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Thursday, September 3 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates

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11:37 BBT Twins are back to working on dinner. Liz tells JMac she is throwing away the slop. Austin doing handstands in living room while JMac and Steve watch. Van is not on camera.Austin takes a break. Steve keeps saying potball trying to get a reaction from JMac. He tells him he wants to punch him. Says he has HOH-itus. Steve saying how he started the day throwing up in the bathroom sink and now he has his own bathroom. They start talking about the bath tub. Austin tells how DR. Will used the rubber ducks in the bath tub to get Janelle to work on his side and that's how they got Marcelles out.

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11:28 PM BBT Liz is called to the Storage room.  She screams.  Liz brings out her basket and everyone gathers in the LR to check it out and to hear the letter, which is from her mom. Julia urges Liz to read the letter, but Liz is checking out the basket and oohing and ahhhing. 


11:30 PM BBT Liz reads the letter.  As she finishes, Steve comments that this is Liz’s fourth letter.  Liz corrects him, saying it’s her third: Mom, Angela, Mom.  We get FotH. 


11:31 PM BBT Liz is putting stuff from her basket into the fridge.  She says no one better touch these “bad boys” except Austin can have one.  Austin goes to the fridge to look at what she put away.  They both head back to the LR.  Julia and Liz don’t think the letter sounds like their mom.  Especially the phrases “mad drive” and “mad determination.  It just doesn’t sound like something their mom would say.


11:33 PM BBT Julia and Steve are in the WA.  Julia is crying and saying she misses her mom.  Steve tells her he understands.  He’s there too.  Julia sniffles a bit more and then pulls herself together and heads to the KT saying more chopping needs to be done. 


11:35 PM BBT Steve, Austin and Liz are in the WA. Steve says he is hosting a party at midnight tonight.  Liz says she will bring a contribution.  Liz goes to the KT and Julia asks her why she didn’t cry, but Julia was crying.  Julia says that her mom just called Liz a perfect daughter.  Vanessa is called to the DR.  Julia says she wants to see Steve cry when he gets his letter because she doesn’t want to be the only one who cried today.


11:39 PM BBT Austin is doing a handstand in the LR.  John and Steve are sitting on facing couches in the LR.


11:41 PM BBT Liz and Julia are preparing food, while the guys lounge in the LR.  Vanessa is in the DR.


11:42 PM BBT John is in the KT looking for a pizza plate.  Julia is hoping they get to eat before they see Steve’s HOH room.  BB asks Austin to move his microphone. 


11:44 PM BBT In the KT, they talk about everyone playing in the veto.  John jokes that he’s still going to pick Meg’s name!  He shouts out to Meg that she’s coming back in to play veto.


11:45 PM BBT Steve is talking to Austin.  Austin says it’s one he would never want to have.  He would have done it.  Austin says he tried.  Steve asks Austin if he threw it, and Austin says no.  He tried.  They talk about the competition and Da’Vonne’s hair.  Steve talks about his approach, leaving the hair til last, and says her earrings were very helpful.


11:48 PM BBT Steve is pacing and saying he just wants his HOH room!  Julia says “Steeevahh!” Austin still doing handstands in the LR.  John moving between the LR and the KT.  Liz is walking through the LR trying not to get hit by Austin’s feet as he comes down from a handstand. 


11:49 PM BBT John is counting down to when they can eat.  John says to Steve that if he gets his HOH room at midnight, John will be pi**ed!  Steve says they can still stuff their faces.  They can just do it up in Steve’s HOHR. 


11:54 PM BBT John is pacing and repeating “omigod, omigod...”  Julia says “Johnny Mac!  What time is it?”  John says it’s not time yet.  He looks at the clock and says seven minutes.  No...six minutes!  Julia squeals. 


11:57 PM BBT HGs in the KT are talking about beer. Julia still counting down and very excited to be able to eat in just 4 minutes!!

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