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Wednesday, August 19 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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Thank you!

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 4:28 am BBT Good Morning USA! Yes we still have houseguests up. Steve, JMac and Becky are in the BY on the Hammock talking about past house guests and feeling good that at least they made it to jury.

 4:32 am BBT Becky did not really think that Da really was a teacher and she explained the clues that made her think that. Steve said that someone lies every year. Steve said of the three of them out in the BY the most likely one to lie about their job would be Becky. Steve said that Vanessa is a DJ that went to law school. Becky said she is also a poker player. They are now speculating what all the house guests jobs are for real.

 4:37 am BBT Steve asked Becky if she wanted to sing and Becky said no we can’t sing and then Steve begins to sing so we get FotH.

 4:38 am BBT Feeds come back and we hear JMac saying those are the rules man and Becky told Steve not to fight BB. Talk changes to pet birds.

 4:40 am BBT The BY group is now talking about wanting to see the intro to this year’s BB show and they wonder which towns that BB has went to visit the house guests families then we get FotH again.

 4:43 am BBT Feeds come back and the discussion is now about Becky’s sore toe and about feet in general.

 4:45 am BBT Becky told Steve from now on when Austin says Steve this needs to be taken care of, then Steve needs to reply ask me if I care and then just walk away.

 4:48 am BBT The BY group is now talking about music and JMac said that he does not download music online, he just buys albums.

 4:49 am BBT Becky said that it feels like her toe is infected. Steve is glad that his speech is back to normal after his infected tooth made him talk funny.

 4:50 am BBT Becky is tempted to go to the DR and get something for her toe because it is so visibly puffy.

 4:52 am BBT Becky gets up and said that she is going to the DR.

 4:54 am BBT Steve and JMac are talking about Vanessa. Steve really likes her as a person, but it is just her game. They speculate what time it is and Steve said that he is just a night person and he is trying to hang out with Becky a little before she goes.

 4:56 am BBT Steve and JMac are having a discussion about Steve feels like he has to guess what JMac is thinking and feeling. JMac said “hey Steve me and Becky are hanging out and I want you to go inside.” Steve asked if that is really what he is thinking and JMac said yes. Then Steve gets up and says thank you for being honest and told JMac see you were being honest and I said thank you and got up and walked away.

 4:59 am BBT JMac is left in the BY alone while Steve and Becky are in the WA. Steve is using the WC while Becky is putting some medicine on her toe.

 5:01 am BBT Becky heads outside and Steve is walking towards the HN room.

 5:02 am BBT Becky and JMac are now in the BY talking about her toe. JMac said that he will get her some drugs, some of the good stuff. Becky said that she is supposed to keep it elevated.

 5:03 am BBT JMac asked Becky if she has ever felt stressed in the BB house. Becky said never and reviewed everything that has happened.

 5:05 am BBT Steve is in the HN room getting ready to lay down. Becky and JMac are talking about Gronk and going on a cruise.

 5:07 am BBT FotH for a few minutes and then when the feeds come back five minutes later we see JMac in the WA.  

 5:12 am BBT JMac has his clothes and he went to the SR to see if his luggage is in there, but it was not so he went to the HN room and is now laying on the chair going to bed.

 5:14 am BBT Feeds 1 & 2 are on the HOH room with Austin and Liz sleeping. Feeds 3 & 4 are the HN room with JMac, Vanessa and Steve sleeping. I am speculating that Becky went to the DR for her infected toe. 

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 1115PM BBT  Seems there is a hot tub party going on.  Austwins, JMac and Meg all sitting around talking.  Steve is in Kitchen cooking meat again.  James has joined the group and Steve has decided while cooking to wander the house.  Talk is about JMac and the cost license yearly and what prescriptions he can prescribe.  Vanessa is now in the kitchen looking for something, heading outside, saying something about 'fixing something".  Becky has now joined Steve in kitchen for a minute while walking thru to outside.  Becky has returned to kitchen she found her cup.  Chatting with Steve about things.  general chat at hot tub.


1130PM BBT  Liz and Austin in hammock.  Steve and Julia playing pool.  Becky chatting with them about how "slips" are accidently done in the house when removing clothing or in the shower.  Meg and James are on the couches, but nothing is heard from them.  Steve still discussing "slips" and who have been the worst.  Jmac working out with the weights.


1145PM  We find Steve, Meg and James back at the hot tub.  Austwins are up in the HoH with Julia sporting a facial mask.  They are studying the days in the house.  James saying Vanessa going to win this comp coming up, Vanessa is by the dryer folding clothes.  General discussion continues now about which comps have not been done.  HoH is still studying days.  Becky is now walking out towards the hot tub.  James remarks about Becky's toe, Steve says did you try hitting it with a hammer.  FISH when Becky says something about infection and Doctor.  Guess Austin stepped on it??  HoH is still studying.  Vanessa still messing around by the washer and dryer.  Becky says she can't put dressy shoes on right now, doubt she can wear her tennis shoes.  James says if they are shutting the yard down tomorrow morning we in trouble for comp on Thursday. 


1153PM BBT  Julia brings up Vanessa and they all wonder why she has stopped talking to them again, then the talk goes to Becky and her smashed toe.  Talk turns back to Vanessa looking like an inmate in those orange shorts.  Steve is now talking about who is doing laundry together, but he likes to do his own laundry.  James Steve and Becky are at hot tub, Meg has disappeared.  Chat in HoH is about Becky leaving and just other general chat.  They keep coming up with reasons that Becky needs to give them more info or they tell her they go with house and JMac will stay.  Austin gets told not to obstruct his mic, seems he is covering it with the blanket.  Austin gets told again about his mic.  Now they discussing Vanessa leaving next week, just everyone can do what they want, as long as we are safe.  James has left the hot tub area.  Becky and Steve are talking about irritation and feet.  Meg is headed to HoH room.  James was popping up in camera for TV upstairs.  Meg looking for JMac but he is still in the DR. 

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 5:23 am BBt Becky is out of the DR and is now in the WA brushing her teeth.

 5:27 am BBT Becky is done brushing her teeth and goes into the SR to get ice packs that are lying on the counter and then she heads to bed.

 5:29 am BBT It is now quiet in the BB house with all house guests sleeping.

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Midnight BBT  HoH  Meg has joined the group.  Talk about closing backyard at 530AM.  possible comps coming up that would take so long to set up.  Meg was looking for JMac cause he wanted to do laundry.  Becky said that Steve was talking about Vanessa.  Vanessa and Steve seemed to have had a tiff about laundry.  Steve told Meg about (while she was napping) when there is a moment when "everyone is napping except me and Vanessa"...  Steve brought up the fact that Austin seemed to be so close to Vanessa. (to Austin)  Meg says there is a big question mark about JMac.  We see JMac on Cam1 doing laundry.   This is a discussion about who will put up who if they win HoH.  Steve said something about the house being so chill this week.  Steve told Meg that Becky says she knows she is target.  Meg repeats the fact that Becky is going around saying she is okay with going home, when she is the target.  Meg says she is going to have to tell Becky, she is voting with the house, Meg says we need to tell her, don't let her get blindsided.  JMac is playing himself in a game of pool in back yard. 


1215AM  Cam 1/2 Vanessa and Steve in HN room sleeping   HoH is on Cam 3/4 Meg and Austwins still talking.


1230AM  JMac walking around in backyard, messing with weights.  Meg and Austwins still in HoH chatting.  Seems most of the HGs are all asleep.


1245AM  JMac  and Becky talking on couches in backyard.  Austin come out and was going to do laundry.  Becky and JMac offer to start it for him cause JMac's laundry is still in.  Liz is yelling for Austin.  Meg leaves, Steve enters room.  He sits on couch in HoH and chats with Julia (I honestly think Steve has a crush on Julia-Granny)  Meg is down checking her laundry, says she will be back to check on the dryer.  Julia joking with Steve says we need to back door Liz---Liz just ran past the camera in HoH with toilet paper in hand--  Steve is still talking to Julia about noms next week and general chat continues.


1255 Steve and Julia still trying to have a convo in HoH.  Austin and Liz are having a tickle fest in bed.


1AM  Steve is getting ready to leave HoH and is told to take "Oscar" with him, Julia walks out with Steve.  Make out session in HoH begins.  Becky and JMac still talking in backyard.  General chat.


115AM  We see Liz removing eye makeup.  Becky and JMac still chatting in backyard. 

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129AM  Becky and JMac still talking in backyard about Campus life while in college.  Steve and Vanessa playing chess. 


139AM  James is standing by door in WA scaring Julia again.  Julia sqeals and does her whine Steve.  Then she hollers at James.  She wants to check the whole room before she turns out lights. in the HoH room Liz is laying all over Austin


146AM Cam 1/2 Becky and Jmac in backyard chatting.  Cam 3/4 Steve and Vanessa playing chess  THIS continues till around 215AM when we see that JMac and Becky have now moved to the hammock in backyard, but still general chat.  Steve and Vanessa still playing chess.  we can hear one of the twins in the background. 


228AM  Liz has stopped by the Chess table, Austin by hoh door, Julia got called a gremlin whore by Liz (she standing by Memory wall)  Talking to Steve about how it has taken this long to get to know Steve and how easy he is to get along with and loving to kid and joke with him.   Becky and JMac still by hammock chatting.  235AM Liz and Austin go back to bed.


240AM  Becky and JMac still at hammock comparing notes now on Vanessa.  Vanessa is now trying to analyze Steve to his face about how he is hiding and shielding himself against people.... (she really has no clue how nervous she is making Steve)


255AM Vanessa has stopped grilling Steve at the chess table, they have now gone to the backyard and are sitting by the hammock talking to Becky and JMac.   Vanessa talking about how wide awake she is and has so much nervous energy.


309AM  Vanessa is now giving "wealth" information to Becky and JMac.  Steve was inside and is now back with the others at the hammock.  Becky has moved onto the hammock with JMac. 


320AM still the same 4 at hammock chatting. 

330AM  All cams on group in backyard.  talking about stories everyone is telling

340AM  Jmac and Steve chatting by hammock in Backyard.  Becky in kitchen with pan of water (soaking foot?) 

350AM we have FISH there goes Steve in Bathroom, Becky rejoins JMac at hammock  At 352AM we had FISH for a short time, JMac and Becky in Backyard, Steve scrubbing teeth in Bathroom, and 353AM we have FISH again. 

4AM   Becky and JMac and still in backyard  401AM Steve rejoins backyard. 410AM Scenerios are being run in backyard about what happened with DE and Jackie going home.  It is a JMac, Becky and Steve discussion.  415AM Steve keeps saying "that is also what she said" to comments being made by JMac and Becky.  These 3 seem to be really getting to know each other.  The comments are things they say and Vanessa originally started.

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 9:02am BBT: HG are still snug in their beds sleeping.


9:15am BBT:m Becky is up limping to  through the KT Getting ice then we get FOTH. Feeds back and Becky has ice in a metal bowl going to the DR with it.


 9:27am BBT: We now have FOTH as  BB might be waking the HG for the day.


9:37am BBT: All hg still sleeping.


 9:40am BBT: Becky comes out of the DR crying and goes to the OBR talking to meg and James about her toe  being infected and hurting. meg ask does the ice help and she says a little. James ask if she took some Advil and meg says yeah she did but she took to much. Becky lays down in her bed and covers up.


 9:52am BBT: Vanessa in the OBR talking to Becky about her toes being infected and says that sucks. James in WA doing ADL's and we get FOTH.

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10:15am BBT: feeds are back with James going through his stuff talking to meg in the OBR . Vanessa in the KT.


10:18am BBT: Vanessa has gone back to bed in the HNBR. Steve sitting in the OBR with meg, James and Becky talking about Becky toe and Steve jokes he wants to hit Becky in the toe.


10:23am BBT: meg telling James and Becky she can not wait to call her mamma. James says he ripped his bag and meg says John ripped his too. 


 10:26am BBT: Steve, Meg and James talking about finale night and if their parents will be there and Steve says yeah mine will be we talked about it before i came here. meg says i did not even think about finale stuff and we get a brief FOTH.


 10:30am BBT: Steve tells Becky her eyes look swollen and meg says duh she has been crying and Steve looks at Becky again and Becky says it is excruciating pain. Steve says i am sorry. Meg and James talk about a comp should be a spelling bee and Steve says i never been in a spelling bee. James explains how a spelling bee works.


10:35am BBT: Becky, James,and meg laying in bed while Steve sits in a chair in the OBR and Steve telling a story about   his mom wrapping a present at Christmas time and she went to lay a package down and it landed on her toe so we are taking her to the ER and my brother and his new wife show and we tell them we are going to the ER so it was weird talking to my brother and meeting his wife for the first time and we get FOTH.


10:40am BBT: Becky goes to the KT to get food, She comes back and gets back in the bed to eat. James and meg and Steve are talking about DR Will and Mike Boogie and how they played the game. In the HOH rm Austin and Liz are snuggling.


10:48am BBT: Austin caressing Liz in the HOH bed as she tries to sleep. In the OBR Meg, James, Steve and Becky talking about pasts HG being at the finale and they may get to meet them.


10:55am BBT: Hg still laying in bed some are sleeping and meg and James are picking at each other again. Steve is in the KT putting his bowl away.

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11:00 AM BBT  Becky is telling Steve, James, and Meg about Amanda and McCrae's wedding is BB15 and how great she thought it was. She said only a little portion of it made the live show and she couldn't believe it. Now she understands. Meg asks if the BB voice ever makes it to the live show and he said rarely. We get FOTH and come back to Steve telling them about BB2 when Justin got expelled for threatening a HG with a knife. He tells them the BB voice was heard that season on the live show.


11:05 AM BBT  Meg and James are joking back and forth and Meg says, "Weren't you just on trial yesterday? And convicted" James tells her he was but it was fixed. He tell them that the only person in the 'courtroom' that had any sense was Becky.  Meg says she doesn't have the energy to take James on today. James asks her what else she has to do. She is laying in the bed with the covers over he head. Steve leaves the room and heads to the HNR to lay down.


11:10 AM BBT  All is quiet. Meg, Becky, and James are trying to sleep in the OBR. Feeds 3 and 4 are focused on Steve who has covered his head with a blanket in the HNR.


11:25 AM BBT  Sleeping HG...


11:35 AM BBT HG snoozing away. 

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11:55 AM BBT No changes. Someone can be heard snoring in the OBR.



12:10 PM BBT  BB is allowing the HG to catch their zzz's today! Feeds 1 and 2 focused on the OBR where James, Becky and Meg are sleeping. Feeds 3 and 4 are focused on Steve, John, and Vanessa who are asleep in the HNR.

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12:15 PM BBT  Becky moves around, adjusting the ice she has on her toe and then she lays back down. Feeds 3 and 4 switch to the KT where Austin has arisen. he walks through the house and goes to the SR to get some pancake mix and heads back to the KT to begin preparation.


12:25 PM BBT  Austin's first attempt at the pancakes isn't a success as he mumbles to himself that they are too thick. He pours the batter back into the bowl from the skillet and adds more milk then washes the skillet before making his next attempt.[it's an exciting day in the BB house, folks! --Morty].


12:30 PM BBT  Becky is called to the DR. James tells her good luck. She limps away, in visible pain. Austin is still cooking and he's doing dishes.


12:40 PM BBT  Austin has made a breakfast feast of pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs.

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12:50 PM BBT  Austin heads to the SR to get some Nutella to put on the pancakes. He breaks up some little pieces of something (nuts?) and adds some powdered sugar. Then he says, "Boom." He plates the eggs and the bacon. After plating everything on to 2 plates, he begins to make coffee.


12:55 PM BBT  Austin pops one of the plates in the microwave for a couple seconds and heads up to the HOHR. He puts one plate on the glass table and goes over to Liz and says, "Your breakfast. A special treat." Liz asks what time it is and he says he doesn't know. Maybe twelve. He says he made her one pancake with Nutella and one without. She tells him she is so excited.



12:59 PM BBT  Austin tells Liz she is missing all the action. She asks who else is awake and he tells her no one. She laughs and says then there's no frickin' action. She gets up and gives him a hug. He squeezes her butt. She sits down and takes a bite of the pancakes. She tells him he makes pancakes better than her.

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1:04PM BBT Liz and Austin head downstairs so they can have coffee. James in bed and Becky in bed. Her foot is up on a pillow.


1:12PM BBT Becky is in pain. BB had to cut open the injury to release the pressure. Liz tells Becky that the coffee pot exploded on her (Austin did not put the plastic holder to hold the coffee bag in and it fell through and coffee went everywhere).She tells Becky that they are both having an interesting morning. Austin is telling Vanessa that he made a mistake. Vanessa says it was an accident.


1:16PM BBT Liz is whining to Vanessa. Vanessa says it was an accident and Austin didn't mean it. Liz says she just wishes it wasn't her. Liz says that Austin has to buy her a new dress.


1:19PM BBT Liz is complaining that she has 3rd degree burns on her hands as she eats her breakfast. She says that Austin better clean up the mess. Julia tells her that maybe she should have made the coffee since Austin was cooking. She said she was sleeping.


1:25PM BBT James tells Liz that the stain looks like a uterus. Austin says it looks like a heart. Liz screams that it does look like a uterus! And cries that she has a uterus on her. James whispers and ovaries.

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1:33PM BBT Liz tells Austin is on time out today because although he made her a breakfast he almost killed her with the coffee.


1:42PM BBT Becky, Meg and Julia talking in the CBR. Becky is sitting up now. They are laughing. Becky says Liz came running in and told her what happened. Becky says it looked like Liz's water broke. Julia laughs.


1:47PM BBT James and Austin are talking about if Becky could compete if she stayed. Becky in the BR telling Julia that she has had problems with that same toe and has lost the toenail before several times.


1:57PM BBT Meg taking a shower. Van is doing ADLs and James/Austin doing some type of court case again.

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2:00pm BBT: Vanessa and Meg in the WA doing ADL's while James , Julia and Austin are in the KT . James is eating Julia is cooking and Austin talking about using Irish spring.

 2:02pm BBT: Austin now in the HOh rm drinking coffee while Liz is in the shower.
2:08pm BBT: Austin sitting on the HOH bed waiting for Liz to come out of the shower. In the KT Julia says i do not trust Austins coffee so do not tell him. James says why did you pour that out and waste it and Liz says cause i am making my own coffee. Austin can make Liz's coffee but i will make mine and if you tell him i will tell him what happened lastnight. James ask what happened and Julia says i lied under oath.
 2:10pm BBT: Steve now up and in the LVR talking to Becky and she says she needs to go back to the bed and tries to get up and yells cause her toe hurts. James says Becky stay down and she says i guess i will stay here. Steve says i can pick you up and carry you back to the bed and Becky says no i will just stay here.
 2:15pm BBT: Julia ask Steve if he is glad this is the lat night of having slop and Steve says yeah i am ready to eat but  the pork chops were great this week they helped alot.
 2:22pm BBT: Julia, James and Steve in the LVR talking with Becky about comps that were hard to balance on. In the HOh rm Liz and Austin talk about how Becky is trying to get people to flip the vote cause she in injured and john is not. Liz says no way.
2:32pm BBT: Steve goes back to the HNBR and goes back to bed. Vanessa and John are sleeping . Julia, Becky and James in the LVR talking about diamond earrings.
2:38pm BBT: Austin in the KT thawing chicken in cold water. Julia, James and Becky still in the LVR talking  general talk.
 2:43pm BBT: Meg ask Becky if she would like a turkey sandwich and Becky says she would love one. John comes in the LVR and Becky tells him  she is waiting to get her medication. john asked did they drain it and Becky says yeah and it hurt like hell.  The light above the Tv screen is flickering and Austin says we have to count how many times it flickers for the HOH comp.
 2:49pm BBT: Austin is doing Media training with meg and James. John is making slop as meg is still making sandwiches. BB calls Steve to the DR and James says bye Felisha.
2:50pm BBT: Austin goes to the DR and gets in bed with Liz she ask who was called to DR and Austin tells her Steve was. They are watching the spy screen.
 2:55pm BBT: Meg and James pick on each other. then conversation turns about body parts and Steve.James is now laying on the LVR couch  while Becky gets up and limps to the KT to eat with Meg.
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3:05pm BBT: John is washing his dishes and Becky went back to the LVR couch to elevate her toe.

3:08pm BBT: Liz, Austin and Julia in the HOh rm  and Liz says i am so willing to make a deal and Austin says  yeah so it will not be like when Shelli left. 
 3:15pm BBT: Austin in the KT getting ready to cook chicken. Liz in  the HOh rm rinsing her mouth out. Austin is called to the DR.
3:21pm BBT: Julia in the HOh shower as Liz straightens her hair and Liz says she feels so bad for putting Becky up on the block this week. 
3:29pm BBT: Becky up limping to the DR as Austin just came out of there. Steve says he is cooking a pork chop , John goes to the KT and sits to talk to Austin and Steve as they cook.
 3:35pm BBT: Austin goes to the HOh rm where Liz and Julia are doing ADL's . Liz ask what they talked about in the Dr and Austin says i can not talk about that. Steve still cooking his pork chop and Becky tells him  no pink in the middle to cook it longer.
 3:40pm BBT: Steve finished cooking his pork chop and sits at the KT table  says his prayer and then eats. Julia and Liz in the HOh room arguing about the other doing something the other does not like. Liz goes to the Fridge and gets a drink. Austin is laying on the HOh bed.Austin talking about keeping Becky this week cause he says she can not win an endurance this week. Liz says i don't know. Austin ask Liz what shall we do? She shrugs her shoulders and they talk about having no onions in the house.
 3:52pm BBT: Austin and Liz go to the Kt and Steve is there and Liz ask Son did you hear what your father did to me this morning? Steve says you probably deserved it and Liz whines saying no he did not put the coffee thingy in there to hold the filter and i got burned with coffee. Steve says oh.
 3:57pm BBT: Liz is making more coffee. Steve, John and Becky in the LVR telling stories about glucose and sugar levels.
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4:03PM BBT Liz is trimming Austin's nails. He is complaining saying she is ripping his nails off. She snips slightly and rips the rest of the way.


4:11PM BBT Becky telling Van about her toe. She is still waiting for antibiotics. She can't talk about where she was when they did the medical treatment.


4:26PM BBT Liz, Julia and Austin are cooking and eating. All 4 feeds are on them in the KT. Austin talking about Irish Spring again.


4:29PM BBT Liz is complaining about how Austin is making meatballs. She doesn't want to do it but she wants to direct. Becky complaining that she still doesn't have antibiotics.

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4:32PM BBT Becky is called to the DR for her meds. She limps over to the DR. The HG cheer for her.


4:38PM BBT Becky is out with her meds. Austin is yelling what did you get? and we get FOTH.


4:41PM BBT We get the feeds back and all of the HG are in the LR or the KT. There is talk of food ordering. They are discussing Chinese. Possible during the FOTH they were talked to about take out food.


5:01PM BBT Becky talking about food. She doesn't eat bacon. In the KT There is still food prep and eating going on by Austin and the twins.

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5:07PM BBT Liz and Austin sit down with their meal. Liz is adding ketchup and mustard to chicken. She says she can't have the bun right now because she is having it later. They are getting In N Out the HG say.


5:17PM BBT In the LR Becky, Steve and Meg general chit chatting about home and joking about Meg being from the city. In the KT, clean up from Austin and Liz's meal is going on.


5:23PM BBT In HOH Liz and Julia are discussing Becky. Liz says it is a toe - get over it. Julia says it was funny watching Austin and Liz eat and Vanessa is in the hallway working out. We get FOTH.



5:34PM BBT The HG are all chatting in the LR. Steve says something and Julia throws a pillow at him but hits Becky in the toe. Becky says that she is on vicodin. The HG all says ohhhh and we get FOTH.

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5:46PM BBT In the LR, Becky is telling James and the twins about what they had to do for her foot. Says it is finally feeling a little better.


5:54PM BBT The talk turns to varicose veins. Julia says she has some and shows her foot to Austin. He says those are just your veins. Everyone laughs.


5:59PM BBT Vanessa and John are in the WA. She is asking him if he is pumped to try and win an HOH this week. She tells him he is a great competitor.

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6:05PM BBT In the LR Steve is talking about his past favorite HG. He liked Christine and Helen. The HG talk about how they didn't even write their own bios and we get FOTH for a few seconds.


6:12PM BBT In the LR Austin says that maybe this week is the week that BB will talk to his and Liz's families about their relationship. Liz says that her family hates tattoos with a passion.


6:21PM BBT Vanessa in the WA tells John that she is nauseous. john tells her she need food. Vanessa then offers to help John pack. He says he is fine.

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6:30PM BBT Austin and Liz are back up in the HOHR. he is kissing her head. Vanessa and Steve in the WA still discussing what Vanessa likes to drink. She likes mixed drinks and wine at home.


6:37PM BBT Steve made a bet for a massage with Julia if the HN were allowed to eat more then the IN N Out during dinner. He went into DR. It loses the bet. Up in HOHR, Austin crawls under the covers and they start kissing.


6:47PM BBT In the LR some of the HG are playing 20 questions. In the HOHR Austin and Liz enjoy quiet time together.


6:53PM BBT Liz gets called to the DR. Austin yells that they are relaxing. BB calls her a 2nd time and she jumps out of bed. Austin wonders what more then can ask her and we get FOTH.

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7:04PM BBT All 4 feeds on the LR and the game of 20 questions.


7:18PM BBT All 4 feeds still on the game of 20 questions. It is John's turn to guess.


7:27PM BBT Meg says she is hungry but if she eats then dinner will come. Austin says In N Out takes forever. We get FOTH.

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7:29 PM BBT  In the LR, Vanessa is taking a turn at asking 20 questions of Austin, Liz, James, Meg, and John.  Steve is in the WA cleaning his glasses, and then goes to put away laundry in the CBR.  Becky is laying down there and when Steve complains about a sore back from sleeping in the dentist chair, Becky advises Steve that he should try some stretches with Austin.  Steve asks if Becky is okay and asks her why she is hanging out in the CBR. She tells him it’s because she is trying to get more sleep.


7:35 PM BBT Vanessa is still asking questions in the LR.  Steve is back in the WA and then joins the HGs in the LR, sitting next to John in the empty nomination chair. 


7:36 PM BBT Vanessa gets the answer in her round of 20 questions.  It was a tough one.  Julia comes out of the DR and Liz is called to the DR.  Vanessa asks if people want to play zoo.  Mixed responses and no momentum to play.  James starts setting up for pot ball, which will start in an hour.  Conversation turns to food.  Austin starts listing the steps to getting IN N Out to them, and we get FISH.


7:42 PM BBT Julia has a new catch line she came up with for Irish Spring, and keeps messing it up.  Meg tries to help and says that it was good, but they can’t remember how it went.


7:43 PM BBT Vanessa and John are in the HNR.  Vanessa says there is a lot of young energy. John says he is so hungry.  He’s never had IN n OUT before.  It’s going to be the best part of the day.  They anticipate how good everything will be. Vanessa settles into her chair and starts reading.


7:50 PM BBT Steve, Liz, Austin, and Meg are in the KT.  John and Vanessa are still in the HNR.  Meg is eating something because she is so hungry.  Austin tells her not to spoil her appetite.  We get FISH.  When feeds come back, Vanessa is in the KT talking about reading her bible and chilling... and we get FISH again. 


7:55 PM BBT Meg, Liz, Austin and Steve are in the KT area.  Vanessa is back to reading in the HNR, where John is trying to snooze. 


7:57 PM BBT Austin, Liz, Meg and Steve talking in the KT about take-out food they have enjoyed.  Liz says she is going to die when she sees Austin’s 4-stack burger.  Meg says “no, I’m gonna die” [Meg is vegetarian].  We get FISH.


7:59 PM BBT The feeds have gone to Jeff’s Reels.  It’s time for the houseguests to enjoy their In-N-Out meal.

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9:00 PM BBT The HG's are setting everything up for BB Bowling night. James is setting up the chairs, while Julia uses the Swiffer for the alley. John sets up the empty pop bottle pins. Meg says, there are different volunteer dad's tonight. Meg says, they are out of foil, which they need to wrap the fruit for the bowling balls.


9:04 PM BBT Austin goes to the KT & wants to eat treats, after they just finished their In & Out Burger. Meg asks him how he can even think about that? Austin doesn't answer. James starts off tonight's bowling game. There are bandaids on the floor tonight to place the bottles in the correct position. James knocks down 1 bottle on his first turn, & picks up 7 more on his second turn. Julia gets a strike.


9:05 PM BBT Vanessa knocks down 1 pin & then picks up 5 more. Austin knocks down 5 pins, & gutters his second turn. John knocks down 7 pins & picks up the last 3, for a spare. Steve knocks 7 pins down & gutters his second turn.


9:09 PM BBT Liz knocks down 3 pins & picks up 1 more on her second turn. Meg says, the game goes so much faster & Becky isn't there to make funnel cakes. Meg gutters her first turn. Julia wants to make crepes with Nutella. Meg picks up 8 pins on her second turn. James gutters his first turn & picks up 7 pins on his second turn.


9:13 PM BBT Julia gets a strike again. Vanessa knocks down 3 pins & then picks up 5 more on her second turn. Meg knocks over 1 pin & Austin gutters the second turn. Julia keeps doing different commercials throughout the game. James knocks down 8 pins on his first turn, & gutters his second turn.


9:16 PM BBT John tells Austin they have new volunteer dad's. Austin says, they don't do anything, a volunteer Dentist & a volunteer son. Steve knocks down 6 pins, & he picks up 2 more on his second turn. Julia keeps doing more commercials. Austin wants Steve to do an Irish Spring commercial. He says, son, Irish Spring, time. Liz knocks down 7 pins on her first pin, & picks up 2 more on her second turn.


9:18 PM BBT ***Correction: It was Julia that knocked the 7 pins down & picked up 2 more on the last update, not Liz.*** Meg gets a strike. Everyone yells, "Bonus." James gets a strike. Liz knocks down 8 pins, & gutters her second turn.


9:21 PM BBT Vanessa is up for her next turn, but they need more foil to wrap the fruit up. She says, it's broken, & she can't roll it like that. Vanessa takes her turn & gets a strike. Austin says, the strikes are wild tonight. He says, if she can do it, he can do it. Austin rolls the orange with no foil on it. James tells him that counts as one of his rolls. Austin says, easy, they have to Swiffer the lane.


9:23 PM BBT Steve is taking one of the foil voodoo things apart to use the foil. Julia asks Steve to please not walk on the lane. Austin takes his turn & gets a strike. Liz says, good job honey. Austin says, thank you baby.


9:24 PM BBT James takes his turn & knocks down 1 pin. He picks up 7 more on his second turn. Liz complains that the foil is coming off the balls. Steve gets a strike. Liz says, that's my boy. Liz says, who's winning? Team Stiz, I say yes. She gets up to pick up some of the empty bottles, & pulls her shorts down after each time she bends over.


9:26 PM BBT Julia knocks down 8 pins & gutters her second turn. Liz knocks the last two pins down with the orange, but get caught cheating. Meg says, this ball is big. She rolls her first turn & knocks down 3 pins. She picks up 6 more pins on her second turn. Meg complains about the big ball.


9:28 PM BBT James uses the big ball & it bounces, so they set up 3 pins that shouldn't have went down. James gets 7 pins on his first turn & gutters the second turn. Liz complains about racking the pins & then having to take her turn. Liz knocks down 7 pins on her first turn & picks up 1 more on her second turn. Steve says, he can't stay awake anymore, & goes to bed.


9:30 PM BBT Julia wants to scratch bowling to play Pot Ball. Vanessa knocks down 6 pins on her first turn, & picks up 1 more on her second turn. Austin knocks down 8 pins down & throws the ball right up the center for his second turn.


9:33 PM BBT James rolls his first turn & says it shouldn't count like Austin's didn't. James knocks down 8 pins on his second turn. Julia keeps doing commercials. Steve comes back out & Julia tells him to go back to bed, because he ditched them. The HG's say they heard a female fairy. Julia says, she saw a mysterious man last night. We see FOTH for a moment, twice.

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