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Survivor Live - Episode II


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The fair Morgana was told that it was down between Lydia and Brianna, and that it was a last minute act to save Lydia. Lydia told her tribe that she was going to need hip replacement surgery soon, and wanted to sit out any running or action challenges.

Morgan loved Raif, and said they enjoyed him so much they just wrote off his performance. It was also Reward, there were 3 days before Tribal Council, he is very smart and he had the physical strength of a bigger male.

She said there was a balance between working hard in camp, and working hard in challenges. Lydia was not strong in challenges so she worked extra hard in camp. Brianna and Brandon for Yaxha were also puking after the hike, which was not shown.

They brought 6 bags in corn, and it was not desperation but boredom with corn that drove some of Yaxha to the ants. The tadpoles was more psychological than of protein value.

The Danni comment about Gary being the football player went over most people's head, according to Morgan, and she didn't pay it any attention when it was brought up in camp. He has been building a character of being religions, doing missionary work, and if the truth ever comes out, the question will be what else is he lying about. Morgan said she only know that he was not a famous football player.

Morgan says her mistake was in trusting her teammates. She never had a chance to lobby for herself as did Lydia. She thinks it was not about her being lazy but about finding a scapegoat. There was no obvious choice.

She had made alliances and was very upset after being voted off because none of them supported her. Gary approached Amy, who approached Stephanie, who approached Brianna to go to the merge. But the alliances went out the window because the tribe thought they needed to keep the males.

Morgan was so excited to be there, first time out of the country, the youngest of the group, in a Mayan ruin. They could have brought down Daniel Lieu and she woudl have been excited. She had a feeling that there would be two more added to the tribe, because 16 was too small a number.

Jaime never verbalized his unhappiness with Stephanie to the tribe. Morgan said that she had a wiered feeling about Gary from the start. Morgan said she surprised herself physically in the challenges; she was prepared mentally but had tried to gain weight before teh show and couldn't.

Morgan said that the editing did not show that everyone was sitting down at different points, and everyone was drinking water. Morgan said she was one of the few who knew how to use flint. Raif, the wilderness guide, did not know how. He also lost his shoe in Reward. Even thought they were close, Raif did not warn Morgan and voted with the tribe against her.

Morgan thinks the Nakkum women are a forced to be rekkoned with. She was really confused that Blake seemed to be so weak but then plow through challenges. He was very sweet to the women of both tribes. Bobby Jon and Judd are huge as well, and Judd lived up to his promise of being the hero.

Morgan said she didn't think it was Raif taunting Nakkum last espisode, but it sounded like something Brian would do. Neither Morgan nor Jenna recognized Roger More as James Bond but did remember who he was in Spice World. This has nothing to do with Survivor bat but it does show a cultrual division with Dalton, the co-host of Survivor Live.

Morgan wrote an open letter to Brian. She said that taunting the other tribe was rude, and wants to know if he really thought she was lazy or just trying to save Lydia. Either way, he is a big jerk.

Former Survivor Andrew Savage calls in. He thought the first two episodes were over the top, and things that Gary made a key tactical error, but it is easy to be an armchair quarterback. The game is not about the money but about relationships. If he had gone to the tribe and talked about how you have been an everyday person over the last 15 years, it would probably have been accepted. Morgan agreed.

He will also be watching to see if Bobby Jon and Blake recover to full health. He said that the Morgan tribe went through so much, turning a trainwreck around, have remained very close today, something most other Survivor tribes have not been able to do. He is now an attorney with Yahoo. He predicts Margaret as the winner of Survivor 11.

Morgan is currently singing and dancing in a Halloween show at Six Flags/Chicago starting as Zambina. It's like Rockey Horror for kids (minus the transvestites from outerspace). She has actually worked there for a number of years.


Who notes that Bobby Jon was still so disoriented that he went to Tribal council anyway...

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