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Friday, September 4 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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211pM  Vanessa cleaning in kitchen, Steve is at counter eating, Julia doing the bananas in chocolate.  Johnny Mac has cleaned all the ice cube trays, he says it is looking nasty.  Austin and Liz in bed.  Liz says she needs a drink and heads for kitchen, comes back saying it was awkward, Austin asks where everyone is and Liz says in kitchen, all of them. 


233PM, Julia and Liz talking in purple room.  Austin got called to DR.  Julia now agreeing with Liz that Steve made the swear on their family. And the accusations against Meg taking their robot return.  Steve and Johnny were in kitchen.  Steve walked out of room and now has returned,  they are not talking.  Liz says it is on camera they both going to look like asses.  Julia says he needs to be so terrified cause one of us is staying.  Noms have not taken place yet.  Julia says that Steve needs to stop lying.  She is appalled that he does not remember.  Liz is now whining about Steve also.  Neither understand why Steve would put them on Block, he is a jackass and douche bag. 


256PM BBT Everyone in bed except for Austin who is still in DR


312PM BBT  Austin in kitchen talking to Steve who is up on the Sky Bridge, Austin in kitchen getting a drink.  They are thinking the backyard will not be open till Sunday atleast.  Austin says everyone is sleeping, Steve comes downstairs to kitchen, HE says he packed as much of his clothes that he could in the laundry bag and has what he is wearing now till laundry comes back.  Austin and Steve talk about the top hat. 


317PM  Steve gets called to DR [false alarm]


322PM BBT  Full blown make out session in purple room with Liz on top of Austin.  Vanessa in kitchen cleaning out the shelf from the freezer.  Steve comes out of DR, Liz gets called in. 


336pM BBT  Liz has returned from DR and kitchen and is talking to Austin while eating junk food. 

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5:00pm BBT:  Julia and Liz are crying in the CBR, Steve is crying and Vanessa hugging him in the OBR. John in the KT getting food. Austin is hugging Liz in the bed as Julia sits beside her. Austin says  in 3 months from now you will not care anymore. Liz says i know just coming from Steve it is hard if it had been from John it would have been expected.Liz is crying and hyperventilating.

5:02pm BBT:In the KT Vanessa, Steve and John are talking  Julia comes in and Vanessa ask is it better that we give them space right? Julia says hmmm hmmm gets water and a yogurt. Austin still  listening to Liz cry and not saying anything.
5:05pm BBT: All is silent in the KT with John, Vanessa, Steve and Julia. BB calls Vanessa to the DR. Steve says Julia may i ask for a favor and she says yeah. he says if anyone wants to come talk to me please tell them they are welcome. She says ok and he says If they want to.
 5:07pm BBT: Austin hugging Liz as she is still crying and says  we knew it was bound to happen.  Liz says  that before she was told if they got Shelli out they should have gotten Steve out and we should have gotten Steve out. Liz ask will you go get my salad and he says lets go eat our salad who cares and Liz says I care and Austin says we should not care. Liz says i can not even hide my emotions.
5:11pm BBT: Liz crying says i felt like i was on top of the world yesterday by winning HOH and today i feel like a cockroach on the floor. She says i would have never done that to him never now  it is war and i will put on a face and everything is peachy king so lets go eat our salad. They go to the KT to eat.
 5:13pm BBT: Austin and Steve in the cabana rm talking Austin says i understand i really do and i know it is a game and nothing personal. Seeing her cry like that gets me a little emotions and Steve says me too i hate hurting people. Austin says do you need anything from me the rest of the week? My hands are tied this week too and i have to play for her too. Steve says i would never ever ask you to throw the veto being on the block ya know, Austin says ok we will talk again after the veto. Austin says thanks you for giving me the heads up and asking me to trust you. Steve says this is your first nomination too Austin says yeah my first one but i trust you.
 5:16pm BBT: Liz and Austin have been nominated for eviction.
5:18pm BBT: In the KT Liz, Julia and Vanessa are eating and talking. liz ask if they get alcohol tonight and Vanessa says no tomorrow is a comp so probably not.
7:21pm BBT: Steve is now in the HOh rm alone pacing. Liz in the KT saying to John she is a  baby crying like a baby.
5:23pm BBT: Julia ask Liz here you want me to put this onion over there so you can pretend you was crying because of the onion? Liz  laughs a little. Austin telling Liz what he said to Steve and what Steve said. Liz says i can not talk to him right now so i need to like chill pill. She says i wish i could handle it like you do but i cant but at least we got each other and no one can take that away from us.
5:27pm BBT: Austin in the CBR talking to John about being on the block with Liz and talking about there is still the veto to play and john says yeah there is still time so get out there and play hard for the veto like i did  when i won mine.
 5:31pm BBT: Vanessa is in the shower, Liz fixing her hair and Austin walking aroun the WA. In the HOh rm Steve is pacing listening to his music.
5:36pm BBT: Austin and John getting ready to work out in the LVR. Steve still in HOH rm pacing while listening to his music and watching the spy screen.
5:41pm BBT: Steve takes his headphones off and says Austin is scared  why is he offering me all this, Austin i do not believe anything that comes out of your mouth Austin, He then talks about getting a picture of Harrison.He sits and looks at Harrison. he then paces and says i am going down in BB history cause a big move has been made. He is now going through his basket and getting a snack.
 5:47pm BBT: Julia and Liz in the KT eating  talking about the ants in the M&M's. Liz ask if the bananas are ready yet and Julia says yeah, Liz goes and gets a banana out of the freezers.
5:49pm BBT: Steve comes down stairs and walks through the KT and goes to the  CBR to talk to Vanessa. Vanessa says your speech being so heartfelt helped you and Steve ask how is that? she says because no one hates you.Steve says i am worried about veto. Vanessa says only way is to get Julia to throw it.Steve says Julia will not make an agreement that will hurt Liz and Vanessa says no it will help her. Steve ask what if Austin wins? Vanessa says then Julia goes up and Liz stays which is better for them.
 5:53pm BBT: Vanessa says if Austin wins the Veto then Julia goes. She says i do not trust them.Steve says i do not think this will work and i do not like it. Vanessa says i was just trying to avoid the obvious. Steve says lets just wait  till tomorrow. Vanessa says wait till the veto then talk to Julia  and if she wins then Austin leaves if she does not use it. Steve says but why would she do that she can save her sister and  they both stay if she wins. Vanessa says let me think a minute. She then says let me think about this one.
5:58pm BBT: Julia cleaning the KT back up and Steve and Vanessa repeating  themselves in the CBR.
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6:01 PM BBT Steve is alone in the HOHR alone, talking to the camera.  Liz is angry.  Steve tells us she is probably mad that she did his dirty work for him in the DE.  He can’t believe she thought he would get out Johnny; that Steve would go after him.  He has a week.  Now it’s time to calm down and let things settle.  He ponders whether he should put the twins up.  Steve says “aww geez.  Anyone but Julia.”  He has gotten the bed ready to lay down in.  He goes over to his basket but doesn’t take anything from it.  As he gets into the bed, BB tells him not to obstruct his mic.  He grabs the headphones, telling us that he is afraid to go downstairs to work out.  He says it’s really messy.  He is worried about Julia winning the PoV tomorrow. He second guesses himself about whether he should have put up the twins.


6:07 PM BBT Steve is laying on the HOHR bed, listening to music, and watching the screen while re-thinking and second-guessing his rationale for choosing Liz and Austin.  He takes off the headphones and his glasses and lays down in the bed, covering his eyes with his hood, still talking to himself and saying “anyone but Julia.”


6:10 PM BBT John and Austin are working out in the LR.  Steve is laying in the HOHR bed all tucked in with his teddy bear and worrying about whether John is throwing competitions because he’s a twist.  He says that John is so good at comps but has never been HOH.  He begins counting all the comps that John has won. 


6:18 PM BBT Steve is trying to sleep in the HOHR.  Austin and John continue to work out in the LR.  Liz is just getting out of the shower.


6:21 PM BBT Lots of heavy breathing going on in the LR.  John and Austin are still working out.  Liz goes to the WC. 


6:27 PM BBT In the WA, Liz is doing her hair.  John and Austin have finished their workout and are getting something to drink in the KT.  Austin says that was pretty effective and John agrees.  Julia is in the KT cleaning. 


6:31 PM BBT John goes into the freezer to try a frozen banana with dark chocolate.  Julia says she will try one too, but she takes her pills first. 


6:32 PM BBT Liz is talking to Vanessa in the CBR.  Vanessa is telling Liz that her earlier suggestion to play potball was meant to help Liz feel better because Liz is good at it.  Liz says it would just be too awkward.  She is so upset.  Liz tells Vanessa that yesterday morning when Meg and Julia were still on the block, Steve took them into the parlor room and asked Liz and Julia to swear on their family not to put him up on the block.  They told him “yeah of course.”  She is upset that he did that and then put her up.  Liz feels really betrayed that Steve asked her to swear on her family when he was going to put her up. 


6:33 PM BBT Vanessa says that the part she doesn’t understand is that Steve gave his word to Vanessa that if she put up Julia he would vote for Julia so “that whole deal was null and void” and his vote was already committed, so it was strange that he made Liz and Julia swear.  Liz feels like she is going crazy and so betrayed.  If he knew she was his target, why did he make her swear on her family.  Vanessa points out that Steve didn’t expect the DE and he thought he would be going into a 7-person situation.  Vanessa says what bothers her is that Steve was even talking to Liz like that when he had already made a commitment to Vanessa about his vote. 


6:36 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz that Steve is playing to win and at least Steve did it with class by telling her in advance and explaining it’s a game move.  Liz says she can’t help being upset.  Vanessa tells her that she (Liz) is stronger than that.  Liz points out that Steve’s replacement nomination is probably going to be Julia unless Julia wins PoV.  Then Vanessa will be the replacement nom.  Liz tells Vanessa that Steve told Austin that Austin is not his target.


6:39 PM BBT Julia comes into the CBR and sits on Vanessa’s bed without saying a word.  The conversation continues.  Vanessa tells Liz that she has her back more than Liz knows.  Vanessa says she is in a hard place right now because she knows things she wishes she didn’t and she doesn’t even know what to do.  Liz says she is in a horrible situation too.  Vanessa tells Liz that she has to fight to win veto.  Julia asks if Vanessa thinks Austin will even try to win veto.  Vanessa tells her that Austin will not fight for it and Liz had better fight for it.  If Austin does win it he won’t use it on Liz so Vanessa tells Liz she has to fight for it.  Liz has Vanessa and Julia’s vote.  John would vote to save Austin.


6:42 PM BBT Liz tells Julia and Vanessa that she came into the season wanting a girl to win.  Vanessa says the three of them have something very special because they trust each other.  Vanessa says that Liz gave her some really good information about how Steve asked Liz and Julia to swear on their family not to put him up.  John comes into the CBR.  Vanessa keeps talking, asking them who brought “family” up.  The twins joke about swearing on the bible.  Vanessa offers to summarize bible stories for them.  John lays down on his bed and listens to the conversation.  Austin comes into the CBR and Vanessa is telling them about a story she told.  They tell her she’s like Audrey, but Vanessa says her stories are not scary like Audrey’s were.


6:48 PM BBT Liz leaves the CBR, and Austin follows her out.  Julia says she is going to take a nap.  Vanessa offers to try and cook dinner and then asks if that is okay or does that sound scary.  Julia says that Liz has things ready. Vanessa offers to help anyway and Julia tells her she can be sous chef. 


6:56 PM BBT Julia is laying down in her bed in the CBR now, John is lounging on his bed while Vanessa sits up and tells them about what it was like for her to be on the block.  Julia says it’s really different when you are on the block.  Vanessa tells them it’s like being back-doored even though she played in the veto.  It didn’t feel like a replacement nomination and she felt like she was being ushered out the back door.  She doesn’t agree with the definition that she and Steve debated.  Julia tells Vanessa that she fought hard and stayed.  Vanessa says look at John too and Julia says that’s right...John was dead and came back from the dead.  They talk about what the competition will be tomorrow.  Julia asks if there is a veto ceremony if they are all playing.  Vanessa clarifies that there is no pick and John adds that there will be no host.  Vanessa says that it will just be the ceremony.  Vanessa says that there is even less going on in the house now.

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7:01 PM BBT In the CBR Julia & John try to recall the different Veto Competitions they've had this season. John is trying to take a nap. In the OBR, Austin is on top of Liz kissing her. They are making the hollow noises while they kiss. Austin tells her he's her delicate flower & he will keep her safe. Austin says, he doesn't like to see her cry. Liz tells him she will be happy with him. He says, he'll be happy with her also.


7:03 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that they will be at the wrap party in 19 days. He tells her that all the good players that didn't win in BB are still remembered. Austin says, Rachel won one but also lost one. Austin says, he can't imagine doing this again. Liz tells him he hasn't been on the block the whole season. He complains that he's not been on his gymnastics rings, & everyone is better than him. Liz tells her he's going to be so well known. He tells her he wants to be well known together with her.


7:06 PM BBT Julia & John are both napping now. Vanessa lays down in her bed & pulls her turquoise hat over her face to take a nap as well. Liz & Austin continue their make out session in the OBR.


7:09 PM BBT Liz starts to cry again. Austin tells her she's his delicate flower. Liz says, "I'm a cry baby flower." Austin tells her he wants to take care of her so she'll never cry again. They continue kissing.


7:11 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that earlier in the season when he was going to be put up he was worried that they wouldn't be able to develop their relationship. Liz says, "Really?" Austin says, yes, & he's glad that they did. He says, he could have been sitting there with Audrey. You can hear that Liz is still crying.


7:12 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that the moment HG's walk out the door the pressure is probably all off & it's going to be a big joke show. He says, at least they get a chance to fight & have their romance. He says, you have to go through the bad times to make a good story even sweeter.


7:14 PM BBT Liz says, James probably hates her. Austin says, when they see him they can tell him that they f'd up. Liz tells him to stop. Austin says, James may have done the same thing to let Steve stay in the game & then he could have been gone the next week also. He says, "It's classic BB, classic."


7:15 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that James should have come to them so Meg would have left, but he probably was going to put them up, so he didn't. He says, he wouldn't make the deal with them, so it was on him. He says, they didn't put him there, Vanessa did. Austin says, it was the right decision at the moment, & they didn't win the HOH. He says, now it's a do or die Veto. He says, James did it, you have to get lucky. He says, it always comes down to the competition, & you can't make yourself safe all the way to the end. Liz says, unless you are Derek. Austin says, that should not be in the final 6.


7:17 PM BBT Austin tells Liz she is beautiful. Liz says, "Lies, pass me my water, please." Austin hands her the "Liz" cup, & tells her he's going to get her a cup with her name on it when they leave the house. Austin wonders how much his top hat will get on E-Bay. He says, if they give him a live mic on Thursday, anything could be said. They kiss some more.


7:19 PM BBT Austin asks Liz if she is sure doesn't want to make the turkey burgers. He says, they are tasty & she needs her protein. She tells him he's obsessed. He says, they are at optimal coziness right now. She says, she will make them only if he's her Sous Chef. Austin wants to play chess with Liz. Liz says, he isn't that good. He says, he's dreaming in chess now. Austin asks, "What if the Veto is a giant chess board?" He says, "That would be cool." Liz says, she's the Queen.


7:22 PM BBT Austin tells Liz they aren't officially a showmance on BB until they are on the block together. He says, now they've been through all of it & are official. He rubs his left hand up & down the left side of her back as he holds her. She picks her head up & kisses him, & then lays back down on his chest. Austin has his hands clasped together & is twiddling his thumbs.


7:24 PM BBT He tells Liz that the "Clelli Cam" is watching them. He uses his nails to stroke her left shoulder. They interlock their fingers, & then he they hold each other’s hands.


7:25 PM BBT Austin asks if today is Saturday. Liz tells him it's Friday, & then she asks him if it's Friday? He says, yes. He says, if Liz gets taken out of this game it's going to be really boring. Liz says, so boring that no one will watch it. Austin says, the same thing.


7:26 PM BBT Liz bites her nails. She tells Austin that she couldn't trust James, because he would probably go back on his word. Austin tells her no one could ever trust him. He rolls over to hold Liz even more.


7:28 PM BBT Austin says, "I bet we're on the feeds." Liz says, they are. Austin says, they are on the Clellie cam. Liz says, "Austin is handling this better than me, I'm a huge baby." Austin says, he just does his gymnastics.


7:29 PM BBT Liz says, she hasn't even talked to Steve. Austin asks her if she wants to? Liz says, she does. Austin tells her to wait for the Veto to see what happens. Liz says, "I don't care." She says, he doesn't even have the swing vote, so he's not a deciding factor for her. She says, all he has is who goes up next to her. Austin says, "At this point, he's gone too far, you know."


7:30 PM BBT Austin says, he'll see what they can do. He says, tomorrow is going to be interesting, & he wants to just get it over, so they know what's happening. Liz says, she hopes he doesn't win. She says, "That will be a God damned nail in my coffin." Austin says, "That will be the worst, yeah, bad, bad, bad."


7:32 PM BBT Liz laughs & tells Austin he is soo funny. He rolls back over with only Liz & part of his body covered with the blanket. Liz says, now she knows how Clelli felt being separated just before jury. Austin says, then deciding which one had to go to jury, that was the worst. He says, at least they are separated from that. He says, that would be really tough to not see her for another 13 days.


7:33 PM BBT He tells her that he's spent every day he could for 12 weeks & he's gotten used to her being there. He says, cuddling. She says, cooking together. He says, her yelling at him. She laughs. He says, hammock dates. She tells him to stop a couple times, & starts to cry again. Austin tells her to stop crying. He says, they can have many hammock dates after this. He tells her she will have to come to live with him in L.A., & he will buy a hammock to put at their place. She says, she wants a hammock. Vanessa leaves the CBR & goes to the KT. Austin says, a hammock & a chess board.


7:36 PM BBT Liz talks about her being such a cry baby in the house. She says, in real life she's only a cry baby watching sad movies. They talk about watching scary movies together & who will scare who. He says, he plays along in the house & he's not scared. Vanessa sits down at the DT & eats some food. Liz & Austin goof around & he tickles her. He asks her if she's going to stop. Liz says, the only thing that will make her happy is if she can tickle him or scare him. She starts to tickle him & he tells her she can't do that.


7:38 PM BBT Liz says, she has gluten-free cookies to look forward to this week, & they are going to get take out. Austin says, he will make them go to a good spot. Liz says, she wants sushi. Austin says, they only have 6 people. They continue to kiss each other. Liz tells Austin she has camping trips to look forward to. (Meaning sex). Austin says, "Yes, let's just get this over with already." Liz laughs.


7:41 PM BBT Vanessa cleans up her bowl in the KT & she washes it out at the sink. Austin & Liz talk about how they first met & Jace having them talk to each other.


7:43 PM BBT Vanessa puts a container back in the refrigerator & takes a chocolate covered banana out of the freezer to eat. She goes to the WA, & sits down on the couch. Austin & Liz are just holding & caressing each other.


7:44 PM BBT Vanessa knocks on the WC door & then goes in. We see a close up of the squid like towel rack on the wall in between the WC & the showers. Vanessa comes out of the WC & wipes her face off. She doesn't wash her hands before leaving the WA. She pushes a red chair in by the DT. Austin & Liz are kissing in the OBR as Vanessa walks by & goes in the CBR.


7:46 PM BBT Vanessa goes in the CBR & says how boring it is. She sits in her bed, pulls the covers over her & reads her HOH Letter. Austin is bugging Liz. She says, she has goose bumps. Austin says, it's fine that he gives her goose bumps. She keeps laughing.


7:48 PM BBT Liz tells Austin that he's soo sneaky. Austin says, very sneaky. They keep kissing each other.


7:49 PM BBT Vanessa is now laying back down in the CBR with her turquoise hat pulled over her eyes again. We get a close up on Camera 1 of the fire truck on the wall in the CBR.


7:51 PM BBT Liz turns over towards Austin & makes some moaning noises. She has both of her arms around him. He is holding her with his left arm & has his right arm under the covers.

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7:55 PM BBT Make out session continues with a lot of kissing & stroking. Liz gets on top of Austin, & it seems there may be some movement going on under the covers. He squeezes her tight & kisses her ever so softly.


8:01 PM BBT Liz gets off of Austin & lays back down on her side of the bed. He tells her they need to make the turkey burgers. He says, let's do it. They both pull the covers up over them, leaving only their shoulders & heads exposed. Austin has his left arm under the covers, & Liz has both of her arms under the covers.


8:03 PM BBT Austin rolls over to Liz. He tells her she's never going to get him out of bed. He says, she's trying to calm it down, but she's making him hotter. She tells him he's sweaty. He says, too many kisses. (We know better.) She asks him if he's going through menopause? She tells him she will wait for him until he's ready. She says, she didn't do anything. Austin says, he knows.


8:05 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that he can't wait for their camping trips & he's trying not to get too excited. Liz laughs.


8:07 PM BBT Austin puts his right arm around Liz, drawing her closer to him. Liz puts her left arm over Liz. Austin asks her if she wants to make the turkey burgers? They kiss each other. Liz puts her left arm inside the back of Austin's tank top. She makes noises, & he bites her nose. They kiss each other & say, thank you to each other.


8:09 PM BBT Liz thanks Austin for being him. He snaps his legs out from under the covers. Liz pulls the cover back over her. He asks her if she's going back to bed. She tells him the Audrey hospice bed is sucking her in. She asks Austin to pick her up. He asks if she wants him to carry her? She says, yes. He carries her to the KT. She says, it's clean. Austin says, it's very clean. They take things out of the refrigerator to cook. Neither one has washed their hands.


8:11 PM BBT Liz asks if they should make a Spinach salad for the side? She says, they had one for lunch. She begins to eat potato chips. Austin turns the oven on. Liz says, imagine if they had to be on slop & on the block. Austin says, that would suck. (James & Meg were last week.)

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8:15 PM BBT Everything is quiet in the BB house while Austin & Liz prepare dinner.


8:19 PM BBT Liz & Austin are both cutting ingredients up for tonight's dinner in the KT. (Hand washing not needed apparently.)


8:23 PM BBT Liz tells Austin that she will cut up the whole onion & leave some out. Liz & Austin say thank you to each other. Austin sits down at the glass table. Liz says, they are going to have cookies for dessert.


8:27 PM BBT Liz tells Austin he's not putting cashews in the veggies. Austin says, "I'm putting cashews in for my babe." Liz says, "Thank you."


8:30 PM BBT Liz is looking for the cookie trays in the KT, while Austin is eating nuts out of the can. Liz puts foil on the cookie tray for the turkey burgers. Liz asks him to put butter down for her. Austin goes to the refrigerator to get the butter out & puts it on the foil.


8:35 PM BBT Liz tells Austin they are ready. Austin says, O.K., & puts them in the oven. He cleans off the wooden cutting board in the trash can. Liz is putting clean dishes in the cabinets.


8:37 PM BBT Steve is awake in the HOHR. He puts his white tennis shoes on & looks at his pictures that are on the nightstand by his bed in the HOHR. He leaves the HOHR & looks down to the KT. He makes sure his microphone is attached correctly & then he goes down the stairs. He says, good morning to Liz, & doesn't get a response. Austin comes from the WA. Steve tells him he just got up & it's 8:30 PM BBT.


8:40 PM BBT Austin tells Steve they're making dinner & everyone else is sleeping. Steve stands outside the CBR, & creeks the door open slightly. He looks in & shuts the door. He walks back to the KT. His microphone pack falls off, & he holds it in his right hand. He goes back upstairs to the HOHR. Vanessa turns over in her bed in the CBR.


8:41 PM BBT Austin hums, & then kisses Liz on the back of her head. She tells Austin it's soo awkward. She says, "I wish I could be more like you guys, but I can't." Austin tells her to give it time. She says, it might take her 24 hours. Austin asks her why she is always so beautiful? She says, she looks terrible, & she's been crying all day, so her eyes are puffy. Steve is listening to his music in the HOHR, while sitting on the edge of his bed.


8:43 PM BBT Liz tells Austin that she's going to put swiss & pepper jack cheese on the turkey burgers. She tells Austin to get the gluten-free cookies from the SR. She blows & picks her nose with a paper towel. She uses the same paper towel to wipe down the counter top. She stirs the veggies in the pan, does not wash her hands, & then throws out the paper towel. Vanessa goes to the KT. Austin says, there's no more pepper jack cheese. Liz goes to look in the SR.


8:45 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that she is really tired. She says, she doesn't do well without sleep, & she doesn't like sleeping through the day. Vanessa says, she feels like a rollie pollie. Liz goes back to the KT. Vanessa tells them how much she cleaned the KT. Liz says, it needed it. Austin is walking around like he's playing chess. Austin wants to bring the chess board downstairs to play it in the hospice bed. Vanessa says, they should bring it downstairs until they get yelled out. They think it's in an anti-social place upstairs.


8:47 PM BBT Vanessa says, they have finished building in the BY. Liz be how bad do you want it? Austin & Liz both say they won't shave their heads. Vanessa says, they don't probably do that for the girls. She says, she may have to dye it like pink. Austin says, it's sexist if they make the guy shave his hair & not the girl. They talk about how many days are left in the game. John wakes up & goes to the WA.


8:52 PM BBT Austin says, he'll take a $5,000 bonus. He says, he thought he was going to be out before jury, but now he's running the table on the whole show & that will be good for his career. Vanessa says, it might be good for him. Austin says, if he has a live mic on Thursday to make a speech anything can come out of his mouth. He says, he might make a challenge to the WWE.


8:54 PM BBT Vanessa asks Austin if he will be friends with Jace after the show? Austin says, he doesn't see why not if he still lives there. He says, he may be back in Georgia, with his sob story about having to give up his house. Liz wants to know what the story is. He tells her & then says, he was trying to stay away from him. Vanessa says, he has a pinball machine & other things in storage. She says, he couldn't be broke. Austin says, "He's definitely broke, he's Jace." Vanessa says, she thinks he has money from somewhere.


8:55 PM BBT Vanessa tells them that she was going to help Julia make the turkey burgers but that got all f'd up. Liz says, they can't make them like she does. John is sitting in a bar stool by the sliding glass door eating some potato chips. Vanessa, Liz & Austin make themselves plates of food to eat & sit down at the DT. Vanessa tells Austin she ate his salad leftovers earlier. She says, so the family dog would eat them. Liz says, as much as she wants to be Audrey she can't. She says, they didn't sleep at all.


8:57 PM BBT Liz says, she needs at least 24 hours to be o.k. She says, she hasn't even talked to Steve. Vanessa says, she heard Liz giggling like a crazy lady. Liz tells Austin she's stuck with him. John goes back to the KT. Liz says, she tried to wake up Julia, but she's really sleeping. Vanessa says, they got her today for her DR session. She says, she was waiting up, & it was annoying.


8:59 PM BBT Vanessa, Austin & Liz are eating. Liz says, she might have missed something in the burgers, because they were better last time. John says, it looks good. Liz thanks him & tells him Austin did the veggies. Liz says, Austin is just rushing through it so he can gets his cookies. Austin asks what she would do in a situation like this. His plate is almost finished already. John asks if they have the ketchup at the DT? Liz says, they do. John sits down to eat with them.


9:00 PM BBT Vanessa tells them she ate a lot of ice cream when she was on the block. Vanessa is finished with her dinner already & is washing her plate off. Liz tells her she did a great job on the KT, & she is soo impressed. Vanessa says, "Johnny Mac killed the dishes." Vanessa tells them that Johnny Mac took some of the silverware away, because there was too much. John says, he put it in a Ziploc bag & gave some back in the SR.


9:03 PM BBT Liz tells Austin she trusts him to be in charge of the cookies. He says he thought she likes to be in charge of them. He asks her where the other cookie sheet is? Liz says, she doesn't know. Austin says, he has to put the turkey burgers away. Vanessa is eating some ice cream out of the container. Julia wakes up from her nap in the CBR. Austin uses a spatula to put the turkey burgers in a plastic container.


9:05 PM BBT Julia lays back down trying to fall back asleep. She can hear everyone laughing. They are talking about Audrey's hospice days. John says, you have your sad times, no matter what you do. Austin says, he didn't bring out the blanket. John says, he didn't bring out the blanket, but he didn't feel good. Vanessa says, Meg did it, & she didn't leave the HNR. Julia gets up & goes to the KT.


9:07 PM BBT Julia asks them if they already ate? They tell her they did. Julia asks where the burgers are? Austin tells her they are in the refrigerator. Steve talks to the cameras in the HOHR. He says, he doesn't want to push things with Liz by trying to talk to her. Vanessa gets called to the DR. Steve sneezes. Vanessa says, "Noooo."


9:10 PM BBT Steve says, "Do you want me to use it?" Liz tells Julia they didn't sleep, they just chilled talked & reminisced. (She didn't tell everything.) Liz talks about how much dessert Austin will eat tonight. He says, he didn't work out that much today. He says, some of those are second level treats for after dead lifting. He says, when Shelli was there they ate all the cake & that was fun. He says, there are soo many preservatives in cake that it can last for 50 years.

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9:13 PM BBT Julia asks Liz how many gluten-free cookies they got this week? Liz says, they got two of them. All the cams go on the KT & dining area. John tells everyone that he ate walnuts that had ants in them. Vanessa says, she found the ants in them & threw them all out. Julia says, the ants went crazy over the past 24 hours. John says, they need food for fall. Julia says, they aren't like squirrels. Julia wonders what they do with the lot when the show is done. Austin says, they remodel it for the next season. Julia says, it doesn't take that long to do. She asks if people could take tours of it? Austin says, that would be interesting. He says, there are probably people that want to take tours of it.


9:18 PM BBT Liz asks how long the cookies go in for? Austin tells her, 11 minutes. The microwave is back in the spot next to the refrigerator. Liz puts the cookies in the oven & sets the timer on the microwave. Austin & Julia talk about playing chess tonight. He tells her they need to get back to business with chess.


9:20 PM BBT John talks about having the soft tunnels when he was a kid. Julia says, they are for dogs, she feels. John says, it was for him, & you could bend them around corners if you need to. He says, it was probably the cheapest form of entertainment. Julia says, they used to love playing in boxes. Austin says, they would get boxes from Home Depot, go in it & close the lid. John says, they needed them to build their forts. Austin says, he needed them for his pirate ship. Julia tells Austin the veggies are good. Austin says, thank you.


9:22 PM BBT Steve goes to the KT & asks if they made burgers? Austin says, they did. Steve asks if he can have one? Austin tells him they are in the refrigerator in a container. Steve asks it if it's the container with 3 burgers in it? Austin tells him it is. Steve says, "O.K.," and gets one out. Austin talks about WWE figures that he had as a child. Steve asks what the timer on the microwave is going for? Austin tells him it's for cookies.


9:24 PM BBT Steve says, he'll wait on the burger & eat a salad first then. Julia says, her & John talked about Hungry Hungry Hippos. She says, that was a good game. They talk about other games they had as children.


9:25 PM BBT Steve takes his food to the DT. Austin & John talk about Sonic being the best game ever. Austin says, there was a sick Dreamcast game. Steve goes to the HOHR to get something to drink out of his mini-fridge. He walks by his pictures on his nightstand, & says, "Harrison." He leaves the HOHR, & goes back to the DT.


9:27 PM BBT Austin, John & Steve are sitting at the DT. Austin & John talk about Power Rangers. Julia asks Liz how many of the chocolate covered bananas she's had? Liz says, she's had one. Julia says, they are rich. Liz repeats her. Julia says, she can't believe they ate without her. Liz tells her she tried to wake her up. Julia says, she probably fell back asleep then. Steve asks if they Power Rangers talk? Austin says, yes. John says, they are kids. Austin tells Steve he's the blue Power Ranger, Billy. He doesn't know who he is & asks why he's Billy? John says, he has glasses & looks just like him. Julia says, he does look just like him.


9:32 PM BBT Julia says, she loved the red Ranger, Jason. Austin says, "F the red Ranger, it's all about Tommy." Julia asks if that's the white Ranger? Austin says, yes, he took the pink Ranger away from the red Ranger. Steve wants to go home & look up Billy now. John tells him to look him up on-line. Julia & Liz talk about what they want to do when they leave the house.


9:34 PM BBT Steve gets up from the DT. Austin talks to John about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game having to kill all the bad guys on the screen before it lets you move forward. John & Austin continue to talk about video games. The twins are sitting next to each other at the glass table.

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9:37 PM BBT Austin says, Monday is Labor Day, so they may rush the Veto. John & Austin talk about Batman & Superman. Steve warms his burger up & sits back down at the DT to eat it. Liz tells Austin they cookies are ready.


9:38 PM BBT Austin & John talk about the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy." Austin gets up for cookies. Liz says, "Sneaky cookies." Austin says, the same thing. Julia says, everyone has to wash their own dishes. Julia sings a song from Blue's Clues. Julia asks why the cookies are soo amazing & soo good. Austin gets one of the chocolate bananas from the freezer. Julia gives a shot-out to Nestle.


9:40 PM BBT Julia says, "Nom, a turkey burger followed by cookies, the best dinner." John gets a chocolate banana to eat. Austin goes to the SR for Cool Whip to put on his ice cream. So, he's eating ice cream, cookies & a chocolate covered banana.


9:42 PM BBT Julia finds more ants. Steve says, he put a pint size of Rocky Road ice cream in the freezer. He says, there wasn't room for it. (I wonder if that's the ice cream Vanessa was eating earlier.) Steve got a lobster tail in his mini-fridge. Julia asks if he asked for that? Steve says, he put on the paper that he loves shellfish. John asks Steve if he told him his X-Box gamer tag? Steve says, he did, but he doesn't remember. John says, some people think it's ghettolobster. Vanessa finally comes out of the DR. She says, she feels that she didn't give them anything.


9:44 PM BBT BB says, "Vanessa, HG's, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's." Vanessa says, "O.K., it's only been 79 days, & I haven't caught on yet." Steve says, they pretend they are on Survivor. John says, you can't climb coconut trees. Julia thinks they will call her to the DR. BB calls Julia to the DR. Julia says, "See, I told you." Steve asks if he's going to get called to the DR? John says, he doesn't know. Steve asks Vanessa if he's going to get called about the nominations? Vanessa says, "What do I look like, BB?" Steve asks if she was questioned about it when she was HOH? Vanessa says, "Yes." BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's."


9:46 PM BBT John & Steve talk about the nominations for this season so far. Vanessa & Austin go upstairs to play chess.


9:48 PM BBT John says, "Are you ready for a takeover?" He says, they can bring back the BOTB for one week. Steve talks about twists from other seasons. Steve tells John that everyone in the house that's left came in with them, except Austin. He says, they only lost Becky & Jason. John says, TAR is gone. Steve says, he thought that was an interesting twist. He says, he thought it was vets. Steve says, BB is usually the first show the HG's go on, & then they go to other shows from there. Steve says, this was the second show for Jeff & Jackie. John says, they made history. Steve agrees. Steve asks if Vanessa & Austin are chessing? John asks who's chessing? John says, there you go. John wants ice cream. Steve says, his tummy hurts still from the burger. He says, he can't believe he's 22 & still saying tummy.


9:56 PM BBT John starts to clean out the freezer. The freezer beeps for it being open too long. John says, "Hold on, I'm cleaning you out." He says, he got most of it. John says, "Rollie Pollie day." Steve gets up from the DT, leaving his dishes at the table, & walks around.


9:59 PM BBT Steve says, he's going to come back to it at some point, or not, but he will take care of it. (Referring to his dishes that are still on the DT.) He heads up the stairs. John tells him he wants to listen to his music at some point. Steve says, O.K.


10:00 PM BBT John washes out his bowl from ice cream in the sink. Steve was coughing a few minutes ago. Steve gets the first aid kit & goes by the chess table. He's putting more band aids on his homemade timer.

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10:06 PM BBT In the OBR Liz asks Julia why Steve keeps going downstairs? Julia says, "I don't know, I can't f'n look at him." Liz asks Julia if Austin is playing chess with Vanessa? Julia tells her, yes. Steve goes to the CBR. Liz says, Steve just needs to f'n stay upstairs. Julia tells her not to be mean. Julia says, she can't f'n stand him, they made the wrong decision, & they should have taken him out. Julia says, Johnny Mac would have won that competition yesterday, & he would have done the same exact thing. She says, it hurts, because it's from Steve.


10:08 PM BBT Julia tells Liz if they are still in the Veto competition she needs to throw it to her. She says, if Liz wins she will go up. Julia says, if she wins, she can take her down. Liz says, Vanessa is going to play for her life. The twins have the lights turned off. Vanessa goes in there & says, they are in hospice & it's not o.k. Austin goes in & asks why the lights are out? Liz says, she wants to go to sleep. Julia asks Steve about the wine. Steve says, he was going to purpose a game of wine Pot Ball, but he didn't think they would play or not. BB says, "The bedroom lights must remain on." Steve turns the lights on.


10:09 PM BBT Vanessa says, she will turn the lights out if that's what Liz wants. Liz says, she's o.k. Vanessa says, she hears a muffled voice from under the covers. Julia says, they can't play Pot Ball with teams anymore. They decide they are going to play Pot Ball tomorrow night with the wine. Austin says, they should play for the wine for making the shots. Julia asks if he like his slippers? Steve says, he does, but they barely fit. Steve asks if he's the only one with wine left? Julia says, she thinks so. Steve finds a pair of his tennis shoes. Julia says, his gun boats. Steve says, his battleships. They talk about alcohol.


10:13 PM BBT Steve says, he answered no to a couple questions on the paperwork that weren't yes or no questions. Vanessa asks if anyone wants Jason's Dickies boots from the Getting Nutty competition? No one does. Julia says, she wants the orange sweater that was left. Steve thinks it's Meg's sweater. Steve thinks the bathing suit is Shelli's. Vanessa is asking who all the stuff belongs to that's on the hallway dresser? She wants to use the dresser for her clothes that are in the HNR. Austin pins Liz down on the bed & moves to the outside now that Julia has gotten up.


10:16 PM BBT Austin tells Liz she's very cozy right now. Liz says, "I know." They get themselves untangled from their microphones. Liz says, "Nipple,' & starts tickling him. Austin says, "No, not with the transmitter." He tells her, "No, it's too hot for tickles." He says, "You're too fragile, you're in hospice mode." Liz says, "Rest in peace, Ma." Julia reads Liz' HOH Letter. She says, her mom never says, mad determination. She calls her mom a freak. Liz & Austin won't stop goofing around. Vanessa is moving her stuff to the hallway dresser.


10:18 PM BBT Julia asks Vanessa if they told her to move her stuff out of the HNR? Vanessa says, "No, I know it's coming & I just don't want to be locked out one day & come back to her stuff in bins." Liz, Julia & Austin mess around. Steve has milk on his lip. Julia figures out that girls get blue HOH slippers & guys get black ones. Steve says, he didn't know that. He says, his barely fit him. Julia asks Steve if the glasses are his. Steve says, they aren't Jackie's. They think they might be Shelli's glasses.


10:24 PM BBT Steve talks about him wearing a glasses strap with bandaids in a comp. He says, it has to be a Meme. They talk about Meg leaving her "M" letter. Julia says, she can trade it for the robot. Steve says, his parents have been trying to sell their house since January. Julia says, her parents sold their house, & now the people that bought it are selling it for double the amount. Steve says, people live in Miami. He says, it's such a rural area, & there are more cows than people. Julia asks if he's ever gone cow tipping? He says, no. He asks if it's even a real thing? Julia says, she thinks so. Julia says, recreational mushrooms grow out of cow poop.


10:27 PM BBT HG's talk about all the stuff that's left behind. Vanessa says, there's soo much dust. Julia sings a little. BB says, "Please, stop singing." Julia says, it's from a movie. BB says, "Please, do not quote dialog from movies." They keep going. BB says, "That is really annoying." BB tells them, "They are not allowed to talk about production," twice. Julia tells them to stop that they are being creepy McCreeps after the first one.


10:31 PM BBT Steve & Julia talk about movies & then start to talk about video games. Steve says, it doesn't take much to scare him. Julia says, some of the video games would scare her. Austin gets called to the DR. Steve says, he doesn't watch any scary movies at all. They talk about dressing up for Halloween.


10:32 PM BBT Steve says, he didn't go to any Halloween parties. He says, he's not the same as everyone else at Fredonia. He says, he's not as socially savvy as others. He says, it's been hisp biggest obstacle. Julia asks if he has any close friends? He says, one is a year ahead of him & one is a year behind him. He says, he went to Fredonia as if he was a Sophomore, even though he was Junior. He says, he only lost a semester, not a full year. He says, this works since he will finish his last semester in the Spring. He says, he liked math & Physics in high school because he could figure it out. He says, in college it's more memorization.


10:35 PM BBT Steve says, he was a Mechanical Engineering Major. He says, it stopped making sense & he couldn't understand it. He says, now he's a Music Major. He says, it's been his whole life. He says, he started playing a violin at 4 years old. He says, his mom has been his band director. He says, he started playing the trombone in 5th grade. Julia says, this will come out wrong, but it's hard to blow something for that long, that's why she can't blow up a balloon. Steve says, you do a lot of strength exercises for your abdomen. The camera goes close to Steve's face & he looks into the camera. Julia asks Steve if he's seen Pitch Perfect? He says, yes. Julia says, it's amazing. Steve says, it's so far from reality, they don't have things like that in college.


10:38 PM BBT Julia says, she can't wait to see the second movie. Steve says, he saw the first one in March with his sister & he was half asleep. Julia asks why? Steve says, because he was in Orlando with his sister. Julia asks Vanessa if she's done moving her stuff? Vanessa says, no, she's trying to fit all of her stuff. She asks them if they have extra hangers? Vanessa finds some hangers. Julia says, she doesn't understand why they didn't give them more hangers.

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10:40 PM BBT Julia says, she legit slept all day. Her & Steve go to the KT. Julia tells Steve Liz is really emotional. Steve tells Julia to let him know if there's anything that he can do. Julia says, she's really emotional from what he said about Pot Ball. Julia says, she still considers him her friend. She says, they are down to only 6 people, & it's hard not to take it personal. She says, she gets it & that's why this show has lasted 17 seasons. Steve says, he told Austin this morning, & he made it as good as he could. Julia says, it's a game & you can't take it personally.


10:44 PM BBT Steve asks Julia how much BB she has seen? She says, a handful of seasons. She says, she knows Portia. She tells Steve she's seen part of Season 5. She says, she's seen season 10 with April & Jerry, 13, 15 & 16. Steve says, all 3 married couples who have come out of BB where on Season 13. They talk about previous HG's.


10:46 PM BBT Steve says, he's going to try to connect with fans after this season. He says, he reached out to Christine. Julia asks if they casted in Steve's home town? Steve says, no. We see FOTH. He says, he went to Rochester. He says, his parents rented him a car, he drove there, went to the casting call & drove back. He says, it was a Dodge Charger. Steve says, he has his driver's license but doesn't have a car. He says, he's a very cautious driver. Julia asks him if he goes over the speed limit? Steve says, only if people around him do, like where they go 10 over on the through way.


10:48 PM BBT Steve says, he goes as slow as he can without feeling like he's impeding traffic. Julia asks him if he applied on-line & went to an open casting call. Steve shakes his head, yes. We see FOTH. Julia talks about his rental car when feeds come back. She says, rental cars aren't cheep. Steve says, he wanted to do this. He says, this is the time in his life. Julia uses her blue slipper to kill an ant on the glass table. She tells Steve he's been portrayed as the nerd. She says, she's curious to see the other twin options. Julia says, she's really curious. Steve tells her to be careful with what she's saying. She says, she's curious about the whole trans thing. BB says, "I told you to stop it."


10:50 PM BBT Steve tells Julia that they can still hear them when they whisper, & he points out the microphones all around the KT. Julia asks if the person behind the voice will be at the wrap party? Steve says, yes. BB says, "SHUT IT DOWN." Julia asks why they can't talk about it? Steve says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Julia says, she likes talking about production. They start to talk about previous BB seasons. Steve says, he would say he became a super fan in season 6.


10:52 PM BBT JUlia says, most of the seasons she watched had food comps. Steve says, last year was the first year they didn't have Have/HN comps. Julia asks Steve if he thought this week was going to be double eviction with practicing for that comp? Steve says, he should have, but he didn't. Julia asks if he thinks they will have another twist again? Steve says, maybe. He says, there may be another twist that they don't know about. He talks about America voting on something.


10:57 PM BBT Julia says, she learned from other seasons not to move during comps or it makes it worse. Vanessa goes in the KT to say goodnight to Julia & Steve. She goes to bed. Steve says, his internal clock is messed up. John is in the HOHR listening to music, & he has his light blue bandana over his eyes. Liz & Austin are snuggling in the OBR. He asks her for a kiss.


10:58 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin & Liz she's going to bed to get some sleep so she is o.k. for tomorrow. She asks if they want the light off. Austin says, Liz is going to get up & he's going to carry her to the WA. They get up. She drinks some of her water. She puts her microphone on, & she walks out of the OBR.

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11:01 PM BBT Liz is brushing her teeth while Julia lounges behind her in the WA.  Julia tells Liz that she talked to Steve and asked him if there is anything she can do for Liz.  Austin is in the KT washing a plate.  Steve comes into the KT area and puts on his blue hoodie, which was laying on a stool at the KT counter.


11:06 PM BBT Julia and Steve are in the KT.  Julia sees ants and wonders why they won’t just die.  Steve tells her that would be against evolution, since they are trying to survive.  Julia asks why he has to get so technical and Steve says “you asked.”


11:08 PM BBT Lights are out in the CBR, and Vanessa is bundled under the covers with her beanie pulled down over her eyes.  Steve is sweeping under the DT and in the KT area and talking to John who is standing nearby watching.  Austin is in the KT.  Steve mentions James isn’t here to appreciate burps and farts anymore.  John says he is not going to play that game.  John says he might get in trouble if he gets caught out with gas management issues after calling someone else out for it on national television.


11:12 PM BBT Austin is walking around the KT with a blanket wrapped around him in a way that is reminiscent of Audrey.  Julia says he looks really scary. John comments on how big that blanket is and they wonder where that blanket came from.  Austin asks if there is a rule against him wearing this... we get FISH.


11:15 PM BBT John is at the counter in the KT.  Liz and Julia are in the WA.  Liz is putting on make-up and Julia is brushing her teeth. 


11:18 PM BBT Julia is in the WA by herself and starts singing “makes time go s....”.  We get FISH and when we come back, Julia is apologizing and saying that her head is not in a good place right now.  “you feel me? I know you would understand.  Love Juj” 


11:21 PM BBT Steve is alone in the HOHR pacing and listening to music.  John is in the KT looking at the memory wall and commenting on Jame’s photo.  Steve comes out of the HOHR and as he comes downstairs he talks to Austin and John in the KT, asking when a person would wear a bath robe.  Austin says after the shower.  John says whenever you’re feeling like a G or when you are at home smoking a pipe.  Steve says why not just put pajamas on instead of a bathrobe.  Because you can get the bathrobe wet?  Austin:  “mmhmm”


11:23 PM BBT Steve talks to Austin and John about women wearing uncomfortable shoes because they look good. If the shoes aren’t comfortable, they end up taking them off.  How can they look good, if they take their shoes off?  Austin tells him that they would keep their shoes on except that when they have had some alcohol their priorities change and are less worried about looking good.


11:25 PM BBT Steve says he misses being in a relationship.  John says he doesn’t. 


11:29 PM BBT Austin, John, and Steve in the KT talking about who in the house identifies as a nerd.  Steve asks Austin if he has taken out the garbage.  Austin says no, why?  Steve says it smells in here.  Austin says, oh, that was a zing.  They talk about Zingbot a bit and Steve comments that Christine got zinged through Cody and then Steve recites the zing in Zingbot style. 


11:32 PM BBT Julia has joined the guys in the KT.  They are talking about other versions of BB.  Julia thinks it’s interesting that Audrey could play BB online and skype with other HGs.

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11:33 PM BBT The HGs in the KT talk about private BB games hosted by people.  Austin wonders about hosting one and charging people for taking part in it.  Steve talks about something else he would like to do that would benefit kids who don’t get enough to eat.  Steve thinks it’s classier to do something for charity than for money. John says you can’t buy anything with classiness.


11:38 PM BBT John, Steve, Austin and Julia talk about movies and Hilary Duff.  Steve announces he is going to have a shower and that he will probably go to bed early.  Austin says probably all of them will. Steve leaves the KT while John and Austin continue chatting.


11:41 PM BBT Steve is getting into the shower in the HOHR. Austin and John are talking in the KT about different WWE wrestlers. 


11:45 PM BBT John has been standing alone in the KT.  Austin returns to the KT and John notes that they haven’t brought Donny back yet to host a competition, and asks Austin if he thinks it could happen.  Austin thinks they will get a guest host, but he thinks they will bring Jace back for it. 


11:48 PM BBT John and Austin are talking about eggs in the KT.  Austin says he wonders about the Jumbo eggs being artificially “jumboed”  John wonders about the size of eggs and whether there are eggs that are so large that they don’t fit in a carton.  They talk about how Clay loves eggs. 


11:50 PM BBT John and Austin speculate whether “Clelli” is a thing. 


11:52 PM BBT In the HOHR Steve has decided to fill the tub.  He has the headphones on and is telling himself that he has to be super careful as he gets into the tub.


11:55 PM BBT John is looking at the memory while Austin is cleaning up after making eggs.  Julia is saying that she would love to see Jace again.  Julia is waiting to be called to DR, and she is.  John says Jace was one side of the cube.  He didn’t realize it, but the cube was the first six HGs evicted.  Julia and Liz are both asking if they heard a “no” and they try to figure out what the “no” was about.


11:58 PM BBT Steve is reclining in the HOHR tub surrounded by bubbles.

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