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Thursday, August 27 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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1115PM Wednesday  We find Liztin, Julia, Steve playing Chess with JMac wandering around in WA.  They are debating each move and the twins are doing their whiny voice name calling.


1130PM Wednesday  Cams 1/2 are showing a sleeping JMac.  The chess game continues. (the way the twins are yelling it is a wonder anyone is sleeping)


1145PM Wednesday  The Chess game continues

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12AM Thursday  Restless JMac on Cam 1  Chess game continues.  Liz has walked away from table, she says Austin not listening to her.  Julia and Steve are still at table.  Julia leaves and joins Liz in HoH room.  She is whining about Austin not listening and has a nasal whiney match with Julia.  Austin wins the game against Steve.  Now the twins are whining about the fact that Austin got the win after they walked away.  Now they all move into the HoH room.  Steve announces they are going to go to shower and bed.  Big day tomorrow, he wishes everyone goodnight, Julia leaves with him.  Liz congrats Austin on his win.  Now she is whining that he yells at her (I did not hear any yelling) and he says you yell at me (which I did hear).


12:12AM  Steve in shower in WA.  Austin in Bed.  Liz doing something in bathroom.  Liz turns off light in HoH room and gets into bed.


12:20AM Steve done with shower.  Liz talking to Austin about who comes back and the fact that he wants to hand the hoH key to Liz Thursday.


12:29AM  Steve still wandering around downstairs.  Liz whining about James and how silent he is.  Steve got himself a bowl of cereal.  they are watching TV and spot Steve with his cereal.  Liz is poking fun of Steve leaving his bowl on the counter.  Steve went into DR.  All 4 cams are on people sleeping.


12:36AM  Steve in Cabana room muttering to himself.  Liztin talking about depending on who comes back Austin could be going home.  Cuddling session, Liz is whining that Austin is not applying pressure on her, just stating that he could leave if she does not win.  Julia has joined Steve in kitchen, he tells her he is writing his speech in his head.  James walks out of WC and scares Julia.  She hollers at Steve for not telling her that JAmes was there.  James picked up his mic and is standing in hallway then goes back to bed.  Steve goes back to Cabana room.  Julia heads back to bedroom area.  James walks out of hallway and scares her, (he is dressed in dark clothing and you can barely see him in the light out areas).  Steve still in Cabana room, muttering and mumbling to himself.  James in is WC.  Liztin still in bed doing study time. 


1258AM Steve still wandering.  He is working on his speech and they think he is plotting something evil towards them.


105AM Cuddle session in bed, Liz whining that Austin goes straight for make out session.  Steve still walking around downstairs.


1:11AM Steve still wandering.  Liztin are now discussing the after party and places to go right after show.  Liz reminding him about Vanessa's plans for them in Vegas.  (hope they realize that CBS does not pay for everything after show even though they are under contract for a year).  They also are commenting on Steve and his pacing.  Liz says he is practicing his speech, Austin says, yeah.  Discussion goes back to cannot wait for the real world.


123AM Meg has gotten up and wandered to the WA to use the WC.  Steve tells her he is working on his speech.  Meg goes back to bed.


132AM  Cabana room Steve is talking to camera and saying he wants to practice his speech then he will go time it.  he keeps repeating a lot of the sentences.  Basically he is saying hello to everyone at home, thanking everyone who helped him make his childhood dream come true.  He tells the HGs that he walked thru the door a nerd and socially awkward, but has grown so much inside the house and thanks them.  Something about he would like their vote, but understands they have to do what is best for their game.  He thanks HGs for the life changing experience and how they have helped him change his life.  He is now headed out and walking around house again, saying to himself that is my speech.  Liz comments that Steve is scampering again. Austin sits up on side of bed.  Liz is turning her back to him and laying down in bed.  Austin lays back down. 


145AM Steve still pacing.  Austin awake in bed with glasses on.  Liz is on her own side of bed


149AM  Steve has settled down in bed, looks like Austin fell asleep with glasses on.


215AM  We see Steve back up, fixing himself something to drink in the kitchen. 


227AM  Steve is sitting at counter eating something.  Everyone else is still in bed.


236AM  Steve heads back to bed,  Austin is snoring.


317AM  Steve is up again in WA. splashes water on his face and returns to kitchen area.  paces for a few minutes @ 320AM he is back in bed.


451AM Steve is very restless, but still in bed.

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9:10am BBT: HG still in bed sleeping.


 9:36am BBT: We are now on FOTh as BB started playing  I need  hero.


 9:49am BBTL John siting alone ion the HNBR, Steve says he is going back to bed in the HOH rm as he grabs his blanket and pillow. James and Austin go to the KT as Liz and Steve go upstairs. 


9:51am BBT: meg goes to talk to John and John tells her that he is telling her everything cause he has nothing to lose now. he says Steve and i have been working together and Jackie was working with us. Next week i want to send Vanessa home and then Austin and the twins need to go up cause there are three of them.He says i have had a final 4 deal with Austin, Liz and Julia and a final 5 deal with them and Vanessa. Meg says really? he says yeah so if you win HOh take Vanessa out.


 9:55am BBT: John tells meg that Steve is Austin and the twins lap dog. meg laughs, John says i am telling you  that you have to take one of them out cause they will take you guys out. he says we are in a situation now that they put their lap dog up  and i think i can talk to Vanessa and get her to switch her vote. Meg says i think you can.

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10:00am BBT: James comes into the HNBR with John and meg and John tells him the same thing he just told meg. Meg leaves and John tells James that  if Steve stays he will come after you. John says if I win HOH i have three people that i am going after and if i do not win i will go on the block and tell people to vote me out next week. James says damn that's alot of information, John says i know.


 10:05am BBT: James leaves HNBR and goes to the OBR to talk to Meg he is whispering really low. meg says just talk to her it is no secret. They are talking about going to Vanessa and talking to her about Steve leaving this week. Julia and Liz are in the KT  having breakfast.


10:08am BBT: Liz goes to the HOH rm and tells Austin that John is talking to Meg and James. Steve says should i go down stairs and Austin says yeah no telling what John is telling them. Steve heads down stairs and goers to the OBR and stands with James and meg.


10:10am BBT: Austin, Liz and Julia in the WA talking about beds for tonight and Julia says  we already fought about this Austin . Austin says we will see. James and meg in OBR talking and meg says she dopes not want to talk to Vanessa then says to be honest James i am about to throw things in the  air. James ask what with all the lies and the final five deal and all? meg says yeah. Austin walks in and talk stops.


10:15am BBT: Meg tells Austin she does not feel good about things today. Austin says i know  John is going around talking and  he wants me to save him but i do not have a vote. Steve, Liz and Julia  and john in the KT  getting coffee ready before the HOH lockdown.


10:17pm BBT: Austin is walking around with a bar of Irish Spring and  holds it up and says this guy keeps everything normal. James laughs and says that he carries that in his pocket. Vanessa comes in and Austin leaves James says that we need to talk to you Vanessa but i think John wanted to talk to you first. Vanessa says give me  five minutes and we can talk.


 10:22am BBT: James and meg talking abiout  what they will say to vanessa and james says we can not keep clean in the game to much longer but we need to ask her to keep John over Steve. James says but  if we keep Steve then we have Steve, austin, Julia, Liz and vanessa and if Shelli comes back  even more.


10:24am BBT: Vanessa comes to the OBR and Meg and James  says the thing we are worried about that there is a lot of final 5 talk going around and Vanessa says oh yeah? James says do we vote the person that say to vote out or the other so who is the real final five? Vanessa tells them what ever they want to do she will do what meg and James wants. James says it dopes not matter to me. meg says they have a final 5 with Steve so that put us to thinking. James says John wants to talk to you too.


10:35am BBT: after  brief FOTh we come back to John and James in the STR and John says to James that the twins said  in the Cabana rm that if they win HOh next week that He would go up as a pawn against whoever comes back in this week. John says  this week i volunteered to go up as a pawn.


10:37am BBTL John and James leave the STR. John walks around the LVR and Julia and Liz are in the HIOh rm talking about John campaigning this morning. Julia says lastnight they was fine so why didn't they say things lastnight. Austin comes in and says i think you two need to be proactive with  them down there. . Julia says  Vanessa told us that they are campaigning down there. Austin says maybe you guys need to tell them that John said  he is not coming after us and that he will go after meg and James.


10:42am BBT: Steve goes to the HOh rm and Liz and Julia says i do not know why they are scared of you? Steve says they are scared of me and Julia says yeah cause you have not campaigned.  Steve paces in the HOh rm now while Liz tells him he needs to talk. Steve says i think they know what is going on and they are getting nervous. Meg, Vanessa, John and Austin in the KT making food.


 10:47am BBT: Hg getting ready to go to the HOh for  their lock down. Steve is in his corner laying in the HOh rm. Liz is laying in the bed.


10:49am BBT: James goes to the CBR and says to John man you threw a bomb on us man. John says i was not trying to. In the HIOh rm Vanessa goes ion and says John is saying crap now man and i need to say something. Steve starts to get up,and Vanessa tells him lay back down. Steve lays back down and Austin tells Vanessa to talk up here in the lock down.


 10:52am BBT: James and John whispering about Steve and if he stays and James or meg does not win HOh then they are going up. James says yeah ok. John says if i stay this week i will go after them  even though i had to promise them all this stuff.


 10:55am BBT: Liz, Julia and Austin in the HOh bed arguing about where Julia can put her feet. meg and Steve are laughing at them. james heads to the Wa and gets his clothes to go to  the HOh rm and then we get Jeff's Reels.

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1:11pm BBT: Hg are heading down the stairs and Austin has his Judas hat on and packing his things to move down stairs.  Meg gets in her bed and James in his. john is packing his bags .


 1:14pm BBT: Meg and James whispering really low in the OBR. They then head to the Wa where Vanessa , Liz, Julia and Austin are getting ready for the live show tonight.


 1:18pm BBt: Austin, James and meg go to the OBR and meg says james and I always get screwed over and Johnny Mack  says there is a five person alliance with you the twins and Steve and Vanessa so i am worried that Steve is going to do your dirty work. Austin says no this is what Vanessa wanted was us to throw the HOh and she could come after you all and i would not throw it cause the twins and I chose you guys and  we are letting Steve and Vanessa think what they want but Steve will go after a returner and that's it cause that's what i am going after too.


1:21pm BBT: Meg says i tell you the truth i am scared of Steve. Austin says well i think that if push comes to shove i think Steve will go after Vanessa before he goes after  you and meg says ok  as long as you have our backs and Liz says one million percent.


1:26pm BBT: Steve and meg in the HNBR Steve says alot of people have shit themselves in the foot in here and if i am ever on the block again i am going to say what do you want and do  that i will not do this again. Meg says ok that is why i was coming to you. James and i just wanted to see where you stand on all this. 


1:30pm BBT: James comes in and tells Steve that John pretty much told us that the twins are voting to evict him and then there is our votes and he said that pretty much if you stay that you will do what ever they want you to do and Steve says no there is no way. Meg says we are just saying and if we get screwed then we get screwed so we are putting it out there. Steve says I understand. James says just keep in mind in the future that we have always be cordial with you. They all leave the HNBR.


 1:35pm BBT: Julia, Liz and Austin in the Wa doing hair and makeup, Steve telling Meg and James  what will show tonight and Sunday night on the show. Steve leaves to go iron his clothes.


1:40pm BBT: In the Wa most HG in there talking about  past seasons of BB and  about Donny then we get FOTH.


1:44pm BBT: Hg now in the KT talking about what the HOh comp might be. Steve in the HNBR packing his things.


1:46pm BBT: Meg talking to John in the CBr, Meg hugs John and tells her  she does not know what Vanessa is going to do and john says ok i still got to talk to her and they leave the room. In the Cabana rm Austin is telling Vanessa  what all John is saying to James and meg and Vanessa says Johnny Mack is just trying to make his play and it is to late.


 1:50pm BBT: Meg goes in to talk to Vanessa and Austin and tells them that she told John it is to risky  to keep him and that they have to vote with the house. Vanessa says does he think i did this all by myself? Austin says she has been after your throat since day 1 you know it. meg says just tell him you have to vote with the house and laughs then leaves. Austin says he is being freaky he has the headband on and has gone Rambo. Vanessa says  he does not understand i am the worst person to campaign to and he has no idea that i have been working with Steve this  whole game, Austin says he knows they told him. Vanessa ask who did and Austin says James did


1:54pm BBT: Vanessa and Austin leave the room, Liz is called to the Dr and we get FOTH.

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1:57pm BBT: Vanessa asking Steve in the HNBR if he made a deal with them when he went up as a pawn and he says no there was no deal. She says ok i think it is going to be an endurance comp tonight. Steve says you think so? Vanessa says yeah Julia and Liz better get ready.


1:59pm BBT: Vanessa has gone to bed for a nap, John in the room getting dressed after his shower. James, Steve and meg in the KT eating.


2:04pm BBT: Hg walking around talking general talk and John and Steve still packing and getting ready for tonight.


2:07pm BBT: Austin, Meg, Liz and James  and Steve in the KT talking about the HOh comp. James says meg if you win tonight i am taking you camping and meg starts laughing.


2:12pm BBT: Vanessa laying in bed studying for the HOh comp as johnny Mack is finishing up his packing. In the KT  James, meg and Julia are talking general talk and screaming when they laugh.


2:20pm BBT: Julia and meg in the KT talking to Steve about taking trash out. Vanessa and John in the CBR talking about camps they have played and what comps that John has thrown. John says i was supposed to throw a couple of the games but i did not throw them.


2:28pm BBT:John telling Vanessa that Austin is on to her and says that he is waiting for the gremlins to win to take you out. Vanessa says really? John says Jeff was talking to Austin about being put up and said he was going to blow up and he told Jeff that he had his vote so he wouldn't blow up and Vanessa laughs and said shelli had already told us.


2:31pm BBT: Vanessa and John continue to talk about past Hg. In the KT Liz, Julia, Austin, Meg are talking about food and laughing about James .

2:41pm BBT: John and Vanessa laying in the CBR while the other Hg are in the KT talking screaming and cleaning the house.


 2:43pm BBT: Vanessa up in the Kt and talks to Steve, tells him that John told her everything about the  fiver person alliance and the final two deal and Steve says ok  i am impressed though. they laugh and walk away from each other. Vanessa goes to Austin and Liz and tells them the same thing laughing. she tells Austin that John has a final 2 with both Becky and Steve. She then laughs and says i find this really funny.


2:48pm BBT: Liz and Vanessa questioning each other on the days in the house and what happened when. Steve is cooking  something to eat. Julia is vacuuming.John in the CBR sleeping.


2:52pm BBT: Liz goes to lay on the LVR couch. Austin is studying with Meg. Julia is still cleaning and john asleep in the CBR.


 2:55pm BBt: Austin comes in and lays under a blanket with Liz on the LVR couch. James is walking around the LVR, Vanessa just sitting watching Julia clean.

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By a vote of 5-0, Johnny Mac was Evicted

Becky, Jackie, Johnny Mac & Shelli are competing to get back in the house, and back in the game!

The HoH competition is in progress.

6:55PM BBT Julia & Steve are out.

6:58PM BBT: Meg is out. All the jurors are still in the game!

7:00PM BBT: James is out!

7:02PM BBT: In the final moments of the HoH competition, it was down to Johnny Mac and Vanessa. Vanessa tried to convince John to throw it to her because he's already safe. John says that he has to do what he has to do. He asks if they want to put a feud on hold for a week. Vanessa says she wants to hear from Mel. John tells her that he hasn't gotten a letter at all. Vanessa says she can hang on for a long time...like an hour and a half. John says let's do it then...Vanessa is safe for a week if he falls. Vanessa says ditto. She really wants to hear from Mel. John hangs on a bit longer and then drops off. Vanessa says good job and gives John a hug. She cheers about hearing from Mel. She says she could do that because she's a "Gumby".

7:04PM John is back in the game, and out of the HoH Competition.


Next week is a double eviction.

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7:04 PM BBT Vanessa won HOH.  John is back in the house.  We have Jeff’s Reels


7:02 PM BBT In the final moments of the HOH competition, it was down to JMac and Vanessa.  Vanessa tried to convince John to throw it to her because he’s already safe.  John says that he has to do what he has to do.  He asks if they want to put a feud on hold for a week.  Vanessa says she wants to hear from Mel.  John tells her that he hasn’t gotten a letter at all. Vanessa says she can hang on for a long time...like an hour and a half. John says let’s do it then...Vanessa is safe for a week if he falls.  Vanessa says ditto.  She really wants to hear from Mel.  John hangs on a bit longer and then drops off.  Vanessa says good job and gives John a hug.  She cheers about hearing from Mel.  She says she could do that because she’s a “Gumby”.


7:13 PM BBT Feeds are back.  Julia is in the CBR saying she wants to throw up..she feels terrible.  Most of the HGs are in the KT area.  Vanessa is listing off the things she wants in her HOH, including the food/drink she wants, a new beanie, letter from Mel, and her music. Steve says that was second fastest endurance comp ever.  They talk about how hard the competition was with all the spinning.  Austin says it lasted only 10 minutes. John asks the group how his cheer was.  They say it was really loud.  John tells them that Julie called hi Johnny Mac.  He seems tickled.  Vanessa asks John if he was interviewed and he says yes, it was like a near-death experience.


7:15 PM BBT Austin, Liz, and Julia in the CBR talking about if John would have won.  Austin says John was an idiot and that he didn’t make the deal. Austin and Liz are both angry.  Austin says that John sealed his fate unless he wins the veto.  Austin wishes they had taken out Steve but they didn’t know what kind of comp it would be. Austin leaves the room and Julia points out that it would have been one of the three girls if they had sent Steve home. 


7:20 PM BBT Julia says that it would have been better if anyone else would have come back.


7:20 PM BBT In the CBR, Liz says to Julia, John is soo done, he just doesn't need to even unpack. Liz says, "His best friends in his room, I'm going to make him so uncomfortable, it's so great." They leave the CBR.


7:21 PM BBT In the WA, Liz is wiping her face using the big mirror by the sink. She says, "I'm sorry you didn't win, you're never going to win sweetie, you're going home. How much do we care, not at all." She throws her paper towel away & walks away with the higher than mighty attitude.


7:23 PM BBT Austin and James meet in the OBR.  Austin says that John winning was his biggest fear and he almost did it...that John would come right back.  James said...and win HOH.  Austin is angry about John saying that he has to do what he has to do...he assumes that John is referring to coming after Austin and the twins.  Austin repeats to James that John is an idiot because he didn’t take the deal.  James says at least John didn’t win HOH.  Austin says it was crazy...it was almost the four jurors down to competing for HOH.


7:24 PM BBT Meg comes into the OBR and laughs at Austin freaking out during the HOH.  Austin repeats to Meg about John not taking the deal and that John is clearly coming after Austin and the twins.  Meg thinks Vanessa will nominate John, that John will win veto and Meg will go up. 


7:27 PM BBT Austin wants to call John out in public to nail him down on what he meant by saying he has to do what he has to do, but he won’t.  Austin feels it was a direct dig.  James says that John slipped off.  John passes through the OBR into the CBR looking for his cup.  Austin leaves.  John comes back out of CBR and leaves too.  James and Meg talk about the competition.  Meg asks if they are going to be okay, and James asks why they wouldn’t be.  Meg repeats that she thinks she will be replacement nom.  James wonders if Vanessa will target Steve.  James thinks it’s the best thing that could have happened because there will be pretty much the same targets.  The only thing that is bad is if Vanessa decides to go for Austin and the twins instead of JMac. James says this would be the week for her to do that.


7:34 PM BBT Vanessa and Austin talk in the WA.  Vanessa says she was motivated by knowing she was a target.  Austin can’t believe John tried to make a deal after telling them that he would lie on deals.  Vanessa says she doesn’t know why John turned down her offer.  Vanessa says that John didn’t have much time to go and she could literally have gone on an hour.  Austin asks if he slipped. 


7:38 PM BBT In the WA, Austin says, he almost came in there to go at John's throat & ask him what the f**k he meant by the comment. Vanessa says, there's no place in his plan for her.


7:38 PM BBT Austin says, He has no plan he is a kamikaze now, he's offiicially a kamikaze. He was coming in here to shot himself & kill other people. He says, it's World War II in his mind, & he's dive bombing. He says, he's scared of that kid. Vanessa says, obviously she has a lot of thinking to do. She tells Austin, he & the girls won't even go on the block. She says, she has to do what's best for her.


7:52 PM BBT John and Steve celebrate in the CBR.  Steve asks John if he trusts her again and John says “oh ya”  Steve says “actually?”  John: do you?  Steve: yes.  John plans to be mopey again and they will be distant. They will talk later tonight. John goes to get his luggage in the Storage Room.


7:56 PM BBT Most of the HGs are in the LR.  Vanessa goes to request things in DR. Steve is in the HNR unpacking clothes.

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8:06 PM BBT James comes into the LR eating a bowl of macaroni and several people get up to go to the KT to get some.  Vanessa is still there, telling Meg that she is in shock, because she is the oldest and least in-shape person in the house.  Austin is working out on the LR floor.  He says “never underestimate the heart of a gambler.” 


8:08 PM BBT Steve has been hoping for an endurance competition that didn’t rely so heavily on arm strength, and really just was a matter of how much you want it.  Liz asks Vanessa if she could really have gone on for an hour.  Vanessa says “maybe” with a half smile.  She talks about sitting on her heels and that she still had both her feet on. 


8:13 PM BBT Vanessa says she is going to have rope-burn bruises but it’s worth it to hear from Mel.  Vanessa decides she wants some macaroni and she goes to the KT.  Austin is working out on the floor and Liz joins him.  Austin whispers “thank God.  We’re good”  but he is bothered by how close it was. 


8:15 PM BBT In the LR, Steve comments to Austin and Vanessa that he loves how all the nervous energy they had going into the show was for nothing.  Vanessa: we ended up right back where we were.  It’s actually funny. Austin: Groundhog day.


8:20 PM BBT Steve and Vanessa are both feeling the effects of the spinning.  Vanessa says vertigo runs in her family. 


8:21 PM BBT Meg and James are sitting at the DT while Austin paces nearby.  Meg tells Austin that watching Austin watch the HOH comp was one of her favorite moments in the house.  James says he saw Vanessa looking relaxed and he just jumped right off.


8:23 PM BBT In the LR, Vanessa is telling Steve how she competed.  She couldn’t feel her feet...she had to look at them to make sure they were on the disc.  Vanessa goes to the CBR and asks John if he fell or not.  John says he was going to fall anyway.  She tells him that he’s okay anyway, but asks him why he didn’t just take the deal if he was going to fall.  John says he couldn’t take that deal publicly.  John tells Vanessa good job and celebrates with her “you got it!”  Vanessa tells John to keep the feud going.  She tells him there is no feud for her. Vanessa says it’s funny how everyone assumes that since John didn’t take the deal that she is going to put him up.  She says they have no idea what’s coming.  She leaves and John says he wants to talk to her and she says he should come up when she gets her HOH.  Austin is in the OBR when Vanessa comes out of the CBR and she explains to him that she had to ask John if he slipped.  Austin says “Thank God.  The slip heard around the world.” 


8:25 PM BBT Austin goes on about how Johnny Mac has declared war and is focussed solely on taking out his target and not thinking of game or winning.  Austin thinks John is just filled with hate. Vanessa says that they are going to make final five for sure.  Austin tells Vanessa he will support her 100%...whatever she needs.  Liz comes in.  They thank her for not “pulling a Shelli” up there.  Austin cautions Vanessa about trusting John.  Vanessa is looking forward to her letter.

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8:29 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that she was tired of feeling indebted and that this week is her turn.  She tells them she is going to need to have a lot of conversations because she will need to have reasons for whatever she is doing.  Liz says she was so happy that Vanessa won.  She needed it.  Liz brings up John mentioning the five-person alliance and Vanessa says she has to get to the bottom of that with Steve.  Vanessa says it motivated her to know people were trying to get her out.  Liz says it was never a question in her mind.  Vanessa is celebrating how far they have come.  Liz says that JMac needs to go.  Vanessa says that she has to do what’s good for her but they have nothing to worry about ever, and she is good for her word.


8:40 PM BBT Steve is in the WA getting ready to have a shower.  John is in the CBR unpacking.  Austin comes in to talk to him.  Austin says I know you were pretty much coming after Austin when John made that comment.  John says it’s not personal.  Austin says the same thing happened last week...he recaps the week and then asks if they can start over.  John says “Dude, it’s all game.”  Austin says he is on good terms with Vanessa but he doesn’t know what she’s going to do yet.  Austin just wants to make sure John isn’t holding a grudge.  John acknowledges that Austin had a deal with everyone and had to break one.   


8:43 PM BBT Vanessa comes into the CBR and comments about John unpacking so quickly.  Austin explains that he was just clearing the air with John.  John leaves to get a missing shirt and Austin tells Vanessa that it feels good to be the bigger person.  Austin tells Vanessa that he and John agreed to re-set and be friends again.  Vanessa comments that Meg and James didn’t say congrats...they are the only ones.  Even John congratulated her.


8:47 PM BBT   Julia has joined Austin and Vanessa in the CBR.  They ask Vanessa how she is going to play it.  Vanessa says that having a pair is a layer of protection because they are easy to go after.  Vanessa acknowledges that Austin is okay with Meg and James but she doesn’t feel the same way.  Austin points out that if she gets one out, the other one may continue to trust Austin and the twins.  Vanessa hates targeting Meg and James but she thinks it’s the better game move right now.


8:50 PM BBT Vanessa knows there is no way to get through an HOH without someone getting angry.  Austin brings up the fact that they all made a deal to backdoor the returning juror.  Vanessa points out that Meg and James were throwing them under the bus.  They have failed her trust test.    


8:53 PM BBT Vanessa is listing the reasons she will tell Meg and James.  She is ready to say it’s just a game move.  James broke his word to her too.  He was targeting her before.  She could say that she did make a deal with Johnny out there, she owes Austin and the twins because they kept her safe.  Austin asks what her reason is for not putting up Steve.  She says that if she puts one up, she has to put both of them.  Vanessa thinks James is Austin’s only strength competition.  Julia says John too... and Vanessa says "ish”


8:54 PM BBT Vanessa says that for next week, she only asks from them that she be the pawn over Steve.


8:55 PM BBT Liz comes into the CBR and Vanessa fills her in.  Meg and James have tried to get Vanessa to turn on Austin and the twins.  Vanessa was neutral in the discussion in order to hide that she is so close to Austwins.   Vanessa thinks it’s more important to target James rather than Johnny Mac because James is the bigger physical threat for competitions.


8:58 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austwins to do what they do.  And she tells them that James HATES potball .  Austin comments on them winning HOH three weeks in a row

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9:02 PM BBT In the CBR Austin tells Liz, Julia & Vanessa that John was struggling bad in the HOH Competition. Vanessa says, to take one week at a time. Austin thinks that there will be a double eviction next week, after he thinks Meg will go. They discuss that the next competition might be a puzzle.


9:03 PM BBT Vanessa says, she's better at logic things, & puzzles are more visually. Austin says, they are supposed to be HN's. Vanessa things that Meg & James were working Vanessa. Liz says, she hopes they don't try to throw them under the bus. Austin says, there's nothing than can say to Vanessa. Vanessa tells them to keep their mouths shut. She says to tell them she may need them as pawns.


9:05 PM BBT Vanessa wants information to use against Meg & James. Austin says, they were really careful about what they said to them. They wanted to do whatever they wanted them to do. Vanessa says, they need to think Vanessa gave Austwins her word not to put them up. She says, James will say she's going back on her deal from 6 weeks ago. She says, she didn't think it would take that long. She says, she needs to say her & Steve made a deal also.


9:07 PM BBT Vanessa says, she will say she already had deals with everyone. Austin says, as long as John puts Meg up next week & doesn't win the Veto they can work with that. (He's not HOH, Vanessa is.) Austin tells Liz that he's back to being cool with John. He says, he told him he's glad he didn't win, & that he laughed. Austin says, it's down to the wire, & Meg & James will want to try to split them up. Vanessa things Meg is smart to win the upcoming comps & she doesn't want her to float to the end with her great social game.


9:09 PM BBT Austin says Meg & James are fake as f**k. Vanessa says, Meg is the one who makes fun of people. She says, that's why they call them the gremlins. She says, Meg & Jason were the ones always sitting there talking about people. Austin says, it's good it happened the way it did, or Shelli could have been back in the game. Austin says, the jury members went really quick. (They outlasted the other HG's except Vanessa.) Austin says, Shelli said, "Bye ya'll." He says, they didn't really care. Liz says, they did care. Austin says, they are living a different life now.


9:12 PM BBT Austin says, they are "A" list. Vanessa says, they are more like "D" list. Vanessa says, Austin & Liz may make "B" list, but her & Julia are "D" list for sure. Julia says, Brenchel is "B" list. They continue to talk about Vanessa guessing what the comp was going to be. Vanessa says, she guessed a hanging from the banana comp. Steve uses his arms & legs to scamper in the OBR. He then pushes his glasses up & puts his head back. Austin tells him he made up with John. Steve says, "Nice." Austin asks Steve if he took a shower? Steve says, yes.


9:14 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that if she wants to get back in good with John, that she should put him on slop with Julia tomorrow, & leave him & Liz out of it. Austin says, or put the gremlins on it. He says, they need to focus & can't be week. Liz says, it's their turn. Austin says, there's no turns anymore. Vanessa says, they need to see if they can get volunteers. Austin tells her not to make them week for the HOH. Vanessa asks if it's awful & immoral? Vanessa says, it actually would be their week, because they had the week of no HN's. Vanessa says, she likes when they cook. Julia says, if they don't cook they are f**ked.


9:16 PM BBT Liz wonders why there was a commercial during the HOH Competition. Steve says, the competitions aren't as fluid as they used to be. Julia tells Steve to look at his arms. He has marks on his arms. Vanessa has bruising on her arms already. Steve says, that was the second shortest endurance comp so far. Vanessa says, she can't believe she actually won something physical.


9:17 PM BBT Austin says, the HOH Competition may have been over before the feeds had a chance to see it. They debate whether or not the viewers even saw who won the competition. Steve thanks them for voting to keep him. Vanessa tells them to just smack him. Austin says, "I'll be back," & then he doesn't leave. Austin tells them that John said something in the BY that he was directing a comment at him & Liz about wanting them out.


9:20 PM BBT Austin tells Steve how he made up with John. Vanessa tells Steve that Meg & James wanted him to go & they tried to flip the votes. Steve wants to hear more about it when Vanessa tells him later. He asks if they really tried to flip it? Austin says, yes, & they only needed 3 votes. They give Steve different scenarios that could have happened if he went.


9:23 PM BBT Austins says, he's going to take a shower. Meg tells everyone cookies are ready. Vanessa thinks Meg may have heard the conversation. The twins tell Vanessa how good she did in the HOH Competition. Julia says, she was as cool as a cucumber. Liz says, she was only nice to Meg & James because of Austin. She gives a nasty face when she says it also. Liz says, John won't win toward the end of the game when they do the hard ass endurance competitions. Vanessa thinks John threw this HOH competition.


9:27 PM BBT Vanessa says, she will put her hand on a Bible for what Meg & James said. Vanessa says, this is crazy, & they are going to get deep in this. Liz says, she's sad, because this is when the truth comes out, & she's worried. Vanessa tells her she can do it. She tells Julia the same. She says, final 4, let's do this. Liz says, may the best man win. Julia says, James was really quiet when Austin was HOH.


9:29 PM BBT Meg & James are both in their beds in the OBR. In the CBR, Vanessa says, Steve has been fishing for things, & John didn't tell him anything. Vanessa says, she apologized to John before he left & said if he came back that would be great. Liz says, she's so happy she won HOH. Liz says, it's probably better that John came back. Julia says, he probably wanted James to win to try to take them out. Vanessa says, John may not be in with all the jury members. Julia says, not with Shelli. Vanessa keep saying she sleeps in the fetal position all the time. (Has she done that in the house?). Liz & Julia both tell her they have not seen her sleep like that.


9:32 PM BBT Vanessa tells the twins that she thought to squat down because of James' position from the On The Edge competition. They talk about riding roller coasters. Vanessa tells them that they will get along well with Mel, & they are her age. They talk about how much fun they will have in Vegas. Vanessa tells them she done sports betting. She says, it's a numbers game that has to do with math. She says, her ex-husband did that for a living, & she learned it from him. She says, he taught her, & she did it. Julia asks if she knows how to count cards? Vanessa says, she does know how to count cards, & that was her life.


9:35 PM BBT Vanessa says, it's not illegal, it's up to the private company to kick you out, but she can't go to jail for it. She says, counting cards take a team of signalling to each other. Julia asks if she's ever gotten away with it? Vanessa says, she has. Julia asks if she was ever blacklisted? Vanessa says, she was given a warning. She says, she acted like a ditsy girl. Julia says, that's funny.


9:37 PM BBT Vanessa tells them they will have so much fun in Vegas with a couple hundred dollar budget. Vanessa says, she will give Mel a couple hundred dollars. Liz leaves the CBR. Vanessa says, she has had people bankroll her money to bet, so she wasn't using her own money. Julia asks what happens if she lost? Vanessa says, they know that & take the risk. Julia asks Vanessa if she will ever get back into gambling? Vanessa says, not for a living. She says, she's blessed that she has a few different things she can do. She says, it take money to make money. She says, it's a seedy world, & she doesn't like taking money from people.


9:39 PM BBT She says, she can always fall back on gambling if she needs to. She says, she still does do it sometimes when she needs money. She says, it's not a healthy lifestyle, so that's why she changed. She says, she read books on things, & then her & her ex-husband stormed Vegas.

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9:41 PM BBT Vanessa tells Julia that she met her ex-husband at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe in Florida. Julia says, that's where Anna Nicole died. Vanessa says, she knows. Vanessa reads her last letter from Mel again. Austin & Liz get told to please not obstruct their microphones. Vanessa goes to the KT, & asks who made the cookies? Steve says, Meg did. Steve says, they are good. Vanessa tells Steve he should go take a nap in her bed, & she'll wake him up. He says, he wants his bed. Liz goes in the KT, gets a cookie & starts to eat it. She says, yum cookies.


9:46 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve to go take a nap. Steve says, he's going to stay up. John leaves the KT. Vanessa asks him if he slept last night? Steve says, probably not. Steve whispers to Vanessa that things are weird with John. When Austin goes in the KT, from the WA, Steve gets louder & says, it's been an interesting week. Austins says, very interesting. Vanessa says, she's a gymnast, & that's the twist, not. Austin leaves the KT & John comes in. Steve & Vanessa talk about the HG's ages. Vanessa tells Steve to stop making her the oldest, when Shelli is.


9:48 PM BBT Vanessa tells John, she's 10 years older than Steve. She says, not old enough to be his mom, but close. John says, he can't be his mom either. Vanessa says, not even close. She asks him if he's 27? John says, 28. Vanessa says, he just turned 28, that's right. They talk about how they were positioned for the HOH Competition. She says, they talked about being able to stay on longer, & then he was gone. John says, if his feet were positioned better, he could have stayed on longer. Steve says, "You get the HOHR when you win, how nice." Vanessa tells him she offered for him to sleep up there if he wanted to. Vanessa tells John he did a good job. Vanessa says, the audience was cheering for him very loud. John says, they were yelling. Vanessa says, you don't know how loud it is when you are out there. Vanessa says, it was very loud. She asks if he can tell them what questions she asked him? He says, he might be able to tell them individually. He tells them there were a lot of questions, like 7 or 8.


9:52 PM BBT Vanessa asked John if Julie Chen put her earring back on? He says, he didn't notice. He tells Steve & Vanessa how he went out the door, raised his right arm, cheered, & dropped his bag. Vanessa asks if the other jury members were out there? Steve says, no. He tells them that they had to line up in order that they left the house. (Julie Chen told him to lead the way in the house on the show.)


9:54 PM BBT Vanessa says, she's seen that comp before. She says, the HG's were standing on disks though. Steve says, he thinks they did it in Season 9. Vanessa says, she's seen it after that. She asks how sitting on the disks would benefit. Vanessa says, it may be a problem if you have to go pee. Steve says, that's when you hope for a comp with water in it, that way you can be discrete about peeing if you have to. Vanessa says, if she had to go much longer she would have thrown up. Austin walks in the KT & tells Vanessa he forgot something he wants to tell Vanessa.


9:56 PM BBT Austin takes Vanessa in the CRL. He tells her that before the Veto Meg told him that Vanessa was mentioning brass tacks to her for the first time in a week, so she must have been nervous about something. Vanessa says, no, it was Meg that was probably nervous, & that was the first time she was able to talk to her in a week. Austin tells Vanessa that they tried to flip the vote. Vanessa says, they don't know the real story about everything they have been through. She says, only they know that between them. She says, she doesn't want Meg & James to know everything. Austin tells Vanessa that Meg & James are sleeping now.


9:59 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa everyone at home is probably thinking that his HOH was the buffoon week, because he probably should have gone after Meg & James. He says, the viewers are probably wondering why he didn't go after them. Vanessa says, he had to do what was best for his game. She says, she has to do what's the best for her now, because it's just her & she doesn't think it's best for her to go after Johnny Mac.


10:00 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa that Meg & James aren't going to want to be in the final 5 with him & the twins. He says, they would try to break them up. Vanessa says, he can't do anything alone, & he was already sitting around with his hood up. Vanessa says, he had to know he couldn't rely on Meg for the HOH Competition. Austin says, no one knows about him & her. Vanessa says, no one else knows. Austin says, no one knows about them, not even Liz. Vanessa tells Austin, he's in love with Liz, & if Mel were there she would be there. Austin says, he doesn't know though. Vanessa says, if Austin wants to make it to finals, it's not going to work to keep Liz with him. Vanessa says, if he doesn't want to win, & that's o.k. to. She says, if he doesn't than let her know. Austin says, his family would kill him, if he chooses a girl he just met.


10:04 PM BBT Austin says, if he goes to the final 4, he may want to just bow out. He says, they may want to agree he take Liz, Julia take Liz, Vanessa take Austin, & she understands if he can't take her. Austin says, they may need to talk about it. He says, there may be some wiggle room around the decisions if Steve gets HOH. He says, he doesn't want to have to make these decisions. Vanessa says, neither does she. Vanessa asks if he wants to win this? Austin says, he does. He says, he wants to win this without betraying Liz. Vanessa says, she won't tell her. He says, he can't just give the $500,000 to her, she'll just spend it all.


10:05 PM BBT Vanessa & Austin keep talking about last week. She says, she doesn't hold anything against him, & she doesn't hold grudges. Austin says, people do things & then hold a knife in their backs. Vanessa tells Austin that his family is probably yelling at the computer screen that he should just trust Vanessa. Vanessa says, she's always been with him in this game. Vanessa says, Shell & Clay were in her head a lot. She says, since they aren't coming back she'll tell him that Shelli & Clay knew they have a final 2 deal.


10:09 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that she kept defending Austin to Shelli & Clay the entire time. They tells each other they've trusted each other. Austin says, Shelli & Clay must have out thought themselves. Vanessa says, this has made some great TV. Austin says, he can't make easy decisions that's why he stayed with his girlfriend for 18 months. He says, it would have been so easy to put her key in that box, but he didn't do it. Vanessa says, she's offered to be a pawn, but she couldn't trust Johnny Mac. Austin asks if the Rockstars are back together? Vanessa says, she doesn't know.


10:11 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that they can make some deal with Liz & Julia to get $25,000 each. Austin says, Liz knows she will win over Julia in the finals. Austin says, they've never has this discussion. Vanessa says, Julia will not make it without their help. Austin says, if he goes to the final 3 with the twins, he will go home. Austin wonders what they jury will do if he scum bags Liz & takes Vanessa. He says, it may hurt his votes. (Will they even vote for him to win?) Austin says, Liz may be Vanessa's toughest competition. Austin says, he might just bow out. Vanessa says, she could handle that, & she would love to win this because her & Mel could pay some bills, & she can get her D.J. business going. Austin says, his & Liz' life would be o.k. without it. (Does Liz think that?) Vanessa wants to make an agreement with the twins for the final 4.


10:14 PM BBT Vanessa says, if Steve gets to the final 5 it could be different. She says, it's really only a difference of $25,000 each. She says, they can win the comps over the people that are left. Austin says, at this point, they are locked & loaded. (Not if any of them get voted out.) Austin says, it comes down to the Veto in the final 4. Vanessa says, the HOH gives you safety to the final 3. Austin says, Vanessa would probably do good in the final 4 Veto. Austin says, they have come this 4, & they still have to knock out 4 people. Vanessa says, they are going to have to go on the block at some point. She says, she's not going to do it though. She says, she's pretty good at campaigning, so she can get it to go her way.

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10:17 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin he's been her final 2 since day 2. She says, she doesn't know what it was with his ass, but she did it anyway. They talk about things that have gone on. Vanessa says, Liz & Julia were never going home when her & Jackie were co-HOH's. Austin asks who would have gone home if Jackie had stayed HOH? Vanessa says, maybe Steve, but who knows. Vanessa says, she was thinking of targeting Becky, but she could have pulled herself off the block. Austin says, the week Vanessa was backdoored, she had it. Vanessa says, that's when she realized to get her ass out of bed. Vanessa says, she was blindsided. Austin asks what could have happened if Shelli would have stayed? Vanessa thinks she may have gone against Austwins, but she never said that. Vanessa says, Shelli told her that Austwins were already set up & that the twins would go the whole way. Vanessa gets called to the DR.


10:22 PM BBT Austin goes to the KT & tells Liz that Julia is soo stupid. He says, Meg & James had already told Vanessa Austwins cut her out of brass tacks. He says, they told her that this morning when they were trying to flip the vote. Julia goes to the KT, & Austin tells her the same thing. Julia says, they totally betrayed them. Austin says, they were trying to save themselves, & told the truth. Austin tells them about how Shelli & Clay never trusted him. Julia says, they were defending him when they were going home.


10:25 PM BBT Julia goes to get cookies, & finds ants on the foil. Liz says, there were 2 on the cookies. Liz says, they come out at night, because they are nocturnal. (Are they?) Liz & Julia leave the KT. Austin says, Vanessa will get her room, they can all go to bed, & it can be an early night. Steve says, he's too distracted by him & Liz when he plays chess with Austin. Austin says, that's his specialty. Steve thanks Austin again for the votes. Austin says, he was probably wrong, he probably should have gone back on his deal with John & Meg. He says, he will tell him more later. Steve wants to know what Vanessa was just talking to him about. Steve says, she wants to make deals for the final 5 or 6, because she wants to be loyal to them. Steve discusses BB Canada with Austin.


10:28 PM BBT Austin says, Vanessa was talking to him what he would do if he & the twins are in the final 3? He says, he doesn't want to make those decisions, & he would have to fight. He says, he wants to be the Boogie, where people have to take him. He says, he needs to talk to John, because he might have gotten played. Austin says, Steve made the case, but he was too afraid to do it. He says, he just wants John to understand that. Austin says, now there's no worry. Austin says, it was so predictable. He says, "Come on BB, can't you do better than that?" Steve asks what he means. Austin says, they predicted this, & he's wondering if there will be another twist or a reset. Steve says, besides a double eviction, he's not sure what they can do. Austin says, he thinks it will be normal next week, & then the double eviction the following week. Austin says, he doesn't want to stay up to late tonight. He says, he wants to get to tomorrow, & the new food in the house. (He's supposed to be a HN this week.) Austin says, he's going to have to do some kind of workout in the house if they don't open the yard, because he can't take this many days of. He kisses Liz on the forehead.


10:32 PM BBT Liz says, she just wants to do her DR session at a reasonable hour, because she wants to take a shower. She says, she doesn't want to take her make-up off now, because it looks good. They discuss the Rudolph song, & how you are expected to know all the less famous reindeer. Meg has been woke up from her nap with how loud they are talking. She yawns, & turns on her left side & closes her eyes again. James is sprawled out on his bed sleeping. Liz starts singing. BB says, "Please stop singing." Austin continues singing the song. James is messing with the chains. Meg says, she wants to chop his foot off. James says, he's sorry. BB says, "Hey, I said, stop it."


10:36 PM BBT James gets up from his nap. Meg straightens her bangs as she listens to the conversation going on in the KT. Austin & Liz continue now to talk the song out that they are trying to make out of the 12 Days of Christmas. Liz wonders if Vanessa will come out for her HOHR. BB says, "Please, stop singing," again.


10:38 PM BBT Liz says, they aren't singing, they are talking it out. Austin says, they have to get from 12 down. Steve says, he wants to do something that has to be that number. They continue discussing things. Liz sings, "Seven ants scampering." Austin says, don't sing it. Steve says, 7 days of HN's. Steve wants to do 6 Veto players. Austin likes 12 pelted chocolates, 11 Gronk Parties, 10 falls from grandma, 9 evicted HG's, 8 Audrey lies, 7 days of HN's, 6 Veto Players, 5 Dental chairs, 4 returning jurors, 3 days of Pot Ball, 2 identical twins, 1 freeze-frame make-out.


10:44 PM BBT Steve runs through the days again. They change 8 to 8 lies from Audrey. Steve sort of sings it now. Julia starts to sing freak out. Steve says, no singing, that's why he did it monotone. Julia & Steve talk in Spanish a little.


10:45 PM BBT Steve says, he took 3 years of Spanish in High School. He says, knowing Spanish wasn't really necessary, but they wanted them to do good on the test. He says, in New York the state writes all of the final exams, the teacher's don't write them. Julia asks if that's only in New York? Steve says, he doesn't know, but they are called the Regents Exams. Julia says, she only took Chemistry in High School, she's never taken Physics. Steve says, he did. John says, you have to take Quantum Physics in High School to be a GYN. John says, he didn't take it because he's a Dentist. He says, he took another exam other than the MCATS.


10:50 PM BBT The HG's have chatter about different abbreviations. They go to look at the Memory Wall. John's picture is back to being in color. Liz says, Jeff has nice lips. Julia agrees. Liz & Julia try to decide how people are standing in their pictures. Meg goes to the KT. Austin tells her she missed them coming up with the 12 Days Of Big Brother. Steve keeps trying to say it all, & Meg stops him, & keeps telling him she heard it all already.


10:53 PM BBT Austin takes Liz by the front door of the house. They slow dance together. Liz wants to know who's making hamburgers? James tells them he's going to make chili. Liz says, chili, yum. James says, who wants to see my HOH room, jokingly. Meg asks if she's going to say that when she comes out? James says, yeah.


10:55 PM BBT Liz & Austin are laying on the LR floor. Liz says, James is probably going to make chili cheese hot dogs. Steve says, who wants to see my HOHR? Julia says, she does. John says, who wants to see my CBR? He explains a pretend room. John says, most of the pictures in the room are disasters. Liz & Austin get up out of the floor. Liz says, she's going to have a huge bruise now. Steve walks through the LR headed back to the KT.


10:57 PM BBT Liz says, she likes spicy food, but not when it overpowers your mouth. They are eating a spicy salsa. Liz says, she can't stop eating it now. Meg tells them that the jury members took their head bands. Liz says, someone needs to tell them that they are pissed they took them. Julia says, they took her pink one. John says, a beef cake took his blue shirt he had on when he was evicted.

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Vanessa's HOH Letter: My Baby, I want you to know how much I miss you. Miss your kisses & everything about you. I believe this experience is making me stronger. It will make us grow stronger than ever. I love you so much my princess, you're mine & only mine. I can't wait to have you by my side. Bear, Maverick & I are doing very good, but we miss you like crazy! Bear is being so good, she follow my every step I take, & Mavy is having anxiety without you. They are counting down the days to come & see you, & so am I. I am feeling great & very healthy. I've been working out every single day. I also have been working on a great remix & producing a deep house track. I can not wait for you to hear it all. I have a lot of new music that you will enjoy. I had some Montreal friends over two weeks ago. I just came back from Orlando, & I had a blast. It felt so good to see family. Stay strong & positive, & remember why you're doing this. When you come back home you will have a nice surprise waiting for you. Keep your head high my love. We are missing you soo much. We love you forever & always. 

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11:00 PM BBT Vanessa comes out of DR asking who wants to see her HOH room.  She is in a hurry to hear from Mel.


11:01 PM BBT Austin is singing the twelve days of BB as Vanessa opens the HOHR door.  They cheer as they stream in.  Liz and Austin are right behind Vanessa.  Liz goes straight to the pictures, and everyone gathers around. Steve and John keep looking at pictures as the rest of the group moves over to the HOH basket.  Vanessa has her letter in hand and wants to read it right away. 


11:04 PM BBT Vanessa is very emotional reading her letter and feels reassured that Mel still loves her.  She tells everyone about Mel’s plans to go to Disney World. 


11:07 PM BBT Liz and Julia are back looking at pictures.  James and John are sitting on the HOHR bed.  Meg is checking out the fridge.  Vanessa got ice cream, and cottage cheese.  Vanessa says thank you to BB.  It’s the best basket ever, and she needed it so badly.


11:11 PM BBT Everyone enthuses and then Vanessa tells them to go cook their food.  She doesn’t want to hold them up.  She tells everyone to feel free to come up to the HOH.  She doesn’t want to be all by herself in the HOHR all week.  Vanessa is super happy.  Meg takes the ice cream down to the freezer for Vanessa. 


11:14 PM BBT Vanessa is re-reading her letter already.  She’s so happy.  She gives Steve a hug.  She says she really needed this.  Steve leaves, telling Vanessa she will be back later on tonight.


11:15 PM BBT Liz and Julia are listening to Vanessa’s music.  Julia is dancing around.  Only Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia are still in the HOHR.  Vanessa asks if any of the others have asked anything.  Vanessa says James finally said congrats, but Meg hasn’t said it.  Vanessa reiterates that she has to put both on the block.  Why would she put JMac on the block if he is with them? 


11:17 PM BBT Vanessa and Austin discuss plans while Julia and Liz listen.  They talk about the deals they want to make and how they see things unfolding.  Julia is not paying attention because she is working on turning the monitor on. They talk about Johnny Mac as the back door option if Meg or James win veto.


11:19 PM BBT Vanessa says that Meg and James have a very strong social game. Steve and Johnny Mac have NO social game.  Austin points out that Meg and James have the jury.  Vanessa says she had a weird vibe from Shelli.  Shelli avoided hugging her.


11:20 PM BBT Vanessa says that she is working things out with Steve, but that he will never be to her what Austin Liz and Julia are.  Steve has worked with them far in the game and is a good ally because he’s not a back-stabber, but he is also a bit of a wimp when it comes to big moves.  She is less afraid of Steve than James.  Vanessa can’t read JMac, but Steve and Johnny Mac together make a pair that can be a target ahead of her. 


11:22 PM BBT Vanessa talks about Meg spilling information earlier in the day and letting Vanessa know that Meg has been talking to Austwins. Vanessa asks what exactly they talked about with Meg.  Austin tells her it was about the 5-person alliance with Steve, Vanessa and Austwins.  Vanessa says that didn’t even come up... just that there were a lot of overlapping alliances.  Meg said they had the votes to take a shot at a very strong foursome.  Meg told Vanessa that Vanessa would always fall last on their totem pole list. 


11:28 PM BBT In the HOHR, Austin asks what to say to Meg and James.  They are going to ask.  Vanessa asks Austin, Liz and Julia to help her identify plausible reasons to put up Meg and James without revealing how closely aligned they are.  Steve comes up and Vanessa poses the question to Steve. 


11:30 PM BBT They dredge up the old reason that James threw the Battle of the Block when he was paired with Liz, and he never admitted it.  They discuss the HOH comp again, pointing out that if Vanessa had left the house when Becky targeted her, she would have been back in the house anyway, and HOH. Vanessa says that she wants to make a deal with Johnny Mac that if he is safe this week if he agrees to target the remaining Goblin if he wins HOH next week.  Vanessa isn’t looking to put John up even as a pawn. 


11:32 PM BBT Meg and James are in the KT eating.  Meg says they are right back to not winning this game.  They talk about how the other side is winning all the comps.  They will have to take each other out sooner or later.  If Vanessa keeps Austwins too long, she won’t have the votes.  James says that DE is coming up, and Meg says not til next week.  They are wishing that Johnny Mac had won.  James says that Vanessa told him that it’s great to win HOH especially when you were the target last week.  Meg says that Vanessa said this morning that she knows they will all have to be broken up.  Meg says that she won’t put them all up.  James says that he would and Meg agrees that she would too.  They talk about all the “final five” deals...that’s reason enough there.  Plus there is both a power couple and twins.  Meg says that Austin doesn’t win comps.  If he had been competing in this HOH, he would have fallen off before Julia. James asks if they should go up separately or together. James comments that Vanessa knows they are together.  Meg says she will be mad if they target Meg and James because they haven’t been involved in anything with them.  James says it’s about who they can control. 


11:45 PM BBT Vanessa asks Austwins not to socially ostracise her, even though they are doing what they do being friendly to Meg and James.  Austin asks Vanessa what to say to Meg and James.  They talk about just saying that Vanessa is just doing what’s best for her game.  Vanessa wants Austin to tell everyone that she wants to see them each individually.  Austin and Liz leave and Julia asks Vanessa to explain the issue with James throwing the Battle of the Block when he and Liz were nominated together.   

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