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Monday, August 17 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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9:01 PM BBT In the KT, Liz finds out that there's a cheese grater, & she's complains. Julia & James joke around saying that they are sore losers. Liz tells them to shut up. In the BY, Steve tells John that he doesn't think that anyone in the house trusts Vanessa. John says, they need to win an HOH. Steve agrees. Steve asks John what he's thinking since they may be seen as a 3 person alliance? John says, they need to take out Vanessa, & he wants to brainstorm with Steve.


9:03 PM BBT John says, Meg's never going to win anything. Steve says, she will win second of third. Steve thinks it will be a good idea to buddy buddy up with someone. John agrees. Steve says, he's sure he's already probably thought of that, & may have a plan already. John asks Steve who he wants to buddy up with? Steve says, they need to buddy up with someone. John says, maybe Austin. Steve says, he's been nice to him & it's been kind of strange.


9:06 PM BBT Steve says, this week since Austin has been in power, it's the nicest he's been to Steve. John says, he knows they need to game talk, but because he's on the block he really doesn't want to do to much, because he may go then. Back in the KT, the cooking competition continues. James runs off & comes back to the KT. The floor is a dirty mess. Liz says, they are going to copy their plates, but that's o.k. Liz tries Julia's & James' Mac N' Cheese. She says, she was trying to help them out.


9:09 PM BBT Austin tells Julia & James their food looks like dog sh*t with white stuff in it. Liz says, her ham was balsamic glaze. Liz says, their food looks like watery dog sh*t. Julia tells them if they can't be nice to stop saying bad stuff about them. Austin & Liz are putting their dirty dishes on Julia & James' side because they are finished & are trying to clean up, while James & Julia are still under the gun to get their dishes complete.


9:11 PM BBT Julia says, while they wait for their timer to buzz, she was going to the HOHR to get the strawberries they were promised. She asks Liz if she wants them to get the Nutella for them? Liz says, no because she hid it. James tries to use the blue plates that are on the glass table, but they are Liz & Austin's. Liz & Austin his the other plates. Liz says, Julia knows where they are. James pulls silver ones out to use instead.


9:13 PM BBT In the BY, Steve tells John that Becky & Jackie have vendettas against Vanessa for sure. Steve says, Jackie has one against him also. Steve wants to know why John wants to get Vanessa out & not use her as a human shield? John says, she's not a physical threat, & she will float to whoever is HOH. Steve says, yes. John says, Vanessa isn't a bigger threat to them in comps. Steve says, they are both mental. He says, he may not be as mental as them, but he is physical. Steve says, it's weird to think about it, because they don't know who's coming back. Steve says, they can't control that.


9:15 PM BBT John tells Steve that he really wants to get Vanessa out, because he feels that he's her next target. He says, Becky was a bigger target. Steve asks John if he thinks that Vanessa is the only person in the house that's going after him? John says, right now she is. He says, he can get her out of the house with no blood on his hands. Steve says, if he wins HOH. Steve says, he gets what he's saying, & it makes total sense, because even if she's with them, whoever is in power, she will go with them. John says, she freaked out, & she is probably done with everyone. Steve says, even with Austin? John says, she wouldn't have freaked out like she did, she feels alone. John says, it's all legit.


9:18 PM BBT John says, Vanessa is probably catching on. John says, who knows what Meg & James told Liz & Austin about what happened last week & all. Steve says, the 8 person alliance also came out, that didn't happen. John says, he wasn't supposed to hear about the alliance when Vanessa was talking to Shelli & Clay. Steve says, Shelli coming back wouldn't be bad. John says, yes, but without Vanessa there. John says, Becky coming back may be their best bet. He says, then that will stack the 3 of them to still go after before they go after Steve & John.


9:20 PM BBT Steve says, the advantage to winning HOH next week would be that they can make the deal that they want to make. John asks if it might be a mental comp, that way it's physical for someone to come back? Steve says, that would be his guess, but he's been wrong so far. Steve says, this was early for OTEV. John says, he can't believe he played in OTEV. Steve asks John if he threw it? John says, no, & he could not find Jason's name in the blueberry pie anywhere. Steve says, a lot of it came down to luck.


9:22 PM BBT In the KT, Liz says, chicken cordon blue is hard to make in France. Austin says, & in the U.S. Liz is licking her fingers off as she plates the food. HG's are looking for Becky for her judging. Liz runs over to get one of Julia & James' cheeses. Julia tells James not to use too much cheese. She tells him he used too much cheese last time. Steve goes to the KT, & asks what time the entree is coming out? Julia tells James they need more & tells him to bake it for 5 more minutes. Austin asks for a time check. Julia says, it's 9:25 PM BBT. Meg says, they technically have 25 more minutes. Julia tells James to stop looking at Liz & Austin's food.


9:27 PM BBT Liz says, not a pin drop can be heard in the KT. Meg says, it's very tense in here today. Vanessa tells Liz & Austin they did great. James says, their gravy looks like puke. He says, it looks dry. He says, the sauce is supposed to be runny. Austin says, theirs looks drier. Liz & Austin have plated their entree for the judges to taste. Liz says, the entree should be scored higher, because there's more.


9:29 PM BT Meg asks, what are they doing with their lives? Becky says, this is one of the best think they've done with their lives. Austin says, there was contact, & he thinks that will be a huge difference for the score. But, they put a sticker on James & Julia's dish in the last round. (That should wipe it out to make it even.) Vanessa wants them to taste the food.


9:31 PM BBT Liz says, they have a chicken cordon blue, with a vegetable medley, fresh, never frozen, with a mushroom cream sauce. Liz says, the vegetable medley has cashews in it. Becky as if they used turkey bacon? Liz says, it's ham. James says, they went the cheap route. Liz says, chicken cordon blue has ham in it. Meg says, she didn't think they vegetables wouldn't go with it, but the sauce compliments it. Becky agrees, & says, the cashews was a nice added touch. They both agree it's delicious. Austin says, they don't even need to plate their dish, because they've won this round. Liz tells them they only have 8 minutes left. Meg says, they have 18 minutes left.


9:34 PM BBT Liz talks to Austin about what she wants to do for the dessert & starts to run to the SR to get the stuff to make it. Austin tells her she can't do that yet, they have to wait. Liz goes to get the Nutella. Austin says, they aren't going to need the oven. Julia says, they are going to use the oven.


9:35 PM BBT Austin tastes the food & says, that's perfection, it's sizzling. Julia tells James she's trusting him to plate their food. She wants it to cool for a little bit. Julia is chomping tomatoes. Liz says, good luck on the presentation, macaroni isn't the best for presentation you know. Julia tells James they need a spatula.


9:37 PM BBT In the HOHR, Liz gets the Nutella from under the sheets & comforter, where she had it hidden at. She brings a bag downstairs with it, & sets them both on the counter near the sliding glass doors for the BY. Julia tells James their plate looks perfect. Austin asks if they need some help. Vanessa says, it actually looks good, & she's impressed. Austin says, it looks like an appetizer. Julia says, it's a gourmet restaurant. James says, this actually costs more than what they made.


9:40 PM BBT Vanessa tells Julia that she is really good at presentation, & did she learn it from her mom? She says, yes. Julia says, she made them a 5 cheese macaroni & cheese. She says, they spiced it up a bit by putting a corn flake crust to make it crunchy, with maple bacon, so that's why there is a ring of maple syrup around the edge of the plate. Becky says, the cereal has great crisp. James says, look at the competitor, because he was trying the food. Meg says, it's definitely creative. Austin takes more of the food from Meg's plate to eat it.


9:43 PM BBT James says, the judges need to deliberate. Becky is yawning. Meg is trying to eat all of the food. She says, she's never had anything like this. She says, it's very weird tasting, & it's very good. Julia says, they need come back points, because they were sh*tting bricks of how it might turn out. Julia says, they used the back of the box for the macaroni & cheese. Meg says, her mom used to make macaroni & cheese with corn flakes in it. Meg says, it's good again, as she finishes everything on her plate.


9:45 PM BBT Austin says, the judges need to deliberate & they need to discuss their dessert. Austin says, the losers have to clean up. Steve says, James needs to clean up. Meg says, no one was late on time. Austin says, when he goes out to a nice restaurant he wants to be served quickly. James says, a lot of them say on the door that it takes time to make good food. Becky says, she would like vanilla ice cream, but if they think outside the box to incorporate that would be good.


9:47 PM BBT Meg says, the cordon blue was an entree, but the macaroni & cheese was good, & like nothing she's ever tasted. Becky says, the chicken cordon blue was too salty. Meg says, that was a very close call, & they all had very different opinions. Austin says, it should be Meg's opinion only. Vanessa says, presentation scores are 8.5 to James & Julia, & a 9 for Liz & Austin. Liz gets p*ssed off over that, & voices her complaint. Meg says, they are going to be mad. Vanessa says, for taste Liz & Austin get a score of 8, & James & Julia get a score of 7.5. Austin & Liz complain about everything. Meg says, they really appreciated the maple syrup & she wants that in all of her mac & cheese now.


9:53 PM BBT Round two has an 8 for Liz & Austin & James & Julia have a 7.5. James & Julia are slightly ahead in score based on the first round. Austin says, he though it comes down to who wins the most rounds? Julia says, it does, & they have 1 more round. Julia needs a little break. Liz says, she's ready to go. Liz says, she's a fierce competitor. (As shown by how she gets upset when she loses.)


9:55 PM BBT Meg is washing some dishes in the KT. The contestants get 30 minutes for the dessert round.


9:56 PM BBT Austin tells James they aren't allowed to open things because that's prepping. Becky goes to the WA to brush her teeth.

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9:58 PM BBT Austin goes to the WA & Becky tells him Johnny Mac is in the WC. Austin says, Oh, geez. He goes in the WC after John gets done. In the BY, Steve is shooting pool balls in the pockets, while John watches him. Liz asks Julia if she really needed all the corn flakes on the floor for their dish? Meg says, they have 2 minutes left on the break. Julia says, the winner should help clean up, because this is to much to clean. Julia tells James to get 2 eggs, & they whisper. Meg says, 1 minute. Liz, Julia & James all run to the SR.


10:00 PM BBT James & Julia lock Liz out for a moment. Liz takes something they needed. Julia tells James they have the knife. Both couples are vigorously working at getting the desserts started for this round. Liz asks who thought of this idea, by the way? Julia says, her & James. James cuts himself. He says, he's o.k., there's no bleeding. Austin says, if there's no bleeding they aren't trying. James says, this is the most action this KT has seen in 2 seasons.


10:03 PM BBT Julia wants James to start to melt the chocolate. He was going to do it in the microwave. Julia says, no, they are doing it on the stove. She tells him to mix the chocolate, & the stove should have already been on medium. Liz tells Austin to cut the bananas. James runs to the SR to get the powdered sugar, after Julia tells him they forgot it. Meg tells James she just wiped out in the SR because the floor is slippery from an onion peel. She got James a bandaid, & he said he didn't get cut. Liz says, they are going to be stiff competition. Julia says, to shut her up.


10:05 PM BBT Julia says, they should have waited a little while for the chocolate. Julia tells James the chocolate needs to be stirred constantly. James says, no sh*t Sherlock. In the BY, Vanessa is laying on the hammock. Steve is talking to Vanessa. Steve says, Becky would be gunning after the twins if they didn't use the Veto to save her. Vanessa says, she doubts will all be forgotten, because too much went down to forget. Vanessa says, John shouldn't be nervous at all. Steve thinks the votes will lay down 4-2. Vanessa says, yep. Steve asks if she took her foot wear into the DR yet? We see FOTH. When live feeds come back BB says, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's, really loud. Vanessa says, she will do her flip-flop meet boot in the DR tomorrow.


10:10 PM BBT Liz says, their bananas are burning. James is cutting up bananas. Julia tells James he's doing good & to get the honey. Liz asks if he should dip the bananas in egg & then butter? Austin says, yes, as Liz complains. James thinks Liz & Austin may have taken the honey. Julia tells James to stir the chocolate. James says, the chocolate is good to go. The camera gets a close up on Julia's shirt, & she has a Meow shirt on. Liz is making french toast. Julia says, that's breakfast, not dessert. James says, Liz will be cleaning the KT. Liz says, Julia agreed they both will. James says, what's the point of winning, if they both have to clean the KT.


10:12 PM BBT In the CBR, Becky tells John that she will not eat food at an American Italian restaurant. She says, everything in Italy is fresh. She says, if she goes to an American Italian restaurant she would eat a salad with no dressing on it. John says, he's never eaten in Italy obviously. He tries to think of movies that have people eating in Italy. Becky says, even Italian families that move to America have to use the American ingredients to cook the food.


10:15 PM BBT John asks Becky what would be her favorite restaurant to go here? Becky says, a fresh Mexican restaurant. There's one in Santa Monica that she would go to. Becky likes fresh sushi. John says, he eats the sashimi, but he doesn't use the wasabi. Becky says, she loves the wasabi. Meg gets John & Becky to go to the KT.


10:17 PM BBT Austin wants points deducted for not sharing the knife. (They made Julia & James wait for it earlier.) Liz tells Austin to mix blueberries in their dessert. He says, he doesn't know how to do it. James wants to put cookies in their dessert, & Julia tells him no, it's to much. The judges says, WOOOWWWW. Julia says, they have a crepe with caramelized bananas, strawberries dipped in chocolate, with vanilla ice cream. Julia asks if they would like a refreshing glass of milk. Becky says, they are spot on. She says, crepes are very hard to make because of the consistency. Becky finds a hair in hers. She pretends to push her plate away, but keeps eating.


10:20 PM BBT Meg says, they could have gone with one fruit. Julia says, crepes have to have bananas & strawberries. Meg says, the chocolate is a little too much. Julia says, they would have used Nutella, but wasn't allowed by Liz. Becky says, the crape is very well executed. She says, a little more powdered sugar would have been good. Becky says, she's allergic to pistachios. Austin says, then she can't judge taste. Becky says, she will try to pick around them. Liz says, they have a gluten-free Nutella french toast with glazed bananas & pistachios. Becky says, very nice toast.


10:22 PM BBT Julia says, they didn't even make the toast, they found it in the freezer. Liz says, they grilled it, & put a special touch on it. Julia tastes it, & says, it's too heavy. Austin says, they used melted Hershey bars. James says, all joking aside, theirs is a little tough. Liz gets called to the DR, while the judges go to deliberate. Liz screams, NOOOOOO. Meg says, Liz & Austin's was so freaking good. She says, that was a restaurant dessert. Becky agrees. John says, they will blame it on the Nutella. Vanessa says, she though Liz & Austin's presentation was a little better.


10:25 PM BBT The judges leave the CRL. Austin says, there was a hair found in the dessert. Meg asks where Liz is? Becky says, she's getting ready to go to the DR. James tells the judges they were the underdog going into this. Julia says, people are still eating their macaroni & cheese & they still have left overs. Vanessa says, presentation was a tie of an 8.5 between the 2 teams. Taste score was a 7.5 for James & Julia. Liz & Austin got a taste score of 9. Meg says, she's so sorry, but their dessert was kick a**. Julia says, no, they had Nutella.


10:29 PM BBT Liz gets called to the DR again. Julia says, they are very sad. James says, he's never put so much effort into so much in his whole life. Liz says, they are in the KT all the time. Julia says, they should've lost for poor sportsmanship. Julia says, she is very proud of herself, they did very good. She says, she thought the crepes were going to win. Austin says, you guys did great, you got second place. Julia says, they tried so hard. Steve says, to bad your best wasn't good enough.

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10:31 PM BBT Vanessa says, this is the clean up round. Julia says, their bread came from a box in the freezer. Austin asks what would they have done, make the bread from scratch? Julia says, yes, they made the crepe from scratch.


10:33 PM BBT Julia uses a vacuum cleaner is the KT. She says, it was champions versus the underdogs, & they should've won. Julia says, this is foul, as she vacuum's the KT rug.


10:37 PM BBT Vanessa goes to the BY to use the Elliptical. Julia says, the chop KT is quiet now. John says, the epic is over. Julia says, that was pretty epic. Julia & Austin are cleaning up the KT. Julia asks where James is? She says, when Liz comes out of the DR, chocolate fight. Julia says, there's one sponge, & she's using it. She says, they need to request more sponges, because they need more. Meg says, they have so many blue rags. Julia says, this is disgusting. John says, that's what she said. He says, literally, she just said it.


10:41 PM BBT Vanessa is back in the KT. Steve says, it's about time for his nightly swim. Vanessa asks him what he said, & he repeats it. James uses the vacuum in the KT now. Vanessa helps wash some dishes. Julia says, it looks like nothing ever happened. Austin says, "On our side."


10:43 PM BBT James says, it was an absolute war zone in there. John is sweeping the floor by the cabinets in the KT. Austin cleans off the glass table. Meg says, they are missing the cap to the syrup. John says, yep, syrup tastes better without a cap. James asks Steve if that was his salt water cup on the table? Steve says, no, because he left it on top of the refrigerator.


10:45 PM BBT Julia says, their pot needs to soak overnight to get everything out of it. James asks if it was really hard judging? Meg says, yes, it was. Meg says, she really like Julia & James' appetizer, & she really like Liz & Austin's dessert. James & Austin talk smack. James says, his feet hurt so bad from standing on his feet so long. He says, they've been going for at least 2 hours. Austin says, they need a nightcap. James says, they need pool time, he might just jump in the pool. John says, there is absolutely no jumping in the pool.


10:47 PM BBT Julia is washing the dishes her & James dirtied, but not the ones that Liz & Austin dirtied. James wants to know if they are going to have a cook off every week? Meg says, if they do it again they can do it with specific ingredients. She says, this was a full blown one. Austin says, it's good to see the good guys won. Julia tells Austin, if he can't take the heat he should stay out of the KT. Meg says, the macaroni & cheese will be gone quick. The HG's all keep saying, "Bonus."


10:49 PM BBT Meg says, she woke up today with melted chocolate on her back. Becky says, she did also, & she threw it at James. Austin says, "Bonus," two times & no one responds. Meg says, they need to find the cap for they syrup. Julia asks if they can use saran wrap. Austin says, "Bonus," really face, again with no reaction from anyone else. Austin says, "Alright, time to cook some dinner." Meg says, "Oh my gosh." Austin says, the chicken cordon blue was amazing. He says, the salt comment was bullsh*t. Meg says, the vegetables were banging. Liz comes out of the DR. She runs to the SR.


10:53 PM BBT Julia says, they need paper towels, & she requested them. She says, they are going to play another round of pool later. Liz gets called to the DR again. John says, Liz is living in there. Julia uses a butter knife to scrape a pan to get bananas off of it. Steve asks Julia if she's going to work out now? Julia says, hell no. Julia says, they get the camera tomorrow. Meg says, they never wake up. She says, they weren't awake until half-way through, & then they have to wait for them.


10:54 PM BBT Steve asks Austin what does he do if he needs 24 hour protection from the soap? Austin says, you have to use it twice. Steve asks why there's no 24 hour protection? Austin says, because there never has been, & if it doesn't work you can get your money back. Austin says, call 1-800-Meg or 1-900-grandma. Steve asks if 900 numbers are sex lines? Austin says, no, it's for the soap. Austin has Steve talk crazy to Meg about banging her. We see FOTH.


10:56 PM BBT Steve says, his mom has Meg bangs going on in her picture. Meg says, 2005 was like 10 years ago. Julia says, she knows, she can't. Julia tells them that her pan has to soak over night, because it has crusted chocolate on it. She asks why Liz just came out & went back in to the DR. Austin asks why they had to interrupt them? Meg says, at least they waited until the end. Austin says, they did.


10:58 PM BBT Steve tells Meg he's older at school, but younger in the house. Meg says, she was born early in 1990. Steve says, he was born later in 1992, so there's 2 1/2 years between them. He says, he wasn't sure he was going to get cast this year. He says, he thought there were only two 21 year old HG's on the cast last year.

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11:01 PM BBT Julia comes into the KT area with two bottles of wine and screaming.  They commiserate with the Have-Nots...this is the worst week ever to be a Have-Not.  First the cooking show and now they have alcohol.  Liz thinks that BB wants them to play pot ball.


11:05 PM BBT Austin, James, Becky, Julia, Meg, Liz and Steve are in the KT.  All but Steve are toasting.  Julia is telling James he was a great team-mate and he did a great job.  The group discusses the different dishes.  Meg says it was sooo good, it was like “BB Restaurante”. 


11:08 PM BBT The HGs in the KT decide to go out to the BY and head to the HT.  Liz says they still think they should have won.  Becky is talking about workout names.  One name is Mr. Quadzilla.  Johnny Mac is Mr. Abulous.  They are the new beefcake.  James says it was an honor to go up against the top chefs of the house and they really did like their dessert.  They awwww and tell James he is such a cute kitty.  Liz says they were obsessed with James and Julia’s entrée.  They keep talking about the food they prepared.


11:14 PM BBT Becky says the most creativity goes to the Cordon Bleu.  Meg protests saying that it’s a classic dish.  It was a high-stake risk, but not an individual twist.


11:15 PM BBT Becky tells the others about her allergies and how they just started when she turned 23.  Liz is wondering about her HOH Blog and when she will be called to DR.  Becky tells her it’s really early and starts to tell her how it works, and we get Fish. 


11:20 PM BBT All but Vanessa and John are at the HT.  They are talking about how fun the evening was.  John comes out as Meg is giving an animated re-enactment.  Austin is called to the DR.


11:22  PM BBT Becky is talking about 3.21 Beer and that it can’t be sold in a franchise store.  It has to be a mom and pop shop.  She says it promotes small business.


11:24 PM BBT James is in the CBR grabbing some clothes, which he takes to the OBR.  He sorts through some clothes, checking color combinations and then takes them to the WA where he prepares to take a shower. 


11:29 PM BBT Julia, Steve, Liz, Meg, John, and Becky are still sitting around the HT talking about smoking weed.  Liz shouts out to BB thanking them for alcohol three nights in a row and says “we are obsessed with you!” Austin returns from the DR.

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11:31 PM BBT Becky asks Austin about a perfect circle around his knee.  Austin says he likes the negative space.  Liz says she likes negative space and everyone laughs.  They talk about Austin’s tattoos.  Austin says that they were going to fill in the circle, but he had an infection in a spot on his shin that took six months to heal and the plan changed.  He had a reaction to pink ink.  Liz says his tattoos are perfect and he shouldn’t get any more.  No more. 


11:33 PM BBT Julia asks Austin, since he has so many tattoos, does he prefer girls with or without tattoos.  Austin says that he has enough tattoos for both of them and everyone likes his answer.  Becky says that she likes the contrast between Liz without tattoos and Austin with so many.  Austin says it’s about the person and not about the tattoos.  He has no preference.


11:41 PM BBT  The group by the HT are still talking about tattoos.  James is out of the shower and brushing his teeth. 


11:45 PM BBT James is back in the OBR putting clothes away.  The HGs at the HT are talking about how people have different first impressions of Austin compared to how the HGs know him.  Austin tells them that sometimes girls that go out with him get upset because he gets all the attention.  They all stare at him.  People ask him if he got a new tattoo even when he hasn’t gotten one because they just haven’t seen it before.  Meg starts to tell a story about her ex and we get Fish. 


11:49 PM BBT Vanessa is in her chair in a darkened HNR when Steve and James go in to find James’ visor.  James tells Vanessa that he told Steve that he was going to declare war on the whole house.  Steve says that he’s glad they could reach an agreement.  James says “yes.  There will be no pranks for 24 hours.”  Steve doesn’t believe him.  Meg is called to the DR.


11:52 PM BBT Meg is putting on make-up in the WA.  James goes to use the WC and Meg complains that she needs it.  They call each other annoying.  James is looking for Q-tips as Meg washes her hands.  James says “bye” and Meg says “see you never.”  Meg heads to the DR, and James goes to the KT.


11:55 PM BBT Liz and Austin are cuddling on the Hammock.  Austin mentions that they will have pictures tomorrow.  Liz is going to write in her blog about potball and BB Chef and Julia being in the house, BB Comics, “us”, “me winning HOH”, shout out to her family.  Austin suggests shouting out to Brenchel.  Liz tells Austin that they are Liztin, and they don’t care about Brenchel.  Austin asks why not?  He says he tries to have Brenchel moments.  Liz says they [Liztin] are by far the most powerful showmance.  They talk about Amanda and McCrae and other showmances from prior seasons and how far each showmance went.

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