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Friday, July 24 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Jackie talking to Austin in the HOHR.  Austin says he will keep open communication.  He doesn’t think they have been lying to each other and he plans to continue not lying to her.  She tells him she appreciates that he didn’t put her up when he was HOH.  They part ways.  Steve comes to HOHR to talk to Jackie.  “It’s midnight”…but Jackie has gone into the 2nd HOHR and isn’t available.


12:01 AM BBT Jackie comes into the 2nd HOHR and de-briefs Shelli and Vanessa on his conversation with Austin while Clay steps out to use the HOH WA.  Jackie tells them that Austin seems neutral about Jackie nominating Liz.  Clay comes back into the room and Vanessa tells Jackie that asking John to throw the BotB again is risky because John may be ticked off and also everyone will know what’s up.  Vanessa suggests asking Meg to do it but Jackie is doubtful. 


12:13 AM BBT Meg, James and Jason talking in the OBR.  Meg says that James thinks Vanessa will put up Meg.  They think that would be stupid because they are just starting to have a relationship.  In the WA, Austin is telling Liz (Julia) that she needs to make a deal with Jackie.  He tells her that she will be nominated but she isn’t Jackie’s target [before he left his conversation with Jackie, Jackie directly asked him if he was going to tell Liz and he said no.]


12:17 AM BBT Shelli and Clay are laying on the HOHR bed while Jackie and Vanessa are sitting on the floor.  Vanessa says that it’s better if Austin goes before the twins, because then there are 2 more targets that would go ahead of them.  They are discussing the final 8 that they want:  Jason, Meg, James, Becky, and the four in the room.  Shelli says “so John is on the outside?”  They say “poor guy” but Vanessa points out that you can have everyone on the inside, and they think John would do what they want even if he wins the HOH.   Plus, they can’t let him in because of his connection with Steve.


12:21 AM BBT  Vanessa coaches Jackie on what to say to Steve.  Shelli adds her suggestion on how to handle questions from others.  Vanessa is excited to work with Meg, James, and Jason. 


12:24 AM BBT Austin telling Liz what he’s been saying to others and Liz is trying to get a handle on how she is supposed to approach things.  Austin coaches her to make sure that she tells others that she thinks Steve is the one who voted to keep Audrey, and he plans to do the same.  Liz rehearses telling Jackie that she knows she put Jackie up, but she was not her target…she was purely a pawn. 


12:26 AM BBT Steve comes into the HOHR and talks to both Vanessa and Jackie.  They tell him that he is not going up on the block.  Jackie leaves so that Steve can talk with Vanessa.  Steve asks Vanessa if they are still working together.  Steve seems really upset and she reassures him.  She says she will tell him later in the week because there is stuff he needs to know but she wants to wait so that he isn’t put in any awkward situations with conversations during the week.  Liz (Julia) comes into HOHR.  Liz wants to talk to Vanessa before she talks to Jackie.  Vanessa tells her that the first words out of Jackie’s mouth were that she would put Liz up.  Liz (Julia) tells Vanessa what Austin’s advice was but she feels uncomfortable with trusting Jackie with twin info.  She asks Vanessa’s advice.  Vanessa tells her that she has information that she needs to know, but she doesn’t want to break anyone’s trust so she can’t tell her right now.

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8:11 AM BBT: FotH come on...wake up? 


8:32 AM BBT: Cameras are on Shelli, Becky, and JMac doing ADLs in bathroom.  Meg, Jason, and Austin chatting in grey bedroom about Steven and his sleeping habits, then what Meg should wear, and to Meg's pre-show relationship, which she says she doesn't want to talk about because the feeds are probably on.  Austin talks about how quickly nominations and BotB happen "they really rush us through." 


8:35 AM BBT:  JohnnyMac goes up to the HOH to talk to Jackie.  Jackie tells him he's not going up on the block.  Hard to hear Jackie...mic off or obstructed?  Lots of whispering...lights off in other HOH and BB says the lights must remain on during the day.  Jackie tells John they will talk more later, and he goes down to the kitchen.  Clay is munching and saying it is his time to go up and fight.  They laugh that John gets this week off,"only this week though."  FotH come back on at 8:39 AM.


8:40 AM BBT:  Feeds back on after brief fish.  Becky, James, John, and Austin in kitchen fixing food and talking about batteries.  Meanwhile in the HOH room, Jackie and Vanessa talk about John being safe this week. Jackie says that she didn't tell him anything else, and that Vanessa can talk to him later.   Jackie goes back to ADLs.

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9:16 AM BBT:  Vanessa and Jackie in HOH bathroom getting ready and talking about noms. Jackie says "I finally get to do something."   They talk about what they will say during the noms, and Vanessa says that she will tell Clay it's because he hasn't been up yet and now it's his time to prove himself.  Van will tell Becky that "it's has been a while, so Go, Fight, Win."


9:18 AM BBT: Jackie leaves HOH and Becky comes in.  Becky talks to Van about after she is put up.  Becky is worried about making the nominations look real.  Vanessa tells her not to worry about it.  Becky puts something on her hair and then leaves HOH.


9:20 AM BBT: Vanessa alone in HOH bathroom doing her make up.  Other HGs are downstairs, cameras on kitchen with James, JMac, Jackie, and Jason talking about gynecologists. Jackie says she wouldn't want to go to anyone who she might know or see socially.  There are several jokes made on the subject [none really good].  Jackie goes back to HOH. 


9:26 AM BBT:  In HOH, Vanessa tells Jackie that the box for nominations is really heavy.  We get FotH. 


9:27 AM BBT:  Feeds come back. Vanessa tells Jackie that they should give each other their word that they won't put each other up or backdoor each other.  Jackie says absolutely...they talk about not blindsiding.  Jackie says they need to get through this double elimination together...no he said, she said in their alliance.    They say they just have to stick together.  Jackie tells Vanessa to just leave all her stuff up here and to still shower and everything up there. 


9:29 AM BBT:  Vanessa asks Jackie if Audrey ever talked about her.  Jackie said no because Audrey know Jackie wouldn't buy it.   Jackie also says how their moves this week as HOHs will squash rumors that were started about other alliances and loyalties. 


9:32 AM BBT:  Vanessa talks about how much she likes Becky and how selfless she is.  She says you can tell a lot about someone by watching how they are in the house, and that Becky and Shelli are both good people because Becky cares for others and Shelli doesn't like to betray people.  Vanessa says Clay is good because he doesn't like liars.  She likes James because James comes across as genuine.  Finally, Vanessa says that Meg and Jason are fun and hysterical.  She also says Meg can be trusted to stick to her word. Jackie is nodding and agreeing.

Vanessa says she can't trust Steve because she doesn't know where he stands and that she can't trust Austin because he screwed her over.


9: 41 AM BBT:  We get FotH.

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11:04am BBT Vanessa/Julia in HOH. Vanessa asks if she minds of she tells Shelli/Clay that Austin was the odd vote. Julia says no, then tells Vanessa that Austins alter name is Judas. Vanessa tells her she isnt the target. 100%!


11:10am BBT Jackie comes in HOH hugs Julia and says sorry, she had to make it look good. They will play for BOtB and go from there.


 11:16am BBT James/Steve/Julia talk about comps in CBR. Jackie nominated Liz and James. Vanessa nominated Clay and Becky. The target for both of them is Austin.


 11:23am BBT James joins HOH where he confirms they want him to throw BOtB. Vanessa assures him that he is not going home. Jackie reaffirms it. Vanessa says she doesn't want to stay HOH, they better lose it (BOtB). Shelli says that the veto WILL be used on Clay. They told Liz the veto will be used on her.


11:29am BBT James says Austin said he told Jackie he wanted him (Austin) and Steve. That he threw himself at Jackie. Jackie says no, he came up to say not to put him up.


11:37am BBT In CBR Austin tells Julia that if they win BOtB they can relax. Julia asks if Becky knew she was going up. Austin says she (Becky) knows the house wants Steve out.


11:42am BBT Julia tells Austin that Vanessa wants to be dethroned. She says they will switch soon. Julia is hungry but there is nothing to eat but turkey bacon. Julia expects to be a HN, they will probably be on slop after BOtB. Steve walks in and Julia says Steve volunteered last night. Austin says that if Liz is a HN he wants to be one too. Steve says he doesnt care. Austin says it would be funny if both couples were HN.


11:49am BBT Julia tells Steve to not worry about the things they cant control. He says to do the best with what they can control. He tells her basically to eat/sleep/bathroom needs.


11:51am BBT Johnny Mac is a happy man. (he isnt on the block)In the KT Jackie tells John that she doesnt want James on the block. But he will be safe either way. John looks in the fridge and asks if there is any more slop. He says if it was there he would eat it, do you know how many oats sacrificed themselves for that slop. Jackie says OMG if you really ate that stuff.....

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11:59am BBT In WA, James thanks Austin for going to Jackie. Austin asks him which time. James says last night. Austin says he was willing to go up (on the block), he wanted to protect Liz, for her not to go up. James says he will fight for it..


12:03pm BBT Austin tells James that if he wins BOtB he will go to Jury with them. James says this may not be Becky and Clays day tho. Austin says Ppl shouldn't count him out yet. James says he will do his best, he and Liz will come together and do what they got to do.


12:09pm BBT James asks Austin if he would shave his hair off for Liz. Austin points to the camera and says forcefully--"Don't you F'n do that!!" Why would you want to change his appearance for a weeks worth of drama. If hair grew back over night he might do it. He wouldn't let Liz do it either.


12:14pm BBT James asks how Liz(Julia) is doing. Austin says she is fine. She knows she's not the target. Austin says Steve not taking the chance to feel the goods may be the dumbest move in BB history. James has been trimming his hair one hair at a time, he says he can tell he is bored. Austin says it might be about an hour or two till comp. James is going to catch some shut eye.


12:26pm BBT Vanessa/Jackie in HOH talking about John, he is worried about Becky being on the block. Jackie tells her that Clay/Shelli ate and are now sleeping. They will play hard. Clay wants to prove himself to the rest of the house. Vanessa says she felt she could put one but not both of them to go up. Jackie says the only weird thing is if Liz wins POV then Austin would be up against James. Jackie says that when Austin goes up it will be a few days of weird, she is glad Vanessa is there for her.

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12:32pm BBT Vanessa says she did so many things for Austin, she gave him the fast forward and so many little things. It sucks but at the end of the day she is ready to say he got caught. Jackie says he's getting sloppy, say thing things that don't need to be said. Just like Jeff did.


12:36pm BBT Jackie going to get something to munch on, she says before every show she would get a Cheezits and a Blue Redbull. We see a quick flash of Jeff reels before getting FOTH.


12:39pm BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that Julia said Austin told her that he was the odd vote. He did it to stir up sh*t for Clay and Steve. Shelli says she is soooo mad. Vanessa tells Shelli that Austins wrestling name is Judas, the biggest trader in the Bible. Shelli goes Nooooo, WHY!? Vanessa says he has been using that in DR all this time.


 12:44pm BBT Shelli tells Vanessa that she hasn't trusted Austin this whole time. Her and Clay were careful how they talked around him. Vanessa says that in wrestling he plays the villain. Shelli says and he goes in the DR as Judas, that is so disgusting. Which one is he? Is he a beast or an angel. Vanessa says at the end of the day he is man thinking with the wrong brain.


12:58pm BBT Vanessa/Shelli still talking about Judas, Americas choice and the Twins. Downstairs John is taking a shower.

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1:06pm BBT Shelli/Vanessa going over who Austin would think he has the votes. It will freak him out to be on the block with Liz. Vanessa rereads part of her letter from her mom and says she doesnt usually talk about Melody to her, she has only been out to her mom for 2 years. She loves mom and its good to hear from her.


1:13pm BBT Vanessa/Shelli chat about miscellaneous stuff. John has put on his White suit. He tries to get into DR but Austin is in there. Austin comes out and BB lets John in.


1:19pm BBT Austin and Shelli in the KT saying they are both nervous. They talk about HN and will they get to eat before it starts. Austin says it could be they walk into the house with stuff on the table. Shelli says the additives never make sense. Austin says don't do this to him, don't be cruel, don't do the hair cut veto, don't do that sh*t. Steve walks by saying he should wear a hat but doesn't want to upset Clay...his hair cut. Shelli says Clay wont mind.


1:26pm BBT Austin goes in WA with some clothes in his hand. He sets them on the bench and lifts some towels up, looks under them, mouths something, looks around some more, shakes out his shirt, looks in the WC, goes back to CBR and looks thru the clothes on the floor. What ever he is looking for he cant find it. Some asks who is hosting the BOtB. Think Steve will be. Austin says he hasnt hosted yet.


 1:32pm BBT John in SR cutting his nails over the trash can (he has his foot up over the can standing on one leg) Clay comes in and gets some tuna fish. Becky comes in and John asks her if she is throwing it, she says no they are definitely playing.

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1:37pm BBT It's time to eat in the BBH. The HG are in the KT or at the table. Some one said that BB told them the temp, why would they do that if BOtB wasn't soon. James says comp prob wont be for several hours yet, BB just wanted them up.


1:48pm BBT Talk about the table turns to sneezes: sneezing into your hand vs sneezing into your sleeve. They change to everyone wearing each others clothes. And when comp will be, Vanessa is still in DR, she isn't hosting tho. Who will the host be? They need the SR restocked.


2:01pm BBT HG are waiting for BOtB to begin. Austin/Clay talking about having to wait for their sports to begin, eat/sleep/eat/sleep until evening.


2:04pm BBT HG speculate BB is waiting for it to cool down..but why would they wake them up Jason asks. Shelli says it was boring in here with them all sleeping. James says Meg is definitely not a floozy. Compared to the girls he hangs out with she is an angel. News flash:Julia calls Steve out...he farted, in the privacy of his own bed. He asks if next time she wants him to spoon with her first and she no he might dutch oven.

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 2:11pm BBT James wonders how many feeders there are right now. He guesses 1 mill, Jason says no. James says 3,000. Jason says more like that. James says it turns into more like 6,000 when "they" (hey that's me) tweet, screen shot, post to facebook.


2:15pm BBT James tells a story about a guy at a hotel he was staying at who went over a railing and hit the floor several stories below. The guy didn't die but it took a while for him to recover. Austin tells about a guy he saw get run over by a car. James tells about when was a correctional officer and was on his way to work and this little girl (11 or 12) ran out in front of a car that was in front of him, it drug her. It was pretty gruesome. He gets to work and a coworkers daughter had been hit by a car. He didn't tell the guy he saw it.


2:37pm BBT John has been in the CR eating crackers w/peanut butter. Austin informed him he (Austin) had a demon in him, he had been to the WC several times in the last hour. HG are checking their eye lids for leaks. Austin lays on the LR couch.

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2:49pm BBT If the clock on the feeds wasn't moving I would think they were paused. shhhhhh as everyone waits for BOtB


2:55pm BBT Austin tells Vanessa that ever since he cast the demon out of the cloak Audrey left behind he has been sick. He thinks he caught the demon.


3:03pm BBT Liz called to DR, Austin says YES!! He gives Jula a little wave as she goes to the DR, Austin swears and goes to WC, comes right back out and preens in the mirror. He tells John in the CR that it might be getting better.


3:12pm BBT Camera 1 shows John in CR...leaning back on the pillows, knees bent with hands on the back of his neck. Camera 3 shows Austin ....leaning back on the pillows, lknees bent with hands on the back of his neck.



3:27pm BBT Liz comes out of DR, Austin is there to greet her. They hug and go to WA to talk. Liz says she is dieing inside. Austin tells her that James was trying to throw the HOH but eliminated him. Clay comes in. Austin tells her everyone is on the same page so don't freak out.


3:31pm BBT Austin tells Liz that if James wins POV Steve will go up.  Clay wakes Shelli up and she tells him about Judas.  Back in WA Liz is upset, Austin reassures her she is safe. Austin tells her he almost dominated HOH. He tells Liz that he talked to Steve and Steve said that if he plays for POV he will throw it to Austin. As they go to the CBR they pass the memory wall where the noms are pictured, he tells her not to look.


3:50pm BBT Austin catches Liz up on what has happened while she was gone. He tells her his vote, he is clear on it cuz he didnt vote against the house....Judas did.  He tells her that Julie must have been talking to Audrey for a while cuz they stood in the KT for a long time. FOTH....He tells her he told Steve that he had a chance to do last season but didnt because of "her" (former girlfriend).


3:55pm BBT BB: Everyone it's time for the final performance of Whack Street Boys!!!  HG are gatheringin the LR.

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3:57 PM BBT The Wackstreet Boys do their last performance on the Sky Bridge. We see FOTH when they are done.


4:00 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Vanessa & Jackie are talking in the HOHR. Clay gets told to please not obstruct her microphone. They are watching the TV. Vanessa says, Shelli has Clay's shirt on. Jackie says, there it is, the other one. (Referring to Liz being back in the house since the twins switched). Vanessa asks her if she really just said that? They laugh. Vanessa wonders if the twins had enough time to talk about anything when they were switching clothes. Jackie gets told to please put on her microphone. Vanessa says, Dark Moon. Jason gets told to please put on his microphone.


4:06 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jackie she's a good liar. She says, she should have that of that. They are walking in & out of the HOHR WA. Vanessa says, her sisters are cute. Vanessa says, it makes her miss Florida now. Jackie asks how old they are? Vanessa says, they are 26 & 30 years old. She says, the 30 year old seems a lot younger. Vanessa says, the 26 year old is the one getting married in Florida. Jackie says, she'll be out by then.


4:08 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jackie that she was married to a guy. She says, she didn't figure things out until she was in her 20's. She says, she was a late bloomer, & didn't lose her virginity until she was 19. She says, she married her best friend who was a gambler. She met him when she was 22, & then divorced when she was 27. She says, he still gave her advice about women. She says, after they divorced he got terminal cancer. She says, it came & went a couple times, & he had surgery, & he passed away last summer. Vanessa starts to tear up, because he's a really important part of her life.


4:11 PM BBT Vanessa says, she doesn't believe that you are supposed to find forever in your 20's. She says, you are supposed to live a little. She says, she saw him go from looking like Austin, being 6'1", & when he passed away,  he was only 130 lbs. She says, she wasn't doing anything good with the world or to better humanity with her intelligence when she was gambling. Vanessa says, it's different with music. She says, that's win, win.


4:13 PM BBT Vanessa says, her & Chad lived in Las Vegas. She says, she came out to her mom about 2 years ago. She says, she's only dated women since him. She says, she's still attracted to guys also, but she is to dominant, & there's always a power struggle there. Vanessa says, coming on the show was a big deal. She says, it was a long coming to terms for her, when coming to the show. She says, things with Chad, changed her perspective about what's really important. She says, she's not going to get sucked up into the small stuff.


4:15 PM BBT Vanessa says, that's why when she's having a bad day, there are so many BB fans that would kill to be there. She says, Chad would kill to be alive. Vanessa says, that's why she was trying to talk to Audrey about her perspective on things. She says, it was so bad. Jackie says, she told her she was so sorry it had to end this way. Jackie says, she felt so bad. Vanessa tells Jackie about when she told her to get her sh*t together. She says, she even offered to get her eyelashes for her.


4:16 PM BBT Jackie says, just being on the show is amazing. Vanessa says, it's life-changing. Vanessa runs down everything they have to do in the house. She says, being woke up, eating slop, watching the Wackstreet Boys, etc. She says, Meg is hysterical. Vanessa says, anytime you think you're having a problem in the house they need to talk to Meg. Jackie says, this is a game, & you can't take it personal. Jackie tells Vanessa to look at them (In the LR, on the TV). Jackie says, she's spanking him, oh daddy. Jackie says, she can't let that daddy thing go. Jackie says, she can't imagine the conversation Liz is having with Austin right now. Vanessa says, she can't wait.


4:20 PM BBT Jackie says, she wants to know if Austin told Liz that he volunteered to go up for her. Vanessa says, she will find out, because she will tell her. Jackie says, this is the one would put her on the block. Vanessa jokingly says, that's why we hate her. But, they both think she is more funny, & more outgoing than Julia. Vanessa wants to take a shower before they do the BOTB. Vanessa says, I offered to go up on the block for you, yeah, sure you did. Jackie says, if he said that to James, he had to tell her. Vanessa says, that's just making her fall for him more.


4:22 PM BBT Vanessa asks Jackie if she would have even considered liking Austin? She says, no. Jackie says, he only talks to her when the other one (Julia) is in the house. Jackie says, she put Liz up, because she put her up. Jackie says, she can just picture their whole conversation. We see FOTH.


4:24 PM BBT When live feeds come back. Jackie says, Julia with sit with Austin at the eviction, if she's the one in the house. Vanessa says, awkward. Jackie asks if America will hate her for trying to break up a showmance? Vanessa says, hold on a minute. She says, he's the one trying to get Julia out to break up the sisters. She says, that's so against hoe code. She says, literally all he wants is to get a piece of a** in jury house. She says, that's so wrong. Vanessa says, she is offended, & finds the whole thing gross. Jackie says, Julia talks a lot in the house. Jackie says, the other one (Liz) doesn't, because she's with Austin all of the time.


4:26 PM BBT Jackie says, she can't get a friendship with Liz, because Austin is holding them under his wing to protect them. Jackie says, they can't figure things out from switching, especially when talking about he said she said stuff. She says, you have to be on point. Jackie tells Vanessa her teddy bears name is Freddy Teddy. She says, she can't believe he's there, & she used to take him on every trip with her when she was little. Jackie says, she knows her mom sent all of the stuff, & she probably wanted her dad to write the letter.


4:28 PM BBT Jackie is getting ready to tell Vanessa about her parents. Her mom was a Sergeant LAPD & her dad was a Commander of the LAPD. She says, he was the Commander of the whole west side, & the Captain of Internal Affairs as well. She says, that explains her loyalty. Vanessa says, that explains a lot about her, & she's a hard read, which is great in this game. Vanessa says, she comes off very fun loving, & doesn't give a sh*t, but then she says stuff that's extremely on point. She says, it totally makes sense, & she gets it. She says, Jackie is very suspicious, so that makes sense. Jackie says, her aunt & another family member are in the LAPD as well.


4:32 PM BBT Jackie says, she wants to keep this to herself in the BB house, because of Derek last season being a Police Sergeant, & her mom was as well. She says, her dad lives in Columbia now. They are both retired. She says, her dad has a girlfriend in Columbia, & her mom lives in her condo's in Las Vegas. She says, she works security now. She says, she has her pension now. She says, she loves Las Vegas, & loves being close to LA. She says, her mom moved to Las Vegas for her. Vanessa asks if she was o.k. with her going to TAR? She says, she had to explain it to her, but she was.


4:34 PM BBT Jackie says, her mom is probably freaking out at home now because Jackie is in the BB house. She says, her mom thinks everything is fishy. She says, she doesn't lie to her mom. Vanessa says, she is probably like her mom, with suspicions of everyone. She says, a little, but she's more like her dad. She says, he thinks it's either black or white. She needs the facts to figure things out to make her decision. She says, she's not going to have conversations about something that's not true. Jackie says, she's surprised she didn't pick up on more, but she wasn't paying that close attention. She tells Vanessa that Jeff is the only who knew about her parents.


4:36 PM BBT Jackie says, she found out when she needed to, coming into this week. Vanessa says, people take advantage of her. She says, people will do something to her, she will forgive them, & then they will do it again. She knows that's an issue. She says, her girlfriend shields her from all that. She says, she was probably dying with the Austin thing, even though Jackie doesn't know the whole story. Vanessa says, she will learn more when she watches the show. Jackie says, she sometimes knows when she clicks with someone. Vanessa says, when someone lies to her, that's it, & they're on her sh*t list.


4:39 PM BBT Vanessa says, although she gave James a second chance, because he apologized in the most respectable way. Jackie says, she literally put her game in James' hands the first week, & something just made her trust him, & she felt it was a good play in this game. She says, she wanted to show her loyalty early. Vanessa says, Becky wants to do that now. Jackie says, you can only sit around for so long. She says, yes, Derek did it, but that will never happen again, unless you keep winning HOH.


4:40 PM BBT Vanessa says, you have to be a genius, & a competition beast. She says, the only one that may be that way here is Austin. Vanessa says, Austin said that he has the 2nd highest IQ. Vanessa says, John's a doctor (dentist), so he's smart also, & he's very good. Vanessa says, they can't go back & undo time. Jackie says, they have everyone in the house that will want Austin out. She says, they can't make it seem that 8 of them are working together.


4:43 PM BBT Jackie says, she may have to tell Austin that she had to tell Steve that he was the backdoor option to ease his mind. That way, Austin doesn't think he is. Vanessa asks where Austin & Liz are. Jackie looks on the TV. She says, there they are, all over each other, catching up. Vanessa says, she likes the sound of the aquarium in the other room. Jackie says, Shelli feed them for sure. Jackie says, they only feed them once a week. She says, they are going to lock the door, so BB has to feed them. Vanessa asks Jackie where a lot of her friends are? Jackie says, Las Vegas. She says, she went to UNLV, before moving to Miami. She says, then she moved back. They talk about the Miami Heat.


4:46 PM BBT Vanessa asks Jackie if Jeff is her type of guy? Jackie says, yeah, that hit it off on TAR, & they were totally obsessed. She says, when they came back to real life it was hard. She says, she didn't think he wanted a relationship, especially long-distance. She says, he had quit his job, & they still keep in touch every day. She says, to have a relationship was not in the cards. She says, he needs to grow up a little more for her. Vanessa says, you don't know what's in the cards. She says, she loves him to death, & she doesn't think she can be with him. She says, they will keep in touch.


4:48 PM BBT Vanessa seems that Jeff may still have some oats to sew, before he's ready to settle down. Jackie says, she's ready to be serious with someone, because her last boyfriend was serious, & had his sh*t together. We see Jeff Schroeder's Highlight Reels.


6:52 PM BBT Live feeds come back with the HG's getting food in the SR. James tells Jason that Shelli looked mad & upset. Jason says, it's not like you creamed them or anything. It seems like James & Liz won the BOTB leaving Vanessa as the sole HOH for this week.


6:55 PM BBT Clay & Becky will stay on the block this week. Becky & Clay are in the KT by the glass table, & they don't seem happy. Austin, Jason, James & John are also in the KT. James leaves. In the HOHR, Vanessa is laying in her bed in the 2nd HOHR.


6:57 PM BBT In the WA, Liz is in the HOT side of the shower. James is by the sink, & Clay is sitting on the couch. Clay talks about the competition. He says, things were smeared on their wall. He says, they guessed. He says, they did Hayden, Cody & Devon. He says, he was told it was 23 letters. Clay & Liz talk about the letters they had & the ones they didn't have. He says, they spelled everyone's names. He says, they did Frankie, but they stayed on Cody to long. Steve is in the WA washing his face. He wipes his face with a towel, puts his glasses back on, & walks out.


6:59 PM BBT Becky goes to the WA. She has jean shorts & a black sports bra on, & is covered in stuff from the BOTB competition.

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06:50PM BBT Feeds are back.  Looks like Liz and James won.  Julia is now a lock to join the house after the next elimination.


06:55PM BBT Clay and Becky are at the counter in the KT looking stunned.


07:00PM BBT Liz/Clay in WA talking about BOB game while Liz showers.  Had something to do with the names of prior BB players like Cody, Devin, Frankie, etc. - sounds like a word puzzle or matching game.


07:02PM BBT Becky now in WA, Liz is out of shower.  Becky still looks stunned/lost in thought over the loss to James/Liz in BOB.  [she feels the hot, fetid breath of the BB reaper closing in, no doubt.]


07:04PM BBT Jason, Meg, Austin, Steve, JMac are in KT. Jason and Meg are discussing church and how Meg is too gay for church (??).  Jason says his big problem is the church doctrine that pets don't have souls.  He says the people that think that need to look in their dog's eyes and say they don't have souls.  Chicken nuggets are being prepared - looks like the SR has been restocked. Steve is swimming upstream socially, as usual, having a whole wheat lunchmeat sandwich instead of eating the nuggs with the others when they're done.


7:07PM BBT In WA Liz and James are talking about eating restaurant food.  James is in shower fantasizing about having some Outback Steakhouse.  Becky still looks super-bummed and is quietly laying on the nasty pillows.  James leaves shower, Becky hops up and jumps in.

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7:11PM BBT Vanessa and Shelli up in HoH room talking out some damage control for the bad BOB outcome (for them).  Vanessa says she needs 2 hours of sleep before she starts working on a plan because she's the dumbest she's been in the game so far because of sleep deprivation.  Vanessa apologizes to Clay for the way BOB turned out then goes to other HoH room to sleep.


7:14PM BBT Clay sulking on the couch in HoH as Shelli tries to console him.  He says he feels like a loser [well, in this case, he IS].  Shelli says this is a small part of the game.  They both head down to KT and leave Vanessa in the other HoH room, while Jackie is getting out of the shower in the main HoH room.




7:19PM BBT Feeds are back, and...Vanessa is not sleeping.  She's rehashing details of the game with Jackie, still wondering how Beckie and Clay lost.  Austin has figured out that James was trying to throw the game because he was WALKING at the end when they were basically done and Liz was yelling at him to get to the ending place.  Then when he WON, he wasn't happy (and it was a steak dinner).  Apparently Julia did not tell Liz that they were supposed to throw it.  Vanessa  says Austin is on the scent, and she still plans on taking Austin out with a backdoor, but everyone just needs to not talk.  Shelli comes in, Vanessa explains that she was kicked out of the other HoH room and they can't go in there anymore.


7:23PM PST Vanessa explains she's going to try to get Austin to throw the veto so she can still put him up.  She compares what happened in BOB with a 97% in your favor poker draw flipping and you lose with only a 3% chance of losing.  Jackie asks Vanessa if she's going to be okay. Vanessa says yeah.  Vanessa coaching Jackie on how to handle Austin in various scenarios related to his growing suspicions about what's going on.


I'm out for now. BBLP

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7:00PM BBT: Vanessa and Shelli are talking, Vanessa tells Shelli that she is going to do what she said she would do. She is telling Shelli to tell Liz to keep Austin distracted. They are going to talk to Liz when Austin goes to the DR.


7:05PM BBT: Vanessa says that people need to keep their shit together, Shelli says that James over reacts to everything. Shelli says that Liz is going to be mad when she finds out what all Austin have been saying about them. Austin, Jason and Meg are all in the kitchen. Shelli is saying that Liz can't know about them back-dooring Austin until after the PoV. Shelli says they need to act like they are mad to because they don't want Austin to blow up on James.


7:10PM BBT: Clay walks into the HoH, and talk changes to the competition. Shelli was side line coaching. Vanessa is saying that Austin knows that James tried to throw that competition. Vanessa is saying that people need to play their roll. She is stress out about it. Shelli is telling her that she has nothing to be stressed out about. Because we are not going to tell Liz about Austin.

Everyone is in on this.


7:15PM BBT: Vanessa is really worried about Austin. She is going on and on about it. And Shelli and Clay are trying to calm her down. James, Meg, and Becky are in the wash room. Now Shelli and Vanessa are talking about the competition. And how James really tried to throw it but he did get a steak dinner.


7:20PM BBT: Vanessa says she needs sleep she is running on two hours of sleep. She is asking them not to tell Liz anything. Shelli is like "No". Vanessa says that Julia says that she trusts us, Vanessa is telling Clay that she is going to make sure he doesn't go home 100%. She leaves. Shelli tells Clay that purple is his color he looks good in it. Shelli says she wants a fun week this week. Vanessa has walked out of the HoH.


7:25PM BBT: Vanessa and Jackie are now talking about the competition in the HoH. Shelli is talking to Becky in the shower, She tells Becky who is in the shower that "There is nobody that is going to play in the PoV that will not use it to backdoor either Austin or Steve so you are safe."


7:31PM BBT: Most of the HGs are in the kitchen talking about the competition Vanessa and Jackie are rapping up their talk, Vanessa telling her that they are still good everyone is good still. Jackie is looking for some cloths she misplaced in the HoH, she thinks BB moved them?? Vanessa says that she is about to do a swan dive into a big pool of blood. Austin is talking to Clay who is in the shower, Austin says that James threw it. James walks in , James tells Clay that he doesn't want him to be mad at him. James says he had to make sure he was safe, He tells James that if they win veto they will take him down. Austin is on broad with that.


7:31PM BBT: Vanessa is now worried about Austin playing in the PoV. And if he stays then next week he can win HoH, And he may come after her. Jackie is like "we will have to wait and see."


7:35PM BBT: Vanessa is trying to decide if she wants to take a nap and be up all night or just stay up. James, Austin and Meg are all in the bedroom. Well Vanessa is in bed now (I guess the nap won)


7:40PM BBT: James is wondering if they will bring outback to him. No they will do it in HoH. Vanessa is telling Jackie what all she has to turn in, Keep your food up here. Now talking about Austin again and taking a bath in blood. Austin is talking to James, telling him that he knows that Vanessa wanted to be dethroned. She says he needs to talk to her later. Liz is wondering when her DR sessions will start.


7:45PM BBT: Vanessa is saying that she is so tired, she just wants to sleep yet she has to wait for the outback dinner. Liz is drying her hair. Jackie is eating her snacks. Shelli is laying down in the wash room.


And now they are talking about the competition and how hard it was. To pick three names out of 16 Meg and James, and Jason are in the kitchen and Austin is now in the shower.


7:50PM BBT: The HGs are now bored, Meg and Jason are now in the HoH. Vanessa is now talking about the Austin and James thing. Jason says that James is good at hiding his emotions. Vanessa is saying that she is worried that Shelli is mad, and Jason and Meg say NO she isn't mad at you. Vanessa says that James is a terrible liar.


7:55PM BBT: Jason says that Julia isn't good at competitions. Liz is the one that is good at competitions and on thursday Julia will come into the house. Now Jason is talking about the competition. and how they miss spelled some of the names. Austin and Liz and Shelli are in the wash room talking about the competition. John is called to the DR.


8:00PM BBT: Vanessa is still freaking out about Austin, saying he has the second highest IQ in history. She is scared that her big backdoor is going to leak out.


And that Austin is going to be mad at her. Meg and Jason are telling her it doesn't matter because we have the numbers Austin can't do anything. Austin is talking to Clay in the purple room Austin is telling Clay that there is no way he is going home. And Clay is say that there is no way he(Austin) is going home. Austin is asking if the plan is to still get Liz out? Clay say Yeah. They walk into the storage room. Austin is wondering if people are lying to him. Clay just keep telling him that they are good and the plan is to get Liz out.


8:05PM BBT: Jackies nips peeked out of her shirt, Clay is cooking in the kitchen James is changing the Garbag and Jason is talking about Jackie not wearing a bra and showing her nipples on TV. Jackie wants to know if she can keep her teddy bear. Yes.


8:10PM BBT: Clay is called to the DR, Meg and Jason are telling Vanessa that everything will work out not to worry about it. John is playing with the blue roller, and talking to Austin in the ocean room. Now walks out. Steve is in the purple with John now, he is getting out of bed. They walk into the kitchen now looking for cool whip. They are now talking to Shelli and Clay about what kind of food they have now.


8:15PM BBT: Steve is making some egg, and asking why there are empty egg shells in the carton, Shelli says that's so gross, now she is talking about day 40 and the boredom is coming up. (Its only day 37)


8:20PM BBT: Clay is talking to Austin in the purple room He is saying that he was told that James was their target. Austin is saying that he has to talk to Vanessa, "we have to get you off and put Steve on." Clay says that Vanessa is stressed out. Clay is asking who they are going to tell Steve the target is. Austin tells him Jackie.


8:31PM BBT: Austin is talking to Liz in the Have-Not room, He is telling her what he told Clay. and Clay and Shelli are in the HoH room Clay is telling them what Austin said. That he wants to play in the PoV. Clay is telling them that he told Austin that he thought that James was the target. Austin is calming Liz down, Jason is saying that James isn't a good liar, "He lies like an 11 year old."


8:35PM BBT: Vanessa is saying that she is hiding in the HoH from James because she is scared of him and James comes in the HoH. Now they are talking about how he threw the competition By making them be out of paint, by throwing it everywhere. Austin is still talking to Liz telling her that they need to talk to them. Now they are talking about how luck ly Vanessa is. and they hug and walk out.


8:40PM BBT: Austin and Liz are looking at all the food they have in the storage room. James is talking about the competition in the HoH. and how Liz jumped on him when they won it. and he is like Yay we won, yeah right. Liz and Austin and Becky are now in the wash room.


8:45PM BBT: Clay walks out of the HoH, and they are still talking about the BOB. Meg said she loved how Shelli got yelled out by BB and we get a brief FotH. John is laying down in the wash room Jackie is drying her hair.


8:50PM BBT: James and the group in the HoH are talking about him throwing the competition Meg tells James that during the "fake dinner" with Liz he has to tell her that he wasn't happy about winning the BOB because he was worried about Clay. Becky is talking to Clay about who they are targetting. Liz and Steve are in the kitchen, Steve tells Liz it's not a good ideal to hang out with him right now. "you can sit back and relax while they panic, it's a good place to be." Liz is now looking for a avocado.


9:00PM BBT: Shelli is talking about how she heard Steve lie, Liz and Steve are still cooking. Jason is talking about Steve throwing competitions, and how he is mad about it.
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9:00 PM BBT In the HOHR Shelli, Meg & Jason talk about the days in the house, when the comps were, & who was evicted. They are running through all the events so far this season. In the CRL Austin & Clay are talking. Clay asks Austin if he's talked to Steve? Austin says, he talked to him in the CBR & Steve asked him if he was the target? Austin says, he told him he didn't think so.


9:04 PM BBT Austin tells Clay this should be a good week, & tells Clay he knows it's hard to be up there. (Really? How does he know that?) Austin tells Clay that he's ready to cut Steve loose. Clay asks Austin if he thought that Liz was the target? Austin says, for Jackie, yes, but he wanted to play along, because he loves one of them.


9:08 PM BBT Clay is trying to convince Austin & Liz everything is o.k. in the CRL. Austin says, he could of went on the block for Liz. Now he says he was going to try to get the Veto to save her. Liz says, James was acting like he was upset Liz & him won the BOTB comp. Liz tells Clay not to tell him she said that though. Clay tells Liz, when Julia comes in, there is 6 of them to control the votes. Austin says, they will win the HOH again. He says, at least one of them will get it, & they have the numbers.


9:11 PM BBT Clay tells Liz & Austin that Steve can't win the POV Competition. He says, he can probably get him to throw it, because he's been throwing all the comps so far. Austin asks why Steve is so bad at the HOH's? Austin says, Steve told him that Jason just buzzed in to quick, & he couldn't hit it quick enough. Liz leaves to finish her salad. Clay tells Austin they need to stop making people suspicious. Austin says, he's been trying to hang out with Liz as much as he can. Austin says, they've been talking so much in the HOHR. Clay says, they are really talking a lot about Steve.


9:13 PM BBT Austin says, Shelli was HOH week 2, then Vanessa week 3, then Shelli week 4, & now Vanessa again. Austin says, they are dominating the HOH's. Vanessa comes in the CRL. She tells Clay & Austin that she is going to have a huge fit. She says, she thinks it's bug bites. She says, she can't even get 5 minutes not to wear make-up. Vanessa gets told to please put on her microphone. She walks out of the CRL.


9:15 PM BBT Clay tells Austin that he's glad he doesn't know whether or not Liz was the target. He says, if he found that out, he would tell Austin right away. Austin says, he couldn't imagine if Liz got out before jury, & went back home to Florida. He says, Jeff could be lurking in Florida, & he would go crazy in the house. (Stalker/Psycho much?)


9:17 PM BBT Shelli goes in the CRL. Clay tells her to sit down & not be shy. Shelli says, she's not shy. Clay tells her that Julia should be coming in this week, since Liz is safe. Clay says, his winning was actually better, so Liz couldn't leave, & both of them could come in. Shelli says, she wasn't the target right? Clay says, they didn't tell us. Clay says, something is still sketch. Shelli says, for sure.


9:19 PM BBT Austin keeps saying that they all need to talk to Vanessa later to see what she wants them to do. Shelli says, she's trying to take a nap & she wants everyone to just leave her alone. Austin says, now that Liz is safe for him, he wants to get Clay safe for her. Shelli says, she knows that everybody is targeting Steve. Austin says, there he goes, as Steve walks past the CRL.


9:20 PM BBT Clay says, when it comes to the Veto, he can't see that someone would not use it. Austin says, if Becky picks HG choice she may pick Jackie. Jackie goes in the CRL. She tells them Steve is freaking out. She says, he asked her if they are talking game upstairs? She says, he is running around. Austin says, they need to make sure he's o.k. Shelli says, she's going to have a panic attack right now. Austin says, Clay is safe no matter what, even if the votes stayed the same. Austin says, Becky would only have John & Jackie's votes.


9:22 PM BBT Clay says, they need to keep Steve calm. He says, he doesn't know what to say if Steve asks him who the target is. Austin says, they could convince Steve to use the Veto on Clay if he wins. Austin says, he would have to do otherwise he's f*cked. Shelli asks who Vanessa would put up if Clay comes off? Austin says, if she wants Becky to go, she would probably put up a Meg or something.


9:24 PM BBT Austin says, they need to stop going through all of the scenarios & chill out. He says, they have the POV Competition tomorrow. He says, if Steve wins the Veto they will make him use it. Clay says, if Steve wins & he doesn't use it, he will be the next target. Austin says, they will have plenty of time to talk in the HNR. Shelli says, she's going to have some ice cream tonight. Clay says, his stomach is hurting. Shelli says, hers is to. She wants to do an all liquid diet as a HN.


9:26 PM BBT Austin says, he stays away from milk as much as he can. He says, he'd rather have Almond milk, because the chocolate milk has 35 grams of carbs on top of the 40 grams from the slop. Austin says, the dental chairs are going to be tough to sleep in & not cuddle. Austin says, he will have to put his feet up on the chair next to him, because it's tough, he doesn't like to be alone.


9:27 PM BBT Shelli says, she's gearing up to be a HN tomorrow. (What if there's a HN Comp this week?). She says, she wants to have her ice cream sundae tonight.


9:29 PM BBT Clay says, Liz is all excited. Shelli says, Liz is excited because she gets to have her Outback. They talk about people going with other people. Austin says, if Jeff was up there with Liz, he would knock the door down. He says, he doesn't want to let her back out in society with Jeff out there. Austin says, he's scared, because Jeff was still asking her out while he was leaving.


9:31 PM BBT Clay & Shelli tell Austin that they like Julia. Austin says, he originally thought that Liz & Julia both liked him, & they were going to let him figure out which one he wanted to be with. (Who told him that?) Austin says, he was told at one point that Liz, Julia, Jackie & Jason liked him. He says, he told the DR, he's in a love Pentagon. Shelli says, Jason doesn't like him. Austin says, all of the competition is gone now. (OMG...Who inflated his ego?)


9:33 PM BBT Shelli, Clay & Austin talk about when Julia comes in the house. Austin says, that's Liz' picture on the Memory Wall, & it was Liz only on media day. Austin says, he thinks that Julia will come in this coming Thursday. He says, he thinks that the following week will be a double eviction. He says, the person evicted first next week will not be going to jury, it will start with the second one. He says, on double eviction night, there's only one HOH in power. Meg gets called to the DR. Shelli is ready to make something to eat. Austin wants to make some chicken. Clay says, he's coming. He's the only one still lounging in the CRL. He yawns.


9:37 PM BBT Austin sits at the DT next to Liz. She tells him what she ate tonight. Becky sits at the DT with them. She says, she's having a turkey pita. Liz says, it looks delish. Austin says, today is going quick, & he asks Liz what day it is? Liz says, it's Friday. Liz is painting her nails. She says, she's obsessed with the Barbie pink nail polish. Austin asks, why do guys care? Liz says, she read in Cosmo that most guys like natural colors. Austin says, he doesn't even care if she paints her nails. Liz says, she never painted her nails when she used to bite them.


9:39 PM BBT Liz tells Austin he probably wouldn't even notice if she painted her nails or not. Austin says, he probably wouldn't because he has bigger fish to fry. Liz tells him, he's to busy watching the boobies. Austin says, he's interested in asking her intelligent questions. Becky is almost finished eating her turkey pita. Liz says, beautiful, when she finishes painting her nails. Austin says, very pretty. Liz says, she thought he didn't notice the nails. Austin says, she did them right in front of him. She says, she should have done a bright red for him.


9:41 PM BBT Austin tells Becky she's so sweet. Becky says, of course. She is getting something to drink in the KT. Austin says, his dad used to tell his girlfriends to take them off his hands. Liz laughs. He says, his dad would say he would pay them to take them. Austin asks what time it is? Becky tells him. Austin says, they are giving BBAD a nail painting party. Liz shouts out to Austin's family & her sister Angela.


9:43 PM BBT Shelli is back in the CRL with Clay. Clay uses his saliva to get something off Shelli's face. She tells him, he's doing the grandmother thing right now. Shelli says, how stupid does Austin think they are. She says, HG choice, hmmm, let's pick Austin, instead of the obvious person to save Clay. Clay says, Steve knows he's a target. He says, he may not think he's the first target. Clay asks when they should say something to Steve. Shelli says, wait to see if he gets pulled for POV. Clay says, he thinks that Steve or John will listen to them. Vanessa says, they wouldn't say anything to them, it would be Vanessa.


9:46 PM BBT Clay asks Shelli if Jackie would take Becky off? Shelli says, yes. Clay says, would John take Becky off? Shelli says, they don't know. Shelli tells Clay to stop trying to give her a heart attack. Shelli says, the other HG's in the 8 want to make sure Clay gets taken off the block. Shelli says, the BOTB Competition went so long. Clay says, they were told no more paint. Clay says, Becky wanted to splash the paint, & then wipe it. He says, he told her not to wipe it, because it was going to fall off. Becky gets called to the DR.


9:49 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay that the best strategy would have been for Clay to start splashing the paint & to call out the letters. Shelli asks why they stopped the competition? Clay says, there may have been paint on the cameras. He says, James was splashing paint everywhere. Shelli says, their side (James & Liz) was a mess. Shelli says, Steve is starting to bother her.


9:51 PM BBT Clay tells Shelli that having a conversation with Liz wouldn't hurt. Shelli says, she's trying to keep Liz out of the loop with Austin. She says, she's so happy about Julia. She says, Julia is her friend, & Liz is just Austin's girlfriend. Liz says, she wants to fill Julia in on things when she gets back in the house. She says, Liz doesn't even talk to her much anymore, because she's always with Austin. Clay says, they won for a reason, trying to reassure himself he's going to be o.k.


9:52 PM BBT Clay says, they should have known it wasn't going to be an easy name like Cody or Devin. He says, they probably already had 3 names picked. Shelli says, it was clear to her. Shelli says, she didn't understand what was going on, because she couldn't see the other wall. Shelli says, she obviously got in trouble for calling things out, & then she couldn't say anything. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. Clay says, they figured out they had to put up Christine because it was 9 letters.


9:54 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay he's going to get a lot of camera air time, which will be good publicity for him. BB tells Shelli to please not obstruct her microphone. She talks in a baby voice, & says, she's not obstructing her microphone, it's right there. Clay says, they need to keep Steve calm. Shelli says, she can see him going to the DR to screw with the votes.


9:56 PM BBT Shelli says, the whole house seems to be on board with wanting the twins to play without Austin. Clay asks Shelli which one of the twins said that Clay was going to be a target? He asks if it was Julia? Shelli says, when Vanessa was trying to figure out who was throwing off the votes, she never thought it would be Austin. She says, Austin probably thinks that the whole house was excluding him. Shelli says, she doesn't understand why Austin would tell Julia he was the one who voted for Audrey, to throw things off & make things crazy. She says, she was told that it would still make them think it was Steve or Clay doing it.


9:58 PM BBT Shelli says, Austin told one of the HOH's yesterday that they can put him up on the block instead of Clay. Shelli says, Austin still thinks there are two strong guys in the house, so he wants to keep Clay in to help him. Shelli says, Austin thinks it would be o.k. to break up the twins. She says, Austin knows that Liz would take Julia over him.


10:00 PM BBT In the WA, Austin tells Liz that need to trust the people they know they can trust. He says, he will have to watch the show back when they get home. Austin says, they can't tell Vanessa about his vote for Audrey now. He says, if Vanessa wants Steve out, they have to respect her decision, & help her. He says, they have to do whatever Vanessa wants, because she's really good at this. Austin says, Vanessa is breaking out. Liz says, she's really stressed.


10:03 PM BBT Liz asks Austin who was up against Vanessa to win the HOH? Austin tells her if was Jason. Liz says, so she had to win it. Austin says, all James does is act like a goofball, because of him being a pawn. He says, if he finds out that he was trying to throw the comp, he will go after him next week. Liz thinks that she was going to be the target, because they all know Julia can come in next week.


10:06 PM BBT Liz says, if she finds out that James was trying to throw it, she will go after him. Austin says, everyone else has to scramble, & they have to sit back & chill. Austin says, it's been them getting HOH 4 weeks in a row. Austin thinks that when Julia comes in, jury won't start until after the following eviction. He says, they need to get someone else out that won't go to jury. He says, one of them needs to win next week & the double eviction. He says, there's only going to be one winner. He says, Liz is safe, she did it, so f*ck those people. He says, he was the only one routing for her. He says, he feels that all of them were routing for Clay. He says they were telling Clay where the letters were.


10:08 PM BBT Liz says, no one could see them. Austin says, he so wanted to go over there & watch them. He says, who was going to stop him, a beef cake? He says, no way. Austin says, everyone heard Liz telling James to get to the podium. He says, they beat them by 10 seconds. Liz says, that was close. Austin says, he was thinking he knows she can do it. Austin says, he wanted to get soacked in paint, he didn't care. Liz says, she's tired, but she knows they are going to call her to the DR. Austin asks her if she wants to go to bed? Liz says, soon.


10:10 PM BBT Liz says, she is switching with Julia again on Monday, & then on Wednesday. She says, she will be here for Thursday. She says, Julia will get to be a HN more this week. She says, she wants to tell them that she will be here for the eviction. Liz says, Julia told her that she thinks Austin is trying to hurt them. Austin asks Liz what is Julia thinking? He says, why is she thinking he wants to hurt them? Austin says, what is going on with her sister?


10:13 PM BBT Austin says, if he lies to Jason, then his people win, they will go after them & they won't make it in the jury house. Liz says, Jason doesn't seem to be a bad guy. He says, if he gave up what he said to him, then they can't do anything about it. Austin says, sorry Julia, but he's trying to help the twins, not hurt them. (He's lying straight to Liz' face.)


10:15 PM BBT Liz asks what the HOH competition was? Austin tells Liz what it was. He says, there was a rule that they were only the competitions you watched or were in. Austin says, Becky says that Austin always leaves his food out. Austin says, he's waiting for Clay to come out & cook them chicken for dinner. Austin says, Becky's cleaning thing is to much for him. Liz says, she kept hearing that blue was wrong. Austin says, they didn't know what they were doing. Liz says, she screamed. Austin says, she came to him so hard. Liz says, she doesn't even care. Austin keeps rubbing on Liz' back.


10:18 PM BBT Austin tells Liz, he only talked to Jason because he thought they wanted him to. Clay comes to the WA. He asks who cleaned & folded the towels? Austin says, Becky got a hold of it. He says, he's going to cook the chicken. He finishes up in the WC, & leaves the WA, without washing his hands. (Gross, & he's going to cook).


10:20 PM BBT Austin tells Liz there was no why Julia would have beaten Vanessa in the comp. Liz says, she can come in and play. Austin tells Liz not to stress out for weeks down the line. Liz wants to know what the motive was if James was trying to throw the comp. Austin says, they need to talk to Vanessa, & she will have to grill some people hard & get it out of them. He says, they will talk, they always do. Austin says, he really thinks Vanessa wants Steve out. Liz says, Vanessa is just p*ssed because she doesn't want to get anymore blood on her hands. Austin says, it opened up Liz as the main target. Liz says, she doesn't understand what Julia is doing. Austin says, she's super standoffish, even with him. Liz says, she's going to have to yell at her. Austin says, he doesn't understand why she is acting that way. He says, it's hard to lay down with her, when it's not Liz.


10:24 PM BBT Austins says, Julia is either asleep when he goes to bed, or she's in the KT cleaning a lot. Austin says, she did it, she's good. Liz says, she's worried for Austin. Austin says, he doesn't care, because he wanted to go up there to protect her. Liz says, then people wouldn't go after Steve, & they would get him (Austin) out. Austin says, one more for the good guys. Austin says, he loves the Brenchel hug. He tells her is was too long of a distance, & he still caught her. She says, she needs to jump more. Austin tells her to jump up more, not at him.


10:26 PM BBT Austin says, it will look good, & that was his favorite. Austin says, he needs to win a competition & he wants to carry her across the yard. He says, then she can say, grab your life vests, floaters. Austin says, there aren't clear cut lines in the house yet to do that. Liz asks why they stopped the competition for about 5 seconds? Austin says, they may have had to clean a camera off or something. Liz says, if they would have guessed all the longest names they would have won.


10:28 PM BBT Liz asks if he could see from the audience? Austin says, no, he couldn't see her, & he didn't care what they were doing it. Austin says, they can chill this week. Liz asks what music the HOH's got. Austin tells her. Liz says, they need to watch people this week, & see who they talk to. Austin says, this is why he needs her in the house. Liz says, she wonders if Johnny Mac is with them. Austin says, he just wants to get out of here, he's board. (How many comps has he played in, & how many has he won? Are you kidding me?). Austin says, they all annoy him, & they just need to go. (How many comps has Austin played in & won?)


10:31 PM BBT Austin says, Audrey leaving was good. Liz asks why she finally came out of her cave the last day? Austin says, she wanted to try to blow things up. He tells her that Audrey was trying to blow her up as a twin. (Did Audrey even know the truth about the twins?) Austin says, Clay & Shelli are all worried. Liz says, thank God Audrey didn't say anything because they would have known for sure about her being a twin. (Little does she know, they all know, & they know both of their names). Liz says, they need to get one of the floaters out. Austin says, they need to tell Vanessa that Steve is just a number & they don't need to worry about it, because he's just a number. He says, he's tell Vanessa they took out Audrey, you take out Steve. Austin says, they need to take out Becky, & with Becky gone, Jackie may want to work with them then.


10:34 PM BBT Liz says, if she wins HOH she doesn't know who to put up. Austin says, she may have to put Jackie up, because she has no other targets. Austin says, he told Jackie that she was safe with him for a couple weeks. He says, if Becky goes this week he may have to break that. Liz says, she doesn't think Jackie will put her up again. Liz says, Julia needs to win, she's getting p*ssed. Austin says, she needs to win HOH when they are both there. He says, they don't have the numbers to target Liz. Austin says, getting rid of one of them makes Vanessa vulnerable. He says, then they will all make it to jury. He says, then the whole alliance controls who wins the game. He says, that forces them to work with them.


10:37 PM BBT Austin says, it's going to be good though, they are in a good spot. Austin says, Liz looked so grown up out there today. Liz asks why he said that, & asks if it was a turn on. He says, the paint was so sexy. She tells him he would have died laughing while she was trying to pick up the big paint can. She says, she was talking to herself, & the DR is going to ask her a million questions. Austin says, he wants to eat. Liz wants to drink coffee so she can go to the DR. Austin says, he wants to get called in to the DR, because he's got some sh*t to say. They go to the KT. Austin says, he's going to cook some to. Clay is chomping on his food, & talking while he eats.


10:40 PM BBT Clay says, he wants the pizza so bad. Austin asks if he's abstaining, even though he's going on slop tomorrow? (How do they know they will get to choose HN's?) Austin goes to the SR to get more food.


10:41 PM BBT In the HOHR, Vanessa tells Jackie that when the comps come something happens to her body, & she just has to try to win. Jackie says, it's the same for her also. Vanessa says, Liz was probably freaking out if she thought James was trying to throw the comp. Vanessa says, obviously she suspects it, but she has no proof. Vanessa says, she's safe, she's not the target. Jackie says, not until next week. Vanessa says, they both (Liz & Julia) will come in the house, & they can both play for the HOH, & one of them has to go home. Jackie says, she doesn't care which one, she's cool with both of them. Jackie says, what kind of game will they have? She says, they aren't close to anyone in the house, they only have Austin, & he'll be gone, so they only have each other. Jackie says, unless they win some type of prize money for making it to that point.


10:44 PM BBT Vanessa & Jackie both say, they can keep one to keep using her as a pawn. Vanessa says, they probably don't know their real personalities because they've been forced not to show it. Jackie says, she finished her whole bottle of wine. Jackie says, at least she may get a buzz. Jackie & Vanessa discuss the Veto Competition. Jackie thinks it might be the prizes 1 - 6, or you have to be tied to someone, or in a locked room for 24 hours. Vanessa says, the alarm clock one was the most brutal. Vanessa says, she's PMSing soon, & she can feel it. We see FOTH.


10:47 PM BBT Vanessa & Jackie keep talking about the alarm & we see fish two more times. Vanessa asks if she would rather sleep in a locked coffin? Jackie says, no, why make it smaller. Vanessa says, Austin is the one that brought that up. Jackie says, because he's weird. We see FOTH again. Clay comes to the HOHR. He says, Shelli is taking a nap because she's stressed. Jackie tells Clay, she's sorry. Clay says, it is what it is.


10:48 PM BBT Clay talks to them about the comp. He tells them the same thing he told Shelli in the CRL.


10:53 PM BBT Jackie says, if Austin gets picked & wins POV, they can put Steve up on the block, because that was the next option. They discuss reasons to give him if they do it. Mostly because he's a big time player, & they don't know where he stands. Clay says, he's worried about Steve when he flips the switch to start playing. Jackie says, that's what they're worried about the twins, because they have nothing. Clay says, they are missing half of the information.


10:55 PM BBT Jackie says, the twins that came in on Season 5 came in as b*tches, won the first HOH, & then they were gone. Jackie says, it has to be the same this season. Jackie says, they have the numbers to be safe. She says, they've seen the worst, & they need to keep going. Clay asks Vanessa how she's doing? She says, she didn't sleep last night. She says, she did a DR from 4:30 - 5:30 AM BBT. We see FOTH. Vanessa says, she doesn't get 5 minutes to take her make-up off, & her face needs to breath.


10:57 PM BBT Clay tells Vanessa that his acne got worse before it got better. He tells Vanessa what she eats can affect her face. Jackie says, she even broke out, & on her chest also, & she's never broken out in her life. Jackie says, something about the house is not go. She says, maybe it's the stress. Vanessa thinks she may have bites also. Shelli says, Meg has bites on her arm.


10:59 PM BBT Vanessa asks if anyone downstairs is worried that she won't follow through? Clay says, Austin just made a comment that he didn't think she would put Steve up. He says, he talked to Austin for quite a while, he seemed to be o.k. They discuss the possibilities with the Veto. Vanessa says, it's better to tell Austin to throw it, to let someone else win it. Clay says, he wouldn't want to tell him to throw it. Vanessa says, he needs to think Becky is the target, with Steve as a back up option. Jackie says, she forgot about that. She asks if she knows about that? We see FOTH twice.


11:02 PM BBT Jackie says, Austin just needs to know that she put them up because they put her up, it was easy, & done. Clay says, Austin may say that Clay said James was the target. Clay says, no, he says, he didn't know who was the target. Vanessa asks both Clay if he's going to pick Austin if he gets HG choice? Clay says, no, hell no.

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11:19PM BBT Jackie and Vanessa chat. Jackie talking about how people root for the underdog when everyone in the house is against them.


11:26PM BBT Steve and James discuss other reality shows and how the prize is bigger. Steve is telling James that TAR and Survivor are harder on people then BB.


11:29PM BBT James tells Steve that he applied for both Survivor and Big Brother. Steve says he is not a Survivor buff.


11:36PM BBT Austin and James whispering in the LR. They are both stretching. Austin's back lets out a loud crack. Austin asks about the HG who are chatting in the other room. James says it can't be anything as Steve is in there. Austin laughs.


11:42PM BBT John and Becky talk about the Veto and if they get to pick a HG choice. In the WA, Shelli and Clay are holding hands and giggling.


11:50PM BBT Clay and Shelli talking. he is concerned about tomorrow. He tells her not to be all sad either.


11:52PM BBT Vanessa upset and crying that BB wakes her up at 4AM. Jackie asks what happend and Van starts to yell and we get FOTH. Vanessa has repeatedly said that she isn't able to get sleep or have 5 minutes without make up on.

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11:07 PM BBT James, John, and Becky sitting at the beam counter in the KT and talking about the competitions.  They have not had physical comps, and that’s evident in the number of women HOH winners.  Becky complains about being called a comp beast because she looks fit, even though Vanessa and Shelli have won a lot more than she has.


11:47 PM BBT Becky and John are in the CBR.  Becky complaining again to John about how everyone is telling her she is so great at comps.  She’s so frustrated that she keeps getting that message when she isn’t winning that much.  She wants people to stop saying that because that’s what got her on the block.  She is aggravated just because smartness does not show physically so no one else gets labelled.  John comments that Vanessa has put a target on her back by winning as much as she has.  John tries to encourage her and Becky says she is going to take a nap.  John leaves.  


11:51 PM BBT  Vanessa is frustrated thinking about the lack of privacy.  She just wants to be “alone with her acne.”  She has been feeling like a mess….she’s had so little sleep.

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