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Thursday, July 30 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:03 AM BBT James is prepping the bowling “lane” while Liz and others try wrapping the “bowling balls” (oranges) in plastic wrap or tin foil to protect them from breaking up. 


12:04 AM BBT Shelli is telling Vanessa about a dream that she had where she is with her mom and sister and they are driving in a car when people from BB2 are shooting at her.  In her dream, she tries to warn Clay.  Shelli interprets the dream in terms of the game.  Vanessa and Clay are like her family…they’re her “ride or die”… the two other people in the car are Austin and the twins.  The people from BB2 represent the rest of the house coming after them.   


12:08 AM BBT While the bowling game continues in the KT, Shelli, Vanessa and Clay are discussing what they will do if there is a double eviction. Vanessa says they need to know their campaign in advance, and they talk about how to make sure they have the numbers.  Shelli fears that either Shelli/Clay/Vanessa will be targeted or else Austin/Liz/Julia.  Vanessa talks about how both groups of three have reasons to be targeted… HOH threat and showmance vs. Twin Twist and showmance.  They decide to go downstairs and be sociable.


12:19 AM BBT James swiffers the bowling lane and then John takes a turn at bowling.  Most of the HGs are gathered around the Dining Table and munching.  Vanessa tries bowling.  Meg is laying out cereal pieces in rows. 


12:22 AM BBT The group decides to do one more full round of bowling.

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1:00-2:00AM BBT: Austin and Jackie are talking in the Cabana room Jackie says she is sorry for everything and how everything happened this week.
 Austin tells her he got a second chance this week and he is just happy to be here. Jackie says she did not know what was happening that she was shocked with Jason being put on the block.
 Austin tells Jackie that he promised Becky his vote and Jackie says she did the same. Austin then tells Jackie that he will not put her up if he wins HoH that the money was never a factor in this game he just wanted to be here. The experience is more important.
 Austin then tells her that he does not even know if he wants HoH this week.
 They talk about the half way party and jury house and then how the twins will be in the house together after tonight. Jackie says she didn't really think their were twins in the house at first.
 They hug and then Austin goes to the HoH room to tell vanessa everything that he and Jackie talked about.
 Vanessa thinks it is funny how the other side of the house is confused as to who is in an alliance and who isn't.
 Jason talks with Shelli trying to get her vote for him to stay this week by telling her that Becky has said she is coming after Clay. Shelli says no she is not and Jason swears she is. Jason says that everyone in the house was blaming her and Clay for him being nominated. "I really trusted you and Clay."
 Clay comes in and talk continues as Jason promised he will not nominate either one of them. Jason says that he and Meg will make a great final four with Clay and Shelli.
 Jason then tells them that Becky said that Shelli was the brains and Clay the strength and would put them up together.
 2:00-3:00AM BBT: Shelli asks Jason why he never came to talk to her and Clay before tonight and Jason says he did not talk game to anyone for two days. He says that Jackie is upset that her alliance did not work out then talks about Becky coming after Clay and Shelli.
 Jason says he talks game with Jackie but he never had any deals with her and he could not stand Jeff and could not trust him either. Jason says, "I want to go after the twins and Austin 'cause I have no deals with them either." He then says he does not trust Becky. Jason says the Becky told him she is alone in this game, but she has James.
 Jason continues to campaign and saying he will drop from a competition and let Clay or Shelli win if they keep him and how good Becky would be in physical competitions. Jason tells them that James will only win competitions if it comes down to saving his own butt. Jason begs to stay in the house so he can make it to jury and his birthday and starts crying.
 In the HoH room Vanessa tells Austin that Steve and Liz need to win HoH tomorrow night. They then talk about who will be put on Have-Nots next week if they win HoH. Austin wants Meg up again so she will not be able to do anything.
 3:00-4:00AM BBT: In the HoH room Steve is telling Vanessa and Austin that he has not been throwing competitions as he keeps pausing and Vanessa asks. "Why are you pausing if you're not throwing them?"
 They then start talking about doing their hair and who needs color on their hair.
 In the cabana room, the talk with Jason, Clay and Shelly continues. Jason says that Becky is a wall they will have to break through. Jason says, "I have never done anything to you either one of you and I want the final four to be you to myself and Meg."
 Jason leaves the Cabana room so they can talk about this. He wishes Clay and Shelli luck and hopes to see them both in final two.
 4:00-5:31AM BBT: Shelli and Clay go to the bathroom area as Steve comes from the HoH bedroom and takes a shower in the cold side of the shower.
 Shelli and Clay talk about how twisted the BB game is and are laughing. Clay tells Shelli that they are going to win BB.
 Steve goes to the Have-Not room where Clay and Shelli are and tells them his conversation with Vanessa. Shelli tells Steve she loves sharing a Have-Not room with him.
 They then talk about HoH competitions and what they might be. Steve goes to bed then gets up for another pillow.
 All the HGs in bed and there's no talking going on. Steve gets back up and goes around the house. he then goes back to the Have-Not room and rearranges his blankets and pillows and then goes to bed. All are sleeping .

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10:05AM BBT Wake up call.


10:16AM BBT Feeds are back. Shelli ,John and Vanessa in the KT. John says countdown starts now. Less then 14 hours to go on HN. Jason in bed looking contemplative.


10:20AM BBT In the WA, Liz doing ADLs and Austin brushing his beard and putting it into his pony beard.


10:29AM BBT Liz, Clay and Shelli discuss what "popping tags" means. Shelli says she thinks it's when you get something for next to nothing. Clay thinks it is when you buy a lot of clothes. Liz says that makes sense that you are popping a lot of tags.


10:31AM BBT HG discussing where they want to sit in HOH LD. Steve says he wants the floor. Liz asks him why. He says he prefers it so no one is crowding around him. He says he slept on the floor in prison and we get FOTH. We come back and he says he had two beds (he is referring to the hotel before the game).


10:39AM BBT We have Jeff Reels for the HOH LD.

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1:28PM BBT Feed are back. Clay and Austin making food. Jason and Jackie lying in their beds.


1:34PM BBT Austin opens up a large can of tuna and puts it in a bowl. Shelli asks him if he is eating the entire care. he says yes and that he needs the protein. She tells him it's a lot of tuna. He says he normally eats at least two of the small cans.


1:43PM BBT We get FOTH for a few minutes. When we get back Vanessa asks Steve if he is pumped that they were told to wear athletic clothes.


1:47PM BBT James, Jackie and Jason talking about what type of HOH comp will be tonight since they know it's physical. Meg saying that she is nervous.


1:52PM BBT Clay is shaving and Austin flat ironing his hair. In the PBR, Jason and Meg talk about if Da will be there tonight for the eviction.

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 2:00pm BBT: clay and Steve shaving in the WA. Bb tells clay to put his Mic on and he yells i am shaving. Liz comes in and tells Steve he better clean all that hair up and Steve says i told shelli i would think about it.


 2:05pm BBT: Meg ask what the fruit loop saying was last year and Jason tells her it was fruit loop dingus. Jason then says sorry Jen city. James asked about jen and Jason says she looked dumb on  TV last year. he then says maybe i will look dumb when i get out of here too who knows.


2:08pm BBT: Clay is taking a cold shower. shelli asked what Steve would do without us women and clay and Steve says i do not know. Vanessa says that necklace ism going to get lost you might  hook it to your BB bag so it does not get lost. she then says if i find it laying around  then it is mine. Steve leaves the Wa and goes to the KT.


2:10pm BBT: Vanessa ask Shelli which bed is free for tonight and Becky tells her she can have her bed tonight when she is in the HOH rm. In the KT Austin and Liz are talking about tonight comp and Liz tells him that he can not hang on as long as a girl can and Austin says we will see.


2:15pm BBT: Jason says he is wearing his nice clothes and not his athletic wear since he will probably be the one going tonight and he says i do not want to go out and talk to Julie in athletic wear and if I stay i can change real quick.


2:26pm BBt: Hg in the WA doing make up and hair getting ready for the Live show tonight. Some HG in the OBR just talking general talk.


2:35pm BBT: Jackie is sleeping in the OBR as James, Steve and Meg talk about the comp tonight. meg says she wont win it and Steve says do not count yourself out yet. She says if it is  running back and forth i am done. Steve says it could be anything but you could still be in it.. 

 In the WA Shelli.Becky and Jason are talking  about taking cold showers. shelli says she has taken a couple of showers this week but i have only washed the top of my hair in the sink so i wouldn't have to wet my whole head with cold water.


2:40pm BBT: Austin and Liz in the Comic room laying on the bed and Austin whispers in her ear and she says ok i get it. Vanessa and john laying in the other beds laughing at them. Austin tells them that the comp could be that they have to sit on a small seat and hang onto a rope. Vanessa says oh ok.


 2:49pm BBT: Clay is  trimming Steve hair and sideburns as Jason just got out of the shower and putting on his pink underwear. Shelli and clay are sitting in the Wa and Shelli says she feels sick.

2:55pm BBt: John and Vanessa whispering really low to each other and john is smiling. In KT Becky and Liz and Austin are getting something to drink. Liz is washing the dishes.


2:58pm BBT: Becky and meg in the STR talking about Jason trying to do a hale Mary and Becky says it is not going to work. Meg says I know.Becky tells her i am not trying to be arrogant but i just hope he is not hurting my game in the future but i know he has to try. 

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3:02PM BBT Vanessa and John talking. Vanessa tells John that Austin has been thinking with the wrong brain and that he is only looking out for her (Liz). But she says he apologized and so she didn't nominate him.


3:06PM BBT Vanessa telling Steve how she had no option but to put up Jason. She said Austin is an injured bird so she had to put up Austin.


3:16PM BBT In the PBR Meg, Jason. Jackie and Clay talk scenarios about what a HG would do if they were guaranteed safety. James asks id promised F2 would you shave your head. Jackie and Meg say no. Jason says yes.


3:18PM BBT We just went to Jeff's reels.

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7:10pm BBT Feeds are back. Everyone's still hanging onto the cliff.

7:11pm BBT The HG are unnervingly quiet. The cliff leans forward. Barely any talk.

7:15PM BBT The HG have handles they can hold onto when the cliff leans forward nearly 45degrees. When it's back, they rest their hands. Steve is wearing a hoodie and ballcap - the only one protecting his head from direct rain.  The eagles start screeching and then swing down, each hitting their HG in the gut.  Becky wants the eagles to hit the men a little lower.

7:20pm BBT After 25m, none of the HG appears in distress as they are assaulted by the eagles again. They get sprayed with eagle poop and then the rains come and wash it all away.  They think they've only been on for 10-20m.

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7:25pm BBT It starts lightening and thundering now as the rains die down.  The cliff bends forward again as HG adjust their feet on the step. It looks like they're all wearing sneakers.  James is in a long-sleeve T, Austin in a tank.  The girls are all in sleeveless with sports bras.  Clay and John are in standard T-shirts.  Steve is in his hoodie. Meg says this isn't good. Don't give up, the other HG tell her.

7:30pm BBT Liz does not look comfortable. Becky moving her arms a lot as the wall is back to a less threatening position, but never returning to vertical. There's more poop sprayed at them and they're just waiting for the feathers.   Now it sounds like a heavy wind and then the rain comes again. The HG all go quiet as they brace against the storm.

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7:08 PM BBT Live feeds come back with the HOH Competition. Jackie has her eyes closed, & is holding on. Clay talks to Julia. Some HG's were saying Gronk, Gronk, Gronk. James wants to drink. James asks if anyone wants to cut any deals?  & says, he's going back to his wall then. Liz says, her feet are going to be soaked & soggy after this.


7:13 PM BBT The wall moves forward & back, & forward & back again. James says, look at that incline. Meg is taking deep breaths in & out. Steve has his hood over his head & a hat on.


7:14 PM BBT Shelli calls out to Vanessa who's not able to compete. Meg looks at John. The eagles come down & hit the HG's in the stomach.


7:17 PM BBT Paint is sprayed on the HG's, & the wall moves up & down some. The HG's talk about scampering around. James asks about how long they've been on there? They think it's been anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes. Steve does shout outs to updating sites. The water starts pouring in on the HG's.


7:19 PM BBT HG's start to make noises, as the water continues to pour down on them. Meg looks peaceful as she is still hanging on to the side rocks. They get lightening in the BY. Steve is moving a little bit, as he tries to readjust himself.


7:22 PM BBT Jackie also looks peaceful as she is holding on & has her eyes closed. Clay is talking. Becky says thank you to Vanessa for something. Liz looks like she is struggling. Clay & James talk about other comps. Clay is shaking & trembling. Julia, on the end near James is focused. James says, the water is going to get colder. Austin is breathing a little bit heavier. Steve is still moving around. Meg says, this is not good. Steve almost falls forward.


7:24 PM BBT So far, all HG's are still hanging on to the wall. Austin seems to be having a hard time, & his breathing is still heavy. We can hear the water gearing up. James takes his left arm off to shake it out & flex his wrist a little bit, then he does the same with his right wrist. Julia took her left arm off for a couple seconds.


7:28 PM BBT HG's are making some noises as wind is blowing with leaves in the BY. Julia, James, Clay, Shelli, Jackie, Liz, Becky, Austin, John, Meg, & Steve are all still on the wall.


7:30 PM BBT The eagles hit the HG's in the stomach. Liz says, she got bird hair on her. James says, he loves his tater tots. Clay takes his arms off to flex them. Julia does the same. Austin is shaking his arms out & his sand paper foot tape has come off.


7:32 PM BBT Steve says the name of this HOH competition is On The Edge. HG's discuss the tent reference this past week. James is shaking his arms out. He grabs the wall just in time for it to lean even more forward. James says, his biceps are burning. Clay says the same. Austin says, yeah. Steve says, you got it guys. Clay says, let's go Liz. Vanessa yells, "How bad do you want it?" Austin is going forward. The wall goes back up a little.


7:35 PM BBT Steve falls off, Austin falls off. Austin says, he couldn't do it, that's 240 lbs. He says, damn it. Steve & Austin go by the picnic tables. Austin says, he couldn't hold his weight up, & his feet are fine. Meg is grunting.


7:36 PM BBT Vanessa looks how Jackie is holding on. Austin says, he couldn't reach the other spots because of his arms being so long. He says, aw, god, that hurt.


7:37 PM BBT The HG's get the eagle poop (paint) squirted at them. Liz is really struggling. Liz says, sh*t. James says, Liz & Julia says, "Julia." Julia says, they are 2 minutes apart, thanks to c-section.


7:39 PM BBT The wall goes forward a little bit. Shelli & Clay were laughing just before that. Meg says, aw, sh*t, as the wall goes even more forward. Meg falls off. Beky is telling Liz to stay on, as the way starts to go back up. Liz takes her right arm off to change the position. She squats a little & gets back up. James is squatting. Clay is stretching his arms. Shelli says, woo woo.


7:41 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay that Jackie is not going down. We see Jeff Schroeder's Highlight Reels.


7:42 PM BBT We see FOTH. The HOH coompetition comes back with Clay stretching his arms. Julia has fallen off, & has a towel wrapped around her.


7:44 PM BBT The pouring water & lightening start again. Liz says, to think of hot places, think of the desert. She says, hold on. Jackie looks ever so calm with her eyes closed as she is still holding on. She is shaking some though. Shelli is laughing & she is shaking as well.


7:46 PM BBT Clay says, the water feels a little warm. Shelli says, holy sh*t, Oh, my god." The intense water stops. Shelli tells Vanessa she is killing her. Shelli says, some nice hot slop & popcorn. She says, she's going to dive into the hot tub over there.


7:48 PM BBT John says, you warm up after the water stops. Shelli is adjusting her shirt. Clay shakes himself out a little bit. Shelli says, you have to keep the HOHR clean, let's go ladies.


7:49 PM BBT Liz asks Austin what's good to do when your wrists hurt? Austin says, shake them out. Liz says, she's shaking like a baby. Shelli says, she is freezing. Jackie says, this whole summer she's said it's been so hot, & now she's freezing cold. Becky says, it makes them feel funny about complaining about the HN shower. Clay whispers to Clay. Shelli says, she loves the breaks.


7:50 PM BBT Shelli asks Clay why she's shaking so much, & why she's so cold? Julia says, let's go guys. We see FOTH.


7:54 PM BBT Live feeds come back with the HOH comp. Liz says, she doesn't mind the rain & the wind so much, it's the poop that's the worst. The wall moves a little bit, & Liz screams. Jackie has her arms in the same spots on both sides & she is breathing evenly. Liz has her arms in 2 different spots. John has his hands in the same spots on both sides. Vanessa asks if BOTB is over for good? Steve says, probably & there may be Have/HN comps or luxury comps now. Julia asks how long is this going to take? Then she says, keep it up you guys.


7:58 PM BBT James has his eyes closed. John looks relaxed. The eagles are being lowered down. They go to hit the HG's in the stomach twice. John doesn't make any noise. Others say, ouch. Liz is shaking out her left wrist. Becky is readjusting herself. Shelli is smiling. Clay is readjusting himself.


8:00 PM BBT Julia asks if they can put their feet in the jacuzzi. She says, she would be so down. The eagles are lowered again. The Hg's get hit in the stomach 6 times this time. Vanessa says, sorry this is really weird. She says, it's attack of the birds.


8:02 PM BBT Vanessa tells HG's that are down they may be able to go & wash up. Steve thinks BB may be fixing the Memory Wall, to add Julia's picture. Jackie stretches her neck some Liz says, the rain's the worst. James says, well, here comes the water. Liz says, oh no. James says, no pain, no gain. Liz says, oh god, don't point that right at me please.


8:04 PM BBT All of the HG's moan. Meg says, we're losers, it's o.k. The wall moves some, & Liz makes noises. As the pouring rain & lightening start Liz screams & makes more noise. She says, oh my god, no a few times. She is screaming. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. The eagles hit the HG's in the stomach with the rain & lightening 4 times.


8:06 PM BBT Shelli says, oh my god. Jackie is still as calm as can be. Liz is moving some. We see FOTH.


8:07 PM BBT John says, ha, the eagles got wet. Liz says, "My nips are so hard right now, sorry it's freezing." Liz is stretching her legs out & her lips are turning blue from being cold. She moves her right arm & wrist to stetch it out. Shelli moves hers as well. Jackie looks up, but is keeping her composure.


8:09 PM BBT HG's that have fallen are cheering them on. Clay says, the hot tub is over there. Becky starts to sing the song they made up, Is This My Life. Shelli says, she loves that she just did that. We see FOTH.


8:10 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Liz making noises again. The eagles have been lowered. James says, eagle to the chest. Clay is shaking his left wrist out, & then he lifts his legs to stretch them out some. Austin is moving back & forth by the picnic tables. Julia & Meg are sitting a picnic table watching. An airplane flies overhead. Steve goes behind the wall that is set up for the comp, where Vanessa is standing. We see FOTH.


8:13 PM BBT Julia wonders when they will say something about the time elapsed. Meg tells Becky she's looking good. John is holding on, & has his head up hair. Julia says, hold on. Becky says, hold on, hang in there. Austin says his feet are cold. James says, endurance. Clay keeps readjusting himself, & shaking out his wrists.


8:14 PM BBT The wall moves forward some. Liz says, hold on. Austin sits next to Julia and asks her where to hold on? Julia says, the middle ones. She says, that's why Jackie is doing so good right now. They talk about the eagles being adjusted for their height. Clay feet are pointing to the left, towards Shelli. James says, long time to be on one block. Clay says, on a block, trying not to get on the block. Becky says, they aren't going to see the fish again in the other HOHR. HG's say they should move the table to the big HOHR.


8:17 PM BBT Liz says, looking good guys. Vanessa says, looking good guys. Liz says, hold on twice, as the wall moves some. Meg says, rock star. The wall moves even more forward. Meg says, you guys got this. Liz says, hold on. Steve says, you guys got this. Austin says, let's go Johnny Mac. Vanessa says, hold on you guys.


8:19 PM BBT Meg says, good work you guys. Vanessa says, impressive. Julia keep saying hold on. Austin says, it's going back up. The walls moves up some. The wall comes down forward again. Julia says, hold on, you guys got this. More cheers from the HG's. Jackie fell off. Everyone claps for her & tells her good job. Liz falls off. Everyone claps. She goes to Austin's arms. He tells her good job.


8:21 PM BBT clay says, he's going to drop. He's leaning forward. Vanessa tells them not to give up. They are telling James to hold on. John is still against the wall & so is Shelli. Clay asks Shelli if he should fall? SThey are cheering Becky on. Everyone claps as the wall goes back up.John says, he can't feel his hands. Becky says, everything hurts. We see FOTH.


8:24 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Austin asks if he can help take down the comp? John says, he tried the lower handles & it's rough, because it's too round. Shelli says, she's been using the higher ones. Clay & Shelli are stretching their arms. Becky tells Shelli, she's impressed. Becky asks James how he's hanging in there? James says, just one of those days. Shelli says, her toe is asleep. Julia & Liz at sitting next to each other at the picnic table.


8:25 PM BBT Meg asks Shelli how she's doing? Shelli says, did you say Shelli? Meg says, yeah. Shelli says, shew. We see FOTH.


8:27 PM BBT Live feeds come back with James, Clay, Shelli, Becky & John still on the wall. Clay is shifting positions. The fallen HG's are talking among themselves. The pouring rain & lightening begin again. Positive comments are coming from the HG's encouraging them to keep holding on while they are in a near vertical position on the wall.


8:29 PM BBT James says, that water is cold. James, Shelli & Clay make shivering noises. Julia & Liz walk around a little bit together. Meg says, you got this. Julia sits next to Meg at the picnic table. Liz tells Vanessa that John looks like a silent soldier over there. James squats down. Liz asks if anyone wants to make a deal. Clay is leaning forward. He says, he's feeling a light burn. HG's encourage him to stay on. James says, burn, it's intense. Becky says, like camping, keeping up the house joke.


8:32 PM BBT John & Shelli talk about fresh sandwiches & croissants. Clay is having trouble. James is squatting on the wall. Clay makes some noises. Liz says, hang in there, it's going to go up soon. Liz says, come on Johnny Mac, think about that HOHR tonight with beers in the fridge, or win. John says, oh yeah. John asks if there are soft drugs? Someone says, Advil. John says, Advil & laughs. Vanessa says, good work everyone. Meg says, ya'll are killing it. Clay says, killing it. Vanessa asks how bad they want it? She says, to stay focused.


8:34 PM BBT Liz encourages Clay & Shelli to keep holding on. Clay says, his lower lumbar is tight. Liz in encouraging Becky. James says for her to be the raptor. Vanessa says, James' position is the best if you can get down like that it's awesome. Liz tells Becky if she's going to fall to squat like James. Becky says, he's short. Becky falls off.


8:36 PM BBT Everyone claps for Becky after she falls. Shelli says, "Clay no, Clay no." Clay falls off. Everyone claps & tells Clay he did a good job. James, Shelli & John are all left on the wall. Liz is encouraging John. The wall starts to go back up a little. James stands up to stretch out some. John squats down to stretch out. Becky tells him to be careful, & be smart. We see FOTH.


8:40 PM BBT Live feeds come back James is standing up with his back against the wall. John is relaxing a little, & jumps back to hold on when the wall starts to go forward a little. James says, it's not for tall people. John says, it's not. James squats down, still holding on. Shelli is standing to the right side of her block, holding on.


8:41 PM BBT Shelli asks James how long he thinks it's been. James says, 45 minutes to an hour. He says, it got dark. James is stretching his legs while squatting. Liz says, come on guys. James says to Becky, aww, you're in the jacuzzi. Becky says, she's sorry she is shaking so bad. John falls off. HG's are telling them to shake it out.


8:43 PM BBT You can hear noises from the machines. The pouring rain & lightening starts yet again. Liz says, mind over matter, think about hot places. She says, she's thinking about Vegas. Everyone is cheering & clapping. Vanessa says, great job you guys, way to stick it out. Liz shouts out to all 3 encouraging them, as they are now getting pelted with the rain from the wind.


8:47 PM BBT The other HG's are huddled around, covered with towels. They tell them to hold on. Shelli is shaking & trembling as the rain starts to dye down. The lightening stops, followed by the wind. Shelli makes noises. James says, bring him some shampoo so he can take a shower up there. Becky says, good job guys. John isn't saying anything. Shelli is flexing her arms. She breaths a sigh of relief. Liz says, hang in there. Becky says, looking good, as the wall takes them more vertical. Shelli says, it's so freaking freezing. Shelli is getting encouragement from the HG's.


8:50 PM BBT John has his eyes closed, & is still standing tall. Shelli is moving around a little bit to readjust her legs. James is squatting. He is stretching his back & legs. Claps & encouragement comes from the other HG's. Liz says, make some deals, make some deals, & gives an evil laugh. She says, she would be if she was still up there.


8:52 PM BBT The wall eases up just a little. HG's clap, & Becky says, good work you guys, good work. James is looking around, & seems relieved a little. Becky says, looking solid guys, looking solid. Shelli is moving around . John is falling forward a little bit. James shakes his hair out. Shelli is almost turned sideways. Becky says, breath through it, breath through it. Shelli's feet are slipping. John's feet are slipping. James is stretching out his legs from the squatting position. Austin says, to hang on, it's going to move soon.


8:55 PM BBT Becky tells Johnny Mac to hang in there. James tells him he has no worries buddy. Shelli is really moving around, & clinching her teeth. Shelli says, both of ya'll, both of ya'll, I've done this twice." She says, she wants to James' pets, & John's to. John falls off. Shelli says, "No nominations or back doors for her or Clay. James says, o.k., or Johnny Mac. Shelli says, or Johnny Mac, & falls to the ground. The SOLO HOH this week is JAMES. We see FOTH for a moment. Everyone claps for James & tells him good job. We see FOTH again.

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For Sayre:

7:07pm BBT feeds are back and everyone is still on the cliff, no one has fallen.

7:10pm BBT BB is throwing leaves, rain and eagle poop on them, but they are all still on the cliff.  And they are getting hit with an eagle.


7:40pm BBT BB leans the cliff forward, people are shaking their hands, looks like they are getting craps in their hands from holding on to the cliff. BB moves the cliff again, Steve is off the cliff, So is Austin.


7:45pm BBT Vanessa, Austin and Steve are now sitting on the sideline, here comes the eagle poop. BB moves the cliff forward again, And now back. Liz almost falls but doesn't. Meg is off the cliff.


7:50pm BBT Julia is off the Cliff, Liz says this game isnt fair for people with big butts. and here comes rain. And lightning,also wind. Lots of rain now.


7:55pm BBT Becky wants a hot shower now, oh wait you're still a have not. Still on the wall is Shelli,Liz,James,Jackie,Clay,Becky and Johnny and we get the foth.


8:00pm BBT feeds are back No one has fallen off the wall, and BB moves the wall forward.


8:05pm BBT The birds are coming. and they get hit with the eagles. Their hands are hurting they keep shaking them. Johnny bird is hanging down right in front of him. Here come the birds again. and again. and again, and again, again with the birds.


8:10pm BBT James wants a sandwich, says they could be out there for hours, BB starts the rain storm up again. and they are also getting hit with the birds at the same time, over and over. Storm is over for now.


8:15pm BBT No one has fallen off the wall.  Meg is cheering them on. BB moves the wall forward a tad.


8:17pm BBT BB lost some of their lighting in the BY part of it is darken. But the HG's are still holding on for dear life.


8:20pm BBT BB moves the wall forward, "Oh God" yells Liz. And they are all not talking James breaks the silence. BB moves the wall again. And again.


8:22pm BBT Jackie is off the wall. And the others on the cheer. Liz is now down.


8:25pm BBT the others are cheering the HG's on the wall on. The HG's are clapping and cheering the HG's on the wall to hold on. foth


8:30pm BBT Becky, John, Clay, Shelli, and James are all still on the wall and we are getting brief foths.


8:32pm BBT when the feeds come back they get a rain storm. while the others continue to cheer for them.


8:35pm BBT the HG's are now freezing from all the rain, James looks like he is ready to fall has BB moves the wall forward again. Now James is kind of sitting on

the wall. They are talking about sandwiches now.


8:37pm BBT Johnny wants some Advil now.  we hear Liz in the background cheering Clay on. James is got one foot off the ledge. Johnny is almost down. no back up. Becky is off the wall.


8:40pm BBT Clay is almost down and yes Clay is down. Now they are cheering for Shelli.


8:42pm BBT The wall returns to its easier position - they survived! James stands up and shakes his leg out. John squats, prepared for the next drop.


8:45pm BBt James, Shelli and John quiet now.  Someone off camera gets into the HT to warm up.  It threatens to rain again.


8:47pm BBT And heres the rain again as it comes pouring down on the HG's has they hang onto the wall for dear life, we can hear Liz say mind over matter. Hold on and the cheering begins. Has Shelli, Jame, and John are holding onto that wall as if their life in the BB house depends on it.


8:50pm BBT The downpour stops. James asked for some shampoo. The HG on the cliff are quiet as they try to gather their strength.  Sporadic words of encouragement from the losers on the ground  The wall begins to lean forward again and James gets into his crouch.  Shelli says it is so freakin' freezing


8:55pm BBT And the wall moves forward yet again. James stands up, then when the wall stops gets into his crouch. The other HG's are still cheering for them.


9:00pm BBT Johnny is down, Shelli is making deals with James and falls off. James is hoh.


9:05pm BBT Shelli made a deal with James, not to nominate either her or Clay and no backdooring them.


9:15pm BBT Feeds are back and Julia now has her pic on the memory wall, Her pic replaced Jace's pic.


9:20pm BBT The HG's are now taking shower's and getting cleaned up from the comp. Shelli has yet to shower. The twins are in the colorful room eating popcorn,

Liz is filling Julia in on everything. James is in the shower. Clay is getting dressed. Liz is now telling Julia is talking about going to James and making a deal with

him to not put them up.


9:25pm BBT Austin is telling the twins that he went and Lied to Vanessa so she would put up Jason, "It was a big freaken setup." says Austin. He is saying that Jason wanted to work with them and that's why he had to go. So they went up to Vanessa and got her to put up Jason. Because, Austin was scared that Jason was going to come after him, to get him out so he could work with the twin. So he went and lied to Vanessa.

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 9:34pm BBT HG are trying to get dry and warm. Vanessa tells James to enjoy the first few hours. Shelli cant wait to see his HOH room. James says he wont say that everyone in here are floating and he names ppl that have won comps. Vanessa says theres being the one that have to put blood on your hand and being put on the block feels bad. Its a brutal game.


9:41pm BBT Clay says they (BB) took Jace pic off the memory wall. Steve says he didnt think they would do that. (Julia's pic is up there now) Clay and Austin cooking. In OBR: James says he kept calling Julia Liz while on the board. Steve says now they get to hear Julia stories.]


9:47pm BBT James says the Eagle wasnt so bad for him.Jackie got messed up tho. Vanessa keeps yawning, says she will fall asleep soon but we have to wait for him to get his room. Shelli pulls Vanessa into HN and says what when she first got on the ledge she thought she would be the firs to fall, then ppl started falling and she thought she had it. She didnt really want HOH again, she wouldnt get to play in Double Eviction. Then ppl started falling. When Becky fell she thought oh F. She stayed up there with the guys and thought about it....how could she do it? Vanessa says she made a deal for her and Clay, she did the right thing.


9:53pm BBT Shelli says she doesnt want him (James) targeting the twins. Vanessa says it will be her or them. Shelli having second thoughts about jumping off the wall. She is worried about one of their side going up. Clay whispering with her. Shelli tells him she could have stayed up there too.


9:58pm BBT Shelli tells Clay she didnt want a third HOH in a row, didnt want to nom 2 more ppl, didnt want more blood on her hands. Clay tells her she can only do so much. He says its her and him and Vanessa thats all she should care about. Shelli wants to make sure they protect Liz.


10:03pm BBT Around table they say the votes were predictable. Becky says she was expecting 6 to 3. In WZ Liz/Julia whisper. BB: Liz please put on your Mic....Liz yells...It's Julia!!!! You need to learn to tell us apart. Julia starts to tell Liz her convo with Julie and we get FOTH. Liz gets told to put on her mic again and they figure BB doesnt have Julias name in there yet.


10:08pm BBT Liz tells Julia she needs to put a bra on. Says she got yelled at, thats why they (BB) gave them nipple petals...FOTH. The Twins go to the lounge room. Julia tells Liz they didnt tell her about stuff cuz she wanted her to play well in BOtB. She goes on to tell her about Jason/Vanessa convo about Austin telling Jason about the twins and getting out Julia. Julia says it infuriates her that she thought they were friends. Liz tells her if they had gotten Austin out their alliance would screwed more. Austin will be more of a target then they are. Julia says Austin disgusts her, she wont be nice to him. Liz says you  have to nice to ppl in the house.


1014pm BBT Liz tells Julia that James is the enemy. Steve is an ally. Liz has been annoyed with Jackie, James, Meg and Jason. She tells Julia about the 6 person alliance. Liz says the Veto was sooo hard to play in. Little Napoleon out there threw it. Liz tells Julia about the BOtB comp. Liz says this game is crazy.

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 10:21pm BBT In HN Clay has been giving Shelli a pep talk. They are done and they have a huge hug. She wants to nibble on some slop, he says h*ll no he is not putting that stuff in his mouth. Clay tells her the plan..they are going to have some coffee, he will finish dinner, then at midnight they can eat.


10:25pm BBT Liz telling Julia about convo with Vanessa where Vanessa tells her about Austin wanting to get Julia out and going to Jury with Liz. She was really pissed about it. Liz tells her about how mad she was, how Austin was SOL and he told Vanessa he lied. Liz said Austin told her it got misconstrued. She asked Austin if wanted to split up her and Julia and he denied it, why would he want to mess things up her sister.

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10:31 PM BBT Liz tells Julia that Austin denied that he was trying to separate the twins.  Julia intensely leans in to Liz that Austin LIED… he told Jason her name was Julia.  She is freaked out that he gave her name and doesn’t know how to act around Austin.  Liz tells her that she has to get over it because he’s in their alliance.  Liz thinks Julia is overreacting. 


10:37 PM BBT Clay and Austin are in the KT.  In the Cabana Room Lounge, Liz is telling Julia that Vanessa is in a bad spot because she put up Jason, and James was buds with Jason.  Julia thinks that James might put up Austin and Liz says “no, not at all!”  Julia tells Liz that she’s scared that James will put her up.  They are scared that they will be put up together and now they don’t have a chance to play BotB.  One of them will go home unless one wins Power of Veto. 


10:42 PM BBT Clay, Shelli, Austin and Steve are in the KT talking about the HOH comp.  Steve talks about another endurance competition where they just had to hold a button, and they watched the sun come up.  Shelli tells them that the rain was a mental competition because you have to force yourself to relax when you are so cold from the rain. 


10:44 PM BBT Julia and Liz in the WA while John has a shower.  Julia tells John that she used to be a dental assistant.  Shelli comes in and exclaims excitedly to Liz and Julia “Oh my God, there’s two of you!!”  Julia asks Shelli how she tells them apart and Shelli explains that their noses are slightly different…Julia’s nose is pointier and her face is more heart-shaped.


10:45 PM BBT Austin joins John, Shelli, Liz and Julia in the WA.  They are talking about how the twin twist was introduced in the live show tonight.  Julia tells them about how Julie kept her in suspense about whether Liz was evicted or if Julie was going into the house. 


10:48 PM BBT Clay is alone in the KT preparing something at the counter.  Julia tells everyone in the WA that she is the one that has blonde moments.  Steve says he can’t tell them apart, so Julia starts pointing out the differences.  Steve comes up to the mirror in between them to study their faces.


10:58 PM BBT John talks to Julia about her fake tooth.  Julia said it was so painful and she had to have a skin graft.  They talk about why they didn’t switch….they wanted Julia to be the one who came in today.


10:59 PM BBT Clay and Austin are in the KT talking about how to mend the relationship with Julia.  Austin is worried because he didn’t tell Julia everything.  Clay coaches Austin to own up to his mistake, and then keep reiterating that Austin will protect Julia because he cares about Liz and by extension, he cares about Julia.


11:04 PM BBT  Liz and Julia move out of the Ocean Bedroom and into the Comic Book room.  James follows them to ask about the sleeping arrangement.  Julia says that she is going to share beds with Becky.  Liz says she stopped taking her birth control pills because she lost track of where she was with them. 


11:09 PM BBT  In the Ocean Bedroom, Jackie and Meg trying to sleep while Vanessa and Becky are trying to figure out when the next competition will be.  Becky yawns and talks about how long it takes for them to set up and take down the competitions.


11:13 PM BBT Liz and Julia are hanging out with James and Austin in the CBR.  James isn’t sure which conversations he had with which twin.  Julia says she’s obsessed with the fact that James worked as a corrections officer…her favorite show is lockdown.  James says that’s exactly what he did.  Julia starts listing some of the other conversations they have had.


11:15 PM BBT Clay wanders into the Ocean BR and sits next to Vanessa as they listen to Becky describe the difficulties of the HOH comp and all the different ways it taxed their strength.  Becky tells Clay that she was very impressed with how Clay did.  Vanessa agrees.  Clay says that his hand was bleeding.  They continue talking about how different people are suited to different competitions.


11:19 PM BBT In the CBR, Liz and Julia talking with Austin and James about the Whack Street Boys.  Julia is miffed that the Back Street Boys tweeted at Liz when Julia is the one who did it first.  Also Julia wants credit for the cheerleading handstand at the end.  James leaves as the twins talk about clothes.  After he’s gone, Julia asks if they need to campaign, but Austin chimes in saying that Clay and Shelli and Vanessa have a plan, and he has a backup plan.  Austin’s plan is for all three of them to make a deal with James, or else tell James to put him up.  He will do that for them 100%.


11:21 PM BBT Austin tells Liz and Julia that he has made a deal that he is not there to win.  He is there for the experience and to get to jury.  Austin tells them that Clelli and Vanessa’s target is Steve.  That’s the only thing they can do to save the [sixth Sense] alliance.


11:28 PM BBT Becky, James, Vanessa and Steve are in the KT.  Becky is still reliving the HOH comp 


11:31 PM BBT Most of the HGs are in the KT.  Julia wants a piece of pizza that Jackie made earlier.  Shelli asks if James has his key yet, and he says no.  James asks Julia if she is single and she says yes.


11:35 PM BBT Shelli asks Julia when her picture was taken, because she wasn’t there on press day.  Julia feels like she missed out because Liz met Rachel on press day. 


11:36 PM BBT The twins are telling the other HGs in the KT how they did their switches.  Liz comments that she hasn’t seen her sister for more than 15 minutes for the past month!  Julia didn't expect that anyone would figure it out.  Being drilled on the podcast didn't help.


11:38 PM BBT James is in the Ocean BR eating a piece of pizza as he lays in bed.  All is quiet, as Jackie and Meg are trying to sleep.  Jackie is restless and looks over at James.  James finishes his snack and they both settle back in their respective beds.


11:41 PM BBT HGs in the KT are going over all the disconnects that they realize now are because they were talking to a different twin.  Liz and Julia did not have to apply to be on the show.  Julia was freaked out when Jason talks about BB5 being his favorite season with the twin twist. 


11:43 PM BBT Everything is still silent in the Ocean BR.  Austin and Vanessa are in the WA together.  Vanessa says worst case scenario I go home and I get to see my girlfriend. Austin doesn’t think Vanessa has to worry. She tells Austin to only worry about the things he can control. 


11:47 PM BBT Julia comes into the WA, and Vanessa tells her she has so much to catch her up on.  They’ll find a time to talk tomorrow.  Julia tells her that she’s not going to forget [about Austin’s betrayal].  They laugh saying “sorry, but not sorry…I’m not going to forget”.  They talk about the HOH comp a bit and how Julia was shivering so badly.


11:51 PM BBT Liz and Julia are in the WA still saying how they are dreading being put up together.  Austin comes in and they start talking about their hair. 


11:52 PM BBT Steve is in the Comic Book Room swinging a hula hoop around on his arm and muttering to himself.  Julia comes in, and he says “Hi Julia”  She is pleased he can tell who she is, and then realizes it’s because he recognizes her outfit.  He admits it.  She asks how come he was so sad today.  He’s feeling bad that he was the first one out of the HOH comp again.    


11:55 PM BBT Liz and Austin are in the WA but not talking.  Liz makes a joke and leaves to go into the KT. In the KT, they are counting down to midnight.  Five minutes!


11:58 PM BBT Julia is hanging up clothes and talking to Liz and Austin about movies she likes. They have so many clothes that some are going to be sent back.

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James' HOH Letter: Hey James, I hope this letter finds you well. Let me start by saying that Bayleigh, Landon & I are so incredibly proud of you. When she sees a picture of you, she blows you kisses, & says, daddy I love you. She misses you a lot. You have missed a little of her growing up but, we know you are doing this for her, & I assure you, even though she may not understand right now, she will later in life. I thank you for all that you have done over the past months to make their lives better. Always remember that you are already a winner no matter what. You have 2 beautiful children here that are so proud of you, and love & adore you more than anything. We love you & miss you terribly. You inspire us. Love always, Breanna, Bayleigh & Landon  P.S. Bae took it upon herself to chop all of her hair off on one side of her head because she wanted to look like daddy. I may have a nervous breakdown if it doesn't grow back fast. LOL.

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