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Sunday, August 16 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


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Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT In the HOHR, Steve brings up the definition of what it means for a HG to be backdoored.  He says that the technical definition is a replacement nom who never got to play for Veto.  So any HG who plays for, but doesn’t win, Veto and then gets nominated and evicted has not actually been backdoored.  Steve asks Austwins what he can do for them this week, and they tell him to just monitor the Vanessa situation.  There’s a reason he’s a Have-Not.  They want to make sure Vanessa doesn’t suspect that they want Johnny Mac to take her out next week because she knows all their secrets and will blow up their game.


12:06 AM BBT Vanessa comes into the CBR where Becky, John and James are talking about the Veto competition.  She wonders where everyone is and then realizes that the house just feels empty because they are down to nine people. 


12:09 AM BBT Julia is having a shower in the HOHR WA.  Steve says goodnight and leaves the HOHR.  Liz and Austin cuddle in and kiss.  Liz says “we are so good.  I am so happy....everyone that’s evicted right now is dying at how much we’re killing it.  We’ve positioned ourselves perfectly.”  Austin says we just have to keep it going and relax the rest of the week and have fun. 


12:11 AM BBT Liz is glad Becky didn’t come talk to her because she doesn’t want to talk to Becky. 


12:12 AM BBT In the CBR, Steve reveals to John and James that he put chocolates under the fitted sheet of one of the beds.  James asks if they can have a few days or weeks of pranking each other.  John says he’s down.  Steve says that no one has pranked John yet.  John says he’s felt left out.  John and Steve talk about dentist chairs and that they can turn.  John was surprised.  James leaves and Steve whispers to John that he was upstairs and that Steve, John, Austin, Liz and Julia are guaranteed.  Vanessa can’t do shi*t.  Steve thanks John for going outside and having fun and encourages him to keep doing that.  Steve asks what John into a funk.  John says it was just knowing that the big move [getting Vanessa out] was happening and that it could go very wrong, which it did.  Everything was going downhill from there.


12:16 AM BBT Steve suggests to John that he build a bridge with Vanessa.  Steve says they can maintain a good relationship until it’s time to get her out.  They talk about winning the next HOH.  John thinks they should save it til the next week when they have someone back in the game. He thinks Vanessa will throw the next HOH comp as well.  Steve tells John that he has the votes.  John says he doesn’t want to have to campaign against Becky anyway.  John doesn’t think Becky will campaign either.  Steve asks John if there is anything he can do for Becky on a personal level as a human being.  John says just to keep doing what he has been doing.  Also, Becky doesn’t understand about Jackie, so John suggests that Steve talk to her about in a few days.

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12:21 AM BBT John goes into the Have-Not room and finds Vanessa reading her letter in the dark.  Vanessa tells John she got nostalgic.  John says “aww” and tells her she is going to be out of there and be able to make out with her soon enough.  Vanessa laughs and says “five and a half weeks.”   John leaves the HNR and heads to the KT. 


12:23 AM BBT Vanessa is settling in to sleep in the HNR.  In the KT, Becky is telling James, Steve, and Meg that some of her friends are getting botox injections already.  Becky says that people always guess her age.


12:28 AM BBT Becky says that her sister dates Asian guys a lot.  She would love it if James was her brother-in-law.  Becky talks about other “plans” ...Shelli and Clay would get married, and Becky would marry Shelli’s twin brother, so then they would all be related. 


12:29 AM BBT Meg is in the HOHR telling Austin, Julia and Liz [in HOHR WA] that Becky has accepted what is.  She’s calm and cool and saying that at least she still has a chance to get back in the game. 


12:31 AM BBT Austin tells Meg that John was willing to throw the PoV competition to Austin, and asks Meg if she thinks John actually threw it.  Meg is shocked: “He SAID that?”  Meg tells Austin that Becky told her that both John and Becky have said they will not campaign against each other.  Meg says that if John was willing to throw it, he must be feeling pretty safe.  Austin wonders what Becky might know about John that they don’t know.  Meg thinks that people think they are closer than they are. 


12:33 AM BBT Austin tells Meg that Vanessa spent an hour and a half with Johnny Mac probably trying to make a deal with him in exchange for her vote.  Meg is expecting Vanessa to cut a deal with James for both Meg and James votes.  Meg is insulted that Vanessa doesn’t talk game to Meg.  She goes to James instead.  Meg feels like Vanessa just pats her head.   


12:35 AM BBT Austin tells Meg that Steve is on board to get rid of Vanessa.  They talk about the ways they think Vanessa has used Steve. Meg is mystified why Vanessa is targeting Meg, James, and Jackie when they were the ones who were voting to keep her. 


12:38 AM BBT Steve and James are playing chess.  Austin, Meg and Julia are still in the HOHR talking about Vanessa and who is targeting her.  Austin is telling Meg that he really likes hanging out with Johnny Mac.  Meg feels that Vanessa is less dangerous because so many people are on to her now...Vanessa has lost her power to manipulate.  Meg warns not to keep Vanessa around too long because if she wins the power she would put Austin and James up so that both sides would start freaking out.


12:45 AM BBT The HOH group are talking about winning competitions.  Austin says that if you need to win a competition at this stage of the game you haven’t played right.  They discuss how the game changes as the numbers dwindle.  Lights are out in the HNR, but John and Vanessa are talking about missing home.  John says he always thought he would do alright if he was ever in prison, but this has made him realize how hard it is.  In the BB House they can at least move from room to room.  Vanessa says in prison you can have phone calls and there’s TV.  Vanessa compares the BB experience to solitary confinement, but with the whole group.  They talk about counting down the next five and a half weeks, and they look forward to seeing family again. 


12:49 AM BBT Austin tells Meg that they are feeling pretty relieved and hopeful that next week will be straightforward as well.  Meg asks if Vanessa is pushing them to put someone else up, and Austin says no.  Vanessa wants Becky out.  They are trying to make sure Vanessa feels safe so that she will be inclined to throw the HOH comp next week.  Austin, Meg and Julia agree that next week is the week for Vanessa to go. 


12:51 AM BBT All is quiet in the HNR.  In the HOHR, Austin, Meg, and Julia talk about the coolest players in prior seasons and how they keep their hands out of things earlier on and then manipulate more subtly and later in the game.  Much of the conversation is about Derrick.  Derrick never freaked out about anything.  Austin says this is the first time he has felt good at all. 


12:54 AM BBT Steve and James come into the HOHR.  Steve says that he decimated James in their chess game.  James puts something on the table.  Austin asks if the BY is open.  James says no.  Steve says he will go check and he leaves.  James stays and gets the updates from Austin.  Meg tells Austin that they can’t tell James anything more about Vanessa or James will explode soon.


12:57 AM BBT In the darkened HNR, Vanessa tells John about software she uses for audio editing and tagging sounds.  Steve comes into HNR.  Vanessa and John say “Hi Steve” and he says “it’s not Steve”...Steve grabs a blanket and says “it’s Audrey.”  

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102AM  James, Meg, Austin, Liz in HoH room discussing JMac and Vanessa going home.  JMac told Austin he has his speech ready for Vanessa and her eviction.  Vanessa meanwhile is talking to Steve in the HN room, lights off.  Talk is about classes and which programs they used a lot in college.  Vanessa now asking what everyone else is doing, she is quite interested when Steve says they are in the hoH room.  She keeps asking him (Steve) if he is going up there, and that he should go up and talk in HoH, now she tells JMac he needs to go up there and check on them for her, neither are volunteering, telling her you go.  Something is mumbled about being paranoid.  Vanessa turns to talking about her predicting the winner of OTEV and that she has made several predictions. (these predictions have always been stated AFTER the comps and winners are announced)  Vanessa is laying in her chair and still bringing up the topic of visiting the HoH room. 


The chat in HoH is general chat and laughing about things that happen during HoH and VETO comps.  No real game talk.  They are talking about number of votes needed.  Talking about side alliances that Vanessa keeps trying to make with the Girls, but she fails cause of Austin... Vanessa talk is  happening (same ole stuff different day) about what she does or says and then double talks.  Her "word" "integrity" and "truth".  They tell James about what the deal with JMac and Clay was about. 


112AM   Vanessa and conversation in HN room has stopped. JMac is trying to sleep in between Steve on one side and Vanessa on the other.   Vanessa keeps talking to Steve,  The lights are off but JMac and Vanessa have "things" covering their eyes.  Vanessa says good night and room goes quiet


1125AM  Talk is still going on in HoH.  They are back to discussing the fact that Vanessa never talks to Meg.  James says as long as Vanessa and Steve do not win, they can go "brass tax".. Austin says he wants to be the one to evict Vanessa, he says he is big and ugly enough she won't attack him.  The talk goes to JMac wanting Vanessa gone also.  The talk is that they are sure that Vanessa is going crazy not knowing what is going to happen with the Veto, so Monday to Thursday will be happy days, the come Thursday hopefully JMac, James or Austin win HoH and Vanessa is a BD and home.  (logic here, they don't want her coming back so they need to wait another week-Granny)  They talk about the way Vanessa stares at them.


145AM  ADL in Bathroom downstairs by Meg and James.  Bed checking in Purple room.  Julia is paranoid about James and pranks.  Austin in kitchen eating, James's burgers are fantastic..  Becky asking about cookies without gluten.  All but HN crew is wandering around kitchen and general chit chat.


201 AM  putting "ghosty" on the block.  Austin says he is the "Silver power of B" James and his mouth are warned by Meg that his mouth is foul and they are bleeping him on feeds.  Austin and James think that the Feeders will love this.  James says it is the "glory hole" award.  it is a Voodoo doll with a hat, knife and very large penis.  "the apple died".  James says if he had done this "shit" when they first came in the house he would have been gone first.  they all agree.


215  Julia in HoH room.  Liz, Becky, Austin, James and Meg all in living room chatting.  They are reading the stuff off the decorations in the room.  Irish Spring commercials.  No game talk


230AM  Austin Liz in HoH getting ready to settle in for night. (Screaming from downstairs)  Julia is checking under bed in Colorful room.  James is helping her.  They are finding clothes, shoes and foil.  Julia making sure James does not torture her.  Julia whining about James. 


 226AM James has foiled Julia's bed. with chocolates.) (reference back to 1212AM)  it had been mentioned around 215 that chocolates were missing.  James is blaming Steve and Steve says it was team effort.  Liz comes running down to see bed.  Julia throwing fit wading up foil into a ball.  Julia says James told her to go nap and she knew something was wrong.  Wanting Steve to help and he says no.  Julia goes and gets the bowl. We got FISH.


 235AM  The boys helped Julia clean up the mess.  Austin and Liz settle down in bed again.  Julia is whining "Jaaammmeeeesss"  there is now a tickling match going on, James the prankster is in full gear.  Julia says she claims the white flag.  James shut off the light as he walked out the door. 


245AM  Liz turns off hoH light.  Steve starts his wandering in the house.  He told Julia he is not waiting for backyard to open, but he has his laundry ready to go.  we get FISH for a few and back to Steve in Storeage room.  Liz and Austin making out.  liz says okay you done, 30 sec make out session is done :)


251 All seems to be settling in for night.  General chat in HoH between Lizten.  Steve is now fixing himself a pork chop.  They eat no slop this week (Did we vote on pork chops?)

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3AM  Steve sitting alone in kitchen eating his pork chop.  All quiet in HoH room. 


315AM  James is up and Steve is still wandering.  Backyard is open.  we get FISH.  Steve thanks BB for getting the yard back open.  Can hear but not see since Fish are on Cams 1/2.  Cam 3/4 is HoH room and they seem to be sleeping.  still FISH but you can hear James talking about water being scalding hot and Steve says he is going to start laundry and will be there in a minute.


321AM   Cam back, James and Steve at Hot Tub in Backyard.  Steve is talking about how he napped on floor.  James said when Julia laid down on her bed, his back cracked and it felt so good.  (Guess I should go back and look again at 226AM)  The boys are dipping their feet into the hot tub, James says it is way too hot.  Steve says his feet are cold..agrees with James it is really hot.


327AM  James says he is not going to spread rumors, he is not going to create chaos.  James is telling Steve that he is pretty sure they are both safe this week.  Doubts Liz will use Veto.  Steve says it is funny that Lizten were the final two in comp. 


334AM  James and Steve still at hot tub, just general chat.  they now talking about who has won America's favorite player.  Liz gets up for bathroom.


340AM they have now moved on to talking about evictees not in house.  And what you do and do not do the first week in the BB house.  Cause it will get you evicted.  Like running nakid.  James and Steve talking about airing 3 times a week. 


351 Still talking general chat in backyard about who all was from Texas on BB in all seasons.  James says Aaryn would not return to BB ever, Steve agrees.  Talking about how close James and Clay are to Dallas and doing casting calls.  (I guess since they have 1 year contract they call them to the casting calls to make appearances?)  The discussion has now turned to what may happen at casting call appearances.  James and Steve agree it is a dream come true and some people have no clue.


402AM  Still talking about casting calls and how people might recognize them outside the house.  James asks who misses you most Steve, he says Mom cause she knows I am die hard BB fan.  We talk every day, she has done lots for me with my Dad in things that would never have happened without them.  Discussion turns to what James would do with winnings.  Building house, moving back to SC, .. Steve says he would do the same for his family too, just help them out.  James says he would take some of the money and set it aside in trust for his daughter.  Steve says yeah, give it to her at age not college. 


408AM Steve says it is about his bed time.  He thanks James for talking.  Steve says he needs to do his canker sore stuff.  James heads off to bed.  Steve goes to check washer.  James asks BB to play some country music for wake up as he walks thru to bedroom.  Steve is now back inside wandering the house.  All other squirrels seem to be tucked in for hibernation.  Steve makes up his salt water for gargle


415AM Steve wandering around the house, headed to colorful room, Steve is stretched over the back of chair by door and cameraman keeps adjusting the camera, cannot see what Steve is doing but hearing rustling.  Steve gets up with garbage bag in hand and heads out to LR.  (I think he is looking for his hoodie-Granny)  goes back into colorful bedroom and is looking behind chair again.  Seems he has found what he is looking for and walks out...Hoodie in hand.  Walks outside to find water all over the place from the washer, is looking behind washer, doing something, BB says Steve stop that.  he is talking to BB about washer being broken, he has unplugged it.  Walks back into house.  Goes to DR door and enters.  Steve leaves DR and heads off to bed


435 Everyone seems to be down for the night. including Steve

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504AM Washer seems to be fixed.  Steve in backyard playing pool.  Everyone else still snug in bed.  Steve starts mumbling to himself. 


Sidenote:  Starting around 510AM my PC has decided or maybe it is CBS that I cannot get the Archives to work. 


738AM Vanessa gets up and goes to the bathroom,  goes potty, picks at her eye and heads back to HN room to sleep. 

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 9:34am BBT James gets up, uses WC, washes his hands and crawls back in bed.

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10:00am BBT We have FOTH. Wake up call.


10:03am BBT HG not having anything to do with getting up. Feeds are back and the only one to move is John who adjusts his pillow.


10:06am BBT BB tries again...we have FOTH

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10:20am BBT Vanessa and John are putting down the awnings. James and Meg still in their beds but they are awake. James is saying Meg was trying to feed him a cracker like he was a parrot.

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10:27am BBT Vanessa tells John that on Thursday they will be 2/3 of the way. Vanessa gets told to center her mic and John asks her where is her mic. She gets up to get it. In KT, Liz tells about the chocolate and tinfoil under the sheets last night. Steve says it was him that thought of putting it under the fitted sheets.

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10:36am BBT Meg says good morning to her mom. She hopes they are all at the beach house, that sounds so good. She tells James that everyone goes to the beach house on Friday and stays till late Sunday. She says Day 60 sounds like a lot. James says something and Meg goes "What?" James tells her to turn her hearing aide up. She says she can't hear him when he mumbles.

10:41am BBT Meg says if she makes it to the end she hopes she wins the last HOH, she doesn't want to be like Victoria. James says Victoria won a POV when Caleb gave up Veto for 5K. Meg LOL and says who wouldn't take the 5K. James tells her to shut up, money isn't everything. He says Meg wouldn't have take it either. She would have felt it was dirty money. She agrees with him.

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 10:48am BBT In the BY, John stretches out on the couch, Vanessa is stretched out on the lounge. FOTH....Meg goes to SR and they have Cinibuns...James reads the card. HG start your day with some cinibuns compliments of the live feeders. (its funny....earlier Meg said her family would probaby be eating cinibuns for breakfast.)

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10:58am BBT Vanessa comes inside and James says its just cinnamon rolls, they are not very good, we are just doing it for the life feeders. Meg cant believe she ate the whole thing. Becky says she has seen her eat an omelet like nobody's business.

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12:01 PM BBT - Nothing much has happened in the last hour. Right now, Becky and JMac in the BY on the loungers, general chit chat about places Becky has been to. Cameras 3 and 4 are on Vanessa and Steve napping.


12:05PM BBT - Becky heads inside briefly to use the bathroom and then comes back out, complaining it's muggy and hot outside today. More general chit chat with JMac, now discussing beer. They both love IPA's. They agree you have to work your way into an IPA, especially if you are not a regular beer drinker. That's like giving someone who doesn't drink coffee a black one. You gotta start them off on a latte.


12:10PM BBT - Becky comments she hasn't been called to the DR since yesterday's POV and she knows she'll be called soon and she doesn't want to get "gross" in the heat. She heads back inside - it's too hot for her blood. She goes inside and heads into the Comic BR, deciding to take a nap.



12:20PM BBT - All 4 cameras are on the napping HG's.


12:34PM BBT - Johnny Mac heads into the washroom and does some ADL's. He then heads into the KT to make some slop. He sits at the KT counter to eat it.


12:50PM BBT - After his slop, JMac stares thoughtfully around for awhile before washing his bowl. He then heads to the WA for more ADL's.


12:56PM BBT - Johnny Mac heads back outside to the loungers. He puts his sunglasses on, lays his head back and chills.


1:02PM BBT - Vanessa wakes up and joins JMac in the BY. He tells her everyone has been up and down with him, but he isn't tired enough to sleep so he wants to enjoy the fresh air. Vanessa doesn't feel well, and it sucks because she wants to work out. She heads inside to grab some laundry.


1:16PM BBT - Vanessa puts her laundry in and joins JMac on the loungers. She wonders why everyone is still sleeping and if they were up all night. JMac says he doesn't know but they are all sleeping. Vanessa asks who JMac would like to get a letter from if he won HOH. 3 way tie between his dad, his mom and his brother. BB reminds everyone they are only allowed to sleep in the bedrooms. JMac wonders who is sleeping elsewhere.


1:20PM BBT - JMac says only he, Julia and Meg have not won an HOH. Vanessa wants to win one in the next few weeks or she'll lose her mind (she wants the letter from home). They discuss the POV's. JMac has won 3 out of 6 POV's. Steve is up and joins them in the BY. Steve tells them he sat down on the sofa and must've dozed off, BB was yelling at him. They resume discussing who won how many comps.


1:22PM BBT - Vanessa thinks Julia hasn't won anything, Steve points out she could've won things when she was playing Liz. Julia's never been nominated, JMac points out. Steve wonders if everyone else is still asleep. Vanessa asks what time everyone went to bed. Steve says he was the last one up and went to bed around 2 or 3. Maybe 4. Vanessa wonders if everyone is super tired from yesterday's comp.


1:25PM BBT - Steve says it was nice that the rest of the HG's got Cinnabuns this morning. Vanessa wonders if they could freeze some for them for after the HN week. Steve debates going back to the HN chair but then he won't sleep tonight. It's a vicious cycle. Vanessa suggests sleeping on the floor, Steve doesn't want to get buzzed by BB. Vanessa suggests piling blankets underneath him and pillows around him so it's softer and he'll actually sleep.


1:27PM BBT - Vanessa tells Steve his ADD is bad right now, he didn't answer her. Steve hotly replies he heard exactly what she said and repeats it. Vanessa backs right down. They then tell cheesy jokes about Cinnabuns. FoTH for about 30 seconds. Steve is trying to fix the clips on his mic. JMac jokes the next takeover twist is going to be Phil Collins. Vanessa thinks the Takeover Twist was a flop. The last one they had was Gronk, which didn't even feel like a takeover.


1:30PM BBT - Steve thinks Probst (from Survivor) would've taken over at some point. Vanessa wonders if they didn't have enough time to cover it on the shows. Steve apologizes for his presence and is going to head back to the dentist chair. Vanessa says on Thursday she'll trim his hair. JMac says he'll likely be in within the next hour. Vanessa wonders if he needs a haircut. JMac thinks another 2 weeks. Clay cut it at one point. Steve meanders back inside. Vanessa discusses her hair - she highlighted it on day 29. 31 days later, it still seems ok.


1:32PM BBT - Vanessa likes JMac's hair color, she wouldn't touch it. JMac needs to trim his goatee/beard. They start to discuss JMac's ancestry. Vanessa thinks he looks the most Polish. He does appear to have some Irish in him too. They discuss that the entire process for BB is 4 months including sequester. Vanessa says this game is much harder than it looks on every possible level. JMac says until you are there, you don't get how hard it is.

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1:37PM BBT - JMac says the hardest thing is the amount of times you are locked indoors. Days at a time, cabin fever. Vanessa says the hardest part is that the people you live with are your competition but also people you need to build relationships with. JMac says at home he always has his guitar, video games, HBO... here it's like, I need to be outdoors! JMac says it's too hot to workout right now. Maybe later tonight. Vanessa tells us she's struggling with being a HN. She doesn't like pork and the slop makes her sick.


1:40PM BBT - Vanessa only has protein shakes and pickles. JMac feels more functional once he has slop. It doesn't seem to upset his stomach. Vanessa says different blood types handle different food better. Irish are more "anti-celiac" and digest potato and grain better. Vanessa isn't celiac but she doesn't digest that stuff well. Vanessa hopes she'll remember her cell phone password once out of the house. JMac never put a password on his cell phone. No one would find anything on his phone anyway. Vanessa has her whole life on her cell.


1:45PM BBT - JMac has never had his cell phone off "vibrate". Vanessa says now that he's been on the phone, he should put a password on now just in case. For privacy. JMac agrees. Vanessa wonders if he'd want to do BB or something similar again. JMac emphatically shakes his head. No Survivor or Amazing Race. Vanessa thinks Amazing Race is cool. Jeff and Jackie told JMac about it. Vanessa wants to do Amazing Race. Vanessa shouts out to her friend Mark. She thinks JMac will be his favorite. They're similar.


1:50PM BBT - Mark has never been on a show and doesn't want to be. They discuss their schools growing up and the cities they've lived in.  Vanessa says if someone came and threatened to rob her, she'd hand over what they wanted; she doesn't want to get shot. JMac says the subways are safe because they're so many people there.


1:55PM BBT - JMac misses living in Philly. South Philly was a nice place. Safer. Austin wakes up and comes into the BY. He wonders what time it is and they discuss the heat. Austin wants to work out just the chest or something easy in the heat. JMac says he'll do that too. Vanessa gets up to move her laundry.

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2:00pm BBT: Vanessa goes to the KT  asking Austin what time he went to sleep  this morning and he says he does not know. He is making his egg  and veggie omelette. Vanessa making a drink watching him.

 2:14pm BBT: Becky is now up in the WA doing ADL's. Vanessa still watching Austin making omelettes and talking general talk.
2:24pm BBT: Austin fished cooking and goes to the HOh rm and wakes Liz to eat her breakfast. He tells her she has been sleeping alot so come eat and do not let this go to waste. Liz stretches and then gets up.Austin goes back down to the KT to eat his omelette.
2:30pm BBT: Austin and John sitting in the KT talking about still living  with their parents and bills they have to pay. Liz in the HOh rm eating her breakfast and reading her letter again.
 2:32pm BBT: Liz walks out her HOh rm door and says to Austin you aren't coming up here "RUDE" then walks back into her rm. Austin says i was fixen to come up i was just talking to the Mack. John is laughing. Austin then goes to the HOh rm and Liz hugs him and gives him a kiss and Austin says i take good care of you.He leaves the HOh rm says i will be right back and Liz continues to eat.
2:44pm BBT: Liz goes down to the CBR and wakes up Julia. Julia says stop. Liz ask her if she wants a cinnamon roll or a bear claw? Liz tells her that Austin made her breakfast and it was amazing that he always makes her an omelette with cottage cheese and salsa.
2:46pm BBT: Julia says i want to go back to sleep i never get to sleep in and Liz says i know me either. But Bb was so nice first alcohol lastnight then cinnamon rolls this morning that was so nice.
2:51pm BBT: Liz and Steve talking about who went to jury first  last year and who all was evicted before someone came back and Steve tells them who it was then Nicole won herself a spot back in the house then Donny got evicted then Nicole got evicted again. Liz says that's right. Steve  gets up and walks around as Austin comes through going to the By to workout.
 2:57pm BBT: Julia is making coffee saying if Liz had not waken her she would still be asleep. Liz said you needed to get up. John  is sitting by the pool after he put on sun screen.
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3:02pm BBT: Liz cleaning the KT and John getting a towel and a drink to go workout with Austin. Steve puts on his swim trunks to go out to the pool.Liz says will you please tell Austin i said to put on sun screen and john says yeah, Liz says thank you johnny. Julia says look mom is looking out for pops.


3:20pm BBT: Liz, Julia and Vanessa in the HOh rm talking about how Shelli would tell people about the twins and how they all fought over sun glasses. Julia said it was a big mistake telling Steve and Liz says i know.Austin and John working out in the BY with the weights.Steve heading to the pool and all other Hg in bed sleeping.


3:29pm BBT: Vanessa talking to Liz and Julia about Becky and how Becky will come after them if she comes off the block and Liz says  i need her to go out that door. Vanessa says yeah i know. Julia talking about one jury member coming back and she says she feels like Shelli would be the one coming back. Vanessa smiles a big smile and is silent.


3:32pm BBt: Vanessa says  Shelli and Clay are  100% the reason she went for Jason when she was HOH cause Shelli  told me to so she was controlling me i never controlled her. Becky walks in as they are talking about a final three comp and how James wants to do that one comp.


3:47pm BBt: Becky and Vanessa telling Liz how she gets 1 hour to do her blog and what she can and cannot talk about in it. Liz says oh i cant talk about OTEV and Becky says no. Liz says that was a fun one.


 3:52pm BBT: In the HIH rm the girls are talking about HOh comps and past comps in past seasons. In the BY Austin and john  are still working out.


 3:57pm BBT: John and Austin now in the KT getting water. Austin says i wait 15 minutes before i get a protein shake to let the muscles calm down and john says oh 15 minutes ok. Austin says you have to let the muscles calm down first and the water helps.

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7:00PM BBT: The HGs got the photo booth working, and the picture taking continues.

7:05PM BBT: The twins are in the photo booth, Vanessa is laying in the hammock by herself, while everyone else is taking pictures. The twins and Meg and Becky take a group photo.

7:10PM BBT: Steve is out in the backyard, James and Austin call him "Boi" and he walks into the cabana lounge room.

The twins want to take a picture with him.

7:15PM BBT: Steve walks out and Liz takes off her shirt, she only has her bra on and is taking a picture with her sister. it's just the twins taking pictures now, everyone else is done with the picture taking. Becky comes in now.

7:20PM BBT: Meg and Becky were taking pictures now it's Meg and James.

The twins are in the pool now. Meg is done taking pictures. Meg and James walk over to the pool, Meg wants to get into the pool, James says he is getting in too. Austin is doing back flips in the backyard.

7:25PM BBT: James has the big blow-up shark, Becky comes out with her tea. James puts the fish in the pool and does a big jump into the pool. Steve and John, are playing pool. BB comes on and says "there is no jumping into the pool." James is now hitting the shark on the side of the pool.

7:31PM BBT: Meg and James are now in the pool, playing with the shark. Meg is talking about playing in the ocean. Steve and Johnny are still playing pool. Now over by the pool they are talking beaches. They are teasing James about the shark. James wants Meg to get on top of the shark. They are trying to figure out the best way to get on the shark. Now they have made a game of it. lets see who can get on the shark the fastest. James can't get on the shark. He gets on it at the count of 21

7:35PM BBT: James is continuing to try to ride the shark. Steve gets in the ride the shark. Steve is now trying to ride the shark he gets on at the count of 20.

Beating James 21.

7:40PM BBT: Steve wanted another try he does it on the count of 3. James tries again and does it in the count of two. Steve goes again and does it in the count of 2.Vanessa is laying on the hammock watching. Meg gives it a try, and she can't get on it, she is at 22, She tries again, can't do it. Austin is working out with the weights.

7:45PM BBT: Julia is now trying to ride the shark, Becky is painting her nails. They start counting she can't do it. She finally does it. she did it in 5. James get on in 2. Now it between Steve and James tie breaker. Steve goes first he got it in one. James turn, He got it in one too. it's still a tie. For the tie breaker they got to go on in front. Steve is first He can't do it. James turn he did it in the count of 6 Steve gets another try he does it in two count. Steve gets one more try. He got it in six.

7:50PM BBT: Austin says he needs some Irish spring now. Vanessa and Johnny are in the kitchen Johnny is getting him some slop. And the shark riding continues. Steve runs into the purple room gets something and runs back outside. Vanessa is in the purple room she is moving cloths into the Have-Not room.

7:55PM BBT: Steve went into the house for the Irish Spring, They are now just playing around in the pool now, Vanessa is moving all her stuff into the Have-Not room. And putting them into the dresser draws.

8:00PM BBT: James is now using the Irish spring in the pool. Him and Julia are playing in the pool splashing each other and James calls Steve "Boi"

Meg gets out of the pool James is also out so is Steve. They are now putting down the awnings.

8:05PM BBT: James is now back in the pool using the Irish Spring to take a bath in the pool Steve is in the pool he throws the Irish Spring and we get the FotH.

8:10PM BBT: Becky and Liz are in the kitchen talking about how hot it is, Meg is throwing the shark at James who is still in the pool. Steve is wiping off the window. Liz asked what they said on the speaker and we get a brief FotH. Julia is now in the pool with James and Meg. Johnny is working out with the weights with Austin.

8:15PM BBT: Steve, Julia, Meg, and James are trying to do a world pool. a plane flies by and they wave and yell at it. They are now just splashing around in the pool.

8:20PM BBT: Becky is talking to Liz in the the HoH room, and they group in the pool are still playing games Johnny and Austin are still working out.

8:31PM BBT: They are still playing games in the pool and Johnny and Austing are still working out. They want to play Marco Polo.

8:45PM BBT: Austin is now up in the the HoH room with Liz, Johnny is over by the pool walking around. They are playing Marco Polo in the pool.

Liz tells Austin that she told Becky that Becky was the pawn, She said she almost let it slip that she is going to Jury. Austin says if the whole house votes her out, she can't be mad at anyone.

Meg is now out of the pool, so is James. Liz asked Austin if he has talked to anyone about his vote he says not really. He says Steve will bring Johnny into our fold.

Liz is talking about Vanessa and how she never really talks game to anyone. Austin says everyone has just become jokers. Liz is saying that Vanessa says that Steve is acting weird and she said Steve is always like that.

8:50PM BBT: James is in the shower, Meg and Vanessa are also in the bedroom. Julia and Steve are talking about when everyone knew about the twins. Liz and Austin are now talking about Jackie and how she was on the other side of the house then them. Austin says the rest of the week should be easy. They now want to get dinner going.

#BBq7 8:55PM BBT: Steve and Julia are now out of the pool Meg is in the shower, Liz goes over to talk to Vanessa over in the hammock. Julia and Steve are over there to. Liz is saying that the cookies are really good. James is in the bathroom area with Meg who is still in the shower.

9:00PM BBT: Steve is now under the hammock, the twins are doing sheets, Vanessa says she is sad. She said she doesn't have anyone, Vanessa says she is super lonely. She wants to know if she is going up, because people are acting weird to her. Steve says he doesn't know what's going on. Vanessa says he is acting weird like he doesn't want to be around her. Steve says he hadn't been hiding BB history from her. I don't know what's going on.

Vanessa says she doesn't have no one she is crying. Liz is in the the HoH room with Austin and Julia telling them that Vanessa asked her if Austin is mad at her. They are wondering what's up with Vanessa. They want to talk to Steve.

9:10PM BBT: Liz wants to break up the Vanessa and Steve, Austin is saying that they need to tell her that there is nothing wrong. Liz walks out to break up Steve and Vanessa. Austin is now talking about taking out Vanessa this week. Liz walks over the Vanessa and Steve who walks in to get some cloths on.

Vanessa says Austin is not talking to her. Liz is saying the she doesn't want her feeling this way. she is saying that James is Austin's new buddy. Vanessa is saying that the slop is getting to her. She is asking Liz if she is mad at her. No. Austin runs into Steve who tells him what all Vanessa says. James, and Johnny are in the kitchen, James is eating. Liz tells Vanessa she has nothing to worry about.

9:10PM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz that Becky said it was her that did the eight person alliance thing.

Austin and Steve come over, it's the slop it's the slop.

Vanessa says she just misses Mel her friend. Austin says she should go to the DR. Meg and James are in the bathroom area with Becky. Vanessa is saying that she doesn't want to make a big scene. Austin says any time you want to hang out come hang out. Becky says Vanessa is now acting like Audrey.

8:25PM BBT: Meg and Becky are talking, They are talking about how the votes will go, Steve and Vanessa are now playing pool, Liz is making chicken dogs for dinner. Austin,and Becky are talking about what all Audrey ate. She ate Chicken nugget, and eggs. In the storage room Liz tells James and Meg what all happened with Vanessa. Liz says she is breaking down. James asked if he needs to pull away from Austin No. Austin comes in, They are deciding what all they want for dinner. Johnny is playing pool with Steve and Vanessa now.

8:31PM BBT: In the the HoH room Liz,Julia and Austin are talking about Vanessa. And what if she wins HoH next week. Austin says we cheered her up. They are saying the slop is getting to her, She doesn't really eat. They are saying we are all in the same boat, why do you think we did the Irish spring thing. Austin says he hate people who are self righteous. Now talking about Veggies, Liz is talking about how their Mama makes them. Steve, Johnny and Vanessa are still playing pool.

8:35PM BBT: Most of the HGs are in the kitchen talking about the two meals that they won that they never got. They say they will get a gift card for the two meals after the show. Austin and Liz are starting Dinner. Becky is eating chips. James keeps talking about the rules.and the FotH is going in and out because James is talking about the rules.

8:40PM BBT: Steve lost because he scratched on the eight ball. In the kitchen they are talking about getting on the soaps after BB. And which ones they would like to be on. Vanessa walks into the house Steve tells Johnny what Vanessa said. He tells him to be more nice to her. He is going to play chess with Vanessa. Johnny is going to lay on the hammock.

8:45PM BBT: They found a label on the steak and said Julia did it and ran into the bedroom because Julia was in the shower. and they were teasing her about the label on the steak. Now they are talking about ham at Christmas and devil eggs. Meg is talking about thanksgiving and black Friday shopping.

8:55PM BBT: Becky opens a big jar of pickles and gets pickle juice all over her. They brought out the chicken nuggets and James starts eating them and they are talking about Auntie Audrey. Steve and Vanessa are in the kitchen and so is Johnny. and now they are talking about Auntie Audrey stealing the chicken nuggets.

9:00PM BBT: they are now talking about Audrey, and all the stories she told them. And how no one told her about the twin even though they all knew by then. Because no one was talking to her at that time.

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9:03 PM BBT In the OBR, Julia is making her bed. HG's in the KT area & at the DT talk about the comp they played & what questions they didn't get correct.


9:05 PM BBT James tells Liz that he left a message for Angela in the DR. Meg tells James to stop being creepy McCreeps. He says, he left messages for Lindsey, Vanessa's mom & now Angela. We see FOTH for a moment.


9:08 PM BBT John gets called to the DR. John says, "O.K., I like the way you think." Vanessa, Meg & James are all sitting at the DT. There is a bin & towel on the DT. Steve talks about country music. He says, you have to have the intimate guitar & do it with twang. James asks Steve what music he listens to? Steve says, electronic easy m. James asks Steve if he does drugs? Steve says, he's never used any recreational drugs.


9:12 PM BBT James says, his favorite country singer right is Luke Bryan. Meg says, Luke Brown? James says, Luke Bryan, do you not listen to country? Meg says, no. James says, Luke has scruff to him. Liz starts screaming because they got alcohol.


9:15 PM BBT The HG's are soo excited for the alcohol & want to play Pot Ball again.


9:17 PM BBT Steve asks Vanessa if she wants to see the Checkmate that he put James in last night? She didn't answer, as they sit down to play chess with Steve. Liz & Julia are in the KT cooking something. Austin is reading the wine bottle & says, it's really good in the red, & it's really smooth.


9:21 PM BBT The twins think BB loves them because they got alcohol again. Becky & Liz say they gave the feeders what they want. Meg says, the HN's hate them, & she feels bad. Becky says, when you're HN's, what goes around comes around. Meg is so excited to play Pot Ball again.


9:22 PM BBT Austin says, he wonders if they will get hard alcohol if they are really good. Julia says, they will never get hard alcohol. They wonder if Austin doesn't mention Irish Spring for a whole week, if that will do it.


9:24 PM BBT The HG's talk about movies they like to watch on Netflix. At the chess board, Steve gets upset because he made a mistake. Vanessa says, they both have now. Steve asks if she's willing not to take his piece, he will not take hers. They are going to start their game over.


9:28 PM BBT James is playing Pot Ball. HG's are being really loud. Julia, Liz & Austin are all sitting at the DT. Becky starts talking about being on a date.


9:30 PM BBT Julia says, if a girl orders a Bud Light, it's like drinking pee pee. Austin says, he can talk forever, but if a girl has nothing to contribute it won't be good. Julia says, Liz picked a good booger. Julia says, 90% of the girls that Jeff has slept with have been one night stands. Becky says, some guys at her pool parties ranked the 6 girls that live in her house. She says, she got 3rd.


9:33 PM BBT Becky says, she's the youngest person in house. She says, they use the chalk board a lot. Meg says, the chalk board in her house is foul. Meg tells them they call her a wh*re endearingly. She tells them how she was crushing on someone. She says, they went out on their 4th or 5th date. She remembers a foul drawing that had been on the chalk board before. She says, he saw the chalk board, & he went to the bathroom. Meg says, the board said she was a wh*re, & they wrote all the names of every guy she's thought was hot, & he knew them.


9:35 PM BBT Meg says, she gave them payback over the next couple days. John joined James, Julia, Liz & Austin at the DT. Austin & the twins all do cheers. Meg & Becky are sitting at the glass table.


9:37 PM BBT Julia says, they can just enjoy their drinks & then eat some dinner. Austin says, this is good. Julia is talking about foil being put in her bed by James, & she's trying to talk louder than Meg & Becky, who are having their own conversation about Becky being in a bar.


9:39 PM BBT Liz talks about how they can drink shots. She says, Julia went to school in New Orleans, & had a high tolerance. They talk about a drink you just have to have on St. Patrick's day. They continue talking about alcohol. Austin says, they can go to a bar that he knows the owner of. He says, they will make a seen. Julia says, her & Liz are going to stay with him after BB. He says, a lot of celebrities go to the places he goes. He says, they can get into a lot of trouble out there.


9:41 PM BBT Austin says, all they have to do is call Rachel, & she will take them anywhere they want to go. Austin says, he & James are going to take their stipend money on black & red & then split it. Austin asks Becky if she has a 2 drink limit on a date? She says, yes, & she would rather go out during the week instead of the weekend.


9:43 PM BBT Becky says, Denver is like California where everyone just moved there. Becky says, 12 first dates, never a second date, Oh well. Becky says, she's just that picky. She says, the last guy she dated, she would've never dated him. She says, they were waiting on their friends to get to the restaurant, & they decided to just eat together.


9:46 PM BBT Steve & Vanessa continue to play chess. Austin says, the guy should always pay in the beginning of a relationship, & once it's has progressed you can start to split things. James says, he was always told to buy the drinks & the morning after pill. Everyone is grossed out by that. James says, that pill is expensive. Austin says, she's going to buy it no matter what. James says, he wants to watch her take it. He says, he'd feed her eggs to her.


9:48 PM BBT HG's are starting to eat. Everyone wants to go & visit James. Meg says, she doesn't even think she's ever been in a pick-up truck. Austin says, they need to go to everyone's hometowns & show them all around. He says, then they can vote on who does the best job. They think it will be Meg to win, since she lives in New York.


9:50 PM BBT Liz & Julia rave about how they cooked the meal. Liz says, it's cooked to perfection. They are chomping while they eat, & talking with their mouth full. Julia says, Austin is the side b*tch & hoe. Becky says, now she wants to go out. Austin says, hit some clubs. Becky says, they are locked in a hamster cage. Austin says, them in Vegas will be ridiculous. Meg says, she was obsessed with the Old Strip in Vegas.


9:52 PM BBT Meg says, she stayed at the Golden Nugget. Liz & Julia say they stayed at the Wynn. Austin says, The Venetian is nice. They talk about other hotels in Las Vegas. Becky says, it would be so fun to see one of Jackie's show, & everyone agrees.


9:55 PM BBT Meg thinks that something is glass. James says, Mrs. Garfunkal do you not have your contacts in? Meg says, she thought it was glass. She tells them to call her Meg or Grandma, because she doesn't like Mrs. Garfunkal. They say, that's fair since Steve doesn't like Oscar. Becky asks what she will think if she's see's that name on her face? She says, she doesn't like it. John asks Meg if she will hyphenate her last name when she gets married? Meg says, at this point, she may not get married.


9:58 PM BBT Meg says, she always thought Johnny Mac's last name was Mac. John says, it's not, it's McGuire, Mac is just short for that. They talk about other HG's from previous seasons.

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10:03 PM BBT John, James, Julia, Liz, Austin, Meg & Becky are all sitting at the DT. Meg & Becky both say that Cody was hot on his season. Julia says, Brendan was hot, & they love Rachel to. She says, he's off limits, but Cody is definitely an underwear model. James says, he thinks Nicole is hot from last season. Julia says, Cassie was stunning on her season. John says, he thought Amber was hot, because she was tall.


10:05 PM BBT Austin says, he really thinks Jessie was hot, but since Liz gets mad, he'll say, Janelle. He says, she's married. Julia says, Aaryn was stunning. Meg says, Jeff Schroeder is hot. She says, Caleb was hot, but she has a weird crush on Zach. Julia says, Caleb is fine.


10:08 PM BBT HG's give Meg grief about Zach. They say, he'll be balding with the pink hat on, & have a faded Gators shirt on. John says, Zach will be 32, Meg will be 30. Meg says, she's only 2 years older than him. Meg says, when Zach is 30, he will have outgrown that. Meg says, she really likes Frankie. They shout out to Frankie & Ariana. James says, time for Pot Ball.


10:10 PM BBT HG's ask Steve & Vanessa if they are going to play Pot Ball. They are going to play. Liz & Julia start singing a Pot Ball song will doing motions & movements with their hands. Becky says, she was sprinting through the middle of the city listening to the I Don't Care song.


10:12 PM BBT James is practicing for Pot Ball. Everyone tells him to stop doing that. Austin says, it's treat time. He's eating a cinnamon bun with Vanilla ice cream. John practices for Pot Ball also. Julia is setting up the chairs in a line by the DT. Julia will not stop singing the Pot Ball song.

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10:15 PM BBT Meg is worried about all the cleaning they need to do. Becky says, they will get it all done. Julia talks to Steve about wine. Steve doesn't know what any wine tastes like. Julia says, she likes red wine, but it stains her teeth. Meg says, she's going to set the scoreboard up. Julia sings again.


10:16 PM BBT They call Johnny Mac a Fruit Loop Dingus & a Raisin Brand Moron. Steve adds water to the game pots.


10:18 PM BBT Everyone is looking for Steve. He says, to give him a minute. Meg wants Steve to set the broom up for them, because he always does it. Austin is calling Steve Boi again. He tells Steve, he's embarassing him. Julia is looking for the Seventh Generation sponsor. They count down to 1 minute. Meg says, Ladies & Gentlemen, day 60 Pot Ball tournament continues.


10:20 PM BBT Meg is up first, & she says, the bowls & pots are out of line. Meg scores a 10. James is up & missed both of his tosses. Liz takes her turns & misses both of them as well. John misses both of his tosses. Julia says, if Meg wins again she will blow up. Austin lens over the broom, with his entire upper body extended & makes his shots. Meg says, she can't believe they've played this 3 days in a row, & they are still excited.


10:23 PM BBT Julia misses her two shots. Steve makes 1 of his shots. Vanessa misses her shots. Meg misses her two tosses. Meg tells James to stop making a mess & she punches him in the left arm. James misses his two shots. Liz misses both of her shots, after Austin says, come on honey. John misses his two shots. Austin makes one of his two shots. Julia misses two shots.


10:26 PM BBT Steve makes his second shot scoring 10 points. Austin says, he's messing them up. Vanessa misses her two shots. Julia does a Seventh Generation commercial. Meg makes her second shot. She says, she's really good at beer pong. Austin says, come on honey, you can make this. Liz makes her first shot & misses her second shot, scoring 10 points. Liz & Steve are in the lead now. She says, this has never happened.


10:29 PM BBT John misses his two shots. Austin makes one of his shots. Julia misses her two shots. Steve makes his first shot. Vanessa tells Becky to alternate for her. Becky almost makes her first shot, but misses. She also misses the shot toss. Meg misses both of her shots. James misses his next two shots. Liz misses her next two shots. John misses his next two shots.


10:32 PM BBT Austin makes his second toss, scoring 5 more points. Julia makes her second toss, scoring 5 points. Steve misses his next two shots. Vanessa tells Becky to go for her again. Becky misses her two shots, but got close on the second one. Meg misses her two shots. Julia was doing a Seventh Generation commercial during her turn. James misses his next two shots.


10:34 PM BBT Liz makes her first toss, & misses the second one. John makes his second toss. The two lead teams are tied. Austin misses his next two turns. Julia misses her next two tosses. Steve misses his next two tosses, as the HG's are distracting him & Austin was standing right next to him.


10:36 PM BBT Becky subs for Vanessa & makes both of her shots. She says, Becky the great is here to play. Meg misses both of her shots again. She gets upset, & says, they've been so close. James misses both of his tosses. Meg says, she's a disappointment tonight. Liz misses both of her tosses.


10:38 PM BBT James tries to take a turn, but it's not his turn. John makes his second toss. Austin misses both of his next two tosses. Julia says, f*** as she misses her first toss. She makes her second toss. Steve makes his first toss, & misses his second one.


10:40 PM BBT Becky subs for Vanessa again, & misses her two tosses. Meg misses her next two tosses. Julia says, James has not made one shot yet, after he misses his next two tosses. Liz misses her next two tosses also. Julia does another Seventh Generation commercial. John misses his next two turns. Austin gets told to stop leaning over, so he stepped back & made his second toss.

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10:43 PM BBT Julia makes her second toss. Steve misses his next two shots. Becky makes her second shot, while subbing for Vanessa again. Her team takes the lead. Meg misses both of her next tosses. She says, it's hit every single time tonight, & she's literally over it. James makes his second toss. He says, that's going to happen from now on for all of you sh*t talkers. Liz makes both of her shots. She jumps up & down lifting her dress up & she hugs Steve.


10:46 PM BBT John makes one of his shots. Julia makes both of her shots. Everyone starts chanting, Oscar, when it's Steve's turn. Then they chant, Boi. Steve makes his first shot, & misses the second shot. Becky is subbing for Vanessa again, she misses both tosses. Everyone chants, team ma when Meg is up. Meg misses both tosses. Steve cleans water up off the floor. Meg goes to the WA. James misses his next two tosses.


10:49 PM BBT Liz makes her second shot. She tells Julia not to touch the scoreboard. Becky says, ma fell in the toilet. John misses his next two tosses. Meg says, a boy didn't flush the toilet in there, & it was foul. Austin leans over again with his whole upper body over the line. He scores 5 points. Julia misses her next two tosses. She does another Seventh Generation commercial. Steve makes his first toss, but misses on the second toss.


10:51 PM BBT Becky sub for Vanessa again, & makes her second toss. Everyone wants Vanessa to go, but she's not there. Meg sinks her second toss, for 5 points. James misses her next two tosses. Vanessa goes back in the KT. Liz makes both of her shots. Steve gets excited, & they hug again. Julia says, she hates Liz. John misses his next two tosses. Meg says, they must play Pot Ball again tomorrow night. Austin leaning way over the line, misses both of his next two tosses.


10:54 PM BBT Julia misses both of her next two tosses. Steve misses his next two tosses. Becky subs for Vanessa again, & misses both tosses. Meg misses her next two tosses. She says, she can't with this game tonight, she can't. She says, everyone has 1 more turn. James misses his two shots. He's been picking the balls up from the floor with his feet. Liz misses her next two shots.


10:56 PM BBT John makes his first toss, but misses the second one. Austin leans his upper body over the line, & misses both of the tosses. Julia misses both tosses & says, f*** you. Steve makes his first toss, but misses his second one. He gets 15 more points. Becky subs for Vanessa again. She makes both tosses. James asks if Becky is a robot?


10:58 PM BBT Meg starts the bonus round with 6 shots each. Meg misses her shots. Austin makes one of his shots. He says, glory hole, they won. He runs through the house. James calls him a son of a b*tch. James says, they still have other people to go. Austin says, they still can tie it. There is cereal all over the floor & some HG's throw some of it. Liz & Steve yell & it's chaos.


11:02 PM BBT Vanessa says, they've lost their damn minds, all of them. Vanessa says, it was declared yesterday that everyone gets a shot at the glory hole. Julia goes next & misses all 6 shots. Meg says, they have to get 2 glory holes to win. The HG's are arguing over the paper that needs to be in the hole. Vanessa goes to hold it, because Julia won't do it. James misses all 6 of his shots.


11:06 PM BBT Liz misses all 6 of her shots. James is throwing chocolates from upstairs down to the KT area, & Meg is batting them away from her. Steve misses his 6 shots. Austin runs through the house screaming & yelling. Becky & John haven't done their glory hole shots yet. Becky subs for Vanessa, & makes her second shot. James & Liz are throwing candy from upstairs to interfere with Becky taking her shots. She misses the last 4 shots.


11:10 PM BBT Austin says, if Johnny Mac makes this they win. John misses all 6 of his shots. The HG's start throwing the candy at each other. BB says, "Shut it down."

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11:12 PM BBT Liz is upset that Meg and Austin have won every game.  She tells Austin he can’t win everything.  Austin points out that she won Veto and HOH.  They all go out to the BY.  James and Meg come back in and look at all the mess on the floor but don’t clean it up.  Meg says that she likes it.  It’s like a college house.  Julia comes in and starts sweeping up.  Becky comes in and helps.  Becky notes that James does most of the chocolate throwing and he is always missing during the cleanup.


11:16 PM BBT Steve is helping Becky and Julia to pick up chocolates.  James and Meg are on the round lounger in the BY.  Austin is pacing in the BY talking to Meg and James about the game.  John is sitting by the HT.  John asks Meg whether it hurts more to be hit by chocolate or smashing your face into the earth?  Meg says smashing her face into the wall. 


11:21 PM BBT Julia is putting the choclates into a bowl and Vanessa says they should throw them out.  Julia says they are just what they fight with.  They’re not edible.  Vanessa is cornering Steve in the HNR.  Steve has planted some chocolates in her HN chair.  Vanessa finds the chocolates and throws them at Steve.


11:23 PM BBT Liz, Austin, Becky, and Vanessa are in the KT.  Liz is still giving Austin a hard time about winning the game in the bonus round and taking the win from Liz who was on the winning team before the bonus round.  Meg comes into the KT to help with clean-up. 


11:26 PM BBT James, Steve and John are all congregated on the round lounger in the BY.  Steve says that he has no idea what he is going to do when he gets home.  John tells him he can get a job.  Steve says he doesn’t want a minimum wage job.  John says he has to get something on his resume.  Steve tells John about a prep course that he taught in his freshman year.  Steve says that he freelances at school a lot for recordings for students who have auditions. 


11:29 PM BBT Becky has joined the group in the BY and she is standing in the HT and holding the inflatable shark.  She notes that she had been screaming on the live show about wanting an inflatable shark and when she won HOH it showed up.

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11:32 PM BBT Becky is missing Jason and notes that they don’t really use the BY couches anymore, and that’s where Jason always hung out.  Steve notes that Becky has been going to sleep early.  Becky says it’s harder to be HOH than it is to be on the block.  Steve agrees with that.  Becky says she didn’t sleep at all during her HOH.  She makes a joke: Accountants sleep like babies during tax season—they wake up crying every hour.


11:36 PM BBT Becky goes inside and Steve goes over to the Hammock where John is reclining.  John tells Steve he is very drunk, but Steve doesn’t think he is acting too drunk.  John asks how life is in the world of Steve right now.  Steve says he is doing okay.  He’s keeping Vanessa happy, which is important because people who don’t make her happy tend to go home.  Steve asks how John is doing, and John says he is dealing with it.  He just hopes that nothing flips this week.  Steve reassures him that he doesn’t see anything flipping.  Steve tells John that he talked to Austwins and they were very happy with the conversation they had with John.  John says “very good.”  John thinks that going forward, if he stays it means Becky is gone and Meg and James will no longer be a target.  John thinks that Vanessa has lost all of her power and that’s why she is so upset. 


11:38 PM BBT John and Steve talk about Vanessa and the need to keep reassuring her and being her best friends to keep her calm.  Steve asks John about his conversation with the twins, and wants to know about that.  John tells him that Austwins know that he isn’t coming after them...he is going after Vanessa and they like that because John is not targeting them.  Steve asks if John revealed his target, and John says yes.  Steve suggests that Austin won’t want to be in the final three with the twins.  Steve confirms that Austin was glad to hear that John was going after Vanessa, and John says yes, and that made John realize there is no final two between Vanessa and Austin. 


11:42 PM BBT Julia comes out to ask Steve to play pool. James picks up a cue but Steve insists that Steve and Julia are playing and James can’t play.  James puts down the cue, picks up two balls from the pool table and goes inside.  Steve goes inside to get them from James and Julia practices shooting in the BY. 


11:49 PM BBT In the BY, Steve and Julia are playing pool while Austin looks on.  In the KT, James asks Vanessa about which chair Steve sleeps in.  Vanessa says it’s the one with the tin foil.  She put the tin foil there because she was trying to prank Steve, but he came in while she was doing it so she abandoned ship.  James goes to the HNR and begins piling stuff on top of the tin foil on Steve’s Have-Not chair.


11:53 PM BBT In the HNR, James has piled everything he could find onto Steve’s Have-Not chair, and is now wrapping it in plastic wrap.  Meg comes in and is laughing like crazy and saying OMG over and over.  James says that Steve should not mess with him.  Steve really pushed James’ buttons.  James didn’t want to have to do this.  Meg leaves to go get Vanessa.  Meg says she almost just peed her pants and this is the best prank of all time in the house.  Vanessa comes in and joins in the laughter.  Vanessa says she loves it.  James, still wrapping the chair in plastic wrap, says that Steve made him do it. Vanessa is worried that Steve will think she did it and it will start a war between Steve and Vanessa. 


11:57 PM BBT Meg goes and gets a nametag with Steve’s name on it so that Steve knows that the chair is his. James has put Steve’s shoes inside the plastic wrap, and a lot of Steve’s stuff.  James says it’s going to take Steve a long time to unwrap it.

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