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Vanessa and Steve equals Dan and Ian


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Steve claims that Christine Brecht was his favorite prior HG, but come on, I think that we all can agree that his game plan is very similar to BB winner Ian Terry. Hiding behind the master manipulator Dan Gheesling, he made it to the final 2 and got the win, even though I personally thought that Dan deserved the win more.   Vanessa is obviously the master manipulator this season and Steve hides behind her. Vanessa uses his talents of spying on the other HG's and reminding her of past game history and strategy and preparing her for the comps.  Seems no one is anxious to get rid of him and they all seem to be afraid of putting up Vanessa.   I can see him and Vanessa making it to final 2 unless the other HG's wake the f--- up!   

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