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Monday, September 7 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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3:02pm BBT: Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve in the KT making food and eating just general talk going on. Vanessa and John in bed sleeping.

 3:10pm BBT: Liz says that Steve left his bowl of fruity pebbles on the table and Vanessa says that boy is annoying me. She goes to the HOh rm and gets Steve he says i am so sorry i have not been thinking right for the last couple of days as you may have noticed. Vanessa says well there are a few dishes here in the sink so you  can wash them all and maybe next time you will think. Steve says ok all of them as he starts washing the dishes. Vanessa says yeah all of them and maybe you will learn cause you are so making me mad as she laughs.
3:18pm BBT: John comes to the KT and they ask where he has been and he says it is rolly polly day and laughs. Liz says you missed the workout since Austin already worked out. John days it must of been from being tired from yesterday. 
3:28pm BBT: Liz , Steve and Vanessa sitting at the table eating talking about cuts they have and falling in the comps. Julia says look at John eating ice cream n the middle of the afternoon. Vanessa ask if Steve wants to play chess and he says no i am to busy washing your dishes to play chess. BB comes on and says Did you wash your hands and Hg go crazy and Liz says Austin you did not  wash your hands as they yell.
 3:35pm BBT: Vanessa and Austin playing chess. other Hg in the KT talking and Liz cleaning.
3:43pm BBT: HG sitting around talking about past BB seasons and who they liked. Vanessa and Austin still playing chess.
3:51pm BBT: John is at the KT table alone eating, Vanessa and Austin playing chess upstairs. all is quiet  in the house.
3:59pm BBT: John washed his dishes and is now changing his clothes in the CBR.. Vanessa and Austin still playing their Chess game.
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4:10pm BBT: Liz is sleeping in the OBR, Vanessa and Austin still playing Chess. All is very quiet in the BB house.


4:22pm BBT: The chess game is now over and Austin says good game. He tells Vanessa he got crushed by the girls lastnight. Vanessa says then you was not playing very good was you. Austin says no i was not. Austin heads to the OBR to go to bed with Liz. Julia is in bed sleeping, Steve in the HOh rm , John at the hot tub with his feet in the pool, Vanessa comes out and talks about john's muscles looking bigger.


4:28pm BBT: Austin and Liz making out in the  bed and Bb calls him to the DR. Vanessa and John talking in the BY about the props , She says she is going to go get gym clothes on and work out, John says sounds good.


4:42pm BBT: John is now in the KT eating a banana, Austin is now out of the DR and back on bed with Liz.


 4:59pm BBT: John in the KT making food, Liz and Austin cuddling.

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 5:02pm BBT: Liz and Austin in bed with heavy breathing going on They kiss then Austin says it is hot and throws the covers off himself and Liz rolls over to go to sleep.. John making hot dogs in the KT.


 5:14pm BBT: Austin and Liz laughing in the bed and Austin says it is cozy time not tickle time. Austin ask for a hug and Liz says you promise you want hugs and not tickles and he says yes.

 John in the BY drinking his drink alone.


5:33pm BBT: john in the by on the hammock. Liz and Austin still kissing and snuggling in the bed.


5:42pm BBT: Steve is up and walking around the HOh rm. Liz and Austin are talking about making chicken tacos for tonight dinner. She ask where he put the chicken at and he says in the refrigerator.


 5:46pm BBT: Steve comes in the OBR talking to Liz and Austin, they talk about how old they are and  how long it took to grow a beard. Liz ask did anyone else request take out other than me today? Austin and Steve are silent and Liz says No. Austin says they have to give us something for labor day.


5:57pm BBT: Austin and John in the BY going to work out. Liz is  cleaning up in the OBR. Steve is walking around the house.

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 6:07pm BBT: Julia is now up in the WA, Vanessa is now up and comes to the WA. She ask Liz did you clean your room? Liz says yeah. Vanessa tells her it looks so clean now. Liz says we was looking for Steve's letter he lost. Julia gets in the shower. John and Austin are in the By still working out.

6:15pm BBT: Liz and Steve now playing pool in the BY, Austin and John still doing their workout,Julia still ion the shower. Vanessa goes to the BY to get cold water from the Fridge.
6:29pm BBT: All HG except Julia in the By playing pool and working out.no game talk going on just talk about working out.
6:38pm BBT: Liz in the KT  saying to BB can you  at least tell us if we are getting take out or not i am about to cook and i do not want to cook if we are getting take out. Liz says and can you tell us if it is labor day so we stop looking like idiots? Julia and Liz go to the STR and they have alcohol and they start screaming. They all tell BB thank you.
6:42pm BBT: Hg are splitting the wine and beer as Steve is in the HOh rm in bed.
 6:50pm BBT: Hg in the KT drinking the wine and beer talking general talk. Steve laying in his bed with eyes closed then looks at the camera then closes his eyes again.
6:53pm BBT: Steve rolls over in his bed and wipes his eyes as he has been crying while laying there. The rest of the HG are in the KT still drinking the beer and wine.
6:56pm BBT: Steve sneezes and then grabs his teddy bear and flips his pillow over then  lays back down sniffling.
6:58pm BBT: HG in the Kt talking about past HG as Steve is in his HOh bed  now going to sleep.
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7:00 PM BBT We see FOTH for a moment. HG's are drinking & talking about Revenge Of The Nerds. Austin says, he's one more drink to being blacked out. Austwins & John go by the jacuzzi in the BY. Julia says, "Happy Labor Day, ya'll." They hear people outside somewhere. We see FOTH for a moment. They come back talking about the chlorine duck being broken, & the bottom not staying on. Austin is sitting next to Liz holding her left leg.


7:02 PM BBT We can hear the birds chirping, than an airplane flies overhead. Austin thinks James & Meg may sleep together in jury with the right amount of alcohol Steve in laying in his bed in the HOHR. His glasses are on his nightstand with his pictures & the remote control.


7:05 PM BBT Camera 4 zooms in on Steve's teddy bear. He tosses & turns, then finally gets out of bed. He says, he's so out of it, messes with the door knob & goes to the BY. Julia asks him where he's been? Steve says, he accidentally fell asleep. Julia tells him they got alcohol. Liz says, they didn't get Chinese food. They didn't leave any alcohol for Steve. Steve says, he's going to make a pizza. Julia wants him to make a stuffed crust if they have it.


7:08 PM BBT Steve walks through the house & goes to the SR. He gets a frozen pizza out & takes it to the KT. He turns on the oven to pre-heat & then looks in the freezer. Steve goes to the BY & the HG's tell him he has chocolate in his chair & he needs to clean it. Julia says, Steve is in the dog house today & Austin was on Saturday. Vanessa is using the weight bench to exercise.


7:12 PM BBT John asks which HG probably has the most Twitter followers right now? Julia says, Jason. Vanessa says, Audrey may have a lot after this. They discuss that she could have been way better if she didn't do half of the stuff she did. Liz says, it was Audrey's worst nightmare in the house. John says, Clay probably doesn't have a whole lot of followers. Liz asks who they think will win America's Favorite Player? Everyone says, James, except Austin thinks it will be Liz.


7:14 PM BBT Austin says, James won't get America's Favorite because he broke up Clelli. They talk about a banner in the sky for them & we see FOTH twice.


7:15 PM BBT Live feeds come back & we hear an airplane flying overhead. Steve talks about leaving his bowl by the jacuzzi. He says, it will get attacked by ants. Julia is in the WA blow drying her hair. Austin & Liz are now in the KT.


7:17 PM BBT John talks about MD's being way more tied to insurance than he is. They talk about Veneer's. He says, they run about $5,000. He says, they charge about $800 per Veneer. He says, the practice keeps about half of that & he has to pay his lab fees. He says, insurance usually doesn't cover them, because they think they are cosmetic. Vanessa talks to John about the Veneer's. Then she asks if he can extract a tooth for her. He gets excited because he likes to do that. He says, he has to do it in Pennsylvania.


7:20 PM BBT John says, he can't do anything if something happened in the house. He says, he's just like them in there. Steve says, but he's Johnny Mac. John says, it cost him $2,000 to take his exam. He says, if you fail any part of it you have to pay $1,000 for each section you fail. Vanessa asks why you have to be an American Citizen to do BB? She says, she wants to do TAR with Mel, but doesn't want to wait 2 years for her to become an American Citizen. She is ready for a new game. Steve says, he's dunn with TV. He spelled it out. More airplanes fly overhead.


7:22 PM BBT They talk about other TV Reality shows. John tells Vanessa she should do some poker shows after this. He tells Vanessa that some of the pro people do tournaments. Julia is in the BY now & asks Vanessa if she would wear sunglasses when she played? She says, sometimes. She talks about the advantages & disadvantages of wearing sunglasses. She said she thought she had a different card then she had & lost money before. She says, she gets annoyed with it sometimes. Julia asks if you are allowed to wear sunglasses at a casino? Vanessa says, yes. They talk about keeping a poker face & we see FOTH again.

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7:24 PM BBT John talks about the types of music he likes. They talk about different bands & we see FOTH two more times.


7:29 PM BBT Julia & John are talking about music & You Tube views. Julia starts to sing & we see FOTH again. Live feeds come back with John & Vanessa talking about a professional poker player named Daniel. Julia tells Steve she got beeped for singing. She talks about an electric musical festival in Miami. They continue to talk about different bands.


7:32 PM BBT In the KT, Austin & Liz are preparing dinner. Liz is cutting up garlic on the cutting board, while Austin is sitting down by the glass table. He asks Liz if he should turn down the burner on the stove? She says, yes. She asks if they have anymore onion & then dumps the trash off the cutting board into the trash can. She puts the trash can back under the counter & shuts the door.


7:35 PM BBT Liz asks Austin to cut the chicken in the pan so it doesn't get dry. He is using a knife on the non-stick pan. Austin kisses Liz on the head & she says, thank you. The camera view on cam 3 is moving around a little & you can see the dirt on the mirrors in the KT. Liz opens the sliding glass door & asks Julia to help with the guacamole as she promised.


7:38 PM BBT Julia comes inside the house. Julia gets the avocados & onion to start making the guacamole. John gets water from the refrigerator. Julia asks Liz how's she making the chicken? Liz tells her she will see, it's going to be grilled. Julia asks if they have any onion already cut up? Liz says, she's cutting one up & she can use some of it.


7:40 PM BBT HG's in the KT goof around while cooking and talk about Pot Ball from yesterday. Austin says, they can make homemade tortilla's.


7:46 PM BBT Austin & John are sitting by the work-out equipment in the BY. Vanessa tells John that she can't believe they've made it this far in the game. Steve comes out & Vanessa tells him to make sure to shut the glass door. She asks John & Steve not to watch her work out. Steve walks away, & Vanessa tell John that she is trying to work the muscles for the comp that's coming up. Vanessa tells John that Austin may try to get him messed up by working him out. Vanessa talks about Austin's speech of having to be there to save both of the twins.


7:50 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that their chances of winning with Liz go from 75% to 50%. She says, they need to get rid of Liz because she can win comps & win the game. Vanessa says, Austin & Steve are in a great spot. She says, once Liz goes, they are in a good spot to win the game. John says, it adds up. John says, he just has to win comps. Vanessa says, it's the same spot she goes back to also. Vanessa says, the one that wins the HOH this week can't play the next HOH.


7:53 PM BBT John tells Vanessa if this comp is physical he should try to win it & then she can go for the next one to make sure they take who they want. Vanessa says, she doesn't like doing the exercises right now on camera. Vanessa tells Steve that Johnny Mac is pretending that she's not doing the exercises right now. Steve says, the fact that she doesn't want him to watch makes him want to watch more. He says, he's like 12. Vanessa says, she's going to try really hard for this HOH. Steve thanks her.


7:55 PM BBT Vanessa, Steve & John talk about previous comps they've done. Vanessa says, some of the comps are for people that have "S" brains & not "N" brains in psychological terms. She says, most men have "N" brains & women usually have "S" brains, but she is one of the uncommon women with an "N" brain.


7:58 PM BBT Vanessa talks about a shot out to Mel from Steve on his blog. They go over things to say & we see FOTH.

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7:59 PM BBT Lived feeds come back with Vanessa saying she didn't know Steve was quoting dialog. We see FOTH again. John asks Steve if he's seen Back To The Future 2? Steve says, he didn't know there was a second one. They talk about the flying cars & the date that was in the movie. Vanessa says, they have unmanned cars coming out. John says, he remembers the hydrating pizzas. He says, they totally missed the internet in that movie. They talk about the dates being back in the 80's.


8:02 PM BBT They talk about other things being missed in the movies like cell phones. John takes his dishes in the house to clean them. Steve says, "Previously, on BB." John yells from the sliding door that there is dinner available. Steve says, he just ate pizza. Vanessa tells Steve he will be o.k. Steve says, he knows, but he's worried. Vanessa says, they will go to final 3 together.


8:07 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he was thinking about jury today. Vanessa tells Steve that she's happy to be in the spot she's in & $50,000 is better than nothing. She says, she would like Steve to invest in a company when she has a business idea. Steve tells Vanessa that you can't give money, but you can give gifts. He talks about the gifts that Derrick gave last season after winning.


8:09 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that Austwins have fans in jury & Johnny Mac has friends in the jury. She says, she has enemies in jury. Austwins & John are all sitting at the DT eating chicken tacos.


8:11 PM BBT Vanessa uses the hand weights to stand on to work her legs out. She slips off the one she was on. She asks Steve if they should take Johnny Mac to the final 3? Steve says, he doesn't know, & they go over scenarios.


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8:14 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve if one of them go on the block next week, they should win the Veto & take the other one down. She says, she has reasons & incentives to doing that. Steve says, unless they go on the block together. Vanessa tells Steve she knew one of the girls was going home this week & she just didn't want them to be on the block together. Steve says, like he just did. He hopes his speech went over well. They discuss Season 5.


8:16 PM BBT At the DT, Austin is talking about Audrey from earlier in the season.


8:17 PM BBT The conversation at the DT changes to Da'Vonne. Steve goes in & asks them if Da'Vonne told them that he would be her eyes & ears? Julia says, they were just talking about Da'Vonne. Steve says, he & Vanessa were talking about her. They talk about things from when Da'Vonne was still in the house, & how she told them he was the mole & he was spying for her. Vanessa goes in & tells Steve, that's why everyone was so leary of him.


8:20 PM BBT Steve says, just for the record, he never said anything & didn't do that. He says, he didn't know that Da'Vonne was even saying that about him until Vanessa just told him. He says, he was going to work with her, & never said he would be her spy.


8:22 PM BBT Liz cleans her dishes in the KT sink. Julia, John & Steve talk about other seasons of BB. Austin is walking around. Vanessa goes to the CBR & back to the KT. Austin goes to the CBR, walks to the KT to take a drink from his cup, & then goes to the WA. He starts the shower, takes his microphone off & goes in the WC.

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8:25 PM BBT Austin gets in the HOT shower, with his hair up in his man bun. He puts soap on his hands to wash his body.


8:29 PM BBT Steve & John walk around the DT in opposite directions, changing who goes where each time. Steve talks about a Family Guy episode. The twins both say it's disgusting & rotten. Julia says, so he didn't think of it on his own, it's Family Guy. Steve says, correct. Steve recites the into song to Family Guy, & we see FOTH.

8:33 PM BBT The twins are cleaning up from dinner. Liz says, that chicken was so good, she's definitely making this again. Steve walks in the KT & says, humming is just like singing, please stop singing. In the WA, Austin is out of the shower, & Vanessa is by the sink. Vanessa tells him she will play chess with him tonight. Austin says, he needs to play the twins without his Queen & really focus, because he feels he's done without it. Julia goes to the WC.


8:35 PM BBT Steve goes in the WA, & Vanessa tells him he needs to play Austin at chess, because he's really good. Austin says, he might not be focused after drinking. Vanessa tells him he didn't have that much. Austin says, he hadn't drank in about a week. Julia comes out of the WC & washes her hands. We see FOTH. Austin starts to sing. He grooms his ponytail beard using the big mirror by the sink.


8:37 PM BBT BB tells Vanessa to please put on her microphone. She tells BB, "I'm going in the shower now." She gets in the shower. Austin & Liz hug in the hallway near the CRL when he leaves the WA. Liz knocks on the WC, & then goes in.


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8:40 PM BBT Liz comes out of the WC, washes & dries her hands, & brushes her hair out. She leaves the WA.


8:42 PM BBT Johnny Mac is laying on the hammock in the BY. Julia starts laundry.


8:43 PM BBT Liz & Julia want to play pool. Austin & Steve are playing a game of chess. We see FOTH briefly.


8:45 PM BBT Liz & Julia are playing pool in the BY. Liz uses the bottom of her pool stick to take shots. Julia tells her she doesn't think that's a legal move. Julia starts to sing in Spanish. Liz tilts her pool stick up to take shots & sinks Julia's ball. Liz says, she has ants all over her. She is walking around barefoot & the bottoms of her feet are dirty also.


8:52 PM BBT Liz & Julia finish their first pool game & start another one. Steve & Austin are still playing their chess game.


8:55 PM BBT John gets up from the hammock & stands by the pool table to watch the twins. Julia tells John that Liz has royally f'd up two times by sinking the 8 ball, so she's gotten lucky. She says, she planted the 8 ball on one of the times. Julia talks about the way James would put all of the balls in a corner. Liz takes a shot. Julia tells her she got that from Austin, & she's doesn't like it. Liz says, she can't shoot from the back of the table. 


8:57 PM BBT John tells them he needs to wake up enough to take a shower. He says, he's tired from the alcohol. The twins talk about picture day being tomorrow. John goes to check the time. Julia asks what time it is? John says, it's 8:58 PM BBT. Julia doesn't believe him. John says, that's what the oven says. The twins are laughing now, during their pool game.

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9:09 Vanessa and the twims are discussing their day tomorrow. They are going to do nails and then it's picture day tomorrow. They discuss hownsad it will be because one of them is leaving this week.

9:14 the twins and v discuss how the two left will go after Steve and john this coming week. Austin and Steve are playing chess and Steve accidently mates Austin and he calls out his dumb luck. They discuss the moves they would have made. They agreed Steve won, but decide to keep playing.

9:16 the twins discuss Austin's horrible eyesight and how he played well in the veto dispute this sight in the backyard. They now discuss the competition from Becky's hoh and how she took the 5k and they think that was foolish. Austin and Steve come to the backyard. They discuss Steve's blog and how he will give shoutouts.

9:19 the twins ask Steve to rock them on the hamcock. They determine its not good enough and hit and stratch him. The twins are so full they are pregnant. Steve tries to hold Julia's hand.

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9:02 PM BBT Steve keeps obsessing about Da'Vonne saying he was her mole, & him not finding out about this until today. He's commented about it a couple times now. Austin says, he heard that late, as they continue their chess game.


9:04 PM BBT Julia talks in Spanish again, & she wins the pool game. Liz tells her that she only won because the table is tilted, otherwise she wouldn't have made the shot. They go & lay on the hammock. Liz tells Julia that Austin doesn't seem to want her to stay in the house. She says, she told him that she's a threat for his game & she's not stupid, she knows he has a final 2 deal with Vanessa. She says, Austin told her that everyone has a final 2 deal with her.


9:07 PM BBT Liz tells Julia that Austin will never win, because he made a deal with Vanessa that he won't win the game. Vanessa goes to the BY, & Julia tells her they are having some sister time. Vanessa sits on the brown wicker seat by the jacuzzi. She tells the twins she needs a manicure tomorrow. She tells them that Steve has to do his blog tomorrow, & then they usually have pictures from 12 - 1 PM BBT.


9:09 PM BBT Julia says, it's sad that one of them has only 2 days left after tomorrow. Vanessa says, or you can look at it as one of you gets to go & enjoy the jury to see how it is there. She tells them they get to watch movies & potentially may be able to have a supervised call home. Vanessa tells them that whichever one of them that is left or her may win the next HOH. Julia asks what if it's the shovel one? Vanessa says, she thinks they have the advantage because they are smaller.


9:11 PM BBT Julia asks Vanessa if Steve has asked her which of the twins he wants voted out? Vanessa says, no, he hasn't told her sh*t. Julia tells Vanessa how cool Austin acted the other day when Liz was crying soo much. She says, he was doing that because he knew he was safe, & wasn't the target. Julia says, if Austin wins the HOH next week he may not target Steve. Liz says, she made Austin promise her that he will. Julia says, Steve is going to win.


9:13 PM BBT Vanessa tells the twins that they have to put both Johnny Mac & Steve up at the same time. Vanessa says, she feels nausea right now from taking her antibiotic on an empty stomach. Julia asks why she is taking an antibiotic? Vanessa says, it's her face medicine. Julia says, she was on a medicine at one point & got her eyebrows waxed & part of her skin came off because of the medicine. Liz talks about Austin having horrible eyesight, & how good he did in the last competition.


9:16 PM BBT Vanessa says, she did 30 minutes today on the elliptical. Julia says, she did 28 minutes. They talk about the Midway competition. Liz says, Julia would have won it if Becky wasn't there. Julia says, she would have went for HOH right away. Steve & Austin go to the BY. Steve says, he won the chess game. Austin says, it was a dumb luck win, because he walked into a checkmate that he didn't even know he had.


9:18 PM BBT Steve tells HG's that he's going to do his blog & pictures tomorrow. Steve goes under the hammock & swings them. Julia says, she's soo full she feels pregnant. Steve tells Julia they are holding hands. Julia says, "First base, yeah." He gets out from under the hammock when Austin goes by the hammock to hold Liz' hand & swing them. Liz is complaining that a cut she has hurts.

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9:20 austin and Steve rock the twins on the hamcock and want to play pool but don't want to lose. They decide that they should have treats.

9:23 Vanessa and Steve have chips in the dining room. They discuss how Vanessa thinks differently and how she predicts everything. In the by, Austin talks about how his goal was to just make it to jury and that would be good enough but now they should just play to the end. They think Vanessa will win America players for sure (hahaha. No)

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9:22 PM BBT Liz wants to play pool with Austin. Julia says, she won in 3 pool games today. Austin talks to the twins & tells them he believes that Liz is going to win America's Favorite Player this season. He says, unless he's totally off base about how he feels this season is going. He says, they were playing to make jury, they never even thought they would make it this far. He runs scenarios with the twins. He says, they need to stop Johnny Mac from winning the HOH, otherwise another one of them will go home.


9:25 PM BBT Austwins keeps running through things. The twins think everyone in the jury doesn't like Vanessa. Liz asks if Vanessa would use the deal against him if they make it to the final 2? Austin says, most likely, she will use anything she can. Austin tells the twins he's not going to take anyone except them to the final 2. He says, Liz leaving or staying doesn't make him anymore of a target. Liz whines that she's such a big target to Steve.


9:29 PM BBT Austin says, Steve can't play next week & the person that wins the final 4 Veto chooses who goes to the final 3. He says, if Johnny Mac wins HOH next week he predicts that Johnny Mac & Steve make it to the final 2. He says, the two pawns of the season will make it & Steve will win, unless Johnny Mac ends up winning it. Liz says, they should have good odds. Austin says, he doesn't know if Vanessa is going to try. Austin says, she may not stop Johnny Mac from winning.


9:33 PM BBT Austin says, at the end of it everything will be fine. He says, in 17 days it will be over & they will have fun. Julia thinks Austin will make it to the end. Austin says, he thinks Johnny Mac will win the shovel comp. Austin says, he should probably try to make a deal with Johnny Mac since they are the favorites. He says, it doesn't matter if Liz is there or not, because he will still be the same target with the other twin there. He says, it's because they won't go against each other. He says, it's about numbers in final 4.


9:35 PM BBT Austin tells them if it's a game decision they should go on who will get farther. Austin tells them to play for winning. Julia asks how Rachel got so far? Austins says, she kept winning & America loved her. Austin says, when she had her back against the wall she kicked butt. Julia says, she hasn't. Austin tells them that they get questions from the jury members in the final 3. He explains that it is always a lame answer.


9:37 PM BBT Julia tells Liz she wants her to stay because she's going to win. Julia says, she hasn't been winning. Liz says, she feels she already has her mind made up. Julia asks her why her mind is already made up? Liz says, because of what she told her at the pool today. Julia tells her she deserves to be there, because she's killed it. Austin wants to know what Liz said at the pool. Liz says, Julia sacrificed her identity for her. Austin tells them to split the money.


9:39 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that she can dominate to the end. He says, he's watched this for 17 years, minus last year. He says, he could go next week also. Liz says, she has the perfect line for her goodbye speech already ready. Austin says, that's nice, but it's been Liz' game. He says, it's been her season. He says, if he was a fan, he would be upset if she walks out. He says, that would be like Rachel or Janelle walking out.


9:40 PM BBT Vanessa & Steve are sitting at the DT. Vanessa tells him she doesn't know what will happen, he has to just do his best. Steve says, he won't be playing in the HOH on Thursday. Vanessa tells him historically the final 4 is Before & After. Steve says, frequently. Steve talks about the endurance comp in season 3 in water on inner tubes & they were holding their key. He says, there was a comp where the HG's were in a water bed holding their key also. Steve says, he doesn't think the comps have gone more than 12 hours. He says, since you know who the other comp has been climbing. Vanessa says, that's hard.

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9:42 PM BBT Steve & Vanessa pose some questions that the jury members could ask in the finals. Steve says, he bets James is pi**ed that he made it longer than he did. Vanessa says, James scared her. Vanessa asks Steve why he targeted Jackie? Steve says, because he thought she would go after him individually & because of what she told him in week 5. Vanessa says, that was the truth about the backdoor. Steve says, he believes it. Vanessa says, she didn't want to take the twins out, because that was a week to safety. Steve says, Bible swearing is this game is a very tacky thing. Steve says, he was thinking about that after they used the Bible. Vanessa says, he did. Steve says, "We did." Vanessa says, she often uses the term as an expression. Steve says, it can often have backlash. He asks if she remembers the James Ryan thing? He says, his mom didn't want him to take his hat because it has the word devil in it. He says, then he's in the BY talking about politics & religion.


9:49 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that he doesn't need to worry about being perfect. He says, he missed out on some things in high school because of politics. John gets called to the DR. He says, he was unhappy about a lot of things. He says, he should have let loose a little more & gone to more dances. He says, he shouldn't have been into one girl all the time, but there were two girls.


9:51 PM BBT Steve says, he almost dated the second girl, but he came to realize that she's one of the types of people that needs a boyfriend at any given time, & sex is really important to her. Vanessa asks him if he's waiting until marriage? Steve says, he's waiting until it's right. He says, he missed soo much of high school. He says, he put way more into his grades than other family members did, & it didn't help him. He says, he was only in the 98% for the ACT's & he couldn't get into the 99%. He says, he was super stressed about that. He says, he took it 4 times. Steve says, he thinks he super scored a 32, but he didn't get it in one day. He says, it was because of the reading.


9:54 PM BBT Vanessa says, she took the ACT when she was 15 years old. Vanessa tells Steve not to put too much pressure on himself. Steve says, don't do BB like you did high school. Vanessa tells him he could go out, & it's a game of luck, so he shouldn't put soo much pressure on himself. He says, it's pretty good how far he has made it already. He says, 5th is very good, especially out of 17, & a game with social skills, of which he has very little. He says, he may have more social skills than he thought. He says, he went to Fredonia & everyone hated his guts so much, & here he has had no problems.


9:56 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that Da'Vonne was probably frustrated with him because he called her out for talking smack about him behind his back. Vanessa says, yep. Steve says, the conversation with Da'Vonne was up there, but the double eviction was the hardest. Vanessa asks if Da'Vonne was a good player? Steve says, they didn't work together too much. He says, he learned not to trust her too quickly. Vanessa asks if he thought Shelli was good at the game. Steve says, she was making a ballsy move with Da'Vonne for being week 2.

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9:58 PM BBT Vanessa & Steve talk about previous HG's this season. Austin goes in the KT. They wonder if John is still in the DR. Liz & Julia go in the house & they talk about everything coming out of Jeff's mouth being funny. Steve says, he probably shouldn't have said anything. Vanessa says, then you would have known if they lied. Vanessa complains about the ants being everywhere, even on the table. She says, this is the time of year they need to go home. Liz says, there's soo much food behind the oven that they are noming on. Austin is warming up ice cream in the microwave.


10:02 PM BBT Vanessa asks, "Now what, guys?" Steve says, "Pot Ball, Pot Ball, Pot Ball, Pot Ball." Julia says, no. Austin says, that's a total body thing. Julia talks in Spanish, & no one translates what she is saying. Steve says, Austin loves his late night treats. Steve says, his number 3 favorite thing is his treats, his number 2 is working out, & his number 1 is Liz. Liz says, number 4 is camping. Austin says, camping would be before treats. Austin gets called to the DR. He gets upset, & says, "During treats?" Liz tells him to put it in the freezer. He goes to the DR.


10:06 PM BBT John & Steve make noises to each other in the KT. Austin makes a heart with his hands to Julia. Liz calls Steve a freakazoid. Steve says, there has to be a segment in this show about his random dancing. He says, for reasons that he can't talk about, he's sure of it. Austin is eating an apple as he walks around. Julia & Liz are both sitting at the glass table eating ice cream. Steve asks how much alcohol they got? Julia says, a bottle & 6 beers. Steve says, "6 beers, who drank 2?" Julia says, Austin. Steve says, "So Austin got 2 beers & he got none?" Julia says, "You don't drink." Steve says, "I do drink, I just didn't want to make a hissy fit of it." We see FOTH briefly. Julia & Liz sing a little bit.

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10:10 PM BBT The twins want to put their feet in the jacuzzi. Liz goes to the BY & sits by the jacuzzi while Julia cleans up dishes. Julia goes to the BY by Liz. She tells Liz that Vanessa has to have a final 2 deal with Johnny Mac, & she can't trust her. Liz agrees. Julia says, she thought she could trust her more than Austin. Liz says, no, with Austin, love is involved, & he wouldn't try to screw them over.


10:14 PM BBT Julia thinks Vanessa is playing both sides of the house to make sure she gets to the final 3. She says, she will probably throw this HOH, & then make it to the finals. Liz says, then she says, she doesn't need the money. Liz says, if she finds that out she will be sick to her stomach. Vanessa goes to the BY & sits by the jacuzzi with the twins. Vanessa thinks there was chocolate in one of her pockets & she got it on the chair.


10:16 PM BBT Vanessa asks the twins what's going on? Julia says, they are trying to figure things out & what they should do. Liz says, there are valid both to go either way. Julia says, it really comes down to who wins the next HOH. Vanessa says, there are advantages & disadvantages to both. Austin goes to the BY, sits on the back of the couch & listens to the convo. Vanessa tells them to be themselves & do the best they can. She says, it's a lot of luck in this game.


10:18 PM BBT Vanessa says, it's a lot of skill, but a huge amount of luck. Julia says, they don't even know if the next comp will be the shovel. Austin says, things could have changed before, & it changes all the time. Austin says, there could be a reset button next week. Austin says, there are a lot of what if's. He says, the people at home probably have more what if's then they do. He says, he's talking about the HG's that have gone home. Vanessa asks where Johnny Mac is? They don't know. She says, she's always paranoid when she's talking about scampering. Julia asks if he knows about the Scamper Squad? Vanessa says, she doesn't think so. Austin says, it would hurt Steve more at this point.


10:20 PM BBT Julia says, it stinks that one of them is going home before Johnny Mac. Austin says, he did leave, but he came back. They discuss Johnny Mac & Steve having a final 2 deal. Austin says, he's open to hearing why Johnny Mac should win over Steve. Liz says, she would want Steve to win over Johnny Mac. Austin says, he might just pick a key randomly & say, it's the zest you can taste & smell.


10:22 PM BBT Vanessa thinks Steve will go deep. Austin says, if Steve makes the final 4, it's going to be hard to get Johnny Mac out then. He says, they will take each other at that point. Vanessa asks if Johnny Mac will take someone else? Vanessa says, no one in the U.S. have ever scum bagged in the finals. Austin explains that they have not taken the weak player to the final 2.


10:25 PM BBT Austwins & Vanessa talk about the comps that have been played previously. Steve is walking around the HOHR listening to his music. He walks up to his pictures, pauses for a moment, & says, "Harrison." He starts to pace back & forth again.


10:28 PM BBT Liz starts to freak out in the BY over a cricket. She gets called to the DR. Liz says, "Nooo." Vanessa tells her to just go, she doesn't need make-up. We see FOTH. Steve goes to the BY with his swim trunks on. He goes in the jacuzzi. Julia goes in the house. Steve asks why everyone leaves when he comes out? Vanessa jokes with him.


10:32 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa he wants to leave dirty dishes all over her bed now. Austin says, his feelings are hurt because people always leave. Julia says, "Steve." Steve says, "Juj." She goes & sits by the jacuzzi chomping on a Sour Patch watermelon. Julia says, 11 pieces has 150 calories. Vanessa asks how many calories per? She says, 13.8 ish. Steve says, maybe 12, but he's not good at arithmetic. He & Vanessa talk about calculators. Steve likes the TI-84. Vanessa says, she was required to have TI-89's in Calculus. Vanessa asks Julia if she took Calculus? She says, no. Vanessa asks her what her favorite subject is? Julia says, she really likes English. She says, her minor is English writing & her major is Journalism. Steve gets told to please put on his microphone. He gets in the jacuzzi all the way so he doesn't have to put it on.


10:36 PM BBT The discussion by the jacuzzi goes to the age difference between Vanessa & Mel. Vanessa says, there is a huge age difference, but girls are more mature. Vanessa says, Mel's birthday is coming up & she will do something romantic for her since she's had to do everything while she was gone.

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10:38 PM BBT Vanessa counts to ten in Russian. Vanessa asks Julia her name in Russian, & Julia knows what she said to her. Julia says, she speaks Spanish, but she's not fluid. Vanessa tells Julia to go to Spain & live there & she will pick it up in about 2 years. Vanessa tells her to go to Barcelona. Julia says, they like their football, & by football she means soccer. Vanessa talks about the culture being so awesome.


10:40 PM BBT The jacuzzi convo goes to sex tapes. Steve says, "Tat's why you don't have sex, I win." Julia says, you just don't get it recorded. Vanessa talks about Two and a Half Men. Austin takes a Mr. Goodbar to the BY for Steve to give to Vanessa. Vanessa says, she's trying not to eat all this candy that Steve keeps feeding her.


10:43 PM BBT Vanessa speaks in French now, with no translation. Julia says, Parlez-vous Francais? Austin goes in the house.


10:44 PM BBT In the BY, Vanessa & Julia tell Steve he is very sneaky & kinky. Julia tells him he will definitely get some action when he leaves BB. Julia asks if he's waiting for marriage? Steve says, not necessarily. Vanessa tells Julia, he's waiting for it to be right. Vanessa says, she's going to pelt the ruined chocolate at him. She says, if he wasn't sitting by the pool (jacuzzi) she would have already pelted it. Steve asks if she secretly wants it, but doesn't want the candy? Vanessa says, she wants it, but doesn't want the calories. She says, Mel is working out every day & she's not. She says, she's getting older & has to look good for Mel.


10:47 PM BBT Vanessa & Julia talk about jumping in a pool of melted chocolate. Julia says, she always wanted to jump into a pool of jello when she was a little kid. Steve says, he doesn't like to get messy. Vanessa says, she would have loved to do the foam party. Julia asks how that competition went since she wasn't there. Vanessa explains it. Vanessa says, James was rotten at it. Julia thinks he threw it. Julia says, Johnny Mac said he threw a lot of the comps also. Julia says, she doesn't think she would throw any of the comps. Steve asks, she means the BOTB? Julia says, yeah. They talk about Frankie winning all by himself last season.


10:50 PM BBT Julia, Steve & Vanessa try to remember the comps from last season. They talk about Frankie winning so many of them. In the OBR, Liz comes out of the DR & gets on top of Austin in the bed. He asks Liz if they can go play pool? She can't believe he waited patiently for her. They kiss each other. She says, "O.K., let's play pool." Austin says, they will play chess later, after pool. Liz asks if he's doing his laundry? Austin says, he will do it tomorrow.


10:52 PM BBT Liz tells Austin he has so many cute clothes she wants him to wear & he's being so bratty by not wearing them. He says, he's been stressed out this season, by trying to keep her in check. They go the HNR, & Liz shows him all of his clothes. She tells Austin he should throw a pair of his sweats away that shrunk. Liz tells Austin he doesn't need to have his clothes back there anymore. He finds a pair of his glasses in there & takes them out with his clothes. Liz pelts chocolate at Austin.


10:55 PM BBT Liz finds Austin's first HOH Letter & reads it. She says, she was looking for that part. (Probably referring to what Jen said.) Austin says, she was there for that part. Liz says, she wasn't there. She says, she did read it & couldn't believe it. They talk about his clothes when they go to the OBR. Austin goes in the CBR to see if he has anything left in there. Johnny Mac is sleeping.


10:57 PM BBT Liz puts all of his clothes in his black BB bag. She tells him to do that laundry tomorrow. She says, "O.K., let's go, I'm done raging you." They hold hands & walk to the BY to start their pool game.


10:58 PM BBT Austin asks Liz if she liked his break? She says, "I liked it, it was hot." All the cameras are on them playing pool.


10:59 PM BBT Liz racks the balls again because the 8 ball got sunk. Liz says, that was a warm-up & it doesn't count. Austin breaks again & sinks a striped ball. He sinks one of Liz' solids on his second turn.

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11:04 PM BBT Vanessa, Julia, and Steve are sitting by the HT talking about spirituality and the commonalities between different religious beliefs.  Julia talks about Judaism, Catholicism and Christianity.  Steve talks about Jesus being a real Jewish man who lived.  They talk about wanting to visit the Vatican. 


11:07 PM BBT Vanessa tells Julia and Steve about backpacking across Europe.  Steve asks about how it works and whether you plan it.  Vanessa tells him that you plan it roughly but things can change and you can choose new plans.  Steve asks what you do when you get to a place and Vanessa explains that you check into the youth hostel.  You eat food of the culture and sight-see etc.  Steve talks about how planned his vacations are well in advance.  Vanessa and Julia both say they do things last minute and then pay their way into getting the seats they want.


11:10 PM BBT Conversation by the HT has turned to visiting Epcot Centre.  Liz and Austin continue their game of pool. 


11:14 PM BBT Steve is drawing a map of Epcot for Vanessa and talking about strategies for getting the most out of a visit to Epcot. 


11:16 PM BBT Liz wins the pool game.  They hug and Liz says “Dance with me!”  Austin isn’t sure how to turn so Liz decides to lead.  They try to do a quickstep but it doesn’t go far.  They are wandering around the yard and Liz trips over some of the weights that are laying around.  Julia comes over to defend Liz who is hitting at Austin.  Both girls chase Austin around the yard.  Austin stops them and tells Liz he has to check for injuries.  They pretend they will let him but then just tackle him.  Steve comes over to help, and pretends to give Austin a hand, but then calls Liz over saying “Liz I’ve got him.”  They laugh, and Julia and Steve go back to the HT.  Liz wants to play wrestling. 


11:20 PM BBT Austin asks Liz when they are going to play chess. Liz suggests a breather and they settle down on the hammock.  Austin lays cross-wise, and Liz lays with her legs across him.  She complains that he’s hot and he says of course he is because they just chased him around the yard.  She pulls away but Austin says that he liked her legs across him.  She says her unshaved legs and Austin says he loves her no matter what.  They talk about playing chess later.   Liz is afraid to play without Julia. 


11:23 PM BBT Liz says she was really sad the other day when they were fighting.  Austin says he was too.  He tells her that he loves her and she should never doubt it.  Austin reminisces about their first hammock date.  Liz doesn’t remember it. 


11:25 PM BBT Liz and Austin talk about the first time they slept in the same bed, and about the time before he knew about the twins and he slept in the same bed as Julia.  Liz says because he didn’t know.  He says he kind of knew because he knew some days were different. 


11:26 PM BBT Julia and Steve by the HT still, talking about going to Rose and Crowne and future plans for going to Disney World.  Vanessa in the CBR, where John is sleeping.  She turns out the lights and gets into her bed.  By the HT, Julia and Steve talking about meeting his new nephew Harrison. 


11:32 PM BBT Austin and Liz talking about being on the Bold and the Beautiful.  There is no way that they won’t be on it.  How could that be? 


11:37 PM BBT Liz asks Austin if jury people see the veto ceremony.  Austin says he thinks so, and the comp too.  Liz says she knows they see the comp. 

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11:41 PM BBT Julia and Steve are talking about GPA.  Steve’s GPA is a little over 3.9 so he’ll graduate cum laude.  Julia asks Steve is he is a good test taker, and he says yes.  Julia asks him if he gets nervous.  Steve says things are a lot less pressure at Fredonia than at Cornell. Fredonia is collaborative, Cornell is not.  Steve wants his letters for “Trombonists”


11:45 PM BBT Steve and Julia go inside.  Austin and Liz follow, walking into the house arm in arm.  They are heading in to have their chess game: Twins vs. Austin.  Austin, Liz, Steve, and Julia are in the KT.  John and Vanessa are sleeping in the CBR.  Steve goes up to his HOHR humming as he goes.  He stops to take something from his HOH basket and then takes his microphone off.  Liz and Julia are in the WA.  Liz washes her hands and shouts “Austin!” and calls him out for leaving his shorts on top of the clean towels.  Julia washes her hands while Liz tease Austin about BB calling him out for not washing his hands. 


11:51 PM BBT Steve is having a shower in the HOHR WA.  Julia walks up to the Skybridge first and Liz and Austin follow, walking together.  They settle down to play a game of chess.


11:54 PM BBT John’s slow steady breathing can be heard in the darkened CBR.  Vanessa appears to be awake, laying quietly with her eyes open. 


11:57 PM BBT Julia is advising Liz on what move to make in chess.  Liz finally moves and Austin says he will find a sneaky spot for his queen.  Julia says that she has not gone into his room since he won HOH.  It’s the twins’ demise room, so that’s why she won’t go in there.  She randomly yells out “Sneaky! Very sneaky!”  and then says “sorry.”  Austin is still pondering his next move...he starts to move and then swears and changes his mind to make a different move.

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