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Friday, August 14 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT John and Becky are talking about work in the KT.  They count down for Have-Nots to have food...11:55... 5 minutes to go. [the house clock is 10 minutes behind!]


12:05 PM BBT John has joined the group in the LR.  Austin talks about how the live feeds and the show are basically two separate shows. 


12:06 PM BBT Becky comes into the LR talking about how many people watch the show.  They talk about BB1 and how America determined who was evicted.  Applause all around as the Have-Nots can eat.


12:08 AM BBT The group in the LR talking about what a long and draining day it has been.  Becky cried after Jackie left.  Vanessa repeats what she said to Meg earlier about going through so many emotions in the last day.  Vanessa gets up from the couch because there are ants on her.  Julia mentions ants in the HOHR too.


12:13 AM BBT Becky and Julia talking about food.  Becky is looking forward to new groceries.  James, Meg, Liz and Austin are at the DT while James and Meg eat.   


12:15 AM BBT Meg is talking about having to pack Jackie’s stuff.  She says that she wants to pack her own stuff, so next DE she would pack her own stuff just in case. 


12:17 AM BBT  In the LR, they are talking about the “purple room” ... Becky says she can’t sleep there.  John says he never tried the purple room.  They talk about their preferences between the CBR and the OBR.  Meg repeats that no one should sleep next to her because whoever she sleeps with goes home.  James shouts from the KT to the LR “That’s why I don’t sleep in her bed!”


12:20 AM BBT In the LR, they notice that all of them are together in the KT/LR area.  There are only 9 left.  It’s not a circus anymore.


12:22 AM BBT  Steve comes out of the DR and goes directly to the Storage Room.  He brings out his basket and everyone gathers around to enthuse over his pictures.  Liz says he looks identical to his mom. Steve says it’s an old picture. 


12:24 AM BBT Everyone takes a seat in the LR while Steve reads his letter, which is from his mom.  Steve apologizes to everyone that the letter is so long, but they are all listening closely.  There is a lot of news from home and encouragement.  Becky tells Steve that was one of the best letters yet.  Julia is going through the goodies in Steve’s HOH basket. 


12:28 AM BBT Vanessa asks if Steve gets to keep his basket all week.  Steve asks if he will be allowed to eat it if he is a Have-Not this week.  Vanessa and Becky think there will only be two Have-Nots this week.  Steve didn’t tell his siblings that he was doing Big Brother.  They think he got a job in New Hampshire.  They talk about how they packed the Power of Love Veto in Jackie’s luggage.  They ask Steve if he’s happy and he nods and says he really needed this.  Steve says he doesn’t want to hold others up, but they say they have nothing better to do.

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Steve's HOH Letter: Dear Steve, Congratulations on winning HOH! I miss you so much, but I'm so happy to see your dream coming true. I found the surprise you left for me. It meant a lot & I keep it close. Gerry loved her birthday present, & even opened it early to make us Paella on the first night of our visit. Dad loved his father's day present & card. We both loved our present you got us on the trip with Gerry. Alan said you nailed his birthday present perfect. Your nephew, Harrison, is doing great. We will plan a trip to see him sometime in the fall. The best part is he's smiling & laughing a lot. We get lots of pictures & videos to enjoy. Alan & Kaitlin can't wait for you to meet him. The big news you have missed is that Jason has proposed to Gerry, & she said yes. Gerry & Jason know that you will fully approve. Dad & I flew to Orlando. Gerry expected it was to ask for dad's blessing, & we had already done it. He took Gerry to talk to her. Of course we followed them & spied. We saw Jason get down on one knee, & I even snuck some photos. They're thinking of getting married maybe this February or March, so we don't have wait long. You should see the ring, WOW! Dad is still doing advertising for the paper, & Gerry & Jason are going to build a brand new house. They chose the house model & all the details like counter tops. They picked the lot, & it should be ready to move in a few months from now. Dad & I just had our 25th Wedding Anniversary. I'm still writing for the paper every week. I've agreed to play in the Pit Orchestra for this summer's show. I miss talking to you every day, but you know dad & I are hear loving you & supporting you. I think about you constantly & I'm so proud of you. Gerry, Alan & your extended family are there for you. Grandpa & I had some special time together at the family reunion. It was such an amazing day. I took lots of pictures. Along with visiting many relatives, grandpa took me to the house where he grew up, & all the places where he & grandma lived. I love you so much, & I know how much you love me to. My heart is with you every day, every step of the way no matter what happens. Always remember that. We know what a kind & giving person you are, so keep staying true to yourself & being strong. Keep hanging in there Steve we believe in you. All my love, Mom

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12:34 AM BBT Most of the HGs still sitting in the LR talking to Steve about his family.


12:40 AM BBT Steve notes that his picture is really old.  He asks Becky if her pictures were older pictures.  Becky said that in her first one yes because her family didn’t want to be recognized, so those pictures had to be older.  Her friend didn’t mind, so pictures of her friend were newer.


12:42 AM BBT Liz, Austin and Julia are in the WA talking about sharing Liz’s wine.  Liz doesn’t want to share with both and said Austin had some last time. 


12:50 AM BBT Liz, Julia, and Austin talking in the WA about votes during the DE.  Steve is munching on stuff from his basket and still has his letter on his lap.  He feels like it’s odd how his family kind of knows the people in the house.


12:54 AM BBT Julia asks Liz who she will pick if she gets HG choice in the PoV.  Austin or Julia?  Austin would be the logical choice, but Julia hasn’t gotten a chance to play for veto.  They start talking about what kind of competitions are left to do.  Liz is happy she didn’t get picked tonight.  Liz comments that James almost won PoV.  Austin thinks that if James had won it, he would have used it and Steve would have put up Becky.  Julia says that James said that he was glad he didn’t win because he didn’t want to have to choose who to use it on.


12:59 AM BBT Vanessa talking to James in the OBR.  She tells him that they mentioned something to her that she thinks he will like.  He says he probably will and has probably been waiting for it.  She whispers that it will be a final six.  James asks if it will be just called the final six and Vanessa tells him she thinks they should call it “Brass Tacks” ...because they want to get down to Brass Tacks. James loves it.  James says it to Steve as Steve comes in and not realizing the reference, Steve says he’s had lots of brass tacks today.  Steve is looking for space to put his basket.

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Liz' HOH Letter: Dear Liz (nickname used), If you're reading this, then congrats on winning HOH. I miss you dearly & love you so much. The hardest part is not being able to talk to you everyday :( Not much has changed with me. I'm still working out everyday, & still on a dry spell with the men. I'm starting to think I'm man repellent. Mom & dad are redoing your bathroom. It's going to look so fab. I hope that you're doing o.k. & that you don't miss big sissy to much. I know you're going to show them who's boss & rock that house. Ever since we were little, you were always the one to take control, & I know you will do that on BB17. Well, remember that I love you soo much, & no matter what you will always be a winner to me. Love, Angela (nickname used)

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101AM  Liz and Austin in Bathroom area, we hear Julia in the background saying "I hate you" .  Vanessa talking to James and laughing.  Austin telling Liz to ask someone about some of the things that happened last week, then you will talk again.  Liz saying she was out of the loop, ? told JMac about the plan?  wanting to know truth, who told you what and who is the biggest threat.  They talking about Becky, cause they just mentioned you were HoH up here.  Liz says she is scared and the target is Becky, JMac is a ??, Liz loves Steve and wants to keep him.  (Liz an emotional player??)  James talking to Vanessa about "clicks and degrees".   Taking James out now is not a good deal.


115 JMac is at stove cooking.  Liz and Steve talking on one bed, they all seem to be in Purple room chatting.  Talking about Steve's Dad and Austn being adopted daughter.


130AM  Vanessa and Steve talking in bathroom. She is telling Steve if she puts ??  up she is going to piss everyone off.  Vanessa said she could have put a Pawn up, Steve says I did, but it did not work.  Vanessa is spinning her tales and confusing Steve, but he seems to be controlled.  Steve talking about Jacky, (no clue who Vanessa was talking about).  So now that Steve is not in power, In the pruple room, Austwins and Julia, James all discussing different topics including their sponsors.  Vanessa telling Steve that he has bought himself 3 weeks off the block


145 Headed up to see Liz's HoH  Course Julia and Liz are screaming.  (We have audio but fish on screen.)  Julia screaming about stuff they gave Liz. 


(Short break here while my video updates to Windows 10)

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3:17am BBT: Becky has just finished talking to the HOH group (Austwin)..she leaves to tell Steve he can come talk to them.  Austin says he is so pissed...he says we can't put up Vanessa they are way too deep with her and let Becky stay this week, and then to take out Vanessa next week and  Johnny Mack needs to go this week. Liz ask who will be the pawn and Austin says Becky.  Austin says they will tell Becky that we have six votes to keep you and we will not touch your HOH.  Liz says what did I tell you James threw the BotB and that Vanessa didn't want to remain HOH.  They are saying that they thought they could trust Vanessa...the group is pissed because they just found out that Vanessa was going along with the plan to get Liz out and that she has been flipping to other groups the entire game...they are livid.  (let's see how long this last once Vanessa gets in their ears).  Steve enters the room.  They tell Steve that people are saying that someone got in your head and he wants to know who or that he made a rash decision.  Vanessa comes to the door and Austin says "here we go."

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155AM  Julia going thru Liz's basket saying what she likes and what she hates.  Pictures are from school.  Liz got her graduation cap which Julia puts on her head.  Graduation was last March.  Liz gives away her oroes, (seems she got a lot of them).    Meg, Becky, James Steve Austin JMac and Julia in HoH room with Liz (I do not see Vanessa)


205  Austin, Becky,James, Steve and Liz (with headphones on) still in Hoh.  Steve leaves room.  Liz says she is going to take a bubble bath.  Vanessa corners Julia downstairs.  Vanessa motions for Julia to follow her to the Cabana room...Vanessa says she has a Brain Storm for Brass Tax.   Sorry I think this is Liz...cause now they are talking about questioning Becky about last week.   Vanessa says that Liz needs to throw it up to Becky that there is NO DEALS this week, it would make Vanessa so happy.  (Vanessa running the house)  Vanessa is telling Liz what to say to who and why.  Van is telling Liz that she has to do it this way so it will work.


Liz goes back up to HoH room.  Vanessa says she is going sugar free for a few days and going on HN in a couple days.  Vanessa asks Steve (in purple room) if he is happy, he says no.  Vanessa whining to Steve about Jackie needed to go cause she never talked to him.  Steve asks if Becky is target this week, Vanessa says Shush, Becky walks thru room to HN room.  Vanessa says it is all planned out.  Austwins need to get blood on hands so we can further us in the game.  It is time for them to do the mud work. 


220AM Becky and JMac in Cabana room talking.  Meg and Austin and James in HoH room.  Becky telling JMac that she is sick of this stuff happening. 


230AM  Austin is talking to James  Julia Liz and Meg in HoH room.  they say JMac is acting like he is clinically depressed Austin says put him out of his misery.  AUSTWINS are in HoH holding court.  They have just told Meg and James to send up Becky.  Becky talking to Steve in Bathroom area.


Austin says we don't want to get rid of Vanessa yet, but she does need to go.  Austin says he does not understand where Vanessa's head is at and why she is doing what she is doing.  Twins asking when Becky popped the cork on her wine, she said after the calm came from Noms.


James and Meg keep talking in HN room.  James says becareful cause there is something going on and vibe is not right.  James says they need more ears and less mouth from here on out.


Becky chatting with Liz is saying that the biggest thing was her deciding it was best for her game and she knows that she is jeopardy for her actions.  Liz says that does not count.  Julia still on couch.  (Is this a 3 person HoH??)  Becky is telling them that the only threat she saw was Vanessa.  She learned that you need your group with you when you make the decision.  (we are getting the same chat that we had last week about Becky and Vanessa). 


245AM.  Becky still talking to Liz and group.  James and Meg having their own discussion in HN room.  Liz wants to know who told about 8 person group, .. Becky says that Vanessa was the one to told them while Clay was still in house, that she need protection from Clelli, she said she was not with them.  Becky telling all about Vanessa and what she knew and did not tell.  Becky says that is when she realized that Vanessa was playing the whole house and not staying with one select group.  Becky explaining in detail how Vanessa was and has been behind all the noms no matter who was in HoH.  Austin wants to know how Becky got into the James/Jackie group.  Becky said she shut her mouth and listened.  (which was a first).. 


255AM  Chat still going on in HoH about Vanessa and the sprinkling of info she kept giving Becky.  Becky gets out the cereal and starts to explain the week that Jackie and Vanessa were in control.  The groups as Becky saw it and how Vanessa started organizing the groups.  (Good Listen)  JMac and Steve talking in LR.  Steve says Vanessa does not know he is talking to JMac.  Becky continues to explain the comp throwing and Vanessa and her volunteer.  (this is the HoH with BD being Austin)  Becky says that is when she volunteered.. James and Liz won and did not throw the comp.   Liz says SHE KNEW it.  Jackie lost HoH, Becky says now Vanessa wants to work with Austin and the twins.  and now Clelli becomes the unwanted.  Becky is being straight forward, explaining all the moves being made.  Becky also explains how all of a sudden Vanessa remembers Austin and the twins are her friends.  Vanessa now targets JAson.  Jason goes home and next hoH with James.... Vanessa runs to James and leaves her other team behind .


302AM JMac and Steve still in Living room, Becky talking with Austwins in HoH.  Becky explains how Vanessa if anyone notices always demands your "word" in a group...and her finger needs to be broken.


315 Steve and Meg chatting in Purple room.  Becky is still talking in HoH, telling them to listen and they will learn and see a lot more this week.  JMac is a free agent and needs a group.  Austin says you brought a lot to us and opened oiur eyes to more than we knew, thank you and we do need to find out more answers.   They all hug and Becky leaves room.  Liz wants to talk to JM ac and Steve.  Liz turns to Austin and Julia  and says I TOLD YOU.   Austin says they don't need to get rid of Becky cause of the info she gave them about Vanessa. (heated discussion about info given by Becky to Austwins)


Steve heads up to HoH, he wants to go to bed.  Liz gives him a big hug, saying you thought I could not do it ... Austin says that no one has no clue about Jackie and that you were a puppet about Jackie.  Austin says no one naming names.  No one throwed any names under bus.  Becky in HN room telling Meg.  Vanessa interrupts hoH discussion.  (no one seems happy with interruption)  Vanessa wants to name the group...  James in shower (no more cold ones).  Vanessa not moving.  They decide that they want to be called Scamper Squad??   Vanessa wanting to know how it went with Becky, Austin says no info was exchanged, Vanessa seems to doubt what she is being told, makes a comment that Becky seemed upset.  Vanessa wanting to know how it went with James and Meg.  Vanessa wants to know more about the Becky conversation.  Austin skirts it by telling that Becky said the same she said last week.  Vanessa really pushing and trying to find out WHAT was said.  Vanessa says Becky did not know that Van went to hoH room.  Austin watching TV saying that Becky is in her mode and scampering and wandering.  Steve has his mode also.  James walks thru from Shower.  Vanessa says that YOU have to let him know he is Pawn and you need to make sure he understands. Vanessa is trying her best to take over the HoH , she is waiting for Becky to leave so she can leave (why does it matter if Becky saw her in HoH room)  Vanessa teling everyone what to say.


329AM Vanessa still hold court in HoH room, Steve has left (he did not get to finish his chat with Austwins).  Vanessa saying you all need to celebrate and drink your wine after this.  She is happy for them... Steve walks into Purple room and James says Taking a shower?  Steve says yes...James picks an ant off Meg.  Vanessa says you told Becky no deal right?  They say she did not ask for a deal, (sorry I kind of tune out Vanessa when she starts talking with 4 letter words).  


333AM  Vanessa leaves and Austwins start discussing the fact that they don't want to put up Becky but JMac instead.  Ausitin tells Liz that the only reason he is still in the house is cause of her winning BOTB.  Julia says she really thought she could trust Vanessa, Vanessa does not trust anyone, Vanessa is trying to be Derrick and not working.  Austin wants to put Becky up at a pawn... just not sure how it will work.  (long discussion about not taking out Vanessa or becky so who goes.)


345 Liz telling Austin and Julia that she is still trying to process all the stuff that Becky told them about vanessa, but she remembers now all the crap happening and that Becky was not lying.  they see Becky and James in kitchen. 


401AM  Austwins now in kitchen.  Julia wants to know why Steve still up.  They are joined by James.  Austin thinking about warming up the steak in the fridge,  Liz and Julia in purple room getting clothes, Liz filling her laundry bag.  Liz telling Julia you can't put your laundry in there either.  Liz offered Steve Laundry use, but he says you can't do that.  Becky walks thru room, Julia makes a comment about sleeping arrangements.  JMac Steve and JAmes in kitchen talking about who all was left last year at this time.  Austin walked out of room, twins still going thru laundry.


415AM JMac and Liz talking in HoH, Austin in bathroom.  James Meg and group talking about they all having their own beds.   JMac asked what happened last week.  Liz asks JMac about fight with Clay and JAmes.  supposedly Van said something to make James and JMac mad at Clay.  JMac said he was talking to James and then all of a sudden Vanessa came in and started yelling about Shelli and Clay.  JMac says he has no clue where Clay came up with James telling JMac what to say.  He said he decided that if Van won HoH she could put JMac up.


430 Liz  and Julia talking in Cabana room.  Liz says she does not want Becky up.  James did not put us up, so he needs to be safe,  Liz says that Vanessa has not been telling them the truth, what to do, they leave the cabana room and Liz goes upstairs.  James and Steve, Meg telling Steve turn off lights she wants to sleep. 


Austin and Liz talking in hoh bathroom about the Clay and James fight.  General chatter in purple room


445AM lights off in rooms.  Liz says she hates HoH, she has no clue who to trust.  Austin and her are still discussing talking to people and that they don't need to do anyone else's dirty work, but we need to do what is best for us.  Steve is scampering and chat is still going on in purple room.   Austin talking about who would take out Vanessa, Liz says Vanessa will suck up to Becky and all will be forgotten and Becky won't target Vanessa.   If you take out Becky where does that leave people, Liz says JMac has no chosen a side...  Becky will target Vanessa.  Austin says Vanessa thinks Becky is going out the door, Van will make an alliance with JMac and Steve.  They keep discussing all the info that was given to them by Becky and JMac.


501 Julia just walked into HoH bathroom she got called to DR.  Austin was in bathroom, Liz is in DR.  Julia whining about no sleep and DR now.  lights are off in HoH.    Rest of house seems to be all tucked in for the night

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516AM:  Julia got called to DR so she headed to HoH bathroom to put on makeup.  Liz in DR.  Austin laying in HoH bed talking to no one but himself at 514AM about what he has heard and trying to process his feelings and just talking in general about feelings and decisions he has made and has to live with what happened in the house.  He talks about his "then" girlfriend and then he met Liz, wondering if it will change him and how he plays the games, his values, his experience unexpected.  Austin says he needs to make sure Liz does what is best for her this week and that she is safe next week, he tells the live feeders you don't have to like me but Liz deserves to be liked she is very special, what she has done for him he can never repay.  (this is intense and I know I am missing parts)  Steve is sitting at the table in the kitchen area looking at his pictures and still reading his letter.  Austin continues with his talk about Judas and how he can lie and not care, but that is not Austin , he can't be the liar and betrayer, he wants to help and be trusted,  Vanessa is starting to work the wrong side of Austin and he is mad at her, maybe be House Alliance and F2, Judas is going to keep Austin from being manipulated by people in the house and Vanessa is making Judas mad.  Lying in HoH room on BB17, 6'5" target with tattoos and he realizes he has not been on the block, totally jinxing himself now.  Says he needs to talk to the feedsters more often, he used to wish that the HGs would have done that when he was watching feeds.  Apologizes for his dramatics when he thought Vanessa was saving him from eviction.  Talks about wanting to be on B&B since 1993.. Wants to do the Halloween show.  giving out his Judas twitter and Instagram.  Sign up for website and gives out his work out programs.  Does a couple of his ads for Swiffer and Irish Spring.  .... (he is watching Steve on the TV sitting in the kitchen area)  Disclaimer for season:  he is not a bad guy he is thinking with his heart and not his head, he has to follow his heart,  says he is ready to bring some judas to some wrestling and want to take on Mr Spectacular.  Says he is 100% healthy and ready to return to work.  Judas is not dead..(talking to different wrestling things).  he is now giving shout outs to Rachet and something about he needed a showmance in the house.  (not sure what that was about). 


540AM  "Sidenote"  Austin rambles on for what seems forever.  He is just talking to the feeders in a dark HoH room.  I think both the twins are in DR, but not sure ... they are no where to be seen.  Sorry I gave up on listen to him ramble."  Talking about who he might stay friends with after the show. 

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9:30am we are now on FOTH as Bb wakes the HG.

 9:48am BBT: Vanessa in the KT making breakfast, Becky in the Wa curling her hair. Vanessa takes her  food and goes  to the  CBR to eat it in bed.
9:58am BBT: Becky finished  her hair then went back to bed. Vanessa finished her breakfast and went back to bed also. All Hg in bed.
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10:10am BBT: Lights are on in all bedrooms as All Hg are in bed sleeping soundly.


 10:45am BBT: All Hg still sleeping.


10:48am BBT: Liz in the HOH WA doing ADL's


10:52am BBT: John is now up walking around the house. Liz still putting make up on in the HOh WA.

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11:05am BBT Liz freaking out over the ants in the KT. John just sitting at the counter. James is laying sideways in the bed.

11:09am BBT Liz asks John if he drinks coffee, he says no he gets migraines from caffeine. John asks Liz if she knows what she is doing? She says she still has to talk to a few ppl. He asks her that if he goes up he not be a HN. She says she can honor that. John goes back to bed. Liz finishes making coffee telling the ants she is done with them...eeeek ewww.

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 11:17am BBT Liz washes some dishes. Austin comes into the KT, Liz says finally. He says it was a long time. BB calls Liz to DR, she jumps about 4 inches. She tells him what John said about not being a HN if he goes on the block. Austin agrees that would not be right.

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11:36AM BBT In the KT Liz, Austin and Vanessa. Vanessa is singing and we get FOTH. We are back and Julia is in the KT. She is grumpy she says.


11:41AM BBT Vanessa talks to Steve in the WA. Says that John doesn't want to be a HN if he is going up on the block but he knows it is his turn. She asks Steve if he will do it. Steve says he will.


11:46AM BBT In the HOH Julia, Liz and Austin talk about who will the HN be if they don't make John one. They are gong over the options and who they need to talk to.


11:52AM BBT Austin and Liz talk. They talk about Vanessa trying to run the HOH. They say she immediately tried to make an alliance when Liz won.


11:59AM BBT Austin and Liz talk about the order they need to talk to people. Austin says that he trusts James. Liz says that James makes her nervous. Austin says that he was just trying to protect his girls.


12:04PM BBT In the HOH room, Vanessa has joined the twins and Austin. They are discussing that John has to be a HN no matter what. It is his turn. Austin tells Vanessa that she and John can get close in the HN room.

12:08PM BBT We have Jeff reels. Time to pick the HN!

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12:37PM BBT Feeds are back. They have pork slops. They got pork chops. Vanessa, Steve and John are the HN.


12:41PM BBT The twins are in HOH. They are discussing who goes up. Austin comes in and tells them that Becky will be coming up.


12:43PM BBY Meg stops by the HOH. Austin says that Becky is coming up. Meg says that she was just stopping by before her shower. Meg tells them that Steve told her last night that he feels he might have made the wrong decision. Meg says that she told him she doesn't want to know anything about it.


12:47PM BBT Becky arrives in HOH. Austin starts to talk. He says that they want to ask her about the convo James and John had last night before the double eviction. He wants to know if James gave John safety.


12:50PM BBT Becky is telling them that James was quiet the entire week. She doesn't know where he stands. She says that she knows Jackie and Meg both wanted Vanessa and Shelli to go.


12:52PM BBT Becky and the Twins/Austin both agree that they like each other. Austin says that taking out Becky is not their job nor is taking out Vanessa. They say that the targets belong to other groups.


12:55PM BBT Becky tells them that she will lay low this week and let things play out. Austin says that they have to talk to Meg and James as well. He says that things can not go to John or it will go to Vanessa. Becky says she will not share information with anyone.

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12:58PM BBT Becky leaves the room. Liz and Austin talk and say it was a good convo. She is going to put up JM and Becky. Austin says they need to see how Becky behaves. They are going to tell James that they made a deal with Steve so Steve can't go up.


1:03PM BBT Liz asks Austin if he will cook for her. Austin asks her what she wants from a freshly stocked pantry. He wants to make her a lunch fit for a queen.


1:05PM BBT In the HNBR. John asks Vanessa if he is going up. Vanessa says that she doesn't know but she knows if he does that he is not the target. John asks what if she misses the target. Vanessa goes over the votes. She tells him that he has her vote and most likely Steve's vote.


1:08PM BBT Austin and Liz talk about if they tell Becky that she is not a target. Austin says that they don't tell her that. Austin says Vanessa is still a GC option if she goes half cocked this week. In the HN room Vanessa is telling John that some of his memories are incorrect. She never said certain things he thought she said.

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1:11PM BBT John is telling Vanessa that she did say certain things about others. Vanessa says that she never said those things. John says that she told Clay and Shelli things. Vanessa says that she never said a word. She says that she and John never discussed an 8 person group prior to a certain point in the game. She says maybe she was sleep walking because she has no memory of this and she has a great memory.


1:14PM BBT Vanessa wants specific words. John says that they were in the bathroom and when he came in they were already freaking out. He says he can not remember specific words. Vanessa says that it probably was something else because she never discussed the meeting with Clay or Shelli or John in the room.


1:16PM Meg and James come into the HOH room. Meg tells Austin and twins that Becky had a plan last week but they did tell her that they would support her. The plan was always Shelli. They had no reason to go after Vanessa. They discuss about James was designed to throw the BOTB a few weeks back. They say that Vanessa has never told them that.


1:19PM BBT Meg tells them that her plan was to put up Vanessa and John. Their plan was to go after Vanessa. Austin says that John told them that a deal was made keeping him safe. meg says the plan was Vanessa. Austin says that Vanessa is making her way into the group (not called the Brass Tacks) but they can't go after Vanessa this week. Their plan is to let Becky and Vanessa both think they are the 6th member of the Brass tacks. They say they have to go after John this week.

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1:24PM BBT In the HN room Vanessa is telling John that he didn't hear what he thinks he heard. She says if he continues telling her that she said there was an 8 person group then he is calling her a liar. And she is not a liar. She is telling him that he is wrong. John is not budging but keeps saying it's what he heard. Vanessa says that it is not cool to imply that he heard it from her.


1:29PM BBT Vanessa pulls Steve into the cabana room. He says she is going to give him the chance to come clean before it becomes a mess. She asks him where he heard about the 8 person alliance. Steve says that he heard it from Becky last week. Says John heard it from Becky too. John comes in. Vanessa tells them that Becky told both of them. Steve says yes. Vanessa says fine that he did not hear it from her.


1:31PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve and John that the 8 person convo John heard was one of the other 8 person alliances and not her. She says that there were three others. Vanessa says that this can really hurt her game. John says that he didn't say it in front of anyone but Steve. Van says but you said it in front of Steve. Johns says don't we trust Steve and Vanessa says yes (Steve is there) Vanessa dismisses them. John asks if he is going up. She says she has no idea but that he is not the target.

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1:35PM BBT Vanessa tells John that she will ask HOH to tell him if he is going up. John says it is against the rules. Vanessa says no it is against the rules to say you are safe...ahh no wait she says. They can't say you are going up but can say you are probably going up. That is the way around it.


1:37PM BBT Vanessa is talking to John. She says she wants to help him. She asks if he wants her help on how to improve his game. In the HOH room the Brass Tacks are laughing about Vanessa and John in the HN room together all week.


1:40PM BBT Liz tells Becky that this is hard but that someone from the 6 has to go up and that she may be going up. Becky says that she trusts them. Austin says that they can't put up two of the HN up. Becky says that she understands.

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1:45PM BBT In the cabana room Vanessa is now asking John about the day she blew up at Clay. She wants to know what really happened that day and who he was protecting. She makes him tell her if James or Clay said anything negative about her. John says he felt bullied by her and that she demanded a name. Vanessa says that she is sorry he felt that way.


1:50PM BBT Vanessa tells John that when he lies that it makes her look bad and crazy. She says that can not imagine how he felt bullied by her. She says she feels that he had options. She says bullying is when there is a consequence. He says that it was throwing someone under the bus is a consequence. She says there were other alternatives.


1:55PM BBT In the cabana room, Vanessa is bringing up more past things and trying to clarify things with John (or confuse him). He says he is confused and she says that she doesn't buy that. We go to Jeff reels.

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3:07PM BBT In the cabana room Liz is whining that JM wouldn't even look at her. Julia and Austin says no big deal. they can not let him win Veto. Liz crying to Austin to make her an omelette and bring it upstairs because she can't deal.


3:09PM BBT Austin and James in the SR. Austin says that Vanessa came up to HOH room and told them that John is going crazy and that he might kill someone. Austin says he has no idea what is going on.


3:12PM BBT John and Becky are officially nominated by Liz.


3:16PM BBT In the HOHR the twins are saying how much they deserve this. They are going to snack and declare that some of the cheeses are looking gross. Liz says that Vanessa isn't getting any of their wine. Julia says that Vanessa gave her some but it was the bad wine.


3:2PM BBT Julia and Liz chowing down on HOH goodies. They are talking as fast as they put food in their mouths. Julia says that Austin better not come up there and help himself to the goodies. Liz agrees (he is downstairs making an omelette for Liz)


3:23PM BBT Becky is lying in her bad quietly. The other feeds on Julia and Liz eating (they look like they have never had food. They are shoving it in as fast as they can)Julia says that Austin doesn't deserve to make any decisions as he didn't win HOH.

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3:28PM BBT They put the wine bottle away. They are going to tell Austin that they drank all of it. They agree that any money the win they will split even if it is the 50K.


3:34PM BBT Liz complains that Austin is taking to long with her food. Julia says for her to calm down that they are having twin time.


3:38PM BBT Liz says that she is worried that American loves John. She says that may that is why he gets called so much to the DR. She says she is afraid to say anything about him. She says his veto speech was awful. She then makes fun of the way John speaks. Now they are watching the TV and making fun of Austin's hair.

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3:46PM BBT Vanessa is in the HOH telling Austin and the twins that she is scared of John. She says John wants to hate her. She says that John has rage in his face. One of the twins says that she feels he is an ex-con. Vanessa is worried that he will attack her in the middle of the night. Austin says they have security. Vanessa says that he has a mental issue. Julia says that he is bi-polar.


3:59PM BBT Vanessa telling the HOH crew that John said she was bullying him but she wasn't. She is a victim and that Clay was pulling the puppet strings.

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4:00 PM BBT Austin in the KT complaining about Vanessa to Meg and James.  Austin is tired of hearing and re-hearing about the incident with JMac just before Clay left.  He is also upset that Vanessa told Johnny Mac that he was a pawn when she shouldn’t have been talking to him at all. 


4:02 PM BBT In the KT, Austin tells Meg and James that he’s okay with Johnny thinking that Vanessa is calling the shots this week so that if John stays he will target Vanessa.  Meg spots an ant crawling on one of the burgers that James is cooking.


4:04 PM BBT James and Austin are looking for a grease can to pour grease off.  Meg asks what a grease can is.  They decided to use the trash can as grease can. 


4:05 PM BBT Austin, Meg, and James are complaining about John being angry.  Austin finds it weird that John doesn’t make deals to save himself. 


4:07 PM BBT In the HOHR Liz whines to Vanessa, Steve, and Julia about wanting to keep the nominations the same so that she doesn’t have to get more blood on her hands.  Vanessa asks Steve if he would use the veto if he won it and Steve doesn’t answer.  Instead he asks how they are voting.  Liz says that conversation will happen after the veto.  Vanessa asks Liz if she knows who she wants out, and Liz is noncommittal.  Vanessa goes on about how volatile John is and how he “bust” into a room where they were talking.  Vanessa says you just don’t do that.   Looking at Steve, Vanessa says that she thinks Johnny Mac is a funny guy and probably a good person, but what is going on with him. 


4:11 PM BBT Steve asks Liz what she wants from Johnny Mac on day 58.  Liz pauses and says she wants Johnny Mac to want to be here and to stop moping around and come up and have a conversation with her.  Liz feels that Johnny Mac is the person she knows least of everyone in the house.  Julia points out that Johnny is not playing a social game.  Liz is perturbed that John is acting angry.  She claims that if she was in his shoes she would realize that she hadn’t made a connection and would have made an effort.  When Steve presses, Liz admits that there is probably nothing John could do at this point.  Austin is called to the DR.  Vanessa tells Steve that he should tell Johnny Mac that all he needs to do is stop sleeping so much and be his goofy self that everyone loves and be open to working with them. 


4:16 PM BBT In the HNR, John tells Meg that Vanessa is freaking out because she knows that he caught her in a lie and he is the only one left who knows about it.  Meg tells John that she doesn’t think they know who their target is this week and that they are waiting to see how things go.  Meg says they are waiting to see if either Becky or John go nutso.  John says that he could tell the whole truth, but if Austin is with her...   Meg says that she will try to find out, but she thinks Austin really just cares about the twins. 


4:18 PM BBT In the HNR, Meg says to John that Vanessa is scary.  John says “yeah” and tells Meg about how the fight with Audrey, Da’, and Jason happened.  Jeff had said something to Vanessa that someone was saying stuff about Vanessa but didn’t want to talk about it.  Vanessa turned to John and asked if John knows what Jeff is talking about.  A big fight happens and Vanessa tells Audrey that the information came from John.  John hasn’t trusted Vanessa since then. 


4:21 PM BBT John asks Meg if Vanessa is just up there freaking out about both of us.  Meg says that Vanessa is freaking out about everyone and is starting to get caught in it.  Meg advises just letting things happen for a couple of days.  John says, yeah, just win the veto and don’t talk.  Meg says win the veto and if you don’t win the veto....well...  Meg doesn’t finish her thought.  John asks who he should pick for veto if he gets HG choice.  Not Meg because she wouldn’t use it on him because James would go up.  Not Steve because he’s so freaked out.  Meg says that Steve is getting away with everything because no one is mad at him.  John is thinking he might pick Julia even though it sucks.  Meg says it’s tricky but thinks that Steve is the best choice.  The problem is that Steve will ask for permission to use it on John.  John feels there is no good person for him to pick.


4:26 PM BBT John points out to Meg that no matter how much they blow up Vanessa’s game, Liz et al will not put her up because they know that whether Becky or John stays, either one will be gunning for Vanessa the following week. 


4:28 PM BBT Austin comes into the HOHR.  Julia is called to the DR.  In the HOHR, Austin, Liz, Vanessa and Steve are still talking about Johnny Mac.  Steve asks Austin about Johnny Mac.  Austin says he wants John to go home because he’s acting so bizarre and he’s so angry.  Steve says that John is emotional right now.  Austin asks, why though? Austin thinks that John’s demeanor has changed ever since Clay left.  Vanessa says that’s because they are cousins and then giggles.  Austin says that he thought John looked like he wanted to punch Austin in the face, and he points that John doesn’t try to socialize or talk game....EVER.  Steve points out that John has no one since Clay and Shelli left, so he is feeling alone.

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