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Monday, August 24 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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11:03 PM BBT John escapes the chocolate fight by heading out to a quiet and peaceful BY.  He sits by the HT with his feet dangling in the water. 


11:05 PM BBT Steve comes out to the BY and finds John sitting in silence.  Steve tells John that Liz pelted the eating chocolate, and John comments that that’s a rookie mistake.  Steve thinks he will go for a swim.  Inside, Meg is putting ice on her face because she got hit in the face with a chocolate and has a bump from it. 


11:11 PM BBT Meg is worried that she is going to have a black eye.  Austin tells her that it won’t turn into a black eye. Julia asks why it’s always Meg who gets hurt?  Julia is making crepes while Liz sweeps up the chocolate.  James and Austin are pacing around, while Steve stands at the glass counter.  Meg is sitting on the KT side of the glass counter holding the ice to her face. 


11:15 PM BBT Vanessa comes out to the KT and offers to get Meg a painkiller.  Meg checks her face and says it’s starting to look better.  Vanessa comes back with the pain killer and asks what happened.  Meg says they asked her about her head today to make sure she was okay from the fall during the OTEV competition and we get Fish briefly.  Conversation turns to re-living their pot ball game.


11:24 PM BBT John is still sitting by himself at the HT.  He’s yawning and rubbing his eyes.  Everyone else is in the KT, talking and laughing and fussing over Meg.  Meg says it didn’t hurt when she got hit.  Meg is still holding the ice to her face. 


11:28 PM BBT Julia is still making crepes and telling everyone that she is getting good at it.  Vanessa thanks Julia.  Meg says all she can see is her father’s face right now.  She relays a story about getting a black eye previously...she was just walking on the sidewalk and she fell. 


11:32 PM BBT  James is getting ice from the fridge for his drink and Meg tells him not to use all the ice...she might need it later!  Meg is still holding ice to her face. 


11:34 PM BBT Everyone is raving over the crepes that Julia made.  James is checking out Meg;s eye.  She’s asking him if the inside of her eye is okay.  James says it’s okay.  Meg says she is embarrassed.  Julia thinks it will be better tomorrow since it’s already looking better.


11:37 PM BBT John is still lounging by the HT, but is no longer soaking his feet.  He is yanwing and looking around, and then puts his feet back in the HT.  Austin is hovering near Liz while she washes dishes.  James and Meg are still sitting at the glass counter in the KT.  Meg says James is better at the glory hole round than at the pots.  James jokingly says Meg needs to lie down...she might have a concussion.  Meg says “Stop!  They already think I might have a concussion...”  and we get Fish.  When we come back, James is suggesting that maybe he should give Meg CPR. 


11:41 PM BBT John is called to the DR.  Meg, James, and Austin are in the KT.  John sees Meg’s injury for the first time since he went out to the BY when the chocolate fight started.  Liz and Julia have gone out to the BY to play pool. 


11:42 PM BBT Julia asks Liz when she talked to Vanessa...did she talk to her about votes?  Julia asks if she saw Vanessa in the bathroom.  Liz says yes, but Vanessa was talking to Austin.  Liz says they are leaning to JM going. Julia wonders if Vanessa is in...Liz says they are all going to vote together.  They discuss John and Steve both feeling betrayed by them.  Julia says she would rather work with Steve any day. 


11:47 PM BBT Steve goes to check the Storage Room for ice packs.  Meg said she couldn’t find any and James suggests that maybe Becky took them all.  James is trying to make an ice pack from the ice dispenser on the fridge.  Meg says she can’t get over that.  Steve comes back with no ice packs.  Steve hopes that Becky’s foot is better.  James says that’s because Becky got a cortisone shot, and we get FISH. 


11:50 PM BBT In the KT, James and Steve are listing all the injuries, trips, and falls Meg has had.  They start talking about move-in day and we get FISH. 


11:54 PM BBT Meg says she is going to lay down.  She doesn’t feel good right now.  James follows her.  Austin is out in the BY watching the twins play pool.  Vanessa is laying down in the CBR and Steve comes to talk to her. Steve asks if she wants to talk or should he talk.  Vanessa says that she doesn’t have much to say.  Steve tells Vanessa he’s confused.  He only gets a few words out before she interrupts.  Vanessa is angry that last week Steve didn’t tell her about an alliance with Austwins, Steve, Johnny Mac.  Steve says “an alliance with the five of us??”  Vanessa says that she asked him about it today, and doesn’t he know what she is angry about?  Steve tells Vanessa that the conversation that they had about Vanessa was this week.  Vanessa says “during Austin’s HOH?”  Vanessa says she is talking about when Liz was HOH they formed a five-person group.  Steve insists that it was this week.  Vanessa insists that it happened last week.  Everyone else said it was last week.  Steve says then he is missing something.  He says it was this week.   


11:59 PM BBT Steve says he must be putting things together wrong in his head.  Vanessa gets mad and says he is being shady, and this is what gets him in trouble with everyone, and he is going home this week if he doesn’t clear it up.  Steve keeps telling her that he was missing something, and she has just filled it in.  Vanessa is exasperated and calls him out saying that he is scrambling again like he always does.  He should just come clean.  She is giving him the time of day and instead of coming clean he is giving her.  She starts crying ...she thought he was her only friend in this place and she is so hurt by him.

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