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Shelli Poole (Week 5)


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Picture of Clay and Shelli's twin brother


please tell me this is a joke.. and that is not really picture of her twin brother.  disturbing, very disturbing.


cuddling and smoothing on a man who is literally the splitting image of your twin brother, oh but wait she is so LUCKY to snag Clay, right? Jesus.

Is nobody targeting Clay and Shelli? 


What the heck? 



Are TSP really that STUPID?

I don't understand these people, the perfect week to backdoor one of them and they do nothing.  

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Shelli has been in power for so long that she is acting like s spoiled brat. She is so accustomed to the other HGs kissing her butt that she thinks that they are not allowed to express their feelings.

Allegedly, Jason & Meg are mad that Clay won the POV, and because of that Shelli thinks?? or believes ???? that the others had a plot to evict Clay if he lost the POV. Whether it's true or not does not matter, because Clay did win the POV and she should be happy about that.

I realize that Shelli will fight like hell to keep Clay safe, but she needs to get a grip and understand that not everybody wants to protect Clay the way that she does.

I can't wait til somebody puts her on the block, then she'll really get to see how many "friends" she has in the BB house.

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