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Wednesday, August 12 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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1201AM BBT  Vanessa and Shelli talking in Purple Room, Vanessa doing most of the talking.  Becky talking to Meg in Kitchen saying that her target is still Vanessa out.  Meg is listening.  Vanessa gets called to DR.  Meg tells James his laundry is waiting.  Steve and Jackie are shooting pool.  Meg says "they" will come up to the HoH room for sure.  Becky all alone in kitchen with her cup of tea.


1204 Austwins are at pool just general chit chat with James.  Discussing nothing special.  FotH.  Discussion about the Sand Castle and the picture day.  Julia whining that she did not get to be in it.  Liz kidding Austin and James about liking Audrey, they thought she was attractive, further discussion about her telling all that she was transgender.  Julia can't believe that she (Audrey) just told everyone the first night.  Then a discussion about Jeff and Jackie not knowing. 


1210  Becky and Meg talking in HN room.  Becky saying she is super nervous that she targeted a big fish and if she stays Becky will go after part of the group next.  Vanessa gets into heads and keep votes, Becky can't trust her.  Becky explains to Meg that she is going to be extremely upset if Vanessa works on James and Steve and ends up staying.  Meg is listening while Becky says she really wished if they wanted Shelli out not Vanessa someone would have said something sooner.  Meg says but there is time for everyone to change their minds, Meg is running a scenario past Becky about what if Vanessa stays.  BY chat is just that "chat". 


1215 Chats are still continuing in BY and HN room. 

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1217AM  Becky is still talking in circles with Meg, same topic same words just different tones.  Jackie, JMac, James, Austin, Liz in backyard by HT chatting.  They doing pick up lines that will make no sense.  Steve messing around by pool table.  Julia trying to make things up that Austin can say to Liz to make her like him more.  (OMG!!  this is funny, but hard to type into sentences")


1230 Meg headed inside with her cup.  Jackie Liz Steve and Meg in kitchen saying they have no clue what to say back to Austin's compliments.  James and JMac messing around with the pool table, James saying it wants to shoot two balls in at the same time, practice for real game cause the table tilts still.  Liz eating again.  Vanessa in kitchen talking to Austin about he is eating again, he explains he does not eat meals, he eats several times a day and small portions at each eating. 


1233 Discussing the VooDoo dolls in the eviction chairs, wondering what the top hat is for.  Meg wants to know why they have pickles and not peanut butter.  Austin carrying Liz around kitchen wanting an apology.  Vanessa is on couch in BY chatting about the cigarettes that she got from Jason and that she found them in her drawer the other day.  JMac working out around the weights, Austin pinning Liz to LR floor and she is squealing.  Vanessa eating and keeps spitting things out.  Explains to Julia it is pretty foul cause all she does is kind of suck the juice out and spits the rest of the orange out.


1238 Julia and Vanessa start whispering and saying that Vanessa hopes that Julia is truthful about Van staying.  So between Julia and Vanessa, it is now a total blindside and no one knew anything before the Veto ceremony.  Vanessa now talking a mile a minute and all I hear is the F word.  and FlipFlop.  Vanessa is telling Julia that she has total control of Steve and tells him what to do, Steve is the topic of discussion, Vanessa claiming that Steve will be a total mess without her.  and more F word.  Meanwhile while Julia and Vanessa dissect Steve .. Steve is sitting at the counter in the kitchen listening to chat between Jackie, Meg, and Austin.  Julia keeps whining our her "WHY" .. Van saying that Shelli is going to tell all sorts of lies just to get votes.

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1250AM  Austin shows up in the BY and chat ends between Vanessa and Julia.  Austin made pork chops and now everyone  is eating again.  BB bowling and Funnel cake chat.  James is telling how to make funnel cake and pretzels by baking the buns in different shapes ..  Carnival food.  Everyone in kitchen except for Shelli and Becky.  Jackie saying that Grandma Meg is best friends with Sara Lee, she will be up baking all day tomorrow.


102  Meg has Jackie and James in HN room discussing the chat with Becky about votes changing.  Meg saying that Becky kept saying that "SHE has to go" referring to Vanessa and Meg telling her that BOTH have to go.  Meg says she tried her best to tell Becky that one person in the house against you does not meant that the whole house feels that way.  Vanessa and Julia in bed, Austin enters room  and they all start whispering of course Vanessa is doing all the chatting now.  (I think Vanessa is trying to use her hands for sign language and failing).. 


130AM James now chatting with Vanessa and Julia.  Becky talking with Jackie and Meg in HN room.  Vanessa claiming she has no knowledge of what happened, she said it was all Shelli.  Vanessa is really dragging Becky thru the mud.  Vanessa is going back to "she broke her word".  Meg telling Becky that none of them want her in jeopardy, but the house has flipped to get rid of Shelli.  Vanessa talking about "Shelli said no campaigning, and she is doing that now"  James rejoins the HN room, Vanessa looking so sad talking to Julia,  4 to 4 vote, why does Becky hate me?  Meg still explaining her view about Vanessa leaving and votes changing.


138 Becky explaining to Meg, Jackie and James about the reasons for not keeping Vanessa.  Austin and Liz in bed, Vanessa still chatting with Julia.  Becky saying that Vanessa is going to say what she needs to say to stay in the house, Becky repeats that Vanessa is with Austwins, JMac, and Steve.  if they keep Vanessa, Becky says what I have done is for nothing and the "alligator" will come after Becky no one else cause she is the one who poked it in the eye.

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152  Becky has kind of accepted the fact that Shelli is being voted out  ..  Vanessa is holding court reading the Bible to everyone.   Vanessa explaining how she has a big heart and she is loyal.


202  Shelli in BR brushing her hair.  Vanessa popping what she thinks is pimples.  Game discussion still going around in circles in HN room.  "The Outsiders" being discussed


203 Steve now getting back out of bed and starting his nightly walk around. 


205 Vanessa gets in bed, Lis is whining about Austin ??  JMac sitting in bed sleeping with bandana over eyes.  Conversation still going on in HN room.  lots of motion and wiggling in Austin/Liz's bed


215 Steve doing his nightly walk about in back yard.  Talking to himself analyzing the votes and a tie breaker.  Steve playing with hoola hoop.  Steve discussing what Vanessa has done for him in the game so far and why he should keep her.  HN room is now discussing the ways to bake the buns.  Steve talking about how he wants Becky out..  his game has been passive, he is talking about his groups that he is with and he is at the bottom of each group.  Grandmothers, Freaks and Geeks, must be a camera moved cause he kind of freaked for a moment.  He is really debating who is actually telling the truth.. Vanessa keeping him safe and Jackie wanting to go after him.  Jackie making easy moves, he believes Shelli threw Steve under the bus last week trying to get him put on the block with James.  110%  (missing a lot due to mumbling, but this is a must listen).  Steve is deep into this conversation and how loyal who has been...


221 Steve still having his self debate in backyard. 

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230AM  Vanessa is now back in the HN room talking to Meg, Jackie.  Steve is in BY with Becky.  Vanessa is campaigning against Becky not Shelli claiming that Becky is the master mind not her.  Just a general topic chat in BY with Steve and Becky no game talk right now... FOTH


240AM   James has joined the HN room chat.  Vanessa is again rehashing Becky, claiming that she is the mastermind.  Also discussing the fact that Steve said he is voting to keep Shelli.  (Floater Vanessa is working her misting)  Vanessa is saying I am flat telling the 1000% truth, she is laughing and talking about "her" Bible and that all is good. 


253  Becky still in BY with Steve general chat.  HN room is still chatting, Vanessa has left.


315AM  James, Jackie, Meg all in bathroom, Jackie talking about they go in group, bathroom, eat, travel together.  Becky and Steve chatting about the order of the game so far.  No current game chat just reflective talk about what is "getting blood" and things that happen. 


330AM  Becky has gotten her a plate of food to eat, still in BY with Steve chatting about after game now.  Lights out in HN room, but there is still whispering about Becky and what she knows, knew and retold.. than what Vanessa is saying.


345 Becky and Steve still talking in BY.  Lights back on in HN room with the another round of discussion going about voting.



4AM, "sorry I have to stop here"  East Coast and Children are coming in the door for the day...hope this helps"  Granny


431.. All seem to be tucked in except for Steve who is walking around inside the house.  Some sniffling coming from HV room. 

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8:09am BBT: All HG still in their beds sound asleep.


 9:00am BBT: HG still sleeping .


9:30am BBT: John is up and goes to the WC as the feeds go to FOTh for a wake up call.


9:54am BBT: Becky and John in the BY talking about how Vanessa  better leave tomorrow night. John says if she does not then  if it ism a double eviction then she will go then.


 9:56am BBT: Vanessa was called to the DR most Hg  still in bed sleeping with Lights on. Becky and John in the BY sitting on the couch still talking about eviction night.

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10:02 AM BBT John and Becky talking in the BY. Becky explaining that Shelli has to get the votes to stay. Becky is explaining to John that the Jackie, Meg and James wants to keep Vanessa. Becky asks John to talk to Shelli and explain that Shelli needs to come up with something to get them to keep her.


10:16AM BBT Meg heads to the BY. Says she wants some sunshine. Becky says that she thinks they will close it off in about an hour or two. They talk about how cold it is in the house.


10:26AM BBT Feed switches to Austin and Vanessa talking in the PBR. BB calls them out for no mics an Vanessa says "thank you BB" and they go back to bed. In the HN room James, Meg and Jackie are lying in the chairs. James and meg is talking about the house bowling games.


10:30AM BBT Vanessa is back up and on Austin's bed. Vanessa says that she knows what Shelli is doing. Hard to hear as she is whispering. Austin isn't fully awake. Vanessa heads back to bed. Now they talk about everyone being a cop. Austin says is a narc. Liz talks about Shelli saying if she stays then she has to worry about her game going forward. Vanessa says that doesn't make sense because she has to consider if she comes back.


10:33AM BBT They talk about who they would put up. Vanessa says she wants Steve safe. Austin says that Steve is freaking him out. They can't wait to watch the season. Austin says he isn't sure he can watch it. Austin says that he has to crank up the funny because he has been losing his funny recently. Vanessa says she has to crank up the funny too.


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10:35AM BBT Liz says "I'm hungry" like a little girl. Austin says does that mean he needs to make something. Vanessa says look at her face. Her lip is out. Liz complains that she wants eggs. Austin says that BB screwed them over and didn't give them more eggs.


10:42AM BBT Austin and Liz in the KT complaining that BB shops like it's 2001 for them. They complain that they don't have coconut oil. Becky asks isn't it expensive and Austin says you can get deals. Trader Joes has deals.


10:50AM BBT Becky and John in the BY talking about what side they played. John says he chose the wrong side. Becky says she picked one and went with it. In the KT Austin and Liz talk about John and Becky in the BY. They mock their convo (they don't even know what they are talking about)Austin and Liz getting what breakfast they can find because there is no food in the house they say.


11:08AM BBT Liz in the BY with Becky and John. they are going over dates and how different comps work. Liz says she is in trouble.

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11:15AM BBT Liz and Becky talk about Jacosta. Liz says she doesn't like her. Says that she was a wet blanket and was irrelevant. Becky says she was happy Nicole come back but they were sad no one would speak to her.


11:27 AM BBT Feeds have Austin working out in the BY and John flossing in the KT (riveting I know)

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11:33AM BBT We have FOTH - maybe BY LD?


11:35AM BBT We are back and all feeds on John and Becky in the BY talking about comps and questions.


11:39AM BBT Vanessa and Liz looking at the memory wall. James comes in and Vanessa tells him to look at Clay and Steve. They have the EXACT same nose.


11:47AM BBT Vanessa and John talking in the PBR. She is asking for his vote. She says that she has info for him. Says she is loyal unless someone disrespects her. Says she has a lot to tell him but she wants to think about what to tell him. She says if she stays she will explain it to him.


11:49AM BBT Vanessa tells John that Becky is a hypocrite and that she is only here because of Vanessa's word. She says there is a lot she wants to explain to him but not at this time. She says she has to be careful what she says because things have been told to her in confidence and she doesn't want to do the wrong thing.


11:51AM BBT Liz and Julia talk in the BY. Julia says he is the definition of floater. Says that he is sketchy. They don't know why he is always being called to the DR. He sleeps all day. Liz says he brings nothing to the table and only talks about teeth.

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11:53AM BBT Liz and Julia talk about whoever sends the other twin home they will go after them. Julia says she doesn't care about Vanessa or Austin but she will go after whoever sends Liz home. Liz agrees and says
I'm not fake". They discuss how John and Steve are the worst to them because they are fake.


11:56AM BBT Julia and Liz continue to talk about Shelli and how she has never spoken with them basically so they owe her nothing. Shelli has no social game they say. Liz says that she and Austin are always with other people so they are playing a social game.


12:01PM BBT Austin, Liz and Julia talk in the BY. Julia says that Becky is trying to act like Betty Crocker and is so fake and she can't stand fake. Austin talks about how Steve and John are up all night. Julia says that it is so sketchy. They continue on talking about how fake he and Steve are.


12:04PM BBT In the HOH room Jackie and Becky talk. Becky tells Jackie that Vanessa can move groups to come after them. She says Shelli is alone and can't do anything but come after her by herself.


12:05PM BBT Becky tells Jackie that Vanessa will put up her and Meg. She says that Vanessa will say what she needs to for them to have her stay. Jackie says that Shelli will do the same thing.


12:09PM BBT Becky says that she feels she will be sitting next to Meg on the block. Jackie says that it is so scary now. Jackie says they (Austin and the twins) will put up John and Steve and BD if they have to.


12:10PM BBT Sorry - BD Vanessa if they have to.


12:14PM BBT Julia and Liz talk about Becky and John talking about comps. They feel they are talking in codes.


12:33PM BBT Austin and Liz are on the LR sofa discussing lunch. Liz wants to put bacon on a muffin but Austin says no carbs because it is not part of the diet. He leans down and kisses her neck and she squeals. Now they do some shout outs.

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12:38PM BBT Austin and Liz in the KT. Liz says Austin smells. The smelly barbarian. She wonders if someone told BB that in the beginning that Austin smells. Austin says that BB were trying to get Austin to say Jason looked like Pee Wee Herman as a joke in the beginning.


12:45PM BBT In the HOH Jackie and Becky are studying. In the KT Austin is still cooking. Julia has braided Liz's hair in the WA and they both have returned to the KT.


12:54PM BBT Shelli and Vanessa in the WA. Vanessa asks her if she started packing yet. Vanessa wants to pack today and spend tomorrow getting ready. Vanessa is concerned if she will have enough room for everything.

1:00 PM BBT We have Shelli curling her hair and Becky listening to music on the feeds. (Hold back your excitement)

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 1:05pm BBT: Austin , Liz in KT and BB has told Hg they have  one hour till  the By will be locked down for the day.

 1:08pm BBT: Jackie, Meg and James in the HNBR going back to bed. Jackie telling meg about her talk with Jackie in the HOHBR earlier. Shelli in the  WA doing make up and Steve is walking around the house.
 1:10pm BBT: Liz , Julia and Austin in the KT talking and Julia says LIZ and she says what and Austin says lets go outside. Julia says what what is it as she looks in the  mirror, Julia and Austin go  to the BY laughing. Liz goes out and says what tell me Julia or i will kill you. Austin moves Liz's ponytail and says that and Julia laughs and says you have a hickey, Liz says no i don't and looks in the  mirror by the washer and then yells AUSTIN.
1:15pm BBT: They go back in the house and Liz says i will wear my hair down, She says no my hair is dirty but i will say i burned myself with a flat iron. Julia is laughing. Liz says she can cover it up.
1:20pm BBT:Austin, Julia and Liz in the BY sitting by the pool talking about John being in the FBI and his cover is a dentist. Liz says maybe he is an FBI dentist. Julia says maybe he is in the Army and Liz says he did dentist in the Army cause they train you. Austin says yeah that's why he could hold onto that wall so long in the comp.Julia says we are going to figure this stuff out cause we are not going to be like the cop we are going to figure this out.
1:24pm BBT: Austin saying maybe Becky and john are together or maybe they are brother and sister but there is something about them. They says maybe they are married and Julia laughs. austin says there is something about them though
1:30pm BBT: Jackie joins Liz, Julia and Austin in the By and start talking about John with them and saying that his game is being blown up. They start talking about Shelli and what she is doing and Jackie says she is packing now. Austin says i do not know why she assumes the three of us are voting to keep her cause we never said that. 
1:34pm BBt: Jackie, Liz, Julia and Austin talking about  next week putting John up and getting him out but we can not tell  Vanessa that or we will be in trouble. But i am not sure if taking Vanessa  out at double eviction is good or not either.
 1:39pm BBT: Meg comes out to the BY and brings Jackie slop and herself slop and they sit  with Liz, Julia and Austin to eat and meg tells about almost loosing a tooth lastnight.
 1:44pm BBT: Meg is telling Austin that Becky has this big fear of the block and Austin says Becky has done no wrong to me so i can not put her on the block and meg says yeah she just fears it.
1:48pm BBT: Shelli and John in the WA talking as Vanessa comes out of the Wc and they talk about packing Vanessa  leaves the WA and Shelli ask what is going on and  John says i think they might change things i do not know. Shelli ask is me laying low and not doing anything helping? John says i think it might be to late to do anything now. Shelli says no. John says Jackie, meg and James are scared of you and Shelli ask Jackie is scared of me and John tells her that Jackie will stick with James.
1:53pm BBT: John tells Shelli that She might talk to James and Austin and try to make amends with them but i do not know if it will work. shelli says the goblins are out there now talking to Austin, Liz and Julia. John says they told Becky that keeping Vanessa was better for their game and shelli says they told Becky and John nods his head.
1:57pm BBT: shelli says what do i do? John says talk to Austin and  the twins and see if you get their vote. shelli says i need 4 and she looks at john and says i have yours right and John says yeah  shelli ask about Steve and john says i can get Steve get theirs. Bb announces that this is a lock down go inside and close the sliding glass doors. john goes to the WC and Shelli goes to the KT as the others move inside to make lunch.
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1:56pm BBT:  BB announces to the houseguests that they have an indoor lockdown!


Shelli and JMac have been taking in the washroom discussing the votes.  At the lockdown announcement, JMac goes to use the facility and Shelli heads to the kitchen area.  They have all come in and are milling around the kitchen.  Shelli is stuffing her face and Meg say he really wants a meal tonight.  Meg has a sneezing fit.


The triplets (Austin, Liz, Julia) are discussing if they get free bowling tonight and maybe they will make funnel cakes.

"Show at 8, Bowling at 9" according to Liz!

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2:17pm BBT:  In the Have Not room Shelli has been pleading her case to Meg, JMac, and Jackie.

She does not understand why people are not targeting Austin & The twins and she is going to start saying stuff.

She tells them "he told me I could put him up (James?) and "he's not winning this game.


Shelli does not understand why keeping "that side together is better for their game".  She does not understand because they (the people she is talking to) do not have a strong army behind them and when they watch the show they will understand.

Shelli says she is guilty by association but she didn't start it!

Meg says it's hard to tell how close they all really are

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2:03pm BBT: Julia in the CBR talking to Vanessa and Julia about having the votes to stay and about John talking to shelli. Shelli goes to talk to Jackie and meg but sound is really low as they whisper.

2:10pm BBT: Austin, Vanessa, Liz and Julia talking about the votes they have to keep Vanessa this week. Vanessa says she needs  2 more i have you  three. Vanessa says i am going after Becky if i get HOH. Austin says that Jackie, meg and James want shelli to go  and they have it in their head that she has to go.
 2:15pm BBT: Hg just walking around room to room talking and laughing about  nothing.
2:16pm BBT:m Austin talking to James in the Kt about keeping Vanessa and  they will not go after any of his group this week and they will go after Becky and John so James is safe. James says i am with that. Austin says we figured it out that Clay, john and Becky are triplets. and John is a cop there it is  and James laughs.
2:23pm BBT: James and Austin at he memory wall talking about the other Hg and why some left and who needs to go next. Shelli still in the have not rm talking about keeping her over Vanessa and how Vanessa knows to much about everyone and will  use it against them.
 2:29pm BBT: Vanessa telling Julia and Liz stories from the bible in the CBR.
 2:37pm BBT: Steve and John in the OBR talking  about Steve just coming from the DR and  getting his s's right . John ask because of the tooth and Steve says no the canker sores.Julia now in the KT with Austin and James talking about working together again and people fishing for information.
2:45pm BBT: Shelli talking to James and  tells him she understands why he did what he did and you came to us and told us and i respect you for that but someone like Vanessa are playing hard.
 2:49pm BBT: Liz and Julia in the KT eating Lunch and asking Steve if he is ok. He says yeah. James and Shelli, Meg and Becky just repeating themselves in the HNBR about keeping Shelli this week.
 2:52pm BBT: Austin talking to Steve in the WA about keeping Vanessa and then  they are all safe. Steve says ok so what do i tell them and Austin says nothing.
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***Hi granny and cowgirl, nice to see you.***




 3:02pm BBT Austin talks with John in OCB. Austin says he told Clay he would keep Shelli safe but he is also friends with Vanessa. It's tough for him. John says he just wants a team. Austin goes and does hand stands in the LR. Liz and Julia do some stretches while waiting for Austin to give them instructions. Steve asks if Austin is cooking tonight, he owes Liz a meal today. John joins them for body mobility flow.

3:09pm BBT Jackie/Meg/James/Shelli joke that they want to leave the BBH ....but no no no no they don't want to GO! Back to exercise class in the LR: the Cam gives us an over head shot. As they stretch the neck muscles Liz says be careful of the neck, my bruises. Austin says always be careful of those.

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 3:15pm BBT Cams 1 & 3 are facing Steve, he writes something on the table. Cams 2 & 4 are a long shot over the KT table. In HNR: Meg says she is more concerned with who is going to keep them safe. Jackie says its funny how everyone was so against them and now ppl realize they are the good side. Jackie says John said he wants a group. James says Austin and all want John out BAD. Meg says personally she wants Shelli out, if you keep Shelli there are more (she makes a U shape around herself). Game wise Meg says she doesnt trust Shelli.

3:22pm BBT Meg says she is torn. There is way more risk to keep Shelli, its a big leap of faith. Vanessas cards are all out there, we know it all. Meg says why was Shelli up on the twins? Now she wants to be with them (Meg/James/Jackie) James says he is down for what ever the group is down for.

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 3:24pm BBT Shelli and John talk in WA. John says you sell your soul in this game. Shelli says it doesnt make sense for them to get rid of her. Her and John are loners, they dont have a team. John says he is next, Shelli says he has to keep her in here for that reason. Shelli says they didnt tell her everything but did say that Becky was giving her info. John says what if he says it was Vanessa. Shelli says basically she's (Vanessa) got that Becky was playing both sides and she is giving it to James. John says how theyfound out about that alliance was when she (Vanessa) told him and Steve about it and then they (Clay/Shelli) walked in and told them something different.

3:34pm BBT John goes to HOH to talk to Becky. Becky asks when did Vanessa say that. Becky says F  her team caught on. John says Vanessa is making it up that you are going to Shelli not him.

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3:43pm BBT Becky saying that Vanessa ran down stairs last week and was saying there was a group up there coming after her. Meg wonders why it makes them think they are going out? Becky says its more they think they are going up. Vanessa comes in and starts shoving her stuff in a garbage bag. Becky says she had napped, DR, napped, DR, napped. Meg wants their dinner sooo bad.

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 3:47pm BBT Becky opens the door for Vanessa. Vanessa leaves and Becky says she bought a first class ticket to the BS show from Vanessa. Meg says she has pretty much hit everyone in the house with something. Becky says she is just going to say I dont know, I dont know. They can come to her and tell her what ever. This is the first time ppl are coming to her with game questions. Meg do we want at the end. who do we think we can beat? Becky says those two.

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3:56pm BBT Vanessa packing. Austin out of the shower, Julia gets into shower. Steve wonders into WA and they all say hi to his mom. In HNR Meg says if they are all  here on Friday they will some how buy wine from the liquor store. Becky cant wait for Thursday to be over. In LR: John and Shelli talk. Shelli says that talking to them has shown her Vanessa has done things to throw her under the bus. John says if things look like its going against Shelli before eviction he can tell the house how Vanessa came in and told her nothing was going on and then told Steve something different.

4:01pm BBT Shelli says the twins have acted weird towards her, John says they have acted weird towards him all week. Steve walks by and Shelli tells him to sit down with them. She needs someone to drink her coffee with. Steve picks up the table decoration and asks what it is. Shelli says its supposed to be coral. Steve says he is missing his SSSS's today, he has a cankor sour, he can hear it in his speech now. BB tells Steve to stop that. He puts the coral down.

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4:13pm BBT Shelli in HOH with Becky. Becky saying things just go round and round, circle, circle. (ya think Becky??!!) Shelli says last night ppl changed their minds, its now who is better for DE, who is better for later. In CBR Vanessa tells Steve that she tried her hardest. Shelli says that she is friends with Liz but Liz hasnt talked to her to at all. Becky says they know that if its half and half votes there is no way Becky could keep Vanessa. Shelli says they told her somethings about Becky and the only thing Shelli told them is that Vanessa knows a lot about Beckys game. Becky says its ok, she told them already. They caught a lot of Vanessas lies by talking together.

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