liztin ruckousing in bdrm.  No cuddle.  Youre on my hair!  Good.  Kissy, kissy, kissy. Cozy time.  Aus says always cozy time.  Kiss.  Everyone pretending to sleep in colorful bdrm.  Liz lafs -- at what?  Liz and Aus go back to days.  15 becky and shelly.  Jace went home.  22 Da, 29 Jeff, Jason 43 Clay 50, Shelly and Jackie 57, Becky 64, 71 (can't hear), Meg and James 72 and that's it.  Nice Aus tells Liz.  Now I know ready...this is what i was doing last, vetos:  steve john john ven clay steve, john...wait hold on...james that who I am forgetting steve bbcomics, then double evic, then me than van, then julia, then you.   They go back and forth with the days

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2:00pm BBT: Steve comes to the OBR and ask where everyone is, Liz says we all been up and we all just laid down so you are the odd man out. She yells sleepy Steve. Austin says we are going to do a workout later though and Steve says i might do your workout then.


 2:06pm BBT: Austin, Liz and steve talking about past HG, everyone else in bed sleeping.


 2:16pm BBT: Steve talking about James and Chelsea and their season and how James came back in the house and how he beat Chelsea in the game  but he says i am not real sure how it happened. Steve gets up and says let me go ask and Austin tells him  yeah give it a shot. Liz in the Wa singing I don't want to pack. Julia comes out of the WC and washes her hands.


2:19pm BBT: Austin wraps a blanket around himself walks into the CBR and says Julia and turns the light off and gets on the floor and crawls to Julia's bed , Grabs her foot and she screams then yells Austin. Austin leaves and goes to the KT and tells Liz what he did and how Julia screamed.


 2:25pm BBT: Julia, Vanessa and John asleep in the CBR. Austin and Liz  snuggling in the OBR going over winners of the pov comps and the hoh comps.


 2:38pm BBT: Steve in the KT talking to Liz about ants being in the cereal. Liz asked did you eat the cereal and Steve says i did not. Liz laughs and goes back to bed.


 2:47pm BBT: Austin and Liz snuggled in bed talking general talk and snuggling and saying they are tired but not tired enough to sleep.


2:52pm BBT: Vanessa is now awake in the KT getting  something to eat and sits at the table alone crunching chips.


 2:59pm BBT: Steve talking to himself says next week if John wins the HOh it does not matter cause the replacement  wont matter there will be three votes,If john or Vanessa wins which is my best scenario that Austin goes. if Austin or Liz wins then they will oput  a combination of me John or Vanessa up then they will be  forced if we win veto  to put their showmance  up cause there would be no people left. he then yawns and goes silent.


 3:04pm BBT: Steve says here is the thing i do trust Vanessa, I do not think she is anything like Christine cause Christine stared at Cody . 


3:07pm BBT: Austin and Vanessa in the Wa talking while Vanessa does her makeup, Steve in the HOh rm just staring at the walls.


3:10pm BBT: Steve playing with the remote  as he lays on his HOh bed, He says ok lets see Becky said she will vote for Vanessa then he goes silent, Then he says why am i worrying cause they left awhile ago. Steve now going over different scenarios about who will win HOh and who will go on the block and who will go home.


 3:13pm BBT: Austin and Liz get things from the STr for dinner tonight, Steve comes  down stairs and goes to the WA to talk to Vanessa BB calls him to the DR and Austin says here we go.


3:19pm BBT: Julia asking if anyone took the nail clippers out of storage and John says they was still there cause i used them a couple of hours ago. Vanessa is doing her nails at the KT table while John is eating lunch and Austin is  making food saying he is so tired he can not sleep.


3:31pm BBT: Liz, Austin, John and Vanessa in the Kt talking about doing color by numbers and John says i was never good at that.


 3:39pm BBT: Liz, Vanessa, John and Austin talking about video games they have played on Nintendo and playstation.


3:50pm BBT: Hg now talking about alligators in Florida and Austin says i would love alligators and Liz says there is a lane and another lane then a canal and there are alligators in that , Austin says i would love that and Liz says not if you are running out of gas you wouldn't.


3:53pm BBT: BB calls Austin to the DR. Steve is now in the KT walking around and then heads to the HOh rm. Liz doing her nails.


 3:55pm BBT: John, Liz and Vanessa talking about playing mini golf. Steve in the HOh rm talking to himself again saying i don't know and gets a snack and paces the room.Steve says in final four the nominees are completely worthless. it does not mean anything in final four as he paces the HOH rm.

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4:00pm BBT: Steve changes shirts and Bb tells him to put his mic on, Liz and Vanessa in the Kt eating left over Chinese food from last nights dinner.


4:04pm BBT: Steve is now in the KT eating left overs, Julia is making her a plate also.Austin is still in the DR. Just general talk going on.


4:13pm BBT: Steve and John talking to Liz and Julia about spaceships while Liz is cleaning the KT.


4:20pm BBT: HG talking about when they got the camera and how Jeff would snap pictures of them asleep and  they hated that. Steve says i did not feel bad about evicting him at all and Liz says no i did not either.


4:21pm BBT: Julia says that Jeff was a nice guy but he took the twin thing a little to far and Steve agrees. Steve ask how many alliances was he in and John says alot.


 4:26pm BBT: Steve telling Julia about marcellas and him not using the Veto on himself when he won it and how they talked him out of using it then when he did not use it he got evicted. Julia says that was messed up . Steve says when Marcellas walked out to see Julie she smacked him with her card.


4:28pm BBT: Steve then tells about Lawaun and how he asked to be evicted so he could come back with a special power and he did not get to come back and there was no special power.


 4:43pm BBT: Liz and Julia laying in bed talking about what others have said to them and who needs to go next. Then they talk about Vanessa playing all sides of the house. In the Ky Steve, John and Austin talking general talk.


 4:47pm BBT:  Julia tells Liz to stick with Austin and do not let Vanessa take advantage of you and Liz says no way never. Liz says go with Johnny Mack cause he is not going to  win things he is only good at puzzles. John is called to the DR and Liz says we are next.


4:52pm BBT: Austin goes to the OBr and tells the girls that he did his goodbye messages. Liz ask did you cry and he says no but i can not describe how i feel about you.  Liz ask if Austin asked about his boil and he says no then yells Austin has a boil in his arm pit.


4:55pm BBT: Julia and Liz talking to Austin and Steve then Vanessa comes in to see what the screaming is about and Steve was tickling Liz. 

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5:03PM BBT Vanessa is giving herself a pedicure. Steve and Austin sit down to play chess.


5:14PM BBT Vanessa is taking a rest in her bed. Steve and Austin playing chess. Julia says that picture booth day is Sunday and she is missing it.


5:23PM BBT Vanessa heads to DR. We have an audio leak of a woman. Vanessa says "it's ok, I was just sitting there".


5:32PM BBT Vanessa and Austin talk in the KT about how long they have left. Vanessa says one of them will have 6 days and one of them will have 3 days worst case scenario. The twins are packing.



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5:46PM BBT Julia called to the DR. She has to do her make up first. It's goodbye message time. Austin doing some type of gymnastics in the LR.


5:55PM BBT Vanessa still working on her pedicure. Austin and John working out in the LR.


6:01PM BBT Julia is packing. She is talking out loud. This is her last night in the house, she is bidding everyone adieu, the jury house is nice. She says she will be mortified if she cries tomorrow.

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