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Wednesday, September 2 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


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Thank you!

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1205 AM BBT  Everyone but JohnnyMac and Meg/James are up by the Chess Table.  Vanessa is confusing Steve playing chess while the twins keep trying to tell him how to play.  They seem to be making him really nervous.  The HN room are making noises, talking about the teeth on the cabinet.  The chess games seem to be a race. They are using the timer that Steve made.  Liz is now correcting Steve on his moves.  Julia is sitting there pouting.  No sign of Austin on any feeds.


1219 AM  Austin has joined the group at the chess table.  Austin asks the girls if it isn't past their bedtime cause they are starting to act up.  Steve is downstairs scampering.  Austin asks Vanessa if there is another opening move that can be made.  Liz is chomping on chips and asks Steve to check for booze.  Chit Chat in HN room, James asks Johnny Mac who he would get a letter from, he says probably dad, my brother is back in school by now, mom's birthday is coming soon.  Meg says her Daddy's birthday is today.   They are still on inside lock down, FotH, Meg says something about her father being a lawyer.  Meg says he does "city" law, her brother develops.  Johnny Mac and James talk about the debt you end up with after Law school.  James says he thought about it, but it is so expensive.  they talk about Judge Joe Brown.  The Twins are arguing over moves at the chess  table, they keep questioning every move.  Steve says Austin is not making "thoroughly thought out moves"


1230AM  James and Johnny Mac are now discussing people they sent out of the house.  And they do not have any pissed off players in Jury cause they did not send any to Jury.  They start making horse noises.  The chess match and discussion of moves is still continuing.  Vanessa is still bossing Austin and Steve about what to do.  James is saying he has no idea who he would target, but he does know who he wants gone.  ROFL, James says he would do AR but  would have to Meg in his backpack if she was his partner.  Julia is now more interested in her hair than chess, but she is still sitting there.  Meg is telling the boys about what Jackie said about AR and what she said you were allowed to have or not have.  James says he would need a compass and an atlas, his cell phone and GPS, Meg laughs and says you not allowed that.


1239AM  Chess game continues.  James is in WA rinsing out his mouth and leaving.  Johnny Mac is wandering around the kitchen.  Steve invites James to play Chess with them.  Vanessa is the champion and James says he will play the winner, who is Vanessa.  James returns to the HN room , says no yard.  Him and Meg are the only ones in HN room.   one of the twins yelled at Steve for spilling milk, he says not yet.  Meg says she wants to talk to Austin, James asked if she wanted lights out.  Meg asks if they still playing chess, James says yes and Meg says WTH.

Julia leaves the Chess Table saying she needs to talk to Steve.  Liz yawns and says "good boy".  James says this shit makes you a stronger person.  Meg told James he sounded like her Dad just then.  James says I try once in a while to be serious and stuff. 


1247AM  Chess is still continuing,.  Talk in HN room is about James, his daughter and toys.  And the ones she wanted always made the most annoying noises.  He says his daughter is a climber.  He tells about how his daughter would climb out of bed and make noise then climb back in bed before he would get to the room to check on her.  The twins are whispering.  Julia is asking about how to approach Johnny Mac about "her deal" and "what you want".  James and Meg are laughing about the stories that James is telling about his daughter and things that can annoy him but make him laugh at the same time. 


1251AM   Julia is now talking to Johnny Mac in the Cabana room.  James and Meg are still discussing his daughter.  Johnny Mac asks if she has her speech ready.  She says she is awkward and this is her campaign.  He starts agreeing with her right away.  (I think he just wants this over with-Granny)  Talk lasts a whole minute.  They leave Cabana room and Julia goes back to chess table.  Johnny Mac wanders around the kitchen.  James and Meg are still chatting about family and friends.


103AM All 4 cams are on the Twins and Vanessa playing chess.   A box of chee-zits are being devoured by Vanessa.  you can hear Johnny Mac talking in the background about being zapped off a fence.  It now shows Johnny Mac walking around the kitchen area talking about being zapped.  Austin is in Living room working out.  Austin says he hopes yard is open soon, he has laundry to do.  FoTH

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115AM Meg is laying in the WA, Steve, Austin are back upstairs at chess table watching Julia and Liz play.  Vanessa is still eating through the box of chee-zits. 


122AM Steve is now laying on the floor in the WA and Meg is still on couch.  The foursome are still at the chess table.  Meg is throwing pillows on Meg, she asks What are you doing?  he says making you ask questions.  Steve says plan B, he climbs up on couch with Meg.   Julia starts to whisper about her 1 minute game play chat with Johnny Mac.  Steve and Meg are talking about Chess games going on and that they have excluded James and Johnny Mac.  Steve says he has not seen the 3 of them most of the day.   Meg says she hibernates in the HN room.  (I left the cam on the chess table cause I am tired of the whining, sorry_Granny)  Steve says he needs to check and see if the yard is open yet cause he has laundry to do. 


131AM James, Meg and Johnny Mac are in the HN room with the lights off talking about pizza.  Good hangover food according to James.  Chess game continues.   it is now only Vanessa and the Twins at the chess table, Julia is whining about being a HN and Vanessa tells her she should go to the DR and tell them, she says no...


135AM Vanessa has now given up watching the Twins play chess and returned to the HoH room.  Either Steve or Austin is in there listening to music.  Vanessa set down her Chee-zits and left going towards the stairs.  Vanessa comes back and re-enters the HoH asking, what you doing?   Steve is in HoH hiding Chocolates which Vanessa has not found.  Steve is listening to music walking around.  While Vanessa checks for hidden Chocolates.  Tells Vanessa he likes her music.  He says there are 3 Chocolates she has not found. 


140AM Austin has joined the HoH room.  FoTH, Vanessa still hunting down chocolates. 


144AM all feeds are on the HN room and All 4 are tucked in.


15OAM We get a quick glimpse of Steve, Austin and Vanessa in HoH talking about Steve having 2 degrees 1 being engineering.  FOTH 


153AM we return to having Vanessa telling Steve about maturity and sex.  He says he has been to 3rd base and Austin says WoW, FOTH.  Now we have only the Twins playing chess on all feeds.  Julia says "he says he made 3rd base, how is that" and she stops talking


159AM after a few FoTH we get back to Austin, Vanessa and Steve talking about Steve's life and maturity.  Steve says Vanessa thinks I am a Lesbian.  Steve wants to know the difference between ian and himself.  Vanessa says Steve is more innocent.  Austin says he tuned out Ian cause he was so immature and boring.  Steve says he watched the finale just before he took his physics final.  They are talking about which finales they watched and where they were . 


204AM The twins are still playing chess (they are still working on first game).  Steve talking about he is glad he got on BB cause this is something he wanted to do.  Vanessa says her dreams change every 5 years.  Vanessa says she went from law school, gambling, and now DJing.  Vanessa says that gambling never made her feel fulfilled.  She says it was more stressful than BB, but gambling is worse.  Steve says he is in Top 7, he made his dream of BB come true.  Austin says he is missing out on his team stuff now cause he can't get all his stats.  Vanessa turns the whole conversation back to game strategy. 


215AM HoH room chat is now about Finale night and how many parties they will be invited to.  Chess continues between the Twins.  Austin says he wants to get on with Rachet and Ryan so he can talk shop.  Talk turns to Vanessa and her throwing a rap party for the cast in Vegas.  Chess game is over.  Vanessa now showing off her bruise.  Steve gets up and locks the door.  Julia went downstairs not to HoH room.  Liz is in the WA and is joined by Julia.  Now the whining about the yard being locked down.  Hoh wonders if anyone is even in the building so they start to sing 12 days of Christmas and we get FotH.


223AM conversation in HoH is previous players being evicted.  Julia and Liz in WA, Julia is whining about James, Meg and Johnny Mac sleeping in the HN room.  Julia tells Liz to make sure she hides that lotion.  Brushing teeth and face washing continues.  HoH room is just talking general .  "Luck is the left over of good planning"  Austin is being philosophical. 


234AM Johnny Mac seems to be having trouble getting comfortable in his chair.  Talk in the HoH is what "might" have happened with past house guests.  Austin and Vanessa are coming up with groups and names of groups that have been in the house since Day 2.  Austin is talking about Audrey.  (I did not know that Austin was with Liz on Day 2).


249AM  Vanessa is holding court with Steve, Liz, Julia and Austin .. The chat talk is about people no longer in house and stuff that Vanessa was told and (supposedly) has kept quiet about till now.  They are bashing Jeff now.  They have so far discussed Shelli, Clay, Audrey ..  Vanessa claims that Meg has been behind every move that all the evicted people have made...


3AM  The discussion continues in HoH about what MIGHT have been if people HAD NOT been evicted.


306AM Austin heads to WA, The twins and Steve are still in HoH with Vanessa, the whining continues.  Meg was in WC comes out, washes hands as Austin enters WA and goes to WC, he complains about not being able to do laundry.   Liz is saying how bad that James threw the comp...    Austin tells Meg the discussion is going on about what might have been in the HoH ...  The twins are whining about Audrey   Austin asks Meg if she is tired.  Now they want to know what is taking Austin so long since they saw Meg go to the WA before him.  (Julia is so scared of going home)  Meg says she wants to Austin, okay fine, let's talk.  Vanessa says go "cock block Meg" from talking to Meg.  Vanessa says tell Austin you will Lorena Bobbit him, the twins want to know what that is.  So off goes Julia to interrupt the chat in the WA between Meg and Austin.  Austin is telling Meg it is the wrong week for him to vote against Julia, it will make him out as a douche bag   Julia enters the WA, and Meg says "I know it is late"  Austin continues to talk about it is not a good week for him.  They chat about James and what might happen especially with him being a wild child.  there is a lot of "yeah, I know and yeah I know what you mean"  Meg tells Austin she just wanted to talk, Julia comes out of WC and Meg says she needs to change and get ready to sleep.  Meg leaves WA.  Julia could not have made her presence more obvious.  She does not speak to Austin at all, leaves the WA. 


330AM  FOTH,  Vanessa and Steve talking about college and how well Steve has gotten along with people.  Now all four cameras are on Austin and him doing night ADLs and flexing for the mirror.  Steve mentioned Cornell and we got FOTH


340AM Vanessa and Steve are talking about how close Austin, Johnny Mac and James will be ..   Talk is about how Austin is going to have to get rid of twins no matter what.  Vanessa is saying you go for James, that is the least risky.  Vanessa says they need to go after the 3 during DE not this week.  Vanessa keeps saying James is a DE target, James is scared of Steve (I darn near chocked-Granny)  Vanessa continues with her rambling about the stronger duo being James and Johnny Mac.  Steve keeps questioning her.  Vanessa wants to wait till 6 to get out the twins in the DE next week.  Vanessa says we have to fight for HoH, if James is out, Steve says he does not want Johnny Mac to go, Vanessa is pushing hard with her scenerios and Steve seems to be pushing back.

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351AM Austin crawls into bed with Liz.  Vanessa and Steve still talking.  


354AM Vanessa is still pushing her agenda to Steve about James and who he should put up during DE  (if you want Cam 1/2 is on Austin and Liz making out, I can't watch-Granny)  Vanessa says goodnight to Steve and he starts his scampering downstairs in a house full of sleeping people.


356AM Steve goes to BY door and tries to listen.  They are still on lockdown.  Steve's shoes are making a squeaking noise as he walks around. 


405AM Steve in WA doing ADLS.    Liz and Austin are still moving around.


411AM Steve heads off to bed, he turns on lights in Comic room, walks out to WA, washes his face, gets something to blow his nose with, heads back toward Comic room, Enters comic room , turns off lights, gets into bed,   noises still coming from Liz and Austin


420AM Liz Austin still making noises.  Steve seems to be restless.  We get to see grunk in the backyard.  Steve sits up on side of bed, holding his head, Steve is now taking off sock to play with his toenails, (we got a close up) puts sock back on, gets up and walks out of room to Storage area, gets a plastic baggie, leaves storage, goes back to comic room, turns on light, gets his glasses, turns off light, leaves room, wanders back thru kitchen to WA, goes to WC,  He is in WC for about 4 mins, exits, washes hands, checks his fingernails, (he has clippers) clips his fingernails into sink.  leaves WA, puts clippers in plastic baggie, returns it to storage, leaves storage, (Liz and Austin still moving around in bed) Steve looks around kitchen area, walks thru LR, enters Comic room, leaves lights off, gets back in bed, puts socks on [i think he clipped his toenails in WC].


431AM seems all is quiet in the house.   437AM  Liz and Austin go to WA together return to bed and start making out again. 


442AM looks like all IS quiet in the house.

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9:ooam BBT: Hg still sound asleep.

9:30am BBT: Hg still sleeping in darkened rooms.
9:40am BBT: We now have FOTH as BB could be waking the HG.
 9:44am BBT: Vanessa is up and going down stairs  to the DR. All other Hg still sleeping.
9:49am BBT: Austin is up goes to the WC then to the STR to change his batteries then heads back to bed.
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10:02am BBT: Hg still sound asleep in dark rooms.


10:06am BBT: Steve gets up and goes to the WC, Meg is up heading to the WC now. Steve has gone back to bed. Meg out of the WC washed hands and then goes to the STR to change batteries then back to the HNBR to go back to bed.


10:35am BBT: All Hg still sleeping.


10:56pm BBT: BB calls John to the DR, everyone else still sleeping.

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11:14am BBT: Steve walking around the house and Austin up going to  KT while Liz changes her batteries. The HN are still all Sleeping.


11:19am BBt: Vanessa in the By on the elliptical Steve is doing his laundry.


 11:21am BBT: Steve talking to Vanessa asking how long they have DR's today and Vanessa says like they tell me that stuff and Steve says  yeah i thought you had magic powers then we get FOTH.


 11:23am BBT: Liz and Austin in bed snuggling. Vanessa still in the BY on the elliptical.


11:29am BBT: Meg is up goes to the WC. James is  moving around in his chair in the HNBR. Vanessa still in the BY on the elliptical. Everyone else  seems to still be sleeping.


11:31am BBT: Meg washing her hands and brushing her teeth now. Vanessa is now getting a drink of water from the BY fridge then back on the elliptical.


11:34am BBT: Meg goes back to the HNBR and gets back in her chair with her shades on. John stretches and says he is going to go see the outside quickly. He gets up and heads out of the HNBR.


11:35am BBT: John goes out to the BY and Vanessa ask him how he is doing and he says i am good just wanted to see the outside before the lock down. John ask how she is and she says good this is day 4 on the cardio cant go home to my girlfriend all flabby you know and john laughs.


11:37am BBT: Vanessa tells john that the girls (Liz and Julia) were nervous lastnight that you was hanging in the HNBR with them (James, Meg) lastnight. John says yeah they was campaigning, Vanessa says it is better for meg to go for my game and for everyone's game. Vanessa says i hope you are working on James so he will be on our side. Julia comes out in a bikini and John says Damn. She says i have to tan. john says yeah we only have 30 minutes left in the BY.


 11:41am BBT: Julia says it seems funny seeing  my luggage in the STR Vanessa says you know you are good girl just go with the motions. Julia says i Know i have to do my speech too.


11:49am BBT: Julia laying in the sun going to sleep, meg and james sleeping in the HNBR.


11:51am BBT: Austin and Vanessa in BY doing laundry and Austin stretching on the pool table. John in the WA washing his hands.


11:57am BBT: Most Hg up doing ADL's and spending time in the BY before the lock down.

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12:00pm BBT: John in the KT eating his slop, Austin goes to the Wc. Julia making coffee in the KT. 


12:10pm BBT: John tells Julia to squeeze pickles in her water for something different. Julia says yeah pickle water. They then talk about how to make slop. Meg is now getting up again and putting her mic on. Austin and Liz snuggling in bed again.


12:22pm BBT: John and Julia in the KT talking about movies. Austin laying on top of Liz in the OBR.


12:23pm BBT: John, Meg, Julia talking about playing a comp where they can go to a movie. Julia says there should be a comp like that soon. john says  A new twist every single week. Julia ask did you have to say that? john says no Julie said that.


12:35pm BBT: Julia and meg in the Kt talking about the slop they are cooking.


12:40pm BBT: John, Julia  talking about the differences in weather in their states. Liz and Austin in the OBR in bed snuggled together and kissing.


 12:46pm BBT: John and Julia talking about weekend  visits to Disney and magic kingdom.  Liz is now sitting on top of Austin in the Bed in the OBR.


 12:50pm BBT: Julia still cooking slop as she talks to John about  Disney and building houses and scary makeup. She says i do not like scary stuff though but Austin would love it. 


12:51pm BBT: Liz and Austin moving around on the bed, Liz throws covers off and says i have shorts on people as she looks at the camera and Austin says we are just getting cozy that's all.


12:57pm BBT: John and Julia talking about  going to Jamaica  and having fun but if it rains it would suck. Julia is still cooking the slop.  She then ask John if he is at that age to be invited to alot of weddings now? he says yeah. Julia says i want my friends to start getting married so i can go to their weddings cause i love weddings.

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1:02pm BBT: John is telling about some dental procedures  he has done before. Austin and Liz still  snuggling and kissing in the OBR.


1:04pm BBT: Austin ask Liz if she is ready for breakfast and she says yeah he ask what we going to have Liz says i do not know. Steve comes in the Kt on his way to the WC. Julia says this slop is good with ketchup and laughs.


 1:08pm BBT: Liz and Austin now in the KT going to make breakfast and Julia says good morning y'all Johnny Mack and I have been up for hours. Steve comes in the KT from the WC and sits down at the table.


 1:11pm BBT: Julia says we should do an Austin workout session today. Austin says yeah John needs one and Julia says so does Julia and Liz as she laughs. Austin says he is so upset cause they locked the back yard down already. 


 1:14pm BBT: The BY is open again and Liz says holy shit it is a chance game and they HG go out to see their practice game. Liz reads one ball at a time and try to land the ball. then we get FOTH.


1:19pm BBT: Hg out in the BY practicing for the HOh comp tomorrow as they have to roll a ball  on a curved wood platform. BB calls Vanessa to the DR.


 1:23pm BBT: James says there is probably going to be numbers at the side of this and going to be a knock out game. Julia agrees. James is up to practice now after Julia. Julia says these balls are heavy.


1:27pm BBT: Liz is now rolling the balls and practicing while  Austin watches closely  James is retrieving the balls.


 1:38pm BBT: Vanessa now taking her turn at rolling the balls and says this is hard as shit. Steve is standing in the  shade watching her. Austin is now going to take another turn. James says Austin you should just reach your arms are long enough as Liz tells him that he is  doing it to high. Julia ask do you think throwing it is better and Austin says you have to give it some lift ya know.


1:44pm BBT: James is now up practicing again as the other Hg are sitting around the BY watching and  Austin walking around.


 1:48pm BBT: James says he wishes they was allowed to have Gatorade and Julia says i would love it. James says we are going to pass out. John takes his turn at practicing now.


1:54pm BBT: Steve is now rolling the ball and everyone yelling that was good.  Vanessa standing in the shade not saying anything to anyone. meg and Julia yell pot ball tonight and Austin says this is as close as you are going to get and they laugh.


1:57pm BBT: James talking about other season where they was up till 4am practicing for a comp and Austin says that is why they do not let us have that much time so we can not be out here all day and night.

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2:00pm BBT: James yelling that Bb has to do better for have nots next year he says I love them dentist chairs i can sleep in them for 16 hours. The girls yell James at the same time and tell him to shut up. James says BB18 better be ready is all i got to say.


2:01pm BBT: James says what sucks is you have to get this on one ball just one ball and Austin says right. Julia is now up practicing again while everyone else watches.


 2:09pm BBT: Steve is now up practicing and Hg are cheering him on. Vanessa standing waiting for her turn.


2:15pm BBT: Hg now taking turns rolling one ball each to see how they do with rolling one as they suspect they will only get one roll in the HOH comp tomorrow night.


2:20pm BBT: All Hg are now in the house on a lockdown  and practice time is over. Most Hg in the KT eating , James and meg in the HNBR whispering , Meg says that Austin told her that he knows that there is going to come a time when he has to vote one of the girls out but feels like this is not the week and he says he does not know what will happen to him and Liz after the show. James says oh shit.


2:22pm BBT: Meg saying Austin has a girlfriend when he has a girlfriend at home and  i guess that is why he is so super romantic. James says well just get it in your head. meg says i already have it in my head i am leaving tomorrow night.


2:26pm BBT: John in the HOh rm listening to music while Vanessa is in the shower. meg and James in the HNBR  talking about Austin and Vanessa and they need to leave.

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2:28PM BBT In the WA Julia and Liz are talking about Meg. Liz tells Julia that if Meg stays then James is going to put Julia & Liz up. Julia says if Meg stays then I am gone.


2:35PM BBT James and Meg talking. James says he doesn't know what he is going to do with her leaving. Meg says that there aren't many more days. James worried next week is days. Meg tells him he can't win days. He knows.


2:45PM BBT In the KT Julia tries to kill a fly. She asks why it is impossible to kill flies. Austin says you have to be quick. Steve says it is only impossible for someone with her skill set. Julia says no she has heard that flies have like a million eyes.


2:48PM BBT Austin heads to HOHR. Vanessa and he discuss the comp and HOH. Vanessa asks if they have ever done crap shoot on a DE. Austin says no he doesn't think so. He says that he just doesn't feel that BB wants to long HOH comps two weeks in a row.


2:51PM BBT Austin and Vanessa discuss Meg talking to Austin. Austin is trying to figure out what happens if someone tries to put him up with the twins. Vanessa tells him that he would have her vote.


2:56PM BBT In the KT the twins are joking around with Steve. Julia is offering Steve one of his promised back rubs.

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3:05PM BBT Vanessa and Austin talk about how bad Meg is for James' game. She doesn't see how much damage she is doing. Vanessa says that James thinks he has a chance with meg. Austin says that will never happen. Steve says that Zingbot made it very clear.


3:07PM BBT Austin trying to figure out what his zing meant. Vanessa now telling him how nice his tattoos look. Austin says everyone really likes them.


3:10PM BBT Julia practices her eviction speech with Liz. Liz correcting her on what she needs to say (you can imagine how this is going)


3:11PM BBT Vanessa complaining that Steve has hidden chocolates all over her room. She says it's bad for her diet. (as she chomps on chips). Vanessa asks him what he is going to do with the ex when he gets home. He says that it won't be good but he was already looking at dating other people before he came in. Vanessa says that what happened is normal and that everyone has had it happen in life. She says the bad part was that it happened on TV. Austin says that he feels bad about her family because they didn't know the extent of their issues outside of the house. His family already knew.


3:15PM BBT Vanessa continues to tell Austin that its good for the ex that this happened because now Austin knows this isn't want he wanted. Austin says that he just wishes it hadn't happened in this way. He says something was always keeping him from committing. She wanted him to settle down and he wasn't ready for that. He wanted to be a gambler type of person and she is more play it safe.


3:28PM BBT Vanessa and Austin continue to talk. Austin talks about how Jen was his first real girlfriend. Vanessa says that it just shows that Jen wasn't the right one. Austin says that he is just sad that she had to watch her BF find love on TV. Vanessa says that he will just need to be the a**hold on this one. Austin says that he knows it is on him.

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3:34 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that he will need to some PR when he gets out because he is a public persona.


3:36PM BBT Austin tells Steve and Vanessa that he hopes that live feeders see how their relationship developed sweetly. He says they may be annoying to the feeders. Steve says no they can't be. Austin says that they never lived together. Vanessa asks him if he wants to live with Liz. Austin says he does. Vanessa says that is a huge sign that after 18 months he never wanted to live with Jen but that he wants to live with Liz.

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3:48PM BBT Austin and Vanessa talk about how he is the glue that holds the trio together. She says if he was gone then you would have 2 irrational girls. He says he isn't sure what they would do without him in the house.


3:59PM BBT Liz comes into the BR. James and John talking about the jury asking questions at the end. Liz says "The jury gets to ask questions?" In the HOHR Austin and Vanessa talk about the HG chances in the comp.


4:08PM BBT James and Meg in HNR. James is venting about the other HG and how everyone tells Julia she is safe. Meg says that she hates it is up to Steve. They talk about how all of the HG are scared to do anything. No big moves.


4:15PM BBT John, Julia and Liz talk about Austin's pony beard. John thinks it's kind of cool. Julia is packing. Liz talks about how Austin will never be a desk guy because of his tats and bread. John asks her if the beard ever gets in the way. Liz says no it doesn't.

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4:22PM BBT James and Meg playing with the camera in the HNR. Meg asks James to move her chair back to where it was. he teases that she is being mean. John and Austin play chess.


4:30PM BBT James and Meg go over the things they have done for each other in the house. Meg is joking about how she made him an omelette. James says it had cheese and egg only. No meat. She says it had ham!

4:32PM BBT James goes to Julia and says he is there to see where her head is at and wants to know how he should vote. She looks at him and says really? he says he was just teasing. He goes back into the HNR and tells Meg he has to vote against her. They laugh.

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4:36 PM BBT Liz comes into the HNR to see what James was doing. Meg says that he was seeing if Julia was gong to campaign. They all laugh. Liz looks around the room and says there would be neat places to have hid for the veto. She is looking everywhere. She then heads out of the room.


4:46PM BBT Steve and John in PBR. Quietly whispering. You can't hear very well. Something about Meg. John says I don't know. They start talking about dinosaurs and leave the room.


4:52PM BBT Julia comes into the HOH and complains to Vanessa that James offended her but coming out and asking her how he should vote. And that he had his sunglasses on. She says who talks to someone with sunglasses on. It's so rude! Vanessa says he needs to be mature.

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5:00PM BBT Steve throws a chip at Vanessa and she eats it. Julia complains that Steve is trying to make Vanessa fat and doesn't care about her diet.


5:06PM BBT Liz and Julia are stretching in the LR. Austin and John continue their chess game.


5:28PM BBT All 4 cams on Steve wandering the HOH room. He is just pacing around.


5:36PM BBT Steve and Vanessa talking in the HOHR. Steve is talking about having to win. Steve says it would be the two of them against the three of the others. Vanessa says that Julia can't win comps and Austin is kind of on their side. Vanessa tells Steve that Austin knows that he can't go to F3 with the twins.


5:41PM BBT Steve and Vanessa continue talking. Steve says that it may be in their best interest to send Julia home. Steve says he wouldn't do it without Austin's blessing but would without Liz's.

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5:47PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that Austin would never put up the twins. Vanessa trying to explain that Austin is with them.


5:48PM BBT Vanessa says that Austin and Liz will hook up with Meg and James. She tells Steve to trust her social cues. She says that James and Meg got in the way of their relationship with Austin. Vanessa says that James word is no good.


5:52PM BBT Vanessa that she is so in tune with the other HG and he needs to trust her. She knows with every fiber of her being that they need to trust Austin and Liz.

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7:00 PM BBT In the HNR, Julia, John, James & Meg are all napping while Steve & Austin are playing a game of chess.


7:02 PM BBT Steve tells Austin he doesn't know what to do. Austin tells him to give him his King & call it a day. Austin says, "Shine it up really good, Squire." We can hear someone cutting something on a plate in the KT in the background.


7:04 PM BBT The cutting noise is Liz sitting at the glass table in the KT eating. Austin tells her he got Steve. Steve says, he's going to finish it out & be a good sport.


7:05 PM BBT Steve tells Austin he's going to go get another stick for his Fun Dip. He knocks on the HOHR, & goes in. Austin yells that he took Steve's Queen. Steve tells Vanessa he just wants on stick. She tells him to take the whole thing. He says, no, he only wants on stick. He take a stick & goes back to the chess board.


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7:13 PM BBT Vanessa gets called to the DR. Steve is sucking on the stick from the Fun Dip & smacking his lips, while he & Austin continue their chess game.


7:18 PM BBT John wakes up & heads to the WA. He tells Vanessa that he has to use the bathroom. She tells him she wants to talk to him later. She says, she wants to share some information with him that she already shared with Steve. John says, O.K. & goes in the WC. Vanessa finishes using the curling iron on her hair & finally goes to the DR.



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7:22 PM BBT Austin says, he has to fortify the troops, as they are still playing the chess game. Steve says, he needs a new stick again for his Fun Dip. He's had the same one color & already used 2 sticks for it. Steve says, he has nothing to do for a move.


7:24 PM BBT Steve says he's going to take Vanessa's other stick for his Fun Dip. Vanessa asks if they are done? Austin tells her, no. Austin says, he's having fun. Vanessa wants to play Austin without her Queen. Austin asks, "What about my Queen?" Vanessa tells him he can have it. Austin says, he will do that. Steve goes back to the chess game, & Vanessa is watching them.


7:26 PM BBT Steve is using the next stick for his Fun Dip, so there is more lip smacking going on. Austin says, he's just going to go ham & start taking Steve's pieces. Vanessa tells them they should just quit. Austin gets called to the DR, but he continues to play chess. Steve says, he wins. Vanessa asks if they have that rule? Austin says, no. She goes to the HOHR. Steve tells Austin to go to the DR. He is still playing.


7:28 PM BBT Austin says, Check, to Steve with each turn he takes. Steve tells Austin to go to the DR, again. Austin says, he wants to win. Steve tells him not to be a Chima. Steve says, it's going to be a stale mate. Austin gets called to the DR again. Steve tells him to go. Austin says, he wants his pieces Queened.


7:30 PM BBT Steve & Austin go downstairs. Steve says, it's already 7:30 PM BBT. Austin says, it's dinner time. He goes to the DR. Steve skips to the WA, gets his toothbrush out, & walks around brushing his teeth. He spits in the sink, & walks back & forth to & from the CRL. He spits in the sink again, brushes his tongue, & brushes his teeth some more. He spits twice in the right side of the sink this time. He puts up his tooth brush & only rinses out the right side of the sink, leaving his spit in the other side.


7:33 PM BBT Steve goes to the KT, looks around a little, starts humming, stops at the DT, & then walks toward the LR. He says, "Meg, Meg," as she is coming from the HNR. He tells Meg she can't have pizza. Meg goes to the WC. John is finally finished in the WC, & is putting his microphone on. Becky's blue foam roller is behind the DT by the wall.


7:35 PM BBT Steve tells John that he wants to make an ode to Audrey. Meg goes in the KT & asks if she wants to eat now. Steve tells her she does, because he's going to eat. Meg gets called to the DR. Meg & Steve discuss the fact that they still have chicken nuggets in the house this week. John puts the foam roller on a chair at the DT & walks out of the KT. Meg walks out also.


7:37 PM BBT John goes to the HOHR. Vanessa tells him that she realizes that Austwins have to be broken up. She says, it's not good to do it right now, because as close as John thinks he is with James, he has a long relationship in the game with Austin. She says, her, John & Steve are the most awkward & are leary of them working together. She says, because they are leary of them & she knows that she knows what's going on with people.


7:40 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that whatever deal he has with James she got a deal also. She tells John that James promised to put Meg up in her place on the block. She tells John that James has broke him word & he wouldn't do that. (She broke her deal with James.) She tells John that it's better to break the three of them up next week. John asks what if James is seen as alone? Vanessa tells John he's seen as being alone.


7:42 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that Austin will only be loyal to him for the 5 minutes he needs him. She says, he knows John is in the way of him winning this game. Vanessa says, Austin preferred to put one of the three of them on the block, because he is protecting James. She says, she doesn't think she's James' best strategic move next week. (She has a reason to not be anyone's target every week.)


7:44 PM BBT Vanessa tells John it's good to keep the group of three as the bigger target in front of them because they are a group of three. She says, they are three also, but are not necessarily perceived as working together. Vanessa compliments John on being smart, because he's a doctor, & he can win physical comps also. She says, he can't take Steve to the final 5. She says, she thinks it's a bad gamble, & if she wanted to take a shot at Austwins, she would have put up Liz.


7:45 PM BBT Vanessa asks John what he thinks? John says, she is totally right. He says, they should get rid of Meg, because they know the comp is random. Steve gets called to the DR. Vanessa says, he will be good with them behind closed doors, & he will tell Liz it was best for her game & they are all going to get back in tight. She says, they don't have a history of working with Meg or James, because she keeps putting them up when she's HOH.


7:47 PM BBT Vanessa tells John they are the odd ones out, & they need a name like Revenge of the Nerds or something. She laughs. (Another alliance is formed.) Vanessa says, Austin is open minded about splitting the girls up. BB says, "Please clean the mirror above the stove." Vanessa tells John that their group of three if stronger than Austin's. (She is working with both groups.) She tells John that she can't beat them in some of the things they good. She says, she has been their victim most of the game with their social aspect. She says, they need to be broken up because of that. John agrees.


7:49 PM BBT Vanessa tells John if they don't break them up than that leaves 2 duos in the game, & they will work together. John says, he's talked about this in places that he can't talk about. BB says, "Meg, thank you very much." Vanessa tells John he needs to ignore how good Austin is & how he will work with the others. Vanessa says, they can try to out it with Liz to gain her loyalty to work with them. She says, Austin will smooth it over. She says, they need a shot taken with them & it's not Julia. She says, Julia needs to go to the final 4 with them & gives John the reasoning.


7:52 PM BBT Vanessa says, Julia is a good pawn to keep in the game & she can't win. Vanessa tells John in a threatening way that if he votes to get Julia out he will go straight on the block if Liz wins HOH. Vanessa tells John that she doesn't know anyone who's going to put him up. She says, right now, James is the target with her possibly going up as a pawn. John says, really? Vanessa says, she should have the votes & she should be fine.


7:54 PM BBT Liz gets told to please not obstruct her microphone. Vanessa tells John that he's not the second target for Austwins. She says, she knows what they are scared of, because of what they've said. She says, she doesn't think they know she heard them. She says, they are scared of her & Steve. She says, she used Raisinets. She tells John she did a spray tan, she's not normally this orange.


7:56 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that James is the target on the other side again. She tells him there are a lot of combinations as HOH for the rest of the season. She says, if two of them going on the block together is not good. She says, they can go up as a pawn, & probably be o.k. Vanessa tells John he's the back door target if they have no one else. She tells John that Steve will win when his back is against the wall. She says, he's fast, good & young. She says, she's not one to impose her opinion on anyone & she can be reasoned with.


7:58 PM BBT John says, you can run all the scenario's & it will all still come out with a sh*tty outcome. John says, he can't come up with anything better. Vanessa tells him to let her know if they are going to flip the vote. She says, that would be the worst. She says, if she hears the vote & is shocked, then she knows she really has no one in the game. She says, she wasn't even going to tell him last week until Thursday, but she let him know early.


7:59 PM BBT Vanessa says, she thinks it's pretty close to a toss up if Steve would go home if they are on together. She tells John he has to trust her if he goes on the block, that he would have the votes to stay. John says, Julia didn't know how to campaign. He tells her that he told her he doesn't want to go on the block if she is HOH. Vanessa tells John that she's made an argument to protect him. She says, Julia may put up Austin.


8:02 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that they want James to go. So, they can put Austin up with him to make sure James goes. (Vanessa can't be HOH next week.) She tells John that none of them will go back on their word, & they keep their promises. We see FOTH.


8:03 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that if he & Steve want to flip the vote they need to get Austin's blessing, or they are taking a chance going into next week's HOH. She says, if everything is done properly they still have them with them. (Properly? That's not BB.) Vanessa says, if they end up in the finals with James they might as well just hand it to him. She says, he will probably get America's Favorite Player on top of it. (No, they can't get both.) John tells Vanessa how he did his roles. (Vanessa will tell.) John keeps telling her more about the side spin. She agrees with what he's saying. She asks if she explained any of this to Steve? John says, no, he didn't want it to look suspicious. Vanessa says, his technique wasn't that good.


8:07 PM BBT John says, it seems so random tomorrow. Vanessa says, it does seem so random. She says, James winning is the worst case scenario. She says, they have no control over him, & he's worked all game with Austwins. She says, they need a strong campaign for James, so she doesn't get put up on the block. She tells John to please win to not let James win. She talks about how Julia did in the practice.


8:08 PM BBT Vanessa asks how he threw the ball now? John tells her. (He needs to stop...LOL.) Vanessa says, Austin was just trying. John says, he probably thinks he just needs to win Veto to stay in the game. Vanessa says, he throws too hard. She says, she doesn't know what Steve is going to do. She says, she can predict what Austin is going to do. She says, he has no incentive to win, because he wants the girls to be targeted before him.


8:10 PM BBT Vanessa says, he's no one’s target. She says, he does gets paranoid though. James gets called to the DR. Vanessa says, she knows about the plan with James & Austin to target her. John says, he has to work with Austin tomorrow. Vanessa says, as long as he doesn't get paranoid, Austin will just throw it, which will be fine. She says, then it will be him or Steve, which will be great. Vanessa tells him to win, & he probably wants to hear from home. She says, she took that from him, but she has a girlfriend.


8:12 PM BBT Vanessa tells John it's a good spot for him & he can afford to get some blood on his hands, & it won't be a lot. She is trying to tell John what to do for his nominations & who to put up if Liz wins the Veto. She says, Austin wants to get the blood on his hands. She tells John that she is saving her Port wine for him & Julia after they are not HN's anymore. She says, she won't save it for him if James wins HOH tomorrow. She says, she will need the whole bottle if that happens.


8:14 PM BBT Vanessa tells John she can go downstairs first & tell people he was up there listening to music, since everyone is in the KT. She asks if he likes the music? John says, it's good & it's relaxing. She gives him her white & black sunglasses to put on & tells him he can sit on the bed. She says, she's going to make some food. She leaves the HOHR & John lays down on her bed with the headphones on.

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8:18 PM BBT Vanessa goes to the KT. She talks to Steve about wrinkles. Julia is cooking her slop on the stove. Austin puts something in a bag, puts it in a pan, & adds water to it. He sets the pan on the counter. We see FOTH.


8:20 PM BBT Austin says, they don't have any veggies left to make. He says, they have rice & chicken. He says, there's not much left. Steve says, they can make a spinach salad. Austin takes chicken out of the oven. Julia asks if Austin beat Steve in chess? Steve says, he did. Austin says, they switched it up. Julia says, they all should not be allowed to use Vanessa's beginning move. They call Steve Boi & Oscar. They discuss chess moves.


8:21 PM BBT Steve asks why they have the hole in their keys when they don't wear a lanyard anymore? Austin says, maybe for tradition. Steve says, it's not tradition with the Memory Wall now. Julia tells Steve not to take his key out of the slot, because it's bad luck. Steve puts his key back in the slot next to his picture. Meg & packing in the OBR. James tells her to pack her Jesus Christ sandals. Meg laughs.


8:24 PM BBT James & Meg joke around while she is packing. He jokingly tells her to pack her sh*t & get out of there. James climbs on the bed Meg usually sleeps in. James wants to help her pack. Meg just wants him to keep her company. He opens her top drawer. He tells her they are nice. (Referring to her underwear.) We see FOTH. She tells him to stop. James tells BB it's the goodie drawer. Meg tells him to tell her something. He says, he knew she was trouble when she first walked in. We see FOTH again.


8:26 PM BBT Steve goes in the HOHR. He tells John he didn't see him there, & he says, he's hiding Mr. Goodbar candy around the room for Vanessa to fine. Steve asks John if he wants to talk later? John says, yes. He asks him what he thinks they should do? Steve asks why he wants to flip the vote? He says, James & Meg won't go after them. Steve asks if they will work with them? John says, he doesn't know. Steve says, they will talk later. John asks where? He says, Austin will be watching them.


8:28 PM BBT They both think it will be risky to flip the vote, but with Meg & James they have a better chance to win the game. They discuss the comp for tomorrow. He tells John to count the days just to be safe. John thinks it will be points though. Steve tells John he's keeping what they said just between them. Steve leaves the HOHR.


8:30 PM BBT James finds Meg's satin dress. He says, he wants to show her where the best place for it to be is, & he throws it on the floor. James shows Meg another dress & tells her it's an FMD dress. He tells Meg she doesn't want to ask him what that means. He says, it's a vulgar word with me & dress. Meg laughs. James shows Meg what she's going to wear tomorrow. He tells her that her shirt looks like a bra, & he tries it on.


8:32 PM James wants something of Megs to remember her. She tells him she wants her bandana, because she will wear that. James asks if a lot of people wear bandanas where she's from? She says, no, but she can wear it to the gym. James jokes with Meg about her being a BB girl.


8:34 PM BBT Meg says, she has a shirt of Shelli's that she wanted to take. She says, it's got stuff on it, & doesn't know if it will come clean. James says, if it doesn't she can throw it away at home. James tells her she can try to get the stuff out. She says, she doesn't have a washer, she would have to take it to her people. James comments on her clothes some more.


8:35 PM BBT Austin walks through the OBR. James tells him he's waiting on the goodie drawer. Austin says, as expected. Steve goes in the OBR where they are. Steve says, James is criticizing her clothing, & that's exactly what is happening. Steve tells Meg that her suitcase has grandma patterns on it. Meg says, it's Vera Bradley, & it's a very nice suitcase.


8:38 PM BBT James goes to ask Julia if she would wear something of Meg's that are Old Navy. Julia says, if she was going camping. He asks Liz the same question. She says, they look like girl scout shorts. Julia says, she's a size 4. Liz gets called to the DR. James tells Meg they would wear them. Meg asks Julia if they would wear a dress she has? Julia says, she would so rock that.


8:39 PM BBT Meg tells James that he wants her to be dainty. He says, "No I don't, I just want something accessible." Meg doesn't comment. Meg has a pair of jean shorts that she says are too big on her. She says, she will never wear them again. Meg has what she came in the house wearing.


8:41 PM BBT James asks Meg what's in the top part of her suitcase. She says, her laundry. James asks if it's her dirty laundry? Meg says, yes. James says, eww. Steve tells them good night. James asks if he's going to sleep? Steve says, he's going to take a nap, & it's roughly 9 PM BBT. Steve goes in the CBR. James says, the camera is looking at him weird. Meg asks if James is going to cry? James wants to fast forward to tomorrow.


8:42 PM BBT Meg opens the top drawer. James says, "Alright, the drawer I've been waiting for all night." James asks where John has been all day? Meg says, she doesn't know. James says, probably upstairs in the HOHR. He says, they have some crazy sh*t going on. Meg says, she wants to campaign, but she doesn't feel that she can say anything to change anything. We see FOTH.


8:44 PM BBT James tells Meg that Austin could be working with them & then also working with them. He says, she wants to try to get on the good side of everyone in the house. She asks James if she should try to talk to him again? James says, if it arises. James says, she shouldn't try to corner him. James is asking Meg is some of the socks in the drawer are hers? Meg says, one pair is not. He says, it's Julia's. James is looking through her bra & panties drawer. She says, pink & green are her Sorority colors.


8:47 PM BBT Meg wonders how she fit everything in her suitcase. Meg tells James he's a Creeper McCreeps. James checks Meg's bra size. He says, she's a 34 C. She says, "Get your paws off my drawers," jokingly. John gets called to the DR. James says, he gets called in there so many times a day. He says, he's probably in an alliance. We see FOTH. Meg says, she thinks he just went up & told everything. James says, he thinks Vanessa knows to, so he's f*cked next week. Meg doesn't think they will hold anything against him from this week.


8:49 PM BBT James says, John could be telling them everything to help protect himself. Meg says, that's so lame. James says, whatever happens he has to win Veto's. He asks Meg about the shirts on top of the little dresser. There is a letter "W" there also. Meg says, she had an "M" somewhere. James says, they should send her some stuff. Meg folds some of the clothes that are still on her bed.


8:52 PM BBT James tells her that it does look like someone knitted it though. Meg asks, "What's wrong with that?" James says, nothing. Meg says, she had a box in there & she doesn't know where it went. She says, maybe someone might have thought it was trash. She says, she has to get her jewelry.


8:53 PM BBT Meg says, she hasn't used any of her contacts, so that's probably not good. James asks if she's just been using the same pair? Meg says, she's been rotating two pairs. James tells her that's not good, she may want to get a new pair.


8:54 PM BBT Meg asks James how many times he's packed, just once? James says, yeah. Meg says, same. James says, next week he's going to have all of his stuff packed in the dentist chair. He says, after seeing what happened last time. Meg says, he doesn't want someone else packing his stuff. James says, if she leaves tomorrow Steve, Austin or Vanessa probably will have to pack his stuff. Meg says, meaning all of his stuff will still be there.


8:56 PM BBT Meg can't decide what jewelry to wear tomorrow. James says, it would be crazy if the two of them came back next season, but with new people. Meg says, they would be back on the block right away. She says, they were this time. She says, they could be back with Clay & Shelli. James says, they had a rough cast this year. Meg asks what he means? He says, a lot of shady shades, a lot of sketch balls. James says, he didn't see her where her Jesus Christ sandals. Meg says, she hasn't worn most of her shoes. Austin goes in the OBR. He tells Meg not to forget to take Steve's name on the stick of butter from the OTEV comp. Austin says, he wants it so bad. Meg wonders if they get their clothes back that they weren't allowed to wear there.


8:59 PM BBT Meg asks if James saw her other shoe? James says, he didn't see her other Jesus Christ sandal. Austin starts to sing Jesus Christ Superstar. We see FOTH. Austin comes back saying that everyone wants to date an H & M guy. Austin tells Meg she has a lot of stuff. He says, it seems like it. Meg says, she does. She says, she had a duffle bag with her when she came on the plane. James says, he's probably going to have to check another bag this time. Austin asks James if he's going to go to Las Vegas first if everyone goes? He says, he will if everyone is.


9:03 PM BBT James tells Meg that she has a bad ass suitcase with a lot of cubby hole. Meg says, she has the Vera Bradley duffle bag to go with it. James says, Breanna has a diaper bag & duffle bag with her initials on it. Vanessa goes to the OBR. She tells Meg that her & Julia has reasonable amounts of clothing. Vanessa says, her suitcase is ginormous. Vanessa talks about Austin having such big shoes. Meg found her other shoe.


9:05 PM BBT Meg says, her shoes & toiletries will be in her BB duffle bag. James says, they took about half of his stuff from him because of logos. Meg says, only a couple things were taken. She asks James if he didn't follow directions? James says, they asked him that also. Meg stands her suitcase up at the foot of the bed in the OBR.


9:07 PM BBT Meg says, "Dunzo." James asks if that's it? Meg says, yes. James tells her if she does go to say hi to Jackie & everyone for him. She says, she will, but it's sad she doesn't want to do that though. Austin asks if she's going to wear her bathing suit under her clothes? Meg says, no. They discuss what the girls in jury are probably doing.


9:10 PM James, Austin & Meg discuss how to play Blackjack. He says, they all may go to Vegas the weekend following the show. He says, they would all probably go back to their real lives on Monday. He says, they are going to a city where you can have alcohol 24 hours a day. Julia & Liz get told they are not allowed to talk about production. Austin says, it's going to be nuts, & they have stipend money to gamble.


9:15 PM BBT James says, he doesn't know what he's talking about. He says, it won't be there until after they go home. James says, they have to take money out for taxes. He says, he will have to go to a tax person. He talks about the 1099 Form that they will get. Vanessa gets told she's not allowed to talk about production. Austin says, he got a 1099 for wrestling. He says, he used H&R Block.

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9:17 PM BBT Austin tells them about him having so many expenses. He says, he had to declare for two different states between Florida & California. He says, they did a good job. James says, it's good to do that because if anything goes wrong they guarantee it. John goes to the OBR now also. James talks about a friend of his with his taxes.


9:19 PM BBT They continue to talk about taxes in the OBR. Meg says, she misses the OBR. Austin says, it's very purpley. Austin asks if they are going to close it up? James says, no, he might sleep in there. Meg says, James gets restful sleep in there. He says, he tells them in the DR that it's the Have A Lot room. He says, hopefully next year they make it awful in there. They talk about different things they can do with it. Meg says, she can't believe it was dentist chairs.


9:25 PM BBT Austin says, maybe they can be upside down. James says, that wouldn't be good. Austin says, it might not be safe. James tells Austin he looks sleepy. Austin says, he ate too many treats. He says, he might need to play chess to wake up. They talk about getting a craps table.


9:26 PM BBT John says, it's getting cold back there, it's hoodie time. John goes in the CBR & comes back out. He tells them Steve is sleeping. Austin looks through the bin next to the pull-out bin & can't believe that Steve still has the stuff in his HOH basket. He says, that's funny.


9:29 PM BBT John gets up & says, he can't wait to sleep in a bed. Meg says, she knows. Austin says, it's hit him all of a sudden that he's tired. Meg asks what time it is? Austin says, maybe 9 PM BBT. Meg thinks it's later than that. John & James go to the KT. James asks John if they can cut each other's hair? James says, he's tempted to just keep it since they only have 20 some more days. John says, he kind of wanted to shave his face today.


9:31 PM BBT John asks James if he has to shave a lot? James says, not really. Austin goes in & says, his face gets rough. James says, he doesn't have the sand paper feel unless it's really short.


9:32 PM BBT James says, It's 9:32 PM BBT. John is tapping on the glass table in the KT. James tells Meg what time it is. James says, he left them alone so she could talk to him. James says, he's going in there for a reason. Meg doesn't know what to say to him. James says, he left, so it wouldn't get awkward. He says, maybe he's waiting on him.


9:33 PM BBT Meg says, maybe he should ask him how he's feeling about tomorrow? Meg says, there's just something not right or weird about all of it. James asks, "About him?" Meg says, "Yeah." James says, he might secretly want it to happen, but he might be scared, just like them voting Jason or Jackie out.


9:35 PM BBT Meg tells James what she told Austin. She tells him what he said also. James says, to him it sounds like he has a lot of worries. He says, he just doesn't want to be a douche bag to do it. Meg says, maybe, she doesn't know. She says, she might just go up to him later. James says, he thinks she should, it's her last shot. He says, she doesn't want to go out with any regrets.


9:37 PM BBT James & Meg discuss what she should say to Austin. Meg says, she should have just talked to him while he was there, that was dumb. James says, he came in there for a reason, not just to talk about gambling. Meg says, he never brings anything up, it's so weird. James says, he doesn't want to be that guy. Meg says, she will talk to him later. James asks, what else does she have to lose? He says, he can say she's dumb, tell everyone, & they are both still in the same spot they were in. James tells Meg to at least try.


9:40 PM BBT James says, they need to try to find out where he's at. Meg says, now he's going to play chess for 5 hours. James says, she may want to talk to him tonight. They both leave the OBR. James asks if they are playing chess again? John says, yeah. Meg goes to the WC, & James walks around the WA.


9:42 PM BBT Meg comes out of the WC & washes her hands. Meg tells James you don't want to have to be there with everyone after saying that. James says, she'll still be in the same position either way. James tells Meg that Vanessa told him that Johnny Mac was campaigning. He says, she was making it look like he was fishing, & he had a right to do that. Meg says, this is more personal because of being in a relationship with Julia's sister. She says, that's not game. James says, maybe she should bring that point up first.


9:45 PM BBT Meg says, she knows. James tells her to tell him it's an idea she has, & if he doesn't want to do it that's fine. Meg says, she won't feel right if she doesn't talk to him. James tells her to make sure she tells him at the end that they are going in with 3 people in there group, & he will be the one they go after.


9:46 PM BBT James tells Meg he can do it. Meg says, she doesn't want him to do it. James says, he already has stuff going. Meg tells him to stop. James says, if the plan gets back to Vanessa he feels that they will ask him about it after she leaves. Meg tells him to tell them it was her. James says, "Hell no, that's what they're expecting me to say." He says, he's going to use reverse psychology on them.


9:48 PM BBT James tells Meg to make sure she tells Austin that she has influence with the jury members that are already there. He says, people don't realize that if Meg leaves there are already 4 jury members that will be against them all. James says, if he goes next, that will be 5 people against Vanessa & Austwins. He says, he would vote for Johnny Mac, probably. Meg says, his game play is not good. James says, it's Ian Terry style. Meg says, Johnny Mac left & came back, & she likes his game style. James says, he does also.


9:50 PM BBT James asks Meg if Julia is even the least bit worried that she may leave tomorrow? Meg says, no. James says, woe, he was even worried. James tells Meg she needs to go & wake Steve up to talk to him. Meg doesn't want to bother him while he's sleeping. She says, she will probably stay awake all night. James asks if she wants him to leave her alone? Meg says, no, she doesn't want him to leave her alone. James says, he can initiate the conversation with Austin if she wants. Meg says, no, she will do it.


9:52 PM BBT In the HOHR, Vanessa is talking to Julia. She tells Julia not to stress to make her a big target. Vanessa says, no one will blindside her. She says, she will know, & the second she hears anything she will tell her. Vanessa tells her to go out there & be honest. Julia says, she tried to ask Austin what was said yesterday, & he was being mean to her. Vanessa tells Julia she wants to handle Austin for her, especially if he's touchy. She says, she can handle things. Vanessa tells Julia she needs to go hang out with Steve. Julia says, he's sleeping in the CBR.


9:55 PM BBT Vanessa tells Julia when Steve wakes up she needs to go act needy to Steve. Vanessa tells Austin, Liz & John that Julia's speech is good. She asks Austin if he's heard it yet? Austin says, no. They sit down to watch John & Austin play their chess game.


9:56 PM BBT Meg & James are still talking in the WA. Julia walks in. Meg says, "Hello, what is up," in an accent. Julia says, "Nothing," & slams the WC door when she goes in there.


9:58 PM BBT Meg says, her stomach does not stop growling on slop. Julia leaves the WC, washes & dries her hands at the sink. James whispers to Meg that Julia is acting weird. He says, he thinks she knows they were trying to get her out. Meg says, "Dah, that's what I'm supposed to do." You can hear Julia stomp up the stairs. James & Meg discuss the awkward evictions from this season.


10:00 PM BBT Liz tells Julia they will play later when the chess hogs are done. Then she calls John & Austin the chess nerds. James says, he doesn't feel bad for Meg because of the trip she won. Meg says, she doesn't really know anything about the trip. James says, she gets to take 1 friend with her to Gronk's private island & party. Meg says, it's weird, & she doesn't know what to expect. James says, there will probably be football players & celebrities there. James tells her she'll have a lot of competition on that boat. He says, he's just playing. James says, she needs to have a relationship with a football player.

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10:03 PM BBT James says, Gronk may ask about him. Meg says, he might have only watched his week. They talk about other HG's from earlier in the season. James asks Meg what she wants to do? Meg says, she doesn't know. James says, they can get in their spot in the HNR. Meg says, she doesn't want to go there yet. James asks Meg is she's playing footsie with herself? Meg says, yeah, she's imagining James there by himself. James asks if she thinks it's funny? He asks who is he going to hang out with, Steve? Or even Johnny Mac? Meg is laughing. James is trying to talk in John's voice.


10:06 PM BBT James says, he definitely has to align with someone, even if he gets f*cked over. Meg says, she thinks he's o.k. for the next two weeks. James says, it depends who wins? James talks loud & asks who's walking with the big gun boats? (Feet.) Meg laughs & says, it's Juj. James says, "Damn, we should have gotten rid of her, early in the game." (Vanessa). Meg says, they thought there was going to be a reset, that's why they didn't.


10:08 PM BBT James tells Meg that he can tell the twins apart the more he sees them. James talks to Meg about the numbers in a bag being sequential. James asks Meg if her roommates fart in front of her? Meg says, yes. James asks if they are girls? Meg says, she doesn't have girl roommates. Steve goes to the WC. Meg says, hi to him as he walks in. Vanessa & Liz go to the WA. Vanessa says, she has to use the bathroom. (What about her HOHR?)


10:11 PM BBT Liz says, she's not like Julie Chen to wear clip on earrings. Vanessa says, Steve is taking too long, so she's going upstairs. James asks if he's going 2 or 1? Steve says, 1. Liz says, if she was HOH, she wouldn't use the foul bathroom downstairs. James asks why he was sitting down to pee? Steve says, sometimes he doesn't trust his coordination. Liz goes in the WC. Steve washes & dries his hands. James walks away limping a little. Meg asks why he's limping? James says, because his balls are heavy. Meg laughs. Steve washes & dries his hands. Liz leaves the WA.


10:13 PM BBT In the OBR, Julia tells Liz that she can't even take a shower with them in the WA. She says, he was commenting that her pee sounded like a jet engine. Liz tells Julia to talk lower. Liz tells Julia if James gets HOH next week she's f*cked if she keeps it up. Liz asks why she's being soo loud? Julia says, because she's pissed off. Julia tells Liz that Austin is being mean to her with not telling her things & telling her to go to bed. Julia says, if she wasn't in the house she would pop off on these people.


10:16 PM BBT Liz tells Julia that she needs to win HOH tomorrow. Julia says, if she is still there. Liz says, she will see the show after this, & if she finds out that Austin did this, she will never talk to him again. She says, if that's not enough incentive to keep her, then she doesn't know what is. Liz & Julia talk about how mean Austin is being. Julia is complaining about chocolates being left in her bed. Liz tells her not to be such a baby. She says, to do it back at them & stop talking so loud.


10:18 PM BBT Julia says, she only likes her, Vanessa & Steve. She says, she hates everyone else & is so ready to be done & go home. Liz says, she never even had a thought of the votes flipping until Vanessa brought it up to her. Meg campaigns to Steve in the CRL rather quickly. Julia tells Liz that Austin owes her an apology. Liz says, she's so done with this sh*t. She says, she just wants to pop off on everyone telling them all f*ck you. Liz asks if she's packed? Julia says, yes. She says, she's over it & wants to go home. Liz says, no you don't. Julia says, she has to keep telling herself another couple weeks.


10:21 PM BBT Liz says, she wants to play pool with just them, because Austin is too good at this time. Julia says, she needs to still pack her underwear. Liz tells her not to mix them up. Julia likes the shorts that James put with her stuff. Julia checks her birth control pills. Liz asks why they take the days off their birth control pills? Liz says, she will just start it on a Wednesday & keep going. She says, she doesn't want to start it on a Sunday.


10:23 PM BBT 10:23 PM BBT Meg talks to the twins about the boots from a comp. Liz takes her birth control pill for today. She lays down in her bed & gets under the covers. Julia & Meg talk about their clothes. Meg tells the twins her suitcase is a Vera Bradley. Julia says, she likes it. Julia says, she broke the handles on her carry on. Liz asks Julia what she’s wearing tomorrow? Julia says, she's going to wear her romper.


10:25 PM BBT Julia shows them what she's wearing. Liz says, there aren't that many clothes left in the house. Liz asks Meg if she got her butter with her name on it? Meg says, yes. Julia says, her butter is gone. Liz goes to look for it. Julia says, it may have gotten lost during the comp. Julia says, she never wore all the jewelry she brought & she brought way too much. Liz says, BB should send her one of her butters. Julia says, they have a lot of them. Meg says, she didn't bring that much jewelry. The twins like Alex & Annie's.


10:29 PM BBT James goes in the OBR drinking chocolate milk. Liz says, no wonder why he's been pooting everywhere. Meg says, she wants to pack a Cliff bar to have something to eat as soon as she gets out of the house. James says, they may give her a sandwich when she leaves. We see FOTH. James says, they gave someone a PB&J sandwich the one season because she was on slop almost the whole season. Meg talks about the drawer having water in it. Liz says, Austin destroyed the OBR during the comp. James says, he can't wait to see it on TV.


10:31 PM BBT Liz says, when James & Austin were in the house it sounded like Toys R' Us in there. Julia asks what jewelry to wear tomorrow. She is going to wear gold earrings. Julia tells Meg she has the same ones in silver. Julia says, she got them from Nordstrom. Julia says, it didn't take her long to pack because it was all folded. Meg says, the same. James says, it takes him about 3 minutes. Meg goes to get some milk to drink. James says, he's going to be ready for double eviction. Liz says, he was already packed. Julia says, she hopes they find her butter. They says butter like OTEV did.


10:33 PM BBT Liz runs down everything with Julia to make she has everything packed. Liz asks if she took all the jewelry? Julia says, no, she only took hers. Julia goes to check to see if she still has anything left to pack. James is bugging Meg. Meg tells Liz that James was bothering her the whole time she was packing. Liz tells Meg that Steve said James probably got blue balls watching Meg pack. James asks why he would have blue balls? They says it was a weird comment. James says, it was probably because of her panties. Liz asks if he was surprised not to see granny panties in there? James says, she has a nice collection.


10:36 PM BBT Meg says, James wants her to wear flower dresses every day. James says, not every day, but. James tells Liz that he was supposed to cut the ponytail beard off if they got together. James says, tell him there's no camping (sex) until he cuts it off. They like that idea. Liz wonders if he will do that. Julia tries some shoes on. She says, they are a size 6, & she doesn't think they would fit her.


10:38 PM BBT Julia says, the shoes she was trying on are tight. She says, they have apple juice on them. She says, they are expensive shoes, they're like $50.00. Julia tells Meg not to forget her glasses. The twins think they are from a different season. Meg says, they can't be from another season, they change everything. Liz tries them on. She thinks they are Shelli's or Audrey's. Meg says, they are Betsy Johnson.


10:40 PM BBT Julia says, she's going to take a shower. Liz is going to wash her face & then go to bed. In the KT, James tells Meg he's going to talk to her. They joke all the way back to the HNR. James tells Meg he saw Austin whispering to Steve upstairs. He says, they talked loud when he went upstairs. Meg says, she talked to Steve. James asks what he said? Meg says, he was awkward Steve. James says, they are working together, they just got caught.


10:43 PM BBT Meg tells James that she talked to Steve about the votes & still needing votes. She says, she told Steve that this is the first time any of them have been on the block for Thursday. James says, he told Johnny Mac about them whispering. He says, John told him that he has to win HOH this week. Meg says, Steve is working with them way more than they think. Meg thinks that Vanessa, Austin & Steve have a final 3. James says, that's it, boom.


10:45 PM BBT James tells Meg how he saw Austin & Steve whispering & then when he got up there they went to a regular voice about finishing the chess game. He says, when they are whispering they are talking game. He says, they are working together & he needs to call him out on his sh*t. He says, he's going to tell him that he knows. Meg says, Steve is all about the unexpected in alliances. James says, Austin makes fum of Steve in a funny way. Meg says, she thinks they have something.


10:47 PM BBT James says, if he says anything to Austin he will have more ammo to have Steve try to take him out on double eviction. He says, he knows he's going to be a target them anyway. Meg says, she went through the whole thing with Steve. Meg says, Steve asked her how she is since he hasn't seen her, James or Johnny Mac at all this week. Meg says, he's never that nice. James says, he wants to tell Johnny Mac. Meg says, Johnny may be part of it. James thinks they have a final 6 & they are the 2 not in on it.


10:49 PM BBT James says, they have Johnny Mac & Steve in it, & they are going to get them out to keep the final 4. Meg says, she started the conversation about her getting it that she's 95% going home, but she has to play the BB game. Steve told her that he expected that. James says, man, they are working together, now he has to be careful what he says to Vanessa.


10:51 PM BBT James says, Austin is the brains of the Austwins. He says, if one of them go, Vanessa will bring the rest together. James thinks Austin is playing them all. James says, they want Steve there, because he's the most likely person to win double eviction. Meg says, she told Steve he was never on her radar for a target.


10:53 PM BBT Meg says, she told Steve that James protected him also. James says, maybe he should have put Steve up there, because he been a pain in his butt. Meg laughs. James says, they've taken their whole group out. James says, everybody has taken out one person from their side. He says, they only lasted as long as they did, because they were laid back & didn't cause any problems. He says, he was the last one to go for this week, & it didn't work. He says, she did that so one of them would leave in case the other one won Veto. He says, otherwise they would have been backdoored. Meg says, they are all against them & you see it on nights like this, especially with less people in the house.


10:56 PM BBT James says, he wants to tell Johnny Mac, but he may run up & tell Austin he saw them whispering, & Austin will freak out. James tells Meg she may see him next week. He says, this is one of the toughest situations he's been in for a while. Meg says, she's going to be kind of relieved to get out of all of this. James says, Thursday he'll be on the block again, & he'll have to win Veto again. He says, if he wins, they will have to send Steve or Johnny Mac. James thinks they will try to backdoor him. Meg tells him to try to win that Veto no matter what.


10:58 PM BBT James says, they may put up Steve & Johnny Mac up as pawns & tell them they have to win the Veto & then they will pull them off the block & put him up there. Meg asks what they did for them to turn on them? James says, week 1. Meg tells James they aren't going to take him to the final 2, because he would win over anyone in the house. Meg says, he has all the jury votes right now. James says, except one. Meg asks who? James says, Shelli. Meg says, wait until she gets there, especially if he gets to the final 2.


10:59 PM BBT 10:59 PM BBT Meg says, she will tell them everything. James says, they will see the DVD's. Meg wants to call out Austin. She says, she's not going to because it might hurt his game. James says, if he wins HOH, he's got turn this house upside down.

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11:01 PM BBT We get FotH for a minute.  When we come back, Meg and James are saying they think it’s Austin and Vanessa.  James wonders why they would cut out Julia and Liz.  Meg says because we have brains.  James says so you think they will evict them?  Meg says eventually, but they have to get us out first because we have no problem going against them or calling them out.  James says how crazy would it be if James Julia and Liz got together.  Meg says that’s not gonna happen and James laughs and says “yeah, you’re right.” 


11:03 PM BBT James and Meg continue to strategize and discuss.  Vanessa is laying in bed in a darkened HOHR and listening to music.  Camera 2 is showing an empty KT and dining area.


11:04 PM BBT James says he’s glad Vanessa can’t play the next HOH.  They talk about how Vanessa seems to win every single time she talks about how bad she is at the competition.  They discuss Steve and whether he will win DE, that DE will probably be the days comp and Steve will likely win it. 


11:07 PM BBT Meg says to James that she better not see his face next.  James says maybe she will see Austin’s face. Or Johnny Mac.  Meg starts to talk about what she is looking forward to telling the other jurors. James says he is going to the WA and he wants to see where Johnny Mac is at.  If Johnny Mac is up there again, James will be wtf?


11:09 PM BBT  Meg speaks directly to the camera, telling us that this is probably her last night in the house.  This game is much harder than it looks.  She’s excited to find out what happens the rest of the way with everyone. She feels she is fighting an uphill battle today.  Trying to campaign, but knowing the house is...  feeds switch to James talking to John in the WA.  John says that it means they have to win tomorrow.  John says he can’t change the vote by himself.  James and John agree that they will probably be the ones nominated if they don’t win.  James comments on Steve whispering to Austin and how their voices changed the moment James came up there.  James reassures John that he and Meg have not told Steve anything.  John says “good.”


11:12 PM BBT Austin and Steve are playing chess while Liz watches.  Steve is telling Austin that his time is up. Austin wants more time but makes his move.  Steve moves again right away and Austin tells Steve that he rushed him.  In the WA, Julia is watching while John demonstrates how to flow properly and James tries it out. 


11:21 PM BBT Meg sits on the bed she was using previously in the OBR and sips her tea and then returns to the HNR.  James comes in and begins sorting through clothes while they talk about tea.  Meg asks if James has a “teavana” near him, and he has no idea what she is talking about.  James is getting his stuff ready for “next week.”  Meg tells him he has awhile.  Meg speculates that she will be at a hotel tomorrow night.  James says yes...back to civilization and she might even get to watch movies.  Meg says maybe some booze and a bed...that’s all she needs.


11:25 PM BBT John comes up to the Skybridge where Liz and Julia are both watching Austin and Steve play.  John says “this is a close game.”


11:28 PM BBT Meg and James are talking about the PoV ceremony being shown today and how their friends and families would have reacted. Meg was happy for James.  James says it was bittersweet. Meg tells James that “they said it was a funny moment when I find out you pick mine” and we get FotH.  When we come back, James is still sorting clothes and saying that he wanted to run around the yard.  Meg says he was calm. 


11:29 PM BBT James is sitting on the floor of the HNR and going through clothes.  He smells shirts to determine if they are clean. Meg comments that she can’t even remember what it’s like out in the world.  They talk about how long they’ve been in the house.  It’s been a long time.   

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