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Sunday, July 19 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC



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12:00 AM BBT Jason, Clay and Shelli in the HOHR are still talking about Audrey; how she tries to talk about millions of iterations, how she is always bringing up dreams. 


12:02 AM BBT Steve and John are in the KT still, now talking about classes they took.  Feeds cut to Liz(Julia) and Austin in the Comic Book Room.  Austin tells Liz(Julia) that James is kind of floating, and isn’t so connected to Meg and Jason anymore.  Austin thinks they can make a deal with Jason and with John and there are only 4 people in their way. 


12:08 AM BBT In the KT, John telling Steve a bit about some of the skills you need to master as a dentist.


12:14 AM BBT Conversation in the HOHR has turned to general chit chat about birth certificates and social security cards.


12:15 AM BBT Jason thinks that they will get the BY tonight because they are still out there dismantling.  If they were going to stop and wait til morning, Jason thinks that BB would have already done that.  Shelli thinks they will get the photo booth again tomorrow because they get that every other Sunday. 


12:20 AM BBT  Austin is working out in the LR.  Steve is at the KT counter, and John is sitting at the Dining Table.  Shelli, Clay and Jason chit-chatting in the HOHR about production.  BB reminds them that they aren’t allowed.  Jason speculates that the furniture in the house will be worth more after the show is over. 


12:23 AM BBT Jason says the worst part of the summer is that he doesn’t get to watch BB this year.  He’ll have to wait until next year to watch the show.  When they get out of the house, they are thinking they will binge-watch all the episodes.  And no matter what happens, it will be like a family reunion at the end. 


12:25 AM BBT Jason, Shelli, and Clay are talking about how loud they talk in the DR.  Jason starts to talk about who is the DR “sleeper” and we get FotH.  When feeds come back, Jason is still talking and Shelli is saying “stop, stop”…she doesn’t want to be in trouble.  BB says “thank you” and they laugh. 

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Highlights from last night: 12:30am -2:20am BBT Steve does the dishes, Meg going to sleep in plaid on plaid, Jason sleeping in his boxers as he has to be ready to jump into his white pants at a moments notice. Becky put a nut in her mouth and spit it back out (she is a HN) James gives John tips for sleeping in the HN chairs.


Flashback: 2:25-2:45am BBT Audrey, James, Becky and Jackie in KT looking at memory wall wondering where they would put a twins pic if there was one in the house. Steve talks to himself in the shower. BB opens the BY, Jason runs out in his boxers then remembers his Outfit, he runs back inside.


Flashback 2:47am BBT Liz cant find her headphones. Whack Street Boys perform in the BY...we get FOTH so don't see it. Liz stage name is Bizness.


4:20am BBT James hides in a black trash bag in the SR. Audry (knows about James in the bag) pulls Liz in and tells her that Steve is romantically curious about her. Tells her he thinks she is one of the most beautiful girls in the house. Liz is bent over laughing saying "honestly?!" James yells and grabs Liz's foot, she screams OMG!! James comes out of the bag saying Gotcha.


4:26am BBT Audrey/James continue scaring ppl in the SR. They got Austin and Steve then Jackie. Jackie wonders why they are acting so weird, James gets caught this time.


5:37am BBT Steve talks to himself by the pool table, he drops a ball on his foot. HG finally make it to bed.


8:40am BBT We have FOTH...wake up call?

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12:30 AM BBT – 1:00 AM BBT –  In the HOHR Jason points out to Shelli and Clay that Audrey can’t do her sleeping hibernation trick this week because she is in the HNR.  Shelli feels bad to put up Audrey while she is a Have-Not but Clay says “who cares?”  Jason reminds Shelli that Have-Nots this week volunteered.  He thinks that next time Have-Nots will be determined by who drops off first during an endurance comp.  The meeting breaks up and Shelli goes to have a shower in the HOH WA while Clay and Jason join Austin, Steve and John in the KT where there is chatter about the white outfits they have to wear.  Liz (Julia) has taken hers off and is sleeping in her PJs.


1:00 AM BBT – 2:00 AM BBT Vanessa and Austin meet up in the WA.  Vanessa tells Austin that she is a good deal-maker. Vanessa running ideas for deals with Austin.  They plan to work separately a bit and make deals with others independently so that it doesn’t seem like they are working as closely together [is this strategy, or is Vanessa distancing herself from Austin after hearing Shelli's and Jackie's reservations about him? -app]. Steve is sitting in the photo booth and notices the camera following him.  He talks to the camera and apologizes to the cameraman “I’m so sorry that your job is to follow me around with a camera at 1 in the morning” and then goes to do dishes in the KT.   Jason and Vanessa chat in a darkened Ocean BR as they settle in to sleep, but James and Meg wake up and start talking with Jason.  Others join and lights go on. Audrey and Jackie talk about whether the Veto will be used.  Jackie says John is worried for the first time, but points out that no one can win every time, so they need to stop putting him up as a pawn. Jackie and Audrey both say they would not put John up. Steve joins the conversation and contributes strategy observations from other BB shows.  Steve’s statement “there are no secrets because there AREN’T secrets” is met with awkward silence.

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8:50am BBT John and Jason in the BY. BB must have asked them to put the awnings up. Jason says there are no awnings, he didnt know they could be removed. They put awnings up by the wts and hammock. Jason says he asked if they could take their stuff off and hop in the pool. John says they can all throw their stuff in the washer and chill in the HT. They wonder what will happen when the twins switch, the other one will be doing all the wrong moves.


9:05am BBT Jason/John chatting in BY. Jason saying morning to ppl on the east coast. Jason says he isnt going to let wearing the outfit ruin what could be his last week in the house. John agrees. Jason says he hopes some one else goes up that the whole house wants up. Jason says if he stays he will have to put on his customer service. He tells John that after his convo in HOH they are both ok this week.


 9:20am BBT Jason heads back to bed leaving John on the BY couch by himself. James asked Jason if they played music already, he says no but there are batteries available. Meg says sorry she didnt go out for their last performance but she looks foul. Jason says Liz was mad.

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10:00am BBT Meg is blow drying her hair and putting make up on. The 4 HN are not so snug in the dentist chairs.


10:06am BBT Meg is moving really slow and limping. When she sat down on the couch in the WA she used her hands to pull her leg up so she could sit sideways. Looks like they are on IDLD, the sliding door is black. FOTH


10:21am BBT It was wake up call. Steve and John and Austin in KT. Shelli and Clay crawl out of bed. Shelli changes her batteries, Clay brushes his teeth, John puts lotion on his hands, Austin stirs eggs, Steve eats cereal. Shelli goes back to bed while the guys speculate how long they will be IDLD. They think BB is putting the rest of the awnings and the mics back.

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11:09am BBT BY is open. Austin working out. Clay and John talk on BY Couch. Clay telling him he came in to play an honest game, Jeff lost it with him when Jeff lied to him. It's not beneficial for him to be associated with her (Audrey). Audrey can throw out 400 scenarios and maybe 1 of them is right. She doesnt know when to stop talking game.


11:16am BBT Clay tells John that if there is anything they can do for him, let them know. Dont let them know they are together. Clay says no one has said anything to him about John. Meanwhile: Austin is huffing and puffing, gasping for breath.


11:24am BBT John says the house will feel better w/o her (Audrey) here. He says the feed watchers will probably feel better too. Clay says that Shelli would want confirmation that if its not 100% sure that Audrey goes that Shelli is safe next week. John says Shelli was never an option for him. Clay says its like they cant wait another week. John says he is down! Clay says Vanessa is firey down.


11:32am BBT John goes back to bed...errrr chair. Clay says he is going to get something to eat. Austin dead lifting 275lbs.

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3:13 BBT: In the BY Jason, Austin, looks like Steve and becky (?)  are discussing random things in the back yard (their outfits, how they have to take off labels, etc etc). 

3:15 BBT Meanwhile in HoH Audrey and Shellie are talking... and is trying to convince shellie that others don't have her best interest in mind. (I think Vanessa, but I came to the party late). 


Shellie is quite pissy with Audrey "I cannot take you saying i don't care anymore...stop" Audrey has been talking to Shellie for an hour. when liz (julia) came to the door and interrupted about laundry. Then audrey acted like she was all being interrupted on purpose. And shellie got very angry. And she's just aggravated with Audrey... 

3:16 BBT: Audrey is still going on about how Vanessa is working with Austin. And she's saying that when Shellie sees this show after, she will realize that Vanessa is not looking out for her and clay's best interest. And Audrey is. Audrey is saying "well that's the issue with everyone". And Audrey is saying "I would have taken you to the end if you two didn't do this". And Shellie is saying "this week is not the turning factor... you have done a lot of things---"a whole field of buckets"--have contributed to our attitude and my decision. 

Audrey "people want me out because i know too much. 


Shellie "let's talk later, i have a moment when my head gets too full and I have to end it. I need to eat and take a shower. can we finish later "


Audrey "we don't ahve to talk about it. I'm not done. I know how this has to play out. as your friend i want you to know i have your best interest the whole time... it's why I told you both how I felt. I didn't have to do that... (she's sobbing crying as she says that)... that makes me vulnerable. 


Shelli gets audrey tissues from bathroom. 


Audrey"i still hope you do well and I hope that this doesn't happen... what I've said but... "



3:20 BBT: Audrey: I wish this would have happened a day before. I don't have the time to.... <trails off>  we don't have to talk about it again> I've been completely out played.


Shellie: do you have other things on your mind? 


Audrey" I told you everything. Vanessa is making deals with jason. up and down. She's great and she's amazing. And she's playing you. I've worn MY emotions on my sleeve... I am vulnerable and it was a major mistake.... You shouldn't have told vanessa about "it" (not sure what "it" is...) 


Shellie: I need to declutter my head. I have dif people saying different things in my head and I can't take it anymore. <leaves HOH> 

3:23 BBT: Audrie in HoH alone. Sniffling. 


Shellie now downstairs in grey room getting ready to go into bathroom and shower etc. 


Feeds on Shellie prepping for shower and audrey in HoH wiping nose. 


[Note: I came in partway through this conversation, but it looks like Audrey was up with shellie bombarding her with a guilt trip about how Shellie is being played by vanessa and rest of house and Shellie was polite and listening but eventually, it became too much and Shellie had to step away--chipmunk220]

3:27 BBT: Meanwhile in the backyard, there is some working out going on (Clay looking fiiiiine as he freeweights). General chitchat, but no game discussions. 

3:28 BBT: Disussion in BY about past guests and using the term "satan" to describe others in the DR. Meg and Jason and Austin are saying "Medusa" and "Beetle Moth" "soul eater/catcher" to describe.... uhhh. I'm guessing Audrey?? 

Austin "she doesn't slither, she loafs." 


I think they're bashing Audrey... talking about the online BB games.... which we know Audrey does... 


Meanwhile Audrey in HoH... sitting alone. 

3:30:  BY conversation (meg jason, austin, clay)  "we may have gotten the wrong people out the first three weeks" (saying Audrey should have gone, essentially) 


General audrey bashing all over the place. They are criticizing her like crazy.... they are basically saying they can't trust her. And she doesn't have respect from the public or other players because of the way she is behaving. 


Jason"enough people have won that haven't done that (played evil)" SOmeone says "Derek" Jason says "well derek lied," (but in a good way, apparently). They think Shellie "Gets it" and will now Backdoor Audrey. Clay says "shellie knows she's not." 

3:35 BBT: The BY crew (becky, jason, meg, clay, austin) don't want her to make jury. Don't want to spend time in Jury House. 


Saying how you can hear everything in the HN room because of a hole in the wall.  


Jackie makes an appearance.... checks dryer... aaaand she's gone... 

3:37 BBT: Meanwhile in HoH.... Shelly is back up. Audrey "I just want to deal with everything before I basically <sob sob> go..." Shellie told to put her microphone back on... Shellie checking out her outfit etc doing her hair... silence otherwise...except occasional sob from Audrey. In HoH bathroom is shellie and clay. 

Audrey when Shellie comes out "can i ask you something direct. i want to get myself mentally square" 

Shellie "I have no idea what i want to do... "

audrey "can you give me notice. i'm tired of crying

Shellie "I'm begging you please dont do this to me right now. you'll tug a t my heart. i can't. i dont' want to be unsensitive but please... you have to know what kind of position i'm in..." 

Audrey <sob> 

Shellie leaves the HoH again.... heads downstairs. 

3:43 BBT: Shellie leaves to kitchen. "Slop time!" to Becky.  


meanwhile in BY: Liz (julia) is chatting with Jason about various things. Becky joins them with her slop. Random discussion about eating the stuff. Liz was saying its disgusting makes you gassy etc (slop). 

Becky or Liz just said :Coined phrase "slop farts" I mean they don't even smell bad.. you're just gassy. 

Discussion of various words for oatmeal 

Discussion of weather and prefer a bit of clouds. 

RAndom talk of awnings...meanwhile audrey still up in HoH quiet and sobbing a bit. 

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6:46 Ok, so Vanessa and Jackie in lounge talking. 

Vanessa :I had no reason to target jeff. he was off radar. he was not on radar until the fight. that being said i know it doesnt take a lot to target others and in your shoes i'm not that high on your good list. 


jackie: i understand. 


vanessa : as an olive branch i have an idea. I have pov and i want to use it to take down someone. so i'm talking to john and jason and i have'nt pushed either. but i want to make a deal with you. to get you safety in exchange you don't go after me... it will give you extended safety. 


Jackie: Im close with both jason and john. So they won't go after me. I'm not going after you. I don't need it to be that messy. 


Vanessa: Oh it doesnt have to be that complicated. I just dont know any other way to show it to you. 


Jackie that's sweet. i love you for that, but... 


Vanessa: I dont have a game relationship with either. so I will talk to both. 


Jackie: if you do take one down audrey will go up. 


Vanessa: i'm so betrayed by her. i gave her every benefit of the doubt and then...  she targets me with lies. 


Jackie: yeah..


Vanessa: Fool me once shame on you...fool me twice shame on me.... my fault I didn't get rid of audrey. 


Jackie: then jeff wouldn't have gone home... 


Vanessa: yes, but jeff did make me look bad. 


Jackie: If audrey goes home this week, it's ok. but if not it will be a problem. 


Vanessa: i understand. i just didnt understand before now because i wasnt a victim of it (audrey's lies)


Jackie well it hasnt affected me directly, but my close friends it has been. so i'm down for it. I didn't want to look like an asshole... 

3:52 BBT: 

Jackie: did audrey vote to keep jeff? 


Vanessa: I dont know... if I knew.... 


Jackie: is sick of alliance bullsh** and rumors around it. I don't have any idea... I know john did vote to keep him


Speculation over who voted to keep or get rid of Jeff. 


Vanessa: I respect people who admit they did it out of loyalty. I dont like lying. 


Jackie: I know. paranoia. are you lying. 


Vanessa: i know. then we ask is there an america's player.... 


Jackie: every week it's been a stray vote. 


Vanessa: says that Audrey swore on her life upstairs in HoH and vanessa is saying how that was not ok. 

3:56 BBT: Vanessa throwing audrey further under bus. How she's lying to Clay etc. and how they are all comparing notes on how she has final two deals with everyone. 


Jackie is agreeing. etc. and joining in the bash. their final two deals with everyone. 

3:58 BBT: Vanessa and Jackie in lounge talking.... Audrey bashing continues. 


Vanessa is VERy hurt by Audrey because she took such a risk to save audrey and audrey betrayed her. It's a total anti-audrey spin-fest. 


Jackie: suggests take down jason with POV rather than Jon. Says jason and vanessa would bond over audrey-bashing. he can't stand her. 


Vanessa: she'll say anything to save herself. anything. 


Jackie: she bonds with people.... that's what she does. SHe got all that info in the first couple days... and everyone was like "yes yes yes" and I was like "she can't know all this in first couple days, so she must be lying...but everyone didn't think that they shouldn't trust her..." 


Vanessa and Jackie still talking. 

Jackie has been on block twice and others not at all. And they need to feel that. Why can't others be pawns. 


Jackie: If I were to put people up and you, you aren't a target. I just want to put people up who aren't pawns. 


Vanessa: I was shocked the way shellie and liz went with their nominations. The only thing i can imagine of why that happened is that liz and austin have this thing it's a girl thing and she was jealous because you were flirting with Austin... so she put you up. 


Jackie: that would be lame. 


Vanessa: well she said it was because she doesn't know you well. 


Going back and forth of how the Jackie was put up as a pawn etc. "why am I always a pawn...?" [uhh...because you are a floater???--chipmunk220]

4:04 BBT: bonding between Jackie and Vanessa continues in lounge. 


And in the BY most of the rest of the house except Audrey are in the BY chatting about eyes and other vapid things. (Johnny Mack, Jason, Liz(Julia), Becky...I think Steve is sitting there.... and then on ground Austin and Meg on ground... 

[sorry...that's all I  could carry Morty... my fingers are cramping up....]

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9:20PM BBT Shelli, Clay, and Jackie continue to review recent events up in HoH. Shelli says there's no F2 deals up here yet. Downstairs, Becky is working Vanessa's hair. Vanessa says it's funny that Audrey wanted to make Vanessa the target when she holds Veto. Does she think I could go up?


9:30pm BBT Clay and Shelli tell Jackie that the only reason Jeff was nominated or Da'vonne before him, was because John won Veto. They tell her Vanessa wanted James. Audrey was tugging on her heartstrings every moment of her HoH and when she had to name a replacement nominee, Audrey had been talking about Jeff the whole time so Vanessa nominated Jeff. Jackie says so she's the one - Jeff said someone was running his name. Shelli says every time I told Jeff I'd heard something, it was from Audrey.  So when we heard Jeff was saying we should be broken up this early, what choice did we have? We confronted him, discovered he'd lied to us and it became this big thing.


9:35PM BBT John, Liz/Julia, Steve and Jason are on the BY couches with Meg.  The topic is more lighthearted. James comes out and heads over to the laundry area.  Upstairs, Shelli and Clay continue to spin house history for Jackie, explaining Jeff's eviction and making sure Audrey stars in the villain role.  Clay says that Jeff didn't realize until he was on the block that the house saw him and Jackie as a couple despite their efforts not to be.  I didn't think he needed to try so hard, Jackie says.


9:37pm BBT Clay tells Jackie that Shelli has had nothing but awesome things to say about you. Jackie just wants to be able to move forward. Downstairs, the Whack Street Boys are talking Audrey.  Jason doesn't think America likes her very much. He thinks she's being portrayed as crazy on TV. Steve pops into HoH and feeds switch to the storeroom with Audrey and Vanessa. Audrey exits, leaving Vanessa searching for whatever food she wanted.


9:40PM BBT Shelli tells Jackie that she was one of the HG she told Liz she absolutely wouldn't nominate. BB calls the Whack Street Boys to perform in the BY. The boys in white were waiting.  Austin goes through the motions with the band, while Meg, Vanessa, Jackie and Audrey watch. Shelli and Clay are alone in the HoH as Shelli does the dance moves for her audience of one.   The music is done and they give themselves a self-critique.

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7:00PM BBT: It's photo booth time, In the middle of everything, The HGs are told to go to the storage room. They are now in the storage room. Clay and Shelli are in the HoH still talking about Audrey. Shelli is mad. Everyone else is in the colorful bedroom getting ready for photo's. Clay is telling Shelli no one believes Audrey now. They start to take pictures.


7:05PM BBT: Clay and Shelli are going on about Audrey, Shelli says "she thinks she is going to talk to Vanessa tonight, She's crazy." Clay is now telling Shelli that Audrey is trying to get into an alliance with James. That she thinks James is the only one that she can trust now. Clay says they want a house meeting without Her. Shelli "Im fine with that but maybe a group meeting and not a house meeting." Clay is saying that everyone wants her out now. Shelli says "Dam the girl can't stop." Clay OK just sent people up here and we can talk to them four at a time. 


7:10PM BBT: Shelli says "I was in a deep sleep and you come at me with all this stuff. OK Audrey is going to make up staff, So we have to tell them what's true and what's a lie. 


Great timing for this. Does she really believe that she can talk Vanessa, out of using the veto or me putting her up?" 


Clay is saying that everyone doesn't believe her now anyway. 


7:15PM BBT: Jason, and Becky are now outside, Jason says "she is crazy, What kind of drugs is this click on?" Becky says she wants to make sure Jackie is OK. "There is a lot of fact verses fiction, I don't know which is which" Says Becky. Vanessa is in the Have-Not room, With Audrey. "My biggest mistake was telling Shelli and Clay. I shouldn't of trusted them." Vanessa walks out. 


7:25PM BBT: Vanessa is now talking to Shelli in the HoH, Shelli says "she thinks that next week she will win HoH and put me and Clay up on the block, and that you will not use the PoV and I will not put her up. Is she crazy?" Vanessa is now telling Shelli what she just told her in the Have-Not room. "She is trying to get Jackie mad at us now, saying that we are working together." Vanessa is crying now, "Im stressed out" "well she is trying to tell us that you are the mastermind in all this that you are playing everybody now which is completely BS. Jackie, Jason, Steve, and Liz are outside everything is wet from the rain.


7:31PM BBT: Jackie says "I don't care, I'm letting it go." Meg says "this is just all stupid," Jackie "she just looks stupid now." Jason says well she was running my nominations. Jason says "I told Johnny not to throw that." Shelli and Vanessa are just talking about Audrey going over the same thing.


7:35PM BBT: Shelli says to Vanessa, "can we start this at week one," Vanessa says "Im just going to let whatever happens happen." Shelli says she is done with game talk now "let's go do fun stuff I'm ready for photos. Vanessa wants to stay up there to calm down. Shelli and Clay are now taking photos. and Jackie is still talking to Jason,And Steve. 


7:40PM BBT: Jason is saying she is just trying to scare the whole house, to go against itself. And now her game is blown up in her face finally. Steve says to Jackie that when he talks to her he talks really loudly, he doesn't want to be rude to her, Steve asked what she is saying about him? Jackie says that she just said that her and him were in an alliance. Steve "No we are not." Everyone else is in the kitchen talking and eating.


7:45PM BBT: Vanessa is now in the Have-Not room, Audrey is asleep. Steve and Liz are doing laundry now. 


7:50PM BBT: Some of the HGs are just milling around in the kitchen, Vanessa and Steve, and Austin,Jason are in the purple room, Vanessa is picking up cloths. Austin and Steve are sitting on beds, Vanessa, Jason and Steve are getting cloths ready for laundry. Jackie tells James that Audrey wants to know if he took the bait. Jackie is saying that she can't do anything to you anyway, "let's take pictures." 


7:55PM BBT: it's time for the whack street boys, everyone in the backyard.


8:00PM BBT: feeds are back and we missed the whack street boys. The HGs are back to milling around in the kitchen.


8:05PM BBT: John, and Steve are in the backyard playing with a ball, Shelli Clay, and Liz are eating at the counter, Everyone else is in the living room  sitting around just chatting. John and Steve are talking about Audrey, Steve is talking about what all Audrey said about him. James is at the counter talking to the group there.


8:10PM BBT: Clay, Shelli, Jason, James and Meg are all in the HoH for a group talk. The first one of the night, Shelli is saying that she just wants to hash things out in small groups. 


Now going over what has happened so far. The plan now is for Vanessa to use the veto on Jason, she is saying she (Audrey) Has been given three weeks now. And now she's out for Clay going around the house saying things about us that aren't true. I want to know what all she has said to y'all. I want to know how you feel about what she has said.


8:15PM BBT: James is now talking about Audrey told him about the six people alliance, and that he was being targeted by them. Shelli is now mad, James continues saying that she threw you and Clay threw Jason under the bus. James says that Audrey and vanessa had a final two deal. She was trying to start an alliance with James, Jackie, Austin, Vanessa, and Jason. she needs to stay and she is try to throw heat on anyone but her. And she is going to put you and Clay on the block next week.


8:20PM BBT: Now, Shelli is telling them her side of this, How she went to Jason and told him why he is on the block. Becky comes in and tells them Audrey can hear them talking. So don't talk so loud. Becky leaves. And James goes on, Shelli is saying that she goes to one person tries to get good with them, and then get them to go against everyone else in the house. 


8:25PM BBT: Shelli is going over why James, was put it. and how it all just went so fast. And what all she has lied to him about. Shelli is telling James he was never a target.


Shelli is saying that Audrey was not involved in any of the nominations this week. And the alliance is a lie as well. Shelli is telling them how she started the alliance but there was no true alliance


8:31PM BBT: Shelli is now talking about the Jeff thing, and how they went to Jeff and told him that they were going to put him up. That first week she was trying to get Jeff out. In the backyard John, Liz and Austin are talking about HoH competitions. 


Meg is now talking about when Audrey pulled her in. Shelli is saying that Jeff warned her about Audrey, Jason is saying that he and Jeff were also comparing notes. Jason says" I don't really know what all happened with the Jeff thing." They see Audrey laying in the living room  waiting to see who comes out of the HoH. 


8:35PM BBT: Shelli is saying that she is having a hard time putting her up on the block, "Because I'm a loyal person, but if I do put her up it's not just me it's the house putting her up it's a big deal." Out in the by they are talking about past seasons. Clay is saying "let's just get everything out, all we have in this game is our word. let's just put everything on the table." Meg is saying that she just wants them to know that her, James and Jason have their backs. Clay says at first he felt bad for her but now he is fed up with her. Jason is saying that when she threw Shelli under the bus that was it. Shelli is saying "why is she so ungrateful, after all I've done for her she is going to threw me under the bus." Jason says that Audrey came to him and said that shelli, is blaming everything on her now. Just throwing Shelli under the bus. 

8:40PM BBT: Shelli says "If I do this I just don't want this to make me a target." Meg says "No it won't." Jackie comes in and wants to join, Shelli asked her to bring Becky, John, just go get people whoever. 


8:45PM BBT: Jackie goes outside and gets the rest of the house they all head up to HoH, all but Audrey. The whole house is now in the HoH. Lock the door. Shelli is rehashing everything. How she stood by her, and how she is a loyal person she felt like she didn't have a voice. Now onto Vanessa saying how they put their game on the line for her. Vanessa says it was the day she did the mastermind thing. Shelli is looking on the spy cam to see where Audrey is.


8:50PM BBT: Shelli is talking about how the five person alliance started, "let's get this all out on the table now, it's too dangerous to keep her in this house, we are all in an alliance now." 


8:55PM BBT: Shelli says she wants it not to be her doing it to Audrey, she needs it to be the house. Everyone says yes. Now going over what happened this morning. How she is throwing Shelli under the bus. She now just wants to start fresh.


She know everyone else wants a fresh start. James, "I don't want y'all thinking that we are working together we are not working together, she is just using me." rehashing what he told Shelli earlier.


9:00PM BBT: James is saying that she wanted to get Vanessa on the block, oh but she has veto, so then she went to Austin, She wants to stay so she can get Shelli or Clay up next week. Clay "this game is stressful enough, you make memories in here we are suppose to enjoy this game, so having to worry about her, she making this game un-enjoyable. once she is out the mood is going to change. what she is doing is so not necessary."


9:05PM BBT: Vanessa is asking them to come to her and asked her, and she will tell them. She is saying that when she was HoH she wanted to backdoor her, but audrey came to her and got her thinking that Jeff was coming after her. Jackie says that she told her that they created the Jeff thing to get Jeff on the block. That the whole Jeff thing was created by Vanessa. Who is saying "that's not true." Now talking about the five person alliance, and how Clay made that alliance up. Shelli is fired up now, "The fact that she would sit up here in my HoH, and she is going to out there and throw me under the bus oh use the veto she is going up story over." Says Shelli


9:10PM BBT: Becky says "she is a different breed then us, F*** you, I won't talk game with you, I don't want to have anything to do with you. we are all on the same broken record with her. All of us are being targeted by her. Everybody is her target. Just don't talk game with her, let's just get her out on thursday and it's done."


9:15PM BBT: They think that she is america's player,(she's not) "We can give her credit for being America's player"


they said. now they are talking about the people that have been evicted so far may come back though. Vanessa says "let's not be mean to her though, let's be cool with her." Meg says" let's just let it be." Jason says " she says that she is going to lay in bed, she was never bullied." Jackie says "yeah but we have to be in the Have-Not room with her. so let's not be in that room with her alone." Steve says he is now scared. He and John walk out. let's all us the buddy system. Shelli is saying "let's do this in a kind way, it's a game move. we are doing this for the game not for personal reason." slop potatoes and gravy time they head downstairs.


9:40PM BBT: it's time for the whack street boys, they do their dance in the by, Jackie, Shelli and Clay are in the HoH talking, they are practicing their dancing Austin, and Meg are in the wash room. James, Jason and Steve are in the kitchen.


9:50PM BBT: Shelli, Jackie and Clay are just rehashing Audrey, talking about the same things they already have. Everyone else is in the kitchen fixing food and chatting Audrey is still in bed in the Have-Not room.


9:55PM BBT: Austin is in the shower, Liz is making cookies, Austin wants Meg to braid his beard. James is sitting on the wash room sofa.


10:00PM BBT: Jason is talking about working at the food store that he did work at, while he and Steve are making the beds in the purple room, And Shelli, Jackie and Clay are still talking about Audrey in HoH. They are going to play charades late. Steve asked what dryer sheets do. 

10:05PM BBT: Vanessa and Liz are eating and talking at the table, Vanessa asked "what if she just walks out, that will be so sad," cameras change to the wash room. Meg is asking Austin what kind of soap he uses. 


10:10PM BBT: James wants to win an HoH to get him some music, Meg says she doesn't know what pictures she would get if she wins one. Shelli is doing makeup and still talking to Jackie about Audrey. Clay is now in the bathroom area.


10:15PM BBT: The HGs are getting ready for game night,

Austin is still in the wash room with James. Jason is now eating at the table with John, Steve is sitting at the counter, Liz is doing dishes, so is Beckie Jackie is doing her hair in the wash room. They are waiting for the sheets to dry, some of the beds don't have sheets on them. 


10:20PM BBT: Vanessa is in bed in the purple room Everyone else is in the kitchen putting away dishes and getting drinks, Jason and Shelli are in the living room  eating ice cream Clay is getting whip cream for his ice cream. They are getting ready for game night. 


10:31PM BBT: The HGs are now starting to gather in the living room  for game night. Clay now has his ice cream so does James, Vanessa is out of bed and in the living room , Austin is eating ice cream.


Its Ice cream and game night in the BB house. 


10:35PM BBT: Charades time Meg up first with a movie


Jason is up next, with another movie. They want to do 90's movies

Jackie with movie, Vanessa got it, Band it was Matchbox.

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10:49 PM BBT Austin and Jackie are in the Ocean BR trying to think of a 90’s movie to act out for their charade.  They can’t think of anything that isn’t too easy to get, and then they decide on “Mighty Joe Young.”  He is getting “strong” and “Tarzan” when he tries to act out “Mighty.”  He thinks they’ll get it from the one word, but has to keep going to the second word.  He tries for the rhyme with “toe” and then tells them to go through the alphabet. They finally get it.  Liz and Austin are next.


10:55 PM BBT Still playing charades, Liz and Austin decide that Liz will do “Little Rascals”  She puts her hair in a little pony tail like the Alfalfa character and they get it immediately.  Liz coaches Clay for his charade.  He does “Big Daddy.”  John is up next.


10:59 PM BBT John does “Pet Detective” and Shelli gets it.  John has two suggestions.  Shelli picks “American Pie.”  Clay gets it, so he’s next.  He chooses an 8-word title “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”.  Liz is up next… she chooses “Troy” but has trouble getting it across.  She has only one idea on how to act it out.  Austin finally gets it. 


11:12 PM BBT Meg helping Steve choose a movie to act out for the Charades game.  It’s challenging to find a movie that he knows.  Meg is running out of ideas.  Meg suggests “Cone Heads” and Steve agrees.  He does a good job and Vanessa gets it.  Steve gives Vanessa one option “The Holy Grail.”  Vanessa is wearing shades.


11:18 PM BBT Meg does “Urban Legend” and is shocked when Vanessa actually guesses it.  She can’t believe Vanessa pulled that out of what she acted out.  Meg can’t think of anything, so Vanessa suggests “Vanilla Sky”  Vanessa doesn’t even get to finish acting it out when Austin guesses it.  Vanessa tries to think of one that Steve might have a chance of guessing...he mostly watches Disney movies.  They decide on “The Games of New York.”  Vanessa thinks this one will be hard, but it only takes a few minutes and Shelli gets it.


11:29 PM BBT Shelli and Jason are trying to pick a movie for charades and they pause to whisper.  Jason notices that James is not there… must be in DR.  That thought leads to a serious moment where Shelli confides that she thinks Audrey is talking to a psychiatrist and wanting to leave.  That’s why Audrey has been in there for so long… they are trying to convince her not to leave.


11:30 PM BBT Last round of charades… Meg does “Back to the Future”  Shelli gets it right away… Meg is shocked and then Jason owns up that he just told Shelli what it was.


11:31 PM BBT Austin says all the lights are out in the HNR…it’s weird and he doesn’t want to look anymore into it.  We get FotH. 


11:41 PM BBT Feeds come back to all four feeds on the WA.  The shower is running.  Austin comes in and is checking out the pony tail in his beard and then brushing his teeth.  It looks like Becky is in the shower.   In the HNR, John has his eyes covered with a bandanna and is trying to sleep. 


11:53 PM BBT In the WA, Liz (Julia) is preparing for a shower and chatting with Becky about cold showers and the coldness of the water in mountain springs.

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