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Wednesday, August 5 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:00am-1:00am BBT: Austin walks Liz to the DR and holds her hand. He ask for a kiss and she tells him he is annoying and goes into the DR.

Clay and Shelli snuggle on the rouns lounger in the BY.They then get up and do laundry.
Meg and becky talking about John and how he is here for the money and will do what they want him to do to stay here.Becky says he is not going to go against the house.
Steve and vanessa talkinmg at the hammock About how james was trying to bully them into voting out Shelli.She tells Steve that she told him she was not voting shelli out. She then says that Austin told him does not want to vote for  Shelli and he  got attacked. Julia comes out and sits on the ground beside the hammock and vanessa says I know you and Liz are with me but i do not think Austin is so i think we should talk to Clay and tyell him what is going on. Steve then gets up and says i think i am going to go inside so we do not look suspicious but we need austin  to be with us.Steve leaves the Hammock and vanessa says Julia you need to make sure that Austin is going to do what we do.
1:00am-2:00am BBT: Steve back to the Hammock as austin comes out to the hammock telling vanessa, Julia, and steve that he had a talk with Clay Vanessa tells Austin ok but we need to keep Shelli in this house cause she is a bigger target than we are. Liz comes out to the hamock as Steve leaves again. Austin says that Clay want to  talk to liz and julia. Liz says  she does not want to talk to him but she will . vanessa says maybe we need to go to them and tell them that whick ever one stays they will have to go on the block next week but that they will not be the target. jacki comes out to the hammock and talk stops.
Steve and Shelli are talking about how they got cast for the show. Steve says he plyed  up being a nerd with glasses and shelli says  she had a hard time getting casr cause she was older but still  young.Steve says dan got casr because he said if Hillary was elected he was going  to move out of the country.
2:00am-3:00am BBT: james and Steve are talking  in the BY as Styeve tells james that he does not think Shelli and clay will talk bad about each other. james says no Clay will tell eveeryone to vote him out and keep shelli in the game. Steve says that shelli wants to be in the house more than Clay does cause clay was approached  to be on the show. James ask do you trhink Clay will be mad if he stays and Shelli is voted out? Steve says  I do not know thats why i am out here co Clay can not talk to me tonight. Steve says he is going to bed and heads inside. james gets up and they both go to the KT and  Steve talks about  it being a long  two months in here and he tyhinks he will not go back to school inn the fall as he did not expect to make it to jury.
Liz and Austin in the HNBR talking about what might happen on thurdays live show. Julia walks through the KT and says goodnight to Steve and james and goes to the HNBR. Liz gets up and goes to the WC as Austin makes his bed.
3:00am-4:00am BBT: Steve and james still in the KT talking about Clay and shelli and wondering if they are Americas Sweethearts. Steve says they could be but you never know who they favorites will be. James is worried about that as he put them on the block. James ask Steve who do you think will win Americas favorite? Steve says i can see you, JOhn, Clay or Shelli winning . James says Meg coyuld win and meg comes in and says  America hates me i am wierd. Steve says Donnie was wierd and he won Americas favorite. Meg then heads outside to the BY. Becky comes in the KT and james talks to her about Americas favorite and she says she will not get it cause she is a very  cut and dry person.
4:00am -5:00am BBT: James tells becvky that the winner of this game is already pre determined. Becky says it was fate for me to be here it just fell at the right time.Becky tells him she likes working with calm people in here.Becky is called to the DR and james goes out to the BY to play pool alone. Becky out of the DR and james meets her back in the KT they talk about being in the BB hiouse and we get alot of FOTH.
5:00am-6:00am BBT: James tells becky thatn he thinks  Shelli, Clay, Austin, Liz , Julia and vanessa are in a group.He says she was mad cause they all turned  their back on her. becky says why has Austin never been nominated and james says well look  who  he has been working with  Vanessa and shelli. They stop talking and James head to the HOh rm . james and Becky now in bed. All HG sleeping.
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9:00am BBT: Sleeping campers on all feeds. One point of interest. Austin in the have-not room in the far dental chair slid over, reached out under the covers, and then moved his head and tried to get as close to Liz as he could, and she seems to have moved in the same direction, which has moved her further away from him. (Poor Austin)

He actually has HIS head on HER headrest and she has pulled away to the point that her head is on the arm of the chair. If she pulled away any further, she'd be in the little spit-sink or on the tray. 

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8:55am BBT: All Hg still snuggled in their beds sleeping.


9:40am BBT: All Hg still sleeping.


 10:00am BBt: ALL HG still sleeping.


10:01am BBT: We now have FOTH as BB might be waking them up for the day.


 10:12am BBT:Shelli and Steve in the Wa doing ADL's. Meg comes out of the WC and Steve goes in. BB calls Vanessa to the DR.


10:13am BBT: Jackie in the STR changing her battery. Vanessa comes in the change hers as well and says Good morning to Jackie. Jackie leaves the STR.


 10:17am BBT: Vanessa going to the WC stops to tell shelli that she was up all night and they can not talk right now  and Shelli starts to walk away as Vanessa ask her why she is walking away and Shelli tells her you said we could not talk right now. Vanessa says it is a long story so we will talk later.  Shelli leaves the WA as Vanessa goes to the WC then Austin  comes in to brush his teeth.


10:20am BBT: Vanessa tells Austin she has a plan  to get this out of this situation they are in and she says she needs to tell him that Shelli needs to have a big blow up with Austin and the twins and that way it will not look bad you voting  her out and Austin ask what am i going to blow up about and Vanessa says i do not know but what do you think of it and Austin says as long as  they buy it cause hey are picking up on that stuff.


10:24am BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that she woke up to Becky whispering to James in the KT this morning and how she is the biggest two faced liar in here. Vanessa leaves the WA and Julia tells Austin that  if Shelli leaves clay  will know. Austin says but where does Clay stand? Julia says i do not know but we know where Shelli  stands.


10:28am BBT: Austin in the Cabana room talking to Vanessa and Steve about the plan to vote shelli out over Clay. They then go over if Clay and Becky are on the block next week and how John will vote as he will be stuck to Clay.


10:31am BBT: Vanessa and Austin talk about taking to James about keeping Shelli and how Becky is two faced. Vanessa says i have a lot of Becky. Austin says ok lets do it and they both head back to bed.


10:36am BBT: All HG appear to be back in bed.


10:46am BBT: Shelli is called to the DR. She gets up mad and heads to the WA. Clay gets up and goes to the Wa as Shelli is doing her hair. Clay ask her what is wrong and she says  I do not want to deal with this Clay. Bb calls Austin to the DR. Shelli says thank you. Vanessa runs to the Wa and says ok guys i want to say thank you and James told me that James said blah blah blah and it is all complicated  but i have to talk and bottom line is that 1000 percent that you are their target next week  and clay says i know. She says Becky and James was up  all night whispering i heard names and everything. So next week put the target on her.

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11:05AM BBT Vanessa, Clay and Shelli continue talking. Clay thinks they have Becky. Shelli says they don't have Becky. Vanessa says that Becky floats.


11:11AM BBT Vanessa tells Clay/Shelli that she told James that she doesn't understand why he expects the HG to vote how he wants them to vote. Vanessa says that everyone should be able to vote how they want to vote.


11:15AM BBT BB calls Julia to the DR. She heads to the WA to clean up. Vanessa tells her that it means she will be on the show this week. Julia says "Oh Goody - this is what I signed up for" is a sarcastic voice.


11:33AM BBT In the WA is Vanessa and Julia. Vanessa tells Julia that she actually hates the other side of the house. Really hates them. BB calls Vanessa to there DR. Clay and Shelli in the KT. Shelli talking about that she can not stay friends with someone after this.



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11:50AM BBT Vanessa says that she was pressured so much on who to vote for. She says James went after her (he actually told her to vote how she feels). Vanessa says that it is bullying and she says that people are afraid of Becky's temper and James willingness to go back on promises.


11:55AM BBT John in the WA. Shelli asks John if he is afraid of James. John says no why and Shelli says that James is being a bully and scaring everyone. John tells Vanessa that she can't go after him and Vanessa says that she can and that it was only a one week thing.


11:59AM BBT Vanessa tells Clay that she doesn't mind BD James if she wins HOH. She says that she doesn't mind going back on her word. She doesn't like bullies and is going to make a game move if the odds say that she should. Shelli says that no one should have to do what James says.


12:05PM BBT Julia drops the container of protein powder. Everyone in the LT and WA gasp. She says not to tell Austin. She sweeps it up.

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12:12PM BBT Vanessa, Clay and Shelli in the WA talking plans. (To be honest everything changes every 10 seconds it no longer makes sense)Vanessa talking about how different things will go with different situations. In the KT Julia and John discuss credit cards and cash back.


12:15PM BBT Shelli complaining about James and his farting. She says he farts through the house and he is disgusting. Vanessa then tells Clay and Shelli that this week has been hell for her and she can't imagine how it has been for them.


12:11PM BBT Vanessa, Clay and Shelli continue talking. They are planning who to put up against James. They run several different scenarios.


12:31PM BBT Shelli says that she is upset that they took away the BOTB last week because since she was the 2nd one up there would be 2 HOH. Shelli says had the wall gone back up she would have had time to readjust. Shelli says that she has to stop taking all the blame for this. She Doesn't know if she would have won.


12:38PM BBT Shelli, Vanessa and Clay discuss what was meant by the game being reset and that they feel that the twins were guaranteed jury but making it through week 5. Vanessa still hoping America has a vote.

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12:40PM BBT Shelli says that she regrets that they didn't vote out Becky last week. Vanessa asks Clay and Shelli if they are going to take a nap. Shelli says that she can't go in the PBR that everyone there is disgusting and fake and only feels better when Vanessa is there.


12:45PM BBT Shelli complains about the awkwardness of this week. Clay says that James can't win HOH this week. Shelli says she is tired of James walking through the house and being on his high horse.


12:53PM BBT Clay and Shelli cleaning the WA mirror as BB asked. General chatter in the KT between Julia and John.

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 1:01pm BBt: john goes to the WA where  Shelli is still cleaning mirrors and clay is sitting watching. No talking going on as john flosses his teeth.

1:05pm BBT: John, Shelli and clay in the WA talking about the best toothpaste to use. john says Colgate and Shelli says i like the taste  of it better too and Shelli agrees it is better than crest.
 1:10pm BBT: julia ask who made the coffee? Shelli says clay did he put a touch of cinnamon to it. Julia says it is so good. shelli says it is so good isn't it?. Julia goes to the HNBR and wakes up Austin and Liz telling them she is so bored.
 1:17pm BBT: Shelli and Clay move to the CBR to talk alone. Shelli whispers to clay  about John and James and who would have hung up there on that wall longer and She says as soon as she started making a deal with James on that wall then John dropped so we have to think about that. She says maybe that there was a deal made before the comp and when i started making a deal then john dropped so he wouldn't have to back out on the deal. What do you think? clay says i do not know.
1:20pm BBT: Shelli says maybe that is why John is being so emotional this week cause he knew it. clay says i do not think he did that.
 1:26pm BBT: Liz and Julia in the HNBR whispering really low talking about if they keep shelli this week then she will always be a target if front of them. Julia says I know.In the cabana rm Shelli and Clay are talking general talk about what they do at home. Liz tells Julia in the HNBR if they call me into the DR you are going in for me and Julia laughs and says ok. then we get FOTH.
1:38pm BBT: Vanessa now in the HNBR talking to Liz, Julia and Austin about James and how he makes a deal and goes back on it. Austin says but  they all do and Vanessa says but Shelli will just go back up and Austin says yeah but i don't know. Vanessa says she is the biggest threat. Austin says for us to keep her it is dangerous. Austin says maybe there is a part of me that thinks maybe James could work with clay but why would he? Vanessa says i do not know.
 1:44pm BBT: meg is now talking to Clay and Shelli in the Cabana rm . Meg says Austin told me and Jackie that you apologized for everything to Him and that's all i know .Shelli asked if this is what everyone was talking about lastnight and meg says no this was a couple of days ago. In the HNBR Vanessa and Austin are whispering repeating themselves over who could win the HOh this week and who would not put them on the block.Julia and Liz are just listening and not talking.
1:50pm BBT: Austin and Vanessa still whispering about who needs to go up and who will put who up without them going on the block. Julia and Liz still just listening. In the Cabana rm Clay and Shelli are still just pouting  as one of them is leaving and they do not want to be split up.
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2:00pm BBT: Liz tells Vanessa and Austin that she knows where Shelli stands in this house but I do not know where Clay stands. Austin says this week is a chess move. Liz ask what does a chess player say and Austin says we have to make out move. Vanessa says ok but keep me out of it cause if there is a double eviction i can not go up there.  Austin says i do not think it is that but worse case scenario is a double eviction. Vanessa says if it isn't then we have time to deal with them. Vanessa then says we have to  think four steps ahead then what. Austin says if Shelli goes out then we have to see about Steve and Jackie. Then that changes things.


2:05pm BBT: Austin says we can go up to talk to James and says that shelli  will make deals with us and clay will not he is coming after you. Vanessa says yeah maybe. Austin says we need to go talk to him and tell him that we are taking clay out anyways and then shelli next week and this is what we are going to do so what is he going to do? Austin says he didn't put us up this week and i was going out last week and he knows it and he could have went with that this week and he didn't so  he was ok with it.


 2:11pm BBT: Austin says we  probably have a double eviction coming and that makes it even more complicated and  we have to work and think even more but my brains are on fire and i need some slop. Austin leaves the HNBR and shelli comes in saying that Becky is out there asking about the Austin thing. Vanessa says i did not hear anything. Shelli says lastnight there were Becky, James, meg and Steve in the By and were whispering and we thought that was weird. Then meg came in and said that Jackie said some weird crap is going down and that's all she said so we do not know what is going on.


2:16pm BBT: Meg is in the HOH rm talking to James and Crying about her talk with Clay and shelli and how clay snapped at her telling her that she does  not owe anyone anything. James ask what are they trying to get out of this situation? meg says i do not know but i think Austin might know. 


2:21pm BBt: Austin returns the the HNBR with his slop and Clay leaves and goes to the LVR and lays on the couch. shelli is still in the HNBR repeating herself to Vanessa and Julia and Liz about James being scary. James and meg in the HOH rm watching the spy screen and talking about John and James says he might have to pull John aside and tell him the reason he put Shelli and clay up and how they are not with him cause they lie and if you want to roll with them it is what it is.


2:24pm BBTL Liz is telling Shelli that James took the veto in the veto comp cause  he wants shelli out then she says they all want you out. Shelli says well i am not out and i am gunning for them hard. Austin gets up and leaves the HNBR.


 2:26pm BBT: James says in the HOH br that he wants to tell Clay to slap me right now cause you are staying and meg laughs and says no you can not say that.


 2:27pm BBT: Meg leaves the HOh rm with James and heads down stairs to the WA where Austin and Jackie  are. Meg repeats what Clay told her earlier. James says i did not tell anyone anything at all.


2:36pm BBT: BB calls Jackie to the DR. clay says wonder why they call her and Vanessa says wonder why and clay says screw her. Vanessa laughs. In the WA Austin, James, meg talk about requesting things. Julia walks out after using the WC and washing her hands and heads to the KT. meg follows her.


2:46pm BBT: Liz and Julia in the KT doing dishes Clay and shelli eating just general talk going on.


 2:55pm BBT: HG just sitting around general talk going on as others are still sleeping.

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2:13PM BBT Meg goes to HOH room to tell James about confronting Clay and Shelli about Austin and says they kinda had a fit. She says Clay was snappimg at her.  In the meantime, Shelli goes to the HNR to tell Austin, the twins and Vanessa what Meg said to her and Clay.  (Clay is also there) Shelli tells them that Meg came in the HR  to ask them about the "Austin thing".  Meg wanted to know what Shelli thinks.  Shellie tells the HNR group that she told Meg..(these are Shelli's actual words) "You know what, I got so duped to throw somebody under the bus I'm not doing it again...I don't know what you're asking me now, but  know I'm the target this week and I know ya'll trying to get everbody on board to vote me out and I'm not goint to sit here and throw anybody else's game out the door to benefit you all".  Shelli also tells the HNR group that Clay got angry and told Meg he didn't know why she came n there and that he didn't owe them anything.  

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3:15 PM BBT John and Becky are talking in the Comic Book Room.  They are sharing information.  Becky tells John about the double eviction deal.  John notes that he and Steve are expendable.  Becky believes that the house will vote to keep Shelli this week.  Becky feels that keeping Clay is better for her game because Clay is easier to talk to and closer to John.  Becky thinks Shelli is closer to Vanessa.  They compare notes on ways that Vanessa has showed her paranoia and they discuss the way she operates.  Becky doesn’t trust Vanessa and John does not respect Vanessa’s game either.  Becky indicates that she will vote to evict Shelli.  John asks if they have the votes if he votes to evict Shelli.  Becky doesn’t think so. 


3:33 PM BBT  Becky talks to Vanessa in the WA.  Becky was sad for Shelli and Clay on the block together.  Vanessa is talking about Clay and Shelli and that it feels like they are in a romantic tragedy.  Becky found the PoV hard and was more sad than happy even though she was glad not to be on the block. 


3:41 PM BBT Vanessa talking with Jackie in the WA.  Jackie is thinking about talking to Shelli and Clay.  Vanessa says that Shelli and Clay feel like others are treating them like they have leprosy.  Vanessa told them that she was staying away because they are going to be separated soon.  Jackie asks a question and Vanessa tells her that Shelli doesn’t understand why James is more scared of Shelli than Clay.  They talk about Austin and his alter ego “Judas”.  Jackie asks if Austin told her about it, and Vanessa says no, she heard it from someone else.  Jackie brings up that some think that Austin has been the contrary vote all along.  Jackie tells Vanessa what Shelli and Clay told James about Austin and “Judas”...when he wears the top hat he is acting as “Judas”. 


3:55 PM BBT Liz and Austin put on a wrestling performance for the other HGs in the LR.


4:05 PM BBT Jackie, James and John are chatting about CBS in the LR.  Liz, Austin and Steve are in the KT.


4:15 PM BBT Vanessa is sleeping in the Ocean BR while Clay and Shelli are kissing and cuddling. 


4:20 PM BBT Shelli and Clay are wishing they had a chance to have another hammock date.  Clay says that their last hammock date was a good one. 


4:24 PM BBT Shelli asks Clay what he’s going to wear tomorrow [for eviction]. First he says he’ll wear what he wore on day 1 and then changes his mind, saying that he’s going to let her pick.


4:37 PM BBT Austin and Liz are lounging in the WA.  Austin kisses Liz’s neck as he snuggles close.  They are silent.  Julia comes in singing a song and we get FotH. 


4:44 PM BBT James, Jackie, Meg, Steve and John are in the HOHR.  John is listening to music.  Jackie tells her first-date story about someone who pronounced the “J” in “jalapenos” and “fajitas” and jokes about how could she bring him home given that she’s half Mexican.


4:58 PM BBT Austin is holding a fitness class in the LR.  Conversation continues in the HOHR with James, Jackie, Meg and Steve.  They are talking about Double Eviction and Steve is telling him how he thinks it will happen.

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5:59PM BBT Becky, Meg, Jackie and James are in the HOH room. They are discussing getting Vanessa out. They wonder if the twins will be upset if they take Vanessa out. We get FOTH.


6:04PM BBT In the HOH they start to discuss who to put up if they win HOH and we get Jeff reels. (Perhaps half way party)

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8:04pm BBT 2 hours 

8:08pm BBT feeds back - Shelli and Clay talking about going out to dinner in the hammock room. Austin just got out of the shower and didnt wash his hair again.

one of the twins getting ready to take a shower once Austin walked out....and reels again.

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Shelli and Clay are talking about what they are going to miss about each other. Shelli starts with, no one to share ice cream with, do my laundry, brush my hair, and Clay says " No one to win HOH for me"  then Shelli tells him his nomination speech when he puts up Jackie and James should be " I nominated you both cause its personal"

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8:08 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Shelli & Clay in the CRL. Shelli talks about meeting Clay's parents. He wants to take Shelli out to a dinner, & then go out with Shelli & his friends to a bar. She loves the idea. She says, if he doesn't get approval he will fly her home the next day. Clay wants to take her out to a nice dinner in Houston, & then go bar hopping. Shelli wonders about the wrap party there. We get Jeff's reels.


8:11 PM BBT Live feeds come back again. Meg & Jackie are sitting at the DT laughing. All camera views are on them. You can hear someone scream in the dining room. Camera view changes to the CRL. Clay tells Shelli whoever leaves tomorrow, it will be o.k. Clay says, he's excited for the other person to reach out to their family. Shelli says, vice versa. Clay says, he just wants to be with his family. Clay says, he doesn't like the spotlight. He says, he doesn't like people swarming. Shelli tells Clay, he will have that.


8:13 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay she can see this happening because she's lived a few more years. Clay says, he will be the same person outside the house that he was in the house. Shelli says, good, because she likes that person. Clay says, if he was to get a big head, his mom would knock that out of him. He says, he's been on the national level with college football, & it's been stressful.


8:15 PM BBT Clay says, he likes being a person that people recognize. Shelli says, that's a good thing to remember, that people will recognize them when they all leave BB. Shelli asks him if he was Clayton Honeycutt? Clay says, Clay. He says, girls would always go up to him, & it felt good for him to give them his time. Shelli does a voice of how the girls would be.


8:16 PM BBT Clay tells Shelli that he doesn't see people just recognizing them when they are out. Shelli says, it may not be that crazy, but some people will recognize them. Clay says, it may not be like going into a gas station, & people recognizing him. Shelli says, it may happen some. Clay says, some people didn't even know BB. He says, the fame may be gone in a month or two. Julia gets called to the DR. The voice gets louder, & calls Julia to the DR again. Shelli says, they just called her twice.


8:18 PM BBT Clay tells Shelli he will wear his sunglasses. Shelli says, he will wear them everyday. Austin goes down the hallway to the WA passing the CRL, & he goes back out passing the CRL again. Clay says, she can't fit everything in her suitcase. Shelli says, she's so glad they had this party tonight. We see Jeff's reels again. Live feeds come back. Shelli says, she will get stuck in jury. She asks Clay what he would think if they're stuck in jury together? Clay says, yes, get paid & be with her. Clay says everything that Shelli won't be around to do.


8:21 PM BBT Clay tells Shelli that he thinks she will stay based on the twins & Austin's votes. Shelli asks why? Clay says, because they were the deciding factor. Shelli says, James needs to be on the block next. She says, to put James & Jackie up, or James & Meg. Shelli says, because obviously, this meeting is adjourned. Clay says, You James, you Jackie, because this is personal. They both laugh about it. Clay says, he won't waste his breath on a long speech or anything.


8:23 PM BBT Shelli says, James was really nervous. She said she new when they were on lockdown in the HOHR. Shelli says, he was laying back on the bed, & she knew it then, but she was still hopeful. She says, when Clay's face showed up she thought, here we go. Clay says, he said James' word is sh*t. (That's what was bleeped on the show.) Clay says, afterwards he told him that was chicken sh*t. Clay says, then he told James his word is sh*t with everyone in the house. Shelli says, that's when she went & pulled him off. (He wasn't on anything, she told him to stop.)


8:26 PM BBT Shelli says, she went outside all cheery & asked them what they were talking about. She says, people just asked if they were o.k. Shelli says, she asked James to talk. She says, James asked if Clay was o.k. Shelli says, she should use the same speech to James & Jackie, but it would be so b*tchy though. Clay says, no. Shelli says, she says, because obviously a lot. Shelli says, you don't want to pi** people off. Clay says, everyone in the house would love it.


8:27 PM BBT Shelli says, they don't want to get all cocky though, because it might not happen. Shelli says, it's such a good show though. She says, you sign up for it, & could be at the receiving end. She yawns. We see Jeff's reels & then FOTH.


8:29 PM BBT Live feeds come back Shelli tells Clay that Jackie & Meg are getting pretty close. She says, Jackie is very strong, she is pulling in numbers from Meg & John. Shelli says, James, Jackie & Becky would be her targets. Clay says, that would be better. Shelli says, she can't go to bed early because she has to finish packing, do her nails, & do some spray tan action. Clay says, you got to look good. Shelli says, she's got lots to do. She yawns again. Shelli says, she hopes it's not a double eviction tomorrow.


8:31 PM BBT 8:31 PM BBT Shelli keeps going on about how she would be happy if all the HG's start this week going to jury with the reset. Shelli says, she should embrace it though. Shelli & Clay run down twists in the show. Clay says, the twin thing was a big one. Shelli asks what the twist this week is? She says, the twins coming in, resetting the game, & no BOTB anymore. Shelli says, she's kind of glad that this happened. John gets called to the DR.


8:34 PM BBT Shelli says, last year they stopped BOTB right before jury. So, she thinks there's a glimmer of hope that they both will be there. Clay says, that will be so nice. Clay asks do they take 2 people to jury right away? Clay asks if they took Hayden & Nicole right away? Shelli says, no, there was someone in between them. Shelli says, they probably don't leave someone in the jury house by themselves. She says, she may need to ask Steve that one.


8:36 PM BBT Shelli says, it may be nice to be in jury by themselves for a whole week. Clay wants to know if they are supposed to put their suitcases in the SR tonight? Shelli says, she doesn't know, but she needs to hear from them now, because she doesn't know what to pack in her black BB bag. Clay says, o.k., let's go. Shelli gets up, & Clay has her sit back down to kiss him. Clay says, her breath always smells good. Shelli says, Oh my God, you're so funny. Clay asks why? Shelli goes to the WC.


8:39 PM BBT In the WA, Liz is blowing drying her hair. Shelli comes out of the WC. She brushes her hair, & moves it to the left side of her face. She leaves the WA. In the OBR, Clay is packing his suitcase. John moves Steve's blanket around on the pull-out bed to wake him up. Shelli continues to pack her suitcase. Shelli says, Steve got drunk tonight, & he's hung over. Clay says, he did. Shelli says, that was it, it was game over. She walks out of the OBR. Steve plays with the chains on the wall by his bed.


8:41 PM BBT Shelli gets a black trash bag to put her shoes in by the wardrobe in the hallway by the HNR. Austin, Meg, James & John are all sitting at the DT. Meg says, we are all so fascinating. John plays with the turntable in the center of the table. Meg asks why it moves? John says, it doesn't. Meg says, it's falling apart. James uses the mirror in the dining room to search for grey hairs. He tells John there's no grey hairs. John tells Meg to look, because there are about 5 on the top of his head. John says, they are all scattered. Meg points out the 5.


8:44 PM BBT John talks about Gandalf from The Lord Of The Rings. Clay gets told to please put on his microphone. James moves his neck & cracks it a little. He looks in the mirror again. He says, he still doesn't see it, then he does, & says, he may be able to get it. The BB voice gets super loud, & says, "Clay, put on your microphone." Everyone says, "Woow." HG's say, that was loud, Jace never even got it that loud.


8:47 PM BBT James goes in the CRL. He straightens the cushions & pillows on the couch. He looks in the mirrors in there, while he's cleaning up. He burps also. In the OBR, Shelli is laying on Meg's bed watching Clay pack his suitcase. Shelli tells him what to wear for tomorrow nights show. She tells him to ear his light jeans & boots. She tells him to have his cowboy hat on his suitcase. Shelli tells Clay that his hair is pretty sexual, so that's probably why he didn't wear it to much on press day.


8:50 PM BBT Shelli talks about Jessie James & her husband. She says, they are perfect & sexual. Clay tells Shelli that he & his ex-girlfriend dressed up like them for Halloween. Shelli says, she can't believe they dressed up as them for Halloween. Clay tells Shelli what they wore. He tells Shelli, nothing like her though. Clay says, that was his last Halloween, & it's so crazy that it's almost Halloween again. Shelli says, it will be only a couple weeks until Halloween when they get out of the house.


8:52 PM BBT Clay asks Shelli what she did for Halloween. She says, she doesn't know if they did anything. Clay asks if she was with her ex then? Shelli says, yes, but she doesn't know what they did. Clay says, he thinks he & his ex-girlfriend got in a fight that night. Shelli tells Clay to attach his microphone to his shirt. Shelli says, the way he has it on rubs against his shirt. She tells him to only wear it that way when he doesn't have his shirt on. Clay says, Steve is getting a sneak peek.


8:55 PM BBT Clay & Shelli think Steve is holding back on them. Clay says, he has some rhythm in him. Shelli says, he was on top of the chairs tonight. Shelli is singing & humming. Clay tells Shelli that he's particular with his clothes. He says, when he buys clothes, he gets them altered. Clay says, his shirts cost over $100 after they are altered. Clay says, now it's ruined. He says, his mom was right that it was to small. He says, it's annoying how right she always is.


8:57 PM BBT Shelli asks where everyone is? Clay says, "I don't know, & I don't care." They continue to pack their suitcases & black BB bags. Clay says, today's been nice. He goes up behind Shelli & snuggles her. He kisses her on the cheek. He turns her around, & gives her real kisses. He says, it's been nice, he can not lie. Shelli tells Clay that his stuff looks like it will all fit in his suitcase. Clay says, he needs to make a squirrel bag anyway.


8:59 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay to put a regular outfit, an athletic outfit, another outfit in case of a hotel stay, & toiletries in the black BB bag. She says, that's what she thinks, but she's not sure what she wants. We see FOTH


9:01 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Shelli asks Becky if everyone is sleeping in the CBR. She says, they are doing bowling tonight. Shelli asks if tonight's the night for that? Becky says, of course. Clay tells Shelli, he's really not in the mood for that tonight. Shelli tells Clay they don't have to play, they can just sit there & eat their cake & be b*tchy. Shelli tells Clay she's missing some clothes. Clay says, are you sure? She doesn't answer & looks through her suitcase filled with a ton of clothes.


9:05 PM BBT Clay leaves the OBR, & comes back with a clear plastic garbage bag. He puts his shoes in the bag. Shelli finds some more of her clothes. Clay asks Shelli if she's taking a shower tonight or tomorrow? Shelli says, probably tomorrow, & she'll do her spray tan tonight. She puts her dirty long socks in her suitcase. She says, she brought so many socks for no reason. Clay wonders how to pack his competition hats. Shelli tells him they can lay them flat.


9:07 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay the halfway party really helped. Clay says, it did, a lot. He says, he has so much to look forward to. He says, you just have a wait a little while, you can't have it all right now. He goes up behind Shelli & hugs her, & kisses her cheek again. Shelli says, he scared her. She says, she never even wore her cute camo hat, & she puts it on her head. She says, those are my cute HOH socks, & she screams. Clay walks out of the OBR. Liz gets called to the DR.


9:11 PM BBT Shelli asks if she gets to play on the twins team? She says, Steve is dunzo. Steve rolls over. Shelli says, "Oh, honey, your tooth is hurting isn't it?" Steve says, a little. Shelli tells him she can tell he's talking a different way. Shelli says, Steve has a toothache. Steve says, "No, I don't, I'm fine guys."


9:13 PM BBT The Wednesday night tradition of BB bowling has started. They are using grapefruits wrapped in foil as the bowling balls. HG's are sitting in a line of chairs in front of the DT, & going towards the front door area. The bowling pins tonight are empty pop bottles again. Austin is setting up the pins with James. James is using the Swiffer again this week to clean the bowling lane. Sponsor’s so far are Swiffer & Irish Spring.


9:17 PM BBT Austin says, he has to run a quick advertisement segment. He does a saying for Coke. Meg tells James the Swiffer gets in the way of the ball machine. James says, they will get the ball for her. Austin does a Swiffer ad segment. Meg finishes her turn, & says, that was rough, right in the center. Cereal is being used for counting the score again.


9:18 PM BBT Jackie is going to take her turn bowling. She says, these are on point (the bowling balls). Jackie is bowling in her Knight costume. Austin does a commercial break for Irish Spring. James takes his turn bowling. Austin says, "Oh, sh*t," & blocks himself with an orange pillow in the LR. James finishes his turn. Julia says, the bowling is so much better now than when they used the cereal boxes.


9:21 PM BBT Meg says, BB may be limiting the amount of grapefruits they give them because of the bowling. Liz takes her turn & Austin is dramatic saying, they are still changing the lane. Steve says, there sponsor's are Swiffer, Irish Spring & Coke. Austin takes a turn bowling, he only gets 3 bottles down. He says, he should stick to just setting up the pins. Julia says, commercial break. Austin does one for Swiffer.


9:23 PM BBT In the WA. Shelli is putting on eyeliner, using a mirror above the couch. She applies more mascara also, using the same mirror. She grabs a bottle off the sink & heads to the WC, dropping a bra on the ground on her way there. She picks up the bra & goes in the WC.


9:25 PM BBT Shelli comes out of the WC. She puts a big towel over the COLD side of the shower. She takes her microphone off, puts a towel over the HOT side of the shower, puts her hair up, takes her shoes off, goes in the hot side of the shower, pulls the shower curtain & gets undressed. Clay comes in the WA, & tells Clay she stole the shower from him. Clay jokingly tries to open the shower door. Shelli throws her clothes over the shower door & they are laying on the floor outside the shower.


9:32 PM BBT In the WA, Julia is blow drying her hair while Shelli is still in the shower. Steve goes to the SR for a moment. Shelli finishes up her shower. Clay gets ready to take his shower when Shelli is finished. Shelli is out of the shower, & wrapped in only her towel. Clay asks Shelli if he should wash his hair tonight or tomorrow? He takes his red shorts off, & has on orange boxer briefs. He moves the towel on the shower doors, takes his underwear off, & throws it out of the shower.


9:38 PM BBT BB bowling continues from the KT to the LR. It's Jackie's turn again. She says, "Alright b*tches," & takes her turn. Meg says, it's harder today. Julia might think it's because of the Swiffer. Becky gets up & leaves her chair, as James takes his turn.


9:39 PM BBT Clay asks Shelli if she likes his hair long? Shelli says, most guys don't have hair like him, & if he can pull off his hair he's golden. She says, he has good hair, & it's pretty. She says, it goes with the shape of his face. Clay says, he can shave it off. Shelli says, she thinks he would look hot with a shaved head. She tells him she likes to play with his hair.


9:41 PM BBT Shelli talks to Clay some more about her ex being an extra in movies. She says, he was on Vampire Diaries & a few other shows.


9:43 PM BBT Vanessa goes to the WA. Clay asks her if she's bowling? Vanessa says, no, she was sleeping through it. She says, today's been an off day for her, plus she has cramps. She asks Clay if they had a good time during the party? Clay says, it's good that happened.


9:50 PM BBT More bowling is going on in the BB house tonight. Clay gets told a little while later that he's not allowed to talk about his DR sessions with other HG's. Austin does a Zest & Irish Spring commercial ad.


9:57 PM BBT Mayhem continues with BB bowling. James broke the Swiffer during tonight's bowling game. The HG's discuss other fruits they can use for the bowling balls. Austin does a commercial ad for Crock's.


10:01 PM BBT Meg says, the noises that are being made sound like real bowling. James says, you really can slip on this stuff. James says, if he saw someone slip on the floor, they kind of deserve it. He says, if you see someone falling on the floor at the bowling alley you would laugh. Steve is taking his turn at bowling. He gets 3 whole pins. Meg is up now again. She says, it's her time.


10:04 PM BBT In the WA, Shelli tells Clay, it kind of comes full circle. Clay kisses her cheek. Clay tells Shelli she's his ride or die, & he wouldn't have it any other way. Clay asks Shelli if she's going to paint her nails now to make them all fancy? Shelli says, she may wait until they call her. Shelli says, she's surprised they haven't called her yet. She jokes about what she will say in her goodbye message.


10:07 PM BBT Steve goes to the WA, he says, he's about to take things out on that toilet, & then he decides to ask James to go to the HOHR WC. Clay says, he's not sure what to say in the DR. Clay says, they should let them go out LIVE & say what they want to say & go back in the house. Shelli sprays herself. Clay says, she's got the love potion going. Shelli says, it's just vanilla. BB tells Clay to move the objects from the mirrors.


10:08 PM BBT Clay talks about the different scents that Shelli wears & what they are for. Everyone playing bowling is screaming. Shelli tells Clay to think about the sad episode that aired tonight. Clay says, his parents are probably like no. Shelli tells Clay what should be on tomorrow's episode.


10:10 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay it will show one of them leaving to go to the jury house. (It's not jury yet.) Clay tells Shelli that the intro will be them kissing from yesterday. Clay says, they never asked him about that. He says, he hasn't been called in for two days. Shelli says, they called her in to clarify something for tonight's episode. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's. Shelli doesn't want to go to bed tonight. Clay asks if she wants to stay up with him? Shelli says, it's the last night, & she doesn't want to go to bed.


10:12 PM BBT Shelli & Clay talk about how nice today has been. Shelli says, it has been a nice couple of days. She says, she will cry tomorrow. Clay says, no. Shelli says, she may just be fired up instead. Shelli is curling her hair in the WA, & Clay is laying on the couch watching her.


10:15 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay her feet are feeling better, & she can actually walk now. She says, they are getting better as she brushes her hair out & washed her hands in the sink. She dries her hands, & puts some lotion on her hands. She lays on her elbows, showing Clay her cleavage. She asks Clay if he's done packing? Clay says, yes. He tells her she is looking great. Shelli says, he's a dork & being a turd.


10:17 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay that she feels like she wants coffee right now. Clay says, he doesn't want coffee, or anything, except to sit there & stare at her. She tells Clay the shirt she has on now is the shirt she wore the first time Clay saw her. Clay asks if it was in the van? Shelli says, yes, & she had on high heels & necklaces also. Clay says, yes, & she looks so good.


10:19 PM BBT All the camera views go to the bowling. Steve is told not to fart. Steve says, he just did a lot of farting. The camera changes back to the WA. Clay says, if he saw Shelli in a bar he would buy her a drink. Clay says, this is if they never met before. He says, he can't say what would happen, but it would all be over, & it will be a done deal. Clay tells Shelli he bets she was a fireball in college, & she still is. She says, she was always with a boyfriend.


10:21 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay that most guys aren't like him. She says, she's not all into the pick up scene at a bar. She says, she acts like she's not interested. She says, if they are sleezy & skanky, she will bet b*tchy. Clay says, he wants to reenact a scene with him at a bar. She says, what if she's not interested? (He can find plenty of women.) Vanessa gets called to the DR. Shelli says, she bets they are making her do their thing.


10:23 PM BBT Shelli & Clay talk about going to a bar. Clay says, he probably won't wear his cowboy hat, because he'll let his hair flow. Clay says, there may not be guys like him in Georgia, but there aren't any women like her in College Station. He says, maybe 1 or 2 in the 4 years he's been there. He says, the University of Texas in Austin probably has better women there. Clay says, Northgate is strictly College Station, & anyone from Texas A & M is there. Clay says, if Shelli walks in she'd be a hot commodity. Shelli wants to do it. She says, she can pretend she's a college student, & no one would think she's old.


10:25 PM BBT Clay says, his friends don't watch this show. They want to go out where each of them live. Clay says, he thinks it would be funny if he went to the bar with his friends, & she walked in like 10 minutes later, & they want him to talk to her. Shelli says, they can say he's with a girl from BB & he's cheating on his woman. Shelli says, Clay can say that is his woman. Bekcy goes in the WA. Shelli asks who won? Becky says, James & Johnny Mac smashed it with strike after strike after strike.


10:28 PM BBT Clay says, they are officially the secluded couple. Shelli says, no, they're not. We see FOTH for a moment. Becky comes out of the WC. She yawns & puts her microphone on. Steve comes in the WA & washes his hands. Julia goes in the WC. Becky puts her hair up, & then washes her face. Shelli asks Becky if she had the nail clippers earlier? Becky says, she had them like 3 days ago. Becky says, when she washes her face they may call her to the DR.


10:30 PM BBT Shelli asks Becky if she thinks the heat is on? Julia says, it feels hot in the house after she gets out of the WC. Julia says, the worst part of the OBR is the mosquitos. Shelli says, she hasn't noticed that. Clay says, they've buzzed around his face, but he hasn't gotten bit. Clay asks Becky if she has the right toothbrush? Becky jokingly says, yours, because of the mix-up last night. They have the same toothbrushes in the house, but Becky does have her own.


10:32 PM BBT Steve is on the hunt for his hoodie. He goes to open the WC, & Austin is in there. He asks Austin if he has a hoodie in there? Austin says, no. Austin says, Steve wait 5 f'n seconds. Steve says, he doesn't have all day, he has a busy schedule. Austin says, why would he have a hoodie in there? Becky tells Clay & Shelli that Steve had a beach ball & a shovel playing with it earlier.


10:36 PM BBT Becky says, she's not in the mood to look ugly nor look pretty. Shelli says, she's definitely not ugly. Becky says, pretty darn close, & walks out of the WA. Shelli & Clay are still laying on the couch together. Clay asks Shelli what she's thinking about? Shelli says, she's thinking about how they are going to have fun outside the house. She says, she's really excited about it. She wants to go visit him, & him visit her. She says, by then they will be over all the stuff in the house. Shelli is excited. Clay says, he's holding her to it, all of it.


10:38 PM BBT Liz goes to the WC. Shelli tells Clay he can be as ridiculous as he wants to. Austin walks in the WA, & then he walks back out. Liz comes out of the WC & washes her hands. Austin walks back down the hallway, & stands by the door to the CRL, looking in there. Liz puts some lotion on her hands after washing them. She says, it's hot in there, as she leaves the WA. Shelli says, she's hot as well. Clay says, Austin was waiting for Liz. Clay says, that's so weird & creepy. Shelli says, very weird, & if he did that to her she would tell him. Clay asks if that bother's Liz? Shelli says, she doesn't like it.


10:41 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay, she has told him when he bothers her. Clay says, Austin is really controlling. Shelli says, she bets he's pretty possessive. Clay says, oh, yeah.


10:42 PM BBT Clay asks Shelli which group of friends would she take him out with? Shelli says, the one's that go out. Clay says, the young ones? Shelli says, they are still older than him. Shelli says, she may take him out with both if he stays a couple days. They joke about plane reservations. Clay says, it could be worse, one of them could be walking around in the Knight outfit. Clay asks if you leave, do you leave with the Knight outfit on, or do you get to change for eviction? Shelli says, that would be weird.


10:44 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay to think of this going forward. She says, people seem to treat you differently when you're on the block. Shelli says, she may feel guilty of treating people differently when they were on the block. She says, they know how it feels now, & it's awkward. She says, normally they would be in the OBR right now laughing. She says, they are staying away to spend time together.


10:45 PM BBT Shelli says, even Becky & Steve are talking to them less. Shelli says, she feels everyone else is talking to Steve more. John comes in the WC. Clay says, John was up in the HOHR. Shelli asks if John was by himself, because he goes up sometimes to listen to music? Clay says, he thinks there were others up there with him. Shelli tells Clay to proceed with caution going forward.


10:47 PM BBT Clay says, really you need to have people that trust you, but you don't have to trust them. He asks Shelli if that makes sense? Shelli says, maybe. John comes out of the WC. Shelli asks John if he finished his cake? He says, yes & it was an end piece. Shelli wants to have hers with a scoop of ice cream. John says, he wants to shave his face tonight, so he doesn't have to fight for the bathroom tomorrow. Shelli asks if it's itchy? John says, yes, he can't stand it.


10:48 PM BBT Liz gets called to the DR. John tells Shelli he asked for the clippers. Shelli wants to borrow them also when he gets them. Shelli says, sometimes 4 days goes by & you think you haven't taken a shower. John asks if he should ask for Nair? John says, he can ask them to take it out of his wallet. Shelli says, maybe, or they may wait for his HOH basket. John asks if the shower is still backed up? Shelli says, they may need Draino. John gets some paper towels to go in the shower stall. He says, he thinks it's breathing. He says, there's stuff down under the grate. Clay says, a plunger might work. John says, you mother f***ers better Draino that, because it be gross. (LOL).


10:51 PM BBT John washes his hands. He says, he's just going to wait outside the DR door, & he walks out of the WA. In the CBR, Jackie, Meg, Austin, Becky, Steve, Vanessa, Julia & Liz are all in there. The conversation is about shopping.


10:56 PM BBT Clay is talking to Shelli about eggs. HG's in the CBR are now all saying how tired they are. They wonder why they are all so sleepy. The realize it's Wednesday. HG's say they went to bed early around 2 AM last night. Vanessa says, she thinks some HG's were up until about 6 AM.


10:58 PM BBT Julia asks when the flood lights go off in the house? They talk about the different lighting in the house. Meg says, it all depends when people go to bed. Becky says, usually people are in bed for about 30 minutes before they turn them off. Julia & Meg say how pretty it is with the lights dim. John gets called to the SR. HG's in the CBR wonder what BB said. They don't know John is waiting on the nail clippers.


11:00 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that she would sleep in the same bed with him. Steve says, he would not touch her. Vanessa says, of all the girls there she's the safest. Steve says, by far, she's the safest. Steve says, he's socially awkward. We see FOTH.

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11:05 PM BBT Shelli and Clay are lounging in the WA while Steve and John are at the sink.  Steve is telling them that Victoria jumped the line-up at an open casting call. She skipped to the front.  Steve leaves to go to DR and Shelli and Clay continue talking to John about being a dentist.  John likes his work...he doesn’t hate it, but rock star would have been better!


11:08 PM BBT Austin, Becky, Meg, Vanessa and one of the twins [Julia?] are chatting in the Comic Book Room chatting.  Becky says it’s her half-birthday on the half-way mark of BB.  General chit chat.  Steve joins the group.  Meg mentions that Jason’s bday is next week.


11:40 PM BBT Vanessa is in the HNR with one of the twins. Steve joins them.  They set up a “Freaks and Geeks” meeting for later because Austin is in the DR.


11:46 PM BBT In the HNR, one of the twins [Julia?] comments on similarities between Shelli and John and wondering if they are related.  Vanessa comments on décor items that say “look closer”...magnifying glasses and binoculars.  They comment on things that John has done for Shelli and they wonder why they would cast a dentist.  Vanessa can’t understand why John would cry about Shelli and Clay being nominated.


11:49 PM BBT Vanessa asks if Julia[?] feels she has to vote the same way as Austin.  Julia[?] asks Vanessa how Austin is going to vote and Vanessa says she has no idea.  Julia thinks he would vote to keep Shelli, but Vanessa thinks he doesn’t want to rock the boat.

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12:09 AM BBT Liz and Julia are in the HNR and Austin comes in.  Liz tells Austin that Vanessa is scared if Austin votes to keep Clay, that Clay will turn on Austin and deny all the things that Austin made Clay swear.  Austin says that if they keep Shelli it will just confirm to them that they are working with Shelli because otherwise why would he keep her after she threw him under the bus.  He thinks they should keep Clay.  Steve comes in thinking there is a Freaks and Geeks meeting, but Vanessa is missing.  Shelli is in the DR so they want to meet while she is in there.  The twins “scamper” [disperse so that they are not all caught talking together] and Austin fills Steve in on what he just told the twins.


12:12 AM BBT Steve is advising Austin in the HNR to keep the target off his back. Steve tells Austin that he has to protect Austin/Liz and the twins. Steve starts running scenarios.  Scenario 1: Clay stays.  Jackie wins HOH.  Who will Jackie put up?  Austin or Liz.  Scenario 2: Shelli stays.  Jackie wins HOH.  Who does Jackie put up?  Definitely Shelli. Austin says Steve is right and wonders if he needs to go talk to James or if he should blindside him.

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11:00 PM BBT In the WA Shelli accurately guesses tomorrow is the 6th.  She says that’s a lot of weeks.  The finale is the 24th.  1 month and 3 weeks, another 49 days.  Shelli asks “Do you hear them talking up there?”  FoTH.


11:03 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the CR between one of the twins, Austin, Meg, Jackie and Vanessa.


11:07 PM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the CR.  Johnny shaves in the WA with Shelli and Clay watching.  Idle chit chat between Clay and Johnny Mac.


11:16 PM BBT Liz and Austin hug it out in the LR.


11:18 PM BBT Clay asks Johnny Mac if there’s any word.  He says he hasn’t heard anything but they’ve been asking how he’s voting.  Johnny Mac wants to talk to Steve.  He says no one is concerned about their votes at all.  Clay is shocked by this.  Clay says whoever stays “One of us and you…” Johnny agrees.  He wonders if Steve is against that side.  Johnny Mac has no idea which side he’s against.  He doesn’t have targets yet.    Johnny Mac says Steve figured nobody is concerned about them because they’ll still be able to go after Clay first.


11:21 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the CR.  Over in the WA Clay rehashes the conversation with Johnny Mac to Shelli.  Shelli is shocked that James hasn’t tried to bully him for his vote yet.  Clay says it’s weird that Johnny Mac and Clay have a final 2 deal but never talk.  Their final 2 deal is a shock to her.  He remembers “him” telling them about his deal.  Clay says he thinks he (Steve) would trust Johnny with information like that.  Shelli says Johnny is playing the perfect floater game.  He’s being perceived as a floater without really being like one.


11:25 PM BBT Clay thinks James will eventually put up Johnny Mac.  Shelli isn’t sure.  Shelli is painting her nails.  Idle chit chat continues over in the CR.


11:30 PM BBT Clay asks to paint her nails.  Shelli says no.  She says her feet are so gross here.  He says his is.  Clay wonders if they haven’t been called because there is a twist.  FoTH.  Idle chit chat continues over in the CR.


11:33 PM BBT Vanessa into the WA to begin nightly ADLs.  Idle chit chat continues in the CR. 


11:37 PM BBT Vanessa realizes/points out she hasn’t done her goodbye message yet.  Shelli says they haven’t done theirs yet.  FoTH.  All four feeds back on CR.  BB can be heard saying you are not allowed to talk about DRs.  Liz or Julia says that was stern.  Feeds back in the WA and Vanessa Johnny Mac (in the KT) if he did his goodbye message.  Johnny did.  Vanessa says sometimes they don’t ask for them, she didn’t do one for Da’vonne.  FoTH.


11:40 PM BBT Vanessa and Liz/Julia in HNR whispering.  They break apart when the door opens.  Steve walks in.  They want to have an alliance meeting.  Austin is in the DR.  The other twin walks in and they agree to meet when Austin gets out of DR.  The twins want to get Clay alone but can’t.  Vanessa isn’t sure what to say about them.


11:43 PM BBT In the WA Shelli says all of the things she’s said in DR has been nice and really sweet to Clay.  Vanessa asks one of the twins if “they’ have asked how she’s going to vote yet.  She says no.  Vanessa says that’s great then.  Steve says they’re two votes!


11:50 PM BBT Julia says she’d keep Shelli because she wants James’ head on a silver platter.  Vanessa points out she also wants Jackie’s head.  Julia says they’re also sorority sisters.  She says if Austin votes to evict Shelli then they have the votes they need.  Vanessa says she can still vote however she wants to.  Vanessa plans on it.  Idle chit chat between Clay and Shelli and talk turns to DR.  FoTH.


11:53 PM BBT Talk stops when they hear something.  Julia asks her what she’s going to wear tomorrow.


11:56 PM BBT Julia and Vanessa go back to whispering wondering what to do if it’s a double eviction.  Vanessa says Jackie pulled her into a room and drilled her for 30 minutes today about Austin.  They’ll talk about it later.  WA feeds switch to the LR with Meg and Liz laying on the couches chatting.

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