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Monday, July 20 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT Feeds are down.


12:20 AM BBT Shelli, Clay and Vanessa talking in the Ocean BR, and Vanessa tells them that Audrey is in the HNR.  The only other person in there is John, and he was already sleeping. Clay makes a joke in poor taste and Vanessa looks stunned and then fakes a laugh.  Shelli and Clay leave and go up to HOHR.  Shelli cautions Clay to avoid making jokes at Audrey's expense.


12:30 AM BBT  Becky, Jackie, James, and Jason talking on the BY couches.  Becky is talking about Audrey missing for a long time in the DR.  Becky thought Audrey was being stealthy and that maybe Audrey had been hiding there.  She was checking for Audrey under pillows. 


12:35 AM BBT James comments to the group on the BY couches that he would hate for Audrey to be bullied.  None of them feel they have bullied her.  James thinks Audrey would have gone far if she would have made friends with people in the house.


12:38 AM BBT Clay and Shelli talking in the HOHR with the lights out.  Jason and Vanessa talking in a darkened Ocean BR.  Jackie and James continue chatting on the BY couches. 


12:40 AM BBT Steve is sleeping in the Comic Book Room, while Liz (Julia) and Austin chat.  They are counting the people they have deals with.   


12:43 AM BBT Jackie and James are talking about how frustrating it is to be nominated for unclear reasons.  Jackie is irritated by the idea of trying not to get blood on your hands.  She says “man up!”  They are replaying the week and congratulating themselves on winning BotB.


12:45 AM BBT Liz and Austin in the CBR are speculating on the type of competition they will have for the next HOH.


12:47 AM BBT Becky, James, and Jackie are replaying the Battle of the Block.  Jackie is describing how physically difficult it was.  Jackie and James were so far behind with the keys and they still managed to pull it out.  Becky said it was so intense, and that it was like watching a sporting event.  It was exciting that the underdogs won.

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*Warning!  I believe App's time stamps are off due to the feeds going down.  The times have been off since the feeds went down.  Numerous folks in chat rooms agree that the time stamps are 23 minutes behind current time*


Time is currently 12:32 AM in the BB house.  Feeds have been back for about 10-15 minutes, with each feed coming back up one by one.  The time stamps for the feeds currently list 12:06 AM BBT and is currently showing Shelli and Clay cuddling in the darkened HOH flirting/chatting.  Out in the BY we have Jason, Jackie, and James chatting.


Time Stamp displays 12:10 AM BBT Clay and Shelli discussing Austin and his interest with Liz and about him possibly having a girlfriend outside the house.  Clay says "I wouldn't be able to watch".  Meanwhile out in the BY James and Jackie agree that they're glad they had the meeting today and got it out in the open about there being final 2 deals floating around apparently.  Talk turns to speculation about what the next HOH could be.


Time stamps display 12:28 AM BBT Liz and Austin continue to chat in a mostly dark CR discussing Jeff how terrible of a player he was.  Feeds switch Vanessa and Jason chatting in the OR about clothing.  Meanwhile out in the BY Becky, James and Jackie continue to discuss BotB.


Time stamp displays 12:32 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH.  Feeds back and Steve is outside questioning if anyone has seen Audrey.  James confirms that Audrey came out of DR and went straight into HNR.  The girls head inside.  James comments on his sleep pattern being thrown off and Jason says his is non existent.


12:35 AM Brief period of FoTH.  During this time we'd like to remind folks that the feeds went down around midnight for about 10-15 minutes.  The feeds slowly came back up (one by one) and since then our time stamps have been delayed about 23 minutes.  Until we hear otherwise we have to assume the time stamps are correct.


12:36 AM Feeds back.  Clay and Shelli cuddling in HOH.  Clay stammers out a "cheesey" story.  Out in the BY James and Jason chatting about the need to win an HOH.  Steve brings out some laundry to do.


12:41 AM Clay and Shelli continue to chat in a darkened room.  BY feeds switch to Austin opening the SR door and letting Meg inside to throw something away.  She hasn't seen James in a while and is afraid he's hiding somewhere.  Austin laughs saying they have to keep to the buddy system.  Feeds remain on the SR when they leave and Austin can be heard telling Liz that once again they're the only two trying to sleep.


12:45 AM BBT Clay and Shelli continue to chat in the darkened HOH room.  Shelli says she was annoyed when he woke her up earlier not because it was time to wake her up but because he came to her with some intense information that had gone on for the past hour.  FoTH.


12:48 AM BBT Out in the BY Jason and James discussing possibilities for future comps.  Jason doesn't feel like many people are throwing comps this season.  Brief discussion about whether or not Steve is throwing comps.  Steve comes outside and talk turns to previous seasons of BB and Survivor.  Meanwhile up in HOH Shelli gets up and heads down to DR.


12:53 AM BBT Horizontal HGs in the darkened OR.  Out in the BY Jason and Steve explain Survivor to James.


12:55 AM BBT Jason thinks James would be great at Survivor and he is shocked that "they" didn't recommend that to him.  FoTH.  Feeds back.  Steve has respect for Survivor players but he couldn't do it.


01:08 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the BY between Steve, Jason, and James.  Jason believes the twins are going to be introduced to the house this week.  Steve wonders if it's this week or next.  Steve questions if BB might change up the game and make them one housemate.  Jason doesn't think so because that's a BBUK thing.  Steve understands.  Steve wonders what the other twin's name is.


01:13 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues about finale night.  James asks Jason if he got a question from Julie.  Jason says he did and was scared because he is the most vulgar in the house and he didn't want to get in trouble.


01:19 AM BBT Jackie comes outside.  Steve thought she was asleep.  She was taking a shower.  Clay wanders outside and BB calls him out to put on his mic.  He turns around and walks back in without saying a word. 


01:24 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the BY.  Audrey could be seen up briefly on Feeds 1 & 2, she grabbed something from her bag before heading off towards the LR.  BB calls John, Liz and Jason into DR.  


02:27 AM BBT Becky wanders outside and whispers that Audrey is up.  Becky has sponge cake and Jackie follows her inside leaving Steve in the BY.  James heads inside and flops down onto his bed.  Becky and Jackie eating in the KT.


*Flashback Alert! Feeds 1 &2 01:37 AM BBT Audrey out of the WC and washes hands.  She wanders off.  Talk in the WC continues about school and careers and being able to claim that they've lived in Ca.  BB says "Please put on your microphone!"  Feeds switch to Audrey whispering to Vanessa.  Audrey is completely inaudible.  BB says "Please put on your microphone!" (Not calling out Audrey specifically).  Audrey is crying.  Vanessa invites her into her bed.  Vanessa is trying to calm her down, telling her that it's just a game.  She tries to walk her through a thinking/breathing exercise.


01:42 AM BBT The "dancers" are out of the DR and Jason sees Vanessa trying to comfort the crying Audrey.  Steve, Jackie and Jason head out to the BY and discuss what Jason just saw.  Back in the darkened OR Vanessa continues to reassure Audrey that it's just a game.  Vanessa tells her that she knows she doesn't want to be the first person to "do that".  Vanessa points that she (Audrey) told her that they (production?) told her that they were going to get her someone tomorrow?  Jason comes in and asks to turn the lights on so he can put away his clothes.  Meg grumbles and curses at him.  He says he just finished his laundry.  Audrey covers herself up.  Vanessa begins to tell a story and we get FoTH.  


01:48 AM BBT All four feeds now currently on Becky and Jackie in the BY with Steve hanging out in the HT.  Becky and Jackie hopes Vanessa doesn't spill the beans.


01:52 AM BBT Feeds 1 & 2 switch back to OR.  Meg is still grumbling because they slept today.  Vanessa asks James to help out because James is a very rationale person and Audrey is needs help.  She's trying to not have a panic attack.  James is put on the spot.  James reassures her that it's nothing personal and it's just a game.  Jason is in the background putting away clothes and says her family would be proud of her.  James agrees.  James says if they were out of the house they would all be going out and having a drink.


01:52 (Yes same time-stamp).  Meanwhile out in the BY Becky and Jackie discuss how child-like Steve is (as he plays/splashes in the HT).  They agree that people saying he's a threat or is super sneaky is being blown way out of proportion.  Becky says "He's clueless!" 


01:55 AM BBT James says he hopes they can all be friends outside the house.  She's been through a lot already and it took a lot of guts to do what she did and to come out in the house and nobody judged her.  Vanessa agrees.  Vanessa says she thinks Audrey has so much more in life ahead of her.  James agrees.  Meg grabs her mic and points out that they're living in a box in a parking-lot playing games and that they can't take themselves seriously.  Vanessa agrees and says they have three people dressed in all white and have to play Whack street boys.  Jason called to DR.  He asks for a moment to finish his clothes.


02:05 AM BBT Lights off in the OR room and Vanessa urges Audrey to go take a shower because it helped her (Vanessa) feel better the week she was a HN.  Meanwhile out in the BY Becky and Jackie are hypothesizing about whether or not someone will back in the house.  Talk turns to the twins not being identical.


02:13 AM BBT Vanessa continues to console/comfort Audrey while Becky and Jackie continue to chat in the BY with an assortment of topics.


02:22 AM BBT Jason has been out of the DR folding his clothes in the dark.  He appears to be finished now.  James has been in the DR for about 5 minutes now.  James now out of the DR.  James asks if she's feeling better.  Vanessa doesn't think so.  James wonders if she needs a big old hug from him.  He laughs saying he's just playing.  Out in the BY Steve, Jackie, and Becky are chatting about Season 11 when Lydia and Natalie were sitting at the KT crying over Jesse going home.


02:27 AM BBT James warns Audrey to keep her leg twitching so it's obvious she's not asleep.  Jason has joined Steve, Becky and Jackie.  BB calls him to exchange his mic.  Jason back and says Audrey is faking a panic attack in Vanessa's bed.  He thinks she and James are just trying to talk her from the ledge.  Jackie wonders what ledge.  They point out she's just going home.  James points out that it's not real because she's conveniently holed up in Vanessa's bed trying to work her and hear herself another week.  Everyone agrees.


02:40 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the two rooms.  Vanessa gets up to make herself something to eat.  James jumps in beside her and reassures her that it will be ok.


02:53 AM BBT  James meets up with Vanessa in the KT.  She’s tired and wants to go to bed but she’s afraid to go to bed with Audrey beside her because she doesn’t want her to get a penalty nom.  James says she won’t get the nom because because they will keep her awake.   James heads out and joins the BY crew.


02:56 AM BBT Audrey gets up and returns to the HN room and gets into her chair next to a sleeping Johnny Mac.  Out in the BY Becky, Jason, James, Steve and Jackie continue to chat and be playful.


02:59 AM BBT Jason asks if anyone's buying anything she's selling in there.  Jason points out she chose her bed strategically.  James agrees.  James says he got to cuddle up with her and at one point she unclipped his mic and covered it up and said it was "chemical".  FoTH.  Feeds back and Jason says if there was something seriously wrong they wouldn't have let her come in.  Jackie says she couldn't even bring a headache medicine in here.  FoTH.


03:04 AM BBT Feeds back and talk is about putting something in the fridge to see if anyone would notice it (jokingly.  A piece of apple in a pickle jar?).  Talk turns to Jason liking chocolate (men).  James could tell because he treated the guy with the utmost respect and with the women he was like "get over here b******, let's go!".  They begin to rehash the BotB matching comp that Johnny and James played against Meg and Jason.


03:08 AM BBT Becky points out that that comp would have been one of those ones that one HG could have screwed the other by sitting out (because you had to rotate turns).  James says he thought "in the beginning in prod...that you have to compete in all competitions..." and we get FoTH.


03:11 AM BBT Jason says that just before Smashing Pumpkins BotB that one of their rules was you couldn't give keys to the other team.  Jason points out that it was a Christine (Season 16) rule because she tried giving bones to the other team.


03:13 AM BBT Jason points out that Christine got the worst Boooooos from the audience because of how she treated Donny last season.  Steve says she got worse booooos than even Aaryn (Season 15) did.  Jason agrees.  Talk turns to what kind of HOH comps may be coming up.


03:19 AM Continued HOH/comp chat in the BY.  Jason points out that the first group will have lost 3 people when Audrey goes home while the second group will only have lost Jeff.  Steve wonders how the groups are determined.  FoTH.


03:22 AM BBT Jason is excited to see Meg's DRs.  He also thinks Clay is way funnier than he is in the house.  He thinks Clay and Meg are the funniest DRs.


03:28 AM BBT Chat in the BY has turned to taxes.  Jason and James agree that you have to owe a lot of tax money before they'll come and take you to jail for tax evasion.  


03:31 AM BBT Talk turns to cocaine and how it makes you clean.  James says "Not that I know from experience…."


03:36 AM BBT Everyone heads inside and begins to do nightly ADLs while talking about strippers.  Steve comes in a few moments later carrying towels and the guys give Becky grief saying Steve is a replacement for her.  She thanks him for sealing her fate next week.  Steve says "Next week, how about tomorrow?!" and everyone goes “Ooooooh....."


03:43 AM BBT Becky is headed to bed.  She waits for Jackie to finish her nightly ADLs.


03:45 AM BBT Talk about sky diving and parachutes while Jason finishes shaving.  They all head to bed and tell Steve goodnight.  He is eating a bowl of something and heads out to the BY to watch the dryer.


03:47 AM BBT We'll use this lull to remind everyone that at approx 12am BBT this morning we lost the feeds for approx 15-20 minutes and the time stamps/feeds have been behind by about 23 minutes.  It would make sense that the time stamps would stay accurate and BB is just playing the feeds with a slight delay as to show everything in it's entirety.  In years past when something like this has happened they fast forward the feeds to the proper time once everyone is asleep or they are waking everyone up and the feeds are off.  Once again, there is no certainty, until we hear/see something official it's all speculation. (Niteslacker)


03:54 AM BBT Steve is now walking around the BY trying to get the cameras to track him.  BB is doing a fairly good job at using different angles to keep track of him without actually moving cameras.  Given what the HGs know about camera angles Steve is quite concerned that the cameras aren't following him (and are instead watching a conversation elsewhere).  He wanders in and checks the house before heading back out to the BY.  Now he's trying to track down which cameras are facing where.  "That's really disconcerting…."


03:57 AM BBT Steve doesn't think James trusts him.  Steve absolutely would lie to James' face and in fact has.  Steve is still alarmed that the cameras aren't following him.  He's back to watching the washer/dryer.

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4:00am-5:00am BBT: Steve walks arounf the BY and the houser talking to himself about each HG and if it will benifit him to win HOh or not or if any one would want to aogn with him for throwing comps. jason comes out and ask him why he is still awake and he says just nervouse. jason sits to have a ciggarette and says he does not know what he will do when his supply runs out

5:00am-6:00am BBT:Jason talking to Steve about how they planed to evict him if plan A did not work out. He then tells Steve that Audrey has been after him ever since DA left the house. 

Steve says then maybe we need to get Audrey out. Jason says yes it is a good move for me.Steve then tells jason that he should be happy cause the house meeting  could have helped him alot.Jason says well they could all evict me now.

Jason then tells steve that he watched alot of the old seasons of BB and took notes.Steve ask him if he studies in the house and jason says maybe to much but  can not remember the names of the comps they have played in. Steve says he remembers them as he is good ast that part.

Steve and Jason now talk about books they have read.

jason then tells Steve that people do not know where Steve stands as he just pops up everywhere and you never sleep. jason says you are kind of like Andy.Steve ask am i scaring people? jason says i do not think so but they are watching you.

6:00am-6:30am BBT: Jason and Steve head to bed as jason is  telling Steve goodnight and goes to bed saying to himself  if he should even be helping this kid. 

All HG in bed sleeping.

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10:03AM BBT (9:38AM Feed Time)Feeds are back and HG moving about the house. Talking about lyrics of a wake up call and we get FOTH again.


10:15AM BBT (9:49AM Feed Time) Still have FOTH.


10:21AM BBT (9:55AM FT) We are back. Clay in the KT and Shelli getting called to DR.


10:24AM BBT (9:58AM FT) John and Jason talking in the BY. Jason saying that Audrey had a panic attack in Vanessa's bed last night. Says that Vanessa is too smart for this and knows it's only game.


10:30AM BBT (10:04AM FT) Audrey and Clay are told there are fresh batteries. Cay gets his but BB calls Audrey again. They then call her to the DR and we get quick feeds.


10:33AM BBT (10:07AM FT) Vanessa and Shelli on all feeds in the KT. Vanessa talking about how it's not personal and she is going to do what she said she is going to do. Says that it is important for people to be kind.


10:39AM BBT (10:13AM FT) Vanessa telling Shelli that she told Audrey that this is not the end of the world. That BB isn't everything. Shelli says that if she leaves now then she can salvage and go on a better path.

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10:50AM BBT (10:23AM FT) Clay and Jason talking in the BY about Audrey wanted sympathy. Other HG doing ADLs.


10:56AM BBT (10:29AM FT) Vanessa talks to John and tells him that basically her Veto power has been stripped and she will be using the veto on Jason. Says he understands. She says she had to do what Shelli wanted.

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11:02BBT: (10:36am FT) Jason gets out of the shower wrapped in a towel and runs to the other room. Vanessa and meg sitting in the WA talking general talk. Shelli, Austin, and Liz in the KT talking about  Shelli's wedding and how it was a crappy week.

11:07am  BBT: (10:40am FT) Jackie is at the KT eating sponge cake. Vanessa and Jason in the WA talking general talk. In the BY Clay,Becky and John are talking about Audrey and how Becky hopes that today will not be to hard on her and that we see before she goes out the door that she is the funny awesome person that she is.

 11:14am BBt: BB has called Vanessa to the DR. Clay says this is it lock down . john laughs and says yeah.

11:16am BBt: Clay changes shirts to sit outside where it is warm today. Becky  is in the WA doing her makeup. Meg and James in the Purple BR talking to Jason as they get ready for the POV ceremony.

11:23am BBt: General talk going on through out the house as Hg are waiting for the POV ceremony to begin.

11:32am BBT: Clay, Shelli and Austin in the KT talking . Meg comes in and says she is so ready for a nap already. Austin says there was an empty bed lastnight and meg says i should have slept there.

11:36am BBT: we now have FOTH

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12:05 PM BBT All cameras are in the OBR. Becky, James, Austin and Vanessa are talking. Becky says she has insurance to cover her house because she has a pool. They like to have a party and wants to be sure they're covered. Feeds 1 and 2 move to the KT. Jason, Meg, Shelli, and Jackie are talking. Jackie says "she's" going to be OK. They are all going to have to leave eventually whether it's to leave for good or to go to the jury.



12:10 PM BBT Austin has moved to the WA to wash his face. He's talking to Liz (Julia). We go to FOTH. Feeds come back and James is saying that Audrey has been in the DR ever since and the reason they are keeping the veto... we go back to FOTH. We come back and Austin, Jason, Meg, Liz (Julia) and Shelli are around the KT table talking about the players' pictures. Becky and James are talking in the OBR.


12:15 PM BBT James and Becky leave the OBR to get something to eat. Vanessa and Clay are left sleeping in there. Audrey is still in the DR. All the HG who are awake are in the KT.


12:25 PM BBT  James, Austin, and Jason are discussing the stages of grief. Meg talks about Jason coming in to fold his clothes with the lights on around 2 AM. He said he normally does it on the pool table, but it was wet. We get FOTH.


12:30 PM BBT  Feeds come back and James is in the CBR. He is talking to Steve and telling him he should get up rather than sleep the day away. James tells him that they haven't had the veto meeting yet. Steve leaves the room. James changes clothes and gathers up some dirty clothes. Feeds 1 and 2 switch to Austin and Clay in the LR talking about working out. James heads to the LR. Becky joins them, as well.


12:35 PM BBT  All the feeds have switched to the LR where they are discussing sleep schedules. Steve has joined them and they say that his schedule is completely messed up. He wants them to help him get on a more normal schedule. They give him pointers to change it back.


12:40 PM BBT  Feeds 3 and 4 switch to the KT and Meg is saying something about how they will know the game is rigged if "that" happens. Jason says that they signed up to play a game, not a fair game. Meg asks what he means. He says that they will make twists and turns in the game that end up in some people's favor. She says that's fine, but not if they change it once the game has started. Jason says that they can do whatever they want to do, they are the producers. We get FOTH.


1:40 PM BBT  All the feeds stay in the OBR, but Clay, Austin, Steve, and Shelli can be heard talking in the KT. They are told to stop talking about production. Production comes over the PA and says, "Yes," to something they say, but the audio comes across with an echo and it's unclear as to what they are saying. They are told they are not allowed to talk about production again.


1:50 PM BBT  Vanessa is in the KT telling them that she had a dream about Steve telling her that everyone went to Jury Camp before they went to BB except for her. There was a Julie Chen-like character there and they all learned about her and no one would tell her about the character. There was also a bookstore in front of the house and that had strategy books that looked like Cliffnotes. Steve said a strategy book for this game would never work because no one has really won the game like anyone else.


1:55 PM BBT  Austin and Shelli are in the WA talking about how Julia and Liz haven't had a chance to switch places yet. He says that she usually gets a warning early in the day letting her know when it's going to happen but that she hasn't had a chance yet. She asks him if he's excited and he says that he can't wait. Shelli heads to the KT and sits down with Vanessa at the table. She tells Vanessa that it's ridiculous and we get FOTH.


12:45 PM BBT  Shelli, Meg, and Jackie move to the LR. They are talking about how they hate when a guy tells them they look "fine." They're rushing to get you out of the house and they say, "Come on, come on... you look 'fine.'" Becky says she lives with guys and they always say they like natural beauty, but the moment they see a girl with lots of makeup dressed all up, that's the girl they want. So whenever a guy says he wants a natural girl, she calls B.S. Liz (Julia) and John are talking about whitening teeth in the KT. He says that whitening your teeth makes them very sensitive. He's never whitened his.


12:55 PM BBT  The HG are talking about who read the rulebook. James says he didn't. He knew he was getting ready to be locked away for a long time and he had some time to himself without cameras. He said if there were cameras, they'd have some crazy footage. Feeds 3 and 4 switch to Becky and Jackie in the have-not room talking about Audrey and how she will go to any length to stay.


1:00 PM BBT  Becky says the 2 people who are the easiest for Audrey to manipulate are Shelli and Vanessa and she's worked them both before, so she's going to try to do it again. Jackie says that's not how this game usually works. They talk about how she's risen from the dead already. Becky says that from an HR and legality standpoint... and we get FOTH. We come right back and they say if she evicts herself they wonder if they would still have to evict someone. Jackie says she thinks she can make it until Thursday because she wouldn't get a paycheck otherwise. We get FOTH again.


1:05 PM BBT  Becky and Jackie are in the have-not room sleeping. Austin, Liz (Julia), Shelli, Jason, John, James, Steve, and Clay are in the LR. Vanessa was last seen asleep in the OBR. Liz (Julia) says that this is taking so long that she thinks it's time for a nap. Steve says there are so many thousands of people, and to do that to them. John says that they are just speculating [that Audrey is evicting herself]. We get FOTH. Feeds come back and someone is saying, "If she does leave the producers will have the sole power to decide how this week will play out."


1:15 PM BBT  Jason says he thought he was going to be another Jodi (from Season 14) because everyone would find him so annoying. Liz (Julia) asks what happened to her, so he fills her in on how Jodi was evicted the first night. The group in the LR starts to break up. John goes to take a shower. Austin and Shelli are in the KT and he whispers to her that this is getting ridiculous and he's getting mad because it's holding up production.


1:20 PM BBT  Liz (Julia) is laying down in the CBR. Clay, Shelli, and Austin are getting some food in the KT. Very little conversation other than about the food they are eating.


1:30 PM BBT  We are at FOTH. When we return, Austin is saying that this has never happened before and it's like a Steven King novel in there...the Perfect Storm. Feeds 1 and 2 switch to Jason and Meg in the OBR. Vanessa is still asleep in one of the other beds. Meg says she can't believe they haven't been called in yet. In the KT Clay says he's mad about the pool table. He says that if you put the ball on the table it rolls straight to one side more than it did before. Someone not on camera says he thinks the rain worked it over.


1:35 PM BBT  John comes out of the WA touching his face and points out that his facial hair is really coming in. They ask him if he's going to keep it after this week. He says he may. Shelli is jealous of his fedora. She had one on the flight over and forgot it on the plane. They start to talk about what happened when they got their BB bags and their keys. Steve says that he honestly threw up! Shelli is told by production not to obstruct her mic. When she moves it, BB says, "Thank you." As they talk about their initial interviews, all feeds switch to the OBR.


1:40 PM BBT  All the feeds stay in the OBR, but Clay, Austin, Steve, and Shelli can be heard talking in the KT. They are told to stop talking about production. Production comes over the PA and says, "Yes," to something they say, but the audio comes across with an echo and it's unclear as to what they are saying. They are told they are not allowed to talk about production again.


1:50 PM BBT  Vanessa is in the KT telling them that she had a dream about Steve telling her that everyone went to Jury Camp before they went to BB except for her. There was a Julie Chen-like character there and they all learned about her and no one would tell her about the character. There was also a bookstore in front of the house and that had strategy books that looked like Cliffnotes. Steve said a strategy book for this game would never work because no one has really won the game like anyone else.


1:55 PM BBT  Austin and Shelli are in the WA talking about how Julia and Liz haven't had a chance to switch places yet. He says that she usually gets a warning early in the day letting her know when it's going to happen but that she hasn't had a chance yet. She asks him if he's excited and he says that he can't wait. Shelli heads to the KT and sits down with Vanessa at the table. She tells Vanessa that it's ridiculous and we get FOTH.

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1:33 PM BBT Clay & Steve are playing chess. Steve says he talked to Shelli. All 4 camera views are on them playing chess.


1:35 PM BBT Steve tells Clay he exposed his King to Clay's Bishop.


1:37 PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli a story about a man falling into a hole. Shelli thinks she's heard the story, & the man avoids the hole altogether. Vanessa says, no. She continues the story, & a friend finally comes up to the guy. He knew the way out, & helped his friend get out. Shelli loves the story. Vanessa says, she's felt down before, slept, & then she felt better.


1:39 PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that Mark (a book in the Bible) has given her a great story, & she has one from Malachi (another book in the Bible), & we get FOTH. Live feeds come back to Steve & Clay playing chess. Cameras 1 & 2 go back to DT where Shelli & Vanessa are both still sitting there. They are laughing a lot. Vanessa asks Shelli if she lives by her mom? Shelli says, yes. Vanessa says, her mom lives in Florida, so it's far.


1:42 PM BBT Vanessa says, she has a best friend from 8th grade, named Lisa. All camera views go back to chess game. Camera's 1 & 2 go back to DT. Vanessa talks about game strategy with Shelli. Austin walks in the KT, flex's & looks at himself in the mirror. He gets a cup of water from the refrigerator door, & goes out to the BY. Vanessa & Shelli are whispering.


1:49 PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that Audrey will grow from this experience. She says, she will learn that it's not about her all of the time, there are other people, & it needs to be balanced. Shelli says, she knows what she's saying. Shelli says, Austin is the only one outside, & everyone else is probably laying down. Vanessa says, she slept for 2 hours. Shelli says, she's missing out on the the laying down time. She goes in the SR.


1:50 PM BBT Austin goes by Vanessa. She asks him if he's having FOMO? She says, she feels he's having that, because he keeps coming by her. He goes to the BR area. Shelli gets toilet paper our of the SR. She stops to taste Vanessa's tuna salad she made yesterday. Shelli says, it's super delish. She goes to the HOHR with the toilet paper. Vanessa is still at the DT, eating her tuna salad.


1:55 PM BBT Steve asks Clay why they Queen has lips, & the King a mustache? He says, he's very amused by that. Steve says, God d*** it. Clay asks if he's trying to get his rook? Steve says, yes, or your Knight.


1:56 PM BBT Meg & Jason are eating Cheetos in the OBR. Meg asks if Jason puts the whole thing in his mouth? Jason says, sometimes. James says, Jackie was so sloppy eating pickles last night. James says, he's so deprived. He needs to go rub one out or something, but he can't because of all the camera's around there. He says, they have no privacy. We see FOTH.


1:58 PM BBT Jason talks about packing peanuts. James says, he stocked them at his store. Jason says, packing peanuts can't be recycled. Jason says, he wrapped his friends car when they were in high school. James says, he put packing peanuts in his friends car one time, & he had to drive like that. He says, they get really pi**ed when that happens.


2:00 PM BBT James tells Meg & Jason about his dream of being on a lake. Jason says, James is a deep sleeper. Meg says, she had a dream about Fire Island. Jason says, she probably would go to Fire Island, & he calls her a homosexual. Meg says, it's the greatest. She says, they didn't have enough beds for everyone. She says, she & a friend took comforters & slept on the beach. She says, they woke up with deer all around them. She says, it was soo scary.


2:02 PM BBT James says, he fell asleep on the beach. He says his friends put alcohol bottle around him, & put wet towels on him, & he had dry towels around him. He says, he would have split that ticket with those friends, if he had gotten one. Jason talks about tickets for seat belts. James says, in South Carolina, they give tickets to the individual people if they don't have their seat belts on. Jason says, they give it to the driver in Massachusetts.


2:04 PM BBT Jason says, he was with his friends on the beach before he left for the show. He says, they were drinking, someone was playing the guitar, & it was chill. He says, cops pulled up & checked their I.D.'s. He says, he asked if anyone had warrants, because he didn't know them very well. Jason & Meg finish the bag of Cheetos. He says, he needs to have a smoke after that.


2:05 PM BBT Jason says, he has a friend that won't eat crunchy french fries, so he eats them. Meg says, she loves McDonald's fries. Jason likes Burger King fries. Jason says, Applebee's changed their menu, & now everything is more expensive, & you get less. He says, a steak is the size of his finger now. He leaves the OBR.


2:07 PM BBT Meg says, it's 2:30 PM BBT already. James talks about the editing of the show. We see FOTH.


2:36 PM BBT (2:09 PM FT) Jason goes to the BY. He says, it's 2:30 PM BBT, this is the latest...We see FOTH again.


5:37 PM BBT Live feeds come back with James & Meg still talking in the OBR. James talks about when they get something wrong, & the cameras zoom in. Meg says, she knew she had one wrong with the camera's zoomed in on her. James says, Clay got his wrong. In the BY, Jason tells Vanessa that he hopes Audrey isn't doing this now. He says, in all of the years no one has ever done this.


2:13 PM BBT Vanessa says, Audrey says, last night she was hearing ringing in her ears, seeing hallucinations, & having a psychotropic moment. She says, you can trip from those drugs. She says, the doctors may not give her an option. She says, she never left her house, & she may be having issues. Jason says, she's on a lot of hormones. Vanessa says, once a month she feels crazy. Vanessa says, she was shaking non-stop, & trembling in the bed. She says, she tried to say all the right things.


2:14 PM BBT Vanessa says, the Advil did help her last night, & she thanked her for that. Vanessa says, everyone's anxiety has been caused by one person in the house, & it has to stop. Jason says, now they are worried about her on a different level. Vanessa tells Jason, she likes the paint on his jeans. Jason says, he's going to wash them, but who knows if he will get to even keep the clothes after the show.


2:15 PM BBT Vanessa says, today is Monday right? Jason says, yes. She says, they get the camera tomorrow, & then they will get locked in again on Wednesday. She says, it's a waste of the day today. She says, they are all dressed up, & having to wait all day. Jason says, he's not really dressed up. Vanessa says, she may get acne from keeping her make-up on. Austin goes by them. They discuss that it may rain. James says, BB hasn't put the center camera back yet, so there may be rain in the forecast.


2:46 PM BBT Austin & Jason discuss Audrey. Austin says, they may have figured they messed up. Jason talks about Chima escaping from a serial killer, & she may not have been strong enough to continue. John goes to the couches, Austin walks away. John asks if they think she (Audrey) is quitting? Jason says, he hopes not. He says, she had a full on panic attack yesterday. Vanessa says, they don't want her to hurt.


2:49 PM BBT Jason says, they don't want her to suffer. Austin comes back, & says, he doesn't feel sorry for her. He says, she did it to herself. Jason says, it could be that the stress of the game finally gave her the panic attack, because she has figured out she has no where to go. Austin walks away. Steve comes to the BY, & says, he tried to go in the DR, & it wouldn't let him. We get FOTH.


2:51 PM BBT Vanessa wants to lay out, but she has make-up on. Steve wonders if they won't do the Veto meeting today. Jason says, they probably won't do it in the BY because of it. Steve says, she's (Audrey) is probably talking to you know who (a therapist). Austin is going to have a post-workout shake. Vanessa says, she's going to go lay down, since there's nothing to do.


2:53 PM BBT John says, he's going to have to have slop soon, because he's been eating cake all day. Jason says, he feels bad for him. John asks why? Jason says, because he's on the block, on slop, & in the band. Jason & John talk about the band selling fake albums, & having the girls want him. Steve asks what the name of the band is, Mac Street Boys or Whack Street Boys? John says, Whack Street Boys. He says, it may be the Mac Street Boys when he gets his solo career.


2:55 PM BBT John says, they (BB) are probably telling Audrey to get her life. Steve asks what that is? John says, get her sh** together. Jason says, he was trying to figure out a way to explain it. Jason asks Steve how he doesn't know Mrs. Doubtfire, or Robbin Williams, but yet he knows some other stuff? Steve says, he's deprived. John says, he's a You Tube generation. John says, he was in Dental School when Steve was in High School. Steve graduated in 2011.


2:32 PM BBT John says, they are not executing Audrey, they are just sending her home. BB says, attention HG's, the SR is now open. John says, he's going to hang. Jason, Steve, Liz & Austin go to the SR. Liz gets told to please put on her microphone. They come out of the SR. Austin says, he's 85 percent sure that Audrey is gone. He thinks she walked. Liz says, everything has been held up all day. Steve washed towels again.


3:00 PM BBT Steve says, he might do the dishes. Jason keep telling him not to clean, because Becky likes to clean, & needs to have something to do with her time. Steve starts putting the clean dishes away. He looks at them to make sure they are clean. He finds ants on the dry mat that's holding the clean dishes. He says, he's going to hose it down. Jason tells him to leave it out there.


3:04 PM BBT Liz (Julia) asks when this is going to be today, because it's already 3 PM BBT. Jason says, they would never choose to do the Veto ceremony this late. We see FOTH.


3:06 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Jason is eating pizza at the glass table in the KT. Jason says, Meg is still napping. Jason says, he usually isn't a napper, but for some reason he is in the house. He says, he wasn't a napper as a baby, & he isn't now. Liz (Julia) says, she knows. She says, when she sleeps with her make-up on her mascara gets ruined. She says, she still hasn't been interviewed about her boy band yet.


3:08 PM BBT Liz (Julia) asks Jason if he was asked a lot of questions? He says, no, about 5 questions. Liz (Julia) asks Steve if he can't talk about it? Steve says, "No, I can't." Liz (Julia) says, that's a lot of dishes. Steve says, yes, it is. Jason says, they're going to have to start boiling a pot of water to wash dishes. Jason says, on BBUK, they wouldn't have hot water, so they boiled water on the stove to use.


3:10 PM BBT Jason tells Liz (Julia) & Steve how the HG's on BBUK have to earn their clothes. He says, they live in luxury compared to them. Jason says, one girl never saw the inside of the house, & was evicted because she didn't get invited into the house. Jason goes to the BY. Liz (Julia) says, this is crazy, she can't believe this is happening. Steve says, with what, Audrey? Liz (Julia) says, yes, him to.


3:12 PM BBT Steve says, what she's (Audrey) going to walk out to will be more negative. He drops something, & we see FOTH.


3:14 PM BBT Liz & Steve are still discussing Audrey in the KT. Steve says, it's between R.M. & A.M. making decisions on a case by case basis. He tells Liz (Julia) that she knows who both of those people are, & he doesn't want to talk about it, because it's production. Steve says, Vanessa went down for a nap. Liz (Julia) had a good nap.


3:17 PM BBT Steve talks about the 4 expelled HG's from previous seasons. He says, they had negativity when they left. He says, Chima, tossed her microphone in the pool. He says, the HG's took her microphone to her, & she deliberately threw it in the pool. Steve says, she wouldn't go to the DR. He tells Liz (Julia) that Evil Dick's H.I.V. test took until Day 6, when he left. Liz (Julia) says, she feels bad for Danielle not to be there for her dad. Steve says, they didn't tell Danielle about it, & Evil Dick wanted to keep it on the down low.


3:20 PM BBT A little while ago, Austin says, he's upset that Audrey is holding up Liz coming back in the house. John, Jason, & Austin are in the BY on the couches. Austin says, something is taking priority, that's why everything is being held up. John says, at first, he wanted to keep the pager, but now he doesn't want to keep the pager. He says, it brings back memories of being on call at the hospital. Jason says, he wants to keep a pager, for his girls to contact him.


3:22 PM BBT Jason says, he's going to his bed, & he's going to press the DR button on the way, but he doesn't think it will work. Austin says, he wants to check this out. Liz (Julia) & Steve are talking about the previous HG's who are together or married. Liz (Julia) makes a comment, & Steve says, like her face. They keep going back & forth.


3:24 PM BBT In the OBR, Vanessa tells Jason she wants to know what's happening. Jason says, even when people left before, HG's would get let in the DR, but no one is getting let in now. He says, if Shelli gets called to the DR, then they will know what it is. Vanessa says, if they do that, will they still have to do everything they normally do? Jason says, they probably will have to. Vanessa tells Jason he shouldn't be worried. He wonders what Shelli will do if they still have to go on with the week like normal.


3:26 PM BBT Jason says, he hopes for Audrey's sake that she doesn't leave like this. He says, if she gets evicted this week, she may be on The Talk next week. Vanessa says, they don't even know if there's a chance to come back in the house, & she would give that up. Jason says, she could even be called back for All-Starts, because she's so good, even though she wouldn't make it to jury.


3:28 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jason, they haven't had a BB Takeover yet. Jason says, he doesn't think they will, because he thinks the 90's Theme is enough. Vanessa says, maybe the Whack Street Boys is the takeover. Jason says, maybe, because it's a tape package that will take up time. Jason talks about all the things the DR wants them to talk about. We see FOTH.


3:31 PM BBT Live feeds come back to the OBR. Jason asks Meg if she came to the BB house with a whole sack of meds? Meg says, yes, pretty much. Jason says, he's not on anything. Jason says, he only takes Motrin if he's really sore. Meg says, she used to be like that, until she had to start taking meds, or she would be a cripple. Meg says, Triscuits are so good with cheese on them. Meg says, she has a blue dot on her lip, & it won't come off. Jason tells her she does have big lips, & she agrees.


3:34 PM BBT Meg tells Jason he doesn't have an upper lip. She says, she feels that guys don't usually have big lips. Jason asks BB if Vanessa has enough time for a shower, & if so, to say, yes, or no. He tells Meg they have yes & no, on pre-recorded audio. Vanessa asks if she has time for a shower? Meg says, they usually give you a warning, don't they? They got the warning earlier, & Vanessa doesn't want to hold everyone up. Jason thinks they would get another warning.


3:37 PM BBT Meg says, when things go weird they get crazy. Jason says, they are like trained rats on a schedule. He says, this isn't how it goes, schedules are important. Meg says the same thing. In the KT, Steve, Liz (Julia) & John are discussing previous seasons of BB. Liz (Julia) didn't watch seasons 12 or 14.


3:39 PM BBT Steve tells Liz (Julia) & John that Rachel was really popular in Season 13. He says, Brittany wasn't on that one. Steve says, Season 14 was the coaches, & Rachel wasn't a coach, because she played the previous 2 seasons. John says, 2 of the coaches won. Steve says, Dan won Season 10, & Boogie won All-Stars. He says, it was actually the Chill Town alliance that won All-Stars.


3:41 PM BBT Steve says, Dr. Will actually did more in All-Stars, & had a hand in Boogie winning. Steve says, Boogie was just lucky enough to be the last HOH. Liz (Julia) says, what to do. Steve says, Boogie came back to Season 14, & was out almost immediately. Steve asks Liz (Julia) what seasons she has seen? She says, 2, 10, 13, & 15. Steve says, that's a random assortment. He asks her if she knows who Jodi is? Liz (Julia) says, yes. Steve wanted her picture from the competition they had.


3:45 PM BBT Steve says, there are two-word labels attached to everyone, because of judging. He talks about the 2 firefighters from the Boston Marathon bombing from TAR. He says, he doesn't want to downplay it, but they probably wanted that part highlighted. Liz (Julia) asks what else was on there? Steve says, he's not sure, because he didn't watch it that closely.


3:46 PM BBT Steve says, the story changes when you go back to a TV show. Steve says, someone came to season 7, & they were evicted on season 6, pre-jury. He says, they want people to come back that are remembered. Liz (Julia) says, it must suck being America's Player. She asks if they think there's one this season? Steve says, he thinks America's voting on something. Steve says, Audrey maybe doing hinky votes, but they only heard about America voting on the grunge cakes. (Did he forget about the Chinese food?). He says, they are voting on something every week.


3:49 PM BBT Steve says, America's Player in Season 8, Eric, had no say of America's vote for the HG's to be evicted. Steve says, there's no way America has only voted once in the game so far. Liz (Julia) says, they probably voted to take away their turkey. Steve says, that's not grand enough. Liz (Julia) wonders why they would do that? Steve says, because BB can do that. He says, TAR & Survivor can't do that. He says, Survivor has the most people watching, & they've been on just as long as BB. He says, Survivor is only 39 days. Liz (Julia) says, that's not that long.


3:52 PM BBT Steve tells John & Liz (Julia) that they vote out people on Survivor every 3 days. Liz (Julia) asks what they do about food if they don't catch it? Steve says, they are put where food would be. He says, they haven't been put in Antarctica. Liz (Julia) says, she would love to try Survivor, but she could never do Naked & Afraid. She says, someone actually got sick with Malaria. Steve says, he could never do that show. He says, he's at BB because the struggle is in your mind.


3:54 PM BBT Liz (Julia) says, it's so different being in the house, then just watching it. Steve says, the last night, there's a full press crew in the BY. He says, it will be so different if you make it to Finale night. Steve & Liz (Julia) both say it's so different just on TV. Steve says, he knew he had no idea what to expect. He says, he knew the true magnitude of going there. John says, it's way different than he thought.


3:56 PM BBT John says, the down time is more than he expected. He says, on the DVD's it seems so much more face paced. Steve says, it's awkward to watch when the person knows they are going home. Liz (Julia) says, it's a vacation from the phone. John says, it seems like they all have good stuff to go back to. Steve says, except for you, because you have to go back to being a Dentist. Liz (Julia) says, he makes 6 figures. John says, dollar signs.


3:57 PM BBT Steve tells them that he has to relinquish all of his titles for school if he makes jury. He says, his mom has his Power Of Attorney to do everything for him. He says, they are extra-curricular's & she has all of his passwords to everything. He & Liz both deactivated their Facebook pages.

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4:05PM BBT Steve, John and Liz talk about where they live. All other HG sleeping or off camera. Audrey still in DR.


4:14PM BBT Austin comes out of the SR. Vanessa runs off to see what door shut. Austin says that he doesn't think Audrey isn't coming back. He says enough is enough. He starts to make some food and Steve continues to talk about past seasons of BB.


4:17PM BBT Audrey has exited the DR! She goes straight to the HN room and Austin says WTF? It's been 5 hours. We get FOTH

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4:30PM BBT We are back. Vanessa and Austin in the KT talking about Austin's friend Bronson. Nothing about Audrey or Veto.


4:31PM BBT Vanessa says that she brought Audrey aspirin and Audrey told her that BB already gave her something but she could leave it on the table. Vanessa says that Audrey is very calm and not crying and we got FOTH.


4:38PM BBT We currently still have FOTH.

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5:46PM BBT POV ceremony may have taken place. Jason talking about his speech and that he did well.


5:47PM BBT Audrey did not come to the ceremony. Meg says that Audrey has to do a speech on Thursday. Audrey is the renom.


5:52PM BBT Jackie in the KT asking Shelli and Clay if they are okay with everything. They say they are fine. Shelli says its a weird day.

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6:01PM BBT Steve and James doing laps in the BY. Meg and Shelli cooking in the KT.


6:08PM BBT Vanessa and Jason talking in the BR. Vanessa saying that she thinks BB gave Audrey meds and she is just sleeping.


6:17PM BBT James goes in to talk to Vanessa. Says that she is ok but that she hates people staring at her. She says she is going to go to see if Shelli will let her use the HOH shower so she can get a spray tan and then have some dinner.


6:22PM BBT Shelli and Clay talking. She is saying that she is wondering if Vanessa is having the same convos with others as she is with them. Shelli says she may be concerned.

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6:29PM BBT Shelli and Clay still chatting. Shelli wondering if some things are suspicious. She says if Vanessa is really with them then Vanessa shouldn't mind putting up Austin.


6:31PM BBT Shelli starting to question when Vanessa is lying. Says that Vanessa "umms" a lot.


6:33PM BBT Jackie and Meg talking in the HOH room. They are talking about Vanessa making deals with everyone. Meg says that she is not a fan of her game play.


6:41PM BBT Meg and Jackie talking about Audrey not coming to the meeting. They wonder if she is coming to the ceremony on Thursday.

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6:48PM BBT Liz and Austin lay down on the hammock. Austin asks her if she was in a hurry to get back? She says no and he asks why not. She says she means yes. Austin tells her that he is having bad anxiety dreams about Jeff following them around and getting in their way. Liz laughs.


6:54PM BBT Austin is filling Liz in on everything that she missed.

7:02PM BBT Austin tells Liz about Audrey and her not showing at the Veto meeting. Austin says that Audrey is now lying in the chair creating witch craft. Liz laughing.

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7:07PM BBT Austin talking to Liz about if they should bring John into the circle of trust but he isn't sure if John will go back to Clay.


7:12PM BBT Becky in the HN room. Dumps all of the clothes out of a drawer and then starts to fold them and put them back in. Close up on Audrey sleeping. Room is dark.


7:18PM BBT Austin telling Liz that if they are both up with opposite HOH then he will throw BOTB to get her off of the block. Says he won't allow her to stay up there.


7:24PM BBT Austin and Liz continue to talk about different HG. Austin complaining about how long Audrey was in the DR. He says he almost broke the door down 6 times.


7:29PM BBT Austin starts to put his arm under the pillow under Liz's head. He tells her again about his dreams and how Jeff won't le4ave him and Liz alone. Liz continues to laugh it off.

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7:34PM BBT Austin tells Liz that the house has been peaceful since Jeff left. He doesn't like that Jeff controlled Liz.


7:42PM BBT Jackie and Shelli talking in the HOH. Jackie says they have all been there and on the block. She says she hopes Audrey learns from this.


7:47PM BBT Austin telling Liz that Audrey was going to walk out but didn't. Liz asks if she told anyone that. He said no.

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8:03 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Jackie & Shelli in the HOHR. Jackie says, everything is so neat in the HOHR, & she doesn't want to mess anything up. Jackie goes to listen to the headphones, & smears the nail polish on her nails. Liz gets told to please put on her microphone. Shelli is putting on some more mascara. Becky, Steve, John & James are in the KT. James says, Jeff was the worst with his microphone, & Liz is a close second. Liz gets told to please put on her microphone again.


8:05 PM BBT Jason talks about how everyone's name is spoken by BB over the loud speaker. James is looking at the pictures on the Memory Wall. James says, it's pretty cool how they did that. Steve says, he's getting pretty lonely up there. He tells them to look at his column. James says, it would be ironic if Steve would go the next week. Jason says, Project Condor is Season 9, was a joke project to take out the HG's in the first row of the Memory Wall.


8:08 PM BBT Becky says, it could be Project Left Column, if they try to take him out. Steve says, that would be ironic if he's nominated, & the speech reflects that. Jason tells Shelli that the boy band got a second set of clothes to change out with, in case one is dirty. Steve is considering asking if he can switch his picture with someone else. Becky looks at the Memory Wall. She says, her armpit is showing, & it's a good thing she shaved that day. She says, her scar & freckles aren't in the picture.


8:11 PM BBT James says, the photos in the booth are good. Jason gets a closer look at his picture, & says, they didn't help him much in his photo. He says, they didn't take out the line in Jackie's forehead. Jason says, Steve is like 3 years younger than him, & he doesn't have acne. Jason says, he's been smoking since he was 14, & he didn't get a lot of acne that young. He says, it started on his nose, then it went to his forehead & chin. He says, later in life it's gone to his cheeks. He says, there isn't much more to get. John tells him it can go to his back.


8:13 PM BBT Liz is in the KT now. James asks if the HG's feet swing when they're on the commode? Everyone says, no. James says, never mind, it means you have problems. Liz goes in the WA, Austin walks to the CRL by the door way. Clay gets told to please put on his microphone. Austin comes out to the KT, & says, it's already 8 PM BBT. Steve says, he's trying to find the best way to tempt Becky, he wants his revenge. Liz goes to the BY.


8:16 PM BBT In the WA, Vanessa is putting mask on her face & John is washing up at the sink. The camera view goes to the BY by the couches. Clay is talking about Audrey, & gets told again, to please put on his microphone. Jason asks him if he's the new Jeff? Clay comes back to the couches. He says, the first time things blew up with Audrey, he & Shelli were talking to her, she told them when they watch the show, they will see how loyal she was to them.


8:18 PM BBT Clay says, Audrey is playing so hard, & she got a second chance with Shelli. He says, she's playing the same game. Jason says, why isn't she learning from her mistakes? Clay says, she was in the DR for so long today, & then she didn't show up to the ceremony. Jason says, they may be another task for her, to not show up to try to sabotage the ceremony. Clay says, he was by her side, but not like Shelli was.


8:20 PM BBT Clay says, it's not right for Audrey to try to put him & Shelli up after all of that. Jason says, it's asinine. Clay says, she may only be there for a certain amount of time. He says, she may not be there for the whole game. Clay says, she may only have to get to a certain point to get $50,000 or something like that. The boy band members' pagers go off. Jason says, they said they weren't going to use them anymore. They have to dance.


8:22 PM BBT HG's come out of the house to watch Whackstreet Boys dance. They start chanting Whackstreet, Whackstreet. They are waiting on the music, but it's not starting. It finally starts. Liz seems to know the dance, even though she just came back into the house today. They do a great job. James says, they nailed it, they all clap for them.


8:24 PM BBT Vanessa & Jackie are in the WA. Jackie tells Vanessa, she's so funny, & she's so cute. Jackie puts lotion on, & asks Vanessa if she's o.k. Vanessa says, she forgot to take her acne meds for 2 days, & she's broke out. She says, it could be because of the stress. Steve walks in the WA, after Jackie walks out. Steve knocks on the WC door. He says, he wants to talk to Vanessa. He tells her he thinks Austin is getting suspicious of him. Vanessa says, she'll ask him, but she doesn't think there's anything wrong.


8:27 PM BBT Steve says, he feels it's getting real with Austin being mean to him. BB tells Steve & Vanessa to please not obstruct the mirrors in the WA. Vanessa says, she's just sitting there, because she doesn't want to be on camera with her zit medication. Steve says, they aren't doing anything. Vanessa is saying she doesn't know what she did. She asks if it's the towels? Steve says, they've been sitting there all day, they would have said something when he put them there. He says, he move them, & he does.


8:29 PM BBT Austin walks in & out of the WA. Steve has already walked out. Vanessa still can't figure out what they did. She is going through a bin under the right side of the WA sink. She zips up a bag that was on the couch, & puts it inside the cabinet. The camera view goes to the KT. Steve is sitting at the glass table. Austin is cooking on the stove. Steve says, it's prime time for Vanessa's face on camera. The camera view shows the HNR with Audrey sleeping with the lights off, when Vanessa walks in & out of there.


8:32 PM BBT Vanessa goes in the KT. She takes her tuna salad out of the refrigerator. She gets some corn chips to eat with it. She asks Steve & Austin if they want some of the tuna salad? Steve says, he just finished a BLT. Austin says, he'll eat anything. Vanessa laughs. Steve says, he wants to lay down, he's going to go to the BY so he doesn't fall asleep.


8:34 PM BBT After Vanessa eats a few bites of her tuna salad, she puts it back in the refrigerator. She puts the corn chips up, & washes her hands. She asks Austin if it's cool outside, when he goes to the DT? Austin says, it's o.k. Clay walks in the KT. He asks Austin if he can have the rest of what Austin made? Austin tells him to take it. Clay says, they have steak & salmon yet for this week they can also eat.


8:36 PM BBT Clay fixes himself some stuff to eat. Liz comes in from the BY, she is laughing at Austin. Liz says, they were laughing at her. Austin says, she went to the wrong spot. Liz says, she knows. She tells Austin that she should wear the other jacket, so she doesn't mess up the one she has one. She wants to keep it nice, because they get to keep them. Clay asks Austin what he's eating? He says, a couple potatoes & chicken. He says, he has to leave room for ice cream. Clay says, he's already over done it the past couple days. Liz comes back to the DT.


8:39 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that Becky took Audrey a tray of food. He says, he held the door open, & Becky left it inside the door. Austin tells Liz they cleaned all of the sheets yesterday. Austin tells Liz he tried to get in the DR to try to get alcohol, but he can't get in. Liz asks if Julia drank all of her wine? Austin says, yes, & she was pi**ed because she didn't leave her any. Liz says, she doesn't deserve it. Liz says, everyone is eating her cereal. Austin says, Clay got in her Fruity Pebbles. Austin says, she has to yell at you know who. Liz says, she doesn't care, she can't be a b**ch. Austin says, she can, because he is trying to be one.


8:41 PM BBT Liz says, she can't believe she did that dance so well. Austin says, she came right in & is in the Zone. Liz is asking if Shelli o.k.? Austin says, she's really upset, because she really liked Audrey. Liz asks why she got so upset? Austin says, it was because they kicked her out of the meeting. He says, that's when she went crazy. Austin says, she doesn't have a number 1 like others. He says, she's jealous, & she's going around trying to hurt others.


8:43 PM BBT Austin & Liz say that this weeks vote will be unanimous to get Audrey out. Austin says, it totally is. Liz says, this is the bad luck side, pointing to the Memory Wall pictures. Austin says, they're dwindling down, & as long as long as they are still up there, they'll be good. Liz says, if the wrong people get in power, they will try to put them on the block against each other. Austin says, he wouldn't mind being on the block together, so they can fight together, that would be cool. Jackie walks in the KT. Austin says, it's always scary in those situations.


8:46 PM BBT Liz asks if Shelli is sleeping in the HOHR? Austin tells Jackie about how they put a tray of food inside the HNR door. He says, it's like feeding the monster. Shelli comes out of the DR. Austin says, someone was in there.


8:47 PM BBT In the BY on the couches. Clay asks if anyone has ridden in a helicopter, as one flies overhead. They discuss Meg going on a cruise & a private island with Gronk. Jason & John get up to check the laundry. Clay says, he wants to see Meg out, she can get hammered. James says, he can get pretty wild also. Clay says, they are a match made in heaven. James says, he does crazy sh*t to.


8:49 PM BBT James says, he recites the I Have A Dream speech. He says, people record him on their cell phones. Planes keep flying overhead. Someone gets called to the DR, but it's hard to hear with the airplane flying over the house. We see FOTH.


8:50 PM BBT Live feeds come back. James is screaming that if someone thinks they can kick his a**, let them try. He says, he say that after he gets out of bars. He says, he's an aggressive drunk, & his friends have to get him by the back of his collar. Clay says, an Asian cowboy is a bad thing. Becky asks Clay how he is when he's drunk? Clay says, he's a giggly drunk. He says, he's loud, & he laughs. James asks how many people hit on him at bars. He says, every once in a while he gets that, but not to often. James says, it must be nice. He gets up & runs in the house.


8:53 PM BBT James goes to the KT to get the honey. He says, Steve poured it on him in the shower. He goes to the BY, & puts some on Steve. Steve says, well done, James, you got me. Steve asks if it's only on his face. It dripped down to Steve's shirt. Liz & Austin come out to the BY, & sit on the couch. James is laughing so hard. He says, he's about to die. Liz says, that was so good, she can't believe he thought of that. Liz says, Steve likes to sleep in random places.


8:54 PM BBT James says, Steve is always the last one to go to bed, he's going to have to hide under the tables. Austin says, he doesn't sleep. James says, Steve is going to come up with something good to get him back. In the OBR, Jason is talking to Meg. He tells Meg, that Liz didn't know they were going to wash all the white's together after she came out of the DR. Meg says, she was talking to Jackie earlier, & she doesn't see the twin thing.


8:56 PM BBT Jason & Meg both agree that the twins will end up staying now. Jason says, he doesn't think they are still paying the people that got out already. He thinks if someone comes back, it might be someone in the jury. He says, he wants to fart in Jackie's mouth, & she's agreed to it. Steve tells Jason & Meg that James put honey on him while he was sleeping. He says, he didn't realize that he was sleeping, but apparently he was. James tells him to take a nap. Steve doesn't want to, so he can try to sleep at a decent hour tonight. James says, that will never happen.


8:59 PM BBT Steve says, the honey is on his pants from the CBR. Meg wonders if Steve will go next week. Her & Jason discuss who may go up & be evicted next week. He wants to make a deal with Steve. In the BY, Becky says, that if you get anything on you, the best thing may be to get baby powder on you. James says, they can pour water on it, & it would be thick like flour would be. Becky says, she doesn't think they have flour in there. Austin says, no, because people probably throw it on other HG's. Becky says, like putting it on someone in the shower.


9:01 PM BBT Becky says, she put it on someone in Texas before. James asks her what part of Texas? She says, Houston. Clay says, it's right by him. Becky talks about going to the heart of the city, & how she would love to do a Texas BBQ. She talks about going to England, & loving the countryside. James tells her, she needs to visit South Carolina also. Becky says, she likes Charleston. Liz says, Charleston is so pretty. She says, she went there for a wedding when she was younger. She says, it looks like New Orleans, & she loves it there.


9:03 PM BBT James tells the HG's that The Notebook & The Patriot were both shot in Charleston. He says, there are a lot of movies shot in South Carolina. Becky says, she's going to go for a run. Liz says, that's hard to do while you're on slop. Becky says, to keep your calorie intake the same. She says, even if you don't like it, you still have to eat it. James tells Steve that when he put the honey on him it was cold. Steve says, it was room temperature. James says, he could feel the difference. Becky is still talking about eating the slop.


9:06 PM BBT Becky talks about eating pickles, olives & angel food cake. Jason gets called to the DR. Austin says, they're behind 5 hours. Liz says, everything was held up because of her (Audrey). Austin says, they still have to get all the reactions to the big meeting. We see FOTH.


9:07 PM BBT Live Feeds come back. Liz tells Shelli she did good on the dance. Austin says, she killed it, & he didn't have to coach it. Liz asks how many times they've done the dance. Austin & Shelli both say, no one has been counting. Austin says, she wasn't there for all of them, so they won't do that to them. Clay comes out to the BY. He asks what they are whispering about. Austin says, her dance, & he didn't have to coach her through it. Liz says, it was her first one. Liz asks Clay if he knew they switched? Clay says, he didn't notice. He says, that's why they've been canoodling.


9:10 PM BBT Shelli goes to the BY now also & sits by Clay. Liz tells them that she had to wait in the car for about 4 hours, because of production. She says, they've never done that before, & she wondered what was going on. She says, now she knows it was because of you know who. BB says, "HG's." They continue to talk, & BB says, "Liz, you are not allowed to talk about production." Liz tells Shelli about Becky taking Audrey food, & leaving it inside the door.


9:12 PM BBT Liz asks Shelli when the last time was that she talked to Audrey? Shelli says, yesterday. Shelli says, no one has really talked to her today, & they haven't really seen her. Liz asks when she goes pee? Shelli says, she doesn't know. Steve comes outside. Vanessa comes out to work out. She says, she was waiting for her face medication to dry on her face. Steve is eating salad, & asks Vanessa if she wants him to work out with her. Steve says, he's willing to work out anytime. Clay says, they can do it after he finishes his food, because he needs food in his body before working out.


9:15 PM BBT Austin & Liz start humming. Liz says, their number one debut is OOOO Yeah. She says, the couch smells like mildew after the rain. She says, it needs to be Fabreezed. She says, she thinks that will work. Austin says, they've probably had it for years. Shelli & Clay are going to the hammock. Liz says, it's our hammock. Austin says, they are competing with them for the hammock. Liz says, their hammock date was better.


9:17 PM BBT Austin says, he hasnt been wearing his microphone so BB will yell at him, but they haven't. Liz asks Steve if he saw her dance? Steve says, he did. He says, her & John have such great time, & Jason is getting sick of it. Austin asks Steve what his favorite Robin Williams movie is, & what he should watch when he gets out of the house? Liz says, Mrs. Doubtfire. Steve says, she must have switched today, otherwise she would have known that. Steve says, he didn't know they switched, but Jason told him, because he's pretty sure. Steve tells her, he watches them every time they go in the DR.


9:19 PM BBT Steve tells Liz & Austin that Jason even said that her sister gave her a start in the DR, & Austin is probably filling her in about the rest. Steve says, her still trying to hide it is a moot point. Steve says, James & Jackie are still doubtful, but they are taking everyone's word for it. Liz says, wow, of all people. Steve says, she's wasting her effort. Liz says, she has to do this. Austin says, she can't just go tell them. Steve says, she shouldn't stress over it. Liz says, 1 more week. Steve says, 2 more week. Austin says, Top 10, remember.


9:22 PM BBT Steve tells Austin & Liz that when Audrey goes, he'll be the only one left on the left side of the Memory Wall. He says, he needs to win HOH. Becky says, she's going to one up Steve, because she's washing towels, & running. Steve wonders if they will get an endurance. Steve says, they probably won't do the endurance during the BOTB. He talks about how the TV shows are aired. He says, there was a Slip N' Slide after the BOTB finished.


9:24 PM BBT Steve, Liz & Austin try to figure out what the next HOH game might be. Vanessa gets called to the DR. Jason says, he needs Liz' old whites, because they are going to clean them up for them. He says, they may press them, or even bejewel them before they get them back. The camera view switches to Shelli & Clay on the hammock. Shelli tells Clay, you know when they switch, by watching Austin. Clay says, Shelli's speech was really good, & it couldn't be worded any better. He says, the comment she made at the end shows the person she really is. Becky is running around the BY.


9:26 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay if they get alcohol tonight, they will finish her alcohol in the HOHR after that. Clay says, he wants to sit outside with it. Shelli says, that will be open that shes not sharing. Becky & Shelli are throwing fake insults at each other. James gets called to the DR. Becky passes Shelli & Clay, & says, she didn't do Reptar, but she did run after her. Becky tells Shelli & Clay about Project Condor, & how she named this seasons Project Left Column.


9:30 PM BBT Jackie, Meg, John & Jason are in the KT. The camera view switches to the BY with Steve, Liz & Austin on the couches. Jackie comes out & sits down. Steve says, hi to her. Steve talks about the Quack Pack. Steve says, he hopes Audrey has fun the next couple days in the house. Jackie says, she doesn't think she will. She says, they are going to try to make them make her feel bad. Austin asks if she will even show up for the Live show? Jackie says, she will have to walk out the door. She says, what are they going to do, wheel her out the front door in a wheel chair? She asks if they are going to dress her chair up?


9:34 PM BBT Everyone in the BY is making Becky do & say funny things while she's running. Becky sprints across the BY. The HG's on the couch discuss everyone getting called to the DR today. Meg gets called to the DR. Austin says, they got behind today. Liz says, Jackie can't go out on a date, because she's on slop. Steve says, he'll go on a slop date with her. Jackie says, she can't have alcohol either. Steve says, she can have him. She says, o.k.


9:36 PM BBT Liz says, she wants to get Febreeze to use on the couches. She says, the one they have is for the air, so she needs to other one. Steve tells James they are even now. Austin says, what if you can do a prank on a beef cake? James gets on the exercise machine in the BY. James says, he tried to hide in the SR before. They keep talking about beef cakes in the BY. Jackie says, she thinks she saw one walking around. BB tells Austin, he's not allowed to talk about production. Austin says, he was waiting for it.


9:39 PM BBT Jason comes to the BY. He made an egg sandwich with the vegetarian patties. They say it looks good. Jason says, he makes his eggs over easy. Liz says, she doesn't like yolk. Jason says, he likes to dip toast in the yolk. Jackie says, she likes the yolk when it's time for her period. Jason says, he thought she was talking about when she's pregnant. Steve tells Austin he's wondering when BB will tell him not to talk about the beef cakes?


9:41 PM BBT Jason says, he didn't leave Jeff a good goodbye message. He says, he can't remember a word that he said, since he had to drink 2 glasses of wine before it, but they (BB) said d*mn when he was done. Austin asks Steve if he's going to break another racket? Steve says, he didn't break the first one. Steve gets up & walks away. Austin gets called to the DR. Jason says, he requested alcohol in the DR. Liz wants to know how he asked, & how it was answered. He says, he asked it in a question, & it was well received.


9:44 PM BBT Meg says, she has crushes on all the guys' voices. Liz says, she only knows Robert & Rich's voices. Jason says, he knows who the person is today. The camera view goes to the CBR where Vanessa goes in to talk to Steve. Vanessa says, everyone is watching her closely. Steve says, Becky is trying to talk to him. Vanessa says, she wants to be quiet, because Audrey is on the other side of the wall. Vanessa says, people might be suspicious they are working together. Vanessa wants to talk to Steve on the hammock tomorrow morning.


9:46 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa the rumor is going around that she set up Jeff, but she knows that. Steve dives under the covers in a bed, & Vanessa goes out of the CBR. The camera view goes to the KT area, where Vanessa tells James something is weird. They walk into the WA. Vanessa knocks on the WC door, & goes in. James brushes his teeth by the sink.


9:48 PM BBT The camera view goes to the BY by the couches. Jason says, he doesn't wear pants that are high-wasted. He says, Adam Levine has a line of clothing at Kmart for men & women. Liz says, Adam Levine sells clothes at Kmart, LOL. Jason says, he has an ant crawling on his white shirt. Liz tells Jason about James putting honey in Steve's grill while he was sleeping. Jason says, that's not good while someone is sleeping.


9:50 PM BBT Liz asks Jason how the comp honey tasted? Jason says, it was foul. He says, it was definitely honey, but honey that James & Jackie ran through. HG's talk about playing strip poker, doing each other, & playing spin the bottle. Everyone thinks if they kiss Meg they will be happy. John says, he kissed Liz twice. Meg didn't realize it was Liz both times. Meg tells Steve to kiss people.


9:53 PM BBT Jason says, he had a dream that BB gave them alcohol. He says, he woke up & asked Becky if they got alcohol? He says, Becky told him it's mid day, & they didn't get alcohol. Jackie says, she had a dream about getting alcohol today, & she just stayed in the HNR. Steve asks if Audrey has left the HNR today? James says Audrey is sleeping in the HNR on the floor, behind the dentist chair. John says, at this point, she can do what she wants. They all wonder if she will eat. Jackie says, it won't matter, what will they do, give her penalty votes? Vanessa comes out with a scrunchy & gloves on. Liz says something about Fleek.


9:58 PM BBT Everyone is the BY wants to try what Austin is doing. Jason tells them all to try it, so he wins HOH by default. Everyone urges James on, Jackie says, his legs are so little. Shelli tells Clay that's she's so freaking pissed that Audrey was saying that Austin was her target. Clays says, he loves when she says freaking. Shelli says, she wants to say the other word, but she's not going to. Clay wants her to go & do what Austin is doing. Shelli says, she's always in comps winning them, so she wants to watch. Clay says, he's not. They laugh.


10:00 PM BBT Shelli & Clay both say YAY for what's going on in the BY. Shelli says, she fears a grass stain on Liz' white pants, but it's not real grass. Austin keeps doing gymnastics in the BY. Becky says, she thinks she messed her back up doing gymnastics. Becky is lifting weights now after finishing her fun. Meg is holding a racket on the couch. Jason says, his fart was so bad, it scared him away. Meg finally smells it, & gets disgusted. She gets up & leaves. She says, she can't believe that Steve is still sitting there.


10:05 PM BBT BB tells Liz to please put on her microphone. She thinks the head piece she has on is her microphone, so she didn't realize it wasn't on. Everyone in the BY is just sitting around chatting or working out. Steve says, he got BB telling him that humming is the same as singing so stop that. Steve says, he got a "You're welcome" last night, & a "No" as well.


10:09 PM BBT Steve says, he's waiting for BB to say something to Austin about the beef cakes. Jason says, they will never record about the beef cakes. Steve says, Austin says, he will stop talking about the beef cakes, if they say that to him. Jason says, it's lies from his tongue. Austin says, if Julie asks him any questions he will talk about the beef cakes. Liz asks if they've said anything about the beef cakes on the show? Jason says, probably not, the live feeders see it, & probably think he's crazy.


10:13 PM BBT Steve wonders what will happen if he requests alcohol. He says, they may love it if he gets drunk. Steve says, his mom will be fine with him if he gets drunk. He says, if he genuinely wanted to get drunk, no one in his family would have a problem with it. Jason says, he's 23 years old.


10:16 PM BBT Becky says, Austin is such a unique creature. She says, he rolls around with such grace & beauty. Jason is smoking a cigarette on the couch. Becky is lifting the ducky out of the water. Steve is messing with Liz. Jason tells Steve that Liz' arm is under contract right now, because she has to do Jesus lifts. James says, he had a dream that Meg kicked him out of his bed. He says, he grabbed Clay & snuggled with him in his dream. Jason tells Meg she has horrible morning breath. Meg says, Jason pointed at her yesterday, & said wh*re. He says he couldn't help it. HG's say it's 10:18 PM BBT


10:20 PM BBT All of the HG's want to learn the dance the Whackstreet Boys are doing. Steve gets told to stop that after messing with the bucket. He says, he did. Jason is instructing everyone on the dance in the BY. Vanessa is by the weight machine.


10:22 PM BBT After learning it a couple times. Becky says, she wants to do a cool pose. Liz counts them down to take it from the top. Jason thinks there are 2 body rolls from the top. Liz says, there's only one. John & James say that Steve did good. Becky says, it's so complicated. Jason says, yeah, you tell us.


10:26 POM BBT Liz says, Clay did good, but Becky needs more work. Liz tells Becky to hump her hands to do the body roll. They all clap at the end. Jason says, the dance class went down to only two people dancing. Liz says, she thought Becky would be perfect, but it came down to Clay & Meg being great. Jason says, they are casted. James goes in the CBR & puts shoes & a hat in the bed to make it look like someone is sleeping there. He sits on the couch in the LR.


10:30 PM BBT James runs to the OBR when he hears someone coming. He then gets up when Meg & Jason came in. He tells Meg to stop checking up on him. He now makes up another bed in the CBR. He uses Clay's cowboy hat & puts Clay's cowboy boots under the comforter, sticking out the bottom for it to look like he's sleeping in the bed. Clay walks in the CBR & catches him. James says, he scared the sh*t out of him. Austin walks in next, & says they need to put sunglasses on them, after Clay says, they need to put shirts on them. James uses Steve's shoes, because the boots are too heavy. Clay uses hoodies.


Austin asks if James is going to put sunglasses on them? James uses the hoodies, & fills them with shirts in the inside. They are using all of Steve's clothes to fill them. Austin says it's good. Clay fixes the right shoulder. James says, now they are getting some shape. He readjusts the shoes. He says, Steve's big a** shoes are freaking boats. Austin asks where he got them? Steve says, he doesn't know. Austin says, it looks so real right now. Clay says, at first glance you think it's really someone there. Austin says, easy camera dude. They all laugh & walk out when they are finished.


10:39 PM BBT Clay & James go back in the CBR to turn the head towards the door. They put a shirt over the neck area. Austin walks in & says not to hide the goggles though. They all walk out of the CBR. John tells people to investigate who's sleeping in the CBR. Liz opens the door & screams, Oh my God, that's so creepy. Steve starts to take it apart. Austin says, not to ruin it, because Meg didn't see it yet. Meg says, Steve hates the pranks & he destroys them. Vanessa is in the OBR by her bed.


10:43 PM BBT Jason goes in the CBR & says it's pretty good. Steve says, they used all of his t-shirts for it. Jason says, they are pretty good. James says, they get board. Vanessa takes her clothes & shoes in the HNR. She closes the door gently so it' not loud. She takes her shoes off in their. She folds a hoodie, & puts it on a dresser. Vanessa leaves the HNR. James walks in & looks around, & goes back out of the HNR. He makes sure the door closes without making noise.


10:47 PM BBT James is looking for Steve. Shelli is done in the shower in the HOHR. She tells Clay he can wear her pink hoodie. He goes downstairs to get his clothes for a shower. Becky goes in the HNR to get her foam roller. Vanessa comes upstairs to shower in the HOHR now. She asks Shelli if it's o.k. to shower up there? She says, yes. Shelli & Clay go downstairs.


10:49 PM BBT Becky shows Meg how to use the foam roller in the LR. She says, she felt it. She tells Meg that she moves her arms in different ways, & it feels good. Meg says, her lower back hurts. She says, she can rub her back also, because her & Austin are good at finding the knots. Clay gets told to please put on his microphone. Becky tells Austin to come join them in the LR. Meg says, "Oh my God, it just cracked like a mother," as Austin & Liz walk through the LR to the SR.


10:51 PM BBT Liz tells Austin about what Steve told her about what Jason said earlier. Liz asks what the deal is with the gravy & cakes? Austin says, it's called grunge cakes from the 90's. She asks if that's even a real thing? Austin says, no, they made it up. Liz wants to know the names of the comps. Austin says, Julia always wore her hat to the left side. Liz says, she is such a right side person. She asks if Julia wore the bandana on the hat? Austin says, no.


10:54 PM BBT Liz goes in the KT & starts eating some Nutella. Becky, James & Meg talk about Instagram followers. Becky says, Frankie has 1.2 million. Meg says, it's because of before the house. James says, he's going to hit on so many girls. Becky says, her dating life is going to be weird after this, especially in Denver. Meg says, she doesn't think her life will change at all. James says, it will, & she's from New York. Becky calls Meg Megan by mistake.


10:58 PM BBT Meg tells John she's doing a sexy foam roll. She says, it really feels good though. Austin tells Steve he's going to redo the dishes after Steve does them. Steve jumps on Austin's back. Steve says, he could never hurt Austin in any way. Austin says, he's sensitive. Steve says, oh, yeah, where? Austin says, everyone's beating him up now.

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11:00 PM BBT Clay is in the WA.  Most of the HGs are in the LR.  Meg is stretched out on the middle of the floor face down, and Becky is massaging her lower back.  Austin, James, Jason, John, and Liz are there also, and they are talking about the stages of grief.  James thinks he goes through all of them every day with Meg.  John says it’s like groundhog day.


11:04 PM BBT Shelli goes to the Diary Room.  Everyone admiring Becky’s massaging technique and saying she could charge for that.  Meg thanks Becky, and Becky says “Okay.  Return the favor.” Meg and Becky trade places.  The HGs heckle Meg on her technique. 


11:08 PM BBT John and Steve are in the BY talking about laundry.  Meg continues giving Becky a massage on her lower back. 


11:11 PM BBT In the BY, Clay is helping Steve bench press while John lounges in the hammock.


11:15 PM BBT In the LR, Jason is saying he has never had a massage.  Austin says he’ll give him a massage if he wants.  They talk about the need to drink lots of water after a massage to help clear toxins.   


11:18 PM BBT Conversation in the LR has turned to chiropractors and whether it’s good to have your back “cracked.”  Austin says you have to find the root cause of why it’s going out.   James says cracking your back could cause arthritis, and they talk about whether that’s a myth.  They go on to talk about arthritis. 


11:21 PM BBT Clay is helping Steve with his workout, and giving him feedback on how he does his push-ups.  Steve asks Clay if he is in reasonable shape and whether he is in a healthy range. 


11:26 PM BBT Jason is trying to use the foam roller on the LR floor.  Becky is directing him.  In the BY, Liz is swinging on the hammock, and John is lounging on the couch while Clay spots Steve on the bench press.  John’s pager goes off, so it’s time for a Whack Street Boys performance in the Living Room! 


11:31 PM BBT The Whack Street Boys (Liz, John, Jason) have acquired backup dancers (Clay, Meg, and Steve).  They start their routine and then we get FotH.  When we come back they are giving each other high fives and saying how great the backup dancers are.  They call for an encore from the backup dancers, so the Clay, Meg and Steve go through the routine for the group.


11:40 PM BBT Liz and Austin are on the hammock in the BY talking about his wrestling name.  Austin tells her that he uses “Judas” as his alter ego in the DR. 


11:44 PM BBT Clay, Shelli, James, Jackie and Jason are in the LR talking about Audrey and speculating about her meds.  FotH. 


11:48 PM BBT Vanessa comes by the LR asking if the DR is available. BB had called Vanessa about 2 hours earlier, but then seemed to stop for awhile.  The HGs talk about the content of the next episode.  They start talking about Audrey again and wondering whether she got food.  Shelli says that when you are on meds, you don’t necessarily eat.  FotH.


11:52 PM BBT Meg wants to watch a movie so badly.  When she asks “Where are all the luxury comps??” they tease her that hey at least she won the luxury cruise!


11:54 PM BBT On the BY Hammock, Austin is telling Liz about an incident where he had to drive while his knee was injured and he has various other pains.  He finally goes to the doc and the doc diagnoses a sports hernia.


11:55 PM BBT  The HGs in the LR are talking about sleep and being tired.  James talks about a nightmare.  Meg says he woke up so mad.  Shelli asks what happened, so James explains his dream.  James says that he dreamt that Meg kicked him out of her bed.  Intermittent FotH breaks up the story. James says he’s been rejected more this month than in his whole life.

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