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Thursday, August 6 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the HNR and the LR at this time.


12:08 AM BBT Austin is out DR in the LR.  Steve went into the DR.  Steve out of the DR.  His wisdom teeth are coming in.  Liz comes into HNR and says they need to talk to Clay while Shelli is in the DR.  Liz says Vanessa is scared that if Clay is kept Clay will turn on Austin and tell everyone about the Judas thing.  Austin says Shelli will just confirm that they were working together.


12:10 AM BBT Steve comes into HNR and the girls go to talk to Clay.  Austin explains the situation to Steve that Shelli told James some information to throw him under the bus.  Steve recommends to keep the target off his back.  Steve and to protect himself (Austin) and twins.


12:12 AM BBT Scenario 1.  Clay stays and Jackie wins HOH.  Who does she put up?  Austin says she should put up Clay.  Steve asks “Who is she /going/ to put up? (with emphasis on the word going.  Austin says he and Liz.  Steve says exactly.  Austin says Jackie told him she wouldn’t.  Steve says but Austin just told him what she would do.  Austin says she would have to break her word and if she did that, it would be three jury votes she just lost.  Steve says “Other way around…if Clay goes home and Shelli stays and Jackie wins HOH who does Jackie put up?”  Austin says Shelli without skipping a beat.  Austin says “Ooooooooh…but they’re going to be mad…” and Steve with a surprisingly condescending/knowing tone says “But they’re not coming after you!”  Steve says they’re going to be mad whether he’s in the house or not.


12:13 AM BBT Steve says there are 12 other cast members waiting to win the game and Dr. Will pissed off his entire cast to win the game.  Steve reiterates that he has to look after himself and the twins.  Austin isn’t sure Jackie would go back on her word.  Steve again asks who Jackie would put up if Shelli stays.  Austin again says Shelli.  Austin isn’t sure.  Steve says he said it again.


12:16 AM BBT Liz and Julia have been hanging around the WA trying to talk to Clay but Shelli had been doing her makeup and others have been coming and going.  Liz talks briefly to Clay but it was difficult to hear.  Liz to HNR and says Clay basically told her the idea is to vote how they want and Shelli wants to be here more.  Austin is annoyed wondering what he’s doing.  Steve says he’s pulling a Brendan from Season 12.  BB calls out Austin to put on his mic.  Austin says they’ll talk later.  Steve asks who is more likely to win a comp to get the other side out.


12:19 AM BBT Steve asks Austin who told him that they threw him (Austin) under the bus.  Shelli admitted to him.  Liz is pissed off that Clay basically waved off their vote.  Julia and Meg continue nightly ADLs in the WA.  Clay laying on the lounger.


12:21 AM BBT Steve asks Liz who Jackie would put up if Clay was here.  Liz isn’t so quick to answer.  Vanessa comes in and Austin tells Steve to come back in an hour.  Liz tells Vanessa about Clay’s conversation with her.  Liz says she doesn’t want to be here.  Austin they don’t want to blind side them.  Vanessa says to be man and go in for a kiss and just tell them that Clay doesn’t want to be here and that’s why they did it.  They all have an individual right to vote they want to.  They’re not hear to play James’ game.


12:24 AM BBT Julia comes into HNR and asks what happened.  Liz tells her about the conversation.  Over in the WA Shelli is out of the DR and she hugs it out with Shelli.


12:26 AM BBT Austin says it’s official then Shelli stays.  Vanessa says if it’s a double eviction they’ll go with Shelli and Johnny Mac as the targets.  Austin wonders what to tell James.  Vanessa says the girls should go to James first and tell him what Clay said.  Austin should go talk to James after the twins do.  


12:28 AM BBT Vanessa leaves the HNR.  Austin says Clay changes his mind so much that’s why he doesn’t want him to be here.  Austin and Julia thinks they should tell him tomorrow after lockdown.  Liz says they will be pissed and stare at them.  They all three agree that after lockdown is best.  In the WA talk is about Steve’s wisdom teeth.


12:29 AM BBT Austin wants to make a move and keep Clay.  The girls don’t want to keep him because he doesn’t want to stay.  Austin agrees and says he’ll tell James that Clay mentioned wanting to target Austin and is being mean to the girls.


12:30 AM BBT  Austin says no matter who they keep it will be bad.  Julia worries that if they go against the other side then they’ll go after them (Liz, Julia and Austin).  Liz isn’t sure.  Austin doesn’t know either now.  They don’t want to vote this week.  Julia says if it’s a double eviction before the vote then they get rid of Shelli and if it’s not they get rid of Clay.  Austin says they can’t blindside James with the vote because it’s shady.


12:34 AM BBT Austin says keeping Shelli after she did what she did to him is shady.    Back in the WA we have idle chit chat with various HGs coming and going.  Vanessa, Clay and Shelli are sitting on the lounger.  Austin called out by BB to relocate his transmitter.


12:39-12:48 AM BBT Back and forth chit chat in the HNR about who to vote and who to keep.  Many scenarios ran.  They just don’t know.


12:49 AM BBT Liz into the WC and Austin into the WA.  Shelli says she and Clay stole “ya’lls lounging spot.”  Austin says it’s a good spot when you can’t get a hammock.  Silence.  Steve out of DR and asks what they told him.  Steve says they’re going talk to someone that he’s not allowed to talk about.  Shelli asks Steve what the 7 times +1 trick is to figure out eviction days.  Steve doesn’t have a trick.  He just knows it.  Austin says that’s a good trick.  Back in the CR we have idle chit chat between Meg, Johnny, Jackie and Becky.  Jackie jokingly asks if they’re staying because she crawls into bed and then they always leave her.  They say she fell asleep last time and she agrees she did.


12:56 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the CR.  Vanessa comes into the WA to talk to Clay and Shelli and she asks if they’ve talked to Austin about how he’s voting yet.  They have not.  He hasn’t told them.


12:57 AM BBT Vanessa says the twins are going to go tell their vote to James tonight.  Shelli and Clay agree they don’t have to.  “They blindsided us who cares if he gets blindsided!”  (How quickly she forgets that Vanessa fired the first blindside by evicting Jason… - Niteslacker).


01:01 AM BBT Vanessa says Becky and Jackie will vote to evict Shelli while the twins and Vanessa will vote to evict Clay.  It won’t be the blowout that James wanted it to be.  Vanessa Jackie, Becky and Meg are attached to the twins and Austin at the hip and won’t leave them alone.  Shelli says it’s funny and Vanessa says it’s annoying.  Meg wanders in asks what’s going on.  Vanessa says she did her DR.  Intermittent FoTH.


01:03 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH continues.


01:08 AM BBT Meg, Jackie Austin and Liz move into the OBR to chat. Intermittent FoTH continues.


01:09 AM BBT Clay says the fact that they want her gone so bad is more reason to keep her hear.  She says she wants so bad to turn a key and have his face appear on the board (nominations).  She would really like to turn both keys and have his face show up twice.  Feeds 1 and 2 are on an empty LR.  Feeds 3 and 4 are on a silent Clay and Shelli.


01:11 AM BBT Correction.  Feeds 1 and 2 were on Liz hiding behind the couch who jumps out and scares Julia as she walks back towards the BRs from the WC.  “Lizzzzzz why do you do that!  I hate you!”  She asks why everyone else didn’t warn her.


01:18 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues on all four feeds.


01:21 AM BBT James is awake and he tries to scare Meg by sitting on couch against the wall just around the corner from the BRs.  Meg saw his little legs sticking out.  Over in the WA Shelli points out she would smack him if he tried scaring her.


01:24 AM BBT FoTH.


01:25-01:30 AM BBT Feeds back. Idle chit chat continues with James having joined the OBR crew.


01:30 AM BBT Discussion in OBR is about Steve and his wisdom teeth.  Liz says it would be cool if they would let Johnny Mac perform the extraction (Johnny Mac pointed out in his pre-show interview with Jeff Schroeder that he would need a California license and he also pointed this out again tonight to people) he does it all the time.  Over in the WA Clay and Shelli talk saying that James doesn’t have the numbers to keep Clay.  Clay called to DR.  Clay and Shelli giving each other knowing looks.  Shelli says it’ll be really quick because they’re only asking him one question.


01:36 AM BBT Shelli joins the OBR crew.  Steve was brushing his teeth and the feeds switched to Becky and Johnny in the CR.  Idle chit chat all around.


01:37 AM BBT to 01:50 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues around the house.


01:50 AM BBT Brief FoTH.  Feeds back and Becky is saying it’s aggressive to ask for who is voting and nobody is required to announce their votes and to reveal their game.  Johnny agrees.


01:51 AM BBT Feeds switch to Austin talking to Clay in the WA.  Loud voices of other HGs make the conversation difficult to follow.  Austin asks Clay if he really wants to go home.  Clay does.  He wants to be voted to evicted.  He’ll talk to Steve tomorrow.  Clay says the numbers are good for him to go this week.


01:53 AM BBT Austin doesn’t want to blindside James.  Clay says James wants Shelli gone so bad because he’s scared of her.  Austin says alright it’s done then.  Austin continues brushing his teeth.  Austin wishes him luck and shakes his hand.


01:56 AM BBT  It’s snack time in the BB KT.  Vanessa is at the table eating while Clay, Meg, Austin, and Shellli chat and make food/get drinks/eat.  Liz walks into the WA and Clay tells her he just talked to Austin.  Julia out of the WC.  Clay says if the five stick together they’ll make the final five.  Jackie called to DR.  James joins Becky and Johnny in the CR.


01:58 AM BBT Clay and Liz hug it out.  Clay into WC.


01:59 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH.  Idle chit chat in the CR.

06:03 AM BBT All four feeds currently display sleeping HG in darkened rooms.


06:38 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


07:29 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


07:49 AM BBT We continue to have all four feeds display sleeping HGs.

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9:00am BBt: ALL HG still sound asleep.


 9:30am BBT: All HG still sleeping.


 10:04am BBT: We now have FOTh as BB  is waking the HG.


10:15am BBT: Vanessa whispering to Steve about John being on board with voting Clay out of the house and Steve says all clay has is 5 votes . Vanessa ask do they know it is coming and Steve says i have been thinking about telling them and Vanessa says maybe it should be a blind side.Steve says yeah.


10:20am BBt: John and Becky in the CBR talking about her giving her word last Saturday and she needs to stay with her word. Vanessa comes in and as what they are doing and Becky says i am debating weather to get up or sleep for another 40 minutes and she then says i am getting up cause  i never get breakfast before this. She gets up and says pancakes sound good. Vanessa goes back to bed and john closes his eyes.


10:25am BBT: Becky went to the Wc then goes back to bed . All other Hg in bed except Steve who is in the DR.

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10:35AM BBT The HG wander around getting breakfast and yawning. They are getting ready for HOH lockdown.


10:42AM BBT James goes to HOH. Meg is in there. She tells him it is going to be a defeat tonight. James says he has home. Meg wonders when they became the mean people.


10:53AM BBT HG are heading slowly up to HOH room. We have FOTH currently.


10:54AM BBT We have Jeff reels. HOH LD.

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1:10pm BBT: feeds are back with James vacuuming the LVR, Steve, Clay and john in the Wa talking about Steve's mic and cutting hair. meg, Julia, Liz and Becky in the KT making food and talking about having the HOh comp tonight.


1:16pm BBT: Shelli and Jackie in the cabana rm talking and Jackie says after last week i am ok  and Shelli hugs her and says thanks and is smiling. In the CBR Steve and Vanessa are talking  general talk as Steve is getting clothes ready for tonight's live show. and we get FOTH.


1:20pm BBT: meg and Clay go to the cabana rm and meg ask what is happening and clay says i am just waiting.  Meg says well you know they are all voting her to stay but i feel like i  i do not know it is like i do not want to go against you. Clay says i told you to. meg says but i do not want you to walk out of here with no votes and He tells her i am ok with it and this is shelli's dream to be here so i am ok with it.


1:25pm BBT: Meg is still talking to Clay about wanting to vote to keep him  and she says i just wanted to talk to you about it. In the HNBR Julia is talking to Austin and Liz about who they need to keep and she says james wants her gone. austin says i know and he leaves the room. 


1:29pm BBT: Vanessa and Jackie in the HNBR with Liz and Julia talking about Bb telling them to wear shorts and a tank top or t shirt tonight for the HOH comp. They are talking about the comp and wondering if it will be the sliding one and Julia says no they made us draw numbers. Vanessa says well for lanes maybe? Julia says  could be then.


 1:32pm BBT: Austin and meg in the cabana rm talking and Austin says clay came to me yesterday and  told me that this is not even about the game just please take me out  just vote me out please.  Meg says yeah it is so ridiculous. Austin says he helped me last week and i told him i owed him a favor so he said this is the favor he wants and to please vote me out. 


1:34pm BBT: Meg says James is going to be so upset if Clay leaves and Austin says yeah right  and i feel like i am in the middle of crap again and i do not want to be there but what do i do. he then says now the twins want to go talk to James cause they are so mad and upset. He tells meg they all want to go talk to James and tell him they know he did all of this to get shelli out cause he is scared of her but  this guy (Clay) is willing to fall on the sword for her.


1:40pm BBt: Meg in the cabana rm with Shelli now telling her that she talked to Clay and she says you know i have always had this thing for clay and voting him out  is so weird to me but.(Meg keeps stumbling over words) She says sorry this is so hard for me. shelli says i understand i really do.Meg says voting  against you guys is so freaking hard but like it is tricky like as if i want to vote for you but it is against Clay. Shelli says vote however you want there is no against Shelli  or against Clay. meg says i know i just wanted to bring this to you cause it has been awkward and weird and i just do not want it to be that way tonight.


1:47pm BBT: John and Clay whispering in the OBR as Liz and Julia are whispering in the CBR. they keep repeating themselves about whop to vote out tonight and Clay is begging everyone to vote him out.


 1:51pm BBT: Vanessa and James in the Wa doing hair and makeup. Austin in the HNBR talking to the twins about what was said between him and meg  and voting Clay out. Clay still talking to John about voting him out and  that he is making a sacrifice for shelli. John says alright and they stop talking and leave the OBR.

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2:04PM BBT James talks with Austin. Austin explaining why they are voting out Clay. James says he might as well have taken the 5K (he is calm) if his target isn't going out. Jackie is in the room as well. She says that people change their minds and it is frustrating. Austin says that it is a matter of Clay doesn't want to be in the jury house.


2:09PM BBT James says that Shelli is supposed to be put up and out per Vanessa. Austin says that Vanessa has put her word that she will. Jackie laughs. Austin says that it is not game. he says this is a guy who has come to him and said he doesn't want jury and wants to go home. Austin says that its a human side that he is voting for.


2:20PM BBT Vanessa pulls James into the cabana room and starts in on him having an issue with her. She says she is equally close to both Shelli and Clay. Says she doesn't care who goes home tonight. She starts to tear up and says John says that James is throwing her under the bus. He swears on his daughter. He tells her that he doesn't do this lying stuff. He says if his time is next week then it is next week. He offers to pull John in and he is ready to check. Van says they should. She backtracks and says that she came to him when she didn't have to and she could have just kept the info for herself. James says they need to get the bottom of it. Now Vanessa says Clay told her that John told him. James says they need to get Clay in there now. Vanessa back pedals.


2:24PM BBT James goes to Clay and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Clay cusses at him and tells him to get out and calls him a little man. Vanessa pulls John into the CBR and asks John if James ever said that she was in Shelli's head and gunning for him. John says no he never did. And we get FOTH.


2:27PM BBT Vanessa going off on John. John says he said it and Clay did not. Vanessa says her word is good in the house. Says she doesn't believe John. She asks Clay why he told her it was James. Clay says he didn't lie. Says maybe he assumed. He says he is out of it. Clay says that he is not lying.

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2:31PM BBT James asks Vanessa and John if he asked them to vote a certain way. Both say no he did not. Shelli jumps in and tells Vanessa that she did tell them that. James says he has said that and doesn't understand why she feels he is bullying. Vanessa says it isn't then. James says he never told them how to vote.


2:34PM BBT In the HN room, the twins and Becky are listening to the fight in the PBR. Clay now says he made it up. Shelli is just sitting there silent. Vanessa tells clay that if he wanted to stay all he had to do is say so. Clay sitting on the bed smug and saying he made it all up. Vanessa now crying and John won't say a word on if he said it or Clay did.


2:41PM BBT Clay tells Shelli that James and John had a convo and that James did say it to John. Clay says that all he wants is for Shelli to stay. Vanessa comes in the PBR. She tells Shelli that she heard with her own ears that Clay was told to act mopey so that Shelli stays. Clay tells her "get out of here woman". Clay ignores her and tells Shelli that he never said it and swears on his and his Moms life. Vanessa asks why he would lie and Clay says he just did.


2:48PM BBT Shelli and Clay talk. Clay upset that Shelli said that she believed Vanessa. Shelli says that she believes that Vanessa thought she heard it. Clay is disappointed in Shelli for not believing him. He says he tried to help Vanessa.


2:50PM BBT Vanessa and Austin are in the cabana room. She is justifying what happened. She says that John and Clay are related and Austin says "I know" and we get FOTH.


2:52PM BBT James and Vanessa in the BR. Vanessa crying about clay lying. She says that Clay needs to go. She says that he is being manipulative and it's Audrey level.


3:0PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that Clay is lying and he is manipulating and she doesn't understand. She says that he wanted it to look like he was leaving but it was really Shelli leaving. In the CBR, Steve and John talk. John wants Vanessa out. He says because she is getting everyone out and has no blood on her hands.

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3:04PM BBT john explains to Steve that he came up with the Vanessa situation and Clay told Vanessa it was James. Steve asks if James had anything to do with it. John says no. John says that Clay is taking the heat because he wants to go home.


3:06PM BBT Shelli and Vanessa talking. Shelli telling Vanessa that James did make Vanessa promise to vote her out even though he said he didn't. Vanessa says yes that is true.


3:14PM BBT John is sitting alone on his bed. In the WA the HG are getting ready for the live show.


3:15PM BBT Clay comes in and talks to John. He tells John to push everything on him and do damage control. He says he won't be there to defend himself.


3:18PM BBT Vanessa asking clay why he would lie. She says that she and John had a F9 deal. Clay says that he just wanted to make sure that Vanessa and John were in a good place. Vanessa says it doesn't make sense. Clay talking circles and getting confused on his "lie".


3:21PM BBT Vanessa tells John that he is a terrible liar and she knows he didn't come up with it. We get Jeff reels. It's time to get ready for the live show.

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7:07 PM BBT Live feeds are back with the HOH competition. Jackie is going strong. John is right there with her. Shelli is slow & steady holding her hand over her funnel. John says, "That incline though." Meg says, "It's hard." Becky says, she likes BB bowling better.


7:09 PM BBT Austin asks where the chair lift is, & HG's are already out of breath. It's neck & neck, everyone fighting for this week's HOH power. John spills some of his gas as he puts his next funnel full in his bowl. Jackie has her hand over her funnel, as she makes another dump in her bowl.


7:11 PM Julia has grease on her shorts from falling. John is running back to his gas can. Austin says, they are in a parking lot in the parking lot. Austin says, this is fat burning cardio, & for those with back issues, it's not good. Becky wonders if their gas is just corn oil died. Austin asks how many times HG's are banging their toes into the gas pumps? Meg says, so many.


7:13 PM BBT Becky glides to make her next dump in her bowl. Julia almost falls as she heads back to her green gas can. Julia glides back down her lane, but she's not covering her funnel with her hand. James says, good job guys, 325 more times back & forth, & he claps for the HG's that are competing. Austin says, 325 more times. James says, that's just a rough estimate. Becky says, it may be more than that unfortunately.


7:16 PM BBT James tells Meg she's doing a great job. Becky says, purple. We see Jeff's reels & then FOTH.


7:17 PM BBT Live feeds are back. Julia getting more gas from her green can, Becky is neck and neck with Julia, getting gas from her pink gas can. All HG's are on a good pace right now. James says, you have to get there, because if you're not there you are there. Then he says, if you're not there you're here. Austin says, Irish Spring & Swiffer. James tells Austin that he has a lot of beef cakes looking at him.


7:18 PM BBT Steve says, "Oh, we have an audience." We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Jackie says, she likes direct in this house. Austin is struggling to make it back to his baby blue gas can. Becky says, she's going to need some serious potato time after this. Austin says, he ill also. James tells Vanessa, good job. He says, Vanessa, Shelli & Steve are pretty much dead even.


7:20 PM BBT James reminds everyone they have to make the pizza's. John is running back to his red gas can to get more gas. Meg is slowly making her way back to her yellow gas can. Meg says, best summer ever, as she heads down to make another dump in her bowl. Austin repeats her. Austin says, sh*t. Liz skips back to her pink gas can, & then falls flat on her butt on the way to make another dump in her bowl.


7:22 PM BBT Austin falls on his butt, & everyone asks him if he's o.k.? Austin says, yes, he meant to do that. Julia is on her way back to her bowl, & she falls on her back. Everyone asks for a medic, but she's o.k. She says, that's going to bruise.


7:23 PM BBT Julia starts singing, & we see FOTH. Becky asks James if the girls on the right are the girls from Grunge BOB, the manikins? James says, she may be right, they were really hard to take home. We see FOTH.


7:32 PM BBT Meg says, she thought this would be like ice skating, but it's not. Steve slowly walks back to his orange can for more gas. Becky run to her pink gas can, & Liz glides to her light pink gas can. Julia bounces as she runs to her green can. Austin says, he is going backwards from all the grease on his lane, & he is truly going backwards. HG's talk about Martha Stewart & Paula Dean.


7:35 PM BBT James & Austin come up with Crisco being another sponsor for them. Austin says, his shoe laces are untied & he doesn't give a sh*t. Shelli is slow & steady as she glides gracefully down her lane. Jackie has a smooth line in her lane, & she is trucking along. Austin says, his toes bleeding, he knows it.


7:36 PM BBT Austin says, "Oh, no." We see FOTH.


7:37 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Austin asks if Heath is the one that put that in there? Steve is moving slowly going back for more gas. James says, full cups, full cups. All HG's are breathing heavily. Becky slides as she dumps another cup of gas in her bowl. The girls say girl power, & start cheering everyone on. James tells all the guys to step it up. James says, they are always getting their butts kicked.


7:39 PM BBT Steve asks if there are 4 guys there? James says, yes. Austin says, there are 4 guys, 6 girls & Meg. James says, it seems the deck is stacked in the favor of the girls. James asks Meg if she's beating Austin? Meg says, no, he's ahead of her. James says, Austin takes a gnarly fall, he's going to have to use that $5,000 for a hip replacement. Austin says, he already has one. Meg asks if he wants to hold hands to help each other?


7:41 PM BBT One of the twins says, this game should be called the art of scampering. Becky says, it should be called f my life. Becky says, she's kidding. Jackie says, scamper, scamper. Meg asks how are they running? Austin glides down his lane to dump another funnel full of gas. Austin says, you guys are killing it. Vanessa says, she's only had 5 major spills. Meg has not fallen once yet. She says, that's her goal, she loves them all, but. Austin says, don't jinx it.


7:43 PM BBT Austin says, he can't do Jackie's Running Man. Jackie says, "Aw, man, I just figured out a trick that could have saved my a**." Austin continues to make comments as he keeps on going. Shelli is going smoothly in her lane, & then slowly goes back to her gas can. Shelli says, it's getting really slippery. Jackie says, she knows, as she passes Shelli.


 7:45 PM BBT We see FOTH.


7:47 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Meg cheering Austin on. James says, dance monkey dance. Austin asks if they can say that on TV? Austin tells Steve his lane is all Crisco. Steve says, he's aware of this. Jackie is moving along gracefully & runs back to her blue gas can. Liz falls as she tries to go to her light pink gas can. Austin tells her not to fall on her wrists. Jackie tells her to use her butt. Liz says, her wrist hurts now.


7:49 PM BBT Meg says, Becky's killing it man. Austin says, yep. James says, cheesy poofs. Vanessa says, good work everyone. James says the same thing. He says, it looks hard, he's sure glad he's not competing in this one. Austin is covered in Crisco as he slowly walks back to his light blue gas can. He almost falls. He gets back to his bowl & says, sh*t, & puts what's left in his funnel into the bowl. Steve takes a spill. He says, he's good.


7:52 PM BBT HG's tell Steve he's going to have to get a new bumper. Austin says, f***. Meg says, you're doing good, don't get pi**ed off. Austin says, it's still low. Becky is rocking & rolling in her lane as she runs back to her pink gas can. James says, come on guys, why is everyone so quiet? Meg says, you're weird grandma.


7:54 PM BBT Austin says, "Oh, sh*t," again. He says, he hates this. Liz falls again, & tells Austin she's going to need a lot of massages after this. Austin says, he is going to also, his coxis in on fire. James says, massage parties after this then. Julia falls, everyone asks if she's o.k. Julia says, yes. James says, back to the stride. Austin says, the stuff in the thing gets you more slippery.


7:56 PM BBT Meg says, she's getting no dates after this show, zero. Steve says, you throw up on them all. James says, 100 more times, let's go. He tells Austin he's still at the 300 mark. Meg is going slowly back to her gas can for another funnel full. James is wondering why there's no food or alcohol out there. John says, this is the good ole days. Austin says, yeah, that meant nothing. Steve takes another fall. HG's ask if he's o.k.? Steve says, yes, his wrists & ankles hurt, but he's going to play it out.


7:58 PM BBT Becky seems to be in the lead, & is just as graceful as she started, sliding & gliding. John takes another funnel full & dumps it. James says, good job everybody, keep your eye on the prize, eye on the tiger. Austin says, Jackie is not even at all wet, as he falls again in his lane. Austin is struggling just to stay up, & he takes a big fall by his light blue gas can.


8:00 PM BBT Austin says, he's o.k., everyone acts like it hurts, but he's o.k. Vanessa is covered in Crisco on her shoes. Meg & Austin seem to have the lowest amounts in their bowls. Meg says, it's amazing that it's still this slippery. Austin says, it's getting more slippery. Steve says, Vegetable oil is thicker than Canola oil. James tells the HG's to balance. Austin how you determine friction? Steve tells him how to do it.

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7:26 PM BBT  Meg says this is very hard. James screams, “Meg gets her 3rd cup!” Everyone laughs. Becky screams, “This sucks!” Austin says that Jace would be flipping and flopping everywhere if he were there. Meg says, “Who’s Jace?” They joke about how even Jodi had her picture stay up on the Memory Wall!


7:32 PM BBT  Julia glides across the left side of her lane as she has cleared a path down it. She and Becky are next to each other and their bowls are equally full. Becky runs down her lane. James says that Johnny Mac, Becky, and Julia are battling it out. Austin says it's a pretty close 3-way tie.


7:35 PM BBT  James says that Crisco is a new sponsor. Austin says his shoelaces are untied and he doesn't give a sh*t. Becky runs down her lane covering her funnel. Jackie's bowl is getting full, but it's about a line below Julia's and Becky's. Austin says he knows his toe is bleeding from slamming it into the tanks as he's been gliding back and forth. We got to FOTH.


7:38 PM BBT  Johnny Mac doesn't cover his funnel when he runs, but instead puts one of his fingers below the funnel hole at the bottom. Becky covers it at the bottom with one hand and at the top with the other. Jackie follows the same method as Becky. James tells the guys they need to step it up. Steve asks if there are 4 guys there. James says the deck does seem to be stacked in the girls favor. James asks if Austin and Meg are tied. Meg says she thinks Austin is beating her by a little bit.


7:41 PM BBT  Becky seems to have pulled ahead of Julia by a little bit. Meg is heard to say, "How are they running?" and then she says, "Good work you guys!" Meg, ever the cheerleader says, "I see you down there Vanessa." Vanessa says, "I don't think Meg has fallen at all, has she?" Meg says she hasn't. Lots of panting is heard in the BY.


7:46 PM BBT  Each tank is lined like a large measuring cup. Becky's tank is almost to the halfway point. John and Jackie look to be about a line below Becky. We go to FOTH.


7:50 PM BBT  Julia's tank is almost to the halfway point. James tells everyone that it looks tough. Vanessa says that it is not easy. He says that he's not going to lie, he's glad he isn't competing in this one. Becky is a machine, up and down her alley she goes. Julia does the same. A thump is heard and everyone asks Steve if he's OK. James says Steve is going to have to go to the pit stop for a new rear end.


7:52 PM BBT  Feeds 1 and 2 are almost exclusively focused on John, Becky, and Julia, occasionally showing Jackie. James asks why it's so quiet out there. He says you can hear a mouse piss on cotton. Meg asks, "Who says that?" Liz wipes out and says that she has officially fallen the most. She tells Austin she will need long massages after this. He says that he will, too. James says there will be a massage party tonight.


7:56 PM BBT  Feed 1 is on Jackie and John and Feed 2 is on Becky and Julia after she takes a fall. Meg is heard to say that she is getting no dates after this show. Becky is in the lead, but a number of others aren't far behind her (Julia, John, Jackie). John says, "Good job everybody. Keep your eye on the prize. Eye on the tiger."


8:00 PM BBT  The HG have gotten much quieter as the competition wears on into the evening. Becky says, "Ow, my feet." Feeds 1 and 2 continue to focus on John and Becky who are not talking almost at all, but are concentrating on winning the competition. Becky has reached the next line in her tank. Julia has reached the halfway point, as has John.


8:03 PM BBT  Austin tells Meg that it's anyones race between them (for last place?) Jackie yells out, "Congratulations on jury, guys!" James says that he thinks Julie was giving them a hint that someone would come back from jury. Austin says that she did says that. Steve said that last year it was the spinning disk. James said it was the wall last time. Austin said they would go home in October. Someone asks Becky if they gave her a pitcher and she says she just carried the barrel down with her one time and filled it up.


8:06 PM BBT  Austin wipes out and Meg tells him he's like a baby deer on ice. Liz tells him they don't have to sleep in the dentist chairs tonight and everyone says they get to eat tonight. Austin says that when he is home he eats 16 eggs a day. John runs into the tank and everyone asks him if he's OK. He says that he is and, "I got it there!" Austin is moving in VERY slow motion as are Meg and Vanessa. Meg asks how long they think it has been. Austin says 2 hours. They realize the sun hasn't fully set yet, so James says an hour and a half.


8:09 PM BBT  Becky wonders how many miles they have gone. Austin says, "Steve?" He says he has no idea. James says he thinks 5 or 6 and he's Asian so you can bank on it. Becky wonders what that means. He says that Asians are naturally smart so his guess must be right. --well, all Asians but this one, he says. Austin wonders whether they are allowed to talk about stuff like that. Becky thinks his guess is probably right though. Someone is humming so we get FOTH.


8:12 PM BBT  We come back and the HG are saying that a train can't stop Becky. Austin says, "Whoa," and almost falls over with his tank. He says, "That was almost an international incident." Jackie says, "How you doin' Meg?" She says she's doing OK. The HG speculate as to what the liquid is that they are pouring. Jackie thought it was Coke, but Austin says he doesn't think so. Steve takes a spill and manages to avoid falling on his wrist. Austin wonders aloud if certain lanes have advantages.


8:15 PM BBT  Austin says that someone has to be close and Meg says that Becky is. Becky has now gone 3 lines past the halfway point on her tank. She thinks that the liquid is dyed vegetable oil.


8:18 PM BBT  James says, "Good job Vanessa. You've really picked up the pace." Steve takes another fall. Becky is 2 lines from the top and has taken a far lead. Second place looks to be Julia with John and Jackie having fallen pretty far behind them. All the HG are very quiet with the exception of lots of panting. We got to FOTH.


8:25 PM BBT  Becky's liquid is almost to the top. The 2 quietest HG in the yard have been Vanessa and Shelli. Shelli has barely talked the entire time and the feeds haven't shown her tank the entire time.


8:25 PM BBT  Becky's reaches in and can't quite do it, so she makes another run. Pours her liquid and makes another run. She makes another run. James tells her to reach her fingers in there soon. He tells her she has a good lead and she should get the 5 grand. She says she doesn't mind the dentist chair. She keeps running. Becky grabs the ball, runs down and hits the buzzer. She wins. She goes to get another ball, wins $5000. Goes to get another ball and wins HOH.


8:29 PM BBT  So, in order, Becky won NEVER NOT, then $5000 and then HOH. No one else was even close to her for the last part of this competition. We are now on FOTH.


8:44 PM BBT Feeds return and Shelli is crying in the OBR. Meg is holding her and telling her she understands. She will see him so soon. She says she doesn't want to be that girl that no one wants to be around. Meg says that she's too cool to be that girl. Shelli says he would have killed that comp, too. Meg says he would have. Julia, Liz, Austin, and Becky are talking in the have-not room about the competition. Julia says there was no competition for her. It reminded her of someone skiing and that was up her alley.


8:48 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are focused on Shelli alone in the OBR crying. Meanwhile, Jackie, Meg, James, and John are in the KT. James says that Becky killed that comp. Jackie says she knew that Becky would and that Becky did, too. James says she got a sweet package deal! Never-not, $5000, and HOH. Becky walks by and Meg tells her that she rocks their socks. Feeds 1 and 2 switch to Liz and Julia laying down in the have-not room. Liz says that when she blinks she sees a white shield (from the Crisco). She whispers that she thinks they're good.


8:52 PM BBT Austin brings the twins something to drink. He lays on the floor with an ice pack and Liz joins him down there to lay on her back. Meanwhile, Becky is in the WA and she tells Steve and Shelli that John was lapping her in the comp, but he wasn't as efficient with his liquid. Steve says it would be a different comp if it was the number of laps people took. Then he tells them that Clay got a lot of applause.


8:55 PM BBT Austin and Liz are whispering about strategy. His feeling is that they are good with her and they just need to be her buddy. Austin says she needs to be careful about her noms because next week is double eviction and she won't be able to play. Then their discussion turns to what they want to eat and when they should start cooking (they get to eat at midnight). They discuss everyones falls during the competitions. Shelli is in the WA and she asks Becky if she's going to eat some of the pizza.

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9:00 PM BBT In the WA, Vanessa says, she's so glad that comp is over, because it was her worst fear, & now it's done. Jackie is worried how she looked in her shorts. Shelli tells Jackie that the feeders were probably going crazy over her in those shorts. Jackie says, not the grandma's. Shelli tells her she looks adorable in it. Jackie says, it's the fun of it.


9:02 PM BBT Becky finishes up on the HOT side of the shower. Jackie says, she's going to have to put her Knight costume back on. Shelli tells Vanessa it was a good workout. Vanessa agrees. She says, she tried really hard. Shelli says, from hanging on the walls, to 2,400 battles, to skating comp, she's had a good week. Becky laughs about the 2,400 battles. Becky thanks Shelli for letting her get her shower in.


9:04 PM BBT Vanessa is brushing her wet hair out by the sink in the WA. We get FOTH for a moment twice. Live feeds come back with Austin singing, & we get FOTH yet again. Austin is in the WA, wrapped in a towel, over his black shorts, stretching his legs using the couch. He leaves the WA. HG's bins are all over the WA, & Shelli is getting ready to take her shower.


9:06 PM BBT Liz comes in the WA to wash her hands in the sink. She says, "Oh, my wrists, motha f'r." She walks out of the WA. Becky goes in the WC, & comes out drying her hair with her towel. Shelli gets in the HOT side of the shower now.


9:08 PM BBT In the HNR, Vanessa tells Jackie that Becky had the comp, but Johnny Mac was close. They leave the HNR, & Jackie is carrying her Knight costume with her. In the KT area, Steve, Liz, James & Vanessa are in the KT. Steve stands by the glass table. James goes to sit down at the DT. Vanessa says, James, Meg & Jackie are going to be this weeks HN's. James says, it shouldn't be bad this week for HN's because they may get dinners. Austin says, there will be no eggs this week, watch.


9:11 PM BBT Julia stands by the Memory Wall looking at the pictures. She says, "Oh, Clay." Liz walks in, & Julia tells her she cried when he left. Liz says, she teared up. They are counting the HG's that have been evicted. Julia tells them not to forget Jace. Julia says, everyone forgot him. It's because his picture was removed from the Memory Wall.


9:13 PM BBT In the WA, Shelli is in the HOT shower. John is in the COLD side of the shower. Jackie has a purple sports bra on, & is putting her Knight costume back on. Vanessa says, that was literally the hardest cardio she's ever done. She says, she's going to let that start a health kick for her & a good diet. Becky is putting make-up on using a mirror above the couch by the trash can.


9:16 PM BBT John says, he can't stand it on the COLD side of the shower. Shelli says, he's taking a cold shower just because. Jackie says, only a boy would do that. Vanessa is using a mirror above the couch to put on make-up. Jackie is finishing up putting her Knight costume on. We see FOTH briefly.


9:17 PM BBT Jackie leaves the WA. Steve goes to the WA, knocks on the WC door, opens it, & then leaves the WA. John & Shelli are finishing up with their showers. In the KT area. Julia is sitting at the DT. Austin is now stretching in the LR. Becky goes to the SR. James talks about all the votes being dead on for a while now. HG talk about someone voting for Audrey. Meg says, they'll never know until they get out of the house.


9:21 PM BBT John goes in the CBR wrapped in his towel. Steve whispers to John telling him he hopes he's not as close to Becky as he is. John tells him not to worry about anything this week. John says, he should run something by him, because it may be a bad idea. Steve says, he doesn't want to start grilling him. Steve says, he doesn't understand what happened, & he doesn't have any pieces to understand what happened.


9:23 PM BBT John tells Steve about the meeting that Vanessa had. Steve asks why Vanessa told him something & then lied to him? John says, he doeesn't know. John says, he has a deal with Vanessa to keep him safe until 9, but anyone else can go after him. John tells Steve he's seen how Vanessa operates since week 2. Steve asks if he's going to get Becky to put up Vanessa? John says, not hard, but maybe.


9:25 PM BBT Steve tells John that Vanessa is a powerful player, & there's always a risk going after powerful players. John says, but we are here to play. John says, they need to ban together with Becky. Steve says, the two of them with Jackie & Becky? John says, he doesn't want to put anything out there until he talks to Becky. Steve says, Vanessa, Shelli & Clay wanted the two of them to work with them.


9:26 PM BBT John says, he wants to play his own game, & not let people play it for him. Steve says, he needs a mental comp. John asks if double eviction will be next week. Steve & John make a deal that when they go to jury John will go for it with Becky, & Steve will go for it with Julia. Steve says, he & Julia clawed each other, & he & Becky scampered past each other. John is looking for his hair gel. Steve says, thank you to John. John asks for what? Steve says, he worries all the time in this game.


9:28 PM BBT John tells Steve they need to talk, but Vanessa is always in there policing them. Steve says, wait for her to get a DR call, & they both will meet in there to talk. John leaves the CBR.


9:29 PM BBT James, Meg, Becky & Jackie are eating at the DT. Liz is cutting something by the sink. Vanessa goes to the CBR. She asks Steve how he is? Steve says, he's sore. Steve tells Vanessa he doesn't know. Vanessa says, her either. Steve says, he doesn't know because she's (Becky) playing everyone. Vanessa is eating & chomping into her microphone. Steve says, he's nervous because people see both of them as floaters.


9:31 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that people see him & Johnny Mac as floaters, & that stays between them. Vanessa says, they need to hope that they go on the block together, & then freaks & geeks will get their back. John comes back to the CBR. John says, he didn't feel like he had enough liquid each time. John says, it feels amazing, he doesn't even want food, he just want this. (To lay in his bed.) Steve says, that was fun though. He says, he didn't like the wall. John liked both of the last two comps.


9:33 PM BBT Steve says, he was a terrible pourer. He says, a funnel isn't the greatest thing to use. Vanessa leaves the CBR. Steve tells John, thank you, she's scared as sh*t. John laughs.


9:34 PM BBT Steve tells John, he thought he was exaggerating on the policing thing, but he wasn't. Steve asks John if they are good for now? John says, yeah. Steve tells John he needs to figure out what's going on then. John says, he probably won't talk to her until tomorrow morning. Steve tells John to talk to her tonight, because that's when HOH's decide what they are going to do. He says, the night is always better than the morning.


9:36 PM BBT Steve asks John if he needs anything from him, information or anything? John says, he thinks they are good for now. Steve takes his glasses off & puts his head under the blanket. John sits on his bed with his eyes closed. He takes a deep breath. Steve moves around in his bed, rubbing his blanket on his microphone. He is talking to himself.


9:38 PM BBT In the OBR, Shelli is unpacking some of her things. Jackie is trying to undo her Knight costume. Vanessa is trying to find a place to sleep. Jackie tells her to sleep out in the OBR. Vanessa says, Steve can't sleep with anyone, so she might sleep with Johnny Mac. Vanessa says, she's down for the count & she won't be moving tonight. She says, it will take her about 2 days to recover because she doesn't do physical activity like that.


9:40 PM BBT Vanessa says, that comp was skiing, mixed with sliding, mixed with insane cardio. Becky gets called to the DR. Vanessa asks if she's excited? Shelli & Julia are sitting at the DT. Julia asks Shelli how she's doing, if it's hitting her hard right now? Shelli says, she's not the girl to cry over dudes. She says, when she thinks about his picture turning black & white she starts sobbing. Julia tells Shelli that she had the comp to keep her mind occupied. She says, then Julie says, you are all in jury. Shelli says, so close, so close.


9:43 PM BBT Julia asks Shelli what Clay is going to do when he goes home? Shelli says, she doesn't know what will be going on. Julia says, she can't believe that Clay is an NFL recruit. Shelli says, she has no idea, if he is, good for him. We see FOTH. We come back to live feeds. Shelli says, who knows what will be going on for finale night. She says, her feelings will be the same, but who knows if he will have ex-girlfriends or new girlfriends, who knows.


9:45 PM BBT The twins both talk about how cute Clay was with his speech, & how he said Shelli has his heart. Becky is called to the DR again. Becky walks through the KT & says, Clay is not an NFL recruit. Shelli says, Clay is going to watch the show & the feeds when he gets home. She tells them Texas is not far from Georgia. Shelli says, they need to go see Meg at Christmas time. She says, New York is so expensive, & they would have a place to stay with Meg.


9:47 PM BBT Julia talks about everyone they want to go & visit. In the OBR, Vanessa is laying on the pull-out bed. Meg says, she's so over all of her clothes, & she's having clothes issues today. We see FOTH briefly. Meg sings a little, & we see FOTH again briefly. Jackie is laying in her bed.


9:50 PM BBT Julia readjusts her towel to put an ice-pack between her & the DT chair for her back. Shelli leaves the DT. Julia goes to the KT. Julia says, they are having steaks & turkey burgers. Austin asks if they are doing potatoes as well? Liz says, no, if wants potatoes then, & she stops. Austin says, he doesn't care. Liz says, she's eating a piece of pizza at 12 AM. Julia says, they ate yesterday, so they are being brats.


9:52 PM BBT Liz asks Julia to get her 3 eggs. Liz says, she can crack them. Julia tells her that her hands are still Crisco. Liz says, these are going to be so good. Julia tells Liz to stop right now. Julia is looking for a blanket. Austin is walking around the KT, while Liz is mixing the ingredients for turkey burgers. Austin says, yum. Liz says, it's freezing cold.


9:54 PM BBT Julia says, she's literally dying. She says, she can't just walk around like everyone else because she's seriously injured. Liz says, "Since I cooked, I get to shower first b*tch." We see FOTH.


9:56 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Julia sings a little. She says, Vanessa fell a lot to, the royal squire. In the WA, Shelli is blow drying her hair. Liz comes out of the WC, & Meg is in the HOT side of the shower. Liz leaves the WA.


9:59 PM BBT In the OBR, Vanessa tells Jackie that she thought she could use her fingers with the funnels to get the balls out. Jackie says, she's sure they made it so you can't do that. Vanessa says, you have to work with you have, & she has strategy, not endurance. Vanessa says, she missed when they said that you couldn't scoop the Crisco off your lane. Vanessa says, she had to stand there for 2 laps for doing that, which sucked. Jackie says, Steve did the same thing.


10:01 PM BBT Vanessa says, it's good to stretch her stomach while she's laying on her stomach. She says, her abs are sore, & she doesn't know why. Jackie says, everything hurts. In the LR, Austin is sitting on his knees & turning side to side. Julia is sitting on the couch with a blanket over her, drinking something hot.


10:02 PM BBT Liz comes in the LR & sits next to Julia on the couch. She says, she can't feel two of her toes & they are white. Liz says, she kept thinking of her daddy & the Daytona 500. Julia says, she was doing it for Ricky, & she was Bobby Allison. Liz wants to use the foam roller. Julia tells her not to do that. Austin tells her how to do it properly. He tells her to use it on her lower back & butt area. He tells her to use her hands there, & slightly turn to the side.


10:04 PM BBT Julia asks what the point of the foam roller is? Austin says, it's to release the knots & scar tissue. Julia says, so it's like the potato? Austin says, sort of. He tells Liz she really shouldn't use it on her lower back because it can mess it up, but people do anyway. Liz says, she smells disgusting, because the Crisco smells so bad, it's rotten. Austin sniffs Liz & says, she can't smell bad.


10:06 PM BBT Liz says, it was cool when they were going inside & Austin said, thank you beef cake, & they acknowledged it with the one guy laughing. We see FOTH briefly. Austin says, he liked it. We see FOTH briefly again. Austin tells Liz that Steve is still stezing up their bed. (Really? The bed does not have their name on it). Liz says, they she's not sleeping in that bed if Steve didn't shower. Austin asks what to do?


10:08 PM BBT Austin wants to know where they are going to sleep. Liz says, they can sleep in the pull-out bed. (That's where Vanessa is sleeping.) Austin says, they will figure it out. Liz says, she's going to be livid if Steve is in that bed, & didn't shower. (She can't just take the bed Steve's been in all week.) Liz says, she can't believe they have to wait 2 hours to eat. Austin says, maybe Becky will get her HOHR, & they will have something to do.


10:10 PM BBT They talk about how the comp was built, & say that it could have been built better at the end. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Julia asks what happened to the third octopus pillow? Austin says, it's there somewhere. Liz says, she's so exhausted. Julia says, she's not that tired. Liz asks if that comp or On The Edge was harder? Julia says, that one. Liz says, On The Edge was bad, & UFO was bad to.


10:11 PM BBT Liz tells Julia how good she did in that comp. She tells Austin that Julia has so much more endurance than her. Julia says, she didn't want to waste energy talking, she just wanted to focus. She says, she really wanted it, she really tried. She says, she was thinking, HOH, letter & pictures. Liz says, close but no cigar, none of them stood a chance against Miss Becky. Julia says, $5,000 would have been nice. Liz agrees. She says, that was probably it for the luxury comps.


10:13 PM BBT The twins want the HOHR before midnight. They wonder if Becky is in the DR. Meg walks through the LR heading to the OBR. In the OBR, Meg puts her stuff in a nightstand drawer. Vanessa tells Jackie she was confused as f***. She says, that's why she went straight to James, because she knew it wasn't true. Vanessa says, he swore on his daughter, & he needed to get to the bottom of it to find out who was lying.


10:15 PM BBT Meg is standing by her bed. Vanessa asks he if she's in her spot? Meg jokingly says, get out of my bed girl, but you can still sit with them. Meg says, her bed feels good, & HN time is coming. Vanessa asks Jackie if she wants to do it? Jackie says, yes, she will do it, & she doesn't want to eat for a week. They talk about everything that happened. Vanessa says, she can't believe what went down with Clay.


10:18 PM BBT Vanessa talks about Clay making up the lie & admitting it later. She thinks he wanted her to go after James instead of putting up Johnny Mac. In the LR, Liz says, her hands smell like garlic after slaving cooking for them. Liz tells Austin he needs to marinate the steaks in balsamic vinegar, & other ingredients. She tells Julia that she taught Austin how to marinate. She says, maybe they need a little honey. Julia says, Honeycutt.


10:20 PM BBT Liz & Julia talk about their falls. Liz says, she can't wear her wh*rekini. Vanessa is still on the Johnny Mac conversation in the OBR. Liz says, Vanessa really gets into it & over-stresses. She says, she feels bad for Vanessa right now, because she's probably scared. Austin says, they will see. He says, they will talk to her to see if she needs anything. Austin says, "Oh, Jesus, here we go again." He gets up to marinate the steaks.


10:22 PM BBT Julia is walking to the WA, & she says, everything hurts. Liz is laying on the LR floor, while Austin is the KT marinating the steaks. In the OBR, Jackie says, she gets in trouble for sticking to the plan, being loyal & true. Vanessa says, Jackie doesn't look like an a**hole. Meg says, they are always the last to know about the plans, even when you make them. Jackie says, "We'll have to see, karma, is all I have to say."


10:24 PM BBT Vanessa is still talking about the Clay issue from today. Julia comes out of the WA & goes back to the LR.


10:27 PM BBT Liz gets told to please not obstruct her microphone. Julia is laying on the couch in the LR. She says, she is really sore. Liz says, she doesn't think Steve even took a shower after the comp. She says, that's one bed she's not sleeping in. Vanessa walks through the LR. Julia asks her if she thinks Steve showered before laying in the bed. Julia asks Vanessa how she's doing? She says, she's sore. Julia says, they were team fall down.


10:29 PM BBT Shelli asks Vanessa if she thinks they are o.k. They can't talk because Austin walks in on them. Shelli says, she's getting hungry faster now. Vanessa gets the blow dryer to dry her hair. Austin grabs some clothes & leaves the WA.


10:31 PM BBT In the OBR, Meg & Jackie are whispering, & then Austin comes out of the HNR & sits on Shelli's bed. Jackie says, Austin, Meg & Steve were in their own little world over there in the comp. Austin wonders why it was so hard when you were going back up. Meg says, she was cautious, & she enjoyed it. Jackie says, it was fun & she liked it. Meg says, Becky was a beast. She says, Becky knew that was her comp, & she was ready for it.


10:33 PM BBT Becky comes out of the DR, & puts her HOH key around her neck. She lays in the pull-out bed. Meg asks when she's going to get her HOHR? Becky says, probably not until after midnight. Meg says, they want to see pictures of them Jackie & Meg say they are being HN's with James. Becky says, she has to put them on slop.


10:34 PM BBT Shelli says, momentary silence is good for a change. Vanessa says, good thing is that they are all in jury, & worst case scenario they are one of the first 4 in jury, & one can come back. Shelli says, yes, but the one that comes back, it's dangerous for them. Shelli asks if everyone is sleeping? She says, her 2,400 battles was her warm up, & she was more sore from that one. Becky gets told to please not obstruct her microphone.


10:36 PM BBT Shelli asks Vanessa who Becky would target? Vanessa says, maybe Steve, he could be a pawn, & she's at least going to plant that seed. (Does she really think Becky will listen to her?) Vanessa just used disinfectant trimmer cleaner on her hair. Shelli says, "Oh my God, that's awful, that's some neat stuff right there." Vanessa says, she made an accident, & that's terrible.


10:38 PM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa that they ran the house for 4 weeks, & now they have it again. Vanessa says, if either one of them get put up freaks & geeks have their backs. Vanessa says, they are beauty, freaks & geeks now with Steve. Vanessa says, she got so much blood on her hands this week. Shelli thanks her for sticking it out. Vanessa says, they will get there. Meg gets called to the DR. Vanessa leaves the WA. Shelli is still putting on make-up.


10:40 PM BBT Shelli leaves the WA. She yells across the house that the coffee is ready if they want it. Shelli asks what is wrong with the coffee maker? She says, it's leaking & the grounds are all over the counter. She says, it's clogged up & she doesn't know how to fix it.


10:41 PM BBT Austin says, lots of treats, & asks if there is any ice cream left? Julia says, there's no ice cream left. Shelli asks if they are making cookies? Austin says, they are going to have to. Shelli tells them it's 10:35 PM. Austin wants Steve to get out of their bed. Steve comes out of the OBR. He says, he rinsed himself off in the shower. Liz says, that's foul, because it doesn't get everything off. Steve says, soap wasn't involved. Liz says, she screwed him over & can't sleep in that bed now. Steve says, "O.K., yeah for me then."


10:44 PM BBT Shelli asks Steve if his tooth is still hurting? Steve says, yes. Shelli says, she's going to keep asking, & it's going to be annoying. Steve leaves the LR. Shelli tells Austin & the twins that it feels like they have so much food. She asks if it's because of them? Liz says, yes. Shelli says, she usually eats eggs, but didn't eat that many this week. Shelli says, they ate all the ice cream this week. Liz says, they still have mushrooms. Austin wants to cut the mushrooms up & put them on the steaks.


10:46 PM BBT Shelli tells them to get the food out that they are going to cook with that they want restocked for the week to get it now. Liz says, that requires her to get up & move. Liz asks Shelli if her nails chipped to? Shelli says, yes, they did. Shelli says, she hasn't been using a top coat, so they chip. Julia says, they have 2 of them. She says, they have a Sally Hansen & another one.


10:47 PM BBT Shelli asks the twins if they are best friends? Liz says, they don't say they are best friends because they are sisters, they are related. She says, they've never said that they are best friends though. Vanessa walks in the LR, & says, they get along really well. She says, her & her sister used to still fight all the time. She says, they would be to direct with each other, & aren't polite to each other. She says, they are very different people.


10:49 PM BBT Vanessa says, they haven't fought in over 2 years, so that's a long stretch. She says, her 2 sisters still live at home with their mom. Vanessa says, she's lived on her own since college. She says, she never went back. Julia says, it's hard to do that now a days, because rent is so expensive. Liz says, it depends where you live. Julia says, that's true. Julia asks Shelli if she fights were her brother Wes? Shelli tells Julia she's so good remembering names. Shelli says, her younger brother Clay looks like her younger brother, Lance.


10:51 PM BBT Shelli says, it's a little bit weird that Clay looks so much like her brother. Her brother Wes (her twin) is 6'4", a foot taller than her. She says, her dad is 6'0" & her brother, Wes is 6'2". She says, her brothers are so unbelievably good looking. She says, clay & her brother have the same mannerisms.


10:53 PM BBT Shelli's siblings are 44, 38 & 29, & she's 33. She says, her mom was 23 when she started having her children. Steve walks back in the LR & props up on a pillow on the couch. Julia asks if all her siblings live in Georgia? Shelli says, one of them live in Nashville. Shelli says, she's really tight with her brothers. She says, they've never not gotten along. Liz says, more than less they get along. Vanessa asks if they've fought there? Liz says, no, they just get in stupid arguments there. Like, I'm prettier. They say that's a joke they've had for years.


10:55 PM BBT Shelli says, none of her siblings have had kids yet. Shelli says, she's the only one that has gotten married, & then got divorced. She is being questioned about having kids. Shelli goes around the subject. She says, maybe she will be a great mom one day, but she's never been one of those people that want to just get married to pop out kids. She says, she could be freaking out because her clock is ticking. She doesn't want to rush anything.


10:57 PM BBT Shelli says, all of her best friends are married with young-in's. She says, so many cuties. She says, she gets to play with them for a little bit, & then she gets to go home. (What would Clay think?). They conversation goes to Shelli's pets.


10:59 PM BBT All is quiet in the OBR with Jackie still laying in her bed with an ice pack on her forehead. Vanessa is laying down on Shelli's bed with her turquoise hat pulled down over her eyes.


11:00 PM BBT Liz says, it would be great if they get Becky that mascara she wants. We see FOTH. Liz says, they told her she had to win HOH to get the mascara, & she did. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. Liz wonders if the live feeds are on & if the live feeders got to see the comp. Shelli tells her yes, the live feeds came back on after the comp & Julie said to watch the live feeds to see who wins HOH. They talk about being called to the DR & wonder how late it will go. We see FOTH for a moment. They are happy that Becky won all three prizes. Jackie runs to the WA. Meg is still in the DR.


Becky's HOH Letter: Becky, I've been focusing on the positives of your being gone in order to deal with your absence. So, I thought I'd share them with you. First, no one is forcing me to work out. Second, your room is always clean. That's all I could come up with. Remember the first night we met, it's the first night I met my best friend. There are so few people in this world that work as hard as you, & that hold themselves to the standard that you do. From the beginning, it was clear that you are special. You make the people around you better, & that is the truth. You have the ability to be successful at anything you put your mind to, & focus on. We believe in you! Here's a little bit of what has been going on. The house is lonely without you. Regardless, we don't want to see you until September. Our love orchid is still blooming. I received a leadership award at work, so that was huge for me. I really wish you were here to celebrate the little things. You may be missing a few pool parties, but we really miss you. I went to a  music showcase, & the company was giving away free glow sticks. I took about 20 & hung them on one of your lanyards to wear around my neck. A guy even offered to buy it from me since it looked so good. I made $25.00 off the glow sticks. Becky, I'm so excited to see the things you are going to be accomplishing in life. You're amazing & know that we all love you more than ice cream. Love, Lindsey

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