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Friday, July 31 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

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Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

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12:06 PM BBT Shelli, Clay, Steve, and John are In the KT.  They have confirmed that they can eat after midnight.  Steve is sitting at the Dining Table eating while Shelli and Clay are at the counter.  Shelli takes some things to the storage room.  Shelli asks about James’ HOHR and is told that James is asleep. John points out that James has had a long day with eagle attacks and thunderstorms etc.


12:11 AM BBT In the CBR, Julia is still putting clothes away.  She says that it really hit her that she is not Liz when she saw her microphone with her own name on it.  She loved Shawshank Redemption.


12:15 AM BBT Austin, Liz and Julia are recapping the HOH competition.  Austin and Julia tell Liz she did really well and Liz says “not good enough”.  Austin points out that it was James’ competition.  He was the only one who could squat.  Liz doesn’t think James should have been allowed to do that.  Austin thought the hand holds should have been height-adjusted.


12:18 AM BBT John comes into the CBR they talk more about the HOH comp.  James is called to the DR and they exclaim “It’s time!”


12:22 AM BBT Clay, Shelli and Steve are still in the KT eating.  Vanessa, Becky and Liz are hanging out at the KT counter as well.


12:26 AM BBT Julia, Jackie, and Meg all in the WA getting prettied up.  James comes out of the DR, and they all head up to see his HOH Room!!


12:28 AM BBT James unlocks the door and they are applauding and exclaiming as they stream in.  There is lots of gushing over Gizmo, and then over the basket he got.  They are all chatting excitedly and they call out “Letter! Letter! Letter!”  James insists that he is not going to have any man tears.  The letter is from Branna, Bailey, and Landon.


12:32 AM BBT The HGs exclaim over how precious his daughter is.  James tells them that she’s three.  They check out the food that James got. He says it’s awesome to get a letter from home.  James checks out his fridge.  He got 6 beers and some ice cream.  Clay notes that there are TWO cinnamon toast crunches and Shelli advises James to keep Clay away from those.


12:36 AM BBT James got Eric Church for his music. It wasn’t his first choice, but he’s happy with it.  James keeps sighing and saying “well” and the other HGs keep talking.  Shelli says it will be nice that he doesn’t have to come up with noms right away because the BotB is gone.  They note that this guarantees him being in jury.  Steve is saying that will be true as long as things are the same as prior years.  They congratulate James and applaud.  Clay leaves saying he has to get food.  James says they don’t have to stay up there…they can scamper.


12:40 AM BBT Jackie and Meg are stretched out on the HOHR couches.  Shelli, Austin, Liz, Julia and Becky are milling around in the room as James settles onto his bed.  Shelli, Austin, Liz, Julia, and Becky congratulate James again as they leave the HOHR.  Becky lingers a bit and apologizes to them for last week.  Meg and Jackie say that it was a poor position to be in and she should never have been put in it.  Meg begins talking about how they broke the Dark Moon alliance.


12:42 AM BBT Becky points out that when Vanessa got HG choice in the PoV picks, she picked for Shelli to play.  Becky was meant to stay up on the block.


12:46 AM BBT Becky starts to say that they need to pick a straggler.  Jackie points out that James already made a promise.  James says he made a promise, but he needs to do some investigating because Jason told him that Clay was asking Jason whether James could be trusted.  Meg points out that James is not number 1 on their list of people to trust.  Jackie asks who is.  Meg thinks that if Shelli had won, then James and Jackie would have had to worry.  Meg thinks that Jackie would have been backdoored. 


12:48 AM BBT James thinks that Shelli is someone who can switch off and on easily.  He thinks Vanessa would flip on Clay and Shelli, but Meg disagrees.  She thinks Vanessa is closer to Clay and Shelli.  Meg trusts Liz and Austin more, and even more with Julia.  James asks if you put Shelli up right away or do you backdoor her?  Meg suggests putting up Austin and either Vanessa or Steve.  Meg would put up Steve.  James says that he is definitely putting up Steve because he fell off first.  PoV would be used on Steve so that Shelli could go up.  Meg thinks that Liz and Julia would keep Austin over Shelli.  James feels that he can easily go back on his promise if he finds something that Clay and Shelli have done to justify it.


12:52 AM BBT Becky points out that Vanessa Clay and Shelli are great competitors so they are likely to win PoV and freeze the nominations.  Meg suggests putting up Liz and Steve and tell them that Austin is the backdoor.  That would be consistent with last week’s plan.  Jackie is disgusted that they were betrayed.  Meg is angry with Shelli because she didn’t feel she got any answers about what happened last week.  They discuss reasons they believe that Clay and Shelli are running everything. 


12:54 AM BBT James thought it was telling that Shelli was so anxious to make deals with him at the end of the HOH comp.  They were theoretically working together, so why wasn’t she happy for him to win it and feeling safe? 


12:55 AM BBT Meg asks who else James would go after.  She repeats her desire to work with Liz and Austin and especially Julia.  Meg sees Julia as floating, but others point out that she’ll do what Liz wants.  Meg doesn’t see Julia working with Clay and Shelli.  James says that he wants to base his talks with others and make deals based on how to get to jury.  James thinks Vanessa is the key to finding out what happened last week.  Meg tells them that Vanessa is trying hard to sell herself as a solo.  Vanessa claims that she is playing the “third wheel” game.  Meg doesn’t think Vanessa has extreme loyalties to anyone.  Becky talks about how Vanessa made the same jury deal with three different people early on. 


12:59 AM BBT Meg wouldn’t go after Vanessa at all.  She thinks Vanessa is just terrified when she is HOH.  She flip flops easily because she listens to everyone.  Becky suggests that Vanessa flip flopped toward Austin and that’s why it ended up being Jason.  James asks Meg what Clay approached her and Jason about and Meg tells him that they were talking about a final four deal.  James points out that the final four deal didn’t include him and Meg says he can’t use that because it would throw her under the bus.  James says that it shows that Clay and Shelli were trying to ask him even though he used to be close to them.

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01:01 AM BBT In the HOH James says if he wasn’t safe last week because of BotB “they” would have went after him.  Various conversations that have been had with Clay and Shelly are discussed by Meg, Jackie and Becky, as they try to put the pieces together about how controlling Clay and Shelly have been in the house.


01:03 AM BBT Down in the OBR Liz, Julia and Austin chat.  The sisters think it’s weird that BB simply replaced Jace’s picture with Julia’s.  One of the sisters would be mad if their photo was simply replaced but then says he was first out so he’s pretty much not existant anyways.  Austin agrees.  One of the sister’s wonders when they should head up to talk to James.  Austin says Meg and Jackie are up there and if he takes what they have into say that much consideration then it’s dumb.  They have no idea what’s going on in the game.  Feeds switch to Shelly and Clay in the WA discussing going to talk to talk to James “with her”.  Clay wonders if they should go together.


01:05 AM BBT Shelly points out that Becky is still up in the HOH.  That could be good for them or bad.  Clay thinks she’s gathering info.  They want to talk to Becky and get information first and then go to James and see if there’s differing versions.  If so then clearly one isn’t being honest.


01:07 AM BBT Up in the HOH Becky tells the group that she was told about Jason going up as a replacement nom more as a cover their butt kind of thing.  Meg says she immediately pulled Clay into the SR and called him out for knowing and he eventually caved.  James says he wants to talk to Vanessa because he’s been honest with her and he thinks she’ll respect him.  Meg warns that Shelly’s name as a nom cannot be mentioned until Veto.


01:10 AM BBT Feeds in the WA switch back to Austin and the twins.  Julia asks if the plan was that James was supposed to throw the BotB.  Austin thinks James was trying.  Julia says “That makes me so mad Liz!”  Liz agrees.  Austin points out that he and Liz were in the dark.  Julia asks about what.  Austin says about the backdoor plan against him.  Julia doesn’t understand why Vanessa would have put him up.


01:13 AM BBT Up in the HOH James says Austin told him that he’d like to keep the lines of communication open.  Jackie agrees that she likes Austin and that he and the twins will be looking for someone, anyone to latch onto and they probably would join them if they offered.  Talk is putting Liz and Steve up first.  Meg points out that they need someone that people will use the veto on the block to save.  James says Liz.  Meg points out that Shelly and Steve on the block will not bode well for Steve.  James sees the light.


01:15 AM BBT Julia and Liz head into the HNR.  Julia tells Liz that she thinks Austin will go home first and she needs to not worry about it.  Liz doesn’t think so.  Julia asks why Liz would go home before Austin.  Liz says she wants to make a deal with James and will tell him that they’re just in the house for notoriety and they just want to make it to Jury and if they do they will be two votes for him.  Julia likes it.  Steve walks in looking for a cup and walks back out.  Julia suggests they say something other than the notoriety because it’s not the truth.  Liz doesn’t think so and thinks it makes it more compelling.


01:21AM BBT Austin and Liz are the new targets.  Vanessa comes up to the HOH and says she would like to talk to James just in case noms are going to be in the morning like they were last week.  Meanwhile in the HNR Austin comes in and says that Vanessa just told him she was going to go and break up the conversation in the HOH room.


01:23 AM BBT Austin tells Liz that he’s going to tell James to put him up this week instead of her.  She tells him to shut up.  Up in the HOH James questions Vanessa about things he’s heard about him being a target.  Vanessa says she has heard things but she doesn’t want to be a rat.  James understands but points out that he’s been honest with her so far except for that one time and he was honest about it.  Vanessa agrees and says she has never thrown his name out there as a target. 


01:24 AM BBT James says he doesn’t need specifics, but he wants pointed in a general area.  James says he’s worried about people trying to be friends not that he’s HOH.  He just wants a bone.  Vanessa is trying to find a way to say it without being disloyal or breaking her word with someone.  Vanessa has a couple pieces of information.  She’s heard from people that she trusts that a conversation was had with Meg and Jason by Shelly and Clay that Jason didn’t know if he could trust James.  Vanessa says that was low and she called him out on his loyalty to James because clearly they worked together that first week.  Vanessa points out that she worked with him just a couple of days and he was already talking like that which concerned her because she knew if Jason and James’s previous relationship working together.  Vanessa isn’t sure if Meg said anything or agreed with it because she heard it third hand.


01:27 AM BBT Vanessa tells him that James that next week they should be guaranteed Jury.  Vanessa points out that he needs to look at who might not vote for him in Jury.  Vanessa says she’s a fair player and she’d be a good juror because to her games are challenging.  Down in the HNR Liz, Julia and Austin continue to chat.


 01:31 AM BBT Up in the HOH James says he wants to make the right decision and he’s the judge right now and he wants the straight shooters to continue on but not the wishy washy types.  Austin, Liz and Julia leave the HNR and heads into the KT.


01:33 AM BBT James questions Vanessa about how she would feel if he went after “one of them targets” that might be a friend of hers and questions whether she would see it as a game move or take it personal.  Vanessa says she would see it as a game move.  She’s built her game on trust and he can see that most people in the house have someone, but she does not.  Idle chit chat with the twins looking at the memory wall.


01:35 AM BBT James says he and Clay and Shelli are good friends as far as he can tell.  James says it alarmed him that Shelli and Clay are very intense and didn’t want to get put up or get back doored.  Vanessa noticed it last week and says that they’re hypersensitive to the fact that they’re considered a showmance.  She doesn’t want him to repeat that.  James understands.  Vanessa says she understands that she’s tight with them but ultimately she’s the third wheel with them.


01:37 AM BBT Vanessa says that any deals with them will be good.  Vanessa says on the other side of the house Austin and the twins are different kinds of people.  Vanessa points out that the twins have been targets for other people.  She’s not trying to lead him and which ever direction he wants to go she’d be willing to support him.  She’s willing to QB him and help him make a decision he’d like.  James is just trying to get to the bottom of who doesn’t trust him, especially if they claim to be in his corner.  Down in the KT discussion is about hair color between the twins, Becky and Jackie.


01:40 AM BBT Vanessa wants to talk to James like a friend.  She believes that the conversation may have happened on both sides and whoever brought him the information may be trying to reorganize the house and to hurt someone else.  Vanessa says being HOH he can back up his words with action this week.  FoTH.


01:41 AM BBT All four feeds on HOH.  Talk has turned to Audrey and making sure that this week James should make sure he stays calm this week and do what he says he’s going to do and to build trust.  KT feeds are back with Becky and the twins with idle chit chat.


01:43 AM BBT All four feeds in HOH again.  Vanessa says if she’s HOH before final 7 he can exclude someone from being on the block along with him.  Vanessa says that will give him an additional four weeks.  James says that’s a good deal.  Vanessa says he doesn’t have to accept it right now.  James thanks her.


01:45 AM BBT Meg and Jackie are in the OBR chatting.  Jackie wants her own full HOH she deserves it.  Meg whispers faintly that if Clay or Shelli win POV they would pull Vanessa down, and that if Julia or Austin would use the POV to pull Liz off the block.  Jackie agrees but someone is near the room so they stop whispering.  UMeg is so tired.p in the HOH Vanessa asks that he keep their conversation in this room.  He agrees.  James accepts her offer.  Vanessa says cool.  Down in the OBR Meg says that Steve would pull down Vanessa.  Jackie agrees but they worry that he’s up making a deal with her right now.  Jackie says if you put up Steve nobody would pull him down.


01:47 AM BBT Clay walks into the OBR and Meg questions him if he’s heard anything.  Meg says there are like nine million scenarios.  BB asks Jackie to move her hair away from her mic and then says “Clay…” he looks down at his chest.  “Please put on your microphone.”  Meg says she hates them both as he stands up and throws whatever shirt he has in his hand down in frustration (shame?).  Clay leaves the room and Jackie points out that the transiever is in his pocket and Clay says “For real?” as he comes back in and strings his mic around his neck again.


01:48 AM BBT Up in the HOH Vanessa tells James that paranoia is a real thing in the house and how his name got up as a replacement nom even though he won BotB and it was a really funny moment (I believe she is trying to point out that people may have thought he had turned on them by winning the BotB and was trying turn against them so they were wanting to put him on the block as a replacement nom - Niteslacker)


01:50 AM BBT BB calls out Clay to put on his mic (he’s been playing with it by putting it on and taking it off repeatedly).  Clay thinks Austin should go this week.  Meg thinks one of the twins should be put up so the house could try and win POV and take her down so they can backdoor Austin.  Very hushed whispers.  Very hard to hear the conversation.


01:51 AM BBT Up in the HOH Vanessa and James continue to chat.  Vanessa doesn’t think anyone has a personal issue with James at all.  James is still concerned.  She doesn’t think so.  James says if either Liz or Austin came up and asked him if he tried to throw the BotB he would tell them but he’s kept the conversation quiet thus far and it’s eating him alive.  Vanessa points out that Austin asked her and she denied to protect Jackie.  Vanessa warns him that he may want to stay tight lipped because if you piss off one, you will piss off all three.  James understands and agrees.


01:54 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the OBR about the HOH comp.  Clay says the rain was the worst.  Jackie or Becky says the fans were the worst.


01:56 AM BBT James and Vanessa’s conversation ends and they hug it out.  Vanessa says she’ll be up this week to hang out since the room his.  James starts to come down and Austin asks to come up.


01:57 AM BBT Austin makes a pitch to James to say off the block.  Vanessa picks up Liz and Julia and takes them into the CBR.  Liz is very nervous.  Vanessa says she talked to James and he’s a straight shooter.  She says to go for the deal route vs the emotional route.  Clay comes in and asks if he can join.  They say sure.  Vanessa says he wants numbers and that they should go with that.


01:59 AM BBT Clay asks if he has a target in mind.  Vanessa doesn’t think so.  Up in the HOH James says he wants to work with Liz, Julia and Austin.  Austin says they want to work with him.  James points out that he’s jumped loyalties quite a bit but that’s because every time he tries to he gets dumped or they go home.  Austin agrees.


02:01 AM BBT Vanessa tells Clay she doesn’t think they even have to talk to him because he made a deal with them and he’d hold up his end of the deal.  Clay still wants to talk to him.  Vanessa wants to push in the direction of a floater.  Someone questions who and Vanessa says “You know who the floaters are…”.  James doesn’t think the four of them are working together.  He thinks Vanessa is working with Shelli and Clay and that Austin, Liz and Julia are together.


02:03 AM BBT Vanessa says she praised the twins and Austin and told him that if he (James) made a deal with the twins and Austin they would keep it.  The twins wonder if they should go up together.  Vanessa thinks it wouldn’t hurt.  Vanessa recommends that they go up and tell him that they shouldn’t be a big target because they weren’t a huge fan of the show or manipulative chess players.  They were picked because they look similar.  They think they should have lots of fun in the jury house, he’s a guy.  They agree.


02:04 AM BBT Austin says he’s a straight shooter and if James puts him in Jury then he’ll owe him his life.  James understands and it is trying to piece some things together by talking to people.  Austin says he’ll keep other people for James safe as well.  James is just trying to piece together some things and he’s already talked to Vanessa.  He heard his name was tossed around last week.  Austin doesn’t know.  When he spoke with Jackie he heard Steve was the back door target.


02:06 AM BBT Austin points out that the other side wanted Clay and Shelli to win and that they were going to leave him hanging high and dry on the block.  Down in the CR (Cabana Room) the girls tell Vanessa about their plan to tell James that they are just here for the notoriety.  Vanessa agrees it will be good.


02:07 AM BBT Clay is whispering to Becky in the WA.  Becky tells clay that Meg, Jackie and James knew Clay and Shelli knew about Jason getting back doored last week.  Becky is telling him that they are dead set on something but she’s opening and closing things in the WA and it’s making it difficult to hear.  Becky says they’re pinning last week on Vanessa and she tried to point things out to them but they woudn’t listen.  Clay thanks her for talking.  Feeds switch back to the CR (Cabana room).


02:10 AM BBT Up in the HOH James and Austin continue to chat.  James wants to work with him and the twins.  James asks Austin what he thinks about Jackie.  Austin likes Jackie.  CR feeds switch to Meg and Jackie in the OBR but someone’s mic is very static filled so their whispers are very difficult to hear.  Meg says they have no loyalty.  Jackie agrees.


02:12 AM BBT Austin says Jackie isn’t a target for him or would be if James wants her to be.  Down in the OBR BB asks Jackie to adjust her transmitter.  She pulls it out and puts it back. 


02:14 AM BBT Jackie wonders if Steve and Vanessa are friends.  Meg thinks she protects him.  Meg wishes Jackie could have seen the conversation where Clay was caught in a lie.  Up in the HOH Austin continues to stroke James’ ego in an effort to keep he and the twins off the block.  Austin expected to come up and have James say he was going to put the twins on the block.  James says Liz did put him on the block though.


02:17 AM BBT Becky sits briefly with Clay in the CR and says they want to try and blindside him and he needs to remain chill before running out of the room.  She passes Vanessa in the hall and feeds catch her telling Vanessa “Jason and some things…”.  Vanessa comes in and asks him what she said to him.  He said “…she asked who my targets are?”  Vanessa asks if he told her.  He said of course not.  She cautions him to be careful this week.  He agrees.


02:19 AM BBT Vanessa feels pretty good that she’s going to be safe this week.  Clay wonders if she believes him.  She says she does because he’s a straight shooter and they made a deal.  Vanessa begins to rehash her conversation she had with him.


02:20 AM BBT Austin and James’ conversation breaks up and James tells him he can’t talk about nominees but he’s glad they talked and he looks forward to Jury.  Down in the CR Clay questions Vanessa about feeling safe and she says they all should this week.  Clay says he just doesn’t feel safe with him this week even with the deal in place and that he suspects that if the opportunity presents itself James will try to get he or Shelly out.


02:21 AM BBT The twins head up to visit James in the HOH with Austin rejoining him.  James feels honored and privileged.  Austin says “James and I just talked…” and asks James if he wants to tell them.  James tells them that he wants to help them all get to jury with him.  He wants to be kept in the loop if they hear anything about him.


02:23 AM BBT Steves knocks on the CR door and comes in briefly.  He says something and Vanessa says something before he leaves quickly.  Vanessa says that’s the creeper stuff right there that she tells him to his face all the time.  Clay says “he knew…” (that they were in the room conversing?)  Vanessa laughs that he was looking for a hoodie.  Clay still feels uneasy.  Up in the HOH James, Austin, Liz and Julia chat.  James says that he and Meg and Austin have a great relationship.  Liz says that they will have fun in jury.


02:25 AM BBT Vanessa continues to rehash her conversation with James to Clay.  Up in the HOH James asks about what he’s heard about someone wanting him to go home.  They don’t know.  James and Austin tell them how he heard that he was a target for a nomination the week he won BotB.  Julia says she hasn’t been here for six days.  Julia laughs saying it’s stupid that someone wanted to nominate him even though he was safe.  They wonder who.  James won’t tell.  “A little birdy”.  They understand.


02:27 AM BBT Shelli is out of the DR.  She walks into the CR looking panicked.  She asks if this is a bad conversation.  Clay and Vanessa tell her it’s not bad.  She looks relieved.  She says she was in there for like an hour and then Clay “was like c’mere I gotta tell you something”.  She walks over and gives Vanessa a hug after having a huge sigh of relief.  Vanessa begins to rehash her conversation with James to Shelli.  Clay leaves the room.  Up in the HOH James tells the group that he’s lied once and it almost cost him his game.  He’s been a straight shooter otherwise.  They girls point out that they voted to keep him.


02:28 AM BBT The girls still want to talk to James.  Austin leaves the room and the twins have a laugh about how he looks in awe at them.  Liz says they know the game has changed a “wee bit for us now”.  Liz points out that they could be seen as a big target as twins but she wants to lay somethings out for him “I’m a business girl.”  Julia laughs and says she’ll let her lead the conversation.


02:30 AM BBT Vanessa points out that James did say he wants to make a big move this week and that is cause for some alarm but they need to convince him that getting Steve (Johnny Mac) out is a big move, while laughing.  Shelli agrees.  Shelli worries that James and Johnny Mac could be working together.  Vanessa doesn’t think so but says they can tell James that Johnny Mac and Steve are working together in an effort to get him to put them up together.


02:32 AM BBT Liz says they’ve been close with Austin because he’s been willing to work with them and help them.  But now they’re here and they are ready to play the game separately.  Down in the CR Vanessa now relays the conversation she had with the twins to how to go talk James and Shelli laughs.


02:34 AM BBT James tells them that even though they (one of them) put them on the block he’s still good because he saved himself.  Liz points out that she did 60% of the work of the BotB comp and James corrects her and says that it was more like 80%.  James mic is cutting in and out.  Down in the CR Vanessa and Clay continue to chat with Clay present.  Vanessa says she didn’t throw anyone under the bus and she was very vague.  Vanessa says he’s a blank canvas at this point.


02:36 AM BBT The twins and James conversation ends and they all head down.  James heads to the SR to change his mic.  Clay wants to talk to James before they go to bed.  Shelli looks concerned.  Vanessa asks if she’s scared.  Shelli was going to have cookies but then was called to DR for an hour and now there’s all this game chat.  Vanessa tells her to go have a cookie.  Clay will wait for her.  


02:38 AM BBT Over in the OBR James, Becky and Jackie are chatting but there is no audio.  Austin comes into the CR and tells Clay that he thinks James wants to go for Steve.  Vanessa is standing in the doorway.  Back in the OBR we have audio and Meg has joined them.  Becky points out that the “Skittles are all together.  Team yellow and team purple.”    James tells them how someone tried to nominate him when he was safe last week.  Meg laughs saying it was stupid.  They wonder if they should go upstairs.  They think they should.


02:40 AM BBT James up to HOH alone.  Clay wants to talk to Shelli and Austin closes the door to the CR before walking out.  Clay tells Shelli that James fed him (Austin) a line of BS and Becky told him Meg, Jackie and James want to blindside Clay and Shelli by back dooring one of them.  They blame the two of them for James going home.  Their reasoning for James going back on his safety deal for Clay and Shelli is because they went back on their deal for the final 8.  Shelli knew this was going to happen.  Becky told Clay to watch out for Vanessa.  Shelli asks why.  Clay says Becky told her that she thinks Vanessa has her own agenda.  


02:41 AM BBT Meanwhile out in the KT Becky and Vanessa whispering briefly before Austin walks through.  Talk quiets.


02:42 AM BBT Back in the CR Shelli wants to go get Meg and talk to her.  Clay asks to say what.  Shelli wants Meg to know that she knows what is being said upstairs.  Clay says then it will be obvious that Becky told him.  Shelli says that for Meg to say that she (Shelli) had anything to do with Jason going home was because it was Vanessa that said his name.  Shelli is really mad right now.  She was in a happy mode but now she’s mad.  She needs Clay to not jump around and to get her a chronological sequence of things that happened when she went into the DR.


02:43 AM BBT Clay tells Shelli that first Meg asked him who the targets should be.  He didn’t know and wondered what James was saying but never gave him any direct information.  Then she said that James is worried about Austin because he knows of last weeks back door plan.  He came into the CR/WA and Becky told him that he and Shelli should not feel safe this week.


02:45 AM BBT Shelli is pissed because Meg is telling everyone that they had something to do with Jason going home last week.  Clay worries that if they call Meg out then they will out Becky which is going to ruin that ace right now.  Shelli wants to talk to Becky.  She walks out into the KT and asks Becky to join them.  Clay tells her to not play emotional at this point.  Meg heads up to the HOH.


02:47 AM BBT Jackie comes up to the HOH and James wonder why Vanessa was with Clay and Shelli in the CR earlier.  Meg points out she’s not right now.  Down in the CR Liz comes in and Vanessa tells her she’s waiting to talk to Becky and she wonders what’s up with Vanessa.  Liz tells her that Vanessa was coaching her and Julia about what to say to James.  Becky comes in.  Becky can’t talk right now she’s going up stairs because Jackie just told her to come.  Becky cautions Shelli and Clay that if they act paranoid, scared or sad that they’re going to be more direct and put them both up at the same time.  However if they drink the Koolaid and appear happy and such then Austin and Steve might go on the block.  Shelli points out that then one of them could go on the block.  Becky tells her that they could get picked for POV and to win it to freeze the noms.  (Clearly at this point Becky is still on team 7th sense…wait…that’s not the name of that alliance… - Niteslacker).


02:48 AM BBT Clay asks why she cautioned them not to trust Vanessa.  Becky says Vanessa and Austin may go up on the block and if she gets cornered Vanessa may start to talk.  Becky again stresses to be happy.  Clay wonders who brought up the back door plan.  Becky doesn’t know.  They’re all three gung ho on it.  She stresses she doesn’t know who said it first.  She tried steering them away from it.  She tells them to be happy or they’ll put them both up.


02:49 AM BBT Shelli wonders why Jason going home came down to her.  Becky goes upstairs.  Shelli needs to go for a walk.  Clay wants to talk.  Shelli points out that they were just told to smile and be happy and she just wants a cookie.  Up in the HOH Becky has joined James, Jackie, and Meg.  Becky tells them that Clay and Shelli and Liz were in the CR.  James figures Vanessa told them that James is sniffing around for who dropped his name last week.


02:53 AM BBT Shelli wants to talk to Vanessa right now and work this out with her.  Clay understands and Shelli leaves the CR.  Up in the HOH Meg tells James her idea about putting up Liz and Vanessa.  James tells them that he made a deal with Vanessa for safety but…he’s already made it to Jury so…(eluding to the fact that he may be willing to go back on his word to her?)


02:54 AM BBT Vanessa comes into the CR with Shelli and they tell her that James just fed her a load of crap.  Shelli starts to tell Vanessa that she (Vanessa) made a huge game move last week and tonight Shelli was the one on the wall for an hour and a half and FoTH.


02:56 AM BBT Shelli is talking about her DR saying that the last question was whether she trusts James.  The HOH speaker says “Shelli, you are not…” and cuts off (Whoops production!)  James finishes it “…allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests.  They play the message in the CR and she huffs.  Shelli tells Vanessa that the move is to back door them.  Vanessa points out that they won’t have enough votes to be evicted.


02:29 AM BBT Shelli worries if Becky can be trusted.  Vanessa tells her she needs to calm down and breathe a bit.  Shelli is fired up.  Up in the HOH James tells the girls that he’ll be probably be putting one of the twins up.

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9:00am BBT: All HG sleeping


9:04am BBT: Bb starts playing the Circle of Life  in the house to wake the HG. Becky goes to the STr to change her batteries as the Music continues to play. John then gets up as Becky goes back to bed. Then we get FOTH.


9:18am BBT:Lights are on in the BB house . Shelli in the STR changing batteries. john walking around the  Comic BR. Steve  gets up and  makes his bed then gets back in the bed. Julia up and goes to STR for fresh batteries then goes to the WC. John is now in the WA doing his ADL's.


9:24am BBT: Vanessa walks through the KT  asking John if the music played and he says yeah it did. Vanessa goes to the WC.


 9:31am BBT: John makes a bowl of cereal after eating  an apple then goes to the CBR to eat it alone. All other HG still sleeping.


 9:45am BBT: john sitting alone in the CBR and we get FOTH.


9:46am BBT: John still alone as all other Hg are still in bed sleeping with their heads covered.


9:55am BBT: John laying in the CBR alone just looking around as all other Hg are still snuggled in their beds asleep.

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10:01am BBT Newsflash: We have movement in the BBH. James rolled over!! John raised his arm. That is all.


10:11am BBT John gets up, washes his bowl and spoon, goes to CBR, takes off his slippers, puts on his headband eye mask and gets back in bed. By 10:15am BBT all HG sleeping again.


10:46am BBT Liz gets up, changes her batteries and goes back to bed. BB calls Julia to DR.


10:57am BBT Julia still hasn't made it to the DR, she stopped to put on make up.

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11:04am BBT: Vanessa in the WA  doing her make up. Julia has gone to the DR. All other Hg still sleeping.


 11:18am BBT: Vanessa goes back to bed in the OBR. All Hg sleeping.


11:45am BBT: All Hg are still in bed sleeping with Lights on.


11:58am BBT. julia is up making coffee.. Bb calls vanessa to the DR. All other  Hg are sleeping.

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12:04pm BBT Julia's breakfast is scrambled eggs, a half bagel with cream cheese...scratch that the container of cream cheese is nasty. She throws it away and gets another one out, that one is ok. She eats her bagel while scrambling her eggs. Other cameras on Meg and Steve sleeping in one bed and Shelli and Clay sleeping in another bed. Clay is out of bed and heads to the WC.


12:12pm BBT Cam 1 has Clay popping zits while right beside it Cam 3 has Julia eating eggs....(never so happy to see FOTH in my life)


12:13pm BBT Vanessa is out of DR and talks to Clay in WA. She asks him if he (James) is going to stay true to his word. She asks him if they threw her under the bus. Clay says they made sure, they would never do that. Shelli is awake, Austin gets called to DR. Clay says to Shelli, you know how when you are guilty you act paranoid? He tells her Vanessa was just asking about them throwing her under the bus.


12:20pm BBT HG are starting to stir, they are doing ADL's. Meg says "It's 12!! at least they let us sleep in." Julia and Shelli go into SR, they talk about food. Clay enters to get batteries, they all leave. Vanessa tells Shelli that she has arguments to not make a big move. Vanessa says if this is going to be HN do we know who is volunteering? Julia says the Austwins.

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24pm BBT John and James in HOH: James says he ate a lot of jerky last night. James says his whole thing is John has never been a target, they have a good relationship. His good thing with him is if he decides to make little ripple or make a big wave, he needs to know John is behind him. John says yeah yeah. James says he needs John to wheel and deal. If John wins HOH next week keep James safe. James says a lot of ppl are on board so far, things do change. It will help Johns game in the long run. One of the power couples has to be split up. James guarentees John jury, no back doors, he can vote how he wants to vote, if he plays and wins POV to help him out. John says Yeah man he likes the sound of all of it. John says just let him know what he needs to know. James says its going to get hectic this week. He has to make it count, cant waste HOH.


12:29pm BBT James asks John if he has heard about James being a target. John says not as a target, James stuck by Jason like he should have. James says this is the make it or break it week, you go to jury next week.


12:32pm BBT Jeff reels.  Jeff reels include interviews with Lance Bass and Audrey and Fan fav Season 12 Britney.

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1:07pm BBt: Hg come down stairs and have lolly slops for the week. James has to choose the have nots and  he says  i do not even have to name them but Julia, Liz and Austin. They get lolly pops and slop for the week.

 1:09pm BBT: Hg sucking on  lolly pops and talking about the different flavors. Clay and shelli go back to bed . James and Austin go to the HOHBR Austin says whats up and James says nothing bad i just want to fill you in.James says i am going to have a hitter i will not go for someone small so with that being said i can not say who it is going up but it will be a strong couple. Austin says is it Liz and Julia and James says no but be ready it is going to be a rough week.
 1:12pm BBt: James says worse case scenario if one comes off then one of you three might have to go up but we have Becky, john and Jackie on board. Austin says I understand. James says i just want you to know and not be blind sided.James says if you want to tell Liz and Julia and fill them in then that is up to you. 
1:15pm BBT: James says just if one of you three wins HOh next week just keep me and meg off the block please. Austin says i can do that. James says she will not put Julia up cause i know the house would vote her out over the person i want to go.
1:18pm BBT: James says i told John that i was not going to  waste an HOh and john is on board. James says so no matter what happens just know i have a plan. Austin says i know John is on Board cause when i was on before he told me he has  my back even though we never talk game. Vanessa comes in and says the information i told you i could not tell you who was giving the information and it is not shelli or Clay or Austin i swear on my life it was said.
1:22pm BBT: James says what ever decision i make today has nothing to do with what was said. it is a game move. this is BB and if you are going to take a swing them you got to take a swing. if not i will be steamed rolled over and i can not have that. James says that this person lied to me and i talked to them and they still lied to me. Vanessa says you are going to do what you are going to do but i just do not want my name in it i do not want to be blamed for anything i have my integrity. Vanessa is talking very fast to James and Austin about there is no one left  to put but i just want to make sure that nothing gets miss con screwed.
1:26pm BBT: Jackie comes in  and then leaves cause Vanessa is still talking and says  she wants James to know that she is not a dumb girl and  she says you are going to do what you are going to do and i will say this in front of Austin that you can do whatever you want to do and i will support you and in your shows right now i was there last week i do not know if this is personal or game and James says Both. Vanessa  says ok do what you got to do. James says you are good and Vanessa says ok do not tell me who it is just do what you have to do and Vanessa leaves.
1:30pm BBt: Shelli walks in to the HOh room and James says to Austin that you and Liz and Julia are a group and i have to look out for myself you know. Shelli walks out and goes to the DR. James says meg  is good with  you all she said she had a good time with y'all lastnight.
1:35pm BBT: james telling Austin that if shelli gets House guest choice if she is playing in the veto she will chose Vanessa and Austin says ooh James says you are close to Vanessa so you might talk to Vanessa. Austin says yeah i do not think  she will want to win veto this week.n Austin leaves the HOh rm.
 1:37pm BBT: James goes to the OBR looking for meg  and Vanessa tells him she is in the HNBR talking to Clay. James sits down and is silent. Austin is in the CBR telling Liz that James just told him that  they are safe and that he will not put Liz up at all. Liz gives him a big hug. Austin tells her that if one of the nominees come down then one of us might have to go up but he has the votes to keep us.
 1:43pm BBT: Liz, Julia, and Austin in CBR talking about clay and shelli going on the block and how they talk about everyone. Austin said well meg told James she had a great time with us lastnight so we are working with her and just keep  having fun with her this week. Julia says we just got to make it to jury now and Austin says next week.
1:45pm BBT: Meg gets called to the DR and goes to the STr and tells  the others they are stocked and Jackie says yes as she heads to the STr. meg goes to DR. Clay and Shelli are in the HNBR talking Vanessa and  Shelli says why did she have to  make us take the blame for Jason when she was HOH last week not us but she was throwing us under the bus. Clay says i do not know. 
1:48pm BBT: Shelli says we are upset and paranoid cause Vanessa is throwing our name out there but the only reason we are in this spot is we were trying to save Austin and that's the reason we tell  everyone. Shelli says  and Jason said we made a final 4 deal with him also and we didn't. In the KT James is talking to Vanessa and says one of these people will not make it to jury and the other will but they have been caught lying before and Vanessa says i do not want to know who it is please i do not want to know. James says ok i will not let you know till it happens.
1:54pm BBT: Meg telling Shelli and Clay that the Eight person alliance was what happened  cause Jason had y'all s back.  Shelli is shaking her head. meg says i know James feels like he is alone in this gamer and he saw how i reacted to Jason. I talked to him lastnight and things had come out about things i have said about James and i was honest with him lastnight so i think that was like good for him. I do not know where he stands right now i have not talked to him since lastnight.
1:57pm BBT: In the CBR Austin, Liz, Julia and James are talking about  the  suckers they got and Liz says  how many licks does it take for twins to get to the middle of a blow pop. and they all laugh.
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1:58pm BBT John tells Vanessa that James is going after a couple. She says she is friends with all of them and she just doesn't want to F'n know. Vanessa says Clay and Shelli know stuff about them that could hurt them. BY is open. Liz called to DR.


 2:01pm BBT Jackie tells James she wont change her mind. She doesnt know how it got out. James says Vanessa probably guessed. Doesn't matter we got the votes. Just like they 7-2 us we will 7-2 them. Back in WA: John says don't freak out, don't be afraid. Vanessa says she just wants to do the right thing. John says there are a lot of right things. Vanessa questions why BB took Jace's pic out. (they replaced it with Julia's)


2:06pm BBT Meg/Clay/Shelli talking in HNR. Meg says Jackie is a straight shooter, she tells it like it is. Meg tells them Vanessa wanted to talk to her too. Shelli tells her they just wanted her to know how they feel. Meg says she gets it but there is still a bottom line. Shelli says she gets it. Meg says she just wanted to make sure they weren't puppeteering all this. Meg leaves and Shelli tells Clay she thinks he (James) will stay true to his word. Even if they do get backdoored they have the numbers.


 2:15pm BBT Julia and Steve talk about the comp. Vanessa talking to Meg saying she doesn't want to know the noms early.


 2:22pm BBT Meg tells Vanessa that if you put together every ones "Non-rat" stories you can understand what is going on. Vanessa goes OMG I get it. Meg says she just told Clay/Shelli that James is really ca-powed by everything that went on last week. In HOH: James tells Austin that Vanessa is just trying to get justification. James says he doesn't see Vanessa doing all this stuff. Austin says he will tell him if he see anything. James says he wants to know so he doesn't do something stupid.

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2:27pm BBT Clay/Austin in WA. Austin says he feels good. Says he tried to stir him towards Steve. Clay says so did they. Either way they have the numbers. If its Steve and one of them that's ok. Austin complaining about slop. Julia comes inside and says her and John broke an awning putting them down.


2:32pm BBT Meg and James in HOH: She tells him that ppl don't know the noms. She laid it out to all of them about the Jason thing. She told Clay/Shelli that she didnt expect them to go against Jason. It makes Vanessa/Austin/Liz look more trustworthy then them. Meg told Vanessa she didnt hold her accountable for Jason. Meg says after Vanessa left she (Vanessa) went to the OBR and told Clay and Shelli and said she swore on the bible that they weren't the first to bring up Jasons name and then Vanessa left the room. Clay looked at Shelli and wow.


 2:40pm BBT Meg tells James she made sure Vanessa knew she was ok with James. James says he has nothing against Vanessa. James says he has been pacing around the room waiting. In SR: Shelli finds food, she says look at all the lunch meat.


2:44pm BBT Clay and Shelli pig out on lunch meat. Clay tells Shelli that John said James is going to make a move on a power couple. She bugs her eyes out.


2:47pm BBT Jeff Reels.

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3:55pm BBT: Shelli and clay in the OBR hugging and Shelli crying.  Meg in CBR talking to Liz and Austin saying she trust them but Shelli and clay lied to her. Liz says Me and Austin had no idea. Austin says i didn't even do it. meg says I know. Liz says thank you for talking to us about this. meg says yeah.

3:57pm BBT: Meg goes to the WA talking to Vanessa and James saying she just wanted to make sure that Austin and liz knew it was not me and i did not want  words twisted. In the OBR Shelli tells Clay that James made a decision on what people have told him cause he was not up there. CLAY and SHELLI have been Nominated.
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4:00pm BBT In BY Meg saying she can tell everyone what she felt and thought. Vanessa crying saying its infuriating to have it blamed on her. James tells her that's why he put them on the block. Vanessa says she had to do it and took the responsibility for it but now they want to be a squirrel and blame it on her. Meg says they will throw everyone under the bus. Jackie says she has no issues with any of them.


4:04pm BBT James says he didnt do it just for his game but for everybody. They wont go against each other. He tells them to try not to let it damper them. He will try to take most of the blunt for it. One will be safe, he will have to live with that. But the other will be gone.


4:06pm BBT In OBR: Shelli tells Clay to please not blow up on Vanessa. (Clay is mad) He says he doesn't trust Meg for a second. Shelli says this is how they felt last week. Clay says if they leak stuff to the house its over. Shelli says they need to get James a chance to talk to them. And Clay needs to stay calm. He says if he wins POV he is using it on her. She says stop.

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 4:13pm BBT In the BY: Meg says he (James) will be alright. Vanessa says she knows how he feels. Meg says last week they made a risk. Vanessa says it was their decision to lie about it. Vanessa goes over to Austin and says they (Shelli/Clay) are going to blow up their whole game. Austin says its all lies, why try to explain it to ppl. Vanessa says she is done if he is done. Austin says tell the twins. It sucks.


4:18pm BBT Becky says if Vanessa had put Austin up she would be gone now. Vanessa says she has nothing against Jason. Liz says you did it and owned up to, Shelli and Clay didnt own up to it and thats why they are up now. Becky says everything they said to her was vague, what they told James was vague, then after James won HOH they owned up to it.  but it was to late.


4:25pm BBT Julia tells Vanessa that if they (Shelli/Clay) were talking putting twin against twin, they (the twins) are done with them. Julia asks who Clelli had an alliance with. Vanessa says if James confronts any of them about the 6th sense what do they say? Vanessa says just deny, deny, deny. If they tell the truth about this it will F them. Liz says her and Julia can say that they just started playing together and the only they are in allegiance with is Austin. Julia says they dont give a F about anyone but themselves.


 4:34pm BBT Vanessa/Meg/Jackie/John in KT. Meg tells Vanessa that Shelli/Clay divulged info to James only after he was HOH. Thats why they went up. Vanessa asks if they really thought they would get to the end as a couple? Meg says its never been done.


4:42pm BBT HG are eating. Twins cant believe that Steve cant tell them apart. Steve offers to show twins how to make fried slop. They joke that he burned it last week. Shelli/Clay/James are stuck in the repeat cycle. James says his home team always left him out. He says if Jason had said that they should have brought it to him.


4:52pm BBT Austin/Vanessa in HNR. Vanessa says something about back dooring him. Austin says something then they are grasping at straws, there is still Veto they can still work with them. John/Jackie in CBR, John says Shelli/Clay asked if he won HOH who would go after?he said  who ever he didnt play game with. Jackie says she tried to be on their side but then they wouldnt trust her. Jackie says she would not go after him.

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 4:12pm-4:30pm  BBT: (feeds 1and 2)  James comes in the house to talk to Shelli and clay. In the CBR Clay says i  am sorry for blowing up. James says it is all good man. Shelli says we want to hear what you have to say and we know  last week caused some issues  and  you made a deal with us then went back on it and i would have never went back on a deal. James says the deal was good till i heard what Jason had said and lasting i asked you about things and you lied to me about it. Shelli ask is Vanessa saying all this and James says no. James says i told you Jason said this and  Jason said that then you lied to me about knowing anything lastnight . Then it never got back to me that  you said you  would Keep Jackie over me. Clay says no Jason said he trusted you and Shelli says that Jason never said he would do anything to you he liked you. James says well Jeff said that you two had a final deal with him and shelli says  what? James says i know you two have a final 4 deal with others and it is coming from a  source i trust and i will not tell who it is and shelli says we have no final 4 deal with anyone.Clay says he talked to Jeff  when he was here and he told me that we would have to cut Jackie and Shelli bit there was no deal . James says well i was told that there was a deal  and i do not know if it is  true or not but if i come to you and ask you and  you say i do not know if it is true or not then you have to think of this. James says Jason was part of our group and you two could have  voted for Jason even though he wouldn't have the votes to stay you could have been loyal to him. Shelli says  well we talked to Jason and he told us that john was in power and he wasn't and he never came to us for a vote. Clay says that Jason said that if clay had stayed on the block then he would only have the votes from Jason, meg and Jackie he did not include you James. James says why didn't you tell me this then? Shelli says you did not ask us James. James says that is something i really needed to know to protect my back. Shelli says as far as i know no one has ever said anything bad about you. James says as far as Jason goes he was telling people he was not 100 percent with me so i had to vote him out cause i need people with me. Clay says we have your back right here and you are trusting  the others like Austin Liz and Julia. And right here we have your back what we say we stick to our word. James says game wise  you Shelli are a beast and i do not want to do that again and Clay you are a beast i have seen you in POV comps and the twins i am not worried about them.James says this is a game and this might be my last HOh  so hate me for it cause it was  not personal it is all game. clay says  we do not hate you  at all. James says i cut jace cause he was a beast and you guys are a beast too. So that's my game. Shelli says they are not going to  have your back you need people who are strong to carry you  and you day you are alone with Meg and we can help you. James says well if i did something wrong then i am willing to accept that and if they are not going to fight  for me i will deal with that.

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4:35pm-4:41pm BBT: (feeds 1 aND 2 ) James says if you two had told Vanessa to put Austin up then she would have but you did not tell her not tom put Jason up so i feel like it was because of you two that Jason went up. Shelli says that Austin told then that  everyone was mad cause I got picked  to play Veto then Clay told me that Y'all was pissed that he won Veto.

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5:03pm BBT: James, Clay, and Shelli still talking and James says no reason to cry over spilled milk is is already done. Shelli says is there any chance of backdooring anyone and James says if the house is willing to do it then i am but if they don't then i  can't help it cause my job is already done but if they want to then i will. James ask if they are staying in there and  they say yeah  as he leaves the room.


5:05pm BBT: Clay says he did not come up with that you know all them points. Shelli says he makes a valid point and we can not argue with that. Shelli says i can not believe i gave him that HOh and i will never get over it. clay says it will be ok and shelli ask what if one of us goes home? Shelli says we have to trust Vanessa she can  fight for us.


 5:10pm BBT: Shelli in the WA talking to Vanessa about them staying together and Vanessa says i can't do that after you threw me under the bus and Shelli says what? Vanessa says did you not hear what you said out there? Shelli says do not do this i need you now (In a harsh whisper) Shelli says i am not going to turn against this alliance that is the dumbest thing i can do. Vanessa starts crying. and says i know we took risk. But we was playing the game.


 5:13pm BBT: Vanessa says i am with you Shelli but what you said out there was brutal. Austin walks in the WA and Shelli ask if Clay or I win veto do we have your vote? Austin says yeah and shelli says you won't even look me in the eye. Austin says i want to work with you. Shelli says keeping you safe is what put us in this position.Austin says that James is a straight shooter and he is scared for  himself.


 5:16pm BBT: Austin tells her that there is still the veto  and Shelli says i do not know when the veto is and Austin tells her tomorrow. She says then when is the veto ceremony? Austin says Monday morning. 


5:17pm BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that they have to play Veto then maybe they can be safe then Shelli starts crying hysterically and says i am gonna need you this week Vanessa as they hug and Shelli then tells her i knew i should not have let him have this HOH i should have stayed up there i knew that this was a bad week i knew it.


5:21pm BBTL Clay in the OBR talking to Meg and Jackie saying this is a game and i understand that so it is what it is. In the WA Shelli is still crying  to Vanessa as Vanessa says i am here for you Shelli i am here.


 5:24pm BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that James did this and it was 50 percent personal and 50 percent game. Shelli said who said that and Vanessa says meg did in front of Jackie. 


5:27pm BBT: Vanessa  and shelli repeating themselves  about why she was nominated as Austin walks back and forth listening. Shelli then starts crying saying i am sad i will have to be in the Jury House with out him. Vanessa says you will have me and she laughs.

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5:30pm BBT: Jacie, Meg and Clay in the OBR still going over why James put him and Shelli on the block and meg keeps staying it is cause what happened last week. Meg says it is actions in this house cause i had to go back on my work once too and i get it. 


5:34pm BBT: Shelli says to Vanessa that Clay and I acted bad at the table after nominations cause we thought you said something to James about us. Shelli says  we thought there was something fishy going on upstairs and i was so hurt by this.  Vanessa says ok i am telling you i did not say anything and we can not tell the future all we can do is play the game. Shelli says we should have voted Becky out and kept Jason i knew it i knew it. I was on that wall and i should have fought harder. Vanessa says ok you got to get your shit together cause this is all stressing you out and you have no control so adjust cause this game is not supposed to be easy it is a hard game and this is what we signed up for and this is going to keep happening but that's all we can do so it is ok we can not control everything so a new hand is dealt  so make a decision and play it.


 5:40pm BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli to play for POV and play your heart out cause Clay is going to play his heart out and next week James is going home.  Shelli smiles and says i  am just worried about him.


 5:45pm BBT: James and Steve are playing chess. Clay and Jackie still repeating everything to Shelli about working with Jackie and meg again. Shelli says that James's logic makes no sense but why separate us right before Jury cause we are going to always be a target so why this week are we on the block cause one of us are going to go home and if i make it to Jury i will never for for him so it is the worst time to split up a couple, this is just not the week to do that.


5:50pmm BBT: Shelli repeating her being on the block  to Jackie and Vanessa and how they need to keep a bigger target in the house but she says I understand and i knew this would happen as she is crying.


 5:53pm BBT: Shelli laying with Clay talking to Meg, Jackie and Vanessa and Crying cause she new it was a mistake to let James win HOH.


 5:57pm BBT: Clay and shelli laying  in the bed snuggling as she cries. Vanessa sitting in silence and clay says Vanessa i am sorry  for what i said earlier.  Vanessa  starts crying saying i am sorry i did not know this was going to happen. 

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6:06pm BBT Vanessa tells Clay/Shelli that they only have Austin and the twins to keep them safe. Shelli says if she had known the convo he was talking about. Vanessa counts votes, tells them to win POV.


6:10pm BBT In HOH: Jackie and Meg, Jackie tells her that Becky never would have come after Meg. Jackie saying that Vanessa said she didnt have another choice but to put up Jason. Sure she did, she had Steve. James comes in and they tell him Clay wants to win POV and use it on Shelli and for the girls to keep Shelli safe. James says they know one of them is going home and if Shelli has him that brainwashed....The girls say Shelli HAS to go.


6:17pm BBT James goes why would Shelli let Clay use it on her? If she cared for him she would say...oh baby use it on yourself. Meg says what Clay doesnt understand is w/o Shelli he could go a long way. James says she is like 15 yrs older then him, thats gross...girls say no 10 years. thats still gross, its like when he was in college she was coming out of the V. Girls LOL and say other way around.


6:21pm BBT Becky and John whisper in CBR. John says Shelli and Clay know we have their backs and know we know what we have to do on our own. Becky says Shelli knows better then Clay. Clay made her nervous. Jackie/James/Meg dont hate her they just didnt want Jason gone. John says what they have going is great just not hanging out. Becky says no she doesnt. She doesnt hang out with John much.


6:27pm BBT In SR: Steve is dribbling a beach ball, he is stoked. He looks at the camera, eats a grape. Says "alright, alright. I do too, so do I" something about jury, This is his last chance. He keeps humming. He never fathomed he would make F2. Cam changes back to CBR to John/Becky.


 6:35pm BBT Vanessa joins Steve in SR. She was upset at Shelli's reaction to being nom. Steve asks if she is ok. He tells her that James knows it wasn't her showed that by the noms today.


6:37pm BBT Vanessa tells Steve that she was nervous about being nom. She says he told everyone that they were safe. Steve asks if she saw him trying to read his HOH letter. Vanessa says he was emotional. Steve says again today at the noms. Steve says he about lost it last night. His gut has been messed up. Vanessa says they took away BOB and gave them worlds worst comp for their side. Steve says it would have nice to not be the first out. Austin was up about 10 seconds longer.


 6:41pm BBT Vanessa says Steve has nervous energy. He says he sits at the back of class so he can leave and do a lap around and then go back to class. Steve says Becky is doing a fantastic job of playing the middle.


6:42pm BBT Steve says Clelli is a huge target. He wants to keep bigger targets in the house then them (Steve/Vanessa). He would much rather Becky goes home this week. Vanessa says let her take a nap on it and they will talk later.

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6:55pm BBT Vanessa tells Steve they could do it, convince James to nominate Becky as a replacement nominee.  She goes to Clay and Shelli and says she has a plan to get Becky nominated and she's confident.  But she can't give him any details yet (stop me if you've heard this before -- Morty).  Vanessa then tells Liz and Austin the same thing.

7:00pm BBT John and Becky tell Clay that Vanessa isn't on their side.  They tell him that Jame told the twins Shelli and Clay were throwing the twins under the bus, which upset Liz and Julia.  Vanessa is talking to James about her plan to backdoor Becky.

7:10pm BBT Clay is replaced by Shelli and John and Becky begin again telling her how James was throwing her under the bus outside to Liz and Julia. James walks in and the three all stop talking nervously. He leaves and Clay comes back in. Becky says she's scared but will just tell James they were campaigning to her if he asks.  Neither Clay nor Shelli tell her about Vanessa's plan to get James to backdoor her.

7:20pm BBT Becky climbs into bed with Meg and Jackie, telling them how James was throwing Clay and Shelli under the bus to the twins. Suddenly she has to go to the bathroom and runs out of the bedroom. Shelli tells John and Becky that she thinks Vanessa is on their side but was upset with how she reacted to their comments during nominations.

7:35pm BBT James is accused of breaking the HN's lollipops. Steve gets a little frisky in the WA and the other talk down to him, saying he's gone too far. Steve isn't really doing anything but Liz, James and Austin are teasing him anyway.

7:50pm BBT Clay whispers to Shelli that what makes him most furious is James gave them his word. John had told Shelli that Vanessa didn't want him to tell them that James might nominate them.  Shelli doesn't understand why Vanessa would do that.  After a furious whisper session, Clay and Shelli are in the KT for a snack.

8:00pm BBT Clay doesn't want to work with Vanessa anymore, if they survive being on the block. Shelli says for now we need her to win Veto and save one of them so they can get Becky nominated as the replacement.  There's a light side and dark side, Shelli says, and they chose the Dark Side.  What were we thinking?  Shelli doesn't blame James and the others for retaliating.

8:10pm BBT Liz and Julia tell a story where in college, Julia took a quiz for Liz and did poorly but the quiz was thrown out.  Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, Liz says after the fact. Liz says she was a nerd in college. Steve says he's way nerdier than either of them.  Steve says sometimes he wouldn't go to class if the material wasn't relevant or the professor wasn't good.  They tease him he's a rebel.

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8:10pm BBT Steve was working on a score for a musical before coming into the house and he apologizes that he's not there to finish. Liz is throwing out the title to musicals and Steve says he calculated the 525,600 minutes from Rent comes out to one year. Shelli and Clay are still noshing - he on chips and she has mint ice cream.


8:20pm Steve still can't tell the difference between Liz and Julia and accidentally calls Julia Liz and gets ripped for it. He says he wears glasses but he still can't see.  James starts giving eye tests, reading the mouse print on the large lollipops. Clay making an omelet.  Steve says the BB House is the only place where hanging out in the bathroom is socially acceptable.


8:25pm BBT Julia says BB mistook her for Liz.  Clay is eating his omelet and Shelli her chocolate chip mint ice cream. The WA group now talking movies. Steve scampers off and Julia calls him back. He goes to the KT to lick his lolli in front of Shelli and Clay. What are you, John asks, age 13? Wow, Steve says at the dig. John joins the WA group, eating an apple.

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8:30pm Talk in WA turns to jailbreaking iDevices. They figure Steve knows how. This leads to talking about James' time as a prison guard. James says people don't get raped in prison - they're willing to do it, for protection.  OMG everyone else says. How long does that take, John asks, until you're OK with that? James says naive prisoners get tricked into it - either get beat up or submit.  No one ever says anything because there are no snitches in jail.


8:31pm BBT Shelli assures mom and dad she's doing fine. Steve asks how they are and she says not so hot. John is wondering back and forth between the KT and the WA. John invites Steve to a game of chess. After he cooks a snack, Steve says. Liz is in the shower. Vanessa stops in the WA and says she can tell the difference when she's facing them and is starting to tell the difference between their voices - Julia's is deeper.


8:35pm BBT Liz turns on the cold water (she's a HN) and shrieks. At least you don't have to worry about shrinkage, Austin says. John got a workout in today. Julia says the regular BB guy never calls John Johnny Mac but the beefcakes do.  Julia is sure America knows him as Johnny Mac.  Looks like Steve is making an omelet. Clay tells Vanessa they're going to just have to wait for Veto and take things from there.


8:40pm Steve has his food and calls John to head up stairs for the Chess match. Vanessa is alone in the WA with Liz in the shower and Julia in the WC.  Austin is shaking up a protein shake. Clay is now eating ice cream.  Shelli says if Clay is gone 15 minutes she wonders where is. Clay says they have a lot of bonding to do this week. Liz is out of the WA and Vanessa and Austin talk about how they're walking on eggshells this week.


8:45pm BBT Shelli tells Clay that James is on a power trip. Liz is now dressed and Austin says it's his favorite dress. It matches his shirt.  One wrong word, he tells Vanessa (about the plan to backdoor Becky) and it could all backfire. Austin tells her what James said about going after a power couple. James has to be on board for anything they want to do or it won't work, he says.


8:45pm BBT Austin continues telling Van about his talk with James - he has to go along with whatever he says and can only offer to help. It's a good move for him (James).  Austin assures Van that James hasn't said anything against her, but as long as he's keeping them safe, they can't rock the boat. James doesn't want the Veto being used, Austin says.  Liz and Julia share notes in the HN room.


8:50PM BBT Liz says after the show, Austin and his family will hate her for leading him on. Vanessa and Austin are trying to figure out how to make a credible argument for James to backdoor Becky. Julia pops in to use the WC.  She and Liz want do sleep but don't want to go to bed now and wake up at 5am.  Austin thinks it will be traditional BB from here on out.  Clay and Shelli are looking longingly into each others eyes across the KT counter.


8:55pm BBT Austin says he's caught in a tough spot - he wants one thing and they (James) want him to do something else. Vanessa says he's not in a tough spot. Julia comes out  and Vanessa can't elaborate. Liz is in the WA now and Vanessa quizzes her and Julia about who's been on slop.  Shelli tells Clay sometimes in this game winning is not winning. She regrets some things she's done. Clay says you can't play with regrets.


8:59pm BBT In the WA, Van is telling Julia and Liz about Austin's (who is also there) mistake last week and defends him as looking out for them and she believed him which is why she sent out Jason. She explains how she came up with the reasoning to justify it. Clay and Shelli are talking light strategy when James comes out of DR and walks past. BB interrupts the upstairs chess game to call John to the DR.


9:00pm BBT James tells Liz and Julia that he was completely unaware that anything with Jason, Austin and Vanessa was going on because he was sleeping.  That's his natural state, Vanessa jokes.  Clay and Shelli are talking jury votes.  She reminds him he has to pretend to not be angry around James.

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8:58 PM BBT Shelli asks Steve how many times have anyone from BB ever made a public deal, & then go back on it? Steve says, it's unusual, but he can't recall one. Clay asks Steve if he would feel comfortable playing in POV if he picks him? Steve says, he doesn't know since everything is so hairy right now, & wants to get back to them. Shelli asks Steve if he knew James was going to put them up? Steve says, no, he mentioned no names. Steve says, James said power player.


8:59 PM BBT Shelli wants to know what else James has said to him. Steve tells her that he hasn't talked to James since. Shelli says, it makes James look worse for going back on his deal. She says, he could have done it any other time. Shelli smiles. Steve says, Shelli can hope it's the 1-6 POV. Shelli says, anyone will take the Veto, & they will be left with the punishments. Steve says, there's $5,000 also. Clay says, there are 2 punishments also.


9:03 PM BBT Steve tells Shelli & Clay that he tries not to worry about things that are out of his control in this game. Steve tells them there are a lot of things they can control, & then they need to put their energy in that angle. Shelli says, that's why she keeps Steve around, & that's why they're Stelli. Steve says, he can't control a lot of things outside the game, so he can't worry about them.


9:04 PM BBT Shelli asks if Steve thinks there's an America's Player? Steve says, no, because the votes went right last week. Shelli wants BB to make a twist for her to be the first person in jury. Steve says, they did it in BB Canada. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Shelli wants to put a request in with the DR to ask if they will start jury a week early for her. Steve tells them that he doesn't see it happening, but it could.


9:06 PM BBT Steve tells them it's the summer of twists & lies. Shelli wants to know why? Steve says, that's what the theme is this year. Steve goes to the WA. Shelli wants to go & hang out in the WA with the twins, but James is in there. She asks Clay if they should go in there? He says, no. Shelli says, she wants to go in there to control James, to make sure he doesn't tell the twins that they wanted to put them up.


9:08 PM BBT Clay says, if he goes in there it won't be good. They go to the OBR & lay down in their bed. Shelli tells Clay that she always keeps her mic on. Clay says, there will be 5 guys in jury. Shelli says, she wishes there was BOTB to fall back on, to help them. They are snuggling in bed.


9:11 PM BBT In the WA, James has Julia's black sun hat on. Steve is playing with a beach ball. John is standing watching, & then sits on the couch with Vanessa, Liz & Julia. Austin walks out, followed by James. Vanessa wants particulars on a prize from a competition. Steve says, he doesn't know. Vanessa says, it's important. Steve says, o.k., but he doesn't know. Austin comes back to the WA. Liz gets up & they both walk out. Austin comes back again.


9:14 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that she's had sex. Steve asks, with a man? Vanessa says, yes, she's not a gold star. She says, a small population of lesbians haven't actually had sex with a man. She tells them that Jason even had sex with a woman before. Vanessa tells them about applying for BB, Survivor & TAR. She says, she loves competitions. She finds them challenging & intriguing.


9:18 PM BBT Vanessa tells them that if she had to eat bugs on Survivor that would be hard to do. They talk about the comps that are done on Survivor. Vanessa says, she would want to do Survivor after BB. Julia says, she would also. Steve says, he would never want to do Survivor. He says, the comps are harder, & they can go days without water. Vanessa tells them people don't pull their weight, & there are other factors.


9:20 PM BBT James is in the HOHR. He has Julia's black sun hat on the round glass table up there. He goes in the HOHR WA to get his HOH robe. He puts it on the couch, & moves his HOH blanket. He picks up a bottle & says, organic sweet tea, what the heck? The camera view changes to the OBR. Shelli is crying in her bed. Vanessa walks in & goes to the pull-out bed, She looks over towards Shelli & Clay twice, & then lays down.


9:22 PM BBT Clay whispers to Shelli, but we can't hear him. Shelli laughs a little. Vanessa pulls her turquoise hat down over her eyes. Jackie & Meg are sleeping in the OBR. Shelli tells Clay, she's lucky to be in this boat with him, as she keeps crying. We still can't understand what Clay is saying.


9:24 PM BBT Back in the WA, John & Steve tell Julia & Liz that they really couldn't tell the differences in the twins, until Jason pointed it out to them. Julia says, Jason told her that Season 5 was his favorite season. Julia says, you too Steve. Steve says, he did watch the season. They talk about the HG's from that season. Steve talks about the 6 finger plan. He says, it's big in BB.


9:26 PM BBT In the OBR, Shelli has cried so much she woke Jackie up. Jackie gets out of her bed, & leaves the OBR. Shelli & Clay are still talking, but we can't understand what they are saying. Jackie goes in the WA. She was going to knock on the WC, & John tells her someone is in there.


9:28 PM BBT In the OBR, Clay is rubbing Shelli's head. He has his face on hers with his eyes closed. Liz comes out of the WC & washes her hands. Jackie goes in the WC. Liz asks if Austin was called to the DR? Steve says, he thinks so. Julia & Liz go to the KT to make protein shakes.


9:31 PM BBT Jackie comes out of the WC & washes her hands. She looks in the HOT side of the shower & walks out of the WA. Steve is still talking to John about the twins from Season 5.


9:32 PM BBT Steve says, there have been 3 Natalie's in BB. He says, they were is Seasons 5, 9 & 11. Steve starts saying HG's names the way BB says them. Jackie comes back in the WA & puts a towel up on the HOT side of the shower. Julia goes in the WC. Jackie talks about the comp & not being able to stay up any longer. She says, there's no way she could have beat James. John says, there were a couple ways they could mess up with the hand grips. Julia comes out of the WC. Steve says, you're Julia? Julia says, Steve.


9:35 PM BBT Julia puts some make-up on. Austin & Liz go in the CRL. Liz says, this room sucks. Austin says, it's not comfortable. Liz says, she knows. She wants to lay down. Austin wants her to lay her head down on him. Austin says, he likes this spot. Liz changes the way she is laying. Austin asks BB why they would put the stuff in there like that? Liz says, they are wearing matching clothes, & they are so cute.


9:37 PM BBT Liz tells Austin that she thanked James for not putting the 3 of them up on the block. She says, Clay & Shelli did throw their names under the bus. Liz says, James says, they threw the names out for replacements. Liz tells Austin he can't tell anyone, but James is looking to get Shelli out over Clay. Austin smiles, & shakes his head & up & down. Austin says, he feels that one of them will win the Veto. He says, it's scary though. Liz says, they may, because they are strong. Austin says, one of them may go up as a replacement. He says, pawns are scary to. He is rubbing Liz' leg.


9:40 PM BBT Austin says, freaks & geeks. He says, they will put one of them up as a pawn. Liz says, they may put up Steve. Austin says, he won't, but they may be able to flip it. Liz says, they (Clay & Shelli) are not working with them. Austin says, if they put him up, they will throw out his Judas name. He says, he doesn't want him to put one of them up. Austin says, maybe Vanessa can convince him to put Becky up, because they have the numbers. Austin says, it's bad, & they need to stay up there.


9:42 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that if he wins it, he can't use it. Austin tells Liz that he told Shelli that he can't use it because one of them will go up. Liz says, she will use the same excuse. Liz says, to be quite honest, they only care about each other, & it's obvious. She says, they were only loyal to them because they were in power. Liz says, she doesn't believe Clay coming up to him saying he didn't throw them under the bus. Meg walks in the CRL. She says, she's been sleeping all night.


9:44 PM BBT Meg talks about her going to the DR starting at 6 a.m. She says, they are talking about the comps. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Meg says her name, as they said it. Austin says, he wants some popcorn right now. Meg says, they are HN's & they can't eat anything. Liz thinks they will have a Have/HN comp next week.


9:47 PM BBT Jackie comes to the CRL. They were talking about the HOH comp & the eagles hitting them. Austin says, he got screwed. Jackie says, she was more forward, but she could lean back a little bit, while it leaned forward. She says, she needed to use her legs more than her arms. Austin says, he doesn't know if he could use his legs.


9:49 PM BBT Jackie says, she felt so good up there, but it's o.k., because she couldn't have beaten James. She sits down on the couch, & says, it feels like a rainy day. Austin says, it's so awkward over there, he doesn't want to walk by that room. Jackie says, she was crying while she was in there. Austin says, they will campaign. Jackie says, of course. Austin tells her he asked James to pick him to play. He tells her his excuse not to use the Veto, so they don't go up.


9:51 PM BBT Jackie asks Austin if he's o.k. with the decision to put Shelli & Clay up? Austin says, yes, because it was them or him & Liz. Jackie tells Austin that they can't really trust Shelli & Clay because of how they are. Austin says, they shouldn't have said f*** ya'll after the Nomination Ceremony. Jackie says, she was told people wanted to target her, & she thought it was Austin & the twins. They both agree to keep communication open.


9:55 PM BBT Jackie says she feels bad for Vanessa because she is really down. Austin says, if one of them get off the block, they will be campaigning hard to save the other one. Jackie says, she will come back & it will be bad. She says, it's done now, & that's it. Jackie asks if Liz & Julia are happy they are safe? Austin says, yes.


9:57 PM BBT Jackie tells Austin that Clay & Shelli may be the wedge that has been put between them talking. Austin says, it's always felt awkward. Jackie says, she feels like they took it to another level with the paranoia. Austin says, it never stopped when Audrey left. He says, it's not good that they have been up there bashing them. Jackie says, she doesn't know how her name would even be brought up. She says, if they got rid of Jason, she can see they would try to get rid of her.


9:59 PM BBT Austin says, it's a new week for him, & he's glad he's still in the house. Austin says, the situation out there is different. He says, the way Shelli presented things vocally, & she cut James off. Jackie says, it was intense. Austin says, he couldn't say no, he had to say what he had to say in that situation. Austin says, James could have stayed up there for 2 more hours. Austin says, she could have asked for her safety, but not both. Jackie says, that shows how they are playing the game.


10:02 PM BBT Jackie says, one of them will be staying. Austin wonders if Clay will use the Veto on Shelli. Jackie says, he said he will to keep her here. Austin says, he'll seal his fate if he does that. Jackie says, she wants Clay to stay there, & he should save his game. Jackie says, we'll have to see how tomorrow goes. Austin says, they are going to be going hard as f***. He says, he can only imagine what it's going to be. Clay walks by the CRL. Austin says, a look there. Jackie says, they are so paranoid.


10:04 PM BBT Austin says, he's happy to be in the HN room right now. Jackie talks about Audrey being in there with her sunglasses on & having the lights out. Austin says, Audrey's piercing looks were scary. Austin says, he should eat more slop. He says, they aren't getting any treats. He says, the candy isn't happening. Jackie says, she had one of the suckers. Austin wonders if America voted for the candy. He says, outside would help tonight, for them to disperse.


10:06 PM BBT Austin says, that's the first time people talked back during a Nomination Ceremony. Jackie says, it was awkward, & she wonders how they are going to edit that. Jackie says, it's a long week. Austin tells Jackie if she needs someone to hang out with to let him know. Austin says, they are still needing votes, so they probably won't flip out yet.


10:12 PM BBT Austin tells Jackie he's so grateful for James right now, because he's keeping him safe. He says, that's huge to him, that's everything. He says, that's the real deal. He says, if you have the power, & you do that it's awesome. Jackie says, he's a good guy. He says, that's why he took it so hard with Jason. Jackie says, if you want to play dirty, let's do it. She says, she feels like a terrible person, but it has to be done.


10:14 PM BBT Austin tells Jackie that she is good with him & the twins. Austin says, the twins are pi**ed with Clay & Shelli. Austin says, James is ready to swear on the Bible that they did say that though. Jackie says, one of them will stay though. Austin says, we have to see how far Clay & Shelli go with throwing people under the bus. Jackie says, it's like them saying they will target them. Jackie says, eventually, but not tomorrow. She says, they'll see how it goes.


10:16 PM BBT Austin tells Jackie he will tell her if Clay & Shelli say anything to him. Jackie says, she will tell him also. Austin says, they are looking for safety, & he says, when people are saying let's do it, they are saying it's not them. Austin says, he can see through the bullsh*t. Austin says, he's putting last week behind him, & Jackie needs to also. Jackie says, the game has reset, so she needs to.


10:18 PM BBT Austin & Jackie talk about the people that will be going to jury. They continue to talk about Clay & Shelli's loyalty is only to them.


10:22 PM BBT Jackie tells Austin everyone thinks it might be the 1-6 comp. Austin says, that's scary to, & if Clay saves her with it that's crazy. He gives a disgusting face. Meg comes to the CRL & tells them she made some chicken nuggets if they want some. They leave the CRL. Clay is in the WA with a towel on, after taking a shower. He puts on some face cream, deodorant, & Chapstick. He goes in the WC to get dressed. He comes out with his Calvin Klein boxer briefs on & puts shorts & a t-shirt on.


10:24 PM BBT Clay puts some cologne on, Cleans his ears out, & runs his hand through his hair. In the KT, Vanessa, Austin, Steve, & Jackie are in the KT area. Julia is by the glass table. Liz is folding clothes at the DR. Jackie sits down next to Meg at the DT. Meg asks if Julia brought new clothes in the house? Liz says, she wants to wear some of them. Liz says, some of the clothes you cant wear a bra with, you have to wear nip petals. Meg says, she's never worn nip petals. Liz says, they make them. Vanessa comes out of the WC, & gets called to the DR. Liz says, that's weird because she just came out of the WC.


10:28 PM BBT In the WA, Austin tells Vanessa that Jackie is still concerned about being a target. Vanessa says, they are so stupid. Austin says, if he did any of this last week he would have gone home. Vanessa says, yep. Austin says, they won't chill like they were told to. Clay gets told to please put on his microphone. Austin says, Jackie is going off the conversation he had with her before, which is good, because she may not know they had that conversation.


10:30 PM BBT In the OBR, Shelli tells Clay that they are joining with anyone else, even though they were going to help since her first HOH. Clay says, he knows. Liz tells Shelli she's in a sh*tty position, but they just have to get through tomorrow. Shelli tells Liz that she heard James told them that they wanted to get them out. Shelli tells her that's not true, & they've been working with them since the beginning. She says, they wouldn't have done what they did last week. Shelli is overusing the word ya'll. Shelli says, they are holding them in their packet for the next target. Shelli says, you have to keep another target in the game, meaning her.


10:33 PM BBT Clay asks Liz if she wins the Veto if she will use it on them? Liz says, yeah. Shelli tells Liz that Vanessa was going to see about getting another target up there. Liz says, Becky. Clay & Shelli go through the HG's to see if they would have the numbers. (If Liz uses it, Austin or Julia will go on the block). Clay tells Liz, they've been riding with them all the time. Clay says, they saved Liz. Shelli says, this is Liz. They laugh.


10:35 PM BBT Clay says, Shelli made a public announcement like that, & Shelli dropped off, because she felt good. (She made the deal as she was falling, she couldn't have stayed up there any longer). Shelli says, who would've wanted to see her 3rd HOH room anyway? Clay says, if he stays there, he's after their a** no matter what. In the HNR, Austin & Julia are talking. Austin says, they lost the competition, & they new one of them were going to go. He says, they are lucky it's not them or Vanessa.


10:37 PM BBT Austin says, for them to save them is huge. Julia asks if she should go get Liz? Austin says, no, she needs to go in there. They try laying in the dentist chairs. Austin says, he wants to break the handle off. Austin says, Audrey manhandled the room. He moves his chair back, & then says, it's to far back. Julia bumps her arm, & says, mother f***er. Austin asks if she hurt herself? Julia says, yes, & then sneezes. Austin blesses her.


10:40 PM BBT In the HOHR, Jackie tells James & Meg that Austin wants to work with them now. Meg says, they have to. She says, they don't get that. Jackie says, they need to get through the double eviction. Jackie says, they both have said they will reset everything. Jackie says, Austin really wants to play the Veto to keep the nom's the same. Meg says, he may not win. James says, they need to put someone up there that will win, & knows how to do it. Meg says, maybe Johnny Mac. James says, Johnny Mac wants the money, so he won't put him up there. James says, Austin may have to do it. Meg says, Austin may be a good choice. James says, Becky. Jackie says, they are pushing Becky. Meg says, they went up to Becky & told her she owes them.


10:42 PM BBT James says, he told Shelli & Clay they have a lot of work to do, & they are doing it. James says, he saw them in the CBR. James says, Becky & Johnny Mac were in there with her. He says, Johnny Mac said he didn't say anything. James asks how the mood is down there, is it quiet? Meg says, it's totally fine. Jackie says, they are in the room, & Clay took a shower. James says, they may realize that one of them is dead in the water. Meg says, they think Shelli will be staying. James says, they better win POV.


10:44 PM BBT Jackie says, Austin wants Clay to stay. Meg says, everyone does, but she didn't want to say that. Jackie tells them how she told Austin they may have been the wedge this whole time, & how he agreed. Jackie says, he's not that bad. Meg says, no. James says, he's only really tried to conceal the twin thing. Meg is chomping on cereal into her microphone.


10:46 PM BBT In the HNR, Becky puts on a long sleeve shirt. Becky says, she has random stuff. She says, she has Jason's hat, & the squirrel costume takes up so much room. Becky leaves the HNR. In the HOHR, Meg is still chomping on cereal, while she is talking. She says, Shelli was saying that she's either going to be in the house without Clay, or in jury without Clay. Meg says, she doesn't understand why she assumes she's staying.


10:48 PM BBT James says, he told them they are flip flopping. Meg says, they voted out Jason, & said they were working with them. James says, that could have been him up there, & he would have been gone. James says, a lot of it is a game move. James says, Clay & Shelli it would have been possible that it could have been James in that position. Jackie says, she brought that up to Austin also, about them being targets. She says, they are not now, & he will come to them with anything.


10:50 PM BBT Meg finishes eating the cereal, & says this sh*t is good. James says, it is. James says, he was surprised when Liz went to him & told him how grateful they are. Meg washes her hands in the HOHR WA. James asks if Becky is coming up? Meg says, yeah. Becky walks in the HOHR. She says, she's going to be awake the entire night. Meg says, she ate chicken nuggets & ate some cereal.


10:52 PM BBT Becky says, they are campaigning. Jackie says, Shelli went into the OBR when they were sleeping, & she said they have to work their a**es off tomorrow, & she banged her glass on the table. Becky tells them that they told her she owes them. James says, they had their own decision to get Jason out. He says, he told them if they would have told Vanessa no, then Jason would still be there. Meg says, as soon as Vanessa said the majority of the house she confronted Clay in the SR. He told her that he didn't know about it. James says, he would have lied to him also.


10:54 PM BBT Becky says, they aren't telling the truth to. Becky asks if Vanessa came clean? Jackie says, they know the 5 votes. She says, the last 2 were Shelli & Clay. Becky says, that's when the swing came in, & she understands now. She says, she thought it was something before that they were upset about. James says, he wouldn't be doing this if he didn't have a lot of the votes. Jackie says, they have 3 votes there. (Do they really have Becky's vote?)


10:56 PM BBT Meg asks Becky what she thinks about the POV? Becky says, if they are determined. The camera view switches to the OBR. Clay is whispering to Shelli again. Clay tells Shelli that Jackie was talking with him to clear the air, & they didn't really talk about game. Clay says, as long as Shelli comes down they will be fine. Clay says, they are worried that if one of them come down, they will put one of the twins up. Clay says, they can go to James & tell him that if he plays that card he will make sure the jury doesn't vote for him to win the game.


10:59 PM BBT In the HNR, Austin & Liz are talking. Liz tells Austin if Clay takes Shelli off the block they will go up. Austin says, Clay will go home. Austin tells Liz if she plays, she can't throw it. Austin says, she has a built in excuse for her not to use it, because they were told her sister will go up. He says, it's so easy, & no one could be mad at her. Liz wants to talk to Jackie. Austin says, he's worried they are going around scampering. Austin asks if people are sleeping. Julia comes in, & says, Steve & John are in the KT, & Vanessa is in the DR. Julia says, she hates this. Liz says, if they had popcorn, they could be eating it right now.

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