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Friday, September 4 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT All but Vanessa in the KT.  They are celebrating the HN’s being able to eat and noting that Have-Nots are done until BB18!  Have-nots get to eat first, then the cook, and then Steve because he’s the HOH. 


12:07 AM BBT Julia sits at the DT.  They notice that there are only six chairs now.  Liz raises her glass and says “To Six!” Steve says “To Day 85!”


12:09 AM BBT Julia, Liz, and Austin are seated at the DT eating.  Steve is at the sink, and John is in the KT as well.  Julia is enthusing over how good the food tastes after being deprived for a week. 


12:12 AM BBT All the HGs are at the DT eating, except for Vanessa who is in the DR.  At the DT, they talk about the competition and the troubles they had putting it together.  They agree that Da’Vonne was the hardest. 


12:15 AM BBT Steve asks if this is the whole house except Vanessa?  They say yes, and Steve says “Ohhh Mylanta!”  Liz says “three guys and three girls!”


12:18 AM BBT Julia says she hopes that they call Steve after Vanessa gets out of the DR.  Steve says he hopes so too.  He wants to take a shower and go to bed.  Julia notes that he isn’t feeling well.  Steve says that he is feeling a lot better.  Conversation turns to past season of BB.


12:20 AM BBT Julia comments on how the memory wall was when they first came into the house.  All the faces were in color.  Steve comments that they have to have their "token" for racial and sexual diversity.  They talk about the "tokens" in prior seasons.


12:21 AM BBT Steve tells the HGs what music he requested for his HOHR.  They talk about music they like. 


12:22 AM BBT Conversation at the DT turns to the difference between plays and musicals, and they start listing examples of each.


12:23 AM BBT Steve calls out “Who wants to see my HOH room?!?”  Steve is only practicing.  Austin says that he’s sure it will be called soon.


12:25 AM BBT HGs in the KT are talking about the competition again.  It was Jason, Da’Vonne, Jeff, Jace.  There was no Clay and no Audrey, but they were on the cube.  There are six sides to a cube, but there were only four rounds, and there were no jury members on the cube. 


12:26 AM BBT Liz asks Steve why he took of his HOH key.  Steve says he doesn’t want to brag or anything.  Both times he won PoV, he took it off as soon as he came in the door.  Steve says that Jason must be pi**ed about this final six.  There are no goblins.  Julia says "yayy!" 


12:28 AM BBT They talk about insiders and outsiders in week one and two, and that all of the insiders are gone.  Steve notes that all six people here are outsiders.  The only outsider they lost was Jace.  Austin and John say that Jace was the sacrifice.  Steve says that all of Jace’s friends are still here.  Austin says Jace was the sacrifice, the martyr... he died for their sins...he paved the way.  John says that Jace had his face erased.  Austin says that Jace was the pioneer. 

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12:40 AM BBT John is sitting at the DT.  Steve and Austin are sitting down to a game of chess while Liz watches.  Julia goes up to join them.  John helps himself to another pizza in the KT before heading up to watch.  As John approaches, Austin says that “Steve is very sneaky.” 


12:44 AM BBT John finishes his pizza and goes back downstairs to the KT to wash his plate.  You can hear chatter from the Sky Bridge as the chess game carries on.


12:46 AM BBT Vanessa comes out of the DR.  She says that she assumes that the Have-nots have eaten.  Liz calls down to say that they put food aside for her.  Vanessa asks if anyone drank yet, and John says “I have not” and laughs at his pun. Vanessa puts the food away, and they talk about waiting until Steve gets his basket before they drink. 


12:48 AM BBT Vanessa comments that it has to be soon for Steve to get his HOHR.  It’s been over 2 hours.  John is playing with the HOH key and says “what about me BB? I was on the block.  Don’t they want to hear about my struggle?”  He hasn’t been called to the DR yet.  Vanessa says that he might get called tomorrow.  They were probably just killing time until they found stuff at the store for Steve. 


12:50 AM BBT John and Vanessa are in the OBR.  Vanessa asks John if he thinks putting up the two girls is the best option.  John says probably not.  Vanessa asks John if he knows why.  John says because if one of them wins veto....Vanessa says they need to get the weakest one off the block.  Hundred percent, or it could likely blow up in their face. Vanessa hopes that Steve realizes that.  They high-five. John says if he doesn’t you’ll tell him...


12:51 AM BBT Liz is called to the DR as Vanessa pours port wine.  John thanks her for saving it.  Julia thanks her too. Vanessa pours four glasses, plus a small sample for Steve to try.  Vanessa says he can have more if he likes it, but she doubts that he will.   


12:53 AM BBT Vanessa and John bring the port up to the group and offers Steve his sampler.  Steve wants to wait until everyone is there.  Julia asks where hers is, and she goes downstairs to get it.  She picks up the blue glass that Vanessa told John was for Liz, and says “cheers.”  Liz has been in the WA getting prettied up, and now goes to the DR.


12:55 AM BBT Steve says he’s frazzled.  He’s had no sleep.  One hour in the Comic room and another hour as a hobo.  He wants to sleep and he can talk to people in the morning.  Steve hums a “MOTif” from a song he and Vanessa listened to today.  Vanessa didn’t recognize it.  Julia asks what a “MOTif” is and Steve explains that it’s a short musical idea that is repeated throughout a song.  John says he thinks it’s pronounced “moTIF” and Steve says that both are correct.


12:57 AM BBT The chess game is still going on.  Vanessa comments that it was a crazy day.  Steve says he was NOT prepared for a DE this week.  It was a week earlier than last year.  They speculate on when they will get messages.  Julia is stressed about having to do a speech and how she hated being on the block.  Steve says that they all need to remember that they are on a TV show in a parking lot.  Steve says he likes to think of his dad in Viet Nam whenever he starts to get stressed and it puts themes in perspective.


12:59 AM BBT Steve is so tired.  He says that part of him wants to see his HOHR, and another part just wants to go to sleep and do it in the morning.

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Steve's HOH Letter: Hi Steve! Your mom & I miss you a lot, & are very anxious to see you again. It seems like it's been such a long time. We're both doing well & thinking about you all the time. The summer weather really sucks. It's cloudy, rainy & cold. However, the ice in the pool wasn't big enough to deter me. Someone else, no names mentioned, mom, didn't even put a toe in the water for ice this year, of course. I've started woodworking again & just finished up a blanket chest for Harrison. I put Harrison's initials on the top. I don't mind saying it looks pretty good, even though it has the usual dad flaws. Kayla has been posting pictures of Harrison, & the older he gets the more he looks like Alan. There will be to many handsome men looking like me in this world. We will be driving to visit Alan, Kayla & Harrison in October or early November, so you'll get to meet your nephew. Aunt Debbie, aunt Eileen & mom are going to California for 6 days to visit family, relax & spend some time together. They might go into San Francisco, or take a day trip to Reno. The summer musical went really well. Mom ended up playing clarinet, saxophone & flute, & I could really hear her. There was a large audience on all of the nights. Some of your friends had big roles & did great. This fall, mom will be judging several band shows, & is hoping you might ride along for some of them like you used to do in High School. Strangely, she actually has more visual than music assignments this season. Everything is going well. I'm so proud of what a strong & capable young man you are. Enjoy your experience, it's once in a lifetime. I love you very much, Steve. We will be seeing you soon. Oh, and Graceyn says hello. Mom says she will make sure both Graceyn & Georgie girl get baths right before you come home. Love, Dad

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1259AM BBT  Steve talks about wanting to go to bed, Vanessa and the twins start yelling at him about he will be so happy when he sees his HoH room.  He is wasting time sitting with Austwins, JMac, Vanessa playing chess against Austin.  Steve whines that he wants his other letter back, someone lost it.  JMac says we are not that dumb, Julia is yelling at the top of her lungs that she wants to see the HOH room. 


112AM BBT  Steve wants to go lay down, he is tired.  Vanessa says he has to stay up.  Everyone is telling him what to do (again, still)  Vanessa says you have not dealt with the stress of HoH yet.  This weekend will be hell.  Julia starts to sing.  Steve says he is going to go take a nap in the Comic room.  Austin went to the WC.  Austin enters comic room right after Steve TO talk, so much for Steve napping.  JMac announces that THEY are not as entertaining as James, sorry.  Austin throws his best out there about putting up the twins and tell me what to do and I will "scamper squad" it.  Steve says he knows he is on the bottom of the squad with SS.. Austin says not with me.  Austin is latterly throwing up the twins for noms and evict.  Vanessa, JMac and Julia are all sitting up by the chess table chatting.  Someone said Liz was in DR?? Julia starts whining about being a HN, DE and WTF.. Julia complaining about the comps and that Steve knows too much.  Austin is pledging his dying breath to Steve.  He says he totally understands any move that Steve makes, Steve says you do not want to pull a Clay and I understand.  Steve says something about Austin not keeping his last deal about JMac and being up, but Austin counters with I did not shake on it. Austin says he will shake on it and give his word, he did not shake on the other deal.   Steve is running thru voting if Austin is on block with one of the twins cause the guys like the twins more.  Austin is afraid that JMac will turn the vote on him.  Steve says the convo stays between them.  Steve says emotionally he is not ready to figure this all out. 

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124AM BBT   Steve has told Austin that if he gives Austin no front/backdoor deal, Austin has to give him the same next week.    Austin says he will help with the twins and they will need to have a reason why not JMac and Vanessa.  Vanessa, Julia and JMac are still up at the Chess table just general chat, still no sign of Liz.  Austin being the "man" he is , he is still throwing out the deal that Julia needs to go before Liz and Austin thinks they would make a great F3.  (this chat is now going in circles-Granny)  Steve says Austin is not going this week, he gives his word, but he keeps saying Austin is not going. 


138AM BBT  Steve still has not gotten to nap.  JMac is now in WA.  Vanessa is in Meg's old bed.  Julia has taken over James' old bed.  Steve tells Vanessa that his stomach is not okay yet.  Vanessa wants to know who Steve wants up.  She starts to push JMac.  Vanessa is doing her best to talk him out of Julia.  Vanessa is saying she can control Julia, basically Vanessa wants JMac out.  She says whatever you do I respect, now it is a risk to put up the twins.  now she says if you put up Austin and I will vote out Liz over Austin.  Steve says if one wins the veto, they and Austin will control the vote.  (my bad, Vanessa wants Austin gone this week, what a problem, Steve gave his word to Austin no Nom)...  Steve is now agreeing with Vanessa and her move.  Now she wants to know what Austin told him.  Vanessa says she does not know what she is doing.  Vanessa does agree that the "Austwins" need to be broke up, ['too bad she did not think of that yesterday]  Julia is laying in Liz's bed, JMac thought Liz was out of DR.  Vanessa goes to WA and says she has had her 3 minutes with Steve.  Austin is in WC.  Steve is wandering.  Steve gets called to DR...time for his HoH room.  Liz wants to know where Julia is, Austin says she went to bed, so did JMac  Austin tells Liz and Vanessa that all Steve wanted to talk about now is BB history.  Vanessa is now cussing and saying it does not matter what he wants, it is what he does.  Vanessa says she has given her word, so she has nothing more to stay (this statement bites later on yet today).  Austin tries to push JMac to Vanessa about going on block.  Julia tells Liz that Austin thought she was Liz.  JMac says you were under the covers.  Liz went and asked Austin about thinking Julia was her.  JMac got up and got his sweatshirt out of HN room.  Vanessa says she needs to talk to JMac and feel him out cause he is closer to Steve.  (Vanessa seems to think this is HER HoH)   Vanessa and Austin are talking about having to talk to JMac and that they need him on board.  Talking to Austin, Vanessa thinks the target should be Julia this week.  (what happened yesterday?)  Julia is saying to Liz that if Steve puts both of them up and not Austin we are F*d.  Vanessa and Austin are still in WA debating what to do with Steve's HoH.  Julia is telling Liz that they best not argue about voting one of us out and now they do not want to be in the final with Vanessa.  Julia talking like the twins are going to run Steve's HoH.  BB tells Liz to not obstruct her mic.  Julia says if he puts me and my sister up, Julia says she will go off on Vanessa about putting Steve up and calling him out.  Julia is talking F2 with Liz while in WA Vanessa and Austin are talking about getting one of them out of the house this week.  Julia says she will push it with Austin about Liz being her sister.  Vanessa said that Steve has a crush on me, so that should work in my favor.  He can put JMac up and we vote him out.  Or Vanessa out.    Now Liz is whining about it taking so long to see the HoH room, Julia belches into her mic.  Liz says she wants to take a nap, but Julia keeps talking about it has to be Vanessa on the block, not them.

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202AM BBT  Talk in WA is continuing between Austin and Vanessa.  Julia and Liz are still talking.  Both of these groups are trying to decide what Steve should do with his HOH


206AM Liz is doing night ADLs, Johnny Mac is laying on his bed, Julia is in her bed, Vanessa and Austin have stopped talking due to Liz being in WA. 


215AM BBT  Steve has his HoH room.  He struggles with the key, Johnny Mac says he can't wait to see what is in "this" room.  They all go nuts over his pictures, the twins scream, Vanessa acts like she will cry.  Austin just stands behind them all with a strange look on his face.  Steve got his Teddy Bear.  pictures of Harrison and Family.  The twins are attacking his basket.  Julia has already stuffed food in her mouth.    (the entire letter to Steve  has been posted) 


224AM BBT Vanessa leaves, Steve asks if he can have a moment. They all leave the HoH room.  Julia is belching into her mic saying excuse me and that she was rude.  Steve is walking around HoH room with his letter in hand, rereading it and listening to his music.  Austin and Liz go to bed in purple room taking James' old bed.  Vanessa is in her bed in the comic room stuffing her face with junk food.  Austin telling Liz what to do when she talks to Steve and to be careful about what she says.  Liz says I am going to tell him not to put me up.  Austin telling Liz that Steve feels like he is 5th wheel.  Johnny Mac is in HoH room with Steve.  Steve is smiling [huge big smile, nothing drained about this smile-Granny] and jumping up and down, Johnny Mac is smiling also. 

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226AM BBT  While Vanessa stuffs her face with popcorn.  Austin and Liz are whispering about going on the block and winning Veto.  Austin tells Liz that she has to be very careful when talking to Steve.  Lots of whining from Liz about not wanting to go on block,


227AM BBT  Jmac and Steve start talking.  Steve says something about the conversation where JMac was not put on the block during the DE.  JohnnyMac says he did not throw it, he just did not win it.  Steve says he needs to figure out who needs to leave.  He says that Vanessa started pushing her agenda immediately.  But first, They look up something from a leaflet on the table.  Steve says he needs to make sure Johnny is safe this week.  JMac is whispering and [i cannot hear him] but what he is saying Steve is smiling about.  Steve looking for the remote for TV cause he says we have to watch for them.  [bB gives us a close up of the remote right by the TV]  They are searching the room for the remote.  Steve is mentioning that Vanessa keeps getting information, JohnnyMac says yeah, Austin is telling her.  [turn around steve the remote is right behind your head]  Steve says he is not opposed to it if JohnnyMac will support it.  JohnnyMac says he has not been HoH cause he has not needed it.  We see Liz walking to the WA downstairs on Cam 1/2.  JohnnyMac says he is America's player, yeah right if I was I would not tell you.  F3 you can do what you want.  Steve says one twin with F3 would be horrid.  Steve is looking for soda, still has not found the remote.  Steve says JohnnyMac you want to target Austin?  Vanessa had her week last week and we gave her what she wanted.  Steve is drinking a Mtn Dew says he needs caffeine.  Steve says "which two, I have 3 choices"  right now we need to make sure we do not get F*d.  Steve says Austin and Julia up, the problem would be if person #3 wins Veto, it could get messy.  Steve looks at TV, kitchen is showing and he wants his remote.  JohnnyMac says you need to tell us who to vote out.  Steve says he needs to figure out who he wants out of the house and that is my problem.  BUT JohnnyMac is not going.  Liz, Austin and Julia are in WC area talking about how to approach Steve.  Steve says Liz's nomination speech told you her plans.  Steve is saying Austin and Liz up, save Liz, Austin goes, depends on Veto and gunning for JohnnyMac and Steve next week.  Steve telling JohnnyMac to not be tense, Johnny Mac says I am not tense, Steve says yeah, I am pushing mine on you.... Steve spots the remote and calls himself an idiot.  they continue their talk about who goes up.   Vanessa and Julia are now in the Comic room talking [sorry I am listening only to Steve and JMac due to all the whispering]  Steve says he needs to be in an okay spot next week and so does JohnnyMac

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241AM BBT  Vanessa is telling Julia needs to stand up for herself.  Vanessa says she told Steve people will hate him if he does not talk to everyone tonight.  Vanessa says as soon as Johnny Mac leaves Julia needs to go up there.  Julia whining about not being a threat and that he needs to not put me on the block [Julia says he needs to understand his place]  Julia wants to know who Steve will target, he will not target John.  Vanessa says he has told her nothing.  Steve and Johnny Mac about "Vanessa's mist".  Steve asks Johnny Mac if he ever thought Steve had lied to him?  JohnnyMac says No.  Vanessa and Julia are still discussing Julia not going on the block.  Steve says Noms are done, now what do I do and say.  I want my Ass covered either way.  Vanessa and Austin are definitely working together.  Johnny Mac is whispering again, Steve says how does that cover our ass.  Julia has told Vanessa that she will not use Veto if she wins to save Austin.  Steve and Johnny Mac discuss the what ifs.  Vanessa is telling Julia what she needs to tell Steve and what to do if she wins veto and votes out Austin.  Steve says if I tell the twins they are safe, so what if Austin wins Veto.  okay now they are discussing putting up Vanessa and Austin.  Steve says we need to cover ass next week.  Atleast I don't need to discuss who I am nominating.   Johnny Mac and Steve discuss if Austin/Vanessa stays what happens when they win HoH next week unless Vanessa or Johnny Mac win HoH.  Steve says this was a sh**** hoH to win.  Steve says one of the 3 have to go this week, break up the Austwins.  if you put Austin up next to a twin, if Austin wins Veto he has to know that a twin leaves.  JohnnyMac says NOW we have a chance, just got to get the right person out.  Steve says talking strategy to the guy holding a teddy bear.  Johnny Mac says he will check in before Noms tomorrow.  Steve says he needs protection next week.   Johnny Mac says basically Vanessa and I are voting so nom who ever of the 3.  if they win veto and take one down, Vanessa goes up.  Steve talking about cutting a deal with the twins.  Make no deals till we play Veto and see who wins.  As of right now Austin and one of the twins are going on the block.  Which one is still up for grabs.  Johnny  Mac says he been upstairs too long, time to leave.  Steve Thanks him. 

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256AM BBT.  Steve now puts the headphones back on and Vanessa is still talking to Julia in Comic room about what should be said.  Steve says How cool is this, I am HoH  FOTH  Johnny Mac enters the comic room and Julia says she is going to go talk to Steve.  Vanessa starts whispering to Johnny Mac [i cannot hear]  Vanessa is pushing Austin to Johnny Mac.  Telling Johnny Mac that Julia said she would vote out Austin.  Julia congrats Steve.  Asking him what he is going to do, knowing that being on the block is nerve wracking.  She is explaining how she got put on the block and being a nervous wreck.  Steve says yeah he knows.  Vanessa and Johnny Mac are still whispering in comic room and what Steve might be worried about.  Julia is explaining to Steve that if you put us up you will have to put us together, cause you have only 5 to pick from.  Julia is saying she would not use the veto, if she is not on the block.  Steve is whining about it being an awful time being HoH, he says he just is not processing stuff, he cuts her off and stops the talk fast.  Steve says if Liz wants to talk, okay.  [OMG!!  he is good-granny]  Julia says to Liz go talk to Steve, I said my piece, it was so awkward, he had nothing to say, it was so awkward.  I told him that I would vote his way and not use the veto, but he made no response.  Julia says I am warning you Liz, it was so....   Liz is in the HoH room.  Steve is hunting down his Mtn Dew.  She comments on the baby picture, Steve says he is only 4 months old, most of his life now has been lived with me in here.  Liz says this will be short, I know you are tired, I know you are emotional, Steve says these chats need to be done.  Liz asks what can she offer him and vote his way and do whatever he wants her to do, you have never been my target, he says Thank you... He gets a hug from Liz and he gets a second hug and leaves.  She says Good Night, have a good sleep.  Vanessa and Johnny Mac are still chatting. Both Liz and Julia head to WA and discuss the chats, Julia says she forgot to remind Steve all she has is Liz.  Johnny Mac says he has already been evicted so F* it,  I had nothing more to say [talking about speech during DE] 

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306AM BBT  Twins in WA, Liz used WC and is now washing hands.  Julia picking at her nail polish.  Julia whispering about her convo with Vanessa and being pawns.  Vanessa and Johnny Mac are discussing a comp.  Julia tells Liz that Steve already knows who he is putting up just by the way he is acting.  Liz says whatever happens, happens.. We now go back to Steve pacing in the HoH room, he picks up his hat and leaves room.  He has the laundry bag in his hands.  Vanessa talking she is not a 'quick' memory person she has to study it.  Johnny Mac and Vanessa still are discussing comps.  Vanessa says Steve is such a good person, he is following rules and collecting his laundry.  Vanessa tells Steve that he needs to be generous with his time when talking to the twins.  Steve says he doubts he sleeps tonight either.  Julia walking into Comic room, Steve continues to collect laundry and he apologizes to Julia and making sure they do not feel gyped with the short talks.  Steve again says he will not sleep till after noms.  Steve is adding stuff to his bag saying it is laundry, going to stuff as much clothes as I can in here so it all gets done right.  [ not kidding he is stuffing that bag full of everything]  Vanessa and Julia have laid down in bed, Johnny Mac has left to go to WC.  Steve says he does not want to slight anyone but he still knows he has another DR to do.  Vanessa says "what can I do for you" is a Steve line.  Vanessa says advice about clothes, takes 2 days for laundry only bring up something you will need for tomorrow.  Johnny Mac in WA mirror picking at his face. 

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319AM BBT  Steve comes out of HN room after finding more clothes of his to stuff in laundry bag.  Vanessa says want me to tell you where stuff is.  Johnny Mac laying on bed just watching.  Vanessa is telling Steve where he has left his clothes laying.  Vanessa says they will do all your dress shirts if you want them clean and pressed.  He is really really packing the bag.  Steve says yes, what ever you can fit in the bag is fair game.  We see the purple room dark and quiet. 


Vanessa wanders out of the Comic room up to the HoH and puts on the headphones, sits on the bed for a brief time and  then moves to  the end of the couch,  Meanwhile downstairs Johnny Mac has pulled down his bandana laying in bed in the Comic room with the lights on.  Steve has stuffed the laundry bag and has left the room. 

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325AM BBT  Vanessa is waiting for Steve in the HoH room, He enters we get FISH then back to Vanessa who has already started telling Steve what to do with his noms.  Vanessa says it is a no blood Hoh, you can't go into F5 with the twins and Austin still here, Austin will understand the most getting rid of one of the twins.  Vanessa says Julia is already thinking she will be on the block.  Vanessa promises Steve F3.  Julia is shutting off lights in Comic room and sees that Vanessa is gone.  Vanessa is spinning her "mist" with Steve and saying who he should put up and what has to be done.  Least blood will be to get Johnny Mac out this week.  If he can't split up Austwins.  Vanessa keeps saying it depends on would make a less bitter Jury person, which would be Austin.  Vanessa wants him to keep Julia and get rid of Austin this week.  Vanessa says she can control the twins if Austin is gone.  Vanessa making Steve feel bad about the way he talked to Julia.  Steve wants to know if it is okay that Vanessa talked to me about how I treated Julia.  Vanessa says it is not that important.   [her normal brush off when she does not want him to double check on something].  Vanessa then says It is your HoH and there is no piece left.  Steve says I got my minute and Johnny Mac was the first to come up.  The conversation continues about how Steve has to be nice to everyone. 


347AM BBT  Vanessa is still talking with Steve in HoH.  Austin has joined them and says he wants to talk.  Austin wants to talk without Vanessa.  Vanessa leaves.  Austin says the twins told him to go talk to Steve.  Austin says they are not a threat.  Austin wants to talk scenerios with Steve cause he has already talked to Johnny Mac about them.  Steve says he needs to soak in all this information but he needs time to make his decision.  He says he can't say who goes on block [he keeps cutting off Austin when pressed for nom names]  Steve asks Austin who would you put up, it is not a fair question, so let's forget I asked that.  Austin says you need to do what is best for you.  Julia is not a threat to win comps.  Austin says I just don't know, I feel bad for the girls if they go up, they will be crushed, but it is a game.  Austin keeps saying that Steve can talk to him about anything.  Steve wants to know what has to stay between them, Austin says nothing that I know of, just about the girls being nervous that they are targets.  Austin says I would not target them, but it is your HoH.  Austin claims that the twins trust Steve more than Austin right now.  The talk continues with Austin saying that Steve is safe with them next week, he is not their target, the girls love and trust him.  Austin keeps repeating that there is no way Steve will go on block on their watch.  Johnny Mac was never Liz's target.  Austin says Vanessa did not put up JohnnyMac so that means she is working with him [duh] but Austin is trying to make sure he gives Steve all his information and speak honestly for the girls.  They want to take Steve to F4. 


4AM BBT   Steve and Austin are rehashing everything that has already been said.  Vanessa is walking around downstairs.  Austin says if you need me as a replacement that is fine by me, I won't hold it against you. 


410AM Steve is now wandering around downstairs.  he goes into comic room and leaves.  Austin comes out of WA, says Good Night to Steve who heads back up to HoH room.  Austin wanders for a bit in kitchen then head to storage room.  Steve announces to feeders, This is my room, all mine, so cool. he is acting like a little kid.  [not sure if he has on his mic]  He has mic under hoodie, could not hear all he said, but he is still pacing and not talking right now. 

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414AM BBT  Steve scampers down to WA to get his swim trunks.  He takes off his mic and heads for toilet area with swim trunks.  Comes out and gets into shower muttering to himself and starts to take a shower with his trunks on.  All bedrooms are lights off, so no one is up but Steve right now.  You hear him commenting on the hot water and how clean the shower is. 


429AM BBT Steve is scampering around downstairs adding a couple items to his laundry bag.  He has showered and changed into clean clothes.  We see Vanessa up in the HN room then going to the WA she has leggings in her hand, complains she is cold comes out of WC and fixing her hair.  She walks thru kitchen stopping Steve. She asks about Austin talk, when guess who appears.  Austin is now up prowling around.  He is standing in hallway and LR area listening then moving on into kitchen area.  Steve says have you noticed how awkward this game has became.  Vanessa tells Steve you have to do what is best for yourself and nothing can be personal it is a game. Austin agrees.  Austin walks past Steve looking at Vanessa and rolls his eyes.  Steve is looking for something.  Vanessa asks Austin if he can't sleep, Austin is told by BB to reattach his microphone.  Steve is in Fridge in Storage room.  Vanessa and Austin move to hallway and then to WA whispering.  Vanessa asks Austin if he thinks they going to make me do another DR.  Austin says they said goodnight to me.  Vanessa says they told me another one, but I want to take off my makeup.  Steve is in kitchen getting yogurt, walks into WA and Vanessa says this is a tough spot, it will get harder from here on out.  Austin says you do what you have to do.  Vanessa now telling them it is a hard spot, it hurt when she put up James and Meg.  Steve says he deserves 0 pity, everyone knows now what it is like.  Now Vanessa says they told her not to take off her makeup cause they were going to call her again.  She is complaining about makeup.  Steve says "can you not go into DR without makeup"  Vanessa says I am old, F* no.  Steve says if you watch TV the shows with couples always make the woman more attractive. 

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447AM BBT Steve says he wants to go to DR after JohnnyMac.  Austin returns to bed with Liz.  Vanessa is still up in WA waiting her turn for DR.  Cams 3/4 zero in on Liztin's bed.  Steve mentions Meg and James.  Vanessa asks who is going up, Steve says he wants to sleep on it tonight.  Vanessa says you going after twins.  Steve walks away up the hall leaving Vanessa on the couch in the WA. 


457AM BBT Steve is in hoh with headphones on, reading his letter.  Vanessa is still in WA sitting.  Steve puts down letter, puts on hoodie and continues his pacing.  Vanessa sighs looks up at ceiling mutters something about F* me.  Steve still pacing in HoH room with headphones on and carrying his letter around.  He is dancing with the music now. 


513AM BBT Shows 4 cams on darkened bedrooms.


606AM All tucked in, Johnny Mac is laying in bed, but rubbing his eyes, kind of restless  tonight.  He curls up in fetal position and seems to go back to sleep. 


706AM Everyone still sleeping


840AM BBT All HGs seem to be still sleeping. including Steve.


909AM BBT  Johnny Mac rolls over looks around room, lays back down.  He has been quite restless since going to bed earlier.  all other HGs are sleeping atleast they are all in bed.  Including Steve 

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9:00am BBT: All Hg sound asleep in darkened rooms.


9:34am BBT: we now have FOTH as BB may be waking the HG.


9:47am BBT: most Hg in the Wa doing ADL's  Vanessa goes back to the CBR and gets back in bed. john is in bed sleeping. Julia comes in being loud looking for clothes.


 9:48am BBT: Liz  asking Steve how his HOh room and basket was and he says it was great just the light does not turn off in the bathroom and she says i know. Austin and Steve go to the KT. 


9:54am BBT: Liz and Austin are back in bed snuggling. Steve is walking around the KT area  looking nervous.


9:58am BBT: Julia in the Kt making breakfast and Steve says here in a little while he will talk to everyone, he says i want to make sure that everyone wanting to talk to me has ample opportunities to do so. Julia says yeah ok.


11:59am BBT: Steve goes to the cabana rm and paces.

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10:10:am BBT: Steve sitting alone in the WA playing with his chain. All other Hg seem to be back in bed.


10:26am BBT: Julia is in the DR Steve is pacing around the Cabana RM  mumbling to himself. All other Hg in bed sleeping.


10:27am BBT: Steve goes to the OBR and sees Austin and Liz asleep he goes back to pacing in the LVR then back to the OBr like he wants to talk to someone then goes back to the LVR. Johnny Mack comes in and he and Steve hug.


10:37am BBT: Steve still pacing around and goes to OBR looks at Austin and Liz then turns around and walks off and back to pacing in the LVR and KT. Johnny Mack has gone back to bed.


10:43am BBT: Steve has taken his jacket off and continues to pace from room to room pausing to look at Austin and Liz.


10:51am BBT: Steve has gone to the OBR and gone to bed in his bed.


 10:54am BBT: Steve wakes Austin and they go to talk in the cabana rm.  Liz follows  them and Steve says can i talk to you in a sec and she says ok. Steve says i want to let you know ahead of time i do not think i can put the twins up together cause i feel like it is a slap in the face. Austin says who you putting up? Steve says i have the votes i talked to Johnny Mack and it is good. Austin says i know i can control her and i know i can keep her from coming after you. Steve ask who Liz? Austin says yeah Liz. Steve says i just feel like putting the two girls up is wrong but do you understand why i have to do this? Austin says yeah I do.

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11:00am BBT: Steve meets with Liz, confirms to her that she will be nominated, but not with Julia.  She appreciates both twins aren't going up, knew this day was coming, and will play hard at veto.


11:02am BBT: Steve quickly meets with John, sharing that Austin/Liz will be nominated.  John says that Liz wants Austin nominated with her(instead of Julia).


11:03am BBT: Liz/Austin retreat to BR, John/Steve join Van who is still in bed.  Steve fills Van in on his talks with Austin/Liz.


11:06am BBT: Reality of being on the block hits Liz, who is sniffling.  Austin hugs/comforts her, says he gets that Steve doesn't want to be in F4 with Austwins.  Liz says it just sucks because she couldn't even play for this last HOH. "This is war"


11:10am BBT: Austin to Liz-If two of us are up, Van/John decide. If Julia wins POV, we get to decide.  Liz says she should have taken Steve out(in DE on Thurs), then James would still be a target.  "I just don't want to be in that jury house".  Austin says not to think like that, there's still a veto to be played.


11:13am BBT:  Austin leaves Liz to go to WC, finds Van in WA and discusses how this is better for him, because he can play for the veto to save himself. Austin says if Van wins, "I still think you should use it on me, or Liz".  Van says "I told Steve I would vote the way he wants, but I never said I wouldn't use the veto".  They 'confirm' that if Liz/Austin stay on the block, Liz would go.  Austin wonders if they should have voted out John over James, but Van says things would still be the same.


11:18am BBT: Liz comes to WA, tells Van that Liz/Austin are going up.  Van says what's better, you go up against your sister, or Austin? Liz says she's upset because she could have gotten him out yesterday.  Van says anyone(Steve/James/John) would do the same thing, so it doesn't matter. Van explains that for Steve, he can't go to F5 with Austwins, so go play veto with class, worse case scenario, one of you twins is in F5.  Liz is concerned if she wins POV, Julia would be replacement.  Van says that wouldn't be worse thing in the world [but doesn't say she would vote with Liz to keep Julia].


11:23am BBT: Liz says she's an ugly crier.... Van uses her own crying voice to comment about her own makeup(lol).  Liz feels she is most hated by jury, then asks Van to take care of Julia if Liz is sent to jury.  Van keeps trying to encourage Liz("you've got your twin here, your boyfriend, maybe the man of your dreams and if he wins you can spend his money").


11:26am BBT: Van calls Austin in, telling both how lucky Liz is to have 'two tickets in the game at this point, it feels terrible, but you've got 2.7 chances in this game, you two, and point 7(referring to Julia)".


11:27am BBT: Van explains to Liz why Steve was in a tough spot, going over why it would be difficult to nominate each HG.  When she mentions herself, she pauses, not able to list a reason Steve should NOT have nominated her. [lol]   "End of the day, it would be worse if you were up against Julia.  At least be thankful for that."  Liz says Steve did tell her "I didn't want to put up you and your sister, it's not personal".  


11:30am BBT: Van says Liz HAS to hide her emotions, don't get Steve thinking she will seek revenge.


11:31am BBT: Julia is out of DR, twins go to HNot room.  Liz says Steve said Liz/Austin are going on block, explains Julia has to win veto so she can take Liz off block.  Meanwhile, in HOH, Austin tells Steve that he is worried that Vanessa would try to flip vote and evict Austin over a twin.

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11:35am BBT: Liz explains to Julia why Julia HAS to win POV. Julia questions if Liz is really more of a target than Austin. Liz says "Van hinted that she'd vote to keep me over Austin, but it's better for her game to keep Austin.  It's us against the house".

Julia questions why Steve would go after them instead of Vanessa?

Liz: We are a 3 headed monster.

Julia: It makes sense, if you are gone, it breaks up me and Austin, you are the link.


11:41am BBT: Austin joins twins in HNot room.  Liz says she doesn't understand why Vanessa called him out at meeting last week, and now he's targeting her.  Austin tells Liz she needs to go tell Steve what is in her heart right now. 


11:44am BBT: Austin repeats that they have to stay calm, because the vote can change, it's ok to cry, but be careful.


11:45am BBT: Austin- "I hope the POV isn't the shave your head thing, cause I'm not doing it.  None of us would, that would favor Steve and John".


11:48am BBT: Twins/Austin still talking in HNot room. Twins say they will NOT vote for Steve to win if one of them gets evicted.  Then Julia explains to Austin why it makes sense for Steve to target Liz, removing the link between Julia and Austin.


11:58am BBT: John in K eating cereal, twins in WA. Liz:if I go, I'm going out with a bang! And I'll tell Steve he just lost 3 votes in jury!


12:00pm BBT: John is called to DR, gets up and carries his bowl with him. [i HOPE they show him in DR eating cereal lol]


12:05pm BBT: Steve/Austin/John in K, Van asks Steve if she can listen to his music, Twins primping in WA


12:08pm BBT: Steve goes to HOH, Van shares how she calmed Liz down.  Steve asks if he should talk to LIz(Van says no), then tells Van he's going to leave 'before Austin freaks out".


12:12pm BBT: BB announces for HGs to "clean the bathroom today, including the mirror above the sink", prompting Julia to complain that "#1 I just cleaned it yesterday, and #2 the sink isn't really all that bad."


12:16pm BBT: Austwins in BR, Julia says to Liz "Can you believe Meg stole your robe and took it to jury?"


12:19pm BBT: Julia briefly meets with Steve: "I'm hurt you are putting up my sister, but it makes sense to break up a trio.  I won't be stand offish, but will take me a while to get over it.  If it was your sister, you wouldn't want to see her go.  I'm an adult, so it's ok"

Steve: My door is open, so if she wants to talk at any time, let her know she is welcome.

(Meeting lasted about 2 minutes, then Julia returned to Liz/Austin and recapped what was said)


12:24pm BBT: Austin leave twins to get glass of water in K, Liz says she's more mad at herself, "for being HOH in DE and not taking him out. If you ever had to win something, this is it.  Not to put pressure on you."

Julia asks what would happen if Austin won POV, Liz isn't sure.


12:28pm BBT: Twins have found a bag of something to snack on.  They say it is 'so good!' [i'm thinking they are chewing loud]  At the same time, in K Austin says 'wow they are loud, I can hear them!" [not sure if he's talking about BB building POV comp outside, or twins eating in BR]


12:30pm BBT: Liz "Can we get this show on the f#$^#% road?"


12:31pm BBT: Steve goes to HOH, tells Van he wants to take a nap, but is worried about Austin freaking out.  Steve thought Van had said for them to avoid each other, but Van didn't mean that, but is now using the confusion to ask Steve why Steve thinks Austin would think they are working together.  They agree veto is important tomorrow, but Julia is least likely to win.


12:35pm BBT: Van pauses in mid thought, then tells Steve she was going in circles with her own thought [LOL]


12:37pm BBT Van tells Steve, Austin's argument is Julia needs to go, so if Van wins POV, she needs to use it on Austin.  Steve says his thing with Van/John are solid, so... Van says even if she can't trust John, John's incentives are for the same thing as Vanessa to happen this week.


12:40pm BBT Steve "Is it bad that I'm a 22 year old playing Big Brother, I'm HOH in the final 6, and looking forward to snuggling with my teddy bear?"  Steve also said his teddy bear is part of the reason Steve is here, saying he brought it 'the space ship'(audition?)


12:45pm BBT: Steve is napping in HOH, Twins complaining about Steve in BR, Austin/Van/John in K.  Right as Julia asks "What is up with Austin, do you think Clay would leave Shelli at a time like this?", Austin walks in and joins them.   Liz/Julia start naming shows/dvds they would want to have if they went to jury house.  Twins think jury house is bitter place, but Austin says they are all over it, probably all laughing and having fun, not holding grudges, there was no major back stab.


12:52pm BBT: Van/John in K, Van says she wished she had watched feeds, because she would have known it was so different than just watching the DVDs.  She asks John if he's watched feeds, John says no.  Van says Austin quoted someone "Luck is the result of design", you set yourself up...


12:55pm BBT: Van reviewing comps with John, saying she either brings her 'A' game or her 'F' game.  Austwins discussing what POV comp may be, Julia hoping it isn't counting!


12:58pm BBT: Julia tells Liz/Austin she is now a lion going after a gazelle, she's going to catch it and eat every bone

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1:03pm BBT: Liz and Julia walk into the KT and Vanessa ask Liz why she is laughing. Julia says Liz is in the hospice bed she is Audrey this week. Vanessa says stop just stop as she laughs.


1:06pm BBT: Liz and Julia in the Kt complaining about the ants all over the place. Liz says the ants are all in the trash can. Johnny Mack is putting dishes away. Steve in the HOH rm sleeping. Liz goes to the STR to put the trash in there and they have a restocked STR now.


 1:13pm BBT: Liz and Austin in the STr putting food away, Julia in the Kt with Vanessa and John cleaning .


1:19pm BBT: Austin and Liz lounging in the Wa talking about if Julia wins the POV there is a possibility of us saving each other. Liz is pouting. and Austin looks worried. Austin talks about when shelli was taken out and  says if we went back it probably would have been the same ya know. Liz says you won't go home though and  Austin says yeah if Julia goes up with me.


1:22pm BBT: Julia in the KT making turkey burgers and John is washing dishes. Austin and Liz  lounging in the WA not talking. Vanessa goes to KT and says she needs to eat. john says you have to eat something.


1:30pm BBT: Vanessa and Julia cleaning the counter in the KT John still washing dishes, Steve still in HOh bed sleeping and Austin and Liz in the WA lounging not talking at all.


 1:44pm BBT: Austin and Liz have gone to bed in the OBR and are talking really low about Steve putting them on the block later. John and Vanessa still in the KT cleaning.


 1:49pm BBT: Liz goes to the HOh to talk to Steve she says I know you are asleep but this is part of the game, She says ok so i am not going to sit there and lay back i have to try to defend myself and io feel like that i am getting the raw end of the deal cause you pulled us in the room yesterday and made us promise on our families that we would not put you up. Steve says ok ok . Liz says i feel raw and i know how you are feeling i have been there and this is the worst HOh to win and i get it but i do not think i am the biggest threat to you  so i do not know i just have to say what i got to say. Steve says I apologize if i said that i should not have and it is a shitty thing so i apologize i was totally wrong to bring that into anything.  Steve says i was talking to Vanessa and i have a bottle of wine and would you like to play pot ball tonight and Liz says yes i would love drinking pot ball tonight and says thank you and leaves the HOh rm.


 1:55pm BBT: Liz goes back to bed with Austin and tells him she gets wine tonight. Julia is making chocolate bananas for later. John is still cleaning.

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 2:00pm BBT: Vanessa opens the freezer in the KT and says look at this it is so gross and Julia looks and says no i do not think i can clean THIS I AM DISGUSTED.

2:02pm BBT: Steve is now in the KT with Julia, Jon and Vanessa. Steve says we have milk again and Vanessa says yeah we do. Steve heads back up to the HOh rm.
 2:17pm BBT: Julia still making chocolate bananas in the KT while John and Vanessa watches and talk about using Mr Good bars.
2:20pm BBT: Liz is going to  sleep in the OBR John still washing ice trays. Julia opening more chocolates for the bananas.
2:24pm BBT: Steve in the HOh rm brushing his teeth and he says here is the ting i do not care Julia is going up. he then says I might have to put up Vanessa. he then says decisions i have to make is shitty. He then goes out on the balcony and watches John and Julia in the KT.He then heads down the stairs  and is pacing in the LVR.
2:26pm BBT: Steve goes to the KT and stands then walks  to the LVR then back to the KT. John takes some things to the STR. Vanessa is in bed sleeping in the CBR. Steve tells Julia it is so strange there is less people and Julia says  i know when i first got here it was like a boarding school. Steve says there are 10 people missing. and Julia says no 11 are. She then says I will Be right back  i need to go show these to Vanessa.
 2:30pm BBT: Julia and Liz in the bed in the OBR talking and Julia says i know for a fact that Steve told Austin that he is not his target and Austin is walking around here acting all cool now. Julia says i just want you to know Liz that Austin knows something cause  you are his target not Austin. Liz says ok. Liz says that she is going to go back to sleep and then ask BB for a sleeping pill. Liz then says  he better give me that bottle of wine if he is putting me on the block.
2:33pm BBT: Julia says i will call him out i heard him say  he would not put us up and we promised on our families to not put him up. John sitting in the KT alone.
2:38pm BBT: John goes to the CBR to go to bed and Vanessa ask whats up and he says the water got cold so i had to stop. In the OBR Julia and Liz says they need to get this shit done i do not know what is taking so long. Julia ask Liz what is Steve's reason for putting you and Austin up and Liz says it is just a game move. Julia says that's it? Liz says yeah that's what he said.
 2:41pm BBT: Julia says there is no more Austins angels or scamper squad it is me and you that's it and Liz agrees. Liz is trying to go to sleep now  and then turns and says this is so awkward  and painful. Julia sitting there looking like she is mad and says you know we saved him cause if i had won i would have done the same thing exactly.
2:52pm BBT: Most Hg sleeping, Austin is in the DR.
2:58pm BBT:All HG except Austin are now sleeping in their beds. Austin still in the DR.
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1259PM BBT  Julia/Liz/ Austin in purple room talking about someone. Austin is laying across Liz.  Julia is trash talking again, Liz says she is doing nothing this week, Julia says the dishes can pile up.  They are talking it up to the camera saying they need glasses and blankets, Audrey's hospice.  Vanessa and John are talking in the kitchen, John laughing, no game talk.  Austin this happens, it is the show.  Everyone does fine afterwards, it is not life or death.  John talking about betting [20$ buy ins]  Liz is laughing Julie says her hostage bed, Liz is now Audrey.  Vanessa says Stop it.  Vanessa announces that Steve wants to do some kind of drinking game tonight.  He wants to share his wine.  Julia says they drank her wine last night during dinner.  Steve is sleeping in the HoH room.


120pM BBT  JMac, Vanessa cleaning in kitchen.  Liz and Austin talking about who goes up with who.  Steve told Liz she is probably going up [she has whined, bashed and cried ever since]  her and Austin holding hands in WA.  Johnny Mac washing dishes, Liz playing with Austins' hand. 


147PM  Cleaning still going on in Kitchen.  Liz gets up and goes to HoH room.  Julia has come out of DR [i think].  Liz goes up and wakes up Steve.  Liz says she is not going to lay back and not try, she has gotten a very raw deal and you made us swear on our family we would not put you up, Steve says he does not remember.  She says you made us swear, it just is not fair, it sucks.  I know you have to do what is best for your game,  But I am not your biggest threat.  Steve just sits there, but he still does not remember the swearing on your family.  He says he believes her, and apologize for making her do it, he wishes he could remember.  liz says okay it is a game, she says I remembered you saying it and I think now it is not right.  She gives Steve a hug. She leaves the room.  Steve says he was talking to Vanessa I have an unopened bottle of wine.  the discuss drinking it.  She leaves after telling Steve the time.   After she walked out Steve mumbled something, shook his head.  Liz returns to bed with Austin in purple room.  She rehashes what she supposedly said to Steve.  She says the swearing on her family does not sit well. Meanwhile in the hoH room, Steve still does not remember doing it.  He is talking to himself, hard to understand when he mumbles.  Austin just lays there and listens.  Vanessa is washing down front of fridge.  Julia is getting bananas and chocolate ready in kitchen.  Liz says Steve could not even be a man about it, acting like a little kid.

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3:01pm BBT: Vanessa up  and BB calls John to the DR. In the WA Vanessa talks to Austin asking if Liz is ok and he says she is mad at Steve. Vanessa says i know . Vanessa says well this is not my fault you know. Austin says yeah.


3:05pm BBT: Vanessa and Austin talking about winning POV and maybe getting Julia out this week. Vanessa ask are the girls mad at him and Austin says yes they are mad especially after he made them promise on their families yesterday not to put him up. Vanessa looks surprised and ask he did? Austin says yeah he did.


3:15pm BBT: Austin in the KT eating nuts. Steve is walking around. Vanessa is in the WA changing clothes.


3:16pm BBT: Steve is called to the DR. Austin says this might be it. Steve leaves and goes to the DR and Austin says show time.


 3:22pm BBT: Vanessa up in the KT walking around. Liz and Austin in the bed kissing and snuggling. Julia asleep in the bed next to them on the OBR.


 3:30pm BBT: Vanessa puts the chocolate bananas in the freezer then eats one. Liz and Austin still kissing and snuggling, Julia and john in bed sleeping. Steve is still in the DR. Vanessa now goes back to bed.


 3:40pm BBT: Steve out of the DR and Liz was called to the DR.


3:45pm BBT: Austin is in the Kt cutting up veggies while Liz is in the DR. other Hg are in their beds sleeping.


 3:55pm BBT: Austin still in the KT cutting veggies and lemons. Liz out of the DR and tells Austin she is such a bay cause she cried. Austin ask are you alright and she shakes her head yes.

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