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Sunday, August 23 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

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Indoor Lock Down = ILD

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Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

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12:01 AM BBT Vanessa and John are resting in the CBR. Vanessa breaks the silence, asking John if he has any information that would give her a reason to do something different than what Austin wants, then he should tell her.  John says that if he goes home, he goes home.  He’s been on the block so much, he’s just kinda like...dead.  Vanessa sympathizes and tells John that he handles it very well.  John thanks her. 


12:03 AM BBT  John says that he felt like they knew a back door was coming.  John thought that was what the plan was.  Vanessa is trying to find out if there was a plan to back door her, and she asks John again.  He says no, and Vanessa says you never know in this game.  John repeats that Meg was probably upset at the thought of James leaving. 


12:06 AM BBT Austin, James, Meg and Steve are sitting at the DT and eating.  Liz passes by and asks what they are eating.  Austin gives her a bite. 


12:11 AM BBT James, Liz, Steve and Meg are at the DT.  James and Steve talk about a chess game they had.  Vanessa comes over and tells them that they are going to do DRs with everyone so be prepared.  We get Fish briefly.  When we come back, Liz and Steve speculate that they’re going to ask about their Zing.  Julia is sweeping the floor.


12:17 AM BBT John is laying on his bed in the CBR, with his head propped up.  He is wakeful and sighing periodically as he stares into space.  In the KT, Meg, James and Steve talk about gay marriage.  Meg tells them that her dad was one of the first people in New Jersey to marry a gay couple. 


12:19 AM BBT James says he is still hungry.  He wants to get so full it hurts.  Meg wants to be called to DR.  Julia says she wants to have a shower and go to sleep.  They talk about Zingbot being way bigger in person than on TV.  James is doing pushups on chairs in the dining area...he has his feet on one chair and a hand on each of two others.  Liz comes in with a tray of goodies and puts them in the centre of the table. Meg leans over the table to check out the tray.


12:23 AM BBT Vanessa is asking Steve to give her his word that she was never a backdoor target.  She is having yet another conversation about why Meg was crying.  Steve repeats that Meg doesn’t want to lose James, and he adds that he thinks Meg was a little embarrassed.  Vanessa says that Meg started crying as soon as she knew Vanessa won and Steve reassures her again that Meg was worried for James.


12:24 AM BBT Julia is sitting on the HOHR bed while Liz sweeps the floor in the HOHR.  Liz laughs at Steve thinking that Vanessa would use the veto on her.  Julia asks whether they should evict Johnny or Steve, but she thinks it’s time for Johnny Mac to go, and that would remove the person Steve is working with.  Julia doesn’t think they should backdoor James and Liz agrees that it’s not time for that.  Julia is hoping that James or Meg won’t put the twins up because the twins have not targeted James and Meg.     


12:28 AM BBT Vanessa is laying out on top of the covers of her bed in the CBR talking to John about not feeling well.  She is extremely nauseous.  John suggests that sucking on a lemon can help with nausea.  Vanessa doesn’t feel up to getting up to try that, but thanks John for the advice. 


12:29 AM BBT James and Meg are sitting at the glass counter in the KT. James is chatting to Steve who is pacing nearby.  Liz is going through the goodie tray on the DT.  Steve is talking about working out.

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1230AM Vanessa still on her bed starring off into space.  Steve is challenging James to Chess match.  James is making all sorts of excuses about not giving him one game.  Steve uses the F word.  Steve keeps saying James is scared of him.


1245AM Discussion between twins in HoH room,  Steve has to stay, Vanessa will never go to the other side.  We have the numbers, Vanessa (according to Liz) is not playing both sides.  They are talking about Vanessa's zing.  Meg, JMac, Meg talking about Steve in kitchen. 


1255AM  Steve in shower, James talking to him.  Liz, Meg, Julia in HoH talking about Meg crying.  Vanessa is still questioning everyone about why Meg was crying when Vanessa won.  Meg says she really wish Vanessa would stay away.  Steve was 10 seconds behind Vanessa in the pov.    Steve and James arguing (in a friendly way) about who has won the most Chess games.


105AM  JMac and Steve playing chess.  Discussion in HoH is still about Meg crying.


115AM Austin has been cornered by Vanessa about Meg crying.  Discussion still going on in HoH room with Meg and Twins.  Vanessa throwing out the idea that Meg knowing now that SHE can't be BD'd.  vanessa demanding answers from Austin.  She wants to know why the two are whispering over the chess table. (Steve and JMac).  She is asking what is going on, why Meg crying, why are the 2 boys whispering playing chess.  Vanessa says she does not have to explain, we are even now.  Now she is telling Austin that she played so hard to win for HIM.  Vanessa is acting like she is on the block and the target while chatting with Austin, explaining over and over about him and her and the BD situation. 


130AM  Vanessa still spinning with Austin.  Liz and Julia are talking with James now in HoH.   Speculation about BD, Liz says that Vanessa highjacked Austin, she was waiting on the couch and grabbed him immediately when he came out of DR.  Vanessa is rehashing everything that happened in the past bringing up all the stuff evicted people did or said.


145AM General chat in HoH room.  Vanessa is still talking to Austin in CBR


155AM Vanessa has now moved up to the hoh.  She is demanding now that they tell her everything Liz says "they wanted me to backdoor you, but I wanted Becky gone"  Vanessa has POV but acting like she is on the block.

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205AM  Vanessa still in HoH talking like she is trying to make sure she is not on the block.  They are rehashing old who said what to who and etc.  Steve is in LR sitting in a nom chair.  Vanessa stands up and then sits down again.  Now the discussion turns to why Steve has to go over JMac.  Vanessa wants to tell James that Steve is talking about him.,  ( So basically they all are turning on Steve now, this discussion is so confusing)


215AM  Vanessa and Austwins still talking about who goes, does the POV get used.  Julia says we have to keep everyone separated and Vanessa says she is going to use the POV and talk to both of them getting info, Vanessa still thinks there was a plan to BD her and she wants to find out.  Meg crying was not normal.


230AM Vanessa is still ranting in the HoH room, Steve is doing his nightly walk around.  She finally leaves.


245AM FIsh   Meg and James are talking in a dark bedroom.  Austin and Liz are talking in HoH, Julia and Vanessa both are gone.  They are discussing Steve role between JMac and Meg, James.  Steve is sneaky.  Now they are getting up and leaving the HoH room.   Liz cleans up a little in the kitchen, Meg is now up walking around.  James is laying in bed but stil awake.  Meg joins the couple in the Kitchen.   FISH.  Goodnight Meg, and Liztin returns to hoH room.  Austin removes his mic, Liz is asking him about shoes.  Meg and James are talking, (sorry can't hear what is being said)  Meg takes off her mic lays in bed, James says "whew, I agree". 


305AM Make out session in hoh.  Meg walking around, James talking to her, but can't hear.  James says there is not going to be anybody left in their room as bed companions.  Meg says I will be crying in the shower everyday. 


315AM  Liztin still making out rolling around on the bed.  Meg and James are now talking again, louder this time.  Meg says she is going to go insane if she is in house by herself.  James says just have fun.  Talking about Zingbot. 


330AM  Liztin are talking about chances of staying in game.  James and Meg are talking about what is hard for them outside of the house, James says that his daughter is in one state and he is in another.  he uses skype a lot.  HoH room seems to have settled down for the night.  James is talking about his daughter. 


345AM  James and Meg still chatting.  All other HGs are tucked into bed. Steve is in kitchen making a bowl of cereal.  He seems upset mumbling to himself. 


352AM Steve has now settled in bed, calling out good nights.  BB said something about "I SAID the bedroom lights must remain on"  but all is dark.  James says, oh feisty.  Cams 1/2 are on a broom and candy, now flashed back to HoH room.  All is quiet.


401AM  Vanessa is up walking to WA, and back to bed.  She has her eyes open, but laying in bed. 

657AM  Vanessa is restless in bed, JMac seems to be snoring.  Liztin are sound asleep.  Julia is up in the WA cleaning her face and by 702AM she s back in bed.

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12:00PM BBT Vanessa and John in the BY having a discussion. Vanessa confusion by some things with Becky. She doesn't know why she was Becky's target. She tells John that Becky was the one choosing the targets during the meeting. She doesn't understand why Becky wasn't frustrated with Jackie.


12:04PM BBT John and Vanessa talk about her being emotional. She says that she is just emotional for 5 seconds and then she is back to her usual self. She wishes she hadn't gotten emotional during her situation with Clay.


12:42PM BBT Vanessa tells John that he has never been her enemy. She has wanted to work with him. She tells John that she will talk to Austin and see if he will target those who will never be his ally in the game.


12:45PM BBT Vanessa says that she swears she wasn't the one who told about the 8 person alliance. John says its irrelevant. Vanessa asks John if he would put up whoever is left of Meg/James? John says he would.


12:47PM BBT John and Vanessa discuss if they are still supposed to act angry at each other. They go back and forth.



12:49PM BBT Vanessa and John discuss Steve. John says everyone loves Steve. Vanessa says that they fake love Steve. She says that Meg/James don't love Steve and that they make fun of him. She is the only one who loves Steve.


12:50PM BBT Vanessa promises John that she will do what she can to save him and is going to go talk to Steve. She says they will touch base later with him. She then calls out BB for not giving her meds yet. She goes inside.

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1:00pm -1:30pm BBT: vanessa goes to austina nd Liz and tells them her conversation with johnny mack and hw Meg is the mastermind to try to get her backdoored last week. Liz drops her mouth open like she was in shock. austin says if the can tie Johnny mack to james and meg then this week would be easier. Vanessa leaves the WA and heads to Kt, Austin fgoes to the BY to workout.

Austin and johnny mack in the BY talking and Austin asked if he talked to vanessa and johnny mack says yeah Austin says that james and Meg have been coming to him everyday making sure that they are not being put up. Austin then tells him that he and the twins are looking for people they can trust to work with in this house.

In the KT Liz and vanessa are talking about the Zings from last nights comp and vanessa says i should not have gotten the crying zing when Meg cries  way more than i do. Liz says she is obsessed over steves zing. Liz said she was  called the better twin in  the zing she got.

In the BY Steve comes out and ask if vanessa  knows that she was then target this week and austin says yeah she knows, Steve heads back inside.

Liz and Julia go to the HOh rm and talk and Liz tells her she is not scared of James she is more scared of Steve and Johnny mack . James sits in the Kt eating while Austin and johnny mack are still working out in the BY.


1:30pm-2:00pm BBT: vanessa goes to the HOh rm to talk to Jlia and vanessa about her talk with johnny mack and how Meg tried getting her  backdoored last weel and make me a target this week. Meg comes in and talk stops  they Liz, Julia, Vanessa and meg talk about james scaring everyone and how  they want to pay him back.Julia says it is going down today i need to get him.

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12:55pm BBT After Vanessa and Jmacs talk in the backyard, she comes and pulls Liz and Austin into the bathroom to regale her outside talk. He knows his backs against the wall but came clean to Vaneesa telling her that the reason he cant trust her is because of some things AUDREY told him about the all girls alliance being Vanessas idea. (These are Vanessa's words)  then the thing with Clay. We will never be best buddies, but we are not enemies anymore. Austin just wants to make sure that they are telling the truth - because if he has to put up the other side of the house it better be a compelling reason. Vanessa says she expressed to Jmac that even if she couldnt use the POV on Jmac that he wouldnt be going home, it would be the other side of the house. Vanessa says this is very important since the majority of Jury house is on the other side. If Jmac wins HOH what is his plan. Vanessa says even if Shelli comes back, he will target the other side and put up one of us as a pawn. Austin says then that means he will throw it. Vanessa then brings up Meg, saying that the best part of her convo with Jmac was he said that Meg told him to tell Liz when she was HOH all the dirt he has on Vanessa because Meg and James were doing the same and Meg was the mastermind of backdooring Vanessa. "Good thing they didnt have anything on me"   Austin says he is going to get to "brass tacks" and find out what else he is hiding and goes outside to work out while Jmac is still alone in the BY. The second he starts talking to Jmac - BB Austin please move your mic higher.

1:05pm Sleepy Steve walks through kitchen to finish his laundry while, Liz and Van in kitchen eating snacks.

1:10pm BBT Jmac and Austin lifting together in the BY. talk turns to jury members Jmac says" keep James and possibly only three of them, its a numbers thing personally I like him, but"  Austin "the same thing if you keep Steve and Jmac and Shelli returns, there is another threesome" Jmac "oh yeah, thats true." Austin said the last conspiracy he heard was that Steve and James are working together, that is why  James didnt leave DE. Austin tells Jmac that James promised Austin that he and Meg were going after Vanessa, but doesnt know if he can trust him.  Steve walks over and asks the boys if Vanessa knows about the BD plan last week. Austin says "Oh yeah, she knows everything. Steve"OK and walks away. Austin "But Meg crying at POV set off Vanessa Conspiracy radar" Her crying started this rampage of paranoia" and talks comes full circle to Austins speech on "Well I am HOH, people should be talking to me if they want to be safe" So that leaves me to resort to fishing for info. So I dont know whats real or not. Jmac says its personal, he really wants Vanessa gone. workout continues.

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2:15pm Van tells Liz she has to talk to her later but she has to get to the bottom of something first.

Van corners Steve in rainbow room.

V"want to talk? I will let you start"

S " I would love that, first off, I am fully aware and you have every right to be pissed, um when Austin run HOH he had alot of anger such as the 8 alliance, everyone was frustrated that you MADE them verbally give thier word, and something about the week 5 thing. they made me swear not to tell you. I apologize for that, I never wanted to lie to you last night and I just wanted to stay safe this week. V "You do realize I have the POV this week?

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personally I adore you but this is a game, personally I would have hoped that if there was game going on that it would have been nice to have the deals have been reciprocal. Van questions Steve on why he was so scared to trust her. He says it wasnt Van, it was the twins. She is not buying it.

2:15pm Liz complaining Austin put the coffee ice cream in the fridge and not the freezer and now its all creamy...

Pool time for all  (Van and Steve still in CBR) 

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2:40pm Steve and Van still in CBR STeve told Van that she rubs people the wrong way with so many deals - Van says she will swear on a bible that it was Jackies idea to put up Shelli and John. Steve reminds her they are the only two that are not recruits. Jmac walks in and asks whats the plan. Van says she has taken advantage of a lot of technicalities in this house. STeve says that Van makes alot of sense.Van tells him that she has worked under the radar for Steve so much that he doesnt even know, and neither did anyone else. Van tells him - if you were together it has to be a 2 way street. Steve swears on the bible that he has told Van everything he knows. 

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 2:02pm BBT: Vanessa and Steve are  playing Chess , Liz , Julia and Austin in the KT getting ready to go to the pool.


 2:16pm BBT: Vanessa and Steve go to the CBR She says umm and he says i would love to talk to you.  Steve says  when Austin won HOh he had a lot of anger going on that came to my attention  what he was mad about like with you. Vanessa says like what? Steve says  i do not know because you gave people your word and he was upset about that. he also told me that you pushed for a six person  alliance before the HOh so he had alot of anger.


2:19pm BBT: Steve says they made me promise that i would not tell you anything and i am sorry i lied to you lastnight. Vanessa says why would you lie to me i won the veto so why would you do that? Steve says you are right it was my mistake and i am sorry about that. Julia comes in and interrupts them about clothes and washing. she leaves and Vanessa says to Steve on a personal level i am not upset now but i would have loved for you to have told me all that. Steve says i understand.


2:22pm BBT: Vanessa says i do understand why you did what you did cause your back was up against the wall. Ok so my two questions are why did you tell Austin that you was willing to go up as a pawn up against anyone ? Steve says  except for johnny and Vanessa says  why would you say that and Steve says cause the veto would get used. Vanessa says how. Steve says wait my sense is backwards. She ask him again and he says i am confused. Vanessa says why would you say put me against Vanessa and he looks at her. she says it is frustrating like i do not know how you could say that about anyone. 


 2:26pm BBT: Steve says i think i have alot of things going on in my head and that is my answer to you. he says i can tell you who did this and it is Becky. Vanessa said i  knew that cause they was laughing and stuff but just  remember when it gets down to us just keep your word. He says ok you do not have to explain this to me and she says ok i am being honest with you. Steve says ok . She goes on telling them about James  throwing the HOh comp and when  she was HOh Austin was the backdoor target and Steve says why was he the target and Vanessa says  Austin lied to my face.


2:32pm BBT: Vanessa still talking to Steve in the CBR about who was backdooring who and who gave words to who repeating herself. austin, Liz, Julia and meg  are at the pool .


2:39pm BBT: john now in the CBR getting dressed and whispering quietly to Vanessa and Steve. Austin  and James in the pool while meg, Julia and Liz lay  near the pool. James  talks about being in a strip club and we get a brief FOTH.


 2:45pm BBT: john leaves the rm and Steve says to clear things up with you we have has 2 separate conversations then we get a brief FOTh and come  back Steve is whispering really low  so we can not hear him.


 2:50pm BBT: Steve says can i tell you something and Vanessa says yeah and Steve tells her I have told you everything now and i mean everything. Vanessa says i believe you i just wish you had trusted me. 


2:53pm BBT: In the BY  all other Hg are in or by the pool talking  about Audrey and her Blanket episode. Austin says she played online Bb games and  said something about getting to final five. Austin says she had all these strategies coming in and then tried to implement them in with the HG. Julia says weird.


 2:57pm BBT: In the BY the Hg are talking about Zingbot lastnight and about past hg.

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2:55pm  Pool Talk - Noone believes Davonne was not a school teacher. Austin says she knew more about Blackjack than kids. Jmac says and she questioned me being a dentist??  Twins talk about Davonne being so questioning towards the twins. James reminds them of Danielle and Shane that she was a nuse but told people she was a teacher because she didnt want people thinking she made money... ( nurses make alot of money??) Liz says "Unless you are an undercover cop - you shouldnt have to lie about your job"......... .

They all believe Audrey was Americas player or something new like Americas Mole.

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 3:01pm BBT: Vanessa still talking to Steve in the CBR says says know what? since i told you i did not have a final two with Johnny i really didn't but since then he came to me and he probably did tell them that. Steve ask can i tell him about having this conversation with you about Johnny and Vanessa ask who? Steve says Austin and Vanessa says no do not tell Austin. Vanessa says just tell him hmmm just be honest who cares.


 3:06pm BBt: Steve and Vanessa head out of the CBr. Steve looks out in the BY then goes out. Vanessa goes to the Wc.


 3:11pm BBt: Austin goes into the Wa and Vanessa starts telling him what Steve said.(After she told Steve  not to tell Austin). Austin explains to Vanessa how Johnny Mack and Steve has been together since shelli cause shelli did that to them. Now they only thing that would save us from the Shelli and clay things was James and Vanessa laughs. Austin says well if you take one of them off the block and i have to put James or meg up and they think they are a pawn then we vote them out then i can not help it.


3:16pm BBT: Austin says well if we out up James then we have a weak meg or put up meg and have a stronger James which way do we go? Vanessa says i don't know. 


3:23pm BBt: Austin and Vanessa still going over who would be best to backdoor this week and next week or if johnny Mack wins HOh who would he try to  go after and backdoor and Vanessa says could it be one of us? Austin says that is what i do not know. then Austin says it is scary if Jackie comes back this week it will make James and meg stronger so i don't know.


 3:39pm BBT: Hg in the By quiet as they look to be sleeping laying by the pool. Vanessa and Austin still in the Wa talking about  who is after who in the house and who will be on jury and who will come back in the house this week after eviction.


3:31pm BBT: Steve walks in the Wa and breaks up the talk looking for a laundry basket. he grabs a basket and Vanessa tells him that is not a laundry basket and Steve says well it will work.


3:32pm BBT: Austin says yeah based on what Johnny has told me  you could force my hand and i would have to put one of them up either meg or James  and then i tell them that i did not know you was going to use it and put one of them up. Vanessa looks at him and says would that work though? Austin says yeah.


3:35pm BBt: James comes in and Austin says that week i was confused so i don't know and James gets in the shower. Austin says control and believe and Vanessa laughs and says Control. Austin heads out of the Wa.


3:38pm BBT: Austin now back in the By working out again. James in the shower and most Hg laying by the pool inn silence.


3:44pm BBt: Vanessa sitting alone at the  KT table. Liz and Julia making food in the Kt. Most Hg by the pool just general talk going on.


3:48pm BBt: In the Kt James ask Julia, Vanessa and Liz if they are getting a hair cut after they leave the house and Liz says i am getting a mani, a pedi and a facial when i get out of here i am treating myself.

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4:00pm -5:00pm BBT: julia and vanessa taling about it might be best to get rid of meg this week. In the HOh rm Julia, Liz, vanessa and Steve talk about final 2 deal he made with John. steve ask if he can ask a question and  the girls say ok and he ask what the plan is for this week and liz says she does not know  untill she talks to austin. they staet talking about meg and her crying and why she was crying they do not understand why. Vanessa calls Meg a hyprocrit and says she is a manipulator.

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5:15pm BBT: Austin, meg and James in the BY sitting by the pool talking about Austins girl friend and talking about making dinner while up in the HOh rm Liz is saying get Austin out of the Dr cause she misses him.

 5:22pm BBT: Liz is going to go get Austin after Julia comes back saying he is in the BY and Steve says no i do not want to interrupt something if he is getting good stuff. Liz says he isn't i am getting him.
 5:25pm BBt: Vanessa leaves the HOh rm and as what Austin is doing and he says i am just hanging out for a but then Steve ask if he an borrow him for a minute and Austin says yeah just a minute and i will come up.
5:26pm BBt: Austin and Steve in HOh and Steve says i had a thing  and he says so johnny Mack ok a couple of weeks ago we made a deal to not go after each other and a final 2 never comes up and  then 2 weeks ago we was playing chess and he mentioned final 2 so i think when john told shelli and clay that we was final 2 he wanted a final four deal with them. Austin says that makes sense.
5:30pm BBT: Steve says  i never had a final 2 with John. Julia and Liz sitting in the hot tub talking about Jace and Jason and how they smoked. James says didn't they have to pass a drug test and Julia says no they was looking for certain things.
5:33pm BBT: Steve ask so you think meg is a bigger threat than James and Austin says yes i do and so does Julia and Liz. Steve says ok but James is going to go here with them and go after  you. Austin says no i have a deal with James  and Steve says oh i did not know that. then they talk about who might come back in the game.
5:37pm BBT: Austin says i can not tell them that Vanessa will not use the veto i wont lie to them but they all think that you Jon and Vanessa are working together so there are alot of things that come into play with someone coming back in the game. 
5:39pm BBt: Austin says lets say john leaves the house and Jackie comes back and they win HOh cause meg James and Jackie are together. Then they will backdoor me. Steve says so it is a nasty situation if a gremlin wins HOh so we need to make sure a gremlin does not  win hoh so how do we do it? Austin  says i do not know yet. 
 5:44pm BBt: James is on the hammock and Julia in the OBR getting clothes. Austin and Steve in the hOh still talking and Austin tells  Steve he has to protect the girl (Liz and Julia) .
5:50pmm BBT: Austin and Steve finish their talk and Steve is leaving the HOh rm as Austin says i still trust you and we are all back and Vanessa is still in the group but it is rough.
 5:55pm BBT: Austin now in the Kt with Liz and Julia while they are eating  again. Liz says she is  thinking of cancelling the date since you have ignored me all day and  he says i had to separate some so it will be exciting tonight for our date and Julia says he got ya there to Liz.
5:58pm BBT: Liz and Austin go out to the By where Steve and Johnny Mack are and Austin starts to workout again. Julia in the house making her bed.
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6:02pm BBT: Steve talking to James and he says i knew if i played in the face morph comp i knew i would lose it. James says yeah. James ask so what you plan on doing and  Steve says um and then James says campaign campaign campaign and Steve says yeah probably. James says the person to talk to is Austin and Steve ask instead of Vanessa and  he says yeah Austin is the HOH. Steve says i am hungry i am going to go eat and leaves.


6:07pm BBT: Austin tumbling in the By as he works out and Liz says that looks like it hurts then tells him he is going to hurt himself. Vanessa and Steve in the KT getting a drink.


6:13pm BBT: Julia and Liz playing pool while Austin works out and James is by the pool. Steve is walking in and out of the house. Vanessa is blow drying her hair.


6:18pm BBT: Hg in the By either  sitting by the pool or in the pool, Austin working out and twins are playing Pool as they do laundry. and Vanessa in the house doing her hair and getting dressed.


 6:26pm BBT: Vanessa is in her bed with shades and a hat on going to sleep. All other Hg in the By working out and playing around just general talk going on and Julia and Vanessa yelling Jamesaaaaaa and whining.


6:36pm BBT: BB tells the Hg to please raise the outside awnings and Liz tries doing it alone. Austin tells her to not hurt herself then Julia says make her stop. Julia and Steve get out of the pool and  do one side of the yard while John and James are doing the other side .


 6:38pm BBT: Liz pulls Julia into the Cabana rm and ask Julia what to do tonight i know Austin is not going to propose to me but what do I do? Julia says first tell him that he can not ask you out yet till he breaks up with his girl friend after the show cause Zing bot said he had one so he needs to take care of business first. they then go back outside.


 6:41pm BBT: Julia and Liz on the hammock talking about what Liz will wear to the date tonight and then Julia ask what Austin is wearing he says i do not know. Julia says i am her stylist tonight and then ask Austin what his favorite color is and he says turquoise she says i have that color and they laugh.


6:48pm BBT: Liz and Julia still talking about what Liz should wear tonight on the date and are giggling. James and John playing pool while Austin is still working out.


 6:52pm BBT: James and John in the Kt making food. James is cooking for Liz and Austins date then he will serve them in the HOH rm.


 6:54pm BBT: James is makings deviled eggs for dinner and says that Austin will probably be pissed  tomorrow and john ask why and James says that it will cut into his eggs for breakfast in the mornings. 

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6:59PM BBT Liz and Julia on the hammock. Discussing Liz and doing things under the covers. She says they haven't been fully under the covers because that is sketchy. They discuss long distance relationships. Julia says that he is going to have to sit down with the girlfriend when he gets home. She says she doesn't think Austin has dated a girl like Liz. Julia feels that Austin dates girls who are deeper and like books and to read. Liz says that her feeling have changed.


7:03PM BBT Liz talks about moving out to Los Angeles. Julia says you just can't in with him. you need a job. Liz says I can be like that hot model (she forgets her name) who is with that surfer dude. Julia says she won't just move here without a job.


7:06PM BBT Austin comes over to the twins. He tells them that unless he catches James in a lie, he is not going to put up James. He says that he doesn't care the stories that John spins.


7:09 PM BBT Austin asks the twins what they think. Do they want to send James and Meg out. They both say no. They feel the noms should remain the same. Austin agrees.


7:16PM BBT Liz talks about how James was her target. (James is in the KT cooking dinner for their date) Austin asks her id she wants him to pull the trigger he will and then James is dead in the water. Austin feels that he doesn't want to put up James but he will.

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7:28PM BBT Vanessa comes over to the hammock. Austin talks about how Steve is always warning him about who is coming after him. Austin feels if Steve stays then Steve will win everything.


7:32 PM BBT Vanessa says that John and James are whispering in the KT. She says that she knows there is something that no one is squealing on.


7:34PM BBT Vanessa goes to John to clear up one more thing. She wants to know when Shelli and Clay set up with Steve and John. John says it was back in Audrey days. He says it was forming but didn't form.


7:42PM BBT John and Vanessa talking. Johns says that James would be dumb to go after her and Steve when John is gone. Van says "right"? Austin in HOH telling Liz that Steve is trying to make dinner with James for them. Austin says its because they are all scared of what Austin can do to get rid of them


7:45PM BBT Vanessa pulls James into the cabana room to interrogate  him. She wants to know what he would have done if he had won the DE. She then refreshes his memory. He says he was trying not to win the DE and stay out of the way. She wants to know if he ever mentioned Vanessa being a target. he says no. She asks if Meg said it. James says that Jackie brought it up and that's why he thought Jackie went home. Vanessa says she swears on the bible that she didn't know that til just now. She thought they were cool. She says she wishes she could change her GB message.

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7:53PM BBT Vanessa tells James that she doesn't understand why Meg cried when she won the POV. She said it should have been a good thing.


7:56PM BBT Liz has changed into a dress with her black bra showing. She is washing dishes in the KT with Steve. Steve tells Liz that Vanessa is getting information from James.


7:58PM BBT Liz and Steve talk. Liz asks if he knows anything about tonight. Steve says no just that it was extra special dessert. Liz says she hates surprises. Steve says all he knows is that it's an extra special dessert. Steve goes outside and tells John that if he is asked then next week if John wins HOH that he will have to say that he would put up whoever stays and whoever comes back. He is referring to James/Meg he says. He heads back inside.

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8:03PM BBT Vanessa and James still talking. She is going over the different conversations she has had with HG and what things were said, etc. James says that he has a deal with Austin that there will be no backstabbing early but when the time comes then they know they have to take each other out. Vanessa says that she believes him.


8:10PM BBT Vanessa leaves the cabana room and heads out to find Meg. She finds Steve who tells her that meg is in the shower. He asks her how everything is going. She says that she is fact checking.


8:12PM BBT Vanessa sits in WA while Meg gets dressed in the WC. Vanessa asks Meg if they could talk for about 10 minutes. Vanessa says that she will wait for Meg to get on make up because she doesn't like to talk before make up.


8:16PM BBT Vanessa goes into the BR. She runs into Steve. She tells Steve to stay away from Austin. He is spooking him. She then crawls in bed to wait for Meg.

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8:27PM BBT Austin in the WA. Meg asks him if he is nervous. He says he is. He says this is the big one.


8:31PM BBT Meg comes into the BR with Vanessa. Vanessa tells her that some things have come to her attention and she is the type of person who you can confront if something bothers you. Vanessa says it took her winning a comp to hear things. She says that it came to her attention that it bothered Meg that Vanessa tried to make a deal when meg was on the block. Meg says it didn't bother her as it's how you play the game. Vanessa say that she would like to explain her mindset. Meg says there is no need. She understands. Meg says it bothered her to a point but nothing that she would hold a grudge over. Vanessa says that she has heard that it really bothered her. Vanessa says she wants to explain.


8:35PM BBT Vanessa starts to explain. She gives her word and she means it. She has her word in this game. Vanessa say that it confuses her that she is hearing that meg had a problem and now Meg is saying she didn't. Meg explains that she worked hard that week to send Shelli home.


8:36PM BBT Vanessa asks Meg that if she won DE who would she have put up. Meg says that she would have put up Steve and John. Vanessa contemplates it and says that it not what she was hearing.


8:42PM BBT Julia and Liz in the cabana room. Liz asks her if Austin tries stuff tonight what should she stay. Austin comes in because he thinks Julia is telling her stuff. Liz tells him she isn't. She wonders if he is going to ask her to be his girlfriend. Julia thinks maybe Austin broke up with his girlfriend today in the DR.

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8:49PM BBT Vanessa still telling Meg how she heard things from HG and how you have to have integrity. They discuss how Becky had an issue with Vanessa asking for her word. In the KT cooking for the big date is still going on.


8:54PM BBT The date is starting. Julia and James seat the beautiful couple. Liz says the table is beautiful. And they immediately start talking game and what Vanessa is asking the HG.


8:59PM BBT Austin and Liz start on their appetizer of deviled eggs. Liz asks is he wants to play pot ball. He says that no he would prefer to hold court tonight. Liz thanks him for the date and that he smells good. He says he is with the most beautiful girl in the house. She asks if they are on live feeds. He says of course and that they will be on POP TV.

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9:01 PM BBT In the HOHR, Austin asks Julia what time it is? She tells me it's 9 PM BBT. Liz says, they are on POP TV. She says, hello to POP TV, & tells them her & Austin are on a date. (POP TV is showing the Vanessa & Meg convo in the CBR). Austin tells Liz that John doesn't confuse things & he has to understand if he has a final 2 deal, because he is a dentist.


9:03 PM BBT Julia & James takes food into Liz & Austin. Julia tells them what they are eating. Liz says, now they want their alone time. Austin tells them to go prepare the dessert. Jula & James take the tray of deviled eggs to the KT. Julia says, they did damage to them. She says, they are going to have to do the dishes, because they didn't hire them to do their dishes to.


9:05 PM BBT Julia & James are going to cut up bananas with the cheesecake. James tells Julia to stop stuffing her face. Steve goes to the KT & says, those are some stuffed eggs. Liz thanks Austin for sharing his steak with her. He says, you're welcome & kisses her. They continue to talk why they are chomping, & have food in their mouths. Liz asks Austin if he scared for the HG that will come back? Austin says, yes, & explains different scenarios that may happen.


9:08 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that if Jackie comes back, she will go after Vanessa, & even though he wants her to make it to the final 4, if she goes that's o.k., because they have to protect each other. He says, that's why he doesn't want to put James up, he doesn't feel comfortable. Julia goes to the HOHR & asks them how their steak is? Austin says, his is a little well done. Julia tells them that she's going to top the cheesecake with cinnamon & bananas. Austin says, blueberries instead. Liz wants the crepes. Julia says, they aren't getting the crepes.


9:10 PM BBT Liz & Austin tell Julia what flavors of ice cream they want. Austin tells first. Liz starts to tell hers, & Austin says no, Liz continues with what she does want. Austin changes what he wants. Liz tells Julia to leave them for their alone time. Liz & Austin continue to talk game.


9:13 PM BBT In the CBR, Meg & Vanessa talk about the days left in the game. Meg tells Vanessa tomorrow is the 24, if she has her days right. (Which she does). Vanessa says, she's leaving nom's the same. Vanessa says, someone leaves this week & comes back. She says, the following week should be 2, then it will be 1 until the last week. Vanessa says, they will be freaking out for the double eviction. Meg says, she's so happy to make the final 8. Vanessa tells her they did it.


9:16 PM BBT In the HOHR, Austin & Liz talk about the different stories that Steve & John have about starting to work together, that's why he doesn't want to use the Veto. Austin asks Liz if she's ready for dessert? Liz says, she is, & they aren't here at the right time. She says, they leave their plates their like that. She looks in the mirror next to the table & says, they are funny.


9:17 PM BBT Julia goes to the HOHR & tells them she brought a guest. It's Steve. Liz says, Stephan, her favorite waiter. Julia asks what's still on the plates? Austin says, it's the fat they didn't cut off. Julia tells them she can't find the blueberries. Liz tells her where they are calling her names. Liz throws her napkin at Julia & tells her to take it with her. Austin asks why she isn't getting the steak sauce? Julia says, she doesn't have enough arms.


9:19 PM BBT Liz wants at least one more date, & says they are moving pretty fast. Austin talks about their first date at the bowling alley & playing Pot Ball. Steve took the steak sauce to the KT when Julia took the plates. Julia, James & Steve go to the HOHR with the dessert. Liz says, now, if they made this during BB Chef, they may have won. They turn the lights out to show Steve how the battery candle looks in the dark.


9:21 PM BBT Julia tells them she will be back in about 10 minutes or so to get the plates. She says, let the conversation roll like a good bottle of wine. Steve tells her to shut up, & pulls her out of the HOHR. Liz compliments the dessert. Austin says, it's an excellent dish & it's the nightly treat. Liz says, it's the nightly treat & he can't have anymore. Austin says, oh, no way.


9:23 PM BBT Liz tells Austin that she's glad that Becky left, because she was her biggest physical threat. She says, if her toe heeled she could have won. She says, she doesn't want her to come back. Austin says, if she does come back, she'll probably put Vanessa & her up & back door him. Austin says, 3 of the 4 won't put John up, so that's a reason for him to go. Liz says, they put him up as a pawn. Austin says, for a back door target. Austin says, if he survives this eviction, he's good to go.


9:26 PM BBT Julia, James & Steve go to the HOHR to tell them she is clocking out for the night. Liz says, she's not done. Julia asks how they would rate the food on Yelp? Austin says, 3 stars because the chef went to the bathroom & didn't watch his hands. (Was he talking about himself? LOL.) Austin tells them they are in the middle of something right now, & they would like to finish. Austin tells Steve, BOI get out of here. Liz tells him to go back to babysitting. Julia stares at them as she walks to the door. Liz keeps looking at herself in the mirror & says, that she likes it there to look at herself.


9:29 PM BBT Austin says, since their relationship is progressing nicely, & he would like to see Liz outside the house, he wants to ask her something. Liz asks what he wants to ask? Austin says, "Will you be my girlfriend?" Liz says, you are asking me to be your girlfriend, even though you have a girlfriend back home. Austin says, no, he doesn't, & he can't say anymore about that. Austin tells her that he doesn't want to go any further without commitment.


9:30 PM BBT Liz wants to know if he's only asking her this because of what happened yesterday? Austin says, no, they will be living across the country from each other. Liz asks him if he's asked girls this before? Austin says, no. Liz says, you don't think that you need to clarify some things with the ex-girlfriend, before you ask someone else to be your girlfriend. She says, furthermore, has anyone ever asked someone to be their girlfriend on BB? Austin says, he wants to know there's a level of commitment to work towards, & it could be just for there if she wants. Austins says, they have spent a lot of time in bed. Liz says, ah, hello. Austin says, cuddling & kissing. Liz says, that's very respectful & to answer the question, yes, she will be his girlfriend. She kisses him & says, it makes her feel a little better about their situation.


9:33 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that she may want to try out L.A. for a while. Liz says, she likes the weather there. They are holding hands under the table. Austin says, he did this for her honor. Liz says, she feels bad about his situation, & the ex-gf, & if he's willing to do this right now, it tells a lot. Austin says, he's going to clarify things in his blog, but he shouldn't have to. He says, it should be fine, totally fine. Liz says, this shouldn't change anything, because they are still going to be the way they are. Liz says, now she's his girlfriend. Austin says, he wanted to do this for afterwards mostly, especially for the wrap party where everyone will be attacking her. Liz says, & they whole week. Liz says, they will take it slow. Austin says, especially when the alcohol is flying. Liz says, she's not like that. Austin says, he hopes not. She says, she had a phase & she's over that.


9:36 PM BBT Liz asks him who knew this? Austin says, James, Meg & Steve. He says, they encouraged him to do it. Austin explains his story leading up to asking her to be his girlfriend. He says, he wanted to make sure they had some level of commitment, especially if they still feel the same way after they leave. Liz says, the last guy just started calling her his girlfriend, & didn't ask her. Austin says, she's his babe. She says, BAE. Austin says, his one babe, & you just can't not state it. Liz asks him if he's ever been in a long distance relationship? Austin says, no, not a committed one.


9:39 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that he may be traveling if he can do wrestling after the show. He says, but if he stays at the gym, he will stay in L.A. He says, he has a friend that was flying around with his girlfriend because they both were wrestlers. Austin says, his ex-girlfriend wanted someone there, & he was there, because he was in rehab. He says, he doesn't want that lifestyle & it's best for both of them. He tells Liz that they have a similar outlook on things.


9:41 PM BBT Liz says, she feels better, because essentially he & his girlfriend would have ended after this. Austin says, they probably ended when he first kissed her, or he told her that he liked her. Liz asks him if she is still watching? Austin says, she may never have watched, because she didn't support him doing this. He says, he has to be true to himself, & he's learned that over the last so many months, & this has helped him more to.


9:42 PM BBT Austin says, this week as HOH is hard, because he has to hit it head on & tell someone that he's been working with that they are going to leave. Liz says, she thinks they can make things work, & they can see where it takes them. Austin says, that's all they can do, because they don't know where the scary world will take them. He says, now he has someone to go through it with. Liz smells his hand & tells him that his hands smell like coconut to. Liz says, hug, & they hug. She wants to meet Austin's dogs. Austin says, they may not like her. They get up to clean the table off.


9:44 PM BBT Austin says, he needs to figure out what he's going to write in his blog to her parents. Liz says, he'll come up with something, he can write about the date. Austin asks where the white balls came from? Liz says, form the dresser, & she puts them on it. They hug & kiss each other. Liz says, she loves his hugs & kisses. Austin says, he loves her kisses so much, they're the nicest.


9:46 PM BBT Liz says, great, now they are all going to probably ask, I hate you. Austin says, it's all silly, anyways. Liz says, they made it great for the show. They leave the HOHR. She tells HG's in the KT she said no. Julia & Steve are in the BY playing pool. Julia says, they came down. Julia asks Liz to go to the BY. Julia asks Liz what Austin asked her? Steve & Austin go to the BY. Julia says, she didn't know. Austin asks why she's the only one in the house that didn't know? Julia says, she's always the last to know. Steve tells her that Liz officially has a boyfriend. Julia tells Liz she wants all the juicy details.


9:48 PM BBT Julia tells Steve if she knew he was going to be that serious & he was going to ask her to be his girlfriend she would have made the crepes. She says, she feels horrible. She says, they are official. Liz has a boyfriend, Liz has a boyfriend. Julia asks Steve if Austin broke up with Jen then? Steve says, he doesn't know. Julia asks, did he do it in the DR? Steve says, he doesn't know. Liz comes out & tells Julia that she asked Austin if would would go a step further & have sex with her? Julia asks, in the house? Liz says, no, he can wait until outside the house. Austin comes to the BY. Julia tells them to kiss & tells them if she knew, she would have made them the crepes.


9:51 PM BBT Julia asks them if they liked how she set it up? They both say, yes. She says, they didn't get mad when she took the candles from the jacuzzi, & she needs to put them back. Julia says, she keeps looking in the SR for alcohol, but there isn't any yet. Steve uses the bridge during the pool game. Julia says, it needs to be illegal. Austin says, professionals don't use them. Steve says, you are allowed to use them. He says, Julia is just mad because he's good at pool. Austin tells Steve, double scratch. Austin didn't think he called the pocket for the 8 ball.


9:53 PM BBT Liz & Julia go by the jacuzzi. They tell Steve to stay away, because they all knew & didn't tell her. John goes to the BY, & says, he didn't know. Liz says, Austin got down to brass tacks & told her that he didn't want her to be his side bitch. Julia says, if he said it like that, it's rude. Liz says, he didn't ask it like that. She says, with Ryan, he never asked her, so this was nice. She says, she had to grill him & give him a couple questions. She tells Julia what she asked him.


9:55 PM BBT Austin tells Julia that in the beginning he announced that he had a girlfriend, & it was part strategy for the show. (Really?!) He tells Julia he wanted everyone to know that he really cares for her. Julia asks if he thinks it will be on the show? Austin says, he hopes so, because it was nice. He says, he didn't do it to be on the show. (He did say he gave them something good for the show a little while ago.) Julia says, as her twin sister, she approves & gives them her blessing, even though it doesn't matter. Liz says, yes it does. Liz says, Julia hasn't approved all of her boyfriends. Julia says, it doesn't matter, because she gives them her blessing. She says, she had no idea, & wouldn't ruin that surprise.


9:58 PM BBT Liz says, she had an idea because she heard James in the KT asking him what she would say. Liz says, they aren't talking about after BB yet, they are just living in the moment. Julia says, yes, because they do live halfway across the county. Julia says, Liz isn't opposed to moving away from Miami eventually. Julia says, she does have a job in Miami, & California may be good for her. Liz says, she does miss them. Austin says, there may be some good things out in L.A. Julia asks where he would live if he lived in Florida? Austin says, Orlando. Julia says, Wh*rlanda. Julia wants to know if he wants to get into wrestling after this? Austin says, yes. He says, he wants to get his athletic business going big, which should happen after this.


10:02 PM BBT Austin tells them he doesn't want to go back to where he was & be a peasant status. He wants to make it big with more money. He says, he doesn't want to be a peasant & work hard for not a lot of money. He wants to be able to afford a yacht like John Cena. Julia asks if he's still going to hook her up with a friend of his? Austin says, yes, if the other one doesn't take her. They talk about wrestling.


10:04 PM BBT James goes to the BY by the jacuzzi. He tells Julia thanks for letting sticking him with the clean-up & dishes. They talk about the steak being overcooked. Julia says, they cut off a little piece to try it. James wants to know what the camera showed of them taking the little taste of it. James says, Julia was eating the steak like a savage.


10:04 PM BBT James goes to the BY by the jacuzzi. He tells Julia thanks for letting sticking him with the clean-up & dishes. They talk about the steak being overcooked. Julia says, they cut off a little piece to try it. James wants to know what the camera showed of them taking the little taste of it. James says, Julia was eating the steak like a savage.


10:07 PM BBT They talk about the food that was made tonight. Austin says, the only thing that would make the meal better is if they had mushrooms for the steak. They talk about Outback. The twins complain about not getting wine tonight. Meg goes to the BY, & says, they never get wine on Sunday. Julia says, they got it last Saturday, Sunday & Monday. James starts goofing around. Everyone tells him to stop. James says, they didn't give them alcohol, why should they be good? Austin says, he's probably the reason they don't have alcohol for all the popcorn he threw at the TV yesterday.


10:09 PM BBT They talk about Zingbot. Julia says, it was a man with brown eyes. Meg asks if he was hot? BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. Julia says, she couldn't tell if he was hot or not. Steve asks what stinks outside? He says, oh, Austin is here. Julia says, Ziiinnnggg. They think that Jason was the reason for the smells when he was there. Meg says, BB keeps bringing it up. Liz says, it makes them think it was her.


10:11 PM BBT Austin says, then they put it on the comic that he smells, which makes it worse. They talk about Jerry falling in the pool. Meg talks about someone pointing out a banner & one leg fell in the pool. She says, there was only one other person there. Steve says, yes, he was under water & his mic was submerged. They all laugh about it.


10:14 PM BBT Meg says, when she saw that in the season she just kept watching it over and over. Steve says, eh doesn't think it's happened since. They still talk about past seasons of BB. Julia says, she has to finish watching that season, because she started it, but didn't finish it. Meg asks Austin about his into video. He says, he did some at his gym & then some at his house. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. Austin says, it was at his gym with gymnastics stuff. Steve says, he was playing with Connex building toys to make big displays. Julia talks about her stuff. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production.


10:19 PM BBT They talk about HG's from New York. Then they talk about the movie Rock Of Ages. Liz & Julia start to sing. Liz says, she used to be in acting. In the KT, John is by himself, eating some nuts from the bowl on the glass table. Austin goes in the KT & asks John how he's doing? John says, he's feeling it. Austin says, he is also. He says, tomorrow should be a good one to.


10:21 PM BBT John asks Austin when he wants to talk so he can lay everything out that he can. John says, he wants the twins to hear what he has to say also. Austin says, he already talked to Steve for about 1 hour. He says, he still wants to talk to Meg & James also. They decide to go to the HOHR to talk. John says, his game talk is pretty short, because he doesn't have a whole lot. John says, the week Austin was going to be back doored, he slept through the whole night. He says, James wasn't going to do it & he wanted Vanessa out.


10:24 PM BBT Austin tells John that he doesn't think Vanessa will be going after him anymore. John says, there will always be doubt in your mind, & he had to squash a lot of beef with her today to. Austin says, she's not going to make a move to hurt her. John says, they have to be on the same page. Austin agrees, & says, that's the decision that has to be made. He says, he has to talk to Steve more, & he wants to know what he talks to James about. John says, everyone leaving is good for his game.


10:26 PM BBT Austin says, the week that James was HOH when Clay & Shelli told him everything, he could have taken him out leaving the twins by themselves, but he didn't do that. He says, he needs to find out something concrete if James ever did or said anything that will put them in danger next week. John tells him to cut out the game & go with his cut. John says, if Jackie comes back, she may go after them. John says, if Shelli or Becky go back they will go after him. John says, whoever goes out this week will have to go after them also. John says, he may have messed up his game when Clay was telling everyone to vote him out. John says, he was the swing vote.


10:28 PM BBT John says, he seems things have spiraled out of control since he told Clay that he didn't know about voting him out, because Vanessa was in Shelli's head. Austin says, it was just between him & Vanessa. John tells him he didn't know what to do, because everyone wanted them out for different reasons. John says, he made his decision based on how they wanted to go out. Austin says, he wanted to keep Clay, but he was scared that he would just slip back in because he was close to everyone.


10:30 PM BBT Liz goes to the HOHR. John tells her to come in to hear them talk. Austin asks John how he became friends with Clay? John says, because they both wanted to play a loyal game. John says, if the 3 of them want to make it to the final 3, someone has to take them out at some point. John says, they will do it on their terms, & he will work with them to take them on their terms. Austin says, he doesn't know when someone wants to make a big move, & anyone coming back from jury may make a big move. John says, any of the people coming back could go after them.


10:32 PM BBT Austin says, if Vanessa uses the Veto, that will force his hand. He says, if she doesn't use it, it will force him to send one of them home. He says, she's going to do what's in her best interest. Austin says, he wants to talk to Vanessa to find out if things are consistent with what people are saying. Austin says, he was trying to find out if the final 2 was a real thing? John says, they were forced to the alliance with Clay & Shelli. Austin asks if it was forced? John says, yes. Austin asks what about Becky? John says, she was in the mix. John says, he & Steve are just close, because they are nerds. John says, on the double eviction they had different moves that they didn't agree on. He says, Steve wanted to take out Jackie & John wanted to take out Vanessa. John says, Steve wasn't going to take out Vanessa. John tells Austin Steve has never talked game before like this to anyone as much as he's been talking to him lately about game.


10:35 PM BBT Austin says, Steve knows his game backwards & forwards from watching everything unfold. Austin says, he's glad that John talked to him & he trusts him. He says, he doesn't believe he's hiding anything at this point. John says, he doesn't have anything else, because he's lost everyone in the game. John says, if he stays, & has to take them out, he'll take them out like if they were the final 3 in the way they want to go. Liz is laying on her microphone, so we can't hear what she says.


10:37 PM BBT John asks if they want to know anything else. Austin says, he just is looking for more information on James. John says, James told him if it was them as the last to in the HOH Competition he would have thrown it to him. Austin asks if that's because he wanted John to take out Vanessa? John says, yes. Austin asks if there's anything with Meg? John says, the only thing she did was ask him if he had anything else to say about Vanessa? Austin says, that's fine, because she didn't understand the gravity of things, & he & Meg had talked about that. Liz says, she's not worried about Meg at all. Austin says, Meg didn't pull a big trigger move, it's James always doing that for her. John says, he doesn't have anything bad to say about them, & he doesn't know if they said anything about him. Austin says, nothing negative, & they are in their own little spot probably hoping Jackie comes back. Austin says, he needs to talk to others to see what's going on.


10:40 PM BBT Austin says, he doesn't want to make the wrong decision. John says, he can't come up with anything. Austin & Liz thank him. John leaves the HOHR. Austin asks Liz what she thinks? She asks what he said? Austin says, he didn't have anything to say about James, he only has issues with Vanessa. Austin tells Liz, if James & Meg are still there & Jackie comes back, he thinks that they will make sure Jackie doesn't go after them. Liz says, they need to talk to them about that, because she says, they don't want to save them for them to go after them. Austin says, basically John says, he will be their bitch.


10:42 BBT Liz lays down on Austin & her top almost falls out of her dress, & her bra is showing on the sides of her dress. Austin says, the final 4 HOH is a moot point. He says, it's the final 5 that matters more. Austin says, if Vanessa is still in the house then everyone may go after her. Julia goes to the HOHR. She asks them where Vanessa is? She says, she may be in the DR. Julia says, she saw that John talked to him. Austin says, he scampered a little bit. Austin says, he kind of threatened him a little bit. He says, when the people come back from jury they may go after him, & he says, if he or James come back they may have to go after them also.


10:45 PM BBT The twins don't understand why they would go after them. Austin says, one of them has to go. He says, Steve is still scaring him. Austin says, if Steve doesn't tell him what he & John talked about, & he lies to him again, he will go. Liz mocks the way John was talking when he was up there, telling Julia what he said. Julia doesn't understand it. Austin says, why would he decide one of them to leave? Austin says, if John doesn't just throw it in the final 4 to let them take him out then he goes home, or he loses their votes. (Why does he think he can bully John?)


10:48 PM BBT Austin says, he wants to make sure everything with James is on the up & up, & once again everyone was trying to throw James under the bus. Julia asks if he believes John? Austin says, yes, John has told all they know. Austin says, it's really only been Steve to throw James under the bus. Austin says, Steve & John could have made stuff up & then it would just be their word against Meg & John. Liz & Julia tell Austin where everyone is. Austin asks if they all went outside to talk? Julia says, maybe to play pool. Austin says, Jesus. (Are they not allowed to talk to anyone?)


10:50 PM BBT Julia wants to make cookies & asks if they will eat some? Liz says, they will eat one. Julia says, goodbye. Liz asks where the orange pillows came from? Julia says, they came from the annex, no, the sky bridge. Austin kisses Liz. Liz says, she wants to talk. She says, she's so confused, & can't believe that John just said that. Austin asks if that makes her want to send him out more? Liz says, yes. Austin says, he was try to make a point, & it came out wrong. Liz asks what the point was? Austin says, he was just saying that anyone coming back from jury could go after them, & they can't worry about that now.


10:52 PM BBT Liz says, the people that are already in jury are idiots. She says, "That's why you're not here right now, sorry, not sorry," in her whiny voice. Austin tells her not to worry about it. In the BY, John, James, Meg & Steve are all goofing around talking about Oreo cookies.


10:53 PM BBT John asks them what band camp is like? Steve says, he never went to band camp. John says, Meg? Meg says, I've never gone to band camp? What the hell? She laughs.


10:57 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that Steve is already scampering up. Steve goes to the HOHR. Austin says, he talked to John for a little bit. He asks Steve when they started working together, he's confused. Steve says, ask him the question. Austin asks whey they started working together? Steve says, Clay & Shelli were really close, they had a final 2. He says, Clay & Shelli wanted there to be an alliance with them & Steve & John or John & Steve. Steve says, that's probably why John said they had a final 2, because of the Clay & Shelli thing. Austin says, John said it happened & Becky was a 5th person. Steve says, it didn't happen, & is shocked that John said it did. Austin says, he didn't blow him up & he said Steve was talking more game now then ever.


11:00 PM Steve says, the alliance never happened, because they weren't sure if they wanted John & him or John & Becky. Austin wants to talk to Vanessa, but he thinks she's in the DR. Steve says, unless she's in the HNR. Liz says, she may have just come out of the DR. Steve talks about the back door plan for Meg & James. Austin says, that's for Vanessa.

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11:03 PM BBT Austin, Liz, and Steve are in the HOHR.  Austin is trying to figure out what reason he would give for putting up James.  Steve points out that James tried to throw the PoV when James and Liz were competing together. Austin says he has a reason to put James up if Vanessa uses the veto, but he doesn’t know if she will.  Steve asks Austin who he thinks is most likely to put him up next week and Austin says James.  Steve says, okay then. 


11:05 PM BBT Meg is on the BY couch, John is soaking his feet in the HT, James is standing near the HT talking to John about being in the military and being away from family for a long time.  Steve gives Austin a word of caution that John hates the word “alliance.”  The word “team” is okay, but John hates the word “alliance.”  Austin says that in BB, they use alliance.  Steve says he’s just trying to help Austin communicate with Johnny Mac.  They are waiting to hear from Vanessa.


11:08 PM BBT Vanessa is out of the DR.  She was in there for a long time...maybe 2.5 hours.  She settles down on the HOHR couch to talk to Austin, Liz, and Steve.  Austin tells her that he doesn’t have any compelling stuff on James if he had to put James up.  Vanessa says that she would only want James to go up if they were planning to send him out.  Vanessa relays information from her conversations with Meg and James that she felt went really well.  They discuss who Meg and James are targeting....whoever comes back into the house, unless it’s Jackie that returns. 


11:16 PM BBT Steve asks Austin what the advantages and disadvantages of evicting Johnny Mac. Austin says he can’t think like that right now.  He needs to talk to other people first, and also has to consider who might come back into the house.  They discuss whether they can make a deal with James in return for keeping him safe.  Liz turns it around and asks Steve to tell THEM what he thinks the advantages and disadvantages are of keeping Johnny Mac.  Steve is quiet for a moment and then says he doesn’t have anything new to add. Steve’s concerns is that they need to squash the people that are coming after them.  Austin says Meg and James probably are the most likely to come after them. 


11:22 PM BBT Liz points out that John is a lone wolf and someone they can work with vs. Meg and James who are together.   Vanessa asks Austin to let her know what he wants her to do, and then leaves the HOHR.  Steve sticks around to avoid leaving at the same time and then goes to tell Julia to ask Meg and James to come up.


11:24 PM BBT Vanessa tells Julia what Austin wants, and Steve tells her that Austin wants to talk to James first.  Julia pulls on a sweater and then heads out to the BY on her errand.   In the CBR, Vanessa is advising Steve not to push someone else’s agenda because it might put a target on him.  Vanessa felt Steve was giving Austin a hard sell, and tells him that Austin does not like to be controlled. 


11:26 PM BBT Julia comes into the CBR saying she doesn’t know what to do because John, James, and Meg are all in the BY together. 


11:29 PM BBT James goes up to the HOHR to talk to Austin and Liz.  Austin tells James what John told him about James supposed to throw something to him, and James denies strongly.  Austin asks James about his conversation with Vanessa.  James says that Vanessa asked about Meg and how to approach Meg, and also asked James what he would have done had he won the DE HOH. Liz confirms that Vanessa told them the same.  James tells them that he was compelled to throw the PoV where he was competing with Liz, but then he had second thoughts and ultimately did not throw it, but he had to make it look like he was throwing it.  He was stuck in the middle. 


11:34 PM BBT Austin lets James know that Vanessa says she will do what Austin wants her to do with the PoV.  Austin says that she is still really looking after her own game.  Austin tells James that he is listening to Steve and Johnny Mac to get more information, but he really doesn’t want to go back on his deal with James.  James is surprised when Austin tells him that Steve and John have been working together since Da’Vonne was in the house, and that Steve and John had a final four with Shelli and Clay. 


11:43 PM BBT Austin doesn’t feel like John has the brains to be the mastermind, and Steve must be putting things in John’s mind.  James points out that Vanessa felt that John also didn’t come up with the idea that caused the blow-up with Clay just before Clay was evicted.


11:48 PM BBT In the CBR, Vanessa and Steve discuss who John is connected to.  In the HOHR, Austin says that John doesn’t talk game to anyone that Austin knows.  James points out that all the people John spoke to have gone out.  Liz says that it’s obvious that the noms will stay the same, but she’s on board for targeting the person who comes back into the house.


11:55 PM BBT Meg joins Austin, Liz, and James in the HOHR and they start to tell her what they have been saying about John.  Austin says that he has heard a lot of stories today.  Austin says that no one really knows how close they are as a [group of] 5.  Austin tells her that John told him that James had told him that James would throw the last HOH comp to John if they were the last 2.  Meg is quiet until Austin tells her that James told him that what John said was a bold-faced lie.  Meg is dumbfounded.  Austin tells Meg that Steve and John had a final four with Shelli and Clay... and they keep rehashing.

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