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Wednesday, August 26 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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11PM Tuesday  Vanessa and the twins are in the Cabana room talking, we get fish.  James and Austin in hammock talking about Steve.   Vanessa is spinning again about the game.  Vanessa retelling what she got out of her conversation with Steve.   Vanessa saying they need to decide who they are going to vote out.  Cams 3/4 go to Meg talking to Steve in the purple room.  The talk is about who might make it back in the house and what they might do.  Vanessa is now discussing JMac with the twins and the fact he is working to get them to vote out Steve.  Steve and Meg agree to go scamper.  We are back to James and Austin in the backyard.  Austin about noms, pawns, and veto and what might happen.  Fish.  (BTW, the new stocking cap of Vanessa's atleast looks clean)  We are back to juror talk.  James walks away from Austin when Meg walks into the yard.  So now James and Meg are talking with Austin.  Meg tells Austin that JMac/Steve chilling with her till JMac got called to Dr. Austin says JMac has talked to Vanessa a ton.  Vanessa is doing a lot of eye rolling and continues to talk about JMac now to the twins. 


1117PM Tuesday  JMac has now joined the twins in the Cabana room, Vanessa has left.  James/Meg and Vanessa are still talking in Backyard.  James thinks they all should vote the way they want, no discussions, and have Steve and JMac do ROCK/PAPER/SCISSORS to see which one of them leave on Thursday.  the discussion about the vote on Thursday continues.  JMac is still talking with the gals in Cabana Room.


1136PM Tuesday  We see Liztin in the HoH room, Austin is discussing the ROCKPAPERSCISSORS vote to Liz.  Julia is on the couch.  Vanessa is in WA with Steve talking. JMac is in backyard by pool.  Meg is wandering around while James is in WC.  Vanessa and Steve are studying days.  Meg enters WA to use the WC and makes a comment to Steve about one of the days.  Steve says Julie made it a direct comment.  Julia says she wants JMac to leave her alone.  Vanessa and Steve get told to not block the windows.  The pillows were piled up in the WA couch against the windows.  Meg comes out of WC with swimsuit on.  Julia keeps telling Austin no, Liz tells her to go get Vanessa.  Liz/Julia arguing over something that Liz wants Julia to keep her mouth shut about.  Meg and James are in the swimming pool in back yard whispering.  (no mics, can't hear)  But it has to do with Meg's talk with Steve earlier.  JMack is sitting at the hot tub.   Lots of discussions going on about who to vote out and what all has been said. 


1144PM  JMac heads into house.  Meg and JAmes playing around in pool.  No game talk.  The twins are eating candy in HoH teasing Austin.  James wants to know why Vanessa is coaching Steve so much.   Austin says Vanessa/Steve fighting, but it sure does not look that way.  James says there is something going on, if I was voting someone out why would I spend so much time with them.  both twins are ganging up on Austin, Meg says Vanessa needs to stop, she has a letter from home, Meg has nothing and why throw it up to Meg that she has not won, (Vanessa??)  Vanessa is now seen by Meg scampering up to the hoh room.. Meg says the only time she talks to me is game.

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1148PM Tuesday  James says Vanessa is a busy bee, she needs to go, but you don't want to piss her off cause of the twins.  Vanessa is a meat shield for them, they are using her.  What did Steve says about game on.  Twins tell Vanessa that they know (James and Meg) that you are working with Steve.  Vanessa has arrived in the HoH room.  Discussion is about rat Steve and stupid JMac.  James and Meg are talking in the pool about Vanessa and Steve.  Meg wants to know why would Steve and Vanessa go after them.  Liz talks about making deal with JMac that he can't put any of them four up if he stays.  Vanessa is now taking over the conversation.  They are all poking fun of the Rock, Paper Scissors idea, Austin saying it was James' came up with the idea, but really it was a joint idea.  James and Meg still discussing the fact that Vanessa needs to go and other facts.  (Same facts just rehashing things already said)  Vanessa says we go to F2 with JMac we win, we go to F2 with Steve we lose.

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1203AM Wednesday  Vanessa and Twins are discussing days in HoH.  no sign of Austin.  James and Meg still in pool discussing information that they have been questioned about. 


1210AM Studying in HoH and no sign of Austin.  Meg and James talking about who comes back and what they might be able to accomplish


1225AM  Liz in backyard with James and Meg.  She is talking about Steve shooting up to HoH room, they are discussing the Rock Paper Scissors idea.  Austin is in HoH room with Steve, Vanessa, Julia discussing a past season when someone did not know there were cameras in the HoH room.  Steve says JMac could not discuss his patients and someone got in trouble for doing so.  JMac is headed to the backyard via the TV screen.  Austin is eating and talking.


1229AM  Meg asking why Vanessa is studying with Steve after the fact that she has been fighting with Steve for the past two days and she made such an issue about James and me studying with you and Julia.  Talk about 5 person deal with Austwins, Steve and JMac.  Austin has joined the backyard pool party.  Julia is pledging her undying loyalty to Vanessa in the WA.  Vanessa is saying that JMac is so stupid.  The backyard discussion is about comps and Steve comes out of house all chat stops.


1240AM Kitchen time, the twins are feeding their faces again.  Meg comes into kitchen area and ruins the surprise of the twins bringing them a snack pool side.  Vanessa tries to get info out of Meg, Meg ignores question and talks about her family.

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124108AM  James is in WA with Meg.  Austwins in kitchen.  James get told about his mic.  Steve is in kitchen talking about intros.   Talk is about nerds and geeks.  no sign of JMac and Vanessa.  Steve leaves and comes back with RULE book, Liz says where was it, he says Storage room,  FISH....


112AM  Julia doing night ADLs talking to Meg and James while brushing teeth.  Liztin up in hoh doing ADLs.


124AM Meg and James in purple room.  James looking for his visor, Meg choking on water taking her pills.  Austin in HoH listening to music.  James found his visor says Nice Try Stevie boy.  James double checking on Meg making sure she is okay after the coughing.  James says he going to clean up "her" mess and finds out it is HIS mess. 


132AM lights out in HoH, Meg and JAmes still talking.  James making fake person in James' bed.  (he uses the kitty hat as a face) climbs into bed  they keep turning the light on and off.   Julia caught him in process.  They start monkeying around with light switch and we get fish.


135AM  Julia says Good Night James, I still see you... Make out session going on in hoh.  Julia knows James is in her bedroom, she swings her pillow at him telling him to stop, he starts to laugh and then leaves. 


140AM lights on in purple room, small chit chat going on between Steve Meg and James.  Makeout session still going on in HoH   James says "how many votes you got"  steve says I only need 3,  thought I would come ask you for your vote.  they talk about the scampering going on, Steve says they will talk tomorrow.  Steve thanks them, shakes their hands, turns off light and leaves.  Steve turns and jumps on Meg's bed and she starts saying No, no no no.  Steve is just playing with Meg and she gets up out of bed, she wants him to leave.  Steve says he will tuck her in, she says she can tuck herself in whiles saying No no no.  Steve shuts off light in HN room.  He sits down on Meg's bed and they doing a general chat between her James again.  Meg keeps saying No.  Meanwhile Austin and Liz start running scenerios (spelling?) about who leaves who comes back and who might leave again. 


156AM Steve is now in WA.  Make out session in HoH ..  Steve is doing his normal nightly walk around.  Goes to drying and cleans lint filter. 

2AM Steve sitting at glass counter with Fridge door wide open behind him.  He looks around gets up and closes the door

211AM Steve has finished cereal, sitting in nom chair reading his letter.  Austin and Liz talking about being so tired. 


215AM Chat in Hoh room is about JMac and things that have been said.  Austin telling Liz to stop worrying.  All the other HGs.. except Steve and his scampering, seem to be tucked in for the night.  Liz mentions Steve's scampering again. 


227AM Steve is in bed now, but Liz is telling Austin he is a weirdo but she likes to make him feel good, he is talking into the blanket, mumbling make out session in between chit chat

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232AM Meg and James are up in WA.  (they both had to go pee)  Liztin are whispering to each other talking about how James does it to Meg.  James and Meg return to bed.  Steve is in bed, but tossing and turning.  


241AM All have settled down, Steve is now up walking around, telling James and Meg he is having trouble settling down tonight. 

256AM Steve sitting at table eating cereal and general chat in HoH.

301AM Steve back in bed.  Liztin are quiet

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9:13am BBT: BB comes on and says : Good morning Hg it is time to get up for the day, The bedroom lights must remain on during the day, There are fresh batteries in the STR. then music starts playing as Hg head to the STr to change batteries. John goes to the BT and sits with feet in the hot tub. the music is still playing then we get FOTh.

9:25am BBT: John in the By sitting on the couches alone. Steve in the KT  getting a trash bag and putting it in the trash can, he then sits at the counter  eating his cereal. Julia is up and going to the WC.
9:28am BBT: Vanessa is now in the By laying on the lounger. john yells we did it  and it looks good . he then laughs and says that Bb said to raise the outside awnings. Bb then says to lower the outside awnings and John laughs then gets up to lower them with Vanessa's help.
9:34am BBT: Austin and Liz go to the STR and change batteries then go back to the HOH rm and get back in bed  and snuggle. Steve is walking around gathering his things up.
 9:45am BBT: Meg is called to the DR, Vanessa in WA  doing ADL's. Most Hg still in  bed sleeping.
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10:00 AM BBT Liz in the HOH WA putting on her makeup. Austin laying in bed. She calls out to Austin that she had a dream they were still in the BB house with a few other people like Meg and James and Jason came back. Feeds 3 and 4 on sleeping HG in the CBR.


10:05 AM BBT Vanessa returns to the CBR, gets in bed and puts something on over her eyes. Liz leaves the HOHR and heads downstairs to the OBR. She grabs something off the floor. Feeds 1 and 2 stay on sleeping HG in the OBR. Feeds 3 and 4 on sleeping HG in the CBR.


10:17 AM BBT A door is heard opening and closing and Feeds 3 and 4 switch to see Liz in the LR walking toward the BY. She heads to the outdoor fridge to get a drink, grabs something by the washer/dryer, and then heads back to the HOHR.


10:20 AM BBT Liz climbs back in bed to snuggle with Austin and tells him they have nothing to eat. Meanwhile, Julia is walking around downstairs. She heads to the WC. Julia leaves the WA without washing her hands and goes back to bed.


10:30 AM BBT HG snoozing away...


10:45 AM BBT  Sleeping HG on all feeds.


11:05 AM BBT  Feeds 1-4 continue to show nothing but sleeping HG.

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11:15 AM BBT  We get FOTH. When we return, Austin is sitting on the side of the bed in the HOHR.


11:20 AM BBT  We get FOTH. When we return, Austin is sitting on the side of the bed in the HOHR. He goes to the WA and does ADLs and then goes to the bed to kiss on Liz. They are talking, but neither of them are wearing their mics. John is called to the DR.


11:25 AM BBT  Austin stops kissing Liz and put on his mic. He heads downstairs to the KT.


11:30 AM BBT  Austin begins making coffee and goes to fridge. He looks inside and closes it. Then he gets the tubs to make his protein shake and mixes one for himself. He heads to the SR and gets another tub of protein powder. He looks through the cabinets and mumbles to himself, seemingly unhappy with what he finds (or doesn't find).


11:35 AM BBT  Austin heads out to the BY drinking a cup of coffee and then heads back inside after about 30 seconds. He heads to the WC. John has returned from the DR and goes back to the CBR to get back in bed. Liz is called to the DR.


11:40 AM BBT Austin comes out of the WC and rinses one hand with water. He goes back to the KT to get his protein shake. He paces back to the WA then paces back down the hall. Liz comes down the stairs. They hug at the bottom of the stairs and she asks him if he made coffee. he says YES and she heads to the DR. He tells her he isn't working out today but plans to do indoor stuff today.


11:45 AM BBT  Austin heads to the WA and begins to run the straightener through his hair. Liz is out of the DR almost as soon as she enters and heads back to the HOHR to bed. Vanessa is called to the DR. Austin continues straightening his hair.


11:50 AM BBT  BB tells the HG they are on an ILD. Austin returns to the KT after an attempt to straighten his hair, finishes his protein shake and then sees Vanessa. He asks her where everybody is. She tells them they are sleeping. She asks if she missed anything last night. She tells him about a comedian in Vegas that always says, "Cuz I be thinkin'" and points at her head. Austin says he's got to go to Vegas. She says with her on his side he should win some money. He asks if she's ever played craps and she says YES. She puts money on the ODDS and SIX and EIGHT. We get FOTH because Austin starts to talk about a buddy of his.


11:55 AM BBT  She tells him there's a breakeven strategy for craps. You win because the casino gives you comps for playing. She knows someone who that's their main game and someone who blackjack is their main game. Austin begins to tell her what his strategy is. Vanessa says that craps is the most fun game. Vanessa says that Liz is cool with it and she can hang out with Mel while they play.



11:58 AM BBT  Vanessa says that Liz,Julia and Mel are both 23 and can all hang out together. Vanessa says she puts aside $200 for Mel to play in the slots. She says if she wins $100 she wants her to put it aside right away so she doesn't lose it. [if you are someone that is looking for Vanessa's gambling advice at the different casinos in Vegas, flashback to here. She has about 3 minutes of advice.—Morty] She asks Austin if he likes poker and he says he has never played.

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12:01pm BBT: Austin and Vanessa talking about playing poker, Vanessa says she like the 11pm to 6am sessions when people are drunk and they play bad.

 12:10pm BBT: Meg is now up in the Wa where Vanessa and Austin has gone to talk about who to send out of the house this week Johnny Mack or Steve and Vanessa is pushing for johnny Mack. 
 12:17pm BBT: Meg says we have nothing on either Steve or Johnny Mack so it is up to you to decide Austin who leaves cause what if one comes back into the game? Austin talks about  doing the rock paper scissors to see who leaves which one will throw the rock or the paper or scissors. meg is laughing.
12:21pm BBT: Austin telling meg and Vanessa that maybe we can do a game with rock paper scissors and go around the table and each person do it to see who they vote out of the house and who ever gets the  least in the game goes home.
12:25pm BBT: Austin says i think some people are going to like doing this game and some will not but we have to decide who will leave tomorrow . Vanessa says i think this will b e fun. meg says she has to think about it.
12:27pm BBT: Vanessa tells maybe we can do this , it is like rock paper scissors is that we can all go vote the way we want and do not tell anyone who we are voting out the twins can not even tell each other and we will be surprised who leaves tomorrow night. meg says i like that idea and Austin says i like that idea also. Vanessa says isn't that is what is supposed to happen on this show anyways and she laughs.
 12:33pm BBT: Vanessa tells meg and Austin that who ever comes back this week they are going right back out unless they win the veto so that is the only way they stay this week.
 12:40pm BBT: Austin. Meg and Vanessa in the WA still talking  and repeating themselves  then talking about how Steve and John do dirty things.
12:46pm BBt: Meg says well i do not know y'all and Then ask if the twins have a strong feeling about Steve or John leaving this week and Austin says no i do not think so they have not really talked about it.
 12:52pm BBT: Vanessa and meg talking about  past comps they have played in and how cold they was when coming back into the house after the comp. Austin sits there agreeing with them.
12:56pm BBT: Austin telling Meg about jace when he left and they then talk about it was so long ago. Austin says it was 60 days ago and meg says yeah we only have 28 days left now. Meg says who would have thought it would have been us in the final 8? it is so random she says.
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 1:00pm BBT: Meg and Austin have gone to the Kt to make lunch and meg talks about playing sling band and Austin says he like pot ball better he hates ling band. meg says i do not know what i want and then all goes silent.

1:06pm BBT: James is up inn the Kt the John gets up and comes in. they are making food and talking about workouts. Steve in the Wa brushing his teeth while meg does her makeup.
1:10pm BBT: Hg in the Kt talking about grandma (meg) being a feed bag and John is laughing while Austin is cooking chicken again. James is at the table sitting . Meg gets her cereal and goes to the table to sit down then starts sneezing. Steve starts laughing and  spits cereal  out and meg says ewww. Steve says sorry i just thought that was funny.
1:14pm BBT: Julia is now up out of bed and goes to the Kt where meg is saying she hates  a certain yogurt. Everyone says good morning to Julia and she says no more eggs right? Meg says no and  Julia says  dammit i like yogurt and chexs so that's ok.
1:17pm BBT: Austin goes to the HOh rm and tells Liz it is almost 2:00 that everyone is up now and Liz says stop lying and he says look at the tv everyone is down there. In the KT Julia, James, Meg, john and Steve are talking about making chicken breast. Vanessa is in the bed sleeping in the CBR.
 1:25pm BBT: Austin in the hOh rm telling Liz  about doing the rock paper scissors thing tonight and not telling Steve or John.
 1:29pm BBT: In the KT talk is about snoring and relationships. Meg says James snores. In the HOh rm Liz and Austin are in bed kissing and snuggling.
1:34pm BBT: Austin and james in the KT thawing out chicken for dinner tonight. Liz, Julia, Meg and John in kt and they are all talking general talk
1:40pm BBT: Vanessa and Steve in the OBR . Vanessa ask him in the veto with otev was i the backdoor? Steve says i don't know and she ask before that? he says when Vanessa won the veto i do not think so. Vanessa gets up and leaves the room and Steve says Vanessa? as she leaves.
 1:46pm BBT: Vanessa in the KT drinking coffee and being quiet as the other Hg are trying to decide what to have with chicken later. john in the WA shaving.
1:52pm BBT: Vanessa walking around the house not talking to anyone as she heads out of the KT. Austin and Steve in the LVR talking about  the differences in rice.
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2:04PM BBT Austin spouting his healthy eating facts. Steve and James general chit chat in the LR.


2:16PM BBT Meg and James discuss the vote tomorrow night. Meg explains that everyone votes how they want and no one tells. The two get to plead their case. Meg says that she feels the correct people won't go for awhile.


2:21PM BBT Steve in the KT and puts his head on the table. Vanessa says not to do that. She tells him his head is greasy. He says he just washed it. Austin tells him to listen to Vanessa (as he eats at the table without his shirt) Vanessa tells Steve that he is growing up before their eyes.


2:31PM BBT Meg and James are studying in the PBR. Austin and Liz are snuggling in the HOH bed.


2:41PM BBT James, Meg and John talk about the mystery votes in week past. They go over the votes when each of the HG left.

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2:44PM BBT In the OHR Liz and Austin kiss. Liz is embarrassed because she hasn't brushed her teeth today so she gets up and scrubs them in the HOH WA


2:49PM BBT James, Meg and John talk about when they first came into the comp. As we get a replay of Austin and Liz's afternoons in the HOH, the feeds switch to Steve and Vanessa talking in general in the KT.


2:58PM BBT Vanessa, Julia and Steve talk about Jeff and Jackie doing BB. And what would they have gotten extra had they make it to the end. Vanessa says that she thinks they are engaged on the outside of the house. Julia says that she may be right.


3:01PM BBT Steve says he watched the show and he says that Jeff and Jackie ended on great terms. Vanessa says they hooked up on the show. Julia and Vanessa are convinced they are a couple outside of the house. Steve says they were the best of the couple on the race.

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3:07PM BBT In the HOHR Austin returns to the bed. Liz asks about a tattoo he has. It is a tidal wave surrounding a heart being ripped up by claws. He tells her that he likes broken hearts because then you can start to feel things.


3:12PM BBT Meg has joined in the conspiracy talk in the KT about Jackie and Jeff. Now they all feel that they are a couple outside of the house.


3:18PM BBT Vanessa feels that Da was a TV host. Someone says that Da was a blackjack dealer. Vanessa says absolutely not. She says that Da knew nothing about gambling.

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These games at night, I just can't get into them, they are a 3 hr. bore, I can't be alone in this.  Why not have the girls try to find a spot to get away from mirrors and put their make up on....full out?  That would be pretty funny, I would imagine.  The guys, ummm, not sure.  Perhaps they can put make up on them sometime...eye liner, eye shadow all of it, be fun too, to watch anyhow.

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7:00 PM BBT In the HOHR, Julia & Vanessa discuss possibilities for the upcoming HOH. Austin is laying in the bed twirling his hair with his left hand. Austin says, Steve is staying. Vanessa says, John is sleeping. Austin says, as expected. Julia & Vanessa leave the HOHR. Liz gets called to the DR while she's blow drying her hair. She doesn't even have make-up on. Austin tells Liz she got called to the DR. She asks where Julia & Vanessa are? He tells her they just went downstairs. She thinks Austin is lying about her getting called to the DR. She turns the blow dryer off & tells BB she needs about 6 1/2 minutes, & she starts to put her make-up on.


7:04 PM BBT Austin goes outside the HOHR to look at things downstairs. When he comes back in Liz asks him to go downstairs & turn the hair straightener on for her. Austin goes to the WA, tells Vanessa that Liz is going to use the straightener, & he turns it on. Steve gets told to please put on his microphone. Austin says, the Boi is scampering. He leaves the WA. Vanessa is lounging on the couch eating Good & Plenty candy. We see FOTH a couple times for a moment.


7:08 PM BBT In the OBR, James wants some honey chicken. Steve says, Honeycutt. James says, honey maple. Julia says, it's just to get the stick. Austin says, it sounds yummy. Meg asks why they woke her up? James says, they want to make the chicken. James says, he came out of the DR & he wants the food. Meg says, he woke her up just to make the phone. Julia tells them they are both wearing hunter green today, & they are matching. Julia asks James if they did it on purpose? James says, yes.


7:10 PM BBT James says, Meg needs her salt intake from her snacks. He says, if she farts she clears out a room. John comes out of the CBR, & says, hello to the HG's in the OBR, but no one responded. Julia says, James needs to help her set up Sling Band. Julia says, she covered up her vegetable. Julia was using her feet to rub James' back. Austin looks through his HOH basket that he still has. Austin might take a can of salmon. (He has his own HOH food.)


7:12 PM BBT Julia says, Mt. Dew is bad for you from what she red in Men's Fitness magazine. Steve says, he bought a bunch of candy bars while he was on the spaceship. He says, once he got through security he bought a lot of Mt. Dew's. He says, they came in handy. Julia says, pageant girls eat pixie sticks before they do their beauty pageants. Julia starts to sing Pour Some Sugar On Me. We see FOTH.


7:14 PM BBT Live feeds come back & James says, a little boy's wig fell off. Liz goes in the OBR. She hasn't gone to the DR yet. Julia tells her, don't make them call you twice. Steve says, Austin, please move your microphone higher. Liz tells Steve he got microphoned today, who is he? Steve says, he had just woke up from his nap. Austin tells him he's sneaky. Steve agrees. Austin says, very sneaky. Steve agrees. Julia tells Steve he needs to stop cutting himself. Julia was looking at a bruise she had a few minutes ago. Steve asks Julia if she wants a shoulder rub. Julia says, she thinks there is something sneaky about that. She says, she's going to change & come back. She starts to sing Pour Some & stops.


7:17 PM BBT Steve gets up from the pull-out bed in the OBR. He puts his shoes on, that are already tied. He picks up his belt, & puts it on, as he leaves the OBR, while eating some candy. Julia gets told to please stop singing. James laughs.


7:19 PM BBT Julia goes in the WA. Vanessa tells Julia there is only 4 weeks left in BB this season, period. Julia says, that's nothing & that puts it into perspective. She says, a week goes so fast in there, & that's so sad. She says, she can't wait for life after BB. She says, she can't believe that people will recognize her. She says, none of her good friends no what BB is. She says, her Aunt watches it. She says, she thinks a higher age range watches it. Vanessa tells her when she goes to airports she'll get recognized. Steve walks in the WA, & says, 100%.


7:21 PM BBT Steve says, only about 2% of America watches each episode. Julia tells Steve that there's only 4 weeks left. Steve says, it's day 70, & it ends on day 98, so that's right. Steve says, there is another person coming in. They talk about the last week going faster. Vanessa asks if their family can be in the audience when they get evicted & they are going to jury, & not coming in the house? Steve says, he doesn't know, but maybe on finale night. Vanessa wants Mel to be there.


7:23 PM BBT Steve says, he thinks jury members get a monitored phone call. Vanessa asks Steve why they can't get phone calls if they aren't coming back in the game? We see FOTH. Vanessa comes back saying that the longest any of them will be in jury is 3 weeks. Julia says, they will have 2 people at all times. Steve tells them that someone left the jury house before. He says, someone even hooked up the TV & watched a live show once. They discuss that you can watch only movies that came out before they went in the house, & no regular TV. Steve tells Vanessa they don't want anyone to tell them they shouldn't vote for someone on the phone calls. The girls discuss Becky's toe. Julia says, she may have played it up. They discuss how she would have done in the HOH comp.


7:28 PM BBT Julia says, Becky may have had trouble with the comp, but she may have won the POV. Vanessa tells Julia that it's weird they will only have to be in jury for 3 weeks at the most. Julia leaves the WA. Vanessa tells Steve that she wants to talk to him later. They discuss the HOH comp may be before & after, to have a quick comp for the person to come back, because they are going to have another comp. Steve says, he doesn't know because that's not normally done for this. He says, he hates to admit this, but she has a slight edge on him for predicting comps. Steve says, face morph & OTEV have never been this early. Meg gets called to the DR.


7:33 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that she's using more information to make her guesses then he is. Liz goes in the WA to join the convo. Vanessa tells her that she thinks the HOH comp is going to be before & after. Steve says, then it won't be during the Live show then. Vanessa asks why? Liz says, the show will be the jury. Steve says, they have to have a comp for the Sunday episode. Vanessa says, they had 10 people for the Pop Till You Drop.


7:37 PM BBT Liz leaves the WA. Julia tries Vanessa's Good & Plenty candy. Julia tells Steve where she thinks her back is tense. Julia says something was intense & she was talking about camping in a clean way where he tent got wet, & they made it seem like she was a foul b*tch. Julia tells Steve that she thought Steve was a Boy Scout. They talk about the levels of Girl & Boy Scouts. Julia says, what she was. Liz yells from the KT to tell her she messed it up. Vanessa was a Girl Scout. Julia says, she wants her girls to be a Girl Scout, because she learned a lot.


7:39 PM BBT Julia asks why you can't sleep on the floor as a HN? Steve says, you can't sleep on the floor anywhere there. Julia asks why he thinks that is? Steve says, it's in the rule book, & it's because of camera angles...We see FOTH. When Live feeds come back Julia & Steve are discussing something that is long & looks like a cone. Julia says, when she goes to the bathroom at 3 a.m. & the lights are dim. Steve says, he's in sole control of when the lights go off. Vanessa asks why? Steve says, he's usually the last one up. He says, they stay dim unless someone else is up. Steve tells Julia, you are a star on the feeds at night when the lights are dim. Julia asks if he thinks people are watching in the middle of the night? Steve says, yes. Vanessa says, that's weird.


7:42 PM BBT Julia asks if Jason watches the feeds? Steve says, yes, he thinks he watches them more than he ever did. He says, he didn't know that the SR had a lock button that you have to push. He says, he didn't know that the slop came in a bag & you had to cook it. He says, he used to look up highlights & flashback to watch them. He tells them how the feeds work. He tells them you can choose a date, time & cam to go back to look at anything they want to. He tells them that there are 4 camera views on. He says, he thinks only those 4 are recording. Vanessa says, they are all recording. We see FOTH. Steve comes back explaining how the All Access works this year. Julia says, she paid the $5.99 a month. Steve & Vanessa talk about the things they've watched. Julia says she wants to watch TAR. Steve explains how TAR works.


7:46 PM BBT Austin gets called to the DR. Vanessa tells Steve & Julia that some people have gotten kicked out of TAR is by forgetting their Passport in their hotel rooms. Julia says, she must really like TAR. Steve says, she applied for it. Vanessa says, she was almost on it. Julia says, she feels she has a good shot of getting on it. Vanessa says, her & Mel would be great, but they don't know that much about directions. They discuss how it would be if she went on TAR. Julia says, even if you can't drive stick. Steve says, you need to learn, because people got kicked out last season for not knowing how to drive a stick. Vanessa says, she learned stick for the show. She says, she was the first alternate.


7:49 PM BBT Vanessa says, it would be weird to go through the whole casting again. Steve says, they know her. Vanessa says, it's a different casting company, but the same top people. Julia asks if she means Roberta Kennedy? (Going by initials). We see FOTH. When live feeds come back on Vanessa says, Survivor is doable now since it's only 30 some days. Steve says, it's a lot worse though, because it's worse than being a HN.


7:52 PM BBT Julia asks Vanessa if she thought she would be here until September? Vanessa says, she thought she would be the first one voted out. Julia asks who thinks that? Steve says, he thinks Audrey thought she was going to win. Julia says, when they told her to expect to be back on October 2, she had no idea she would be here this long. She says, she told her job 2 months. Vanessa says, she couldn't fathom being here this long. Steve tells Vanessa because her & Mel don't know directions shouldn't stop them for doing TAR. Vanessa says, because Mel is Canadian, they would have to get married, & she would have to be a resident, even maybe even a citizen, but they have made exceptions in some cases. Julia asks if gay marriage is legal in Las Vegas? Vanessa says, yes, it is, just recently, it's only been about a year.


7:55 PM BBT Vanessa tells them that she liked the license plate game that you had to spell out words. Steve says, that was early in season 10. Julia yells to Liz about adding tomatoes to the rice. Vanessa says, she likes the riddle comp that was old. Steve says, Bury the Hatchet, You Reap What You Sow, & the Music Awards were good.

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7:56 PM BBT Steve explains last seasons comp with the galloping horse & gold bar comp was. Vanessa says, the egg one could be tomorrow also. Steve says, it could be two short comps or one long comp. He says, or an endurance comp. Vanessa asks why? Steve says, they need a comp for each episode. Vanessa asks what two comps accomplishes? Steve says, one for jury to come back. Vanessa asks if the other comp will be on the show? Steve says, no, it would go on Sunday's show. They continue talking about the comps. Steve says, every episode has to have it's comp.


7:59 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that she will tell him later about John. Steve wants to know. Vanessa asks when his parents put out Christmas presents if he opens them & puts them back. He says, he analyzes them with size, weight & sound. Steve says, he usually asks for what he wants. He says, he might want mics now. They discuss different mics & condensers.


8:02 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he knows she doesn't believe him, but he's a recording major. Vanessa says, she's a digital recording major. They discuss the differences that is technical.


8:05 PM BBT Steve & Vanessa continue to talk about different types of cables she should use for her DJ job. He tells her that if you run sound & lighting cables in the same area they will interfere with each other. They talk about different sizes of cables, & the different things that she does with her mixer, & laptop.


8:09 PM BBT Steve tells her to look at her equipment, & if she can use TRS, it's better. He says, it's the difference between Tip Ring Sleeve & Tip Sleeve. She talks about setting up her home studio & how she tests her sound. She says, it's in her open air loft as her make-shift studio. She says, it's open air & there is no door. She says, it's a little smaller than the size of the bathroom. She asks if there's an issue with putting 3 sets of speakers on top of each other. He says, as long as you aren't using them at the same time, no. She asks why? He explains that there may be a 1 millisecond difference in the output if used together. She asks where she should have the sub woofer? Steve says, to keep it the same difference away as the speakers for the directionality. She asks if there's any reason to pad the walls? He explains low pitch & room dimension issues that can happen.


8:14 PM BBT In the KT, Julia says, the chef tonight if Meg & James is the Sous Chef. Julia gets called to the DR. James says, there you go, how you doin? Meg says, she feels they are getting people before Sling Band. Julia wants to know if she can change. She says, she's changed like three times today. James says, he's ready for Survivor. He says, when he gets out of there he thinks he will apply for it. Meg says, she can't do Survivor. James says, oh hell no, you would get hurt, because they actually do battles. Meg says, she gets it, she can't do it.


8:17 PM BBT Liz says, tension is higher on Survivor. Austin says, yes, but it's shorter. He says, they would have already done 2 Survivors already. Austin is chowing down some food, talking with it in his mouth. Liz gets up to flip food using her bare fingers. She says, owe, & likes her fingers a few times, but keeps turning over the food after she liked them without washing her hands. Liz asks Austin to look at the chicken to see if it's done. Austin says, it looks done. He has her open another piece. He asks why there's 6 ants crawling out of it? Meg asks what he's talking about? He laughs, & tells her the chicken is done.

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8:20 PM BBT The HG's in the KT compliment the food. Liz says, she can't even. Austin says, he can't. Meg tells all the HG's that dinner is ready. Everyone starts to make plates of food to eat. Liz makes fun of James' plate, saying he acts like a toddler.


8:24 PM BBT Once everyone sits down to eat, everyone compliments it. Meg says, she didn't think the chicken was going to work without the egg. She says, she used honey. Meg asks if Julia is still in the DR? Liz says, yes. Everyone discusses the food. Vanessa says, it's really good, like really good. Austin says, he told them the white rice is where it's at. James says, he did. Steve gets salad from the bowl on the glass table. James says, he doesn't eat vegetables. He says, he will eat some since Meg slaved to cook the food. You can hear Liz chomping & sucking her food through her teeth.


8:28 PM BBT Steve says, Shelli & Jackie only know BB Bowling. Liz says, they are going to play Sling Band tonight. Liz says, everything she cooks has had balsamic vinegar in it. Austin is the first one finished after barely chewing his food, before inhaling it. Meg says, great family dinner. Austin asks Steve, besides the ants, what is he going to remember most from here? Steve says, his ponytail beard.


8:30 PM BBT Meg tells the HG's about how her mom used to use Captain Crunch cereal in her breading for her chicken. More compliments are given on the food. Liz says, that food was everything. James says, that rice was everything. Austin takes Liz' plate, & she thanks him. She tells Austin he needs to clear her plate off first, because otherwise it backs everything up in the sink. She gets up, & tells him she has to teach him. Vanessa says, she really doesn't even eat rice, but this is good. Liz tells Meg, she's trying to steal the show from the real cooks in the house. James gives many descriptive words to say how good the rice is.


8:34 PM BBT Meg says, poor Julia, she's going to be so mad. Liz says, she knows, they will all be done & be ready to play Sling Band. Meg talks about Zingbot. Liz says, it was the most embarassing. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Steve says, Zingbot has fallen before. He says, not on camera though, but they've talked about it post-season. Liz wonders if it's the same person in the costume each time. Steve says, he has no idea. Liz says, they have to do their goodbye messages. Vanessa asks if Zingbot had a baby? She says, did he just ditch the babies momma? James says, Zingbot is going to have to pay his Zingsupport. The HG's laugh. James asks Julia how the rice is, now that she's out of the DR. Julia says, it's everything. Austin wants to know what for dessert already. James says, the chicken was everything. Julia says, everything, everything. She makes noises as she eats her food. She says, it's everything a few more times, & says, she's going to have another piece for sure.


8:37 PM BBT Julia says, she has had rice in forever. She compliments the food some more, making noise while she eats. The HG's keep saying how the food is everything. Julia tries to imitate the way Steve says, thank you, & says she can't get the high pitch noise. She gets up from the DT, saying thank you several times.


8:40 PM BBT Meg tells James to do his girl voice. James & Steve talk back & forth like they are girls. Austin asks what is going? He says, no Sling Band. Steve makes noises. Liz yells, Sling Band. Austin says, he's not good at it. Liz says, she likes it, why won't he play it. She basically begs him to play. They muffle their microphones while they hug. Meg asks what's for dessert? James says, Meg, jokingly.

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8:42 HG's discuss different things for dessert. Meg quizzes Steve on what's in the different candies that are in the house. Julia finishes her second piece of chicken, & wants another piece. She says, she's being fat. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back with James reading the back of the Junior Mints box. Julia says, she thinks that was a very good read, he should take that up. Julia asks James if they are going to cream them tonight? Austin says, no. James says, he always creams them. Steve asks who won last night? Julia says, her & James. John talks about ingredients in the candy.


8:46 PM BBT Liz says, this is the stats on the Sling Bands, the looser ones are the pink & blue, & the tighter ones are the yellow & orange, so choose accordingly. Liz says, "I suckka." Meg takes the cereal boxes to the table to use for the scoring. We see FOTH. Steve sits by Meg at the DT, & asks if he can fix James' error? He reads the back of the Junior Mints box very dramatically with a lot of expression. John says, that was very good. BB tells Julia & Liz they are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions with other HG's. Austin tells them not to break the rules.


8:50 PM BBT Vanessa says, she can make Bananas Foster. Julia does an Air Monarch commercial. Liz says, they are getting ready for a round of Sling Ball tonight, although the game is Sling Band. She keeps dragging her words out & says, anyone can win except team Maaaa, she hates themmmm. She welcomes everyone to round two of Sling Ball, & gets corrected that it's Sling Band. Steve does an Air Monarchs commercial. Liz says, Sling Band begin, & everyone claps. She says, first up, Austin, he is not that good. Austin scores 25 making both of his first two slings. James misses both of his slings.


8:53 PM BBT Austin says, "Come on honey, let's see if you can beat my score." Liz makes both of her slings, although the first sling had to be checked, scoring 30 points. John misses both of his shots. Liz says, "Team Ma, we hate you." Austin says, "Anyone but Ma." Meg makes her second sling, scoring 5 points. Austin says, as expected. Julia uses her squatting technique, & makes both of her slings, scoring 20 points.


8:55 PM BBT Steve misses both of his slings. Julia does an Air Monarch commercial. Vanessa makes her first sling, & she hits the wire taking her second sling. Austin misses his first sling. Liz says, as expected. Austin also misses his second sling. Julia says, both Liz & Austin get pissed. James makes his second sling, scoring 20 points.


8:57 PM BBT Liz misses both of her slings, & she moves the plates. John misses both of his slings. Meg scores 20 points on her second sling with the green headband. Julia missed both of her slings. Steve misses both of his slings.


8:59 PM BBT Vanessa wants to use the orange band twice. She uses her archery technique again tonight, & misses both of her slings. Austin misses both of his slings, he even moves the pink headband on the silver platter trying to cheat. James calls him out on it. James scores on both of his slings. Liz & Austin ran to check the first one. Liz misses her first sling & makes her second one. Austin is talking & we can't hear his microphone. John scores 15 points, making both of his slings.


9:02 PM BBT Liz yells for Austin to go, but it's Meg's turn. Meg misses both of her next two slings. Julia misses her first sling, & says, f**k. She misses her second sling & says, God damn it. Julia does an Air Monarch commercial. Steve misses both of his slings. Julia tells him his cut looks bad. Everyone says it does. Vanessa misses both of her slings.


9:04 PM BBT Liz cheers on Austin & he makes his second sling. James scores 20 points on his second sling. Liz scores 15 points on her first sling. Liz says, POP TV, we are playing, what's the name? She says, more things about Sling Band. John misses his next two slings. Meg misses her next two slings.


9:06 PM BBT Julia scores 20 points on her first swing, & then misses her second sling. Meg says, Julia is good. Austin says, he's going back to the gold one, if you can tame it, you're good. Steve misses both of his slings. Vanessa scores 20 points on her first sling, & then misses her second sling. Steve says, he hasn't scored a point tonight, not one freggin point. Austin scores 20 points, with 10 points on each of his slings. James misses his first sling. Steve says, James will miss again. James misses his second sling.


9:09 PM BBT Liz makes her first sling. Austin says, always having to top him. Liz misses her second sling. She says, they are sore losers. She says, ma is beating us. John misses both of his slings. Meg misses her next two slings, & says, the second one is a robbery. Julia gets robbed on her first sling, & scores 10 points on her second sling.


9:11 PM BBT Steve misses his next two slings. Julia tries to show Steve how to sling the headband. James stands at the back of the set-up. Liz tells him to move back the Glory Hole. Vanessa misses both of her slings. Austin scores 10 points on his second sling. James misses both of his slings. Austin says, yes, & the tie remains. Austin does a commercial. Liz misses both of her slings.


9:13 PM BBT John misses her next two slings. Meg says, she has to get something this time. James tells her to show him what she's working with. Meg scores 10 points on her second sling. Julia makes her second sling, scoring 10 points. Meg says, tied up again. Steve scores 15 points on his first sling, & misses his second sling. Liz says, yay, mommy loves you. She says, mommy doesn't love you when you don't score, so score. Austin misses but of his slings. Austin says, that's a robbery.


9:16 PM BBT James misses both of his slings. Liz scores 10 points on both of her slings, for 20 points. There is now a 3-way tie. John scores 15 points on his first sling, & misses the second sling. Austin wants Meg to score points. Meg misses both of her slings.


9:18 PM BBT Julia scores 10 points on both of her slings, for 20 points. Julia does a couple hustle cheers. Steve scores 10 points on his first sling. Austin says, one more 10 & it ties. Steve scores 5 more points on his second sling, scoring 15 points. The HG's make remarks to Steve treating him like a child. Vanessa misses both of her slings.


9:19 PM BBT Liz gets loud again cheering for Austin. Austin scores 5 points on his first sling, & misses his second sling. James misses both of his slings. Liz scores 15 points on her first sling, & 10 more on her second sling, for a total of 25 points. Liz tells them to high-5 Steve right now, bossing them around. Meg scores 5 points on her second sling. Austin says, they need that right now to stay in the race.


9:22 PM BBT Julia scores 20 points on her second sling. Steve misses his first sling. Vanessa complains that they teams aren't fair. Steve scores 20 points on his second sling. Vanessa makes 10 points on her second sling. Julia badgers Austin & he misses both of his slings. He says, they were both good shots to. James misses both of his slings. Liz scores 10 points on her first sling & 15 more points on her second sling, for 25 points.


9:24 PM BBT Steve misses both of his slings. Meg scores 20 points on he second sling. Austin says, thank God. Julia makes 20 points on her first sling, & she scores 10 more on her second sling, for 30 points. James says, he'll catch them up in the next round. Steve misses both of his next two slings.


9:26 PM BBT Vanessa asks if they have more honey? John scores 40 points, 20 on both of his slings. Austin scores 10 points on his first sling, but misses his second one. Liz says, good, at least he got something. James scores 20 points on his first sling, & 10 more on his second sling. Liz misses both of her slings, & acts likes she's crying as she says, "Noooo." Liz says, as long as ma (Meg) doesn't win.


9:28 PM BBT James says, they can do 3 more rounds. Meg scores 10 points on her second sling. Liz starts singing. Julia scores 20 points on her first sling, & she misses her second sling. Steve misses both of his slings, after James was distracting him. John makes his second sling, scoring 10 points. Meg says, everyone gets one more turn. Austin scores 5 points on his first sling, & misses his second sling.


9:31 PM BBT James scores 5 points on his second sling. Liz misses her first sling & gets upset, yet again. She misses her second sling as well. Vanessa scores 10 points on her first sling, & misses her second sling. Steve tells Vanessa the dessert she made was fantastic. Vanessa thanks him. Meg makes her second sling, scoring 5 points. Austin stares Julia down, & she scores 10 points on her first sling. James clears it off, giving her the orange headband to use again. Julia gets 10 more points on her second sling, scoring 20 points.


9:34 PM BBT Steve makes his first sling, scoring 15 points. Austin says, 10 points will tie & 15 will win it. Austin & Liz run to the end to distract Steve. Steve wants peace before he goes, & he misses his second sling. Austin starts to clear the plates, but everyone hasn't finished. John scores 5 points on his second sling. Austin clears the plates. Meg says, bonus round. Liz yells, "Bonussssss."


9:36 PM BBT Julia does an Air Monarch commercial Austin gets close on his fourth & fifth slings going for the Glory Hole, but he misses all 6 slings. James snaps his fingers like Meg is a dog when she is taking her turns. Meg gets close on her fourth & fifth slings, but she misses all 6 slings.


9:38 PM BBT Julia gets close on her first & sixth slings, but she misses all of them. James comes close on his first & sixth slings, but he misses them all. Liz comes close on her second sling. She says, "Damn, b*tch." She misses all 6 slings. James says, he's tired now. Steve comes close on his third, fourth & sixth slings, & he misses them all.


9:42 PM BBT Vanessa comes close on her second, fourth & sixth slings, & she misses them all. John comes close on his first 5 slings, & he misses them all. James & Julia win again tonight. Austin says, "Whatever." He does an Air Monarch commercial. Meg says, "Good game." Liz says, "Look at the sour puss." (Referring to Austin). Vanessa asks if they get the vacuum tomorrow? She wants to vacuum. Julia tells Steve to get his gun boats before someone trips over them. (Referring to his shoes). There has been no alcohol this week. Julia says, #rude, #wehateyou. Julia asks Austin if she can use his shower, she says, yes, thank you. Austin didn't answer her. Liz keeps calling the game they just played Sling Ball.

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9:45 PM BBT Meg & Vanessa go around the house picking things up off the floor. They take the towels to the WA, to put them in a pile to be washed. Vanessa straightens up the pillows in the LR. Meg says, they should get the washer back tomorrow to wash the towels. Vanessa goes to the DR. Meg goes to the OBR. She sits on her bed, moves her transmitter, covers up slightly with her grey comforter, & holds her transmitter in her right hand. She takes a drink from her cup.


9:50 PM BBT Meg tells John hello as he leaves the OBR. John goes back to the OBR, & tells Meg that Steve is upstairs with Austwins. Meg says, it seems like it's 50/50 on the vote. John says, Steve is better than him. Meg says, it's probably coming down to what Vanessa is doing. John says, the girls don't want to see him stay. John says, if they have a 5 deal, it's probably better to get rid of Steve, because he wins shit. John says, he has to go to the WA, & he thinks James is coming.


9:53 PM BBT Meg tells James he's scampering. James asks if John talked to her? Meg says, he started to, he was just trying to figure out where their heads are, because of what Vanessa might do. Meg says, she doesn't know what she can say to him? James says, nothing, don't tell him anything. Meg says, she didn't. James says, you need to let him do all the talking. Meg says, he mentioned something about them having a 5 thing. Meg says, he said they should keep Steve because they would win more. She says, then he kind of just left, which was weird.


9:55 PM BBT James says, John probably heard him coming. Steve gets called to the DR. Meg says, damn, that got broke up, he was upstairs with them. James hopes they didn't say anything wrong to Steve yesterday. James hopes Steve is saying anything to Austin about what he said. Meg wonders if they should believe Steve. James says, John will do what they want, & if Shelli comes back she will be with them. Meg says, Vanessa wants Steve out. James says, because he can beat her in the comps, & may win HOH.


9:57 PM BBT James tells Meg, John is his threat, because he's the only one that can compete with him in physical comps, besides Austin. Meg tells Vanessa that John came in there, heard James coming, & left. Meg asks if they've said anything? Vanessa says, they want to talk to them. Meg says, they should probably go up there while Steve's in the DR. James says, he'll follow the leader. Meg says, let's go, or should we wait? James says, they should go now. Meg says, o.k. & leaves the OBR. James wants to take a shower. James laughs at Meg, because she walks on her tiptoes a lot. She says, it feels better on her knees, she's not supposed to do that, but she does.


10:00 James & Meg go to the HOHR to talk to Austin & Liz. Austin says, he's pretty sure John is going to be evicted. Austin says, John keeps going back & forth. He says, John told Vanessa that Austin is not good on his word. He says, he's pretty worried that if John comes back & flipping out on him. He says, if he comes back & wins HOH, he's f**ked. Liz says, he's going to put up a returning jury member & a pawn. Liz says, she doesn't want the pawn to be her, Julia or Austin. (Why can't they go on the block already?)


10:02 PM BBT Austin says, as long as Steve will promise to put up the return jury member that's the key. Meg tells Austin to be careful. Liz is looking for the remote. Meg says, John told her he thinks they're sealing his fate right now, because Steve is up there. She says, John said that the two of them haven't been on the block in the last couple weeks. She says, he said it would be smart to keep Steve, because he wins comps. Austin says, he's gone nuts, & he's going to come out with a mowhawk tomorrow. Austin asks if he's going to call the shots, & come back in & take them out? Meg says, he wasn't trying to elude they would be safe.


10:04 PM BBT Austin says, John thinks that Vanessa & the twins are going to keep him, & maybe he wants them to vote the other way, that way he can go after them. Meg says, he stopped abruptly when James came back in. Austin says, John makes him uneasy. Liz says, John told her that Steve is better at the mental comps. Liz says, she told him he's better at the physical comps. Liz is playing with her hair. Meg explains more. Liz says, it could be saying that Steve is a threat. Steve knocks on the HOHR door. Meg asks if they should leave? He goes in & Liz asks him to give them like 5 minutes. Austin says, "Good Boi." (Why are they treating him like a little kid?)


10:07 PM BBT Austin says, Steve is always going to be a threat. Meg says, John has been on the block & has stayed there. She says, Steve gets himself off the block a lot. Austin says, he feels he can predict what Steve is going to do more. Austin says, Steve came clean about things that went on early in the season.


10:08 PM BBT Austin says, Steve promised that he will put up the returning jury member with a pawn, but he doesn't know who the pawn is right now. Liz thinks the pawn would be Austin. Austin thinks it might be Vanessa. Austin says, Steve thinks with the BB logic. Liz says, it might be scary to evict Steve now, because he can come back, so they may want to wait when he can't come back. Austin says, he can't see John coming back & winning.


10:10 PM BBT Meg says, John doesn't ever say to much. Julia finishes her shower, & says, he will never name his targets. Austin says, they need to hold them both under water & see who taps out. Julia says, Austin. BB tells Julia to please put her microphone on. Austin says, they should just keep Steve because they like him. Meg asks if anyone would have pegged that they would be working together? Austin says, no. Liz says, there were always blockers in the way of them working together. Meg says, Jackie was so bad. Julia asks why? Meg says, when Vanessa started the back door plan, it made Jackie look horrible.


10:12 PM BBT Austin says, if Jackie comes back she will probably go after Vanessa. Austin says, he doesn't know what Shelli or Becky will do. They all want Jackie back the most. Austin says, John was making deals & would go back on them. Austin says, Steve will only tell him one of the HG's he will put up, because he doesn't want to lie to their face. Meg worries about who will win Veto. Liz says, they've had good luck for two weeks, so. Austin says, they are having good luck. Liz says, so, John is campaigning to them. Meg says, ish. Austin says, he wants to see John's speech tomorrow, & he might interrupt the whole thing. (Is he allowed to interrupt John on national TV?)


10:14 PM BBT It's turning into a bash John sesh in the HOHR. James says, he probably has won the Best Dentist Award. Liz says, probably from the American Dental Association. Austin says, there's an easy out everyone can do just to say they all want to vote together, because they are worried about who might come back. Austin says, James can just win HOH if it's endurance. Meg tells him not to say that. James says, not to put that on him. Austin says, Meg can win it if it's chance.


10:17 PM BBT Vanessa goes in the HOHR & asks what they are doing? Liz says, someone said that to her in the DR. We see FOTH. Vanessa asks if they've decided yet? Liz says, yes, & Meg will tell him tomorrow. Meg says, they don't tell them until the day of. Vanessa asks what she should say if he asks? Austin says, they need to call them both up there to do rock, paper, scissors, & not tell them why. Julia says, Austin.


10:19 PM BBT Meg says, they can just tell John it's still up in the air. They are all watching Steve on the TV in the HOHR. Austin says, Steve is getting pissed. Meg says, if they say something, it can still change tomorrow. Liz says, they can just say they want to vote together because of who may return from jury. Vanessa says, ultimately John is closer to the jury members. Liz says, they want the jury member being put up right away. (What if the jury member wins HOH?) Liz wants Meg & James to get Steve to promise them the same thing. She says, if he does & goes back on it, they can go after him the next week. Vanessa says, she doesn't think John is freaking out though. She says, when he was packing today, he seemed o.k. with being o.k. if he leaves.

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10:22 PM BBT HG's in the HOHR talk about competitions that went on this season. In the KT, Steve tells John that he wants to wait until tomorrow to pack, after he's dressed for tomorrow & knows what to wear. John says, he's already packed. Steve asks if that his third time? John says, yes. Steve starts to sing Rudolph The Red Nose Steven. He says, he has to put on a lot of concealer on for the show tomorrow. He says, he will have to leave at some point, & he just wants to forget about it. Steve says, it will be nice to be in jury & done. John says, by this time tomorrow night they'll know. Steve says, it will be chaos, he feels. Steve says, it could be one of them that comes back. John says, if one of them come back it will be the same thing. Steve says, "Us up together?" John says, yes. Steve tells him to win.


10:27 PM BBT Steve looks for liquid soap. We see FOTH. Steve says, #glassesstrap. He says, he can't believe Zingbot brought up trombonists. Steve says, tomorrow is corner day. John asks what he thinks jury house is like? Steve says, much better than this house. Steve says, he thinks it on a beach. He says, Austin thinks it's in Maui. John says, that's nice. Steve talks about Shelli & Clay. He tells John they were all in the CBR, & Shelli was getting loud. Meg & James goes downstairs. Steve throws an orange to Meg & says, think fast. He does the same thing to James. Steve asks if he should go up there? He says, Vanessa went up. John says, there may not be a point.


10:30 PM BBT John asks James if there's still a point to go up there? James says, yes, definitely. John tells James if not, he won't go up there, & he doesn't have to lie to him. James says, it's still 50/50. James tells John it's probably going to come down to the person that has the better offer. He says, it will be most likely that they will do what they want. He says, it's whoever will make the sweetest deal, that's it.


10:32 PM BBT In the HOHR, HG's talk about the previous comps again. In the KT, Meg asks John why it's so early? John says, he doesn't know, they played Sling Band for a while. John is eating some candy out of the candy dishes at the glass table. In the HOHR, Vanessa says, it comes down to John being connected to everyone in jury plain & simple. Meg tells John it's before his bed time, & it actually looks clean in there, weird.


10:36 PM BBT In the HOHR, Steve tells them he will put Austin up with the jury member, & Liz will be the back door target. Vanessa says, tomorrow will be a fun day. Liz says, she's scared & wants to know who he thinks is coming back. Julia thinks Jackie is coming back. Liz thinks it's Shelli. Austin & Vanessa think John will come back in. Steve thinks it might be Shelli. Austin asks who do they think it would be if America gets to vote for the person to come back? Steve thinks it will be Shelli. Vanessa says, they can't do that with not knowing who the person is. Austin says, they could put both names in for a 24 hour poll after tonight's show. (They have used Twitter for things before.)


10:39 PM BBT Austin & Liz do not find John funny at all & as a viewer would be offended with him. Steve says, he finds him funny. (Do they think America likes them best?) Julia says, John may have went to talk to Meg & James. Austin says, he might make a play to come after them now. Steve says, on a happier note, Julia got a back rub today. Austin tells Steve he'll give him a back rub if he wins HOH. Julia asks Steve what she told him would happen if he wins HOH? He thinks it's a back rub, but that's not right. She tells him to sleep on it, & maybe it will come to him. Vanessa says, she's going to bed. Steve starts singing again. Steve asks what to say if he asks him? Austin give him the same speech.


10:43 PM BBT Austin says, the vote will be unanimous to keep him. Austin says, if Meg & James think they are safe with them, they may throw the HOH to him. (No one is going to throw the HOH competition.) Steve asks what happens if Johnny Mac comes back? Austin says, he may go straight after him & Liz. Austin says, he wanted the votes to flip the other way & some how blame Meg & James for it. Liz says, you can't make friends in this game & Becky will go straight after her if she comes back in. Austin says, John is blaming him, but Vanessa has the Veto, not him. Liz says, they all have an enemy coming back, so. Steve says, he doesn't see John winning days or before & after. Austin says, it may come down to tie breaker between him & Vanessa & it won't matter, because they will be good.


10:45 PM BBT Austin says, John is still saying that he is willing to throw some HOH's. Steve says, he threw some HOH's in the beginning. He says, he was going to throw the UFO Nose. He says, he threw the puzzle. He says, if he's going to throw a comp, he's going to make it believable.


10:46 PM BBT They still go over what tomorrow's comp might be. Liz says, tomorrow will be a big day. Steve says, he's not going to stress about the returning jury member. We see FOTH a couple times. Steve says, last week was a total crap shoot. Austins says, they will see what it is, they just have to sit back & watch. Steve says, they may not have the HOH comp during the show. They discuss the jury members doing the comp in the BY. They think they will walk through the house. We see FOTH. Steve comes back saying they should not be so mean about Becky's toe. Austin bad mouths Becky about her toe. He says, no one is predicting Becky to come back. Liz asks Steve what he will say to John if he asks him. Steve tells her.


10:51 PM BBT In the OBR, James tells Meg & John that Steve won't win America's Favorite Player because he's going to win BB. John asks if you can win both? James says, no, & starts to explain it. We see FOTH. James says, that's how that works, when live feeds come back. He says, if you were the first one to win America's Favorite Player, & you win BB, it goes to the next highest vote. We see FOTH again.


10:52 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Meg says, she wishes she could be taken care of for a while. She says, she has to pay rent again, even though she's paying rent now. James says, she must have a good bank account to pay rent for 3 months. She says, she had just enough to pay rent, & she will leave here broke, except with what she has from the show. James says, she needs approximately $3,000 to pay rent. Meg says, she needs more than that. James says, she'll leave with at least $15,000. We see FOTH. Meg says, $12,000 will go so fast, because it's expensive where she lives. James says, no one told her to go to the Big Apple. Meg says, she's happy there. James says, she hasn't lived in the country. She says, that doesn't interest her one bit. Steve scampers to the OBR. He says, bed several times & dives on his bed.


10:54 PM BBT Steve asks what time it is? Meg tells him it's only 11 PM BBT. Steve asks if Vanessa went to sleep? John says, the lights are off. In the KT, Austin & Liz clean out the refrigerator. Liz is eating the food as she cleans it out. James says, he's tired of wearing the same clothes over and over. Meg says, she's burning all of her clothes when she leaves. Jame says, it will be weird to put on anything with a logo again.


10:57 PM BBT Jame says, Meg is so ready to put on thigh highs. Meg says, & some boots. Steve asks Julia if she will play a game of chess when she walks by? Julia says, no, not in the mood. Steve asks Meg if she wants to play? Meg says, she just wants to lay there. Steve says, they don't have a pool table, he forgot. Steve throws an orange, & tells Meg she has an orange in her back. Steve eats part of his Fruit Roll Up. Meg asks if Steve does not like Pringles? He says, he love Pringles, he just hasn't opened them yet. Steve asks her if she wants some to give him a reason to open them. Meg says, no. Steve asks if her letter will be from Cory? She says, no her mom. Steve walks out of the OBR humming the Pink Panther Theme Song.


11:01 PM BBT In the KT, Liz takes a plate out of the microwave, & uses her foot to shut the microwave. Steve wants to eat a lime wedge. Austin asks why? Steve says, he likes them, it's a piece of fruit. Austin says, his a sick f**k. Steve asks does he know why the plane crashed? Because the pilot was a loaf of bread. Steve tells another joke. Austin talks about him walking around with his pants over his head. Liz says, Austin. Austin tells a talking dog joke. Austin makes Liz look at him while he's telling the joke. He won't stop filling his mouth with food, while he's talking. Liz is the only that laughs. Steve laughs some. Julia says, it's stupid & she doesn't think it's funny.

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