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Monday, August 17 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:03 AM BBT James is finishing off the roll of plastic wrap.  When the plastic wrap is gone, James says his work here is done.  Vanessa asks what they could do to add to it, and James said there wouldn’t be much because there are limited supplies.  Vanessa asks about piling his clothes on top.  James says he put a lot of Steve’s clothes inside and his shoes as well.  Talking about taking it farther, James decides to put blankets and pillows and a towel on top so that Steve won’t even realize it right away.  Vanessa warns James that she is going to let Steve know it was James because she doesn’t want to get the blame.  She loves it though.


12:08 AM BBT Becky comes into HNR, and they hear Steve in the OBR.  Vanessa is telling Becky about the prank and James goes into the OBR to talk to Steve, Meg, and John.  Julia comes in looking for Miss Voodoo and she finds a chocolate.  Becky leaves the HNR and passes through the OBR on her way out.


12:17AM BBT John, Becky, James, and Meg in the OBR talking about medications and cold sores and infections from dental work.  Austin and Steve are playing pool while Julia watches and coaches. 


12:20 AM BBT James says that if you have kids and they have chicken pox, don’t let them scratch too much because they will get scars.  Becky tells the group in the OBR that she is allergic to chiggers and has scars from scratching bites.  We gets Fish and when we come back, they say “that was fast” and they speculate whether what James just said got “fish-tanked” They talk about whether or not they are on live feeds right now. 


12:23 AM BBT James is surprised that BB didn’t stop him from wrapping up Steve’s chair because it used up a lot of plastic wrap.  Becky points out that it’s a pretty inexpensive form of entertainment.  Meg says she wants to stay up to see Steve’s reaction and then just wants to go to sleep.  James says that Steve is going to have a very rough time getting all the plastic off.


12:25 AM BBT In the OBR, they think that Steve is coming in, but he doesn’t so they ask him for something from his basket.  He goes into the HNR and says “where is his basket??”  He thinks they are pranking him by hiding his basket.  He doesn’t see that his chair is wrapped in plastic because James has covered it with blankets.  He finally realizes what is going on and there is lots of laughter.  James looks pretty happy.  Steve starts to pull the plastic off while Julia counts to see how long it takes him.  Steve throws his hat off and then his shirt and then goes after plastic wrap.  Julia has counted to 80 already.


12:30 AM BBT Julia stops counting as Steve heads to the kitchen for a butter knife.  He comes back with the knife and finally frees his basket and his shoes and gets the last of the plastic off.

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00:33 AM BBT Austin and Liz out in the BY in the hammock chatting about that Johnny Mac was called to DR again and that Julia hasn't been called once today.  Liz says there must be a reason he's called to DR so much.  In the OBR James, Steve and Becky chatting with Steve wearing the blonde wig with Meg's flower crown.  Johnny out of DR.  Meg called to DR.


00:37 AM BBT Julia and Meg in the WA whispering.  Julia says it's risky and that Liz can't backdoor her like that.  Meg says Becky is starting to get  nervous.  Apparently Liz made a comment that Becky and Johnny Mac has a chance to get back in the game and Becky realized she was not the pawn.  Julia groans.  "Oh Liz..."  Someone can be seen/heard in the kitchen and Steve wanders down the WA hall wearing the blonde wig.  "My knees!  The Dentist chairs are awful!"  Meg is laughing and saying "It's true!  They are uncomfortable!"  They wander out into the BY with Julia leading him, hobbled over.  "Come on Grandma..."  Steve continues to cry out "My knees!  If only that James boy would give me a kiss and make it better!"  They wander back into the OBR.  Meg continues to cry out "You're so mean!"  Julia wants to know why he's picking on Meg when James pranked him.  Out in the BY Liz and Austin begin to work on Liz' veto speech.


0044 AM BBT Julia asks Steve to play chess with her.  Meg comes back into the OBR screaming "Steve get out of here!"  Julia and Steve head out.  Meg says Chess is boring.  Johnny Mac says Meg likes shiny and fast passed things.  Meg asks if they're doing DRs tonight and Johnny Mac says he was called in and James in there now.  Out in the BY Liz continues working on her speech with Austin.  "It's a hard decision, nothing personal."  Austin interjects with "One of you will have a chance to come back in the house and with that I have chosen not to use the power of veto”.


00:49 AM BBT Johnny Mac up in OBR and says he's going to the hammock or the pool.  Becky says bye.  Johnny out in the BY.  Austin thinks they got alcohol because it's an off night.  Liz thanked him for the alcohol and he said "Yeah, I did that!"  FoTH.  Feeds back and Johnny is standing near Austin and Liz in the hammock.  Austin says they've got the votes but if it's a tie Liz will keep him.  This makes Johnny Mac happy.


00:55 AM BBT Conversation continues in the BY between Liz, Austin and Johnny Mac.  Liz says they can't let her win (Vanessa).  The two guys agree.  Johnny is close to getting a win.  Up on the skybridge Julia and Steve continue to play chess.  Julia is frustrated and James comes over and offers Julia advice on playing.  Steve tells him to quit helping her.


00:58 AM BBT Liz doesn't want to put her up because if she goes home and comes back she'll blow up her game.  Liz wonders how Becky is handling it though.  Johnny says when she saw things start to flip she resigned herself at that point and she mourned then that's why she's ok now because it's not a shock.  Up on the skybridge Julia and Steve continue to play chess with James watch/coaching Julia.


01:02 AM BBT Meg out of DR in the WA.  She asks how James is eating again.  He's a growing boy and needs energy.  Meg says she sees.  She can't wait for veto meeting to be over.  James asks if it's because she's scared.  She says every time.  Out in the BY Austin is saying that Vanessa has to have reasons to send someone home and put blood on their hands.


01:05 AM BBT The BY conversation about Vanessa making deals continues and funnily enough in the WA James and Meg are talking about Vanessa. James says he needs to talk to her because she hasn't tried to make a deal yet. Meg agrees he should talk to her soon.


01:08 AM BBT James into WA.  Meg sits by idly.  Out in the BY Johnny, Liz and Austin continue to chat about Vanessa and her deals she makes.  Everyone got deals except Audrey.  


01:10 AM BBT Talk in the BY turns to Meg and her knee surgeries and arthritis.  Liz says that's sad and she feels bad for her.  Johnny Mac starts to tell a story about someone he worked with in a beer store that had rheumatoid arthritis and all four feeds switch to James and Meg in the WA.  They would like to see Vanessa go.  They could get Jackie back.  Then they could go after Austin and the twins.  They're glad Becky is going home this week.  Meg says Becky won't stop talking game with her today.  Meg worries what they're going to tell her with the votes.  James says he'll tell her they can't go against the house.


01:15 AM BBT Meg worries this is the second week they've flip-flopped on her.  James says she was going to vote him out!  He doesn't care.  James doesn't go after innocence.  He goes after people that are targeting people in his group.


01:18 AM BBT James and Meg continue talking.  James asks Meg if Steve was being really really mean to her.  She says yes.  He asked if it hurts her feelings "a bit..."  James says they need to find a new room to chat in because this is the room in which all the dirty, bad game talks goes down.  James wishes they had a secret room to talk in.


01:24 AM BBT BY feeds return.  Austin and Johnny are standing near the hammock continuing their questioning of Vanessa and the deals she's had hands in.  In the WA Becky has joined Meg and James.  Liz is too scared to talk to Becky alone and says "I like you...ok..."  Becky wonders if she has to talk to her with Austin to get her to open up and listen.


01:29 AM BBT Austin liked working with Vanessa until the third week and he's been stuck going along, but he's known about her and her deal making but he needed her help in keeping Liz safe to get Julia in the house.  Austin says he expects Vanessa to make deals with the goblins to get safety next week and they'll target the rest of them.  Back in the WA James saw a camera guy and ran around the room freaking out.


01:35 AM BBT Johnny and Austin come in.  Austin joins Meg and James in the WA.  Austin wonders where everyone is.  Vanessa is in bed.  Becky in the KT.  Steve and Julia are playing chess.  Johnny and Becky in the KT.  Meg is ready to sleep. She wants to talk to them one more time though.  James knows.  He gets up and heads into the KT to join Austin while he eats a cold burger.  Julia screams for help.  James runs up stairs saying "Julia I'm coming to help!"  She's getting creamed.


01:39 AM BBT Johnny Mac, Meg and Becky in the BY near/on the hammock.  Meg thinks it's cool.  Becky thinks it feels great.  Chess continues on the skybridge with James playing the game for Julia with Julia saying "Yeah!" each moves he makes.


01:40 AM BBT James starts to leave and she tells him he has to stay here and play.  Julia asks Steve if James is better than him at chess.  Steve says he normally beats him.  Steve simply shakes his head.  Out in the BY discussion is about when they left.  Johnny says he left when the office was closed because no one would know.  BB:  "You are not allowed to talk about production!”


01:44 AM BBT Meg gets up commenting on stuff being in the grass/turn.  Johnny thinks it's part of the cleaning process.  He asks Becky if she's ever gone watersking.  She didn't like it and she doesn't like tubing either.  Johnny Mac likes tubing.  On the skybridge Austin and Liz have joined the chess game, watching Julia, James and Steve.


01:46 AM BBT Becky says none of them were on her block when she was HOH and then they didn't want to play Veto last week because they were so safe and then the moment they win HOH they put her up.  Up on the skybridge James recovered Julia's game and it will end in a stalemate.  Steve and James continue to move around the board with Steve putting him in check and James moving back out.  Julia says the game is over.  They finally agree that the game is over.


01:51 AM BBT Johnny and Becky continue to chat in the BY.  Becky realized that Liz probably won't take him down from the block because he is a vote for Becky so by him staying on the block, he has no vote.  Up on the skybridge Liz, Austin, Meg and Steve chatting randomly about the comic book comp.  Meg's position on the house during the comp was on the skybridge.  She could see people come and go but she couldn't tell how well they did.


01:56 AM BBT Becky says she doesn't regret anything she's done because she saved Johnny.  She didn't hurt anyone on the other side yet she's in the grave.  Up in the HOH Meg, James, Liz and Julia are talking quickly.  They were trying to come up earlier but Steve was there.  Becky is freaking out.  Meg says every time she's in a room alone with her all she does is talk about how she's on the block.  Steve comes up and the game talk stops.


02:01 AM BBT In the HOH Julia asks Steve if he knows why Johnny is called to the DR three times a day.  She wonders if he's a twist.  Steve doesn't think so.  Talk turns to what things are being voted for by America.  Out in the BY Johnny and Becky idly chat.  Liz asks Steve if he checked his chair.  Steve asks "Why...did you do something else?"  Austin comes in.


02:06 AM BBT In the BY Becky says it's weird when people ask her about her and John's relationship.  They'll ask "Didn't you and John have coffee this morning?"  Becky says she gets questioned about anything Johnny Mac knows.  She thinks it's a reason she's on the block.  Johnny is sorry.  She says it's not his fault.  Johnny says when he sees two people run into a room he it's pretty obvious.  Johnny found out about the 8 person alliance only because Clay and Shelli trusted him when Vanessa was telling them about the alliance so they kept the conversation going when he walked in.


02:10 AM General playfulness in the HOH.  Steve comments on his space pants line but then points out that Julia looks better.  Steve found a way to make Meg feel worse again by saying she's not as cute.  Out in the BY Becky and Johnny continue to chat about conversations that have been had.  Someone promised her a conversation that never took place and it changed how she felt about them and gave her perspective in the game.  (Vanessa?)  Johnny says he's going after her next week.


02:14 AM BBT Awkward silence in the HOH with Steve, Meg and James on the couch and Austin and Liz in the bed.  Julia is brushing her teeth in the HOH BR.  Julia asks Steve if he's checked his chair yet again.  Steve wonders if something was done to his chair again.  


02:17 AM BBT Steve leaves the room and gets a chair and stands on it near the camera at the end of the walkway.  They shout instructions to him to do his signature move (by blowing a kiss at the camera and pushing his glasses up on his nose).  Steve starts to ring the doorbell (the door is locked) and Austin tells BB to give Steve a stop that!  James and Austin start to sing and we get intermittent FoTH.

02:20 AM BBT HoH crew continue to tease Steve with the door.  They keep yelling at him to go to bed.  He goes back to pushing the doorbell again.  They say they'll play in the morning.  He gets on his hands and knees and begs towards the camera.  The room gives him a collective "Aaaaawwwwww....."  Liz says she feels bad and to let him in.  Steve comes in and Austin says "Steve...we're trying to go to bed.  Liz tells him to do it again.  HoH party is breaking up.  James leaves the room and Steve follows.  Meg says James is taking one for the team.


02:24 AM BBT Meanwhile down in the BY Becky and Johnny have been chatting about various conversations, deals and comps played.  Steve joins them.  Becky runs in to get food/drink.  Up in the HOH Austin, Liz, Julia and Meg are talking.  Liz doesn't have a reason to put Vanessa on the block.  Austin says if he was HOH he would have done it.


02:27 AM BBT Austin says Vanessa told him that she threw the slip and slide veto.  Everyone laughs because she was trying to cheat to win and got penalized.  They all agree that that James, Austin or Johnny would be great to win HOH next week so they could take out Vanessa.  Becky back into the BY.  


02:31 AM BBT In the HOH Vanessa uncertainty/bashing continues.  Vanessa was depressed and sad today.  Julia says they should make her feel good because she's throwing comps and she may throw more comps and they can target her now.  Down in the BY they discuss the OTEV competition.


02:38 AM BBT In the HOH they continue to discuss how to deal with Vanessa moving forward.  If Vanessa goes home next week she won't have time to taint the jury before the comp or whatever that brings them back in.  Austin says if she doesn't go home next week, then she'll have to win veto every week moving forward because everyone will target her.  FoTH.


04:41 AM BBT Down in the BY Steve, Johnny Mac and Becky chat about previous seasons of BB and comps.  Up in the HOH Meg is about to head down.  They tell her that she's going to vote with the house.  Meg wishes she had something that changed.  Julia points out that Becky is more likely to win comps moving forward.  Meg doesn't seem like she wants to with that angle.  Liz says Johnny is more neutral and not with anyone versus Becky who says she's on the opposite side.  Meg says James doesn't trust Becky.


02:45 AM BBT Meg leaves the HOH and Julia follows shortly behind.  She turns off the light and says "No funny business you two...."  Liz is worried.  Austin tells her not to be worried because they really should be worried about Vanessa.  Out in the BY we have idle chit chat about first impressions of the cast when they came in.


02:47 AM BBT Austin is going to get water.  Liz asks him to get her some as well.  Austin says they'll start buttering up Vanessa tomorrow.  Down in the BY we have idle chit chat about ages.  Johnny Mac is one of the older players in the house.


02:51 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues out in the BY.  Up in the HOH Austin has returned with water for both of them.  He cuddles up against her and begins to rub her back.


02:53 AM BBT Austin begins to kiss Liz in a darkened HOH room.  Idle chit chat about life out in the BY.  Johnny is missing pulling teeth.  He has bloodlust he says.  Becky talks about working on schedules with employees especially around holidays and weekends.


03:08 AM BBT Up in the HOH Liz and Austin continue to mumble about the need to start kissing up to Vanessa tomorrow.  Down in the BY we continue to have chat about Becky's retail job.


03:12 AM BBT Liz says the DR saw the hicky.  She hates him.  He's sorry.  Down in the BY Becky continues to talk about her retail job.  If unemployment was high in the area it was nothing to hire people and keep them and they would gladly work.  However in the areas with lower unemployment it was difficult to find people to even come in for interviews.  Becky says the more money in an area the busier the store is but the higher the turnover rate is.  However in lower income areas/slower stores the turn over is much lower.


03:19 AM BBT Becky wouldn't mind finding another career.  She's happy but she's not sure what else she wants to do.  She would consider finance or even real estate but she's not sure.  She plans on using this money to try and help herself.


03:21 AM BBT The hammock crew agree that they're getting a bit tired.  Julia asks Steve if he left Cheerios next to the sink.  He says he can't eat them.  Julia wonders if it was James.  Steve heads into the WA to begin nightly ADLs.  Becky and Johnny Mac also head into the WA to begin nightly ADLs.


03:24 AM BBT Steve into HN room.  He hugs Vanessa.  He points to his mic and asks if she wants to talk.  She tells him to go to bed.  He's going to make a pork chop first.  Vanessa says she's going to go pee first.  He says as a HN that it is allowed.  They are allowed to use the toilet.


03:26 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the WA with Becky and Johnny doing nightly ADLs.  Up in the HOH Liz and Austin are restless.  It's too hot to cuddle.


03:28 AM BBT Becky into darkened rooms.  She tells Steve goodnight as he heads into the KT.  Johnny Mac headed into darkened rooms as well and Steve asks him as he passes "I didn't interrupt anything did I?"  Johnny tells him no.  All four feeds currently on mostly horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.  Johnny Mac is preparing to get in bed.  Steve will be up for a bit, because he said he was going to make himself a pork chop first.


03:32 AM BBT Steve in the KT cooking up a pork chop.


03:35 AM BBT Steve finishes cooking his pork chop and begins to clean the pan.


03:37 AM BBT Steve now sitting at the KT table eating his pork chop, mumbling to himself occasionally.


03:40 AM BBT Steve has finished eating and plays with the salt container briefly before getting up and washing his plate in the sink.  He starts to whisper something under his breath before going to the table and getting the salt and putting it up.  He stops near the memory wall and looks at the hanging veto before heading into the CR and right back out into the KT to get a drink from his glass.


03:43 AM BBT Steve heads into the WA and checks his teeth in a mirror before walking back through the KT and LR and into the SR.  Steve is looking for toothpaste.  He doesn't think there is any in there.


03:44 AM BBT Steve out of the SR and into the KT.  He stands briefly before heading into the WA once more.  He gets his toothbrush and begins to brush his teeth (using toothpaste that was on the counter).  He wanders/paces through the WA/CR hallway while brushing his teeth.


03:46 AM BBT Steve into the WC at this time.


03:47 AM BBT Steve out of the WC and does not wash his hands. He wanders through the LR before heading back into the KT, peeking into the BY briefly. Steve now back into the WA and washes his face briefly before heading towards the DR door. He stands there looking at it before messing with the decorative panels on the wall. Steve now wanders aimlessly in the LR/KT, with us getting some interesting camera points as they try to track him. Steve stops and looks at the memory wall.


03:52 AM BBT Steve continues to wander aimlessly around the KT and LR, mumbling softly to himself before heading towards the darkened rooms.  He  slips on his shoes and heads back to the LR where he properly puts on his shoes before heading into the BY.


03:54 AM BBT Steve sets up the pool table and says "...and I'm not going to sing or hum tonight because I have a tendency to do that at night but not tonight.  The lights are loud.  He hums <mmmmmmm>  Steve swings a pool stick around briefly before heading to the door and then back to the middle of the yard to get his jacket.  He says he's not on the feeds right now.  Steve wanders around the edge of the pool and gets the chlorine floaty, tossing it away from the edge.  Steve back inside.


03:57 AM BBT Steve continues to wander aimlessly through the house include trips to the LR and CR and the photo booth.  Steve back into the LR.  He continues to mumble something under his breath.  Steve now into the darkened HNR room allowing the door to close quietly.  He stands next to his chair and gets a blanket before taking off his mic and setting it on the table across the room.  Steve sits in the non-bed dental chair in the HNR while everyone else remains sleeping.


04:03 AM BBT Steve appears to be reading his letter from home in the non-bed dental chair in the room.  Feeds switch briefly between night vision and non-night vision to show us how little light he was using to read his letter.  Steve kicks off his shoes and sets his glasses down before crawling into his chair.


04:07 AM BBT All four cameras currently display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.  Steve is still a bit restless so we'll stick with him just to see if he goes to bed or gets back up.


04:16 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.  Steve remains restless but is steadily making less and less noise.  No sooner than it's said, Steve gets up and heads out of the HNR through the LR/KT.  Steve into the WA and says he needs something.  Steve begins to gargle with mouth wash.


04:19 AM BBT Steve jumps on the lounger in the WA and looks up at the ceiling with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.  It looks like he's applying medicine to either his tooth or his tongue (he has wisdom teeth pains and blister pains) and is applying pressure/air to his tongue or his teeth.  Steve out into the BY.


04:22 AM BBT Steve wanders around the BY aimlessly for a bit before BB tells Steve to put on his microphone.  Steve heads back in the house and into the HNR.  Steve gets his mic and wanders back out of the room and into the BY.


04:25 AM BBT Steve says he was trying to be courteous because he knew he would be humming that's why he was trying to not put on his mic.  Steve puts a load in the washer/drier.  Steve wanders around the BY.  He doesn't think he's on feeds.  He wonders why they would make him put on his mic he they won't be watching him.  Steve continues to wander around the BY.


04:28 AM BBT Steve heads into the WA and washes his hands before heading back to the BY, wandering near the pool.  Steve continues to wander around the BY.


04:34 AM BBT Steve continues to wander aimlessly around the BY throwing balls up in the air, mumbling softly under his breath.


04:40 AM BBT Steve continues to wander aimlessly around the BY throwing the orange balls up in the air.  He mumbles and whispers to himself, but it's quite difficult if not impossible to understand.


04:46 AM BBT Steve continues to wander the BY playing/juggling/throwing the balls around.


04:48 AM BBT Steve notices the cameras following him.  "Oh...now they're following me."  Steve continues to mumble under his breath.  "...I was pretty instrumental in..."  "Yup...mmhmmm.."  "So we recently...backdooring Austin was never even...it didn't..."  BB has been juggling oranges apparently.  He throws it at the wall and gets a stop that.  "Oh...no throwing oranges at walls.  I'm being followed...I'm definitely being followed."  He taunts the camera by saying he's going to have spin the other direction to unwind the cable to keep following him.


04:52 AM BBT  Steve says "Hi feeds.  I'm definitely on feeds.  I'm going to talk to feeds in a minute.  I need some water.  I know Vanessa is lying to him all over the place and he's whole-heartedly aware of it.  He's not giving her information.  They were in the HN room the other day trying to get a target out of him and he didn't give it to her."  This double eviction he doesn't understand what happened.  He tried to throw it and he tried to get questions wrong but he didn't.  He knows he's done a bad job of throwing comps.  Steve tried to not suck terribly but he was terrible at it so he won it.  Meg was the pawn and Jackie was the target.  He wanted to stay loyal to the freaks and geeks because they would have been more loyal to him than the goblins.  Jackie was the person he felt most distant from so she was the target.  Had he not had several light night talks with Becky she would have been the target.


04:57 AM BBT He’s happy Becky is going home this week.  Steve says Meg and Becky are blaming Jackie going home is on Vanessa because of her manipulating Steve.  Steve is ok with this.  They may just be telling him this, but he’s not sure.  He wants to keep his comp wins down though because it will make him a bigger threat.  He’s working on his relationship with Meg.  Meg doesn’t seem to care for it be he’s trying.  He compares Meg to Victoria (BB 16).  She beat him at OTEV.  He didn’t throw OTEV but he certainly wasn’t trying his hardest and she did beat him so he can’t bash her too much.


05:01 AM BBT Steve says Meg will make it to the end.  She won't win but she will make it to final four or five and he certainly wouldn't mind her vote that's why he's trying to build his relationship with her.  "This canker sore on my tongue is hurting real bad.  I'll be right back."  Steve into WA and takes a swig/rinse of mouth wash.  Steve into WC.  Steve out of WC and washes/rinses his face.  Steve back to BY.


05:03 AM BBT Steve is now thinking about end game because there are 9 people in the house.  Meg is the one person everyone will beat.  Steve says except if someone leaves and comes back he would have a hard time voting for someone that leaves and come back.  Steve says Meg will not win BB.  She might be the runner up but she will not win.


05:04 AM BBT Steve says he doesn't think he's close enough to Meg to get her to take him to the final 2.  He says there's also the idea about gremlins "Me, John...you know what I'm going to bed...I'm too tired.  Goodnight feeds.  I'm going back to chair."  Steve heads into the house and stops in the WA once more before heading back to the darkened bedrooms.  He stops and heads back out looking for his hoody.


05:06 AM BBT Steve says he's hoping to make a final 2 with Austin because he doubts Austin has a final 2 deal because of the twins.  Steve finds his hoody and heads back inside.

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8:17am BBT Vanessa is making something to eat. She has her sunglasses on. We get FOTH for a minute and she's still warming it up. She looks out the sliding doors then goes to the WA to pick at her eyelashes. She takes her breakfast out side to eat it.

 8:23am BBT More FOTH. Back and Vanessa is still eating in the BY. There was something in front of the camera lens. Liz and Austin still sleeping in the HOH.

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8:31am BBT Vanessa is done eating and washes her dishes. (the KT is pretty clean!) She goes back to Chair in HNR. James uses WC, washes his hands and crawls back in bed.

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 9:00am BBT: All HG in bed sleeping soundly.

 9:30am BBT: Hg still sleeping.
9:45am BBT: We now have FOTH as BB may be waking the HG.
 9:56aqm BBT: James and Meg laying in bed talking about the music BB played this morning. All other Hg still laying in bed.
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10:04am BBT James figures out that the songs were Grandma song....he runs out of the OBR yelling they were Grandma songs. (they call Meg Grandma) Meg says its not mine. James says they knew we would connect it to you. Meg says if that was a joke on her she is so sad. Liz gets called to DR. Meg says BB is very loud today. Liz says she hasnt brushed her teeth yet.

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10:17am BBT Becky gets called to DR. James says they are getting ready. Meg says will it be super early? James calls Meg Mrs. Garfunkel, she says stop she hates it, she already hates Grandma. Austin flattens his hair, Becky puts on make up so BB calls John to DR.

10:16am BBT James is going thru his clothes. He empties his bin and says ewwwwww it looks like some one shatted in there. He says it looks like sh*t. He shows it to Meg she says eww. He sniffs a shirt, tosses it at Meg and asks her to tell him if its clean or not. She doesn't touch it.

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10:27am BBT James asks how many eggs to they have. Austin answers 3 or 4 dozen. James wants deviled eggs today. They decide to have an hors d'oervre  party later. The little crackers, deviled eggs etc. BB: HG its time to get up for the day. HG say its going to be soon.

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 10:38am BBT James tries to get Julia and Becky to call Meg Mrs. Garfunkel. He says she cant run from them. They go over the hors d'oervres. They dont want to over do it, they are going to make a nice dinner too. Mrs. Garfunkel is retiring. Meg says she wants everybody to eat. (Yes folks, they have lost it)

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10:57am BBT Steve/John chatting in BY. Girls doing make up. James eating. Austin cooking. Becky sitting at counter. Julia tells Austin Liz thinks his coffee is to strong. Julia checks the coffee filter and says oh thats way to much. He says you only need one cup that way.

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11:06am BBT Steve stitting at the counter, they tell him he is not allowed out of his room at the retirement party tonight. The girls talk about the melon, Becky and Meg love it. Liz and Julia head towards HOH to talk, Liz says this week is harder cuz they have been having so much fun together..(she is going over her nom speech.) She believes one of them will come back from Jury so with that she will NOT be using the Veto.

11:15am BBT Liz is called to DR and we get Jeff reels.

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11:55AM BBT Feeds are back. Austin and Liz are in the HN room talking to Steve but as the feeds come back Liz says you should have talked to me and Steve leaves. Liz messed up a lot she says and Austin says they will cut it together.


11:59AM BBT The veto was not used. Austin, the twins and Vanessa talking. They say that Becky tried to threaten with her speech.


12:00PM BBT Becky and John in the BY talking about when Becky put up Vanessa and how the house changed. In the PBR, the HG are joking around about James and Meg.


12:02PM BBT Austin and Liz have moved to the KT to make lunch. In the BY John and Becky just general chatting. Becky wondering where she stands with Steve.


12:07PM BBT Vanessa is the KT apologizing for how upset she was yesterday. Says it was the slop affecting her and that she reads her letters from home. Vanessa says that Mel will be happy that she finally had a breakdown over missing her. Says they have never spent more then 2 days apart.(guess she forgot about that one right after the feeds went live).

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12:10 PM BBT In the KT Austin and the twins talking about the catch phrases they use. Austin says that they are getting points with the live feeders for how funny the phrases are.


12:12PM BBT Vanessa goes to the VY and tells John what an epic speech he gave for the veto ceremony. She offers to make him a popsicle. She goes inside.


12:32PM BBT Liz and Austin eating the omelette Austin made. Julia is complaining that the onion is gone. Austin says he put it in the storage. In the BY Becky, Meg and John are talking about past comps.


12:27PM BBT Vanessa and Austin go to HOH. Austin says he didn't realize how she was feeling. Vanessa says it was a long time coming to finally have a breakdown like that. Austin says that he is lucky enough to have Liz in there and didn't realize what it would be like to have someone on the outside and miss her.

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12:3PM BBT Vanessa and Austin talk about who needs to go because depending on who comes back. Vanessa says that she is glad that they didn't make a group with him. Austin says that no matter what they have the numbers as long as one of the other side is always on the block.


12:40PM BBT Vanessa and Austin talking. Vanessa telling him about gaming. She says that she has an idea for a spin off that would give them more TV time. Austin says he is all about TV time. Austin says that the stipend money can all be gambled. he says money isn't why he is hear. Vanessa says that producers like things that have to do with gaming which is why she got so far in casting when she was trying for Amazing Race. We get FOTH.

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12:52PM BBT In the HOHR there is discussion of food and making choc chip cookie dough ice cream. Lots of yelling. In the BY Meg, and Becky talking about who would go up if they won HOH. Becky talks about if she is here vs John being here. She says no one against John.


12:58PM BBT In the HOH Vanessa tell Austin and Liz that they can make a deal with John and she doesn't. This way she can put him up. Austin says doesn't that look weird that they make a deal and she doesn't. Austin says that John always throws the comps. he likes doing it.

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1:00pm BBT:Meg is going back to bed and James ask why she needs to get ready for the cook off and she says i thought that was tonight. James gets in bed with Meg and she laughs saying get out of here i have the curse.  James starts snuggling with her saying why i thought we were getting engaged and getting married. meg says get out of here as she laughs more.

1:03pm BBT: James standing on the bed talking to BB saying  this is day 61 in the house and we are all loosing our minds we have gone crazy in here. Meg says they call me grandma, James says this has been brought to you by Irish Spring. James runs to the KT and gets water and comes back saying here Grandma. he then grabs pills and says here you go grandma, Meg yells those are you meds and laughs. James says i am going to take care of you grandma.
 1:11pm BBT: In the HOH rm Vanessa, Liz, Julia and Austin talking about Shelli and why she was evicted and how she played the Clay card and what will happen if Shelli comes back into the house. Vanessa says she will go after me.
1:18pm BBT: Becky and Julia in the KT talking about food. James and Meg in the OBR  with John talking  general talk.
1:25pm BBT: Becky sitting alone in the HOH BR. Most Hg in the OBR laughing at James and his things he makes out of foil.
 1:29pm BBT: Becky talking to Liz and Austin about staying in the house this week and evicting John instead of her she says she will work with them.
1:37pm BBT: Becky says her point is she will try to play with them and will not put them up and she says i will not panic and throw you out there or put you up i will protect those i trust and those that help me. Becky says if i win hoh next week i will keep you guys safe cause i know who i would put up already and you guys are safe.
 1:45pm BBT: Liz, Julia, Austin in HOh rm talking about the pros and cons  of keeping Becky over john. In the BY john is out by the pool putting on sunscreen.
 1:51pm BBT: Becky is now in the BY with John getting in the pool. Austin, Liz and Julia still in Hoh rm repeating themselves about weather to keep john or Becky this week. 
1:56pm BBT: Becky and john in BY laying by the pool talking about if their families will fly in for the after party. 
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2:01pm BBT: Liz and Austin heading to the pool where John, Becky and Julia are there talking about Jeff and Becky says I wonder how Jeff is doing? Julia says oh stop he is probably at happy hour.

 2:20pm BBT: Austin and John working out on weights as Julia, Liz and Becky are watching then as they lay out bu the pool. All other HG in the house sleeping.
 2:29pm BBT: Austin was lifting weights and Julia, Liz and Becky throw pillows at  him and he tells them that this is dangerous. he chases Liz around the yard and says he wants a hug. he then tells Liz that this is man time and he has to look good so Liz will not leave him.
 2:40pm BBT: Liz, Julia and Becky in the pool playing with the shark. Austin and John still working out. All other Hg still asleep in the house.
2:58pm BBT: Liz, Julia in the pool  and Becky laying on a towel by the pool. Austin and John still working out.
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4:00 PM BBT Julia is in the KT saying the sink is foul as she tries to unclog the drain.  Austin and Steve are in the BY near the HT talking about Vanessa. Austin tells Steve that Vanessa has suggested throwing the HOH to Julia because Julia has no deals with anyone else and others think Liz speaks for her.  Steve says that Julia should win HOH for Julia’s sake.   Austin agrees that Julia needs to stand on her own and let people know she is a serious player.  She hasn’t won anything and anything she has played in, she played in them as Liz.   


4:05 PM BBT Austin tells Steve that he trusts him.  They discuss working with Johnny.  Steve suggests another five person alliance, minus Vanessa, plus Johnny [and Austwins].  Steve says they should wait until after Becky leaves because John talks to Becky.  Steve says he doesn’t want to do much until they know who is coming back into the game. 


4:07 PM BBT Austin tells Steve that he found John trustworthy because in the past when Austin confided in John, John kept the information to himself.  Austin tells Steve that John offered to throw the PoV competition...that’s how much John trusts him. 


4:09 PM BBT Austin and Steve hope that if Johnny wins HOH next week, he will put up the gremlins with Vanessa as a backdoor target.  Austin says he can’t come between sisters.  His conversation with Jason was meant to paint himself as someone who is caught between two twins, rather than being seen as a three-headed monster.  He never meant for it to seem like he was attacking Julia.  Austin says he cares so much for Liz that he would okay with Liz and Julia being final 2.  He would not necessarily take them over Steve.  The twins will take each other, but not take Austin.  Steve says that is where Johnny Mac comes in.  Austin says that’s right.  They talk about how each group of three can protect the other.  They discuss Vanessa throwing the HOH comp.  Austin says he would rather she throw it so that she is a shield for them.  Austin is worried Vanessa would get sketched out and do something irrational.  Steve doesn’t think Vanessa would do anything irrational.  In any case, none of them should throw HOH this week. Steve is happy to see Austin and the twins bonding with Johnny.


4:21 PM BBT All four feeds are on Vanessa sunning on the round lounger in the BY. 


4:28 PM BBT Liz, Julia, James, and Austin are in the KT area preparing food and talking about “BB Chefs” airing later.  


4:32 PM BBT Liz and Austin are planning their menu for the BB Chefs.  Liz loves Austin’s menu ideas.  They spot Julia trying to eavesdrop and call her out.  They move into the HOHR WA and continue planning what they will make on “BB Chefs.”  


4:35 PM BBT Liz and Austin are still in the HOHR WA talking about food.  James is doing dishes and Meg is at the refrigerator.  Vanessa comes in from the BY.  Julia is sitting at the glass counter eating a sandwich, and she asks Vanessa for suggestions on what to make. 


4:40 PM BBT Most everyone is in the KT talking about the coming competition.  Austin and Liz go to the Storage Room to check out ingredients that they want to use, but they are leaving the ingredients there because they don’t want to tip anyone off about what they are making.  Liz says it’s “game over” and the other team should just forfeit right now.


4:47 PM BBT Julia and James are in the CRL planning their menu.  Austin and Liz are sitting close together on the BY couches and Austin is bringing Liz up to date on his conversation with Steve. Liz thinks John is confident he has chosen the right side because they keep winning.  Austin says that if one of them (Austwins) are up against Vanessa, Steve has said he will pick them over Vanessa.  Liz goes inside and Austin stays in the BY to work out.


4:56 PM BBT Julia and James are now in the Storage Room planning their menu.  Julie is trying to think outside the box, but James doesn’t like her idea.  They keep trying different ideas and are getting frustrated.  Austin is still working out in the BY.

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5:20PM BBT Austin and Vanessa are in the BY talking. Vanessa telling Austin that she has been very profitable in gambling. Austin says he has just been waiting for a bankroll. Vanessa laughs and says and someone to tell you what to do.


5:39PM BBT Liz and Julia in the HOHR. Liz telling Julia that she has to win HOH. She says that Julia is non threatening to anyone since she hasn't won anything. Liz says people are threatened by her.


5:42PM BBT Julia says that if Jackie comes back in she may go after Austin. She asks Liz if that bothers her. Liz says no as long as it isn't her. She says that Austin has never even been on the block.


5:43PM BBT Julia says they have to get out James. Liz agrees. She says he is good but this isn't summer camp. Liz says they are splitting the winnings because they have played this together.


5:49 PM BBT In the HOHR Liz is telling Julia that everyone will vote for her (Liz) because she has won so much already). Austin joins the HOHR. Tells the twins that Vanessa offered her a stake in Vegas to put up some money in a gambling tourney and help him win money back since she is a professional gambler.



5:59PM BBT Vanessa and James in the KT talking. About things that have happened and what they could have done in the house. Second guessing some things and jus talking about what could have happened. Just general chatting. No real game talk - just about who said what etc.

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6:00 PM BBT Austin is having a shower in the HOHR WA.  Liz is snoozing and Julia is listening to music.  Vanessa and James are in the KT talking about Becky and looking back at how things have happened.  They talk about the mistakes that Audrey made....Audrey had Shelli on her side but she had to pick a fight with Clay, and that’s where it unravelled. Vanessa thinks that Jackie and Jason are the ones who went out in the classiest of ways.  James thinks Shelli was pretty classy but Vanessa didn’t like that Shelli broke their deal not to use each others’ names in their campaigning.  Vanessa was the bigger person and didn't retaliate.  Also Shelli threw Austin under the bus and that wasn't cool.


6:08 PM BBT Vanessa and James talking in the KT.  Vanessa feels that the competitions that she would be good at have already happened, and the upcoming competitions are not likely to be ones that she is good at, so her tools are limited and trust is what she really needs at this point in the game.


6:14 PM BBT All is quiet in the HOHR, with Liz sleeping and Julia listening to music.  Outside in the BY, Meg is on the double lounger, and James and Austin are standing talking to her.  James asks Austin what everyone is deciding for Thursday and Austin tells him “Becky.”  Austin says Vanessa is feeling good, and he is planting the idea with Vanessa that the person who wins this HOH is in a very bad position because they won’t be able to compete in the HOH comp in the week when someone comes back in the house.  Austin wants Vanessa to feel comfortable so she will throw the HOH competition.  Meg says that Johnny Mac has told her that Vanessa has not approached him with a deal.  If she does approach him, Johnny Mac will take the deal, but won’t follow through with it.


6:22 PM BBT John joins Meg and Austin and James in the BY.  They talk about the pot ball game the previous night. 


6:16 PM BBT Austin repeats to Meg and James what Vanessa has been saying about Julia needing to get HOH.  Austin tells James and Meg that Vanessa sees Meg as a question mark.  Austin tells them that she wants to offer Johnny Mac her vote in exchange for not putting her up or backdooring her next week, but she won’t offer Johnny safety for the following week.  James asks Austin who is the ideal person to win HOH next week.  Austin says he is not ideal because Vanessa will go ape-sh*t on him, but he tells James and Meg that he will do it anyway.    


6:19 PM BBT Austin, Meg and James are talking about whether Steve has a closer relationship to Vanessa than they think.  Austin thinks Steve has been playing up that he was manipulated in his DE HOH.  They talk about Johnny Mac and that he wants Vanessa out badly.  Meg says that Johnny didn’t mention that to her this morning.  Julia comes out to consult with her team-mate James about the cooking show. 


6:35 PM BBT Austin, James, and Meg talk about Steve and what it would be like for him if Jackie comes back into the house.  James suggests that Jackie might appreciate the vacation and the chance to bond with Shelli.  They talk about if Shelli comes back.  James says that he will win HOH if she comes back and send her right back out.  Austin comments that Shelli was very half-hearted in her campaigning, kinda like Becky. 


6:45 PM BBT James is telling Meg and Austin what Steve says about how people win America’s Favorite player....that it’s based on the DR sessions, how you do in competitions, and that hanging around outside doesn’t affect it. Austin thinks underdogs who come from behind tend to win it. James says then Meg will win it.  Meg says no, because she hasn’t won anything.  Meg thinks Steve will win it.  James is frustrated and addresses the camera saying “America.  Do NOT give Steve $25,000.  Do NOT do it!”


6:50 PM BBT Vanessa comes out to the BY and joins Meg on the double lounger.  Meg tells Vanessa she smells good.  They talk about having to pack and still having the stuff they need in the house. Vanessa shouts out to Mel to bring her an extra suitcase


6:52 PM BBT Vanessa tells Meg that she guarantees that Meg will make final 4.  They make a bet.  Vanessa warns Meg that she used to be a professional gambler.  Loser has to buy show tickets plus 1 for a show in Vegas.  Deal.


6:55 PM BBT Vanessa and Meg chit chat on the BY double lounger.  Vanessa is thinking about what show she wants to see in Vegas when she collects on their bet.  John is in the KT making something to eat.

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 7:00pm BBT: James in the BY talking about going duck hunting. John in the KT making slop and Julia goes to the By to sit at the hot tub after spelling #BBchopped on the KT counter.

7:03pm BBT: john takes his slop to the BY to eat while listening to James tell about blasting trees down.Austin is in the HOH BR waking Liz up by caressing her arm and face then her waist.
7:07pm BBt: Liz is now awake as Her and Austin are kissing and hugging in the HOH bed.
7:12pm BBT: meg says something smells so good and Vanessa says yeah they wonder where the smell is coming from. Vanessa ask is there where they do the hunger games? she says if they do then they drop them food. Vanessa then says that this is like the hunger games but we don't die.
7:20pm BBT: Austin snuggled with Liz in the HOH bed and he says i like your arms and neck and i already told you i love your lips they are nice. he then puts hands under the covers and says these are nice too.
Steve and Vanessa in the WA talking about past comps. then Vanessa talks about them eating something.
 7:28pm BBT: Vanessa tells Steve to go eat  then they are going to play chess. Meg comes in and ask if they had seen the sign in the KT and Vanessa says it is great isn't it.
 7:30pm BBT: Julia in the KT telling Meg and Becky that they are getting ready to cook soon and they have to go get all the ingredients at one time. Liz comes out to see what they are doing then goes back in and Julia tells James to grab the  zucchini and come on they go to the STr and find a knife.
7:36pm BBT: Hg preparing for their chopped show soon. James and Liz can not agree on anything.
 7:40pm BBTL Julia and James in the cabana rm talking about making their appetizers and Julia wants chicken in it but James does not. Julia  is getting frustrated and says we can put meat in an appetizer. 
In the STr Liz and Austin are getting things together for the chopped cooking contest and Liz says it is not fair that Julia has 2 zucchinis and Austin takes one.
7:46pm BBT: Introductions are starting for the cooks and the judges. Meg says all contestants to the floor. James comes in with the blond wig on. Meg and Liz start setting out the pots and pans to cook with.
7:50pm BBT: meg says welcome to BB chopped. competing tonight we have team listin. and Judges are Becky and Meg. Meg says you have 30 minutes to prepare appetizers and 1 hour for entree and 30 minutes for desert. 
7:55pm BBT: Meg says all ingredient are fair game  and She says because this is the first round you will have 5 minutes to get your ingredient from the STR.
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8:00PM BBT The coo0k off is about to begin. Liz screaming that the other team is cheating because they have some items already in the KT. Meg returns them to the SR.


8:02PM BBT the clock goes off and the HG to the SR to get their ingredients. Julia is yelling at James that he is out of control. Meg and Becky are laughing at the teams.


8:08PM BBT The cooking is moving along. Julia constantly yelling at James and that he is sabotaging her. Julia is whispering to James to go get her a band aid. He takes to long and she starts screaming for him. She got a little cut.


8:14PM BBT The floor is a mess of food as the contestants run around. Julia screams at James that they don't need something and then says oh wait, yes we do. They have a commercial break to talk about a sponsor. Austin is smack talking James and tells him to go find his momma.

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8:22PM BBT Becky gives the contestants a 10 min warning until the end of the competition. Austin say theirs is perfect. Julia still fussing.


8:26PM BBT Liz is not arguing with Austin about their dish. Someone tosses a piece of Tupperware. Austin says he is cool as a cucumber (he should be since he isn't wear a shirt).


8:30PM BBT The competition is coming to a close and the judges are ready to judge. Julia and James submit an appetizer of Corn tortilla with diced chicken marinated with lemon. They made fresh salsa as well. Meg seems to like it. Austin and Liz are making snide remarks. Becky says that it tastes very fresh. Meg says it is delicious.

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8:34PM BBT Austin and Liz have made a quesadilla with several cheese and a southwest ranch dressing. Meg says that she feels this is more of an entrée portion and not an appetizer. She did appreciate the peppers throughout the dish though. She says the cheese is a bit overwhelming.


8:37PM BBT the judges are making their decisions. Julia/James have earned 17 total points and Liz/Austin have earned 13.5 points.


8:47PM BBT There is a break for clean up time. Austin and Liz are discussing their next submission.


8:51PM BBT Round two starts and the contestants are off! Julia is already fussing at James for the oven being on the wrong temperature. James tells her to get the rest going that he has the bacon covered.


8:58PM BBT James and Austin share some smack talk. James comments that Austin isn't so tough with his purse. Austin says it is a mens satchel. Meg says a murse.

8:59PM BBT James is yelling that they need to check the timer on the knife. The teams are complaining about each other. Grease has hit James in the rush.

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