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Tuesday, August 25 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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Thank you!

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12:03 AM BBT Steve asks her to listen apart from the game.  He says he knows he doesn’t have her vote, but he wants to rectify things on a human level.  He lays out his understanding.  Vanessa listens calmly and then re-casts it in terms of Steve positioning himself in the game at her expense.  Steve says that he understands that Vanessa is mad.  Vanessa corrects him and says she is hurt, not mad.  Big difference.  John comes in and Vanessa checks Steve’s story.  John confirms that the conversation about the 5 happened last week and Steve says he must be wrong then.  John wants to go to sleep so Steve and Vanessa move to the BY.


12:08 AM BBT Austin and the twins are sitting at the HT when Vanessa and Steve go out.  Even though Steve has already admitted he was wrong, Vanessa asks Austin and the twins again about whether the conversation was last week or this week.  Vanessa calls Steve out in front of the others and says she can’t understand how he would screw that up. 


12:09 AM BBT Steve keeps repeating that he has admitted that he was wrong, and she just keeps repeating that he is not being straight with him.  Austin tells Steve that she just wants honesty.  She tells him she’ll give him one more chance but it better not be bullsh*t.  Steve and Vanessa move to the hammock.  Vanessa keeps saying that she can’t believe that he is Steve Moses and that he got the timing of that discussion wrong.


12:11 AM BBT Steve asks Vanessa what her issue is.  Vanessa says that she is angry because he didn’t tell her that he was having doubts but he never let on and she was talking to her and gaining her confidence.  Austin and the twins had doubts but she at least knew they had doubts.  Steve should have helped her instead of being part of the group trying to get her out.  She wonders how fake he is all around.  She’s angry because he acted happy that she won the veto.  She talks down to him, telling him this is a life lesson for him, because there are levels of authenticity and he went too far. 


12:14 AM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he understands where she is coming from, and validates her feelings.  Vanessa says “And..?”  Steve takes a long pause and then tells her that in this game, and in life, he has always been mortified of confrontation.  He doesn’t like to make anyone uncomfortable.  He avoids things and sweeps things under the rug and he did that with her.  He should have come to her and addressed it with her, but he didn’t do that.  He tried to people please and make others happy and to sweep it under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen.  Vanessa says that no, he tried to capitalize on it.  Vanessa says that the comfort level with which he did it was borne of his tendency to people please and it’s a life lesson for him.  She called him out because he needed to hear it.  What he did was shitty and he needed to hear it.  It was douchey and he did her so dirty over the whole week.  He says that she is right.  She asks if he has anything else to say.  He says he wants to communicate properly and he wants to apologize (she says yes to that). Steve never wanted to hurt her.  In order to avoid hurting her in the short term, he hurt her in the long term.  He now sees his mistake. 


12:18 PM BBT Vanessa points out that they have opposite tendencies.  Vanessa tells Steve that she is very transparent and she expected it from him and he gave her clues that made her think she was getting it, but she was getting smoke and mirrors.  Vanessa doesn’t understand why he even did that because it isn’t to his advantage.  Steve explains that he was trying to avoid conflict.  He says that they successfully got in his head.  Vanessa asks him what he would have done if he won HOH, and he says he would have put up James and Meg.  She asks why he did the 5-person deal then, if he wasn’t planning to take her out.  Steve said he wasn’t completely buying in and once in a position of safety he would probably have tried to work it out with her then.  She keeps grilling him on his game strategy and on Johnny’s.  She keeps going until she can ask again why he didn’t tell her.  Steve repeats that he was people pleasing and was thinking short-term instead of long-term.  She presses hard asking if he felt like a douche-bag when they brought Vanessa in to talk to Johnny.  She calls him fake again. 


12:25 AM BBT Steve finally says all he can do is say he is sorry.  She is right and he is wrong.  Vanessa takes it further back to when Shelli and Vanessa were on the block and reconstructing what she thinks Steve wanted back then.  Steve thinks John was closer to Shelli than to him and he would have been third.  Vanessa challenges his take on it.  Steve says he is not saying it was right, it’s what he was thinking at the time.  She keeps on grilling him about the current week and whether Vanessa might be a back door.  Vanessa says that it wouldn’t have been so bad if he wasn’t scheming so hard.  She asks again if he has anything else he wants to say.  Vanessa calls out to Liz and Julia saying that they are voting together.  She will do her best to forgive and he will know when she is over the level of fakeness he exhibited.  She’ll get over it if she needs to.


12:30 AM BBT The twins come over to the hammock and Austin listens from a few yards away.  Julia tells Steve that they wanted to talk to him because he was one of the first to know they were twins and they love him.  Liz says that a lot has happened this week.  They have been working with Steve longer than with Johnny Mac and they don’t want him to be upset at them targeting Johnny Mac.

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1238AM  Austin has joined the conversation.  The Twins, Austin and Vanessa and Steve continue their backyard conversation.  The keep repeating the same thing over and over.


1250AM Vanessa tells Steve she is willing to trust him again. 


1257AM  They discuss that Audrey had to be connected to America's Vote.  One of the twins claim that Jason saw a card in the DR that said mole on it.  We get FISH. 


104AM Fish are gone Everyone has moved in doors, Vanessa heads to bed.  Meg is up walking around.  Steve is in yard talking for a minute, mumbling.  Austin is cooking.  Meg got ice.  Steve is now talking with Austin about people not being annoying, cause he has no concept of what annoy is.


130AM We have fish 132AM still fish.  Then we see Julia in BY with Steve in the hot tub,.  Austin and Liz are rehashing what he heard Vanessa telling Steve about voting and Shelli.


137AM Make out session starts in HoH.  Austin after a couple kisses leaves HoH and heads downstairs and out in the yard to get something off the washer.  Meanwhile James has attacked Meg and is trying to whisper something to her, she is struggling as usual to get him out of her bed.  She is giggling, but wiggling so much.  I She has her finger in her ear, cause she does not trust him.  Meg tells the live feeders that she can't handle that James says yeah can't handle secrets.  She mentioned she is too ticklish and James made her snort she laughed so hard. We are now focused on "Miss Know it all" Julia talking to Steve in the Hot tub area.  James and Meg are in their own beds, Med has an icepack to the left side of her face (black eye?) 


145AM Julia and Steve still at hot tub talking.  tickle match is now going on in HoH


210AM Steve is now walking around kitchen getting treats, then heads to WA.  HoH wrestling match still continues.


217AM Steve in shower.  Liztin in bed with lights out and kissy fest begins. They are also chatting


230 Steve is reading his letter again, getting a bowl of cereal to eat.  HOH is watching him on the TV.


237AM HOH gave up watching Steve and are now cuddling


242AM We have Fish, Steve is headed into bedroom  and gets in bed, we hear James softly snoring


247AM   HGs all in bed, some activity in HoH bed, but they are otherwise down for the night

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 9:00am BBT: All HG  in bed sleeping.


9:35am BBT: Steve is up in the KT after a brief FOTh.


 9:42am BBT: All feeds on sleeping Hg.


9:51am BBT: Steve in the Kt making himself a bowl of cereal. All other Hg still in  darkened rooms sleeping.

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10:02am BBT: Meg is in the STR changing her batteries, Steve is putting clean dishes away.


10:07am BBT: Steve is  now washing the dirty dishes. vanessa is in the Wc. All other Hg still in bed sleeping.


 10:14am BBT: Steve goes to the OBR with a box of cereal and waves at meg as he gets back in bed.


10:16am BBt: We now have FOTH as BB wakes the other HG.


10:29am BBT: John in the BY sitting alone Austin and Liz stil in the bed with lights out sleeping.


10:32am BBt: Steve and Austin are now up and heading down stairs to change their batteries, Steve walking around the house.


 10:39am BBT: Austin in the HOh WA doing ADL's, Steve has gone back to bed.


10:51am BBT: Liz in the Kt talking to the feeders saying that Austin is doing his blog today so go to cbs.com and see what he has to say. John in the By eating  a bowl of cereal. Austin comes in the Kt talking about being nervous and says he wrote a novel once but  never published it but maybe when he is dead they will find it and publish it.


10:58am BBT: Liz looking in the fridge  for  something to make for breakfast as Austin stands just  looking around, john still in the By alone and all other Hg still in bed.

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11:04am BBT: Austin goes to the HOh rm to do his blog and Liz tells him good luck  as she makes her an omelette.


11:20am BBT: Liz still cooking, John walking around the house.


11:30am BBt: Liz still in the Kt cooking and cleaning, meg, James and Steve in the OBR sleeping.


11:40am BBT: Liz in the Kt eating alone, john in the By playing pool by himself, meg, James and Steve in the OBR sleeping, Vanessa in the CBR sleeping and Austin is still in the HOh rm doing his blog.


11:53am BBT: Nothing going on this morning except Liz washing dishes while she waits for Austin to finish writing his blog and gets the camera for an hour

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12:10pm BBT Austin has received the camera, it's picture time, and everyone is... not interested. He has John take a picture of him with Irish Spring soap, then talks about some of the things he put in his HOH blog.


12:20pm BBT Now that HGs are awake, they are getting into taking pictures.  Van wants to take a picture with Steve, "now that we've made up.... well, kinda made up".


12:22pm BBT Austin suggests they take 2 of each picture, one normal and one with the Irish Spring box included. Meg is applying make-up to the black eye she got last night from chocolate bar fights. HGs suggest she wear sun glasses for picture time. 


12:25pm BBT HGs are taking pictures in BY despite a slight drizzle of rain falling.

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12:40PM BBT Vanessa and John talking in the KT about him coming back. Liz comes in complaining that Austin didn't like one of the pictures she wanted to take. She goes to the BR and crawls in bed. He goes to her to apologize. Now Julia taking pictures of them making up.


12:54PM BBT Meg looking for eggs. Liz complaining that James used them all for the deviled eggs. Julia says it is because Liz and Austin eat all or them.


1:08PM BBT In the KT James asks the twins and Meg the most romantic thing they have had a BF do for Valentine's Day. Liz talks about a boy who did rose petals to the bedroom. Julia says yeah, in your parents house not cool. Liz says that James should ask Austin what he did for Jen last year. Julia asks if Austin will be breaking up with Jen formally when he gets out. Liz shrugs.


1:16PM BBT John and Steve in the BY talking about elections. Steve says he voted by absentee ballot when he was at college. John says he has never voted. He says he is okay with the world going to the zombie apocalypse.


1:22PM BBT Austin finishes his Blog. He says that he did a shout out for Irish Spring. Liz asks if fans asked about her. He said yes. They talk about that BB will show them being official on the next show.

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1:31PM BBT In the KT James, Steve, Meg and the twins talk about the BB season where the HG Topez accidently voted for the HG that she didn't want to win. Steve says they didn't change it.


1:43PM BBT Van goes into the PBR and talks to Steve. They are still pretending to be angry Vanessa says. she says that she cried because she was upset. Vanessa says that she is still going to act pissed. Steve says he understands. She says he hurt her the worst of anyone. He says he likes to avoid confrontation.


1:47PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that John is campaigning and wants his opinion. Steve asks on what? Vanessa says she can't tell him what is being said because he is on the block. Steve says he can't give an opinion then since he doesn't know what is being said.


1:53PM BBT John and Vanessa talk. Vanessa talking about how she is a big believer in voting how you want. John is telling her that she has lost a lot of clout with the twins.  She says that she has explained herself and she feels it is okay now. She asks John if he has evidence that it is not okay now?

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1:58PM BBT John still telling Vanessa about that Austin and the twins kept telling him that the veto would be used and he would be saved. Then he says once he found out that the veto wouldn't be used, he knows they are telling Steve he will be safe. Vanessa says it was 100% Austin's decision to not use the Veto. John says he knows that.

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 2:04pm BBT: Meg, Liz and James in the By playing pool. Austin laying on the lounger  talking about hating the purple room and Steve going in and out of the room. Liz says he reads his letter  all day and Austin says doesn't he know the letter never changes and Liz yells Austin.

 2:13pm BBT: Steve in the Kt making himself some food. Austin watching Meg,  Liz and James play pool and general talk going on.
 2:23pm BBT: John in the CBR sleeping.  Austin and meg sitting by the hot tub and Vanessa lounging in BY while Liz and James plays pool. Just general talk going on.
 2:25pm BBT: meg and Vanessa go to the Wa and meg says that tomorrow  Zing bot will air then says she wants to hear from her Family so bad. Vanessa just stands there blowing on her nails.
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2:37PM BBT Austin and Steve talk about the return HG comp. Steve explains what it was last year. Austin says that the one they played is like a party game.


2:42PM BBT Steve just dropped his mic in the toilet. he says it was freshly flushed but he has to wear the one that Austin just turned in that has sweat all over it.


2:54PM BBT Meg, Austin and James at the table. They are trying to make an agreement on Meg being hit by a Krackel. They decide they are having a trial tonight.


3:06PM BBT Liz and Julia making food and disagreeing on throwing something else. Meg talks about wanting a hoagie from home. Vanessa eating chips and dip.

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3:10PM BBT Austin comes in to the KT and the girls ask him about what he had done for Valentine's Day. He said that for a very important girl about 4/5 years ago. It meant a lot to her so he liked it. He took a picture of the full moon right before her birthday. He had it framed. She was very into the moon and stars.


3:13PM BBT Liz asks Austin if any of his ex-GF watch the show. Austin says yes. She asks if they are thinking he is the one who got away. He says yes, he hopes and then he says he really doesn't know anyone who watches.


3:26PM BBT Liz and Julia in the CBR complaining about Austin. Liz says she is over it and no longer sleeping in the HOHR. She says Austin is always careless and doesn't know how to clean anything. Julia says that she feels that he was raised very spoiled. Liz says that she is sleeping downstairs. Julia says you are going to get into a fight over a pan? Julia says that she isn't going to change him.

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3:30OM BBT Austin comes in and tells her to relax. That he was trying and that Liz doesn't have to clean everything up. Liz says she needs a break from him. He says that he has a lot going on in his head and it's a stressful week for him. She says she is going to sleep downstairs tonight. She says he doesn't care about her. He assures her that's all he cares about. he is trying to think about the future for her. He promises to be more sensitive.


3:33PM BBT And within 3 minutes the fight is over. He tells her that she should be sleeping upstairs in her princess room. They kiss and make up.


3:34PM BBT Liz tells Austin she is sorry for nagging him. After Austin and Liz leave the room, John sits up and makes a barf gesture and rolls back over.


3:59PM BBT Austin and Liz studying days in the house. Meg and James in the BR joking about things in the house.

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4:03PM BBT Austin and Liz have stopped studying what is happening in the house and decided to enjoy some kissing. Liz declares it is sleep time. She rolls onto her back and there are hand movements under the blankets.


4:21PM BBT Meg sleeping. In HOHR Liz appears to be resting but Austin seems restless. Covers still moving.


4:30PM BBT All cams on sleeping HG.


4:58PM BBT Steve in the BY talking to himself. Just bits and pieces. Says he knows jury is open. He also says she feels entitled.


5:08PM BBT Steve playing pool and whispering to himself. Other cams on sleeping HG.

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5:15PM BBT Vanessa has made her way to HOH. She says she has something to tell Austin and Liz that shows a huge leap of faith. Vanessa says that John's campaign is that he is planning to get rid of Austin and the twins. Vanessa says that she is voting with the girls and voting him out even though he thinks he has her vote. She wants to set up Meg/James and see if they flip to save him.


5:19PM BBT Vanessa says they need to understand how much this can hurt her and that she is really showing how much faith she has by sharing this information.


5:21PM BBT Vanessa says that she thinks John has fallen on his dentist head. Austin says he isn't sure if Vanessa should set them up because what if Jackie comes back in and matches up with Meg and James. It could back fire.


5:26PM BBT Vanessa/Austin and Liz go round and round and just rehash the conversation. Vanessa tells them that John has a kamikaze gene in him and do something crazy right now.

5:29PM BBT Austin says that John is holding on to something from week one and twisting it. Vanessa says she is smart and knows when she has upset someone in the house but that John doesn't realize it.


5:32PM BBT Austin says that he has been waiting for this confrontation. Liz says that she is from Miami and they don't keep thins in. Vanessa wants to set this up as a loyalty test for Meg/James. Liz says that they can't tell Julia either about what john said.

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5:37 PM BBT In the HoH Liz, Austin, and Vanessa are discussing how to justify sending John home. They are going to simply say that he is better at comps and has too much influence with the rest in the jury.


5:42 PM BBT Austin is telling Liz and Vanessa that it's John's own fault he is leaving. He waited until the very end when they had the numbers to try to make an alliance with them. Steve knows things about Austin but has never squealed. Steve is more trustworthy.


5:44 PM BBT Austin and Vanessa compare John to a goof ball. Austin still doesn't believe that he is a dentist. He thinks he's a cop. Liz says Julia was a dental assistant and told her that all dentists are crazy.


5:47 PM BBT In the HOH Austin tells Liz and Vanessa that JM is awkward. He is clueless about how socially awkward he is. If it's his game, it's brilliant.

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6:00 PM BBT In the HOH Austin, Liz and Vanessa are trying to figure out which jury member is the most likely to come back on Thursday. Austin and Liz both think it will be John.


6:05 PM BBT In the HOH Vanessa is making plans to Jedi drill with Austin. Steve comes in. They discuss John's speech about the Lion and the Gazelle. Steve says he feels like he is the gazelle because he is on the block every week.


6:08 PM BBT In the HOH Steve is talking to Vanessa, Liz, and Austin. He says he hasn't campaigned to James or Meg because he doesn't want to be drilled by them. He doesn't know what to say to them.


6:11 PM BBT Austin gives Steve his blessing to campaign to James and Meg by saying that he would consider nominating Vanessa or Austin if they vote to keep him. Vanessa assures Steve that he has the votes to stay. Steve asks for permission to hang out with James to help ensure those votes. Austin says that's fine.


6:21 PM BBT In the HOH, Steve is telling Austin, Liz and Vanessa that he needs to hang around with John for the next few days. John will need a friend. They agree that is best.


6:32 PM BBT Vanessa has left the HOH and gone down to the pool table with John. Vanessa tells him that if he agrees to be a pawn and throw a comp, that might earn him some favor with Austin.


6:30 PM BBT On feeds 1/3 Meg and James are talking about their lives outside the house. On feeds 2/4 Steve, Liz, Vanessa, and Austin are discussing Steve's favorite BB season: Season 5.


6:37 PM BBT Steve is in the HOH with Austin and Liz. They are talking about John. Austin rehashes how John had all the time in the world to try to align with him and chose not to until it was too late. Steve says it's probably because he didn't want to play too hard too fast. Austin "No risk, no reward."


6:40 PM BBT Vanessa has coached John in what to say to Austin. She will have to vote with the twins or she will be a target. However, if he promises to throw comps and be a pawn, he might swing their vote. It's all on him now. She has told him what he needs to do.


6:43 PM BBT John admits to Vanessa that he was all on board with the 5 person alliance to get her out if it meant that he could stay in her place. Vanessa didn't like how two faced Steve was towards her last week yet he was planning her demise also.


6:46 PM BBT Liz is in the BR with James and Meg. She is talking to them about their votes. Meg says either way, if John or Steve come back, they will be coming after them. Liz says John will have a connection with any of the jury members who come back. Meg says Steve is in the same position.


6:48 PM BBT Meg, James and Liz are in the BR. Meg says that Steve is on to them. He knows they are all working together. Meg is not ready to name who she needs to vote for. There are too many things that need to be considered. The conversation ends when Steve joins them.


6:50 PM BBT Meg jokingly calls Steve a rat. She says he is a little rat because he is always on the side of those who are picking on others. She gives examples of how she has been picked on and Steve is always right on board.


6:52 PM BBT Liz and Meg are planning to play Sling Band after dinner. They explain to Steve that instead of tossing balls into a pot (Pot Ball), they use headbands like a sling shot and aim for plates.


6:55 PM BBT Vanessa is at the pool table with John. She says she can always tell everyone that Steve is her biggest competitor because he is good at the exact same things she is good at. She would rather not go against the house though. She really wants John to fight for himself and see if he can swing some votes.


6:58 PM BBT Julia and Liz are chasing Austin around the BR. Liz is wearing the Hello Kitty hat. They are chasing him and "clawing him" while making hissing noises.

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7:00 PM BBT Steve walks in the WA where Vanessa & Julia are sitting on the couch. Vanessa says, it was awkward when she went to the BY & everyone was looking at her. Julia offers Steve some pimple cream if he needs it. Steve & Julia start to sing Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer. Julia says, her hair is ratchet. Vanessa says, she needs to take a shower. Julia says, she can't can't believe they took away the rock shirt.


7:02 PM BBT Liz goes in the WA. Julia calls her a goblin wh*ore for falling asleep with her bikini on. (She doesn't know what goes on during that time yet). Liz tells them that found a pair of moccasins that belong to Steve. Steve says, he found another pair of shoes from when he went to the HNR. Julia asks Liz what was going on in the HOHR with Austin when they went up there? Liz says, nothing, just talking & listening to music. (Yeah, right.)


7:04 PM BBT Julia asks what the comment was about Liz sweating? Liz says, she didn't know. Vanessa, Julia & Liz talk about different scenarios on getting Steve & John out. Vanessa says, John wants to try to flip the vote right before voting on Thursday after he went off on her. They continue to talk about John.


7:08 PM BBT Steve is getting ready to go in the pool. Vanessa says, she's not a sh*t talker. She says, if she has a problem with someone in the house they will know it. She says, she won't have a secret problem in the DR. Liz says, cat hat, meow. Steve tries to talk to Vanessa to see how she's doing. Vanessa says, don't, she needs to get a shower & doesn't feel well. She does talk to him & tells him that they are o.k. Steve tells her he can't read people & he tells her that she's more mature than he is. Vanessa asks if she's one of the people that pretend to trust people & then goes in the DR & says something else? Steve says, he watches what he says, because he wants to work with Disney, remember that.


7:12 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that John told her he hates her. Steve asks if he really said that? Vanessa says, yes, it's probably his recruit stuff. She says, all she has is logic. She tells Steve that it's not to someone's advantage to do stuff against her, because she will find out. She says, no one intends to send her home, they will give her a chance to explain herself. She says, even if John would put her on the block, she would go up with one of the goblins. She says, she could explain her way out of getting evicted, & one of them would go.


7:15 PM BBT Steve says, he knows he has three votes. Vanessa tells him he's safe & Meg & James are going to vote for him also. Steve tells her that he wants to have a conversation with them. Vanessa tells him he should & not to wait to long. Steve says he was thinking about tonight, actually. Steve thinks something happened that didn't happen. Vanessa says, he (who I don't know) didn't lie, & that's why it's good to air things. Vanessa wants Steve to practice expressing negative emotion. Steve says, it's just something he doesn't do.


7:17 PM BBT Steve says, it felt good to say everything last night. Steve asks if Vanessa needs anything else from him, except to talk to Meg & James tonight? Vanessa says, they need to study. She says, she only studied that day for the morph competition. Steve tells her she's good. Vanessa says, she does better cramming. They go over days.

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7:21 PM BBT Steve explains to Vanessa what back door means. He tells her that she wasn't back doored, she was a replacement nom. Vanessa says, she's not savvy on the terms for the BB community. Steve tells her if her chip is drawn, she's not back doored. Vanessa says, that needs to change with the on-line community. Steve says, if she says, back door, she will confuse him. Steve says, Jace, Jeff, Audrey & Jason were back doored, & the rest were not. Vanessa says, & she was not attempted. Steve says, she was attempted, was able to play & her chip was drawn. Steve says, he should have told her 2 weeks ago about everything. Vanessa says, yeah, that's the same as her telling him people were saying he was scampering, so he could handle it. He says, she is completely & totally correct, as usual.


7:25 PM BBT Vanessa says, she's mostly right, but sometimes wrong. Steve says, he's been wrong about the comps. Vanessa says, unless he was intentionally giving bad information. Steve gives evidence why he has guessed the way he has, by telling her when the comps were placed in previous seasons.


7:27 PM BBT Vanessa says, she predicted Pop Til You Drop, The Comic, OTEV & Zingbot. Steve wonders how she was able to predict OTEV. She starts to explain about the length it took to set it up, & what someone said...We see FOTH. Live feeds come back with Vanessa saying, that's why she thought OTEV. Vanessa says, when they said water shoes, she knew it. Steve says, OTEV has never happened before counting before. Vanessa says, they are throwing them off. Vanessa wants to get ready for her shower, & Steve goes to the BY to go in the pool.


7:29 PM BBT In the HOHR, Julia, she doesn't understand why John wants to stay in the house so much. Liz explains what he said to Vanessa. Julia says, they are all going to vote for him to go. She says, at least Steve likes them better. Liz says, John's reasons were that Liz separated him & Becky, & then made sure he went up this week. Liz says, no sh*t, the numbers are dwindling, & they didn't have anyone else to put up. She says, she literally wants to go downstairs & use his face as a punching bag, but she has to contain herself & not be mean.


7:32 PM BBT Liz tells Julia that people are going to vote her & Austin out before her. She says, she has a really good chance of winning this f**king game, which she's happy about. She says, it's going to be hard to be separated from her. They talk about other conspiracies from when Jeff was in the house. Liz says, her & Jeff both had the hots for each other, so she told him that she had a twin in the house. Liz says, John is gunning for them, & flips his targets, after he was going after Vanessa. Julia says, it's just a game & if it's her time she'll just go.


7:34 PM BBT Liz says, she has been nice to John, & when she cooks he lets him eat the food. She says, he's the low man on the totem pole. Julia says, he's so fake, & a 28 year old man screaming in the DR over Vanessa. Liz says, it's good that this came out, because otherwise he would have told Vanessa everything. She says, he only has the 5 person deal on them. Julia says, at least they had a hand in it. She says, they felt betrayed when stuff happened. Liz says, obviously Vanessa trusts them again. She says, that's a great game on his part, because everyone else wants to go after them, & no one else will.


7:37 PM BBT Julia asks if they are going to vote John out then? Liz says, her & Austin want to vote him out, so she should vote him out, Vanessa should vote him out, & so should everyone else. (Really? Votes have flipped before to go against what the HOH wants.)


7:38 PM BBT Julia & Liz try to figure out what to do when John campaigns to them. Liz says, you can't be mean & say what you want to because otherwise if you get to the end they won't vote for you to win the game. Liz says, that's what sucks, because they will hold it against them, & if you want to be $450,000 richer, after taxes, well, not even, you can't be mean. Liz says, John has more ties to members in jury already. She says, if John doesn't campaign to them then he's done. She says, they aren't going to him at all, he has to go to them. Julia says, they promised Steve they aren't going to vote him out.


7:40 PM BBT Julia says, Meg & James want Steve out because he's a big threat. Julia says, not really, well maybe, but he's on their side. Liz says, they should just tell him that they already heard that he doesn't like them & they promised Steve their vote. Julia & Liz keep discussing what to say to John. Liz says, they should make him say his targets. Julia says, you can't do that, you're not the HOH, & that's rude. Liz cracks her knuckles.


7:42 PM BBT Julia talks about Steve not really being close to anyone. She says, if Shelli comes back she's coming back after James. Julia says, if Becky or Jackie come back they are putting Liz & Austin up & may put John up as a back door. Austin goes to the HOHR, & asks what they are doing? Liz says, this is their HOHR, what is he doing in here? Austin asks Liz why she's sad? Julia says, she's telling her stuff, because she doesn't know the information. Austin says, he thought that Liz didn't want her to know. Austin tells them that John is sitting on the washer & dryer waiting on Meg & James to go out to talk to them.


7:44 PM BBT Julia wants to go downstairs to be out there to make sure John doesn't talk to Meg & James. Austin says, he wants to talk to Meg & James first, because he wants to Meg & James that John is thinking of putting them up. Liz says, no he didn't. He says, he would put up someone from jury, & a gremlin. Liz says, to say that he calls them gremlins. Julia says, what, you want to say he calls them gremlins? Julia says, they called them gremlins, & they started it. Austin tells them to pin it on John for starting gremlins.


7:46 PM BBT Julia is all pumped to go downstairs, & Austin says, he wants them to campaign, maybe they should let it happen. Austin says, he doesn't want them to be paranoid about it. Julia goes out of the HOHR & comes back in. Austin says, they need to pull John aside & talk to them. Julia doesn't want to pull them aside. Austin tells them to pull him aside to try to get something to tell Meg & James. Julia says, she's not pulling him aside. Austin says, that's not good on her part then. Austin says, he may get in Meg & James head. He says, if John doesn't say anything, then maybe he'll go after them hard core. He says, they could let him sit there to see if he says anything.


7:49 PM BBT Liz says, John's campaign to her was that he was going to put up one of them with the jury member. Austin says, he thought he didn't campaign to her. (He could have a back door target, but they need to be put on the block.) Austin tries to tell the twins what to do. Liz tells him to shut up, she's going to do what she wants to do. As they leave the HOHR, Austin says, they don't know this game well enough, & he does, f**k. He takes his microphone off.


7:51 PM BBT Steve explains something about mass. In the WA, Vanessa is brushing her teeth, after her shower. Liz & Julia are in there complimenting Vanessa's perfume that she got from Mel. Steve is still explaining things to John at the DT. In the BY, Meg & James are playing pool. James tells Meg that Vanessa wants the person staying to work on their side, so that he & Meg will go on the block & be the targets. Meg asks what they should do then? She says, she doesn't want to talk game to them, because she's afraid they will throw them under the bus. James says, he wants someone to come in to work with them. Meg agrees. James says, someone may come in & throw a monkey wrench in it to put Liz & Austin up, or go after Vanessa. Meg says, she's really only a little worried about Shelli coming back. James says, they've been in the jury house long enough to know who's running things.


7:54 PM BBT James says, they probably have figures out that it's Vanessa, Austin & Liz running the house. Meg says, what's up J Mac when he comes outside. Meg says, she trying to learn how to play pool. Meg asks if anyone is cooking? John says, not yet. Meg says, she's going to have to go in after this game, because she's getting hot. Julia goes to the BY to make sure John doesn't get to talk to Meg & James. Meg & James say they are going to wash their sheets after the pool game.


7:57 PM BBT Julia says, she's going to make french fries tonight. Julia starts to sing a song. John says, it's from Guardians of the Galaxy. Meg says, she's just getting worse as the games go on. She says, she's over it. John tells her to just get some balls in. Meg laughs. Meg says, she sucks, but it's not like she never makes a shot. She says, she's not consistent. John says, he was really bad when he came in there. He says, he keeps hitting the balls to get better. John says, Meg used to play pool with Jeff. Meg says, he was just a dude to hang out with him, but she wouldn't hook up with him. John thought she liked him. Meg says, he treated women horribly, but she can't smack talk him. John jokes that Jeff treated Meg like a princess.

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8:00 PM BBT Julia asks them if they know what Becky means. James says, yeah, give me head. He says, it's a song. Meg says, there's no hope in this game. Steve goes to the BY. Meg asks Steve why his stuff is all over the BY? Julia tells him that Meg almost tripped over his gun boat sandals. Meg says, his underwear is on the ground. Steve wants to know where to put his clothes so he can get to them when he's dry? He says, he can put them in his room. Steve says, someone just lost. He thought it was accidental. Meg says, no, she lost. James says, they played 6 games. Meg says, she lost every one of them. Meg says, it feels so good in the house, as they walk in. Julia says, it's so hot outside, there's no happy medium.


8:04 PM BBT Liz tells James & Meg they aren't allowed in her KT while she cooks tonight. She tells them she's making food for them. They go to the OBR to strip the beds to wash the sheets. Meg tells him she's stealing a pillow back that he took from her bed. James says, he will only give it back to her for a kiss. They have a pillow fight. Meg finally says, she's done. She tells James, he stole her pillow. James tells her to feel Steve's pillow. She says, it's not that one, it's the one he has, because it's the lumpy one. James tries to push Meg down, & she tells him to stop.


8:08 PM BBT James lifts the mattress of the bed he's been sleeping on to take the sheets off. He says, Jesus, Mary & Joseph, who's socks are those (under the bed)? He asks who's fat ass broke one of the supporting boards? He drops the mattress, as he continues to take the sheets off the bed. He says, he's not going to feel like putting the sheets back on the bed when they are washed, because it takes to long. Meg says, she likes how messy the room is with all the sheets on the floor. She says, it looks like someone had a fun time in there. James says, she's going to steal his pillow & he needs it for neck osteoporosis polygamy (which is a joke). Meg leaves with sheets in her arms.


8:11 PM BBT In the BY jacuzzi, Julia says, you don't tell one of the twins that they are less attractive. John says, Liz can't handle the truth. They talk about wanting pizza tonight. John & Steve talk about the sponsors they've used this season during games. John asks if it's supposed to be Irish Spring as the season, or what? John says, he doesn't really feel clean in the Spring, from all the sledge from the winter. He says, if it's water from the Spring, it feels refreshing.


8:13 PM BBT John says, he's Irish. John talks about kissing every girl in the house on a dare. He says, he hand mouth kissed Becky. He says, he only has to kiss Meg. Steve says, he didn't kiss Audrey or Vanessa. John says, Audrey was gone & Vanessa is not single. John says, a moth got in the water, so they have to save him. Steve says, his wings got wet. John takes it out of the jacuzzi, because he doesn't want it to drown.


8:16 PM BBT Steve tells John when Elissa was on BB she was accused of farting to which she denied. Steve says, a lot of people masterbated in the house. John doesn't understand how when the camera's are on them 24/7. Steve says, people have sex in the house to. John says, sex is probably less shameful then masterbating. Steve says, the two of them haven't, but others definitely have. John says, his sex drive is gone in the house, so he doesn't have to worry about it. Steve says, the popular places are the shower, under blankets, & the toilet stall.


8:19 PM BBT John says, he'll never look at the shower the same again. Steve asks, which shower? John says, he hasn't used the HOHR shower since week 1. John asks if Steve thinks the HOH comp will be endurance for one of them to come back? Steve says, they just had an endurance comp. John asks if he thinks it will be luck? Steve says, maybe. Steve says, he's going to head in. John says, he'll be in a little bit, he wants to soak some more.


8:22 PM BBT Vanessa goes to the BY to get her laundry out of the dryer. John asks her what the likelihood of getting mole removed would be? Vanessa says, oh, hi, do you mean here? John says, yes. She says, probably not high. John says, he's already had two moles removed, & this one is borderline. He says, he will ask them. Vanessa says, he should. John says, if he was at home he would just do it. John asks Vanessa if she's ever had a mole removed. She says, she had one removed below her eye. She says, Mel had one removed, & that's what she got the staph in. John says, wow. Vanessa finishes up getting her laundry into her black BB bag. She tells John he should come inside & join people. John says, oh yeah, he'll be going in shortly, he wasn't going to stay out to long.

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8:26 PM BBT John goes inside & sits at the glass table. Other HG's are practicing for the new Sling Band game they are going to play tonight. Liz explains how the scoring is going to go for this game. James says, they need to go back further, otherwise he's going to kill them. He says, he can do it blindfolded. Liz tells James not to insult her partner.


8:29 PM BBT Julia wants to know if she should cook what she is making, because it's only going to take 10 minutes top. Liz tells her, no, not yet, as they continue to practice Sling Band. Liz says, you have to flick it. Meg lands a practice shot on the blow hole plate.


8:33 PM BBT Liz says, she heard a cough, the wall just coughed. Vanessa says, there was an ant on her pizza. She says, the ant was being nuked in the microwave & she's about to get sick. Vanessa says, she's had the hat she has on she just hadn't worn it. James starts to sing. Meg says, please stop singing. Liz says, Callate La Boco.


8:35 PM BBT Austin wants to get hamburgers ready. James tells Steve to stop practicing, because he's going to keep getting good. Liz tells James he's good to. Liz tells Steve to keep practicing. Meg says, Austin hasn't practiced at all. Austin says, he has to stand farther back because he will overshoot it. Liz says, kind of like he didn't practice for face morph.


8:36 PM BBT Austin wants to know if BB just goes through his pictures & posts them. Meg says, no, they probably don't just post them. James says, what if they were streaking? He says, they can't just post those. Austin says, they probably just blur them. James toots in the KT. Steve says, it was not him. Everyone blames James. Austin says, grandma (Meg) can't control hers.


8:38 PM BBT Julia starts to practice Sling Band. James says, if they aren't going to cook, he wants to cook to get dinner done. Liz asks Austin if he wants to get into their third fight of the day? Austin says, he'll eat whatever she makes.


8:39 PM BBT Liz goes to get marinara sauce from the SR. Austin & James want to scare Julia when she comes out. They do scare he, & Vanessa watches. Julia says, God damn it. Vanessa says, one of these times, they will get him. They watch an ant carrying a red pepper flake. Another ant is by it. Austin says, this is what the live feeders do to them, they give them a toy & watch them play with it.


8:45 PM BBT Meg puts make-up on in the WA, with James watching her. Steve is sitting at the DT reading the candy boxes. Meg says, she feels better now. James tells Meg she has a lot of lipstick on. He asks her if she wants to leave a print on his cheek? Meg says, noise. She takes her bangs down & starts making noises. John goes in & asks if it's her morning routine? Meg says, James helps her by holding her make-up. She says, she may let James cut her hair on Thursday. John says, he might buzz it pretty well. John asks her if she ever had an emo face? Meg says, no. She asks why everyone always thinks that? She says, she likes color to much. John asks if she thinks Fallout Boy is emo? Meg says, no. She says, they may be borderline emo by what they wear. Steve goes in the WA. Meg says, Steve may have been emo. Steve asks if she was being sarcastic? Meg says, yes.


8:51 PM BBT John says, he may be in his emo phase. He says, he wears black scrubs at work with his white jacket. Meg says, light blue is cool. John says, he wore light blue scrubs during dental school, & he's over them. He tells Meg the different color of scrubs there are. He says, the dental school at Temple wore black scrubs & he thought it was cool. He says, the assistants wear floral tops with pink pants, & he can't pull them off. John asks what kind Jason would wear if he had to wear them? Meg says, like zebra print. He asks Meg what color she would wear? Meg says, maybe hot pink.


8:53 PM BBT John asks Meg if she could be in a doctor drama would she? Meg says, she doesn't know. He asks if he could be in Grey's Anatomy would she? Meg says, probably. Julia tells Meg that there are no more chocolate fights because of her. Meg says, it's not her fault. Julia says, she's kidding, it's because of Austin. John jokingly tells Meg, she ruins everything. Meg asks if she's seen how hard they throw? Austin tells Meg he was told in the DR, no more chocolate pelting for celebrating or whatever they are doing. He says, they have to find something else. Meg asks if they can request marshmallows? Austin says, that's a good idea.


8:56 PM Meg asks Steve if he went in & asked about the chocolates? Steve shakes his head yes. Meg asks if it true? Steve shakes his head yes. Meg says, it's over guys.


8:57 PM BBT Austin & Liz kiss by the back sliding door outside. Austin says, they are also replenishing the vitamins & giving them the horny goat weed again. In the WA, John tells Meg his gun hurts from a sharp bone in his gums when he pushes on it, so he's going to stop pushing on it. He says, he hates when patients go in to him & tells him it hurts when they do this. Meg & John talk about how fast this week has gone. Meg thinks one HG is coming back in, & the double eviction will be next week.


9:00 PM BBT John & Meg talk about the faces that were morphed during the competition. Liz is still cooking in the KT. Julia asks if James isn't eating with them? James says, no. Liz says, he doesn't like anything with vegetables. Liz says, the dinner on the stove is done. She picks some of it out of the pan to taste it. Steve says, he's made the much like camping a big thing on national TV. Austin tells him to add that into his speech on Thursday. Austin adds a second ponytail to his beard. Austin hopes they do more questions this week. James wonders if they will do video messages this week. Steve says, that would be great. Austin asks if they gave everyone family messages, & why would they do that?


9:04 PM BBT James says, they may be to busy this week with someone coming back. Steve says, he doesn't think the HOH competition will be during the live show. James says, they've done it like that before. Vanessa pats down James looking for something. Julia tries to pat him down, & makes him laugh. She says, she knows where he's ticklish. Austin keeps bringing up that a turkey burger would be good on that bread right now, because he keeps wanting Liz to make them.


9:06 PM BBT Meg says, James totally dismisses what she says, & is pretending they are in a relationship. Meg says, he totally ignores what she says. Austin says, James should get in bed with Meg & sleep head to toe. He says, it is day 69. James tells Meg what Austin said.


9:08 PM BBT Julia wants James to help her & Liz scare Austin. Austin asks why he would jump ship to help them. Julia says, Austin wants to scare James. Liz says, James was going to pelt Austin. James says, snitches get stitches. They talk about Meg getting pelted in the face. James says, they know who pelted it at her face, that's why Austin got called into the DR.

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9:11 PM BBT Austin already wants to know what's for dessert, & they haven't even eaten dinner yet. He says, they need to eat all the dessert before Shelli comes back & eats it all. Meg says, Shelli eats a lot of dessert. Julia discusses what to make for dessert. Austin says, it will be funny if Becky comes back in with her toe still hurting. In the OBR, Steve tells Vanessa that will be his homework tonight while people are sleeping. (We don't hear what it is though). Steve tells Vanessa what's going on, & he leaves. Austin goes to the SR to get stuff for dessert. Vanessa tells him she's hungry & she's studying right now. Liz yells to Austin, dinner.


9:14 PM BBT Vanessa gets up & goes to the KT. Vanessa tells them it smells good. Everyone makes their plates to eat. Austin sings the General song. James starts to sing it also. We see FOTH.


9:16 PM BBT HG's say that they thought dinner was going to take longer. Meg says, it's really good, & it's her favorite dinner so far. Liz says, it's because she used olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Steve barely puts any food on his plate. He says, he's proceeding with caution. He says, he doesn't want to waste it if he doesn't like it. He says, he doesn't like potatoes. He says, french fries are o.k., but he doesn't like baked potatoes or mashed potatoes. He says, potatoes are his weird thing. Meg says, she can't wait for sweet potatoes again.


9:20 PM BBT John starts saying part of the General song. Julia says, there are ants on the table. Austin says, as expected. Vanessa is still grossed out about the ant on her pizza earlier.


9:21 PM BBT Julia says, next season they need to do something about the ant problem. Steve says, they've been a problem for years. He says, Ian even complained about the ants post-season. Meg says, she would never remember the ants from this season. Meg says, they need to use ant traps. James says, they would be full. Meg & Julia says, they saw ant traps in there somewhere. James says, they are all under  her bed. Meg says, what the hell? They discuss the name of the new game. Meg says, it's Sling Band. Austin wants it to be Sling Blade since they can't use the chocolates anymore. James says, "Babe it will be o.k.," to Meg. He stands up & gives her a kiss on the cheek. Julia tries to come up with a showmance name. Meg says, there's no showmance, & they zinged him in the friend zone.


9:24 PM BBT Meg says, she called this out that James was going to have to prove a point. HG's keep saying they are in a relationship. John says, they are so cute together, & he can't wait until they go FBO (Facebook Official). James takes Meg's plate to wash it off. Vanessa says, they washed their sheets together. Meg says, she wanted clean sheets. Meg says, keep going. Vanessa says, she said that James was the closest one to getting a cuddle. Meg asks, did I? She tells them to keep going. James sits down at the DT. Steve asks James his 5 favorite things about Meg. Meg tells them not to do this.


9:27 PM BBT James says, her personality, eyes, her bangs, her everything, & he loves the way she looks when she wakes up in the morning. Meg says, he's a screaming terror in the morning. Steve wants to know what part of her personality he likes? James says, how bubbly she is. Steve asks Meg what her 5 favorite things are about James? Meg shakes her head no. Steve says, o.k., then one favorite thing. Meg says, his sense of humor, because they can get along so well. She says, she loves her pillow talk from separate beds. James says they can sleep head to toe tomorrow. Meg says, no, sorry, no. Steve asks how James will get contact during sleep? Meg says, he doesn't.


9:32 PM BBT Meg & Liz practice for the Sling Band game. James wants to know who's on what teams. Meg says, it's the same teams as Pot Ball. They are waiting for Austin to start. They get two shots each & have to leave the bands on the counter. Meg explains the scoring, & that it has to be halfway on to count. Liz says, if it's on 2 plates, the score is on the plate it's more on. Austin doesn't score on his turn. James scores on his second shot.


9:35 PM BBT Those were practice rounds. The game starts with John scoring on his first shot, but not on his second shot. Meg scores 20 points on her turn. Julia scores 5 points on her first shot, & doesn't score on her second attempt. Steve scores 5 points on his first shot & misses on his second. Vanessa misses her first shot. Austin says, as expected. Vanessa scores on her second shot.


9:38 PM BBT Austin scores on his second shot. James misses both shots. Liz scores 20 on her first shot, & makes 10 more points on her second shot. James thinks they are too close to the plates. John scores 5 on his first shot & misses on his second attempt. Meg misses her first shot, & then misses on her second shot.


9:40 PM BBT Julia says, f**k as she misses both shots. Steve almost scores 20 on his first shot, but he makes points on his second shots. Vanessa misses both of her shots. Everyone laughs at her technique. Austin makes his second shot. James scores on his second shot.


9:42 PM BBT Liz scores on both of her shots, scoring 35 points. John misses both of his shots. Meg misses both of her shots. Julia makes both of her shots, scoring 15 points. Steve misses both of his shots. Vanessa makes her second shot. Austin's second shot is debatable. He wants it to count. Steve says, it's just like his was, & it wasn't halfway on. It doesn't count. James misses both of his shots. Austin says, nope, you guys are screwing me out of my points. Liz misses her shots. Austin says, it could be free points for all.


9:46 PM BBT John makes his first shot, & his controversial second shot does count for points. Meg misses both her shots. James tells her not to break her thumb, or they won't be able to play this game either. Julia makes 5 points of her second sling. Steve misses both of his slings. Vanessa misses both of her slings also. Austin misses both of his slings as well.


9:49 PM BBT James scores points on both of his slings. Liz scores 15 points on her slings. John misses both of his slings. Meg gets 5 points on her first sling, & 20 more on her second sling, scoring 25 points. Julia makes her first sling, but misses her second one. Steve misses both of his next two slings.


9:52 PM BBT Vanessa says she's sick of sucking at every game they have, & she misses both of her slings. Austin has some bounce in his step as his misses both of his next two slings. Liz says, he always gets mad when he's not winning. Austin says, he doesn't know what he's doing. James misses both of his next two slings. Liz makes her first sling, scoring 10 points, & then misses her second sling.


9:53 PM BBT John scores 20 points on his first sling, & scores 10 points on his second sling. Meg scores 5 points on her first sling, & misses her second sling. Julia scores 20 points on her first sling, & misses the second sling. Steve misses both of his sling attempts. Vanessa uses her archery style technique & misses both sling attempts. Austin makes his second sling for 10 points. He says, alright, we're back in the game. Liz says, they're talking so loud out there, & she puts he ear up to the front door. James makes both of her slings. Liz misses both of her slings. John scores 10 points on his first sling, & misses his second sling.


9:57 PM BBT Meg scores 10 points on her second sling. Julia scores 5 points on her first sling, she says, she's not feeling the second sling, & she misses it. Meg says, she's obsessed with Julia's posture. Steve closes one eye & misses both slings. Liz says, "We hear you beef cakes." Julia does two commercials. Vanessa misses both of her slings.


9:59 PM BBT Austin scores 20 points on his second sling. Liz says, he's back now, ya'll. Austin says, he's got the James technique down. James misses his first sling. Austin says, as expected. James misses his second sling. Liz scores 10 on her first sling, & misses he second sling. Liz gets called to the DR. She screams, "No." (She doesn't have make-up on either). John misses both of his slings. Liz says, "God damn it." She wonders if she can leave the cat hat on. She says, "Damn it," & pounds up the stairs to the HOHR. Meg scores on one of her slings. Julia scores 5 points on her second sling.


10:02 PM BBT Steve takes his sweat jacket off & scores on his first sling. Austin says, he found a full-proof strategy & will make it on a plate every time, watch. Vanessa misses both slings. Austin misses his first sling. James busts out laughing. Austin misses the second sling also. James bust out laughing again. James says, full-proof strategy, huh. Vanessa misses both of her slings. Liz scores 10 points on both of her slings, scoring 20 points. James tells her to go to the DR, & let the boys mess it up for them. John scores 10 points on his second sling.


10:05 PM BBT Meg scores 20 points on her second sling. Austin is hounding down some ice cream during the game. Julia says, she's going to copy him. Julia scores 15 on her slings. Steve makes his first sling, & misses his second sling, scoring 15 points. Vanessa scores 15 points on her first sling, & misses her second sling. Meg tells Austin this is his chance. He says, he's got it. Austin scores 20 points on his first sling, & he scores 15 more on his second sling, for a total of 35 points.


10:07 PM BBT James misses his first sling. Austin says, as expected. James scores on his second sling. Steve misses both his slings for Liz. John scores 10 on his second sling. Meg misses both of her slings. Julia scores 10 for her slings. Meg scores 10 on her slings. Steve scores 20 on his slings. Vanessa scores 10 on her first sling, & she scores 5 more points on her second sling, for a total of 15 points. Austin jumps on first sling & misses. He steps over the broom on second sling & misses as well. James scores 10 points on his second sling.


10:12 PM BBT Steve scores 15 points on his second sling. Austin says, he thinks he can hit the Glory Hole. John scores 20 points on his second sling. Last round is beginning. Austin says, points should be double on the last round. Everyone says, no. Meg misses both slings. Julia scores 5 points on each of her slings, for a total of 10 points. Steve scores 20 points on his first sling, & 15 more points on his second sling, for a total of 35 points. Vanessa misses both of her slings. Meg says, "Bonus round."


10:14 PM BBT They clear the plates & move the Glory Hole up. Meg says, they are going to try it like ring toss, but you have to sling it. Austin takes 6 slings, & misses all of them. Meg almost makes her second & fourth slings, but she misses them all. Julia misses all 6 of her slings. Austin switches places with James to catch the sling bands. James almost makes his third sling, but misses all 6 slings. Steve misses his 6 shots. John says, this is like the "Glory Pole." Steve almost makes fourth sling, but misses the next 6 also for Liz. Meg says, everyone can just mess around after for no points. John almost makes his first, third, & fifth slings, but he misses them all. Vanessa says, this is so hard. She almost makes her second, fifth & sixth slings, with the sixth sling hitting, but not ringing it.


10:21 PM BBT The game is over. Austin misses his next 6 slings. Julia just heard someone sneeze in the wall. She says, "Bless you." Meg misses her 6 slings. Austin says, it's almost impossible. James says, someone will make it. Steve talks about the game show "Minute To Win It." Julia misses her 6 shots. James misses his 6 slings. He says, "Alright, I'm over this."


10:23 PM BBT Austin says, he's going to see what's going on in the SR, & he'll check for the vitamins. Meg says, she was going to check. Austin searches the cabinets & nothing new is there.


10:24 PM BBT Meg says, she thought they were going to get candy tonight. (Meaning alcohol.) Steve says, you mean alcohol? Meg says, no, candy. Steve says, ah. Austin says, Steve can't have the candy. Steve says, he's 22 years old, you can't even apply for the show unless you are 21. Austin says, that's right. Liz comes out of the DR. She's told her team came in second, James' team came in first. Liz asks Meg how it feels to come in last place? Meg says, it's not Pot Ball. Austin & Liz go outside to the hammock.


10:27 PM BBT Meg asks if it's still hot as balls out? John asks, how hot are balls? Julia says, how hot is balls? John says, how hot are balls, get your grammar girl, jokingly. Julia says, get your life. John goes to the WA. Meg goes to the OBR to put sheets back on her bed.


10:28 PM BBT On the BY hammock, Liz tells Austin to remember their dates back then when they didn't kiss. Liz says, "Oh my God, they confirmed no more chocolate wars, I'm crying." We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Austin says, it's o.k. they had fun though, & he kisses Liz making a hollow noise from his open mouth. Liz says, she wants to talk to Johnny Mac tomorrow.


10:29 PM BBT Austin says, they may switch the whole thing up. Liz says, Vanessa wants what's good for her game, not theirs. Austin says, John just needs to keep talking shit. He says, he doesn't even know what's best at this point. Julia goes to the BY, picks up an orange pillow, puts it on the hammock, & she jumps on the hammock. Liz says, she has to rock the hammock if she wants to play with them. Austin asks if he thinks the hammock will snap. Julia tells them that John wants to talk to her & Liz.


10:33 PM BBT Austin says, Liz can't move with his arm on her. He says, he was 240 pounds when he went in the house. Liz tells him not to hit her in the vegetables (meaning between her legs). Austin says, he found out her number one tickle spot. Julia tells him they are rude leaving her out when they went to the hammock. Julia says, the moon is so pretty. Julia tells them they are always alone in the HOHR, f**k you. Liz says, they have to keep the romance alive. Julia tells them that about John approaching her to talk to them.


10:35 PM BBT Julia says, it was a good thing that he approached her. Julia asks if they want to do it in the HOHR? Liz says, no, they aren't doing it in the HOHR, because Austin has nothing to do with it. Austin tells Julia what to tell him that they didn't really have a deal with the other side, & then Vanessa won the Veto. He says, they need to hear him out. Liz says, she needs to find out from him if they keep him, they want to make sure he won't turn around & go after her & Austin.


10:36 PM BBT Austin says, John needs to know that the twins are going to work with Vanessa on this vote, so there is no way to flip the decision. Austin says, there's new information. He says, Steve is actually very closer to Steve than they knew. Julia says, she doesn't believe it. Austin says, Shelli is also close to Steve. Austin says, Steve is going to try to do things like Ian did. Austin says, he's the only fan left, so he doesn't know if he will. Austin says, Steve also said he would throw HOH next week to be a pawn.


10:38 PM BBT Julia talks in Spanish about Austin being good. Austin says, he's still on the same page. Julia says, "Donde?" (Where?) Austin says, explain things to him, that's it, & leave it open.


10:41 PM Austin tells Julia & Liz how Boogie was evicted. Austin gives them ideas to say to John. Julia says, she can't believe Becky & Steve are that close. Austin things John & Becky are either related or married. Liz thinks Becky told Steve about the 8 person alliance. The twins go in to talk to John. Julia belches on the way to the house. Liz calls her out & she blames James.


10:43 PM BBT In the CBR, Vanessa tells Julia that everyone wants to talk to who's on the block. Julia tells Vanessa that John wants to talk to her & Liz. Vanessa says, that's good. Vanessa says, they need to jedi drill, & it's critical that they win this HOH. Julia says, they need to figure out every scenario tonight. Vanessa asks for who to stay? Julia says, yes. Vanessa says, o.k. Julia goes to the CRL, & tells Liz that he's in the OBR with Steve & Meg. They don't want to look sketchy by going to ask to talk to him.


10:45 PM BBT The twins discuss what they are going to say to John. Julia tells Liz he's the one campaigning so let him talk. Liz says, she needs to say her reservations. Julia doesn't want to out Vanessa. In the BY on the hammock, Austin tells James he's worried about John staying, because he may slip through the cracks again. Austin says, he's worried about Steve staying and being more of a threat down the road, & he may be a bigger shield for them. Austin says, John may be more of a competition for them, especially in endurance. James says, this game plays out so weird, & they still have another double eviction coming also. He says, who's more likely to win the double eviction, Steve or John? Austin says, it was between him, John & Steve in the last one.


10:50 PM BBT James says, it seems like Steve, John & Vanessa had a good relationship. Austin says, she did, until he blew them up. Austin says, they don't know which threat to take out, because Vanessa seems to think Steve is more of a threat to her, but that may not be the best one. Austin says, they need to see which one will make a deal to go up as a pawn with the returning jury member. Austin says, Steve doesn't want to do that.


10:52 PM BBT James says, it's almost not worth making any deals, in case they really don't need it. They discuss having to study for the HOH competition. James says, he doesn't know any days, except day 1, when they walked in the house. Austin says, it's Meg's job to know the days, & he's there for endurance. Austin says, they might need to figure out which one they like hanging out with more. Austin says, Steve could CTRL, ALT, DELETE them. James says, Johnny Mac can come back & it will be another Ian Terri in the finals. Austin says, if they both make it, yeah. James says, he would vote for John if it came down to the two of them in the finals.


10:56 PM BBT Austin says, if the jury member is on the block with one of them, John may not put it all together. Austin says, Johnny Mac could be lying, because he's been lying about a lot of things. Austin says, Shelli didn't tell John about the 8 person alliance. He says, he may be covering for Steve telling him. James says, all the other people are gone now. Austin wonders if Steve was working with Becky. He says, John is more connected to the jury members, so if they come back they may all work with him. Austin says, Steve doesn't have close relationships with any of the jury. He thinks Jackie hates him. (Jackie doesn't like Vanessa.) James says, Steve may have gotten closer to Jackie before he left. James brings up what Steve said about Austin & the twins being a fortress the other day. He says, he could have been trying to get information to try to throw him under the bus.


10:59 PM BBT Austin says, Steve is good at posting questions. He says, he asked him what the pros and cons were for keeping Johnny Mac, & he didn't want to answer that right then. John gets called to the DR. Austin says, there he goes. James says, Meg had her ear up to the door the other day, & she heard him screaming. We see FOTH. Austin comes back saying that John might be a crazy vigilante that shaves his head, & he can go crazy. He says, he feels that he can talk to Steve more & control him. He says, Ian, I mean Steve has no emotion.

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