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Tuesday, August 4 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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 1:55am BBT James and Steve in BY comparing Shelli/Clay to Amanda/Mcray. Clay is not going to know what to do after Shelli is gone, she has played his game for him. James says it was strictly game, he has nothing personal against them. Its better for his game, better for the whole house. James tells him to not let ppl use him for his votes, do what he wants to do, play his game and watch his back.


2:31am BBT Shelli/Clay in hammock, Steve talking with them. Shelli says she cries a lot. Steve says if he got a letter saying his parents were dead he crying wouldnt be his reaction. He is emotional but doesnt cry. Clay says he cries when ppl he cares about is upset. Shelli asks Steve what he thinks America is voting on. Are they voting on a 10 person Jury so they dont have to split up.


3:56am BBT Clay/Shelli/Steve in KT whispering about how Austin has let the twins play his game, he isnt really on a side. By 4:30am BBT Shelli/Clay are snuggling in bed and Steve is brushing his teeth. That brings up to 9:27am BBT where they are snug as bugs in their beds.

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9:59am BBT FOTH--probably wake up call.


 10:10am BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he thinks Shelli wants him/Vanessa/Remaining Clelli/John together. Vanessa likes it, he likes it but they think it wont go far. Nothing official, they will talk after eviction. Steve did not tell them his vote. Vanessa says be careful what you say, it could get dirty. He says he did not tell them anything.


10:21am BBT Vanessa gets called to DR, Steve goes back to be and Shelli is brushing her hair in WA. All cams on sleeping HG.

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10:39am BBT James is the only one on camera out of bed. He is in the CBR changing his pants. (FYI-he has on maroon boxer/briefs) Gets a clean shirt, puts on his mic, goes to outside fridge and goes to HOH, comes back down. (Don't know about you but this excitement is riveting.)


10:49am BBT James is called to DR. Cam follows him to the DR door then switches to sleeping HG.


10:57am BBT A few minutes ago James came out of DR and went to HOH. We have a quick FOTH for no apparent reason, when feeds come back the HG are still sleeping.


 11:20am BBT more FOTH, James comes down from HOH, gets a drink from a cup, sets the cup down next to DR door and goes into DR.

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11:30am BBT James is out of DR, wonders around inside, wonders around outside, wonders back inside. Goes to HNR and lays in a chair. He tells Austin that nobody is awake but him. It's a relaxed day.


11:33am BBT James has the HOH camera, says he got pics of a bunch of ppl sleeping.


11:37am BBT John, Austin, Liz are out of bed, Meg and Jackie are awake. James takes pics of Becky and Vanessa sleeping. He tells John he has pics of all of them sleeping. HG are slowly doing some ADL's.


11:44am BBT James asks John what they are doing today. John replies, they can sit by the pool, they can lift, they can shot the sh*t. Then do it again tomorrow. James takes a pic of Becky in KT, Cam zooms in on the dishes in the strainer and sink.

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12:09PM BBT Jackie putting on make up. In the BY Meg, Becky and James doing HOH pictures.


12:22PM BBT It is still picture time in the BY. Different poses.


12:30PM BBT Austin, Julia and Liz in the KT. Julia and Liz complaining about what they are out of in he house. They are also out of spoons. Things are stuck to the counter. The sink is crawling in ants.


12:38PM BBT Vanessa and Becky talk about eating healthy. Vanessa says that she learned how to eat healthy from her ex husband. Says he was healthy all his life and that it was random how he got sick.

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12:53PM BBT Becky, Steve and Julia in the KT. They are saying they always do the dishes and refused to do anymore. Becky says that one of the others need to do the dishes.


12:58PM BBT Feeds changed to Jeff reels. Not sure why. HG are just chatting.

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1:34pm BBT Meg/Jackie/James at table. They say Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton. Jackie has blue envelopes. They say BB said day 47, HG think its day 48. James asked what they thought it was before this came. Becky says half way party.


1:39pm BBT Vanessa pulls Shelli into HNR. Vanessa says this cant get back to him, if he stays and it gets back to him it ruin her game. Vanessa says Steve said that it will be unanimous. Shelli says he switched side, he said that when she goes home will she contact his family. Vanessa says they got to him. Steve is close to John. Shelli has to be careful what she says about John around Steve. Personally Vanessa thinks that group is stupid. Vanessa is going to keep doing what she is doing. Austin doesnt like that Clay hasnt gone up to them an apologized. Dont encourage that. Steve knows he is the swing vote. Shelli says Steve is afraid the 3 of them will come back and get him.


1:44pm BBT Shelli says In the convo at 4am Clay tried to do some damage control. Vanessa says she told Steve that Shelli has been nicer to him. Shelli says TY for doing that. Vanessa says she said she would. Shelli says Meg will go the way James wants, so will Jackie. Shelli says she wasnt going to Clay tell everything that Austin says. The strategies for the lies.


1:50pm BBT Clay has joined Vanessa/Shelli in HNR. Vanessa tells him that Steve told her that they told him to make the group (remaining Clelli/Vanessa/Steve/John)Vanessa says she did damage control for them.


1:57pm BBT Out by the pool: Meg talking about a hamburger place (she is saying we/I) she wonders if her work knows she is on BB. It's where she was found. They have gluton free and make your own burgers. James comes out to the pool and they ask if he got anything important. He says all top secret. They want more news, it was cool to get some news. HG are having a beach day, can't you hear the waves...as Jackie kicks in the  pool.


2:03pm BBT In the KT, Shelli is eating, Clay is staring at her and its weirded her out. Steve is frying ham. Shelli says the cam loves Steve right now, he says "Hi Feeds" By the pool Meg asks if James can say anything he says no they will know when they get their questions. James says it was like an Ipad questions. Record and stop the Ipad. Meg yells and asks Steve if they get a letter in Jury, Steve says don't quote him but he thinks they get a censored phone call.

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2:10pm BBT By the pool: they talk about not having enough money to cover rent. Becky says she will be evicted from BBH to find out she was evicted for realz. James says that is the ultimate DE. Jackie and Vanessa live only a few minutes away from each other.


2:15 - 2:30pm BBT Megs tank top blows into the pool, James saves it before it sinks to the bottom, wrings it out and lays it in the sun to dry. Planes keep flying over, they try to guess what kind they are. Austin is lifting wts and Julia says he is the side show between planes. BB calls an IDLD. James jokes that there is a banner.


2:33pm BBT John and Becky talking in CBR. She says that Shelli ratted themselves out to Austin. Becky tells him about the Judas thing, but no body knows if its true. Becky wants to take the person that stays this week and have them openly work with her. In the KT they are guessing how much sodium a pickle has in it. They ask Austin how much sodium they should have he says dont worry about it. Unless you have weird condition like high blood pressure. Drink more water. They should be getting 1/2 gallon a day.

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3:00pm BBT You haven't missed a thing, its been talk about food. BB has been calling them to DR fast and furious, one comes out and they call another one. Shelli doing dishes. LD is over. In CBR John tells James that he is on a year and a half dry spell. James says all kind of random stuff goes on. Steve comes in they call him Sneaky Steve. Steve says he heard him take pics. Steve says he is Sneaky Steve and James is Creepy James....who gets a kiss from Meg if they win HOH?

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3:19pm BBT Austin and Liz feel like they are in a good spot. Ppl are playing it cool because of DE. Austin says the way Clay has been acting he is more for getting rid of him. His vote right now is to evict Clay. At this point Shelli is more manipulable. Liz says what, because he is good looking he gets to stay? noooo


3:23pm BBT Austin says Clay could still be Americas Player, he could have been the odd votes. Liz says Vanessa did that when her arse was on the line, whats to keep her from doing it to us when her arse is on the line again.


3:25pm BBT Julia comes out and says she cleaned the toilet again, Liz goes ewwwww. Julia just can't help herself. Liz tells her that Steve will vote their way, so Clay is gone. Dont say anything to anyone. Liz says her and Austin are going to talk to James about it tonight.

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3:33pm BBT Meg and James come outside by Liz and Austin. They tell James about Clay. Meg says that's Clays strategy is go keep Shelli here. James says Clay has been doing damage control. James says they said do you think Austin is going to be on your team? Meg says they all keep trying to blame others for the Jason thing. Meg says they cant understand that Meg/James are not as mad to Liz/Austin then they are at Shelli/Clay.

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:help:  There are some gaps left in the schedule by our social media updaters..


I could use your help updating this afternoon until 5PM BBT, and tonight from 7-9:00PM and then 11PM until 9AM Wednesday.




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3:43PM BBT: Shelli pulls Steve into the HNR.  She tells him that she has seen him talking to Clay and she knows he is getting caught in the middle.  Steve Clay hasn't ask him for a vote.  Steve tells her that he promises to vote for her.  To which Shellie replies she wants to work with him and says "Stellie (not mispelled) forever.  She tells Steve she doesn't want him to get caught in the middle because her relationship with Clay is important.  They give each other an awkward hug and leave the HNR.  


3:50PM BBT Shelli is sitting on the floor going through her things.  All of sudden she stops and puts her head in her hands and starts to cry.  Most other house guests are lounging around the backyard.  Clay walks in and she cries in his arms.  He says it will be ok and gives her a kiss on the forehead.  He tells her again it will be ok and that it sucks right now.  Shelli leaves to go take a shower.



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4:19 PM BBT Steve is in the pool, while others are lounging.  John and Austin are working out.  Liz freaks out because she realizes that she had a nip slip.  Meg says the camera was on you too!  James and Steve are putting awnings down and James is complaining about missing the nip slip. 


4:45 PM BBT James gets ready to read out a card to the assembled HGs in the LR.  They are hoping it’s about food.  A voice says “Houseguests?  Just one second” and we get FotH.  When feeds come back at 4:51 PM BBT, John and Steve are lounging in the LR.  Meg and James are talking about saving their appetite.  They are talking about chipotle and burritos.

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6:30pm BBT In the backyard Shelli and Clay are in the hammock reminiscing. Meg comes over to chat - Shelli says she is going to miss all this. They talk about hopefully all being friends when this is all over. Van, Austin, Jackie in BR. James watching Becky eat. Yes, that is how quiet they are all right now..

Jackie starts painting her nails, I think they are all waiting for their takeout food party tonight.


Steve makes a comment that the disinfecting wipes in the bathroom are Gluten free

6:41pm Austin is done with his shower.   

6:44pm BBT Shelli and Clay talking about BB takeover. Julie said there would be a twist a takeover every week. Maybe something will happen tomorrow. 

6:47BB "Please raise the outside awnings Clay "I always have to do that. Maybe someone else will come out." Shelli "they cant hear that inside, lets just get this over with. " Clay says he has hypertension and cant stand up fast. BB "Shelli, Clay thankyouverymuch" just like Elvis. it was cute

Shelli asks what Chipotle is. that is their reward for answering questions earlier today.  Shelli wants alcohol. but if we eat alot, the alcohol wont do anything she says

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5:00 PM BBT James is relaxing in the BY when he is called to the DR. 


5:02 PM BBT John is telling Steve and Clay a story in the LR. He tells them he saw an eagle pull a goat off the edge of a cliff by its leg.  They watch James walk past them into the DR.


5:03 PM BBT Steve leans over to look at John and makes the observation that one of John’s nostrils is substantially larger than the other.  John says “Is it?? No!!!” and gets up to check.  John says maybe a little bit.


5:06 PM BBT Austin and Liz are laying cross-wise on the hammock with their feet on the ground and rocking back and forth.  They are silent, listening to the hammock creak.  Austin asks if they are going to get alcohol with their food.


5:10 PM BBT Austin and Liz are quizzing each other with “what came first?” questions.


5:11 PM BBT James is out of DR and Vanessa gets called to DR.  Vanessa complains she was just there ringing the bell and they didn’t open it!


5:12 PM BBT James whispering to Meg and Jackie in the Ocean BR.  James has observed that Clay is spending a lot of time with Steve, and they seem to be counting on Steve.  James tells them that Clay had a talk with Steve at 5 in the morning but it stopped because the twins came out.  James is hoping to find out from Steve what it was about. 


5:20 PM BBT James is standing by the Hammock in the BY talking to Austin and Liz.  They discuss the hashtag for the show and whether they should all consider 17 their lucky number now.  Shelli, Clay and John are in the WA.  Shelli is brushing her teeth, John is washing his hands, Clay is just lounging.


5:30 PM BBT Julia is having a cold shower while Shelli blow-dries her hair in the WA.  James is still chatting to Austin and Liz in the BY.


5:36 PM BBT Austin and Liz are tussling on the hammock.  Austin complains that she is so resistant and she laughs and says it’s fun.  He has his fingers on her lips.  Liz reminds him that he is getting a make-out next week under the conditions set forth.  He needs to win.  Austin discusses the difference between a kiss and a make-out. 


5:54 PM BBT John and James are dangling their feet in the HT and talking about movies. 


5:59 PM BBT James is working out in the BY and complaining there are not enough weights.  James asks John and Austin if they are ready for the feast.  Austin says it’s even sweeter when you’re a Have-Not.  James says they should eat outside.  They could put blankets down and make a picnic.  Austin adds that they should all make out like they did in season 9. 


6:05 PM BBT Jackie and Meg are snoozing in the Ocean BR.  Shelli and Clay are laying down too, but they are awake and talking about going outside.  Clay wonders if its shady.  Shelli says that Liz told her it’s breezy.  Shelli says they need to do laundry so they can pack their bags.  She gets emotional thinking about their two packed suitcases standing together and Clay cuddles close to comfort her.


6:14 PM BBT Austin is still working out in the BY and chatting with Shelli and Clay who are lounging on the hammock.  James is trying to wake Meg and Jackie up.  He is feeling super active.  James tells them that Shelli and Clay are having a date on the hammock so his workout is over.  He complains ...”why does everything have to be so awkward?” 


6:15 PM BBT Liz and Vanessa are whispering in the WA.  Liz tells Vanessa that they were talking to James and Meg earlier who told her that they were leaning towards keeping Clay.  Vanessa asks if anyone has thrown her under the bus.  Liz says that they [James/Meg] didn’t mention Vanessa at all.  Liz thinks they have no idea that Liz and Austin are working with Vanessa.  Double Eviction came up in the discussion Liz had with James and Meg.  James said that Vanessa wanted to talk to him about that.  Liz and Vanessa talk about the need to talk about that tonight.


6:17 PM BBT Liz is concerned that if Shelli would thrown Austin under the bus, then she might do the same to the twins.  Vanessa reassures her that it was because her back was against the wall and Shelli regretted it.  It had nothing to do with the twins at all.  The conversation breaks up when Becky comes into the WA.


6:27 PM BBT Liz and Vanessa are in the WA.  Vanessa is taking a shower.  James and Steve come in and say hi to both girls.  Vanessa remarks how strange it is that she can talk to others while standing in the buff in the shower.  They laugh at how strange it would have been on day 1 but now it doesn’t seem odd at all.  James and Steve go out to hang out in the LR.  Someone calls to James asking about when the feast is.  James replies that it will probably be at about 9 or 10 o’clock.  Steve says he’s going to eat normally because he probably won’t eat Chipotle because it has lots of “stuff” on it, and he doesn’t like “stuff.”  But it’s okay, because he’s not a foodie.


6:32 PM BBT Meg is sitting next to the hammock talking to Clay and Shelli.  Shelli is glad they are having a feast.  Meg feels like it’s a good day.  BB did some stuff for them.  Meg asks how they are doing.  Shelli says “okay” but she is going to miss Clay and others.  Clay says they had a lot of good experiences.  He is philosophical saying that it was going to happen eventually.  It’s just a week too soon.  They feel like it’s been a great group to get to know.  Meg talks about how weird the whole BB experience is and the emotions that you have that you don’t encounter day to day.  Meg says its worse than high school. 


6:38 PM BBT Jackie and James are sitting at the DT.  James is eating something and Jackie is doing her nails.  In the WA. Vanessa is quizzing Steve on how the double eviction works while Austin has a shower.  Vanessa thanks Steve for the information and Steve says “you’re welcome” and then tells Vanessa... “you know what?  These disinfectant wipes [he is holding the container in his hand] are gluten free!” and shows her the label.  Steve tells Austin too and also Liz when she comes out of the WC.  After Liz leaves, Vanessa tells Steve she wants to have a talk with him later because she’s had a bad day. 


6:42 PM BBT Shelli wonders if Meg would be targeted if she was in a showmance.  Are Shelli and Clay targets because of being a showmance or because together they are strong both physically and mentally.  Shelli notes that Meg plays a great social game but she doesn’t win anything.  Shelli brings up Victoria making it to the end of the game by being a pawn on the block every week.  Shelli notes that Meg has been on the block twice and freaked out crying about it.  Shelli thinks that Meg will just float on through.  Clay thinks that whichever of the two of them stays in the house, they will be put up next week. 


6:46 PM BBT BB asks for the awnings to be raised.  Clay and Shelli are the only ones in the back yard and they whine about having to do it, but then they get up and get it over with. 


6:52 PM BBT Meg, Jackie, James, Vanessa and Steve are sitting around the Dining Table talking about high school and college.  Shelli and Clay continue their hammock date in the BY.

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7:00pm BBT Jmac and James come out of storeroom with a huge Chipotle catering box a six pak and 2 bottles of wine. 1 bag says Meg. Clays asks why didnt they ask us what we want...

somebody asks where the Guac is, Jmac says "Guac costs extra"

Meg says they are all going to have burrito baby bellies after this

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7:25pm BBT eating and general chit chat continue. Clay finishes off the bottle of red. Becky is telling a story.

Austin, Liz, and Julia are chowing down on food. no time to talk. 

Shelli starts digging through the lollipops and pulls out an astro pop. No one knows what it is, she says its old school. Becky finishes off the white wine.                                                                                                                                  

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7:38pm BBT Steve holds his cheeck and says he has a toothache "Jonnymac" yells the whole table. Steve says he thinks he is pulling a victoria and it might be his wisdom teeth (maybe if casting started looking at older children to put in the house)  Jmac comes back to the table doesnt look, but everyone starts about thier own tooth stories. All are talking at once about nothing.

7:42pm BBT Meg asks Jmac to open shop up after BB , he has 12 new patients and she doesnt have insurance.

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8:00pm BBT Shelli is asking Clay about his football life. She then says it is sweet to have our alone time, but this is too much. Clay says they just dont want to intrude on our time, but dont worry, we still have the cameras."

Shelli likes and wants a baileys and coffee. Clay says he doesnt drink coffee at night.


Shelli said being a college freshman was the best year of her life

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7:00 PM BBT In the BY, on the hammock, Shelli tells Clay that her closet has to be organized by the type of shirt or clothing. Shelli has a curved tooth on the left side on her top teeth. (Maybe Johnny Mac could take a look at it.) We see FOTH. When we come back to the live feeds Shelli & Clay get called into the house for Chipotle & alcohol.


7:04 PM BBT All the HG's seem to be enjoying the Chipotle. Shelli says, she drops a piece of foil in the red wine.


7:07 PM BBT All of the HG's are eating at the DT family style. The HN's are eating as well. The HG's wish they had music. Julia says, the food is like TexMex. Shelli asks Vanessa if she's digging Eric Church? Vanessa says, yeah, it's relaxing. Vanessa says, she doesn't know country singers, but she really likes country music. (She tells the HG's she's a D.J., I wonder if they caught that.)


7:11 PM BBT Steve doesn't like the food. Austin is going to eat his portion. Steve is eating the tortilla chips.


7:14 PM BBT HG's talk about music. We see FOTH for a few moments. Live feeds come back with them still talking about music, famous people & artists. Becky wants everyone to say what they are thankful for. Steve says, the guac is great! Becky tells him the guac is all his. Steve isn't drinking either. He's only eating the tortilla's & guac. Liz asks if the HN's will be able to eat tomorrow night now? Austin since maybe not since they got this. Jackie says, they won this.


7:17 PM BBT The HG's talk about the comp. They are flabbergasted that Donald Trump's in the lead for the Republican Candidate for President of the United States. They are all wondering when they are going to see things in the mirrors. Vanessa says, she was laying down last night & heard a sneeze behind the walls. Becky says, she went to the CBR last night. She is getting ready to tell us what happened & we see FOTH.


7:20 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Vanessa says, what a way to kill a conversation. Steve wonders if Chipotle is considered Mexican food. Becky talks about actually eating in Mexico. She says, it tastes different than anything she's eaten in America. Becky asks if anyone has been to Mexico City? Jackie says, she has, & she gets chills every time she thinks about Mexico City. She says, she had a really bad performance out there.


7:22 PM BBT Becky says, she went with a church youth group & got really sick there from the water. She says, she was really careful. She says, there was a group of 50 people, & 33 of them got sick, with 2 hospitalized. Becky says, everything they do in America to protect themselves against things, isn't the way it is there. Meg says, it's all the same germs in the house. She says, they may all get sick when they leave the show. Jackie says, she got sick after TAR, & was throwing up for 2 days.


7:24 PM BBT Jackie says, there were snakes in the water in Thailand. She says, she had to take Malaria medicine & other medicine's. She says, some people got sick when they finished in Peru, & they had to stay away from them. Jackie says, the wake parks are some of the dirtiest waters ever. She says, it was like swamp water. She says, there was only two of them that did it. Becky says, she was in Mexico for 20 days, & it took 2 days to recover from it.


7:26 PM BBT Shelli says, she has to say that she doesn't eat, but she's a fan. Jackie tells HG's they have 1 1/2 hours to eat. Austin says, do they have 1 1/2 hours to eat whatever they want in the house? HG's say no in unison. Liz asks if they get dessert? Austin says, yeah, where's dessert? Shelli points to the candy on the glass table, & tells Austin, there's dessert, Austin. She laughs.


7:28 PM BBT Becky asks if anyone remembers the candy cigarettes? They do. They talk about Tootsie Roll pops & Charms Blow Pops. They try to remember the alcohol sayings...Beer before liquor, never been sicker & Alcohol before beer, you're in the clear. Meg doesn't like it when people talk about the tannin's that are in wine. Becky talks about red wine having more tannin's in it. Meg says, a friend of hers has a wine vineyard.


7:31 PM BBT John says, they drink the wine & spit it back out, & that's what doesn't make sense. Meg says, when she works people asks her about pairing the wines, & they make stuff up to tell the people. She says, the customer's tell her she's so right. Meg says, she just got fired right now. Austin says, right now? Meg laughs.


7:32 PM BBT All of the HG's make the noise they make, the quick Hmm noise. Jackie says, it's scary that she's not at home to pay her bills, but she wrote the checks out. Vanessa says, she was freaking out about not remembering her phone password. Vanessa told Jackie yesterday she has the iPhone 6. Jackie told her that she can use her finger print. Austin reminds Vanessa they they have to put the code in when they turn the iPhone 6 back on.


7:35 PM BBT Austin tells the HG's he's 6'5". James says, there are people his height in the NBA. Austin says, his dad is 6'3" & his mom is 5'3". James talks about Yao Ming being really tall. Steve says, Gina Marie probably had the same problem with forgetting her phone password. Jackie tells Vanessa not to stress to hard. Meg says, every one of her friends knows her passwords for things.


7:38 PM BBT Steve thinks his wisdom teeth might be coming in on the bottom. He says, he might be pulling a Victoria. Meg says, she has a wisdom tooth bothering her. Becky says, when her wisdom teeth grew in they messed up the rest of her teeth. Shelli talks about the ice pack that wraps around your face that she had when they pulled her wisdom teeth. She says, she had huge holes in her mouth afterwards. Meg talks about dry socket. John says, that happens when you smoke. He says, it happens all the time.


7:40 PM BBT John says, there's no way to do anything about it, except that he can stuff some seaweed packing in it to make it feel better. Becky says, she would go on the show, but she's always in the dentist, so she told them to have a dentist on stand-by. She says, her job thought that she was lying. She says, now they have a dental room & a dentist. Meg tells John to have an open shop after this, because she doesn't have dental insurance.


7:43 PM BBT Vanessa says, she chipped a tooth from taking a staple out with her teeth. She says, she's never had a cavity. Vanessa says, she chipped it again with a bobby pin. She says, the first time was 6 years ago, & the second time was 3 years ago. Meg says, she's never talked about teeth so much, as she has being in this house. John asks Steve if they looked at his mouth yet? Steve says, no.


7:44 PM BBT James tells everyone that people can open a beer with their eye. John goes to the BY. Liz is in the KT. Meg gets up from the table, Austin gets up as well. John comes back inside. Meg goes to the BY. James goes in the KT now. Julia gets up from the DT. She takes her plate to the KT to throw her trash away. James goes to the BY. Jackie, Becky, Shelli, Clay & Steve are the only ones still at the DT. Becky gets up to take Jackie some wine. Steve, Clay & Shelli all get up from the DT. Clay goes to the BY.


7:47 PM BBT Julia is singing as she washes her plate off at the sink. In the BY, Meg is taking her laundry out of the washer. Steve says, he thinks he'll be seeing someone tomorrow. Meg tells James her underwear has to dry, so she has to leave them out. James says, underwear says a lot about people. James says, granny panties are not good, so she must be fun. Meg goes in the house & tells everyone James is checking out her underwear & it's weird. James says, she has these hot pink, & he goes in the house.


7:50 PM BBT John tells Steve that everyone has a different tolerance for pain. He says, Steve's wisdom teeth should be able to be popped out in about 3 or 4 minutes. John says, he would be sedated, but he would still be breathing on his own. Steve says, so he would be sleeping? John says, yes. John says, if he went to his office he would numb him & take them out. He says, they send him to an oral surgeon if they want to be sedated.


7:52 PM BBT Vanessa asks Shelli if the one beer affected her like it affected her? She tells Shelli she hasn't drank in over a week. She says, she's drinking her wine now. Steve says, he's hoping this will be an easy solve, no matter what it is, as he's laying on the double lounger talking to John.


7:53 PM BBBT John tells Vanessa he was pretty buzzed after the wine from the Veto. He says, he feels kind of good after the beer, but not really. Steve has a silver star in his hands, & says, star fish. Vanessa says, Si (Yes in Spanish.) Shelli goes by Clay in the hammock. Clay says, he doesn't want to be secluded though. Shelli tells Clay they're in a tough spot though. Clay says, what if someone takes the hammock? Shelli says, at least they will have a spot. Clay says, he kind of wants Steve's spot. Shelli & Clay go to the round lounger.


7:56 PM Shelli is being over-dramatic & says, it's soo nice outside right now. She tells Clay she is so full right now, & is definitely feeling something from the wine. Clay says, it's hard for him to feel anything from beer. Shelli asks why he didn't get wine? Clay says, he did. He says, he got 2 beers & some wine. Shelli says, she wishes they had some Bailey's. She wants some Bailey's with coffee. Clay says, he's never had that before. He says, he never drank coffee at night before. Shelli says, it's because they drink coffee around the clock there.


7:59 PM BBT Shelli talks to Clay about his football. Shelli says, it's sweet for them to have them time alone, but seriously? She says, they are all ignoring them. Clay says, they probably don't want to seem like they are intruding on them. Clay says, all the cameras are on them anyways. Clay says, his grandmother drinks wine, Bailey's, beer & other stuff. Shelli says, she never drinks anything win Gin in it. Clay says, Mojitos have Gin in them. Shelli says, she can drink those. She said she won't get Gin at the liquor store. She likes Bourbon. She likes Jack. It reminds her of college during football season.


8:02 PM BBT Shelli talks about tailgating. Clay says, the nights after home football games was the best. They talk about the drinks they had. Clay says, he likes Whiskey with a splash of coke. At the DT, Meg, Becky, Vanessa, James, Jackie & Julia are all sitting there. Steve is using the hula hoop & he puts it over Meg. He continues playing with the hula hoop, spinning it on the floor.


8:04 PM BBT James talks about a restraining order on a season with Jessie & Danielle. Becky & Steve both say there was no season with them on it. Vanessa figures it out, & it was Shane with Danielle. James says, o.k. James says, Frank was a good guy, & everyone beat up on him. Meg wonders where all the cameras are right now.


8:07 PM BBT HG's at the DT talk about Team America failing missions last year. James says, it would be easy to get a fight started by going brass tacks on somebody. Becky wants to know where Brass tacks started? Austin is sitting at the glass table with Liz, & he says, he started it. They talk about Zach starting Fruit loop dingus last year. Meg says, it was funny when Zach told Christine to look up floater in the dictionary, & it was here. Meg says, they tried that with the poem.


8:10 PM BBT Meg says, she wants to chop her hair off, because it's so long. James tells her to stop, because that's all she has going for her. Meg asks if they finished the beer? James tells Meg she can have one of his from upstairs. James burps in his microphone. Meg asks James if it's in his fridge upstairs? James says, no, it's in his booty hole, & she has to get it. Meg says, she hates him. James says, of course it's in the fridge. HG's talk about wanting to meet Zach Rance. Julia & Vanessa talk about the schools they went to.


8:12 PM BBT James calls Meg a Fruit loop. Meg comes down with a beer from upstairs. James opens it with his forearm. Liz hits Julia in the arm. Meg wants to go outside. They want to put their feet in the jacuzzi. James says, they can put all of them in there, even the third one. Meg goes to the BY, followed by James. Julia is copying Liz. HG's go to the BY, leaving Jackie at the DT. We have 3 camera views on the cameras right now for a moment.


8:16 PM BBT James tells everyone that they've had the chlorine out of the jacuzzi all day. He puts it back in there. James talks about how big your stomach is. He shows them when you put your two fists together, that's how big your brain is. Becky tells HG's they can eat her burrito because she doesn't like it. Meg says, she's going to thank them in the DR, because they thought of her. James says, her name was on hers. Becky talks about the questions she had to answer when she got there at 2:30 a.m.


8:19 PM BBT James says, he has to go to the bathroom. He says, he doesn't want to go, though because he doesn't want to break the seal. He says, if he does then he will have to go every 6 seconds. Meg tells James he has 2 more beers upstairs. James says, he has to kill them tonight then. Becky says, his face isn't red or anything. James says, that's because he ate first. Meg is drinking a beer. Austin, Becky, James & Meg are sitting by the jacuzzi. Shelli & Clay are still on the round lounger. Shelli is giggling & being very loud, so you can hear her across the BY. No one is acknowledging her though.


8:22 PM BBT James says, Meg is so shy on camera, he can't wait to jury house because of no cameras. Becky says, it would be weird if someone can come back in after going to jury. Meg wonders if someone pre-jury will come back, then she changes it to jury. They talk about what could happen this year.


8:24 PM BBT Austin says, there may be a power to rewind a week, or bring someone back. Becky says, everyone will do it. Austin says, he doesn't know, because he might be in a good place. Austin says, it's never good for the HOH. James says, no, Ian got Christmas. We see FOTH.


8:26 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Becky asks James if she can split a beer with him? James tells her to go & get a full beer. Becky goes inside. The camera view goes to the OBR. Vanessa tells Liz & Julia she wishes her sister was there, because the game is so hard. Vanessa tells Julia she alsways gets the weird guy leftovers. Liz says, Austin will come to find her in about 5 seconds, he's obsessed. Vanessa asks Liz where's she's at? Liz says, what do you mean? Vanessa starts to talk, & Austin comes in the OBR. Austin asks why they are scampering? Austin says, James is drunk, & he's a small guy. Vanessa says, the Clelli thing is weighing really heavy on her. She says, imagine falling in love with someone, & you have to campaign against them.


8:29 PM BBT Vanessa has Austin go closer to them. She says, she was in the HNR taking a nap. Vanessa says, she heard James talking about not wanting to go after Austin & the twins. Vanessa thinks James wants Clay in the house, because he will go after them. Austin thinks Austin won't go after them. Vanessa says, no one will probably go after them for a while. Austin asks if Vanessa is a floater? Austin says, he wants everyone to start worrying about Johnny Mac, & go after him. Vanessa asks if Austin planted the seed for Clay to go yet? Austin says, he did & James will not budge. He says, he wants Shelli out. Austin says, he needs to stage a fight or something, because he can't vote for him.


8:32 PM BBT Austin thinks that everyone will still want Shelli out, & they will forget it if they send Clay out. (He needs to realize, they will go after him for that.) Vanessa says, she has to be honest with them. She says, it's very scary for her to work with them, because she needs to know they are really being loyal. Vanessa wants to get to the final 4 with them. Jackie comes around the corner. She walks through the OBR & goes to the HNR.


8:34 PM BBT Vanessa goes in the HNR & tells Jackie that they need to make a deal for double eviction. Vanessa says, they all have to agree. She says, they need to get the other Clelli out with someone else. Vanessa wants Jackie to keep that between them. Vanessa says, she thinks Austin & the twins are down with her. She says, it needs to be them with James & Meg. Jackie says, cool. They leave the HNR.


8:36 PM BBT Vanessa & Steve go to the WA. Steve goes in the WC. Vanessa looks under both sides of the sink for something. She leaves the doors partially opened. The camera view goes to the OBR. Austin tells the twins that they are in a good spot right now. He says, they need to not do anything to p*ss anyone off. He says, they need to get Clay out. Julia says, Shelli was doing her hair in the WA today, & Clay was laying there watching her. Julia says, she wanted him to go because he's a creep. Julia asks where Vanessa went? Liz says, she doesn't know.


8:40 PM BBT Austin says, it's a game changer, because no one wants to lose 3 jury votes. (Why can't they vote for themselves?) In the HOHR, Jackie tells James that Vanessa just went up to her saying that they need to get a group together right now for double eviction. Jackie says, Vanessa says, that they need to get the other Clelli out & a floater. James says, Austin said the same thing. Jackie says, she said to keep it quiet. James says, when Vanessa puts a group together it's never solid. James says, to roll with it this week to get through double eviction.


8:42 PM BBT Jackie says, Vanessa is flipping on Clelli already. They talk about the possibility of nom's next week. Jackie says, the last thing she needs is for Vanessa to win HOH, & flip it. Jackie says, Vanessa is so adamant about the meeting tonight. James says, no one thought that Shelli & Clay would be put on the block together anyway. Jackie says, no one had the balls. James says, they had to make a big, big move. They both think Clay is staying, & may win HOH.


8:44 PM BBT James says, it was a big risk to put both Clay & Shelli up. He goes through all of the what if's that could have happened. He says, they didn't win the Veto, & they are both on the block. James says, they get to use who they want out. Jackie says, Austin & the twins are leaning on voting Clay out. Jackie says, she told Meg it's not their decision. James says, he saved their a**es last week. Jackie says, they wouldn't do it.


8:46 PM BBT Jackie says, Vanessa got all weird when she crept up on them in the OBR. James says, it was weird when they were all outside by the jacuzzi also. He says, they all scattered, & that was sketchy. James says, he watched them through the glass sliding door for about 15 seconds before he went to the BY. Jackie says, they need to talk to them tonight to get a read on it. James says, he doesn't think they will double cross them this week. He says, maybe next week. James says, you will have to change things eventually when it gets down to final 6 or 8.


8:49 PM BBT James says, it's still to early to throw grenades at each other. Jackie says, they need to have the group meeting to see what's going on. James says, Clay seems to want to go after Austin. In the BY, Shelli tells Steve he has a square strong jawline, & strong eyebrows. Back in the HOHR, James & Jackie are still talking about strategy.


8:51 PM BBT James says, Clay may want to change things up & go after Austin to break that group up. James says, he's willing to take a gamble that Clay won't go after them. He says, if they try to be friendly with him this whole time when Shelli gets evicted he will see black. James says, it's not going to matter if they hang out with him for a day or not. He says, it's a lost cause, & Clay will be a stray dog running around the streets.


8:52 PM BBT Meg & Becky go to the HOHR. Becky goes to the HOHR WA. Becky tells them that Shelli & Clay were wondering why everyone was so silent to them. Becky says, her & Meg want to go out in New York. James says, it doesn't matter because one of them is going home anyway. Meg blamed Austin. James says, to pin things on Austin, so Clay goes after him. Jackie says, no wonder they want Clay to go.


8:54 PM BBT Becky has FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). She has Jackie wait to say anything until she gets back. Jackie tells them how it got quiet in the OBR really quickly. She says, she walked really fast & ambushed them & everyone stopped really quick. She says, she went in the HNR. She says, Vanessa cornered her in the HNR.


8:55 PM BBT Jackie says, she was covering her a**. Meg says, maybe they can tell Austin & the twins that Vanessa is a floater to. James says, she's won 2 HOH's, she's not a floater. Meg says, if she wins HOH, she will have a really hard time taking out Clay, because she's more scared of Vanessa than Clay. James asks why? Jackie says, it's a game move.


8:57 PM BBT Jackie gets called to the DR. Meg thinks they are going to yell at Jackie, because she hasn't been wearing her armor. Becky says, Clay is on defensive survival not attack. Jackie dropped her microphone on the floor while trying to get her costume on. James says, if Clay wins HOH one of them is gone. Becky says, with Austin & the twins they may have at least 2 votes in jury & then go to jury to get others to vote their way. Meg doesn't believe with Austin & the twins that they will all be safe.


8:59 PM BBT James says, if it feels like a big move then you have to make it. James says, if you are going to take out one, you take the one with the smartest mind. Meg says, Austin. Meg tells no one to say anything. Becky says, no, no, no. (She will tell.) Meg says, she will put up Austin & Steve. She says, if someone uses the POV, she would put up Vanessa. She says, they can get the votes & take out Austin, because they would have the votes in their favor. James says, then Liz & Julia could get p*ssed off at her as well. Meg says, she can say she put up Steve. Jackie comes back & says it was a reminder to wear her armor.


9:03 PM BBT Meg says, her struggle is do they really trust that side enough to go after floaters, or do they just start attacking them. Becky says, they need to win HOH first. Meg says, they may have double eviction. Becky says, you're right. James says, if they get past the first one, he can play in the next one. Jackie says, she doesn't think double eviction is this Thursday.


9:04 PM BBT The HOHR conversation is about Austin & the twins playing defense up to this week to protect the secret. Becky says, now they are playing offensively. Meg says, game wise Austin should go more. She says, the loyalty with the twins will be less for Vanessa with Austin gone. Meg says, they are going to have this meeting. She says, she doesn't want to get blind-sided like before with Jason. Jackie says, if she gets HOH Vanessa is going up & she's going home, & she will take that heat. She says, she will be loyal to anything else.


9:07 PM BBT Becky says, she has reasoning that she's keeping to herself. They tell her to spill because they are. Becky says, Vanessa screwed her over. Becky says, she liked Jason a lot, & she was talking game with him a lot. James says, Jason told them that. Becky says, she doesn't think Vanessa knew that. Becky says, she was really starting to trust him & she put a lot in him. Becky says, she was at the mercy of Vanessa. She says, she had to close her mouth, & it was a really hard week. Meg & Jackie say, she did it twice now with Jeff & Jason.


9:09 PM BBT Meg says, Vanessa is clear that she's playing this game solo. Meg says, they have to keep Clay. Becky says, she doesn't know what they are doing. Meg says, all they need is Johnny Mac or Steve. James says, they have the twins. Meg says, you don't know that, because they were talking outside with how skeptical they are about Clay. Meg says, Shelli will go to Vanessa & the twins. Jackie says, she's gone. James says, she's gone. James says, he will go to the twins & tell them she needs to go. Meg & Jackie are really set that they can not keep Shelli.


9:11 PM BBT Jackie says, if they have this meeting they need to be told they need to vote Shelli out. James says, that's the first thing. Jackie says, if they change the votes, they will know who it is. Meg says, Clay has asked Johnny Mac to vote for Shelli. Becky says, Clay is playing the Romeo. Meg says, that's what scares her about Johnny Mac. Meg asks James if he's talked to Steve? Becky wants to know where Steve stands. Jackie says, they are playing the same with Steve that they are with Johnny Mac. Meg & James think Steve is more on their side.


9:13 PM BBT James says, Clay & Shelli wanted to get Steve out. James says, Steve knows they are calling him a floater. Becky says, Steve came to talk to her & she was sleeping, so he told her he would come back later. Meg says, Steve wasn't talking game with her. James says, Steve told him that Clay went to talk to him & said that Clay told him what James said wasn't true. Steve says, Clay never went into detail about anything, so he knows Clay is lying.


9:15 PM BBT Meg says, she wants to talk to Shelli & Clay on a personal level. Meg says, they need to get the anger switched to Austin & the twins. Meg says, there's a sense of some weird thing with Austin & the twins that this could all end up on Clay & Shelli being more angry with Austin & the twins then them.


9:17 PM BBT They thinks Shelli & Clay are blinded by love. James says, one of them will be in the game, & there game still has to go on. James says, when Shelli leaves, Clay needs to understand that they got caught & turned his back on them, that's why they went up. James says, they had an understanding. Becky says, she wasn't with them at any point, except when they saved her.


9:18 PM BBT Meg says, they were approached by Shelli & Clay about a 4 person alliance to the final 4. Becky says, they have made alliances with everyone. James says, Shelli & Clay were talking to Jason a lot. Becky is surprised by that fact. Becky wants to know what's going on with Austin & the twins. Becky says, she didn't get into any of it, & didn't talk to Austin & the twins until she was on the block.


9:20 PM BBT Meg asks who Vanessa wants to meet with? Jackie says, the 8. Meg says, that's stupid because all they will get out are Johnny Mac, Steve & Clay. Meg says, that's dumb. She says, she will sit in the meeting, but she sent 2 of their good friends home, so bye. Meg says, it's p*ssing her off that Vanessa is doing this. James says, he made a deal with her. Becky says, she makes deals with everyone for them not to put her up. Becky says, she makes deals after everything.


9:22 PM BBT They agree if you put Vanessa up against anyone she will go home. Meg says, Steve will keep winning & will take them all out. Becky asks who they think the most immediate target is? Meg says, Vanessa & Austin. Jackie says, Vanessa & Clay. Becky says, to keep that there. James says, Vanessa. Becky never answers the question. Becky says, they will keep that to themselves, because she'll win. James says, Vanessa will win an HOH before Austin. James says, Liz will win an HOH before Austin also.


9:24 PM BBT Steve gets called to the DR. Meg says, she wants to take out Austin. Meg tells Becky she needs to bow chicka wow wow with John. Becky says, she's not going to bow chicka wow wow with him. Meg keeps telling Becky to bow chick wow wow with John. James tells Becky to get in the bed with him & cuddle with him. They agree that Steve is wishy washy. James says, don't let Johnny Mac slip through the cracks. Meg says, if someone wins the game it's Johnny Mac, she predicts it. James says, Johnny Mac will kick all of their a**es.


9:26 PM BBT Becky says, she doesn't know everything Johnny Mac is thinking, but she doesn't think he's with the twins. Meg is chomping on food in her microphone, & talking with food in her mouth. Meg says, Vanessa is a double eviction for sure. Becky says, whenever you take out a strong social player, they will control the jury. Austin comes to the HOHR & breaks up their conversation.


9:28 PM BBT Austin says, he just walked in on Johnny Mac, Shelli & Clay talking. Austin says, Johnny Mac really likes them, & he was really upset when they went on the block. Meg says, he's finding out things he never knew about them. Meg wants to know what they are doing right now? Austin says, they are rallying people to save them. Austin says, he's worried that Clay will go after him, that's the worried. Meg says, Shelli is walking around like Princess America talking to everyone. James tells Austin they really need to get Shelli out this week. James says, they all need to be on board with this. Austin says, he & the twins are. (But, they're not.)


9:30 PM BBT Austin tells them he's pissed that Clay will come after him. James wants to know where he heard this? Austin says, it scares him. Meg says, Shelli has the same game plan, & he's totally underestimating Shelli. Meg says, Shelli has been the HOH, & she does all the talking with Clay just agreeing. Austin says, what do they do if Julie comes on this week & says it's a surprise double eviction? James says, they need to get Shelli out & make sure Clay doesn't win. James says, a girl may win it.


9:33 PM BBT Austin says, this may be the comp where you look through the balls for the Veto. Becky says, a lot of people can be good with that.  Austin asks if you backdoor Clay? Austin says, do you put up Johnny Mac & Steve? James says, Johnny Mac may try to go after them. Austin says, Johnny Mac told Austin that he & Liz are the next targets, so they better win. James asks if that came from Clelli? Austin thought it came from them upstairs.


9:35 PM BBT Austin says, everything you say to Johnny Mac, he goes back & tells Clelli. Becky asks where Steve? She says, she would rather take a ball of Clay (not really Clay), someone that will listen further on, then someone who is going no where. Austin asks why Steve isn't winning HOH's? Meg says, she's been trying & hasn't won any yet. Jackie says, Steve is 22 & he's been living under a rock, & he can't win in stressful situations. Meg says, there's a point he will start winning with the BB stuff.


9:37 PM BBT Austin says, they've been reset to Season 4 week 1. He says, it's 12 people in there, not 6, even though it feels that way. Jackie says, "I know, right." Austin wants to know how they pick the Veto players for double eviction.


9:39 PM BBT Austin says, what if Johnny Mac wins the Veto & saves Clay? Jackie says, you have to put both Clay & Johnny Mac on the block together. Austin says, worst case scenario, he accidentally goes home. Austin says, he's hoping they are going to take people off for going to jury to make it less people. Austin says, they need to be on the same page for this week since it will be quick if it's double eviction, & you can't talk about it. He says, he wants to sleep well on Wednesday.


9:42 PM BBT They talk about the Brigade working. They talk about Pandora's Box, & not taking it. Becky says, the button was funny. Austin says, if anyone in the house can push a button, James will push it, even if everyone agrees not to touch it. Becky says, she can listen to some Darius Rucker. Austin says, the twins & Vanessa were going to have girl talk so he left. Meg says, there's Steve in his blue hoodie again, with his swim suit. She says, he drinks so much milk, his bones are probably very strong. Jackie says, he is strong, he may just not know how to use it.


9:45 PM BBT Meg asks if things will blow up with everyone? Becky says, it's the weirdest week so far. Vanessa goes to the HOHR. Vanessa asks if they are talking about game? Meg says, not at the moment, they were talking about Steve. James keeps falling asleep. (Unless he's pretending.) Vanessa asks if they want to all get on the same page for double eviction? They all say, yes.


9:48 PM BBT Vanessa says, instead of naming a target & making it awkward for them. She gets cut off. Meg & James says, they need to name names. James says, he wants to see the other Clelli go. Jackie says, or someone that was close to him that let them down. Vanessa asks if she will be a target for them? Meg says, yes. Vanessa says, she's a game player to the end, & she's friends with them, it's no secret. James says, they're damaged goods right now. Meg says jokingly, she hates James.


9:50 PM BBT Vanessa says, she's going to make a deal so none of them put each other on the block. James says, if someone puts Clay on the block, they will have to put Johnny Mac up there also, because they are close, unless you want to backdoor Clay. Austin says, you could put someone else up as a pawn. Vanessa asks if they are all giving their word? Everyone agrees. Vanessa says, the twins aren't in there, but they need to know.


9:52 PM BBT Jackie says, they all need to stick together for everything to work. James goes in the hallway upstairs & calls for Liz & Julia. He says, "Awe, shit." He goes downstairs to get them. He tells Liz to go upstairs. She says, o.k. James goes back to the HOHR, & says, the twins are on their way. Meg asks if Johnny Mac is coming up there? Meg says, he will win this game. Jackie says, he should win the game if they let him. Everyone in the HOHR are watching the TV. They say Steve is watching what the twins are doing.


9:56 PM BBT Julia & Liz go to the HOHR. The HG's tell them they watched it all on the TV. James says, Johnny Mac never goes to the HOHR. Meg asks the twins if they will be on the same page for this week? They agree not to put any of them up or backdoor any of them. Jackie says, the remaining Clelli member needs to be Clay. Meg asks Vanessa which one she thinks? Vanessa says, she's equally close to both. She says, Shelli has a better shot to win. She says, they can take her out or leave her there to be the bigger target.


10:00 PM BBT Vanessa tells them that Clay personally went up to her & asked him to vote him out, over Shelli. Meg says, that's an easy out. Vanessa says, Clay asked her right after the Veto. Austin says, since then, Clay hasn't said a word. Meg says, that doesn't sit well with her. James asks why Shelli would let him do that? Vanessa says, she may not feel the need to get in the middle of it. James says, if Shelli wants to be there to try to win, send her home this week, & because Clay wants to go, send him home next week.


10:02 PM BBT Austin says, Shelli looks like she's going to kill him. Meg says, she's a girl. Austin says, girls can scare him. Meg says, she a feminist, & if she gave Austin death stares, that would scare her. James says, game wise, Shelli is a bigger player in the game. The twins want to know if they will go for Clay on double eviction. Austin tells them they need to put Clay & Johnny Mac both on the block, because they will pull one of them down. Austin says, potentially putting Steve up as a replacement nom. Meg says, she's scared what's going to happen tomorrow night. Austin says, they play bowling for 12 hours.


10:04 PM BBT Jackie says, first, they need to agree on the votes. Vanessa says, she has to vote to keep Shelli because she promised Clay. James says, then let her be the one vote, but they need 5 votes. The rest agree to vote Shelli out. Becky says, they are planning for the double eviction for this week, but she doesn't think that it will be this week.


10:05 PM BBT Austin says, they need to reason with one of the Clelli's for the double eviction. Meg says, they are all screwed if one of them are HOH. Vanessa tells everyone that they should be able to vote how they want to because they have to do what's best for their game, & she's a believer in fairness. (REALLY? That's why she MADE everyone vote for who she wanted out?) Meg says, they are playing together as one player. Vanessa says, she thinks that they both has different games. Vanessa says, to vote for the one that will less likely put them on the block. Meg & James say, they will put the same people up.


10:08 PM BBT Liz says, she doesn't have a close relationship with Clay. Vanessa wants to be the one person that votes to keep Shelli. Meg says, no one will question it. Austin says, he wishes Clay wouldn't communicate with him, & not act like a child. Meg says, Wednesday night may change things. She says, she's getting this from the past week. Jackie asks if Shelli stays in the house, will Vanessa put her up the next week? Vanessa says, she will, because she gave her word. Austin says, Clay may go rogue next week & do whatever he wants. Meg says, Austin is so wrong about that, it's not even funny. She says, she's more afraid of people that don't say what they are thinking.


10:11 PM BBT James says, he has to go back to Biblical terms. He says, there's nothing more wrathful than a scornful of a woman. James says, she's going to be scornful, but will be strategic about it. The woman will smile & backdoor them. James says, when a woman gets p*ssed off, they are out for blood & guts. Vanessa says, she knows from having dated women. James says, he did everything to make sure they stayed on the block so no one else could be put up. James says, you have to think of who will win HOH. Vanessa says, or POV, which will be the ball one. Meg says, you don't know that for sure. Meg says, they need to phone a friend & call Jason. James says, Johnny Mac or Becky could win. Austin says, Meg could win. James says, no, no, no. Everyone laughs. Meg says, she can't wait to win.


10:13 PM BBT Meg says, the ball thing is luck. She says, sometimes there's BB speculation that there are extra ducks in there. She said earlier that Donny won that one. Liz wants to know what the plan for the double eviction is. They tell her to put up Johnny Mac & Clay with Steve as a pawn nom if one comes down from the block. Vanessa says, not to take the conversation out of the room. They will say they were talking about drinking & wanted to give Shelli & Clay their alone time.


10:16 PM BBT James wants to know if everyone in the room has an idea of which way they are voting tomorrow, then he changed it to Thursday. Jackie says, "Wait a minute, you played for Shelli to go home." James says, Clay did all the agreeing, & Shelli did all the talking. Austin says, he just wants to talk about it, because he's getting thrown through the mud. James says, he knew this would be a risk putting them both up. He says, if Shelli stays, the 11% will go up if Shelli wins. James says, if Clay wins HOH with A & B questions then he deserves to go home. Vanessa says, she doesn't understand why he's more threatened with Shelli? James says, he's beat Clay 3 times already, & Shelli keeps winning & backs it up.


10:18 PM BBT James says, if Shelli comes up there & tells him he's going home next week, his a** would be a little more puckered than it would be if Clay told him that. James says, it comes down to who is capable of winning HOH's at the end of the day. He says, Clay may win one eventually, but statistically Shelli will win at least another one this season.


10:20 PM BBT Austin says, he really wants to see what happens tomorrow. James thinks tomorrow is eviction. They tell him he's a day ahead. Liz says, tomorrow will tell everything. Jackie says, it shouldn't matter what happens tomorrow. They just need to vote Shelli out. Meg talks about what they were willing to do with backs against the wall, & wonder what they will do again. Meg says, going into tomorrow, she believed a lot of it, & it didn't sway their vote & what they thought of it. James says, he told Austin that.


10:22 PM BBT Meg & James says, Shelli was the one upstairs telling everything & Clay was just agreeing with everything & shaking his leg. Austin says, he doesn't care either way, & they don't want to gamble it the next week with the other one winning HOH. Meg says, it's always a gamble in the game. James says, sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit. James says, in the words of Donald Trump. Meg says, what's going on with this world? Austin says, Ian Ziering will be his running mate. Austin sings a song form The Apprentice that was on You Tube. We see FOTH. He sings it again, & we see FOTH again.


10:25 PM BBT They talk about Austin meeting Liam from The Bold & The Beautiful. Austin says, they will hang out after this. Liz says, what if there's not a double eviction next week? Austin says, it stays the same, they just get the whole week to do it. In the BY, on the double recliner, Clay & Shelli are kissing each other intently. Clay is rubbing her, & they keep on kissing. Liz goes to the BY. Clay says, really? He thinks it's Julia, but it's Liz, because she has her headband on. Clay & Shelli are really excited. Clay says, seriously, 6 weeks. Clay kisses her cheek, & she kisses his back. Clay says, thanks. Shelli asks if she saw them? Clay says, she had to.


10:31 PM BBT Clay says, now everyone runs outside. Clay & Shelli wonder what they are whispering about? Clay says, it's good to stay out of all that. Back in the HOHR, Austin is still up there with james, Becky, Meg & Jackie. The camera view gets changed to Liz & Julia by the jacuzzi. Julia tells Liz that her antenna is not the same as hers. Liz says, Julia probably has Jace' & he probably broke it.


10:34 PM BBT Shelli talks about how sweet Steve is. Clay says, he hopes that Steve wins the double eviction & puts James up. Shelli says, James probably tried to make some deal with everybody. Clay says, that doesn't mean sh*t. Shelli wants to know what kind of game Liz & Julia are playing right now? She says, they are probably talking about Austin, because they wouldn't talk about them with them outside. Clay asks Shelli why they just stopped there? Clay says, he can't just stop there. Shelli says, they should have kissed a long time ago, it would have been a lot more fun. Clay says, no more cheek kisses in the morning now.


10:37 PM BBT Shelli asks Clay if he can tell the twins apart yet? Clay says, if he looks at them. Shelli points them out from the back, & calls Julia's name. Julia turns around, & Shelli was right. Julia asks Liz if she put baby powder in her hair because it's white? Liz says, she did because it was greasy. Julia tells her she should have used dry shampoo. Liz says, she doesn't have dry shampoo. All cameras go to Shelli & Clay. We see FOTH.


10:39 PM BBT Vanessa goes to the CRL. She tells Steve & John that there was no game talk upstairs. Vanessa tells them it seemed like a natural transition when she walked in. She says, it seemed like a bunch of drunk people talking about hot girls. Steve asks who the hot girl is that's not into guys? Vanessa says, he just openly flirted with her. Vanessa asks why Steve is into lesbian girls? Steve says, he liked one girl, & she came out of the closet after they dated. Becky goes in the CRL & says, she can see girls in the arts programs being like that. She leaves the CRL.


10:41 PM BBT Steve asks Vanessa why she's not 3-waying with her? Vanessa says, ear muffs. Steve says, says the Vegas D.J. Vanessa says, she's a good girl though. Vanessa jokingly says, she's mortified. Steve asks John if he's made out with a guy? John says, no. Steve asks if he made it up? John says, yes. Steve says, he was next to him & he was mortified when they said that. Steve says, being in the fraternity they always acted like they were gay with each other.


10:44 PM BBT Vanessa tells James that he's an honest guy. She says, it's hard when a guy cries to  her & asks that they don't make it unanimous to vote her out, it made her cry. She says, she doesn't see what the harm is in it. James says, there's no harm in it.


10:45 PM BBT James tells Vanessa to do what she wants to do. Jackie says, he promised to, but she wants her to go. Vanessa says, everyone has to go at sometime, but she still wants to vote that way. Jackie asks Vanessa if it would be easier for her to vote Shelli out now, because how would she put her up, if she's sticking to her word to put her & Johnny Mac up? Vanessa says, that's a good point.


10:47 PM BBT Vanessa says, she has to look out for her game. She says, Shelli did not include her in her plan when she was falling off the wall. Vanessa says, she is going to stick with the plan for next week, she says, that would be retarded. She apologizes for using that word. She says, if she doesn't stick to the double eviction plan, then that wouldn't be good for her game. Vanessa says, if the vote is unanimous she will just have to watch the show.


10:49 PM BBT James tells Vanessa that Shelli did throw her under the bus at the Veto meeting, but she did apologize for it. James says, Vanessa has to vote how she wants. James says, in his personal opinion, Shelli doesn't deserve to go out with no votes. Vanessa says, that's the weirdest situation that the person next to her asks for her not to go. She says, it's weird, & she doesn't understand why.


10:50 PM BBT James says, if Clay stays next week he may become Clay, & play his game. He says, it make take Shelli leaving for him to wake up & play for himself. James tells Jackie that Vanessa is worried about the house being p*ssed at her. Jackie says, Vanessa doesn't get to get out of it again. Jackie says, Vanessa questioned it really hard. Jackie says, something's up, she's trying to persuade them to keep her. James says, because they're friends. Jackie says, then she says, she will go after the other Clelli. She says, she'll go after Shelli then? That doesn't make sense.


10:52 PM BBT James says, he will be pissed if Shelli stays this week. Jackie says, Austin was going back and forth with it also. James says, Shelli may be talking to them asking if they can trust the others. James says, he doesn't understand how Austin would want to work with Shelli again. James says, at the end of the day, one of them is gone. Jackie says, no, Shelli needs to go, otherwise they can't go ahead with the 8 people, because they can't trust them, & this whole week was a waste.


10:54 PM BBT Jackie says, she's not trusting them to keep her safe. James says, Meg needs to win an HOH. Jackie says, then Meg says, she can't put Clay up. James says, Clay is playing at her heart strings. Jackie says, you have to leave your emotions at the door, & play a character. Jackie says, you just perform, it's a game, no one's dying, it's o.k. Jackie says, she wants to go home deep down. James says, & hear that cheer, that's awesome.


10:56 PM BBT James says, they teach you as a correctional officer to leave your personal feelings & stuff at the door. He says, they lock the doors & you go to work. James says, it's the same thing in there. He says, he feels bad about things. Jackie says, she is loving & caring as the next person, but they are playing a game. She says, she's not saying anything or being mean. She says, she's not attacking or bullying anyone. She says, you put them on the block & if you are evicted you go home. Jackie says, she can't trust any of them right now. She says, it didn't feel right.


10:58 PM BBT James says, they are rolling with them for this week. Jackie says, Vanessa will go against them again next week, because she changes her mind. In the CBR, Vanessa is helping Julia do Jedi drilling for the next HOH competition.


10:59 PM BBT Jackie tells James that she's only safe if Meg or Becky wins & that's scary. James says, he agrees. He says, you need to be worried about the one's that are really paranoid in the house. James says, the same thing happened with Shelli when she was freaking out falling off the way. James says, he was thinking, good Lord, she's acting like they are enemies. James says, it's because Shelli was doing dirt. James says, Vanessa is the same way, she's either with the dirt or doing dirt.


11:01 PM BBT Jackie asks how Vanessa knows who Clay & Shelli will put on the block? James says, she probably asked them. Jackie says, they need to find a way to throw her under the bus with Shelli & Clay. Jackie says, whatever, she's over all of this. James says, well. Jackie asks why they even had this meeting if no one is trusting anybody? James says, Vanessa likes to make deals. James says, he doesn't think she will blow things up because they had the meeting up there for this week.


11:03 PM BBT Jackie says, Vanessa has not kept her word though. James says, she didn't backdoor Jackie though. Jackie says, that's true. James says, the house split. Jackie says, she had all her stuff in the HOH, & she was with Vanessa the whole week, & she doesn't know what happened when she wasn't with her. James says, they were rolling with Liz & Austin the whole time, so they didn't need to have their meeting. James says, Audrey told him there was a 6 person alliance in the house. James says, he believed it, but Meg didn't. James says, they blew the game up then & squealed on Audrey.


11:05 PM BBT James says, Shelli & Clay played off the whole Audrey eviction really well. James says, Shelli just went to the WA, & Clay & Meg went to the back. James asks what's going on with Meg & Clay? James says, they've been getting mighty close. Jackie says, she doesn't know.


11:08 PM BBT Jackie says, she feels stupid with what just happened. James says, they aren't an alliance, they are just using this to get through the week. He asks why they would put them up after that? Jackie says, why not they did it before. James thinks they will try to get Johnny Mac or Steve out. Jackie says, not Vanessa. James says, if she throws anyone else up the whole house will be p*ssed, except Austin. James says, they need to just hold on a little longer. James says, they kept taking them out because of Vanessa & Shelli winning HOH's.


11:10 PM BBT Jackie says, Austin & the twins may have been playing the game all along. James says, someone is coming. Becky goes in the HOHR. She asks if they are all gravy? Becky says, Vanessa said the same stuff before. Jackie says, Vanessa will not send home Shelli. Becky says, she didn't think about that. BB tells James to please not obstruct his microphone. Becky says, Vanessa's all about her word, except when she breaks it. Jackie tells Becky that she will not put Shelli up if she stays. Becky says, who will Shelli go to first if she stays? James says, Vanessa. James says, Austin & the twins will go work with Shelli. James says, he knows Austin doesn't want to work with them. Jackie says, Vanessa is playing all sides still.


11:14 PM BBT Becky says, Vanessa wanted confirmation out of each person to say that everyone gave her word. Becky says, that's so she can go on her soap box to use against everyone to get them out. Becky says, then she can change sides. Becky said they had her word that it was going to be Austin, & then it's funny that she got information to get Jason out. Becky says, Vanessa wants their word. Jackie says, if she gets HOH, she doesn't care, it's done. She will put off the two pawns, & she will put up Vanessa as the replacement nom, & she has enough sh*t to say to her.


11:16 PM BBT Becky says, Vanessa will play hard for the next comp, because she doesn't know how to throw comps. She says, Vanessa is a chameleon, & they can use it to their benefit or detriment. Becky leaves the HOHR, & James asks if he just fell asleep on Becky. Jackie says, she doesn't know. She says, she guesses she will go. James tells her not to stress about it to much. James says, it's out of their hands, unless they win. Jackie says, she has to win. James asks Jackie to cut the light out. She leaves the light on & walks out. She says, see ya later. James gets up to turn the light off & lays down.


11:19 PM BBT In the WA, Becky talks to Meg about Vanessa. Jackie goes to the WC. Vanessa & Julia are still Jedi drilling in the CBR.


11:20 PM BBT In the BY, Clay tells Shelli he wants more kisses. Shelli says, you & your sweets man, & she kisses him some more. They are on the hammock. Shelli puts her legs over Clay's legs & puts her head on his chest after they finishing kissing that time.


11:22 PM BBT Shelli asks Clay if they (BB) asked him about the Spin The Bottle kiss? Clay says, no. Shelli says, they touched on it with her. She says, they were playing it with a Sprite bottle & some people were kissing on the cheek. She says, they asked how you play it as an adult, & she didn't know.


11:23 PM BBT In the CBR Austin & Liz are in there with Julia & Vanessa now. Julia is answering all the questions, & Liz & Austin are not answering them. Austin asks Vanessa how they got Julia to know all of this? Vanessa says, they started from scratch. She tells them the strategies they used for Julia to remember the stuff. Julia asks Liz how her & Austin have been doing it? Liz says, just remembering the days. Austin gets called to the DR. Austin says, f***, & leaves the OBR.


11:26 PM BBT Vanessa says, she thanks her mom for teaching her how to remember things when she was in school. She tells the twins not to work with anyone else, except her & Austin, & the 4 of them will work together. In the KT, Becky tells Jackie if they go after Steve in a double eviction that would be stupid to.


11:27 PM BBT Becky says, she wants to do a clear coat on her nails. She asks Jackie if she's going to clean up her nails? Jackie says, yes. Becky says, there's so much recycling to be done. Jackie opens the sliding door for her, & Becky takes they recycles to the BY. She goes back out with some more.


11:29 PM BBT Steve is in the SR pacing back & forth (Probably Jedi drilling himself). Becky goes in the SR to get something. Steve asks her about flip-flops. Becky says, they had to wear them at work & she would tell her employees chessy jokes & they would laugh. In the WA, Meg is using the blow dryer to dry her hair. Jackie walks in & out of the WA.


11:32 PM BBT BB tells Julia to please put on her microphone. Becky says, they are so bad. She jokingly says, Julia, Liz, please duct tape your microphone to yourself. Becky asks Jackie if she wants to hang out inside or outside? Becky says, she'll be outside. Jackie comes to the BY after her. They go & sit down in the couch area.

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7:14pm Houseguests sitting around dining table eating Chipotle. General chit chat.


7:24 Jackie talking about Amazing Race and how they had to take medication from the water being dirty in Thailand.


8:05pm Meg, Jackie, Vanessa, Julia, Becky sitting around dining table doing nails. James is sitting talking with them .Steve is playing with the hula hoop walking around the area. Talk about previous houseguests and which seasons they were on.


8:09pm Clay and Shelli sitting on round chaise in backyard. Shelli talking about being in a sorority in college. Worst they ever did was go to parties and drink. Clay every year in college he aged 2 years. Big jump each year. If he goes back home and his guys are in town, they will go to a bar and catch up.


8:13pm Shelli - What do you do in College Town? Clay - hangout with his brother on the weekends. All my guys graduated. (And now Clay is mumbling only able to catch every few words)


8:17pm Austin, James, Meg, Becky move to sit at hot tub. Meg says its gross again. James says because they haven't put that thing in all day (he is pointing at the duck. it has chlorine in it)


8:18pm Meg is happy that her burrito was a vegetarian. Thanks BB.

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