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Monday, August 24 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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12:10 AM BBT Austin, James, Meg and Liz continue to talk in the HOH about how Steve is trying to protect Johnny.  Meanwhile down in the CBR Vanessa talks to Julia asking if she knows what Austin plans to do if the three make it to the final three.  Does Austin plan to throw it to the sisters?  Julia doesn't know.  Julia believes they've only been safe because of Austin.  People are scared of Austin and if they send Austin home then Liz will go after them and if Liz is upset with someone Julia will be.


12:15 AM BBT Julia worries that they are missing out on an opportunity to take out James.  James put up Clay and Shelli without thinking about it.  Julia says James is completely unreasonable when he is HOH.  Vanessa agrees and says she's surprised that Austin isn't more open to the idea about putting James up.


12:17 AM BBT Vanessa asks if Julia were to put someone up who would she put up?  Julia would go after James or Meg or Steve.  Julia says it doesn't make sense to take out a floater instead of taking out a bigger threat.  Becky was a huge threat and Liz did good as HOH.  Meanwhile up in the HOH Austin points out that Steve studies the memory wall and is going to be a competitor.


12:19 AM BBT Julia says she's never talked to Meg except over the last couple weeks and Meg is now being super nice.  Vanessa whispers that it makes more sense to go after James this week instead of taking out Johnny Mac this week.  James has won more HOH's.  Julia questions why they would send someone out who hasn't won anything.  Vanessa points out Johnny has won comps.  Julia points out that one BotB was thrown to Johnny.  Julia wonders if Vanessa is thinking the same thing she is (taking out James).  Vanessa agrees and says she can't do it this week without help.


12:27 AM BBT Meanwhile up in the HOH Austin says even if Vanessa uses the POV and forces him to try and backdoor James or Meg, they still have the votes to be kept.  Down in the CBR Julia says she doesn't want to sit down in the final 2 with Meg.


12:30 AM BBT Up in the HOH they wonder where Vanessa is.  Austin wonders if she scampered back to the CBR.  James is going to find Vanessa and ask her to talk to Johnny and investigate why Johnny Mac said what he said about James agreeing to throw HOH to him.  James scampers downstairs and runs into the CBR to ask Vanessa for help.  Austin called to DR.


12:34 AM BBT Vanessa tells James that Johnny told her that he had a conversation with James but left it at that.  James tells Vanessa what Austin told him about Johnny claiming that James was going to throw the comp to him if he won.  James doesn't want to call Johnny out it per say but he is curious to hear why Johnny said that.  Vanessa will investigate it and thinks about how to best word it.


12:37 AM BBT In the KT Steve, Julia, Liz and Meg chat while eating cookies.  Back in the CBR James and Vanessa continue to chat.  James says Austin doesn't think James really said that so James isn't really worried.  Vanessa understands and says she'll catch him in a lie, she says not to worry.  Vanessa heads outside and immediately goes to Johnny asks to "clear the air" about this week.  She asks Johnny if he had any deals coming into the HOH this week.  Johnny says he did and tells her that he and Austin had one as well as he and James.  


12:42 AM BBT Vanessa is confused as to why James is denying it.  She wonders when they did this.  Johnny says it was in the purple room just before the eviction when they were getting ready for eviction.  Vanessa wonders why James would have done that.  Johnny says because she was the target and nobody wanted to go after her and he was willing to.  She says that absolutely makes sense.  She says she's not really sure what to do with the information.  She heads back inside and talks to James and says she believes both of them are being honest.


12:45 AM BBT Vanessa asks James if he remembers the conversation and tells him that Johnny says it was in the purple room.  James doesn't remember saying it.  Vanessa says she knows that some times things get tangled/twisted when talking to Johnny Mac.  James says there is no way it happened.  James wants to talk to Johnny Mac.  Vanessa is going to HOH to talk to Austin.


12:48 AM BBT James asks Johnny to talk to him in the BY.  James asks Johnny about the deal because he doesn't remember it.  Johnny says they had the conversation right before the eviction when they were getting ready and it wasn't really a deal but it was said.  James says 'they' all agree that it sounded like a deal is how Johnny was explaining it to them.  James says he doesn't throw HOH comps.  Johnny says he'll go talk to Austin if he'd like.  Vanessa pulls Liz into the BY.


12:52 AM BBT Johnny Mac says it wasn't a hand shake deal but it was said.  James doesn't remember saying it and he's a straight shooter and him putting Clay and Shelli on the block together is proof that he's not afraid of targets.  Johnny offers to talk to Austin again just to tell them that it wasn't a contract deal.  James says he does not remember the conversation but if Johnny says he said it, then clearly he did.  They head inside.  James heads up looking for Austin.


12:55 AM BBT Austin comes out of DR and says he has a card "It's some live feeder BS".  Austin leads everyone to the BY.  Austin jokes that live feeders are into bondage and kinky stuff.  Meg and Liz tells him to stop.  Austin says "Your friends the live feeders want you to play hide and seek tonight."  Liz screams with jubilee and is ready to go hide.  Liz dominates the conversation trying to set rules.  "No going upstairs."  Austin will be it first.  He's going to sit in the BY and count to 50.  Liz runs into the house screaming like a banshee.


12:58 AM BBT Austin found Steve first because he wasn't hiding.  Vanessa was next in the photo booth.  Johnny Mac was on the beam in the KT and Austin found him as he walked back down the WA call.  Liz comes out of the BRs asking if Johnny Mac is it.  Liz says the person that was found first is the one that's it now.  Lots of arguing.  The twins are saying the first person that's found has to find other people.  They find James under a bed in the CBR.  Meg was in the SR.  Meg calls them idiots and says the person that is it has to find everyone.  The twins didn't know that's how it is done.  Steve is now it.  They tell him to go to the BY and count to 100.  Everyone scampers.


01:04 AM BBT Steve finds James first stuffed under a KT cabinet.  James says he cheated.  Steve says he tried to hide there first and he didn't.  Liz is found next in the WA hiding in the shower curtain.  Meg is found in the LR behind the couch.  Steve goes in the SR and checks the trash can and cabinets.  Liz found Vanessa and Austin.  Austin says she's cheating.  Steve continues to look for people.  They can't find Julia and Johnny.


01:07 AM Feeds zoom in on part of Johnny's green shirt partly visible in the HNR room hiding beneath a blanket beneath a chair.  They're all so confused as to where he could have hid.  They all continue to hunt for him.  "Where's Johnny Mac?  Did he hit the red button?”


01:09 AM BBT Steve goes up to HOH to look for Johnny.  Austin says he checked the DR door and the door opens so he's not in the hallway.  Vanessa and Meg check in the HNR room and both are literally feet if not inches from him and do not see him stuffed beneath the foot of the chair.  They cannot find him anywhere.


01:11 AM BBT Now Julia walks through HNR and says John come out come out where ever you are... and walks right by him.  Julia asks if he's in the closet and Steve replies "No, he's straight."  Johnny is under the second to last chair in the HNR.  They have no idea where he is.  Meanwhile Meg can be heard yelling at James for clipping his toenails all throughout the house.  Meg is straight up yelling and screaming how gross he is.  They house continues to look for him.  Steve says they've looked under every bed (not every bed...).  Steve looks in the HNR and walks right by him again.  Liz finally finds him.  She says it was the best spot ever.


01:15 AM BBT Austin is making something to eat.  "The last round took too long....I'm hungry".  Liz says he's a party pooper.  James goes into the SR and begins to count.  Some of the HGs check the BY and realize that it's slim pickings for hiding places.  James finishes counting and Austin is right outside the door.  James laughs.  James goes outside and spots Liz first followed by Steve.  Liz says he is a party pooper.  Vanessa is found in the WA behind towels.  James runs through the house with Liz running behind.


01:19 AM BBT They are still looking for Jules and Meg.  Meg is hiding beneath pillows on the couch in the CR.  Julia is found behind pillows in the BY.  They still look for Meg.  "Grandma won this round!"  Vanessa "I found grandma but I won't tell."  Johnny walks in and says "She's most certainly not in here..."  James walks in and drops another pillow on her.


01:22 AM BBT Liz will be it because Austin has already been it once.  Johnny in the BY asks if they're doing it again and Meg says yes.  Meanwhile Liz is up to the thirties when counting in the SR.  Johnny crawls under the pool table.  James is scrambling to find somewhere to hide.  He barely makes it out the door when she comes out of the SR.  Austin is found first under the KT table under a blanket.  "You're the worst Austin!”


01:26 AM BBT Meg is found hiding somewhere Liz hid before.  They realize their spots are going to be limited at this point.  James has one more spot to hide.  The house is split on who wants to play.  Julia will be it this time even though she was never found first before.  She wants to make it known.


01:29 AM BBT Steve is found first not hiding.  Liz is next in the LR behind cushions on the couches.  Johnny is also found in the LR.  Vanessa is found on top of the photo booth in the CR.  Austin is found behind the door in the CR.  Meg is found by Julia in the WA.  They are looking for James now.  He's the last one.


01:35 AM BBT  Idle chit chat around the house.  Johnny begins to start nightly ADLs while Julia puts on makeup on in the WA.


01:38 AM BBT  FoTH.  Feeds back and James is talking to Austin telling him that he spoke with Johnny Mac and he was ready to tear into him.  Austin says he loves how Johnny Mac through him under the bus while Austin is in power.  Downstairs Julia yells to Liz in the KT that "you got to put on makeup and I didn't, shut up!"  FoTH.


01:45 AM BBT Feeds back.  Vanessa chatting to Austin in HOH asking what she thought about Johnny Mac talking tonight.  Vanessa both feels they're telling the truth.  Austin says Johnny Mac threw him under the bus and told James that Austin also made the deal.  Vanessa believes Johnny Mac was going to go after Austin this week even though he says Vanessa was the target.  Vanessa tells Austin that he needs to think about what would be best for his game.  Austin feels like things staying the same would be best.


01:50 AM BBT Down in the WA nightly ADLS continue.  Up in the HOH Vanessa asks Austin if he wants to discuss possibilities.  Austin feels like he's good where he's at.  From week one people have discussed not wanting to waste an HOH on Steve or Johnny Mac.  This is the time because if they don't do it, they will make it to the final four.


01:55 AM BBT Meg is in bed in the darkened OBR.  James and Steve comes in.  Steve wants to play chess with James.  James doesn't want to yet.  James checks on the CBR and turns on the light looking for Vanessa.  James and Steve realize that Vanessa is probably upstairs talking to Austin because she wanted to.  Steve goes up to HOH for one more plea.  James starts to tell Meg about the Johnny Mac conversations from earlier.


02:00 AM BBT Meanwhile up in the HOH Steve came in and says he just wanted to apologize if he felt pushy earlier.  Austin says not at all.  Austin tells Steve about the Johnny Mac conversation.  Steve asks if there's anything he can do.  There's nothing he needs.  Steve leaves the room.  Down in the CBR Meg says the talk/conversation sounds like it's just stupid.


02:02 AM BBT Steve says "They're a strong fortress" referring to the Austwins.  They ask if that's how he feels.  He questions if they don't.  Meg wonders if they should tell Austin.  James thinks they should.


02:08 AM BBT James wonders if telling Austin would be wise because it may look like he's just running back and forth now.  Meanwhile up in the HOH they discuss sending Johnny home.  Vanessa seems like she's on board.  Austin says Meg and James have been mellow all week while Steve and Johnny have been up and down.  Down in the CBR James is shocked that Steve said that.  "That's something I wouldn't even say".  He continues to think through it quietly saying "Maybe he was hoping we would say something and he would run up and tell them..."  Up in the in HOH Vanessa agrees that she will do whatever Austin wants.


02:12 AM BBT Austin says Steve is dangerous comp wise moving forward.  Johnny Mac is dangerous if someone comes back in.  They all agree.  Down in the darkened OBR Meg and James continue to talk.  James really believes that Steve was trying to bait him into saying something bad about the Austwins.


02:16 AM BBT Vanessa is tired and wants to go to bed because she's tired.  She agrees that he's making the best move possible this week.  Vanessa talked to Meg and James and feels good about them now.  Down in the OBR Meg wonders what the plan will be now.  James says Steve and Johnny Mac are trying to get... and the conversation stops when Vanessa walks through.  Back up in the HOH Liz and Austin fill Julia in on what's gone down this evening.


02:22 AM BBT Down in the OBR Meg thinks James should tell Austin about Steve's comment.  James feels they should tell him to help build trust.  He's conflicted.  Meg says they should sleep on it.  James says "You know how your mom told you not to be a tattle tail....that's being a tattle tail!"  Meg agrees and says they should sleep on it.


02:25 AM BBT Julia tells Liz and Austin how Vanessa questioned her about feeling like the extra person (basically third wheel) to Liz and Austin.  Liz and Austin wonder why she would even plant that seed right now.  Austin says it's never been done a threesome going this close to the end.  Vanessa told Julia earlier that she agreed that a threesome hadn't gone that far.


02:32 AM BBT The twins head downstairs and James says he's going to tell them so they can tell Austin.  The twins try to scare Meg and James but they're being very loud.  Austin follows behind and comes in and Meg and James tell the three what Steve said about them being an impenetrable fortress.  Austin says Steve is already turning on them.


02:36 AM BBT Steve inside to shower and Julia heads into the WA to begin nightly ADLs.  Idle chit chat in the WA.  Meanwhile James crawls in the closet in the OBR.  Liz is looking for him and Meg says she doesn't know where he went.  She suspects he went into the WA.  James can be heard shifting around inside the cabinet/closet.  Austin comes in and Meg motions to the cabinet.  He laughs.


02:40 AM BBT James throws something to Austin and tells him to go give it to them because one of them will need to put it away.  Liz called to DR.  FoTH due to DR talk.  Austin says James threw it to him to give to Liz.  Liz comes into the OBR and pauses just outside the closet and screamed.  She opened the closet and fell backwards, screaming.  Meg cracks up and says it was better that it was Liz instead of Julia.


02:44 AM BBT James wonders if Julia would fall for it.  James sets up his bed to make it look like he's in it and Austin sits to make it look like he's talking to James.  Julia continues to do nightly ADLs.  Meg tells James to open the door just a bit more so it's less obvious.


02:49 AM BBT Austin paces back and forth towards the LR looking to see if she's coming.  Steve is out of the shower and is doing nightly ADLs while Julia continues to do nightly ADLs.  Steve into the HNR to put his things away.  He comes out and says "James is hidden under his blanket or he's hiding in the closet.  They say he's in the CR.  Meg asks if she can be so annoying and asks for him to get a sweater.  He opens the door and falls to the floor, saying "Well done!”


02:53 AM BBT Julia comes in and wanders over to James' dummy in the bed and says he's so creepy and weird.  She asks where he is.  They say he's "you know where..."  She moves towards the HNR door and hears him shift in the closet and says "I heard him in there!"  She opens the wrong side of the door and then tries to open the other side and "Get out of there!"  He yells out at her and she grumbles.  "James you already got Liz!”


02:56 AM BBT Steve says he's going to cuddle with Meg.  She repeatedly cries no.  James and Austin get up and head towards the WA.  James jumps out from behind the WC door as Julia comes out and he yells.  He gets her again around the corner near the WA hall.  Liz out of DR and jumps at the fake James on the bed after Meg tells her to get him.  She runs out of the darkened OBR and meets James in the LR grumbling.  They're both going to get him back.


03:00 AM BBT Steve continues to harass Meg in her bed by saying "The live feeders want us to practice bondage" going off what Austin had jokingly said earlier.  James warns Steve that last couple people that shared her bed went home.  Steve.  Meg asks Steve where his bed is.  Steve says over there.  Meg says it doesn't work like it works on James.  James is impressed saying she likes it because he's more defiant.  Julia into bed.  Austin and Liz heads up to HOH.  Liz and Austin agree that what Steve said was bad.


03:04 AM BBT James has joined in Meg's harassment by trying to whisper to her and she's giggling uncontrollably.  Up in the HOH Austin is doing nightly ADLs and says that Steve is mad because they've messed his (Steve's) plans up by sending home his buddy and his other buddies.  Back down in the darkened OBR James wants to get them again.  Meg thinks Julia went to bed.


03:07 AM BBT Liz thought Steve was smarter than that.  Austin agrees.  Austin also agrees that Steve might have just been testing them to throw that out to Steve and Meg just to see if made it back to Austin and he would know that they're all working together.  Downstairs James is going to go to bed.  Steve asks if he wants to play chess.  James will pass it's 3:02 AM BBT.  Steve wishes him goodnight.  Up in the HOH Austin says they've already promised Steve a lot that they would keep him.  Would it be wise to break that?  They haven't given Johnny anything.


03:11 AM BBT Austin tells Liz that he could hear her in the DR.  FoTH.  BB reminds them to not talk about DRs.  Austin says he wasn't.  He doesn't want to hear her DRs, that's the point.  FoTH.  Feeds back and Austin says "Never mind then!  Why do I always get yelled at?"  Meanwhile Liz continues to do nightly ADLs in the HOH bathroom.


03:16 AM BBT Liz says Steve winning HOH he will have a Napoleon complex like no other.  Austin agrees and doesn't want to deal with it.  Giggling/cuddling begins in the HOH bed.  Down in the darkened OBR James takes his mic off and says "good night Big Brother.  Please play some country music in the morning.  Luke Bryan.  Thanks."  Meg adds in a "heck no!"  James asks Meg if she's trying to go to sleep.  She's trying to she says.


03:20 AM BBT Liz and Austin can be heard kissing in the HOH.  Down in the OBR Meg and James continue to be goofy and giggle.  James says Julia is funny.


03:22 AM BBT Steve into the OBR and into the HNR.  Meanwhile up in the HOH Liz and Austin begin to breathe a bit heavier.  Austin says something about his transmitter.  Liz tells him to move his transmitter (I don't think is an enuendo...however it could have been).  They continue to make out beneath the covers.  Steve walks out in the BY and could heard reciting the speech for the nomination ceremony.  His audio cuts out.  


03:25 AM BBT James continues to talk to Meg realizing that HOH is in three days.  He begins to comment about the number of days they are "stressin'" in the house.  Meanwhile up in the HOH Austin can be heard panting a bit more while letting out soft moans.  Occasional soft moans from Liz can also be heard.  Liz says in thirty days they can breathe.  Austin “Mmmhmms..."


03:24 AM BBT Austin and Liz continue to make out beneath the covers, their bodies occasionally shifting beneath the blankets.  Downstairs Meg needs sweats.  James puts his shorts back (unlike the other two...these two are in separate beds and are just joking....).  Austin lets out a large sigh and they begin to cuddle.  Making out begins again.


03:30 AM BBT Liz says "You are most definitely a moaner."  Austin asks what that means.  She says he makes all sorts of noises.  Austin says "Because you're too much for me..."  She says he's the first guy she ever had act like that.  Down in the OBR James and Meg continue to chat idly.  Current topic is about Meg and her friend Andrea.  He'd like to meet her.  Meg points that the cameras are on them both.  She says they should go to sleep.


03:33 AM BBT Liz says the live feeders are all watching us and thinking they're doing something.  Austin says he can't help it and all they're doing is cuddling and kissing.  Liz is stressed out and almost sounding annoyed.  "Steve says the cameras are on us all night.  Austin agrees.  Liz says one hug for the night and that's it.  Austin can't help it.  He tries to kiss her and she says "no..." To which he replies "No more kisses?"  She says no.  She says she likes to torture him and nothing else and he likes to go further.  She wonders why she can't torture him.  "Because then I can't go to sleep."  She tells him arms where she can see them.  He says they're out.


03:37 AM BBT Steve was in the LR reading his letter and returns it back to the darkened rooms before heading into the LR, pausing at the edge of the LR.  Up in the HOH Liz tells Austin that he's being really annoying "Hey...."  He says now she's pushing it and she can't do that...."  She starts crying out (playfully) and says "I'm scared of you!"  He asks why.   She asks why.  He says turn about is fair play.  She says not really.


03:41 AM BBT Austin and Liz have been fairly quiet for a couple of minutes...kissing can be heard again...the covers are certainly moving subtly enough to say that a rocking motion can be seen.  As to what is causing this rocking motion can be left to later discussions.  03:42 Said rocking/twitching increases beneath the covers.


03:44 AM BBT Austin rolls back over and Liz asks if he's hot.  He says a little bit.  He asks her something and she mumbles a reply.  He asks her again and she mumbles the reply again with annoyance.


03:46 AM BBT Steve has gotten into bed in the OBR.  Austin needily asks for another kiss.  Austin says "Goodnight...sweet dreams..."  Liz says "you're a non-sleeping little baby"  He says "thanks to you..." and she replies "...thanks to you!"  more kissing can be heard.


03:49 AM BBT Liz says "why'd you do that?" he says "what?"  "You set me up!" she says as he has scooted up behind her.  She starts to giggle saying his beard is tickling her.


03:52 AM BBT Things appear to be calming down in the HOH.  

03:54 AM BBT Steve is up and blowing his nose in the WA.  He gets some mouthwash and gargles a bit before spitting it out.


03:56 AM BBT Steve is up and laying on the couch in the LR.  Lights remained dimmed in the LR.  Up in the HOH Liz and Austin have shifted places, she's now resting her head against his and he embraces her.  He just wants to protect her.  She likes feeling protected.  Steve back to bed in the OBR.


03:59 AM BBT Liz asks Austin what Steve said.  Austin says he called them a fortress.  Liz up to use the toilet.  Down in the OBR someone can be heard snoring.  It's safe to say it's James or Meg with James being the likely culprit because she called him out on it earlier.


04:01 AM BBT Liz back into bed and says "What the heck?!"  He says "what?"  She says "Having technical difficulties?"  He can't help it because she's too feisty.  Steve is back up and cutting his nails in the SR.


04:04 AM BBT Steve is back into the WA and blows his nose.  Up in the HOH Liz spots him on the spy screen and  they comment on him scampering.  Steve back to bed.


04:06 AM BBT Steve back into bed in the darkened OBR.  Liz and Austin have been quiet for a couple of minutes in the darkened HOH.


04:09 AM BBT Liz rolls over and Austin grumbles.  She says good night.  He wants to watch more scampering.  She says he went to the bathroom that was it.  He wonders if Steve is still there.  She says no he came out.  Austin is disappointed that that was it.  Austin sits up says it's too hot in there.  Austin heads into the HOH WA.


04:14 AM BBT Austin out of the HOH WA. He craws back into bed. He asks where the scampering boy is. She says he scampered back to bed. Austin wonders what to do with the scampering boy. Liz tells him to talk to the live feeders and ask them what to do. Liz says he's sketchy. Austin says in the real world they never would have met Steve or Johnny. They're in a different book.


04:16 AM BBT Liz points out that they will tell us something but we have to keep it secret.  "We are going to keep nominations the same!"  Austin corrects her and says Vanessa will.  Austin apologizes for their needing to send either Johnny or Steve home.  Liz is confused.  "They get mad if we send someone home?"  Austin has to explain that yes if we're fans of the person we won't be happy with it.  'Oh...well...sorry.  What you see on the show is different than what is happening in the house….”


04:20 AM BBT They go on to discuss Johnny Mac throwing Austin under the bus to James last night and this is the second time he's done so and Austin will not wait for a third time to be talked to.  Liz says Steve made a big mistake tonight.  Austin goes on to explain how he called them an impetrable fortress tonight.  Austin wonders if the twins went to Johnny and told them they decided to keep him if he'd help them.  Steve on the other hand probably wouldn’t.


04:23 AM BBT Liz wants to go to bed.  She tells him goodnight.  He says goodnight to the feeders.  Liz thanks the live feeders for the game of hide and seek tonight and Austin sucks at hiding.

04:25 AM BBT James continues to snore away in the OBR while Liz and Austin have stopped talking with Austin cuddling against her.


04:28 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal quiet HGs in darkened rooms.


04:38 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


04:58 AM BBT We've had silence the house for the past twenty minutes.  It's safe to say all HGs are sleeping for the night.

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 9:00am BBT:  All HG still in bed sleeping.


9:22am BBT: We now have FOTh as this could be their wake up call for the day.


 9:36am BBT: Steve in the KT and meg going to the WA puts her clothes down and starts her ADL's. Vanessa comes out of the WC and Steve goes back to the KT.


9:38am BBT: BB yells Liz, Austin the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Liz says i am so tired and Austin sits up in the bed. In the bathroom downstairs Meg is getting in the shower. Steve is pacing around from KT to WA.


9:41am BBT: Austin in the HOh wa doing ADL's . Meg still in downstairs WA taking a shower.Steve is still pacing around and meg said she wants to sleep. Steve ask is Meg sleeping and she says yeah. James is called to the DR. Austin has now gone back to bed with Liz and starts snuggling and kissing her neck.


9:50am BBT: Vanessa in the KT eating  chips, Steve still just walking around debating weather to go back to bed and sleep awhile or not. Austin and Liz in HOh bed snuggling going back to sleep.

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10:00 AM BBT Meg returns from the DR and tells James in the shower that it had nothing to do with DR. She says it had to do with veto and Zingbot. She's told she's not allowed to talk about her DR sessions with other HG and we get FOTH.


10:03 AM BBT We return and John is in the HOHR. Austin is telling him that last night was weird because John told James Austin was going to throw it so now James is suspicious of him. Austin tells John that Vanessa is coming up there soon and he should go talk to her. He says that if she wants to use it he has to do what she wants to do. He says its just a messy situation. John says he can throw out that if he stays he can put up whoever comes back. Austin says that's big and he should tell Vanessa because right now she has the power.


10:05 AM BBT Liz says that at least John is finally showing that he wants to be there 68 days later. Austin says that when James was HOH he showed him that he wanted to be there and that John hasn't done anything. Austin says that James and Meg have offered the same thing. Liz says that it's nerd vs. nerd at this point. Austin says that Steve said that B.S. last night and John has already showed that he was willing to lie. If they send them out and come right back in, they'll come after them. John has made his way to the BY pool table and is just standing there pushing a ball back and forth.


10:10 AM BBT  John is told by BB to raise the outside awnings. John says, "By myself? Alright." Austin and Liz have stopped talking and appear to be going back to sleep. Then Austin says why do people keep coming to talk to me about the veto?! It's not up to me and we just got back to being on good terms. Evidently they think I'm running the show. Then Austin is called to the DR. He says "F*ck, I don't have the Veto." Liz tells him she will miss him. He goes to the HOH WA to pull his hair back. Meanwhile, Steve comes outside as John does the last awning and asks him if he did them all by himself.


10:17 AM BBT  John tells Steve he doesn't think it's looking good. Steve says he agrees and that the veto isn't getting used. John says are they ticked at him upstairs. Steve says he doesn't have any details, he just doesn't think it's being used. John says all he can do is talk to Vanessa. Steve says one of them will have to win on Thursday. John says, "Well, you'll be staying." because Steve is closer to them than John is. Steve asks if there's anything he can do for him. John says no, that he just needs to talk to Vanessa.


10:20 AM BBT  Steve goes inside and Vanessa and him have a conversation. He says he feels sexy today because he's wearing concealer. She asks if he's wearing cologne. He says that he's not. She says he needs to start because one day he'll have a girlfriend who will want him to do that and she'll care what he wears and how he smells. He says that he cares what he wears now way more than he did at this time last year. Steve is called to the DR. John has made his way inside and goes to the WA.


#BB17 10:23 AM BBT  Vanessa tells John that 'he' doesn't want her to use it. If she does then the twins will come after her and she can't have the whole house against her. He asks if she thinks they will vote against Steve. She says she doesn't know. Meanwhile, Austin is upstairs now and he says it will be soon. He says he's getting pissed off because everyone is coming to him and he doesn't have the veto. He says Steve is walking around all weird today and so is John. They need to talk to Vanessa. Liz says that she thinks maybe Vanessa is blaming it all on him.


10:24 AM BBT  Austin says do you really think Vanessa would want to use the veto after fighting with each one of them this week. Of course not. You guys messed up. Meanwhile, John is telling Vanessa downstairs that they had a 5 person alliance last week to get her out. He says if he's easily not in that then it's her, him, then Steve. She wants to know why they flipped the script on her...just because she won the POV. He says he was looking for an alliance and admits he was after her. He says if she uses it and can get the votes. She says, "Here he comes."


10:26 AM BBT  Austin is telling Vanessa that Steve messed up last night. He said that they are a 'powerful fortress' to Meg and James. Vanessa says that's frustrating. They stop talking because John walked in to the WA. John walks out and Vanessa says that Steve could have won the HOH and he didn't so he has the right to do what is best for his game. Austin says that she doesn't owe either one of them anything after this week. She says that it's a tough decision no matter what. They have to do what they think is best and move forward.


10:30 AM BBT  Austin goes to Meg and James and tells them that John asked him to use the veto. He says he wanted to say, "I don't have the f*in veto. Go ask her." They all laugh about it. Julia comes out of the CBR and Meg says that last night was so fun. Julia jokingly says that she hates them after last night. We get FOTH.


10:34 AM BBT  Vanessa is actually talking to Liz, not Julia, in the WA asking Liz if there was a 5 person alliance to get her out. She says that Steve approached them with an idea to bring John in and she was John's target. Vanessa asks how that would benefit Steve. Liz says because he and John were close. Vanessa says it's f'ed up. Julia says that last week her heart was broken by what went down but they're all is forgiven now. She says they're all in a hard position now because they made a stupid deal. She says the person she really wants gone made a deal... John.


10:36 AM BBT  Julia has come into the WA, but isn't saying anything. Liz tells Vanessa that she doesn't understand why John is telling her about it because he is the one who wanted her out. Vanessa says she just said that Steve orchestrated the alliance. Liz says to her understanding he did. She asked if he should bring John in and Vanessa said didn't you understand how that wouldn't benefit you. Liz said never wanted to do it. Vanessa says she wants him out then. John and Steve are out in the BY and John tells Steve the veto isn't getting used. He says it's been fun.


10:38 AM BBT  John tells Steve he feels like this was the plan from the beginning of the week and Steve says it probably was. Liz is in the WC, Vanessa and Julia are doing ADLs. Steve is talking to himself and says that John is really visibly distressed and he can't blame him. Then he goes in to the KT.


#BB17 10:42 AM BBT  Steve is in the WA with Vanessa and asks her if she's OK. She says she's f'in great. He asks if he should leave her alone and she says that would be a great idea. He leaves. Liz is upstairs telling Julia about her conversation with Vanessa. Julia wonders why Vanessa would confront her. She says that if Vanessa changes the nom and takes him off she will be so pissed. If not, Johnny Mac has just nailed his coffin. He's done. She's voting him out. She let's out a string of curses and calls him every name in the book. Julia tells her not to do that. She says it's all because she wants her to use the veto on him.


10:46 AM BBT  Austin comes in and Liz tells him that John is done. She tells him that John told her about the 5 person alliance. Austin says that it doesn't matter because they have the votes to get rid of the other one. Both girls say, in unison, that John has to go. Austin says they have to tell Steve what John did so he sees how he's playing. Liz says they need to go get her and talk to her. Austin says he doesn't want to. He could have put her up and he didn't, so he stayed loyal. Liz says, "what if he tells James and Meg." Austin says that he's sealing his fate because it wasn't for sure he was going home.


10:50 AM BBT  Vanessa is sitting quietly by herself in the WA. The girls are saying it was so stupid to make a deal with that f*er but that it was Steve's orchestration. They talk about what to do if he tells Meg and James. They say that they were loyal to Meg and James... they didn't put them up. Austin says it was dumb of John. You don't do that when you still could have stayed. Liz says he's like actually really dumb. Austin starts to sing and we get FOTH.


10:52 AM BBT  Austin says that all Steve wanted him to do was honor the 5 person thing and put her up and he didn't do it. Vanessa is on the move. She finds Steve in the OBR and asks him if she can talk to him and heads to the HNR. She tells him that John told her there was a 5 person alliance to get rid of her. True or false. He says that was true. She asks who orchestrated that. He says not him, but he is breathing heavy and playing with his hands. She says, "Dude it was you." She tells him he's gone and he doesn't have her vote. She tells him she would be breathing heavy it she were him, too.


10:55 AM BBT  Vanessa leaves the HNR and tells everyone that she is voting Steve out. Steve comes out and sees Austin standing in the OBR. He says, "Did I orchestrate a 5 person alliance to get Vanessa out?" Austin says, "Ex-squeeze me?" Feed 1 is focused on James's face. Feed 2 is on Vanessa. Austin says, "Kinda. You were very eager to make sure you and John were safe." He says he doesn't know why he's doing it in public. Steve apologizes over and over if it seems like he was attacking him.


10:59 AM BBT  Vanessa says she understands that Austin and the others had a reason to doubt her, but Steve didn't. Liz has come downstairs and Austin is telling her what happened in the KT. Vanessa has left the OBR. Meg says she has no idea what happened. Steve says he doesn't either. Vanessa, Austin, and Liz are in the CRL and she says she's not mad at them but she's hurt by Steve. Austin is saying how stupid it was of Steve to talk about it in front of everyone. Vanessa is saying she's the swing vote and she doesn't want Steve there. Austin says he doesn't care ether way. He says he is passive aggressively trying to call him out in front of the entire house.

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11:03 AM BBT  Austin says he doesn't understand why John did what he did. Vanessa says he got in her head. He's good. She was just trying to give him the courtesy of letting him know she wasn't going to use it and he let him know. Steve asks Meg and James if he should go talk to her. They say they don't know what went down. He goes to find Vanessa and asks if they should talk or he should leave her alone. She says now would be a good time to leave her alone and that's why she left the room. She says the level of two-facedness she fell for amazes her.


11:08 AM BBT  Austin asks Vanessa if John told her it was an alliance. She says yes. Austin says it wasn't an alliance. Steve doesn't like the word 'alliance.' It was a 5 person, one-week deal and Steve called it a team. Liz verifies this. Julia comes into the room. Vanessa understands and says she's not mad at them. She says that she might have done the same thing in their shoes. She says that John had no reason to be loyal to her. They had a reason to question her loyalty. Steve had no reason at all, so she's angry at him. She thinks he should have talked to her if he had questions about her.


11:13 AM BBT  Meanwhile, Meg and James are trying to figure out what went down and who was in this 5 person alliance. They are trying to figure out how long the alliance has been in place, as well. Then feeds 1 and 2 switch to Steve talking to himself. They leave the CRL and see Steve. Austin asks Steve if he wants to talk. He says he didn't want to call him out in front of everyone else, but he wasn't going to say he did it. He asks Steve if he knows how Vanessa found out. He says Johnny Mac told her. Steve asks if he's gone. Austin says he doesn't know, but she is really angry and hurt.



11:15 AM BBT  Steve asks Austin what he should say in his speech. The are practicing as Vanessa is called to the DR. We get Jeff's reels. It's time for the veto ceremony, folks...

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12:40PM BBT Austin and John in the BY. Austin tells him that he needs to talk to the twins because they don't trust him right now. John says that he will admit to Vanessa that he was part of the 5 person alliance and his idea as well. Austin tells him it's not necessary since Van wants to get rid of Steve right now.


12:47PM BBT Austin and John continue to talk. John says that he isn't mad at Austin. Austin had to do what he needed to stay and now John is fighting to stay. Austin says he understands. Austin says that the twins are the swing vote.


12:52PM BBT Steve sitting in the pool. The rest of the HG are prepping lunch.


12:54PM BBT Vanessa in the BY with Julia telling he that she did not realize that they were targeting her and that she had done something or she would have explained herself. She is now retelling the story where she questioned Steve this morning.



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12:56PM BBT Vanessa says she hate hypocrites and two faced people. Julia tells her that John completely orchestrated everything and that it was never an alliance. Julia and Vanessa talk about how everything is cleared up now and they feel so much better.


12:59PM BBT Vanessa tells Julia that they are family in this game. They are each other's everything and have protected each other to this level. Julia says that she regrets not telling her everything. Van's voice is cracking as she says she is glad she got to explain everything.


1:09PM BBT Austin and Steve in HOH talking. Steve says he doesn't want to talk game. Austin says he does. They start to talk about the alliance. Steve says he doesn't know why Van is mad at him but not John. Austin tells him Van is mad because Steve was over the top phony with her.

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1:15PM BBT Steve and Austin continue talking. Steve says he was hoping to just talk about a past season. Austin says he is still worked up. They discuss votes. Austin says as of now he thinks Steve is good but he has no idea.


1:17PM BBT Austin tells Steve that he likes him and trusts him. He wants to play the game with him. Austin says that he doesn't feel he can work with John.


1:27PM BBT Steve and Austin talking in HOH. Steve says he really likes Jace. Austin says he did but he feels that Jace might be upset at him because he wanted to romance Liz and that maybe he (Austin) got some things that Jace would have wanted in the house. Vanessa comes into HOH. Steve asks her if she wants to talk. She said later but right now she is still hot and she is on TV and doesn't want to look a fool. She wants to talk to Austin so Steve leaves.


1:30PM BBT Vanessa asks Austin if she did something wrong saying what she did. Austin says that no he understands when she gets upset. Austin says that he told Steve to let her calm down. He explains that Steve was part of the group of 5 but that he was going off information that John and Becky gave him.

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1:34PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that last week Steve played chess with her because she was lonely but now she sees he was being a fake friend and didn't care.


1:42PM BBT Austin and Vanessa still talking in HOH. Austin talks up keeping Steve. Austin also now says that Audrey may not have been AP but just a clusterf*ck. Vanessa talks about how the other side were all floaters who don't win comps except James.


1:47PM BBT Vanessa asks Austin if Steve is even sorry for what he did. She feels he isn't and wonders if Steve even has feelings. Austin says that Steve appears to be but he went about it wrong. Vanessa says that she is 75% realist and 25% human being. Austin says Steve is 100% realist. Liz says that she feels that Steve will go after Austin and the twins.

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2:00 PM BBT Meg and James are cooking in the KT.  In the HOHR, Austin is saying to the twins that he thinks Johnny Mac should go, or else make a deal with him that he will throw the next HOH if they keep him so that they can target whoever comes back in the house.  Steve is scary too because he will probably win the days comp.  Austin says it’s still early.  They’ll talk about it more.


2:02 PM BBT  Liz and Julia are left in the HOHR.  Julia wants to clear the air with Vanessa and make sure Vanessa is not mad at the twins.  Julia says that Vanessa doesn’t hold it against them, but she hates Steve.  Liz is mad at Steve and thinks he was stupid.  She thinks it’s unfortunate that you can’t be mean to anyone in the house or she would have put pots and pans on his head and thrown his clothes in the hot tub.  They discuss how they will vote...to keep Steve.. and wonder if Vanessa will vote with them.


2:08 PM BBT Liz is ranting to Julia (and to live feeders) about how John sleeps all day and floats around and eats only cereal or fruit, and he doesn’t cook even eggs.  He will eat chicken even if he didn’t make it. 


2:10 PM BBT Austin chats with Meg and James in the KT and then heads out to the BY.  John is in the BY on a lounger.  John chats with Austin a bit as he gets up and goes inside.  Austin is setting up weights.  In the HOHR, they are still complaining about Johnny Mac.


2:15 PM BBT Liz points out that Vanessa is the swing vote.  Julia and Liz want John out and they think Meg and James want Steve out, so Vanessa is the swing vote.  Julia says that if JMac wins he will put up Austin and Liz and if one of them get PoV, Julia will go up. 


2:19 PM BBT John has joined Austin in the BY for a workout.  Meg and James are still cooking something in the KT.  Julia is in the HOHR WA still talking to Liz in the HOHR saying that she should not have made that deal.  Liz says she couldn’t hear anything Julia just said. They talk about who made the deal...it was Austin and Steve and the twins are not going to take the blame.  They think Meg and James might find out and come after them because of it. Julia hugged Steve after the veto and she says she is wearing all black on Thursday because it will be Johnny Mac's funeral.


2:25 PM BBT  John and Austin are still working out in the BY.  The metal of the weights is hot in the sun.  Steve is sitting at the glass counter in the KT munching on something while Meg and James continue cooking pasta.


2:29 PM BBT James is trying to get a pasta stain out of Meg’s shirt and tells Meg she is going to have to take that shirt off.  Meg laughs.  James advises her on how to get the stain out.  Julia is sitting next to Steve at the glass counter, and reading the label on her drink.  Meg has gone to change her shirt.

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2:34 PM BBT Austin and John are continuing their workout in the BY.  They pause briefly and you can hear Meg tell them about spilling pasta sauce on her shirt.  Austin says he will have to “carb up” after this one.  In the KT, James is helping Julia empty the trash.  James is telling everyone to dig in.  Meg comes back in from the BY while James calls out to Austin and John to tell them the food is ready.  Steve complains that it’s full of peppers and onions and everyone yells “STEVE!!”  Meg tells him that it’s spaghetti and meatballs and he can eat it. 


2:38 PM BBT James has the first plate.  He tastes it and says that Olive Garden has nothing on it.  Meg is sitting at the DT now.  Julia says what is up with James...he’s cooking now and everything.  James credits a woman’s touch. [Meg’s]


2:45 PM BBT Steve, Julia, Liz, James, and Meg are all eating their lunch at the KT.  Vanessa comes in saying it smells so good!  Vanessa asks who made it.  Liz did the meatballs, while James and Meg made the pasta and sauce.  James was the chef and Meg was the sous chef.  They talk about the BB Chef competition they had. 


2:47 PM BBT Austin has been telling John about how he never intended to be in a showmance, but he just really fell for Liz, and he wanted to protect her and wanted to make it a commitment.  He says it makes him feel better going into the wrap party in case “someone” hits on her. 


2:53 PM BBT James takes Meg’s plate when she is done, and the twins remark that James cooks AND he cleans.  Meg says that James has been really sweet today.  Julia says James is like a sour patch kid...first he’s sour and then he’s sweet.


2:56 PM BBT They are talking about pot ball being at 9pm.  Liz is whispering and gesturing... can’t hear what she’s saying but it causes Meg to call “James!  What are you doing?”  James has gone to the OBR.  Liz and Julia follow him there to see what he is up to.  Julia thanks him for the meal and asks what he is going to do this afternoon.  He comes back and Meg asks him why he is looking at her.  James says he is just admiring Meg’s beauty...the twins say awwwwww.  Steve tries a pickup line and messes it up.  

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3:08PM BBT Austin and John working out. Austin says he is going to do gymnastics into arms tonight. He said he needs a lot of carbs now.


3:11PM BBT James walks into the BR and Meg asks him a question. Julia screams and jumps from under the covers. James didn't even flinch. James says epic fail.


3:20PM BBT Austin comes in and makes a protein shake and eats a banana. he heads back outside for beach day. Liz is cleaning up the KT


3:25PM BBT Austin in the pool. Liz comes out. She says she feels stupid because they got caught with their deal. Austin says he doesn't think so. He thinks they smoothed it over.


3:33 PM BBT Austin and the twins out by the pool. Rehashing who should go this week. Who said what and to who. Austin says that he trusts Steve more but he isn't sure.

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3:37PM BBT Austin says that John is just angry because his game is over. Julia says that she can't believe he even thought he had a chance at winning this game. She says she knows he has a lot of bills to pay.


3:40PM BBT Austin and the twins talk about Steve lying  to him about calling them a fortress. Julia didn't actually hear it but they decide she will lie and say she did as she walked by. Her plan is to tell Steve that she heard it. Meg and James actually told Austin but he doesn't want to get Meg and James involved.


3:45PM BBT In the PBR Meg, John and James talk about who they would like to see at the finale. Meg is looking forward to seeing Jason. James wants to see Jace. John says no one and then laughs.


3:52PM BBT Steve and Austin the pool area discussing pot ball and if there should be a glory hole. Austin goes into Mario Party and how the coins are worth the stars. Liz is trying to wash the towels. Austin tells her to sit down and relax. She says she is trying to be good housewife material. Austin tells her he would hire her a maid.

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4:11PM BBT In the BY Julia and Steve discuss rating the planes by color etc. Now talk changes to comps. Steve says there was a HG who skipped the entire line for auditions. He trues to cryptically describe it to Julia.


4:14PM BBT Julia and Steve talk about Austin having B.O.  Julia says in the comic comp she thought it was funny. But now that Zingbot said something too she is wondering who is saying something. She says she has never noticed an odor from Austin.


4:30PM BBT James and Julia goofing around in the hourse. In the HOHR Liz and Austin crawl into bed. Austin starts kissing Liz.

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4:34PM BBT Austin has Liz in his usual headlock position as they French kiss for a few minutes. In the PBR Meg is trying to take a nap.


4:39PM BBT Cam 12 ahs Steve reading the Bible. Cam 3/4 have Liz/Austin enjoying some under covers time.


#BB17 4:50PM BBT In the HOHR it is Austin's turn to enjoy some undercover action. In the KT Steve is making pyramids out of chocolate bars.


4:55PM BBT Austin and Liz finish. Liz rolls over saying its hot. Austin gets up and heads to the HOH bathroom. He comes out of the bathroom and rinses his hands. He grabs a snack from the table and crawls back in bed. he asks Liz how her nap was.

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5:09PM BBT Vanessa is wandering the house. James is relaxing in the BY. Steve still building his candy bar mountain.


5:19PM BBT Austin and Liz discussing pro and cons of who to send out. Steve playing pool by himself.


5:23PM BBT Liz says that she says mean things. Austin says that she should apologize to the live feeders. Liz says she apologizes but he pissed her off. Austin says they did break their deal with him but it was only a week old so that's ok.


5:39PM BBT Steve moving around dong activities in a random manner. In the HOHR Austin and Liz sleep. (actual sleep this time)

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5:59PM BBT Van sitting up in bed contemplating. John on the hammock. Other HG asleep.


6:17PM BBT Van comes out to the BY and Steve asks her how she is. She says how you would expect to be with what happened to me today. He says he wants to talk after they both calm down. She says that she didn't say she wanted to talk. He says fair enough and walks away.


6:20PM BBT Steve in the cabana room. Talking out loud.  Steve says he doesn't understand why Vanessa is upset. He says she had all the same information yesterday and she was fine. He figured she has had this situation in mind since Austin won HOH.


6:27PM BBT Steve talking out loud still. Says he just doesn't get it. He told Vanessa everything yesterday. He walks out of the cabana room.

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6:59PM BBT James taking a shower. Steve and John in the BY talking. John says "it's over". Steve says that he will say the same thing he told Shelli. It is a TV show on a parking lot.


7:03PM BBT Steve and John talk. John tells him to let Vanessa calm  down. Steve says that he is going to kick back and do not much of anything tonight.


7:09PM BBT John and Steve talk about Twitter. John says he has a Twitter but that he has never done a tweet. He calls out his Twitter name. Austin is up and getting a glass of water. He says that he is beat.


7:16PM BBT Austin and John start to work out their arms in the BY. Steve is on the chaise watching.


7:25PM BBT Julia goes to the HOH and tells Liz that she went to use the toilet downstairs and Austin blew it out. She doesn't know why Austin had to take a dump downstairs. She also tells Liz that her hair is a mess.

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7:30 PM BBT Feeds 1/3 are on Vanessa and Steve playing pool. Feeds 2/4 are on Liz and Julia in bed in the HOH. Julia is trying to get Liz to wake up because she is bored. Liz isn't biting so Julia grabs the head phones to listen to music.


7:37 PM BBT James has joined Vanessa and Steve at the pool table. He is going to play Steve. James wishes there was a pool elimination tournament for HOH. Steve says he would be awful at that but he would dominate a chess tournament style HOH competition.


7:45 PM BBT Feeds 1/3 are on Austin and John working out in the BY. Feeds 2/4 are on James and Steve playing pool. James jokes that he thinks Steve is a pool shark on the outside. John knows rules about pool that most people who play for fun don't know.


7:54 PM BBT James beat Steve at pool. Steve heads back inside. Meanwhile Julia finally managed to get Liz to wake up. They head downstairs to get something to eat.


8:01 PM BBT The HGs are waking up from their naps. James is trying to get someone to play pool with him. No one commits to a game right now but he gets some promises for a game later on. John, Steve, Meg, Liz and Julia are in the KT making a snack. Austin is in the BY working out again.


8:08 PM BBT Julia has agreed to play pool with James. He bashes her for screwing him from the get go. He says she "made a shitty rack".


8:14 PM BBT Liz tells Julia she doesn't know why she even bothers playing pool with James. He beats her so quickly it isn't even fun to watch. Julia reminds her that she beat him once before. John "Did you beat him literally or did he sink the 8 ball?"


8:23 PM BBT Julia is doing so badly in her pool game against James that he decided in order to be fair, he will now only shoot with his left hand while being down on one knee.


8:31 PM BBT Liz, Julia, and John are at the hot tub. James is playing pool alone. They are debating their favorite Girl Scout cookies. Liz and Julia were both Girl Scouts and John was once a Boy Scout. They all love Girl Scout cookies.


8:39 PM BBT Meg is now playing pool with James. They are talking to each other like they are meeting for the first time at a bar. Austin joins in. "Weren't you on a TV show?" James "I bet you have a great shower voice. I have drunk too many beers. At this point all conversation is accepted."


8:44 PM BBT James is flirting with Meg at the pool table. He is hitting on her like one would when meeting a girl for the very first time at a bar. Austin is playing the role of wing man. He is trying to talk her into a double date with Austin and Liz.


8:50 PM BBT John jokes with Julia that he wanted to be a rock star. Their isn't stability in that and he is good at taking tests, so being a doctor was the obvious choice.


8:53 PM BBT Vanessa and Austin are in the WA. Austin is concerned if her or Liz win HOH next week who they would put up. Vanessa reminds them that at that point, it wouldn't matter since they won't be coming back in the game. However, Vanessa will win more comps with Steve out of the picture.


8:54 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that JM is no dumb dumb. He can win comps. With him and James out, they will win any physical or endurance comp. Vanessa does admit that if they decide they want to keep JM, she is okay with that.

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9:01 PM BBT In the WA, Vanessa & Austin are in deep discussion again about why they should keep Steve. Vanessa says, if Shelli comes back she can pull her in to work with them. Austin says, that they can't do that if John is still there. Vanessa says, when it gets down to the last 5 or 6 HG's she will take Steve out. Austin says, he may not stay close to them. Liz is putting herself together after a shower.


9:04 PM BBT Austin wants to reestablish the Scamper Squad & threaten Steve that if he betrays them, Austin will make sure he doesn't get the votes in jury to win the game, if he makes it to the end. Liz says, if John stays, she doesn't see them working with them at all. Vanessa says, he's to X-Factor. She says, John thinks they are expendable. Vanessa says, he doesn't have anyone at all. Austin says, he needs to go, but we still need to talk about it.


9:08 PM BBT The WA conversation is a repetition of the same things that Austin, Vanessa & Liz keep retelling over & over. In the BY, Meg & James continue with their pool game. James asks Meg is she just pool sharked her? He says, she acts like she doesn't know how to play, & then out of nowhere she's sinking balls. Meg laughs. James says, she's trying to act all smooth. Meg says, she has played pool before, & she told him not to baby her. She says, she's not amazing, but she can hold her own.


9:13 PM BBT Liz has left the conversation in the WA. Austin tells Vanessa that they have Steve dead in the water right now, which he's a genius, & he knows this game. Austin says, they will agree to keep Steve only if he agrees to throw the HOH competition. Austin says, it's kind of a bully play, but they have to try. He says, there are ways to manipulate his mind, since he's been throwing comps anyway. Austin doesn't think someone will come back this week. He says, they only assume that when 4 people leave they don't even know if someone is coming back.


9:16 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that the exact same wording was used this year for the jury member to come back, as it was last year. Austin says, the decision is not a gimme, & they have to make the right one. Vanessa says, in her book, she tells Austin not to trust John. She says, she has more to tell him, but she won't right now. (She will wait until he leaves, & make up lies.) Austin says, Steve is Rain man & John is Taxi Driver. Vanessa laughs & says, he's right.


9:19 PM BBT Austin goes to the KT & kisses & hugs Liz. Meg & James walk in from the BY, & they stop. Liz tells Austin, he's going down tonight in Pot Ball. James is still pretending with Meg. He tells Austin, do you remember Meg? James says, welcome to our pad. Austin thanks her for coming by. James offers her a drink. Austin says, they are going to play Pot Ball tonight. James says, they are bachelors. James tells her they are high executives for Irish Spring.


9:21 PM BBT Austin says, James is a caretaker for his elderly grandmother. Meg says, that's so awesome. Liz & Julia go to the KT. She says, they are almost out of onion. Meg thanks them for letting Liz take a shower at their place. Austin says, it's fine, & he has clothes she can put on.


9:23 PM BBT Julia pretends to have seen them on a TV commercial. Austin says, they handle an Irish Spring account. Julia says, she doesn't know what that is, but she knows what 7th Generation is. The twins ask to get a tour of the bedroom later, & Austin drops the candy that's in his hands. Austin tells them they trade off the upstairs bedroom. He says, it's James' turn this week. Liz says, so, it's your turn next week, big boy. Austin tells them they own a boat. Liz asks if they are just trust fund babies? Austin says, no.


9:25 PM BBT Julia says, she has to take them home, because they drank too much. James says, they have enough bedrooms for them to stay. Austin tells them not to drive, & their tires have already been slashed. Austin tells them he works at the bar as the bouncer & karaoke guy on Sunday's. James says, he owns the bar. Liz asks if Austin is married? She asks if their is a bun in the oven named Oscar Boi? Austin says, they terminated that one.


9:28 PM BBT Julia says, she is making guac. Meg says, she makes the best guac. James introduces John as their personal dentist. They talk about teeth. Liz says, hey cutie with the curly hair, do you want to try this tuna? Austin says, he wants to try some fun stuff here. Austin gets a fork & tastes the tuna.


9:30 PM BBT Austin is cutting up Nerds with a knife. He says, they will do some fun stuff later & sniffs his nose. They talk about oreos, & James is saying his names is Kevin. Julia says, you can catch flies with honey, but you can catch more honies with being fly, are you fly Kevin? James laughs. James asks Austin what he has there? Austin says, do you want to come take a hit? Meg asks if Nerds hinder a certain performance, & she's heard you don't want to take them camping ever. Austin says, that's for the inexperienced Nerd user.

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9:32 PM BBT Meg says, this conversation is not good for POP TV, & they are going to shut it down. James asks if they want a bump of cocaine? Austin says, he really wants to snort the Nerds to see what happens. Liz says, she dares him. Austin tells the girls not to be bashful, they know why they came over. James says, if the DEA would come in they would get busted right now. Austin tries to make moves on Liz, & Julia says, woe woe, you don't even know her middle name.


9:35 PM BBT Liz tells Austin to get away. She tells Julia the creep just tried to kiss her. Austin tells James they need to just plant the stuff in the purses. James says, they have a lot of lost product right there. Austin says, they can resell it. Liz & Meg apologize to POP TV.


9:37 PM BBT Julia tells Liz, she doesn't need to go upstairs with Austin. Austin says, he wants to show her his magic tricks. James says, he wants to show Meg his magic trick, he knows one. He says, he wants to take her camping. Julia says, she hates camping. James says, she told him she loves to camp. Steve walks in the KT. Julia asks if he's in a Fraternity? They say, yes. Julia says, he's hot. Julia says, the guac is going to be the tits.


9:39 PM BBT Liz asks where Vanessa is because dinner is ready. Vanessa was finishing up from her shower. James keeps repeating, Pot Ball, Pot Ball, Pot Ball. He says, he'd rather go camping, but will settle for Pot Ball.


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9:40 PM BBT Meg says, James is going to cook for him tomorrow night. Austin says, that needs to be rewarded. Austin thinks dirty on what the reward should be. HG's make their plates for dinner. James tells Austin that his HOH pictures probably won't get posted if he takes them of his products that he's using for sponsors.


9:43 PM BBT Austin, Liz, Meg & James are sitting at the DT eating. Everyone is eating fish tacos, except for James, whose eating ice cream. Julia is making her plate at the glass table, & tells John the food is ready. Liz tells Julia she needs to make the crepes for dessert. Julia sits down at the DT. Steve walks in & asks if they are eating tuna? Liz says, yes. Steve says, nice. Vanessa walks through the KT area, after leaving the WA. John is in bed in the CRL.


9:46 PM BBT John tells Vanessa he has ideas. He says, if he says, then he's her number 1, but if he's not her number 1, then she better send him out. He says, he's done her wrong for a long time, & even though they haven't worked together, they have to work together now. John tells her he can do all the dirty work for them to be together. John says, no one has voted for him. Vanessa says, she tried. She says, he didn't owe her any loyalty, but Steve did. She says, Steve acted fake to her, & he told her to her face that he thought she was bullying him.


9:48 PM BBT Vanessa says, at least he never had the whole house gunning for him. John says, if it's not the two of them together, then they need to send him out. Vanessa says, they need to get Shelli back to work with them. John says, they need to stick together. Vanessa says, they will talk, & she leaves to go eat.


9:50 PM BBT John gets up out of bed, & leaves the CBR. Vanessa was using the mirrors in the HNR to fix herself up a little. She goes to the KT. Meg says, they guys have soo many roommates & they didn't tell them. Austin goes to the HOHR. Austin looks in his mini fridge at the food that is in there. The pretending conversation continues at the DT.


9:52 PM BBT Meg asks James to check the set up of the Pot Ball. Steve goes over the new rules of the Glory Hole. He says, in regular play there is no paper in the hole, & it's worth 50 points. Steve says, in the bonus round the paper is in it, & it's still worth 50 points. Vanessa wants to know where it is that if you make it the game stops? They all say, that's not the way it works. Vanessa says, Meg is always going to win. Julia says, she knew the rule change would be a controversy. Meg says, they are worried about the game ending too early.


9:55 PM BBT Austin wants to play with M & M's. Julia says, Austin. Austin says, they need to get nuts. Austin asks if they are having dessert tonight? The HG's don't want the Pot Ball game to end early tonight. Vanessa says, that was the best for her last time. Meg says, they are leaving. James says, they need to lock the door so they can't leave. Vanessa goes to the outside refrigerator. John was sitting at the DT trying to figure out what was going on. He gets up to make a plate of food.


9:57 PM BBT Meg tells James he better do good. He takes practice shots standing by the DT. Meg says, he's actually better standing over there. James says, he found his new spot. Julia wants to start. They have everything set up. Julia says, they're starting. Julia sings Pot Ball. Meg says, they'll use the Mike & Ike's for the 50 score. Austin says, he wants some Mike & Ike's. James says, Steve is filling the pots & bowls with water like a good Boi.


9:59 PM BBT Julia says, coming to you live on POP TV, we are about to play Pot Ball, stay tuned. James wants to know why they can't play with chocolates. Meg says, they have a system. Austin says, it's a perfect set-up. Steve says, thank you. Meg says, they are running out of Rice Chex.

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10:00 PM BBT Meg says, it's day 68 Pot Ball. Austin is up first, but he's waiting for everyone to come to the KT area. Steve cut off the 7th Generation logo for the girls sponsor. Steve gets a chair from the BY, so he can be the ball returner. Austin makes a score of 10 of his first turn, making both shots. Steve is going to pelt anyone with chocolate that says, 7th Generation. Meg says, that's the sponsor. James misses his first shot & makes the second one. Liz misses her first shot & makes her second.


10:04 PM BBT John misses both of his shots. Meg sinks both of her shots. Julia misses both of her shots. Every time someone misses, Austin says, as expected. Steve makes his first shot. Liz says, good Boi. Steve misses his second shot. Vanessa makes her first shot with 5 points, & misses her second shot. Steve says, the balls feel smaller tonight. Austin makes his first shot for 10 points, & misses his second shot.


10:07 PM BBT James misses both of his shots. Austin & Steve both say, as expected. Austin says, come on babe, let's see what you get, to Liz. Liz misses both of her shots. John bounced both of his shots to make them in. Everyone is excited. Meg scores 10 on her turn. Vanessa asks if anyone has made the Glory Hole without the paper? They say, no.


10:08 PM BBT Julia misses both of her shots. Austin says, as expected, again. Steve misses his first shot & gets the remark from Austin. Steve sinks his second shot. Austin says, he doesn't like that. Vanessa misses both of her shots. She says, she always f**ks up the second one. Austin misses both of his shots & blames it on picking up to bad balls. Austin says, fair balls for all, because Liz has her balls in her hand. James misses both of his shots. Liz misses both of hers as well. Austin says, I guess that didn't work, honey.


10:11 PM BBT The games in on hold for John & Vanessa to come in the KT area. John comes back & can't believe it's his turn already. John made both of his shots. Meg misses her first shot, & sinks the second one for 10 points. Austin is saying as expected throughout the entire game so far. Julia misses her first shot & makes her second one, for 5 points. Austin tells Steve he looks like he's ready for Halloween with his candy & chair. Steve says, it's for anyone who mentions 7th Generation. Julia does a commercial. Steve says, she' getting pelted on her next turn. Steve misses both of his shots. Vanessa misses both of her shots as well.


10:13 PM BBT Austin misses both of his shots & can't understand why they aren't going in. Liz misses both of her shots. John makes both of his shots. Meg misses both of her shots. She says, she got nervous because she's carrying the game right now, Austin. Steve says, he's done getting the return balls. Julia misses both of her shots. Austin says, as expected. (Where's the encouragement?)


10:17 PM BBT James does a commercial for cocaine. Steve misses both of his shots. Vanessa misses both of her shots. Austin sinks his first shot, & misses the second one, scoring 15. We saw FOTH for a brief moment. James makes a score of 10 on his turn. Liz misses her first shot & makes her second one. James goes out of order & makes his shot, but it doesn't count.


10:19 PM BBT John misses both of his shots. Meg misses her shots. Julia misses both of her shots as well. Liz asks if she's even made one all night? Julia says, yes. Steve misses both of his next two shots. Vanessa sinks his first shot & misses her second one. Austin misses both of his shots. Austin gets called to the DR. Austin says, no, not during Pot Ball. Liz says, he always gets called during Pot Ball. Austin says, there goes the game. James misses both of his next to shots. Julia tells him to do it underhand, but he won't listen. James says, it's his strategy & he's sticking to it. Liz scores 25 points on her next turn. Julia says, to bad her BAE wasn't here to see that. Liz says, she knows.


10:23 PM BBT John takes his turn, but because Julia starts singing & we see FOTH, so we don't know if he made his shots or not. Meg misses her next to shots. Julia burps & doesn't say excuse me. Julia misses both of her shots. Steve says, as expected after both shots. Steve says, let him show her how it's done. Steve misses both of his shots. He says, o.k., maybe not. Liz tells Steve to fix the blow hole. Julia starts to sing, I can't feel my face when I'm with you again, & we see FOTH.


10:24 PM BBT Meg misses both of her shots. Steve says, it's been a couple rounds since he's made anything in. James misses both of his shots again. Liz misses both of her shots. She says, f**k. John sinks his first shot, & misses the second one. Meg makes her first shot, but misses her second one as well. James says, don't sing that song, to Julia. Julia says, she's tempted to. Julia sinks her first shot & misses her second one. Steve says, he's due, definitely due. Steve misses his first shot, & he misses his second one as well. Steve says, he wants points.


10:27 PM BBT Vanessa misses both of her shots. The HG's sing a Pot Ball song. Meg sinks both of her shots. Julia sings a different Pot Ball song. James misses both of his shots, saying damn it after each attempt. Liz misses both of her attempts, & says, damn it. John misses both of his attempts.


10:29 PM BBT Meg misses both of her shots this turn. Julia is taking a turn for Austin, & misses both shots. Steve throws his hat off his head, & sinks his first shot, but misses his second shot, scoring 5 points on that turn. Vanessa misses both of her next two shots.


10:31 PM BBT Meg misses her next two shots. Julia does a 7th Generation commercial. James misses both of his shots. HG's complain that they haven't gotten any alcohol, yet they got it 3 days last week. Liz scores 10 points on her next turn. John misses his next two shots. Meg wants to know why Austin always gets called to the DR during Pot Ball.


10:33 PM BBT Meg misses her next two shots. Julia goes for Austin again, & misses both attempts. Steve misses his first shot, & sinks his second one, scoring 5 points on that turn. Liz calls the wrong people up for their turn. Meg says, it's only 10:30 PM BBT. Vanessa misses her next to shots. John says, he remembers when his bed time was 10:30 PM. Meg misses her next two shots. James takes Austin's turn, & misses both attempts.


10:35 PM BBT Liz scores 15 on her turn. She says, she only does good when Austin isn't there. Vanessa says, it was like that last time to. John misses both of his next two turns. Meg misses her next two turns. Julia sinks the first shot, scoring 20, but misses her second attempt. Steve sinks his first shot, & he sinks the second shot. He scores 20. He says, that was luck.


10:37 PM BBT Vanessa misses her next two shots. Liz keeps whining for the other team not to beat her team. The HG's can lean over the broom, as long as their feet are behind it. Meg misses her next to shots. James misses the next two shots. Liz misses both of her shots, & says, damn it. John sinks his first shot for 10 points, but misses his second attempt. Meg misses her first shot, & makes her second shot, scoring 10 points. Liz goes to the SR for an alcohol check. Julia asks why they were so nice last week? Liz says, they went from 3 to 0. Julia misses both of her shots. She says, f**k this game, I'm over it. Steve misses both of his shots.


10:41 PM BBT Vanessa misses both of her shots. Meg sinks her first shot, scoring 20 points, & misses her second shot. She says, zinnnggg, blow hole. James sits in a chair to take his next turn, & still misses both shots. Liz says, she hates James. She misses her first shot & scores 5 points on her second shot. Meg says, it has to be the bonus round soon. John makes his first shot, scoring 10, but misses his second attempt. James says, they are getting their asses kicked. Meg misses her first shot, & scores 15 points on her second shot. Julia misses her first shot & makes her second shot. Austin comes out of the DR.


10:43 PM BBT Vanessa gets called to the DR. Meg asks, why during Pot Ball? Steve misses his next two turns. John stands in for Vanessa. He misses both shots. Austin makes his first shot, but misses his second shot, scoring 15. James kneels down for the next turn. He almost sinks both shots, but he misses. James says, the cup moved. Austin says, the Glory Hole is looking good. Liz makes her first shot, but misses the second one.


10:46 PM BBT John misses his next two shots. Steve says, it's his pool time soon. Liz says, he'll get all pruney. Meg scores 15 points on her next turn. Julia misses her next two shots.


10:47 PM BBT Steve does an Irish Spring commercial. Julia says, she will only make crepe if someone else does the dishes. Steve misses both of his shots. Austin says, sorry Boi. James is making Meg laugh, by talking in her ear like last night. John makes one of his shots. Austin misses both of his next two shots.


10:49 PM BBT James kneels again for his turn & misses both shots. Liz misses her first shot, & scores 15 points on her second attempt. John misses both shots. Austin asks Liz if he makes her nervous? Liz says, yes. They are going to do another round. Meg misses both of her shots. Julia sinks her first shot, but misses her second one. Steve misses his first shot & makes the second attempt. John misses both of his last two shots.


10:52 PM BBT Vanessa & Julia are in last place right now. Julia wants an alcohol check. Liz says, she checked & there's nothing there. They look for the paper for the Glory Hole. Liz picks up the other pots & pans.


10:53 PM BBT HG's is looking for the blue paper they use for the backboard. Steve says, he was in the SR looking for it. It's the slop recipe that they use. James starts making something out of a cereal box. Julia found the slop recipe on the blue laminated paper to use. James sets it up in the Glory Hole.


10:54 PM BBT Liz wants the Glory Hole to be the game, but it's only worth 50 points. Austin misses all 5 of his shots. Meg says, she's never gotten this. Meg misses all 5 of her shots also.


10:56 PM BBT Julia misses all 5 of her shots. Meg tells Julia it was so close. James almost fell through the door. James makes his fourth shot in the Glory Hole. He & Julia dance around. Liz wants that to end the game. Austin says, the rules were set before the game. James misses his last shot.


10:59 PM BBT James says, there's a tie, so they have to do a tie breaker. Liz hits Austin in the head with her last shot, & missed all 5 attempts. Steve almost makes the second shot, but misses all 5 of them. John misses his 5 shots. Everyone says, they need to do a Glory Hole tie. Austin says, that will last forever. John makes his first shot for 50 points. There is a tie for second, & a chocolate fight breaks out.

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