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Tuesday, September 1 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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1209AM BBT  Liz, Austin, Julia, JohnnyMac, and Steve are huddled around the chess table.  JohnnyMac and Austin are playing chess.  Steve is watching, giving tips and eating his chips.  James and Meg are playing pool. James is giving Meg tips on how to "break" the balls.  He keeps telling her to focus.  No camping thoughts, just good thoughts.  James says she needs work on her racks, the crack is what you need to listen for.   She does 3 breaks in a row and decides the 3rd one is playable.  James says it sucks, but good.


1215AM BBT Steve reaches for a chess piece and is told to go back to eating his chips. 


1220AM BBT  Meg and James still playing pool.  The "gang" is still at the chess table.  No sign of Vanessa.


1225AM BBT  FISH  James and Meg are inside, Both have gone to the WC and now are headed back to the HN room.  FISH again.  Steve standing on Sky Bridge yelling at Meg wishing her a good night.  Back to the Chess Match.  Meg starts to sing "we are bored" and we get FISH.  James says he should go up and stomp their ass playing chess. Meg says go, she has no desire to play Chess.  Steve has taken his dishes down to the kitchen, checks hoh door, but heads back to the Chess Match.  Meg and James are eating gumdrops  Meg asks James how the view is and he replies Not Bad.  Meg leaves to take trash out.  We have James sitting alone in HN room, Meg returns shortly. 


1235AM BBT  James is at the Chess table.  We have a darkened HOH room on Cams 3/4.  Johnny Mac and Austin are still playing. 


1243AM BBT  James and Austin are now playing Chess.  Julia is the only one sitting with them.  Johnny Mac is shown sitting alone by the hot tub eating something out of a bowl.  Steve returns to Sky Bridge, picks up his hoodie and sits next to Julia.


1250AM BBT Chess Match continues.  Johnny Mac still sitting alone.  FISH. 


1257AM BBT  We see Julia and Meg in a darkened HN room.  Austin and James playing Chess. No game talk, actually hardly any talk at all


101AM BBT  Steve is in WA waiting for water to warm up.  Meg is in WC changing to night clothes.  Austin and James still playing Chess.


105AM BBT  Meg has walked out and joined Johnny Mac at the hot tub.  James and Austin still playing Chess.  Meg is telling Johnny Mac that it is going to blow up soon.  Johnny Mac is telling her not to give up.  Meg says there are people that are not after you.  James is on your side, you are not everyone's target.  James is now standing up studying the chess board, he makes a move and Austin is now studying the board.  Meg and Johnny Mac are talking.  Meg says there is so much information that Vanessa is demanding, claiming that they did not go and tell her about the backdoor and that Meg does not understand why she felt she deserved the information.  Meg says when she talked with Vanessa she went from one "gossip and you did not tell me" to you and James are a power couple.  Meg says Vanessa pointed out that Meg is a threat, Johnny Mac says if I get an HoH, it is going to be "you evicted me"  all bets are off. 


115AM BBT  Meg and Johnny Mac still talking with feet in Hot Tub.  James and Austin still playing chess.  Both Meg and Johnny Mac say they need to talk to Steve about the order of stuff to come.  DE should be next week.  Going to have to Steve he will know who needs to win what here on out to stay in the game.  Johnny Mac comments that Steve just walked pass the door headed upstairs.  Steve joined the Chess match for a minute.  Steve is now in the back yard with Johnny Mac and Meg.  Steve says he is "chess" out for the night.  Meg says she does not mean to be anti-social but she hates Chess.  Steve tells her he does not want her feeling left out. 


120AM BBT  Chess match continues.  Steve is talking about dead skin, asking questions of Meg and Johnny Mac about how can you tell it is dead and how to take care of it.   General chat at the hot tub.  Discussion has turned to how to get a good positon sleeping in the Dental chairs.    Chat continues at the hot tub. So does the Chess Match. 


130AM BBT  talk at the hot tub is about someone setting up a mock "BB" using skype, text, tweeter, some award prizes most don't ..  Meg says that would be a hobby and you could never know who is talking about who.  Johnny Mac said that it is for Hard Core BB players.  The discussion continues about super fans and the amount of time they spend talking and living BB.  (they are talking about Audrey-Granny)  


 145AM BBT  Austin is now frying eggs,  James has joined the Hot Tub gang, announcing that Austin kicked his butt.  Steve and the group are now discussing other reality shows.  Survivor is one that is fast paced and how did Jackie ever survive..  Meg says she knew Jackie thru the media work she does.  Liz just walked thru the LR to WA and back thru, stops for a minute to say something to Austin, FISH

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 4:00 am BBT Good Morning USA! Meg and James are in the WA talking about trying to figure out a way for Meg to be able to stay and get JMac and Steve vote out Julia.

 4:01 am BBT Meg told James that Steve initiated game talk with her. Meg told JMac earlier today that other people in the house were trying to get him put up on the block this week. Meg told James that she was campaigning for awhile with Steve and JMac. James said the funny thing is that they could probably get Austin to vote out Julia and blame it on Steve. James wants Meg to hang out with Steve all week to set him up and they are to never speak of it to anyone. Meg said that she told JMac that she has the votes to stay so that he will keep her too.

 4:05 am BBT James is going to pitch to Austin that they don’t want Steve to get to the end and Austin could vote out Julia and blame it on Steve. Meg wonders if Austin will do it. James is going to tell Austin that it is in his best interest to get rid of Julia now so him and Liz are not such a big target.

 4:08 am BBT James thinks Austin is worried about him and JMac getting the next HOH so he would probably work with them to avoid being put on the block. Meg wonders how to talk to Austin and James told her to talk to him logically and tell him that she has the right to campaign. Meg said that she has nothing to lose talking to Austin. James said that everyone wants to take everyone out but they don’t want to be the one to do it. James thinks that Austin would love the fact that they could blame it on Steve. If Austin does not go for it then he has to be working with Steve.    

 4:12 am BBT James said that Austin told him that he knows if he is going to win he has to make big moves and that he can’t take all three of them (Austwins) to the end. James is giving Meg more advice on telling Austin that they could take Julia, Steve and Vanessa out. Meg has been having a weird feeling about Austin this whole week.

 4:15 am BBT James told Meg this would be a game changer and Vanessa would freak out when she hears Julia being voted out. James said that Austin likes crazy and wants to make some big moves. Meg said that it is a really good idea and she hopes it works. Meg needs to be up Steve’s ass until Thursday and even play chess with him. Meg is at the point where she does not want it to be Vanessa sending her home.

 4:17 am BBT James said that if Austin is on board secretly then JMac would love to make this move. Meg will talk to Austin first and see if he is okay with it. Meg is scared to talk to Austin and James told her no because Austin is wanting to talk deals. James thinks that Vanessa and Liz will go after Steve thinking he is the one that voted out Julia. James said the only risk is if Austin says Hell no, but he does not think that he will say no if Meg explains it to Austin right. Meg thinks that Vanessa would put her and James back on the block together and James said that he don’t think that she will try that again. Meg is thinking about how to approach the whole thing.

 4:22 am BBT Meg will talk to Austin tomorrow at some point but she does not know how to get him alone. James said that she has to catch him when there is time to talk to him. James thinks that Austin is trying to pull away from the threesome a little and he knows that he can’t take Julia with him to the end. James thinks that if Austin wins the big money then Liz will forgive him for voting out Julia if she finds out. James is calling this plan operation Trojan horse and that is when Meg goes and makes a new best friend (Steve). James will hang out more with JMac until Thursday.

 4:25 am BBT James said that Meg can promise Austin that they will keep him safe because James has shown loyalty to him already. Meg thinks her way of talking is a little bit different than Austin. James said that he thinks Austin wants to take him to the final two. They are both joking that they would not take each other to the final two.

 4:28 am BBT Meg and James are discussing exactly what Meg is going to say to Austin when she approaches him.

 4:31 am BBT Meg is to tell Austin that they will be able to blame it all on Steve and Austin’s target will get smaller with Julia gone. Meg said that James is so good at campaigning and if it was him campaigning to her now she is sold. James really thinks that Austin will be on board with the plan.

 4:33 am BBT Meg is hoping that Austin stays up late tomorrow and then she can talk to him. Meg is impressed that James came up with this plan. James said that he is just trying to protect his queen. They both think it will be so funny to see Vanessa’s face if Julia is voted out. James said that if Steve is not going to get his hands dirty then they will get them dirty for him.

 4:37 am BBT James and Meg are brushing their teeth while talking about Austin and how he really does not care about Julia. James said that Austin wants to win this game. James wants Meg to go back over the plan again. Meg is going to do bullet points. First she is going to add a little humor and tell him that she just wants to campaign to him. Then she will ask him how sad he would be if Julia left. Then she will ask him how he feels about Steve. Then she will tell him that she has a master plan that involves both of them. Meg keeps laughing and James keeps telling her to focus.

 4:40 am BBT They are role playing with James as Austin. Now Meg is focused and pitching the plan to him.

 4:42 am BBT James told Meg that she did a good job with the pitch and that she hit the main bullet points. James thinks that Austin will bite on it.

 4:46 am BBT James thinks that Jackie would love it if Julia was voted out and blamed on Steve. Meg said that JMac told her that he did not use the veto that time when he won it is because he was scared for James and Becky that they would be put up and sent home.

 4:49 am BBT Meg said that she is not going to be able to sleep now thinking about it. James said that he and Austin agreed that they do not want Steve slipping through like Ian Terry so they need to put blood on Steve’s hands. James wants Meg to make sure that she points out that this could get rid of Julia and then Steve. Meg is trying to think of the backfires. James thinks there is minimal risk then we get FotH.

 4:53 am BBT Feeds are back and all four cameras are on sleeping house guests. Feed one switched to Meg walking from the WA to the HN room and it looks like she is going to bed.

 5:09 am BBT All house guests are in bed except for James and we do not see him on the feeds.

 5:13 am BBT James has now entered the HN room and went over to Meg to whisper something and then she started laughing quietly. James put on his shades and his hoody and is now crawling in the HN chair. Meg and James are both whispering low so we can’t hear what is being said.

 5:18 am BBT Whispering still going on with Meg and James. Meg keeps laughing quietly as James talks. Meg told James that she thinks Austin will respond better if James is there when she talks to Austin. James is making a joke about Meg giving him a big kiss on Thursday night if she stays and she has to wear her lipstick. Meg said that she is hungry but she wants to try to sleep.

 5:21 am BBT James told Meg there is nothing wrong with holding hands as he grabbed for her hand. Meg told him to get out of here as she pulled her hand away and told him to go to sleep. It looks like they are now going to sleep.

 5:24 am BBT Meg put on her shades and James asked her if she is sleeping. She said no and asked him if he was. He said no that he is just so excited to get this plan off the ground. Meg told him not to get his hopes up yet. Now it looks like they are going to sleep.

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147AM BBT  We briefly see Steve inside looking out Patio door then we get FISH again.  The talk at the hot tub is still about who got recruited and who actually applied to be on the show. (that may be why fish).


148AM BBT  We see Johnny Mac, Steve, James and Meg at hot tub, FISH.   Austin still in kitchen fixing food.  Steve explains how he uses his proper name while in school.  James says he will be watching some of the other shows like Survivor.  Austin washing a pan,  Discussion at Hot tub is Survivor and the idea that Steve could not do at all.  Meg says that Jackie saw it all, it is not like our show ..  they tape it all then air it.  Jackie said she was living it all again to actually watch the show, plus all the tweets and stuff.  Steve says that Donny was "trending" on tweeter last year and they discuss what it means to be a trender.  Now discussing #tags.  Austin still cooking leaving the fridge wide open while he looks. 


154AM BBT  Talking about doing things and getting certain responses on tweeter from feeders.  How much they might be hated for doing things. 


201AM BBT  Johnny Mac takes his dishes and walks into house.  Austin is still cooking and eating.  Washing dishes as he goes along.  Johnny Mac and him chat about his food.  James and Steve talk about days in the back yard.  Meg is still soaking her feet.  Steve brings up the fact that there are 6 more evictions and it will now speed up in the show.  Steve says if DE is the same as last year, it will be next week when they went from 7 to 5, we are at 8 right now.  Last year this time they did short clips to everyone from home, Steve says maybe they will do that this week.  James says they took all his pictures and stuff from when he was HoH, Steve says they took his pictures, but he has his letter.  The talk now is about what they can keep.


209PM BBT  Steve and Meg are the only ones at the hot tub, Meg says they all left us.  Austin is in WA doing ADLs, James is in WC.  Meg and Steve are now talking about college and being RAs.   Austin asks James how its going, James says okay.  James says he has kind of come to terms with Meg leaving.  They both keep saying Vanessa and numbers and it is part of the game.  Austin says he is stuck, he can't vote out Julia cause he F*s him cause of Liz.  James says he has no problem with Austin, they discuss Vanessa and Meg and wanting Meg to stay.  Austin told James if he is HoH James is safe, James says the same to Austin.  They continue to discuss what will come up in the next few weeks.  Austin still discussing DE not this week, but next week.  (Actually the chat is about all the stuff they keep rehashing this past 2 weeks-Granny) 


220AM BBT James and Austin still talking sceneries (sp) and how to keep Meg without pissing off Vanessa.  Also strategy going forward in game.  Austin says he has backed himself in a corner with Johnny Mac.  Meg and Steve are still talking in backyard.  Austin says it was lucky for him that Vanessa won, not lucky for James, but for him.  James said he knew he had to win Veto cause he knew otherwise he was going home.  Meg is telling Steve that this week did not go as planned and she feels gipped, I am up cause of James.  James was the target, James won Veto and without good reason I go home.  James and Austin are talking about James' chat with Vanessa and how she said he did not tell HER all of what was going on.  James says he is no rat.  Meg says to Steve that what I am saying is no surprise to you, he says "no it is not".  Meg said if Vanessa did not want me to go home, she would have put you or Johnny Mac up.  Meg says she is not going to tell anyone what they say now, my game is out there, I am not fighting for my life right now, this is how I see the game right now.  I was not put on block cause I was not a tattle tail.  Johnny Mac would have gone home, he already left once.  Steve says if he is prying too much, she says no,   Ironically James and I have been trying to stay out of this and well, see where that got me.

The discussion in the WA is still going on between James and Austin and what Vanessa says.

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227AM BBT  Steve and Meg are discussing when she has been on the block.  Talk in the WA is still about what is going on and things that could happen.  James is talking about what Vanessa has said to him, Austin says they have repaired things, but James says that Vanessa told him that once Meg goes home, guess who is out there to work with.  Steve is shocked that Meg has been fighting the whole game and has to regroup each week.  She keeps losing her peeps.  Steve said he had no idea. 


230AM BBT  Meg and Steve are discussing why James with after Clay.  The week with Jason was not cool and it changed the game totally after that week.  Jeff's, Clay's and Jason's week all changed the game.  James and Austin talk about DE and who they want gone, who they will be safe with who is HoH and who they want to partner with.  Meg truthfully told Steve that she thinks he has to make the choice to fight his ass off and win, win, Steve says if "you have to win, there is something wrong with your game"  Meg says she thinks the DE will be a big game changer.  The talk in the WA is almost the same, Austin and James are talking about running the game and what might happen.  steve says if anyone can pull off staying in the game as an underdog it would be James.  Austin says we need to watch what is going on and he thinks him and James have a chance to go to F2.  They are now discussing what comps are still coming  Steve says he will talk to Meg when he meets her again in Jury next week.  Meg says NO... there just are a lot of changes coming and numbers really count.  Steve says he thought he was an under dog in this game, but I guess I did not see what you were going thru. 


240AM BBT  Austin is telling James that he will not be a hot head if James has to take someone out.  Austin says that Vanessa told him that James said he would put both twins up, James says "I said that???"  Austin says he can't win for 3 people.  Meg says she would be fine going out if she was on the block with an opponent worthy of the eviction.  Steve says he understands what Meg is telling him.  Steve and Meg talking about who they will see in F2, but no names are being mentioned.  They both say they won't tell the other who.  Meg tells Steve you need to step up and play your cards right and you might be able to get further.  Steve says tell me that when I am next to you in the Jury house.


256AM BBT meg and James in WA talking   Steve in WC.  Austin doing his hair.  HOH shows lights off.  Meg says she is really trying hard not to be a sour puss in the house.  It is a double whammy being a HN and on the Block.  James says "we are not eating" I would have loaded all that food and stomped on it.  Just so we all would have been a HN this week.  Steve says how would that help you, James says we would all be suffering together.  James says he thought about making a pyramid of food stuff.  He did not do it.  Austin says he was surprised no one took Ketchup and left messages.  Steve says you not allowed to destroy other's property.  Austin says you could have left notes on the floor.  Meg says James needs to calm down, James says it has been 75 days. 


311AM BBT Talk in WA between James, Meg, Austin continues.  Steve is in WC and Meg asks if she is mean to him, Steve says no, you just keep rejecting me, that is not mean.  James asks why Steve is hiding a tube of toothpaste in his bag, he says he has had it for weeks, James kidding him about how they ran out of toothpaste and Steve had a full tube hidden.  James tells Meg she is his Queen.  James and Meg say they should have dressed as the Queen and King for Veto Mtg today, James says the Queen protects the King and she said she did that ... The king is not a target now.  We see Johnny Mac and Julia sleeping in HN room and the rest in the WA chatting and talking about camping again. 


325AM BBT  Chat in WA continues, now they are discussing "the clutch" DE.  Austin talking about how fast it can go. 


340AM BBT  James and Austin talking about making their own booze and hiding it in BB bag.  Austin gives up and says it is 340AM as he heads to the kitchen.  Meg and James are talking about taking showers tonight.  Meg says it will wake her up, she wants to be tired and will shower in the morning.  Austin goes into WC and sounds like a "turbo jet" according to James.  Meg says there is nothing to do tomorrow, Austin and James says scamper and talk about camping.  The discussion came up about who on last season would masterbate in the HoH shower.  James says he must be getting tired cause he is laughing at everything.  Meg says you are laying on all the clean towls.  James asks if Austin is going to bed, Meg hollers to Austin there is no reply.  Meg starts whispering to James about what was said between her and Steve at the Hot Tub.  Steve has gone to bed, but seems to be very restless.  James asks Meg when did this all take place, she says while I was talking to him at the Hot Tub, James wants to know who started game talk, Meg says Steve and Johnny Mac both started when she talked to them alone.  James says that Austin is still upset with Vanessa.  At 353AM, Steve has gotten back out of bed and gone to WC, both James and Meg say goodnight.. James talking bout how oily his hair gets and it is an Asian thing.  Steve is gong thru the fridge looking for something to drink.   James says he will talk shower in morning.  Steve rinses out his glass and heads back toward bedrooms.  James is still talking hair to Meg.  Steve is muttering game talk to himself in the Comic room.  James and Meg head to kitchen for a drink.  Steve is in bed playing with his foot, muttering to himself.   James is gong for Almond milk in storage room.  Steve now putting on socks, checking his feet first.  Meg goes back to WA with her cup of milk and James wanders back into kitchen from storage, checking to make sure all are in bed.  Telling Meg the coast is clear and then makes a comment about her peeing.    Steve is restless but seems to be in bed with his huggable pillow, covers himself up and trying to go to sleep (?)...   Johnny Mac told Meg that he would put Vanessa and Steve on the block, and we are back to who initiated game talk.  

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532AM BBT  James and Meg are still whispering in the HN room.  On cam 3 we see Austin and Liz sleeping.  On Cam 4 we see the pull out couch.  Meg rolls over and says her chair is different the angle is off.  James  pats her on the shoulder asking if she is okay.  Meg says "what the hell" he says I am rubbing your back.  She giggles (trying to keep quiet)  James says he can't wait, and are you excited, she says yes and says Thank you, James says You're Welcome.  James says it is nice to have someone rub your back, she says you are sweet.  James says "good night sweetheart" her reply is "good night hot pants"  he says yeahhhhhhhhhhh...and rolls over. 


6AM BBT  Everyone still sleeping.


850AM BBT  Everyone still tucked into bed, not even a mouse is stirring

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9:00am BBT: Lights still out and all Hg still sleeping.

9:12am BBT: Liz is up and goes to the WC, She comes out  brushes her hair washes her hands then brushes her teeth then grabs her mic and  heads back to bed.
 9:23am BBT: Austin is now up goes to the WC then washes hands then goes to the STR to changes batteries and returns to bed and snuggles with Liz.
 9:37am BBT: Liz in the WA doing ADL's and john is in the BY sitting alone.
 9:40am BBT: Meg  is gets up and helps James untangle his Mic  he says thanks Boo she says welcome. he says i was strangling  that thing was wrapped around my neck like  six times.
9:47am BBT: BB Calls James to the DR, he goes to the WC then washes hands then to the DR. Liz goes in the WC to get dressed for the day. John has gone back to bed. All other Hg sleeping.
 9:58am BBT: BB calls Julia to the DR. James is out and goes to the  WA gets his shades and jacket  then heads back to the HNBR to go back to bed.
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10:09am BBT:, We now have FOTH as BB may be playing music to wake the HG for the day.

10:31am BBT: Feeds back and Steve is in the KT looking outside. Meg and James are laying in the dentist chairs.
 10:35am BBT: Steve goes to the OBR and turns the lights on then goes to the CBR and goes back to bed.
10:42am BBT: Vanessa is out of the shower and  goes back to bed.
 10:49am BBT: Vanessa is up again getting ready for the day.
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11:04AM BBT Vanessa is in the WA putting her make up on. BB tells her that the HOHR is ready for her. She tells BB that she is not ready for it though.


11:06AM BBT Vanessa goes into the HOHR. The feeds go back to the HG that are sleeping in the BRs.


11:18AM BBT Breaking news from the BBHouse!! All of the HGs are still sleeping. Except Vanessa. She is completing her HOH responsibilities.


11:54AM BBT HG are still sleeping and we get FOTH. Must be another wake up call.


11:57AM BBT Feeds are back on and all of the HG are still sleeping except Vanessa. Feeds are not on her though.


12:00AM BBT Feeds are now on Vanessa. She is in the HOHR doing ADLs.


12:03AM BBT BB calls Vanessa to the DR. She says O.K.


12:03AM BBT Vanessa is walking through the house waking everybody up. She says its Picture Day. Vanessa walks in to the HNR and say wake up my little have nots.


12:05AM BBT The HG are now waking up for picture day. James and Meg are not waking up though. Johnny mac is going to the KT. Vanessa asked why Johnny Mac went to bed so late. He said somebody broke my bed time. Johnny Mac wanted pickles from the fridge, but there wasn't any. Vanessa tells him there are a lot of pickles in the SR. Johnny Mac says he is too lazy and then goes into the BY.


12:009AM BBT Austin and Liz are still in the BR. Liz rolls on top of Austin and they are still cuddling. For a moment they look into each others eyes. Vanessa joins Johnny Mac and takes a picture of him eating. Vanessa is trying to figure out what type of pictures they want to take. Her and Johnny Mac takes a selfie.


#BB17 12:10AM BBTVanessa and Johnny Mac are talking a little game in the back yard. Johnny tells Vanessa that meg stated to tell Johnny that she wanted to get rid of vanessa and steve. He said he went to bed after that. He says that Meg and James did not come back to bed for a couple of hours. They are wondering what they talked about


12:10AM BBT Johnny says that this HOH is big. Vanessa agrees. He says steve and him can win it. Vanessa asks if Steve can do it. Johnny mac says he will talk to him. Vanessa says that steve knows they have his back. They are talking about a plan for next week. They are being vague about the plan.


12:13AM BBT Vanessa is asking how she can get Steve to play his hardest in the next HOH comp. Liz is now up. Johnny and Vanessa are still talking. They are now talking about what happened on different days. Vanessa is actually quizzing Johnny. Liz is going into the WC.


12:18AM BBT Vanessa and Johnny are talking about what the next HOH comp could be. Vanessa asks Johnny if he has a strategy for the egg through the fence comp. They are discussing several strategies for it. Liz is now in the WA doing ADLs.


12:20AM BBT Vanessa and Johnny are still talking about strategy for HOH comps. Now she is talking about the different relationships that she has with HG. She says she can't wait to find out what Steve has to say about the conversation he had with Meg and James last night. Liz walks out in the BY and says "Picture Time". Vanessa walks back in the house and says nobody is up. Vanessa trips and falls.


12:22AM BBT Liz is in the HNR trying to wake up James, Meg, and Julia. It is not working. Austin is just now waking up. He says he is tired. Liz says its because he was scampering all night. Austin actually sits up. Liz is trying to pick him up to get out of bed. They hug and kiss. Vanessa joins Johnny Mac in the BY again and takes another picture. Liz now joins them in the BY. A plane flys over.

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12:35pm BBT: Austin, Vanessa, John and Steve sitting in the BY between the  large gum drops and Liz is telling them how to pose and whining to Austin to do it right. Meg comes to the BY and says ok I am ready for my picture.

12:37pm BBT: James is still in the HNBR sleeping while all the other Hg are in the BY taking pictures and thinking what other props they can use.
 12:47pm BBT: Vanessa still has the Camera as they are all taking pictures Vanessa is trying to learn how to set the timer in the LVR for a group picture.
12:49pm BBT: Hg now at the memory wall taking a group picture except James who is still ion the HNB sleeping.
12:54pm BBT: Meg goes back to the HNBR with James and they are talking about the Dots that meg is eating. Vanessa goes to take the camera back and tells everyone thank you.
12:56pm BBT: Liz and Austin now preparing to make omelettes,Julia making slop for herself, John goes to the BY and Steve making cereal. Meg and James in the HNBR  talking about what time it is.
12:58pm BBT: meg talks to the camera and says happy birthday daddy i love you and miss you. James says happy birthday the the mayor and says he heard that he turned 100 years old today and meg laughs.
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 1:01pm BBT: Liz and Julia go to the cabana rm and Julia says i did not want to do this and if i leave because of this kid i will be pissed cause Vanessa  does not act like she cares and neither does Austin even though they said i was safe. Julia says can we talk to Steve now and Liz says no i do not want to corner  him. Julia says can we pull Austin in now then and Liz says no not till after he eats. Julia says i feel so alone and  Steve is acting funny i am scared i will go home.

1:04pm BBT: Steve goes to the room and Steve hugs Julia and Julia says she is scared and Steve says  you  100% have my vote do not worry about it. Julia says i just need to be reassured cause this is the worst feeling ever. Steve says i have your back i told you that before. Julia says i sen you guys up talking all night and i am just scared and Steve says  meg has not even talked about votes but she probably will but just do not freak out i am keeping you here.Julia says ok.
 1:07pm BBT: Steve assures Julia she does not need to worry at all and she ask for A hug and they leave the Cabana rm and go to the KT.
1:09pm BBT: Steve is checking the Microwave as it has not been working. he moves the coffee pot over and determines it is the outlet not the  appliances that do not work. Steve is now going to the DR to let them know.
 1:21pm BBT: Meg and James sleeping in the HNBR, Austin and Julia are eating and Liz making her food. Vanessa comes down and talks about her doing her blog and we get FOTH.
1:28pm BBT: smack ,smack, crunch ,crunch, and slurp, slurp, is what you hear  as Vanessa, Liz and Julia eat and drink coffee at the Kt table about milk and slop.
1:34pm BBT: Austin goes to the HOPh rm to talk to Vanessa He says I know the votes are locked in but Julia is worried and Vanessa says we can not let them be alone with John and Steve till after eviction. Austin says this is the time to ground it out and stay up all night with them cause that is how the exterminators got Amanda and McCray out. Austin says James came to him and ask him how he was doing and i thin k he is thinking that if he says anything  that it will come back to you.  Austin says James told me that for the first time I am going to be alone  and i want to see who comes to me.
1:41pm BBT: Vanessa and Austin going over what John and Steve are doing and how John  and Steve do not talk much anymore. Austin says i am trying to figure out what they are going to do next week.  Vanessa says if i am ever on the block with Julia would you vote to keep me or Julia and Austin says that is hard but i would want to keep you.
 1:36pm BBT: Vanessa says if Austin wins HOh he needs to put James up and if he wins the POV then Steve goes up and Steve goes home and it is time to get Steve out. Vanessa then says this stays here between us now though. Austin says oh yeah i know.
 1: 50pm BBT: Austin and Vanessa still talking about why James needs to go next week and about who needs to win HOH Thursday. Austin says he single handedly put Clay and shelli out so he has to be careful and he has to protect Liz, Julia and Vanessa in this game so I have alot in my hands right now so i really have to think about all this now. Vanessa laughs and says yes you do.
1:55pm BBT: Liz comes in  the HOh rm and is worried about Julia being on the block and Austin says that they are talking about HOH next week and then how meg come to talk to him and Steve would not let them be alone like he was trying to make sure that meg did not tell him anything they talked about. Austin says i have seen where  the house would flip votes after late night sessions and talking so we have to make sure that John and Steve do not have alone time with meg and James. Vanessa and Liz agree. Vanessa says let me talk to Steve he will tell me everything. Austin says just tonight and tomorrow night just stick close to Steve and Liz says i will not go to sleep for sure.
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 2:01pm BBTL Austin and Liz leave the HOH rm and Vanessa goes out the door telling Steve to come hang out with her when he gets a second. he says ok as he washes dishes.


 2:09pm BBT: Steve still doing dishes Julia goes out to the BY and Liz says pool day and Julia says yeah. Meg and James are still sleeping in the HNBR.


2:14pm BBT: Steve  goes to talk to Vanessa and  Steve tells her that Meg never  asked for his vote at all. Vanessa says really?  He says yeah  we was just talking and  she was not talking game. All Meg told me was she was after one person only. Vanessa ask who and Steve says she really did not tell me that was all the game talk we heard. Steve says Meg told him she is going to do some hard core campaigning soon but it is not happening yet. Vanessa stays i have one question for you and it odes not leave this room. Steve says ok , Vanessa ask do you think it is in the plans for Austin to vote Julia out and Steve says no  i do  not see that happening. Vanessa says well it is something to think about that you ,John and Austin could vote Julia out or you James and John could and Steve says and blame it on me? Vanessa nods her head.


2:22pm BBT: Vanessa asking Steve if he gets HOh would he put up Liz and James or John and he says yeah and she ask him what if the vote was  for Liz or john which way do you go and he says i would have to keep Liz.


2:28pm BBT: Vanessa and Steve in the HOH BR repeating themselves as Julia and Liz laying by the pool talking about why Vanessa nominated Julia and   then they talk about  IF THEY VOTE Julia OUT Liz WILL BE PISSED.




 2:40pm BBT: A helicopter flies over the BB house and Julia yells HELP!!!!    Julia goes inside to the WC as James is getting into the cold shower. Austin and John are working out on weights.


 2:47pm BBT: Austin and John still working out and Julia and Liz laying on the hammock. Julia tells Liz that it is family first then boy friends and her dream is to take her boy friend to a Daytona 500 race.
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3:00 PM BBT Julia is laying on the hammock in the BY.  Steve is eating an apple and he puts on Liz’s sunhat.  Julia tells him he looks like a safari leader.  James and Meg are in the HNR talking.  James is pacing while Meg lays on her dentist chair.  Meg and James discuss how to approach Austin and whether Meg should go first and then James can talk to him later and get things across from his perspective.


3:02 PM BBT James thinks that getting Austin to vote against Julia and blaming Steve would appeal to Austin’s “Judas” side.  James thinks no one will suspect Austin voting against Julia. James says he gets pumped every time he talks about it.


3:05 PM BBT Meg and James get ready to leave the HNR and go to the KT for some slop.  James is coaching Meg to make sure she tells Austin that she has to protect her game and to emphasize that James likes Austin.  She is going to plant the seed about not knowing what James will do when she is gone. 


3:10 PM BBT Austin and John are still working out in the BY.  Liz tries using the skipping rope and ends up hitting her leg with the rope.  Julia is sitting with her feet in the HT watching.  Steve, Meg, and James are all in the KT. 


3:12 PM BBT Vanessa comes out into the BY saying “they woke me up from my nap.”  When ask who did, she says “stupid,” Julia says “fairies,”  and we get FISH.  Vanessa goes over to Julia and Liz by the HT. Julia reports that when she went to the WC last night she saw Meg and James talking to John, so she is feeling paranoid.  John has told Vanessa that Meg has not campaigned.  Yet.  Julia asks if they can flip it, and Vanessa doesn’t think so...as long as everyone keeps their word.  Vanessa sympathizes about how paranoid you feel when you are on the block.  Vanessa thinks that there are no arguments to justify flipping it.  It’s not like Julia has won more comps than Meg.


3:17 PM BBT Vanessa is still trying to reassure Julia that she has the votes to stay, and telling her that she needs to stay positive and not stress.  


3:22 PM BBT Julia, Liz, and Austin in the WA.  Liz washes her hands and Austin asks her what’s wrong.  Liz is sad because she is worried about Julia.  Austin hugs and kisses Liz.  Julia wonders why they are locking them down.  They talk about what to have for lunch.


3:29 PM BBT Everyone but Vanessa is in the KT.  They are talking about In-n-Out.  Austin says it takes 3 days to recover.

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3:35PM BBT HG talking about food in the KT. They tease that Steve has a flatulence problem. Austin talks about him drinking 4 gallons of milk a week.


3:46PM BBT All HG but Vanessa are in the KT trying different candy and giving their thoughts on it.


4:02PM BBT Steve heads to HOH and Vanessa follows. She asks him if he is being sneaky. He jokes yes. He is now hiding Mr. Goodbars for her to find.


4:05PM BBT In the HNR Meg and James talk. James says that operation Trojan Horse begins tonight. They talk about that John would tell them yes or no. James talk about if they can create an alliance.


4:11PM BBT John comes in and so James and Meg stop talking. John wants to take a nap. Vanessa and Steve play chess and complain about each other's moves as usual.


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4:21PM BBT Austin comes out to the KT where Liz is running a ton of water to wash one bowl and asks her what she wants to do. She tells him they never cuddle anymore. He rubs her shoulders and kisses her neck. She announces they should nap and starts to finish up the dishes.


4:28PM BBT Austin and Liz crawl in bed. BB calls her to the DR but she gets frisky instead. Austin is on top of her kissing her and she screams and laughs. He tells her to go do her thing and off she goes to the DR.


4:41PM BBT Austin watches Steve and Van play chess. Liz is out of the DR.

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4:49PM BBT Steve and Vanessa still playing chess. Julia comes up to sit down and accidently bumps Vanessa's bruise. Vanessa says how much it huts and Julia apologizes.


5:02PM BBT Vanessa and Austin start a game of chess. (yes these are the feeds)


5:11PM BBT Meg and Steve in the KT discussing BB almost being over. Vanessa explaining all of her moves in chess to Austin.


5:21PM BBT Meg lying on the hammock. Chess game still going on with Austin and Vanessa.


5:26PM BBT at the chess game, Julia asks Vanessa if Mel's boobs are real. Van laughs and says Mel has never had a boob job. Austin asks Vanessa if hers are real. Vanessa says hers are real.

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5:41PM BBT As the chess game continues, Vanessa tells Julia and Austin that they are learning the game so well.


5:48PM BBT Meg has moved to the HN room for a nap. Chess game still in progress.


5:58PM BBT Vanessa and Austin still playing chess. No game talk going on. Just chess talk.

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7:00 PM BBT In the BY Liz is sitting on the round lounger watching Austin work out with the barbell. We hear birds chirping & an airplane flying overhead. Steve & Julia are playing pool. Liz gets up to watch them. Austin is walking around shaking off the fact that he was able to lift the barbell. Austin tells him to lift the weight. Steve says, he can't do that.


7:02 PM BBT Steve says, he has to go urinate. Julia laughs & says her mom says that. He says, he's going to run on the elliptical for 22 minutes when he's done. Julia asks Liz to play pool with her. Liz says, she can't because she has to watch Austin. Julia tells her she doesn't. Liz says, "Yes, I do." Liz tells Julia to set it up. Julia says, she's going on the hammock now. Julia says, it's so beautiful there. She says, they are going to move there. She says, "Callate." (Shut-up in Spanish). Steve goes to the BY. We see FOTH.


7:05 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Steve on the elliptical. Austin is going to do another time with the barbell. He says, he probably shouldn't do it, because that's when someone gets hurt, when they say they are going to do it & don't walk away. Julia asks if he's going to do it? Austin says, because he's crazy. Julia says, "Crazy for Liz." Julia tells Liz she probably isn't losing weight because of all the calories in the slop. Austin lifts the barbell again.


7:08 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that if she wanted to be a HN he would have done it with her. He says, that was 3 days ago, but today he would tell her to do it by herself. Liz asks why he would make her do it by herself? Austin says, "Kidding." Austin says, "You've been mean to me." Austin talks to the twins about the Veto competition.


7:10 PM BBT Julia tell Liz how her stomach acts weird when she fries the slop, but when she mixes it with the milk it doesn't act that way. Steve says he has an 8 minutes & 24 second mile. Austin tells him to try to get it under 8 minutes. Austin picks up the barbell to do back squats. Liz counts to ten in English while Julia counts to ten in Spanish. Austin says, that was the most unenthusiastic count ever, he almost fell asleep. Steve says, he just did 1 mile, & he will do another.


7:14 PM BBT Julia keeps saying things in Spanish with no translation. Austin & Steve joke around about the pretend family last names. Austin says, he's getting sweaty. Steve says, "O.K., Mile number 2, & then I'm done." Austin tells him to try to get it under 8 minutes. Austin asks Liz if she's ready, as he gets ready to lift the barbell again.

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7:17 PM BBT Austin drops the barbell on the ground when he's finished. He says, "Thanks, thanks for nothing," to the twins, as they clap for him. He sits down on the seats that are near the hot tub. Steve is breathing really hard while using the elliptical without his shirt on. Austin turns his body back & forth a couple of times & then gets up. He tells Steve, "Get it Boi, get it."


7:19 PM BBT Austin starts to run down the days in the house with the twins while taking a break. There is a yellow pail shovel laying on the ground near the pool. The twins run down the days now, while Austin lifts the barbell again to do more back squats. Steve is still trucking along on the elliptical.


7:22 PM BBT Austin brings the barbell over his head & drops it on the ground when he finishes this set. He sits down on the round lounger in the BY to take a break. He gets up to encourage Steve by saying, "There you go, there you go." Austin uses a towel that he has on the bench to wipe his back off. Steve says, "Done." Austin asks how fast? Steve says, 16:40. Austin asks, "So the second time was?" Steve says, "Eight minutes." Austin says, "Good."


7:25 PM BBT The twins are on the hammock still running through the days in the house. Steve walks by them. Liz says, "Damn Steve, you're really sweaty." Steve says, "I just finished 2 miles." Austin finishes his next set of back squats. He asks Liz, "Are you proud of me honey?" Liz says, "Very." Austin thanks her. Julia says, "We have the best area code ever, no, zip code, the area code is 305."


7:27 PM BBT Liz asks what she's going to do to find her cup? Steve tells her it's on the Photo Booth. Steve doesn't have his glasses on & walks into some bugs. Austin tells him they are breathing them in & they are gnats. Meg goes to the BY, & says, "Hi." Steve says, "Hi," back. He tells her he doesn't have his glasses on. He asks if the other HN's are still sleeping? Meg says, yes.


7:28 PM BBT Meg goes back in the house, & so does Steve. Steve goes to the WA. He blows his nose, takes his microphone off, grabs his swim trucks, & goes in the WC.


7:30 PM BBT Steve comes out of the WC, puts his shoes & shorts on the couch. He goes to the BY & Julia says, "Wh*rekini." Liz goes to the KT & eats some nuts out of the glass candy dish on the glass table. Steve goes back in the house. Liz opens a bag of chips & starts to eat them. Liz walks out to the BY, chomping her potato chips. Steve gets some clothes & adds them with his stuff on the couch in the WA.


7:32 PM BBT Steve, whispering to himself, goes to the CBR to get his towel. He walks out & then goes back in to get his flip-flops. He stops by the glass table to take something from a candy dish, & then goes to the BY.


7:34 PM BBT In the HNR, John, James & Meg are all trying to nap. In the BY, Liz & Julia are playing pool. Liz makes a shot, & Julia says, "I hate you." Julia tells Steve not to boop him. Steve pick up a beach ball & gets in the swimming pool. An airplane flies overhead.


7:36 PM BBT Liz tells Julia, "It's all about the angles, & she just realized that." She says, "You guys may be getting better at chess, but I'm getting better at pool." Julia takes her turn, talking in Spanish again, with no translation. Liz takes her next turn & sinks the 8 ball. She loses. Julia tells Steve. Steve says, "As expected." Liz says, Austin needs to start cooking dinner because it's almost 8 PM BBT. Julia tells Liz to rack the balls since she lost. Liz says, "I'm eating." Julia says, "Really?" Liz says, "Yes," as she is chomping on more potato chips.


7:38 PM BBT Julia breaks the balls. She says, "I break better than Steve." The twins are trying to get Steve's attention, & he's not answering them. Steve asks if he just heard his name, but still doesn't respond. Julia asks Steve, "If Liz makes a solid ball in first with a scratch, can I go for the solids now?" Steve says, "No, if she pocketed a solid & then scratched, she's solids." Julia says, "Whatever."

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7:40 PM BBT Liz & Julia keep swearing & commenting on their pool game. Austin goes in the house & comes back out. Austin says, "Dinner time." Liz tells him he's making dinner tonight. Steve says, he's sitting outside with the Boi. Liz acts shocked & tells him he's making pork chops. Austin goes by the pool to talk to Steve. Austin tells him that James told him he's o.k. with him & he's not making any deals with anyone in the house.


7:44 PM BBT Austin thinks that James may make a play against him next week, or he may try to bring him in to try to go against the floaters like Steve & Johnny Mac. Steve says, he's been in their alliance this whole time. Austin says, James doesn't know that. Austin tells Steve he doesn't understand what he's trying to get at. Steve says, if James says he's going to work with person A & person B gets HOH. Austin says, then he'll work with person B. Steve asks Austin what his plan is next week? Austin says, "To take out James, plain & simple."


7:46 PM BBT Vanessa goes to the BY. Steve tells her about his work out. Austin tells Steve that his plan is to work with the scamper squad & not take out Johnny Mac. Steve says, "So, Johnny Mac will also go after James." Austin says, he hopes so. Steve says, James may be trying to get him to just not put him up. Austin & Steve run through scenarios of things they can do next week, & only 1 person isn't playing in the Veto comp.


7:49 PM BBT Austin tells Steve, there's room to discuss things. Steve says, Meg doesn't really have much time left in the game. They run down scenarios that Meg will think everyone will be coupled up with someone else. Austin tells Steve that James & Meg still he's closer to Johnny Mac more than anyone else. Steve says, he's close, just not as close. Austin says, "Exactly."


7:51 PM BBT Steve says, he hasn't said which way he's voting because he hasn't been asked. Austin tells Steve that James told him that he has to worry about James, Johnny Mac & him next week if they win HOH. Austin says, it seemed like James was trying to make him feel comfortable enough to try to throw the HOH. Austin tells Steve he's telling him everything so he's not doubting him. Steve says, his target is still James. They talk about trusting each other.


7:54 PM BBT Steve asks Austin who he thought he was going to target in the double eviction? Austin says, initially he thought James, then he thought Becky. Steve says, his target was Jackie the whole time. Austin says, it was a good one. Austin talks to Steve about winning this HOH, & then not being able to play in the double eviction. Steve says, it may not be next week. He tells Austin that Season 8 they went from 6 to 4. Austin snaps his fingers & tells Steve he's right. He keeps snapping his fingers as they talk. They are talking about the double eviction Veto Competitions.


7:56 PM BBT Steve tries to make Austin feel as though he's safe. Austin says, the twins need to study because they will eventually go on the block together. He keeps snapping his fingers. Austin says, he told Julia the other night that if she's worried she needs to stay up with everyone. He says, she only watched 2 seasons of BB in sequester. Steve says, she has nothing to worry about. Austin says, she's never been on the block so she doesn't understand.


7:58 PM BBT Austin says, it might be good that Julia is feeling this way, because then she may try harder for the HOH. An airplane flies over again. Steve & Austin say how crazy it is that it will be 7 HG's on Thursday. They talk about it being 17 HG's this season, which is the most. Steve says, this will be the 11th eviction. Austin says, he can't believe they are going to survive 11 evictions. He says, no guys his size makes it this far. Steve tries to remember the previous seasons. Austin says, that maybe because he wasn't good for some of the comps in the beginning has helped him. Steve talks about the dice comp. Austin says, he was too big to fit in the dice.


8:02 PM BBT A little while ago Vanessa screamed because of a big bug. Steve says, thanks to Vanessa. He tells her he's not telling her why, but thanks. He's thanking her for the fast forward that Austin got. Vanessa says, she's glad when she does things on purpose.


8:04 PM BBT Liz in the KT cleaning off a cutting board in the trash can. Julia walks through the KT talking in Spanish with no translation again. Liz asks if Austin is still talking to Boi? Julia looks out & says, yes. Julia tells her not to interrupt them. Julia asks Liz if she noticed she cleaned the counters? Liz says, no. Julia says, "Well I did."


8:06 PM BBT Julia tells Liz that they are all still sleeping in the HNR. She says, she doesn't understand how someone can sleep that much. Liz says, she knows. (Maybe because they are in the dentist chairs.) Meg comes to the KT. She says, tomorrow is probably going to be another rollie pollie day. She sits down at the DT where Julia is doing her fingernails again tonight.


8:09 PM BBT Julia looks through her bag of nail polish & tells Liz that they have lost one of the two bottles of the pink nail polish. Liz asks Julia where it went? Julia says, she doesn't know.


8:10 PM BBT Vanessa goes back in the house, after she finises on the elliptical. She tells the twins that she did 22 minutes today on it. She says, she started with 20 minutes yesterday & tomorrow will be 24 minutes. She says, she's going up 2 minutes every day. She says, if they don't have the BY tomorrow, then she will do 24 minutes on the stairs tomorrow. Julia says, she's a beast on the stairs. Vanessa says, Mel has been working out every day, & she doesn't want to be flabby for her.


8:12 PM BBT Julia messed up a nail & has to fix it. Liz & Vanessa talk softly about Austin talking to Steve. Liz tells her that she's trying to get information from him. Liz yells to the BY, & whines to Austin that she needs his help to cook the pork chops. She says, her hands are bleeding from doing the vegetables. Austin says, he has to take a shower & everything. Austin says, he read in Men's Fitness that pigs don't sweat, so you are eating pig sweat. Julia says, there's no way he just read that. Austin says, they are the only animal that doesn't sweat. Austin & Julia start to sing.


8:15 PM BBT Liz acts like a brat to Austin & says, she cooks for him every night, & he can't help her with one little thing. He says, he really doesn't want to. She gets even more mad at him. Austin tries to give her a kiss on her forehead, & she pushes him away. Vanessa told her a few minutes ago that she knows how to cook pork chops. Liz tells him he doesn't have to help, he can just tell her what to do.


8:16 PM BBT Austin tells Liz the pork chops are slimy. (He didn't wash the pork chops off before putting them in the marinade.) Liz tells him he makes them so good, so she doesn't understand why he's acting like this. Liz says, there are only 2 packs of steaks & she felt bad for the HN's so it was either pork chops or chicken. Austin tells her to stop pouting. Liz goes to get water from the refrigerator. Austin goes by her & tells her she needs a kiss. Liz says, no, he's not getting one.


8:18 PM BBT Vanessa goes in the KT & asks what's wrong? Liz tells her that Austin doesn't want to help her. Vanessa says, she will help her. Liz says, it's Austin's secret marinade. She says, she's going to make cashew vegetables. Austin is looking for a secret ingredient & it can be hit or miss. Liz asks if it's garlic? Austin says, not garlic, he put garlic salt in there. Austin puts it in the marinade bag. Liz says, "Ooo a little bit of orange." Austin says, "Yep." Liz sings a little. Austin puts BBQ sauce in the bag also. Liz asks if he has honey in it? Austin says, "Of course."


8:21 PM BBT Liz asks Austin if she's going to back it? Austin says, yes, you're going to back in that flavor. Liz says, "O.K., thank you, you are dismissed." Austin tells her he wants to be in there with her. Liz says, "No." Austin asks where Julia is? Liz says, "She's on technotronics." (The elliptical.) Austin says, it should be good, & he's going to get a shower. He tells Liz he wants to steal a kiss. When he kisses her you hear a hollow sound a few times. Austin & Liz both sing a little. Austin goes to the BY to check the laundry.


8:24 PM BBT In the BY, James & Meg are by the hot tub. Steve gets out of the pool. Meg says, she's still tired. James asks if she feels groggy? Meg says, yes. Meg is eating her Fun Dip. James says, he literally slept all day. Austin asks James to play pool, & says, he will play chess later. James tells Austin that Vanessa is aggressive with her Queen. Steve gets told to please put on his microphone.


8:25 PM BBT Austin says, he wants to play Meg in chess. He says, he's geeking right now, he knows it, & he goes in the house. Meg & James are going to play pool. James asks if they are missing a pool ball? Meg racks the balls & James is going to break. James says, he feels like he has something in his throat. He tells Meg that a grey cup in the BY is his from yesterday. James says, "Oh sh*t, I did a Meg," on his first attempt at his break. After his second, successful, attempt, he says, "I love the way that sh*t cracks, ba bam."


8:28 PM BBT In the KT, Liz asks Steve if he's joining them for dinner tonight? Steve says, yes, & he really shouldn't be eating chips. Liz says, she opened them. Steve says, they have more counter space with the microwave being gone now. Liz asks if they said anything? Steve says, no. Liz says, "Obviously they don't care." Steve says, the outlet is down. He chomps of some more potato chips in his microphone. Liz says, she's a mess & washes her hands in the KT sink.


8:30 PM BBT Liz puts more potato chips in her mouth. She chomps, hums & smacks her lips together, as she walks around the KT looking for things to add to the pork chops.


8:33 PM BBT James & Meg are still playing pool. Julia is on the elliptical now. Liz continues to cook in the KT.


8:34 PM BBT Meg gets called to the DR. She tells James, "See ya bud, I'll be back." James says, "O.K." He hums a little & goes inside the house. Julia is now walking backwards on the elliptical.


8:36 PM BBT Austin tells James & Steve that his hair is too long for Meg. Steve asks if Meg doesn't like guys with long hair? Austin says, he doesn't know. Meg comes out of the WC, & says, "What the hell?" She washes her hands & leaves the WA. Austin hides behind the WC door & tries to scare James when he comes out. He washes his hands in the sink. Meg asks him, "What are you doing?" James says, "Taking a piss, man." Meg tells James she'll meet him at the bar in like 15. James says, "O.K., wear something tight." He rinses his mouth with mouthwash & spits it out without rinsing the sink.


8:38 PM BBT James goes to the BY. Liz is chomping on food as she is cooking. Liz asks Steve if John is still sleeping? Steve says, yes. Liz says, he can sure sleep. Steve goes to the HOHR. Vanessa tells him he has to stop giving her chocolate because he acne is coming back. She tells him she found one in her underwear drawer, & she hopes he wasn't pilfering in her underwear drawer. He tells her there are still 3 more she hasn't found. She tells him the ones she found. She figures out there's one in her popcorn, & she wants to find the other two by herself. Steve says, he can't find his HOH Letter. He says, it was by the pull-out bed, & it might be gone from after the comp.


8:42 PM BBT Vanessa says, only 22 more days without Mel. Her & Steve discuss when the finale is. He thinks it's on Sept. 24. Vanessa says, that's a Thursday. Steve says, a Wednesday finale sounds more right. They discuss Julia being on the elliptical. Vanessa says, she should have nothing to worry about anything. Vanessa asks Steve what's wrong? Steve says, nothing. She tells him she knows he's up there for something. He says, he kind of wants to finish their conversation from this morning. Vanessa asks where they were? She says, she's slept three times since then.


8:45 PM BBT Steve wants to know if he should target James. Vanessa tells him that's the best for his game. She tells him he can use Julia or her as a pawn. She says, she'd rather not be the pawn, but she will be if he wants her to be. Steve tells her he's been up more times than them. Vanessa tells him that he's always been under their protection. They talk about targets from this season. Vanessa says, Becky was a week 1 target. Steve asks why? Vanessa says, because of some kind of comments that pi**ed people off. Steve says, he never heard any of those. Vanessa says, she didn't either.


8:48 PM BBT Steve asks if he puts up James & Julia up & James goes what will happen? Vanessa says, they her & Austin play in the double eviction HOH, which he won't be able to play in, & she is likely to win if he's not in it. (They don't know that this week is the double eviction.) Vanessa says, they will have to break Austwins up & she may be the one to have to do it. Steve tells her it's not to leave the room. Vanessa says, she's not telling anyone anything he says.

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8:50 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that Johnny Mac will have to throw the final 6 HOH. She says, he's not going to try to go after Johnny Mac. They discuss Steve & Liz going after Johnny. Vanessa asks where that leaves them if they go after Johnny? Steve says, scamper squad in final 5. Vanessa says, it's probably Liz that wins final 6, then she can't play in final 5. She says, then they do what has to be done & it leaves them a final 4 they can play with.


8:53 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa, "If you have to win HOH, you've done something wrong." Vanessa goes back & forth, & says, it's some interesting sh*t. They run through a scenario if John wins HOH coming up. Vanessa asks if one of the twins goes home? Steve says, maybe, but probably one of the 3 of them will go home. Julia gets called to the DR. Vanessa says, if Julia goes home then they will still have James in the mix, random. Steve asks what Vanessa's thinking has been? Vanessa says, recently it's been about speeches, & then comps. She says, strategically she has thought it out to the end. She says, she's done a few things wrong. Steve says, he's done more wrong than she has.


8:56 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve what he's done right. Steve says, "That's a whole lot of nothing." Vanessa says, "That's what you have to do in this game." Steve says, "No." They run down the John scenario of winning HOH again. Then they go to Austwins winning & probably going after John.


8:57 PM BBT Liz yells from downstairs that dinner is ready. Vanessa says, "Ooo the food, we should get some." Vanessa tells Steve to promise that the conversation doesn't leave that room. Steve gave his word. Vanessa says, "Something smells really good." Steve says, he has to take care of the ants outside. Liz says, they have vegetables & pork chops. Vanessa thanks her & says, she's really appreciative. Liz says, Austin isn't. Austin says, he did the pork though. Liz says, because she forced him to. They argue over who will try theirs first, & they chomp on the food as they talk with their mouth full of food.


9:00 PM BBT Steve asks what's on the pork chops? Austin tells him it's a secret marinade to just try it. Vanessa wants to tell Steve what's in it. Vanessa, Austin, Liz, & Steve are all chomping & shoveling the food like they haven't eaten in a year.


9:02 PM BBT The HG's are complimenting how good the food is & making orgasmic sounds. They talk about the ingredients in food they've used being in the house. Liz says, Austin learned everything from her. She says, he never used seasonings before being in the house. Steve says, his BLT's have become HST's (Ham, Spinach & Tomato's). They talk about the food prep & the ants in the KT.


9:06 PM BBT Austin is finished eating already. Vanessa & Steve finish also. Liz is still eating. Steve tells Austin that he probably picks up a lot of girls with the ponytail beard. Austin says, he's picked up one. Steve asks how that is going? Austin says, it just started so he'll have to let him know. Liz says, they fight all the day & wants to get through at least one day without fighting. Austin says, tomorrow they will.


9:08 PM BBT Steve wants to make an actual timer. Vanessa says, it was so quiet in the BY when she went to check the laundry. Steve gets up from the table & asks if they have a funnel. He says, he wants to make a water based timer to where the water has to go slow. He says, he needs some type of disk. Vanessa goes to the KT to get some coffee. Steve tells her he's brain storming. She says, O.K. Vanessa says, they are getting healthy in the house. Austin says, they are getting ready to eat dessert. He says, Liz tells him when dessert is, or he will jump the gun.


9:12 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz they need to go to the BY & cock block the campaigning in the BY. Vanessa says, she's not a good actress. (Really?) Liz says, she will go. Vanessa goes to the WA. Julia tells her she has to pack her stuff & Liz doesn't want her to. Austin asks where Liz went? No one answers. Vanessa goes to the KT & asks Steve if he wants to hang out with her. Steve says, he's trying to make chess timer. She says, that's creative. Julia gets told to please put on her microphone. Vanessa says, she had her sand in the bottle that she could get back. Steve wonders if he can use salt. Julia tells them that she's glad Liz stopped them from campaigning. Julia says, she's going to stay up late with Steve to scamper. Steve says, she doesn't have to do anything, because she has nothing to worry about.


***9:13 PM BBT In the BY, We hear something from a mega phone. James says, "Austin wants Julia out." Meg says, "Austin wants Julia out, that's what it was." James asks what they should do? Meg says, don't say anything. James says, "O-M." Liz goes to they BY & Meg says, "Hey, I'm just playing Johnny Mac." Liz says, "Johnny Mac's really good." Meg says, "He is."***


9:18 PM BBT Steve tells Julia she's welcome to do whatever she wants, but she doesn't have to. Vanessa tells Julia that Steve is trying to make a timer with a wash cloth. BB says, "This is a lock down. Please go inside the house & stay there until further notice," four times. The HG's think someone is yelling & has a mega phone.


9:25 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Austin telling the HG's that someone on another season was telling stories from books he read. Julia asks if they can't tell them about a book? Austin says, you can't use them as your own stories.


9:27 PM BBT Vanessa tells HG's they are trying to play speed chess, because they are tired of it taking so long. Vanessa wants them to pull seeds. Austin tells Julia she was on a chess team. Julia says, it was in first grade. She says, some little kid beat her in the game, & she was mortified. Austin asks if the lock down is still going on? They say, yes.

9:28 PM BBT Vanessa asks Austin if his family really would go out there with a mega phone? Austin says, his family is always doing stuff like that. He says, they play with Weegie Boards also. Austin says, they saw a spirit. Julia says, she won't play with them, because that stuff is real. He tells them that they went to a haunted mansion where a woman came out in a black gown, & she was convulsing. She says, people grab her to take her inside, & then goes out to look down at their car. He says, it happened again the same way the next night also. He thinks it was some type of occult magic. Vanessa asks if anyone has ever used one on BB? Austin says, he doesn't think so. Vanessa says for them not to do it with her in the HOHR by herself.


9:32 PM BBT Steve says, he used some band aids. He says, he covered some & needs to cover more. Vanessa says, he's making a real timer. James asks him why he's making it? Steve says, because people are taking too long to make their moves when playing chess. James says, he's making an hourglass. Steve says, basically. James says, "He's smart." The microwave has actually been moved to another location, using a different outlet.


9:34 PM BBT Julia asks Steve if he's sick of people taking too long? Steve says, yes. Austin tells him it will probably hurt him, because when he goes too quickly he makes mistakes. Austin wonders how long the lock down will be. James smiles at John & Meg. (They are the three that heard what was said.) Liz says, the comments were probably about them. Julia wonders what was said. The camera goes to John after she says that.


9:35 PM BBT BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Liz goes behind Austin, grabs his man boobs, & hugs him. James says, "Grabbing those pecks." Liz says, "Yes." Austin stands against a wall & pushes against it. Julia is making herself some slop on the stove. She asks John if ketchup is good in the slop? John says, "It's pretty good." Julia & Meg talk about the week they had buns for their slop.


9:41 PM BBT Austin & Liz are making a milkshake. Steve is using two shakers to make his timer. Julia is still preparing her slop on the stove, using a fork in a non-stick pan.


9:43 PM BBT Austin asks Steve if it's working? He tells Steve there are still a couple holes in it. Austin & Liz sit down to eat their ice cream, not milkshakes. She tells Austin it's delicious. Steve tells James he wants to see how long the timer is now. He uses the microwave to try & figure out how long his timer is. He's starting it at 1 minute & 5 seconds. Austin says, the ice cream tastes like an ice cream sandwich.


9:45 PM BBT Steve says, the timer is currently 35 seconds. James asks if that's o.k.? Steve says, he feels it should be longer. Austin tells him to use that 35 second timer if someone is taking to long & you want to hurry them up. Steve adds more salt to the timer. Austin wants to go to the BY. James says, they may not get the BY back until midnight. Meg says, she has to do laundry. James tells her to hang that up. Austin says, he has laundry out there.


9:47 PM BBT Julia says, she hopes they get Chinese tomorrow. James says, that will be everything. James says, they only have 20 some days left. He says, they'll get the last meal on finale night. Austin says, winning the take-out was the biggest joke of the season. Liz says, what if they won 4 or all 5? Austin says, it wouldn't happen. James lifts his leg in the KT & farts on Steve. Liz says, that was rotten. Steve says, he's had better. Julia says, "Fart wars, fart wars." Steve says, he's not going to compliment him on a good fart, if it wasn't a good fart.


9:50 PM BBT John & James go in the HNR. James says, "That was some crazy sh*t man." John says, he read the manual & they can't talk about it. James says, they can't talk about it. John says, consider campaigning. James says, he was considering that. John says, maybe he'll go to him. James says, it has to be low key, & he has a huge target on his back with the twins. He says, maybe they can let one go to help him. He says, if they can get Austin on board that will be a help. He says, maybe he can get John also, & that would be a big game changer. John says, if he wants her out & has to vote against her, they have to act like John & Steve aren't going to do it. He says, then 4 people will do it, so they don't blame it just on him & Steve.


9:52 PM BBT Meg goes in the HNR. John says, that pool game was so bad. Meg says, he's right there. (Meaning in the OBR). They talk loud about the pool game. John whispers to Meg, but we can't hear it. She says, she'll be back & leaves the HNR.


9:54 PM BBT John says, he just wants to get back outside. James says, he knows. He asks how they make it look unanimous? James says, they only need 3 votes. John says, they have to see what happens, & maybe he will go to him. John says, he's afraid that they only go to him or Steve & blame the last vote of James or him. James asks if he would care if Steve took the fall? John says, no. James says, if it could work, they would have to pin it on Steve, so they would have to hang out with him for a long time. James says, Austin would have to vote secretly, so that would be 3 votes. John says, if he, Steve & James would vote Julia out. Meg goes back in the HNR.


9:56 PM BBT James tells Meg that they were trying to figure out how to flip the votes. Meg says, she thought something was weird, & then that happened. James shushes her, & says, they can't talk about it. John tells Meg that Austin might try to get either him or Steve to vote Julia out & not the other one, & then he'll vote for her to leave. He says, then they will try to pin it on either him or Steve, but if they all vote for Julia to go, Austin will get blamed & then he will get sent out if that happens for flipping the vote.


9:58 PM BBT John says, he may be thinking to far ahead. John says, they need to get a team together, or they aren't going to make it far, because they see everybody as couples. James says, if they get a few people together, they can control the rest of the house to at least make it to the final five. Meg asks why they made a room like that? (Where you can hear over the wall.)


10:00 PM BBT Meg says, she thinks Steve wants Julia to stay, but Austin doesn't. John asks what they think Vanessa wants? James says, they put Julia up against Meg, so she will go home. James says, he tried to make deals with Vanessa to keep Meg at least until next week, but she didn't do it.


10:02 PM BBT James jumps up out of his dentist chair to look in the OBR. He says, they're gone. James says, it's in Austin's best interest to get Julia out. Meg says, he's probably only concerned about Liz. Meg wants to talk to Austin. John says, she'll be pissed if she finds out he did this. James says, they need to try to protect Austin. Meg says, they can work together for a couple weeks. John says, if he & Steve do vote Julia out, then Austin will get caught for wanting the votes to flip. Meg says, Steve is with Vanessa 150%.


10:04 PM BBT James says, Vanessa doesn't have anyone in this game, & she knows she's at the bottom of their totem poll. He says, she told him if he wins HOH, she wants to run scenarios with him, which can mean she wants to try to tell him who to target. James says, this is a shot for everyone to take out one of the three. James says, she's a vote to. Meg says, Austin has been staying up later. She says, something seems really off. John says, he may want him & Steve to get blood on their hands.


10:06 PM BBT James says, they only need 3 votes. Liz busts them up looking for "her" lotion. Meg says, he almost had four bottles in there. Liz leaves the HNR. James says, that was bad. James says, even if they pin it on Steve, he'll never admit it. Meg says, Vanessa can't play in the next HOH, & her & Liz will be pi**ed about it. Meg says, if Liz will put one of them up with Steve they will have the votes.


10:08 PM BBT John says, if Austin wants this he will go to them, & it seems like he already has. They keep talking about how to get things to flip. We see FOTH. All cams come back to the HOHR. Austin tells Vanessa that James is worried about the votes flipping. Austin says, he is trying to protect Liz, but he's not ready to die on the sword for her, because he's not married to her yet. He says, he can't protect all 3 of them. He says, he can speak for himself & make his own deals that aren't for 3 people. He says, it's a fine line & doesn't want to cross it, because it can end up looking or being bad for him. He says, he wants people to know that in general.


10:13 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa he hopes this week lights a fire under the girls, & they need to study to win HOH's. He says, they can all be that way. He says, it's amazing that in BB they made it this far. He says, when a twin comes in they left right away. Vanessa says, with the twins, they are playing for $500,000, which is $250,000 each. She says, with both of them in the game they are playing for $550,000. She says, it's $275.00 each then. Austin says, he's assuming they would split the money. Vanessa says, for sure, that's the plan. Austin says, they have 2 lives in the game & they all only have one.


10:15 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa & Steve that at least 2 of them will be in the final 2. She says, that's awesome. He says, they've had the longest alliance in the game. He says, they did everything right.


10:16 PM BBT Austin says, the showmance, that happened organically was pivotal. He says, you can't script stuff like this. Vanessa says, there's so much strategy that went into all of this. Austin says, Dan's book talks about the game. Vanessa wants to write a strategy book about everything that happened this season, with drawing a model of the house of everything that happened. Steve says, "That's too dorky, even for me." Vanessa says, it's a hobby for her. She says, she has a manuscript already written. Vanessa gets told to please not obstruct her microphone.


10:19 PM BBT Austin says, he thinks he's had two flaws in the game. He says, evicting Johnny Mac almost destroyed him, & he thinks he should have gone after James. Vanessa says, overall in the moment & how the cards were dealt the decision was correct. Austin says, they got lady luck involved.


10:20 PM BBT Vanessa talks about her mistakes. She says, she should have forced Austin to spill. He says, he would have spilled. She says, the other mistake was not telling him about the whole plan to keep her word to Jackie.


10:22 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa their mistakes actually saved each other. John goes to the HOHR. They discuss Steve's homemade timer. In the HNR, Meg & James are running through days in the house.


10:24 PM BBT James tells Meg he thinks Steve is upstairs. Meg asks if it's him or Liz? James says, he'd like to know, & he leaves the HNR. He goes to the WC. Julia is brushing her teeth & Liz is flossing hers, using the mirror at the end of the couch.


10:26 PM BBT James comes out of the WC, washes & dries his hands. In the HOHR, Austin says, BB might be nice & let the HN's end tomorrow night. James goes back to the HNR. He tells Meg that it's Steve in the HOHR. He says, he wonders if Liz, Julia, Austin, Steve & Johnny Mac have had a final 5 deal, & they are out of it. Meg says, he's seriously up there. James says, it's all of them up there. Meg tells him he's lying. He says, he swears, the only HG's downstairs are Liz & Julia. He gets back in his dentist chair.


10:29 PM BBT James says, they could just be paranoid. Meg says, they voted him out last week, they don't have a final 5. James says, they could just be paranoid. Meg asks if they are playing chess up there? James says, no, they are all in the HOHR. Meg asks what the point of him doing that would be? James says, to guarantee his safety.


10:30 PM BBT James says, he can look like the hero going up there saying they came out with this plan. James says, he'll probably go before him. Meg says, he probably was anyway. James says, Johnny Mac is going after him, & if he doesn't know that he's dumb.


10:31 PM BBT Meg says, she thinks that John thought to much about what was said when he said they would try to pin it on him & Steve. In the HOHR, Austin talks about wanting to move from where he lives. He talks about the cost of living in L.A. He says, $1,600 - $1,800 would be good.


10:32 PM BBT Austin says, you would be good to get something for $2,000. Vanessa says, in Las Vegas you can get a 6 bedroom house for that amount. Liz goes to the HOHR. Julia is up there as well. They continue talking about the different areas of California.


10:34 PM BBT We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Liz says, she got beeped. They continue to talk about places in California. In the HNR, James says, he needs to help Meg campaign. Meg says, he doesn't have to do that. James says, Austin would help Liz campaign.


10:36 PM BBT All the HG's are in the HOHR except for Steve, James & Meg. James & Meg are in the HNR. The HOHR has the TV on the LR watching Steve. Liz asks why they lock down is soo long? Austin says, they are trying to make sure everything is o.k. We see FOTH. Steve is trying on clothes. Vanessa says, it's her shirt & she hopes he doesn't stretch it out. Julia is trying on something of Julia's. You can hear him screaming, "No."


10:38 PM BBT Austin says, he can hear the beef cakes scampering above them. Liz changes the TV channel & sees James in the KT. Vanessa says, he looks like the unabomber. The twins are still asking when the lock down is going to be over? They are all watching Steve. James walks past the camera in the LR to go to the HNR. Steve walks really fast through the LR, to the KT, & he picks up chocolate.


10:40 PM BBT Vanessa says, she hopes Steve doesn't put her shirt on. She says, it will smell like Boi. Austin says, he has flees on him. Vanessa says, no. Austin says, he sleeps in corners. They are all watching the feeds for Steve coming up the stairs. Vanessa asks where her shirt is? He says, he doesn't know. She says, it was hanging not to get crumpled. Steve has Oreo's. He drops one on the floor, picks it up & eats it. They tell him the floors haven't been cleaned at all.


10:42 PM BBT Vanessa says, the TV have "DINNING" on it instead of "DINING". Julia says, something in the DR says, remember to plug in your your microphone. Julia says, that bothers her because of the grammar. Steve goes back to the HOHR. Austin asks him about his gun boats.


10:44 PM BBT Austin says, they used to have a burning ceremony there to burn something from one HG that they didn't like. They ask Steve if the BY is open? Steve says, they will tell them when it opens. He says, they didn't close the curtain. Julia says, they did, was it open? Steve says, he didn't look. Steve & Austin are going to play chess. We see FOTH.


10:45 PM BBT Steve says, it will be another hour to wait for Liz to get her water. Liz tells Steve she's still looking for her flip-flops. He says, he didn't take them. Liz gets her water & goes back to the HOHR. Vanessa talks about a shirt of Clay's when he was in the house. John goes to the KT. They ask him to go up with them to play chess. Liz yells, "Let's go." Liz wants alcohol tonight.


10:50 PM BBT In the HNR, Meg & James are chilling on their dentist chairs. John goes in the HNR looking for his glass. Meg asks him what's going on? He says, there was no game talk when he was up there. Meg tells him to just be straight with her, she already knows she's going home, so this might be her fighting chance. He says, right now they are sending him home. Meg says, she doesn't want to look stupid. John says, he's trying to think what all that could have been. Meg says, "I know." We see FOTH.


10:54 PM BBT James says, John is hard to read, so he doesn't think he would cover for people. Meg says, he has to remember he was evicted, he wasn't just put up, he was evicted. James says, yeah. James asks if they showed the Veto Ceremony yet? Meg says, Wednesday, tomorrow. James asks, "How do they know he wants Julia out?" Meg says, "Feeds." The camera switches to chess. James says, "It would be different if they saw the Veto Ceremony & DR's." We see FOTH.


10:56 PM BBT The chess game is still going on with Austin & Julia. James asks Meg what happened to her chest? She says, she probably just itched it. (Meaning scratched.) All cams go to the chess game.


10:58 PM BBT James tells Meg, she may have just been used as a pawn. Meg asks why she wouldn't have told her? James says, because this is better for her game. James says, she's doing dirty work with John. He says, if Julia leaves that one less person to battle for HOH. He says, Johnny Mac can take out Austin or whoever. He says, Johnny Mac & Steve may take out the twins. He says, she kept Johnny Mac & Steve for a reason. Meg says, they are talking crazy talk, but what if they are trying to do the 4-1 vote already, & Liz will get pi**ed with it? They run down who would vote.

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11:00PM BBT Austin, the twins and Johnny mac are playing chess. James and Meg are in the HNR still talking about the megaphone guy. Meg believes that this may be her ticket to stay. They are contemplating if the guy was lying or not. Meg and James are talking about various plans that the HG might have for the eviction and the next week. James says you got to think like Vanessa. Gotta think like Vanessa. They are wondering what Vanessa’s motives were to putting Julia up. James believes that Vanessa’s ever move is thought out. Meg says that she is just trying to make sense of what they heard in the BY.


11:02PM BBT Feeds are on Austin, the twins and Johnny Mac. There is general discussion about playing chess. Feeds split up again and are back on James and Meg. They are in deep thought about every move the other HG could be trying to do. James is contemplating about talking to Austin. He is trying to figure out how to Approach Austin about voting Julia out. It’s a risky move on Jame’s part, but it would be a good move to try and swing the votes.


11:06PM BBT Austin, the twins and Johnny Mac are still playing chess. Still general conversation about chess, no game talk. Meg tells James that it wouldn’t hurt his game if he tried to get Meg to stay. James says he can be a loner for the rest of the game. He says all he has to do is win the vetos. James brings up Frank from a past season. He mentioned how many times Frank was on the block and kept saving himself.


11:09PM BBT We get FOTH


11:10PM BBT Feeds are back on and James and Meg are still talking in the HNR. Vanessa has joined the chess players. James says he is so hungry he could eat veto medallions.  Vanessa, Steve, Austin, the Twins, and Johnny Mac are still talking about chess and things about chess. They are not that good at chess.


11:12PM BBT James is telling Meg that Johnny Mac could be a secret spy and that he has a PhD in screwing people over. James is still trying to foresee any plans that the other HG may have in store for the two of them. At this point they do not know what to believe. James seems to be wanting to sleep, but Meg is wide awake just sitting there thinking.


11:15PM BBT Meg hits James with a pillow because he fell asleep. He tells Meg that if he stays awake he is going to aggravate her. Meg says she doesn’t care because she is bored. James is now intentionally bugging Meg. Meg tells him that tickling is off limits. James starts talking about the megaphone guy and we get FOTH.


11:17PM BBT Feeds are back on. Meg is now sitting up and James is trying to go back to sleep. The rest of the HG are still playing chess.


11:19PM BBT Meg leaves the HNR and is looking for the other HG. Meg goes to the WA finally letting James get some shut eye. General conversation about chess and the moves they are going to make. Austin is playing against both of the twins. Austin seems to be beating the both of them.


11:22 PM BBT Meg is still in the WA checking herself out in the mirror. She walks into the KT and then she is going to the HNR again to bug James some more. Poor James. Meg says she wants some dessert and she is getting on to James about sleeping. They both call each other Boring several times. Meg is eating fun dip. James says the way he gets through being a have not is by sleeping and relaxing.


11:27 PM BBT Meg talks about the HG that are playing chess. Then she asks James what Steve’s deal is. James mumbles I don’t know. Meg says that Steve told her he was the underdog. Meg laughs and said she told Steve do you know how many people have been after me. James agrees with her statement. James makes fun of Steve a little bit saying him and Meg play the game more than Steve does. He said Steve has made himself an underdog.


11:30 PM BBT James tells Meg that they might not be underdogs, but they might be fools. James says he will just watch Meg eating fun dip to entertain him. He starts making flirty comments while she is eating fun dip like, Oh yeah, there you go. Meg wonders if 20 days in the jury house is going to long or short. James says short. James says he hopes he get to spend time with Meg in the jury house. Meg says she hopes not because that would mean he lost the half a mil. James thinks he has no chance against the rest of the house. Meg tells James that she wants him to win HOH. She wants to see the HG poop themselves.


11:32 PM BBT All of the HG except Meg and James are still playing chess and having general chess conversations about chess. James and Meg are still talking about what could be coming up in the next few days and next weed. James says he has a good chance at winning the veto. James says he doesn’t know why they call it fun dip. Meg tells James to shut up, he replies shut your mouth. James says he wants to have a make out session with Meg. She keeps deflecting him. Meg agrees to a handshake on her way out the door. James says to Meg your hands are so cold, like your heart.


11:38 PM BBT James is talking about what it would have been like if he would have teamed up with another girl in the BBH. Meg says it wouldn’t be the same at all. The chess players talk about the IDL and we get FOTH.


11:39PM BBT Feeds come back on for a sec, then we get FOTH again.


11:40 PM BBT Feeds are back, James went to the WA for a min and he is now walking back towards the HNR again. The rest of the HG are still playing chess and talking about chessy things. James says he has gone from good ole country boy to a dark mean guy. James is talking to BB asking them to help him out. It seems like he is praying telling BB him and meg are going crazy in the house and they need help. He tells the live feeders to hold on cause they are not done yet. James says he is going to declare war on the whole house live feeders.


11:44 PM BBT James asks meg if she will rub lotion on his legs. She acts disgusted and says no. They argue about it for a little bit. James is asking her to pull his finger. Again she seems disgusted and tells James that he is so annoying. BB tells James to “STOP THAT”.


11:46 PM BBT James is now showing Meg his pants collection. He picks up a pair of khakis and says you can really see the outline of my junk in these. Meg says OMG. James is making more jokes about his pants collection.


11:48 PM BBT James asks Meg if she is going to talk to Austin. She says she has to wait until the twins are asleep. She says that she cannot talk to him while they are around him.


11:49PM BBT We get FOTH.


11:50 PM BBT Feeds are now back. Everybody is still playing chess except Meg and James. James is joking with Meg about her game play saying she pretty much sucks.


11:52 PM BBT Meg was begging James to wake up earlier and now says he is so annoying. She loves to complain. They are now talking about the last veto competition where they had to hide the veto cards around the house. James is saying what the other HG were thinking going through the comp, who threw it and what not.  He is now complaining about the chairs in the HNR.


11:55 PM BBT James puts on a bath robe and joking about how he is going to come out for the next veto like BB is announcing a boxing match. He then sits and crosses his legs. Meg laughs. James asks Meg if she can see his crotch. James is walking through the house showing off his robe to the other houseguests. He looks like a mix of a boxer and the Unabomber.


11:52 PM BBT James is going to back to the HNR. None of the HG say anything about his robe. Meg asks if any of the HG noticed him. James said no it was like he wasn’t there. The chess game is over. The scamper squad is scampering. Vanessa opens some cheese-its. The other HG go to the KT and Steve is going to the DR. BB is not letting him in right away. So he is standing there awkwardly. James is bowing raspberries to Meg. She asks him to not spit on her and then Meg accidentally spits doing the same thing.  

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